Jalen Hurd wants to play wide receiver in the NFL, but is open to changing positions

Tennessee running back Jalen Hurd (1) is seen during the second half of an NCAA college football game against Alabama Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016, in Knoxville, Tenn. Alabama won 49-10. (AP Photo/Wade Payne)

SANTA CLARA — Check out 49ers offensive weapon Jalen Hurd’s interview from rookie minicamp.

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  1. Hurd is the word! Grant is really is into how much a player weighs.๐ŸคฃOf all the questions he could have asked! How much do you weigh? What! Are you planning on putting on any weight?

    1. Yes he is very thin…..makes me wonder of durability= its the NFL very few skinny players last in the league sorry

      1. It’s an inside joke. Grant was involved in Weightgate over Solomon Thomas in training camp last year.

          1. A WR longevity is far greater than a running back, to speak nothing of their value both in the draft and free agency. It was a smart transition. Show that this guy has a brain. That along with his fluid interview.

            1. Ha!You get it. Obviously he’s smart. Articulate, smooth and a good football player. The 49ers have got a gem and he’ll be great on the field. Mark my words.

    2. I thought the reasoning for the question is pretty obvious.
      It could hint at how Shanahan envisions using him H-back move tight end vs wide receiver.

    1. They see Hurd for his overall value to the team. it is far more difficult to find a player like him than a DB they would have gotten at that pick. When you can get a player you know will produce, you take him over a may-be improvement at a different position.

      1. You don’t know he will produce any more than you knew the Australian rules football player we got would produce. Check out the Better Rivals analysis of this guy.

  2. Jim Washburn on his disciple Kris Kocurek:
    โ€œPut this on a Post-it note and put it on your refrigerator,โ€ Washburn says. โ€œโ€˜Kris Kocurek on the football field is like a raccoon on meth.โ€™ Write that down โ€” are you writing it down? โ€” write it down and put my number beside it. And you text me and tell me if Iโ€™m right or wrong.โ€

    โ€œThe defensive end, heโ€™s on a railroad track โ€” we call it the 9 Line โ€” straight to the quarterback,โ€ Washburn said.
    Bosa train on the 9 Line….

    1. That “raccoon on meth” quote was in The Athletic’s article on Kentavious Street. It was also noted: “The 49ersโ€™ offseason hiring of Kocurek also might alter the nose-tackle position a bit. The 49ers donโ€™t want the traditional, 320-pound run-stuffer at the spot. Instead, they are looking for quicker players who can fire off the line of scrimmage and attack the gaps in the offensive front. โ€

      Given this fact, it definitely opens up the possibility of Street, Armstead, and Thomas all playing 1T alongside Buckner.

      1. Barrows had a lot of good articles on The Athletic. The Wide 9 one is one of my favorites.

          1. Razoreater – I pasted quotes from that article in this blog when it came out, but sparingly because I don’t want to rip off content.

            โ€˜Like a freight train running down the trackโ€™: The aggressive mentality of the โ€˜Wide 9โ€™ and how the 49ers might use it


            It touches on so many things, I can’t list it all. But as far as the 49ers roster, Jim Washburn thinks the Wide-9 takes advantage of the 49ers surplus of “Big Ends” because in the wide 9 they attack the outside shoulder of the tight end. And you need size and explosion to do that.

            Washburn specifically mentioned Armstead, Blair, Jullian Taylor and Kentavius Street as being well suited to crashing down on the tight end.

            The 49ers have a surplus of lineman big and explosive, but little “bend” to be a classic edge rusher. The Wide-9 gives Armstead, Thomas, Blair, Jullian Taylor and Street a clear and simple task: Destroy the outside shoulder of the Tight End and kill the quarterback.

  3. The Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings have the same 25-1 odds as the 49ers of being Super Bowl champions.

  4. I wonder if he can play ST. He might be the new FB. Kaden Smith can be the blocking TE. He is a mismatch. That initial FB dive on the option just got a lot better.
    He does have a lot of skills, and his versatility is a good selling point. Now, he has to produce on the field.
    I wish he had stated that his job now is not being a student athlete, but a full time workout warrior. I hope he puts on 5 lbs of muscle, so he can endure the hits he will take.
    I like him. He was honest, engaging, open, and intelligent. This is a good pick, even though higher ranked players were on the board. I hope this is a diamond in the rough.

