Jim Tomsula: “You either pull together or you fraction off.”

This is the transcript of Jim Tomsula’s Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Opening comments:

“Injuries as far as practice goes, and I just went back in there and checked. Again, [LB NaVorro] Bowman, [S Eric] Reid, [TE Vernon] Davis will be in practice today. So, Vernon will be out there today. We’ll see exactly where that is with Vernon. The other guys I don’t think there’s anything too. But, we’ll see how he’s moving around. But, we feel good enough to get him out there, so we’re going to see. I don’t want to make any proclamations, because I don’t know, but we’ll let you know afterwards. And, that’s it on the injury front.”


Has RB Reggie Bush been practicing in full? Does he look like he’s fully healthy, he’s going to have a regular game plan for him?

“Yes, sir. Yeah, I mean, you know he’s been going in practice the entire week. So, again, we feel real good about where he’s at.”


How much were you guys, we didn’t see much of him in preseason, we only saw him for a handful of plays in Week 1. How much were you handicapped by not having Reggie Bush in the lineup?

“There’s, we don’t have any excuses like that. And I know you’re not asking it that way, but we’re not handicapped. We haven’t been handicapped.”


With the way QB Colin Kaepernick is coming off this last game, do you want to see him kind of get back in the saddle rather than have him lay low? You want to see how he can attack this game still?

“Oh yeah, we’re going to come out and play football, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3. And, we’re going to go to Week 4 and we’re going to come out and go.”


How are the Packers using Green Bay Packers LB Clay Matthews this year versus the previous times that you’ve faced him?

“Well, I mean, [Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator] Dom’s [Capers] always been creative with what he does and how he uses people and, I mean obviously, great respect to it. But, [LB] Clay’s [Matthews] working the inside stuff on the rush. He’s working the outside stuff on the rush. You’ve seen that through the years. We’ve all seen it. A few things have come further to light in the last few games that you’ve watched, with some of the pick games and things that he’s working. The guys on the D-Line are doing a nice job with him. So, they’re creating up front, like Dom has a history of doing. But, he’s playing at a high level and he always has. That front, and [Green Bay Packers defensive line] coach [Mike] Trgovac is always done a heck-of-a job of the front, to me. And, he’s got some guys in there and they’re rolling and they’re playing good defense.”


Is there any, obviously, Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is really good with his cadence and drawing guys offsides. Is there any secret other than just being disciplined to not jumping offsides?

“Yeah, there’s no secret to it. We talked about that the other day. It’s something he’s really good at, one of the many things he’s really good at. And the time that he does it, he knows, you watch games and when you see something like that, that occurs over and over and over, over years, there’s a, the guy has a knack of feeling emotion and feeling where the game’s at and doing it at times that makes it harder on you. But, you work, you prepare, you watch the tape, you do it in practice, you go like crazy and you attack it that way and we’ve attacked it.”


Last week, there was the play where DL Tony Jerod-Eddie jumped offsides and everyone stopped. Was it just a collective brain cramp or what happened on that play?

“You can’t wait to say, oh he came across and he hit the guy. Because some of those, if you go too far unimpeded, the whistle blows. That was, you just have to play. You have to keep playing. I thought he made contact. If you make contact like that then, obviously, they blow that dead. They don’t want to give you something unimpeded to the quarterback. But, you can’t decipher that. You’ve just got to play.”


That’s been an issue, I mean, I think for Rodgers getting guys on that and then Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. Is that, I mean, that has to be a major point of emphasis this week, just keep going?

“Yeah. When coaching the D-Line, you talk a lot about, if you’re coming off the ball, come off the ball. You know what I mean? Your natural reaction is ooh [move forward] and you want to pull back. And then, we’ve all seen guys that come off the ball and then blast the O-Linemen. Then you’re looking at that going, ‘What in the world?’ So, the thing to do is to stay onsides.”


If RB Reggie Bush is good to go, would you use him on punt returns?

“He’d be one of the guys. I mean, he works those. He’s one of the guys. [WR] Bruce [Ellington]. Bruce is running around real good. Obviously, [RB] Jarryd’s [Hayne] doing it. So, we feel like we’ve got a few guys that handle that.”


Ellington’s good too?

“Yes, sir.”


You mentioned on Monday how you felt like the tight ends were a strength of the offense. Maybe to the untrained eye it doesn’t necessarily look that way. But, why would you say that, that you believe the tight ends are a strength?

“As I’m watching them on film and things like that and you watch the tracks and the blocking and you watch the way they’re doing those things. You watch through the course of three games and you watch through the course of training camp. Coming out of training camp, we felt really great about it and still feel the same way. Think it’s a talented group. Think it’s a group that does some really good things for us.”


And you’re talking about the running game?

“Yeah, and the passing game. I mean, our tight ends have caught some footballs. Now, maybe not as deep as you wanted it. Maybe you’re thinking about one particular person that people might spend extra time on. But, other guys have caught the ball out of that room. So, they all can catch. We’ve got some athleticism in there and we’ve got some guys that’ll block.”


How do you think your leaders have reacted this week and have you noticed them being more vocal? I know WR Anquan Boldin talked a little bit yesterday about how just, he wants guys to keep working their butts off and he’s kind of a lead by example guy. But, have there been some vocal messages from any of the leaders?

“There’s been some vocal. Not as much vocal. Short vocal, you know? Not long drawn-out, but short vocal. Just the point of, you get in these rough patches, there’s one way to go. You either pull together or you fraction off. I mean, that’s in everything you do in life. So, that’s when I say I really like the group. I see guys, and it’s hard, we all know that it is. But, pulling together and working and we had two good days of practice. Paying attention and guys communicating and they’re all in the locker room there together right now. So, I like the people.”

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  1. this guy is so far in over his head it’s sad. For all of us. THANKS JED. This would be a rebuilding team no matter who’s in charge but the rebuild would have been so much shorter with the great staff that was already in place that Jed destroyed. People keep telling me to get over it but I can’t because we are the ones who have to suffer every Monday after another fiasco n try n get thru work. Jed still owns the team after each embarrassment and is still rich so does anyone think he’s really all that bothered by this?

    1. Hindu, u watch the Niners and they lose and your week is ruined. You act like players and coaches (and owner) aren’t giving an honest effort. Get a life, man. You have no idea who is over his head in coaching unless u are an expert in the field. Sorry, fans , short for fanatics, don’t qualify in that regard !

  2. The only reason this game looks impossible to win is because our QB looks like he is unsure and not confident. The other thing is that Jim Tomsula does not perceive to be a coach who can out coach anyone. However, a win puts us back into the conversation.

    1. I think in fairness to 49er fans, a summation of the 49ers product to date has led to many season ticket holders selling their seat licences for a loss (it’s all over the Bay Area media)…To date, a summary of what the York’s expect the 49er fans to watch:


      Baalke as GM–No prior exp here, inherited Scot McClouhan’s good players.
      Coaches nobody in the NFL would hire: Tomsula as HC (No NFL head coaching experience), Chryst as OC (he last OC’d 15 years ago)

      1. People always say that Scott McCloughan had all these amazing drafts that Baalke inherited. When in fact McCloughan was the gm in charge of exactly 2 drafts for the 49ers 2008 and 2009 which gave us such great selections as Kentwan Balmer in the first round. Only 3 McCloughan picks from those years are even in the league anymore Crabtree is the best of the bunch. Mike Nolan was coach and gm and ran the drafts that selected Willis, Gore, Staley and the rest attributed to McCloughan. Baalke has selected pro bowlers in Aldon Smith, Iupati, Anthony Davis, Navarro Bowman, Eric Reed. So who has the better draft record?

