Mike Iupati on his play against the Chargers: “I’m not going to worry about it. It’s something that is an easy fix.”

SANTA CLARA – Mike Iupati was interviewed next to his locker Monday afternoon. Here’s a transcript.

Q: How’s your leg injury doing from last year?

IUPATI: It’s getting better a little every day.

Q: But it’s not totally at full strength yet?

IUPATI: Well, I mean, it’s good.

Q: Was it a technique issue for you yesterday?

IUPATI: Yeah, I think it is. You watch film. You lose some you win some. It’s mainly technique. I’m not going to worry about it. It’s something that is an easy fix.

Q: Did you get the sense that your quarterback is worried about it?

IUPATI: No. He said, “Come on, Mike,” you know? “Be better.” It’s just part of playing football.

Q: Was it a reminder to get back to basics, things like that?

IUPATI: Yeah. It’s preseason but it’s football. You’re going against someone else so you’re competitive and you don’t want to have that happen, especially a sack or a QB hit. But it’s an easy fix, that’s what it is.

COHN’S ANALYSIS: Iupati always has had poor pass protection technique. He’s a giant. He tends to bend at the waist which gets him off balance. But he still is a freak when it comes to pulling and clearing out defenders in the running game.

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  1. No elite athlete will ever admit it’s their conditioning. That’s why he said it was his technique. The second answer to the question tells all:

    Well I mean it’s good

      1. I agree to a degree Razoreater. But it’s hard to work on depth perception, pulling, pushing, getting low and balanced when you don’t have the strength, balance and agility in the legs. 6 weeks of muscle atrophy for bug guys like requires a lot of rehab

  2. I think that performance epitomized the difference between in shape and being in football shape.
    He’ll get there fast, dudes an all-pro.

  3. Kaepernick said the OL needed to play more aggressive. Boone given his illustrious extracurricular activities prior to maturing, might he be the guy that provided that aggressiveness? An intangible that can’t be quantified…..

  4. The O line I believe will fix it self by the second week of the preseason. I do see Boon back by the second week. Lets face it. Football players are not known for their money skills. He should be nearing collection about right now. The Niners are smart they will just wait him out..But I also see them giving him the money that he missed so he fill like he won.

    By the second game this O line will be legit. MS will not let his unit fail. I still them struggling but when Kap takes off the Oline will be able to handle what is coming.

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