    1. “He might be the new FB. Kaden Smith can be the blocking TE. He is a mismatch. That initial FB dive on the option just got a lot better.”

      This is highly unlikely as he didn’t want to play running back due to the pounding (injury, CTE issues) the position takes. So I highly doubt he would be willing to play a position that is paid less and takes more hits against bigger, better competition.
      He might do it occasionally but a permanent switch would be highly unlikely.

      1. I think he said he was willing to do whatever they want him to do. Hurd will be used like a Swiss Army Knife, so he will not be pigeonholed into one position. I expect they will ask him to be a TE at times.
        Yes, I agree they will not exclusively use him as a FB, but at FB, he can help create mismatches.
        With the addition of Mathews and Samuel, along with Goodwin and Pettis, I just think Hurd will have a hard time cracking that lineup.

  5. Odds to make playoffs via LVSuperbook
    NE -1600
    PIT -500
    PHI -270
    MIN -200
    LAR, GB -170
    LAC -160
    JAX -150
    NO -120
    HOU -110
    ATL +110
    SF, KC +120
    CAR +130
    DAL, BAL +150
    OAK +170
    TEN +180
    SEA +220
    DEN, IND +300
    NYG, WS +375
    TB, CHI, CIN +425
    MIA, NYJ +550
    CLE +700
    AZ +800

    If you had 10k to make one bet, what would you do?

    Iโ€™d go with KC at +120

    Hmmmm, how about Cleveland at +700?

        1. Hurd has some interesting traits. His hip movement in space is like a rb which could be a big problem with coverages and tackling for the defense.

          I love the selection. Even simply Flashing him on a few possessions in pre season will provide us advantage early in the season…until he is acclimated. If he is hitting on all cylinders , look out. IMHO.

          1. Shawnrhod

            I agree with you as to loving the Hurd selsction…. He is going to create some nightmares for Dbacks and and LBs….the only improvement I could see would have been Miles Boykin from Notre Dame at the otherWR position…and gamble on the punter for the 5th round….Double your pleasure; double your fun trouble with 6’4″ with hands and speed at both Outside receivers…then do what you want at slot and flanker….

    1. I’ll tell you which ones not to bet: Steelers at -500 (bad odds, there is regression) and Jacksonville -150 (huh? just because of Foles?).

      I agree about Indy and Cleveland being good bets. So is Baltimore at +150.

  6. Hope we get some pics (and video) from the 9ers rookie minicamp. Will Grant, our Dear Leader, be observing?

      1. I think we’ve got the following competing for one spot in the secondary opposite Dick Charmin:


        As for the 2 safety positions we have:

        Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles

        Williams and Reed will probably compete at NB.

  7. I want to comment on the BASHOF. Some great stories.
    Keena Turner is one of my favorite Niner players. Like Roger Craig, he deserves to be in the HOF in Canton.
    He exuded consistency and excellence on the field, and class off the field. I remember those Super Bowls. Those other teams would run right at Keena, because with all the elite defenders, they thought Keena was the weak link. However, Keena performed admirably, and kept making plays. I truly do not remember seeing Keena miss a tackle, he was so steady and consistent. Joe helped bring back those Glory Year memories, and how magical it seemed.
    After his playing days, Keena has been a fitting ambassador for the 49ers. The aid and comfort he gave to Dwight is remembered, and honored.
    Eddie was his own self deprecating, humble self, which makes me miss him, even more.
    Gratz to Keena Turner, and all the other deserving winners.

    1. 49ers still hold his contractual rights, so they could bring him in for a try out, trade or cut him.

      This would be Davis’ second reinstatement. At this point the 49ers have to be very weary of his commitment.

      1. Beware…!

        Remember, AD (Anthony Davis) was one helluva player when he was playing…. perhaps he has had a vision or something to snap him back…’worth an interview IMHO….

    1. Seahawks will probably give him a tryout. Imagine his motivation playing against the Niners. However, he probably is past football.
      When he played, he was good. however, he was also a head case.

