Jim Harbaugh wants peanuts

What is Jim Harbaugh doing this offseason? Let’s find out how our favorite former 49ers coach of the past few years is spending his time.

“Just have a craving for peanuts,” Harbaugh recently told GQ Magazine. “And shouting to get peanuts from the vending machine. Kind of channeling the ballpark guy: GET YOUR PEANUTS! PEANUTS HERE! GET YER PEANUTS! I think they enlisted me because I’ve got a great coach voice. It’s gonna be going around the country, and it’s an opportunity for people to get peanuts. And mixed nuts! Heck of a deal! We call that a heck of a deal!”

Turns out Harbaugh is a big peanut guy.

“Big,” Harbaugh said in his GQ interview. “Absolutely. Always have been. My dad and I are the two that love them the most in our family. And peanut butter! Before they had crunchy peanut butter, I would put peanuts in the creamy peanut butter.”

He’s a peanut pioneer.

To read the rest of Harbaugh’s GQ interview, including the part where he says he exercises in khakis, click here.

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  1. I wonder if he’s one of those guys that like a squirt of ketchup in their cottage cheese.

    “I’ve gone a very long way to try to emulate Woody Hayes”. Let’s hope he never emulates this, although I could very well see him doing it when he gets old and ornery….


    By the way, I remember seeing this live as a kid on TV and thought it was the craziest thing I’d ever seen;>)

    1. Thank you Raz !

      I just fessed-up to old Coach that I was wrong about that play….thanks again for the affirmation….

      1. I don’t think I could forget that if I tried, it’s so etched in my mind from seeing it as a kid. At that time, it was unprecedented. It was like, did he just do what I think he did? Then all the reporters coming up to him, it was just crazy.

  2. Harbaugh there is no doubt you are a nut, I too love my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. There was a time I could eat six sandwiches at one setting. Couple that with a really cold glass of milk….yuppers.

      1. Oregon

        Nope sure didn’t. I was at my sisters in Colorado and she lives about a mile maybe two from the Broncos training facility. I kept my eye out for Kaep seeing that he tried to go there last year…no sightings.

  3. Albert Breer reminding TK that’s he a douche:

    Albert Breer‏Verified account @AlbertBreer 21m
    Albert Breer Retweeted Tim Kawakami
    I’d also point out that when Kap was very available in 2016 — before the protest — there was precisely one team that showed interest.Albert Breer added,

    Tim KawakamiVerified account @timkawakami
    As I said, IF Manziel (or somebody similar) gets signed before Kaepernick, that would not be a great NFL moment.

    1. It wouldn’t be a bad moment. Kaepernick is 29 and has to show he can do even the basics expected of a journeyman QB — half-field reads. Manziel may, though it’s entirely unlikely, develop into an NFL QB. Kaepernick is just a failure and has had more than his fair number of chances.

      1. Kaep is too specific, he has shown that he is a special tool, like your spark plug gap tester, that you use once but every few years. You wouldn’t design your tool box just to accommodate for that specific tool. If he could run a traditional pro-style offense, line up under center, wasn’t a 1 read guy, with a faster release and better vision, he’d have been signed by now…but he’s limited and its obvious to us (those without the love goggles) that this is who he is.

        Its like when Tebow was available…people couldn’t accept the fact that he just wasn’t that good.

        1. Ofcourse that Harbaugh guy does not really know what he was talking about. What was I thinking?

          1. He is not a great QB yet. But nothing is more sacred than human life and when some one sacrifices his career to stand up for those who are not able to stand up for themselves. He gets my respect. I am just surprised at this unfair view by the fans of Kap? He is a great human being. ANd in 20 years from now we will be celebrating his life just like we celebrated Ali’s life.

    1. LOL Rex Ryan may be available too, along with his astute brother as defensive consultant.

      1. Mike Mayock might be the best they could get, but he’d be another no nonsense guy like Lynch. He wouldn’t tolerate any BS….

  4. >>Now, “Let’s find out how our favorite former 49ers coach of the past few years is spending his time…”

    L, you are obviously missing Grant’s sarcastic take.

  5. Can’t get enough peanuts. They’re a great source of protein. Mix them with some blueberries and it’s a great mid-morning snack.

      1. There’s not a nut I don’t like. I get the mixed. Love a handful with a square of dark chocolate;>)

        1. im right there with you Razor…. its hard to find trail mix with dark chocolate already mixed in….its a shame really

  6. Interesting that you’re either remembering wrong or just being spiteful against Grant and making stuff up. Grant has always maintained that he and Harbaugh had a respectful if not pleasant relationship.

    Even Greg Roman who Grant clearly did not care for was never attacked personally, although he did trash him repeatedly.

  7. Harbaugh should keep a large tin of salted peanuts in his desk drawer like I do. Very handy!
    I followed and cheered on Harbaugh and his capers for 8 years. But now I have no more interest in him and his quirks.

  8. It’s only a short matter of time now before 2013 is officially considered the worst NFL draft class of all time. It’s easily eclipsed the former worst which was the 1992 class. That’s not to say that there weren’t good players taken but they were few and far between. There are at least two and possibly more teams that no longer have a single player drafted from that year on their team.

    1. That pushes a corner that might have been there at the top of the 2nd round into the first.

  9. Grant you should convince your editor that they should pay for you to cover UCLA’s pro day.

  10. Charlie Campbell’s latest draft has Thomas falling to the Cards at #13, that feels more likely then him going #2.

  11. I drive UBER and during the superbowl I asked NFL people why JH went to collage and no pro team aggresivly pushed for him. They said he is a great coach but a certified nut.

  12. Jim’s got his history all wrong. Crunchy peanut butter preceded smooth, cuz when it was hand made, after a while you’d go: ‘OK! That’s smooth enough; tart’ of dis; let’s eat some.’

    BTW- Mine is candied pecans, although who can resist those little peanut butter cookies with the Hershey kiss? PFT, Nooooo-Body.

  13. Peanuts and peanut butter are disgusting. They are only tolerable when mixed with chocolate or jelly. Peanuts and peanut butter also cause migraines in some people like myself.

    GROSS!!!! :-(

    1. Peanuts are are actually legumes and although they may taste good and are “comfort”food for many are apparently not so good for you ,something to do with lectin content.Coach Harbaugh on the other hand is a great coach but may be,and I say this with great affection ,a true nut.

  14. Warning to peanut allergy sufferers: your coach may contain peanut or nut tree products.

  15. I personally would prefer to leave Harbaugh in the past……… I am happy w Shanny Jr – and wish we went w him before Kelly, while being bitter that Baalke f’d up the Gase hire.

    My $.02

    Not sure why everyone continues to care about JH, just sayin’.

    1. Larger than life personality. I’m ecstatic about going back to our west coast roots with Shanny at the helm. At the time, I Wished we would have made his dad head coach instead of letting him go to Denver after the Super Bowl….

          1. If I remember, there was a clash of egos involved and some mean statements were made…Mike left town and everyone was shocked….

  16. Really hoping all this pre-draft interest in Kizer is diversion or hoping he makes it to #34 because what a colossal rookie mistake that’ll be for both coach and GM if they decide to use #2 on him.

    Personally hoping they’ll go with a 2nd or 3rd round QB pick and still sign Cousins next year but I’m thinking more and more when I make my first mock that I’ll be Kizer at the top of the first.

    1. I’m certainly in no position to question who Shanny selects or where he selects him. He will decrease the bust factor by 50% if I had to guess. I’d hate to see him end up on a team with a defensive head coach, no proven offensive coordinator and expected to start day one….

    2. If you believe he is a special talent then you take him at 2… Of course if you can get him at 34 that’s a no brainer… The problem is that he is way too talented for him to fall that far. If Kyle wants him bad you have to trust that he will be good. There is definitely strong interest from the Niners. I expect him to go in the top 15 picks.

    3. They are spending quite some time with the QBs. Which is why I find it hard to believe they won’t take one by the end of the second day. But yeah, I too am hoping they don’t take one at #2.

      1. Could be a ruse to try and get a team to trade up. With the information we have available to us, it does not seem likely that a team will trade up with the 49ers. Have to try and manufacture some anxiety in other teams.

    1. He’ll need to be drafted by the right team for Gabriel’s prediction to come to fruition. I remember what Jaws said about Kaepernick….

  17. When he’s not losing a Super Bowl or NFC championship games, ol’ coach Trouserpants is always good for a crazy non sequitur to put him back in the news.

  18. For Razor in particular:


    I do think SF is seriously considering Solomon Thomas at #2 and the premium value is certainly there (concerns about positionally doubling up, notwithstanding).

    I had also been interested in Malik Hooker at #2 because we need an Earl Thomas type, but saw a comment (don’t recall which blog) in which someone made the case that Hooker may be injury prone. The gist of it was that Hooker is fresh off his first season as a starter at OSU and played well, but he had a few surgeries after that season. One year starting as a FS and needs multiple surgeries – is that an indication he’ll break down in the NFL? If so, that’s a serious problem.


    1. Put me down as one who got scared away with the 2nd pick. Said to be 4-6 months before he’s ready. Wouldn’t allow doctors to pull on his leg at the combine. From what I can gather, and listening to his interview at the combine, he had a double sports hernia surgery, a torn labrum and some type of hip surgery where he said they shaved some bone. If I’m Lynch, I’ve got to get started with as close to a Pro Bowl lock as you can get with pick 2. It’s not that I don’t think Hooker could eventually be a Pro Bowler, it’s just that I don’t know if he’ll hold up long enough to be one. I think he could slide to 15, but maybe he still goes top ten….

        1. Have to agree with The Shanny there. I think it would be a wise and prudent selection….

    2. Adusoron – Perfect summary on Hooker. He’s my choice at 2. Both need+BPA because Ward’s so injury prone himself. But his hip labrum is a concern. Many players come back 100%. Others never fully get their speed back.

  19. My Mock 3.0

    1 Jamal Adams SS, enforcer and a leader, great addition to the front 8.
    2 Kevin King CB, good press corner with ideal height and speed for Saleh’s system.
    3 Tanoh Kpassagnon DE, we need an edge rusher badly.
    4 Nathan Peterman QB
    4 Julie’n Davenport OT, Good scheme fit and possible starter down the road.
    5 Brian Hill RB, the kind of back Shanny wants.
    5 Josh Reynolds WR, big target to compliment our speed WRs.
    6 Elijah Lee ILB/OLB
    6 Joe Mathis OLB/DE
    7 Deyshawn Bond C/G


    Rudy Ford S
    Hardy Nickerson ILB/OLB
    Tyrique Jarrett NT
    Larson Graham OL
    Scott Orndoff TE
    Brandon Facyson CB
    Caleb Peterson G
    Barry Sanders RB

      1. East… because there is only one elite edge rusher and then a plethora of edge rushers that can get you 8 to 10 in a good year.
        The problem is this year there are almost no sure fire impact players.. no qb, no Patrick Peterson like CB, no ndamika Suh (sp?) like dt, no Charles Johnson like wr, no Joe Thomas.
        There are a lot of really good prospects but almost no elite talents. That’s why winning the rams game hurt so much… pick 2 though 10 all have about the same upside.

  20. “Kyle Shanahan: Past drafts won’t influence what 49ers do this year. Believes Solomon Thomas is versatile enough to play any spot on D-line.” – Maiocco earlier today.

    Music to my ears. I like Thomas at 2.

      1. Well, the momentum is building for King Solomon on this blog, in national mocks, and now Shanny. Which leads to my 4th mock.

