Jim Harbaugh: “I kind of think some of these questions are for your own pleasure.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

When we talked to you Thursday night, you hadn’t seen 49ers CEO Jed York’s tweet, you didn’t know, you didn’t respond. I’m sure, at some point, you’ve seen it now, where he said that that performance was not unacceptable and he apologized. What’s your reaction to that and have you talked to Jed the last few days about his feelings about that game?

“Nobody that’s for us was happy about losing the game, losing a big game. We’re still not happy about it. Our job is … my job, let’s talk about my job. My job is to get it right. That’s what we’re attacking today without excuse. Onward to the Raiders.”


Have you talked with Jed? Has he passed along his feelings about what happened?

“To me, that’s not significant. What’s significant is we move on without excuse and get it right, make it right. That’s our jobs.”


Are there practical things that you’re changing that you can talk about, particularly in your offense? Is offensive coordinator Greg Roman going to remain the play caller?

“Yes. Have unwavering support for all our coaches and our players.”


Has management or ownership asked you to do anything with your coaching staff or make any changes?



Do you think your future is in question here beyond this season?

“I don’t worry about my future. Haven’t participated in any of that speculation. I think I have a recessive gene for worrying about my own future. What I want is – I want to attack this week. I want to get this right.”


Do you believe that the conversation, it’s constant, obviously, and you’ve referred to it as not being that logical, but the constant conversation about your future, about where the team’s going, what the ownership thinks of you, what the general manager and you, do you think in any way that has caused some of this, has been a distraction, has caused some of the problems that we’ve seen on the field?

“Again, I’m not going to speculate. It’s our job to move on without excuse, without apology and get it right. Make it right. That’s our intentions.”


Can you confirm which of the two teams you’ll be coaching Sunday?


Have you spoken to Jed about your employment status?

“Have I?”


Spoken to Jed about — ?

“When? In the last –?”



“No, not in the last weekend, no.”


You talked about trying to get things right. What are you going over with QB Colin Kaepernick and trying to get him back on track?

“Again, we’re going to attack it. We’re going to get it right. There will be improvements that are made and I have great confidence that we can do that.”


Everybody saw what he did against the Seahawks in the championship game, all the running. He didn’t do any running, really, against them on Thursday. Why the difference in plans of attack against that defense?

“Again, we’re not going to make excuses. There’s nothing we can do about the game. We weren’t happy, none of us. None of us were happy that we lost the game. But we can’t do anything about that. It’s attacking this ball game. That’s what we want. We want to get it right this weekend.”


Colin took a lot on his shoulders. Said he that made some bad throws in that game. When you guys look at that film, were there plays out there to be made that just the execution wasn’t there that should’ve been made?

“Again, not going to make an excuse or apology. It’s onward.”


How would you characterize your relationship with Jed York right now?

“I wonder. I’ve gotten three questions from [San Jose Mercury News writer] Mark [Purdy], from [Santa Rosa Press Democrat writer] Grant [Cohn], from you. Do you really want my answer?”



“Or, are you just asking for your own pleasure?”


No. I actually want to hear your answer.

“What I want is to attack this week, get it right.”


So, you’re not going to comment about your relationship?

“I kind of think some of these questions are for your own pleasure. Something on the ballgame?”


Yes. Is it difficult to prepare a team for an opponent that just loss by a score of 52-0 in terms of getting people ready to be as sharp as possible?

“They’re all good teams. There’s no bad teams in the National Football League. The NFL has done a great job making each game a test. And they’ve exceeded in expectations in that regard.”


From your time with the Raiders and working under Mr. Davis, what were some of the greatest things you learned or maybe some areas of growth that have prepared you for this?

“In so many areas. Had a profound, positive impact on my life. And it’s pretty well documented. I could elaborate more, but we’re competing against that team this week and we’ve got to prepare for that.”


But we want you to elaborate more. Any specifics you can share?

“[San Jose Mercury News writer] Cam [Inman] and I talked about this last week. He did an in-depth. We spent some time. Has that come out yet?”


The story will run soon.


Suspend the suspense.


You mentioned your unwavering support for Greg. When you talk about attacking and looking at the offense, do you think structural changes need to be made just in the philosophy in what you do?

“We just have to do better. We have to do a better job, and that’s what we understand.”


