Jeff Garcia dissects the current-day 49ers and his own future

This is part two of my exclusive interview with Jeff Garcia. Part one ran Friday, Dec. 23.

“What do you make of the 49ers right now?” I ask the former Niners quarterback. “Why has their season been such a disaster?”

“Well, the key to success,” Garcia says, “is obviously consistency, and you need to have that in all facets of the game — offense, defense and special teams — in order to have a chance to compete on a weekly basis and have a chance to win football games. The margin for error in the NFL is so minimal. Games are won by three points or less.

“As far as the 49ers are concerned, it has been a very disappointing, very discouraging season. Getting a new regime, a new head coach — Chip Kelly — you’re thinking there’s going to be some excitement, some explosiveness from an offensive standpoint. But, it really hasn’t translated.

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    1. Ya got me thinkin’ … Grant ..

      Not sure about an HC position for Jeff … but ..
      maybe … (and I’m sure Kaep would gasp at this) .. but
      maybe the QB coach … !!

      Hey …
      I thought it was dumb for him to go to
      Warner …

      (2 vastly different styles) …

      Jeff woulda been better for Kaep .. IMO

        1. Garcia has worked with Matt McGloin, Mark Sanchez, and Tyrod Taylor. So we have some data to judge his impact I suppose.

          1. McGloin hasn’t started since working with Garcia because the Raiders drafted Carr. This week and the playoffs will be his first starts since they worked together in early ’14.

            Taylor has gone on to get a starting job and put up good numbers since working with JGF.

            Sanchez suffered a shoulder injury and did not play after working with JGF in ’13. Then came back to set career highs in completion % and rating in ’14. Been downhill since though.

            1. Exactly what I was thinking. Garcia was a serviceable QB and I enjoyed watching him compete. Yet I find that he still longs for the spot light and has an over inflated sense of his ability to coach and consult.

              1. I think he was more than serviceable. I also don’t get the sense he’s looking for a spotlight. It seems based on what he says and the fact he’s been a hired QB instructor previously, he feels he can help to develop some of these guys. Maybe his view of his Coaching ability isn’t shared by the right people, but I don’t see any reason he shouldn’t get a shot at a Coaching position based on what I’ve read and heard from him.

              2. Serviceable? He was a freaking Pro Bowl QB who threw for over 4200 yards one season. No 49ers QB has even come close to that type of production since.

              3. Aren’t you the guys who say the pro bowl is worthless? 1st ballot or alternate?

                He was a good QB, not great. Nothing he says here is any different than any other coach we’ve had recently.

                Just the fact that he needs to insert himself into the Kaepernick training discussion is proof enough that he needs people to talk about him. I heard him a few years ago talking about how at 40 he could play better most NFL QB’s.

                He needs more experience before I’d give him a coaching job yet.

              4. Garcia played on a STACKED team. I think he’d make a fine QB coach, but crowning him as anything other than a good QB for 2002 and 2003 is a stretch. He finished his last season in SF with a 57% completion rating. Terrell Owens has improved every QB’s number’s he’s played with. Even with the 2003 drop off, he still had 13 tds and 80 receptions in SF.
                Greg Knapp made Garcia good in SF. He also made Michael Vick good in Atlanta.
                Time sure does make the heart grow fonder. Fans in SF hated Garcia when he was here. Now you are all ready to crown him the savior.
                All that said, I still think he’d make a terrific QB coach because he is a perfectionist.

              5. Yes Jack he has numbers that have and haven’t been repeated. Look at his total body of work. Other than those two high production years he’s not great. He basically throws 2 td’s for every interception. I think our desperation is driving this.

              6. Garcia had tremendous heart (Donald Trump voice) with good speed and a decent arm. He had Mariucci as his head coach who was too conservative and scared.

                My question was always, did Garcia make TO look good or the other way around? He did throw the ball to TO 20 times in a game one year, which I believe is still a record.

                Garcia and the 49ers sneaked into the playoffs with a win against the Giants on a holding call and got straight steamrolled by the Bucs who’s defense was unbelievable with the Tampa 2.

                As a coach, the jury is out until he wins. Look at all the homers who fantasized about Chippy’s offense.

      1. Do you think it would have mattered? Those who have it can be refined by those who can teach.

        The rest…. It’s lipstick on a pig. You can have all the mechanics in the world, but if you don’t have what it takes in the head, you’re never going to be an NFL QB.

  1. For the life of me, I don’t get why this guy isn’t on the 49ers staff in some capacity. He could be a future head coach like Jason Garrett….

  2. He got fired for a DUI. Dumb move. Good guy. Would have been great to have him as a starter with Alex as a back-up for a couple of years. A Favre and Rogers situation instead of throwing Alex to the wolves.

    1. They were going to get rid of Garcia, TO, and Garrison Hearst, anyway, for salary cap reasons. (Or so they said). Dennis Erickson was pissed because it was his 2nd year and they had gone 8-8 the year before. He didn’t sign on for that! Instead, we had Tim Rattay at QB, Kevin Barlow at RB, and Brandon Lloyd at WR. We wind up going 2-14 and Erickson and Terry Donahue, the GM, were both fired.

      1. kt49er

        You’re exactly right…Donohue was the architect of that massacre, and even though Rattay, Barlow, and Lloyd were very good players….there weren’t enough of them. Thanks for posting this….it might distract those with short memories that Dennis Erickson was one hell of a coach…by that I mean GOOD !

    1. I’d pass on Taylor. He’s looking like another limited skills mobile-QB that burst onto the scene. Just like with Colin Kaepernick, Aaron Brooks, etc., etc., etc..

      In the NFL defenses attack your strengths and force you play from your weaknesses. QBs have to counter that and fix those weaknesses. Otherwise they crash.

      So teams are doing to Taylor what they did to Kaepernick. And while he’s done a better job at fixing his weaknesses, he’s showing himself to be limited as a QB.

    2. On the other hand, Taylor played pretty well when he got the chance last year and he was playing well at the beginning of this year. If he’s been playing this hurt, maybe that’s why he hasn’t performed as well. It sounds like they are going to have to pay him anyway and EJ Manuel is not an NFL QB. Taylor doesn’t appear to be in the cards for the 49ers, either way.

  3. These 2 interviews pieces were fun to read.

    There is absolutely no difference between where Garcia is now and where Harbaugh was when he took over USD.

    Shoot, Garcia was the better QB and the road he had to take to get there has set him up perfectly to be successful.

    Whoever the person is that finally takes a “chance” and hires this guy is going to end up looking like a genius.

    1. There are some differences — Harbaugh was employed by Al Davis when he took the USD job. Despite his tireless self-promotion, Garcia does not seem to have convinced anyone of his coaching abilities to get a QB coach job. Maybe he will be a great coach someday….

      1. Harbaugh had 2 years of coaching at the professional level under his belt when he took the USD job. Garcia also has 2 years of coaching at the professional level.

        1. Harbaugh was continuously employed as a coach, something Garcia has not been able to achieve.

          I always liked Garcia as a player, and he may be a good coach, but, despite putting himself out there, he’s not employed, and seems to not even be getting interviews.

          He doesn’t really seem to be in the same track as JH.

          1. As a rule, I don’t trust folks who wear T-shirts with their name printed on it — but perhaps I’m unfair :)

        2. “Garcia also has 2 years of coaching at the professional level.”

          Not quite accurate. Garcia did indeed have one year of QB coaching stint with the Montreal Alouttes followed by one year as offensive assistant with the Rams which is not a coaching position (why was he let go?) .

            1. What I am talking about is that Garcia got beat out by Chris Weinke for the QB coaching job but was accommodated as the assistant to the wide receiver coach (“to bring a quarterback perspective to the receivers”) in Fisher’s staff because the latter liked him.
              Garcia’s name does not even appear in the coaching staff in the Wikipedia entry on Rams for the year 2015. Yeah, he was a part of the staff but I wonder how much receiver coaching did he actually do, let alone QB coaching.

              1. Since he was assigned to the receivers I’d say he did very little QB coaching. He was working with Ray Sherman.

      2. Harbaugh also had a father who was a “lifer” as a football coach. In Jim’s off-seasons, he would volunteer for his Dad and do recruiting. Those are huge advantages.

        1. So did Garcia. His father won a National Championship, his maternal grandfather was a head football coach, and so was one of his uncles.

          He has been around the game since he was born.

