Jim Harbaugh on Marcus Lattimore: “He hung back in the training room today.”

Here is the transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Opening comments:

“Hello. Happy Halloween.”


Pirates, right?



Which pirate are you?

“Just a normal pirate.”


Not Captain Hook?

“No, I don’t think so.”


How did LB Patrick Willis look in practice this week? Does he look ready to play?

“He’s working hard every day. He says he’s feeling better every day. Questionable right now.”


Is that the type of injury, I know it’s not turf toe per say, but is it something that you risk him coming back too quickly and it turns into a bigger situation?

“That’s the kind of risk you do everything you can to avoid, when it’s the kind that can get worse. With any injury.”


Was RB Marcus Lattimore out there on the field today?



Was that precaution or did he have a setback?

“He hung back in the training room today.”


Did he have a setback?

“He hung back in the training room.”


Is that to be expected for somebody who hasn’t had contact for two years? Did it give him, like, some soreness on the third day?

“Yeah, we’ll see what exactly it is, (when) we have some more information for you.”


This is the first week where you’ve had your offensive lineman, your starting guards and tackles in practice, everybody healthy. How’d they look?

“Good. I think the offensive line’s progressing very well. In terms of practice and the last game, I think it’s progressing very well, noticeably.”


You guys have been so consistent on the line these last few years. This is going to be your fifth different starting offensive line in eight games. Has that been a problem for this offense, I guess a natural problem, knowing that you don’t have the same consistency that you’ve had?

“We’re striving to improve in all areas. I see real good improvement and progress in the offensive line. And they played well, too. I haven’t been keeping track of the different starter combinations, but our guys have looked good and really ready to play.”


What progress have you seen from WR Bruce Ellington in the return game?

“Boy, he’s a live football player. He really understands the game. He makes good decisions as it relates to the return game. Got a good feel. He’s been rock solid. Now, he’s learning even more in terms of how other players play – what their techniques are and scheme, so many things. He’s not a rookie anymore. I wouldn’t consider any of our rookies any more at this point.”


WR Stevie Johnson was the No. 1 wide receiver for a long time in Buffalo. He obviously doesn’t have that role here. How has he handled that?

“I would just say he’s handled his business outstanding, so let’s put it that way. His role is a valuable football player on our team and he’s shown that in games and on a daily basis. Been around him hourly, daily, every day. It’s been A-plus, plus.”


I just meant as far as …

“That’s how I’d say it. He’s handled his business extremely well. Playing at the highest level. Doing a great job.”


It seems like he’s kind of your ace in the hole on third down. A lot of his production has come on third down. Is that a role you envisioned for him when you guys brought him in?

“Feel like we’ve got a lot of fine receivers. They’re all playing at a very high level. They’re all doing a great job. Everybody’s running, everybody’s alert on every play knowing that the ball is being spread to the open receiver. I think we’re doing a good job with that and hope we continue to and strive to get better and better.”


I think QB Colin Kaepernick described him as unconventional during this offseason. It took him a little bit longer to get a chemistry with Johnson. What makes him different than other receivers?

“He’s got a shake. He’s got a wiggle. He’s got a upper-body, torso, the mid, the legs. It’s different. You probably see it, don’t you?”


Tough to transcribe that.

“Tough to transcribe that?” [Laughing]


His body motion, would you say is different than any other receivers?

“Yeah, I think a picture is worth a thousand word there. It’s tough for me to really describe it, as well. So, I’ll leave it up to you to transcribe it. Just when I see it, that’s what I see. Probably a good dancer.”


Yeah, but you wouldn’t know what to expect from him.

“Maybe defenders wouldn’t either. But as a quarterback and I think what Colin’s saying, I can relate to that, that you see it enough, you get enough time on task and you watch it, then you get a feel. You read the body language. So, maybe that’s it. He’s got body language that takes some time to read and it’s a good thing. It’s an asset for him, makes it harder for him to be covered. I feel good about the way I described that.” [Laughter]

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    1. If after 2 years your still not healthy, grizzly injury or not,it might be time to say football for this young man is over.

  1. Any chance we can get a refund on that 4th round pick, cause I don’t think our player is ever gonna see game day.

      1. Not sure how small or good it was there were an awful lot of players still available at #131 plenty that could be helping this team right now.

        1. Baalke and his projects/experiments I still don’t get. Lattimore, Carradine, Dial. None have panned out.

    1. There really is two schools of thought among fans. Those that think rookies and second year guys should be dominating, and those that are willing to let these draft picks have a year or two before passing judgement. I don’t mind giving the guys some time, as not every player is ready for the pros, and sometimes it can be hard to get an opportunity when you have a lot of competition and coaches that have a preference for experience and knowledge of the system.

