Jim Tomsula: “It’s a sad day.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Jim Tomsula’s Friday press conference.

TOMSULA: I think you’re all aware, the San Francisco 49ers released Aldon Smith today. It’s a sad day. This is a day that doesn’t have anything to do about football. Although he won’t be playing football for the San Francisco 49ers, he will be supported and helped, and he will not have to walk this path alone. That comes from our ownership down. He will not have to walk this path alone. We’re not worried about football. It has nothing to do with football. The other thing I would like to say, is there are people, I understand the platform that we are on. I understand where this goes in the news. What I would like to say is, if one person out there reads this, and you’re struggling, get help. Go get it. You’re worth it. You’re worth it. There’s value in every human being. Get the help. You don’t have to walk alone. Find it, it’s there. And although Aldon will not be playing football here, we will be supporting him. He will not be alone.

Q: Baalke had positive report, did you share the same thing?

TOMSULA: Absolutely. You saw a man fighting and working and trying. And I think to a man in this building, you had been to practice to watch him, the energy about him, where he’s at. Once again, real life. Everybody has struggles. They’re just in different ways.

Q: Why was the decision made to do this? He came out of jail and disputed the notion of a DUI?

TOMSULA: Number one, with the legal system and all that, I have no comment, obviously. From our perspective, for him, there are things that need to be addressed with 100 percent of everything he has. From a team perspective, these are completely different. And they don’t mix. I spoke to him this morning, and I would rather not talk about private conversations, with respect. So did the general manager.

Q: Was the decision made at that time?


Q: Was he involved in any in-house program?

TOMSULA: There I will not go. With this, it’s our policy, it’s my policy, as a man. I won’t go there. I will tell you, all I will say on that matter is Aldon Smith has been working really hard to correct things that he needs to corrected. And he has been working really hard to do the right thing.

Q: Mood of the team?

TOMSULA: It was unique. It was sadness. That’s what it was. Sadness for a guy, a person. Guys care about him. We care about that guy, deeply.

Q: Better to have him around during the suspension?

TOMSULA: And that was, I agree whole heartedly, and I think that was the right move, and I think it did help him.

Q: Is there concern that without that structure, that it won’t be a positive?

TOMSULA: Again, Matt, without getting particulars, and I’m not going to get into particulars, he won’t, he does not have to walk this road alone. So, the guy is working really hard, and he had a pitfall.

Q: Has he accepted that overture by the team to help him through this?

TOMSULA: Again, that’s ongoing. But I think so, yes.

Q: How much faith do you have in Smith to change his life even though he has said many times that he had turned his life around. Will he ever play football again? Do you think that door is closed, or no?

TOMSULA: I’ll answer that in two parts. The first part is he has been turning his life around. He is in the process of turning his life around. People stumble. But he is in that process of turning his life. He is in that process. In terms of him playing football again, I sure hope so. I think he can, and I want him to.

Q: How much did what happened with Ray McDonald…was that precedent set?

TOMSULA: I understand you have to ask those questions. We do take each individual case…My point on that, and I don’t know that everybody will understand me but I can only be honest, we’re dealing with human beings. Living, breathing human beings. They’re not the same. The circumstances that they’re under or they come here with are not the same. The things that are grabbing onto them as they get here are not the same. The things we may read on what went wrong may be the same, but the things leading up to that are not and we don’t treat them the same. We try to be consistent in a very gray area, and we try to look at each individual and understand how to help him.

Q: Did you talk to the team this morning?

TOMSULA: No, ma’am. A couple of the guys I spoke to personally, but we have a team meeting every day and we will have that. And that was my request to not have our guys out there right now. They’re hurting, OK?

Q: You said you and Trent talked. Did Jed also factor into this decision?

TOMSULA: Yes, certainly. Organizational.

Q: Did you have your walkthrough?

TOMSULA: Yes, sir.

Q: And what time is your team meeting scheduled for?

TOMSULA: This afternoon. Two. It’s the same one we have every day.

Q: Is there any concern the field won’t be ready for opening day?

TOMSULA: I don’t have any concerns about the field being ready for opening day. Again, to address that, we do the same thing every morning. It’s the field guys and the equipment guys. We have our meeting, the trainers come in and we go through everything operationally. They, quite frankly, recommended that the field was not ready for us to go back, so they told us to go back to the practice field. So we just go on that recommendation. That’s the way that happens every morning. We have the practice field – you see us on Field 1 and Field 2, and then you see us on one end, then we go to the other end and you see the red zones get worked around. It’s just the field rotation. That’s what they recommended and that’s where we are. They handle that every morning.