          1. Jack,

            Don’t you think the NFL’s collective yawn in the general direction of Jeff Garcia means something? If not, why not?

              1. Are you saying that it’s the good ‘ol boys keeping Garcia from an entry level coaching position? Also, are you saying it’s because Garcia’s name is “Garcia”?

              2. No. I’m saying that you need to be an @$$ kisser for a lot of these jobs. That’s not him. For better or worse he calls it like he see’s it.

              3. You could be right, but I have a hard time seeing Jim Harbaugh as much of an ass kisser…

              4. He’s not, but he went the route of small school and worked his way up.

                If I were to offer any advice that’s what I’d suggest. But know one is knocking on my door to ask. ?

              5. Agreed on Harbaugh and I’m sure you’d give Garcia good advice on that path, but should he need anyone to explain that to him? If he wanted it badly enough, that’s what he’d be doing.

  4. Thanks for sharing the second half of the interview with us Grant. The correlation in regards to the Mariucci and Harbaugh firings tells me that the fan base should more of the sheer stupidity from the Yorks and their silver spooned son for the rest of their ownership. The Yorks are obviously money grubbers who want a coach without a backbone for the team; anything more and they are looking for pathetic excuses to get rid of the coach.
    Why in the world is Garcia not on a coaching staff? The man is good.

  5. “And it comes down to consistency. You look at the 49ers a few years ago, they were very strong on the offensive line, very strong on the defensive line — those are anchors to your team. They don’t have that strength any more. For whatever reason, those areas of emphasis have deteriorated within the system, within the team.

    No s**t!

  6. Didn’t Terrell Owens say if he looks like duck walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it must be a duck lol

    1. Funny how that worked out:

      “Carmella Danielle Garcia (née DeCesare ; born July 1, 1982) is an American model who was Playboy magazine’s Miss April 2003 and Playmate of the Year for 2004. She is of Italian and Puerto Rican descent. She is also known for her time in WWE as a WWE Diva Search participant and professional wrestler. She was featured in the 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in the players’ wives feature.

      On April 21, 2007, DeCesare married then-NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia at the CordeValle Resort in San Martin, California. They have a daughter named Presley who was born on April 28, 2008. The couple welcomed their second child, a son, in June 2009. The couple’s third child, a son named Jax was born on September 21, 2010. In December 2011, they welcomed their last child, a daughter.”

    2. Similarly if it looks like a narcissist, acts like a narcissist ;and talks like a narcissist it must be a narcissist Mr Owens.

    1. Kelly is right. TOP of possession is what as known as an intermediate stat. That is, it comes from something else done right and is not, in and of itself, meaningful but is merely a by-product.

      Since most teams pursue similar play-calling strategies, you tend to think TOP is meaningful because winning teams tend to have more TOP. But Kelly’s offense is an outlier offense and will not, by it’s nature win the TOP game but the efficiency game.

      Long-story short — TOP reflects offensive efficiency on team taking, on average, 25-to-28 seconds to execute an offensive play. Kelly tries to take 15-to-20. Even as he wins efficiency and games, the derivative stat of TOP will indicate he’s not succeeding.

      Of course I’m probably wasting my time explaining this. People never want understand the real things inside football — EV of field position, efficiency and other things that matter instead of ESPN highlights and antique stats from the 1930s.

      So, yeah, in the 1930s no doubt TOP really meant something. Just like yards. Well, today, they don’t.

      1. TOP matters when you have one of the worst defenses ever. You say yards don’t matter either? Kelly should be an Arena coach.

        WCO – Control time of possession with the football by utilizing a short passing attack that is an extension of the running game.

        Seriously, saying TOP is overrated is ridiculous. Kelly will never have another pro HC job and his opinion on TOP has a lot to do with it. Kelly’s TOP is why Vrabrel turned us down.

        Kelly is a bad coach. Give him a good roster and he will still be a bad coach. Another thing. Is Kelly the only coach that thinks TOP is overrated? I did a search and only one name came up, Kelly. It’s not rocket science, it’s football. The other team can’t score if they don’t have the ball. Say two teams are tied midway through the second quarter. Team A scores a TD on the final play of the half and they score a TD after a 10 minute drive to start the third quarter. They then have a 14 point lead and a fresh D.

          1. TOP is an effect. Yup, the causes are ball control offense or no huddle offense. Don’t you think Kelly should try to keep our historically bad defense off the field as much as possible? Even if we score a TD in 1 minute our D goes back out there. Worst D + worst TOP = 2-13.

            1. TOP would not be a factor in the equation if the offense is a quick strike offense. Unfortunately, the Niners do not seem to be one of those.

              Being 4-14 on third down conversions may be more of a factor for TOP correlating with losses.

              Coupled with a defense that cant make a third down stop and get off the field, and TOP factors in heavily towards the loss.

            2. #80,

              The point is, TOP, in and of itself, isn’t goal. Having an offense that can sustain drives is the goal. TOP is a by product of that. In other words, an effect, not a cause.

              BTW, there is another important reason the defense was on the field for so much clock time, other than the offense being ineffective: the defense sucked. In particular, the run defense sucked.

              What do you think happens when a team can run on an opposing defense almost at will, particularly when they have a lead? They run the ball. What happens to the clock, between most of those plays? It keeps running. What does this do to TOP? It inflates it, in favor of the offense.

              Yes, the defense was on the field for a lot of clock time, and, yes, the offense had a lot to do with that, but defense bears a lot of responsibility for the poor TOP splits the 49ers put up this season.

              Sure, the offense wasn’t great this year (how everyone is so sure that Kelly is so terrible is beyond me: no talent at QB or WR, tons of drops, untimely TO’s – mostly fumbles, leading the NFL in lost fumbles (?), untimely penalties) and I would be OK with Kelly being let go, if a very good GM candidate is brought in and wants his own guy, but IMO, this season doesn’t inform us much as to whether or not Kelly can succeed in the NFL.

              1. Hit,

                I’ll respond since I’m not too far into my New Year’s celebration. Read my post again. I agreed that TOP was an effect. That doesn’t mean it is a useless stat. Yes the goal is to sustain drives. Keeping the D fresh should be another goal.

                You mention our D as another cause. Kelly can’t control that but he can control the offensive tempo.

                I think Kelly should be fired for his tempo and lack of second half adjustments. And also my belief that Kelly’s offense is predictable based on the formations that he uses. If we had a playoff caliber roster Kelly could cost us a SB. Bad TOP wears out the D and it has a cumulative effect. An elite D would be completely gassed by the 19th or 20th game. Kellys system doesn’t allow for a deep postseason run. I want SBs not gimmicks.

              2. I did misread your post, but my main point is still valid, if you’re going to analyze the 49ers TOP deficit, start with looking at the defense.

              3. The offense has the second worse 3 and out percentage in the league and the worst time of possession per drive.

                That’s the issue, not the defense. Yes the defense can’t stop the run, but it gives up a ton of chunk plays so they’re usually not getting ground down.

        1. #80

          Really…? Tell us how you REALLY feel about ‘Chip’….and how those feelings translate into other coaches clamoring to interview to be our next one-year-wonder. Make your bets with your head above your heart and consider that ‘Chip’ has assembled a good coaching staff…NOT GREAT…but good. Mike Shannahan and/or Mike Holgrem would search out the senior centers to fill a staff.

          1. Ore,

            Chip did not assemble a good staff. He hired a D coordinator that even the Browns didn’t want. Does Modkins even have any input?

            Mike Shanahan as GM could hire his son to be coach. As HC he could hire Kyle as OC.

            Mike Holmgren has a pretty good coaching tree and like Shanahan has connections throughout the league, most notably the Wolf family.

            Shanahan and Holmgren have close ties to good football people old and young. Not being able to assemble a coaching staff is a Kelly problem, not a Shanahan/Holmgren problem.

            1. #80

              I don’t think that anyone has a coaching problem….when the pocketbooks open, you’ll find a line around the block of ‘good football people’ looking for a paycheck….you speak as though you know that all of these honorable men would rather starve than coach for the York family or ‘Chip’. Get off your horse and start a blog that only has Seb and Razoreater, Tomd and yourself in it….Don’t go near the prunes…I think you’re full of it….

              1. Ore,

                If the pocketbooks were open then why would Shanahan and Holmgren have any problems? Why didn’t Vrabel sign on with Kelly? Vrabel probably wants to be a HC sometime in the future. Working for Kelly would be a poor business decision.

