Jay Feely: “I think they’re confident with Jim Tomsula moving forward.”

Check out what sideline reporter Jay Feely said during Sunday’s broadcast, courtesy of CSN Bay Area:

“I had a chance to talk with Al Guido, the COO for the 49ers, beforehand. They knew what they were getting into when they had all the defections. (Guido) said they underestimated a little bit the impact that it had on the locker room, specifically the lack of leadership. … But I think they’re confident with Jim Tomsula going forward.”

How much stock do you put in this?

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  1. Pretend you are back in April. Look at today’s starting roster. Ask yourself what the score would be.

    1. Travelled to various sports bars this season and gauged the fandom still dawning 49er jerseys:

      Grants Pass Oregon: Alibi Tavern–Fans here still rooting hard. This fandom, built up from the Walsh 49er dynasty years starting to lose patience with the Yorks.

      Las Vegas, Nevada: Lucky’s Lounge: Still strong from Walsh dynasty years–losing faith in the York’s

      Boise Idaho: Still strong at the R Bar, also York disbelievers.

      Salt Lake City, Utah: Legends Sports Bar has its own 49er dining room with big screens and a bank of little screens, aside from the main bar–sort of a private room. Even these ravenous fans, weekly sporting 49er jerseys to the bitter end, built up allegiance from the Walsh dynasty years are losing patience with the York’s

      Helena Montana–Mother Lode Sports Bar and Casino has a decent 49er gathering, sporting their Niner jersey’s…However, beware, Jed, your ownership is wearing thin on the hard work put in by the dynasty teams for the last 20 years, and good will may soon turn toward the Green Bay Packers–a team challenging for, if not the top team Montanan’s root for besides the Niners.

      1. Note:

        I actually sold my 49er leather Varsity Jacket an NFL endorsed Product at Legends, demonstrating how solid fan allegiance still is, in spite of the York’s, although fandom across the regions will be tested unless the York’s stop playing games with fans who know a pro coaching staff when they see one.

      2. l live in Helena, MT and yes, there lots of 49er fans here. I would say there are lots of Steeler fans and Cowboy fans and Bronco fans, too.

        How long ago did you go to the Mother Lode? I went there earlier this season and had to go to BWW because they did not have Sunday Ticket. Stopped going because of that.

  2. The problem is some one like Tomasula is unable to recruit top notch assistants. So he gets a team of discards and retreads. If the 49ers think they are going to find diamond in the rough from 60 year old has been coaches, they are sadly mistaken. Successful companies hire the best talent. The 9ers are hiring no names and hoping for a good outcome. Ha

    1. So we got a plumber for a coach and a pizza man balancing the books. When are we going to hire the monkey?

  3. I would only hope a guy named Guido might help with a reasonable pizza dish at michael “f the clientele” mina’s…..a joke of a restaurant. I so badly want to get my $600 back and give it to the humane society

  4. Guido is the new Marathe, he is leaking what he is supposed to leak. They are setting things up to excuse Tomsula and his staff and have him back for at least one more year.

    BTW, Guido is a salesman, he has primarily been responsible for selling the seats and suites and Levis. In Jed’s world that makes him the perfect spokesman for football operations. All par for the course.

  5. Jed leaked this info because he wants to soften the blow when he announces in January that despite one of the worst seasons in 49ers history, Tomsula will conveniently be back for a second go. Jed, you’re not as smart at hiding your shortcomings as an owner as you think.

    1. 2016:
      NFC South
      AFC East
      Dallas E
      @ North last place team (could be Det so how ironic to go to Det in 2015 and go to Det 2016
      Division beat downs.
      And Tomsula comes back? Cluster F!

    2. Grant: soften the blow? Hard to believe anyone would think that Tomsula would be fired after one season. He is in a 3-4 year program dragging the team through the depths of hell.

      He is not going anywhere for a while. Get used to more of this mediocrity.

  6. Guido is another yes man brought in to kiss Yorks fanny. Appears the nfl might like it as he was a wr somewhere someplace . What a joke comparing this garbage to the Warriors. These guys could actually make Cohan and Rowell look not sago bad. Pathetic that York clearly is giving the bird to the fans. I’ve only been a fan for 50 years but others who have been fans longer agree, the Yorks are the worst owners in the nfl, Barr none.

  7. Levi Stadium has become a mausoleum. With all those empty seats, the revenues will dry up and the team will become way less profitable. Jed is at fault for going cheap, with cheap results.
    Jed has become a liability, and will continue to drive the Niners into the dust.
    Jed himself has told everyone to hold him accountable. After a 4-10 record, I have seen enough. Jed should show some class and gracefully step down for the good of the team.
    If Denise loves Jed, she should stop this nightmare. She should say that the Niners needs a women’s touch, and appoint Nikki Debartolo as CEO, and have her hire Carmen Policy to fix the problems. Let Jed become President, and allow him to pick the 7th player in the draft as a consolation prize. Jed will look like a hero to having admitted his shortcomings and actually being held accountable.