      2. I doubt if there’s many license holders selling at a loss. People with that kind of money don’t buy high and sell low.
        Besides we’re only 3 games into season one of the Tomsula era. Real fans will hang on for years, waiting for their team to get good again.

    2. I disagree FDM. Those are a couple of reasons, but I believe the putrid play of the OL and the absolute dismantling of our defense has played a role in making this game look like an upcoming loss.

      1. I agree with that assessment too Midwest. I am just confused like everyone else how we have quickly fallen off the competitive map.

        1. Unfortunately like Rocket and Coffee, I predicted another bad season for the 49ers. Too many changes and a coach that is too much of a yes man.

        2. They lost a top tier HC and many of their best players. Are you really surprised? How could you be? I could see this coming a mile away. I think many people could. There pass defense is terrible, they don’t have a pass rush and they don’t have a coach that can think for himself. It’s disheartening, but not surprising.

        1. I’m with ninermd, the Niners are winning this Sunday! CK will play a lot better compare to last week. Confidence won’t be an issue since he is 3 and 0 against Rogers.

          1. Gabbert will play against Green Bay. After SF finds itself down 31 at the half and Kaepernick has 47 yards passing and as many yards running, He will come out with a hamstring injury or concussion protocol to save face with the QB change.
            York and Tomsula have already had this discussion. Leaving him in the game last week was a bad move. He will have a very short leash. SF likes to make changes at QB with injuries. Kaepernick won’t be back till week 9 when the Gabbert experiment fails.

          2. Kaepernick has one foot in the grave, but I’m not ready to bury him. I look for him to come out with All Guns Blazing….

            In his hurry to leave, Fangio left his notes on how to defeat Rodgers, and he will be twisting in the strangled grip of the 49ers defense. They won’t give any mercy and he will feel those tendons rip, torn up and bleeding green….

            1. All Guns Blazing?…..More like Blazing Saddles. The Niners even have their own Taggart in Tomsula.

            2. We’ll see, Razor. So far the new defensive scheme is a disappointment, as I know you know. This is likely to be a very tough game for our offense too. The Pack’s defense has improved and is under appreciated. Plus it’s a grudge match for them.

        2. I am not calling a win, but just want the Niners to be competitive. They should do the zone read, and grind it out. The best way to neutralize Rogers is to not let him have the ball. The DBs should play Man because the Zone will be picked apart by Rogers. Time to for the DBs to man up and show the world the skills the coaches claim they have.
          Hayne cannot receive punts if the defense cannot make a stop on third down. He should at least be allowed to take KOs, to give the Niners a chance to win.
          I hope the coaches have learned that people unfriendly to the Niners have divulged tons of info on how to beat them, so they should change the system of play calling and start all over so they cannot capitalize on their tendencies. In other words, the Niners need to be smart, efficient and unpredictable.
          GO NINERS !!!!!!

          1. I agree with you. I just want them to score some points. They probably won’t win but for gods sake put some points on the board or do something well.

  3. From the genius Bill Walsh to seifret the most winning coach, to mooch the qb guru , we now must endure the opposites, Nolan the suit, singletary the pants dropper and tomsula the gas passer. Ha ha we no longer win with class, we get humiliated and sink literally! York listen to the little children, their laughing at you because you have no clothes on . Your the fool !

    1. Niner,
      A close up of Jed’s face when he saw the video of Tomsula crop dusting the podium would have been priceless. It’s something you would expect Booger from Revenge of the Nerds to do. Winning with class indeed.

  4. All I can say is that I sincerely hope that my screen name this upcoming week is NinerMDIsAGenius.

    1. What sounds like a failed one-cheek-sneak attempt is actually the mating call of the rare Santa Clara Barking Frog.

      Tomsula’s not a one-cheek-sneak kind of man anyway. He’s more of a Let Her Rip dude.

      Let Her Rip – Justin Smith, Boone, Charles Haley, Tom Rathman, Jim Tomsula.

      One Cheek Sneak – Little Jed York, those two metro guys that do the 49er Live show on 49ers.com, the Queen of England.

    2. Eric Branch is claiming that the sound came from a reporter shifting on their seat near the mic. It was probably Grant.

  5. Grant, are you kind of sleeping on the Vernon Davis story, they seemed genuinely to expect him at practice, and this reminds me of what went on after his “injury” last season, I know he was malingering then and he appears to be again. If the guy doesn’t want to play for them, why doesn’t he just ask for his release, or why don’t they just dump him?

    1. Vernon is vested for this year so he gets his base salary no matter what they do with him. They could trade him and save some money, or cut him and possible get some money back when another team signs him.

    2. Vernon is/was Tomsula’s neighbor and one of his early supporters, he even had a pretty good TC by most accounts. Hard to say if he is really hurt or not….but the Niners sure could use him in this game, even if he is only a decoy on some plays.

      On another note, hopefully the Bigs upfront keep an eye on that goon Mathews, there will be no shortage of Packers looking to settle scores after the past four losses…..Keep your heads on a swivel, boys.

  6. Okay I know I have been complaining and moaning about Kaep for a long time. Some think I hate him because of the swop. I just don’t think he’s that good. And I think Fran Tarkenton on KNBR said it best, “Hope is not a strategy.”

    So I feel you guys who are still waiting for him to turn the corner. Aside from Bay Area Fanatic, most of you who disagree with me, I respect your opinions, and even some minor name calling.

    The day of reckoning is upon Kaep and his followers. I feel for you guys. After denial comes acceptance…..

    1. I caught quite a bit of ridicule for saying SF wouldn’t win 4 games. Week one there was a lot of badgering. Week 4, I think everyone will be on board.

      1. Agreed. Now I am worried if they can win another game. The only possibilities look to be Cleveland and Chicago

    2. Ehhhh I don’t necessarily disagree. I disagree with he does nothing right and the fact you still believe ale smith could do better with this team. In fact before the season started I stated he would probably get better but it will be covered up by bad o-line play. I will agree he is not an elite qb, and needs a solid team around him to be better. He will never make a team better with his qb’ing,
      I also stated if he hasn’t gotten better this season they will release or trade him. This is his final test. But at least I can see his growth at some places and keep it real. Something you can’t do.

      1. I do think Alex is a better QB overall then Kaep. But he’s not that good that he would have any difference. Alex is competent, at times he can be pretty good but like Kaep he’s not consistent. Alex would have won the SB that year though, because the team was really good and he was play well and consistent, and he didn’t have to face the Giants.

        But that’s the past.

        Right now there’s really nothing Kaep can do to salvage his career. The team’s not good, he’s really struggling and you just can’t expect him to be able to read defenses over night.

        1. Alex smith still can’t get past his first read. He still has happy feet and can’t throw or won’t throw the deep ball. How is he better again?
          In a better system that fits his 5 yard passes yes, but better overall? Ehh no! They both suck!

    3. Oh and not so fast. He will reel some back in after Sunday when he wins.
      And then they will be led back to earth after and then up again…. And so on! He will have good moments and bad. So hold those horses.

  7. You just have to luv a guy ripping one with no shame, none at all…with volume too!

  8. I think though we need to verify the source of the nefarious noise…just don’t take a breath doing it

  9. When there are 20+ comments on a fart joke you know the season is pretty much in the tank.

    1. Jack Hammer was posting at this time October 1, 2015 at 8:38 am in:

      Colin Kaepernick: “Their player made a play. Something that you have to deal with once the ball leaves your hand.”

