Jerry Rice Jr. has his own hill

This is my Saturday column on Jerry Rice Jr.

SANTA CLARA – I feel sorry for Jerry Rice Jr.

He’s an undrafted free agent wide receiver trying out for the 49ers. He caught nine passes during two seasons at UCLA. He transferred to UNLV and caught 10. He’s 5-10 and runs a 4.68 40-yard dash. He’s slower and shorter than most receivers in the NFL. Odds are against him making the 49ers or any NFL team.

That’s not why I feel sorry for him. Good for him for getting a tryout.

It’s his DNA and his name that ask for sympathy. He’s the son of the greatest football player ever. He’s even named after him. He’s not Hector Rice or Elmore Rice. He’s Jerry Rice Jr. Jerry Rice II. He’s supposed to be the second coming of greatness. With Jerry Rice’s genes and his advice, how could his son not be the best?

Rice Junior is the biggest story at the 49ers’ rookie minicamp because of his DNA and his name. Rice Junior constantly has to answer the same questions:

What advice did your dad give you today?

How many times have you run the hill and have you ever beaten your dad up the hill?

What would it mean to your dad if you made the 49ers?

If Rice Jr. had different DNA, he wouldn’t have to answer any questions. He wouldn’t have any interview requests. He’d be some guy trying hard to make a team.

Instead, he has to force a smile and tell reporters that his dad advised him to work hard and do his best.

At the end of his group interview Friday afternoon, one reporter asked him what players in the locker room say when they see his name?

“Everybody has been respectful,” Rice Junior said. “I haven’t had anything bad happen.”

That’s a start.

The group interview ended. I pulled Rice Junior to the side.

“You used the word ‘respectful’ a moment ago.” I said. “Has anyone ever disrespected you because you’re Jerry Rice’s son?”

“Oh, yeah, of course,” he said, like he was surprised that was even a question. “I didn’t play football until high school. My freshman year I dropped a ball, and guys on the other team were in my head talking about how I was never going to be this, I was never going to be that. At first, it frustrated me and I used to get upset. But my dad told me, ‘You’ve got to take it as a burden or as a challenge.’ I definitely take it as a challenge. I learned to let it go in one ear and out the other.”

Rice Junior went to Menlo High School in Atherton. He grew up with his dad who took him to 49ers games when he was little. “They say I used to kick Steve Young in the shin all the time,” Rice Junior said. The perks of being Jerry Rice’s son.

What is the hardest part about being Rice’s son and sharing his name?

He answered before I finished asking the question. “It’s the expectations that everybody has. Everybody expects the finished product because of all of the accolades and achievements he has. But you always have to start somewhere. He was a diamond-in-the-rough prospect who shaped up and shined. I’m trying to do the same, and everybody thinks that I need to be that finished product right now, but no. It’s a process. I’m going through the process right now.”

Rice Junior was speed talking. When he finished, he was breathing heavily.

Would it be easier to play football if he were not Jerry Rice’s son? Would it be easier if Rice Junior were Jerry Smith instead?

Rice Junior laughed. “Maybe. I haven’t really thought about it that way because my whole life I grew up a Rice. I’ve got the same name. I’m just trying to do the best I can do. That’s all he can ask for, that’s all the rest of my family can ask for. If I make or team or not, as long as I put in a full effort they will be happy with that.”

If he puts in a full effort and doesn’t make an NFL team this year, what’s his next move?

“Thought about going to play in Canada. Maybe get my Masters. While I’m young, I’m going to stick to football and see what happens and keep knocking on doors until hopefully someone answers.”

Rice Junior already has graduated from UCLA with a degree in history. If he goes to graduate school, he wants to go to the University of San Francisco. “I thought about doing sports management,” he said. “Maybe I’d start here as an intern with the 49ers and work my way up the office.”

The word “intern” hit me like lightning. I looked at him and all I could see was his dad – the same nose, the same eyes, the same smile. Imagine Jerry Rice interning for the 49ers.