      1. How about another school of thought that includes packaging picks and moving up to get an immediate impact player?
        Every year for the past 3 the 49ers take 10 to 11 guys and either stash them on the practice roster, injured reserve or cut them. Between this year and last year Baalke should have moved into the top 10 with all those extra picks.

        1. They moved up in 2013 to get Reid. I think 2015 draft they might do so again, as they now have a lot of young guys already on the roster. That is what making lots of picks the past two years has allowed – lots of depth already on the roster to replace some of the vets coming off contract, so can go hard for an impact player.

          1. My thoughts exactly. Now lets begin narrowing down who the 49ers might deem worthy of such a move….

          2. Hindsight is 50/50 but between the abundance of picks this year and next I thought it would have served the 49ers well to move up and grab a Sammy Watkins, Gilbert or Fuller.

            1. 7 of their 2014 draft picks have already contributed. Some of those guys are not here with a trade up and they’ve needed them.

            2. Prime, if your hindsight is only hitting at 50/50 I’d hate to think what your foresight is striking at…

              From the reports I have read it sounds like the cost of moving up to get one of those guys would have been extravagant (and lets forget that one of the guys in that list, Gilbert, has stunk this year). And despite many people saying they couldn’t possibly keep all these draft picks, they have managed to do just that. We now have a team with a lot of top line talent, and a lot of young depth, some of which look good prospects.

              1. Trading up from #28 to get Watkins? Please. It cost Buffalo to trade up to get him from where they were. How is Washington’s RG3 Trade paying off? How do Washington’s trades always work out? The trade up for Reid worked pretty well. The trade up for Rice worked very well. Back in the day the gamble on Kevin Fagan workd well. Lattimore has yet to be encouraging, the book is still out on Carradine, but Dial seems to be coming along just fine. We’ll see on Thomas next year.
                Sure, Fuller looks great this year and was within range, but the Bears liked him too and had a need and probably didn’t want to trade out. K. Benjamin’s rookie success has been discussed and put in perspective here recently.
                Simplistic, FF-based player evaluations don’t keep a team in the hunt year after year; which, by the way, is the GM’s main responsibility.
                Paraphrased from a quote as honestly as my memory serves: ‘Anybody who doesn’t think college player evaluations is a crap shoot just doesn’t know.’ Trent Baalke.

              2. Brotha:

                If I may paraphrase:

                “Anybody who thinks Baalke hasn’t done a good job as GM just doesn’t know.”

            1. Razor
              I’m not sure the correct way to pronounce that young man’s name, but it looks like it might sounds something like Haoli, which I wouldn’t name my Polynesian son. Just saying, but also just kidding.
              Yeah Edwards at FSU, & two edge guys at Missouri. Is it Greggory at Nebraska? Is light for the Niner template at 240, but is tall and could maybe bulk up. He already shows instincts at the point of attack. Maybe his lack of bulk will let him drop if TB likes him.

              1. Ha! Yea, he may have received some teasing growing up if the pronunciation is similar. Randy Gregory from Nebraska is light, but he’s a baller. Shane Ray is similar with a light frame. Shawn Oakman is the opposite, coming in at 6′-9 (Wilson can’t see or throw over him)280lbs, however not sure he would fit in Fangios’ scheme. Dante Fowler is a guy I like too, but I really like Mr. Beasley(Family Affair)@ 6′-3 285lbs. Now, where these men ultimately get slotted through the process will begin to frame the scenario for how high and how costly the 49ers will be willing to go in targeting their player…..

              2. Given the 49ers will have Aldon, Brooks, Lynch and Lemonier next season (unless unexpected departures occur), I’m leaning towards a DT/DE rather than OLB/DE.

                Leonard Williams would of course be the ideal candidate, but he’ll be long gone by the time the 49ers pick, even if they do trade up.

                I haven’t seen much of Mario Edwards, but his bio on CBS sounds a lot like our very own Tank. Slow off the snap, but good acceleration for a big guy with a powerful bull rush.

                Other guys that may be of interest include Shawn Oakman (Baylor), Michael Bennett (Ohio St) and Arik Armstead (Oregon). Maybe Eddie Goldman as well. Without having done much research I’m not really sure if any of these guys are really good options.

                However, if the 49ers are more interested in an outside pass rush threat, there appears to be quite a lot of options. This draft is looking like a dream for teams that need pass rushing DE/ OLB help.