  10. How’d you like to be Blaine Gabbert right now. The discussion is no longer if Kaep sucks but how bad, and for how long. Say what you want but Gabbert is our Number 2 man. Anything happens to Kaep and he’s the man. But right now, Kaep can rely on being the man as long as he can walk out on the field. That right there would fill the backup quarterback with all kinds of confidence. The message to Gabbert is, you’re here because you have to have at least one backup not because we could ever hope to win a game with you. IMO Bruce Arians is the 21st century version of Bill Walsh. Last year, he put an offense on the field led by the number 4 backup who was eating a hamburger in a local restaurant when he got the call, and, while they did not set the world on fire, they did not get blown out like the Niners. Apparently Baalke signed a backup quarterback knowing that he should never be allowed to play a snap. Pure genius.

  11. Man, We have such a brutal schedule the first half of the season. Before the season began, even with optimism, I could not see us winning more than 4 of the first 8 games. We may get lucky enough to get a 2nd win in that stretch. Its hard to build confidence when you play some great offenses week after week and get blown out (Week 2 got inflated by Kaep’s pick 6’s). Kaep had one really terrible game this season and now he is done? Hard to swallow, but we will see. This game against Green Bay could be the tipping point of the season. Kaep has always been able to run all over that defense. Clay Matthews looks 100% this season, so we will see. If Aaron Rodgers is allowed to get comfortable in the pocket, its over. Which brings me to another point, like Tomsula, Mangini is in way over his head! Vic Fangio’s D never got blown out like this, with or without the star players. Dude needs to re-evaluate his scheme and self scout. We are not getting pressure like we did on Week 1 and our secondary has been exposed. Anyway, good or bad, Go Niners!

    1. Whine Country,

      Excellent post…And you are absolutely right. I remember Walsh brought Jeff Kemp in for a couple of starts and got wins out of him. Remember Steve Bono?…3rd string, behind Young and Montana…Marty Schottenheimer signed him off our roster and Bono led KC to a 14-2 record.
      A good GM would have never let an offense fall to a state where the passing game has 67 net yards one game, and 32 at halftime in another game when the game really mattered..Baalke’s got to go, to be replaced by appreciably better than our current high school offensive staff.

      1. Fan77

        I have almost agreed with you 100%, If we get butchered tomorrow, I think that a loud boom will be heard signifying the bursting balloon of the Kaep believers…’should have happened a week ago or a year ago IMHO.

        .I was and still remain a strong Alex Fan, but this is much bigger than that…this is about the next five years as a 49er fan.

        1. This is due in part to Alex losing his job because of injury. That’s the underlying debacle. The next was thinking a QB with tons of athleticism and limited fundamentals could become a better option.
          The CK supporters need to ask themselves, has he improved in 4 years? He entered the league the same time as Andy Dalton and has had better coaching and look at the difference between the 2 players now. Unreal!

          1. Prime,

            Kap has rated higher than Dalton every year since they came into the league, has won playoff games and doesn’t have AJ Green to go up and make bad throws into TD’s. Saying he had better Coaching is silly when we don’t have a clue as to how either have been coached. I guarantee you there are as many or more Cincy fans that want Dalton gone as there are 9er fans with Kap. It’s overreaction to one player when the team as a whole is a problem.

            1. Dalton also hasn’t had the benefit of a great D and strong O Line. You are comparing apples and oranges.

              1. Yes he has had both actually. Dalton has had some of the best pass protection in the league and has been among the least sacked QB’s the past two years. The Cincy defense was 6th overall in 2012 and 3rd overall in 2013. They dropped last year due to injuries, but only gave up 4 more total points than the 49er defense did.

                You guys should really do a little research before coming in here and making blanket statements that are completely inaccurate.

              2. Rocket in this comparison of statistics between Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick, I do not think it gives a clear indication of the two.

                The argument against Kaepernick is that he still has not improved the fundamental skill set required to play the position. Throwing off the back foot, under throwing, over throwing, making ill advised throws and scrambling when the play has to develop. I do not care what the statistics say. His play is alarming and cause for concern because when the team wants to take the ball out of his hands, what does that say? Tomsula had Geep call 13 straight run plays to settle him down. Then to start the 2nd half he throws the ball 8 yards short to a wide open Torrey Smith.
                I am sorry you can throw all the past years statistics out the window because it does not give any indication to the amount he has regressed and how teams are taking advantage of his inability to throw the ball. We should do a poll right now, how many fans on here would take Andy Dalton to start over Colin Kaepernick. My vote without a doubt is Dalton.

              3. FDM,

                I don’t deal in anything but factual information. Tell me where I’m off base in the Kap/Dalton comparison and I’ll be happy to admit I’m wrong.

                Mechanics and fundamentals are important and are a big reason why Kap continues to be inconsistent, but the main thing I care about is on field success, and there is no comparison in this area between the two. Kap has been far more successful than Dalton and it’s really not close.

                I have little doubt Dalton would come out on top in your poll, but that would be due to frustration; not tangible reasoning.

              4. Being the least sacked quarterback does not mean you have a good offensive line. It means you have a good passing scheme. Please refer to the first quarterback lesson that was posted when Steve Logan was announced as the 49ers quarterback coach. According to him ALL SACKS ARE ON THE QUARTERBACK! Kaepernick must be himself which means he is basically uncoachable. Right now the coaches are trying to build an offense and defense around him so that they can hope he lasts long enough to learn the job. They backed themselves in a corner and will not admit it. It is precisely bass ackwards from the way you build a successful contender. It is what you do when you are backed in a corner and have no other way out. Argue all you want with me but until you get coaches that have proven schemes for success and then draft and acquire players to man the system you have the clusterf**k that we have. Bill Walsh was genius and is in the HOF. He arrived with his schemes, went 2-4 year one, 6-10 year two and Super Bowl year three. If York had hired a competent HC, Kaep would have become his Steve DeBerg. RG3 is gone principally because he could not fit into Gruden’s scheme. Kaep will someday follow suit because we have Baalke’s scheme, Baalke’s players and a coach that is nothing but prop.

          2. Rocket you are joking right? You are actually using #7’s stats to say he is better than Andy Dalton? Daltons has had his struggles but he is twice the QB #7 is. His development is twice that of CK.
            And how do know Ciny fans want Dalton gone? He’s been awesome this year? They also have played against some very good teams in the AFC South the past few years with great defenses in Baltimore and before that Pitt.
            If you can tell me you would rather have #7 than Dalton We need to talk.
            Dalton has AJ Green but CK has had way more talent at the RB position, TE and WR throughout the years so that arguement is useless!
            Cmon man, CK is a floundering commodity. If you can’t see that and are still basing performance on stats and play from 2 years ago, it’s hopeless. You will soon realize that everything people are saying about him regressing is true after a few more games against good defenses, or maybe even not so good.

            1. Prime,

              No I’m not joking and you are making claims here that are totally unsupported and some that are just completely fabricated. So far this year Dalton has performed better sure, but in the preceding 3 seasons, Kap has been better both in rating/QBR and success in winning in both regular season and playoffs. What the hell else do you want? Your view on Dalton is simply based on your frustration with your teams QB and looking at another guy who you really haven’t done much research on. Dalton got booed by fans at a charity softball game Prime. They can’t stand the guy, and the reason is he has choked come playoff time. He has had defenses just as good as Kap. The rating of weapons is a waste of time – and Dalton has had a far superior WR core but I digress – because they play in completely different systems.