        1 Solomon Thomas DE
        2 Kevin King CB
        3 Carlos Henderson WR
        4 Nathan Peterman WB
        4 Julie’n Davenport OT
        5 Brian Hill RB
        5 Josh Reynolds WR
        6 Elijah Lee ILB/OLB
        6 Joe Mathis OLB/DE
        7 Deyshawn Bond C/G

        1. #80 – Like that you emphasize CB in your mock. The draft is deep in that spot.

          1. Thanks Brodie, I don’t think Brock is in our long term plans. We have to have strong CBs in our scheme, especially since we are rolling the dice with Ward at single high safety.

  21. Pat Kirwan ✔ @PatKirwanRFN
    A well respected QB coach for decades in the NFL told me Mahomes has the best arm talent since Brett Favre. Raw & not ready but worth it!

      1. Wasn’t there a free agent with “arm talent” in training camp a few years ago? Davis?

        1. Druckenmiller had great arm talent. His brain talent was deficient.
          I like a Miler with run talent, but he or she has to have Left Turn Talent too or else they finish the race a mile away.

          1. Long before the draft became an ‘event’ I watched it on ESPN. Including the fateful day Dr. Z was canned.

            Anyway, I got home, rewound the VCR and watched the draft. I remember Kiper gushing over Druckenmiller and that he was a Top-10 pick and steal for the 49ers as only Peyton Manning, who didn’t come out that year, was a better potential prospect.

        2. Yeah, that’s pretty much my point. Arm talent is great and all, but really all you need is a ‘good enough’ arm. The mental side of the game is where QBs make it or not.

          1. And footwork, mechanics, film study, adaptability, resilience, toughness of character ….

        3. Nate Davis from Ball State. He was more interesting for the Internet drama. Long before Seby and his obsession with Kaepernick, there was this guy named SonomaStateGrad who spent years at NinerNation, SFGate, etc., ripping Smith and touting every crappy back-up we had as ‘better than Smith.’

          Nate Davis was one of them. Oh he was ‘ million times better’ than ‘Alice Smith.’ He was a future HOF QB. He could run. He had strong arm. He was great in college (not really). Blah, blah, blah… Two years of that garbage

          Davis never played a regular season QB snap in the NFL. But he has had an interesting career:

          San Francisco 49ers (2009–2010)
          Seattle Seahawks (2011)*
          Indianapolis Colts (2011)*
          Amarillo Venom (2012)
          Kansas City Command (2012)
          Amarillo Venom (2013)
          Rio Grande Valley Sol (2014)
          Amarillo Venom (2015–present)

          Career Arena Football Stats:

          TD-INT: 9-5
          Passing yards: 544
          QB Rating: 68.01

          1. MosesZD

            I am constantly in awe of your research abilities…I bow to the master….

  22. “Shanahan said the 49ers are preparing for “everything” and noted that moves “can happen quick, especially when you get closer to draft day (April 27)”…”

    “…”It really doesn’t concern me what we’ve done in the past or what we’re going to do in the future. It’s what we have now,” Shanahan said. “If we think that player can help us improve, that’s what we’ll do”…”

    Cam Inman

        1. Lying season is well underway. Expect quarterback’s to be praised to high heaven by “anonymous GMs and scouts.” Expect any player the 49ers might be interested in to be praised by Shanahan/Lynch to make pick 2 more attractive.

          1. Yup, especially considering most people don’t see much of a difference in value between pick 2 and pick 6 this year.

              1. Scooter – Yes. Depends on the Jets I think. I’d take 40% or better chart to stay in the top six. Picks 7-12-ish I’d want 60% or better chart in a trade back.

                That said, I’m hoping for the most picks possible in a trade back. But I’ll take what I can get.

                The Browns insist on a Jimmy Johnson chart to trade back. They try to use the Harvard chart to trade up (they hired the guy that invented the Harvard chart).

              2. Given there are so many question marks about the QBs, taking one early is going to be considered a big risk. So can you imagine the flak a GM would get if they trade up to a top 5 pick to take one? I don’t see it happening.

                A QB could go in the top 5, but if one is taken there in my opinion it will be by a team that owns one of those picks, not via trade.

                Assuming that is correct, I don’t really see the Jets as being big contenders for a trade option.

                The only way I see a small trade back happening for the 49ers is if one of the teams just behind them really covets a particular player of that next group after Garrett, and don’t really have a need for the others. But I’m not really seeing the match for picks 3 to 6. The Chargers at #7 I think may be the best option if they really covet one of the safeties (Hooker or Adams).

              3. That’s the only viable trade partner I see, Scooter. The LA “Super” Chargers.

              4. Scooter, I can see an outside chance the Browns would trade 12 up to pick 2 if (a big if) Matt Miller’s Browns insider wasn’t feeding him BS about Trubisky.

                The Browns have five 2nd rounders in the next two drafts. They could sacrifice two or three of them to secure the coveted QB+Edge cornerstone players.

                12+52+2018 2nd might get them to pick 12. Gives them Garrett, Trubisky. Leaves them with the valuable pick 33 plus two 2nd round picks in 2018.

                The Browns would be praised for the trade up bargain compared to the haul they got for trading back from pick 2 last year. And the 49ers would get the extra picks they need to staff the roster.

              5. Outside chance that could happen, that’s true Brodie. The fact they have pick #1 to use on Garrett gives them a little leeway to “overdraft” a QB.

                But I think the more likely scenario is they stay at #12 and take a QB there. As you yourself have noted, they are more likely to follow the Harvard chart. And that research basically shows that the typical value attached to draft picks is weighted too highly towards high picks.

              6. “The Bengals may covet Solomon Thomas.”

                Or Allen. But again, trade back options within the top 6 picks I think are unlikely. More likely to be in that 7 to 12 range.

              7. The closer the pick to 2, the less it will cost to the team trading up.

                Carolina may want to get the second overall pick to snag Fournette, but would have to give up too much for him.

                Only the Browns, Titans and Saints have enough draft capital to easily move up, because they all have multiple first round selections.

                The good thing is that teams will always want to move up, especially if they can leapfrog over another team and poach a player the teams’ ahead of them want.

            1. That’s the assessment of the Browns blogger that was on “Locked On 49ers” before the one you did. There’s a big drop off in talent from Garrett to the next guy. Another smaller drop off after the top five.

              A trade within the top 6 could snag an extra 2nd or 3rd, and maybe even secure Thomas or Lattimore.

              That would be ideal. Lattimore/Thomas+extra pick.

              1. I’d say if someone covets Thomas or Trubisky and I could get several high picks iut of it I’d pull the trigger.

            2. I go down to 10.
              Thomas, Allen, Latimore, Foster, Fornette, Adams, Davis, Howard, and Williams.

      1. “moves can happen quick, especially when you get closer to draft day”

        Translation – “Better make a deal for pick 2 quickly or you might miss out.”

        1. Grant

          What if the Browns don’t take Garrett ? What if they have designs on not only one (Trubisky) but 2 or three other players ? They might be operating in a parallel universe (draft) that our draft ‘experts’ haven’t even explored to this point….We might be the ones under the blanket that the Browns cast….I grant you that it’s not inconceivable that the draft information and positions change three times daily up until draft day…so much for the absolutism that so many of our bloggers post…”I guarantee…Book it…etc.”…I’m really going to enjoy this draft……

      2. Personally, I think he does want to trade down. Pick up a QB mid-Round 1 where they’re a better value, plus pick more draft choices this and next year.

        But it takes two to make a trade.

        1. Grant

          What if the Browns don’t take Garrett ? What if they have designs on not only one (Trubisky) but 2 or three other players ? They might be operating in a parallel universe (draft) that our draft ‘experts’ haven’t even explored to this point….We might be the ones under the blanket that the Browns cast….I grant you that it’s not inconceivable that the draft information and positions change three times daily up until draft day…so much for the absolutism that so many of our bloggers post…”I guarantee…Book it…etc.”…I’m really going to enjoy this draft……

  23. Pat Kirwan‏Verified account

    A well respected QB coach for decades in the NFL told me Mahomes has the best arm talent since Brett Favre. Raw & not ready but worth it!

    49ers to hold Private workouts with QB’s in the following weeks with Shanahan participating while Lynch is out on scouting trips…Media trying to find out whose scheduled to work out for Niners–(they’re not reporting this)….


  24. I couldn’t read more than 10 questions from this interview.

    Morale is: Don’t ask a guy who doesn’t know Harbaugh, to interview Harbaugh.

  25. Razor,

    What’s your take on Jarron Jones? Would he be a NT or a 3T? Are the questions about his commitment to the game accurate or overblown? Another red flag is his injury history. He could fall to the 5th round.

    1. Obviously I don’t know the kid, but I heard the reason he barely played against Navy was because he doesn’t like to play against option teams. I doubt very seriously that Shanny would be interested….

  26. When camp comes in the summer there will be 4 QB’s in camp. Cousins, Hoyer, Barkley, and either Mahomes or Webb.

    Mock Niner draft 3.0

    Forty Niners trade the #2 pick to Washington for Kirk Cousins and #17 pick

    1. #2 Kirk Cousins, QB, Washington Redskins
    1. #17 John Ross, WR, Washington
    2. #34 Obi Melifonwu, S, Connecticut
    3. #66 Patrick Mahomes , QB, Texas Tech
    4. #109 Dawuane Smoot, Edge, Illinois
    4, #143 Brian Allen, CB, Utah
    5. #146 Derek Rivers, Edge, Youngstown St.
    5. #161 Jeremy Cutrer, CB, MTSU
    6. #186 Calvin Munson, OLB, San Diego St.
    6. #202 Josh Malone, WR, Tennessee
    7. #219 Kevin Davis, OLB, Colorado St.

    PS. Lynch won’t be opening the door to the former QB coming back. Not in this lifetime. Has he been blackballed? Of course he has. But that is his own fault. What did he think was going to happen? Or maybe he’s just that arrogant. Why would any sane owner want to put up with the nonsense that would accompany the decision to sign what amounts to be an average at best NFL QB who has alienated a large portion of his teams fan base with his political activism? An owner that wants to win? That doesn’t even register on the stupid meter. I said it was career suicide. That prediction is coming to fruition.

    1. No. Nobody wanted him last year (pre-protest) but the Broncos when the 49ers tried to trade him. And the Broncos thought he was worth just a 4th rounder.

      To put that in perspective Smith was worth 2 seconds; Bradford was worth 1st & 4th to the Vikings from the EAgles. And when Bradford was traded TO the EAgles he (and a 5th) got the Rams Foles + a 4th & 2nd.

      I mean, let’s face it, pre-protest Kaepernick is just not worth much of anything to the NFL. So I don’t need ‘blackballing’ or ‘racism’ or any other external explanation to explain it.

      He is just bad… That’s all the explanation we need. And, post draft, is the about the only chance he’ll get to sign a contract and compete for ‘bridge/back-up’ QB like most every other unattached scrub QB in the pool.

      1. Wrong. I will take JH’s assessment over yours every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

        Even the haters are admitting he is being blackballed, and they crow about it.

          1. Trump is going to regret winning. He will be impeached and jailed for his treasonous actions with the Russians.

            Him blowing smoke over a QB just shows how desperate he has become.

              1. He is an embarrassment, and his stunt with Merkle just showed him as an immature spoiled brat.

                Cant wait until he is impeached.

              2. I couldn’t wait for W to be impeached for illegally invading Iraq, Valerie Plame’s cover being blown, torture, or warrantless surveillance on American citizens.

                Don’t hold your breath.

