Jed York: “I want a teacher.”

SANTA CLARA – Here are selected quotes from Jed York’s and Trent Baalke’s season-ending press conference.

YORK: “First, I want to thank Jim Harbaugh for four great seasons with the 49ers. He helped us restore a winning culture, a fiery, competitive culture. I am greatly appreciative of that. I wish him the best. I wish Sarah and his children the best wherever they end up going forward. He will always be a part of this franchise and I will remember his time here very, very fondly.

“I want to thank our great fans, the 49er faithful. We didn’t give you enough to cheer for this year. But that didn’t stop you from coming out even in the last two games where we really didn’t have anything to play for, we weren’t playing for playoff contention, and you guys brought it. I appreciate that. I appreciate everything that you guys do for us.

“It’s up to us we compete for and win Super Bowls. That’s our only goal. We don’t raise division championship banners. We don’t raise NFC Championship banners. We raise Super Bowl banners. Whenever we don’t deliver that, I hope that you will hold me directly responsible and accountable for it. We look forward to getting this thing back on track and giving you guys exactly what you deserve.”

L. COHN: Why are you confident that you can get a better head coach than Jim Harbaugh?

BAALKE: “I don’t look at it like that. This organization has had to replace some awfully successful head coaches in the past. Jim is no different, a very successful coach. Are we confident that we can replace him? You always go into that with that strategy. There are a lot of good football coaches out there. What we need to do is go out and find a coach that can come in here now and lead this football team.

“We’re not in a rebuild. This isn’t a rebuild situation. This is a reload situation. We have a lot of confidence in this team, the players in that locker room. We’re going to need to make some adjustments, we realize that. There always are philosophical differences – there always is. Every organization has them. For whatever reason, we weren’t able to pull this thing together. And now it’s time to move on. We’re confident in our ability to do that.”

KAWAKAMI: There were a series of reports since the beginning of the season about Harbaugh’s status, whether he would be the coach next year. Were you the source of any of those stories?

YORK: “No.”

KAWAKAMI: Were you disturbed at all when you heard those reports?

YORK: “There are distractions for every team in every situation. As a professional organization, you need to figure out how to put the distractions aside and move forward. When Jim and I sat down before the season started, going into the year he had this year and next year under contract.

“It’s not abnormal for somebody to have two years left on a deal. It wasn’t like this was a lame duck coaching year. If I understand correctly, Jason Garrett is in a lame duck coaching year, and they’re the only team that has gone 8-0 this season on the road. They’re in the playoffs. They’re playing pretty good football. It’s not a great example of there was a distraction before because you didn’t have a long term contract in place with Jim, so that’s why this season didn’t go the right way. And I don’t think Jim made that an excuse. And I’m not making that an excuse. I don’t think that’s a significant issue.”

KILLION: How accountable are you and Trent for what happened this season?

YORK: “We’re all accountable.”

KILLION: In what ways?

YORK: “We didn’t win the Super Bowl. If we don’t win the Super Bowl, we are not executing on our vision. Our mission is very simple. The San Francisco 49ers win with class. We haven’t won, and I don’t think we’ve conducted ourselves with the level of class that I expect out of our organization. We’ve had off the field issues – that’s going to happen in sports. The level that is has happened here is not acceptable.”

PURDY: What did you learn this season?

YORK: “When you go from not getting to the playoffs for 10 years, and you get there in Year 1 of a coach’s tenure, even if they have hard discussions, you need to find a way to continue to get better. And I would say for me personally, there are things that I didn’t necessarily like Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, that you don’t speak more loudly on because you’re winning. And that’s my failure.

“Ann, you asked about that with off the field stuff. There were things and conversations that we had, I know what my gut was. We had conversations and we did things that probably don’t gel well with who I am. I would rather do the things that we need to but stay at a level of class that I expect from the San Francisco 49ers.

“And this isn’t shooting at Jim and saying, ‘Jim made all these decisions.’ I want you to clearly hear that I’m not saying that. If you want to make a decision on things that you’re talking about, like Ray McDonald. Ray McDonald was ultimately my decision to not do anything. It was. And when his first issue came up, he was not charged with anything. We sat down with Ray and said, ‘Ray, whether you were guilty or not, you can’t put yourself in these types of positions.’ And very shortly after that, he did that again.

“You need to make sure people are accountable. That’s up to me. We might not win the Super Bowl every year, but we can conduct ourselves with class, and we can conduct ourselves in a way that makes me proud. And I would put that on me. I’m not putting this on Jim.”

L. COHN: When you sent out that tweet Thanksgiving night, was that acting with class? You’re the one who brought up the topic.

YORK: “Yeah. When we invite 70,000 people to change their Thanksgiving day routines and rituals and we perform the way we did, I’m disappointed by that. I apologized to our fans when we didn’t give them a reason to cheer. And they were there. They cheered and they stayed there for the entire game and they did an unbelievable job for us, and we…

L. COHN: Jed, I can tell you that I get a lot mail and a lot of tweets. Very few people defended you on that. You may have a reason, and Trent may agree with you. I can tell you that my readership really does not think you acted with class then, and maybe when Mark asked what you learned, maybe that’s something you need to learn.

YORK: “Thanks for the lesson, Lowell.”

L. COHN: It’s my pleasure.

G. COHN: Jed, what qualities are you looking for in the next head coach?

YORK: “I want a teacher. I think what made Bill Walsh so successful is that he was a great teacher, whether that was players or whether that was other coaches. You look at his successful coaching tree, and I think if you look in the 49ers’ Hall of Fame down the road, I want to say as of 2012 or 2013, 29 of the 32 coaches in the NFL had either a direct or an indirect relationship with Bill. And that’s what made this organization so successful. And you’re able to transition from one three-time-winning Super Bowl head coach to another two-time-Super-Bowl-winning head coach, and there were many other tentacles beyond that. What I want to make sure that we have is somebody that understands that level of teaching, understands how to get more out of less and continues to build an organization that wins both on and off the field.”

INMAN: How transparent is this search going to be? Are we going to know what candidates you’re bringing in?

BAALKE: “Are we ever transparent in what we do? You’ll know what everybody else knows. This will be a search that we’re going to conduct with a small group of people involved. We’re going to spend the next several weeks interviewing, 7 to 10 days hopefully. And then hopefully be in a position to make a decision at that point in time. But we’re going to take as long as necessary to make sure that we have the right person in place.”

BRANCH: What philosophical differences did you and Harbaugh have?

BAALKE: “We’re not going to get into the exact philosophical differences. It was a mutual parting of the ways. There were some issues that we weren’t going to come full circle on, and we made that decision to move on.”

L. COHN: Jed, do you already have a short list of candidates you’re interested in?

YORK: “I think we have an idea of who fits that quality of a teacher, and somebody that can come in and build everything that we’re looking for. But to say it’s a short list, I don’t think we want it to be a short list. I think we have a very talented football team that didn’t live up to what we expect this season. We need to get better. We need to find the right person to come in.

“It’s not about going out and saying, ‘OK, we found somebody and this is somebody everyone in the media likes and we win the press conference.’ We’re not out to win the press conference. We’re out to find out who’s the right coach and go through everything that we possibly can and make sure that this is a person that is going to be here for the next 10-plus years, and hopefully have a successor. And make sure we have those levels of conversations with people and understand everything that we’re looking for going in and make sure that this is a detailed process that we end up with the right guy for the San Francisco 49ers.”

PURDY: How will the mechanics work? Trent, will you interview a bunch of candidates and bring a certain number of them to Jed?

YORK: “We will do them together.”

Q: You just got rid of a coach who averaged 12 wins a year. What will the expectations be for the next coach?

YORK: “To win the Super Bowl.”

Q: In Year 1?

YORK: “We expect to win the Super Bowl every year. That is our goal.”

Q: What if that coach doesn’t win the Super Bowl the first couple years?

YORK: “Then we’re going to have figure out if that’s the right fit.”

KAWAKAMI: Is Harbaugh free to sign with an NFL team at any point?

YORK: “Yes.”

L. COHN: Jed, Jim isn’t here but Trent is here and, in a sense, you’ve thrown in your lot with Trent. Why? Why is it that you are with Trent right now?

YORK: “I don’t know if I agree with the premise of the question where it was Trent or Jim. That wasn’t the case.”

L. COHN: OK, but Trent is still here, so let’s put Jim out of it for a moment. What qualities in Trent attract you and keep him here as the man in charge?

YORK: “I think Trent has been a good leader for us. I think Trent has been good at being able to identify talent. He shares my vision that it’s Super Bowl or bust. And he understands that. We had a conversation the other day about where are we going and we need to get this right. Trent understands he needs to get that right. There is no lack of accountability with Trent.”

BRANCH: Both of you guys have mentioned teaching as an important quality of coaching. What kind of teacher was Jim Harbaugh?

YORK: “I thought Jim was great with our quarterbacks. I thought he did a lot of great things from a teaching standpoint.”

BRANCH: But it was more position specific?

YORK: “I think he definitely focused offensively. But we wanted somebody that can help get our quarterbacks and our offense straight, and I thought Jim did a really good job of that.”

BRANCH: Are you guys both looking at someone who can teach other positions just as well?

BAALKE: “Well, if you’re a football coach, you can coach a variety of positions. Jim’s a good football coach. And he’s a good teacher. And you look at the success he’s had, it’s evident that he’s a good teacher. All we’re trying to do is carry that message forward.

“I’ve been around some awfully good football coaches, going back to Coach Parcells, Coach Schottenheimer, Coach Belichik – I’ve been around a lot of very good football coaches, coaches that have had a lot of success in this business, and the one thing that’s clearly evident in all of them is they’re good teachers. They have very good command of the game of football and can teach it at a lot of different levels, a lot of different positions. That’s what you’re looking for moving forward, an individual that can do those things, not only among players but among his own coaches as well.”

BACH: Trent, you had ultimate say over the roster when Jim Harbaugh was the head coach. Will you still have that ultimate say, or is that something you will negotiate with the new head coach?

BAALKE: “That’s in my contract and I would think that’s the way it’s going to stay.”

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    1. They aren’t in salary cap hell nor have they wasted picks. In fact many picks from this and last year’s draft played key roles all season.

      1. Ward and Jenkins are 2. LastvI heard we were roughly 2.2 million under the cap. The Patriots are in the playoffs year after year and have 24 million. Ward may work out but really wish we could have Odell or Benjamin both could have been picked way over Ward.

        1. Ward had one bad game. He was not a wasted pick, and saying they should have picked WR’s who went before their pick is redundant. They stayed at 30 which means they either didn’t feel the need to trade up or couldn’t find a trade up. Jenkins was a wasted pick absolutely…now show me one team that doesn’t have some picks that haven’t worked out and I’ll agree that Baalke should be fired. I can save you some time: they don’t exist.

          The Niners can free up a lot of cap space with minimal moves much like the Patriots do with Brady and others every year. They are far from being in cap hell. They actually have favorable contracts that are easy to get out from under and nobody is making more than market value.

          1. Jenkins wasn’t just a wasted pick, Baalke had an entire wasted year of drafting in 2012!!!! I’m not saying Baalke should go but put that into perspective.

          2. They drafted Ward to fill an immediate need as a slot corner. He was an injured convert from safety. You don’t waste a number one pick on an injured player that you are gambling on converting from another position. He is at best a question mark. And how much did a player they picked to fill a position of need contribute this year? A development player is not picked in the first round.

            1. blaming one person for this meltdown is wrong. they are all responsible.they acted like children and now they are taking their toys and going home. babies acting like babies

            2. willtalk,

              You are incorrect. Ward played a lot of slot in College which is why they pegged him as the slot CB when they drafted him. He was picked where most draft sites had him rated and he played pretty well with the exception of the Chicago game. To say a rookie who played half a season is a wasted pick is ridiculous.


              The 2012 draft was awful but it wasn’t set up to be very good going in. First off they only wound up with two picks in the first 3 rounds due to trades which netted them extra picks the following year. Both of those players wound up getting moved or released but at the same time that draft was going to provide the team with maybe 3 players at best considering they had 3 picks in the first four rounds and late draft picks weren’t likely to make this team anyway.

