Jim Tomsula on Anthony Davis’ retirement: “I can’t say it was shocking at all.”


Here is the transcript of Jim Tomsula’s post-OTA press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Was this shocking news that T Anthony Davis decided to retire?

“No, I can’t say it was shocking at all.”


Why is that?

“Well, Anthony’s been working on himself right now, that’s what he’s been doing. Look, Anthony wants to step away and he wants to get his mind and his body right and that’s where he wants to go and he has every right to do that. We wish him the best.”


Did you talk to him at all this offseason?

“Before practice.”


What’s that? Before practice? On the phone?

“No, it was texting. That’s the way Anthony communicates.”


Did you have, going into free agency, going into the draft, did you have any indication that you guys had to prepare for this possibility?

“Yeah, I wouldn’t say it was a topic of conversation, but yeah absolutely. We’re looking, Anthony wasn’t around, he’s doing his thing. So, yeah. Obviously, you look at the things we’ve done here personnel wise and we’re very prepared for this.”


From the outside it looks like this is a huge blow to the team because of when he wasn’t on the field last year you guys struggled. At his best, he’s a very good right tackle. Is it a huge blow to this team?

“No, I don’t think it’s a huge blow to this team. I wouldn’t categorize it that way. We’ve got some guys doing some really good things right now that we’re really excited about moving into training camp. But, no we’re really excited about the guys that are here. That’s what we’ve said all along. The focus is on the guys that are here and the guys that are doing what they are doing.”


What are your options at right tackle now? What guys are you looking at?

“We drafted a guy.”


T Trent Brown.

“And we have two guys that have played, three guys that have experience playing the right tackle position we feel really good about.”


Is G/T Alex Boone a possibility at right tackle?

“Yeah. Alex has always been a possibility at either tackle. [G Erik] Pears has obviously played more tackle, right tackle, in this league than he’s played guard so we feel really good there.”


Is he with his wife today? Is she giving birth?

“Yes, that is exactly what it is. We’d like to congratulate the Pears family on that, thank you. I had to throw him out of here. He was going to hit practice and then go. I said come on bud, get out of here man. So anyway, it’s a great day for their family.”


Has he been getting reps at right tackle–?



In addition to right guard?



Was it nice to get FB Bruce Miller back out here and moving?

“Yeah. It’s good to see Bruce out here and good to see him running around.”


When you said it wasn’t a surprise about Anthony, I mean, he’s 25 years old. Had you had conversations with him before just regarding the fact–?

“Again, I’m not trying to play a cat and mouse game, but out of decency, going to get into all that stuff. What I’ll tell you is you’re right, he’s 25 years old. And he feels himself that he needs to take a break to get his mind and his body back, as he termed it. I support him, I do. I support him on that.”


I certainly respect what you just said and totally understand it, but I do have to ask, he suffered a concussion last year, he was out for four games, he said he was in a white fog for a long time. Obviously, that’s a huge topic of conversation in the NFL with former 49ers LB Chris Borland has done. Can you say how much that factored into his decision?

“I wouldn’t dare say that. I wouldn’t dare make a comment on that. When it comes to the medical stuff, we’ve got the best medical going. I listen to them. I have always listened to them. With what Fergie [Vice President of Football Operations Jeff Ferguson] does through all our doctors and I know we are very proactive in the way that we handle those things. So, no. He went through all his protocol there and all those things and I wouldn’t have a comment on that.”


With former 49ers DT Justin Smith retiring, former 49ers LB Patrick Willis, Chris Borland and now Anthony, is it a little surreal to see so many guys all of a sudden step away from the game?

“No. The thing, we group all of these guys together, but it’s all individual in my opinion. I’ll speak on Justin because he was in the D-line room for those years. It’s time. The guy was able to have a great career and walk away on his own terms. Everybody has their reasons and situations come up. I’m not going to group all the guys together. What I am really excited about is the team that’s on the field right now. The guys that are here.”


How would you classify what you’ve seen from Trent Brown in his first few weeks here?

