Jim Tomsula: “Part of what happened, I obviously didn’t get through to the guys.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Jim Tomsula’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Opening comments:

“The injury list, we’re going through the injuries right now. [TE] Vernon [Davis] got a strain on his knee, doesn’t seem to be too bad, but we will keep getting it checked. [LB] NaVorro Bowman had a little tweak last night with his leg and went back in to play and felt good coming off of it. And, [S] Eric Reid, I just saw, who’s, I think he got a couple stitches, it looked like. But, he got cut on his face yesterday and I said, he’s fine and didn’t even, was heading over to the weight room, so there wasn’t a lot of talk. But, he said he’s doing well. So, that’s what we have right now. We still have guys coming in, coming through, but that’s where we are. Obviously, this is two weeks in a row I’m coming here to stand in front of you and we have not performed near to the way that we need, or expect to. Obviously, Arizona Cardinals played very well and we played poorly. With that, go ahead.”


Why is QB Colin Kaepernick still your starting quarterback?

“I believe in Colin Kaepernick. And, I think he’s got the tools to be a darn good quarterback in this football league, in this league.”


Is he currently a good quarterback?

“Yesterday, we weren’t a good team. No, yesterday, none of us were very good.”


When you say Colin is your quarterback, which you did say yesterday, does that mean no matter what? He’s your starting quarterback no matter what happens?

“Well, I mean, and [San Jose Mercury News columnist] Tim, here’s where I am with that. I mean, yes, he’s our starting quarterback. But, we’re in a game of football. I mean, infinity and statements to that term at any position, but I’ve had no thoughts of him not being our quarterback. He’s our quarterback.”


A couple Arizona players, S Tyrann Mathieu specifically said that your passing game has been simplified so much that they could read your routes and it wasn’t hard to defend you. Is there a concern on your part that that might be true?

“Yeah, everything is concerning us at this point. What we are doing last night and this morning, making sure that we think our way through this and not emotionally react to this. We have to think our way through this and that starts with me, through the coaching staff and then on to our players. But, I don’t want to, a big thing from me right now is to make sure we think our way through this.”


I know offensive coordinator Geep Chryst has talked about it being simplified. I mean, was this dramatically simplified?

“Well, no, I wouldn’t say that, Tim. I mean, and I don’t, simplified, I didn’t go into the area of, quite, just quite frankly, quite honestly, when I met with the coordinators at the beginning of all this, my point to everybody was let’s look at the skill levels and what all of our players do well and then let’s develop a system that fits the guys that we have. And then from there, I wanted to stay in a core philosophy on who we are and then as we go from there build, continue to build. And then I wanted to also adjust from within that, whether it be formationally, whether it be a shift or motion, but the core principles is something I believe in. Quite frankly with that question is the individual aspect of it. When it starts in an individual period, the techniques and the fundamentals that we are asking you to do, stay consistent to those as we scheme.”


Just generally, when you looked at the quarterback then, I’ve never been clear on this exactly. Was it that Colin should run more or was it that Colin should run less?

“From our perspective, again we’ve never made a comment on, I’ve never made a comment on whether he should run more or less. He is a, he does have a unique skillset when it comes to the read game. And, quite frankly, we want the defense to have to protect the read game. If they are protecting that guy carrying out his play fake, then that’s somebody less that’s down in there when we hand the ball off. And if they are not, then we need to be able to pull it and keep them in that way. That’s how I see that read game. I hope that answers your question. That’s as honest as I can say it.”


Where do you think his development is as a pocket passer?

“His development in a pocket passer, in terms of Colin reading and looking at things and studying, I think he’s doing a nice job there working at it. In terms of us as a team and as a whole offense, our drop-back pass game, we need to be better at and we need to improve on. But, that goes from the snap to the blocking, to the routes that we’re running, to throwing the football. So, I think as a whole, we need to improve there.”


ME: Last week in Pittsburgh, you patted the players on their backs while you accepted virtually all the responsibility for the blowout loss. What was your game-week message that you delivered to the team prior to last game and where do you go from here?

“Well, the one thing I will tell you is patting the players on the back and letting them know that I appreciate them, this is my 34th season of football. I’ve done that every football game I’ve coached. Whether I was a D-Line coach, a defensive coordinator or a head coach because I do appreciate the work and the grind that these guys go through through the week, but then during the game. So, now in terms of accepting responsibility, quite frankly, everything on that field goes past my desk. It really does. I let us go in the Q-pistol on the two-yard line. That’s my fault. I knew that play went in. Wish I could have had it back. That was my fault. That’s a two point safety and that’s my fault. I should have had the quarterback under center and I should have handed the ball off and we should have grinded it up in there for three yards. So, those things, that’s, I mean it all, nothing is happening on that field that doesn’t go across my desk.”


ME: I asked, what was the game-week message you delivered to the team prior to yesterday’s game and where do you go from here?

“Part of what happened, I obviously didn’t get through to the guys. One problem can become five, and that’s what I don’t want to have happened. And that has happened to us for two weeks in a row. I think we talked about it in here last week with make a play. That’s a doubled-edged sword, in my opinion. We want people to make plays, obviously. But, we’ve got to do that within the confines of the way we’re playing with 11 guys. That’s happened to us for two weeks. It’s not a matter of blowing an assignment. It’s a matter of taking a chance, I’ve got to make a play. We can’t go there emotionally. Let’s keep one problem, one problem. Let’s get that under control and then let’s move forward. So, that was my message and I obviously didn’t get it though.”


Some would say that, getting back to Colin, that being a pocket passer and running the read option are not compatible, that you cannot develop a pocket passer if you continue to run the read option a lot in the game. Did you guys have that conversation during the offseason and if you did, what was the conclusion?

“Yeah, we did. And I guess that’s where it comes back to trying to be sensitive to what we’re asking out of our quarterback and of our offense. Maybe that’s where the scaled back thing, because I don’t know that I would term it that way. Yes, there’s less volume, but there’s a lot of concepts. It’s still a hefty amount of plays on the call sheet. But, I think that, we’re not a drop-back team. We’re not built that way. We’re not built like other teams. We’re not comparing ourselves to those teams. We’re not built to be, first and second down empty and spreading the ball around all over the place. We’re built more with our tight ends and we like the tight end group. We like where that’s at. And we like to use formation to get us some air when we need air. But, my perspective is playing to our strengths.”


I think the manner in which you guys have lost the last two weeks–?

“That’s what bugs you the most.”


Well, people are saying now this is who the Niners are, this is a lost season, let’s think about the future. What would you say to those people that are, at this point, saying you’ve just withstood too many losses in the offseason and just the talent isn’t there?

“Well, a couple of things I’d say. It would be, since we started this, again I keep going back to it, but we’re a work in progress. I’ve said that. I think we’ve all said that here. We’ve got a lot of work to do. So, we are a work in progress. As far as a lost season, no. I disagree wholeheartedly. And in terms of anybody that’s not here, we spend zero time thinking of that. That doesn’t help us get better. The thing that helps us get better is focusing on who is here and how we can help from a coaching perspective down through the players to get the results that we desire on game day.”


The last two weeks, some of your veterans have said that you have a young roster. It’s a theme that’s emerging. To me, when I hear that, it may mean that this is a rebuilding year. Do you see a young team that’s rebuilding?

“I’m not willing to go there. No, sir. I’m not willing to go there. Whatever the statistics, I don’t pay attention to the statistics of where we are age-wise. I know it’s a younger team than it’s been. I do know that when you have a young guy on the field, there are going to be some things that we have to work through. But, we’ve got some older guys too. We’re winning and losing as a team. This isn’t, it’s not because of or excuse of younger players. That’s not an excuse.”


ME: Given the success Arizona Cardinals QB Carson Palmer and Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger had against your defense the past two weeks, how do you prepare for Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers…

“Here we go with Aaron Rodgers, I got you.”


ME: …who is arguably better. Do you mix up your disguises to try to confuse him pre-snap or do you use different fire-zone blitzes to test his protection? What do you do?

“Yeah, and you obviously, you always get into the schematics of it. And I don’t mean to shake your questions, I don’t, but I don’t want to, we’re working like crazy right not to get ourselves, we’re spending a lot of time on the 49ers this morning, last night and this morning. And, Green Bay just starting, looking at all the stuff that our young guys have gotten done. But, the schematic side I’d like to stay away from. But, we obviously have to do a better job.”


Have you had any communications with 49ers CEO Jed York and/or general manager Trent Baalke since this last result? If you had, what’s been the mood of those conversations?

“Yes, I had conversations with both of them immediately after the game. They’re always there to greet us when we come in the locker room. They were, I mean, obviously, nobody’s pleased. They were very much encouraging. Quite frankly, ‘Hey, here we go. Keep your head up, keep grinding, let’s go.’ I mean, that was the gist of both of those conversations. And, ‘Is there anything we can do to help you?’”


At what point do you start considering personnel changes? Some of the guys, maybe along the offensive line, some of the guys that haven’t had an opportunity yet or in the defensive backfield?

“Well again, as we go through this, when we talk about it all, everything’s an evaluation all the time. It is. So, the evaluations never stop. And they don’t stop for any of us. We’re all being evaluated. So, that’s just part of what we do. But, looking at it every week and we stay on top of it and we are, again, that 46 that are up for the game, that’s me. I’m the guy. There’s only one guy to point a finger at. So, that’s a constant, that’s normal day-to-day. But, before anything like that would ever happen, I don’t talk about personnel in the media.”

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  1. Tomsula says “We’re not built to be, first and second down empty and spreading the ball around all over the place. We’re built more with our tight ends and we like the tight end group”

    Then you will be very easy to defend on 1st and 2nd down because 1) its 90% going to be a run, 2)if it is a pass, its to your slow lumbering TE’s. The one TE you have whos fast, doesn’t look like he wants to play football anymore and 3)how creative can you be in the passing game with a 3TE set

    1. Well said FDM. As bad as #7 is,this offense is so predictable and easy to defend because there is no element of deception.

    2. They’re Doomed!

      They spent all Off-season installing this “Simplistic ” System too and now they have to lie in this bed.