  27. Your Mock has WAY too many flaws in it. 1. Niners will not trade the #2 pick for Cousins when they will get him for free(No picks given up) in 2018.. Secondly Ross will not be available at 17.. Third why would they draft Mahomes when they have invested in Cousins. Plus Mahomes most likely goes at the end of Rnd 1.. Not in the third. I can go on and on Juan but I’m sure you get the point.

  28. Lol RAW. 2018? Have you seen who our President is? We might not be alive in 2018!! Seriously, this idea that were going to wait until then and get Cousins is flawed. Too big of a gamble for Shanny. He wants him now. He’s gonna draft Mahomes because you need to prepare for the future. Even with Cousins, you never know what will happen. Injuries among other things occur. Hoyer and Barkley are backups. I agree that Mahomes will most likely be gone. It’s wishful thinking on my part, because I think he’s the best QB in the draft. Oh well, it’s just a mock. I don’t see anybody else that has put forth anything much better. That’s why were here right? Let the criticizing commence. I’m a big boy!

  29. If you notice I don’t criticize anybody’s mocks. I understand that most putting forth mocks here are not GM’s for even a pee wee football team, let alone an NFL team. It’s an interesting read to see different peoples opinions on prospective players and transactions. I’m galaxies away from being an expert, even while being a fan for decades. Some think they’re experts. Some brag that they got 3 or 4, or whatever right in the last draft. Woopdedoo. Pin a medal on their chest for Gods sake. Who cares?

    1. Juan,
      I’ve been doing mocks for close to 30 years. The most correct picks I have had in one draft was 4. I had 3 correct picks 3 other times. I have had zero correct picks probably around 15 to 18 times. None of us here have any real expertise but we sure have a lot of fun and that’s what places like this are for.

    2. Let me clarify a little Juan. If your Mock nets us Cousins+Mahomes I would be celebrating like we won the SB. Problem is that if the Niners were going to give up the 2nd pick it would have been done. I think going with Hoyer for a year until Mahomes or Kizer is ready would be ideal. I think both can be special. Here is hoping your right.

      1. In college he was the consummate team player and played 6 different spots. He wasn’t drafted in 2011 so he played the year in the UFL before he finally snagged a practice squad spot with the 49ers late in 2011.

        As a player he was a good special teamer for the 49ers. But he’s wasn’t starter material. And it’s really unfortunate that instead of getting the respect he earned for what he could do, he got scorned for being forced (out of necessity) to do what he couldn’t because in the NFL you’re playing a game populated by the elite of the elite of the elite.

        Or, lets put it this way – 0.09% of all HS football players make at least one NFL camp. That’s 1 in every 12,222 HS football players eventually make one NFL camp. Over half of them will fail to make an active roster and over half the survivors of their first came will play fewer than 3.3 years.

        Wilhoite made 6. Those are amazing odds he beat. And yet, ultimately, he wasn’t good enough. Because the NFL is for the elite of the elite of the elite where the merely elite (the 1.5% of the NCAA football players that end up going to camp as a draftee or UFDA) get ground-up like so much hamburger.


        For me, there is not emotional kerfuffle (for happy or sad) about his being cut as the bottom-line is that it’s time to turn the handle. Because every year you need to churn the bottom-third of your roster in the hopes you can find that gem. And keeping guys who couldn’t take that last step will doom you.

        But unlike most fans, I do respect what he accomplished. And that’s because I know the odds.

        1. MosesZD

          Nice post….I am like you in respect to Wilhoite, I felt that he was a good ‘soldier’ who answered the call and got criticized for not doing it like Butkus….IMHO, we need more soldiers….toooo many Generals….

          1. Seahawks are just returning the favor for the Niners poaching Coyle.

            With the new defensive system being installed, do not know how much intel they will get from him, but he will help with player assessments.

  30. Yes, I agree OC! It’s fun. That’s what it should be. And if you guess some right, great for you. My point is when somebody puts forth a mock for fun and some jackass replies about how flawed your thinking is, like they have some great handle on it, or without even putting forth any ideas of their own, I have a problem with it. Who the F do people think they are? I think they’re going to trade the #2 pick for Cousins. So what! Is it that improbable? Is it so flawed? Jeesh. Give me a break! I think even though they will get Cousins, they will draft a QB. Is that so completely outlandish that it warrants some know it all to say how flawed it is? My response should be, get a Fing life!

  31. The other hilarious factor is everyone puts forth multiple mocks. I have. I’m sure most have. Some are on Mock 4, 5, or 9. So, when counting how many you got right, is the the very last mock right before the draft, or is it all your mocks combined? If you picked Joe Shmo as one of your picks on your second mock in March, but he’s not on your mock you create the night before the draft, do you count him as one you picked? How does it work in this highly competitive mock competition?

  32. If it’s all your mocks combined, then that would explain why some spend an inordinate amount of time and paper naming just about every player on the planet who could possibly be drafted in a mind numbing number of mocks. That way you have it covered. I think the rule should be you get to post one mock, and one mock only, and live with it. I’ll bet the number one would get right would diminish wholeheartedley. ;)

  33. I’ll be celebrating too Rebuild. I disagree that it would have been done though. I think they are holding their cards tight to the chest. There’s no reason to make that trade well before the draft. I think the longer the better as Snyder and crew have to be stewing knowing they have a disgruntled QB who has already stated he’ll be a Forty Niner either this year or next. Granted, Snyder doesn’t want to do anything for KS, for bad blood reasons, but they’re only option is to keep Cousin’s this year and lose him next year and get nothing for him. They are not good enough to get to the SB this year, I don’t believe so. So why? Why would they not want to get something for him while they can? They could at the end of this coming season offer him a multi year mega deal, but I doubt it. I think he’ll be traded for a high draft pick or picks on draft day. Maybe Cleveland. Maybe somebody else.Hopefully us. You have to believe that there is backroom conversations taking place. I believe so. I just don’t believe he’ll be a Redskin this coming season. I believe he’ll be wearing scarlet and gold. I can hear it now “Cousins drops back to pass, throws deep down the sidelines for Ross, he’s got it, touchdown Forty Nineeeeeeeers”!!!!!!

  34. Oh Quest, I’m just messing. Do you really think I give a squat? I’m just having fun trying to get a reaction. I’m enjoying a nice pint of pliny and watching NCAA basketball with the laptop on my lap. Don’t take me seriously. I don’t. Actually, I’m a pretty good look for 61. Most peg me as 40-45. My wife keeps me young. ;)

  35. Hey, at least I’m not hoping and lobbying like someone else for the Niners to bring our illustrious former activist/QB back to the team. Now that is “The cheese has slipped off the cracker territory”! And he’s serious! Therapy is warranted there! I hope really, like myself, that he is just pulling everyone’s leg. How’s your brackets doing boys? Mines not bad except I had Duke in the final vs Kansas, who’s about to move on. I have Kansas winning it all so I got that going for me. (Bill Murray quote) :))

  36. And on another melancholy note I notice that Mark Sanchez has signed as the backup to Glennon at Chicago. Another door closed, another ignorant GM overlooking a former SB champion, another political stab in the back. Will one’s actual playing record never stand on its own??? Oh, wait, I mean to say . . .

    1. Pre-protest trade attempt:

      One suitor — Broncos, only willing to give up a 4th and he had to play at a back-up level salary. Compare that to actual trades made for starting (average) QBs:

      Alex Smith — two 2nds
      Sam Bradford — (Rams to Eagles) Foles + a 2nd + a 4th – a 5th.
      Sam Bradford — (Eagles to Vikings) a 1st & 4th and no interest in Kaepernick.

      In short, he’s not what Seby thinks he is. And I don’t need any convenient narrative to explain the obvious reason why he (and a bunch of other bad QBs) aren’t signed. He’s just bad. That’s all.

      And like most bad QBs, there is only a small pre-draft market for their services in consideration of potential starting roles. Mostly the ones that are signed (prior to the draft) are signed as back-ups by teams with established QBs. And about half of those are being resigned by the same club because they know the system.

      After the draft, teams who didn’t draft a QB of the Future or a development project to serve as back-up and need a back-up or bridge-starter will start signing many of the remaining bad QBs. But many will not get signed and will be out of the NFL like Vince Young, Josh Freeman, etc., etc., etc.

      1. Yes, at that time, he was recovering from surgery, and had a terrible season previously, so his trade value was down.

        Denver was the best landing spot for him, but they were lowballing the Niners. In hindsight, after missing out on the playoffs, some Bronco fans were regretting that decision.

        Kaep could have gone to the Browns, but nixed the deal.

        However, he posted a 90.7 QBR and showed his capacity to win with his performance in the Rams game, so now he has shown improvement. Other teams will not look at him in a vacuum, and see how the whole team was bereft in talent, coupled with poor coaching.

        Several teams still have QB questions, so Kaep is being smart by being patient.

        Since this is a game of attrition, there will be QB jobs opening up due to injury. Kaep will get his chance, and JH will be proven right.

        1. No matter how many excuses or delusional scenarios you conjure up Sebnnoying, the fact remains he isn’t the QB you want or think he is.
          The NFL has spoken loud and clear on what his value is.
          Take a knee!

          1. Jim Harbaugh disagrees with your assessment. I think your football knowledge is not enough to blow up a balloon, like he says.

            1. While Harbaugh screams for nuts and you endulge the laughing lettuce, Kap remains unemployed.

              So who was right all along about Kap? Yeah! Me.

        2. Sorry Charlie, but NFL GMs have long recognized what Kaepernick is, regardless of your obsession. And Kaepernick is a failure.

          Twenty-nine years old and there are prospects, like Trubisky with just one year starting in college, that have shown more QB development than Kaepernick over his 4-years of college plus 6-years pro. The fact is that in ten years he has yet to show a glimmer of what it takes to be an NFL QB. Just like RGIII. Just like Vince Young. Just like so many other failures. So he’s not even special. Just another flop.

          One would think that with a cannon arm, like Kaepernick possess, should give him the ability to make all of the NFL throws. However, with each year it became more and more obvious that Kaepernick is a limited passer lacking the requisite touch, accuracy, anticipation and situational awareness of a franchise quarterback.

          It was so bad last year that by Thanksgiving, all throws to wide receivers outside the numbers and downfield had virtually vanished from the 49ers offense. That’s why Torrey Smith had so few targets before he got hurt. Kelly, literally, had to virtually abandon everything Torrey Smith was good at as a bitter concession from then-coach Chip Kelly that Kaepernick simply couldn’t make those all-important throws with any degree of consistency. Or as Kelly would put it ‘repetitive accuracy.’

          Also, as impressive as Kaepernick’s 16:4 touchdown-to-interception ratio might seem it reflects a second-rate QB being asked to make the simplest reads and easiest, low-risk throws. And, as a classic “see-it, throw-it” passer, Kaepernick has, for his entire career, had to wait for his targets to separate from coverage rather than anticipating the route and throwing his receivers open. Something that Steve Young, among others, has regularly criticized Kaepernick for.

          As a natural byproduct of that playing style, third downs devolved into a wasteland of drive-killing sacks and ineffectual passes short of the sticks as he had to throw short or hold the ball too long until he could ‘see’ the WR open. In fact, because of that, Kaepernick has been for his entire career one of the four slowest-to-throw QBs in the NFL every year since 2012. He’s also generated the most hold-the-ball-too-long sacks in the NFL during his time as a starter.

          And that, Seby, is why Kaepernick doesn’t have a job. Your obsession and excuse making to the contrary.