                I don’t think you’re full of it. I was excited when the Niners hired Erickson. He won with my college team. As things went bad I defended him while my friends said I was crazy. It may take you a few years to realize what everyone else sees. I’ve done it myself so I fully understand.

              2. #80

                Vrabel was a good choice for ‘Chip’, but I’m sure that as soon as he got an offer, he went to Mr. Kraft and said “speak to me oh moneybags ” …and in return got extra in his Xmas stocking…as well as a future coaching upgrade. C’mon #80…you know how that happens….also when Chip came calling, it was late, and Vrabel didn’t want to start from scratch on an unfamiliar team. ‘Chip’ was in desparatiion mode and so he took O’Neil….whom I think did a helluva job considering injuries, and what he had to work with. In their first year together, I think the coaching staff did O.K…..course I’m a diehard niner fan

  7. Garcia needs to keep getting jobs. Once you stop getting hired and you start talking to the press that someone should hire you, it tells you something. As for the 9ers this offseason we will not have the pick of the litter with coach/GM because the Yorks are the least desirable owners to work for. LA may have a 2nd opening if the Charges fire their coach. I believe the Yorks think their smarter than everyone because they have Gamble sitting there to slide in as GM. What they don’t realize is this is their problem. They keep moving parts around within the organization because they fear the reality of on outsiders opinion like Harbaugh was. Maybe the next go around they could hire Jan in Payroll as GM.

  8. I liked Garcia as a player but he was a bust after his 49ers years. All that he talked about didn’t translate years after leaving the team. As for Kaep choosing Warner over him,that I can somewhat understand…Warner has been in and won SB. Fans and media complain about him being a more pocket QB so why not learn from the most pocket QB that played the game. To me, Kaep was showing the desire to get better. The one thing I do agree with Garcia on is the repeat history of firing Marrucci and Harbaugh. That also bring up the case of repeating 2005 or 2011. In 2005, the team drafted Smith with the first overall pick. With Smith as the “so called” franchise QB, 49ers went 19-31 and two different coaches in 5yrs. Fans were calling to draft or trade for another QB and was outraged when Harbaugh resigned him and announced he would be the starter. In 2011, Harbaugh went 13-3 with Alex and on a run with him in 2012 before he got injured. In all fairness to Kaep, another year and full off season in Chip system could boast an winning season or vast improvement. So I would choose a repeat of 2011 than 2005

    1. Garcia had some ups and downs after he left the 49ers but I don’t think you can say he was a bust. When Donovan McNabb went down, Garcia stepped in and led the Eagles to the 2nd round of the playoffs in 2006. When he was at Tampa Bay, he had two really good years as a starter, making the Pro Bowl and leading the Bucs to the playoffs in 2007. They cut him in 2009 because they were up against the salary cap. I guess because of his age, nobody really gave him a chance after that.

      1. He definitely was not a bust after his years with the Niners, but just got older and slower. Both Donahue and he made a mistake not coming to a contract agreement where he would have taken a little less money.

  9. Hey Grant, this is Bob from Gilroy calling… Great interview.


    From an interview with Jeff Garcia back when he was with the 49ers. You should have asked him if he’s done anything with his fashion design aspirations.

    Q: If you weren’t a professional football player, what would you be?
    A: I think a clothing designer…. I think after football, I will probably try to go into some sort of commentating, being able to speak about the game, being able to continue to be close in that way…. But I think deep down my passion deals with clothes, because I just love clothes, all sorts of clothes.

    1. Hot wife, fashion design — too many distractions for Jeff. Football coaches are married to their job. I seem to recall after Jimmy Johnson became Cowboy coach he informed his wife that he would have even less time for her, and they reached an amicable divorce.

  10. Ingenious how Grant, in a two part interview, managed to sandwich in four slices of stale 49er bologna (Kaep, Kelly, O’Neil and Modkins) between two slices of former Pro Bowler Jeff Garcia. A poor mans information lunch.

  11. I liked Garcia as a QB. They called him “happy feet”, but I reckoned that was because the OL was so weak he was always running to save his life (and the play). But I’m not sure he’s head coach material if he really believes “Well, the key to success, is obviously consistency”. Looks to me like the Niners have been disgustingly consistent this year, and it has NOT resulted in anything that looks like success. As for Garcia as a head coach, it’s best not to confuse two vastly different skill sets. Playing and coaching are very, very different things. No doubt he’d have a lot to bring to the party on a coaching staff, but how much is still unproven.

    1. Yes, he had happy feet and could move well in the pocket. But he also could set his feet well and fast. He had a quick release and almost always thru with a good base.

  12. Grant,
    Very good set of interviews with Jeff Garcia. I could almost hear him pause on the phone when he wanted to rip the current niners coaching and front office. Well done.

    1. Yet Jeff still blew it by comparing Mooch and JH. That went over like a lead balloon with the Yorks.

      Burning bridges are hard to cross.

  13. One can never fix a problem till the problem is properly recognized. Everyone seems to have their own ideas, blaming Levi stadium, Yorks, Baalkie, Kelly, O’Neil (my favorite), Kaep, Gabbert, lack of talent on offense (another favorite of mine), even the theft of players money (some people call it taxes), are to blame. In my world the buck stops at the top – Yorks.

  14. It seems to me that coaching is a difficult endeavor with financial rewards deferred way down the road. It requires a big commitment. Jeff has the passion. His personality is that of a grinder and over-achiever; he’s the underdog but he’ll outwork you to beat you. He’s knowledgeable. He has shown he can communicate.
    Does that mean he can teach? Maybe, maybe not, but many pieces seem to be in place. I guess he has to sell himself better to prospective employers. He will need to get some OC experience somewhere to get the HC job he’ll need (college)’to continue his career track.
    Would he really be a good fit with Crackerjack? Jeff was constantly working to better himself, his game. CK is making $17M, thinks he’s good, and wants to just go play.
    Oil and water.

    1. Brotha Tuna

      I agree wholeheartedly…Which QB’s have gone on to be great coaches ? They are competing with their QB’s to keep their own ‘legacies’ alive….’sound familiar…? JH and Alex….

  15. “”I’d love to have Chip back,” Staley said. “Chip is a great football coach and you look at the team and he’s done a great job of keeping us together. We have got to hold up our end as players as far as executing better. A lot of it is self-inflicted wounds and I think he’s been awesome for us this year.””

    Self inflicted wounds – yuppers

    1. It takes a team to learn how to win to start to win games. Staley, Bowman, and Reid are the only ones left from the team last winning years. The influx of injuries to those who were to help team move forward only set team back. I like some of the pieces that we have and some movement of other pieces can make team better

    2. The Hoodied Maestro also made some glum comments about the need for coaching continuity in his recent pronouncements to the press. He likes Kelly and I think those comments were aimed at Jed.

    3. It just depends on how badly the new GM wants his own head coach. The players wont get any say in it. Business, decision.

    4. To Kelly’s credit he has had his players backs. The players seem to have his back as well.

      I praised his decision to go for two Saturday. If the Niners had failed to convert Kelly would have been fired. He put his career in his players hands. I’m not surprised that Staley and others are voicing their support.

      I still hope we clean house Monday. Hopefully Jed will announce that he is stepping away from football operations and that Baalke, Kelly, and Marathe are fired.

  16. Good stuff Grant even though you went a little fan boy at the end ; )

    I’m not sure why Garcia doesn’t have a Coaching job if he’s that motivated, but it would be nice to see him reach his goal in some capacity. He was always a hard worker and got the most out of what he had. A lot of players in this league could stand to learn that lesson.

    1. “…a little fan boy…”?! Um, yeah, just a little.

      Given Garcia’s apparent qualifications, desire, and self promotion, the fact that he doesn’t have a job would seem to say something.

      I really liked Garcia as a QB, but he just might not be NFL coaching material.

  17. I wont be surprised if the team uses one of it’s first two picks on a WR this Spring. I think Sutton is the top choice.

      1. Yarp.

        I also mean that I see Sutton as the top WR choice, not necessarily saying that he’s the 49ers top choice although that wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

        1. Interesting, he is not listed in the Walter football list, so he must be a junior not yet declared.

          1. sebnynah:

            Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU
            Height: 6-3. Weight: 205.
            Projected 40 Time: 4.48.
            Projected Round (2017): 1-2.
            12/3/16: In 2016, Sutton totaled 76 receptions for 1,246 yards – 16.5 yard average – with 10 touchdowns. He played well for SMU, showing his size, strength and quickness.