    1. For the love of God, the Yorks should SELL THE TEAM! DO NOT appoint anybody from the family. Roger Goodell needs to take this team and make the Yorks sell. NBA can make the Clippers sell, 49ers need to sell. Warriors ownership changed hands, don’t see why we can’t do what the Warriors did, and let’s not do any Tomsula and Kerr comparisons.

      1. And they call ME delusional. Get it through your thick head, the Yorks will not sell a cash cow. Even if the game day revenues fall, the TV money will guarantee a profit.
        Do not equate the Yorks to whats his name. He was/is a racist slumlord and is a villianous nefarious reprobate.

  8. Keep those banners flying and that stadium empty. Mommy will eventually take the keys away from little Jed.

    1. I love seeing an empty stadium. I bet CBS is kicking themselves for taking that game. They should’ve taken the Raiders and GB game and put the 49ers game on lowly Fox by Sea and Cle. NBC must be happy to got Ari and Phil.

  9. This “all the defections” word picture is so Yorkish it makes me want to cry. It’s trivial compared to other distortions, and probably is no more important than the PR department releasing the news that Colin Kaepernick won’t be allowed on the sidelines for a game until he has “medical clearance.”

    In the past seventy years I’ve followed this team, the past two have by far been the most trivial.

    Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, and a Happy New Year to everyone.

  10. 2016 schedule. Now, I thought that we were getting AFC E and NFC E. We are getting AFC E, but we are getting NFC SOUTH and let me tell you we are in for 4 beatdowns in the NFC South, and remember playing Pitt, Cin, Cle? Those 3 teams had the revenge factor to beat us so get ready for Atl @, NO, Car (remember Kap mocking Newton in the playoffs @ Car?), and even TB. NFC South is going to B slap the 49ers. AFC East, remember revenge now, NE, NYJ, Buf, might beat Mia, but since we couldn’t beat Cle, maybe we’ll be 0-8 vs NFC South and AFC East. We get the last place @ North and host East, and right now in the E, we got Dallas. Man, possibly 1 and 9 out of our division with 6 sweeps in our Div if Tomsula is back. 4 wins next year is very iffy if Tomsula is around and we don’t draft a QB.

  11. If Domsula is a nice guy, he would call it a day and quit after the season.
    If he was a smart guy he’d never taken the job and would have known his limitations.
    If he’s a dumb guy, he’ll be HC next year and tarnish his name forever!

  12. I am convinced they really badly want to keep Tomsula. But after today with so few seats filled, on the back of some horrendous football the past couple of weeks, I think there is a chance they change their mind. Especially if they get towelled the next two weeks.

    1. Tomsula is doing his best to keep the score down with a bit of a rally in garbage time. That’s all he seems to need to keep his job.

      Along with the pregame, “we are comfortable” with Tomsula interview that CBS reported, there was a 49er “backing off” comment after the game that no conclusions have been reached. So maybe you’re onto something or someone wants it to look like they are giving performance serious concideration.

      1. I just find it hard to believe Jed et al would willingly go into next season with a coaching staff and team they think runs a serious risk of not filling seats. If they get towelled the next two games there is going to be little for 49er fans to get excited about coming into next season if they keep the status quo.

        1. Scooter …

          What do you mean by ..“If they get toweled” ?

          Seems to me .. the entire team has
          quit on the coaches …

          And who’s fault is that ?

          1. Yeah, that’s what I mean. If they play the next two games like they’ve played the last two, there is going to be nothing for Jed et al to hang their hat on to think fans will head into next season with some hope for something better if they keep this coaching staff intact.

            Of course, I think for most fans it is already done. Even if they win the next two games most fans won’t be feeling hopeful if this coaching staff is still in place. But I think it will take two more games like the last two for Jed et al to realise it.

        2. Scooter: Hard to believe York hired Tomsula and that staff, in the first place. I can’t think of anyone in the NFL who would’ve ever hired any of them to lead their team, unless they were intent on achieving mediocrity.

  13. I’m happy for them that they have that confidence. They’re the only ones who do. Unbelievable. The world turned upside down.

  14. If they are confident in moving forward with Jim Tomsula after another horrific performance then Al Guido, Jed York, and Trent Baalke are just infuriating their fans. Who can watch professional athletes go through the motions like they did yesterday?

    I bought the NFL Sunday game day package and feel cheated. I could not imagine being a season ticket holder and having to go through that ordeal for 8 games. Its bad enough watching it on TV.
    This team, this year is as bad as when Mike Singletary and Jimmy Raye were here. Yes, that bad.

    1. This team is worst then the Singletary/Jimmy Raye era. They went 5 steps backwards. How can the fan base to feel bamboozled and used. We all fall in love with the Jim Harbaugh era, and a level of success that he brought to the team. And now we have …… this!

      1. We are exactly back to where we were in 2010 before Jim Harbaugh was hired. There is something to be said about good coaching in the NFL but also understanding how important the draft is to keeping you competitive.
        Trent Baalke’s total miss in 2012 along with many more in between has resulted in a roster that is not NFL capable. Add the fact you have chosen and inexperienced and unqualified head coach and staff, the result is brutal as we have seen.