            1. Awwwww, too bad all your heroes are gone now.
              Kap’s gone. Harbaugh is gone.
              Still pining for Y.A. Tittle? He ain’t coming back either.
              Nor Gore. Nor Tomsula, Nor Chip.
              Not coming back.

              1. Still think that the Niners, with creative thinking, could get Gore, especially since this draft has lots of RB candidates.

                Maybe you think Lynch is not smart enough to do that.

    1. Refs should have the power to blow his whistle and stop the clock once he sees a foul being committed.

      Of course, they can do it for a false start or jumping offsides, but they should be able to blow the play dead once they see holding, too. That way, the offending team will not have an advantage, and maybe they should determine that no time gets run off the clock if the offending team fouls to try and run out the clock.

  37. Shanahan “Who’s going to be available at two, who’s going to be available halfway through the first round…” via Chris Biderman


    I think Shanahan and Lynch want to trade back. They might not get any serious offers. This won’t stop (some) fans from yelling “reach” and “should have traded back” if the 49ers stand pat at 2.

    1. I recall reading somewhere that Lynch made a comment (maybe about a month or so ago) that he was expecting to get calls regarding the #2 pick. Can’t find that article, though.

      1. I heard Lynch say something to that affect in a KNBR and other interviews. Its no secret the 49ers will entertain trade back offers.

        But will there be realistic trade offers for pick 2?

        If the Niners are forced to stand pat, what’s the best strategy for dealing with “reach” yo-yos that insist Lynch has a red “trade back” button on his desk, but he didn’t feel like pressing it?

        1. IMO, the best thing for the 49ers to do is move forward with their plan. Not sure why they need a strategy. They are the professionals and the yo-yos generally aren’t.

      2. I’ve read the same. All options are on the board. Including potential draft-choice swaps.

        1. I’ve always like the idea of draft pick swaps. Opens the possibility of trade backs with teams that have a 7 or less of picks.

    2. I have been putting out trade back scenarios just to show how the Niners can benefit by trading back.

      The Niners need to advertise that they would be willing to trade back, and the good thing is that the number 2 pick has lots of value. The Niners need to be up front and honest, and say they are willing to give up quality for quantity.

      1. Not if you advertise you want to trade it so vocally. It’s about negotiating value.

        1. The trade should be openly discussed and fair for both sides.
          Hiding ulterior motives is what Baalke did.

          Niners maybe could trade back with the Saints. Why? because the Saints may want Fournette, an LSU player who will not possibly get past the Jags or Carolina.

          Maybe the Niners should throw in a few players, too, like Brooks, Burbridge and Reaser. Maybe the Niners could pay part of Brooks salary to make it more palatable. Make it a win/win for both sides.

        2. Well, if you could get teams bidding against each other, it may drive up the price, too.

            1. Different teams may want to covet different players. Some like the Jags and Carolina may want Fournette, while the Bears, Jets, Browns and Bills may want Trubisky. All may want to move to the number 2 spot to grab the player they covet.

    3. “This won’t stop (some) fans from yelling “reach” and “should have traded back” if the 49ers stand pat at 2.”

      That’s the thing that annoys me Brodie. Fans saying the team should have traded back before selecting a player. Great in theory, but guess what, the reality is it isn’t always easy to find a willing trade partner.

      1. Scooter_McG

        In the last week and a half before the draft, the doors will fly open and we (niners) will have not one, but at least four teams lined up to trade up for our # 2. ‘Can’t tell you who…can’t tell you why….it just happens that way…for now, it’s just jabs and feints…the haymakers won’t start flying until the last week or so….

        1. Niners need to open and honest. They should advertise that they want quantity for quality. Being a 2-14 team, the Niners do not need to lie about being lacking in talent. The smartest move should be to trade back, so the other teams might take advantage of the Niner position to grab the player they covet. Both sides should just make sure that it is a win/win situation, and fair to both sides.

          Last season, both the Rams and Eagles gave up quantity for quality, because they were desperate for a QB. This draft, the same thing may happen.

        2. Sure it will. Just like it did in 2015. Oh, wait, that’s right, the first trade in 2015 wasn’t until pick #15. Oh well, so much for that.

          Trade offers may or may not come in, but even if they do there is no guarantee they will be worth accepting.

    1. I don’t always agree with Cosell, but his review is similar to my thoughts on Mahomes.

      1. Haha, classic. I don’t always agree with Cosell unless he’s backing up what I already think.

        At least this year with so many making it plain how they feel about him there wont be the band wagoners trying to jump on when he ends up being good. i.e. Prescott

        1. Pretty much CfC – I don’t have a lot of time for Cosell, but in this instance his thoughts mirror mine. Not really something I feel particularly good or confident about!

    1. #80 – I was just about to post that. If your only risking a modest bit of cap capital, I’m OK with it.

      His two season sack total is just OK. But on closer examination, his sacks per games played looks far better. According to wiki (flawed that wiki is) he had 6.5 sacks, and 1 forced fumble in only 8 starts in 2014.

      1. Why not sign him? We wouldn’t be giving up a pick for him. He would get a low salary contract for 1 or 2 years, so if he wasn’t able to play he wouldn’t make the final 53.

        He could contribute if he is healthy, or at least provide some depth. It would be a low risk move.

        1. Knees are tricky, and the fact that TB has not re signed him just throws up yellow flags, which are cautionary, but not red flags that warn the Niners away.

          Think they should just concentrate on fully healthy players. There are plenty of them.

          1. “and with the 2nd pick in the NFL draft, the San Francisco 49ers select long snapper…”

  38. I guess we’ll continue to beat the dead horse. Andes, who is the “SB Champion” you are referring to in your post? As I recall, CK is not a SB champion if that is who you are talking about. He’s a losing SB quarterback. Big difference. As average as his skill set is, he’s still better than below average QB’s such as Sanchez and McCown and a few others. They’re plain horrible. The elephant in the room is huge. Not getting signed has nothing to do with his talent or lack of. It’s because a majority, if not all of the owners are mega rich conservatives who are sickened by his sideline political activism. The are keenly aware that a majority of their teams fan base are not just sickened, but pissed that he took a knee during the National Anthem. Whether you believe he has that right or not, and I would imagine most do including myself, those same people also take a special pride in not only our National Anthem but also the Stars and Stripes, and believe his protest was a direct insult to all those that revere the flag and the anthem. I personally have law enforcement and military members in my immediate family and also friends with family and friends in those entities. They are angry. They do not support his actions. That doesn’t mean they don’t believe his overall message. It’s the way he communicated it. This is why he is not being signed, not his average talent. He is certainly not in control of his playing future. The idea that he is playing a waiting game and weighing his options is laughable. Right now he has no options. I just can’t imagine he will. The owners have spoken loudly with the signings of the others.

    1. Well for gracious sakes, it looks like my yawning early-morning comment over my first cup of local Colombano coffee started a down-slope grass fire. Thanks for pointing out my misnomer, JuanH. I should have said “someone’s superbowl hero”, not SB champion. Because along with his mentor Harbaugh, he utterly failed at the closing bell when everything was on the line. That’s history, those are the inarguable facts.

  39. Seb, I agree with your ref post. They should definitely have the power to blow a play dead if the defense is deliberately holding to kill the clock, and time in that situation should be put back on the clock. I also think that all plays should be reviewable. Pass interference, head shots, defensive holding, offensive holding for that matter. Everything. I forget the playoff game, but the game where the offensive lineman got called for holding that ultimately cost them the game. Abysmal call. Questionable at best, and if reviewed, maybe it would have changed the outcome. The argument that it will extend the game is weak. So what. Getting it right is more important. If that is the argument, then work on streamlining the process.

  40. “Cousins drops back to pass, throws deep down the sidelines for Ross, he’s got it, touchdown Forty Nineeeeeeeers”!!!!!! Opening day, 2017. ;)

  41. Lol Andes! I figured as much. Enjoy the joe! Already had mine! I’ve moved on to beer. Had to cancel my golf round today. Bummed! Just got new clubs! Oh well, we need the rain!

      1. Not till after training camp. He may bolster the pass rush. Depends on what the offer sheet and medical is.

  42. On another note John Middlekauff thinks Solomon Thomas isn’t worth a #2 pick.

  43. Seb, I basically only disagree with you vehemently on CK. Pretty much everything else you put forward seems just as coherent as what anybody else has to say. That’s what is so puzzling! Everybody has their opinion on what is the best path for the team to take. I respect that. I don’t presume to know anything more than anyone else. Honestly, after the Dwight Clark announcement, it put things in perspective for me. This guy, a man we all admire and respect, just let it be known publicly that he has the fight for his life on his hands, and we’re, on this blog, squabbling and calling each other names over football players and team moves. Pretty petty. On top of that, one of mine and my wife’s good friends just passed from complications from MS at the young age of 58. She also fought the great fight, but eventually succumbed recently. Puts things in perspective. So I’ll try to conduct myself with a little more humility. But I still think your delusional on CK! ;)

    1. Just as long as you refrain from calling him Kraep, I will refrain from calling you a hater. I generally do not personally attack like some trolls do to me, But believe me, I have been sorely tried. When some one tells me I sound like a Nazi, that is out of bounds.

      I also have admitted many times that I think Kaep can improve, so I feel like I am being a fan, but also a realistic fan. I do not think he walks on water, and my defense of him is usually in proportional response to the vehemence against him.

      Call me delusional all you want, I have been called worse. ;p

      1. Poor Sebnyah, still cannot let go of Kaepernick. Maybe, you can root for him when he gets picked up by a CFL team. looooooooooool

      1. I have moved on, expected him to sign with another team, and wished him well.

        However, since he is being blackballed, maybe his best option may be to return. Wonder how this all plays out.

        1. You said Krapernick is being Blackballed by the NFL team? The truth in all this he’s not really a good NFL QB, he had plenty of chances during Harbaugh’s era and the last two years and his performances is so horrible that’s why he loss his job to Gabbert. No one is to blame for his decline he had a number 1 defense and hall fame Gore at RB and a good offense line and supporting cast and he is still terrible from the pocket and decision making. :)

    1. Kaep was talented enough to get to the SB after only 10 games.

      True busts would never be able to do that.

      1. You forgot to mentioned Alex Smith who won 9 games that season before getting hurt. If Alex didn’t get hurt we would’d won the SB with Alex. Harbaugh, was so selfish in keeping Alex Smith out of the lineup. Krapernick thought he was invincible in the NFL as a rookie QB. Actually he wasn’t even a elite QB in the league and already to much air on his head.

        1. Nope. AS did not win the NFCC Game the season before, and there was no guarantee that he would have won the next season.

          Actually, AS has never won a championship game, in either the NFC or AFC.

          Some day, he may learn to run the hurry up offense without huddling up.

          1. That’s because Kyle Williams fumbled it away. That’s because Williams and Crabtree dropped half the passes thrown to them.

            Smith’s QB rating with Davis was nearly a 100 in that game and over 90 with Gore. But Crabtree and Williams were amazingly bad (caught just 3 of 13 thrown to them) with Williams, literally, fumbling the game away on special teams.

            Now, one has to be honest, this was same pair of Giants CBs that punked Brady and Randy Moss who’d run the highest scoring offense in the NFL that year. So a pair of palookas like Crabtree and Williams were just so much grist for the mill.

            1. Moses, sounds like you are wandering for another 40 years.

              First you blame Kaep solely for losing the SB, now you are blaming other players for AS losing his playoff games.

      2. Dilfer. Williams. Hostetler. McMahon. Eli Manning. And my King of Vasty Over-Rated Media Products: Joe Namath (yeah, he was actually a bad QB but a media darling because of Superbowl III so HOF. He’s one of the biggest jokes to ever get into the HOF.)

