Jim Tomsula on Week 2: “The preparations and the practice level and the temperament in practice was really good.”

SANTA CLARA — Here’s a transcript of Jim Tomsula’s Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Opening comments:

“The injuries, [WR] Reggie’s [Bush] been working,. He’s looking really good. We haven’t had him in practice, but we’ve had him in our workouts. I’m going to, we’re going to see exactly where that is today and then we’ll let you know. What I don’t want to do there is we could probably do one of those 80-percenter things and I’m not interested in 80 percent. To me, 80 percent starts to linger. If he’s really rolling and feeling really good then we will move accordingly, but if there’s anything there, we’re not going to do it. [WR Bruce] Ellington and [TE Vance] McDonald have practiced all week. We’ve had them in a limited role, but they have practiced. They’ve caught balls and done the things. So again, we’ll see how that is today. So, I don’t know what those, we’ll get those ranking things, that’s not me, that’s [49ers vice president of football operations Jeff Ferguson] Ferg. Anyway, what do we got?”


Is Reggie veteran enough that he wouldn’t need to practice during the week in order to–?

“No, everybody practices. I mean, we want everybody practicing during the week. Reggie is obviously going to have some days. We gave [LB NaVorro] Bowman a day. I mean, it will be different days like that, but we are looking for people to practice. Make no mistake about that. But, those older guys, in his situation particularly, punt returning and things like that, he’s got that stuff. So, it’d be a very specific role.”


So, I mean, do we know whether he’s going to practice today?

“That’s what I’ll find out. I mean, what they do is, you see them over there working them out and then they do that and then you see some guys come to the field and some guys don’t. That’s what we’re doing day-to-day, finding that out.”


In his time here, have you ever seen WR Anquan Boldin take a Wednesday off?

“No, Anquan doesn’t. I’ve talked to him about it. He doesn’t. That’s not his forte.”


So, you asked him to take a Wednesday off?

“No, I asked him if that was something he would need for his body and things like that. And, he said, no he doesn’t have any injuries. Guys coming off injuries and things, I’ll be more involved in that decision. But, guys that aren’t coming off anything like that, I let them ,it’s up to them. They know what they need. You’ve been doing this for 14 years, you know what you need. The ultimate thing for me is making sure everybody’s got what they need to get ready for the game.”


What’s his reaction when you have suggested that?

“I can’t, I mean it’s been a while ago. So, I mean, but it was nothing. Just, ‘No, I’m good.’ Nothing for an article.”


Come on. You know what we do for a living right?

“Sorry guys. I know you’re looking for something really good there and I don’t have anything.”


You’re obviously running a lot more out of the pistol this year. From an opposing defensive coordinator perspective, with QB Colin Kaepernick in the pistol, does that give defenses more to think about? Does it make defensive ends less aggressive, all those things?

“We hope so. I mean, I hope so. Again, you, all we’re trying to do is utilize everything that’s there, all the pieces and with the schematic, utilize what everybody has to try to give us an advantage to win the football game. So, I mean, we hope that it does.”


As far as the Steeler game goes, there was a sack in there where it looked like maybe half the guys weren’t moving at the snap. Was that just a snap count issue? If you know,I think Pittsburgh Steelers LB Ryan Shazier had the sack on that one.

“Yeah. That was a bad play.”


CB Kenneth Acker obviously won your cornerback competition. I don’t think we’ve ever asked you what allowed him to win that? What does he do well? What do you like about him?

“He’s a competitive son of a gun. He plays, he’s obviously got some talent. He’s young, but works his tail off.  And he, I mean I won’t, I’ll speak for me, he won that position. He performed at a level that he won the spot.”


Do you want to see him get his hands on guys more, slow them down off the line of scrimmage?

“Yeah, I mean there are defenses where we do want to, depending on splits, depending on leverages we want to be able to do that and then have our help over the top and be able to slow things down that way.”


Was that an issue in the Steelers game? It seemed like S Eric Reid was arriving but was just maybe a half second late on a couple of plays that if the receiver had been held up a little bit, the timing might have been a bit better for you guys.

“Yeah, well, we didn’t play well in the Steelers game. That was last week. It’s like last year to me. So, we attacked that at the beginning of the week and we’re onto the Arizona Cardinals.”


Right, but they’re a similar team.