          1. It looked like it enjoyed playing football. It looked like a football team. Eric Reid gets rolled over yesterday and the team shrugs its shoulders like its given up. I don’t see any emotion or passion in this team. You examine the entire season, the blowouts, the starts and the in game coaching and tell me how you see progress.

              1. I would understand the veterans packing it in but we are seeing the young guys mail it in as well. Poor leadership, poor coaching, poor culture.

              2. FDM, that is why I wanted Baalke to make his top priority to resign Gore, because of his leadership role. Instead, the Niners dumped Gore for a non leader who points fingers at the opponents and does not have enough sense to go down when hit. Hyde would struggle for every inch, and allowed the defense to gang tackle him so he broke his foot.
                Cowboy was shown the door, too. All his working out and running during the off season was because Baalke declared that since Cowboy lost a step, he was no longer valuable to the team. Cowboy worked out so hard to prove he was still fast enough to compete. Cowboy, even slowed down a bit, was extremely valuable for his leadership.

              3. I don’t mean this an endorsement for Gabbert, because we can tell he’s trying to play hard and is auditioning for a gig. He made mistakes for sure, like that pick in the end zone. But everyone else looks lost and flustered. They can have a great week of practice but come game time they know that if they get done by 14, it’s over.
                They either don’t look like they believe in each other, or the coaching.
                How in God’s name is Erik Pears still even starting? He had 3 holding penalties yesterday.
                There’s no accountability.
                Lemoniaire has a stupid personal foul penality.

                This is way worse that 2010 because we recently saw what competence looked liked under Harbaugh. It was ego and hubris that took this team down, not the competition.

      2. Fan: Harbaugh was a winner. He taught the team to win, to believe they could, and would win. You don’t find those coaches around the corner. Lots of Tomsulas around..but York made his choice. He deserves what he got.

  15. Since it seems we will be stuck with Tomsula for at least another year there is a developing situation that will become exacerbated as we move forward. We are not certain during the Harbaugh years how much, it any, he had input into drafting players. There is some indication that he had some say in drafting a qb. If that is so then he shares some blame for the debacle of CK. What we do know for certain is that he refused to put players on the field if they could not do their jobs. Clear case in point: AJ Jenkins was given a chance to show his ability in training camp and in practice and he clearly sucked. Harbaugh would not let him play and essentially forced Baalke to trade him. Not counting the 2012 draft that was a complete whiff, Baalke has drafted some high profile mistakes. Does anyone think that Tomsula is strong enough to force Baalke’s hand? I think with this duo we will be stuck with Caradine, Lemonier, McDonald, etc. Baalke will not want to own his many mistakes and will force Tomsula to use his teaching ability to “coach up” his mistakes. My fear is that with this dysfunctional duo the rooster will become even weaker as we move further into the Tomsula regime.

    1. I don’t see to many coaches on the niners that even know how to train up players, there is only one coach that I like, and that’s Rathman, and I will be surprised if he sticks around after this season, and I wouldn’t blame him.

    2. I’m having a difficult time believing Jed York is going to keep this coaching staff and GM in place on the merits of not being able to admit a mistake.
      This team is awful. It’s coaches are awful and the players play awful.
      There is no indication or bright spots on this roster because it’s so inconsistent from week to week. That’s coaching and lack of talent to overcome mistakes.
      Attendance is dwindling and fans patience is getting low. A change is a no brainer isn’t it?

      1. Yes, it is a no brainer for us. It may not be a no brainer for an immature son of billionaires who is loath to admit his huge blunder and who is under orders to always go cheap.

    3. ….bitchmoannbellyachebitchmoannbellyachebitchmoannbellyache……no noe promised anyone a championship ‘takes a while to build those……

    1. Steve Harvey made an honest mistake.
      Baalke it more like Joe Thomas, whose overall incompetence over several years destroyed the Niners.

        1. Well if the Niners go from 11-5 to 8-8 to 4-12 to 2-14, Baalke will be aptly compared to Thomas.

    2. The main difference is that Baalke has a ego bigger than the Universe and Steve Harvey,would admit he made a mistake, Baalke is a narcissistic creep and every draft choice he has made was a success.

      1. The York’s live in a priveledged bubble, have hired a bunch of PR people and a GM who feed Jed his rosy world outlook pacifier now and then before the Jedster and family resume their Caviar and Chardonnay soire’es…Please don’t interrupt by being passionate, but spend your money on our Vegan Dogs.

      2. Hey, that’s my dad you’re talking about. He may be narcissitic, but he’s no creep…

      1. Do the 49ers lead the league in garbage time scores?

        @annkillion yes, and many other things associated with garbage

         Ann Killion Retweeted

        Eric Branch ‏@Eric_Branch · 17h17 hours ago
        #49ers on third down in last two games: 2 for 25.