Q: Do you have a message to the fans about this?

TOMSULA: It will be fine. I have no question in my mind that it will be a great surface when we play our game.

Q: You talked about the Aldon the person. At what point does the football side of your operation have to kick in and say, “How do we compensate for losing one of the best outside linebackers in the NFL?”

TOMSULA: Well, we’ve drafted. We have a group there. Regardless if we felt that area was loaded or we had a lot of people, a lot of good, quality talent in that group, which we do. But that would have not factored into this decision. Not in this case.

Q: Along those lines, you still have a veteran at that position in Ahmad Brooks. Do you move him over to the right side, do you shuffle that at all or do you keep him on the left?

TOMSULA: Again, you’ve seen us out there. He has worked both sides. We cross-train all of that in our individual work, and then we settle. I haven’t even talked about big moves, no. We’re going to keep playing football. That group of guys there, they’re all doing really well right now. We feel really good about all the talent in that room.

Q: Aldon came out of jail and disputed that it was a DUI. Did he also dispute that with team officials when they met with him, and in your mind did it matter one way or the other what the chargers were?

TOMSULA: I don’t even want to discuss anything about that. I don’t want to answer that question because I feel I’m getting too close to legal things.

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  1. Good news is there is depth there. Bad news is Aldon was an elite pass rusher that make the defense so much better. Eli Harold, 10 sacks. Book it!

    1. Greg Williams will hire him and the Rams incredible front line that throttled Seattle and Denver will turn loose the new “Fearsome Foursome!!!

      1. Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Jeff Garcia (4-time Pro Bowler) have to wonder why if Kap was in that hotel room with other 49ers and that fluzzy, and apparently now with someones significant other if the pattern of behavior and training camp interceptions are a mockerage of the dynasty they created?

      2. Although I’m laying odds on Dallas trying to find their next Charles Haley through Aldon Smith, a gift back then and a gift now…Anyone remember Pac Man Jones starting that melee in a stripper bar? He walked across the stage with a bag full of money and threw the money into the air which caused a stampede and a room full of gunshots as people fought for the bills as they drifted to the floor. Then there’s ex-Raider, Rolando McClain and his gun collection on the Dallas Roster, so Aldon is weak sauce compared to the others.

  2. When life gives you lemons, make Lemonier. Corey’s chances of making the roster just increased several fold.

  3. This is the best news conference Tomsula has given. I feel I know more of his personality and quality from it.

    1. Agreed, but it’s a shame that it had to come after a foolish mistake by one of his play makers.

      1. Yep.

        I also liked his injury report that followed. I think he was happy to concentrate on football, even if it was just the injury report.

      2. He has never been the same since he went to rehab. Adddiction is a tough battle no matter who you are. It is such a shame that he lost his chances on being one of the best Pass Rushers in the NFL.

  4. But JimT’s bosses are still sending the head coach out to face the press when it should be the GM or owner. They did the same thing with JimH.

    1. Good point. When the @$## are those two going to get some balls to them and face the media first before throwing their head coach(es) to the wolves?!

    2. Ya know, if Baalke had handled that Press Conference, which would have been fine by the way, some folks would say: See? Baalke’s running the show!
      There’s nothing particularly wrong with the Head Coach addressing the media on a player being cut.

      1. I don’t mind the head coach addressing it, but he shouldn’t be the first one of the franchise to do so.

    3. I should of added that JimT was the best one for this particular job because of his character.

      1. Jed and Trent went through this once before. Aldon screwed up again. Coach Tomsula displayed his character in standing in front of the cameras because he is a forthright leader. You could hear the pain in his voice. He deeply cares.

    4. Yup. They really know how to put the head coach in the “fry and die” seat. Trent canned Aldon Smith. Trent should do the talking.

  5. I applaud the release but I have to also say I applaud Coach T here. There was accountability held. Even more important though was that the coach said what so many forget. Football is a game, what matters is life.
    I am not a fan of him being the head coach or how things played out. I do respect his resolves and expressed values.

  6. Dwight Freeney is available. Long in the tooth but showed he could still be a force last season.

  7. Another example of why its good to wait till the end of training camp before trading players. A “deep” position can get shallow in a hurry.

  8. IMO, this was a STUPID, STUPID decision. There was no violence against another person, as there never has been in the past. They should have benched him until the investigation was completed and waited for the league to decide punishment. Unless the league banned him from the league, they should have kept him under contract and put him through another rehab. Eventually he’s gonna get it. Now another team will sign him and do the same. Let’s hope it’s not someone in the West. A very, very dumb move.