        Namath: 62-63-4 50.1% completion. 173 TDs to 220 INTs. 65.5 QB rating when 67.7 was average. He lead the NFL in INTs 4 times. But he was on a talented team and for two games he got hot and, boom, Superbowl.

        And that’s Kaepernick. A bad QB who makes the odd big play and got surrounded by a LOT of media hype. Whereas other bad QBs like him just fail quietly.

        Of course, all those guys WON their Super Bowls. Kaepernick is more like the failure of Rex Grossman. Only he replaces INTs with sacks.

  44. Look at Alex Smith he still have a team and still a starting QB in the NFL. Because he’s humble and he knows how get along with other teammates and is a team player. Krapernick now knows how it feels to be all alone has no team and no teams wants him.

    1. He’s also made two probowls. Despite the fan and media hate leveled at him. The fact is he moves-the-chains. And that’s what wins games on consistent basis. Not the odd run-around-like-a-chicken-with-it’s-head-cut-off big play while excessively failing on the routine.

      1. There you go again. So now you are dissing Kaep for rushing for 181 yards in a playoff game.

        I kinda like QBs who set playoff records. He also won that game.

        Kaep can put his foot on the half yard line, then sprint up field 99.5 yards untouched for a TD. AS and Cousins could only dream of doing something like that, and Hoyer would not even think about trying to do that.

        I do not hate AS, but see his limitations. One season, I think he threw only 1 TD to a WR. In his NFCC Game, he was 1-13 on third downs, and consistently threw short of the sticks. 2 years ago, he tried huddling while running the hurry up offense.

        Kaep is such a talent, he can threaten to score every time he touches the ball.

        Maybe with a better supporting cast, he can achieve greatness.

        In his playoff years, he was content to hand off the ball to Gore, and did not care about padding his stats, he was more focused on winning. With the lack of coaching and a turn stile O line, he only succeeded to get so injured, he needed 3 surgeries. With the team bereft of talent, he was set up to fail because they wanted a better draft position.

        I hope he goes to a team that has a top 5 defense, with a stud RB and productive WRs. Then he can display his prodigious skillsets.

        However, if he is blackballed by other teams, his best option is to return, because Hoyer, Barkley and the rookie QB will not be able to out compete him for the starting job.

        I did move on, and wished him well. I will still do that. Believe it or not, Joe Montana moved on, too. Steve Young retired due to injury. It happens.

        Still will be a Niner fan, and want them to win multiple rings, but in my humble ;p opinion, Kaep would give them the best chance to win.

        1. “In his playoff years, he was content to hand off the ball to Gore”

          Yep, and teams have figured this out as well….

          1. Teams figure out ways to counter other teams all the time. The important thing is be flexible, and make the proper adjustments.

            Giving up because the opposition figured out the the other team’s offense is a loser mentality.

            1. The important thing is be flexible, and make the proper adjustments.

              …adjustments which Kaepernick failed to make.

              1. The coaches did not make adjustments, too. They should have broken containment, but instead let the defense shape them.

  45. We can all squabble about Kaep, is he good, is he bad. SB quarterback or 2nd half bust,etc. The true judges of talent are Front office, coaches and the owner. They are the ones who determine talent tolerance, and thresholds of both. . Keap has no DUI, no domestic violence, no drugs. And yet his talent apparently does not surpass the tolerance threshold, at least for the only group of talent assessors that matter. That should tell us what we need to know about Kaep’s value in the league today. Not 5 years ago, today.

    1. There was Cousins and six marginal-starter QBs available in FA this year. Leaving the franchised Cousins out of it, they are ranked, in order:

      Cutler — Career 85.7 passer cut by Chicago, he still has no job.
      Hoyer — Career 84.8 passer signed by 49ers.
      Glennon — Career 84.6 passer signed by Chicago.
      Kaepernick — Career 88.6 passer who quit his job, he still has no job.
      RGIII — Career 88.4 passer, he still has no job.
      Fitzpatrick — Career 79.7 passer, he still has no job.

      Neither Kaepernick or RGIII can function well outside the spread/read-option which is, frankly, pretty much dead as Kelly, the last practitioner of it is no longer in the NFL.

      And, honestly, I would not be surprised to see only one or two of the unsigned four to be signed. With RGIII and Kaepernick the most vulnerable to being ‘career over.’ Something that happens all the time:

      Josh Freeman — Career over in 2016.
      Jake Locker — Retired in 2015 after nobody was interested.
      Tim Tebow — Last shot was in 2015.
      Christian Ponder — Was painting his house in 2016, will likely wash out this year.
      Rex Grossman — 2012 was his last year and he spent two more trying to catch on.
      Vince Young — hasn’t been on a roster since 2014. Now in the CFL.

      1. Teams still needing QB upgrades of starters and backups.

        Niners, Browns, Jets, Bears, Texans, Broncos, Rams, Jax, Bills, Washington.

        Even teams with aging QBs like Cards, Steelers, Chargers, Saints and Giants may need QB upgrades.

        Vikings, Raiders and Miami have injured QBs.

        Romo is a wild card.

        There is plenty of time to make moves and everything will change after the draft.

        1. Kap a back up?
          But what about the storm? A clip board, hat backwards type storm?

            1. As a back up maybe. You’re proud of that?From “SB QB” to a camp hand.
              Next you will tell me when he gets his chance he will take the league by storm?
              Please make me laugh!

  46. Interview with KS. From the article:

    Q. You guys are starting your offseason program a week later than you can, why is that?

    A. Just because of when we wanted to end. We’re using the same amount of time that we’re given, we’re using all the days. We just wanted to have a little bit more time to get ready and then you don’t have as long of a break at the end too.


  47. The Donald Trump firestorm I started by posting his braggadocio behavior regarding Kap was unintentional, however, since this is the direction it went, I just want to reassure people that it’s a little early in our experiment in democracy to worry about Armageddon.

    Every empire has had its crazy rulers.

    1. Egypts 5,000 year empire had Pharoah, Psamtik III, who let his army be defeated to save some cats

    2. Retired, Tiberius Claudius Nero, an efficient administrator while Emperor, had his issues while away from Rome, so much so, that the Praetorian Guard had to march to his Palace and throw him off a cliff.

    But I digress. It was his nephew, Caligula, who he corrupted, and became the crazy emperor, almost bankrupting Rome to build his golden palace.

    The last straw for the Roman citizenry, was Nero, who, like Seb’s sone, set the capitol city
    ablaze and fiddled why it burned (many roman citizens believe). Unfortunately, as Seb has informed us ad infinitum that he put out his son’s conflagration before all of Sebastorpol and Santa Rosa were raised, there were no Seb’s available in ancient
    Rome, so the tinder box homes, built many stories atop one another, burnt to a crisp.

    The moral of the story is, Rome was entitled to a few crazy leaders and lasted a thousand years. So can we.

  48. Old Coach posted a response to mine stating: “Trump has more to worry about than Kap.”

    Not sure if Old Coach believed the story so I’ll post the Kap/Trump article for him.

    1. *
      Donald Trump Criticizes Colin Kaepernick’s Current NFL Predicament

      Michael Saponara @LordTreeSap | March 21, 2017 – 2:52 pm

      During the speech, Trump spoke on the fact that NFL owners aren’t signing the 29-year-old out of fear of a heckling message from him calling the team out on Twitter, CNN reports.

      1. *And before Seb attacks me, this was meant to compliment his heroic efforts, as he stated, “diving into the fire with a garden hose to save the cities.”

        Thank you, Seb, for your bravery…I know your constitution savior marches receive the lion’s share of publicity.

        Knowing the humble citizen you are, I retold the story.

        1. TrollD, in your zeal to attack me, you made several errors which just proves how much I affect you. I truly pity you.

          Of course, I only related that story because some one questioned my courage.

          TrollD, you are the one who fantasizes about breaking into gun lockers to create nightmares.

          Now you are attacking my family, which I thought was supposed to be out of bounds.

          Accusing my son of arson is about as low as you could get. I expect no better from you, and do not bother to apologize, I know it will be half hearted, and false to the core.

      2. 4 days after the fact you’re reporting this?
        What…. do you have to wait for the weekly paper to come out?

  49. The Bucs tendered Smith a 1.7 mil. K and right of 1st refusal–ie, Bucs can match a first offer.

  50. Who knew? I had no idea Lowell Cohn had been swept up in the whole Ruskiegate thing. Well, I guess Phil Barber knew.
    : >)

  51. Kyle ✔ @Ky1eLong
    I try not to watch a ton of college film with guys coming out but the most NFL ready looking dude is Sol Thomas he’s has twitch +GM strength
    4:39 PM – 20 Mar 2017

    1. I remember that Bowl game, and you commented that King Solomon was in the backfield so fast, he almost got the handoff.

      1. Agreed. I don’t agree with what they are suggesting here. Though the D will allow for the SS to cover the TE rather than the SAM. But Bowman is better off playing the Mike.

        1. I’m nit-picking but the Sam wont always have the benefit of the SS to help out on coverage. The Mike spends most of his day between the tackles, Bowman’s lack of ability to cover “sideline to sideline” is overstated. Navarros experience and instincts will be far better utilized at the position he’s used to.

    1. I hope the Niners plan on the possibility of not having Bow healthy enough to play, so that when he does return, it will be a bonus.

      1. They have to draft an MLB this year and next year in my opinion… if not two this year.
        I love Bow… but he’s an unknown and every other lb on this roster should be a backup, even if fully healthy.

  52. The webpage keeps crashing on my Chrome browser. Seems to work fine on IE.

    1. Yeah, he did play some deep safety in college, but mostly he played more of that hybrid nickelback/ SS role, which is why I always found it odd when people complained about his selection as being taking a guy to play a role he never played before. His first couple of years playing the slot for the 49ers was something he had a lot of experience with in college.

      But as the article points out, he has a lot of traits to suggest he can play the single high safety role in this D pretty well.

    2. Its my recollection the 49ers are going to try Ward at free safety in camp, but the position switch hasn’t been decided on.

      I’ve always liked the idea of Ward at safety. He’s a great film study. Called an “eraser” of teammates coverage mistakes in college. He can use these skills at safety more then CB or slot.

    1. 5. Reid: Concussion/Injury prone. Except the fact I’m not on the over-hyped Tartt bandwagon, I’d want the 49ers to move on.

      Fun fact, the 16 players drafted ahead of him have a total of TWO pro-bowls and no All-Pro’s to their name. 2013 was a really bad draft class at the top and he is, literally, one of the best first rounders to come out of it.

      4. Hyde: I think he’s good. But if he doesn’t make a full season, I think it’ll be time to let him make his big FA paycheck for some other team.

      3. Lynch: After last year I’m done waiting on him. Character issue tease came to camp fat, out-of-shape and with a 4-game substance abuse suspension looming over his head. Then when he played, he was ineffective.

      2. Brock. Funny guy. Actually a good cover guy, but gets snakebit by the big play. He should have taken lessons from Champ Bailey — make a few INTs by jumping routes and everyone will think you’re great and ignore the 64% completion rate and 10-to-12 TDs against when scrubs like Joey Porter beat you twice a game…

      1. Carradine. Has zero feel for the NFL game as far as I can tell. Shame too, because in his first couple of years, when he got some decent pass-rush opportunities, he projected out as a 10-sack guy. Maybe going back to DE will help him. I just don’t know. But he has the tools…

  53. Draft analyst Tony Pauline believes that Kevin King is “unlikely to make it out of the first round.”

    1. It’s funny but this time of year there are about 100 players touted as 1st round talent and about 50 who are likely not to make it out of the 1st round. Someone doesn’t do math. Either that or they inflate much… hmm.