  16. Grade A – Profits. Al Guido stars. Once again Niners fans seat licenses are a road paved with gold. Hey, and here comes Super Bowl 50. The Niners are a very profitable corporate enterprise, not a sports franchise.

    Grade A – Cheap cost of labor. Niners lead the league in low-cost staff and with Kap scapegoated out save $17M next year. Things are looking up.

  17. Like Jed, Singletary, Nolan, Tomsula, Erickson, Baalke should have never been 49er GM, as, like I and many have said before, Baalke is an inheritor of talent not a builder of it.

    You see, successful franchises build and sustain strong rosters through the draft. San Francisco’s general manager, Trent Baalke, hasn’t done this. In fact, the more of an imprint Baalke seems to have on the roster, the worse it appears to get, especially on offense.
    Take a ride back in time with me won’t you, all the way to 2012. The 49ers were coming off a bitter loss in the NFC Championship game, but seemed to be setup for years of success due to a strong core of players Baalke inherited or were largely influenced by his predecessor Scott McLoughan.

  18. Jeb: Who are you?

    Jimmy the Coach: I am Jimmy. The Coach. Do you remember me?

    Jeb: Jimmy…

    Jimmy the Plumber: Yes, Jed.

    Jeb: You better get out of here, Jimmy, there’s gonna be trouble.

    Jimmy the Plumber: If there is trouble, I stay here to help you. For your father. For your father.

  19. One way for Jed/Baalke to save some face would be for Tomsula to resign. They might be able to convince him to do that (maybe by paying out his contract). Of course, we’ll be able to see right through it, but for the rest of the world it might play out well. And, I won’t really care, because, I’ll get what I want, which is the current HC leaving.

    Still, there is this saying: The evil that you know is better than the evil that you don’t know.

    1. Or, maybe the alternative does not exist because competent coaches will not touch the Niners with a 10 foot pole because of Jed and Baalke. That is usually how it works, but Jed did not think it through. He cannot leak shade on his HC, Piss him off royally, and expect good results. Sometimes I think that JH did not try to win because he did not want Jed to succeed, and he knew all along that he had the Michigan gig just waiting for him.
      Tomsula will stay because Jed realizes that no alternative exists, and he does not want to be turned down repeatedly and become even more humiliated.Also, tomsula is right now the Niner punching bag, and he has deflected a lot of ire against Jed, by taking all the blame.

      1. Seb: I’m being realistic about the situation. I agree that it’s unlikely good NFL coaches will want to come here. College coaches probably would just to make the leap to the NFL. What I posted would be a way for Jed/FO to replace Tomsula – but most likely Mangini will be the replacement. It will be an easier sell because Mangini has coordinator and head coaching experience. Also, the defense has during most home games been good and actually showed up to play.

        1. Also, it’s probable that Mangini might have a better network than Tomsula which might attract some decent coaches/coordinators.

          1. Mangenius is not the answer. The Niner defense has gone from top 5 to the bottom of the barrel.

        2. Even so, any competent college coach will not want to come to this dumpster fire and get fired after one season of turmoil and losing.
          This is not a good candidate for coaching longevity.

    2. You can get what you want Cubus if you pay off Tomsula’s contract, but that would leave Jeb and Baalke to pick a replacement from the current staff. What would that gain you or them?

  20. From Barrows – Bruce Miller only played 10 snaps, 13 percent of the offensive total. The 49ers win when Miller played approximately 40 percent of the snaps.

    I understand fullbacks get more snaps on teams protecting a lead. but only 10 snaps is absurd.

    I’ve been a defender of Chryst as a good football mind hampered by limited quarterbacks and pass protectors, but Miller riding the pine makes no sense.

    Fullback’s not a glamour position, but Miller’s the only player on the offense considered tops in his position. On a talent depleted team, you play these guys.

    1. I’m in the same boat as you Brodie. They are so discombobulated offensively. High school offenses look more functional.

      That being said, Baalke’s missteps have also crippled that side of the ball.

      It’s just sad. Going into last Thanksgiving this team was 7-4, then came “THE TWEET”, and it’s been an absolute cluster ever since.

      1. JackHammer – They should put a statue of “The Tweet” (little Jed poking at a Hello Kitty themed cell phone) in Levis museum.

        1. Hmm, discombobulated…. Where have I seen that word before? Posters are getting smarter all the time.

      2. Sign of the times — In the the 80’s we have “The Catch.” But with millennial Jed, we get “The Tweet.”

    1. Not enough time left Coffee. That disaster week I had a month ago will cost me the three peat. That was my Roger Craig moment.

      1. The league goes all the way to the SB. If I keep giving one away each week you’ll be in front by the divisional round.

  21. Who the hell would be confident going forward with Tomsula as the HC? It almost makes me wonder if the York’s really are considering selling the team. Keep things cheap until next year and let somebody else foot the bill? The York’s remind me of the saying ‘It takes more effort to get an F then it does to get an A’. Their level of incompetence is mind blowing and hard to quantify. I wonder how Eddie D must feel watching this train wreck of his former empire. He hired the very best with no regards to money while Jed is becoming the new Brown & Bidwell of the NFL.