              I would take Kap over Dalton any day of the week because he’s performed better in every meaningful situation than Dalton has, and right up until last weeks game, was rated higher as a QB since they both came into the league.

              This is a clear example of you forming an opinion that isn’t substantiated Prime. I’m also not sure why you and a few others keep responding as if I’ve put Kap on a pedestal and can’t see his flaws. I have seen his flaws, and I’ve pointed them out many times along with saying he needs to improve and take the next step etc. I would also be fine with him being replaced if there was somebody on the roster who was clearly better and beat him out. What I don’t do is over react after a poor performance, and state the guy can’t play in this league when he’s done just that for 2 and half years as a starter. You want to generalize a horrible performance into reflecting a poor career and it’s simply wrong.

              I’m as frustrated as anyone else by what I saw from Kap last week, but I’m not naive enough to think we can just start Gabbert and everything will be better. If you truly understand the game and look beyond one position on the team, you see there are substantial problems in key areas that are hurting this teams performance. Until last week, Kap was one of the few positives this team could point too in the first two games. One terrible performance and all of a sudden he is the problem and needs to go. It’s nonsensical thinking Prime. No matter how Kap plays the rest of the way they need to draft a QB high in the draft to compete and/or replace him, but to think we really have another option right now is folly.

              1. Well said Rocket! I am also frustated the way CK played last week but to blame everything on him is idiotic. Two weeks ago, he was the lone positive story but with one horrible game everybody wants to get rid of him. I truly believe that we have seen the worst of CK for this season, but if not then I will come back here and apologize.

              2. Colt McCoy put up better passing numbers last year when he was the third backup than Kaepernick has this year.

              3. Great post rocket.

                We are seeing the black and white view of the world coming out regarding Kaep this week. If you don’t agree he sucks, then you must think he is great. No middle ground.

                Last week he sucked big time. And he’s had other games where he has sucked too. He’s also had great games, and a lot of games in between. That’s who he is. Inconsistent.

                What last week convinced me of is he’s a QB that probably will never turn into a consistent QB from the pocket. He’s made some strides in that regard, but he still makes too many simple errors and is too slow in his progressions at this stage of his career for me to think he’ll ever be consistent back there. And despite his other gifts, I think a QB in the NFL does need to be excellent from the pocket to be a consistent performer in the NFL, and defeat the best defenses. So unless over the remaininmes of this season he turns it all around and shows consistently good play from the pocket from here out, I’d be looking for a new QB next season.

                In saying that, there can be no argument that Kaep is a QB you can win games with, and that he can be very good on his day. He’s done it before. He’s an NFL starting QB. Just an inconsistent one, and one that is best playing in an offense that limits his exposure as a drop back pocket passer.

              4. Thanks Scooter. The old group mentality of you’re either with us or against us has shown up in regards to this topic.

                I can’t argue with your thoughts here either. Kap doesn’t seem like a guy who is ever going to transform into a pocket QB. It’s just not who he is.

              5. Although I believe stats are important, at this point the main question I have is “has Kap reached his ceiling; or alternatively, does he still have upside for improvement.”. At this point, I think the answer is mostly no. I don’t believe he will significantly improve. As Scooter said, if he continues this inconsistent play, I’m all for moving on.

                I’m watching Jared Goff play and it’s a pleasure to see how he runs that offense and the precision and timing of his throws. A pocket passer who goes through his progressions.

              6. Rocket,
                You miss the boat again. We are talking the here and now. Anyone who claims to know anything about football knows that Kaep’s mistakes in the AZ say all you need to know about who he is as a QB. Those were rookie mistakes and he’s not a rookie. This is not the first time either.

              7. Sweet Joe “Kaepernick) has an extra-strong arm. You have a tendency to want to wait. But you have to anticipate. You can’t hold the ball. Those are the things that take time to learn for people who didn’t grow up on the pocket.”
                So basically a 2 year project? Tomsula worries me more.

            2. Dalton has had plenty of bad games and has thrown plenty of bad picks, in his career. And up to this year, you better believe many Bengal fans wanted him replaced. Dalton was seen as a mediocre regular season QB and an abject failure in the playoffs.

              Yes, Dalton is off to a good start this year, but his team situation, and schedule aren’t remotely comparable to CK’s. If you can’t see that, you’re not being objective.

              It remains to be seen what happens going forward, but that is what has happened up to now.

              1. LOL.

                Although my post looks like a summary of Rocket’s, it isn’t. I just hadn’t read Rocker’s better and more comprehensive post. Sorry for the redundancy.

        2. 100% in agreement about the next 5 years.
          The York’s decision to go to the Ram’s, Warner to develop Kap and to Parcells to obtain Baalke, after kicking their asses for 20 years, and ignoring Walsh’s coaching tree is arrogance on steroids.

        3. OREGON,
          I was about to say that you Fan77 are a match made in heaven but recently Fan77 commented that he does not hate Kap so perhaps that disqualifies you from the Fan77 Plan.

          OR, it was you who uttered that you would not cheer for the 49ers in the SB because of what Harbaugh did to your boy Alex (replacing him with CK).

          Now, as it is starting to look, perhaps you were right about Kaep, but if your comments towards him were made in a timely manner like Fan77 (he at least has been detailing CK’ deficiencies based on field play rather then anger since the day he took over for AS) then your statements would carry more weight.

          CK had a miserable game last Sunday, but he also showed some mechanical improvements in the first two games. My take is that even if Kap had thrown for 300 yrds and 3 TD’ against the Cards we still would have lost the game because of so many other deficiencies on the team.

          I make no excuse for CK, and I stated during TC when Grant had Kaep on the BAD side of the practice ledger more often then not, that if CK could not find his way then it was time to look at other options.
          I still feel that way, but I’m not ready to yank him after one bad game. We are only 3 games into the season and targeting one player for the flaws of an entire organization from top to bottom is not a justifiable reason for the benching of one player.
          Now, if Kap follows up his play tomorrow with anything resembling the game he had last week than it’s time to give Gabbert a shot.
          But I’ll wait until tomorrow and perhaps the next few games to see if CK can make a quick revival.
          One thing is certain, even if Kap shows improvement tomorrow and over the course of the season, we are still not a playoff team because of so many areas of need this team has.

          1. But AES this is what CK does. He plays well against bad or average teams. Pads the stats so to speak. Then when he faces a really good defense, he hides under the turf.
            Teams are baiting him. They are publicly saying he cannot make throws outside the numbers. That he can’t make the right decisions after the first read. That says it all. It’s also says you are going into a fight with your team but one hand behind your back you cannot use! Trade him this offseason and be happy about a 5th round pick!

            1. Prime,
              What bad or average teams are you referring to? He has beat SB contending teams such as the Packers, Pats and the Falcons just to name a few. And most of those wins came on the road.

              Teams expected to be playoff type teams should be strong at all positions. John Elway couldn’t win a SB until he had a great RB and P.Manning didn’t win one until the Colts got stout on defense. Same with the Seahags and the current Patriots teams.

              Maybe CK is not the answer and if the team needs to move on without him so be it. But cutting ties with Kap won’t heal all the ill’s that this current team has.
              We went deep into the playoffs and SB because this team was strong from top to bottom i.e. F/O, coaching, and very good players at all three facets of the game.
              At the moment I’m not too sure that we can say that we have strength at any of those positions, can you?

              Putting it all CK may be the vogue thing to do especially after one bad game, but a closer look will reveal that there are significant issues on this team that go far beyond the QB.