            9/3/16: Sources say they have been really impressed with Sutton. One scouting director told Walter Football that in studying up on players before hitting the road for college training camps, Sutton’s tape really stood out. As a sophomore he totaled 862 yards and nine touchdowns on 49 receptions. In the 2015 season opener SMU was blown out by Baylor, but Sutton had 82 yards and two touchdowns on only three receptions. Sutton has size to him and last year he showed big play ability by averaging 17.6 yards per catch.

            Speed is always the question with big receivers and sources say that Sutton is a long-strider with comparable speed to Josh Doctson. The Redskins took Doctson with the 22nd overall-pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, so Sutton’s speed doesn’t look to be a big concern.

            1. Sutton is rated for a first or second round pick, but Walter Football also has Peppers a 34 and Reuben Faster at 35, so it it way out of whack from CBS and Draftek.

        2. I didn’t even consider him declaring. He’d be better off going back for one more year. He could be the top guy in 2018, whereas I think he’d be a day two pick at best in 2017.

          1. He may very well go back to school but that doesn’t change my thought that he’s the best prospect at the position. There is still a good chance he could declare, no telling what kind of grades he’s being given. I never disagree for any position outside of RB to return for more school but if he doesn’t then great because in the second day he’s an amazing steal.

            1. I don’t think he’s reached that level yet. His size is a difference maker but he needs to improve as a route runner because his speed is average at best.

              Could be a steal this year as you said but for him personally he’d be better off waiting a year imo.

        3. I like him too, but he’s yet to declare. Probaby a pipe dream to think he’d be there in the 3rd….

    1. Niners should target Cooper Kupp and Chad Hensen in the later rounds, while picking up an established FA.

      1. Use the first few rounds for defense, and also target Dede Westbrook, Noah Brown and KD Cannon, along with Kupp and Hensen in the later rounds.

  18. If Kelly is still the HC, then I think McCaffery should be the choice with second pick or trade back in first if he falls around 26 or 27th pick

    1. I hope the Niners trade back in the first to get an extra second round pick, then grab Mccaffrey with one of those second round picks if he falls in the draft.

  19. I like the pick of Sutton…he is a big WR. QBs with accuracy issues needs big long WRs. Somewhat like Panthers are doing with Cam

    1. I like all those guys but to pick any one of them with the 2nd pick in the draft is absolutely insane.

      1. We are talking later round picks.

        Yes, it would be insane to pick a third, 4th or 5th round prospect number 2.

      2. McCaffery is a 1st to early 2nd round pick, Samuels and Kamara are 2nd to 3rd round picks, and Pumphey is 4th to later round

  20. John Harbaugh and the Ravens were 6-2 at home but 2-5 on the road this year.

    That’s a team that’s ready for a head coach change.

      1. Outside of 2012 he’s 6-5 in the playoffs. Since 2012 when they got to the SB on a 10-6 record they’ve been 31-32. 4 of his 6 post season appearances have come as the wild card.

        He’s Jeff Fisher with an amazing GM.

      1. Getting rid of any player,coach or GM can be a bad idea if there no better replacement available to do the job.

  21. Staley, Garnett, Beadles, Tiller, Brown should be the starting lineup next year. Could sign Zeitler to play RG for more experience on the Oline

    1. Ruban, I am assuming Beadles would be playing center. Beadles the MVP of the offense this year. Buckner defensive player of the year for defense.

  22. NFL has deferred All Done Smith’s case until March. No reinstatement this season.

    No surprise.

  23. Jeff Garcia is his own worst enemy. He whined and wheedled about getting a job with the Niners, then went to the Rams and said some pretty regrettable things about the Niners while he was there. Looks like his act wore thin with the Lambs, and he was not the QB whisperer like he claimed, so they cut him loose.

    His claim to fame is coaching up McGloin, Taylor and Sanchez? Mcgloin was a backup, and was named a starter after Carr broke his leg, but no one is giving him much of a chance to succeed. Taylor just got benched. Sanchez is a third stringer. No shining examples in my book.

    Jeff should stick to his QB school, and hope some good prospects emerge, or he should go the college route.

    Sometimes, good players make bad coaches. Look at Joe. He is smart enough to not even try.

    If Jeff wants to coach, he should read The Art of War, and act accordingly.

    1. He was the assistant WR coach. Weinke was the QB coach.

      We’ll find out about McGloin this week. Taylor went from backup to starter and now is injured and on the bench as the Bills try to avoid being “Kaepernicked”.

      1. Of course, all of that is true, just like my statement that he was benched. I just chose to refrain from elaborating, but it is also true that they may cut him. Of course, that may be because of financial reasons, but I think Lynn will become coach and insist on retaining TT.

        TT was not the one who had 10 men on defense. TT actually has done well, their defense is what is letting them down.

  24. How can the Niners defeat the Seahawks? Some give them no chance in the world.

    The best way they have a chance to beat the Seahawks is to stack the box and blitz like hell. Stack the box to take away Rawls, and now that Bellore is gone, they might have a snowball’s chance in hell. They sure shut down Gurley last game. Maintain gap integrity.

    The Niners should blitz, but they need to vary who and where the blitzer is coming from. They should blitz DBs because Wilson can elude the slower LBs, but a delayed blitz by the LBs up the middle with a hand up should be employed at least a couple times.

    Why blitz? Because the O line is a patchwork of FAs and UDFAs, and is the weakest part of the offense. They also need to get to Russell early to rattle him. Maybe they can get him to throw 4 more picks.

    On the offensive end, Kaep should not worry about the score, and just concentrate on scoring TDs. I liked that Bowl game when the QB went for it every time on 4th down. That was bold and decisive. They should unleash Kaep and let him break containment.

    The weak link is Thomas’ replacement, but they should also run right at Sherman. Hope Staley is back. They sure need him.

    1. Gamble has been in the same room watching Baalke fumbling and failing with the draft and Free Agency.

      Maybe Gamble will learn from Baalke’s mistakes and not repeat them.

      If Jed goes on a GM search, he better have a candidate lined up before hand, or he will experience more futility and humiliation.

      1. Seb, this franchise’s regime has made almost every conceivable mistake known to football, some more than once. Why on Chryst’s green earth would you expect them to learn anything now?

  25. Interesting comment by head coach and team mates of Trubisky. Nothing fires him up. Not sure I want a quarterback that doesn’t have a competitive fire button….

    1. sorry, but there are no legitimate 1st round QBs in this draft. teams may reach and draft because of need in the 1st round rather than on the quality of the player and where they really should be slotted, but that is how teams paint themselves into a corner for years to come. best logic is not to reach or to draft a player in a round where he actually does not belong because most often it comes back to bit you in the behind.

      1. Dunno about that. If Arizona drafted Kizer with their first pick and he sat behind Palmer for a year, I think he could be a franchise quarterback for them….

        1. Sorry, but Arizona will draft a quality DB, because that is their biggest need. Kizer will go to the Bears, Jax or the Jets IMHO. My bet is on the Bears.

          Trubisky may have just played himself out of the first round.

        2. in this league how can you think about making a selection that high for a guy to sit on the pine? with FA and the draft this is a now league and what have you done for me lately. of course, if you have a 5-year contract, you may have that option to risk a high pick. how is Arizona going to beat Seattle next year by taking a guy who is going to sit on the bench for another year?? that’s great for the next coach coming in, but does nothing for you and the current roster.

          1. Sure does, because the odds are Palmer will not survive an entire season. Look at the Cowboys….

  26. Honestly I rather keep Kaepernick then draft Trubisky after what I’m seeing. Maybe in the 2nd round but definitely not with the 2nd overall

    1. Haven’t seen much of Trubisky this season, but I’m wondering if we were watching the same game. It seems to me that he has a very good, innate feel for the pocket that usually can not be taught. He also has good accuracy and is very mobile. He did make some poor decisions, but that can be coached. He had to make multiple, back-to-back big throws on the last drive because of his inept WRs, other than Switzer. The last play was a jail break by the DL and Trubisky had no chance. After the first drive I thought he reminded me of Wentz and shortly thereafter Gary Daniels said the same thing.

      All he needs is reps. My question is should he get those reps in college or would he be better off sitting for a year and getting those reps on an NFL team.