  22. Another week, another pathetic offensive display. I don’t really feel like taking the time to look it up, but I would guess most of the favorable offensive stats this team has put up this season have come with the game already out of reach. The 49ers are approaching a dangerous situation now and that is fan apathy. It has to be hard for them to watch banners fly over the stadium, get ripped by the media and get trolled on twitter, but losing fan interest is far more devastating and hard to overcome. The empty seats should say all that needs to be said. If the Niners go into next season with the status quo, they will lose more than football games.

    Fans can look past many things when watching their favorite team, but hope is not one of them. There has to be a belief that the team you cheer for can compete and maybe even win to continue to invest the time. Continuing on with the status quo ends any chance of that.

    1. Exactly rocket, couldn’t agree more. The thing that will spark a change in the coaching staff and FO more than anything else is Jed and co’s fear of a disenfranchised fan base that no longer wants to turn up to their new shiny stadium because they simply don’t believe in the team. After this past game they have to be starting to realise that is where they are at, surely?!

      1. You would hope so Scooter, but when it comes to Jed I don’t assume anything, It will be tough to admit his handpicked guy was a mistake, and then having to eat 10 mill for making that mistake, but if he truly has the teams best interest in mind he’ll do it. If he doesn’t, it will be because he either doesn’t want to take the hit financially, or he’s deluded himself into thinking things are salvageable. Both options mean lean years ahead for the team and it’s fans.

    1. Bowman seems to be getting closer to what he was as the season goes along. Hopefully that continues. The defense has some upside at least with the young DB’s and DL. If there was any kind of life on offense this team might be watchable.

    2. Nice to see Williams getting some love. Bowman’s been up and down this season. Against offenses that play a phone booth run game, Bowman seems to do well.

      Teams are more successful running against the 49ers by spreading things out, or throwing against 49er MLBs.

    3. Jeff Deeney @PFF_Jeff
      Trent Brown looked solid in his first extended action. He earned a +2.4 overall grade and allowed just one QB hurry in 33 pass snaps.

      1. That would be two less positions to worry about if Tiller and Brown end the season by making the right side of the OL more stout.

        1. Brandon Thomas is probably good too. With this CS you can’t assume that players aren’t getting snaps because they are less talented. It’s become alarmingly clear that they can’t evaluate or utilize talent properly.

          1. No argument there. We don’t have to look any further than the fact that neither Pears or Martin were demoted this season.

            1. It took 3 years and 4 full training camps for this team to figure out Looney wasn’t better than scrap heap OGs. That’s absurd.

              I’m not upset about being patient with Trent Brown. He was 385 lbs 12 months ago. He dropped weight so fast before the draft, giving his body time to adjust made sense. I thought he’d be an injury risk if he was thrown into the fire too soon.

              1. Yes, but the team should’ve had a contingency plan in case Brown wouldn’t have been able to play this season. Trotting out Pears every time was not an example of smart thinking.

              2. Looney wasn’t going to get snaps ahead of Iupati and Boone, but he’s a better guard than Devey or Pears.

              3. “It took 3 years and 4 full training camps for this team to figure out Looney wasn’t better than scrap heap OGs.”

                Unfortunately he was a better option. Truly think that Baalke going with Devey instead was wanting to show he knew what he was doing.

              4. Mid: Pears was the plan – a very poor plan – but the plan nevertheless. With the exception of Torrey Smith, Baalke did a terrible job in FA this past year. Threw away around $7 to $8 million on over-the-hill, injured players (Bush, Dockett) or just plain poor players (Wright) that didn’t play. I think I’m missing a FA, but you get the idea.

              5. “Looney wasn’t going to get snaps ahead of Iupati and Boone, but he’s a better guard than Devey or Pears.”

                That was my thinking. The few times Looney’s been pressed into service when Iupati was hurt, he played way better than Devey or Pears. So why was he canned?

                – A Baalke-Marathe moneyball thing knowing it was the last year of his cheap rookie contract?
                – Bad Camp?
                – Was a “Harbaugh Guy?”
                – Poorly adapted to zone blocking?
                – Baalke’s way too slow assessing developmental players?

              6. -CS that can’t get the right guys on the field in the right positions?

                They played him at center all pre-season but never at guard.

          2. I don’t know Grimey. Maiocco said yesterday that there is no way that the team would put in an OL if they felt he wasn’t prepared and knew the game plan inside and out. He was referring to Trent Brown – he thinks Brown might start the remaining games. I would assume this thinking extends to Thomas. I’m assuming Maiocco has more knowledge because he is closer to the team and is generally and even-tempered, thoughtful individual.

            1. Guys a monkey could pick up the game plan that Geep and Tomsula put together. Its as vanilla as it gets with this offense.

              1. You think that extends to the blocking and pass-protection (PP) schemes. PP, in particular, is heavily dependent upon what the defense is doing, isn’t it?