              3. Williams is probably the top defender in the draft. Armstead is another intriguing prospect with a huge ceiling. He quit basketball, so I expect to see more consistency and improvement moving forward. He’d likely be within the 49ers striking distance. Now Goldman could be FSU’s best defensive lineman. He’s looked good and is beginning to live up to the hype. I like him better than Armstead….

              4. Problem for Armstead is that while he quit basketball to focus on football, he’s been hurt this season so hasn’t had much of a chance to showcase himself. He’ll either need a big end to the college season or rely on the pre-draft process to work his way up draft boards. Or he may just decide to sat in college for another year.

                I haven’t done a lot of research into these players, but at first blush I’m not 100% convinced the 49ers will be in a position to draft an impact DL. The stocks don’t look that impressive. Unfortunate, as I think that is the position they should look at. They may be better served going for one of the outside rushers.

        2. Prime:

          Every year for the past 3 the 49ers take 10 to 11 guys

          The 49ers drafted 7 players in 2012.

          2013 and 2014 were deep drafts, so it made sense to draft a lot of players those years.

      2. Scooter:

        Forget it. If Tank Carradine can’t take Justin Smith’s job in a year and a half, he’s clearly a bust.

        As for Lattimore, given the success rate on 4th rounders and the number of picks the 49ers had in the 2013 draft, I have no problem with Baalke gambling on him.

            1. Dobbs is an unrestricted free agent after this season and 2015 will likely be Smith’s last.

              1. Even if Smith doesn’t retire they have his backup already in place and probably draft another guy there for competition.

            2. Because Williams, Dobbs, TJE and Tukuafu were the depth when they drafted Carradine and Dial, and none of those guys were established depth guys at the time, and there was some question marks around how much longer Justin Smith would be a 49er (they later extended his deal for two more years after the draft).

              Also, Carradine was seen as, effectively, an extra 2014 first round pick as he was not really expected to play in 2013 (which was pretty much how it panned out) and many believed he would have been a first rounder if not for his knee injury.

          1. I believe Dobbs is on the 46 roster ahead of Carradine solely because of special teams.

        1. Looking back though, you might have gotten Lattimore as possibly an undrafted free agent.
          This based only on his medical capability. Looks like the 49ers did not do a comprehensive background check on him because after 2 full years,he still cannot practice for more than 3 consecutive days.

          1. <i.Looking back though, you might have gotten Lattimore as possibly an undrafted free agent.

            Given your extensive network of NFL contacts, I’ll have to take your word for that.

            Looks like the 49ers did not do a comprehensive background check on him because after 2 full years,he still cannot practice for more than 3 consecutive days.

            You’re kidding, right? Team doctors examined him extensively, and the team was fully aware of the possibility that he wouldn’t recover. Given the extent of his injury, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he took a day off after two days of practice.

            1. Have you been injured? Do you know how long rehabilitation of a torn knee takes? I’m not a doctor but pretty safe bet it does not take 28 months and counting.
              Nothing wrong with a day off after 2 practices but let’s be real, the injury was so bad his body cannot overcome it. After 2 years he is just now experiencing contact. Claude in football terms that’s not good.
              Of course it’s hindsight but we are talking about a 4th round pick. That stings.

              1. It shouldn’t sting Prime. A few threads up you were lamenting not trading up. Had they followed your lead they likely wouldn’t have had that 4th rounder to begin with.

              2. I’m not a doctor

                No, you’re not. And yet …

                but let’s be real, the injury was so bad his body cannot overcome it.

                I thought you just said you weren’t a doctor?

                Of course it’s hindsight but we are talking about a 4th round pick. That stings.

                We are talking about a 4th round pick, which is precisely why it doesn’t sting. The success rate on 4th round picks is low enough that missing on Lattimore is not such a big deal.

              3. But somehow Claude you know that the 49ers did extensive testing before the draft?

                And of course you know that 4th round picks usually don’t pan out?

                It’s pretty clear to the ignorant eye that Lattimores body is not responding. What else does 28 months tell you?

                Lastly no one said the 49ers pick of Lattimore was life or death. All I’m saying is the pick hasn’t worked. That’s what we do on here Claude. We throw out opinions and discuss. Unlike some who just copy and paste people’s comments and critique. You know what guys I’m talking about right…..

              4. But somehow Claude you know that the 49ers did extensive testing before the draft?

                It was reported that they did.

                And of course you know that 4th round picks usually don’t pan out?

                There are numerous studies out there that prove it pretty conclusively. You’d know that if you bothered to do any research.

