Jets @ Ravens live stream

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson works out prior to an NFL football game against the New York Jets, Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

This is the live stream for the Week 15 Thursday night game between the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets. Ryan Sakamoto and I will announce the game live on the HotMic App.

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    1. Someone, on someone’s team is going to knock Lamar Jackson out. I don’t care how fast he is at some point between now and the Super Bowl, someone is going to knock him out. Not saying he will be injured. But once he tastes what it feels like to get hit, first time on his arse, he won’t be the same free runner.
      That’s how you stop Lamar Jackson. That style of quarterbacking won’t last in the NFL. Only because the guys on the defence of side have some pretty good athleticism too

        1. I’ve seen it with Randall Cunningham, Michael Vick, Colin Kaepernick. He is a better runner than all those guys, but eventually all those guys got dinged up. Lamar’s time will come. Its just a matter of time before someone pops him.

          1. I think its an insult comparing Colin Kap and LJ or any of the other QB’s mentioned…….

            Don’t you all remember how awful Colin was……honest truth I smashed a tv after watching Colin Kap play a game……..can’t recall the game…….but it was the same “can only read half a field” rant……

            1. Oneniner, running QB’s, and yes Lamar can throw, will eventually get dinged playing that style.
              He wont be able to avoid a serious hit from someone. Its football. He is good but not elusive enough to get hit hard eventually.

      1. Incredibly, most East Coast folks call Jimmy “solidly middle of the pack.” That’s a ~.500 record, people. Sheesh.

  1. Jackson is a a very smart and determined player. He makes very good decisions when to end the designed runs. The players around him protect him well. His lateral agility, exceptional balance and his unbelievable start/stop ability makes him very, very difficult to hit. I’ve never seen anything like him in 35 years of watching NFL games. I can see his passing game improving steadily over the next several seasons. He’s going to play for a long time, IMO.

    1. I think you nailed it. He’ll be fine as long as he has the right supporting cast (and smart coach). Will his team always be good enough for his style of play?

  2. Jackson’s strategy around running is brilliant. He’s always migrating towards the sidelines, because he knows that he can’t be hit from that side. No one is catching him from behind. He just needs to look to ahead and towards the center of the field.

    The only way to really get to him is for someone to get him in the backfield and hold him up, so another player can get a lick on him.

    That’s it.

    Because the odds of nailing him in the open field are incredibly high.

  3. On Thursday morning, the President of the United States sent a tweet to his 60+ million followers blasting a 16-year-old girl with Asperger’s syndrome who has rallied efforts at fighting climate change around the globe.

    Sadly, Trump’s response is predictable in the wake of the Swedish climate activist being named as Time’s Person of the Year over him. Trump is a bully. And he has shown time and again that he has no qualms about bullying anyone and everyone.

    What’s truly troubling — and what makes me genuinely mad — about all of this is that we won’t hear condemnation from supporters of Trump (in elected office and out) for this absolutely appalling behavior.

    …. common decency would dictate that, as a society, we don’t condone an adult bullying a 16-year-old girl online. Because we know it’s wrong. Because we know if we had a daughter, we wouldn’t want her to be bullied by an adult. Much less an adult man. Much less one who is the President of the United States.

    How any decent human being can follow this moron …..amazes me….

    1. You have no impulse control. Go take a dump somewhere else where people might give a sh1t about your inability to share in the proper venue and context.

    2. The last time we were in a Presidential impeachment the Niners were in the middle of a 12-4 season, leading the league in rushing and total yards gained. They finished as a wild card to the 14-2 Falcons (Falcons, Panthers and Saints were still in the NFC West) beating the Packers, then losing to Falcons in the playoffs.

      Some of this history will be replayed, if only the Presidential part.

  4. This is why I like mobile QBs. Jackson provides another weapon, and Roman is using him wisely.
    However, i thought it was a poor decision to let him play in the 4th quarter. They should not risk him when they had a 28 point lead.

            1. The only thing John H learned, actually knew at the time, was that his team, with its pocket passing stiff, could handle his bro’s dynamic mobile QB.

      1. Roman has a better version of Kaepernick. Jackson has not only the top end speed, but the quickness and lateral movement Kaepernick didn’t.

        Jackson isn’t a very good thrower, but he doesn’t need to be precise too often because teams are so focused on the run that he’s got guys running free often.

        And the problem was Kaepernick.

        1. Kap had no touch on the ball…..couldn’t complete a short pass and always threw a fast ball.

          LJ is poised and controlled and way smarter the Kap……

          Kap’s kypronite was reading the defense….

          1. Meh. Their passing numbers are almost the same through their first 21 starts.

            The differentiator is Jackson’s running.

            1. And Jackson’s accuracy throwing downfield. And Jackson’s vision and ability to keep his eyes downfield. And Jackson’s ability to improvise throws (not just runs). And Jackson just being better.

              1. Per game averages through 21 starts-Passing

                Kaepernick: 16-26, 204yds, 1.3 TD’s, .52 int

                Jackson: 16-25, 191yds, 1.8TD’s, .42 int

                Pretty similar throwers.

                Per game averages through 21 starts-Rushing

                Kaepernick: 8-31yds, .24TD’s

                Jackson: 13-78yds, .5TD’s

                Jackson a much better runner.

                Let’s try to not let recency bias, or bias against a player interfere with reality.