              2. Cubus from what I see no one has a clue anyways so what does it matter. Like a few have said on here, this offense is the equivalent of high school football.

            2. It took an injury to get Brown in the game, and when he got in he showed he’s a better RT than Pears. I’m not wishing injury on Pears, but that’s what it’s going to take to see any of Thomas or Silberman who are most likely better guards than Pears because Pears is one of the worst OL in the league.

              You know Tomsula is terrible, do you really think he deserves the benefit of the doubt here?

              1. Didn’t I hear all offseason long how great Foerster was supposed to be as an OL coach. And what about these other coaches, Tim Lewis (secondary), Pendergast (linebackers), Tarver, and Adam Henry (WRs). Chryst, is terrible, no doubt, but weren’t these other guys supposed to be top notch.

              2. From the beginning Tomsula had an loyalty for whatever reason with Pears. Kept saying he’s a “Colorado guy”. This is why he needs to be fired. He cannot see the forest for the trees and is incapable of doing what’s best for the team. With Tomsula its always about the individual player and not for the betterment of the team. He is too concerned with the coach player relationship, the caring and hurting players feeling. How many times this year should we have seen players like Pears, Devey and Marcus Martin benched?

            3. Yet, they put in couch potato RBs with 6 days of learning the playbook, and claimed they had complete total mastery of the whole playbook.

              1. As said before, Hayne may be the victim of a mentality that he hasn’t earned the right to start (due to his lack of NFL experience). Scooter mentioned that it might be because they don’t want him to accrue a year of eligibility just yet.

              2. Obviously, they do not want to play him, because if Hayne played and did well, it would make the coaches look even more clueless.

          3. Good point Grimey. Lets wait until we actually see Thomas on the field before we write him off. He looked ok in pre-season to me, as did Tiller and Brown. Lo and behold, when Tiller and Brown get their chance they play well. How Pears and Devey started the season I’ll never fathom. How Pears continues to start is impossible to work out.

              1. There we go, thanks Grimey. I too realise it was a different level of competition, but it tells a story of how the guys that have been rubbish along the OL this season were also rubbish in pre-season, and the guys that have been replacing them were better in pre-season.

                I really would like to see Thomas given a go. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest to find out he is actually decent.

              2. The CS had a plan and when it didn’t work out they couldn’t adapt and adjust. Running a team is about adapting and adjusting.

              3. It doesn’t seem like Tomsula is all that involved, so starting with Devey and Pears would seem to be an indictment against Foerster, wouldn’t it? Or is it as Maiocco is suggesting that they just didn’t feel that these guys (Brown, Tiller, Thomas) knew or were experienced with the OL schemes and plans well enough even though they are more talented.

              4. “I think we’ve got a couple of guys there that I like, that I personally want to see on the field and I want to see them competing and see how they are playing.”

                This is a quote from Tomsula’s latest PC referring to why Dontae Johnson and other DBs got more playing time this week.

              5. There really is no reason to keep putting the same guys out there if they are struggling every week. Can Thomas really be any worse than Martin at this point? Can you do any worse than last? I realize Martin is last in Center rankings, but I have no doubt he was on his way to reaching that spot in the OG rankings too. If Brown doesn’t start in place of Pears the next two games you really have to question what the Coaches motivation is.

              6. Don’t get me wrong, guys. I’ve been questioning almost every week why Thomas hasn’t been playing. I’m just proposing some reasons. I’m really starting to wonder about Foerster. He was probably the guy that wanted to go with the “experience” of Pears/Devey over the others. I would think when you’re figuring out who to start you have to consider your most expensive asset (QB). So I can maybe understand that to start the season, but after a few games of just horrific pass protection, you’d think they would have at least brought Tiller in earlier.

  23. Baalke is part of the problem. His attempt at putting together a competitive squad has failed miserably. Jed will probably not fire him, so I hope he loses total control of the personnel moves. Allow the HC the power to select the first and second round players of the draft, and let the GM select the rest of the picks.
    Baalke has whiffed on too many FAs, so he allow the HC to select the players who he wants, and let Baalke only work on the contracts to barely get under the salary cap. Going cheap and saving cap space is stupid, if they want to win, because FAs will not want to come to a loser. Baalke may have wanted to appear clever by staying 13 mil under the cap, but his cheapness bought cheap results.

    1. Seb, we’ve discussed the $13 million under the cap before. This comment is ignorant of what happened with Aldon and Anthony Davis.

      1. Maybe you are being too kind to Baalke. AD was gone before the draft. Aldon left the team before a snap. Baalke had all season to use that 13 mil, but decided to be frugal and not spend it.
        Baalke could spend some of it tomorrow by claiming a player off a playoff bound team, but the silence is deafening.

        1. No, AD was not gone before the draft. Get your facts right. He retired in June. Aldon was let go in August. Both instances well after the draft, and well after free agency began so all the best players were already taken. Prior to their leaving the team did not have much room under the cap.