What’s T Anthony Davis, his status. Have the symptoms subsided?

“I think better.”


Do you have any opinion about Raiders QB Derek Carr? Have you gotten a chance to see him, their rookie quarterback?

“Yes. I think he’s a fine player. He’s handled his business. He’s done a fine job in the role.”


Did you work him out a little bit?



LB NaVorro Bowman going to be able to get on the field this week?

“I think we’re looking at another week of rehab.”


Do you expect him then to go on season-ending IR?

“No. I have no expectation today what’s going to happen.”


Have there been any setbacks or just continuing to stick with what’s been working?

“Continue to do the rehab as I understand it.”


What about DL Glenn Dorsey? Where is he going into this week?

“Similar. Could be another week.”


Any word on WR Michael Crabtree? How did he come out after being examined?

“He’s working through some things. Talked to him this morning. He said it was going well.”


A few weeks back when WR Anquan Boldin said the whole ‘one-game season,’ how tough is it when you have that approach to then regroup after a loss and get back in that same mindset?

“To win the next game, that’s the mindset and I still feel that’s the right approach. It is a one-week season, this week.”


You’re familiar with the atmosphere in Oakland given your experience there. Does that present any special challenges with those fans and that kind of crazy scene?

“Yeah, every week, as I said before, every week is a test, a challenge. We have to prepare for it.”


Is this week more, as you said, every week’s a one-week season, more sticking with what this offense knows and trying to do it better or maybe looking for new, not re-writing the book, but looking for new ways, new things that you can do for this offense these last four games?

“Well, we’re preparing for that now. As I said earlier, I’m not going to explain. We’re going to work hard to get it right. Attacking it today and in our preparation all week.”


Do you have to go over with your players and let them know what the playoff picture looks like to let them know that there’s still a chance here that you guys can get in and even win the division?

“Well, we’ll treat it as we said. What we want to do is get it right this week.”


WR Stevie Johnson has been one of your most efficient receivers, but he’s had so many fewer snaps than Anquan and Michael. Why is that? Because with his opportunities, he seems to have made the most of them.

“Yeah, he’s done a fine job. And continue to do a good job getting the ball spread around to our receivers and continue to do better. We didn’t have a great performance by any stretch and as we said, we’re not happy about that. We’re looking to do something about it.”


Recently, you said TE Vernon Davis is ready for a breakthrough. What did Thursday’s game tell you about him? Was that a regression for him?

“None of us were happy about losing the football game.”


Do you still feel he’s ready right there?

“I do. Yeah, I do. I believe he’s doing a good job. Think it’ll happen.”


You guys have had a lot of injuries at tight end throughout the season. Just about every one of your tight ends has been injured at one point. How much does that shape what you’re able to do on offense, your game planning, your philosophy on offense, not having your full contingent of tight ends?

“Again, we’ve had that, but it’s not an excuse and it’s our job as players, coaches, to get it right.”


What do the Raiders do well, how can they be dangerous?

“Do a lot of things well.”


Could you name two things specifically that the Raiders do well?

“Yeah, they’re a very physical football team up front. They do a great job of running to the football. Two things.”


I ask this because I truly want to know the answer. Do you want to be back here next year?

“What I want is to attack this week and get it right.”


You expressed your support for the coaches. What are the things they’re doing that have been really good this year because your game the other night wasn’t so good? 

“Yeah, we could dwell on that and I choose not to. I choose to look forward. What can we do this week to put us in the best position that we can possibly be in to win the football game? That’s our job. That’s our responsibility to get it right.”

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  1. With regards to the headline, I found it interesting that he pointed out the 3 columnists that were in attendance today.

    1. Why is it interesting that he mentioned three journalist from two of the media sources that have been his main antagonists this season? Were Lowell and Timmy not there?

      1. Harbaugh knows those 3 will create their own story and were looking for him to make their angle stronger.

        1. Jack ,
          There has been over 800 hits on this site these two days and that has been one of the major topics, What is going to happen to the coach/coaches . So the questions about the tweet etc. where/ are pertinent .

          1. Did I say they weren’t? I find Harbaugh’s media interactions fascinating.

            The fact that all the pertinent questions that had little to do with football came from the coulmnists isn’t surprising. Harbaugh recognized it and shut them down.