        1. If Browns don’t get a trade done for a veteran QB, I can see them going Kizer or Trubisky with their second 1st round pick

      1. I’ve watched Browning, Kizer and now Trubisky play against the Cardinal defense, and I’d rank the QBs in the reverse order that I’ve listed. (Browning played against Stanford’s #3 and #4 corners due to injury to the top two). Trubisky appears to have the skill set to make all the throws — but then there are the intangibles essential for a successful NFL QB.

      2. Cubus,

        I saw the same game you did. He made a couple of mistakes when Stanford changed up coverages after the snap, but he showed off a great arm, accuracy, elusiveness and play from the pocket. For my money he’s the best QB in this draft if he declares. The only problem is the number of starts. I think he should go back for another year, but it’s hard to do that if he gets word that he’ll have a good chance to be the first QB taken.

        1. If Garrett goes number one, would you take Trubisky with the 2nd pick? Or better yet, the niners trade back and get pick 8 or so and then pick him?

          1. No I wouldn’t take any QB in this draft before the bottom of the first. There’s some talented guys but everyone of them has some big time question marks that would make me pause.

            1. I agree Rocket. This market is much like last years QB’s. Maybe worse since Wentz and Prescot can really play. I think we address other needs and look for some sort of serviceable FA and draft later.

          2. By the end of February he will be ranked the top QB in the draft.
            I’d take him at #2. But the caveat is the 49ers have to leave day 2 of the draft with a QB,WR, and RB.
            Then leave the first week of free agency with a nose tackle and, an ILB and OLB.

            1. If Garrett goes first, then Niners should look to trade down and target Barnett. They need a pass rusher more than anything

      3. Cubus,
        The question is; do we want to spend a #2 overall pick on a QB that has not distant himself from the rest of the pack?

        I still feel that we would better drafting either Garrett or Jonathan Allen with our first pick. These guys are turn-key type players that are NFL ready and bring immediate dividends.
        Kizer could be available for us in the 2nd rd. Deshaun Watson will likely be available in the 2nd rd. And my personal favorite Patrick Mahomes and Brad Kaaya might be there us in the 3rd rd. Another QB that hasn’t received too much press this season is Luke Falk. He might drop to the late 3rd or even the early 4th rd which would be steal in the 4th rd.

        Trubiski might turn out to be a good player, but until we can surround him with a better crop of receivers and tighten up our O-line he would languish for a year or two.

        My hope is that we help our QB situation by spending some money to obtain a good FA QB while our young QB is groomed for a year or two.

              1. Seb,
                Watching Lamar Jackson against LSU and he is looking very average.
                Although Jackson is not coming out until 2018, scouts are making notes on how players the big stage or in the case of college it would be bowl games.

                Last year I believe Paxon Lynch hurt his draft position with poor bowl game play.
                A couple of years ago, Deshaun Watson had a great bowl game against the eventual National Champion Alabama.
                He almost single handily won the game.
                Watson performed very good on the big stage of college football. Scouts will remember his performance on that game. I believe that their notes are going to show that Deshaun has some great football intangibles that NFL teams appreciate.
                I want to see how he plays against Ohio St. today. Many draft sites have Watson going in the 2nd rd, but a good showing today may propel him into the 1st.

              2. Scooter may not believe so, but Trubiscuit also hurt his draft stock. LaMar Jackson will be a bust at the NFL level. Enjoy his college work….

              3. AES, I agree on Watson. I think he has a clutch gene, but I seriously question whether or not he can make the jump to the NFL level….

        1. AES, what good FA QB would you suggest we pick up? Aside from Cousins there’s not a lot of good actual FA’s. In the article linked below there are some good QB’s there. Seems like Romo is the best option but he hasn’t played a full season in a long time and might get killed by our OL. RGIII can’t stay healthy either. Cutler hasn’t played good football for a long time either. Bridgewater is appealing leaving Garoppolo who could be the next Cassell if he’s propped up with the Patriot’s system or the next Brady if he’s developed into something special. I have seen a few people clamoring for Glennon. Not sure he’s good enough to be a weekly starter. Its a depressing market.

          Matt Schaub
          Ryan Mallett
          E.J. Manuel
          Brian Hoyer
          Connor Shaw
          Kellen Moore
          Mark Sanchez
          Austin Davis
          Dan Orlovsky
          Nick Foles
          Case Keenum
          Shaun Hill
          Josh Johnson
          Ryan Nassib
          Geno Smith
          Ryan Fitzpatrick
          Matt McGloin
          Bruce Gradkowski
          Landry Jones
          Kellen Clemens
          Blaine Gabbert
          Christian Ponder
          Thaddeus Lewis
          Mike Glennon
          Ryan Griffin
          Alex Tanney
          Matt Cassel
          Kirk Cousins

          1. W73,
            My first preference is Garappolo, but don’t see the Pat’s letting him walk given Brady’ age.
            Second choice would be Glennon followed by Gloings.
            But we MUST draft a QB within the 1st to 3rd rd.

          2. W73,
            Garoppolo would be my first choice but I don’t see the Pat’s letting him walk given Brady’ age.
            Glennon would be my second choice followed by McGloin.
            That being said, the 49ers still need to draft a QB somewhere between the first to third round.

  27. David Shaw calls a pitch out from the inch line? Harbaugh just threw up in his mouth a little bit. This is NFL Coaching material? Dunno, but that was dumb as a box of rocks….

    1. Yep. Ball is at most 1 foot from the goal line and they run speed option. Definitely overcooked that one.

      1. I did watch the game, but according to the post game article, the starting QB for Stanford had to leave the game due to an injury, and the backup struggled in his place. It is possible Shaw had to change it up because of that.

        1. That backup was the starting QB at the beginning of the season — and he seems to have continued his regression into his last career game. I think it was the absence of the #1 playmaker that upset Shaw’s plans. Chryst’s injury didn’t help.

    1. One of the best thing about Solomon Thomas is that he seems to have gotten better with every game this season — or at least has had no off game. He was expected to be a key contributor to Cardinal defense coming into this season but he exceeded all expectations. I think he can play in any scheme in the NFL. Definitely going in the top 20, but may go in the top 15 in the draft.

            1. I’m not sure where he would fit Razor. He isn’t a 3-4 DE and is too small for DT.

  28. Stanford should have never been in man coverage on that last TD drive, another uncharacteristic mental mistake by their coaching staff. Collectively, they almost cost them the game….

    1. I was too. But I was equally unimpressed by Myles Garrett. Seemed to not try very hard during a number of plays. Perhaps he was worried about getting hurt. I stopped watching with a few minutes left and at that point in the game he had zero tackles. Now maybe it’s mostly because they ran away from him and game planned around him. I’ve only seen part of one other A&M game and wasn’t impressed then either.

      1. Agreed. In my opinion, he should have skipped the bowl game because he was clearly not leaving it all on the field.

      2. Garrett has been playing with a high ankle sprain all season, so I’m actually surprised he decided to play at all.

  29. I have been watching Derek Barnett. He seems to live in their backfield.

    Niners could trade back, and still get Barnett.

      1. Looked like they came out tight like the Super Bowl, plus the defensive coordinator based his whole scheme around ghost Peppers, and he’s left with mile defensive sauce….

  30. I suggested Fournette at #2 the other day, but Dalvin Cook might be a better choice for Kelly’s offense. He could be a LeSean McCoy type back. And would pair nicely with Hyde.

      1. Cook’s played better than Fournette this year, but Fournette has been playing hurt. There isn’t much between them. Really depends on what type of back you want.

        1. Cook is the real deal. Still think Reuben Foster is the best choice after moving back.

          That Taco is pretty spicy, too.

  31. Jimmy’s Wolverines are getting spanked pretty good by the Seminoles. Think it is more than a hamstring keeping Peppers out of the game. Was told by somebody at practice yesterday that he was full go with no trace of an injury. Had to bring in the elder Griese in the booth to keep the viewers tuned in because the game is headed to 24-6 with 5 minutes to go in the 1st half..

  32. Is anyone here a little leery like me when Harbaugh is coaching in a close game with 2 minutes left?

    1. You mean like — 1st & Goal on the 7

      You have a future HOF running back (19 for 118), two very capable TEs (both who have been probowl TEs in their careers though both had some drop issues early in their careers) and the best run-blocking line in the NFL.