“Trent Brown’s got tremendous ability. He does. A lot of development needs to take place, absolutely. Really like the guy, the person. I like the way he’s working. He’s got a lot of work, we’ve got a lot of work to do. I’m not looking at you now telling you Trent Brown is going to start at right tackle, let’s not make any mistakes there. I’m not telling you he won’t, but he’s got a lot of work to do. His potential, his development is really exciting.”


He’s seemed to have made some physical strides even in a month or so–?

“Trent? Yeah, absolutely. You’re seeing it too. That’s what I’m talking about. We’re seeing that much, that fast. You get a little excited here, you do. So, if that continues, then you get a few more months, obviously the summer. All these guys work out all summer. That’s just what they do. Then you’ve got training camp and you’re into the season. We’ve got some time here, it’s a few months. It’s not a year. We’ve got guys in development stages. I refer back again to the D-line, [DT] Tank [Carradine] and [DT Quinton] Dial and those guys. [NT] Ian Williams. There’s a development process that has to take place. I don’t know what the timeline is, but I’m really excited about what he’s doing.”


RB Carlos Hyde was back out there doing some stuff.

“Yeah. You see him running around?”


And next week, do you imagine him being a little more of a participant?

“Yeah, things are going real good right there. And we were able to with Carlos. He’s feeling good. I actually went in and said we don’t need to go today. Carlos hasn’t missed a meeting. He hasn’t missed a practice. I mean, he’s been here every day. It’s just more of let’s just make it perfect. Fergie grabbed me and said ‘it’s perfect, Jim. Let him go out.’ So he went out, and we took that opportunity to pull [RB] Reggie [Bush] off, give him a blow. You’re going to see that. Don’t make much of that, I’ll just tell you now. You guys have been, you ladies, you’ve all been around with me with older players. Our job is to make sure they’re ready to play on game day.”


Just to clarify, did Anthony ever suggest to you up until today’s text messages that he was thinking about retirement?

“Again, I’m not going to get into all of Anthony’s things. Let me talk from my perspective. Did I think that was going on? Absolutely and only my opinion, I thought that Anthony might be reevaluating some things, yes. But, I’m not putting words in his mouth, my opinion, that’s all it is. Nobody else’s opinion. One guy. Jim.”

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  1. I look forward to Tomsula’s press conferences and quips like, “But, I’m not putting words in his mouth, my opinion, that’s all it is. Nobody else’s opinion. One guy. Jim.”

      1. 49ers management allows coaches/players to say very little about football operations. Its an NFL requirement that coaches/players give media interviews.
        Hence all the rambling statements.

        My sympathies go to the coaches and players… and beat reporters who’s time was wasted trying to get concrete information.


      I pull into my parking space in Santa Clara to begin my workday and a vehicle, license plate # Exec. of Year, Silicon Valley is parked there…

      I pull my Team off Levi Stadium’s Maiden practice, turf is so bad I want no Injuries…The suits aren’t please…

      I take a brief break from another practice and run over to the official opening of Levi Stadium so the Suits and Season Ticket Holders can enjoy themselves, no time to change so I’m wearning my khakis and sweatshirt…The Suits aren’t pleased, they wanted another Suit…

      I throw a challenge flag during a regular season game and there’s no response…I look up at the challenge booth, And Paraage Marate waves–move on, next play….

      After a tough practice, a group of suits are walking through the Players only section holding glasses of wine..The sticker on their lapels read: Exec. of Year Sales Team..
      I Tell them: “Get your asses out of here, players only…

      I Audible to a pass play during a game, but Trent Texts me, run The ball–and I was overruled on my choice of offensive personnel during draft day…
      The players know the score, Suits win, 55-0 over coaching staff…Look for more retirements

      1. ODE to Harbaugh, Continued:

        Players appearing on local Police Blotters, I’m the only one who answers questions before a national Press Conference–The suits are celebrationg the Wi-Fi contract to wire the whole stadium they won with another round of Napa Valley $500/bottle of wine…

        I get a phone call to appear before the Board Room of those who won The Wi-Fi contract in their offices, but a tough playoff practice runs overtime so could not attend….

