Jed York invades cheerleaders’ dressing room


During his generous session with the media today – separate Q&As with broadcast and print media – 49ers CEO Jed York was asked for his favorite Super Bowl moment. He went back to a time when he was a wide-eyed 7-year-old.

“Super Bowl XXIII, we had Bengals fans right in front of the suite (at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami), and they were taunting us with their ‘Who Dey’ chant when we were down 16-13,” York said. “I just remember: ‘Joe Montana’s our quarterback. We’re not gonna lose.’ And you watch ’em go down, and you watch that final drive and that throw to John Taylor, it was just magical.”

Follow-up question: Did young Jed taunt the Bengals fans right back?

“I didn’t,” he said. “We got out of the suite very quickly and went downstairs. And my grandfather (Edward DeBartolo Sr.) – always three-piece suit, always dressed to the nines – the security people didn’t know the building that well. And they took us into the wrong locker room, they took us into the cheerleaders’ changing room. And that was kind of an interesting experience for everybody. And then we went into our locker room and celebrated.”

This moment clearly had strong competition for a place at the top of York’s list. He remembers three Super Bowl victories. And one he doesn’t recall well, Super Bowl XIX in January of 1985, he spent on the lap of Jennifer Montana, Joe’s statuesque wife.

York was 3 at the time.

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