      The Carnage of this season will bring Dramatic changes from the Front Office to the Coaching Staff to the Personnel. It will command it because the Season Ticket Holders like myself, the Fans will not stand for this. Jed…. Are you listening because this will be ALL on you once this Hot Mess of a season is over.

  2. “Yeah, and you obviously, you always get into the schematics of it. And I don’t mean to shake your questions, I don’t, but I don’t want to, we’re working like crazy right not to get ourselves, we’re spending a lot of time on the 49ers this morning, last night and this morning. And, Green Bay just starting, looking at all the stuff that our young guys have gotten done. But, the schematic side I’d like to stay away from. But, we obviously have to do a better job.”
    Wow, that is some answer. I guess receiving a coherent answer from someone earning a seven figure income who holds one of the most coveted jobs in the world is asking too much.

    1. Coffee is for side splitting Chuckles. Enjoyed this as I personally find the J T interviews just to painful to read. You have reminded me that there are nuggets of humor to be found in the pockets of those bell bottom blues.

  3. Poor Jim, he got in over his head, and management really did believe he was the second coming of Bill Walsh. At least the press conferences are entertaining….

    1. Chess,
      Jim T was the chosen one for several reasons:
      1. He’s a “yes man”
      2. He’s a convenient scapegoat for Baalke and York

      They have the balls to ask him – after a blowout loss: “is there anything we can do to help you?”

      F* yes. draft better players

  4. With regards to the offense being predictable, when you think about it, I don’t believe there is one person on the CS that has recently been part of a successful NFL offense. I don’t believe they realize that their offense can readily be read/deciphered by the players on the field and/or coaches on the other sideline. They probably think they are being clever enough to fool the opposing defense. When it comes to offensive schemes and planning the 49ers coaching staff is still on algebra when the good teams are working on calculus.

  5. Ian Rapoport – “Source: 49ers cornerback Shareece Wright is seeking a trade or his release.”

    A 7th would be a nice consolation prize. Better to wait till a team is desperate for a corner?

  6. Back in late Jan or early Feb, Jed went on the NFL network to talk about the Niners, and to reveal his master plan.
    To paraphrase, in his opinion: Kap is a total stud and the 49ers plan was to unleash Kap. Keep it simple, hire a bunch of teachers who would coach up all of Baalke’s projects, and turn them into 53 pros……just like Seattle.
    Simple is what Jed wanted, and what he has got: a simple QB, an OLine that cannot pass block, so no drop backs.
    A simple offense that is “TE-centric”, which can’t function consistently because one tight end is sleep walking, and the other can’t stay healthy.
    It’s gonna be a long season.

  7. I don’t think people should be too upset about the idea of a TE-centric offense. The Patriots have had a lot of success running multiple TE formations. Good receiving TEs can create excellent match-ups for the offense, as they can be too big for most DBs to handle 1-on-1, and too quick for most LBs to handle 1-on-1.

    The main question is whether the 49ers TEs are really that good. Davis is still the most dangerous of the group, but he’s always had limitations as a receiver as he isn’t sudden out of his breaks (and questions regarding his desire atm). McDonald is a good blocker, but has not demonstrated much as a receiver. Celek is a reliable target, but he’s nothing special as a receiver. And Bell is still very much in learning mode. I think the team is missing one really dangerous receiving TE option to make the TE heavy offense really work (well, that and a solid OL and good QB play).

    1. I think it has more to do with how Chryst is utilizing the TE group Scooter, and so far the answer is that it’s being done poorly. You can have a world class unit, but it doesn’t mean anything if you have someone who can’t effectively showcase that unit.

      1. Yep, a creative mind could probably get more out of the TE group. But still, are the 49ers TEs really that good?

        1. The talent level wouldn’t really matter if Chryst was a master at making nothing into something.

    2. The difference between our 3TE offense and the Patriots is the guy throwing the ball for the Pats has vision, accuracy and touch. Our guy has those too but it only occurs against the weaker defenses in the league. Huge difference.
      A good barometer game this week to see if GB has upgraded their defense enough to contend.

        1. I want to apologize to the blog right now for harping on Kaepernick. I truly thought this was the year he would turn the corner.
          It now looks like the entire organization will have to rebuild in a lot of different areas. Not sure I can stomach anymore 3-13, 4-12, 6-10 seasons. I thought we were past that forawhile! F$&@!!!!

          1. Your apology is not accepted! Kaep has been a liability since he’s been a starter. He’s sooooo slow with his reads, decision making and delivery, The minute teams figure out who to stop his runs, it’s easy to slow down the Niners.

          2. Prime:

            Don’t see why you need to apologize. There seemed to be good reasons to think he would improve. He worked on his craft during the off season. He looked reasonably good in the first two games and seemed like he was managing the games better.

            What finally pushed me over the edge is the two pick 6s at the beginning of the game. He should have thrown the ball away or taken the sack. Further, he just can’t read the defenses fast enough. This is the start of his 5th year and if that sort of simple decision making isn’t innate by now, I don’t think it ever will be. In terms of speed of decision making, it is true, that it can take a while before the game slows down (see Young, Steve), but I just don’t see it happening. I’m going to support the team, but if they decide to move on from Kap, I won’t be howling about it.

      1. My sense is that the current CS believes that the three TE offense is what will neutralize the advantage of the 3-4 defense against zone blocking. Thus the theory goes, on first and second they make big chunks running or with dink passes. Then on third it is another dink or dunk and first down. Last time I quoted Yogi Berra someone said he never said anything about theory and practice but I don’t think the CS theory will never work out in practice.

    1. John Middlekauff ‏@JohnMiddlekauff · Sep 27
      We watched an injured #49ers team w/ an owner & FO trying to sabotage Harbaugh go
      What Other Niner Fans are saying:
      8-8 last year. AntiHarbs crew in for a wake up call in ’15
      Damon Bruce ‏@DamonBruce · Sep 27

      Harbaugh wasn’t very friendly, but he knew how to win some f-ing football games. This will haunt the #49ers for a decade.

      [TPwn] CapNeveryOne ‏@CapN408 · 1h1 hour ago
      Holy Sh-t! @DamonBruce killed it with that intro. #Accountable @957thegame

      [TPwn] CapNeveryOne ‏@CapN408 · 1h1 hour ago
      Holy Sh-t! @DamonBruce killed it with that intro. #Accountable @957thegame

      Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 1h1 hour ago
      Column: What are the 49ers now? If they can’t explain it themselves, it’s as bad as you can imagine. http://bayareane.ws/1YKSqrw

  8. Why did the 49ers D get shredded by Palmer?


    Seriously, the game plan sucked on D. The LBs got beat a lot in coverage. I know a lot of people want to blame the DBs, but it was really more a case of the Cards exploiting poor matchups for the 49ers, especially in the middle of the field.

    This is why I think they should use DB heavy formations more often, even on early downs.

    1. * * *

      Yahoo! Sports’ Eric Edholm noted how Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu called out the 49ers’ “simplified” passing game:

      If it’s so simple that a third-year defensive back is openly calling out a division rival’s scheme, something isn’t right. The 49ers got the season off to a rousing start with the Week 1 win over the Minnesota Vikings, who have won their past two games. But the Niners have lost their past two since then and have been quite hot and cold offensively thus far this season, with Sunday’s display completely the latter.

    2. That is really is a damning statement on Mangini’s abilities. More and more I think the coaches doing the game planning are not in touch with today’s NFL. They’re outdated.

      1. Mangini needs to check his ego at the door, and build the D around its strengths. I appreciate that not having a dominant pass rushing player makes things harder, and that he does need to find creative ways to get to the QB. But the disguises he is trying to use the past two week have put his players in bad positions too often. Its making it too easy to pick apart.

        1. Mangini is probably the kind of guy who believes that his schemes are ingenious and it is the personnel that can’t execute them. Reminds of some salesmen I’ve worked with in the past. Their classic response to any concerns we would raise during a contract proposal strategizing session was “It’s ours to lose”.

        2. A dominant pass rusher? My question to you is how many super bowl rings does Damarcus Ware have? How many does Jared Allen have in his prime?
          It takes more than a dominant pass rusher surrounded by scrubs.

          The problem as you pointed out is the scheme. We could all agree that SF has the pieces to generate a pass rush. Bowman, Armstead, Lynch, Tart. Fangio generated a pass rush with much less due to injuries and suspensions. It’s a scheme problem in my opinion.

          Now SF will play Green Bay when GB has a short week. By some comments on here, that should mean SF wins easily. GB has to fly to SF for this game.

          Do you think Management bows to fan uproar and hires a new HC after next season? Who do you think would want to work here? And lastly does Harbough leave Michigan in two years to coach Dallas or NY Giants?

          1. No question that scheme is a big issue (if you read my other posts you will see this is something I agree with), but are you trying to suggest having a dominant pass rusher doesn’t help a D?

            Fangio didn’t generate a consistent pass rush last season. Having dominant players in 2011 to 2013 was a big factor in Fangio being able to generate pass rush.

            1. Scooter, I agree with you and your ideas. I wasn’t trying to say you were wrong about anything. Instead, I was saying that it would take more than a singular pass rusher to help with pressure.
              I liken it to having a Ferrari with no freeway access. The scheme and the scrubs they have would waste the salary of an elite pass rusher.
              They are about 3 players short of having a legitimate pass rush IMO.
              I apologize for not clearly illustrating my point.

      2. It’s not Mangini’s fault. He is what he is. The guy was such a bad defensive coordinator that he was out of football for several years until the 49ers hired him as an offensive coach. He was the TE coach just 2 years ago. The guy hadn’t coached defenses in the NFL for almost a decade. The problem with the 49ers defense is Trent Baalke has had horrible drafts and he and York totally Fd up the coaching staff. Now the fans have to suffer. Baalke is a cancer and he should be gone instead of Jim Harbaugh.

    3. This is on Mangini. It makes me want to say I told you so. I told you we would miss the Vic.

      Fangio was highly skilled at custom fitting the defensive schemes to the players he was given. Year after year he proved this amazing skill set.
      Mangini is the opposite – force fit them into his scheme. That is what you are seeing. Works in the first game and then fails after that. I am talking about Mangini blitzing when he has weak DBs and linebackers isolated with world class wide recievers. Hello! Death by scheme. I am convinced from what I have seen that this defense would not be nearly so bad if we had our man Fangio back.