        I am fired the next day…

        1. Open Missive To Niner Fans drinking the York and Baalke Cooladie still:

          Tomsula and Chryst walked past Harbaugh in the 4949 Centennial Blvd. hallways last year, and averted their eyes from Harbaugh…Remember that’s when Habaugh said: at that point,I knew something was up;”…

          Know this ignorant coolaide consumers: Players do not suffer traitors lightly…look for more trouble in Ninerland!!!!!!!

          1. Via Tim Kawakami, SJ Merc:

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            Tim Kawakami‏@timkawakami·49m49 minutes ago
            The management lackeys are cheering… suits. And will always cheer suits.

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            Tim Kawakami‏@timkawakami·51m51 minutes ago
            That a Jed/Trent fan could be angry that I’m pointing out there has been a lot of turnover.. well, that’s why they love you.

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            Tim Kawakami‏@timkawakami·52m52 minutes ago

            Tim Kawakami retweeted Josh West
            Jed & Trent fans are mad. Enjoy your PSL.
            Tim Kawakami added,

            Josh West@joshwest3165 @timkawakami then ur not very good a ur job huh?then again u never were

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            Tim Kawakami‏@timkawakami·53m53 minutes ago

            Tim Kawakami retweeted Jeff Simmons
            Very true, and Stanford knew it. I don’t know what Jed & Trent know these days.
            Tim Kawakami added,

            Jeff Simmons@realjeffsimmons @timkawakami…

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            Tim Kawakami‏@timkawakami·54m54 minutes ago
            Jed/Trent fans are going to suggest it’s a necessary adjustment to life after Mean Harbaugh. I’ll point to Stanford and say it can be done.

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            Tim Kawakami‏@timkawakami·56m56 minutes ago

            Tim Kawakami retweeted Jimmy
            No, I can’t say that anybody has ever seen something like this. As I’ve said, all independent things, but adding up.
            Tim Kawakami added,

            Jimmy@NauticaJimmy @timkawakami have you ever seen an offseason this weird?

            A team comprised of future draft picks and future draft picks might be Baalke’s most cherrihed dream.

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            1. Cool story bro.
              Try to do some editing before cluttering up the blog with a bunch of crap.
              #annoying #canthidecrazy

  2. Honestly? He was never that great a player, and never lived up to his draft billing.

    But I’m getting pretty damned tired of my team being in disarray and the ownership leaving the team open to mockery.

    If the 49ers do a pratfall out of the game this year, a Doubting Thomas Redux a la 1978 is not impossible – but this time, there will be no Thomas to take the heat. This time, it’s the york who will catch all the grief.

    1. The rest of the teams in the division have gotten considerably better and stronger. The Niners have done the opposite: they’re worse (coach/personnel) and weaker as a team.

      1. So besides Willis and Borland, tell me who was better last year than we have replacing them this year…. It’s cool illl wait

        1. 1. The coach: the most important piece. You replaced a winning coach, with the second coming of Ric Kotite. It took the Niners a decade plus to find a winning coach, Tomsula was the Niners 3rd choice this year, he won the job by default…it is laughable.

          2. The O Line: they had issues last year, this year it will be worse. They lost Iupati–a great run blocker, and now AD. It doesn’t matter who replaces them, Iupati and AD are much better players. They are weaker and facing formidable D-lines across the division.

          3. D Coach: Mangini? Mangini is a third-rate defensive coach.

          4. Linebackers: It is professional football, pro teams make a living devising plays and schemes to chew up rookie linebackers. The Rams, Cards and even the weakened Hawks will light them up.

  3. I have been optimistic through all the turmoil. We remain young with tons of talent and depth. All positives, but at some point this nonsense gets absurd. No other team in league Is remotely dealing with these defections.

