Is this the end of Alex Smith?

This is an epic moment in 49ers history.

We’ve all wondered if and when Colin Kaepernick will become the 49ers starting quarterback. If he starts against the Bears Monday night and plays well, the Colin Kaepernick Era starts and the Alex Smith Era ends. The transition could happen that fast.

You’ll hear Harbaugh say things like: “The offense has momentum going with Kaepernick. This is no knock on Alex, who has done a great job for us. He’s a team player and he supports Colin 100 percent.”

I admit this scenario rests on two hypotheticals:

  1. Smith won’t be cleared to play because of the concussion he sustained against the Rams.
  2. Kaepernick will play well.

If those two things happen, it’s easy to see why the 49ers would hand the team over to Kaepernick. They’ve been looking for a way to make the transition all season. It’s obvious.

As soon as the 49ers lost their first game to the Vikings, they started mixing Kaepernick into games because they wanted to give the offense more spark.

Alex Smith lacks spark. He’s conservative and efficient. Kaepernick is faster, more aggressive and his passes have more zip than Alex Smith’s. Kaepernick looks to extend the play. Smith looks for a place to fall to take the sack.

If the 49ers win a Super Bowl this season, it will probably be with Kaepernick at quarterback, not Smith. The defense isn’t as dominant as it was last season, so the 49ers need a playmaker at quarterback.

Is this the end of Alex Smith?

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