              There is no doubt it was a wasted draft for the most part but realistically they weren’t setup to gain much from it to begin with. It would be nice to have Alshon Jefferey, but that’s how it goes sometimes. I think the 2013 and 2014 drafts have more than made up for 2012 in restocking this team.

          3. J smith
            Could rework Willis
            And V Davis. (Lol yeah right)

            They are far from salary cap hell.

            1. Maybe Jack Hammer or Grant can help but what I heard before Justin Smiths retirement was that even with Kaepernick not making his escalators we would only have 2.2 million available.

              1. michael,

                Read what is being said. They can free up a lot of cap space with minimal moves. That means they can restructure or cut a few players that will free up a lot of cap room.

                For example, they can cut Ahmad Brooks and free up about 6 mill. They can sign Aldon Smith to a long term deal and cut his base salary from over 9 mill which it is now, to 1/10 of that. Those two moves alone could give them 15 mill of cap room. Are you understanding this now? Never mind the fact Justin Smith may retire which would free up another 4-5 mill. They are not in cap hell. Far from it quite frankly.

              2. Listen to rocket. He’s right.
                Were those numbers provided before the McDonald debacle or J Smith announcing his retirement?
                They will have room next season. They are not in trouble. Idk if they took in account the end of year cuts or non resignings of gore, MC and Iupoti. But of they didn’t or did. Rocket is right.

    2. I had read this was a “testy” press conference. Well, bravo to the Cohns, Kawakami,
      Killion, and Purdy for making it so. Some tough questions, none of which were fully or adequately addressed by that sorry pair of York and Baalke. Gosh, but it was refreshing to read this and see how the reporters were trying to hold these incompetents accountable for what occurred. Kawakami even asked York if he was responsible for the leaks, which I did not expect anyone to do, although it was and is a legitimate question. Bravo, bravo.

      1. Jed & baalke are a class act! But more importantly, Intelligent. I’m so sick & tired of all you bloviatibg ignoramuses trying to sully our scouting apparatus by playing arm chair quarterback. Half you nit wits can’t discern btwn the nitty gritty tangibles, much less decipher the moxie that separates good from great. Gotta love democracy, every idiots entitled to an opinion and each vociferous point of view will be tallied and deposited among the collective consensus. Lets continue to bleed our red & gold and stand stoic beside our brain trust. Niner faithful.

        1. Don’t hold back, dude, tell us what you really think! LOL!
          One thing we do know. Jed ain’t going away. He may have fu, but he and Trent and the players and fans have to play the hand we’re dealt now.
          So Jed’s launched his PR campaign; he was prepared. We can only hope he and Trent are as prepared with their search campaign. Tick, tick, tick.

    3. Obviously the “philosophical differences” were more to do with the power struggle between Jim and Trent and Trent won.
      Jed York was stuttering during the KNBR interview today and he sounded lost, just kept going back to the “message”.
      I respect that Jim never, ever, there his players, coaches or the GM or owner under the bus. I can’t say the same for Baalke or York.

  1. I’m glad York decided to let the guy go that is responsible for getting him his new shiny stadium. Cancelling my season tickets

    1. Good once less Fake Fan to listen too about how the niners will suck because York and Baalke saw that Harbaugh was`nt gonna get them to a Sixth trophy,He had that chance and He CHOKED and each year after the SB the Offense got worse and worse…so go ahead and cry me a river boo hoo.I`m SO glad that Harbaugh is GONE yippy yi yea!

      1. Funny you say that. I had another band wagon buddy, who tweeted me yesterday saying that he was going to become a Raider fan. I told him, that statement right there, even after 10 years of rooting for the Niners WITH me, shows you were never a true Niner fan. A true fan does not root for people or players above the team. A true fan does not bail when thinks get bad. A true fan keeps the faith regardless. I may not like Baalke and I may not like York, but I do love the SF 49ers. Period, exclamation point.

        To all the band wagon fans who threaten to move on, sell their tickets and stop watching the team, good riddance!

        Go Niners, for The Faithful live here.

        1. And there will be a lot of good PSL’s to choose from! I am keeping my 4……… and for those that know of poeple that bash the Raiders, it was my first year going there as I take my stepsons to the games, and it was a great year and they have a lot of good fans there- $25 for upper deck is a steal too.

        2. Selling your tickets and going to another team are quit different.
          I’ll say it again. They get a scrub of a coach who doesn’t get this team deep and I’ll be selling my rights too. Doesn’t mean I’m not a fan still, it just means I’ll be watching home games at home instead of fattening the pockets of an idiot owner who doesn’t put football first over money.
          I’ll wait to see what he brings before pullin that trigger though. It’s the way this came about. Is why I’m heated and as of right now think this owner doesn’t care about the history, superbowls or the fans who make him his money. TBD

      1. Boom, you got me. I haven’t. I was being sincere though, thanks for the names it does make it better.

      2. The Fall with Gillian Anderson is pretty dang good. If you haven’t watched it I recommend doing so. TV series, not movie.

              1. Season four *was* good, I was getting way beyond my fill of that Brody family drama nonsense, seasons 1-3. However season 4 finale was the weakest episode in the entire series if you ask me.

              2. The first two seasons of Homeland were very good imo. Season 3 was a convoluted mess, but season 4 got them back on track.

                You have to suspend reality when watching any of these shows otherwise you won’t enjoy them. Breaking Bad got pretty crazy the last two seasons with quite a bit of unbelievable sequences but it was great television if you just let it wash over you.

              3. Grant,

                I respect both you and the elder Cohn. I think the 49ers need to study old o-line film from the golden years of 49er football. The current group is atrocious at pass protection and getting downfield (on pass blocks). Whoever the coach is, I believe this must get fixed before anything else. What do you say?

          1. I started Homeland but had a hard time sticking with it. It started strong but quickly devolved into the land of too hard to give the benefit of suspension of disbelief. Like the show The Bridge with Diane Kruger I just don’t believe that someone who is that dysfunctional and or emotionally handicapped would get hired to the jobs they have and then continue to have them behaving the way they do.

          2. season one was awesome. Two was good. three was almost unwatchable. Four was very good and then the last episode was just anti-climatic.

            I’ll miss having it to watch on late Sunday evening after a day of watching football.

            I’m looking forward to the 2nd season of “True Detective” (another show that had an awesome season but let down season finale).

        1. I wasn’t an X-files devotee so I never developed the crush on Anderson like many of my generation have but after watching The Fall I think I have crush on her now. Hubba hubba. I mean she’s no Emily Blunt but for an older bird, well my age at least, she’s pretty darn hot.

          1. my friend lived in LA in the 90’s. He said that every TV/Movie star he saw in person was shorter, fatter and uglier than they looked on TV. He said the lone exception was Gillian Anderson who was infinitely hotter in real life.

        2. Coffee and Grant: You want to watch something great, “True Detective” rated 9.3 on IMDB. It’s a total of 8 hours, starring Matthew McConauaughey and Woody Harrelson — it’s a psychological thriller. I watched it online projectfreeTV, streamallthis. One of the best shows I ever watched.

            1. I love Newsroom Hightop. I just read a couple of days ago that True Detective is beginning another series — all new actors this time around.

  2. There were some really tough questions in there, well deserved tough questions. I thought the media did a great job of this press conference.

    I also think Baalke and Jed did a decent job of handling some difficult questions, but have left themselves with plenty of work to do to silence the critics.

    1. I think they are going to get slammed by many no matter who they pick. I just hope whoever it is comes in with a workable plan to get this team playing up to their potential again. This is a 10-12 win team that went 8-8. There’s a lot to work with here.

      1. Yes, I agree. That was basically what I was saying in the other thread – there is a large section of the fan base that won’t be happy no matter who they hire. But the team has talent, and with the right hire can get back on track.

        1. If the new guy wins the Superbowl in two years then Jed and the fans will be happy for maybe a year. If he doesn’t, Jed will role heads for the fans. Has New England or Pittsburgh ownership ever felt the need to proclaim “Superbowl or Bust”?

      2. Rocket,
        Let’s not forget the poor team performance prior to Harbaugh. The roster was the same under Singletary and JH, but the results were different. Coaching makes a big difference. I’m not confident Baalke and Jed can deliver.

        1. Nick,

          “The roster was the same under Singletary and JH, but the results were different.”

          No it wasn’t. The 2011 opening day roster featured 7 new starters, and the 53 man roster had 21 new players. That’s a 40% change from one to the other.

    2. Still never said why Harbaugh was let go. This will be the epic disaster tied to York’s legacy for decades to come

      1. I think it has something to do with JH requesting a renegotiation of his contract after year 3, and wanting the same money Pete Carroll got from Seattle….Harbaugh didn’t get the money, so he let it be known that he wasn’t happy….
        The question now is, what is thenew HC gonna do with the Jim Harbaugh 500 lb. Elephant in the Room…#7? All of the reports suggest that the team is looking toward DC’s, rather than OC’s for the new HC….(lots of ‘C’ abbreviations there)..will they have an OC or QB Coach that can get #7 to become more of an NFL style QB…without that, regardless of who the coach is, things won’t change much…

        1. Read what Ratto said and his take on what happened. I think the same after what was said by York. Something about how he made a mistake in year one and didn’t handle it right. Ratto says he thinks jed gave him to much power at first and didn’t put him on a little shorter of a leash. Created a monster and it was to late especially after the winning.

    3. They are not worried about the Critics,Critics don`t sign the paychecks,Critics don`t Coach the team Critics don`t win Super Bowls All critics do is Criticize and second guess…..Like York said He is not into winning the Media vote orConsent or approval.

      1. He is an owner. Why should he. TV gives him a base line income that makes him a success financially regardless of what else might happen.

  3. Josh McDaniel already turned down a chance to interview a few years ago because of front office issues. I’m sure he’ll really want to interview now LOL Not that I want him here anyways but just sayin

  4. YORK: “I want a teacher. I think what made Bill Walsh so successful is that he was a great teacher, whether that was players or whether that was other coaches. You look at his successful coaching tree, and I think if you look in the 49ers’ Hall of Fame down the road, I want to say as of 2012 or 2013, 29 of the 32 coaches in the NFL had either a direct or an indirect relationship with Bill.

    Good question Grant.
    If York was impressed with Bill Walsh and his coaching tree, why not pluck a HC that is direct descendent of that coaching tree such as Mike Holmgren?

    Btw, huge props to your dad for his ability to ask the tough and unpopular questions. Young Jed could use a little jolt in reality now and again.

      1. htwaits,
        If that’s the case, then the real disconnect in the FO perhaps is York’ and Baalke’ differing philosophies on offense.

        York mentions the Bill Walsh way and coaching tree, while Baalke mentions Bill Parcells, Shottenheimer, and Belichik. Though these coaches were successful, it’s time for the Org to determine which philosophy to follow.

        1. in the modern NFL, no coaching tree philosophy is followed in it’s purest form. Everybody runs mostly what the other guys do to a large degree. For example the Niners are a power BoB (big on big) man blocking run team. But they do run some inside zone blocking run plays. Offenses meld vertical stretch plays with horizontal stretch plays. You don’t see old school West Coast Offense passes to running backs as much, instead you see the same passes to extra WRs or TEs from spread formations (same pass concepts just different personnel and formations). At the same time you don’t see a simple old school Coryell 3 verticals passing concept from a 21 package run but you will see the passing concept from other personnel groups and formations.

          The true key for an organization is not to fixate onto a singular philosophy. But to have a guideline of philosophies to work with and get players and a coaching staff that can craft plays and play calling that all works together.

      1. No to Holmgren! He’s been away from the game too long and coaching re-treads never work! Rule #1: Never try to bring back a coach who WIlLLINGLY left the game.

  5. Super Bowl or bust should always be the goal, but York and Baalke both appeared to be saying that anything less will put the next coach on the hot seat if he fails to do so after a couple of years. That is beyond ridiculous. Look at the 80s Niners, the Steelers of then and now, and the current Patriots. Does anyone believe they would have achieved what they did or have done what they have if they had fired the head coach for missing out on the Super Bowl?

    1. Its a concern if that is how they really think. In saying that, this is a team that had a good enough roster to come away with at least one SB win the past four years.