              1. AES by no means am I putting the loses this year on CK alone. But the wins you speak of against good teams were a distant past. 2 years ago. Too long.
                My point about #7 is he has not improved. He’s tried, but the guy just isn’t a franchise QB to build around and he is not worth 12 million a year moving forward. He’s limited and he’s a liability. Just ask other players around the league who have made his inefficiencies public.

              2. AES says “We went deep into the playoffs and SB because this team was strong from top to bottom i.e. F/O, coaching, and very good players at all three facets of the game”

                But now the league has figured him out and they cannot hide it with or without a great defense, special teams and scheme. At the end of the day you have to be accurate, have touch, and make good decisions. Otherwise teams will eat you up. Case in point, last Sunday

          2. AES

            Hah! You have begun using some other posters quotes…not mine….I have repeatedly stated that I do not ‘hate’ Kap,only that I don’t believe that he is a quality NFL QB, and should be replaced. I don’t think that I have to point out Kap’s defeciencies…we do watch the game don’t we.? My anger was focused at Harbaugh…NOT the 49ers.

            You and I have been around the block on this several times over the past 2+ years, and you know that I never said that I would’nt cheer the niners in the SB. Ck did not have a miserable game last Sunday…He had ANOTHER miserable game last Sunday
            That you make no excuse for Kaep is baloney, you have been making excuses for him ever since you watched him play at Turlock and Nevada Reno. He’s been on borrowed time for over a year, and still you ask to let him finish the year just like you did the last two years.
            I have enjoyed our banter, and I apologize for this post, but you seemed to be a little personal today…

            1. OREGON,
              Apologies for my edgy demeanor. But I’m sure it was you that commented that you would not cheer for the 49ers in the SB with Harbaugh as coach. Your comment was actually made not long after Harbaugh replaced AS with Kap, but it’s all good bud.

              Yes, I have followed CK since his high school days and yes, I feel a certain affinity with him similar to how you felt when the 49ers drafted LaMichael James out of Oregon.
              But like James before him, if CK is not right for the team then he has to move on as well.
              I make no excuses for Kap. Not too sure where I’ve defended his flaws. I said he played miserably last Sunday. Not to sure how that equates to an excuse.

              I believe that what rouses the Kap detractors is that I don’t lay all the blame solely on his shoulders by pointing to the other issues on the team.
              Like I mentioned to Prime, if Kap if is not the answer then let’s cut ties and call it a day.
              But, unlike some here, I’m just not willing to make that call after one terrible game.
              Btw, hope your mom is doing well bud.

    2. 1 1/2 terrirble games. First half of Pittsburgh was awful. Only reason second half was decent was because Pittsburgh backed off.

      1. He wasn’t awful at all in the first half against Pittsburgh. The defense was awful and the Oline was awful but Kap was playing well all things considered.

        1. Rocket,

          Put down the coffee cup and studious pose and down about a half gallon of jolt, then slam your head in the door jamb.
          Kap’s 37 first half passing yards agree with Lotstosay’s arguement, not yours.

          1. Tom I will break a personal rule and respond one time to you: Look at each drive in the first half and how they ended. Kap did not play poorly in the first half and those who are saying he did either don’t have a clue about what constitutes poor play by a QB, or they are just piling on the blame Kap train. I believe most probably fall into the latter category.

            1. Yeah, as I said repeatedly after the Steelers game – using that game as an example of Kaep not being a good QB is a really bad example. Even in the first half he was playing pretty well.

  12. I wonder if a benching is what it will take to turn around Colin’s season and who knows maybe even career. Who can forget the image of Young jawing at Seifert after getting pulled in a blow out loss to the Eagles? Who remembers what happened after that game?

    In case you forget we won 10 of our next 11 and then went on to win the SuperBowl. Hey, anything is possible right?

    1. I think sometimes having a player sit and watch can give them a different perspective and view of the game. It also can light a fire to keep them honest and accountable to keeping their job. If Colin Kaepernick has another poor outing, its very possible we could see Blaine Gabbert. A once former 1st round pick who could come in and maybe turn around his career and the team. At this stage going 1-3 and playing poorly, what else do we have to lose?

    2. Colin has quickened his delivery. Its not the classic “quick release”, but its better then it was.

      On the other hand, his “slow eyes”, inability to see underneath coverage and open receivers linger. I don’t think benching can resolve these issues.

    3. For a guy with his reported motivation to succeed, perhaps being benched and being made to work his way back to a starting spot is exactly what he needs so he can spend more time honing his play and less time focused on the next opponent.

    1. It’s an insider article so I’m not able to read it. I’d be in total agreeance(yes google that’s a word) that replacing him this season is not a viable option short of pulling off a significant trade for what would be nothing more then a potential rookie i.e. Mettenberger, Gannon. Outside of that once we’re in the off season he should be either cut/traded or have his salary reduced and given an opportunity to compete with whomever we draft.

      1. CFC,

        I’m with you on this. In fact I had this discussion with somebody, may have even been you, about going after Glennon (I’m guessing that’s who you meant) in FA next year. Mettenberger should be available in trade as well, so either would be good options.

        If we have one of them along with a draft pick at QB, we should be in good enough shape to move on from Kap if that’s the route they decide to go.

        1. I think it was Mid on the Glennon discussion. I like Glennon, I don’t like him more then Zach but I’ve always been vocal on here that Glennon was a good prospect and should be given more of a chance in Tampa. If Mettenberger wasn’t available then I wouldn’t be disappointed if they ended up giving Mike a shot.

          Give me one of the two above and Gunner Kiel and I’d be pretty excited about 2016.

      2. Don’t say I never did anything for you:

        The $114 million total value wasn’t the most interesting detail when quarterback Colin Kaepernick signed his six-year contract with the San Francisco 49ers before the 2014 NFL season. What made the deal intriguing was the 49ers’ ability to rather painlessly extricate themselves after just two seasons.

        It was the first contract of its kind for a high-profile starting quarterback, and the way things are playing out, it’s natural to wonder what it would take for the 49ers to reconsider their investment before $11.9 million in 2016 salary becomes guaranteed in the spring.

        Kaepernick ranks 25th in passer rating and has a 9-10 starting record since signing the deal. He’s coming off a four-interception performance during a 40-point defeat at Arizona. That puts Kaepernick at a career low point with 13 games remaining to show the 49ers he’s worth the big bucks. It sounds dramatic and it’s a discussion worth having, but there is a lot less intrigue than the looming contractual off-ramp would have us believe. The odds are strongly in favor of Kaepernick remaining the 49ers’ starter beyond this season even if he isn’t exactly what the team would like to have behind center.

        Cap savings for what?

        Cutting or trading Kaepernick would save the 49ers $12.5 million in 2016 salary and bonuses. Kaepernick’s contract would still count $7.3 million against the 49ers’ cap, down from $16.8 million. That $9.4 million in cap savings would buy them … what? Not a QB upgrade, most likely.

        Kaepernick is one of 18 quarterbacks earning at least $16 million per year. Three more make at least $12 million annually. Signing even an average veteran quarterback typically costs $15 million per year, which puts Kaepernick’s $19 million average into perspective.

        He is highly paid, but guess what? So are Alex Smith, Matthew Stafford, Cam Newton and Ryan Tannehill — five guys ranked lower than Kaepernick in Total QBR since the start of last season. If you want a middle-of-the-pack QB instead of Brian Hoyer or Josh McCown, then prepare to pay extra.