      Tomsula get your man to the wood shed now before it is too late. Oh wait – I forgot he is Trent’s man.

            1. Thankfully they don’t play excellent QBs, excellent passing offenses every week this season. But I am very nervous about facing Rodgers. It could get ugly.

              1. What I dont understand is their personnel right now is better suited to a 4-3. They could then use Tartt as a hybrid LB/safety. With that much depth on the d-line does it not make better sense?

              2. Who would you have as the DEs in a 4-3? Lynch would be one… Brooks the other? Or perhaps if they went more of an under front they could stick with Dorsey on the left as a 4/5-tech.

                Williams as the 1-tech… Dial, Armstead or Tank as the 3-tech?

                Alternatively, could have tank as the RDE, with Lynch playing the Leo/ Sam on the left…?

              3. I would go Lynch and Armstead/Harold as the ends. DORSEY and Williams inside.
                Bowman, Brooks and Tartt/Wilhoite as the LB’s.
                Harold amd Tartt in on passing downs.

              1. Sorry Mid, my bad. I’m just thinking if Mangini gets fired it won’t be long before Tomsula will be too.
                The irony is Baalke and Tomsula put this staff together. If there is any firing, it would be a clean sweep.

        1. How skilled is he at fitting players to work in Chicago? You can call out the lack of talent all you want but you’re trying to say Fangio is special and can make his players better then they are through his schemes and yet the defense is getting scored on by an average of over 30 points a week. At some point you still have to acknowledge that it’s an NFL team and even scrubs at the NFL level can compete with great coaching. The Bears defense is not even competing at this point.

      1. I agree Fangio did a great job of tweaking his usual 3-4 D to accentuate the strengths of the 49ers players, but he also had some excellent strengths to play to. But lets not get carried away with saying he’s amazing at adapting his system around his players. He sticks to his 3-4 roots pretty closely, and is a bend but don’t break believer.

        Even last year, when people say how great a job Fangio did (which he did), he still had some talent to work with (though probably on par with what the 49ers currently have), his players fit the system, and he also had the benefit of continuity – players that were familiar with the system.

        I think the Bears are finding out the hard way that Fangio’s D needs top notch talent to be a good D, and that he needs guys that fit his system (bye bye Jared Allen). At the moment they aren’t as bad as the scorelines have indicated (the offense has provided no help whatsoever), but they aren’t good. They’ll get better as the year progresses, but I doubt Fangio will turn that D into a good D this year.

        We can’t have it both ways. We can’t say the 49ers are lacking talent, then turn around and say a guy like Fangio would have made the D good by adapting everything to fit the players. Fangio running this D would have struggled big time providing any kind of pass rush, much as he has done with the Bears so far, as he doesn’t like to blitz much. And the D would have been getting shredded as a result anyway.

        1. Bend don’t break is a wonderful thing when it takes you to the payoffs.

          Blitz-crazy a la Mangini, is what you do when you have an embarrassment of riches in the backfield as the Cardinals so obviously do. And when your D line cannot get the job done (unlike the Cards).

          The 49ers are antithetical to that. They have (in my opinion) a decent interior D line that can deal with the run while scheme shying on linebackers. They have a backfield that is a patch-quilt of old and new with consequential holes to show.

          Back of the napkin scheme — nickle and dime them to death. Nickle and dime the opposing offense until the Niner D L big guys get in their space or until an interception by flooded down field or both. That is VF bend don’t break.
          A cover safety absolutely needs to be over the top and not blitzing. A linebacker (other than Patrick Willis before retirement and Bowman before injury) absolutely should not be left on an island with a top flight WR errr any WR in this case. —– This is Fangio 101.

          I was waiting for someone to bring up Vic and the Bears. I say simply give the fixer some time.

          What Fangio does is so beyond merely tweaking. He has that rare gift of fully understanding his players strengths and weaknesses and then putting that all together on the field for the best possible performance. Gift of observation + chess master + checking ego.

          Yes this Niner defense has weaknesses but honestly they just ain’t this bad. Unless, of course you are in the business of exposing all their weaknesses for all the NFL OCs to salivate over.

        2. Had to do this Scooter. This is an on target quote of yours from previous post and thread brought forth here:

          “Wilhoite, Brooks, Lynch, Bowman… Mangini is asking way too much of his LBs in coverage. They couldn’t cope. He also asked too much of his outside CBs against the Steelers, by having the safeties up so close to the LOS when they were meant to be providing help over the top. Both games were easy pickings for quality QBs like Big Ben and Palmer. It will be more of the same this week if Mangini tries similar tactics against Rodgers.”

          Sign sealed and delivered in a nut shell. So that leaves me with this question to you. Can you see Fangio doing this – making these types of bone head decisions …. ever? As for me, I cannot even paint that picture in my wildest med mary induced dreams.

          1. Highly unlikely Bruce. I don’t think Fangio would ever put his defense in such bad positions that often in a game. Not just because he’s a good coach, but also he’s too conservative to take those kinds of risks.

            But that wasn’t my point. My point was simply that Fangio, no matter how good a coach he is, would also likely struggle with this D given the lack of pass rush without blitzing.

            Fangio isn’t as amazing as we like to make him out. And Mangini isn’t as bad as the past two games would lead us to believe.

            Mangini just really needs to stop trying to be too clever. Some of the concepts he’s trying make sense, but he too often leaves guys having to do something outside their strengths. In a passing league, against teams that pass a lot using multi-WR sets (e.g. Steelers/ Cards/ Packers), and for a D that doesn’t have much of a pass rush, in order to generate confusion to aid the pass rush while maintaining some semblance of decent pass coverage, you can’t keep so many LBs on the field.

            I’m not writing Mangini and the D off just yet. But Mangini has to be willing to change how he approaches things to turn it around.

            1. I went back and read some of your earlier comments on this thread and you and I are so much on the same page I think we are down to just splitting hairs here.

              Hair 1:
              I am convinced that this defense would have looked a lot better with Fangio as DC. Would they have looked great like the past – no – but a lot better than the current two game display.

              Hair 2:
              Will Mangini find his way? I personally doubt it. Clever schemes live and die on the black board when not in touch with the other dimensions of the game. Knowing the nuances of living breathing chess pieces and then knowing how best to play them is a God given gift. Not seeing it here as I did with the Vic.

              I don’t see this as an easy turn of the page / flip of the switch for Mangini. Sure hope you are right and I am wrong.

              1. Oh definitely, I don’t think we are far apart on our views here.

                With Fangio, it is worth keeping in mind what happened against the Broncos last season. In 2014 the 49ers were mostly lucky when it came to the schedule, not having to face many of the top QBs, or coming up against them when they were hurt.

                So far this year they’ve faced Big Ben fully fit, a resurgent Palmer who also led the Cardinals in a route of the Bears and Fangio in week 2, and are about to face Rodgers fully fit. Its not been an easy start to the year for the D.

                With Mangini, I don’t know whether he can turn this around. It won’t be an easy fix, and I don’t know if its in his makeup to change. But I keep thinking back to his one year as a DC for the Pats. His D was getting roasted early in the season, but down the stretch they were a top 5 unit. Maybe once the 49ers players get more used to the D, and if Mangini makes some adjustments, this D will look better by season end too.

  9. Kap is making me feel like a moron for letting my girlfriend buy me his jersey but I think we now see all of the reasons harbaugh/roman opted to be more creative in the running game and less interested in the passing game….they used outstanding coaching to cover up for not only the qb and oline weaknesses but also for the WEAK roster baalke has compiled…..now as for the defense, mangenie needs to go back in the d*** bottle!

  10. “I let us go in the Q-pistol on the two-yard line. That’s my fault. I knew that play went in. Wish I could have had it back. That was my fault. That’s a two point safety and that’s my fault. I should have had the quarterback under center and I should have handed the ball off and we should have grinded it up in there for three yards.”

    I’m not sure what this means. Is he protecting Geep’s call by saying he allowed it to go through. It sounds that way. I seriously question Geep’s ability.

  11. I think real fans acknowledge we were spoiled these past four years but for Jed and baalke to plan on axing harbaugh for a year plus, you would really think they would have had a better succession plan than hiring tomsula (who I like just not as hc) and giving the other positional coaching jobs to whoever showed up first smh

    1. Ian Rappaport–Rap Sheet:

      “Not a drop-back team”???

      It’s the NFL! In 2015! The rules are set up and modified each year to reward teams that pass, and the 49ers have decided to play like Army in the 1950s?

      1. -Q: A couple Arizona defensive players, Tyrann Mathieu specifically, said that your passing game has been simplified so much that it wasn’t hard to defend you. Is it a concern that this might be true?

  12. Cubus I totally agree. I hope as the season progresses we see the team start to form but if every games end result is a blowout this staff needs to be one and done

    1. I saw something about that earlier. As they say in the article, PFF graded him well throughout pre-season.

      He played mostly LG during pre-season though, didn’t he? Or am I mis-remembering? If he played mostly LG, I wonder if they should put him in there, and push Boone to RG to try and help solidify the right side?

      1. Scooter:

        I’d like you thought on the following thought I’ve been mulling over. Given the current personnel that we have and making a reasonable proposal, trade Kap straight up for Johnny Manziel. The Browns have plenty of cap space to take on CK’s contract. We would need a QB that is mobile because the OL will continue to have problems. I’d hoped to be able to look at some PFF statistics on Manziel’s performance this year, but I’ve been locked out of my account. His QBR rating is 99.7. I’m not necessarily saying do this today, but if things keep getting worse, maybe. Of course by then, I don’t think the Browns would do it. The Browns might not do it anyway or want additional compensation.

        1. Hmmm, not for me. I’m not a Manziel fan. Though he has done well so far this season.

          I think they could do worse than look to trade for Mike Glennon and draft a QB early next year, if they decide to move on from Kaep.

  13. Let’s not forget that Kap said that this year he wasn’t forced to play out of character!
    There’s more to come from this guy…….