      1. No one can say that except maybe the Dallas team during the 90s when they fired the coach that built the team and still got to one more Superbowl with a certified moron. In that case you could say this team is so good five hundred different coaches could win a Superbowl and then prove it with one that wasn’t even that good.

  6. If York had no control over the leaks he’s either lying or he is even more incompetent that I thought he was. Who runs things over there?

    1. I only heard Baalke ask if he was the leak. He said no, but didn’t say his boss wasn’t either. Was Jed ask the same question? Was either one of them asked if they authorized the leaks?

    2. Yeah, York is accountable….except when he’s not! You know the old saying, “Keep your mouth shut and people may think you’re stupid; keep talking and there will be no doubt.”?

    1. I like Lowell….when he’s at a presser, he never fails to ask a ? that makes the interviewee squirm a little…..he also has the uncanny ability to reask a ?, but in a different light by adding and deleting from the original question or statement…better to have Lowell, rather than a columnist that kisses the ass of the HC or owner, and gets little in response, other than the self satisfaction of knowing he was present at the presser and asked a ho-hum, run-of-the-mill, boring, yawner, no-bones semi-question…

  7. Who would you rather have: Odell Beckham or Jimmie Ward, Carlos Hyde and Chris Borland?

    I’ll take Beckham, no question.

    1. I will take the 3 for 1.. Beckum is special no question. Borland, Hyde and ward will be soild pros. Hyde has a chance to be an elite back. Borland played awesome this year.. Ward had one bad game and got better each game. Lets talk in 3 years about this.

        1. Your crazy… Before he got hurt he was one of the better in the game. Plus you can’t make that determination cause he is a rookie.. You said the same nonsense about Kuekly too.. He was awesome before he got hurt. Prolly would of win defensive player of the year.

            1. Borland played for a top 5 defense next to a back up player in whilotte. Without his best 2 run stoppers.. That’s playing for a championship D.. Plus imagine him next to a healthy bow..

              1. CK=Elite……think abouit changing your screen name to CK=Serviceable…..far from Elite, considering who the elite QB’s are right now….CK doesn’t have the chops to measure up….he lacks in important facets of the pro game…

      1. they will be solid backups or role players, the likes of which you can pick up in FA on the cheap – Dan Skuta, Perrish Cox, Brandon Lloyd, Glenn Dorsey, etc.

        rb in the 2nd round is a waste imo. look at the top rushers – foster, morris, murray, forsett, miller, charles, bell, anderson, ivory, mason…

    2. We needed a good NCB, someone as the heir to Gore’s role, and Borland’s play has potentially made Willis expendable. Beckham is a find, but he isn’t worth trading away those three.

            1. He will be gone if the front office approaches him about taking a pay cut and he refuses or if the new coach switches the defense to a 4-3.

    3. Beckham in a heartbeat. He’s a special talent, the others are not. Much harder to find a special talent, and you’d give up three good players for one.

    4. At this point, anyone would take Beckham. He’d be a top 6 or 7 pick in a redraft.

      Now, let’s say you didn’t trade up in the first round. Who would you rather have, Ward or Carr or the Eagles WR Mathews?

      1. Bridgewater. Though of the guys they could have had at #30, I still think the 49ers at this point should feel pretty good with the Ward pick. He looked alright bar for that one game against the Bears.

    5. From NinersNation: “Baalke was on 95.7 The Game earlier this evening, and he spoke about that rumor. He said the 49ers inquired about moving up to get Beckham, but it apparently would have cost the team their first, second and third round picks.”

      We had a long debate about this a while back. Beckham was certainly a very good player, but not at that price tag. And while he put up terrific numbers with the Giants there is no way he would have been given the same number of looks with the 49ers.

          1. What’s the likely hood he’s going to take the hometown discount? He gives the impression that he’s quite fond of himself and his talents and that usually means he’s going to the highest bidder. If the Giants don’t have the cap then I hop they enjoyed training him for his next team.

              1. True but that only helps make my point. He’s going to be tough for the Giants to resign unless they have gobs of cap space.

              2. How did the go-to player help the Giants this season? They were 2-2 without him, 4-8 with him.

              3. The only question surrounding Beckham was whether he was tough enough. He proved that he is (though he had the hammy early). He’s a rare true #1 WR who spreads the field with his speed and who gets it done between the 20s AND in the red zone. Those guys are impossible to land. Of course, you’d give up Ward/Hyde/Borland for him now.

              4. Maybe the Giants should have gone defense instead because the go-to player didn’t help them win games.

              5. Maybe. Aaron Donald is terrific. But if they took him instead of Beckham, the offense would have stunk.

              6. Love Aaron Donald, obviously. But in a close call, I’d still take Beckham. Donald gets the benefit of playing with other great D-Lineman, and is usually singled up. Beckham has increasingly been facing double teams and defenses still can’t slow him down.

                And to say that Beckham made no difference because they didn’t win more games is absurd. One guy out of 22 (unless he’s a QB) isn’t going to move the needle in the win column if the rest of the guys are injured/not pulling their weight.

              7. “One guy out of 22 (unless he’s a QB) isn’t going to move the needle in the win column if the rest of the guys are injured/not pulling their weight.”

                Completely agree, which is why I wouldn’t make that trade.

              8. Jack, I’m a firm believer that a championship team can’t afford to have guys they need to hide – you need good/ decent players throughout the squad.

                But I also firmly believe you have to have a handful of exceptional guys on the roster too, the guys that make the opposition pay attention to them, try and stop them, to open things up for everyone else.

                Beckham is one of those guys. By the end of the year he was opening things up for Randle as teams were spending a lot of effort trying to stop Beckham. Next year with Cruz back that offense could be seriously good.

              9. So your philosophy is to avoid players who are too good? Heady stuff.
                All I said is that he’s going to be tough for the Giants to resign and I suggested why. I have no idea where you came up with my philosophy is to avoid players that are “too good.”

              10. I don’t disagree with you on that Scooter. My disagreement only comes with what they would have been forced to give up for him. That price is too high.

              11. Jack, even in hindsight, you’d prefer Ward, Hyde and Borland?

                Forget the value of the draft picks for a second, I’m asking just in terms of the players themselves, which is how I took the original question from Grant.

                As I’ve mentioned, I think it was the right decision at the time not to make that trade, and I don’t think the 49ers should be having any regrets with the decision.

              12. Scooter: Given how the season went, we needed the depth to even have a chance at the playoffs. Wasn’t OBJ out for a number of games at the beginning of the season?

              13. Scooter,

                Yes. All of the players the 49ers selected with those picks is starting caliber.

                Don’t get me wrong, Beckham is a very good player. I just don’t think he is worth what they would have been forced to give up.

                Not making that trade will pay dividends in 2015 and beyond.

              14. I will say that I see a glimmer of hope that Baalke, even identified OBJ as a WR worth trading up for. After the AJJ fiasco, I wasn’t sure he could identify anyone. Of course, some would say that even a blind squirrel can find a nut.

              15. Cubus, don’t give up hope there. The Bills and Bucs took other WRs ahead of him. The Bills even traded next years first to move up and get Watkins when they could have stayed pat and taken Beckham.

                The fact that Baalke and his team identified him as a talent and seriously discussed trade offers to move up and get him is promising.

                Jack, I like Ward, Hyde and Borland and am happy to have them. I’m sure they will help in 2015 and beyond. But I do think a top tier talent like Beckham is worth giving up some good players for. Of course, if one or two of Ward, Hyde or Borland progress from decent/ good to very good, then the ledger starts swinging back the other way.

              16. Kinda funny point in this debate: Beckham was the offensive rookie of the month in November and Chris Borland was the defensive rookie of the month in November.

              17. When Cruz returns, Giants are going to have to make a decision. Which go-to guy are they going to go-to? Beckham, no doubt. I can’t see two “quite fond of themselves” on that team.

              1. I thought they had the talent, just the wrong coach? Do tell….

                It’s uncanny how much effort you put into not wanting him before the draft, to now wanting to give up an absurd amount of draft picks for him. People like you make my head explode….

              2. The Niners don’t have a true go-to guy on offense. Boldin is a situational go-to guy. Turns out Beckham is a true go-to guy. Baalke knew it and still balked.

              3. Go to guys don’t always get you as close as the 49ers the last 3 years. Ask the Falcons, Lions, Bills?

              4. You need a QB, a go-to guy, a backside tackle, a pass rusher, a takeaway corner, a QB of the defense and a kicker or your odds to win a Super Bowl are low.

              5. “Who is the Seahawks go to guy?” Jack asks.

                Well, it’s obviously Lynch. But let’s go passing game for a second…

                The Hawks took a swing on Harvin in a different, yet somewhat similar way that we took a swing on Kaep. Both guys got around $11 a year. Both guys have special physical skills. So how did it all work out?

                Well, neither lived up to expectations. But instead of dwelling on and defending their mistake, the Hawks cut bait with Harvin, saying, “Ok, we were wrong. He’s not our go-to guy. We blew it.” I’m sure they’ll try again. And that’s all I’m asking our FO to do. Take big swings. And if one doesn’t work out–don’t defend your position–simply have the confidence to reload and swing again.

          1. Coffee brings up another aspect to this. If you’re the Giants it’s not a big deal because you’re not giving up anything to get him. For the first 3+ years he’s a heck of a bargain.

            For the 49ers though you’ve given up 2 prospects that likely will be starters for you, AND have to then pay up the big bucks.

            1. For a guy you think may be an elite player you don’t do that. For a guaranteed elite player you do. The question from Grant assumes hindsight, and in hindsight you don’t mind passing up on some decent to good players for one elite player.

              Much easier to find 2 to 3 decent to good players than 1 elite player.

              1. Using my “50-50” hindsight, yes, I agree to that trade.

                But I stress, at the time it was the right decision.

              2. Grant, he was the third WR taken, which just goes to show how hard scouting is. I was one of his biggest fans and there is no way I would have been 100% confident he’d have such success, and look so good.

                The fact that Baalke looked at trade options shows he recognised the kid had talent. The fact he didn’t move a 1st, 2nd and 3rd to get him shows he, like everyone else, had just that little bit of a question mark in the back of his mind as to whether he’d pan out.

              3. I think its like he’s said before, you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you’ve taken a look at the IR list this year, I’d say that’s a pretty good call….

              4. Scooter, I agree that Beckham is better than Watkins and Evans at this point. But I would still take Watkins or Evans over Ward/Hyde/Borland. And I would also take them over Benjamin and Mathews.

            2. Well, Watkins and Evans looked great, too. Any of those three WRs would be worth Ward/Hyde/Borland.

              Some of this goes back to our argument regarding the acquisition of players with “juice.” People said I was being sophomoric with that suggestion. But I look at the Pats and Broncos and Packers and Seahawks and I see a lot of players on those teams with that very attribute. Those guys with the ability to change the course of a game in a single play. Who have that intimidating presence you always have to gameplan for. It can be on either side of the ball. But we need more of those guys. And, hopefully, we start acquiring them this year.

              1. Disagree on Watkins and Evans. Those guys looked very good, but you’d have been just as happy with Benjamin, Cooks or Matthews. Beckham was a class above.

              2. Depends on what you mean by torched, but Sherman was the best CB he played against, and he did very well against him. From memory his stats against Sherman placed him #2 all time for a single game against Sherman.

              3. Sully: And many of them aren’t even drafted. A couple of WR we picked up in the draft, Paul Richardson and Kevin Norwood look like they might help the team. With PH’s absence and injuries, these rookies are getting playing time.

            3. Giving up the draft picks would almost force the teams hands in paying him whatever he wants or risk losing the value in the player plus the value in the players you gave up to rent him for 4 years or so.

      1. Exactly!!! I would take the 3 picks because as you said the opportunities probably would not have been there with Roman calling the plays and I’m not sure Kaep would deliver him the ball enough.

        1. So you’re saying we don’t want a great WR because our lousy QB/OC can’t get him the ball? Then going by that logic, we’re playing for nothing.

          1. The 49ers were playing for nothing… That logic got Harbaugh fired. Look at Roman’s history of not using talent around him properly. They don’t even know what they have in the WRs behind Boldin and Crabtree. Saying that would any of the top WRs drafted this year get enough playing time to shine? Who would they pay in front of because it wasn’t going to be Crabtree, Boldin, or Stevie J! What I am saying is that OBJ would not be in the running for Offensive rookie of the year in Harb/Roman’s system. That would have left tons of holes on the roster making that trade.