        The 49ers would save money by getting rid of Colin Kaepernick, but QB upgrades are tough to find. Christian Petersen/Getty Images

        No mystery on Kaepernick’s identity

        Kaepernick hasn’t changed as much as the rest of the 49ers have changed. Coaches and evaluators around the league still see him as a dual-threat quarterback with a strong arm, terrific straight-line running ability and limitations as a passer. They don’t think a team could win consistently if forced to feature Kaepernick as a high-volume passer week after week, but the truth is, few players in the history of the league have been able to do that. And if that were all it took to win championships, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers would have more than one Super Bowl ring apiece.

        The 49ers never thought Kaepernick would become that type of quarterback, which is why coach Jim Tomsula recently said San Francisco had no plans to be a “dropback” type of team. That is not to suggest Kaepernick has maintained his early promising career trajectory. There should be concerns he is regressing or at least more vulnerable now that the 49ers’ margin for error has shrunk through personnel changes.




        Starts 29 19
        W-L 21-8 9-10
        Comp. 15.8 18.3
        Att. 26.6 29.9
        Pct. 59.4 61.2
        Yards 213.1 207.2
        Yards/att 8.0 6.9
        TD-INT 38-16 21-14
        Passer rating 92.8 83.9
        Sack rate 6.7% 8.7%
        Rushes 6.4 6.7
        Rush Yards 43.8 40.9
        YPC 6.9 6.1
        Rush TD 10 2
        Total QBR 70.4 58.6

        The chart at right shows Kaepernick suffering declines in passing efficiency since signing his contract before the 2014 season. He is attempting more passes per game with diminishing returns (1.1 fewer yards per attempt) as a lesser 49ers team requires more from its quarterback to win. His interception rate has climbed from 2.1 percent to 2.5 percent (2.4 is the league average for qualifying starters since Kaepernick entered the lineup in Week 11 of the 2012 season). These changes are noticeable, and if the trend is toward four-interception meltdowns, Kaepernick will be out of a job. He has enjoyed memorable performances against Green Bay in the past, so a meltdown game against the Packers in Week 4 would be ominous.

        Kaepernick had a rough game against a Cardinals team that has feasted on opposing quarterbacks, and more likely than not, there will be more ups and downs in a season of organizational upheaval and transition. It’s worth noting that Kaepernick has stumbled early and recovered in the past. He has thrown 11 of his 20 career regular-season interceptions in the first three games of seasons, including three against Chicago in Week 2 last season.

        Colin Kaepernick As Starting QB

        Season Game #



        Pass TD 9 26
        INT 11 9
        Passer rating 78.7 91.6
        Total QBR 54.6 63.2

        Kaepernick, while 25th in passer rating since signing his deal (Newton is 26th), ranks 15th in Total QBR on the strength of his running, which is a big part of his appeal. Newton, Tannehill, Stafford, Jay Cutler, Smith and even Andrew Luck rank lower than Kaepernick over that span.

        The 49ers won consistently with Kaepernick when they ranked fourth in defensive expected points added (EPA) per game during the 26-game period covering his first start through the NFC Championship Game to end the 2013 season. Kaepernick signed his deal after that, and while his performance has slipped, it is the 49ers’ defense that has fallen off a statistical cliff. It ranks 21st in EPA per game since Kaepernick re-signed.

        Cutler was much worse from 2010-2012 (47.9 QBR, 21st in the NFL), but the Bears posted a 27-13 record in his starts thanks to a defense that led the league in EPA per game. That defense has become one of the worst in the NFL, and perceptions of Cutler have followed. Stafford went to the playoffs last season not because he suddenly elevated his play or became a winner. The Lions’ defense became a Top 10 unit. That is the way of the league for teams without the very best quarterbacks.

        It’s hard to say goodbye

        The 49ers did well by structuring Kaepernick’s contract in a way that provided them relatively easy escapes, but escaping to a worse situation isn’t really escaping.

        “Alex Smith did not throw a touchdown pass to a wide receiver [in 2014] and everyone thinks his deal is for a lot,” an executive from another team said this past offseason, “but no one is thinking the Chiefs would cut him if the deal were not guaranteed.”

        Scarcity of replacements makes cutting a starting quarterback interesting to talk about and difficult to do. The 49ers might not like what they’re seeing from Kaepernick, but could they realistically feel better about starting backup Blaine Gabbert? Of course not. Perhaps free agency and the trade market will provide options this coming offseason — the New York Jets did well acquiring Ryan Fitzpatrick at less than $4 million per season — but that can be a tough way to go. And because April 1 is when a decision on Kaepernick must be made, waiting until the draft isn’t much of an option.

        “If you have a guy that proves he is up to winning [with the right supporting cast], no matter if he is not quite what you want, it is damn hard to move on,” a general manager said. “If you have to play with a castoff guy, all of a sudden you are like, ‘F—!’ “

        1. Thanks for posting that Rocket. Sitting back and looking at the big picture may not be a bad thing when evaluating the Niners situation right now.

          1. Exactly, the malcontent seem to never offer a viable option when screaming mutiny on the Baalke….

        2. 9.6 million would land you an offensive line upgrade. SF is not a drop back team that requires an Aaron Rodgers. They simply need someone who doesn’t lose the game with bad decisions. Playing QB is the hardest job in the NFL. It gets exponentially easier if you have a great line that allows you the time SF is giving opposing QBs. No big name star needed. Dilfer won a super bowl. ‘nough said.

          1. I believe strongly in oline play. It really should be the strength and backbone of every offense. But with the way defensive players are built these days with exceptional speed and strength you need a QB who can make quick decisive throws. Nothing backs a pass rush off faster than a QB who can throw people open and methodically move the chains through quick decisions.
            We need a guy like that to mask problems in the passing game.
            It’s really hard to ask your line to hold up for 5-7 seconds throughout the game when a defense can sub every other down.

        3. Rocket,
          You know the statistics would say that the Titanic was an awesome ship. I applaud your support for Kaep.Hoo-rah!

          1. Unless the ship steered itself into the iceberg your analogy doesn’t quite hold water.

            (pun intended)

            1. CFC, little factoid for ya; Did you know the Titanic would’ve fit inside the R-101?

  13. Update on my 49ers redraft: I posted a few months ago that I would buy 49ers GM Trent Baalke a $50 steak dinner if his 2015 draft picks turned out better than mine. It looks like my money is more than safe. My picks listed first. ‪#‎thankstrentbaalke‬

    Round 1, Dorial Green Beckham, WR, vs Arik Armstead, DE. DGB has two TD’s in his first three games, Armstead has 3 tackles, no sacks or QB pressures, and is part of the NFL’s 3rd worst defense. Better pick: DGB.

    Round 2, Ronald Darby, CB, vs Jaquiski Tartt, S. Darby was just named NFL defensive Rookie of the month while Tartt was repeatedly burned by PIT and AZ. Better pick: Darby.

    Round 3, Paul Dawson, OLB, vs Eli Harold, OLB. Profootballfocus has Dawson (+5.2) listed as the second best defensive player on the Bengals’ roster, while Eli Harold has ZERO stats playing in 3 games. Better pick: Dawson.

    Round 4, Marcus Hardison, DT/DE, vs Blake Bell, TE. Bell has two receptions for 11 yards while Hardison has been out with a knee injury. Better pick: incomplete.

    Note: the 49ers first four picks are averaging 14 snaps a game. Darby alone has contributed more than those four combined, and looks headed for the Pro Bowl if he keeps this up. I could go on round by round but there’s no point. Once again Baalke has proven that he does not have what it takes to be an NFL GM.

    1. There were several gamble candidates in this draft. Top 10 talent that could totally wash out due to behavior issues. Dorial Green Beckham is one. Marcus Peters another.