  14. To have faith in the future, what would all of you like to see in the next 12 months?
    1. Yes a new owner, not going to happen team is worth around 2 billion, I still think this is critical
    2. Put brown at right tackle.
    3. Put a rookie at left offensive guard and Boone at right og.
    4.kap two more starts, no improvement , try gabbert as he is two years younger.
    5.get rid of malcontents, get Hungry fa’s from patriots, Chiefs, sea hawks and packer practice squad to fill in the holes.
    6. Play Jerrod hayne more as he is hungry.
    7. Find something to believe in!
    What do you want to see?

  15. Based on what I’m seeing in the Packer-Chiefs game, making tackles will be key to making it a game on Sunday.

      1. We are winning that game!
        It’s my one big one of the season. Ck bounces back and has a big game and keeps himself as the qb for a while longer. Then suck again when facing a tough defense.

        1. The Packers defense is looking better than what it has in the past. If the Kaepernick that faced the Cardinals even rears his head just once against the Packers, then we’re boned.

      1. BJ Raji is looking spry. Having a really good season so far.

        The pass rush is much less vanilla than it has been.

        1. Hey B2W:

          Today I was remembering the discussion you and I had last November or early December on Mangini. I started the post asking what was Mangini’s role among other things. You responded with something like “someday science will explain to us Mangini’s role.” I don’t think either one of us ever imagined he would become our DC.

          1. Mid… I never said that. I have circled this game as the definite big win. They are winning this game. And I’ll go out on the limb and guarantee it!

            1. I wasn’t meaning to suggest that you were doing that MD. I just remember that a good number of fans on here were dismissing the Cardinals defense as well.
              I hope you’re right that this will be a win against the Packers. In fact, if your guarantee comes to fruition, then I shall change my screen name to NinerMDIsAGenius for one week.

  16. Marcus Martin has got to be replaced! He is consistently getting pushed in the backfield on every play , there is no pocket to step and throw, run plays are getting blown up , the guy is awful .

      1. I’ve never been a fan of Martin. His draft profile threw up some red flags for me and unfortunately those red flags showed up on his tape.

        1. I get it- and I saw nothing from this offense. lets not forget that CK7 had the right team mates and the right coaches, then pollytricks stepped in and criticized him for being that great that early from the tattoos to being moble and that is what he is- we do not have protection for CK7 but they can get a couple for our QB. Jed york and Baalkie got rid of our star players for cheap rookies, players- then this fool said- this team was better than the last team and the team before that, and he said we are a team with class because richard sherman said we have none, so they get rid of the good players and good people quitting or just leave. what do you think of jed york? and do you believe CK7 is a really good QB LIKE I DO BUT THESE REJECTS DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE HIM?

  17. I know Kap threw those pick 6s and they were bad decisions , but the tone of that game was set by Marcus Martin , can’t do anything with that type of pressure up the middle

        1. I feel ck will be up and down this season, and he pretty much owns the Green Bay packers. We don’t have the defense we had before to stop Rogers, but their defense sucks!
          Hammer….. Maybe 7 lol

  18. Colin would be a great QB on a decent team like the Steelers, New Orleans or the dreaded Seahawks to name a few. To blame him for the bozo coaching staff, the less-than-the-best players is stupid.

      1. The entire team looks awful. They look lethargic, outcoached, outprepared and just out of their depth: they look like the old Niners under Erickson, Nolan and Singletary.

        1. Mike Singletary was the interim head coach in 2008 for 9 games. In 2009, as the permanent HC the team started 3-0 with Shaun Hill as the QB.
          In his first 25 games (2008-09), the Niners went 13-12.
          I could be wrong but I don’t seem to recall back-to-back games like the last two, in those first 25 games.
          Tomsula has fast tracked to Singletary circa 2010.

      2. You can blame Alex Smith for Kaep’s slow reads, slow delivery, bad footwork, bad throws.
        It’s all Alex’s fault — that bum.

        1. Fan… Don’t know what point you’re trying to make, but your boy (once again) loses to a good team. He couldn’t even Play well vs a bad defense. Good news for you and your boy. He finally found a wr for a td. Wooooo! He’s a bum! Ck’s horrible numbers are still better than his so far! That’s bad! Lol

        1. Oregon i said in the past when I was all over smith. If you suck and you play for my beloved 49ers I’m gonna call it! You ball and you got my money. Lol
          Point is. We as fans haven’t seen a decent qb since Garcia!
          That’s a loooong time for a fan who got to watch two back to back legends take the field. Just had to give ck a chance like I game smith. I might have been overly hard on smith. But this Cal-Berkley guy wanted Rodgers. Lol
          Now I can’t stand him either. But I still wish he was a niner.
          Team first! Wheeeeew!

    1. We could of had Jones but no receiver can overcome a truly bad offensive line and a shell shocked quarterback. Jones is were he should be. The raiders thought they didn’t need him.

  19. I am officially seeking a trade. I was 49ers fan, please trade me to (gasp!) the Craiders. O no what has become of me (us)?

    1. Well the Raiders weren’t interested, but the Jags have offered a crunchy taco which I’m prepared to take.

  20. This game has me reeling. Kaep looked like garbage, but I think the O-line deserves a lot of blame. Hard to get your feet set and get through your reads when guys are blowing right through the line. He didn’t play too poorly the prior two games. It was also surprising that they didn’t pull Kaep in the 4th. Game out of reach, confidence shaken, and you don’t even let him attempt a pass? Why wouldn’t you get Gabbert some reps in garbage time? Anyway, new week, new challenge. Hope they show up this week with Green Bay coming in. Secondary better tighten up if we want to stand a chance!

  21. Smith was not having a good game but he didn’t quit. And look he’s got his first TD to a WR!

    1. Prevent defense! But I guess that only matters for ck. Keep up the pipe dream.
      Alex smith would be drowning quickly with this team! End of story

    1. I didn’t realize not getting a rating over 100 equaled bad Fan. I thought ratings over 90 and near perfect QBR scores were pretty good but obviously I was wrong. Thanks for setting me straight.

      1. Hey Rocket,
        I wanted to thank you and a few others like wilson for your efforts to retain perspective and sanity in this forum in these tough times :) Based on what I’m hearing from Coach Tomsula, I’m not very optimistic going forward. Please keep up with your thoughtful postings.

        1. Mood,

          My pleasure. I’ve often found things are not as good or bad as they appear. There is usually a middle ground if you look hard enough. Thanks for the kind words.

      2. Wow way to cherry pick your stats! Dude basically says he sucks and you clamor on to your rating!

  22. PFT power rankings”

    27. 49ers (1-2; No. 18): Which happens first — 49ers fans clamor for Blaine Gabbert or they become Raiders fans?

    1. You and many others may question the direction of this team, but I am still hopeful. I may want Kaep to sit until he gets the cobwebs out of his head, but he also went to the SB after 10 games, was a tipped pass from returning, and 4 plays from getting back to the playoffs last year.
      My assessment is that Kaep took too big a hit, and it has affected him. My proof? He threw the same interception twice, to the same place. That shows a stubbornness and inability to properly assess the situation. A sharp quick Kaep would have never done the same mistake twice in a row. It is obvious that his reaction times were slowed down, but his unwillingness to change just shows how bad the impairment was. That earlier massive side line hit lit him up. He bounced up like nothing happened, but that was a more reflexive reaction. Coach Tomsula should ask Kaep if he had any headaches last week.
      Also, it looked like Kaep was over coached. Logan told Kaep to take 15 % off the speed of the throw to get more touch. Guess What? The slower speed meant the ball was in the air longer so the DB could react to the ball. If anything, Kaep should Zing those cross the field passes to get to the receiver quicker and make it harder to intercept. Logan may try to get Kaep to do things differently, but I saw him have touch on the ball for years. Getting Kaep to throw with touch requires timing, and this team is too disjointed to start messing up his mechanics and get him out of his comfort zone. Kaep needs to move, and both of those first ints were from a drop back play. I want to see Gunslinger Kaep on the move so he is not buried in a collapsing pocket. Next game, they should start Kaep out by throwing quick passes that he can easily complete so he can build up his confidence and get the ball into the hands of his receivers. He should be sternly warned not to call an audible with less than 5 seconds on the play clock, and repeatedly couselled to thro the ball out of bounds instead of delivering a lollipop for a pick six. Since they are crowding the box and daring him to throw, he should execute the third down bomb,where he rolls out to buy time then flings the ball to the 5 yard line, for essentially a jump ball. Even if it is intercepted, they have to run 95 yards with the whole team to stop him. This way preferable to throwing an easy pick six with no chance to stop him. The third down long bomb could result in a completion, or draw a foul, both of which are good results. It would also clearly demonstrate to me that they are not giving up, and are trying their damdest to win the game. So what if Kaeps int percentage climbs? If they can stretch the field and score, the cost benefit analysis favors being bold. It could also be considered an 80 yard punt, thus helping the defense.
      This was a terrible game, but there still 13 left. The Niners can recover, if they make the right adjustments. Coach Tomsula must change the O line, or I will accuse him of being too stubborn and not trying. He says he is putting out the best players he has determined, but the on field results shows he is lacking in his assessments. They must change or they may not win another game. Adjustments. Assessments. Reality.
      To all the fair weather fans who want to flee to the Raiders, I say good riddance. I thought this site had fans who were like the Missouri- A mile wide and an inch deep.
      I will continue to post about the 49ers, the team I love, and will be glad to lose the bandwagon fans. GO NINERS !!!!!!

      1. Couple things. Glad that you still have faith in our teams ability to win. I have my doubts. That said, that has nothing to do with being a bandwagon fan. A bandwagon fan is someone who jumps off when things get tough, not someone who criticizes the team when things go sideways.

        We have been sideways for a long time, starting with management. Doesn’t take a genius to see that, it just takes an objective view. The ouster of Harbaugh and how it was handled was embarrassing. Whether we should have kept him, is one thing, how it was handled is another. The search for a new coach was a sham. You may think Tomsula is great, but the process of hiring him was not.

        Lastly, just like Smith, Kaepernick is what he is, an above average QB. The only reason I say above average is because of his elite athleticism and success in playoffs. He is not however, a franchise QB who can have sustained success over time. His team has to be rock solid, top to bottom to succeed. just like it was a few years ago. He is not capable of masking his teams deficiencies ala Montana, Young, Brady, Rodgers, Brees or Manning. When he doesn’t have all the pieces, he amplifies our deficiencies, makes them worse.