I wrote above I feel sorry for Jerry Rice Jr. But maybe I don’t, not after speaking to him. Why should I? He doesn’t feel sorry for himself. Best of luck, Jerry II.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for the Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at

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  1. Did u watch him at UCLA? BUM. Waste of an article. Ironic too, since you are writing a piece about a horrible player (treating him differently because of his name) about how it’s unfair that he gets treated differently because of his name.

    1. He’s not a horrible player … that would be you. Or, if you never even made it that far, just a horrible person. The article is not about him being treated unfairly, it’s about how he’s singled out among all the athletes here aspiring to make the team. He’s not a 1st round pick, or a Heisman winner, he’s just his father’s son. No, he’s not going to make this squad, and he has almost no chance to make any NFL team. I still wish him well, as I would your son.

      1. He is horrible. I went to UCLA, homie. He stinks. He didn’t deserve to be on the field then, and he doesn’t deserve to be on the field now even more so, but that’s what you get when you speak truth to a bunch of happy-go-lucky people that feel there is an intrinsic value to wasting peoples’ time with “heartfelt” stories, when in reality football is a game and a business and should be treated as such.

          1. Yes, please use quotation marks around the aforementioned word as if it is a foreign word to you. I am here to express to Grant that he and every other sports writer that decides to write BS articles like this, simply because it is an easy story to write because people identify the name, are wasting my time. Really hard to figure that one out, I suppose…

            1. The story was a good read, but I knew it would bring out some hateful trolls such as Mr. Miner49er. I suppose some so-called fans would prefer that you write another article on Aldon Smith as opposed to an undrafted rookie hoping to make the team.

              1. P.S. – I’ve never heard of a UCLA grad using the word “homie” in a paragraph. On the other hand, graduates of East LA City College use it in every other sentence! Interestingly, they are usually Raider fans and like to get drunk on May 5…..

              2. I would prefer an article about football, just like my previous comments implied. God, for a forum, you guys can’t read very well.

              3. Your Racist and most likely a homosexual with aids too. You need to lay off the Raiders cock you fag! Oh yeah homo I mean homie.

            2. I guess if you used “bro” you could go by another appelation that rhymes with Mooch

            3. So your still here wasting your time…and you don’t know the correct use of quotation marks? Grant can’t you screen these guys…perhaps he should get a refund from UCLA?

              1. Miner49er (green and blue) and any of his “friends” needs to go to Bleacher Report as they encourage rudeness.

              2. How do I not know the correct usage of quotation marks? Are you really that dumb? Tell me, if I were to say “buddy” instead, and you were to put quotes around that when referring to my usage, wouldn’t you come off as stupid since it is a common place phraseology? Hence, your usage implied the word’s usage was foreign to you, homie.

            4. I dunno who’s worse ..
              our resident troll .. or this miner “homie”
              (could they be one and the same ?)

              miner … dude … !!

              Most here are glad to hear something about Jerry’s kid..
              I sure am ! …but ..
              If you feel that strongly about it .. and you feel this
              is wasting your time” .. Well ..

              a piece of advice for ya !!

              Don’t let the door hit ya ..
              where the Good Lord split ya !

              1. Hey, I better not be considered the resident troll, just b/c I happen to live in Seattle.

        1. YOU MAD BRO? Let me guess… you went to UCLA and you’re still living at your Mom’s. I know, you have your own sad story and nobody gives you an inch right?

          Keep lashing out at nothing… take out the garbage and shut up.

          1. No need to come up with stories to make you feel better about your own life, homie. I am both smarter and more well off than you, guaranteed.

            1. NinerWhiner is from Da Old Skool of Hard Knocks Hommie “G” Dizzle yo! haha

  2. No need to feel sorry for him – there’s a good chance that if he wasn’t Jerry Rice’s son he’d never have made it this far. The name has carried him further than his on-field production warrants. In that respect being the son of a great in the NFL has been a boon.