      Meanwhile your best WR is a guy who will never make the probowl, had even more drop issues than your TEs, and is nothing more than over-rated (by most fans) #2/#3 WR who does nothing special at all. Your QB is the WORST REDZONE QB OF 2012 with a 48% completion rate and a 60.1 QB rating. He’s terrible at touch passes and has spotty accuracy. He is good at bootlegging it in though.

      So what do you do? If you’re Harbaugh you play to the weakest parts of your team:

      1st Down — Hand off to NFL Failure and 3rd string RB LaMichael James
      2nd Down — Throw a fade to the corner.
      3rd Down — Throw a fade to the corner.
      4th Down — Throw a fade to the corner.

      Never mind at least one TE was open on ever pass play. Never mind you didn’t throw Gore a single swing pass all game. Never mind your pass offense is one of the worst in the NFL and has fooled people left-and-right because of ESPN highlights featuring street-ball plays even as the QB can’t function from the pocket or in the redzone (or much on the opponents side of the field, he was worst in the NFL in that, too).

      Nope. We’re going to the absolute dumbest possible thing. And that’s Harbaugh in a nutshell. He may be good at hiring assistants. He’s a great college recruiter.

      But when you need something more than a glorified college offense (like the second half of 2014, like the Superbowl) he has no answers. He is the very essence of Bo Schembechler or Marty Schottenheimer only on the offensive side.

      1. Kaepernick has said that the 4th down play was an audible. Also, the QB makes the final decision on where to throw every pass. I suspect that Crabtree wasn’t the primary receiver on at least two of those end zone passes. The failure to score seems to me to be more on Kaepernick than on Harbaugh.

        1. JH called a TO just before Kaep strolled into the end zone, so he should accept some blame, but the refs missed the defender earholing Crab with the crown of his helmet on the third down play, and held Crab 5 yards in the end zone on the final play. Both plays should have given the Niners more opportunities to score.

          Maybe Kaep should have faced one way while looking in another direction. He might have seen VD open.

    1. I hope Watson plays well enough for Cleveland to take him at 1. It should be a fun two games tomorrow. I hope I’m not passed out before the end of the Ohio St. Clemson game.

      Happy New Year everyone and CHEERS!!!!!!!

      SF 13
      Sea 24

      See you all Sunday.

        1. I’ll be very interested in watching J. Allen and D. Watson today. Their performance today could determine where they may be drafted. Another person of interest for me is LB Tim Williams of Alabama.

      1. Do not think any team matches up well against the Tide, but if they give Browning enough time, he could succeed.

  33. I’m gonna catch hell for this but even before Harbaugh was ired I was growing tired of him..I think he’s a great coach but I feel like he can never win the big one..just my opinion

          1. Already the Butt of jokes. Sounds like a perfect fit for the 49ers and having a knee injury could cement him a roster spot.

      1. He’s not overly athletic, but he’s a reliable target and can block. Reminds me of Heath Miller.

  34. Cliff Avril just analyzed the Niner offense, and he does not want to let Kaep roll out easily, and talks about Kaep and his third reads.

    Avril himself just destroyed Prime’s one read screed, and totally vindicated my call to roll out Kaep more.

    1. Pipe down Seb. Avril’s thinking of Kaepernick changed once Kaepernick started taking a knee.

    2. 3rd read, ha that’s funny! One guy comes out and says something about Kap but meanwhile the entire football world says different. Seb is lost!

          1. I do not cut and paste, or provide links. I just write. Go to Niner Nation and read the post that says- Cliff Avril offers a scouting report on Kaep and the Niners.

            If you are capable of doing that.

              1. No, I have photographic evidence. It is all on tape, but you choose to close your eyes and deny reality.

              2. Does your photographic evidence verify Kaps winning record? Does it show him bouncing balls off LB’s helmets. Does it show him trying to use his legs against Miami and getting folded up like a cheap suit? Or how about passing for 6 yards and getting benched against CHI?
                Oh but wait,he started a winning culture by beating the hapless Rams! With his legs no doubt!

              3. There you go again.

                Prime, dissing a QB who wins a game with his arm and his legs, just amply demonstrates you total lack of football knowledge.

              4. Running QB his whole career but you want to look at the Rams game.
                When you prune do you close your eyes and imagine the outcome? I think that’s what you do when you watch Kap. Problem is you are blinded by the darkness in your pea brain!

        1. You are easily being biased here Seb because you only chose to take the words of someone who praises Kaepernick over those who don’t.

          1. Cliff Avril is an opponent of the Niners. He is not a blog poster, or a die hard faithful Niner fan. His job is to defeat Kaep and the Niners.

            If anything, he should be biased the other way. He should diss Kaep and say he is a one read wonder and a cancer in the locker room.

            1. Let’s see? Cliff Avril versus Jeff Garcia, Lowell Cohn, Cossell, Richard Sherman, Tyrone Matthieu?

              1. Bruce Ariens called Kaep scary. JH is a big fan of Kaep. I will put those up against Lowell, who is paid to dish it out, and an unemployed former QB.

                TM dissed the coaching more than Kaep, and if you are a fan of Sherman, I will say you are not a true Niner fan.

              2. Cosell? What a hack. He has hated Kaep from the first day, and watching lots of film does not make one a genius. It matters more how one processes the film than staring at the screen for hours.

              3. Keeping fishing Seb. The football world has spoken on Kap.
                In your little Niner Nation article you forgot to mention the part where Avril says “No, I mean with a running quarterback….”
                That’s what he is a running QB. So of course you want to roll him out. That’s because he does not have to read the entire field. That does not work in the NFL. It’s gets you only so far and you know what they say about almost!

            2. Sorry, but the fact that you dismiss the others so easily shows your bias.

              1. MWD, I am just countering the hate. You are supporting their bias, so that in itself is biased, too.

                The important thing is to see what Chip does. Since he is still starting Kaep, it does not matter what Cosell thinks or says. If Chip thinks that Kaep is good enough to be the starting QB of the San Francisco 49ers, it is because Chip likes his skillsets, and thinks Kaep gives them the best chance to win.

            1. Just goes to show how little you know. I, for one, plan on being here for a long time, and if Jed is not a totally clueless ignoramus, will choose his franchise QB over a suit.

              1. Since it looks like Kaep may be staying, maybe you should be the one leaving, like you promised.

                Do not think Jed wants to cut the Len Eshmont Award winner. It might make him look bad.

              2. It won’t be Jed’s decision. It will be the new GM.
                Why would any new manager tie his wagon to a one read running QB. So no, it does not look like he is staying!

              3. There you go again. repeating some thing, as if repeating it a million times will make it true.

                Cliff Avril talks about Kaep and third reads. Why dont you say that Cliff Avril sucks, too?

              4. Avril says he is trying to throw the ball downfield more and that he is trying to go thru his 2nd and 3rd reads. The fact is he can’t. Trying and executing is the difference.

      1. He played LG last week. If Staley plays, maybe they kick Theus in to RG. Balducci played some last week when Tiller got dinged.
        Quiet sabe?

  35. 49ers 2016 season could be summed up with 2 gifs…. Gabbert/Droughn from Seattle and Kaepernick/Droughn from Chicago

  36. I see a trend on thisboard regarding Kaep, i.e. anecdotal single data points are used to substantiate a subjective belief. I must point out that one cannot form a line with one point, with 2 points all you get is connected points. With 3 or more you can draw a line and it will reveal trajectory. With Kaep, Avril comments are a point. Throw that on the graph with the previous years of points and I will argue the line is exactly the same. We can all stop debating Kaep. The data is in, and a team built on Kaep is statistically proven to be a team that cannot win it all. Wegave it a good effort, but the experiment is complete. Another team can re-run this experiment if they want. The 9ersdon’t need to.

      1. It’s not hate. The player has proven everything he can. The limit has been reached. The best thing for him and the organization is a new start. And for you as well to go back in your hole before last year!

        1. Prime, you are dissing a player that just won a game. Kaep willed that team to a win, and was clutch.

          You have some unreasoned hate against Kaep, but that is OK. He is even getting death threats so your hate is kinda tame.

          1. No Seb I’m dissing a player who in six years as a 49er has shown complete regression in his play. I diss him because of his limitations. You look at it from game to game. I evaluate him in his entire body of work as a QB. 10 good games in a year and a half versus the remaining 4 years. Do the math. He sucks!

    1. Colin Kaepernick wins 49ers’ award for ‘inspirational, courageous play.’ Was this award voted to Kap because of his “social protest” more than his inspirational play on the field? Maybe I missed something, but how did his play inspire his teammates? What was courageous about his play on the field? Obviously, I am missing something because of what the award used to mean.