          2. FYI, The increased number of hits is a pattern following 49ers losses that’s not unique to this blog.

  2. 1/ pretty predictable Presser from all sides.
    2/ from MNF Pre-Game Show: The Boss is kinda the John Wayne of R&R.

      1. Despite “Center Field” being The Most Smile-Enducing song OF ALL TIME, my bias is Bruce has an even larger stature in R&R history. But it’s all subjective.
        ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ is another smile-centric diddy. : >)

        1. I guess I was thinking more of CCR’s Vietnam era stuff. But both are great in my book. Just different eras of telling truths.

  3. If Jed fires Harbaugh because they don’t make the playoffs then the next coach has a huge expectation comin in. Mounting pressure every week.

    If Jed fires Harbaugh even if they lose in the playoffs, huge pressure on the next guy to get further then his predecessor.

    It’s a no win situation either way for the organization. Better to get everyone on the same page, work together and get it right.

    1. From Prime:

      “It’s a no win situation either way for the organization. Better to get everyone on the same page, work together and get it right.”

      That’s true – and whomever brings up how it used to be done under prior staffing gets shown the door.

    2. I’m pretty sure I read this in the 48 Laws of Power. “Never be the man, that follows the man.” Or something like that. If Harbaugh is fired after this year regardless of how they finish, the next man will be expected to win a Super Bowl. I’ve already trained myself to believe this. Any individuals best bet is to let Harbaugh sink the ship, take over, and rebuild it.

  4. I guess we will never know but is the true animosity between Harbaugh and Baalke over the CK and Alex Smith situation?
    Baalke relented and gave Harbaugh the go ahead and see what you can do with CK. And now that it has gone sideways, Harbaugh has this season to “get it right”?

    1. You are right, we’ll never know, but why would Baalke have been plumping for Alex Smith? He had no real ties with him. From all reports it was Harbaugh that convinced the 49ers to keep him in 2011.

      1. Maybe they decided for the first year lets go with Alex. After that you get to chose your QB.
        Baalke wanted something different from CK, Harbaugh insisted on CK, Baalke relented and here we are.
        I don’t know. Pure speculation but all things considered,CK has not performed very well on the entire year. The measuring stick was always going to be SEATTLE in Seattle. But after Thursdays debacle, maybe management blew their cover on the situation.

        1. “Baalke wanted something different from CK, Harbaugh insisted on CK, Baalke relented and here we are.”

          Where did you hear that? I’ve heard that CK was Harbaugh’s choice, but first time I have heard that Baalke wanted to go a different direction and relented on it.

          Keep in mind that due to the hold out Alex was only officially brought back in 2011 after they had drafted Kaep.

          1. Who knows how it is exactly. My guess and guess only is that there was a conflict between Baalke and JH on who each guy wanted as their QB for the team.
            Alex was probably their insurance initially. Like always,CK came to camp and wasn’t very good. Alex won the job.
            Now after 2 full years as the starter, Baalke doesn’t like the progress CK has made. Now both guys are married to each other (CK & JH) to win out and more. Otherwise,JH will have to relent to Baalke and draft someone to compete next year for the job.

            1. Fair enough, I was just curious how you came to the idea the animosity between JH and TB may be about Alex and Kaep.

              My two cents, it appeared Baalke was more than happy to move on from Alex in 2011 (when Harbaugh was the one to convince the team to give him another shot), 2012 (when the team offered him a low-ball starting QB contract despite Harbaugh saying he thought he deserved to be paid) and definitely in 2013 when Baalke finally traded him.

              I think the rift between the two (assuming it isn’t just rumour) is far more deep seated than any difference of opinion on the QB.

              1. What has plagued the Niners more this than injuries and all the off field distrsctions?

                Colin Kaepernicks erratic play from week to week. No one knows what guy is gonna show up. What’s Roman suppose to do?

              2. Not arguing with you there. Lack of consistency is a big issue. Not just for Kaep either, many guys on offense have been inconsistent this season.

                I don’t think you can give the coaches a pass for that though. Can’t put all the blame on the players. There is talent on this offense, the coaches have to do a better job of getting these players on the same page and playing consistently good football. If the QB isn’t capable of being a consistent playmaker, don’t keep making him the focus of the game plan. They did a good job of limiting the demands on Alex, being a run-oriented offense. They were reasonably successful last year with Kaep doing the same thing. But for some reason they have gone away from that this year and it hasn’t worked out very well.