                It’s pretty clear to the ignorant eye that Lattimores body is not responding. What else does 28 months tell you?

                I don’t know because I don’t pretend to be a doctor.

                That’s what we do on here Claude. We throw out opinions and discuss.

                Yes, but some of us base our opinions on facts. Others just pull them out of their a$$es. You know what guys I’m talking about, right?

              5. My point Jack is would a package of that pick and others to move up made more sense?
                To me yes because the team already had plenty of depth and an impact top 10 pick at either corner or WR would have the Niners set up nicely for the next few years. We have great depth but looking back at the picks of Borland, Johnson, Acker, good but not great. They are also not good enough to beat a current starter where maybe a Gilbert or Watkins could or would in a year or two.

              6. I know what you mean Claude but the ironic thing is you have not thrown out an opinion for years. You are the cut and paste guy now on the blog who polices people’s opinions. That’s cool cause most times you call out some ridiculous stuff but lately man, you are now that guy.

              7. Borland has already started a game and Johnson has seen his minutes increase. They were needed picks that possibly aren’t here with a trade up.

              8. Prime:

                I offer plenty of opinions. I just don’t throw out a lot of uninformed opinions because I don’t see any value in them.

                Since you’ve decided to adopt bay’s argument techniques (telling Razor to stop riding your stones; telling me I’m just a cut and paste guy), you might as well tell me that I’m not a real fan because I disagree with you.

              9. “the team already had plenty of depth and an impact top 10 pick at either corner or WR would have the Niners set up nicely for the next few years.”

                First off, what depth are you talking about? The depth at CB? Its a good thing Cox has panned out and both Ward and D. Johnson have been serviceable or the CB position would look threadbare. The depth at RB? If they hadn’t taken Hyde in the 2nd they’d not have a decent backup RB. The depth at OL? If they’d not taken Martin in the 3rd we’d be relying on Dillon Farrell at OC. The depth at ILB? If they’d not taken Borland who knows who would have been playing ILB against the Broncos. The depth at OLB? Lynch has been one of our best pass rushers this year.

                Secondly, a top 10 WR would have cost a bucket load of picks and how many WRs from this years draft are performing better than Stevie Johnson, who they got for a 4th? As I’ve asked previously in another thread, which rookie WR would be seeing extensive playing time for the 49ers?

                Or you wanted to move up for a CB? Gilbert? He’s been so bad the Browns have pulled him from the starting lineup. Kyle Fuller has looked great, but in all honesty Jimmie Ward, aside from the Bears game, has been playing quite well in the nickel role. Would Kyle Fuller really have been such a massive upgrade over Ward that he would be worth giving up a truck load of picks for? But more importantly, would one guy in Fuller have “set the team up for years” at the CB spot better than the combination of Ward, Johnson, Acker and Reaser? On a team that aside from the rookies only has Tramaine Brock currently signed beyond this season? Highly doubtful.

              10. Open your eyes you Canadian douchebag. Clod has always been that guy. Only now he’s being that guy with YOU.

              11. bayareahypocrite:

                Yes, I’ve always been the guy to call b/s on ignorant b/s comments. The vast majority of the time, it’s you or 23welcher who post such comments, but this time, it was Prime. Don’t worry; I’m sure you’ll post something ignorant in the next 24 hours or so to regain your title.

                For example, tell us again how the 49ers don’t blitz or pressure the Rams … or how the Seahawks draft better than the 49ers … or how Fansince77 is any different from you … or how … is there a character limit on these comments? I only ask because there is a virtually endless list of b/s comments that you have posted on this blog.

  2. I have to quote A. Rogers here R-E-L-A-X, relax. Lattimore is coming off a devastating injury. The Niners and he are being extra cautious.

    The Carridine situation is a bit more concerning, but I think will prove a good pick up. Dial and he need to learn their role and get out there.

  3. I think many of you are panicking for no reason over Lattimore. I REALLY want to see him on the field. When I heard he stayed in the training room, and didn’t get a legit reason I got nervous. Then I went back to when I broke my tibia and fibula right below my tibia tuberosity. It was a clean break, because it was so close to my knee they had to treat it as a knee injury. All my rehab was done one a bike, swimming pool, and a basketball court. When I returned to play football I was fine but the change in surface, the force of planting, cutting, etc cause the area to be sore. I’m not a doctor but I believe he’s just working out soreness, stiffness, scar tissue, etc.

  4. One point some of you are missing in regards to moving up is it takes two to tango. Lots of teams need impact players and are either unwilling to trade for lower round choices or want the moon.