        You want sustained success, then we better find the next Derek Carr, which is Jared Goff. Those are what young franchise QB’s look like. I dislike the Raiders immeasurably, but they are going to be successful for while. He is good.

        1. Bandwagon fans will leave this team in droves because these are tough, difficult times. Maybe it would be better to concentrate on this season rather that thinking about next year’s draft.

        2. Baalke and Jed would look a lot better if they had officially fired Harbaugh when they first decided to get rid of him in February, 2014. All Jed would have needed to say was that he wanted a different Jim.

    2. That one was answered before we even got to AZ. Remember when Niner fans were chanting for David Carr? Some things never change.

      1. Remember that the backup QB is the most popular player in the team, i.e., until he is forced to start on a regular basis…..

  23. After the first two series (pick six, pick six)
    did Colin show us anything entertaining
    during the rest of that game?

    Alex Smith: 290 yards passing – one TD
    and yes, seven sacks and one interception.
    However, the man put up 28 POINTS
    against the Green Bay Packers, in Green Bay.

    Buy me a set of thermal underwear and
    put me on a plane to Wisconsin or St. Louis or……

    1. Lol so one game makes the two better or worse than the other?
      Tell me again how many times Alex smith has been to the super bowl or won a playoff game? How about a road playoff game. You’re stuck! Let it go

      1. Smith sucked last night. Period. Not sure what game this guy was watching, but it wasn’t the Packer game.

    2. C’mon, dude, it was 38-14 beginning of 4th. Kaepernick had success in garbage time against Steelers too. Smith looked like crap when the game mattered last night. He has not looked good all year and was mocked last night by another NFL player, as “the checkdown master”. He is an average starter and always will be. I have never seen so many people wear so many rose colored glasses.

      1. Both Smith and Kaepernick have not really helped themselves so far this season, but the central problem for both has been their respective OLs with some questionable play – calling being a secondary issue.

      2. Can we give this whole Smith vs Kap garbage a rest? Smith is gone he is ancient history, Kap is soon to be gone. You guys remind me of a bunch of old farts still arguing Brodie vs Tittle in 1970. Complain or support CK if you want he will be here untill the end of the year but Smith……both sides need to give it a rest.

        1. My only comparisons between Kaepernick and Smith have been that they both are facing similar issues in regards to their OLs and the one doing the play – calling.

  24. Here is the reality from MY VANTAGE, York wants championships. In order to compete for championships you need a consistent QB. Whether Alex Smith, or Kaepernick, the 49ers have not had a consistently good QB since Steve Young. We have definitely not had a true franchise QB since that time. Until we move on from Kaepernick we will not compete for Super Bowls on a consistent basis.

    Our success the past few years has largely been on the shoulders of a dominant defense. We no longer have one and likely will not for some time. Those defenses do not come around often (’85 Bears. ’86 Giants, 2000 Ravens, ’11-12 49ers, ’13- Seahawks), so to win in this league you must have a franchise QB, one that can mask other deficiencies. Kaepernick seems to amplify deficiencies. Now, I hear people say, “Give him time”. Well, we have. We gave Alex Smith time. He never got past the “better-than-average-yet-unremarkable” tag. The sample size for each QB is large enough to determine that neither will ever be a true franchise QB. Something that every team wants and needs to compete in this league. That’s not a rip, that’s a fact. Green Bay has one, we don’t.

    All 49er fans need to do is look across the bay. The Raiders found their franchise QB in Derek Carr and we continue to chase ghosts with Kaepernick. In one year, Carr is better, more polished than both Kaepernick and Smith. Again, not a rip, the truth. I hate the Raiders, but that is what a franchise QB looks like. Barring injury, they will be set to compete for years. We are not.

    The answer to me is simple, the 49ers need to survive this year (they are not going 10-6 lol) and do WHATEVER it takes to draft Jared Goff. He is the best QB prospect to come out of college since Luck. He does all the things that Kaepernick does not, read defenses, move through progressions easily, put touch on ball, throw accurately and most importantly, throw the deep pass with precision.

    Now, the “do whatever it takes” also includes firing Baalke. If York is the cancer, Baalke is the food that feeds it…and York isn’t going anywhere. Since 2011, when Baalke took over, the 49ers have amassed more draft picks than any other team. During that same stretch, we have only had two players from those drafts make a significant impact, or Pro Bowl appearance (Aldon Smith and Eric Reid). Aldon is now gone and Eric Reid has regressed. Baalke is part and parcel why the 49ers moved on from Harbaugh. A smart GM would have become a buffer (between York and Harbaugh) and not more fuel for the fire. In essence, they teamed up, conspired. Who does that (besides Jerry Jones) to a successful coach (ala Jimmy Johnson)? Harbaugh is a total jerk, but so was Parcells, so was Walsh, and each survived for 10 years. I expect Belichick is not picnic. Leave them alone and let them do their jobs. Their job is to win. By and large, Harbaugh did that exceedingly well (although Pete Carroll did it better). With that, replacing Tomsula and adding a top tier coach is probably necessary too.

    We are at crossroads. We can either continue down a path of mediocrity (at best, sporadic success), or realize we need to rebuild starting from the most essential position, quarterback. Unless miracles happen, after the season we must part with Kaepernick, Baalke, possibly Tomsula, get bold, and select Jared Goff in the 2016 NFL draft. It won’t be a quick fix, but it will be the right fix and one that will allow us to have sustainable success for the next decade or longer.

    1. Re Derek Carr, it might be a bit early to declare that he is a franchise caliber QB.
      Yes, I agree he has a promising future but he is playing with house money right now.
      No expectations… if the Raiders go 8-8 this season, there might be a parade in Oakland.

      Let’s see how Carr plays with expectations of his team being a contender and the weight that comes knowing his team is expected to win big games, and contend for a playoff spot.

      As far as the 49ers after Kap, does anyone on here trust Jed/Baalke or Tomsula, Chryst, anyone in the current 49er org to be able to evaluate, to identify and to develop a franchise QB?

  25. The CK v. AS debate will go on and on and there is no way for anyone to be right. No matter who you support the next game against the Packers will be interesting just because there is a comparison test that will provide fuel for either side. Fun sometimes to argue the point, but really a waste of time. AFIK, Harbaugh handled the situation the worst possible way. AS, the veteran starter was playing lights out before injured. Maybe CK was better for the future, maybe not. The issue is do you bench a veteran starter who had been playing lights out after he is again ready to play? In my book it is a violation of an unwritten rule which inevitably leads to bad things in the big picture. Harbaugh should have made CK wait until AS faltered in a real game or until CK beat AS out in training camp. Period. The football gods are now getting even with us because Harbaugh angered them.

    1. AS looked like s**t last night and was mocked by another NFL player as the “check down master”. As per my comments, neither he nor Kaepernick have ever been the answer. They are each incapable of sustained success at the NFL level.

      1. I agree with the substance of your post but my point only dealt with the way it was handled by Harbaugh. It was a bush league move.

          1. Funny, I don’t see any comments referring to Smith’s padding of stats during garbage time. Wonder why that is?

            1. Rocket

              Once again with your inimitable smug attitude, you have shown that you really know nothing about futbol…what is ‘garbage time’ Why didn’t you italicize the question ? Smith was still in the game, that is why he was ‘padding his stats…not a 40 point blowout

            2. Rocket,
              Smith did pad his stats for sure. He’s the thing: He actually made it a game. They were a failed 2pt conversion from a one possession game.
              Notice how we don’t make excuses for his porous line? He noodle arm was able to make a few plays.

              1. Lmao… Fan… He made it a game? Soooo once again ck plays defense too? It was him that gave up two more scores in the 4th? Ha ha haaaaa. Man you’re something else. Rocket is right. Nowhere did you say it was against a prevent. I have a question. In the first half last night vs ck’s first half vs Pitt. Who played better? And I bring up the Pitt game for two reasons.
                1 it’s about a blowout and vs prevent!
                2.. Last weeks first half was so bad for him I don’t ever want to think about it again. I had an excellent lunch today. But I only want to taste it once.

            3. You two never fail to come through for me. The GB-KC game was 38-14 in the 4th quarter. The Niners had closed the gap with Pitt to 36-18 and were a Miller TD drop from making it even closer than that in the 4th quarter.

              The only difference between this game and the one you accused Kap of padding his stats in was A) the KC defense actually got a couple of stops to allow the offense to have a chance to make it a game late and B) It’s Alex Smith and not Colin Kaepernick. For the record, I’m not ripping on Smith for being able to put a couple of drives together and making a game of it. I’m pointing out the hypocrisy that continues to be thrown out around here when these two are compared.

              1. What was the final score again?

                43-18 for the Niners.
                What was the score at halftime? 29-3. After 3 Quarters. 29-3.
                The closest the Niners got you said was, what? 36-18?

                Hmm. looks like they were a few scores short of making it a one score game.

                Oh so you want to bring up the Miller pass again? Okay. What did I say last week, Kaep’s always a step late. That’s who he is. Maybe Miller should have caught it or maybe Kaep should have thrown the pass on time instead of running backwards and throwing off the rhythm of the play.

                Alex is not a great QB. So if Kaep can’t even be better then that guy, then he’s really, really bad.

      2. I agree that both will never be elite QBs, but have also been the victim of bad OLs amd questionable play – calling. I expect both the Chiefs and 49ers to address their OLs during the off-season starting with LT.

  26. Once it becomes clear that the season is a bust, 2-3 more blowouts,they should play the new guys .
    More of Hayne, Bell and let’s see what Gabbert can do.
    Let’s trade for some CB’s

      1. Yeah, but put Davis on Pats (or even Raiders) and I suspect he becomes a stud.

        Kaep just doesn’t see guys open.Watch he will have this huge game against GB, then a dud against Giants, then another dud, then a good game. Sound familiar? Actually, sounds a lot like A Smith a few years ago. Tease enough to keep job, but can’t deliver consistency.