              3. Scooter you think CK is playing in the same offense as last year?
                This year with the different passing formations and less of the read option and less of Gore, shows me that Roman is frustrated in what to do.
                I think that the frustration is a product of Roman trying everything to get CK going. Let’s be honest. Nothing has really worked.
                They want CK to be the focal point of the offense. They want him to undertake more, be the leader. However he can’t do it because his inaccuracy throwing the football is so high.
                Look,they got away with it against bad teams. What happened in a measuring stick game against Seattle? It wasn’t like the game plan was unique. It was the turonovers. To me it is all on the QB because in the big games, he’s faultered.

              4. I agree they want Kaep to be the playmaker, the focal point of the offense. The offense has indeed been changed from previous years (which is what I said, so not sure why you are implying I think it is the same offense). The 49ers have been passing considerably more this year than in the past.

                Those are coaching decisions that so far have backfired. Kaep was able to be as productive as Alex Smith last year when they ran pretty much the same type of offense that they ran in 2011 and 2012. Fair enough to try and see if Kaep can operate a more expansive offense this year, put more on his shoulders, but not sure why they are persisting with it when it hasn’t worked pretty much all year.

                Roman (Harbaugh) may be frustrated, but it doesn’t explain why they persist with the pass heavy game plans. Teams used to stack the box in 2011 through 2013 yet they stuck to their running game and used a lot of play action. This year they run mostly out of multiple TE or 2 back sets, mostly pass out of 3 or more WR sets, and use play action considerably less. No wonder teams say they are predictable.

              5. It’s possible Scooter that with injuries to the oline they had no choice but to stay pass orientated.
                This put CK front and centre and he has not done remarkably well. To his defence, a running game and healthy oline might have helped. The big problem is the interceptions.
                You know Im done dogging CK. He will have a bounce back game against the Raiders. Then we will see if I’m right about him in Seattle in 2 weeks.

              6. “It’s possible Scooter that with injuries to the oline they had no choice but to stay pass orientated.”

                I’m sure having Iupati and Davis out for a few games this year, two of the best run blockers on the team, may have influenced things to a degree. But pass blocking is still this OLs biggest issue – with the injuries to the OL it would make more sense to limit their exposure in pass protection, not accentuate it.

    2. Man you sure are full of yourself Mr. Canada. You are making stuff up now. throwing $hiton a wall to see what sticks. How do you know Baalke relented in giving up Alex?

      Don’t make things up to fuel your agenda. Now on top of being a d bag you are Nostradamus?

    3. Oh, Man you sure are full of yourself Canada. You are making stuff up now. throwing $hiton a wall to see what sticks. How do you know Baalke relented in giving up Alex?

      Don’t make things up to fuel your agenda. Now on top of being a d bag you are Nostradamus?

      1. Maybe you should learn how to read before letting your femininity control your emotions.
        What did I say? Did I not say my guess was….
        Just tell your hero to not cough up the ball anymore and he might find work up here in the CFL. The NFL game is too big for him!

      2. Bay- Don’t you realize by now that Prime ( and some others) spin reality in an attempt to reinforce how they wish it to be? Don’t you realize that even the disconnect between TB and Harbaugh and probably all the other personal chemistry problems that plague the organization point directly back at Kaepernick. It’s obviously all his fault. Prime is not above creating scenario’s that would validate that point.

        I would only hope that their distorted sense of reality is compartmentalized to the area of 49’er fandom.

        1. Willbalk, when you stop playing Dr.Phil on here and start watching football games,maybe then you can tell me how throwing crucial interceptions is somehow Baalke, Harbaugh, York, and the towel boys fault and not CK?

    4. Or maybe it’s based on a disagreement about Sherman and other Stanford players that Baalke has never drafted.

      On the other hand, Jed may be mad that Harbaugh turned down Jed’s extension offer.

      Speculation is endless.

      1. I thought I saw a lot of red flags in the 2013 preseason that TB and JH were not on the same page personal wise. It seemed like the TB would take the opposite route with players JH wanted to release or sign. Seemed like they have been in a powers struggle early on. The revolving door of releases and signings was one reflection of that. Now this is speculation but I think JH was not happy with TB being too focused on gathering future picks at the expense of the teams immediate needs. There were a couple of times when TB did not sign the player that Jim wanted to fill out the 53 man roster. That fullback ( cant think of his name ) comes to mind.