      How much of Solomon Thomas assessment is based on his one bowl game?

      1. How much of Solomon Thomas assessment is based on his one bowl game?

        My guess is that other than a few diehards and the Stanford fans, most that are commenting on here haven’t watched anything else on him. Good player and I’d be fine with him as the pick, but he’s not a great pass rusher. He will need to develop that aspect of his game as he goes along.

  54. Sat night 8-10 PDT ch#9 SF KQED running The Manchurian Candidate, for anyone who wants a chill ride.

    1. It’s funny, RGIII has nealy identical stats and problems. Yet the fact that nobody has signed him isn’t a sign of ‘black-balling’ a ‘great QB.’

      The fact is there were a small number of mediocre QBs coming into FA: Cutler, Hoyer, Glennon, Kaepernick, RGIII & FItzpatrick. Two have been signed, four are blowing in the wind.

      That’s actually fairly typical. After the draft a couple of them will probably be signed close to training camp. I would guess the order would be Cutler, Fitzpatrick, Kaepernick & RGIII as Kaepernick and RGIII have only been successful in read-option offenses and now that Kelly is gone, there are no more heavy read-option coaches in football.

    2. I’m pleasantly surprised to see C.W. Nevius writing for the Press Demo. Good, veteran writer with ties to The Sporting Green but who has done some non-sports investigative writing as well.
      I happen to agree with his take on CK. I will admit that I thought CK’s donation to Meals On Wheels was a fine positive energy response to being called out by the Tweeter In Chief, but if you’re talking NFL, money talks and bulls*#^ walks, and currently nobody is offering up any money for him to play QB.

      1. Or Cutler. Or RGIII. Or Fitzpatrick. Or Ponder. Or Gabbert. Or Hill. Or V. Young. Or Orlovsky Or Johnny Manziel Or Matt McGloin, Or Josh Freeman. Or Chase Daniel. Or Thad Lewis. Or T.J. Yates. And a few more.

        There’s nothing special about this. He’s just one of a host of bad QBs who, like most bad QBs, is facing the end of his career. And, unlike most of those bad QBs, he’s extremely limited in that he’s only been successful rolling-out in the read-option. You put him in the pocket and he’s one of the worst QBs in the NFL.

        So he’s not even good back-up material. Just like RGIII with whom he’s virtually identical in performance with.

        1. Coaches forced him to be only a pocket passer, even when teams admitted their main strategy was to contain him in the pocket.

          The coaching was not only incompetent, it was brain dead.

          1. And now no one wants him because he cant play from the pocket. AND, they don’t want to develop an entire new offense for him because he is a one trick pony.

            Wake up Sebnnoying. The storm you preached and promised ain’t happening!

            1. Prime, you were the one who said Kaep took the league by storm, so it sounds like you are discrediting your own words.

              Some day, a coach will finally utilize him correctly. Maybe KS is not smart enough to do that, or does not want to try.

              Hopefully, he will go to a team with a top 10 defense, with A stud RB and fast receivers, and Kaep will take the league by storm, again.

              1. Lets break it down for you Sebnnoying:

                “Prime, you were the one who said Kaep took the league by storm, so it sounds like you are discrediting your own words”

                For the millionth time, I said it and he did and it lasted 10 games. What is your point? You keep saying he will again. How is he going to do that unemployed or as a back up?

                “Some day, a coach will finally utilize him correctly. Maybe KS is not smart enough to do that, or does not want to try”

                What day is that? We are on day 13 of free agency?No visits, No bites! And now KS isn’t smart? Already dissing him because he does not believe in Kap. What about the other 31 teams. Are they not smart either? Just you are the smart one?

                “Hopefully, he will go to a team with a top 10 defense, with A stud RB and fast receivers, and Kaep will take the league by storm, again”

                Hopefully, fingers crossed? Praying? Pleading?
                Sorry Kap lover, the NFL has spoken. His value is what it is.

          2. The NFL is a passing league. The 49ers are a West Coast pass first to establish the run team. The primary job of the quarterback is to pass. A quarterback who cannot pass is one-dimensional and will have a very limited game. Steve Young did not become Steve Young until he became an edfective passer. Had he been a runner only he would have had a very short career.

            1. He could have played longer if not for the trash tasked with his protection, Lawerence Phillips….

            2. And that’s why Kap is out of the NFL without a job. He is a runner first, passer third.
              But somehow, some people think he is so good and they can reinvent the game based what he did 4 years ago over a 10 game span.


          3. What’s your point? That you don’t get football? Seriously, QBs pass from the pocket for a reason — injury avoidance. Rolling out and running increase the risk of injury.

            And no team wants their QB gone for half the year because he can’t throw from the pocket. They already have enough injury risk as it is.

            1. I get football just fine, but you do not see the need to let players play to their strengths.

              That whole -protect him in the pocket- justification is specious when the O line collapses like a house of cards and he is sacked 80 times in a season and a half. Maybe he would be better served by allowing him to roll out, so he can use his elusiveness to avoid sacks.

              Maybe you do not understand the strategy of having controlled rollouts, or even having the football acumen to be able to accomplish that goal. Maybe they should put a man in motion.

              Wonder why the league is full of QBs who are fast and elusive? Because the era of the immobile QB is evolving into the mobile, dual threat QB.

              Risk injury? They do it every play. Forcing the QB to be only a pocket passer is like putting an Abrams tank in a pit. With a porous O line, the QB is a sitting duck. With a dual threat QB with a mobile pocket, the defense must defend against many possibilities. That makes them unpredictable, which is a good strategy.

              Of course, I do not want them to roll out every play, just like I do not want them to only throw from the pocket. Mix it up, keep them guessing, put them on their heels. That is a sound strategy, and will give them a better chance to win.

          4. Indeed, much like the brain-impaired QB, freezing in the blitz, panicking, throwing the ball right to the DB. You are right, such indelible impressions. Yawn, it has become a brain-dead subject. There will be no resurrection.

    3. When the Bloviator in Chief brags about blackballing a QB because he said Kaep did not respect the flag, CW Nevius’ take may be myopic.

      Maybe he also ignored what JH said.

      Sounds like Nevius was just lazy and cut and pasted screeds.

      I certainly am not impressed with his post.

      Maybe he thinks Mark Sanchez is a better QB because he got signed, and Kaep did not. If so, I will put his football knowledge on the level with Prime.

      1. I’ll go with Nevius’ take 100 times out of 100 against yours, except when it comes to Kap, where you’re self-deluded and I’ll take his 1,000 times over yours.
        Again, in the NFL, money talks, b.s. walks. Nevius is being paid for his opinion.
        CK ain’t being paid to QB.

        1. Just because he has a name from writing in the Chron does not mean that every single article is Pullitzer quality.

          Sounds like he did not do his homework, and was trolling for comments. Almost trite and desperate.

          You may be awed by that post, I was not impressed.

          1. Pathetic self-delusion. You’re like 45, you try unsuccessfully to denigrate any source that disagrees with your preconceptions.

            “The FortyNiners have not shown any interest in re-signing Colin Kaepernick” – Matt Maiocco.

            So you think you know better than MM, Nevius, Silver, et al?
            Sure you do.
            And better than 32 paid General Managers as well? Okay….

            1. BT, even trying to equate me with GMs in this league just gives me way too much cred. I am just a poster on a blog.

              I wonder why my ideas stir you up so much that you think you have to denigrate my opinions. It just gives my opinions weight when you consider them so threatening to your mindset.

              Maiocco may be a sage in your book, I just thinks he is a company man who does not like to rock the boat. You seem to think Nevius is another Steinbeck, I beg to differ.

              MM also does not have very much new insight, while parroting the FO perspective. That is why I like this site. Posters can speak their mind, and Grant likes to stir the pot, too.

              Interesting to see Grant pivot on the team’s prospects, but I think that he has seen what Lynch has done, and realizes that now Baalke is gone, the team has a chance.

              Maybe others have told him to reduce the snark, at least for now, because the static from the last few seasons did not help the situation. Predicting the playoffs may be unicorns and rainbows, but it sure has reduced the blowback he got for ripping the team for getting old players.

              I am not getting paid a penny, so maybe you should realize that when I throw in my 2 cents, it is about a worth as much. I have never aspired to become a GM, there are too many egos involved.

              Notice that you seem to be my new gadfly, but will continue to calmly and respectfully reply to your snark.

              Silver? He has been wrong on so many of his writings, I would consider Scooter as a more astute individual who can actually put together a cogent argument, and provide better football insight.

              1. Its OK, I do have an opinion, even though others try to shout me down. It is like book burning, my ideas threaten their reality.

                If you want to award Nevius a Pullitzer for that post, go ahead. I just thought it was more snark, trite, lazy, and not well thought out.

                I saw though his argument like it was a window. People could not denigrate Kaep for his protests, so they would attack his football skills.

                Ignore JH all you want. He was the only Niner HC to get his team into 3 straight NFCC games. Denigrate his football acumen, and downplay his praise for a player. I will not.

                Nevius must think JH is not a good coach, to ignore his comments while blustering the opposite.

              2. The Dunce blathers on, he never tires of hearing himself repeat himself, like a parrot screaming the only words its ever learned.

              3. GnomoD, you seem intolerant, and the only reason I repeat some things is in response to the same old tired screeds and snark.

                Of course, since you agree with them, you will not attack them for their repetitive behavior. Just me for my responses.

      2. lol. Harbaugh said Crabtree had the best hands in the HISTORY of the NFL. Yet he’s actually got some of the worst. We’re talking T.O. levels of drops. Only without TO’s explosiveness and toughness that made up for his butter-fingers.

        And when Harbaugh said that, this is where Crabtree stood in the prior three years:

        11 Michael Crabtree SF 22 195 11.28%
        6 Terrell Owens FA 18 145 12.41%

        Twenty-two drops in 195 targets. That’s pretty bad. TO was at least at the end of his career. He never played again. But Crabtree, he was supposed to be in his prime.

        Harbaugh said after the game that 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree, who had eight catches for 125 yards, has the best hands in the history of the game.

        “People talk about cold weather, and it being tough to catch balls,” Harbaugh said. “But the greatest catcher of all time, Michael Crabtree, catches everything. It’s unbelievable. In the northern snow lands, down to the tropic sunny scenes, he’s catching the football. Where ever they throw a football, he’ll be catching it.”

        HISTORY of the Game. Better than Rice. Better than Fitzgerald. Better than Biletnikoff. Anyone. Ever.

        Fact is that Harbaugh, mostly, just talks out his *** and anyone who believes him about anything is a fool. A complete fool. The man lies as he breaths.

        1. Coaches oversell current and former players all the time. You are not divulging some secret knowledge that Harbaugh tries to make himself look good. Every coach does this so they can continue the perception that they are football geniuses, thus maintaining or increasing their earning potential. And they are competitive and have huge egos.

        2. Actually, now that Crabtree moved to the Raiders, he has continued to catch everything thrown his way. That is why they gave him an extended contract for lots more money.

          Just saw a stat. Last year, MC had 47 targets for 27 receptions and ZERO drops. Not bad.

  55. MATT111’s MOCK DRAFT (no trade)
    If KS is going to get Kirk Cousins as the franchise QB next year, then you don’t need to draft a QB earlier this year.