          2. Me personally as a GM I would have given up the picks for one of the top three WRs at the time because the 49ers had so many picks. In hindsight I think OBJ is outstanding, but I am glad the 49ers kept the picks because they have Frank Gore’s replacement, insurance for Willis & Bowman, a starting center or guard, and insurance for Eric Reid at safety. I always believed Ward was insurance against concussion issues for Reid and Bethea replacement in the future. I just think the as a rookie they wanted to use his skills a the Nickel because it was a pressing need.

      2. That’s an unusual peek behind the curtain from Baalke. It’s not top secret stuff but it’s still a bit more then we get to hear out of 4949.

              1. CFC,

                Do you think it might be an attempt by Baalke to get some credit for identifying and trying to draft ODB Jr., even though he didn’t land him?

      3. Knowing what we know now, he is probably worth it. But it doesn’t matter how much you believe in a player on draft day, it is still a risk they won’t be what you think they are. And because of that he wasn’t worth it. This is why I don’t like the whole coulda, shoulda, woulda scenarios.

      4. Btw Jack (and others that I debated this with at the time), thanks for giving me a nice lead in for an “I told you so” with regards to Beckham being a guy Baalke would look to trade up for. :-)

      5. let’s not forget that Beckham was able to display those talents because he has a QB on the team he plays for, that sees his receivers downfield and delivers the ball on time

    6. Grant- I don’t think that it needed to be a choice between Beckham or those exact three. I think Trent just answered it that way to make his decision more justifiable. They could have made it Ward and some future picks. I think he put in Borland to create a strawman argument.

    7. good question grant! let me set the table a little better: 2 off seasons ago, we re-sing Delainie Walker….then draft Eddie Lacy over Vance Mcdonald….THEN, we trade those picks for Odell Beckham!!

      So we have Delainie, Lacy and odell instead of vmac, ward, hyde, martin and borland….the answer is hell yes!!!!!! instead of zero weapons, we have 2 of the best in the NFL!!!!

      and to replace all the back-ups….maybe we dont whiff on guys like Lattimore and maybe we have room on the roster for the CB that we cut…..only so he could go to the chiefs and become a pro bowl rookie!!!!

      ive done this over and over with many drafts and many players. mark my word: Baalke is average!!! in fact, his drafts are below average! with all the picks he has every year…..he would rather draft hurt guys than trade up for a super star! his free agency dealings are above average, offsetting his bad drafts!

    8. After Willis went down, tbe Niners would have lost some games without Borland. And who would back up Gore? And how well would Beckham have developed (its not like he woukd have played over Boldin, Crabs or probably even Johnson) the way Kaepernick and the rest of the offense was playing? To win this season, better to double down on what you already do well; supplement the defense and the run game.

      1. Borland didn’t make a difference against the Seahawks. The Niners still missed the playoffs.

        Beckham would have played over Crabtree and Johnson by Week 5. At the very least, Beckham would have forced defenses to take a safety out of the box against the run.

        1. How can you say he would have played over Crabree in game 5 when he was injured for the first four games? Any hypothetical that has us giving up the first three picks for Beckham shouldn’t just decide to “conveniently” forget that he wasn’t available for the first four games of the season. With the way injuries hit this team, in hindsight, I think Baalke made the right decision.

        2. >>Borland didn’t make a difference against the Seahawks. The Niners still missed the playoffs.

          It wasn’t our losses against SEA that kept us out of the playoffs. And Borland *did* make a difference in wins that kept our slim playoff hopes alive, in particular NO and NYG.

          1. He was something else against sub .500 teams. that didn’t have quick running backs to cover out of the backfield.

            1. Grant, you make the same irrational analysis every time in regards to player evaluation. You lack a relative perspective. Players are either elite or worthless. Is Borland Patrick Willis or Navarro Bowman? No. But who is? Kuehle is in the same conversation. But look at Borland’s stats and grades. He’s a good player (not elite). He’d start for most teams. He did a great job under the circumstances filling in for Willis.

        3. Theres no way Bechham would have played over Crabtree. You still think of Football players as plug and play baseball players. No reciever has really developed under the Niners. Thats cause the passing game stinks and they are philosophically a conservative offense. Sure they take contoled deep shots from time to time but theyre a controled passing game, ball control, power run and defense heavy team. If the team had become theyre not going to magically become a deep passing team. Kaep isnt going to magically become accurate downfield. The O-line isnt going to magically become good pass blockers. The coaches arent going to suddenly throw caution to the wind and start calling chuck it deep plays. The coaching staff isnt going to completely go against their established preference for veterans over rookies. Beckham would just be a more talented version of Ellington on tbe same place on the depth chart.

          1. On Beckham, I disagree affnp. Without training camp, and with just one week of practice, he already looked like a budding star in the Giants fifth game (his first) with crisp route running and great hands.

            The coaching staff would have trusted him in the #3 WR role early on (keeping in mind they wouldn’t have traded for Stevie Johnson in the first place if they’d drafted Beckham). And they would have seen in game action that he was better than Crabtree. The separation he creates is phenomenal – even an inaccurate Kaep would have had little trouble getting the ball to Beckham, and unlike Crabtree he could afford to stare him down and trust him to get open.

            1. Scooter:

              When did we trade for Johnson? I thought it was before the first round of the draft, but now I’m not sure.

            2. scooter,

              again, look at the track record of the coaches for developing young receivers. finding time on the field and weather or not they would be inclined to let him run down the field deep to get open. it goes against their nature. as I said to Grant, football isn’t plug and play like baseball.

              Its like the old debates we used to have about Marino vs. Montana. There’s no way Marino could have ran the West Coast Offense in the first half of his career. And Montana didn’t have the arm to throw downfield consistently for most NFL teams.

              Just because one player is better than others doesn’t mean he’s going to be better for a particular team.

              1. AFFP:

                In principle, I agree with your last statement. However, I think there are exceptions for truly elite individuals, for example, Aaron Rodgers. So the question I have is: is OBJ in that league as a WR?

              2. I take your point affnp, but on Beckham I disagree. He is too good to leave on the sideline, and even the 49ers coaching staff would have recognised that. You just need to listen to what some of the Giants defenders say about him to know he practices like he plays.

                And yes, he is of a quality that he would have been excellent for the 49ers too. He gets open, and its not because of play design, its because of his route running ability and quickness. He can take that to any one of 32 teams and be successful.

                There is no way he would have been left languishing on the 49ers roster.

                Cubus, they traded for Stevie Johnson overnight between day 1 and day 2 of the draft (so after round 1).

              3. i don’t debate Beckham’s skills. But like I said, Dan Marino had all world talent and a hall of fame career. But he wouldn’t have been a good QB for Walsh’s WCO.

                Beckham is an incredible talent. but someone has to get the ball to him (relatively accurately) and some people have to protect the passer and give the QB enough time to throw the ball deep. does that sound like Kaepernick and the offensive line? Do you think the coaching staff trusts the passing game (again, it takes more than just one player to make the passing game suddenly start to click) to embrace throwing the ball down the field?

                my original comment in this thread was that Baalke was right to draft Borland, Hyde..etc..vs. trading up to get Beckham. I contend that given the problems with the passing game that it was a better strategy to double down on what the team already does well (run the ball and play defense).

              4. Well, we’ll just have to disagree on this one affnp.

                Btw, you realise Beckham is far more than just a downfield threat, right? He excels at every level. His best route for mine is his comeback, as he eats up the cushion in a blink and as soon as the DB turns his hips Beckham makes his cut back to the QB and puts 2 – 4 yards separation between him and the DB. Even Kaep could hit him on that route.

              5. Scoot
                Your last post describing OB’s come-backs reminded me of Cliff Branch and Isaac Curtis and Paul Warfield. Gold!

            3. OK. Well based on when they traded for Johnson, I can see some of your points regarding OBJ. Still, it would have been a tough call to make at the time and I don’t fault Baalke for going the way he did.

    9. Lol Grant you’re funny at times. I guess time will tell, but after just this one season I’d take the three over one. Who knows he could be a one hit wonder.
      The addition of Hyde in these three is worth it. And Borland may not be a pro bowl starter, but don’t tell me his loss didn’t hurt the defense vs sd and Seattle.

  8. I guess Jed bought the Trent line, that any jackass could have done what JH did as coach with TB’s “great” players. Trent thinks he should be Head coach as well as picking the players, and so Jed sent the third best coach in Niner history packing. The next coach with have to be a TB boot licker and I don’t think that will work out so well.

    I always thought that in addition to his draft failures, Trent blew the 2013 free agency season, when he let the Seahawks sign both Cliff Avril & Michael Bennett without putting up a fight. The two teams have been going in different directions ever since..

    1. That’s because Cheatin’ Pete and Schneider work TOGETHER to make that team great…Trent Baalke wants the Niners to be built in his image as a tribute to his mentor Bill Parcells…he wants ALL the credit for building the team, plus he thinks any Tom, Dick or Harry can have success with what he created…in the end he and Wonder Boy are going to hire an a$$ kissing yes man that won’t rock the boat, and when said yes man fails, he’ll get all the blame…Baalke and Jed are taking this organization back to the dark ages…

  9. When I read the blurbs about the 49ers reaching out to certain coaches or teams asking permission they read as if the team googled “hot NFL coaching candidates” and picked up the phone. I hope they’re going to be more original and expansive in their search then those names suggest.

      1. Tomsula fits the profile of a kiss a$$ yes man. That poor soul will also be the scapegoat when the fraud GM fails to deliver a quality roster.

        1. “Tomsula fits the profile of a kiss a$$ yes man.”

          Who cares? I think he can be a good leader and be the good teacher that York is looking for.

          1. Before you were against him, now you’re for him? What the hells going on in here. Scooter was against the trade and now he’s for it?

              1. Hammer, you don’t remember agreeing with me that Tomsula was the wrong guy for the job on your personal blog? It’s in the comment section from a few weeks ago. Scooter, didn’t you say in hindsight you would make that trade for OBJr? 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks? I know we agreed before, you would not….

              2. York/Baalke already knew everything about Jim The Builder, yet they hired him and he built their new stadium through winning. Contingency renovation plans should have already been in place, and as much as I like Mr. Tomsula, I don’t believe he is the contractor they should be looking towards. Mr. Malzahn or Mr. Morris have the offensive architecture that could enhance the structural edifice Coach Harbaugh created….
                Response: I agree with you on Tomsula. Jim the Builder helped Jed build his new palace.

              3. Razor,

                I also like Gus Malzahn. He was the offensive coordinator at Auburn when they won the national championship with Cam Newton. His offensive philosophy is hurry-up and no-huddle. If you look at his track record, he also maintains a good run to pass ratio (tilted somewhat toward the run). All of this fits the current 49ers roster quite well. Bring him on.

              4. Razor, maybe I’ve been unclear – I agree with Baalke on not making that trade. In the same situation again in the future, I’d do the same.

                However, now that we know what Beckham can do, I would be fine giving up Ward, Hyde and Borland for him. Without the uncertainty, that trade makes sense. As I’ve seen some of the guys over at say, Beckham is the most gifted player every time he steps on the field. While there is some hyperbole there, I really believe he is one of the very best players in the NFL, and giving up three decent/ good players for him would be a great deal.

                As a straight player swap, and in hindsight, I’d make that trade.

          2. Tomsula seems like a Singletary clone to me with a much nicer disposition. Great motivator and position Coach but no background as a HC at this level or the Collegiate level, no coordinating experience at this level and most importantly no indication he has the ability to put together a top notch Coaching staff.

            I can’t see Tomsula being the best candidate out of the options they have.

            1. Singletary had never been more than a linebackers coach before he became a head coach.

              Tomsula has 2 years as a defensive coordinator and 1 year as a head coach under his belt, albeit with NFL Europe, but that’s probably about the same as a college job.