      With the DV issues surrounding the 49ers, there was no way Baalke could draft DGB. Its a shame, because there were some real good gamble players the 49ers (and many other teams) had to skip. Dallas really cleaned up.

      I’m guessing some of the head case talents will go on to stardom. Some will wash out of the league. We will know i a few years which ones.

    2. Wow way to compare a draft class 3 weeks into the season and talk like its a finish product. LOL! Try waiting 3 years before seeing who is right or wrong.

  14. “But now the league has figured him out and they cannot hide it with or without a great defense, special teams and scheme. At the end of the day you have to be accurate, have touch, and make good decisions. Otherwise teams will eat you up. Case in point, last Sunday.”
    ~ FDM

    Yes, I agree with this FDM. But given the overall issues of this team can you honestly say that any of the elite QB’s of the league can make us a playoff team?
    I just stated to Prime, that Elway, Payton, and even Russell couldn’t win without the help of the teams strength at all positions.
    I know it’s hypothetical, but I feel confident in saying that Payton, Brees, and even Brady would not be able to get this team to the SB.
    Our needs are far too many.

    1. I do no think there is a debate on here that could say we are a playoff team with an elite QB. My thoughts are that Colin Kapernick is probably not a QB to build a franchise around. Some say that his statistics say otherwise. I do not agree with this based on his play since coming into the league. A good defense, scheme, coach can mask a lot of things. What it cannot do is hide fundamental skill. Something Colin Kaepernick lacks considerably.

      1. FDM,
        Again, I agree with you in part. But CK has done enough to warrant him starting every week since he became the official starter. I absolutely agree that many of the strengths on those playoff teams masked some of Kap’ deficiencies but let’s at least give Kap some credit for some of those playoff wins especially in the games against the Packers that knew what to expect from him and still couldn’t beat him.

        There is so much that goes into the making of a great QB and most of it happens when you have overall strength at all positions as well as coaching.
        I’m old enough to remember watching John Brodie play at Kezar. Brodie was a playoff type QB and put up respectable stats but the other areas of the team were lacking.

        This year, CK will need to do more than he has since his very first start because unlike 2012 he will need to carry much of the load based on less talent and coaching change.
        I’m going to judge him after a few more games vs one bad one.

        1. Well said AES and you are correct in that one bad game does not make a player. All I’m saying is that the development from 2011 till now has not looked like what we were expected to believe. He had all the tools to be good, maybe great. Maybe he can turn it around this year but the 49ers have a difficult decision to make. You simply cannot wit for the shoe to drop while paying him franchise type money.

          1. FDM / OREGON
            FDM, we begin to see CK’ regression last season, and I said after last season that the team would be wise to draft a QB within the first couple of rounds. The fact that the Org decided not to go that route is more a indictment on the FO.
            Read Ann Killian’ article in the SFChonicle if you have some time.
            Again, I think that Kap has warranted his status as a starter, but in football you’re only as good as your last game. I’m waiting with baited breath to see how he plays tomorrow after the worse game of his career.

            Not sure Gabbert can do any better given the present areas of need on this team, but if CK has another stinker than I agree, let’s give Gabbert a chance.

      2. AES

        No one can say that you haven’t given it your best effort…but the evidence is mounting, and the real question should be ‘What about Gabbert?’ let’s see what he’s got, and NOT what he had in Jacksonville

        1. Gabbert wakes up nightly in a cold sweat with the same nightscare. Suh snapping his legs from his ankles….

        2. Do you know why I want to see Gabbert? Because I’m tired of watching Kaep’s regression and his slow reads and decision making, but all is forgiven because he scrambled for 10 yards because that’s all he knows how to do. I’m tired of point how, even in the Pit game, he was slow to make a decision, and had happy feet. Of course the Kaep supporters would call me out saying I was nitpicking, or that I didn’t know what I was talking about.
          I specifically pointed out how Kaep was taking too many steps on late on his reads. Now that’s what all the analysts support that what many have known about him.

          I rather see Gabbert because at least we can talk about a new narrative. If Gabbert stinks, oh well, Kaep does too. But maybe Gabbert is better. Everyone said how he was more suited for Geep’s offense in the pre-season, how we was fast to get the ball out, even if it was a check-down. Remember how he lead the team to the first TD in the pre-season? Kaep didn’t have a good preseason this year or last year?

          Do you really think he’s magically going to fix all his issues because he spent 6 weeks with Kurt Warner? That’s just nuts.

    2. But it was fans like you saying he was the next great thing when he took the league by surprise. 2 years later now the tune has changed.
      I said all along he was a gimmicky QB without the intelligence to play the position. You guys told me it was because I was bitter because Alex got benched.
      Now we need to draft and develop a QB while the current guy continues to spiral down all he while playing him $12 to whatever million a year.
      This is not a told you so post, just a fan expressing his frustration on something I had a very real concern with!
      BTW, where is Bayareafanatic to defend his golden child? Coward!

  15. “But it was fans like you saying he was the next great thing when he took the league by surprise. 2 years later now the tune has changed.”

    You are correct on both counts Prime. Yes, many of us were saying that CK was our next franchise QB, but many of the other football talkingheads were saying the same thing based on his play after taking over for Alex.
    And yes, I remember you being one of the few voices of reason in saying that Kap was a gimmicky QB that teams would eventually catch up with.

    But FDM probably said it best this morning in saying that those playoff teams masked some of CK’ flaws.
    Currently, we don’t have the luxury of a great defense, O-line, and Special teams – and you could throw in coaching as well.
    Kap will need to do more now for this team to win than at any other time in his short career.

    Aside, from last weeks debacle, I’m willing to see what he can do to make this team better. I’m not one of the many voices that say they need to see Kap be a good to great pocket QB. I only want to see a QB that can win games even if that means running for 80% of the time. If he fails, then let’s move on.

  16. Baalke is so inept he’ll probably fire Tomsula and replace him with Charlie Strong.

    1. CFC,
      Or how about new ownership/GM/coach and bring back Harbaugh. Ok, scratch the last name mentioned (lo).

      1. Guys as much as I and others point the 49ers issues to #7, the real mastermind behind everything that ails us is Trent Baalke. In so many ways he has not built an up and coming team. But the biggest blunder was not drafting a successor to CK!

        1. The annoying aspect for mine is I believe there is talent on this roster, but there are glaring holes at key positions. Even if you sit on the fence regarding Kaep, the issues on the right side of the OL and lack of pass rush talent up front/ at OLB would derail most teams.

          If you added Mike Iupati, Anthony Davis, Daniel Kilgore, Aldon Smith and Justin Smith to this team, I wonder how differently we’d be seeing things? So to me the biggest issue regarding Baalke is he has failed to replace these players appropriately.

          There are other weaknesses on the team, but I think those five positions are the ones that are really biting the team at the moment (aside from QB play).

          1. For Baalke he had so many picks each and every year only to see them be mediocre players. Not every draft you are gonna hit, but has he hit any at all considering he had basically 11 picks every draft!

            1. Yeah, as we discussed the other day, with so many picks he needs for at least 3 to 5 of those guys to turn into high impact players that can replace the talent they are losing (as well as having quite a few turn into decent starters/ role players). So far only Hyde looks like someone we can feel fairly confident will be more than a decent starter.

    2. CFC – you had me at inept. Baalke reminds me of the old saying by doctors: “The operation was a success but the patient died”.

      1. I prefer “Well, the operation seems to be a success. But the doctor died..”

        Anyone know what move that line is from…without googling it?