    1. Bottom line of what I’m saying: You don’t release a player of his caliber unless he’s been violent to others. Period. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.

      1. I love Aldon, but he cant stay on the field. I guess we could keep him around to bring in 1 1/2 sacks this year after his supension. Goodell is going to bring down the hammer.

      2. You are the dumb one. Just because no one was hurt is no excuse to drive drunk

        Yes. We are not happy about the release but it is the best thing that should happen to him.

        1. Without calling anybody dumb, I do agree that drunk driving is a latently violent act; it’s lethal, inadequately-directed force. It’s not much different than stepping out your front door, closing your eyes, and firing a .30-06 randomly in your neighborhood. Sure, it MIGHT not hit anyone, but then again………….. you can’t really take that chance, and have to answer for it if you do.

          1. Agree, which is why I had no issue with the 9 game suspension given to him last year. Reckless endangerment of himself and, more importanlty, others.

              1. Nah, time to move on. I hope he does get his act together and still has an NFL career, but I think it is best for both parties to consider this a final parting of the ways.

                What about you?

    2. I have to disagree with you George. You are looking at it from a team performance point of view and that’s understandable, but the 49ers really didn’t have any other choice. You have to hold players accountable no matter how good they are because if you don’t, you run the risk of losing the respect of other players in the locker room. Yeah they all like Aldon, but they also know he wasted his opportunities and now clearly understand no one is above discipline.

      They wouldn’t release him without knowing the charges against him and the context of what he was facing. If he had any alcohol in his system, then he was in violation of parole. We don’t know for sure if he did, but the police statement seems to indicate he failed a sobriety test so chances are he did have something in his system.

      It’s also very likely he is facing a lengthy suspension so keeping him really wouldn’t help the on field performance anyway. By releasing him, they don’t have to pay most of his salary and thus get savings against the cap.

      Bottom line is: he’s had numerous chances, been supported by the team, sent to rehab, suspended and put on parole, and still can’t stay out of trouble. At some point you just have to accept the fact he’s a troubled individual who is doing more harm than good to your organization and move on.

      1. rocket, glad you replied. Your comments are intelligent and do make me feel a little better about this. Thanks. Bummed out though, as I’m sure every fan is. What a year for Lynch to show up unconditioned, huh?

            1. Thanks for the correction. You’re right that it’s not the point. Brooks showed up out of shape, and Lynch showed up injured which by definition leads to being out of shape. He is a guy who will probably have “pouncers” in the wings ready to leap because of his experience in college.

              Brooks took more than a season to look good again. Lynch, or anyone who puts on weight when they can’t work out, is going to need time.

      2. Yep, exactly rocket.

        Aldon has problems. Those problems shouldn’t be the 49ers problems. I applaud that they have tried supporting him and getting him help, but at the end of the day Aldon’s problems will only be sorted out be one person – Aldon. Time to cut ties with him from a football point of view (but I like that they seem committed to still trying to help him off the field, if he’s willing to be helped).

    1. Rocket- I was actually thinking of writing something similar to that on one of Grants articles. I hadn’t done it yet because since I tend to respond to what I think is over the top criticism of Kaep quite often, it might have seemed like more of the same. I did use the word “contexts” in describing putting interceptions into perspective. While not in football I do remember in another sport focusing on my weaknesses in practice which would certainly include attempting things you might not try in a real game. Practice is not about winning rather getting better. This would be especially true for someone who had the starters position locked down and didn’t have to worry about competition with another player. It would be in that context when interceptions might be the difference. In that case you would try to show the coaches what you could do, rather than focus on what you could not do.

  9. Bummer for Aldon and the Niner’s. Bright side is we can definitely afford to sign Evan Mathis now, move Boone to Rt. Tackle, and shore up our weakest position group, o-line.

    1. They could have afforded to sign him with Aldon here…this changes nothing. The only thing would be that it would be a positive news story…but im sure many of the haters on here and in the local media would find a way to spin it as a negative.

  10. I feel bad for Aldon. I hope he figures it out before it’s too late.

    Jim Tomsula seems like the exact opposite of what Chip Kelly’s being made out to be.

    As far as football is concerned: We have a 3rd year OLB who needs to prove he can be effective, a 2nd year OLB who needs to get his conditioning right, a promising rookie, and a UDFA who has flashed some ability. Besides Ahmad Brooks(who has his own set of problems) this is a young and unproven group. Sound familiar? This is gonna be a tough year, but also very interesting. Somebody will emerge.