            2. Tomsula’s Experience

              England Monarchs (1998) Defensive line coach
              Scottish Claymores (1999–2003) Defensive line coach
              Berlin Thunder (2004–2005) Defensive coordinator
              Rhein Fire (2006) Head coach
              San Francisco 49ers (2007–present) Defensive line coach
              San Francisco 49ers (2010) Interim head coach

          3. What’s he going to teach? Jed also said the qb is the most important position in all of sports. Our defense format need a teacher our qb does.
            Horrible hire if they do hire tomsula. And that will cement the rumor of try want a yes man.

      2. How much input into the offensive side of the ball do you imagine Tomsula would have on draft day? I understand he has final say but at least with Harbaugh around you know he was in Trent’s ear about players on offense. Would Tomsula be that same guy or would we essentially be handing the draft completely over to Baalke?

  10. Grayson’s wind up isn’t slow and his deep ball accuracy would sure be nice to have around these parts.

  11. For our next head coach, I want a motivator. A psychologist. A positive leader.

    I think Pete Carroll has proven that you can hire the right OC and DC to design your systems and call your plays. As a head coach, your #1 concern is to get people to believe in what you’re doing, work together, and not sweat the small stuff. If you can find an Xs and Os guy on top of that, bravo. But without that top line set of people skills, you’ll end up like George Seifert… or worse.

  12. PFT reporting that “Coach Mike Pettine said Josh Gordon is at a “crossroads” with the Browns.” They think the Browns will dangle Gordon for likely a third-round pick.

    Is he more problematic than the Beckam guy in the 2015 draft?

    1. Both show patterns of behavior that are contrary to their professional interests even though it’s been pointed out to them and they’ve been warned about them and punished for them. Patterns. Troubling.

    2. Before this last suspension and before this year with legal issues for SF I would have said heck yes. If they hire a rookie coach Gordan would be another issue behind V Davis. No thanks. He just can’t stay out of trouble.

  13. Some people are acting like Harbaugh was the greatest coach ever. I think he is good, but lets be real; The Defense was this teams strength and it was mostly the offense that was its weakness.
    I never understood the constant problem with getting the ball snapped before time was running out. Every other team can avoid this constant problem why not the Niners?
    The Red zone problem never was fixed. Taking field goals instead of TD’s is not how championships are won. In the Super Bowl and in the NFC Championship game last year this hurt us.
    Harbaugh was the Offensive coach. It was his system the team ran. The play calling went through him. How many of us can honestly say we were satisfied with the offense at any time from 2012-2014?
    In my view; if Fangio ran the Defense and Sean Payton was the Head coach, I think we would have won at least one maybe two Super Bowls in 2012-2013.
    Harbaugh’s unwilliness to change; change the play calling, chamge the red zone offense, etc was in many respects a positive showing of toughness and determination; but it was also one of his failings.

    1. I respect Harbs as a coach in a big way. I’m scared that our next HC will be a step back. But I agree that he needed to fix some things about himself. Calling Kaep, “The highest level of great” indicates a stubbornness and defensiveness that often results in falling short of the big prize–something Harbs has been guilty of throughout his coaching career.

  14. Baalke/York decided on Tomsula a few weeks back. Holmgren has been discussed but Baalke thinks he has seen his best days and is pulling York in a different direction. The problem is how to keep Fangio. They really want him to stay on as DC. Promoting Tomsula and the loss of Fangio will have the public calling for their heads on pikes after this Harbaugh debacle. Tomsula for Harbaugh will make them look like fools to their peers.

    The “yes” man is attractive but is usually a poor choice as a head coach. Going to be hard to square this one. Batman and Robin really want that “can do…boss” coach for next year and Baalke is sure they can make it work. Expect some disappointment because this is going to be a 100% Baalke team next year and GM power grabs rarely turn out well on the field. If they don’t go to the playoffs there will be a scape goat (heads up Colin). A GM and coach should dance together as a team, sort of like Rodgers and Astaire. If you can’t get that you should have a coach with power over personnel and a GM in a more advisory role. That’s not gonna happen with Trent. He’s 100% alpha.

  15. This will be Ballke’s last year with the Niners he’s the last peace to get the Boot , Jed will put him on a short leash you heard it from there mouths its super bowl or bust , and I say bust number one reason they have no QB CK is garbage

    1. You are not seeing the players. Baalke is not going anywhere. This is a business and as long as the money comes keeps pouring in Trent Baalke won’t be going anywhere. Jed York is too small to make that sort of change. His dad could do it, but it’s not going to happen for several years if it does happen. At this point Jed really doesn’t run this team. He’s too young and inexperienced. He’s just the face of ownership, decisions that impact the bottom line are made back east.

  16. Scooter
    Are you still on your Rex Ryan forecast?
    Looks like Jack’s ante is Tomsula.
    I’ve got nothin at this point; no Spirit Message.

    Let’s take a sec to examine Coaching Accountability in regards to player behavior.
    Detroit Lions; talented, dangerous hot mess of a team. So they bring in Coach Caldwell. Old school guy with resume driven cred. Quiet leadership style to contrast his predecessor. Quite good results. More team discipline on and off the field….. until…….wait for it….one knucklehead player goes off the reservation and throws a wrench in a whole year’s body of work:
    Suh f*x*p & gets suspended risking his teammates trip to the playoffs. A pattern of on-field transgressions.
    So is this Jim Caldwell’s fault?
    Is it the GM’s fault?
    Does this reflect on the Owner’s ethics and morals?
    Should the Lions have suspended Suh before the NFL did? Are they morally bankrupt for not?
    We’re all pretty wound up around here.

      1. Well then it would only be justice if Jim signs with the Jets to rassle with the New Yoik Press while Rex entertains the Bay Area wolf pack, er, media.

      2. Hmmm that’s interesting. Of course I’ve read about both the brothers but can’t remember much. The only reason I can see that happening is b/c he’s very engaging and of course ________ amd __________? are looking for someone very easy to get along with. Run Rex Run!

          1. I don’t think he will be Scooter. He can command a tough defense, but his offenses leave little to be desired. Signing him would also all but guarantee that Kaep would never reach his potential.

  17. Jed,

    Please don’t email me unless you have a Super Bowl ring on your finger. We are about the same age, however, I do not have the same respect for you that I had for your uncle or past 49ers legends.

    I hope that I am wrong about you, however, I have a feeling that you have made a grave mistake which will prove detrimental to our NFL franchise. After bringing my father to the new stadium earlier this year, he said it was nice but it had no soul. If anything, you have made our home turf even more soulless now with this decision. Jim Harbaugh deserved better than to work for you and Trent and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors. He doesn’t need my prayers. For the 49ers, and especially for you, I will start to pray.

    I have never suffered through so much sadness at a purchase than the SBL’s I have purchased from you and your family. I really hope that you make this right or my wallet will $12,000+ poorer and my heart will be forever heavier.



    Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2014 20:45:04 -0800
    Subject: A Message From Jed York

    Dear Jason,

    I would like to take this opportunity to speak directly to you, our Faithful fans.

    After spending two years constructing a new home for you and our team, the 2014 season began with great anticipation and high hopes. On the field, we looked to build on three consecutive years of success and take that last step toward achieving our ultimate goal. Unfortunately, we were unable to capitalize and accomplish our objective.

    As the CEO of this team, it is my responsibility to ensure we are always on the path to success. Yesterday, a change was made that I believe is in the best interest of this team. Change is often accompanied by skepticism, and I respect your right to have questions. Ultimately, the decisions we make as an organization will be judged by their results, and the best way to answer concerns is by putting a championship product on the field.

    The 49ers experienced a period of success under Jim Harbaugh’s direction that we will look back on proudly, and for that we owe him our gratitude. The reality we now face is that the time has come for this team to move in a different direction – one that gets us back on the path to realizing our goals.

    Now, our focus is squarely concentrated on solidifying the future of this team and finding our next head coach. Having successfully navigated this process in the past, Trent Baalke has my full confidence in leading our coaching search. We have an exciting opportunity ahead of us and look forward to adding more talented individuals to this organization.

    As we move into the next chapter of our team’s history, I think back to an earlier time. In 1977, my grandfather brought our family to the 49ers and began to create a championship standard. That standard is now my responsibility to uphold and our efforts will be completely dedicated to that cause.

    I share and respect your passion for this team because I was born with it. You are the most Faithful fans in the National Football League and you deserve a team that makes you proud.

    Jed York
    Chief Executive Officer
    San Francisco 49ers

    1. If you were asking for a refund, I don’t think you’re going to get one. In fact, I don’t think anyone read your message. That was an auto-reply.

    2. “Ultimately, the decisions we make as an organization will be judged by their results, and the best way to answer concerns is by putting a championship product on the field.”
      ~ Jed York

      Well we’ll know what product young Jed is speaking about at this same time next year.

  18. What’s the over/under going into next Spring on how many anti-Baalke articles Grant will write after he(Baalke) passes on a WR in the first two rounds.

  19. 49ers New Head Coach is…..

    Nathaniel Hackett (Buffalo Bills)
    Bill Lazor (Miami Dolphins)
    Josh McDaniels (New England Patriots)
    Marty Mornhinweg (New York Jets)
    Gary Kubiak (Baltimore Ravens)
    Hue Jackson (Cincinnati Bengals)
    Kyle Shanahan (Cleveland Browns)
    Todd Haley (Pittsburgh Steelers)
    Bill O’Brien (Houston Texans)
    Pep Hamilton (Indianapolis Colts)
    Jedd Fisch (Jacksonville Jaguars)
    Jason Michael (Tennessee Titans)
    Adam Gase (Denver Broncos)
    Doug Pederson (Kansas City Chiefs)
    Greg Olson (Oakland Raiders)
    Frank Reich (San Diego Chargers)
    Bill Callahan (Dallas Cowboys)
    Ben McAdoo (New York Giants)
    Pat Shurmur (Philadelphia Eagles)
    Sean McVay (Washington Redskins)
    Joe Lombardi (Detroit Lions)
    Tom Clements (Green Bay Packers)
    Norv Turner (Minnesota Vikings)
    Dirk Koetter (Atlanta Falcons)
    Mike Shula (Carolina Panthers)
    Pete Carmichael, Jr. (New Orleans Saints)
    Jeff Tedford (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
    Harold Goodwin (Arizona Cardinals)
    Brian Schottenheimer (St. Louis Rams)
    Darrell Bevell (Seattle Seahawks)

  20. why can’t I shake the thought that Tomsula may have been the “deep throat” in all this. For you youngsters Google it

    1. NIner al– I know you are referring to the Watergate ” deep throat” but perhaps he is also resembles the Linda Lovelace type of “deep

  21. I’ve only glanced through a few lists so far but as you check out the names that consistently grace the lists of top WR prospects one thing that appears to be absent is speed. It’s a slow class.

    1. Coffee- That is one point I tried to make since the draft. There are always too few legit speed receivers in any draft. Sometimes there are none. This last draft was an aberation that will not be soon seen again. Many posters claimed well will get a receiver in the next draft. Well good luck with that. Even if one turns up the demand will be so high that the price will also be.

  22. Oh, can we please draft Pig Howard from Tennessee? I know I said I hate short receivers but I don’t care, he can be our return specialist I just want a player called Pig on the team.

  23. Stefon Diggs is a guy I like but it seems like he’s got injury issues as well. Should probably stay in college one more year. If he stays healthy he could end up being a top prospect in the 2016 draft.

      1. I agree with Grant. He’s Percy Harvin but slower (albeit without the literal and figurative headaches). You need to manufacture him open.

  24. Holmgren should be in consideration here ,sans the ageist retorts I see no reason not to give him an interview.If Fangio is not offered a HC job here or elsewhere the combo of Holmgren and Fangio on our staff would have serious gravitas. Hire Chudzinski as our OC and let it loose.

  25. After doing a small amount of research on Dorian Green-Beckham he SOUNDS like he could be one HELL of a player. I do not like him in the 1st round. Stakes are too high for a KID, that has maturity issues, and riding around with a pound of weed in your car. He will need a mentor, first person comes to mind is Cris Carter or a Randy Moss. Someone who can relate to him. I just hesitate giving a kid that kind of money because it seems he doesn’t have many people to get guidance from. With that being said, if he can keep his nose clean, the sky is the limit for him.