              2. Has nothing to do with recency bias, or bias against a player. Jackson has a much higher touchdown rate (1.8 to 1.3 over the course of a season is 8 passing touchdowns), and a lower interception rate. You are also discounting the fact that Jackson’s completion percentage is affected by last year’s rookie figures, when he is at 66.2% this year, a completion rate Kaepernick never even came close to sniffing (Kaepernick’s highest completion rate was 2012, the year he took over for Alex Smith, when he completed 62.4% of his passes. Every other year Kaepernick’s completion percentage was below 60%, other than 2014 when it was 60.5%). In regard to advanced statistics, Kaepernick’s first year as a QB had a net yards per attempt index and adjusted yards per attempt index of 105 and 114 (100 is average, higher is better), where as Jackson has an adjusted yards per attempt and net yards per attempt of 113 and 123.

                In other words, Jackson is better at completing passes, for longer, than Kaepernick in their first year as starters. Which evidences my comment about Jackson having better accuracy, vision, and ability to keep his eyes downfield.

                There is also the eyeball test; I was there when Kaepernick only looked at one side of the field (whereas I’ve watched Jackson go to his third or even fourth reads), or decided a throw to the receiver running an out was catchable five yards into the sideline (oof, that was the Packers regular season game where I literally stood up and walked away from my seat for a quarter). I saw Kaepernick decide a 3 yard swing pass was either worth a 90 mile per hour bullet, or an elevated toss twelve inches taller than the receiver’s out-stretched hands.

                The simple question is, would I rather have Jackson now or Kaepernick in his prime? Jackson has shown improvement in his passing skills that Kaepernick never did, and the answer is pretty easy.

              3. « The simple question is, would I rather have Jackson now or Kaepernick in his prime? »

                Jack Hammer says:
                December 13, 2019 at 10:50 am
                Roman has a better version of Kaepernick.

              4. Yes the numbers are similar……everything else about the players are different…..

                In this case I say comparing the numbers is irrelevant……

                If Ljackson was our QB during our last SB…. no way we lose….

              5. Kap doesn’t want to work on his mechanics and doesn’t think much about watching film. He is the anti-Walsh QB.

              1. That’s fine. I think Jackson is benefiting from the threat of his running through a decreased pass rush and guys getting really open quite often.

    1. This is why I like mobile QBs.

      The SB has been overwhelmingly won by pocket QBs.

      I guess you don’t want to win the SB. Bravo. <—- Seb style absolutist nonsense.

      1. Dilfer was a pocket passer, so you must like pocket passers like Dilfer.
        Look, the Niners just re-signed Jordan Matthews. Guess they have better assessment skills than you do.

        1. I do like SB winning QBs. We all know you don’t.

          Good for Jordan, I hope he lasts longer with the team this time. If he gets the chance to contribute, that is.

    1. really?…….we are at the back end of the waiver wire……..a terrible team will claim him……he probably wants to go back to the ravens

  5. Kaep did get the Niners to the SB after only his 10th game starting, including 2 road playoff wins, when he set the QB playoff rushing record.
    Now, many are questioning the wisdom of Jackson running so much. Just gives him more of a chance to incur an injury.
    JH tried to protect Kaep, but turned him loose in the playoffs. Kaep passed for over 300 yards in the SB, so the screed that he cannot pass is specious. He and Joe are the only QBs to pass for over 300 yards, and run for over 50 yards in the SB.

      1. I blame the refs. Bruce Miller was bear hugged on their KR TD, but the refs swallowed their whistles.
        First play of the Niner offense was a ticky tacky call. Negated a 20 yard gain.
        Crab was ear holed with a helmet to helmet hit, but no call. The PI in the end zone could have been called. The contact was 10 yards down field.
        Of course, the Niners should have won despite the refs, but they also made some questionable play calls, like not giving Frank Gore the ball. They gave the ball on first down to Lamichael James? smh

            1. If KS had run the ball 3 times in OT when the Seahawks were out of time outs, he would have ensured a tie. KS still needs to learn from his mistakes.
              However, last game, he did well, so maybe he is learning.

              1. I would much rather the Niners have a 11-1-1 record, AND the Seahawks have a 9-3-1 record.
                But, then again, you want the Niners to have twice as hard a time to win.
                Even with running, they might have gotten into FG range, so running the ball is playing to their strength.

              2. You are the one with the macho bravado that want the Niners to play twice in the Clink with no first round bye.
                I want them to win out, claim home field advantage, with a first round bye.

              3. Football coaches that play for ties don’t coach much longer.
                You completely lose the trust of your players. You would know that if you played any kind of sport.
                “Ok guys, we are going to try not to lose instead of win?
                That’s the message you want to send? You are not very bright are you?

              4. Accepting a tie, when losing is the alternative, is much preferable. Losing sucks.
                Running the ball with Mostert, could have gotten them in position for a FG and a win. That would be trying to win. The Seahawks were expecting the pass, that is why they were so effective stymieing it.
                Clock management is a very important aspect that the HC controls, and is responsible for.
                KS did not think it through, like you.

              5. You are so smart Seb with your hindsight justifications and after the fact reasoning.
                How easy it must be to say if he only?
                You get mad and fussy when people call you names. Well the reason is you think like a moron and present your arguments accordingly.

    1. A virtual snapshot, Seb. Fact is, he went downhill every year after that, never improved on his weaknesses. Like a movie that started out great and then got worse with each minute, Kap was a bad piece of cinema.

      Your conjuring up a little factoid does not make anyone on the planet Earth think he was like Joe.

      1. This needs context. The Niner O line were turnstiles, and his WRs were mediocre.
        Baalke dismantled a SB team, his drafts were pathetic, and decent FAs avoided the Niners like the plague.
        It is a team sport, and Jackson is surrounded by talent, and the coaching is making them into an offensive juggernaut. The defense improved with Marcus Peters. Earl Thomas is an elite pickup.
        Joe was also surrounded by talent, and he had Jerry rice to throw to. Older Pro Bowl FAs accepted less pay to come to the Niners, just so they could get a ring.

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