Jerry Rice is a wedding crasher

This is a great story.

According to Kevin Clark of The Ringer, former 49ers Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice regularly crashes weddings, usually in the Bay Area. He has crashed one almost every weekend since 2006 — two years after he retired.

Rice says he doesn’t actively seek out the weddings, but he golfs a lot and whenever he sees a wedding at the golf course he’s playing that day, he makes a point to join the party. He likes to take pictures with the guests, and he likes to dance.

“Because I did Dancing with the Stars, people in the weddings want to dance with me because they think I’m some sort of professional dancer,” Rice said. “I don’t mind getting out there and cutting a rug and having fun. It’s my nature. I love people, and I want everything to be natural. I want to give people a memory.”

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  1. Awwww !! …

    This is just one of the reasons ..
    they call him … “The G.O.A.T.”

    (Thanks for this one .. Grant ..
    a great one !)

  2. Not surprised he likes golf. Years ago my aunt sold her Sharon Heights country club membership to Jerry. He’s putting it to good use.

    I went there once. I should have gotten to know my well off branch of the fam better. A little different than the Roseland Dist.

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