    He’s very much a long shot to ever make it onto an NFL in-season roster, but its good to see he’s willing to work hard to find his way somewhere in football. Good luck to him.

    1. Scooter, remember that thread on whether or not you should get your college education b/4 or after being drafted. This is an argument in favor of. Not to worry, Senior is worth $55M.

      On a side note I just did a celebrity net worth check on Ashton Meem and she is now worth $4M.

      1. True Mary – this is an example of why it is good from a player’s point of view to complete your studies if you aren’t going to be getting drafted early. Job security in the NFL is an uncertain business, good to have a fall back option. However, you can make an argument that these guys can still complete their studies if their NFL career doesn’t pan out.

        The gist of the previous discussion was about why it makes sense for a football team to take guys that have graduated – team POV not player POV. From a team POV it makes sense (in my eyes at least) as you are talking about making decisions between guys of similar talent level – having a degree shows a capacity and dedication for learning and self betterment/ attainment, so makes sense for teams to place a certain value on it.

  3. “He’s supposed to be the second coming of greatness”. “With Jerry Rice’s genes and his advice, how could his son not be the best”? No he’s not, he’s supposed to be himself. Too bad it doesn’t work that way, could you imagine another generation like the ones that grew up during the Great Depression and battled in WWII?

  4. His father, Jerry Rice Sr., attracted haters during his NFL carrier and a lot of them called themselves 49er fans. Jerry Rice Jr. was a walk-on at UCLA, got his degree and used his last year of eligibility to get a chance to play in a smaller program. Like Montana’s son he was invited to join the rookies for a tryout. Neither one of them got the right DNA from their parents to have a chance to be a NFL player.

    The 49ers are extending the same courtesy to the grandson of a famous SF Giant (Jim Davenport) this weekend.

    Why the hate?

  5. Grant, referring to Rice as Rice Junior through out your piece followed your father’s tactic of diminishing the subjects of his own work. It’s interesting that your current internship started with you using what you’ve learned from your father, and possibly his name. Jerry Rice Jr. has picked hard work and doing his best as the attributes that he has been able to learn from his father.

    My guess is that he will get his masters and he will follow a carrier path that lets him use what he has learned from his father.

  6. Grant,
    Good read. I always enjoy back-stories that gives me an inside view of a person’s upbringing in all walks of life.

    JRII’ story is no different than the one we heard from Joe Montana’ son last year. A son trying to burst through the shadow of a legendary parent typically comes up short.

    Walter Payton’ son fell short, Montana’ sons have fallen short and JRII will likely fall short as well. Although the above mentioned hopefuls may not have the same skill level as their Dad’s, they have been blessed with strong competitive spirit and a drive that keeps them trying to achieve their goal. Sure, these guys receive certain privileges for being born into sports royalty, but I don’t have an issue with that.

    I don’t know where Montana’ sons are at the moment or what JRII will do if football does not work out, but I have a sense that he will succeed in whatever endeavor he sets his eyes on.

  7. I actually feel sorry for all the offspring of these great sports legend. How can any of them replicate half of what they did? Michael Jordan’s son, Rice, Montana’s cannot even crack the professional ranks, let alone create a legacy of greatness. In fact, has anyone come close to any of these greats, I say no.

    1. ditto. But in the NFL there are only 350 some spots available each year. And if you don’t get invited to the combine . . .

    2. Prime, My son played on the same Cardinal Newman team that Nate (Scooter) Montana did, in fact he caught passes from Nate pretty regularly since neither were starters in their positions, Nate Montana was the backup QB on his HS Football team that year (2004). Anyway, the point is that kids on the opposing teams would be pretty cruel to Nate whenever he got a chance to play. Poor guy got singled out for some pretty harsh heckling by players on the field and even parents on the opposing sidelines every time he got on the field. Although he was raised in a life of privilege most kids only dream of, the reality was being the son of an NFL God wasn’t all peaches and cream. I think these guys, Rice II and both Montana boys are just expected from the day they’re born to be these awesome football players, when maybe they just did not inherent the natural abilities of their dads, or more importantly the drive or desire to even play the game. Kind of hard to feel too much pity though, these kids can choose pretty much whatever path they want in life, without the normal day to day pressures we all face to bring home a paycheck.