  11. Ripple affects both good and bad

    – Opens a roster spot. One of the bubble players (Lemonier, Rush, Bellore, Millard, TJE, Okoye, Busta, White, Anderson, Gaskins) might stick.

    – $7m to $8m more cap space

    – Mangini likes to blitz alot. Now he may have to blitz alot.

    – Had Aldon played out the season and left for big money elsewhere, the 49ers would have likely gotten a 2017 3rd round compensatory. Now they get zip.

    – More practice reps for Harold, Lemonier and Rush while Lynch heals.

    – Opens the possibility of Armstead occasionally rushing from the outside spot (like a 4-3 end) on obvious passing downs.

    1. – Opens a roster spot. One of the bubble players (Lemonier, Rush, Bellore, Millard, TJE, Okoye, Busta, White, Anderson, Gaskins) might stick.

      Out of the above list of players, Okoye is the most intriguing replacement. An athletic marvel in his own right, he might be able to mimic Aldons’ rookie campaign….

      1. Did the tweety bird tell you that?
        Has Okoye even played a down on the NFL? And now you think he can be a phenom like Aldon?

        1. Prime with the luck the 49ers are having these days, would it not be justice if one of Bush, Okoye, Lemonier, Harold turned into the Lawrence Taylor?

              1. You must be right. I’d forgotten Rush. I wonder how long it took for the Giants to recognize Lawrence Taylor would turn out to be Lawrence Taylor.

                In today’s spotlight Lawrence Taylor may have turned out to be Aldon Smith.

        2. It’s a rebuild year. CK will be gone next year and the Niners can rebuild their offense with draft picks and free agency.
          Connor Cook, MSU, the next Joe Montana!

          1. Conner Cook is not even the best QB entering the draft next year. Hackenberg and Goff are better prospects who will get drafted over cook.. Cook is a big stiff highly overrated. He would get murdered behind our line. Only completed 55 percent of his passes in college. If you think the Niners will cut Kaep your nuts. Possibly tradeing him for multiple picks could be an option but just cutting him is not.

            1. CK will cut himself if he doesn’t show the necessary improvements.
              As for Cook, just watch!

              1. Well, I just love Kaep and think the Niners will still be in the competition because he is the 49er QB. In fact, I think they will be in serious competition for a ring the next 10 years if he is the QB, and thinking that an unproven college QB will be a sure fire replacement is, frankly, delusional.
                However, if he has any more delay of game penalties, he should be benched.

              2. “However, if he has any more delay of game penalties, he should be benched.”

                Do you mean bench him any time in the next ten years that he has the 49ers in contention for a Superbowl win?

              3. I do not anticipate Kaep having anymore DOG penalties. Last year, I would go ballistic when he committed them because they are unforced errors. He needs to stop the self inflicted wounds.

              4. I can’t come up with the name of a single QB known for never having a DOG penalty called against him or her.

        3. Prime Time (AKA: Sylvester), Okoye has already received repetitions at the DE position in Nickel sets, which generally are reserved for the OLBs….

          1. Yup. They obviously see him as a potential candidate to play that role in 4-man fronts.

  12. “The symptoms of CTE can be debilitating and may have life-changing effects for both the individual and for his or her family. Some of the most common include loss of memory, difficulty controlling impulsive or erratic behavior, impaired judgment, behavioral disturbances including aggression and depression, difficulty with balance, and a gradual onset of dementia..”

  13. Many people spent more than they should have, perhaps, in buying those seats which look like they’re “Underwater” about now. And poor Bill Walsh, they wont even let him rest in peace. For shame…

  14. Now that the police have reported that Aldon damaged a neighbor’s car while trying to park, I can think of two reasons for that to happen, and both amount to an impairment — substance abuse, and anger.

    There was secondary damage caused by Aldon’s car door when he got out of the car. It looks like he may have gone into his house and then came back out when the police arrived. According to the police he didn’t report the accident.

    1. Htwaits- No body reports non injury accidents anymore. Especially ones done parking.

      1. I think the problem is that he left the scene of the accident with out reporting the accident or leaving contact information on the neighbor’s car. That seems to be why he was charged with Hit and Run.

  15. People are going to start hearing more and more not-so-good things about Kaep in the near future methinks…

  16. The Kap/Smith altercation rumors are complete BS. It has already been denied by Aldon’s agent who described the rumors as absurd.

