Jerry Rice on Randy Moss

Jerry Rice, the 49ers’ Hall of Fame wide receiver, had a few pointed responses when asked what he thought of current 49er receiver Randy Moss calling himself this week the greatest wide receiver in NFL history.

“Randy could have been the greatest player in NFL history,” Rice said. “But you gotta have it here in your heart.”

Rice pointed to his thumper.

“I never ever took a play off,” Rice said. “I felt if I did, I would let the team down.”

Early in his career, Moss was known for playing when he wanted to play. Moss strolling on routes was not an uncommon sight.

How can Rice offer conclusive proof that he’s better than Moss?

“Because of this!” Rice said, pointing to the Super Bowl XXIV ring he earned after a 55-10 thrashing of Denver.

“I got three of these,” Rice said. “I sure would like to see Randy get his first one Sunday.”

Rice had the biggest smirk on his face that I have ever seen on anyone.

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