“Well, everybody can throw deep. But, we’ve got to clean that up as a defense. We do. And I don’t mean to be disrespectful to you, but I’m not, it sounds like you’re singling a guy out there and that’s really not the case.”


I’m more talking about how one thing can lead to, disrupt the timing of an overall defense.

“Yes. You’re absolutely correct in what you’re saying there. Yes it can. And we all need to play those things better. It’s max protection and I understand that too, but somebody needs to drive their screws through their chin and push that pocket down. And we need to get over the top and we need to get hands on it. I mean, there’s a whole lot of things during the course of that play that can affect it.”


You’ve got young backup offensive linemen, G Brandon Thomas and G Ian Silberman and T Trent Brown. Do you think at some point this season, I know you’ve talked about you don’t want to throw guys in before they’re ready and kind of mess them up mentally and whatever. But, do you view any of those guys as maybe being ready to step in at some point this year?

“We obviously have been biding our time to give them as much experience in practice, as much preparation going into games. We talk about all the preparation and learning our offense or our defense or our schematic and doing things the way we do them. And then there is a whole nother learning curve when you start talking about preparing for an NFL football game. That’s a whole nother step. Those guys are going through that process right now. Yeah, we’d like to buy some time and let them keep going through that. Our whole idea there is to prepare like you’re going to be the starter and play all the snaps. But, we’re exciting about our youth. We’re excited about the guys we have. Those guys, Brandon Thomas, we’ve got some guys here that we’re excited about for the future.”


The offensive line got fairly rave reviews in Week 1 and didn’t have as great of reviews in Week 2. Where do you feel about that starting five?

“It’s just like I said about our team. After Week 1, I didn’t believe anybody. A lot of people that were sitting here talking about how great we were. And after Week 2, I don’t really believe everybody on how bad we are. We’re a work in progress and we’re on it. That’s what I keep going back to is the way they approach it. The way the coaching staff approaches it. The way everybody in this organization is approaching it. Come to work. It’s day-to-day. We’ve been saying that since the start. It’s day-to-day and you’ve got to maximize today to get to tomorrow.Tomorrow can be better because of what you do today. And that’s the way our approach is. All the way through and it ends up being game day. And that’s where the proof is in the pudding. The results are there for all to see.”


ME: The energy level of the team seemed fantastic Week 1. It seemed like the players were really up for the game. And Week 2 it seemed not at the same level. Would you agree with that? If so, what would you attribute that to?

“That was actually something I was really looking at. I thought the preparations and the practice level and the temperament in practice was really good. I did. And I thought the day of the game, I thought we were in a good place. So, I didn’t see that. No. As I’m talking to you, no I didn’t see that. I didn’t.”


I was going to just ask about Arizona Cardinals DE Calais Campbell. What, as a former defensive line coach, what makes him standout?

“He’s just a long, rangy guy that plays hard. He’s a talented guy. The length on him. He’s got a lot of length. He can get things rolling on you, get you out of balance. And he knows how to use it. He’s coached well. He’s a really good player. But, those specific things, when he comes flying off the ball and all that length is coming at you, you’re looking for a target to get your hands on. And that thing’s so long, it can get you out of position. So, and then he’s got the power to go with it. So then, when you’re trying to feel your way through it and then boom, and you’re natural reaction when you’re getting a lot of push is to go at something and now the length gets you in trouble. He knows how to utilize all that stuff. So, a really good defensive lineman.”

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  1. TomD

    September 25, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    The 49es, returning kickoffs from 8 yards deep in the endzone,
    or running plays, going nowhere and stopped,
    the pageantry of, this exciting offense…..
    That’s entertainment.

    The Niner’s, trying a new pass play,
    but receivers, running incorrect routes,
    the football in flight, but bouncing of hands,
    That’s entertainment…

    For a thrill, stay til the end, and suffer, a sunburn without end,
    the parking lot, filled to the brim,
    your chances escaping, are so very thin
    That’s entertainment……

    1. Carson Palmer showed he gets rid of the ball to quickly for the 49ers to sack him.
      He has personnel weighing in excess of 220 lbs. and those aren’t linebackers…
      If I was Palmer, I would call wide receiver screens and knock the sh-t out of those puny 49er cornerbacks, then as the 49ers respond, bringing their 2 deep zone up (because as I predicted last week, Pitt would load the box), I would run the wheel routes and Texas patterns with Chris Johnson (2,000 yard runner), Andre Ellington, and David Johnson (100 yd. K/O return last week).
      With the return of Mike Iupati, the 49er DL is also in trouble!