    1st EDGE Solomon Thomas
    2nd WR Zay Jones
    3rd FS Marcus Williams
    4th -a QB Brad Kaaya
    4th -b OLB Ryan Anderson
    5th -a ILB Kendell Beckwith
    5th -b RB Corey Clement
    6th -a CB Jeremy Cutrer
    6th -b TE Jeremy Sprinkle
    7th OG Corey Levin

  56. Ory-Gun
    Congrats on your Ducks in the Final Four. Big time excitement.
    Congrats as well to the Zags; the West can hoop it up here and there.
    Years ago,used to play in a slow pitch league against a team from Guerneville called the Zags, but that was short for ZigZags, and they couldn’t hoop,or play softball very well……but they were happy.

    1. Brotha Tuna

      Thanks for the press release….needless to say, everybody up here is pretty ‘jacked-up’….two more wins erases a 78 year drought from the NCAA national championship ! GO DUCKS….GO NINERS !~!!!

  57. I agree with Nevius that the bottom line for CK not getting signed is his lack of talent, but I also believe that the backlash over his sideline antics from at least a majority of the fan base has also weighed in. Is it worth it for an owner, coaches, and team to have to deal with the distraction and outright fan disapproval that would accompany signing CK for what you would get in return? Not even close. The fact that worse QB’s have been signed by teams overwhelmingly suggest that premise. If an elite QB had done the exact same thing as CK, and was a free agent as of 3/9, they would have been scooped up immediately regardless of what they had done. For a QB who was 1-10 as a starter last season, and hasn’t performed at a high level for at least a couple of years, has limited ability and is aging, the writing is on the wall. NFL career over. Look to Canada CK.

    1. The kid has received some bad advice along the way.
      But we all must live with the decisions we make.

      The harsh truth is the NFL has no mercy. Kap should never have challenged them. Now he remains without a job. Sad.

  58. The idea that CK can’t throw accurately from the just the pocket is preposterous. He can’t throw accurately from anywhere on the field. To say that he suddenly becomes an accurate thrower of the football while rolling out, left or right, is ludicrous. His stats accumulated up to this point in his career involve every pass he has thrown, in the pocket, out of the pocket, everywhere. They are not good. He is not accurate with his passes. Couple that with his inability to read defenses and make adjustments on the fly, well documented, and his remedial mechanics, you get what amounts to a mediocre NFL quarterback. Can he run? Yes, he can. He has great running ability. He has lots of practice. He runs out of panic almost immediately upon dropping back to pass, and is often sacked. Even when coaches design a roll out play to hide his lack of pocket proficiency, he continues to drop his eyes from downfield and runs. Does he pick up yardage. Yes. We all know that. Is it consistent. No. We all know that too. Can they roll him out on every play. No. That’s idiotic. So that’s the dilemma. Couple all that with his on the field activism, which alienates a large portion of the fan base and most likely future teammates, and it equals an unemployed former QB. Those are the facts of the case, and they are undisputed.
    That’s the reality Seb. It’s the opinion of just about everyone who has an opinion, professional analyst or amateur fan. You’ll continue to disagree and criticize all who share that opinion. You seem to base your opinion on his past accomplishments, namely that he took the team to the SB, took the team to the NFCCG, 3 and 4 years ago, both loses by the way. He had a couple of comeback games in his career, and he beat the Rams in the last game of last season after being 0-10 in his previous starts. My question to you Seb is what has changed? What improvements has CK undertaken to counteract his deficiencies, provided you even think he has any?

    1. As usual, Juanhunglo, thx for the link. CW Nevius is credible.

      As is this article. But all on this site no Seb is a Raider fan who wishes ill-will on the Niners. How else does one explain his years long attempt to saddle the Niner roster with the likes of a Kap or Jarryd Hayne ?

      As one veteran NFL personnel man whose opinion I trust told me this week, “The outside distractions are a factor for some teams with Kaepernick but the real factor is the tape. Put on the tape.’’


    2. Since you addressed me, I will respond.

      Obviously, you have amnesia and forgot all about those jaw dropping throws that I have seen Kaep make over the years. Last season, he was almost perfect in the first half of the Jets game. Only one pass was incomplete when the receiver had the ball hit both his hands and he dropped it. Granted, the Jets made adjustments and blitzed him all the time, and he did not have a good second half, but I warned them that they would blitz like crazy so they should have invited the blitz, then target the area the blitzer left.

      Do not get me started on roll outs. I specifically have been looking for roll outs, and the few times they did them, they were effective. The Niner coaches were brain dead because they were duped into forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer. In 2015, that plan backfired spectacularly when the O line acted like turnstiles. They not only folded like a house of cards, he was beaten like a pinata enough to require 3 surgeries.

      Thought Chip would finally utilize him correctly, but they still ignored his strengths while showcasing his weaknesses. I implored them to stop running into the teeth of the defense, but they did the exact opposite.

      Posters were calling Kaep inaccurate, but then he threw for over 400 yards. They said he was one dimensional, then he ran for 100 while passing for 300. They said he could not read the defense, when many many times he would progress from the primary, to the secondary, and finally the tertiary receiver, who never seemed open. With the magic of replay, I saw how futile the offense was, but many solely blamed Kaep.

      There you go again. Ignoring realities. The defense was so bereft in talent, they allowed third string cut FA RBs run for over 200 yards. No QB, even Joe Montana, could have won with a defense as putrid as that, and believe me, there were no Jerry Rice’s on the team to throw to.

      Notice I have refrained from calling you a hater, because I see you have stopped the name calling. I cannot stop you from having your opinion, but just want the chance to refute your assertions.

      Hope we can still differ, but be calm and respectful about it. I do say that Kaep could improve, but just because Mark Sanchez signed a contract, it does not make him superior to Kaep.

        1. Kaep braved death threats, and advocated for justice.

          You must like unarmed blacks being shot in the back.

          1. You have no idea if I am black, white, brown, green or purple and you resort to calling me a racist? Pretty sad, even for you.

            1. Kaep was decrying what was happening, and started a dialogue to change things. His protests did make a difference. He advocated for justice, and against summary executions. I would call that heroic.

              Being on the other side, you do not think that was heroic at all, so you must not care that police are shooting unarmed blacks. Is that calling you a racist? Maybe you are uncaring and do not have warm fuzzy feelings for anyone, black or white.

              You were the one to pull out the race card, because you did not think what Kaep was doing was heroic at all, even in the face of death threats.

              Now you are being hypersensitive, and putting words in my mouth. I never said you were a racist, but obviously, I hit too close to home.

              1. Your words:

                “You must like unarmed blacks being shot in the back.”

                How is that not calling me a racist?

      1. Pure and refined denial.

        February 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm
        Niners will not draft a QB. They will roll with Kaep and trade back to accumulate picks to fix the defense.

        1. Still think they should trade back to fix the defense.

          You think they will draft Trubisky with their first pick.

          Kaep opted out, so he is tired of being stabbed in the back. Sounds like Lynch chose a suit over a player when he praised Paraag.

          1. He certainly did and so did the rest of the NFL.
            Kap is an after thought, a once was.
            Kinda like you on this blog!

  59. Juanhunglo,

    Watch your back,

    Now you’ve crossed Seb’s imaginary ‘line in the sand,’ simustaneously with kicking sand in Kap’s face with your above logical and truthful commentary.

    Look for Seb to backtrack your posts and ask Grant to ban you.

    It will come in the form of Razor, or his many other nom de plume’s.

      1. I noted Kap’s NFL ceiling had been reached years ago and insisted the 49ers trade Kap to Denver for Tebow + a plethora of draft picks when Kap was a hot commodity.

        Now, because of like minded people in line with Seb’s as talent evaluators, the 49ers get nothing.

  60. http://walterfootball.com/scoutingreport2017jadams.php

    “Adams is excellent with run defense. He is a natural eighth man in the box who has excellent skills to tackle. Adams is also strong, quick, and fast at reading his keys. He comes downhill and has a burst to the flat to defend perimeter runs. Adams will be an asset to help shut down running games.”

    This is the guy we need to fix our run defense.

    “In pass coverage, Adams is extremely instinctive and very good at playing zone in the intermediate middle of the field. He is skilled at covering a lot of ground and helping his cornerbacks along the sideline or cleaning up slants, digs or crosses.”

    What more could you want from a SS? He doesn’t have any red flags, medical or behavioral. He is a leader and a perfect fit. And arguably the BPA at #2.

  61. Seb,

    Even with your Hall of Famer old man, Frank Gore (you keep asking for) in the backfield.
    Kap still couldn’t score with a superior offensive line and a plethora of receivers, including a TE in Vernon Davis, at 6-3’/265 Lbs, running a 4-3 for on one side, and Titans 1000 yd + TE, Delanie Walker, Crabtree, Ted Ginn Jr, Anquan Boldin, in 3 attempts from the 1 yard line.

    Couple that with this quote from the Washington times and that should unravel the mystery for you Seb. If not. God rest your ignorance.

    “So even if Kaepernick was given a better offensive line, his inability to either read the field or get the ball to his receivers is an issue. And this is true whether he is under pressure or not: according to the game charters at Pro Football Focus, his 68.4 percent accuracy ranks him 26th out of 29 qualified quarterbacks. Only Jameis Winston, Blake Bortles and Andrew Luck are worse.”


    1. *vs Ravens in the SuperBowl, Kap couldn’t score in 3 attempts from the one, forcing awful throws to his buddy Crabtree.

  62. Food for thought: 49ers take Notre Dame QB to dinner
    March 24, 2017 8:16 AM

    NFL.com reported that Lynch took Kizer to dinner Wednesday night.

    Some mocks have the 49ers choosing Kizer at # 2.

  63. Passionate. Powerful. Physical. Those are words on how I would describe DE Solomon Thomas. A player who is quickly sky-rocketing up draft boards due to his versatility,

    The ‘LEO’ position is lined up on the outside shade of the left tackle, next to a three-technique defensive tackle. At 6-3, 273, Thomas is a bit of a ‘tweener,’ because ideally you want your LEO’s to be in the 250-pound range with 4.6-4.7 40-yard dash speed. What makes Thomas so coveted, is the fact that he’s 13 pounds heavier for the position, yet his speed is not compromised, evident by displaying a 4.69 40-time.

    Not only does this make Thomas highly valued, but also a perfect fit for what the 49ers need moving forward. Some NFL pundits believe Alabama DT Jonathan Allen would be the second best player off the board. But the 49ers don’t need a defensive tackle. They need a pass-rusher.


  64. TomD:

    Pro Football Focus, “his 68.4 percent accuracy ranks him 26th out of 29 qualified quarterbacks. Only Jameis Winston, Blake Bortles and Andrew Luck are worse.”

    Couple that with a career 59.8 completion rating, 177.8 yards per game, 37 fumbles, his propensity to get sacked, his age (gonna be 30), and his divisive activism, and you have the ingredients for an unemployed QB.

    Those are the facts of the case, and they are undisputed.

    1. Written in 2013. The article ends by stating that- ‘ teams may have figured out the read option, but like the NFL, Kaep will evolve and adapt. Kaep has too much talent to be slowed for long, and he is with too good of a HC for there not to be improvement.’

      Too bad his HC was driven away, and the subsequent coaches did not have a clue how to utilize him properly.

        1. Hopefully, with smarter coaching that will utilize him properly, he will evolve and adapt.

          Maybe his next coach will understand the concept of breaking containment. These last coaches did not understand the term- Gap Integrity. 2 years ago, he had a DJ for a QB coach.

          1. You said that with Kelly. You said that with Shanahan.
            You are striking out Seb like it’s going out of style!