  8. I absolutely hate this pick. Jalen Hurd quit on his teammates with 4 games left in the season because his coach refused to change his position. Do you have any idea how many football players want to change positions but the coaches refuse because it’s better for the team to have that player play a different position. I would say it happens on every football team at the collegiate level. My own son had this situation in high school. All he ever played his entire life was QB. IMO he was the best QB at his high school his Soph year but there was an older kid ahead of him. Everyone was telling me and my son that he should be the starting QB but the coach preferred the older kid. The coaches moved my son to WR because he was a good athlete. He played 1 year of WR and he led the team in receiving yards, 2nd in rushing yards, and made All District as a WR. After being all district at receiver and getting attention from a few colleges at that position, my son went back to playing QB. Football players are part of a team and you play where the coach thinks is the best place that helps the team out the most. When people would say to me that my son should be the starting QB, I would tell them he plays where the coach says he needs to play. I shut down that conversation right away and so did my son. That’s what being part of team means. You do the most you can to help the team. I have absolutely zero respect for Jalen Hurd. I can’t imagine myself ever rooting for the kid. I’m sure I’ll get over it if he turns into an all pro level player but right now I think this is the worst pick the 49ers have made under Lynch. Even worse than Joe Williams who at least had a legitimate need to get his mind right after a family tragedy.

    1. Houston, even though you make a good point about being a team player, HS players don’t get paid. Most of them never make it to the NFL and they are only there to have fun with their buddies. I see potential with Hurd, but worry about the injuries.
      Did Bosa sign yet?Is Bosa going to be in the mini camp?

        1. Seb

          …’the hell you say….MacIlheiney is best quoted about moving from college to the NFL….”I sure didn’t like the cut in pay…”

      1. @ Dee

        College players don’t get paid either. My issue is the 49ers preach that they want great locker room guys with high character and then they draft a guy who literally quit on his team because he didn’t get what he wanted from the coaching staff. Hurd could have finished the year then transferred. I would have no problem with that approach. Instead, Hurd quit his team with 4 games remaining because the coach wouldn’t give him what he wanted. How is that being a high character, great locker room guy? IMO quitting on your teammates because you didn’t get something you wanted for yourself is the ultimate act of selfishness.

        1. I’m not crazy about the pick either, but wanting to play another position because it suits you better is very different from being in fear of your life. You may disagree but I think Hurd thought of his situation of life or death and I support his decision. This comes from a guy who spent more time than most looking out my ear hole. Sorry – gotta go – I think the phone’s ringing.

          1. I get your point but if you are truly in fear of your life aren’t you quitting the sport rather than switching positions?

        2. Houston, I’m aware that they don’t pay in college, well officially that is….. but your story was about HS.
          As to him not wanting to play, actually that can be considered also as an act of courage and him knowing what’s good for HIM. Ultimately it is his life, career, future that is on the line.
          If your captain send all your buddies to their death on the frontline and tells you; you’re next. Would you go?
          We don’t know all the specifics, I hope he had a good reason.

          1. Glad you equated Jalen Hurd to a coward who refused to do his duty when called upon. That’s how I see him too.

            1. Thinking and standing up for yourself does not make one a coward! It takes a brave man to be all you can be and not follow blindly!

              1. Quitting on your teammates during the season because you donโ€™t get your way does make one a coward.

              2. This is what Scooter found;

                Basically, as outlined in that article, Hurd had been asking for changes for a long time and the HC kept telling him he would, only to go back on his word. The concussion he suffered was basically the last straw for him.

                Sounds like the coach was a coward!
                The article also states that his teammates were behind him.
                Were you on that team too Houston?

            2. Houston I have the same question for you as AES;
              Whereโ€™s the loyalty for all the HS and College players that got hurt playing football and are injured for life? Are you saying that they get a stipend from NFL players???

  9. If you’re near a TV right now, they are talking Bosa/Niners coming up soon on good morning football on NFL Network.

        1. Cubus –

          Nate Burleson: “Now there’s no excuses, you have everything you need.”

          I agree…we have enough pieces now.

  10. Looking forward to the hurry up when they catch a team in a mismatch and moving him around. Fun. This roster is much better than people think, Secondary included.

    Go Niners!

    1. Mid,
      I get a little chill when a player quits or leaves his team. The “team spirit” mentality has been my M. O. since I was a kid.

      But I also believe that the college and the pro game has changed into a money pit where owners and coaches are only interested in their own self-preservation.

      I’m not particularly happy about Jalen’
      decision, but he made a calculated choice in giving himself the best chance to persue his dream of playing pro football.