    If being a GM was as easy as some of you think, the job wouldn’t pay so much. And what’s up with the douchebag comments? Is that all you bring here, gratuitous name calling? And if you really need to do that, why not post your real name and address so the so-called douchebag in question can have a personal discussion about his or her proclivity off the blog…

    1. Ghost don’t know how long g you’ve been on here. Don’t really feel like giving you a history lesson.
      If a poster disparages a person’s wife, makes racial slurs towards you, makes fun of your children, makes fun of cancer patients and we he’s on bets, then he’s pretty much a f@$&#en douchebag in my book. Get it now?

    1. Hahahahahaha, thanks for that.
      Generally, it takes two to fight. Hatfields and McCoys War is endless until someone decides to bury the hatchet. Old grudges and resentments can linger, but don’t necessarily need to be revisited. Its always about “He started it!”
      Let it go; move on.
      And please, Please, PLEASE!! nobody mention the name of a bygone player that sets the wolves to howling!

  5. Bayfan, I’ve been here since forever and have seen some of the folks in action. It’s never nice but why play? Anyone who would post that kind of stuff is either seriously mental or just have never had their bell really rung. Do as you wish but I wouldn’t get dragged down into the mosh pit if you can help it. YMMV and all is good…

    Ghost, aka Mosin, Streetglide, bjewell, Chiyonofuji and a few others I’ve forgotten. Long story, never been thrown out or trolled, just change up once in a while… -L-

    See: protection, witness…

  6. Anyone else on here want the 49ers to draft Corey Robinson? Good looking receiver with talent. Big fan of his dad The Admiral, and the thought of his presence along the sidelines or locker room could provide additional intangibles….

  7. Leon McFadden promoted to the 53-man roster.

    Razor, looks like I was right, they did use a roster spot for a CB to replace Cook. Probably only temporary though.

    1. Good call Scooter, I didn’t see that one coming. We’ll see next week who gets sacked when Aldon comes marching in, to the Saints chagrin….

        1. Rumor was two games early. Obviously that was erroneous, but one game early should be the carrot that was dangled. That is, if Godell is an honest broker….

          1. I’ve been skeptical of the early re-establishment rumors. The NFLPA pressured to let Aldon work with (but not practice) with the Team. Goodell didn’t really like it; a new precedent.
            Therefore, IMO, he laid on a robust suspension, and also my speculation was he wouldn’t relent later a la Rothlisberger.
            Aldon will serve the full suspension.
            Then Aldon will be reinstated, but Goodell will still be the north end of a southbound horse.

  8. We tend to be so hyper-critical and over-analytical of our players, slicing and dicing every nuance of their games and often focusing on the negatives. I just watched an outtake clip of Montana’s game winning TD pass to Taylor to beat the Bengals in the Super Bowl. The view is from the Endzone with the Niners coming towards you.
    Joe drops back and is locked on JT the whole play. Yup, dat’s right; he made up his mind who he wanted to go to, and stared him down before delivering. Our homegrown über analysts should be appalled!

    1. When you win a SB or 4 nobody cares if you lock onto a reciever or only average 211yds passing per game for your career average.

  9. so the Niners are favored over the Rams
    by a whopping three points…
    Seems as though the oddsmakers have
    some misgivings, some skepticism.
    Check out the predictions for Super Bowl win:

    Denver Broncos 3/1
    Green Bay Packers 8/1
    Dallas Cowboys 9/1
    Seattle Seahawks 9/1
    Indianapolis Colts 12/1
    New England Patriots 12/1
    San Diego Chargers 12/1
    San Francisco 49ers 14/1
    Philadelphia Eagles 16/1
    Baltimore Ravens 18/1
    Arizona Cardinals 20/1

    There we are, in 8th place…
    two giant steps ahead of brother John
    (who already has his SB ring….).

    Coach Harbaw is still struggling to shake me.
    I am the Super Bowl monkey (on this back, okay?).

  10. Note to Coach Harbaw:
    your big brother will provide a letter of reference
    for either Michigan or Oakland…. or both, okay?
    Any idea where you will be coaching next year?

    It has been happening this way since Harbaw’s boyhood years.

    “He would alienate the other kids,
    so I was really the only friend he had,”
    big brother John recalled a few years back. ”

  11. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am very excited about the rest of the season. The Niners are in good position to get into the playoffs. Once there anything can happen.

    We are getting some key players back soon and hopefully, the O line gels and starts playing more dominant football. That and we remain healthy.

    Gotta like their chances.

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