        1. He could be a stud again here. He’s a quitter. He will be the definition of that player that went somewhere else and redirected his career

  27. How to beat the Packers. When a player like Iupati moves to the opposing team, just assume they have the Niners playbook so they should throw it out and do something totally differently. Those ints were because Iupati told them of the offensive tendencies, so they anticipated and jumped routes. The Niners need to be less predictable. The other team admitted they knew what the Niners were going to run ahead of time, so that is all on the coaching. The Niners said they were going to run the ball, so the other teams are stacking the box to take away the run. When the Niners run on first and second down, they are being too predictable. They should take a page out of the Bill Walsh playbook and do the short safe passes to make the defense respect the passing game, then run around the edges to avoid their strengths. Once they are spread out, gash them up the middle.
    The Niners need to put a Man in Motion. They did it last game, and they gained good yardage. They should use the MIM to pinch in the DE so Kaep can roll out. They should put AB or VD in motion so they will be at full speed at the snap of the ball and they can avoid the chuck at the LOS. They should put a MIM to do reverses and catch the defense in over pursuit. With a MIM, Kaep can read the defenses’ reaction before the snap of the ball.
    With the snap problems, Kaep should take more snaps under center. He can take a page out of the Aaron Rogers playbook and release the ball quickly after receiving the ball from the center, instead of watching the ball being hiked high. The quick throw will negate any pass rush, and help build his confidence and rhythm.
    Niners have a monumental task ahead of them, but they have beaten them before. They should go dime to stop Rogers, and dare them to run the ball.

  28. Tim Kawakami ✔ @timkawakami

    The 49ers might be headed towards a Tim Tebow Offense without Tim Tebow… http://bayareane.ws/1iImLWH

    Cardinals DBs had as many catches as 49ers WR’s thrown By the SF quarterback.
    The San Francisco QB had 69 yards passing, not seen since the 50’s
    WATCH: 49ers’ QB Colin Kaepernick Has Done Something No QB Has Accomplished Since 1925

    By Ryan Sakamoto – Sep. 28, 2015, 7:00 pm

    Yesterday, San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick rewrote the record books but for the wrong reasons as he became the fastest quarterback to throw two pick-sixes since 1925. A

    1. The evidence is starting to become overwhelming that the San Francisco QB, Colin Kaepernick is a 3rd string QB

      1. I’m guessing he means with how long he’s been a starter, but you’re right he’s not young anymore.

        1. I know you don’t care but I didn’t mean to repeat your answer, glanced over it and didn’t see your mention.

      2. To be fair he did say “and relatively speaking,” before calling him “young” which is most likely an allusion to his “young” career of only 4 years a a starter.

  29. This is the problem with “simplifying the offense” for a QB. As Jimmy Raye would nod in assent from his retirement home, it doesn’t work in the NFL.
    Mathieu said during his appearance on PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio that he was not taking any shots at Kaepernick or offensive coordinator Geep Chryst, but he said his film study of the 49ers made is easy for the Cardinals to “anticipate routes and get good breaks on the ball.”

    Honeybadger on Kap:

    “The world knows what type of quarterback Colin Kaepernick is,” Mathieu said. “Obviously, he’s a dual threat. He can beat you in the passing game, if you let him.

    “A lot of their pass concepts are designed for him to run to his right, to our left, to make it an easier read and to make it an easier throw. Because you think about their passing game, a lot of those things are roll-out passes, so you basically cut the field in half and it makes it easier for the quarterback to read. But it also makes it easier for the defense to kind of anticipate where the ball is about to go.”


    1. Hmmm, that’s odd.
      All off season, the roll out was supposed to be the magic answer…. moving the launch point, rolling the pocket, easy reads etc. Keep it simple.
      Jed must have loved it….as do the opposing defenses.

      1. What’s the difference? It makes it so easy to defend for the defense because like Mathieu said, they only have to cover half the field. I’ve said this a million times.
        End of the day the NFL game is not changing for these athletic QB’s. You have to be able to play from the pocket or you won’t be in the league very long. The pistol, roll out is all gimmicky crap that hides the QB’s inefficiencies!

        1. Primetime Its funny all we’ve been hearing from Grant is they have to roll out CK over and over again. Now Mathieu is saying what i’ve been saying all along, consistently rolling out your QB makes it very easy on DB’s they only have to defend half of the field.

        2. Maybe Iupati gave the Cards intimate details on the Niner offensive tendencies.
          If Kaep does roll out, he is stuck in the middle of field and defenders can tee off and rush to a spot. The offensive line gave Kaep nanoseconds of protection, so he will just be sacked another 52 times if they force him to sit in a collapsing pocket. On one play, 3 defenders sacked him together because they ran past the O linemen like they were standing still.
          Kaep must be allowed to roll out in a mobile pocket, so the defense does not know where he will be. Maybe concentrating on one side of the field will allow the Niners to flood a zone so Kaep can throw to the open receiver.

      2. Seb did you see on every roll out the Cardinals had a player right in Kap’s face? That’s bigger than the QB. He’s still got to make a play as the QB. The Cardinals knew our plays better than we did and were in position to stop them. They could read our formations. They didn’t bit on the play action or for the most part on read option except the TD by Kap. We’re totally figured out.

        1. Forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer when the pocket collapses like a hose of cards leads to bad results. Kaep needs to be able to use his legs to avoid sacks and buy time so the receivers cab get open. I said previously that Kaep should invite the defense to put a spy on him, then burn the defense by getting the ball into the hands of his playmakers, so the spy becomes useless.
          Kaep needs to forget last game and use all his abilities and skills to march down the field to score TDs, and not settle for field goals. The defense needs to make stops so they will punt the ball to Hayne so he can make plays. The Niners must forge a new identity, and get back to playing Niner football.
          They may have figured out the Niner offense for that game, but the Niners need to make adjustments so the offense is less predictable. They should stop feeding Kaep so much info, and just let him become the field general and let him direct the offense so it is quick and efficient. Sensory overload leads to malfunctions, so should just run what he likes and feels comfortable doing.

    2. Every team can say that the other team is predictable, and they knew what plays their opponent was going to run, and on and on. No kidding, it’s called film study.

      The reality is, the intended receiver was open on each of the four picks. The breakdown on those picks wasn’t in the design of the plays wasn’t in the offense, it was in the execution of the QB, and to a degree, the offensive line.

      The problem with the offense in the Cardinal game can be distilled down to two issues. 1) CK was just horrible and 2) the offensive line was just horrible.

      Does anyone really think coaching can overcome that? That’s not to say there aren’t issues with the coaching, but the execution was so bad, that it was hard to tell how bad the coaching was.

      Of course, there was the 13 running plays in a row; if they were going to even appear to be putting up a fight, they needed to pass, pass, pass. Instead, they ran, ran, ran. That gave the look of a team (coaching staff) that’s afraid, and that’s a bad look.

      The read option from the end zone was inexplicable, but at that point, perhaps everyone was shell shocked. Still, you would like to see more presence of mind from the coaching staff.

      The GB game will tell a lot. If the offense comes out and has some life and cleans up some of the problems, the sesason may not be a total loss, but if the offense, especially CK, falls apart, again, it’s probably going to be a long, long season.

  30. Kaepernick is who we thought he was. He’s mediocre at best.

    The offensive line from the center to the right tackle is horrendous. They can’t get any push and their protection is about as reliable as the condom used by Prime Times dad. How bad must the young backups be if they can’t beat these chumps out?

    The defensive front is terrible. The only way they can get pressure is with a blitz, and even then they rarely get home.

    To make it even worse, the Raiders are going in the opposite direction.

    1. I know you are just trying to be funny but that comment was totally unnecessary. You’ve been away for awhile so maybe you have not noticed that we try not to squabble with each other anymore. But welcome back anyways!

    2. “He’s mediocre at best.” ,,, Jack Hammer

      Does that mean that Kaepernick isn’t even as good as Steve DeBerg who was just good enough to get you beat?

        1. That’s not my assumption. It’s Walsh and Jack Hammer’s assumptions. :-}

          Me, I have no idea where the trail is anymore.

    3. Jack whats the difference in the talent that is here now and the talent that was there when you made your prediction of a winning season earlier this year? And I’m not trying to be a smart ass.

      1. OC,

        I didn’t expect Martin, Devey, and Pears to be starters on the line, Aldon Smith was on the team at that point, and I thought Kaepernick would improve. That was a mistake.

    4. To make it even worse, the Raiders are going in the opposite direction.

      Let’s talk about that in 3 weeks.
      They will also be lucky to get 4 wins this year. The Browns??? Pffft!

        1. They are not beating the Bears in Chicago. Their defense eh eemmmm!!! Is pretty good. They were on the field the whole first half last week and still held the craphawks to 9 points.
          I’ll bet they won’t win in Chicago!

          1. The Bears and the 49ers will both be different teams when they play. I see Davis and Boldin gone,possibly Bowman

  31. Perhaps Harbaugh/Roman knew what they were doing. They knew CK’s limitations and did not put him into a position to hurt the team or himself. Poor Tomsula is in a horrible position, and I blame Baalke for putting him there.

    If I was Tomsula I would bench CK and play Gabbert. You might lose the next game by 40 points. So what. At least you would know what you have moving forward.

    1. “If I was Tomsula I would bench CK and play Gabbert. You might lose the next game by 40 points. So what. At least you would know what you have moving forward.”

      So how would that be moving forward? Just looks like more of the same to me. I encourage everyone to go watch Gabbert’s tape from his time as a starter. We’re not moving any where with either of them.

      1. Wilson: If it were up to me, I would want to make sure that today’s BG is, in fact, the same BG as before. I’d give him a chance at some point if things really continue to go south. As I said above, if BG fails as well, at least you know for sure that the answer isn’t currently on the team and it increases the urgency to find a good QB.

        1. Its fine, play him. Just don’t call it moving forward. We’re just exploring options cause what were doing isn’t working. While were at it, play Eli Harold, Thomas, Brown and Tiller. Heck throw Dylan Thompson out there too.

          JT is going down with Kap it sounds like. Or maybe he’ll make the change and go down with Gabbert at the helm. Same result.

        2. While no one is willing to consider the possibility but, Kaepernick may be now ruined more than Gabbert was at Jacksonville. There is no fundamental reason why Gabbert can’t be a good quarterback. Try to remember how great Steve Young was when the 49ers picked him up. Kaepernick and Gabbert were thrown to the wolves too soon. I doubt anyone will agree with me but Kaepernick needs to become an understudy again and get his game back with a clip board in his hands. That is if he is to ever really succeed.