    1. Rocket- I a was waiting to see if someone would attempt to blame this on Kaep.

      By the way how could they charge Smith with ” Hit and Run” When he obviously just only “Walked away”.

      1. You’ll have to look up CA law but I am pretty sure leaving the scene at all can qualify as hit and run. Sometimes and some cases people get cleared if they went to make a phone call or contact the owners or authorities. But with cell phones that’s not likely today.

      2. Another reason for the whole team to follow Coach Tomsula’s advice. Ditch the media and concentrate on football.

      3. He didn’t make contact with the neighbor, leave a note, or contact the police. A lady who scraped my car in front of our house left contact information even though she lived only two houses away. In her case, a dropped cup of coffee cause the problem.

        1. It may be similar to Aldon’s reply in the LA airport when security said he was free to board his plane. “What, you’re not going to check me for a bomb?”

          Maybe he went into his house to use the bath room. The police had arrived by the time he got back to the scene. It might be a case of over charging but that won’t help him with the NFL.

          The fact that the accident happened while he was trying to park may have contributed to the officer thinking that he had been drinking.

          1. According to another report conveyed by my wife, Aldon lives in an apartment complex, not a house.

  17. Aldon Smith = the Harbaw legacy.
    Will all the people who believe that
    Coach Harbaw handled Aldon Smith
    and his “misadventures” appropriately
    please stand up. The rest of us are
    scratching our heads. Who is surprised?
    Will the 49ers honestly miss either one
    of them? ” I told you so.” …. I remain
    the Super Bowl monkey.

    1. Aldon was drafted by Baalke with lots of red flags about his behavior and troubles. Its not a JH legacy but a Baalke risk and failure. Baalke wasted a draft pick. He loves bringing in discounted players who are injured or have troubled backgrounds and then expects the coaching staff to do miracles.(Cox, Moss, Jacobs, Braylon Edwards, Simpson etc.) Then he and York sit in the background while they hand the coach out to dry while the team behaves badly. JT is their next victim.

      1. Wilsonm73- Well he saw the huge upside and felt the risk was justified. I mean who else was still available. That bum J. J. Watt? Just throwing gas on the fire. Actually that was not really a bad move by TB. Sometimes sh!tt just happens.

        1. I saw on another forum JJ Watt was picked after as well as Quinn and Kerrigan. I still don’t see how you can hand this on JH. He is talented and troubled.

    2. Next we’ll hear that Harbaugh is responsible for global warming, the Greek economy, poor quarter for Apple, and how Hillary Clinton handled her emails.
      Get a life you Troll Monkey.

  18. Aldon Smith is an elite player, and from a football standpoint, Baalke hit a home run in selecting him. The problem is that Aldon made Baalke miss home plate so the run was disallowed. Baalke really tried to help Aldon, too bad he refused the help.

  19. “……the rest of us…..”
    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Stop, hahaha, please stop!
    What “us” are you talking about, hahaha?
    You, Xador, and his imaginary friends?
    As usual mud latches on to the lowest common denominator, embraces the negative to feed his OCD psychoses about JH. Good grief, I feel as sorry for Mud as I do for Aldon. More; at least Aldon has a chance at recovery.

  20. I am glad Coach Tomsula stood up there. He did not have to, but he did it, and you could see how painful it was. Aldon should reflect on the fact that his actions may have just fired Coach Tomsula, and has let him and the whole team down.

  21. The Niner org knew that Aldon would be a risk the minute he went to rehab. Addiction is a disease and it’s a long road. He does seem like a good kid and that he’s growing up. We don’t what happened but he hit a parked car. Maybe he’s a bad driver. Maybe he had one drunk. Who trusts cops these days? I know I don’t.
    I’m not saying Aldon is innocent. They just didn’t need to release him so soon.

    1. If the police report showed that he had a drop of alcohol in his bloodstream, he violated parole and could be forced to serve 3 years in prison.

    2. Smith’ accumulated poor choices warranted his release.
      ESPN is reporting that Baalke was also compelled to release Aldon because he was unwilling to take any responsibility for his recent poor decision.
      Last I looked, denial is a sad byproduct that accompanies alcoholism.

      This is not about losing an elite pass-rusher, this is about the 49ers releasing Aldon in hopes that he now takes his life and future seriously enough to find help. In Smith’ case, sobriety must trump football.

  22. We got about a week before the ball gets rolling again. I wonder what will complete this extraordinaire preseason….
    Is it over yet??????