      1. It’s a way for his teammates to say thanks but take your selfishness and see you next year, in another city on another team!

              1. Pretty much. Harbaugh too who went all in with Kap. Got him to the SB but as we have seen, he fizzled out when the heat got turned up!
                Now Kelly who went all in might be on his way out as well. So looks like I am right again. Coach killer!

              2. Prime, if you want to destroy any vestige of football knowledge, keep it up. Kaep only played for half a year before he needed 3 surgeries, so no, he will the furthest reason why Tomsula was let go. Tomsula may have doomed himself in his initial PC, and Kaep was training and studying in Arizona, so he was no where near Tomsula when he shot his foot off.

                JH may be headstrong, but he was not the only one acting immaturely. Maybe they should have all grown up and focused on winning, instead devolving into a cat fight. The FO leaks made JH very angry, and I blame the leakers the most for all the acrimony.

                Hopefully, the true cancer, Baalke, will be moved, because his lack of people skills exposed all the Niner weaknesses, and he is the architect of a house built on no foundation.

                So, Prime, keep inserting your foot in your mouth if you want to. Now I get to say that you think Kaep killed Tomsula’s career. I will put that just after your mention of how comparable the CFL is to the NFL.

                Remember, you said that a storm was coming. I am getting the popcorn.

              3. BTW, when is that storm coming? Tomorrow, next year, maybe it will be in the CFL?
                Or maybe never like I said. 10 good games, 4 years of regression. So sad!

              4. Prime, I am looking for redemption. If Chip goes bold again, and they play together as a team, they have a chance. Seahawks, and the rest of the world are giving no chance to the Niners. Seahawk players about the playoffs, so they are taking the Niners lightly.

              5. It’s really hard to redeem yourself against a rival when you show up to the fight with a one read running QB.
                All Carroll has to do is roll out the smae game plan he has for past 4 years against Kap. I’m guessing he gave his defense the week off as containing Kap will be a walk in the park!

      2. No, the award specifically states- courageous and inspirational play on the field. It has nothing to do with social protest, no matter what the haters say.

        It was also an award given by the PLAYERS, not the FO.

      3. I was stunned. There was nothing ‘inspirational’ or ‘courageous’ about his play.

        Paul Hofer was courageous and inspirational. Montana was courageous and inspirational. Bryant Young was courageous and inspirational. Bob St. Claire was courageous and inspirational. There were lots and lots of courageous and inspirational players who won that award.

        And now Kaepernick, the very essence of mediocrity, has won it. So unless you think throwing the ball 3.3 yards, on average, (48th in the NFL) downfield (with a substandard completion percentage) while being one of the worst QBs in the NFL on third downs, the second-half and on passes thrown over 10 yards is somehow ‘courageous’ and ‘inspirational’ the award has become tainted and meaningless.

        1. Great, now you are dissing one of the most important awards a team can give a player.

          You really must hate the Niners.

      4. It means that all the noise about teammates not liking him or viewing him as a distraction were incorrect. Nothing but nonsense permeated by those who don’t like his protest.

        1. I think it means the ideas he was disliked and a distraction this year was wrong. But not last year. And you can really see it on the field as well, not just in this award.

          Have to say, one thing Chip has done well is get this team to come together.

        2. … but he didn’t win the “big” one.

          At this moment, his team respects him and have for a while. That’s enough for those same players to acknowledge the respect that they have for him.

  37. Grant

    Realizing that it is a an exercise in futility, I would like to see some sort of comprehensive run-down on some of the Olinemen that are on our roster, and the progress they are/have made over the course of the season….Fahn Cooper, Norman Price, Colin Kelly, and more recently…Josh Allen. We’ve seen what great play we’re getting from Trent Brown…and are getting to see more from Alex Balducci…Do we have any more ‘diamonds…’ ? I have asked this before and received nothing back except a smart-ass comment from a known Know-it-all. Don’t you think that it is a subject worth examining ? Can we depend on seeing these guys on the field sometime soon ? Thanks

    1. Trent Brown leads the team in penalties. He has almost as many penalties (11) as the other starters combined (12). I should think we might not want to enshrine him just yet…

      Especially in light of all the poor line metrics you see bandied about — line yards, sack rates, etc.

  38. If Jed wants to turn this team around he can start by replacing Trent Baalke with Trent Kirchner… Don’t let him leave SC without an agreement in place after the usual Sunday slaughter, Jed. As much as I hate the Seahawks they’ve proved they know how to find (and keep) talent.

    1. IT’s not a bad suggestion. But there are quite other candidates with resume’s that are as impressive.

      Even Gamble has a great resume and was, in 2012, thought to be a lock for the Jets GM job. He was (apparently) so sure that he refused a second-interview with the Jaguars for their opening. He also interviewed with the Chargers.

  39. Jed?
    Jed who? Can’t be Jed York, as we have it on good authority that Jed’s mom and dad are going to fire him January 2nd. Lead pipe cinch.
    Well…..not really “Good Authority”…… it came from Jason La Confora….without context or substantiation……and Cohn Zone Cabal jumped on that bandwagon like volunteer firemen! Must be true.

  40. Between the Orange bowl and today’s first game, we’ve seen how much line play affects a football game. Michigan got whipped on both sides of the line last night and Louisville couldn’t handle LSU’s Dline today. Doesn’t matter what you have at the skill positions if you can’t handle the guy on the other side of the line.

    Happy New Year to everybody and a merciful end to another trying season as 49ers fans.

        1. That I acknowledge Rocket’s football acumen and think he is very astute. He got a lot of grief for being so negative, but then they lost 13 in a row. Kap is the last QB to lead them to the Super bowl. He has a 4-2 road playoff record. He and Joe are the only QBs to pass for 300 and run over 50 in a SN.

          Rocket was spot on, and I like that he can frame arguments, understands strategies, and can present them in logical manners. With verification.

            1. Seb you keep serving up these meat balls and I’ll keep hammering them out of the park!
              I’m Italian, I love meat balls!

            1. Maybe that will make the next one that much sweeter. At least he made the Niners relevant, for the first time since those Glory Years.

              I hope Kaep is turned loose to attack the edges, and they should run right at Sherman.

              1. Harbaugh made the 49ers relevant again. Kap blew his load early and now the organization has to revamp the entire QB position for years to come.

        2. Really? But it was obvious what it was doing. And it wasn’t ‘franchise QBing.’

          The simplest way to put it was he was mediocre in the pocket (lacking QB skills) and he was only successful when he ran around until protection broke down so badly that he could find WRs 5-yards open. Add in a freak 80% completion rate in the deep-intermediate, yeah he made a lot of highlight reels. But anyone whose been around for decades has seen this time-and-time again.

          The problem is virtually all running QB lack defense-reading QBing skills. And the NFL is the wrong place and time to learn how to do it.

          Trying to give someone a crash-course on reading defenses in the NFL when they never have needed to before is like trying to prepare a kid to take the GRE or GMAT when they haven’t paid attention in school since crayons were a required material.

          And even if they’re ready to start paying attention, they’re so far behind the curve of the kids that started reading defenses in Pop Warner that they will always be somewhat behind the quarterback who has had no choice to be a student of the game.

          Also, if the concept of reading defenses doesn’t give them immediate, visible success, they will fall back into old patterns, which means running. Which is what Kaepernick did almost immediately last year despite his 10-week tune-up with Kurt Warner.

          To make it worse, they’re fail sauce in the playoffs where they’re facing top defenses, not average and bad defenses. Look at the running quarterbacks who made it to the Super Bowl: Fran Tarkenton (3X), John Elway (3X (I’m only counting early in his career, he wasn’t a runner in ’97 and ’98)), Steve McNair (1X), David Woodley (1X) and Russell Wilson (2x).

          11 times a running QB (and with Wilson it’s debateable because he’s really pocket QB who can run, like Montana & Young) has made it to the Superbowl. They’re 1-10 and have been on the wrong side of some of the worst losses in Superbowl History.

          Yet coaches and GMs keep banging their head on that wall. For 50 years that I know of, they’ve banging their head on that wall. And for it, they got one NFL Championship.

          And fans adore them and think they’re great based on the three ESPN plays they make while ignoring all the havoc and problems they cause on their own team.