    What are everyone’s thoughts on Cris Carter’s son? I did read he was a primodonna but has good work ethic.

    1. Exactly. You make it happen in the second round if he’s there, and then Boldin teaches him how to be a professional, with mandatory substance abuse classes and random urinalysis clauses in his contract….

      1. Why not give up a 3rd for Josh Gordon? Both have similar issues and Gordon is a proven WR. He’ll probably be more expensive if not this year then in 2016.

        1. How many more chances will Gordon get before he is suspended for an enitre year. He skipped meetings because he partied with Manziel. That’s an issue because he should be influencing Manziel not to screw up.

          Green-Beckham is fresh. He can still get the right person in his ear to give him the right direction. Gordon has made up his mind, he’s all about Gordon.

          1. Well, it would have to be a contract laden with disincentives and even termination for “bad behaviour”. I think Rocket outlined what might be included in such a contract in an earlier post.

            1. He was saying put those things in DGB’s contract which I agree. I would try to get DGB just because he’s younger. It’s easier to change the mindset of younger individual who is still seeking to make an impact.

          2. Right again. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and shame on me. Give the rookie a chance, and if he screws it up, that’s that. Can’t be any worse than the Jenkins pick or the James pick. At least with DGB you have the speed and physicality. You just have to win over the heart and mind. That’s where Boldin and rehab come in….

    2. Razor I do believe he will be available In the second round. He played two seasons and sat out all of this year. We’d have to get him early. The only question I have is, what is he doing now? Hanging out chilling or training?

      1. Combine should answer those questions. I’d be very nervous Schneider might grab him at the end of round one….

        1. Yeah, the Senior Bowl practices will be interesting for some of these WRs:
          Gree-Beckham, Strong, Coates, Parker, and Montgomery.
          Who is DGB? AJ Green,Jon Baldwin, or Snoop Dogg? (Josh Gordon is talented but not available enough.)
          Can coaching translate the quickness Montgomery demonstrates with the ball in his hands into route running?
          Coates’ routes?
          Parker get good separation vs Press?
          Is Strong quick enough for NFL?
          And maybe show me how White isn’t a top prospect? Cuz he looks pretty good to me. (I haven’t forgotten about Stephen Hill or other one year wonders)

          1. I just spent some time watching Kevin White’s games against Alabama, Oklahoma and Maryland. The fact that he has had only one good year is definitely a concern for me, but I take back my comment to hightop earlier about him not being as good as his stats this year.

            He’s still raw in some areas, but he does a lot of little things very well, and earned a lot of those yards he made with good WR play. His route running was much better than I previously thought, with good deception to beat the DB, though he can round his routes too often. He tracks the ball downfield quite well. Good, strong hands (though not great). Very physical and will win most physical contests. Good speed for a guy his size. A lot to like about him.

  26. Harbaugh is gone because he refused to teach offensive skill players how to play football, instead relying on established, but aging, veterans. This caused the 49ers to be unable to assess their offensive roster from year to year, while also creating the impression that Trent Baalke cannot draft offensive skill players. Evidence abounds suggesting that Baalke tried to acquire Josh Gordon in 2013, and Odell Beckham in 2014. There is no way to know if LaMichael James was ever worthwhile, because Harbaugh generally underutilized him. Bruce Ellington scored 2 TDs in Week 16 of the 2014 season, but didn’t get on the field on offense in Week 17. Quinton Patton has been used sparingly.

    See specifics below.

    2011 Draft (10: 4D, 4OS, 2OL)
    Aldon Smith (+++)
    Colin Kaepernick (++)
    Chris Culliver (+)
    Kendall Hunter (+)
    Daniel Kilgore (+)
    Ronald Johnson (—)
    Colin Jones (–)
    Bruce Miller (++)
    Mike Person (—)
    Curtis Holcomb (—)
    (+10/6) (-11/4)

    2012 Draft (7: 3D, 2OS, 2OL)
    A. J. Jenkins (–)
    LaMichael James ()
    Joe Looney (+)
    Darius Fleming (—)
    Trenton Robinson (–)
    Jason Slowey (—)
    Cam Johnson (–)
    (+1/1) (-12/5) (0/1)

    2013 Draft (11: 6D, 4OS, 1OL)
    Eric Reid (++)
    Tank Carradine (+)
    Vance McDonald ()
    Corey Lemonier ()
    Quinton Patton ()
    Marcus Lattimore (—)
    Quinton Dial (+)
    Nick Moody (+)
    B. J. Daniels ()
    Carter Bykowski ()
    Marcus Cooper (+)
    (+6/5) (-3/1) (0/5)

    2014 Draft (12: 7D, 3OS, 2OL)
    Jimmie Ward (+)
    Carlos Hyde (++)
    Marcus Martin (+)
    Chris Borland (+++)
    Brandon Thomas ()
    Bruce Ellington (+)
    Dontae Johnson (+)
    Aaron Lynch (+++)
    Keith Reaser ()
    Kenneth Acker ()
    Kaleb Ramsey ()
    Trey Millard ()
    (+12/7) (0/5)

    Of his 40 draft picks, Baalke has selected 20 defensive players, 13 offensive skill players, & 7 offensive line players.

    On the plus side, he’s drafted 3 players who should be considered great (+++), 4 players who should be considered very good at what they do (++), and 12 players who have shown that they could start (+).

    On the down side, he’s drafted 6 players who are absolute duds (—), but all of those have come in the 4th round or lower, and 4 players who seem to be headed out of the league sooner than later (–), but may have yielded the 49ers some compensatory value in trades. As soon as AJ and LaMike are out of the league, they’ll both be downgraded to (—).

    So, in recapping the highs and lows, Baalke has drafted 19 players in the plus zone (11D, 5OS, 3OL), to only 10 in the minus zone (5D, 2OS, 3OL). However, his biggest highs have been on LBs, and his biggest misses have been on OS players. This should concern Baalke, and it should concern Jed.

    However, some of that concern should also be suspended until further assessment of talent can be made. And this is likely why Harbaugh is no longer the HC of the 49ers.

    Of the 11 players who rated neutral (), only 1 has actually earned a neutral rating (Lemonier, on whom the jury is still out). The other 10 players cannot be properly assessed, because they are either injured and have not yet proven beyond repair, or they have been massively underdeveloped by the Harbaugh offensive regime. LaMike, Quinton Patton, Vance McDonald, and BJ Daniels have never been given the sustained (gameday) opportunities they probably required to prove worthy. James showed promise as a rookie, but was not used to his strengths. Patton has been buried on the depth chart but has shown explosion in his few opportunities. Daniels should still be the Niners’ backup QB over Gabbert and Johnson, and the way McDonald has been used mainly as a blocking monkey is strange. Young players need reps in games to develop, and Harbaugh never seemed to understand this concept.

    Contrast this with Bill Belichick. Look up the names Jonas Gray, Brian Tyms, and Tim Wright. You will discover that young offensive talent can be taught, developed, and brought into games.

    As a closing reminder that we should not blindly praise Harbaugh, let’s look back on the 2012 NFC Championship Game. In the preceding game against the Saints, Ted Ginn hurt his knee. As a result, Jim Harbaugh assigned PR duties to a 24 year old Kyle Williams, who fielded just 4 punts over the course of the ENTIRE 2012 season. One might say Williams was unprepared to field punts in the most important game played by the 49ers in 18 years. What SHOULD be said is that Williams was ill-prepared.

    1. @ E I think you are a little early on rating some of your 2014 picks but I appreciate the work you did. I’d probably rate Kap more of a question mark at this point because he is so poor at reading defenses. According to NFL’s stats his future doesn’t look all that great but hopefully he will be the exception to the rule.

      It’s always interesting to compare GM’s and their draft skills. Seattle has had much better drafts and acquisitions in the past few years. On the other side of the coin Jacksonville’s GM’s have done much worse. Unfortunately Baalke is competing with Seattle and Arizona, who have much better GM’s than Jacksonville. For all practical purposes, Pete Carrol could be considered Seattle’s GM when it comes to personnel . It was non-negotiable if he was going to take the job. Harbaugh will probably make the same demand when he comes back to the NFL.

      1. Fan77 & Mike

        Yeah it’s hard to grade A LOT of Baalke’s draft picks because Harbaugh so rarely played them. What is apparent is that either Baalke is better at drafting defense than offense, or the coaching staff was better at developing defense than offense. Given the standing of both units over the 4 years of King Harbaugh’s reign, I’m starting to lean toward a belief that the offensive staff was largely incompetent. John Morton thumped his chest for Ronald Johnson. Tight ends were squandered. Young RBs were underdeveloped. And Harbaugh took a raw Kaepernick, the guy who beat Rodgers 2x and Brady and countless others, who set records in his first year, and turned him into an overanxious headcase.

        So yeah, I think it’s too early to grade several players, and that’s why a few are left ungraded. And I think Kaep would be a QB+++ if he had been “taught” by a competent offensive coaching staff.

        Harbaugh is, ahem, a fraud. Is he a master motivator and a bloody good general fighting at war? Yes, absolutely. But is he a tactician and a guy who can calmly and confidently lead his team from behind? Not a chance.

    2. You’re putting waaay too much blame on Harbaugh without knowing what went on behind the scenes E. I’m not saying you’re wrong but I’m not saying you’re right either. The truth is that we have to wait and see what happens the next 1-2 years in order to gauge if the failure to utilize the younger talent on offense was on Harbaugh or not. If the same scenario of signing older offensive vets and having the younger talent still sit, then we’ll know that it was more because of Baalke’s preferences. If it ceases, then Harbaugh can officially be blamed.
      Now in regards to statements on the offense:
      LaMichael James wasn’t under utilized; he flat out didn’t earn any playing time at all. If he truly was being held back by Harbaugh, then he would have immediately broke out after his release from the 49ers. He didn’t.
      Wasn’t Ellington injured in Week 16 which is why he didn’t plah in Week 17? I know that that some wanted to see him play, but seriously, why risk further injury to his hammy in a game that had no factor on what happened to the team? Rest him so he’ll be ready for next season.
      There was evidence of why Patton was used sparingly and that was his ball security. He had a crucial fumble against the Chargers in overtime and (though he caught it) bobbled a strike from Kaep right to him against the Cardinals. If he fixes that, then I’m almost positive that he’ll have a prominent role in 2015.
      Vance McDonald has been given plenty opportunities to show what he is worth and the harsh fact is right now he’s fool’s gold. He has dropped a good number of passes and failed to catch contested throws. Next year is most likely a make-or-break year for him.
      B.J. Daniels wasn’t given an opportunity to shine with the Seahawks either. …maybe because he isn’t worth it?
      To say that Williams wasn’t prepared is laughable. He was second on the pecking order behind Ginn, so there’s no reason that he shouldn’t have been prepared for the liklihood that his number would be called. And who should have Harbaugh put in his place? Kendall Hunter? The truth of the matter is that we had bupkiss behind Ginn.

  27. @Johnubacon · 25m
    BREAKING NEWS: Straight from UM AD Jim Hackett. Harbaugh’s salary will be roughly $5M a year, plus incentives, same basic contract as 49ers.

    Jim Harbaugh told Hackett he did NOT want to be the highest paid coach in CFB, or even the Big Ten. More concerned with pay for assistants.

  28. How about Gus Malzahn of Auburn as the next head coach. Seems to me his run heavy spread offense fits in well with Kap’s skill set.

    I hope the teacher thing does not mean Jed hires somebody to try and do a total makeover on Kap. Much better to try and put in an offensive system designed to use Kap’s skills (strong arm, great legs). What you don’t want to do is to try and turn Kap into a pocket passer. Recipe for disaster.

    1. I watch a lot of SEC football. Malzhan’s passing game is a struggle. His teams wear other teams down with the no huddle but his offensive scheme isn’t very good.

      1. He’s regarded by his peers as one of the most knowledgeable offensive minds in college, along with Briles, and Sumlin….

      2. Razor I do not know about that. Maybe it’s the QB is his system but their passing game is a major struggle. If they could pass the ball, that offense would be unstoppable. Everyone knows to stop Auburn you turn them into a passing team.

        1. I agree with that wholeheartedly. Which Is why I also said I don’t know about Sammy Coates. He never really had a chance to shine like many other WR’s do. I blamed it on the system, I should have said QB.