            February 20, 2017 at 11:54 am
            KS is competent enough to take Kaep, and turn him loose so he can take the league by storm, again.

  65. Great article 80. Great read. Thank you. That’s 2013. Much has passed since then. The NFL has figured out the read/option and also CK. On top of that, he has regressed as a QB because he’s not willing to change, according to more than multiple reports. That’s evident watching him play. He’ll go down in NFL history as a wonderkind flash in the pan who took the league by storm but fizzled out rather quickly. Those are the facts, and they are undisputed.

    1. Thanks Juan. The only thing worse than going with a bad QB is giving that QB a lucrative extension.

      1. Kaep signed that team friendly contract with the promise that Baalke would work to retain veteran talent and leadership. Baalke went back on his word, and did not even offer Gore a contract, tried to lowball Crabtree and let Iupati walk to a division opponent.

        Everyone said it was a great contract for the Niners, then said it was a terrible contract and would not play him until it was rewritten.

        Lucrative? More like ludicrous.

        1. From 2014.

          “Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers struck a deal Wednesday on a six-year contract extension, which sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter is worth more than $110 million — including a record $61 million guaranteed.”

          Pretty lucrative.

          The read option is like the Mayan calendar, it ended in 2012.

          1. That sounds run of the mill. Luck’s contract was lucrative.

            Guess what? many teams used the read option even last year. That strategy is here to stay, just like the WCO. Both will change and evolve, but the basic concepts will remain, in perpetuity

            1. Maybe less than 5% of everyone’s play book?
              Fact is the league adapted to it and now it’s a gimmick.
              Just like the wish Bone, the jet sweep and running QB’s.
              Eventually they all are gimmicky.

            2. Used sparingly. The read option can’t be used as a base offense. It’s a gimmick offense. All gimmicks get figured out at the pro level. It happened to the Wildcat. A QB has to be able to run a pro style offense.

              1. Niners abandoned the Read option. Chip even called it the Zone Read.

                You may call it gimmicky, I just want deceptive, innovative and unpredictable plays.

                Baalke wanted to run the ball. He wanted to get 3 yards and a cloud of dust, but those days are over. Teams need to be more versatile and pose multiple threats.

                I remember the Pats ran a gadget play on their 2 point conversion. Helped them win a SB….

  66. Sorry, but I just watched “A Few Good Men” for the 100th time! Love Kevin Bacon and that line he uses in his opening statement. Of course, to preempt Seb’s comeback, Kevin does lose the case. But in this case I think it’s a forgone conclusion. Career over, at least in the NFL. Look to Canada, CK! They don’t give a hockey puck about our National Anthem, the Flag, or mediocre quarterbacks!

    1. Nice, arguing against yourself.

      Yep, he loses the case, just like you will lose your argument when Kaep signs with a team. Kaep does have talent, and I think JH’s opinion carries a lot more weight than blog posters.

  67. And if he doesn’t sign with a team? What will your response be then Seb? He was blackballed? His price was too high? He had bad representation? What excuse are you going to put forward?

    1. I am not going to fall to pieces like Prime, and make his status a defining moment.

      I will be patient, and realize that there are many teams with QB questions. Some teams do have QBs, but I am sure that the teams will be looking for an upgrade. Since this is a league of attrition, I fully expect that only the fortunate teams play only one QB all season.

      Texans, Browns and the Jets need a new QB. Broncos have Seimian, who did not take the league by storm. Maybe the Rams will want to move on from Goff. The Cards, Giants, Chargers, Saints and Steeler have older QBs. Even KC and Cincy may be thinking about a change in leadership. Washington Jax, Bears and Niners may be looking to upgrade the QB position. With all the possibilities, Kaep has many options. If this was the week before TC, you may have a point.

      With this presidential blackballing, maybe the best recourse will be for him to return to the Niners. Wonder how Lynch is going to ask for a pay cut, when they have 74 mil in cap space.

          1. Of course I am Sebnnoying. Because I was right about Kap and you weren’t.
            Ear to ear grin when I hear you try to tread water for Kap. The excuses get funnier and funnier.

      1. If he is being black balled by the league doesn’t that include the 49ers? Are the 49ers the only team that can ignore the blackball?

        1. Black balled, that’s funny.
          If a team thought he could come in and help them win he would have been signed long time ago.
          Winning supersedes everything in the NFL. Even politics!

        2. Lynch has left the door open. He is OK with Kaep possibly coming back, even though he has reduced the odds of it happening. That sure does not sound like he is being blackballed by the Niners.

          Any team can ignore the blackball. The owners are a bunch of gutless wonders to be afraid of a nasty tweet, especially with impeachment looming.

  68. I’ll ask again since I did not get an answer. Seb, please read the questions. I’ll be more specific.

    What will be your reasoning and or excuse be if he DOES NOT, in this entire upcoming season, sign with a team?

    I’ll predict that you’ll say he was blackballed because of his activism and that it has nothing to do with his “skill set”, or lack of. Correct?

  69. But if that is your answer, than that is a complete contradiction to all your earlier statements that said that teams ultimately want to win and will sign him because he gives them the best chance to win, right? So which is it? You can’t have it both ways Seb.

  70. Answering “I think he’ll sign at some point for whatever reason” is not an answer to the question. The question again is: What will be your reasoning and or excuse be if he DOES NOT, in this entire upcoming season, sign with a team? I look forward to your justification.

    1. Obviously, he will be signed at some point so the question is moot.

      I do think some teams will want to win so badly, they will take a chance with him.

      If he does not play for an entire season, it will be because he is black balled due to his protests, but he is too talented, and NFL teams do not have the luxury of letting a non issue dictate their reasoning, when their QB goes down due to attrition.

      1. Says the guy who declared Kap would get a big money free agent contract but still no takers.

        March 18, 2017 at 5:57 pm
        Considering that Glennon got 15 mil Osweiler got 18 mil and Cousins got 24 mil, somewhere in between.

        1. Prime, you asked me what Kaep may accept. I did not declare he would get that sort of money. Sounds like he is being lowballed, along with being blackballed.

          1. Boy Seb you must think other people don’t remember or are not very smart.
            You think you can continue this charade of defending Kap while lying about what you said or contradicting yourself.
            If that’s the case don’t cry wolf when people call you names. Because you truly are an idiot!

            1. Prime, I do not need to descend to your level. You expose your failings every time you post, and you define yourself by your name calling.

              Maybe you should keep your word. I remember when you declared you would flee this site and never come back. Guess you got lonely.

              1. ‘The truth defines me.’

                Yes I must admit that is correct. I try to be truthful all the time, and many times when others point out my errors, I have said things like – I am corrected, you are right and duly noted.

                I certainly do not act like you, who spews expletives and insults ad nauseum.

                I have been a good loyal fan of Kaep, yet have kept it real and have pointed out his faults and ways to improve. I was fully expecting to defend Kaep when and if he was cut, but when he opted out, I was not going to cry and have a tantrum. It was his choice, just like Alex, just like Joe. I accepted their decisions and wished all 3 well.

                Guess you cannot let it go, and will keep up your vicious verbal barrage, as if you cannot accept my position. I truly feel sorry for you.

                I want to talk about the upcoming draft, and am wondering how Lynch and KS will be integrating the new players into the new system.

                Too bad you are fixated on Kaep and will not move on.

  71. Jeesh, that was like pulling teeth. Thank you. You contradicted yourself again, but you finally answered the question. First you said the question is moot, and then you answered the so called moot question, exactly as I predicted, by the way.

    The question: What will be your reasoning and or excuse be if he DOES NOT, in this entire upcoming season, sign with a team?

    Seb’s answer: “If he does not play for an entire season, it will be because he is black balled due to his protests”.

    Now was that so hard? You very conveniently have it both ways. If he isn’t signed all season, you’ll say he was black balled despite his talent, but if he is signed you’ll say it was because of his talent despite any black balling. Very good. You have it covered.

    1. Juan, I have been trying to be nice to you, since you have been posting more respectfully.

      The non answering of a question is just a debate tactic, because you got worked up about it, so now if I ask a question, you will be obligated to answer it because you were so adamant about me answering.

      So my question is- since one pundit put Kaep at the top of the remaining free agents left unsigned, does that mean that some consider him to have talent and worth something?

      So your assessment is not the only one in the world and some others may differ with you, even football pundits.

  72. Well Seb, you answered the question, so thank you. Your answer was exactly what I thought it would be. As for your question to me, I’ve answered that many times and have no problem answering it again.

    Yes, absolutely he has talent. His talent is, in my view, and the view of most, including professional observers and amateur observers, as average, or mediocre, a term I have used multiple times to describe him. Some have him even worse than average. He’s assessed by one, or maybe even some to be at the top of a list of a bunch of unsigned, mediocre quarterbacks. I have no disagreement with that. I think he and some others that are unsigned might even be more talented than some of the recently signed lousy QB’s such as McCown and Sanchez. That’s debatable.

    I can only tell you once again my reasoning for his current position of being unsigned, and how it differs with your opinion. There are two reasons for CK not being signed. One, he is not very good. Average at best. Film shows that. How he was 4-5 years ago has no impact whatsoever on decisions made about him today. He’s not the same QB as he was and the offense he thrived in is no longer relevant. I’m not going to go through all the other factors concerning his skill set, or lack of, that we have discussed to ad nauseam. I agree with Cosell and his analysis. Most do.Two, his sideline activism. This is the other reason why he hasn’t been signed and really will weigh heavily on whether he does or not. As I have said, owners, coaches, and in some cases players just don’t want to deal with the distraction and fan backlash that would take place if he were signed to their team. No question about it. This I disagree with Nevius. So it’s a combination of both in my view.

    Your view is from what you’ve said is he’s a talented QB who could come back and take the league by storm if given the chance, but is being blackballed because of his activism. You disparage anyone who takes a view different from that, mostly agreeing with my assessment. People like Cosell, Nevius to a degree, Ryan, Krueger, just to name a few, because there are many, along with most on this blog and I would venture to guess most Niner fans. I honestly don’t know anyone personally who has a positive view of CK, both as a QB, or as an activist. So that’s my answer bud. I hope it satisfies.

    1. Juan, thank you for your response. Sure am glad that we can disagree without being disagreeable.

      Maybe my responses have been harsh, but I just feel that I have matched the tone of the poster.

      For the pundits, I have been very critical of Cosell, and even if he watches film til his eyes bleed, it is how one processes the film studied that matters most. Just think he states the obvious, and I disagree with his assessments of players other than Kaep, too.

      Even Grant disagrees with my take on Kaep, but at least he supports his opinion with facts and can form a cogent argument.

      Hope we can get past the Kaep conundrum. I truly think he will eventually sign with a team, and do well, but that remains to be seen.

      I must say, you do have good insights and can frame your arguments well. I guess we are both Die Hard Faithful at heart, and both want the team to win multiple rings.

      Of course, there are QB disagreements. The Alex-Kaep factions turned nasty at times, and the Joe-Steve controversy split families.

      Hope to see more of your posts.

  73. Sad story for the Raider fans. Though I am a die hard Niner fan, I’m not a Raider hater as some are, and vice versa, and think it’s a shame they couldn’t work something out. It’s a slap in the face once again to the hard working blue collar fans who have stuck by that team even when they tore their hearts out once before when moving to LA. Always a great time. Great tail gate parties in that parking lot, including the “Black hole”. where there’s usually a live band, with dancing and everything else! I used to just walk around and marvel at some of the set-ups people would have. I’m sorry to hear it.

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