      Having had shoulder surgery in 2013 may have played a huge part in his decision to ask to play a different position. His coach at Tenn. wanted him to pound the ball between tackles because of his size. The coach was more interested in his own immediate future, Hurd wanted to make a change because he was more interested in his future beyond college.
      Again, I’m not crazy about Hurd leaving Tenn. But then again, I can’t fault a person for making a decision they feel will improve their life.
      It happens every day in the business world.
      Let’s face it, loyalty is no longer a virtue in sports or in corporate America.

      1. AES Where’s the loyalty for all the HS and College players that got hurt playing football and are injured for life? Are you saying that they get a stipend from NFL players???

        1. DAMN TEXANS !

          I’ll bet that Houston and every Texas NCAA alum also has something bad to ssay about him because he KICKED THEIR teams ass on the field….Sort of like Harbaugh hating La Michael James for almost single-handedly crushing Harbaugh -coached Stanford two years running while at U of Oregon…so they bring him in to the niners, and Harbaugh relegates him to punt returns (which he led the NFL)

          Go Hurd…Go NINERS !

      2. I understand the reticence, but from what I have heard it sounds like this had been brewing for two years. Basically, as outlined in that article, Hurd had been asking for changes for a long time and the HC kept telling him he would, only to go back on his word. The concussion he suffered was basically the last straw for him.

  11. I supported the idea of AD coming back the first time. After that failure, my inclination is to not support it this time. If it were my decision, the only way I would consider it is if the contract was almost entirely incentive based and if he passed medical and conditioning tests now. A better situation would probably be if some other team picked him up for a late round pick.

    1. Wonder what kind of shape he’s in. Too bad he didn’t get some time with the AAF (don’t choke, Sebbie…).

      1. His play had already become inconsistent before he “retired” the first time. Then he was demoted to Guard upon return because he couldn’t play tackle anymore.

        It’s been 3 years since he played. There are no further positions for him to be demoted to. He’s done. He’s just looking for a paycheck. Shame on whatever team gives him one.

        1. Yup. Just curious what a once huge O lineman coming back to the NFL after a few years off would look like, and how he’d move.

    2. Give his agent permission to shop him around to other teams for rock bottom minimum compensation; like a seventh in 20 or 21. Heโ€™s got a lot to prove.

  12. Biggest Reach Day 2:
    image: http://www.walterfootball.com/images/fball/49ersb_logo.gif

    San Francisco 49ers: Jalen Hurd, WR, Baylor
    Hurd was projected by many media members to be an early-round pick, but I know teams that had him graded as low as the late rounds and undrafted ranks. Those teams point to Hurd lacking speed and feel that he won’t be able to separate from NFL receivers. He also has some makeup issues that concerns teams about him fitting in the locker room. Hurd was a third-day prospect according to other teams, so taking him at the top of the third round with the 67th-overall pick was a huge reach by San Francisco.

    Read more: http://www.walterfootball.com/draft2019awardsreachday2.php#ixzz5msuXHIxL

      1. Your looking at it the wrong way. CJ was never looked at as the future #1 guy here. Kyle was looking for a QB that could become a good back up over time and a guy that one could develop into someone who can spot start if needed. He can still become that.

        1. Drafting a guy you hope one day might develop into a good backup QB in the 3rd round when your roster has gigantic holes all over it is a horrible draft strategy.

          1. Disagree. Not in an offense as complex as this one. Bethard had really good footwork and mechanics coming out, and probably why Kyle liked him the best, along with the added benefit of being extremely tough….

          2. Houston,

            They drafted him in the late third essentially a 4th rnd pick. They moved up a couple spots to make sure they got him. We have so many Scott Mccloughn fans here that he loved the CJ pick. Thought he resembles Kurt Cousins. Kyle drafting him knowing that it would take 2-3 years to develop him like he did with Cousins. Well see what happens. But Kyle never went into it thinking he was getting his future QB. He wanted a guy that can be a reliable if need spot starter. He can become that. Iโ€™m willing to bet he will be the #2 QB this year. Mullenโ€™s will be relegated to #2… Just a guess.

      2. Hurd will be an outstanding receiver as a tight end, running with Kittle on the other side. LB’s and safeties will have a hard time staying with this guy and maybe more so tackling him. If you ignore either one of them, they’ll cause huge problems. And if you double them………….huge trouble underneath. If done properly, this O is going to be nothing but trouble for D coordinators……….its a case of, pick your poison.

        But having said that, it IS up to the coaching staff this year. They have all they need to field a competitive team, maybe a very competitive team.