    Davis is huge loss. You look at our rushing game with vs without, it’s night and day. We are now going to struggle against DE all year long. Just like last. That will have a major impact on our overall success. I think this amounts to a one or two game difference. At what point does baalke become scapegoat? Someone eventually has to. You cannot have this much dysfunction and remain status quo.

    It pretty much blows to be Niner fan right now. I will never quit on the scarlet and gold, but it’s tough.

    1. Daniners,

      “I have been optimistic through all the turmoil. We remain young with tons of talent and depth. All positives, but at some point this nonsense gets absurd. No other team in league Is remotely dealing with these defections.

      Davis is huge loss. You look at our rushing game with vs without, it’s night and day”

      I posted the same exact sentiments, but in slightly different wording, here yesterday, so I very much agree with you. I was also thinking yesterday about how surreal this offseason has been and how it all started with Ballke’s absurd little palace coup to overthrow and usurp Harbaugh’s throne. At the beginning of the offseason, after the Harbaugh drama, but before FA and all the retirements, I thought that Baalke (and by extension York) had set themselves up to be squarely in the crosshairs for receiving all the blame if the 2015 season went into the crapper. Now I’m thinking that all the retirements have given them an out. An excuse to deflect blame for a terrible season on the field. Baalke can now allude to these “circumstances beyond his control” as the reason the team struggles and York will have a reason to stand up at a season ending press conference and actually defend Baalke, using the unexpected retirements as an excuse. Instead of taking heat for forcing out a very successful head coach they can now deflect the blame. And, that really sucks because I suspect and I believe that these retirements (with the exception of Borland) probably wouldn’t have happened this year if the team’s chances of winning hadn’t taken such a drastic turn for the worse when the whole coaching staff was forced out by Baalke and York’s childish scheming and plotting. This whole dumpster fire that has been the 2015 offseason for the 49ers was started and fueled by Baalke and York but they aren’t the ones that will be charged with arson for burning down the Niners. That blame will be deflected at and onto the retiring players. I can see it already and it makes me really angry.

  4. We are the biggest joke in the NFL and York is undeserving of owning a team. Utterly incompetent. There I said it…even I have limits and F-York and F-Baalke just crossed it.

  5. Wasn’t there speculation on this blog that Lupati and Davis, both 1st round picks, would make it difficult to justify switching to zone blocking? But now that there both gone, won’t this make the switch much easier to justify?

    1. I think this just makes the switch to zone make more sense and gives us Little hope that we may still have an okay line. We may have lost 2 starters but we are replacing them with 2 3rd rounders that probably should have been taken in the 2nd.

      It’ll be an interesting year.

  6. Text is the way Anthony Davis communicates, interesting. Sounds as if Brown continues to lose weight and impress in pads, he’ll be your starter. Shouldn’t be a problem getting a yard when they need it behind him….

    1. Interesting comment by Tomsula but I guess he doesn’t understand the implications: it is a terrible sign when the coach can’t communicate face to face with his players. There is no leadership in the team.

      As for Brown: it is OTA’s, it counts for nothing at this point. I am not as positive as you having Brown as the starting R tackle, and I don’t imagine the coaching staff sleeps well knowing Brown will be their starting R tackle. It is the stuff of nightmares.

  7. I like Tomsula’s upbeat, positive attitude, despite the unprecedented loss of so many quality players.
    Nothing appears to get him down, which is good—because if the head coach gets down, the players get down too.
    The offensive line could be okay.
    Boone plays tackle extremely well. Erik Pears is an adequate backup.
    Kilgore is a good center; Brandon Thomas and Marcus Martin are inexperienced, but will likely be above average guards.
    Trent Brown could be the steal of the draft—great size and athleticism, hard worker.

    1. Well there is putting a fine amount of lipstick on a pig.
      Sorry don’t mean to pick on you jefferson33 with my sour grapes, but tell me again who is replacing arguably the best defensive cordinator in the NFL. And, oh by the way, he being a much superior interviewee compared to the new HC.