          And I have no idea what you are talking about being able to claim a player off a playoff bound team.

          1. My impression was that AD told the FO his intentions earlier, but made it official in June, but you still ignore my point that Baalke had ALL SEASON to spend the money, but chose not to.
            You arguments are like you still blaming Kaep for a bad pass, while avoiding mentioning Vance MacDonalds name because you know that he has stone hands, and proved it last game.

            1. Scooter’s right. Who the hell is available in August that is worth anything? Only a guy with legal problems would be let go by another team and at the time there was no way the 49ers would even consider someone like that. We did pick up Hodges, who I think will work out well, but we gave up a potentially good center (don’t know how Easton is doing now). Perhaps a trade before the deadline was possible, but this isn’t the stock market where there is high liquidity. There aren’t top notch players just hanging around waiting to be picked up.

              1. There was no one to spend it on? then why do other teams cut players and sign new players during the season? Is it illegal for the Niners to do it? I have seen many free agent lists, with decent players on it, but no, you would rather the Niners go 4-10 with the present players, or do what Baalke has done in signing marginal players for the league minimum.
                Baalke is cheap. He did not use that 13 mil. That is a fact. He could have spent it to extend Boone, but he wants to lowball him, and Boone will walk and go to a playoff team that is willing to pay him what he is worth.

              2. Cubus, my whole argument is that when he saved that 13 mil, he was giving up on this season. If he had spent it, it would have shown that at least he was trying to improve the roster.
                The whole idea that a 4-10 team has good enough players is not in my lexicon. They suck, and nobody should feel secure in their employment, especially the GM and coaches.
                Bill Walsh had 200 player tryouts right before games. Baalke is sitting on his hands. Disagree with me all you want, but I will not move from my premise.

            2. Seb, how many times do you need to read this before it sinks in. The 49ers were close to the cap when Davis and Aldon were on the team. They had little money left to spend. They could not know they would have that money. It is only after they were gone the team had the money to spend, and by then there was nobody to spend it on. Please, for the love of all that is holy, try and wrap your head around that.

              With McDonald, I said at the time he has terrible hands. Never denied that, never tried to insinuate otherwise. Never meant to be defending him either, just pointing out that Kaep’s pass was not a good one. Throwing it to a guy with bad hands doesn’t change the fact it was a bad pass, and would have been extremely difficult for anyone to catch, let alone McDonald.

              1. I will defer to another poster who said it may have been difficult, but it hit him in both his hands and it was very catchable.
                They do pay him to catch the ball.
                Last game, Vance was a butterfingers and gave up 2 picks.

              1. Maybe give them above the league minimum out of some of that 13 mil to try and improve the team. It would have weakened that team too. I bet the Bengals have some talented PS players, and they could have given the Niners some quality intel.
                Instead, Baalke takes players who are so bad they could not make the Browns team, and gave him the starting job right away. I wonder how that strategy has worked out?
                Oh yeah, the Niners are 4-10. Must be a resounding success.

        2. But seriously, we’ve already had this conversation. If you want to continue to ignore these facts that is up to you. Par for the course really.

          1. Seriously, i would respect you more if you got down off your high horse and admit you were wrong, because you defending Vance Macdonald who dropped an easy catch that hit him in both his hands, just shows how delusional you are, especially after a game where handed the ball to the defense twice.

            1. Seriously Seb, stick your high horse comments where the sun don’t shine. You are the last person that should be telling people to get off their high horse, and the last person that should be saying to people they should admit when they are wrong.

              That was not an easy catch. You just so badly want Kaep to be awesome you refuse to see it was very difficult.

              1. Methinks you got bucked off. Thought you were a horseman.
                Defending the indefensible is not an axiom from the Art of War.
                Vance sucks, but it is noble for you to defend him.

              2. Looking at how everyone was promising that Gabbert had better pocket presence and would get rid of the ball quickly so he would not be sacked, then seeing him getting sacked 9 times, there is lots of hypocrisy on this site.
                I am surprised that Kaep has not been blamed for those 3 picks last game.

            2. Scooter, the above should be conclusive evidence that any logical approach is ultimately futile here. The writer evinces an immunity to cognitive dissonance that is truly astounding and is concurrent with, or perhaps as a result of, a staggering lack of self-awareness.

              1. JPN,

                So are your saying that logic bounces off of Seb’s noggin like small arms fire off of a Tiger tank?

              2. JPN …

                I gotta tell ya …

                I (damn near) .. understood
                most… of
                what you just said !

                whew !

  24. JPN, et tu? Defending Vance after last game just demonstrates the dichotomy of your arguments. Blaming Kaep for the failings of Vance is obtuse.
    Cognitive dissonance? I hope I am immune to it. You really should think it through your arguments before trying to sound verbose. You guys make it too easy. Scooter has lowered himself to hurl insults. Pretty soon I surmise he will devolve into expletives.
    Lighten up, Y’all need to chill. Admitting you are wrong is not the end of the world. My dig really must have gotten to him.