  17. If Tomsula was Baalke’s best choice to replace Harbaugh can you imagine the horror he’d replace Tomsula with?

    1. Nobody is going to come work for Baalke. The Niners will have to blow it all up from top down.

    2. Guys:

      I don’t remember the hiring going that way. I thought Baalke really wanted Gase and went to visit with him a second time to seal the deal. I thought it was Jed who told Baalke that Gase would have to accept Tomsula as his DC. Gase was adamant that he wanted Fangio (and Fangio was willing to stay); Gase then declined.

      Wasn’t this the way it happened?

      1. Cubus,

        I remember it going down that way, with the exception of Tomsula as DC being York’s requirement. I assumed it was Baalke’s idea, with York’s blessing. Pretty close to the same thing.

  18. Catching Jarred Goff playing against Washington at the moment, needless to say the 49ers will have to lose the rest of their games to even have a shot at him.
    The kid is pretty darn good!

    1. If Baalke interupted my press conference and said, “I think he said we’re going to run the ball,” as the new coach my response would be, “yes sir, how about the wing T from the 1920’s.
      And guess what, now they are running a wing T pistol!! We could install it for Kap,

      The Pistol Wing-T Offense: 20 Core Running Plays. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWO9jo1vFyo

    2. AES, off topic, have you seen any Wolverines’ games? I have seen all except today’s game. Man, I have been enjoying their games and it is the only reason why I have not given up on football this year.

      1. Ricardo,
        Yes, like you I only missed today’s game. Fun times at Michigan these days! Harbaugh is doing what he does best; take a poor team and bring immediate dividends.
        It’s after 4-5 years when things begin to turn dicey with him. But I’m sure that Michigan will take the immediate good and wait to cross the dicey Harbaugh bridge down the road when they get to it.
        For now, it’s all arrows up in Ann Arbor – and I’m really happy to see Harbaugh land on his feet.

        1. Happy for him too. When Jim starts winning bowl games and perhaps even National title game that school will put aaside any shortcomings he has. Maybe, he is beter suited in college where players come and go. And if he does stay, I think he will be revere by their fans like Bo.

          1. Yup, I agree Ricardo, Harbaugh will take Ann Arbor by storm if he continues on this roll.
            I may keep my Michigan helmet logo (avatar) all season in honor of Harbaugh.

            1. Big test for that team in two weeks. Michigan State is visiting and I will be rooting for Jim.

              1. Ricardo,
                I’ll be rooting for Michigan, but Michigan St. has Conner Cook and that will tilt the balances for them. Should be a great game tho.

              1. Michigan is playing like the Niners played in 2011. Good running game with a great D. And smart football.

              2. cubus,
                Saw a blog post over on NinersNation that wrote if the 49ers continue to lose that all season ticket holders should have a Harbaugh dress-a-like day.

                Now that would definitely get Jed’ attention especially if the season ticket holders do this on a nationally televised game.
                Wow, love the idea!

        2. What I notice is the Michigan players are more physical and tougher since Harbaugh took over….

  19. Prime,
    To put us in the top 3 (for a chance at Goff) how many games do you think we have to lose?
    personally, I think we will need to lose about 12 to 13 games.
    As bad as we have looked in the last two games, I still don’t see us losing that many games.

    1. 4-12 might do it. I hate to see it but what other teams have looked as bad as we have?

          1. I’m not turning my back on this team yet. A lot of NFL lives are on the line. Including a player who has an Elite talent but does he have No brain. It is time now to rise or shut it down now. I believe in CK don’t let us down.

            1. Stevie Young – 14.3 passer rating (9-of-26, 96 yards, two interceptions) in a 41-3 loss at Jacksonville….

            2. Have you seen the prep by the coaches and as a result the players performance on the field? These are not just bad games, they are Sing/Nolan bad! The worst part is there is talent on this team!

  20. An article that tracks Kaep’s passer rating each week since he became the starter.


    As expected, its pretty inconsistent. But what is noticeable is a general downward trend over the past year. As the article highlights, this also coincides with Kilgore breaking his leg. Poor pass protection is directly correlated with Kaep’s downward trend in passer rating.

    One other thing that sticks out. The three previous occasions he’s had a passer rating below 50, he’s followed that up with only a mild improvement the next week, and all of which were losses. Seems like he struggles to get over a horrid showing. That doesn’t bode well for him or the 49ers this week.

    1. I didn’t write this but thankfully somebody did. Good article that should show the “Kap can’t play in this league” hyperbole crew how off base they are but likely won’t.

  21. Ha! I’m reading some back and forths and I’m thinking this is Alex smith debate all
    Over again. And deservedly so. The qb play has been pretty bad a times this year so far. He has no protection, no good offensive scheme to follow, and no head coach to mold him.
    I’m just wondering how this page is going to turn from week to week starting with this weekend and the “upside” ck.
    Should be interesting after they win this Sunday. :-)

  22. Scooter,
    Good stuff. But my only encouragement is that Kap has been GB’ kryptonite since he came into the league.
    For me it’s a trap game for the Packers.
    1. Short week
    2. Travel
    3. Kap’ success against them
    4. Rodgers not having great game against us
    5. Hopefully catching GB coming in overconfident.
    These things could make for a perfect storm working against the Pack – at least I hope so.

  23. Let’s simply try to get constructive for Green Bay…this one could be big if the guys rise to the occasion…

  24. You know this kid Bercovici was a top 20 pro style quarterback coming out of high school. He’s spinning it with anticipation and looks good. Might be worth keeping an eye on….

  25. I see the enemy, I know he can’t see me
    Combat red in tooth and claw
    Ready now for one more score
    Took a bullet in my brain
    Inside I’m the king of pain
    Outside you will fear my name
    I ride a blood red triplane

    Turn like the devil, shoot straight from the sun
    Climb like a monkey out of hell where I belong

    Death or glory, it’s all the same
    Death or glory, the price of fame
    Death or glory, I’m in the game of
    Death or glory, a one way train

    I watch you spiral down
    Dead before you hit the ground
    Bullet got you in the back
    Deflection shooting beam attack
    I shoot the gunner first
    I kill to quench my thirst
    I hunt the weakest prey
    Live to fly another day

    Turn like the devil, shoot straight from the sun
    Climb like a monkey out of hell where I belong

    Death or glory, it’s all the same
    Death or glory, the price of fame
    Death or glory, I’m in the game of
    Death or glory, a one way train

    Turn like the devil, shoot straight from the sun
    Climb like a monkey out of hell where I belong

    Death or glory, it’s all the same
    Death or glory, the price of fame
    Death or glory, I’m in the game of
    Death or glory, a one way train

    Death or glory, it’s all the same
    Death or glory, the price of fame
    Death or glory, I’m in the game of
    Death or glory, a one way train

    Let’s go get ’em 49ers!

  26. And ‘in other news’ category.
    Our old friend Aldon Smith is scheduled for arraignment on Tuesday. Although it’s no longer our problem, it will be interesting to see what transpires and what action the league will take following his court date.
    It likely safe to say that Aldon will not be wearing the silver and black for a while.

  27. Philbin will have the plane ride home to tidy up his resume that he’s about to need.

    1. Cully Beat In Da House was paying too much attention to underneath, and not enough of to his receiver. Some things never change.

  28. 49ers inactives: Vernon Davis, DeAndrew White, Mike Davis, Shareece Wright, Ian Silberman, Mike Purcell and Brandon Thomas.

    A little surprised White is out, especially with VD also being out.

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