  8. Tomsula is never surprised. When Kaepernick or bad version, Kaeperpick gets knocked out for the year, “we saw that coming, no big deal.” Come on, Jim. You look really bad and there is a mass exodus of retirements and players leaving for other teams since the coaching change. There have been different reasons for many players, but this roster is much different and appears to be much worse than it was last year. Best of luck, European coach. You’re going to need it.

  9. Starting to think the players are running for the hills knowing this organization might be headed for a bad future. How else do you explain the mass exodus? Coincidence? Highly unlikely!

    1. I’ll explain it…. Willis=toe injury, not healing well… Borland=concussion, afraid of more…J Smith=injuries,tired of playing with one arm…Davis=concussions, other injuries… Parrish and culliver, left for new teams and bigger contracts. I’m not worried schemed players who will be ordinary for their new team( See Brown, Carlos Rodgers)… Gore=bigger contract owning the backfield, no splits(what he wanted)… Iupati=bigger contract…. Crabs=off to Oakland, wanted more money than we wanted to give. Nobody on this blog wanted him, diva who can’t stay healthy…Skuta= more money….. I’m sure there is more. Bottom line, there is no mass exodus. The retirees, want their livelihood, family n friends and brain over money. The free agents were replaced. People are so short sighted. Rather we are great or not will have nothing to do with a a mass exodus, grown men wanted their lives. And we didn’t want to pay the others..

      1. This is exactly what I’ve been saying. We upgraded in many of the positions we lost out. Smith and gore are old and we had to move on eventually. Borland was too slow, Willis hurts, but other than that we upgraded in every position we lost at. If kaep has a good year, we win. Point blank.

      2. I agree with both you gents. There are plenty of NFL teams with bad managements. When’s the last time any of their players early-retired? If our players were making this a management issue, they would have requested a trade, not retired. Those retiring with signing bonuses are having to forfeit sizeable amounts of money. Why would any of them do that to make a statement? It makes no sense at all.

  10. I was just reading about the concerns over the offensive line in the previous post; how it could be the weakest part of team going into season ……, and now this bomb shell!

  11. I say the exodus is due to personnel handling caused by poor management. The players see total disruption, and I believe, lack of leadership in both management and coaching. All these departures are a sign of an ill organization. Period. Next year, Niners go 5-11, best scenario.

  12. Whoooooo Boy! Whata buncha ninnies. We’ll miss healthy Davis, who we haven’t seen in a bit, but Dang! Throw in the towel and go to Cabo! Stay tuned MFs.

  13. I hope Tomsula’s last text message was: Anthony you’ll be hearing from accounting on that signing bonus.

  14. Woke up this morning and yup, its not a dream. They’re going to be the San Francisco 29ers. The majority of commenters on the PFT article about AD assume all these guys are bailing because of Tomsula; they’ve got to get away. Its false, but I’m afraid the perception will linger outside the Bay Area.

  15. Reporter: “Did you have, going into free agency, going into the draft, did you have any indication that you guys had to prepare for this possibility?”

    J.T: “Yeah, I wouldn’t say it was a topic of conversation, but yeah absolutely. We’re looking, Anthony wasn’t around, he’s doing his thing. So, yeah. Obviously, you look at the things we’ve done here personnel wise and we’re very prepared for this.”

    Not sure I get this. Nothing against Trent Brown and he seems to be off to a good start, but I don’t see how a 7th round pick and a mediocre FA (Pears) adequately addresses preparing for the possibility that AD wouldn’t be around this year; particularly when you consider the dramatic impact AD’s presence, or lack thereof, had on the running game last year. After Tomsula was announced as the head coach, Baalke made it clear that running the ball was a, if not THE, top priority. The MM and BT picks last year were good, but is there enough quality depth on the OL now?

    1. If Brown stays disciplined and continues to work hard, he will be a starting RT in the NFL. Baalke took out an insurance policy in the form of Pears after the Bills’ gamble on Henderson payed off in last years 7th round. Brown will definitely contribute in the running game, just as he did for Jones, Taylor and Harris for the Gators. Trust in Baalke, he seems to know what he’s doing. What other team can you think of that can take the shots to the body that this team has taken and still possess the talent to pose a legitimate threat in the NFC West?