  29. On KNBR this morning York continues his “Winning isn’t the only thing that matters. Winning with class is what matters” track.

              1. I don’t know Razor the evidence is starting to fall on the side of Harbaugh really wanting to go to Michigan. He is going to make the same money he did in SF and didn’t take any visits or negotiate with other NFL teams. That tells me he was focused on Michigan and nothing else. I think the pull of Coaching where he went to College and where his greatest Coaching influence besides his Father had a legendary career, was stronger than we realized.

            1. Between Damon Bruce’s grilling of Baalke last night and this skewering of Jed by Murph, this has been a fun couple of days.

              Jed has really backed himself into a corner because he really doesn’t have a reason other than the philosophical differences and winning with class references which are devoid of meaning. At least Murph got him to classify them as football related. So we are left to discuss what York didn’t like about the system the team was running and why that led to parting ways with one of the most successful HC’s in the history of the league.

              I also liked Murph throwing in the shot about how the Yorks have now split with two successful well liked HC’s in their tenure. Nice touch.

            2. Thanks for the link Jack. Brian Murphy came at Jed hard.

              Jed: Trent and I are philosophically aligned with what we want to do with this team.
              Translation: I’m Trent’s puppet

              Jed: I don’t know where the leaks came from.
              Translation: I’m lying to you

              Jed talks about class, yet thinks that his tweet was classy. Jed talks about accountability, yet he doesn’t admit his mistakes. He doesn’t learn from his mistakes. The more he speaks, the more he sounds like the epitome of a loser.

        1. Anybody hear that Harbaughs contract in Michigan is 7 years 5 mil per with incentives and not 6 years 8 mil, and the reasoning was he thought he didn’t deserve to be the highest paid coach and was more concerned about get his assistants paid.

        2. Two thoughts on that my friend:

          1/ As long as we’ve been watching the NFL we’ve seen owners boot out coaches who probably didn’t deserve it. It happens regularly.

          2/ This is not the biggest deal of a firing:
          > Scully and his BoD fired Steve Jobs
          > Truman fired MacArthur
          > Nixon fired Archibald Cox
          > The Roman Senate “fired” Julius Caesar
          > Somebody (?) fired Ray Charles (Hit the Road, Jack)

      1. Translates to: #FireGregRoman and play the young guys and bow down to Walsh, not to Schembechler.

        Harbaugh knew better, and now he’s gone. He’ll never win anything.

        1. E says that Harbaugh will never win anything.

          Facts state that he’s of the winningest coaches in the history of the NFL, but don’t let facts get in the way of our stupidity.

        2. Based on the interview this morning, I think you’re right about Roman and Harbaugh’s contractual right to keep him being the philosophical difference.

  30. Every time York opens his mouth I hear how tone deaf he is. The 49ers have the wrong guys running this team. A buddy of mine is involved in NFL business and he has mentioned their management dysfunction for years. Harbaugh sort of covered it up because he was a winner but he mentioned problems even during the 2012 season. It’s been common knowledge around the league for some time that York is (at present) unsuited for his position..

  31. Tennessee is reportedly not looking to draft a QB at #2. IF that’s true, I’d love to see us package up to that spot. Then, maybe Lovie in Tampa could be convinced to trade back from 1 to 2 so he can take a shot on Winston as his QB, and we could have Mariota.

        1. I’m not a Winston fan at all. Talented yes, but character issues and a season that really wasn’t very impressive, leave me thinking he’ll be a prime candidate to bust.

            1. Methinks we’ll be running through those +/- arguements a few more times on this blog! I happen to agree with Scooter & Rocket on these takes. If he begins to slide on Draft Day due to charactor concerns, that will cycle at a furious frequency. : >)

              1. Cubus- I was afraid you’d ask me that! A number on here would say yes. I’d say no on two counts.
                For me I’d be pretty nervous of his off field risks. For the Niners in light of recent embarrassments by players there’s even more caution that will be factored in.
                The rub is that as I type that I get a funny feeling that Winston might be great and I passed on him!
                Short answer: I’d pass given what I know.

        1. You’re nuts for Mariota who is very similar to the guy you want to get rid of, and give up a boatload of picks for the right to do so. Sorry Sully but this makes about as much sense as your plan to sign Jarious Byrd for 9 mill a season.

          1. Rocket….”…very similar to the guy you want to get rid of…” not even close….Marriota is extremely accurate, and only runs when flushed out (seldom) or on a called run…Marriota is closer to Wilson in Seattle…’makes the play extend

            1. I would expect you to say nothing different Oregon, but Wilson is a similar style to Kap as well. Mariota is the same type of QB, and they are all QB’s that play in non traditional passing schemes and rely on mobility. The difference in accuracy between Wilson and Kap is minimal when looked at in total completions vs. attempts, and Mariota will find it much harder to maintain accuracy at this level as well.

              I don’t dislike Mariota, just find it ironic that sully wants to give up a ransom in draft picks to draft a QB similar in style to the one he wants to dump.

  32. From Mike Martz : “Personnel guys fall in love with a guy who can make plays with his legs,” Martz says of quarterbacks such as Robert Griffin III and Michael Vick. “You tell a personnel guy, ‘OK, your job depends on whether he can win games for us, and if you’re telling me he’s going to win us games by running the football, you’re nuts.’ Then they start having second thoughts.

    “Your quarterback has to be a terrific passer first. See the field, make good decisions, and then throw it straight. That’s where RG3 fails. He wants to hold onto the ball when he should let it loose. You can’t cloud up the fact that this game is still played by passers.”

    1. Good question. The Yorks are not about winning. Jed stated it “winning isn’t the only thing that matters.”. If the 49ers were a publically traded company, I’d short their stock right now.

  33. We’ll probably never know all the intrigue at 4949, and have to take the stories we do hear with a grain of salt. Right now Harbs is being deified in his martyrdom but one thing has always stuck in my craw about him. I think it was after the handshake/backslap at Detroit, but in response to a question he once said he doesn’t apologize. He might have said he never apologizes; that was what I took from it.
    Personally I find that troubling. Its not a healthy attitude. Nobody goes through life faultlessly, so there are times for each person to acknowledge our mistakes and transgressions. Period. Its a criteria for getting along with others and being honest with ourselves.
    As time went on and I admired some darned good results and great efforts I still felt like his in-yo-face intensity and micro-management would’ve been hard for me to handle were I part of that org.

    1. Maybe .. BT … but still …

      I can’t help thinkin’ that “Silver Spoon” Jed just
      cost us our best chance at being the only team to host
      (and play) in a Super Bowl …

      And … I suspect it’s because he put more faith
      in Baalke …than he did with a caustic coach who
      produced results … from the get-go …

      I keep goin’ back to the stories about how many times
      Jed’s Uncle …”fired” Bill Walsh …

      ya kno ?

  34. people people lets stop looking for one or two villains in this story. they all are to blame.they are children trying to act like adults and failing

    1. Mike,

      That says a lot about Harbaugh’s character. He left millions of $$ on the table and is seeking the best for his assistants. That’s the kind of leader I want. On the flip side, the Yorks are all about making money. Perhaps, that’s where the the ‘philosophical differences’ originated.

    2. True it’s a $5 million per year deal ($40.1 million guaranteed base package), just like what he was getting from the 49ers.

      But he also could get up to $9.275 million in incentives.

  35. Interesting thing is that York had a teacher. A teacher always leads by example and by most accounts Harbaugh sets a good example. The problem is York is a bad student.

  36. Grant

    Since we’re talking about coaching candidates, why not also open a thread discussing draft candidates, by position and by round.

    For instance:
    Randy Gregory – Wisconsin – DE/OLB – R1

    Dorial Green-Beckham – Oklahoma – WR – R1/2

    And so on … You could compile a list and add to it as the discussion warrants. Then you’d be starting to develop a pretty comprehensive database. I think it would be interesting and worthwhile.

    Side note: with Lynch established and Suh coming available, do Niners retain Skuta, trade Aldon, draft Gregory, and sign Suh?

      1. Honestly, I’m waiting to see who the team hires first because that will play a huge part in what draft prospects I think we should target.

      2. This is 100% true. It is also why they need to be selecting someone soon. Even before discussing drafts we need to know who is getting cut or who is staying. There are a lot of questions to be answered.

  37. Yo Ninermd!

    So the Chiefs finished number 12 in the power rankings on ESPN. The comment was that they were the team that beat both the #1 and #2 ranked teams — Seattle and New England, both playoff bound teams.

    Niners beat Dallas and AZ. Both the first and last games of the season.

    1. And lost to the Niners and raiders. So I guess that “horrible team” that surrounds smith isn’t as bad as CK’s after all. Hmmmm.
      Don’t get why you’re posting this but eh.

      Wonder what would have happened after that. Those two teams haven’t looked back since. Maybe KC is a check engine light team.

  38. If Jim harbaugh can’t make Kaepernick a good pocket passer, then how can the new Hc 49ers would be able to do a better job than Harbaugh? The problem wasn’t Harbaugh it was Kaepernick who lacks the intelligence or ability to locate the open option receivers and reading the opposing defense.

    1. Jamiaca ..

      Why are you making Kaep the villain for this
      season’s woes ?

      Sure… he’s no Brady or Peyton … but that
      doesn’t mean he’s another Cutler, either !

      Actually.. I dunno about you, but in this last game,
      I saw him do the things a lot of haters say they “wish”
      he could do …

      Pocket passer … ?

      check …

      eyes down field … ?
      check …

      Hit the outlet receiver … ?

      also check !

      So … you don’t like him … u-hhhh ..

      because .. ??

      (must be his Beats n tats)

      1. I dunno know why are you comparing him to Jay Cutler? I don’t blame you for being upset with my post, bashing your beloved savior kap it hurts inside. Anyway, what he’d done in the last game against the Cardinals, doesn’t excuse him for all his mental errors and disgruntle plays during the regular season. Let’s face it the guy is a Bust like RG3, guys like them who can run fast and who has athletic abilities can’t make an adjustment when the opposing defense catch on to them. BTW, in the 2nd half kaepernick came to his old self itching to run with the football, if Gore didn’t have a great day running the foot with the football, the 49ers would’a loss and perhaps the four poor thrown INT by Lingley gave the 49ers the game, it was gift:-)

      2. He barely does these things in the last game of the season.
        May I suggest you watch a few of the games in November and December.
        Dude a bottom level QB. Can’t blame Harbaugh for thinking he could be more, he does have the talent, just not the brain.

          1. MWniner, what stunt double? Maybe you’re Kaepernick’s twin brother that’s why you can’t take it when someone is criticizing him? Don’t be in denial your Bro is a mediocre QB in the NFL and give it a little time he’ll become a back QB at best:-)

          1. Theres always a surprise team. Patriots look like the team in the AFC.
            Seattle could slip up though. Cowboys already beat them in Seattle.

            1. I agree with you that the cowboys have already beaten Seattle at home early in the regular season 30-23. But you’d got to looked at the injuries to their key players, when they played the Cowboys. The Seahawks didn’t have their key players in defense like B. Wagner, E Thomas, Kam Chancellor, B. Maxwell weren’t healthy and some of their offensive line were out. This team started to pick up some steam in the 8th game of the regular season. And now this team have all their players back healthy and they won six games in a row and their defense didn’t allowed opposing teams offense to score more than 7 points in the last Six games. This team is scary comes playoff their defense are the best in the NFL, they’re picking at the right time like last season and lately they’re playing like the SB Champions once again. It’s just my analogy and a lot football fans probably see it that way I see it also:-)

  39. I caught the end of season press conference held by John Mara (on

    Jed should take some pointers from Mara on being a CEO.

    1. Scooter ..

      If he should take CEO lessons from anyone ..

      it should be someone a LOT
      closer …

      (like his Uncle … NOT his Daddy !)

      1. Midwest I do not agree with anything he’s saying or doing. I just respect the fact that he truly believes in what he’s doing. Even if he’s been convinced(which I think he has) it’s the right thing, he’s trying to convince everyone. Now it’s time to make 70% of us believe. Bc, I don’t see it. As that article read, few people want to step into the mess he just created.