    1. Being immune to cognitive dissonance is not a positive. People should have a reaction to both external source and internal source cognitive dissonance when they encounter it, with the most desired reaction an adjustment in understanding to compensate for the dissonance. Being immune to the dissonance indicates a pathological inability to recognize and/or adjust to the dissonance.

      1. Being afflicted with cognitive dissonance is not a good goal. Maybe you meant cognitive resonance.

        1. Was just going off the top of my head, so I looked it up. Maybe you meant cognitive consonance

          1. Nope.

            1. Cognitive consonance and dissonance are often interpreted to be logical consonance and logical dissonance. That is not the best way to understand them. Cognitive consonance and dissonance are the emotional states that are resultant from the respective logical states.

            2. Cognitive dissonance is not in-and-of-itself pathological. The inability to recognize and/or reconcile the dissonance and return to a state of consonance is pathological. Cognitive dissonance (the unease that comes from one’s beliefs contradicting themselves or external data) is actually a necessary component of introspection.

            3. An immunity to cognitive dissonance is not synonymous with being un-afflicted with logical dissonance. It is akin to being immune to criticism. Both seem positive on the surface but are in fact pathological in that both show a lack of ability to recognize and process the emotional state that is resultant from logical dissonance.

            1. I am going to go back to cognitive resonance. I am sure I am not immune to that since what I write tends to happen.Last game I said that they should blitz with the safeties. Ward did a nice job sacking the QB on third down. I said that they should tip the ball at the line of scrimmage, but it did not succeed when it was tipped, but fell to the turf, so I am not infallible.
              I keep telling them to stop shooting themselves in the foot, but it sounds like they do not listen.

    2. “Defending Vance after last game just demonstrates the dichotomy of your arguments. Blaming Kaep for the failings of Vance is obtuse.”

      E, if you are out there, I apologize for the time I gave you the title of the king of the non sequitur.

      1. Yes it was a non sequitur to extrapolate that the drop from Kaep was totally different from the 2 drops and picks during last game. ;p

        1. A non sequitur is a conclusion that does not follow logically from the premises. Scooter did not engage in a non sequitur argument regarding VMac’s culpability with respect to the dropped pass from Kap. Rather, he stuck to his position that the quality of a particular pass is not determined by the subsequent drops by the same receiver. Characterizing his argument as an extrapolation that the failure of VMac to catch Kap’s pass was “totally different” from VMacs drops in yesterday’s game is a creating a strawman at best; at worst, it shows a complete inability to parse Scooter’s argument.

          Claiming that VMac’s errors yesterday means that he also committed an error on Kap’s pass is a non sequitur in that the conclusion is not supported by data from the actual play in question but rather with data from different plays. Thus, the conclusion is possible but does not follow from the data (the premises) in that the data are merely suggestive, not conclusive, regarding the prior play.

          We can also look at it in formal argument (syllogistic) terms.

          First Premise: VMac is prone to dropping passes.
          Second Premise: VMac experienced two catastrophic “drops” in yesterday’s game.
          Conclusion: VMac was responsible for the drop on the pass in question from Kap.

          In a syllogism, both premises must be true and the conclusion must necessarily follow from the premises. Here, the conclusion is possible from the premises but it is not the only possible conclusion that is also consistent with the truth of the premises (such as the pass was a bad pass). Further, the truth of the conclusion is not dependent on the truth of the premises. This is known as the formal fallacy of affirming the consequent, a form of non sequitur.

            1. Why, because this season sucks so bad, I would rather parse diction than discuss the team. NN has devolved into a -I hate Jed York site.
              Niners are so bad, many posters want the team to lose so they get a better draft position.
              Personally, I want the Niners to win, even though winning would help Jed. I have tried to talk about football, but posters seem to be threatened by someone who likes to discuss football and would rather just hurl ad hominem attacks.
              Its OK, I have previously been threatened and been called every name in the dictionary. This is not my first rodeo. Blog sites are pretty unregulated, but this one has been pretty tame in comparison to others I have been on. I may be controversial, but I have been able to use this forum to postulate my concepts, and at least I say something, instead of regurgitating banal trivia.
              All I really want to do is talk about the Niners in a calm civil manner. I feel like I shape my antagonists because when they insult and name call, I know that I have gotten to them.
              I will engage if confronted, but would rather discuss tactics and strategy.

          1. It doesn’t seem possible to penetrate some defensive mechanisms, but I’m concerned that if one suddenly succeeds, there can be unintended consequences.

            1. In the Art of War, sometimes the best way to conquer the opposition is to exhaust their capacity to continue fighting. My verbosity is pretty effective.
              The shrill responses to my posts just means that they cannot keep it up. I do not need to do more than just declare victory to make them go bonkers. Then my victory is complete.

    3. Seb,

      JPN was the opposite of verbose in his commentary on your critical thinking style. His comments were, humorous, on point and economical.

      1. Nope, JPN has doubled down and gone full verbosity. I must admit, he tries hard.
        I would respond, but it seems we are talking past each other.

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