  16. Well Cubus, Staley, Thomas, Kilgore, Martin, Boone doesn’t look all that bad on Paper. Obviously losing Davis hurts but if Forester and don’t forget Sparano who has a great track record with the O line can get these guys on the same page they could surprise. Look how well Oaklands line held up last year with far less talent then ours. They weren’t strong against the run but protected Carr really well..Another thing is look at Seatle. Do they have a more talented line then ours? I don’t think so.. But they do have a coach who understands his QBs strengths and weaknesses. I think if Tomsula and Christ develop an offense around Kaep strengths then I think we will be okay… With that said, if Tomsula coaches this team to a record on 8-8 or better he deserves a fat raise.

    1. Staley/Thomas/Martin/Boone/Brown is what I expect to be lining up as Kaepernicks’ advanced guard….

      1. This team Razor is going to be real fun to watch cause how many young promising players could emerge. If Brown starts as a rookie that is impressive for a 7th rnd pick. I like M Martin starting but I believe Kilgore was rock soild before injury. Plus he fits that smaller zone blocking center..

  17. A lot of these young players like Davis are complete fools – They believe they’ve got the world by the balls. I’ve got news for them – when this next mammoth financial crash comes—and its coming soon— and wipes out all their investments….they’re going to wish they weren’t so whimsical in their thinking process.

  18. “With former 49ers DT Justin Smith retiring, former 49ers LB Patrick Willis, Chris Borland and now Anthony, is it a little surreal to see so many guys all of a sudden step away from the game?”

    “No. The thing, we group all of these guys together, but it’s all individual in my opinion.”

    Yes, they are individuals making their own life choices. But he doesn’t want to lump them together because to do so points toward a very unwelcome truth. The players, many who are in their prime, who, for whatever reason, are contemplating retirement, are choosing to bail on their team. They don’t want to play for the niners, or for Tomsula. When looking into the future with this team they say, “No thanks, I’m out of here!”

    Yes, there are a bunch of reasons that go into each individuals decision, but the team and it’s leadership, on and off the field, must be factors in this equation.

    Is there any other NFL team that has faced this amount of defections in one off season?

    1. Do you know what percentage of people in auto accidents ate carrots in the week before their accident? 97%. Using your logic, eating carrots causes car accidents.

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      1. If a mistake was made, it was drafting Pinion. (not saying Pinion won’t be good)

        Best to salvage what he could. He was going to be a salary cap cut anyway.

        A few years back Paraag Marathe said at a Sports Analytics Conference… the rookie salary cap means teams will have to have more 1-4 players to manage the overall cap.

        Rosters will be comprised of a large number of year 1-4 players on cheap rookie contracts… and a handful of highly paid star players. Mid level veterans take huge pay cuts, or get cut loose.

        I’d like to see a restructuring or soft salary cap. Some of my favorite players are those solid mid-level veterans like Delaney Walker.

      2. Don’t knock the seventh round. After all, Baalke found a starting right tackle in the seventh round this year. Actually he found 1.5 starting right tackles in the seventh round this year.

      3. There blows Grants’ ridiculous prediction of the 49ers comprising 3 of the 53 player roster of Lee/Dawson and Pinion. The ones who bemoaned the Pinion pick look awfully silly now….

            1. That’s amazing. I thought that replacing Lee was Baalke’s objective the moment the 49ers selected Pinion. There was a big crowd thinking the same thing. Maybe there is such a thing as trying too hard to think out of the box.

            2. If I was able to notice the decline of Lee last year, it’s no surprise Baalke did as well. Pinion will be the weapon Andy used to be at a much lower rate….

    1. If they restructure, cut or trade Brooks they will have even more cap space.

      Had Boone showed up at OTAs bright eyed and bushy tailed, he’d be a logical extension. I think the 49ers are afraid if they extend Boone, they’ll get the Vernon treatment with another holdout a few years later.