        1. KY ..
          that being said … I still wonder
          if the Niners can .. indeed, find
          someone half way competent … to be the HC ..

          (and not a “Baalke-boot-licker”)

          I dunno … Jed is lookin’ much more like
          his Daddy, than his Uncle …

          (and I had such high hopes, too !)

          My top 3 candidates are

          and Jim Harbaugh .. but then ..

          like everything else concerning the Niner
          front office …

          they don’t give a damn, what I think

          1. I agree. I was hoping for Chuckie, Cowher, or Holmgren. But I feel just like you. The sad part there’s no turning back, Jed has to see this through.

            1. Yeah .. Cowher would be good ..but
              with him … I’d be afraid he’d replace Fangio ..

              I’m pretty sure Holmgren and Chuckie would realize
              the goldmine already in place, there ..

              Also … who would he replace G-ro with ?
              (I’m thinkin’ you can color him gone pretty soon)

              Jamaica … I’m not a Kaep fan boy .. although ..
              I’m not as hypercritical about him as you seem to be ..

              You see … I remember how long it took Peyton
              to become who he is today…
              (more than just a couple of years) … and
              I’m of the mind that whatever perceived
              problems he may have .. can be fixed …

              Ya just hafta be like a doctor .. and
              have some patience !

        2. Do you think Jed truly believes that he was powerless to stop the leaks and that they were not a problem for his players?

    1. Baalke also had zero answers on the Damon Bruce show yesterday. These guys need to stop the BS and come clean with the truth. Mutual parting my arse. Jed and Baalke initiated the process and fired Harbaugh.

      1. Nick:

        Fucillo over at Niners Nation is speculating that there is a confidentiality agreement in place. This could preclude them from saying much at all. There not forthcoming generally anyway, but no they might have a legal reason.

        1. No stuff! Harbs controlled his parachute jump.
          Did you see how emotional he was at the UM announcement? Happy emotional. He’ll be fine.Us? Hah!
          The glass is half full!

  40. Some interesting quotes from MM during his chat today (quotes below):

    1) “I like the idea of a veteran coach — someone who has been around the league or knows the roster very well.”

    2) “Michael Crabtree is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent. I have a difficult time believing he is going to return to the 49ers. ”

    3) “Baalke and I just had a conversation and, basically, he said the one position that you know you can find a guy every year in the draft is at running back.” This was an answer to a question regarding acquiring AP.

    4) Regarding a question on Vernon Davis: “I spoke to a coach who said to me, “Vernon looked disinterested this season.””

    Here’s a link to the chat:

  41. We know if this turns out to be a success, Jed will be looked at as a great leader. Rightfully so. He will be praised by everyone. He will have earned it.

    What I wonder is if this turns out to be a major disaster, will be admit it – publicly.

    Someone keep Scot McGloughlin’s number on speed dial. He may get his second chance soon.

    1. KY:

      That TE from Louisville, Christian, just made a really nice TD catch. What do you know about him? Is he worth considering once Vernon moves on?

      1. He’s good. His offense does not really allow him to showcase himself. The QB’s from Louisville will force throws to Devante Parker.

        Keep an eye Lorenzo Mauldin and Gerod Holiman on their defense. Holiman is close to tying or breaking the interception record.

    2. KY
      Seattle was McGloughin’s second chance; and he screwed the pooch. He’s got a booze ‘Jones.’ Not that Trent can’t be replaced at some point.
      I had to laugh though. Your wording of “great leader” evoked image of Great Leader, as Jed’s been referred to. (Kim Jong York)

  42. Vic Fangio officially interviewed for the 49ers HC job today, while Rex Ryan has been confirmed as a candidate and will interview next week.

        1. If Jed is looking for class Ryan must be the one – liposuction, public foot play with wifie, bombastic big mouth and all. His brother can take over the defense. Two for one.

          1. My reasons are as follows:

            – Rex Ryan has said previously he sees Parcells as a mentor, and Parcells recommended him for the Jets job. Baalke also sees Parcells as a mentor.
            – He is a firm believer in a strong and aggressive defense and an offense that is balanced and runs the ball well.
            – Ryan made his name running the Ravens defense put together by Ozzie Newsome, someone that Baalke emulates in his approach to building a team.
            – He has a reputation as being a good teacher, and is not dictatorial in his approach. In fact he has a reputation for giving his coordinators and coaches a lot of leeway.
            – Ryan is well liked by his players.
            – Ryan has never made any waves with the two Jets GMs he worked with despite being handed some ordinary players, particularly on offense.

            Ryan’s main issue is he’s not offensive minded at all, and in fact tends to stay out of the offense altogether, letting the OC handle it. This has been one of his downfalls at the Jets. This year it was well reported he and Marty Mornhinweg didn’t see eye to eye. Mornhinweg wanted to pass more often, while Ryan as mentioned is a believer in a strong running game. This led to the debacle that was the Jets vs Dolphins game, where Mornhinweg decided to stick it to Ryan by running the ball almost every offensive snap in the first half.

    1. No worries. The Rooney Rule also applies to Irish coaching candidates. No way the “win with class” 49ers are nuts enough to hire Ryan.

  43. I think Jim threw Roman under the bus…..
    Harbaw is a loyal guy, he probably told Roman that he would never get rid of him.
    When Baalke wanted to get rid of Roamn, Jim said NO WAY.
    As a result he decided to leave.
    Let’s see if Jim hires Roman.
    My guess is that he’s seeing Roman’s shortcomings now.
    I think Jim threw Roman under the bus…..

      1. Nick, real simple.
        Harbaw ( yes Nick) needed a divorce from Roman, but because of his loyalty and what he promised to Gro as a 9er, Jim couldn’t get rid of him. The only way to sever the relationship was to move elsewhere and pick a new OC there.
        Roman has to fend for himself now. With his record, Roman can’t stay and will have a fun time finding new teams…

    1. Well, well , well.
      It looks like Jim threw Roman under the bus………….
      He got a new OC and it isn’t Roman….

  44. “All ye mast-headers”

    Jed York

    Now is the time to pull all the stops

    Become Legend


    By whatever means necessary

    -Get Talent-

    Go deep into the Levi Stadium treasury and spend

    Double current saleries if need be

    Think Joe Lacob on PED’s

    Rehab Scott Mclaughlin

    Do whatever it takes

    We want the greatest coaching team ever assembled

    I am Williard Kezarian of Parnassus

        1. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News is in fact reporting that the interview with Ryan will occur next week.

          Seems to imply that the Falcons have the edge. Says that “Arthur Blank is looking for a tougher edge for the Falcons. He came away with a favorable impression of Rex in 2008 during interview process.”

  45. The Jets GM provided Rex with sub par talent and his players always played hard for him. He’s a damn good coach….

      1. It’s difficult to get an OC to move horizontally or sideways, isn’t it? If they are interviewed for a HC position, their club can’t stop that. But for a sideways job, can’t their current team setup roadblocks to make it more difficult to take a new job?

            1. That’s the one. He’ll forever be known as the guy that was sacked mid season for the team that then went on to win the SB. However, he has been a very successful OC in the NFL, with a focus on the running game.

              1. He also crossed paths with Rex in 2008 as they were the OC and DC at the Ravens, respectively.

    1. I just think he talks too much which usually puts his players in bad positions. If he talked less in interviews, I wouldn’t have a problem with him.

    2. The other thing I’ll say about Rex Ryan is, he comes from a strong line of coaching talent, and now has six years of experience under his belt as a HC. He made mistakes, but that also means he’s had an opportunity to learn from them. Belichick made mistakes his first go round too.

      1. I wouldn’t be upset with Ryan, but I think if he’s your guy, and Tomsula is Hammers’, I’m going to ride with the mighty Quinn….

          1. Ryan is a player’s coach and probably an excellent motivator but keep him the hell away from the draft room. Name one great player that the team has drafted since he’s been there. I realize that’s hyperbole but only by a little. Remember when Ryan tied his horse to Vernon Gholston? That was a dumpster fire.

            I think Ryan is better suited as a DC.

            1. “Remember when Ryan tied his horse to Vernon Gholston?”

              Gholston was drafted the year before Ryan took over the Jets.

          2. Woah, maybe their interviewing him for the DC because they already know they’re going to hire Fangio and they need to replace him. :)

  46. 49ers signed 5 practice squad players today. Okoye was NOT one of them. Does this mean he is out or are they just not ready to sign him.

  47. For some reason .. even with all the accolades you guys point
    out for Rex … I have a deep sinking feeling about him being
    the HC for the Niners …

    (I still have memories of his Daddy punching out one of
    his assistants on National TV) …

    besides … I picture him as an East Coast kinda guy …

    How can someone like that .. learn to
    become a “laid back” California guy ?

  48. If the Niner’s go Defence with Ryan or Fangio or Quinn then who is going to run the offense? Is there an assistant out there ready to make the leap to Offensive Coordinator? There must be some viable options I just don’t know who they are. There has to be some QB coaches on teams like The Packers,Colts, Chargers or other teams with good passing attacks who are ready to move up to coordinator. The Offense must move up to be at least in the top 10-12 in scoring. It also wouldn’t hurt if we could score a few touchdowns in the second half.

    1. Quinn would be a solid choice. It will be addition by subtraction. Even if he bombs as HC in SF, his hiring will weaken Seattle.

      1. Nick: Pete Carroll encourages his coaches to apply elsewhere and never holds them back. Gus Bradley b/4 him did a fine job as will the DC who eventually replaces Quinn. PC specifically trains his coaches — it’s his philosophy and methods. Don’t ever be confused on who runs that team. We’ll be just as good next year as we are this year.

        The only coach I worry about losing is Cable.

        1. Mary, that is precisely why I wouldn’t take Quinn as a HC. Bradley left and the D didn’t miss a beat. Its Pete Carroll’s defense, his philosophy.

          It is also a different defense to what the 49ers run, and requires different pieces to what the 49ers have.

          1. Yes Scooter I believe you need someone more experienced also. I hope they keep Fangio on in his current capacity b/c he’s good and your defense is one of the best.

  49. All this talk of Rex Ryan for HC is ridiculous. I don’t mind having him as the defensive coordinator, but not as HC. He continuously neglected the offense while at the Jets. They never developed an offensive identity nor developed any talent on offense. How will that fit with the 49ers? Also, after reaching two straight AFCCGs, they had 4 straight losing seasons under Ryan. No way do I want him as the 49ers HC.

  50. Do the niners hire Quinn to sabotage the Seahawks from winning the SB. Meaning if they hire Quinn would that distract him from running the Seahawks D in the playoffs.. It will be interesting to see who they select. I would be happy with Fangio, Quinn, mcdaniels, gaze.. Everyone else does not do it for me.

  51. Suh’s suspension reduced to $70,000 fine and he’ll be allowed to play against the Cowboys. What a freaking joke.

      1. ahhh ! … Thanx, Nick ..

        Thought it was something along those lines …

        Was he a victim of the Dr. York “Mooch Massacre” ?

  52. Does the Rooney rule say they must interview weirdos with a foot fetish?

    Shanahan interviewed today. If Jed is serious and wants a “teacher” he billick, chucky or my main man Holmgren should for that role.
    Still hoping on Holmgren!!!

  53. I woke up thinking about the niners. I do not think Roman was a big of a problem with the fromt office as we think. I do think it was part of the problem.

    I read an article that emphasized Harbaugh has complete control at Michigan. I believe that was the issue Between Harbaugh and the FO. The lack of development of many of our players, Harbaugh did not want those guys. He was forced to take them. Harbaugh being stubborn, did his own thing.

    The philosophical difference was how to build a team. Think about the players Harbaugh recruited to Standford. Think about the players he recruited that are in the NFL. I do not think we had very many players that he hand picked. How many players do we have that are built like Luck, Sherman, and Baldwin. Im not saying I’m right but I believe the difference was how they thought the team, specifically offense, should be built. Harbaugh did not agree with it. It seems the FO wants to put up more points and be flashy. That’s not Harbaugh.

  54. I will give two very good reasons why BOTH
    Mike Shanahan and his son Kyle should not even be considered to be the new 49ers HC.

    Donovan McNabb
    Albert Haynesworth

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