  5. Grant needs to get a job writing for Soap Opera Digest! Maybe the PD can trade two
    coneheads for one quality writer.

  6. I find the stevie johnson situation truly baffling. He could desperately fill the void of WR production. Boldin is having a fine season as our TE although listed as a wr. let’s face it , boldin runs the seem routes and makes the tough catches over the middle. he is our TE minus the blocking at the line. the niners have not had a legit #1 wr since TO. We need one. Imagine the offense if we had a Julio/megatron/Dez/Antonio/Demaryius etc. Combine that with boldin and a TE who can catch and that is hard to defend.

    I recall during the broncos game there were at least 5 plays in which DT lined up alone on the right and 3 receivers were in a bunch formation on the left. The niners were forced to cover DT with a CB -cox i think and there was safety help – bethea. Niners dont have such a weapon who warrants that type of respect. That is why we get 8 and 9 in the box. Why not. It has proven to to be effective against us.

  7. Well, I guess many fans and media will have to stew this week as it seems like Harbaugh/Roman/Keapernick/Baalke will remain in their current positions. How will this be spun?
    >”49ers mum about situation, analysts predicts that this will likely lead to a separation sooner than later!”
    >”After all Baalke and Jim Harbaugh did not deny that Harbaugh would not return” – will be the explanation, I’m sure.
    >Or my favorite: “Well placed sources say the Seattle debacle has only exacerbated tensions in the locker room.” This one is inevitably true as no one can be happy about what happened on Thursday.

    On another note, I keep having that vision of the Seahawks feast on the 49ers logo. They need to pay for this. The players should see blood on that one!

  8. If JH does not like the questions, maybe he ought to be like Hillary Clinton and plant people in the audience to ask the softball questions he wants to answer. It is a press conference, not JH giving a press release. He never has a problem “grinding the meat” after a win , but when he comes up on the short side of the scoreboard, he all of a sudden takes offense to the questions being asked of him. He is fortunate that the questions directed at him were not even more specific about the abysmal offensive showing. Am curious as to why no one asked him about taking over the play calling in the second half and still being unable to generate anything because it appeared from cameras directed at him that he was going off of the play sheet and not just relaying GR’s call via the headset.

  9. Harbaugh won’t be back next year and in all honesty I’m glad. He and Roman are in the process of ruining Colin’s career. Just wait until we get a real coaching staff in place that will sign faster players who can stretch the field. Our offense needs an identity so Colin can show the world he’s the best QB in the pros. I hope we lose out so we can get a higher pick. This season is a waste…

    1. “Best QB in the pros”

      Boy we should all share what you’ve been smoking because you are hallucinating.

      1. It’s troll 77 double posting as me. Recognize the true idiot that only 77 can be….

    2. I have said to myself I hope we do not make the playoffs for a variety of reason:

      1. Get Contracts squared away
      2. Make a decision on the coaching staff
      3. Get our All Pro’s healthy(those 3 deep runs are catching up)
      4. Find an offensive identity.

      In high school our team had 20 plays, maybe. But those 20 plays could be ran out of 20 different formations. I do believe coaches can sometimes out coach themselves.

      1. You probably didn’t have the athletes they have in the Pros either. I played soccer, but the difference between good players in HS and pros is like night and day. Plus everyone in the pros spends their entire existence in working on angles to beat you. I’m Sure HS had other focuses.

        1. You missed the point. Sometimes simplifying things is a lot better. Execute to perfection. Many people have noted that our offense has often had one phase breakdown. If the line holds up, Kaep hears footsteps. If the line holds up, Kaep goes through his reads, a recevier drops the ball. Simplify everything and practice it until the execution is perfect.

          The Broncos added an extra lineman last night. The sole purpose was to run. The Chiefs put 8 in the box almost the entire game, but the Broncos executed. Many of our offensive woes are from a lack of execution.

    3. Can we review that please? When did 49er coaches get the power to select new players?

      They get to select those that play from the group supplied by the GM. You know that, or you should know that.