      Then there’s Aldon. They can extend him, or forward the cap space to franchise tag him for 2016.

  19. As per MM re Lee:

    “The move also saves the 49ers some salary-cap space. Lee, who is scheduled to earn $2.05 million this season, has four years and $12.45 million remaining on his contract, which the Browns inherit.”

    1. 2.6 % of his punts fall into the end zone for touch backs. (I’m assuming that’s better then average)

  20. Everyone saw this coming. But, yeah, a 7th rounder? Everyone knows that is probably going to be a practice squad guy or yet another redshirt, who may or may not every contribute. The best punter in franchise history traded after they draft a punter in the 5th round and do nothing to help at CB and little at WR. Yay

    1. From this we can assume that Baalke was hoping Pinion could supplant Lee and also that Pinion really impressed during OTAs. Paul Gutierrez wrote that Pinion was getting 5+ hang times:

      So they were going to release or trade Lee anyway. Releasing a player results in a cap hit, trading him results in the other team taking on his cap. So, yes, they get just a 7th rounder in 2017. But from a financial standpoint, they gain a lot.

      Here’s what their salaries look like over the next foru years
      $2,550,000 $3,333,000 $3,433,000 $4,134,000
      $483,550 $573,550 $663,550 $753,550

      1. Based on your $ analysis, the only thing that would have kept Lee with the 49ers would have been a broken leg.

      2. Lee $13.45m, Pinion $2.47m

        The decision was made a month ago when they spent the 5th rounder on Pinion.

        1. Let’s be clear, the decision was made predicated on Pinion reinforcing their scouting report on him….

  21. Just noticed this on Rotoworld about Logan Thomas:
    “Cardinals coaches down on Logan Thomas
    According to FOX Sports Arizona’s Mike Jurecki, Cardinals second-year QB Logan Thomas “hasn’t made progress the coaching staff expected.”
    The 120th pick in last year’s draft, Thomas was passed over by the coaches in favor of street free agent pickup Ryan Lindley as a rookie. Now, Thomas is being pushed for a roster spot by Chandler Harnish and UDFA Phillip Sims. If Thomas doesn’t pick it up, he’s going to get cut in September. If so, giving tight end a try wouldn’t be a bad idea. Thomas is 6-foot-6, 248 with 4.61 speed, a 35 1/2-inch vertical, and a 9-foot-10 broad jump.”

    If he’s cut, I like the idea of bringing him in for a look-see at TE/WR.

    Ht 6’6⅛”
    Wt 248
    Arm length 34¼ in
    Hand size 10⅞ in
    40-yd dash 4.54
    10-yd split 1.61
    3-cone 7.05
    Vert 35-1/2
    Broad 9’10”

    1. That’s a future possibility..But We’ll have to see how Blake bell and Busta Anderson do…They’re Te/Wr types too.Im intrigued by them

  22. This “Trust in Balke” crap is getting tedious. He’s shown nothing the last two years in maximizing the ability of this team to win a championship, and frankly, his drafts have been a bust.

    We need a new GM.

    1. Funny, to me, this anti Baalke crap is getting tedious…

      How do you think it is the 49ers defense was top five last year, while sustaining all of the injuries and Aldon Smith’s suspension?

      Maybe the lack of halftime adjustments and bad clock management were Baalke’s fault, too. I’m not saying Baalje is perfect, but no way should he be fired.

      1. No GM is perfect but Baalke has done a fantastic job of plugging holes while going full steam ahead….

      2. Agree with both of you. Also believe Baalke determined the weak link in the offense was Harbaugh. Think that’s pretty clear by now. And as for replacing Fangio, it’s gotta be that Baalke believes we can be #1 or 2 only with a more aggressive approach.

  23. In other news, Matt Nagy wants to see Alex Smith “shoot the ball down the field” often this spring so that deep balls can be a more productive part of the offense come the regular season. Good luck with that….

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