          1. I think lots of us are willing to consider the possibility. The only difference is Kap was on a winning team his first 4 seasons. Gabber never had that luxury.

            The only thing that I would say opposes your thoughts is that people observing Gabbert’s play at practice aren’t very confident in him. He could very well come in and play Alex Smith like. Very safe throws of 5-7yds, taking a lot of sacks in the process and missing the down field throws. ITs possible if Kap continues in this downward spiral that could be better.

            1. Wilson,
              How confident do you think the team is in Kaep? One of the more interesting things for JT now is that if Kaep has another really sub-par game against GB, at home too, talk about pressure, what does he do then?
              One columnist wrote that as much as JT believes in Kaep, he has to think of the other 53 players.
              Kaep was a game manager for a one game, show his skills for a half and then just imploded in the last game.
              In the Chiefs/Packers game, Alex was having a bad game too, but he had the same look because he’s used to having bad games! Kaep looked like wanted to commit suicide.

              1. Fansince77, I think the bigger issue and pressure on Jim Tomsula is fixing the defense. Here you have a former d-line coach whose now the head coach and your defense has put up 2, 40 burgers, 2 weeks in a row.

                Now granted, Colin Kaepernick was dreadful last week. If both these areas do not bounce back, I still think they ride the QB til seasons end but Eric Mangini might be relieved as early as the bye week.

              2. I agree in part that the defense needs immediate attention. But when #7 gives the game away in the first 5 minutes, his teammates will begin to look twice. My point is if he does not bounce back with a vengeance this week, a lot of the boys in that lockeroom will start to lose faith in him. Then Jimmy T will have no other choice but to give Gabbert a look. Remember, he said he was a big fan of Gabberts. 1-3 is bad enough but if they get blown out again, something has got to give!

              3. FDM,
                The defense actually looked good for one game. They have some good players so they have to re-think their scheme or find ways to hide their weaknesses.
                The problem with the Offense, the weakness is the QB. We’ve been saying that for awhile now, even when it was Alex Smith.

                The Niners are so screwed because what happened on Sunday with Kaep was complete meltdown. It’s what some of said would happen to the mechanics when the pressure comes. He’s going to revert back.

                He gave away the game in the first quarter when the team when to 13 straight runs. Even I saw that coming. He was scared to throw. How do you think he’s going to feel when he can’t see the field on Sunday and the crowd starts to chant, we want Gabbert?

              4. Fansince77 I am concerned like every fan of the team. The QB is struggling right now. But so is the defense. We have given up over 80 points the last 2 games. That to me is more concerning because that means the QB is on the field that much more trying to play catch up. He cannot do that because he is not a drop back, come from behind type of player. He needs to be in ball control, run the ball, methodical type offense.
                I know that hides his inefficiencies, but right now, this is what we have to deal with. Fix the defense, get plenty of help running the ball and cross the fingers.

              5. Meanwhile pay him 12 million dollars a year. But hey, that’s okay because there isn’t anything better out there. The 49ers are handcuffed. What a joke!

              6. Greg Cosell is going to town on Kaep.
                All the peeps who thought that Kaep had progressed in the PIT garbage time should take a good listen and hear how the issues that were part of mechanics and really listen with an open mind. And see the big picture.

                It’s on KNBR. All his issues that we’ve been saying are explained. The team has other issues too but even with a clean pocket, Kaep still struggles because he can’t get past his 1st read.

              7. Rocket,

                “The only way they can play offense is to run the ball.” Let’s pay our QB 14 million so he can hide behind his shadow when he can’t see the field.

                That’s what Cosell said. Can you pull up some stats to prove him wrong and shut him up?

              8. Against Arizona they were down 14-0 less than 6 minutes into the game, and none of that was the responsibility of the defense.

              9. But after that the defense could not get a stop and gave up another 29 points. 2 scores down you still have a chance because it was the 1st quarter.
                So sure blame Colin Kaepernick for the first 14 points but a little help would be nice. Instead they layed a bigger egg.

              10. After the two picks,

                The Niners were afraid to throw. Game over. The picks weren’t great plays by the AZ defense but just really bad QB play.
                The Niners ran on 13 straight plays. They punted ever time. They had a 3rd and 16 and ran the ball. Hyde got 14 yards.
                The next drive Colin drops back to pass and scrambles almost immediately. I saw that coming.
                They had a 2nd and 2 and 3rd and 1 and couldn’t get the two yards because they ran it, and AZ knew they would run it.
                On 3rd and 20 with the DBs playing back, Coling throws a safe 2 yard pass to Boldin.
                All the WRs were frustrated, just like last year because Colin would abandon plays, run, get yards and they do nothing.
                Why even practice if your QB doesn’t know what to do?
                On the first play after the 3rd quarter, it’s the shot play and Torrie was open and Kaep had all day and throws a pick.
                That’s a bad QB, not a a good QB having a bad day. Spin it however you want. He’ll catch a team off guard and have a few good games before it’s all said and done but this is not your QB. He has no excuses.
                I’m not defending Alex’s poor play with his rotating coordinators and coaches. He is who he is. And Colin is who he is.

                the only hope is that we’re going to have a super wet fall and winter and all games the the Pants stadium will be wet and muddy.

              11. Fan the defenders of #7 will just bring up his stats as his defense. But I’m just wondering how the 1st play of the 2nd half against AZ, he has all day to throw and throws the easiest INT ever?
                The point is not his stats over 3 years and the fact he got to a SB. The point is he chokes in big games! Mechanics aside, when it’s crunch time, he does not have the fundamentals to get him through his progressions. That’s why you never draft a project at QB.
                Look at how Andy Dalton is playing. Between him and CK, it’s night and day!

              12. In defense of the people who defend #7,
                when Kaep came into the league he caught everyone by surprise. There was no book on him. Big brother John figured out how to slow down the read option which was to smack Kaep every time no matter what.
                Jim Harbaugh is not an idiot.
                The next season they need to change and add to his plate. He has to be able to play from the pocket, or die.

                The defense was still great and he has the ability to make an occasional great play. But now the book is on him and he’s a one tricky pony.

                He hasn’t grown or evolved or gotten better. He’s the same. So regression would be the wrong term. Defense got smarter is what happened.

                Alex is Alex but at least he’s coachable and can do certain things. That may or may not be enough but Kaep is done in this league.

                Cherish that 2013 season when he was a starter if you’re a Kaep fan. He defied the odds! But now it’s back to reality.

              13. Yeah let’s talk about that MNF game against the Bears! Or how about up in NE! God how things have changed since then!

              14. Fan, I think unless he plays really well from here on out he’s gone, JT’s gone and many others on the coaching staff. I can’t believe York could be happy with Baalke or the coaching staff. If Baalke goes so do many of his players.

              15. From my stand point this wan’t about the defense in this thread. Somebody said play Gabbert and move forward. I wasn’t defending Kap I was just saying sure, play Gabbert but unless he actually plays better than Kap don’t call it moving forward. I think Gabbert is less capable from the same experts that a grilling Kap but lets see.

                Now that said the defense is weak too. Its not their fault we’re down 14-0.

              16. If the Niners go to Gabbert in the next 2 games and lose, they have basically told their team we are done for the 2015/16 season.

              17. Yep if he loses it will be clear we don’t have a QB for the future and the season is over. Prime we’ll be the next version of the Bears unloading our players and looking to completely rebuild.

        1. I can’t tell if thats just stupid or delusional? You do remember Grant saying at training camp Gabbert was so bad he thought Thompson might unseat him as the 2nd string QB. In Denver when we practiced with the Bronco’s the local radio station did a whole segment on how bad Gabbert was in practice.

          Sure anything’s possible, maybe he’ll reinvent himself like Steve Young did with the 49ers?

    1. Hoping for an Alex smith part 2. And to be honest if ck has another game like last week. I would want to see it myself.
      I yelled we want Carr back then, I won’t be afraid to do it again.

    2. All that is about is the fans clamoring for the backup QB when the starter is playing up to snuff, and it is something that rarely ever works out in the long run.
      That said, I agree with those on here saying that Kaep should be benched if he has another bad performance against the Packers; however it should only be for one game.

      1. He’s going to have a good game on Sunday. I know how this goes. He will do enough this season to make it tough to trade or release him. He always has been up
        And down and he always will be an up and down player. This will be an up week. He will get some back on the train and then rip their hearts out again. You watch! Smh!

    1. “Yes, there were some bright spots. Cornerback Dontae Johnson had a strong game and position mate Kenneth Acker bounced back after a rough outing in Pittsburgh. That’s exactly what the 49ers thought they’d see from the feisty young cornerback.”

      I’m curious what PFF say, but that was my take on Johnson and Acker as well. Despite what many might think, both guys have played ok this year, aside from Acker against Antonio Brown. And when you consider the lack of assistance he had over the top against Brown, and that Brown makes every CB look silly, it probably wasn’t as bad as is made out.

  32. Grant!

    Remember I warned you about relying on roll outs and half field reads back in the off season. That I considered them to be wrinkles or just another arrow in the quiver and not to be the backbone of an offense? Here is Mathieu’s latest comments about Kaepernick and the Niner’s offense:

    “The world knows what type of quarterback Colin Kaepernick is,” Mathieu said. “Obviously, he’s a dual threat. He can beat you in the passing game if you let him, but most of the time a lot of their pass concepts are designed for him to run to his right, to our left, to make it an easier read and to make it an easier throw because you think about a lot of their passing game, a lot of those are roll out passes. So you basically cut the field in half and it makes it easier for the quarterback to read, but it also makes it easier for the defense to kind of anticipate where the ball is about to go.”

    bottom line, you can’t rely on roll outs and play action for your passing game. Eventually you have to read the whole field and force the defense to stretch itself thin both horizontally and vertically (that is why they signed Torrey Smith right?).

    1. I still don’t think the strategy or the plan was the problem. If the QB is accurate and he and his receiver have good timing then it doesn’t matter if you’ve seemingly removed half of the field from viable play. I would be curious to see how many interceptions were thrown by Kaepernick trying to throw back across the field after rolling to one side.