  8. Prime,
    The Manning brother’s haven’t done to bad, but Archie never reached legendary level. Same could be said for other players who followed their dad’s into the pros like Kobe, Stephan Curry, and football’s Matthews family.

    Ken Norton Jr, became a good football player although his dad made his name in the boxing ring.
    But I agree with you there are few that make it.

    1. You got that right! AM must have been a hell of a father, teacher and motivator.

      Interesting tidbit, Charley Casserly, NFL analyst broke the story that Manziel was kicked out of PM QB School by Archie b/c he showed up hung over. Can’t wait to see how that kid develops.

    2. Don’t forget the Griffeys. Ken Sr was a great player with the Big Red Machine team of the 70’s, although over shadowed by people such as Rose, Morgan, and Perez. And we all know about Griffey Jr.

      Does anybody know if both Griffeys are in the baseball HOF. I am pretty sure there is no example of a father and son both being in the football HOF.

      1. Rick, I was try to find out HOF info & look what I found on Wikipedia.

        In January 1988, Griffey, at the age of 18, attempted to commit suicide by swallowing 277 aspirin pills but wound up in intensive care in Providence Hospital in Mount Airy, Ohio.[84] Griffey, Jr. cited arguments with his father, Ken Griffey, Sr., depression, and anger as reasons for his attempted suicide.[85] On his failed attempt, Griffey, Jr. stated, “It seemed like everyone was yelling at me at baseball, then I came home and everyone was yelling at me there…I got depressed. I got angry. I didn’t want to live.”[85] He stated that he had also previously contemplated taking his own life, but he had not acted on it until this incident.[85] After Griffey swallowed the aspirin, his girlfriend’s mother drove him to the hospital.[85] While in intensive care, he ripped the IV from his arm in order to stop an argument between him and his father.[85] Both Griffey, Jr. and his father have stated that the incident changed their relationship, and there is now more “understanding” on both parts

        1. Mary,
          Good stuff on the Griffey Jr. story. I had never heard this before.

          Thanks for adding the Griffey’ to the list. I had completely overlooked them.
          I’m sure I may missing other as well.

  9. Rice, Montana and Cohn there is something kind of old school about sons following in their dad’s footsteps, I believe that all thee of these young men will probably be very successful men. I’m just curious whether this post would have such a positive slant if rice was a grad of……I don’t know maybe USC.

  10. So, no report on the 49ers rookie mini-camp other the Jerry Rice, Jr. and Tim Kawakami. I dunno, but I thought there might be something written about these other young players when the media was allowed to watch. Maybe OTA’s will get a buzz around here. I’m still hopeful.

    1. The media wasn’t allowed to watch. Practice will be open to the media on Wednesday.

  11. How about Howie Long. One son on the Rams and another on the Bears. Remember last year when one brother broke up a fight the other got into on the field?? Haha.

            1. I was in Canton and watched Howie get inducted into the HOF in
              2000 .. (along with The Joe and Ronnie)

              btw .. I wasn’t referring to you with my “resident troll”
              comment (above)… but
              we do have one.. ya kno ..

              See if you can spot him when he shows up here

              1. Tks MWNiner Glad I’m not disturbing the peace & think I know who u mean. Must have been exciting exper. attending HOF induction 4 NFL players you admire.

                AES this is for you also. I was just curious if HLong had any other sons & he does. Howie Jr. is in football operations with the Raiders. I guess it really is in the genes. Short read about the concerns a parent can have re football injuries.


  12. Silver linings about Marquardt’s foot.. if he clears waivers the 49ers can put him on IR. (may already have happened)

    With reserves Snyder, Martin (R), Martin and Looney the 49ers would have had to cut him outright or try to sneak him onto the practice squad (risking 24 hr waivers).