          1. NT. ILB. Safety (Tartt does not impress me with his ability to defend the pass). CB.

            On offense, two WRs. A QB and his backup.. And at least a center on the o-line as Kilgore has regressed from his early career. Possibly a guard as well.

            1. Unlikely they can find all of that. I’d stick with what they have in the secondary for now and see how they go with a better front 7.

            2. Moses

              Kilgore, Balducci, and Beadles…? ….All interchangeable at Guard…One big bad-ass WR and a TE to send Celek packing…Torrey and Kerley for fill-in for sorry Patton….FA should take up most of the slots….

  41. Thank god the seemingly endless regular season is almost over and the opening day of the off season is nearly upon us. Of course, the will be the minor distraction of the playoffs and super bowl to deal with, but what’s a few more weeks of pointless games? 49er fans should be able to get their fill of Niner coverage on NFL network’s “Path to the Draft” (repeated 12 times a day) and “Total Access” (also repeated 12 times a day). Good times are ahead for sure!

    1. +1 for your enthusiasm … Hit ’em ..
      and as we close out another dreary season
      with Captain Jedster at the helm …

      THIS … is for Grant .. and all the posters
      (with some u-hhh “football acumen” ) .. on
      these threads ..

    1. Scooter:

      If the 49ers draft Allen, could he play OLB in a 3-4 or could Buckner perhaps be moved to OLB?

      1. I don’t believe so. I don’t think either guy is good enough in space. And I think both guys are at their best using their hands and strength to get pressure going between OL rather than around the edge.

        1. Which is why it is probably best for the 49ers to maintain a 3-4 defense.

        2. Agreed. Allen may be the best defensive prospect in the draft but he is best with his hand in the dirt. He could be extremely disruptive in a scheme that asks him to be a penetrating DT or even as an RDE in a 4-3. But asking him to be 3-4 end would not be maximizing his best attributes.

    1. Good article. Though Trent does have some good qualities in acquiring picks and with certain trades. However, his lack of vision with the most important position on the field-QB -and his inability to draft offense in general is a judge failing. Further, constantly drafting injured projects on a habitual basis is his greatest failure. He might be a good scout, but like other hires under the Yorks, he was put in the wrong role because he was cheap and easy for the Yorks to push around.

      1. I don’t think we should keep Trent, I do think the author rightly points to the history of the York’s not hiring well as the key issue in the 49ers. I don’t know if they can hire the right folks even if they fire Baalke. I think is scenario of messing things up with Gase seems plausible as do some of his other issues we point to Trent on. What are we doing with so much cap space when we’re so poorly supplied with talent at key positions? So much of this makes sense that Jed is meddling. Let’s see what happens?

  42. As good as Allen is, if the 49ers take a ‘Bama player at #2 it should be Foster. Every time I watch him I come away impressed. Smart, well rounded ILB that flies to the ball, hits big and tackles with great technique.

              1. Oh, I thought you were talking about developing Foster, but it looks like you mean Kizer. Yeah, there’s no coach on the 9ers that can develop any quarterback. To be honest, I don’t even know who the QB coach for the 9ers is this year.

              2. Exactly Cubus. Any quarterback they take is not going to develop on this team with the current staff. Makes no sense wasting a high draft pick on one….

              1. So its perceived value of the position that turns you off? You would rather take a lesser player because you believe the position doesn’t offer value?

                Odd. The importance of good, athletic ILBs that can play the run and pass is increasing each year. And if I recall correctly, you were of the opinion Jaylon Smith would be taken top 5 last year before his injury.

              2. Smith was better than Foster. Foster is great but I don’t think he’s the next Willis. Barnett on the other hand just broke Reggie Whites record and isn’t surrounded by 5 star recruits….

              3. Pat Willis was #11 overall. If SF is at 2 and can’t trade back a few due to no interest, why not take the guy you like at 2? Be it Foster, Fournette, Cook, Allen, Robinson, even Williams. Shrug.

              4. Ah, so its not the position, its the player. Fair enough if you don’t rate Foster that highly. I do.

                He’s different to Smith. Smith had better range and athleticism. Foster is a better tackler and better at getting through trash. Both are excellent blitzers.

              5. Completely agree BT. The idea of not taking a player due to perception of position value is silly if you think he’s the guy that will help you the most.

              6. Not really, Scooter. You can find a great tackling ILB that can blitz later. Remember Dion Jones, the one you didn’t like?

              7. Yep, was wrong on him. Should have stuck with my initial feelings.

                You can also find good pass rushers later too. But like with every position, you are more likely to find great ones early.

              8. Which position is more valuable? Pass rusher. If you have two guys that are at the top of their respective positions, you take the more valuable position. Now Foster is the best ILB and Garrett is the best Edge rusher. I will take the second best Edge rusher(Barnett) over the top ILB. That’s just me, Scooter. I’m not saying I’m right and I’m not saying I’m silly. I’m just saying that’s my approach….

              9. Fair enough. I take the guy I think will help the team the most. For mine that is Foster. Its also why I really wanted Jaylon Smith last year before he hurt his knee.

                Though I would still look to fill the ILB hole through FA first. Same with NT and edge. Go offense in the draft if possible. Take advantage of the excellent RBs and TEs to build around a young QB.

              10. Good year for pass rushers. If there is one position you can pass on in the 1st round and still feel confident of getting a pretty good prospect later it is edge player.

              11. Fair point, Scooter. Edge rush and running back is probably the deepest I’ve seen in years….

              1. Trying to, but there are not many articles on him that also look at areas he needs to improve at.

              2. Just watched his draft breakdown. I see him as a LOLB. He lacks the explosion out of his stance that you normally see in an edge rusher. He also appears to lack a good recovery step and struggles in pass coverage. He has first round talent, but I do not think a team should draft him until the latter part of the round.

              3. I think he should play DE in a 4-3. But there is so much blurring between 3-4 and 4-3 these days it probably doesn’t matter. I like him as an edge rusher and run defender playing as a down lineman in 4-man fronts.

    1. Foster is interesting but I think he is a prospect with some risks. 1. He never has to fight through O lineman so I don’t know if he has the ability to fight through blocks. His instincts are not elite so he seems to be a tick slow which leads him to chase down plays rather than blow them up in the backfield.
      He is a sure tackler and is adept at blitzing… and Alabama blitzes him a ton.

  43. Not speaking about the 2nd pick, but after watching this game, seems like if you are looking for defensive players you almost can’t go wrong picking a ‘Bama player.

    1. Yeah, but Allen and Foster are the class of that D. Williams and Anderson are good too, but the quality around them makes them look a little better than they are.

      1. No doubt they look better than they really are due to that quality.

        I’ve been meaning to ask you, how are you able to view so many college football games? Do you have some type of internet subscription for college games?

        1. We get ESPN over here, so I can watch any of the college games on ESPN. So not all games, but a lot.

          1. I hate ESPN. They robbed the working man of MNF and all the Bowl Games. Not to mention, they’re terrible!

            1. When other networks start showing their stuff over here I’ll happily watch them. Until then…

          2. Part of the reason I asked is because you were the first to bring up Wentz last year so I thought you had actually watched full games of ND State. Made me think you might have some kind of subscription for college similar to NFL GamePass, which I assume you have.

            1. I got onto Wentz through internet searches and then watching what they had on Wasn’t much at the time, but I liked what I saw and read about him.

  44. Thank God Baalke is gone. Still want Chip because Chip has the right attitude, and the players want Chip.

    Jed must be held accountable, just like he told us to do. Firing Baalke is so needed, and he is the one who has accepted all blame. Chip, with more input in the roster, will help build a team that fits his system. Those two 10-6 seasons showed that Chip is capable of turning around a program. Jed should listen to the players who want Chip to stay. Blowing up the whole thing will be no guarantee that it will improve, and may be a recipe for more failure. Jed should fire Baalke, promote Gamble, and retain Chip. If Jed did anything else, he should start by stepping down.

    If Jed does fire Chip, he sure better have a coach ready and willing to take the reins. Another coaching search will just lead to good candidates turning them down, and poor candidates being the only alternatives.

    Once Baalke is gone, Chip should take a 12 pack of Bud Light, and see Tomsula. Chip should convince Tomsula to come back and fix the defense. Chip should fire both Modkins and O’Neil, and hire Helfrich and Tomsula as coordinators.

    1. You trust chip as a talent evaluator? Consider all the players he got rid of McCoy, Jackson, andMathis, what he gave up for Sam Bradford.

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