    1. Itโ€™s cool that Walter.com who specializes in cool Mock Drafts have an opinion on Jalen Hurd. Have you seen his measurables compared to Julio Jones? It was quite close in every category. Of course he is not Julio. Never will be. But if Kyle believes he can put him in a position to be a weapon down the road in his offense I believe him. He did draft Kittle arguably the best TE in football. Pettis looks very promising. Breida has turned out to be a gem. Well see what happens. Will Jalen ultimately work out? Well see. Does he have big time talent absolutely.

  13. I would have drafted Butler over Hurd. I actually think Lil’Jordan Humphrey is Hurd’s equal if not better and he was a UDFA. But hey, let’s see how he turns out. Kyle’s been spot on so far with CJ Beathard and Joe Williams.

    1. Cap,
      “Kyleโ€™s been spot on so far with CJ Beathard and Joe Williams.”

      Depends on who you ask. We knew that CJ was never going to be nothing more than a backup.
      Sure, they whiffed on Williams, but are any teams that have perfect drafts?

      I could choose to sift out the missed/poor picks all day. But I feel much better when I see players like Kittle, Warner, Breida, McGlinchey along with FA signings like Mostert, Dee Foster, Kwon Alexander, Verrett, Lee and Tevan. Add to this, the return of Jimmy G, and McKinnon definitely helps me not to focus on whiffed players.

      I believe that this draft class will become the best in the Lynch, Shanahan era. I guess that I prefer to dwell on hits more than the misses.

    2. Yeah that Kittle guy is bad too. Same with Pettis and Breida. He really missed on those guys. See what I did there. No one hits on every pick.

      1. Should we get micro and parse out Lynch’s picks versus the so called Shanny picks?

        Pettis seems like a Shanny pick. I think he’s got talent and after I watched Matt Walkman’s film on Pettis, I was sold. But he needs to stay healthy. The jury is still out on Pettis.

        Kyle had a flawed idea that Cousins would be his QB and that CJ would be the back up. The problem with that model was that his GM had a different idea. That said, they passed on Watson and Mahomes, because they were wedded to an abstraction that never materialized.

        Kittle? No brainer. He was a flat out stud in college. In fact, he might’ve gone higher if he had a better QB throwing to him.

        Let’s not forget how Shanny spotted Nick Mullens’ talent too. ๐Ÿ˜‚

        1. Kittle caught around 20 passes in his WHOLE college career what are you saying? If he was this no brainer prospect he wouldnโ€™t of lasted in the 5th rnd. Your making excuses to justify your point which is what exactly? That CJ and Williams didnโ€™t pan out to what? Breida is everything Williams thought he could be. Nothing lost there. CJ is still developing. Story isnโ€™t done there. My point is that NO ONE hits on all picks. The greatest GMS miss all the time. At least half the time. Iโ€™m not sold on Watson going forward. I would much rather have JG going forward them him. Mahomes is a special talent. They like many others not named Coffee missed on him. It happens. Just ask Scooty Mack. Drafted Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers. How about drafting Chilo Rachael over Deshawn Jackson. How about drafting Kentwan Balmer. I can go on and on. But guess what Scotty Mack found Frank Gore, Patrick Willis, Joe Staley. So all is forgotten. We will see how this regime fairs. Starting this year which needs more results.

        2. Actually, it was Scangarello who discovered Mullens.
          Also, college production is not totally indicative about future NFL production. Roger Craig caught 16 passes over 4 years, and became a very good pass catcher in the pros.

  14. I wouldn’t question Shanny’s ability to evaluate wr or rb. The question with Joe Williams was never his talent as much as it was his heart.

    Zierlein had a 3rd round grade on Hurd, and Lil’ Jordan a 7th round grade. As for Butler, the clear difference separating him from Hurd was versatility….

  15. Grant

    Please tell me….with all of the old coaches, and the new coaches, and the not so old or new coaches, why in hell’s name we not find a coach who is capable of getting some quality play out of Josh Garnett…?? He is a Hickock award winner…is he just scared of getting hurt..? I hope this year is the year that someone gets through to him that there are expectations placed on his performance that will disappear if he doesn’t come through….

  16. ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ~~~~~~~~~๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ NFL ๐Ÿˆ๐ŸˆON~~~~~>>>>>> โœ” โœ” ๐ ๐… ๐‹ ๐† ๐ ๐“ ๐• โœ” โœ”

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