    1. Brodie – fwiw RE: 49ers Offense. I’m attaching an article and chart by Davis Hsu written on 5/22/14 that I ran across today on Fieldgulls w/cap info for 2014-15 Chart w/info from as well as Draft year and Rd., etc. and who he thinks 2014 Roster will be. He must know what he’s talking abt b/c he says 49ers did an amazing job of drafting for their offense.

      In this article are links to same info for Seahawk’s offense & defense. Know your enemies :)

        1. Joobreaker that’s what happens: too much caffene & no sleep. Brodie found it. See below.

      1. Hi Mary

        I found the link

        That’s a handy chart. Nicely displays players on the bubble. It would be nice to have both offense and defense charts on the same page.

        I agree with his roster assessment for the most part. Nine offensive linemen is alot. I could see Looney, (Jon) Martin, Kilgore and Snyder battling it out for three roster spots. I also think the will carry three quarterbacks.

        The roster math is not as painful as last season. My big concern is cutting special teams studs to make room.

  13. Good article Grant. Gives an insight that some people might have never considered. Interesting that athletics is one of the few fields that a family name ultimately carries little weight. Sure he was invited to camp but it won’t help him make the team. From his response’s it appears that he is already a success as a person even if he doesn’t make it in football.

    What might be interesting is if the sons of football greats got together and formed teams to play against each other. They could barnstorm the country. You could have Montana to Rice all over again.

  14. I once sat next to Jerry Rice at a Warriors game when he was still in his prime. I had seats way up there, center field but about 20 rows up.
    He was just a regular guy, no pretenses. I didn’t recognize him at first.
    It looks like Junior DOES have all the good qualities of his dad!

  15. He only received 23 chromosomes from Jerry Sr, and was raised in a different environment. It shouldn’t be any surprise that he didn’t make the cut.

  16. with all this talk about our kids…

    Coach Harbaw is thinking back to Coronado.
    Can you even imagine how much greater
    the satisfaction to have just left it alone.
    Focus a little more on life off the field…
    Finish out a nice long stint as head coach
    for the University of San Diego…?
    Enjoy raising a family down there…

    Instead we get the NFL, the khaki, and what???
    No Lombardi trophy, that’s what.

  17. Technical Question.

    When the 49ers place a new draft choice on IR for his entire first year, their slotted contract roles over for one year. How are those players paid for their initial IR year?

    1. The 49er’s “red-shirt” rookies are actually placed on the Non-Football Injury (NFI) list at the start of training camp. They are paid their full salary for the season. The interesting point is that since Lattimore was never activated last season, he does not accrue a season of service, so he is essentially still under the control of the 49ers for 4 years. Since both Dial and Carradine were activated last season, they have 3 years remaining on their deals. I would look for the 49ers to keep Thomas, Reaser, and Millard on the NFI list for all of 2014. I’m sure you remember the whole 4-week window after week 6 thing from last season. I’d recommend looking at websites like overthecap, Niner Salary Cap Hell, Niner nation, or CSN (if you can navigate through their clumsy archives) if you want the exact details.

    1. Thanks for the information. The 49ers had three draftees assigned to Short term IR/Designated for Return. Two of those guys “returned” what ever that means. For them their rookie contracts proceeded normally.

      Marcus Lattimore remained on IR for the whole season and his rookie contract rolled into this year so he will be under the terms of his rookie contract for one more year than his draft peers. My question is how and what was he paid for 2013 which, as I understand it, doesn’t count on his rookie contract?

      1. See above, I also wanted to mention that Marquart (sp?) was cut so he got paid as a practice squad player.

        1. That’s what I wanted to know. I’m not sure why your post came up after my second post. This blog has some strange software behavior.


          1. I know what you mean, sometimes I just don’t respond because I can’t get my response to go in the correct place. Enjoy your Sunday!

            1. SactoGreg

              First click on reply and then I type person or persons name I’m replying to. Scrolling thru also.