    4. There are four games to go and the Niners (a 53 man team) can win out and have success in the playoffs. You sir, are not a fan of the TEAM but rather a fan of CK7.

      If the season is over as you suggest, then why not sit CK7 and see what Gabbert can do? Worst case scenario, they lose all remaining games. You will be happy, draft picks will be lower than CK7 engineering one or two wins if he were to play.

      If you are willing to chuck the season at this point then you should be okay with benching CK7, right?

      1. That is a troll posting as bay. Ignore.

        Bay, as Grant refuses to supply even a minimum of moderation, perhaps it’s time to change your avatar

  10. After reading Tim Kawamiki(sp?) story I’ve come to my own conclusion that Harbaugh just wants to win. The rest will take care of itself. He can’t control how another grown man feels about him. So he’s controlling what he can, what’s supposed to happen on the field. He plans to let the chips fall where they may.

    If he’s gone after this season, I’m afraid the fans will eventually be the most disappointed. He’s going to get paid a kings ransom no matter where he ends up.

  11. Whichever writer asked JH for confirmation on which team he is coaching this Sunday should have his head examined. JH may be quirky, he may be high strung, he might be too intense, but you cannot question his level of integrity.

  12. I agree with you Bay-but Baalke cannot pick greatl play makers on offense! He needs better scouts with proven ability on identifying talent. If we have better talent at wr, te, running back and the return game it will ease the stress on the o-line and the qb. We would then need an offensive minded head coach and coordinator to make it all work.

  13. This presser was disgusting. Harbaugh has got to hate the Cohns. Grant and the other guys that asked the questions about Harbs future lack compassion and integrity. At the end of the day there are certain days that you put the job aside instead of kicking a man when he is down.
    There are a million questions that are football related that you could have asked regarding a week like this. Instead like sharks you smelled blood and you went for it. Good for you. Walk around, be proud. There is no pride in lacking compassion and taking comfort in pushing a wounded man.

    1. Prime ..
      you’re wrong on that one ..

      Lets look at the list of elite QBs Kaep has
      out-dueled …

      Rogers, Breese, Brady ..et al ..

      Point being .. CK7 has the ability to become
      something special ..and has shown that
      ability in the past .. but ..

      this year .. something is holding him back …

      Doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out
      what that “something” is ..

  14. Ultimately we could pick apart the role and fault each player or coach had in the negative results of this season. The fact is that there are just too many that had a hand in it that doing so would be an exercise in futility. I do feel that the major problem has to go back to the disconnect and power struggle between TB and JH. Between the two they control all other aspects. Which is responsible for what we can only speculate. My early guess was that for what ever reason TB chose not to give the support to JH that a general manager needs to to ensure his success. I suspect that TB priorities were geared to his own future with the organization rather than the short term goals of a head coach. TB just seems more adept at politicking than Jim. So Jim was always destined to be the odd man out.

    1. Looks like you have been reading too much into the drama created by the media. This is not an organization ready to collapse. Only the media has portrayed it this way in a week which not surprisingly, came when the 49ers are to play a possible destination team of the head coach next year. Perfect planning to perfect drama.

      The 49ers have had issues all year. They are the convenient weakling to pick on right now. When in reality, its a one cause and affect problem, the offense. Everything else from the injuries, off field incidents, power struggles has been handled just fine. Only now after a devastating loss has the media made it out as catastrophic for the 49ers. Please.
      Handle your business the next 4 games and lets see what happens. All this speculation of where Coach Harbaugh will end up, Baalke, York, is all just media driven crap.

      1. FDM can you bet we will score 3 or more points in seattle?

        What happens if we get blown out again?….I don’t think its Baakle daughter tweets we will be reading about, it might be Jim’s wife tweeting how embarrassed she is…

        Jim has to go if he is not beating seattle or winning superbowls….

        1. How’s Jim suppose to beat Seattle when his QB hasn’t been able to secure the football?
          Tell me what HC and coordinator can prevent that? Oh wait they did IT back in 2011 with #11.

          1. And other than #11 both teams are exactly the same as they were 3 years ago. Smh. Give it up, PT

          2. I’m sure the 49ers would have beat the Seahawks a few more times if Tarvaris Jackson was still the starting quarterback like he was in 2011. But that is just one example how both teams are different from three years ago.

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