  23. With the release from Aldon’s contract does the team put more consideration into signing Mathis?

  24. Charles Haley says that he was undiagnosed Bipolar for his entire career, and never was able to ask for help until after he retired. He has been trying to get Aldon to seriously ask for meaningful help.

  25. Jeez, been out and about the past 24 hours and I come back to this mess. What an off-season. Oh well, had high hopes for Aldon this season, but quite frankly if he wants to throw away his career then I’m glad he’s gone. One less distraction for the team.

    1. I think this will be a wakeup call for the whole team. They will see how one action can have serous repercussions and affect the season. I hope they play like their next play may be their last, because you never know. Aldon did not even get on the field, and he may have played his last game.

      1. I think in many respects its a good thing it happened now, and not during the season. First it gives the team time for the distraction to fade by the time the season rolls around, and as you mention it also will serve as a wake up call for any that needed it that this regime won’t tolerate such behaviour.

        Importantly, it also gives them time to work out other combinations, to see who is best to fill those shoes. Thankfully they still have a decent stable of pass rushers (and boy oh boy does keeping Ahmad Brooks look like a great move now!). And while this team probably doesn’t need any additional motivation to prove people wrong, losing their best pass rusher will go to increasing the belief outside the 49ers building that this team has little chance.

  26. Pundits are slamming JY and TB for not standing at the podium and sending Coach Tomsula out instead. I wish to point out that JY stood up previously to announce AS would be going into rehab, and TB handled the last one over his suspension for an arms violation.
    That said, I would like to say that Coach Tomsula was the perfect choice to lead that PC, and he delivered a powerful and emotional statement. He was the perfect person to do it, and he hit it out of the park. Neither of the other 2 could have done it half as well, and he spoke from the heart and you could see his pain. Coach Tomsula may not be an elocution specialist, but he has improved greatly from his first PC.
    Jed was out of town, and Baalke was smart to let Coach Tomsula shine. It was his finest hour.

  27. The hits just keep on coming.
    Aldon is obviously still a troubled soul. The team gave him all the support possible. Those who are saying the team should have waited are wrong. The Niners are the laughing stock of the NFL and they had to take immediate and decisive action. Yes it is just another dagger in the heart of the team I love. We endured a decade of mediocrity and just when we seemed poised to be perennial contenders the organization began to cannibalize itself.
    I am an SBL holder and am bracing myself for a difficult season. I can understand the ups and downs of the team, if, they can show me that they are willing to spend the money to upgrade and improve. But when the field is a mess, the sun is baking your brain and the money and the bottomline are the most important thing, then my love for my team falters.
    As a glass half full person I am holding out hope that we can be competitive and at least win 9 games. As for Jimmy T, the jury is still out, as for Baalke, I believe he is the instigator and all blame rests on him. As for baby York, his interest in making money at the expense of the fans, is truly a knife to the heart of the Faithful.
    I believe in Kap and believe that he can be a great QB, but he is going to have less to work with in this the season of discontent.
    The D is going to have to keep us alive, again.
    If he survives this season then he should get a lot of credit for prevailing under these crazy circumstances.
    If not the Baalke/York team will continue to make more promises and more poor decisions.
    Hang on Niner fans, every win is going to call for a celebration, especially at “home”.

  28. “…..Baalke, I believe he is the instigator and all blame rests on him.”
    So Baalke parked that suv? Baalke put those firearms in Aldon’s house? And the brass knuckles in Cully’s car? And the drunk bimbo at McDonald’s house? Baalke tore the muscle in Cowboy’s shoulder and caused the problem with P.Willy’s feet? Baalke encouraged Jed to make his ridiculous tweets? Baalke scared Borland and AD into retirement? Baalke fired Harbaugh? I suppose he’s to blame for the DoG penalties as well.
    Perhaps a more focused critique is called for here; c’mon, ma’am.

    1. Brotha, Aldon was a surprise pick when drafted. Like a lot of his draft picks, does Baalke do enough to ensure the player is a good fit, good past, and fully healed from previous injuries? I look at Jimmie Ward, now Smelter, in the past with the RB from South Carolina. Now granted, he has drafted really well but he has also had some head shakers.
      Baalke always seems to get a pass deflected by either the coach or Jed. Its time to look at him for some of these misfortunes. Basically why does he not step up and speak for the franchise. Hes the guy bringing in all this talent.

      1. When its bases loaded with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth, you do not send up Dwayne Kuiper, you send up Barry Bonds.

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