  33. Pessimism Fun (not a prediction, just having fun speculating on a real possibility)

    The 49ers might have a top 4 pick this season. To all those college football knowledgeable fans… how’s the talent layout at the top of the 2016 draft?

    Will it be like 2012, when the Colts got Luck, the Rams got a treasure chest of draft capital?

    Or will be be like 2013, when KC got squat for trade back offers?

      1. Not sure I trust this team to develop a franchise QB. Bill Walsh basically started the QB revolution in this league and now York celebrates Walsh’s legacy with words and a museum, while pissing on his legacy in practice.

    1. Robert Nkemdiche is the guy we need at the top of the draft. Then trade up into the end of the first or sit at the top of the 2nd for a QB to develop. There isn’t really anybody that’s going to bring a lot of draft value in a trade down.

  34. I just watched the Colts game on NFL Replay. Frank Gore looked pretty good on Sunday. Unfortunately the Colts line killed several good situations with holding penalties — mostly on passing downs, and Andrew Luck has the worst passer rating in the NFL for the first three games.

    1. Agree with everything you say here. In particular:

      – Tank moving back to a wide-9 DE, or at least trying him out there, makes a lot of sense to me. Even if he is 20 odd lbs heavier than he was in college.
      – Acker and Johnson have looked pretty good this year (aside from Acker’s game against Brown). Brock… not so much.
      – Relying on the LBs so much in coverage makes no sense. As a change up it is fine, but close to 40% of the time for the OLBs? Yikes. Put a DB out there if you want a guy to play coverage that often.

      1. Carradine is too big and stiff to play a wide 9. He was stiff before he bulked up into the mid 290s. The Niners trained him to play as a 4/5/6 technique.

        1. So you think its not even worth a look? I’d at least be willing to try him out there. He may be a bit stiff, but with his strength he can be hard to re-route, and by playing wider he’d be able to get more momentum before contact.

          As an interior rusher he’s been very disappointing.

            1. a “wide 9” position/role is usually played from the 9 technique (way outside). It would be a major scheme shift in the base 3-4 defense where OLBs are lined up wide and have force responsibilities (turn ball carriers back inside). however, a wide 9 DE usually has fill responsibilities if any actual run fill assignments as they are usually liabilities in the run game.

              in the Nickel, Carradine could line up wide. in obvious passing situations, sure let him line up wide. he’s probably too slow and stiff to be effective but at this point sure why not let him.

              the bigger problem is that for some bizarre reason, Mangini has been calling the base 3-4 defense against 11 offensive personnel groups (3WRs). it’s been a match up disaster. in years past the Niners would match up 3+WR personnel with a Nickel defensive personnel group. I had thought that they’d use more Nickel or a Big Dime (with Tarrt as a linebacker)….but they’ve stuck with the base personnel and have had Ahmad Brooks in coverage against WRs.

              1. So there’s little or no chance that he’ll return to the 9 tech spot because it require an entire scheme change. And Scooters suggestion sounds more likely but again is it something they can change this far into the season?

              2. i don’t see them changing the base defense. They do need to tweak it IMO.

                Scooter suggests Carradine could be lined up wide in the Nickel Defense. I said that sure they could try in obvious passing situations, it’s not a huge change in terms of pass rush. It’s just that the guy is a big stiff. it takes speed/explosion, agility and skills to rush from the outside.

          1. before he put on weight to play on the interior for the Niners, one draft scout is quoted as saying that he wasn’t sure if Carradine could bend over and tie his own shoes without losing his balance. Edge rushers have to be able to bend and flex. even power bull rushers.

      2. Agreed. For the last two games I’ve been yelling at the TV “what the heck is a [linebacker name] doing covering [famous receiver name]?”

        I think they might get a little better pressure and disruption if they used the under front from time to time.

        Might be time for Jimmy T to do a little “meddling.”

    2. “Carradine was a 4-3 defensive end in college”

      I agree moving him inside was a gamble. It hasn’t worked. Tank would have been better off getting drafted by a 4-3 team.

      Kaepernick: 71.1 passer rating
      Taylor: 116.1 passer rating

      Sobering stuff.

      If this continues, the 49ers will have the classic perennial loser dilemma. A high draft pick (good), forced to pass on sure thing stars to gamble on a not so sure thing quarterback (bad).

      1. why would they be forced to gamble on Kaepernick? If he continues to play poorly, it’s a sure bet he’s gone next year.

      2. I said before the season that I liked the Bills chance to win the AFC because their defense is legit, and I liked Tyrod Taylor. Kaep does not have the luxury of benefiting from a stout defense. The last 2 games, the Niner defense has been a huge disappointment, with receivers being open at will, and the defense unable to force a punt.

  35. I’m not saying I’m the smartest guy, but just listening to Tomsula’s press conference, this guy comes off as clueless. As evidence as how his team has prepared against the last 2 teams!

    1. I wouldn’t say clueless. But what does concern me is that some of the primary duties of a head coach is to provide order, structure and direction for his team. And while it doesn’t necessarily have to be so; you’d expect a Head Coach to be able to communicate clearly with intent and structure to his thoughts. even if he’s telling us nothing.

      Harbaugh would often tell us nothing during his press conferences. He’d go off on a tangent too and talk up his players as men and stuff. but you knew that Harbaugh had a specific intent to what he was doing and saying even if he wasn’t answering the questions.

      Tomsula just sort of rambles on. Now maybe he really does know his stuff, but he’s not inspiring anyone with the way he communicates. And I think how the Head Coach leads to the outside world may have some degree of impact on how much his players will listen and follow him. Players knew that to the press, for the most part Harbaugh had their back. With Tomsula? I’m sure most of the players like him but the degree of confidence they have in him isn’t helped by his public/press persona.

    2. He uses a lot of words to say absolutely nothing. He really sounds like he doesn’t have the answers.

      If they were doing bold, innovative things, and taking teams by surprise, than I’d think he was playing coy. But losing games the way that they are, makes his yammering and stammering routine, look like a coach who’s out of his depth.

      1. Good point Grimey. Maybe Jim Tomsula is just the puppet management wanted. Now not everyone can be articulate, but the way the 49ers have prepared in the last 2 weeks leads me to believe this guy was never qualified to be a head coach. I guess Sunday will tell us if he can turn the table on the Packers.

          1. I am starting to think the same thing. There was optimism amongst 49ers fans because Tomsula was a feel good story. A coach who had been around, worked his way up through the organization and the players loved him.
            Unfortunately the intelligence and experience to game plan against other seasoned head coaches is just not there. I know its only week 4 but Baalke need to be accountable for this hire, as is Jed York.

            1. I disagreed with a number of things this coaching staff has done, but wrote it off as, they’re the professionals and they know better than me. Now I’m not so sure about that. Back to back blowouts is not a good look…

        1. It’s been said in this forum today that the Packers are push overs. What do we do to make that a reality? I have no idea.

          1. I don’t agree that the Packers are pushovers. They have weaknesses on defense, but the 49ers have to find their offense because it’s going to take a lot of points to beat Aaron Rodgers.

    3. He’s also got a strange loyalty to bad players. Why does he think that Pears, at this point in his career, all of a sudden is going to improve?

      1. He doesn’t think Pears is going to improve. It’s the sad reality that Pears is the best option he has at RT. That’s more on Baalke and Anthony Davis.

        1. Well that’s the impression he gave at the press conference.

          And I disagree. I think his best option at RT is Boone.

          1. so who plays Left Guard? it’s apparent that the Niners feel the LG position is of high importance. for sealing of the backside for zone cut back runs. and for pulling for gap power runs.

            1. You play Thomas. They’re playing youngsters everywhere else. And hopefully that young interior is given a boost by having two solid tackles to play with.

              For mine, the 49ers have been hustling backward from the start. They need to move into the new age of football. This is a passing league. All the rules are designed to benefit passing offense. Yes you need balance but these 49ers are sadly behind the times. So you can put importance on the LG position in the running game, but there’s an opportunity cost there because passing is more valuable in this league.

              1. you don’t play youngsters for the sake of playing youngsters unless you’ve given up on the season. you play the best players you have at each position that you think will give you the greatest chance to win. on the Niners, in many cases that’s a youngster. but the sad truth is that the coaching staff do not believe Thomas and Brown are better than Devey and Pears….yes that’s a scary thought. But Thomas has shown nothing to warrant any faith at this point. So as hard as it is to stomach, the combination of Pears at RT and Boone at LG is the best they can do.

              2. This team was never going to make the playoffs. If it wasn’t clear before, back to back blowouts is pretty solid evidence. This team should be focused on improving. Young players improve faster when they have live reps, whereas Pears isn’t going anywhere. Plus if you lose one more game you get a better draft pick.

                The main thing for me is that I have no confidence that this coaching staff is actually playing their best players. They very well might be, but I don’t have that confidence in them.

              3. Grimey,

                I understand the move AB to RT point of view, I was a proponent of that myself. But that was based on a couple of incorrect assumptions:

                1) I expected Kilgore to be ready sooner than is going to happen.

                2) I expected two of Martin, Thomas or Pears to be at least serviceable.

                Even with Martin, Thomas, and Pears playing as they are, whichever of them played LG and RG, would be bracketed by competent O lineman on both sides, if Kilgore was healthy.

                Without Kilgore, however, moving Boone to LT would leave both Boone and Staley on an island, and the middle of the line a sieve. If nothing else, the 49ers can possibly get some shred of consistency out of the left side of the O line with Boone and Staley together.

  36. Jim Tomsula: “Part of what happened, I obviously didn’t get it”
    First red flag was when York and Baalke said they were going to play with class. Bottom of the class as it turns out
    When NewJim announced that he was dumbing down the playbook, that was the second red flag.
    With OldJim and Roman, you never knew what play was coming, neither did the opponent. NewJim fixed that problem, now the opponent knows what to expect.
    The nail in the coffin was Kap’s statement that he wasn’t playing out of character any more.
    It shows that the York/Baalke/Tomsula doctrine that everything since Harbaugh/Roman left has been improved is now instilled in the group thinking.
    The only that Kap has improved steadily over the previous years are INT and sacks!
    INT’s from 3->8-> 10-> 4 already

  37. Not much of a beat writer if there’s 3 days between articles 3 weeks into the season.

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