Jim Harbaugh says the plan is for Marcus Lattimore to play this season

SANTA CLARA – Jim Harbaugh was interviewed by Bay Area reporters Thursday afternoon. Here’s what he said about Marcus Lattimore.

Q: What’s the update on Marcus Lattimore? Do you anticipate him practicing sooner than later? Where is he in his progression?

HARBAUGH: He has done very well. The way we’re thinking about it is he will be eligible after the sixth week. He could have a week of practice and then we have a Bye and the he’d have another week of practice. But the other option is to wait until after we come back from the Bye and have a 21-day period that is very similar to a training-camp type of experience for Marcus. That’s the direction we would like to go. I think it’s the best for Marcus. He hasn’t played football in a year and a half, couldn’t simulate a good three-week training camp period. When he does, and then activate after that and turn him loose, but giving him the best possible scenario to help the football team and for him to be at his best. Right now that seems wise. The other, I mentioned before – start him for a week, and then now he’s not doing anything for a week, and then he’s doing something for a  week, kind of gives you that (grunts three times, a “herky jerky” noise) kind of feeling.

Q: You feel good about where he is physically, and everything has checked out and he hasn’t had any setbacks?

HARBAUGH: Correct.

Q: The Bye week would count as one of those three weeks?

HARBAUGH: Yes. It’s a 21-day window and the Bye would count in his days. Good plan you think?

Q: As soon as he checks out, will he be on the 53-man roster this year?

HARBAUGH: That’s the hope. That’s the plan.

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  1. Itll be very interesting to see how they dole out the carries between 3 of them

  2. This was the plan I outlined weeks ago. Dr. Lattimore will essentially have a three week window with which to prove to the 49er coaches he’s physically and mentally ready to be a contributor for this team….

  3. Even if he is activated at the end of the 21-day window I’d be surprised if sees much action this season, barring an injury to Gore or Hyde.

    1. well, lets hope it doesn’t happen to either
      one of them, Scooter …

      To hear Lattimore is on his way, seem a bit
      anti-climatic at this point, huh ? …

      I mean… we were all waiting for this … and then …
      Carlos Hyde happened ..

      1. I hear, ya, MW. When we drafted Hyde, I was not happy. Why do that when we have Lattimore waiting in the wings? But then I saw him play, and he made me say: Marcus who?

        Hopefully Lattimore will have the opportunity and ability to remind me why I was so pleased when the 49ers were able to draft him.

    2. Maiocco said last week he doesn’t think Lattimore will play this year, because the 49ers do not need him barring injury….

  4. Bring him along slowly. Good plan. Next year it will be Hyde, Lattimore and Hunter potentially. Unless they bring back Gore on the cheap…..

  5. Thinking (far) ahead, but I could see the 49ers choosing a RB in the late rounds in next year’s draft.

    I really like and respect KHunt and Latt for their unyielding efforts to make it back on the field, but unfortunately there is no guarantee that they will be the same RB pre-injury.
    Lattimore’ injury was the type that would end a career more often than not and Hunter has now had two major injuries in the last 3 years.
    If they can make it all the way back, that would great. But we just don’t know if these guys we become the next Frank Gore (post-injuries) great career.
    I just don’t believe that the 49ers will fully commit to them.

    1. agree, Euclidite …
      from what I’ve seen so far… Hyde is the apparent
      heir to Frank’s throne …and from a presser, the other
      day .. I got the feeling he and Frank have developed
      quite the rapport …

      Razor ..

      I’m thinking when Mr. Lattimore is ready … he’ll get
      a few carries, in the beginning .. and if he handles it well..
      who knows ? .. maybe some more as the season progresses ..
      Methinks Mr. Maiocco might have erred by saying that ..

      AES ..
      maybe in the later rounds, perhaps.. but judging
      from the games so far .. I would think drafting some
      stud O-Lineman, (early) would be a priority ..

        1. Razor,
          You may be right on a pass-rusher, but I still feel that the speed-wr is something that the team has not truly addressed.
          Ellington may eventually be that player but he has yet to show it.

          Sometimes the 49ers just luck out (actually prop’s to scouting) by finding an Aaron Lynch in the late rounds that have the potential to become something special.

          A lot will depend on the 49ers drafting position after the season. Wondering if they draft a QB next year. There’s a few good QB’s in the Pac12 to choose from if they do.

            1. Fales was never my pick, I wanted Jimmy Garoppolo.
              The Fales infatuation I believe was precipitated by many who wanted a proto-typical pocket passer who would stand in the pocket rather than run.

              I felt that Garoppolo had very good pocket presence and could run when the situation called for it.

              I also wanted Kevin Benjamin with our first pick, but knew the Org was looking for something different after the Stevie Johnson signing.

              1. Hammer/Cohn were part of that precipitation. Scooter and I were scoffers. The Garoppolo release reminded me of Rodgers’….

              2. Yeah, wasn’t that big a fan of Fales. I really liked Bridgewater and thought Garoppolo would be a good late 2nd/ 3rd round pick.

                Its still way too early, but I’m with you regarding biggest need for next season, razor. Pass rush. Looks like they’ve found a good guy for the rotation in Lynch, but this D would go to another level if they had one more elite pass rusher to team with Aldon (especially if Justin Smith retires), either from the DL or OLB.

  6. Guess it just depends on what free agents we keep and the development of the young guys- WR is a need while CB may be if Cully and Cox go.

    1. They need a stout DT/DE, then a QB to push Colin. Some smart kid who didn’t cheat on the wonderllic.

      Then a big WR for the red zone.

      1. Fan, this what I was talking about. You can not like Colin and be frustrated, but its when you say things like “Some smart kid who didn’t cheat on the wonderllic” that shows your dislike/hate beyond the stats for him. That’s not rational or facts based. He doesn’t always make the right read or can stare down a receiver but that doesn’t mean he cheated. Its just hate when you refuse to see all of the information about a person and dismiss what counters your position. You can make your valid points without sinking to slander. You keep telling us you’re not a hater but its hard to accept it when you say stuff like this.

        1. Well, I would like CK if he wasn’t trying to avoid the media, wears shades, phones, and doesn’t answer questions and doesn’t talk on the mic. I’d like CK if he tried to lead and pass. You can’t run the ball and be a good QB for it. I feel if our 12 opponents (not counting our division) put their act together and stuffed the box, CK would be forced to pass.

          1. Mor – a- hate,
            No dude, there is nothing that CK will ever do that will stem your dislike of him.

            Also, right when Fan77, comes close to making a feasibly well thought-out statement regarding CK in one of his earlier posts he makes comment about a QB (assuming CK) cheating on the wonderlic test that quickly sends him on his usual descent down the road of Kaep bashing.
            I’m beginning to see a correlation of the same thought process with you two.

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