              1. Yes, but sometimes it doesn’t work. Especially on my “dinosaur” 2007 phone. So I take it you are a Hawks fan? What was your take on the Sherman postgame rant?

    2. (Hail) Mary :) – Welcome to the blog! You are much needed since 9erGirl left us last year. Hope you stick around this sometimes crazy place.

      1. Crab 15,
        Good call on Mary.

        MIA over the last season or no longer frequent posters:
        Hofer67 (out all season)
        49erGirl (a few post last season)
        Lemons (completely gone after 4-5 games into the season)

        Hope all is well with the old crew and perhaps we’ll see them this season.

        1. AES – I forgot about Clem (Msclemon)….Hope they all come back some day. Have a great Memorial Day wknd bro! I’m vacationing in San Clemente right now. Quest for 6!!!

      2. Thank you Crab 15 and everybody else. You’re all a lot of fun and everyone seems very knowledgeable.

  18. Grant
    Okay, sorry, I didn’t know that wasn’t allowed on here. Anyway, maybe you could look at the link posted by Mary and give us some really dense informative pieces until the season begins instead of the kind of self-righteous crap Kawakami is putting up or the fluff type piece you just wrote about Junior.

    Those Seagulls writers up in Seattle sure are kicking our San Francisco 49ers writers butts in every regard. Time to get better this offseason?

      1. Mary
        I made an unfortunate wisecrack about SBMonkey posting at 4:55 AM and alluded to a certain substance that frequently enables people to stay up that late spouting psychobabble. It’s an illicit substance, often associated with Colombia. You referenced caffeine above, but your post was at 1:30 AM or so. 4:55 AM implicates a much more powerful influence.

        1. Joobreaker: it depends on how much coffee you drink :)

          I think I was responding to Jashaw about the PED use in Seattle he’s always nagging me about. I gave the stats from ESPN & Wikapedia and I said what’s the matter are you concussed or something.

          Next thing I knew there was a message that said the moderator is reviewing this. I thought I might have been a bit rude. I rewrote it and it was just as effective. Haha.

  19. Seagulls facility is on a lake and is picturesque. Niners facility is between two freeways in the armpit of the Bay Area.

    Seagulls owner started Microsoft and pays through the nose to keep players and locals happy. Niners owner lucked into ownership after real owner ran a riverboat gambling operation, and is reluctant to pay nominal fees to support local children’s athletics, despite prior contractual obligations.

    Seagulls coach gives players attaboys and Adderall. Niners coach gives players attaboys and morality lessons.

    1. JB,Can’t tell whether you’re a Seahawks troll or a malcontent Niner fan, but if you like all that Seattle and their NFL franchise have to offer so much , checkout Alaska Air, I hear they have good one way fares from SFO up to SEA/TAC.

      1. Bar None

        No no. Red and Gold all day long, just throwing up some facts. I was just thinking about the facilities, ownership, and coaching on the two teams and realized that it’s no wonder Seattle has been getting good players in FA. Niners now have a modern facility in which to train, practice, and play, but it should have been sited on the water IN San Francisco. Ownership is still John York, who is by all accounts a cheapskate. And our coach just refuses to cheat. The cards are stacked against us.

        Still, you’d have to be a numbskull to want to live in Seattle instead of San Francisco, so we’re naturally a superior species down here.

        If I’m getting on any airline named after a state, it’ll be Hawaiian Air, FYI.

        1. JB, lol, Okay! Good answers and/or responses on all counts, I stand corrected!
          I agree that it would’ve been ideal to build the new stadium on the bay in SF on the water but I think it was the voters and politicians in SF that impeded that from happening rather than York’s tightwad tendencies. Anyway we’re out of poor old Candlestick and do have a beautiful new castle to defend close to SF. You can rest assured that when the networks go to or return from TV breaks they will still show the GGB, Alcatraz, SF skyline, etc., so it will feel the same, if you’re watching on TV anyway. Now we just have to carry over our homefield undefeated streak against Carroll and the SeaBags to Levi Stadium and never break the streak! GO NINERS!

      2. Joobreaker and Bar None:

        Nope JB’s a 49er fan thru and thru and I forwarded an article a couple of days ago on my hero PeteC and the “new age” philosophy he’s preaching here in Washington state and there was a pic of the Hawk’s VMAC facility in Kirkland on beautiful Lake Washington.

        I have no doubt but that he’d relocate in a New York Minute if it weren’t for the gray skies, clouds and rain.
        P.S.: And what else does millionaire Paul Allen have to spend his money on.

        1. Billionaire. I visited Seattle in 1996 to look at UW. It was a great place. The reasons I wouldn’t live there are: rain, grey skies, and sanctimonious Seahawks fans who (finally) have a reason to be somewhat happy about their team. The Seahawks are cheaters though, so it’ll always have an asterisk attached; Adderall and nonstop holding in the secondary.

        2. Mary, I sure hope you’re going for sarcasm when you say Carroll’s your “Hero”?

          1. Bar None

            Nope I’m really not sarcastic, I’m direct and I say what I think. And if the 49ers should go to the SB this year, I would support them wholeheartedly. I’m a division person.

  20. Good article. He seems like a good kid. Had a great dad for someone to emulate. Yes, if he was anyone else he wouldn’t be in any mini-camp. Nevertheless he does have a good family history and I wish him well.

  21. It seems none of the greats including Montana, Rice, Lott, Walter Payton and George Atkinson have sons that are NFL caliber players. It’s not genetics.

    1. Mary, not sure what you want said. Russell Wilson was married? And now he’s not? (yawn) So, what were you asking?

      (btw, this is the general tone to any/all news about RW, the most mindnumbingly boring/nauseating QB to watch in the NFL)

    2. Nice picture of her..sorry it didn’t work out..I saw her by his side in a few interviews and she would be looking so beautiful there.But we should respect Russell’s and Ashton private life..Let’s not get personal Mary..keep it on football.

    3. What are you trying to point out (for a 2nd time?) that we should care about?

      1. I meant nothing and Deezybee was absolutely correct. Thanks Deezybee for having good taste. We could discuss personal issues of all 32 teams ad nauseam but that’s not why we’re here and it’s negative.

        This is where I really need advice from you guy & women. Obviously I didn’t play ball or even care about & no family who did. On the net where can I find useful info besides info or books? Perferably West Coast Off./Def. Tks.

        1. I meant to say besides Wikipedia b/c I have downloaded so much stuff from there and it’s so overwhelming.

          Goal: I want to watch a game and know these formations and schemes, whatever they are called. Also, what is the most efficient way to learn the offense and defense.

          Point me in the right direction, will someone?

  22. Happy Memorial Day.
    Thank you to all those on this blog who have served or may be currently serving in the military to protect our great country.
    And a special thanks and remembrance to all the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

  23. SactoGreg: I just saw your email re Richard Sherman’s rant. Of course I wish he hadn’t. But here’s a great article abt that last play including the rant and advice that Coach Carroll gave RS – “don’t do anything to hurt or take away from the team.”

    And I think this is exactly what Coach Harbaugh should say to Alden Smith. And if Smith can’t comply after the 5th year he’ll probably go the same way as Browner and Thurmond.

  24. If Jerry ever gets disappointed that his son didn’t follow in his footsteps, I suggest that he watches an episode of “Young And Rich In Beverly Hills” and catch Magic Johnson’s kid.

  25. Heres the thing: Jerry rice jr is jerry rice jr. who cares how bad he is, what if he wake sup one day and becomes the jerry rice everyone is critisizing him to be? this conversation isnt necessary because if jerry rice jr get drafted by the 49ers during season, tht gives him a chance to show you stupid, underestimating critics how good he can be. If he was that bad than why not write a summary about how BAD he is? too hard right, thts how much sense it makes

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