      1. The 49ers will play a 2-deep Zone, I predict, being afraid what the Steelers did to them.
        this will enable Palmer to pick them apart, and with Iupati, run the ball

        1. This will be a methodical beatdown, by one of the better teams in the NFL over one of the NFL’s worst teams (the 49ers).
          Palmer will pick his spots during Non-genius’ blitzes to go over the top,
          Final score: A resounding Cardinal 45-3 pummeling of the Santa Clara 49ers.

            1. Ck,

              It’s Sept., and U thought I’d run away, however, I’m here to stay,
              awaiting another 49er loss, in a big way,
              Hoorya, in another day, the score will end as in Pitt, the same way!

            2. CK,

              You mean, 1-2, or did you forget the best run blocking guard in the NFL is back in the Cards lineup this Sunday, on a team that already runs the ball well.

              1. They won’t run well on Sunday. I’m pretty sure the game hasn’t been played yet there bud. Iupati is a shell of himself since his injury. Terrible pass blocker too.. What are you gonna do when the Niners win on Sunday. You going to start kissing ass to everyone again? This is the NFL where there is nothing certain. Division games are always close. Obviously your not going away win or lose. You don’t have a job. You don’t have any responsibilities. Thanks to your parents. Keep trolling.

              2. CK,

                2 Games into the season and the 49ers suffered a 43-18 Loss!!!
                I predicted a 52-0 loss to the Vikes…The 52-0 was just a euhemism for the word blowout, which did occur a week later at Pitt…So I was right, only a week off…i.e., I new the massacre would happen…No one predicts massacres unless your team is truly hideous, which is why the 49ers will lose large this weekend.

              3. The only thing that is hideous is your predictions. You were wrong week 1.Terribly wrong. Week 2 they played on Monday night and traveled across the country to play a 10am game to a team that easily could be in the SB. They played tired and the steelers had a lot more time to game play against them. With that said the score should of been a lot closer if not for Drops and penalties. Each week is different in the NFL. Could the niners lose on Sunday sure. To act like they’re going to get blown out every week just shows how much of a troll you are. You predicted a win by the steelers at home. Wow you are impressive. By the way your Rams go handled by the Skins LMAO!

          1. Why waste your time here Tom. So obvious you are not a Niner fan. You must be a miserable person to talk crap ever day. Your live must be pretty bad.

            1. I prefer to take the high road, thinking I’m saving the blind more 49er misery by being led by the blind.

              Therefore, I point out 49er deficiencies, whenever uppermangagement drafts an AJ Jenkins, a Looney, or puts a Mangini and Tomsula and Chryst in rolls to large for them,ath the big end of the pool, before learning to swim in the wading pool first.

      1. Nope, I meant what I wrote, but you’re just not getting the reference. I guess it’s somewhat inside(phrasingonpurposeboom!)

  2. Hey CfC-I am embarrassed to report I am so computer ileterate or disorganized I do not remember how to get on!

  3. I clicked on your link but it says “there was a problem you are not member of this group” I think I am cursed when it comes to computers. Thanks for trying!

    1. .CK=Elite September 25, 2015 at 4:26 pm
      You predicted a win by the steelers at home. Wow you are impressive. By the wa

      Yes I did make that prediction and went one step further predicting the blowout by the Steelers. So, according to CK, I am impressive, Take that, negative trolls. I’m 1-1 this season, and am predicting another 49ers loss by a large score to the Cards making me 2-1. I expect apologies from all for doubting my abilities after Sunday, Esp by Seb and Ck.

        1. Prime-
          We’ve seen a lot of water pass under the bridge over time on this blog, and some raucous and raunchy wars between posters, and you & I have taken our shots, but this stuff here lately is sad.
          All open comment sections are kind of like going to the Dog Park; you definitely have to watch your step to avoid goo on your shoe, but its hard to find any solid ground here lately. The odd good post get’s lost among the steaming piles.
          Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Webster & Douglas would be proud of the defenders of free speech on here, but at some point someone (ahem!) has to recognize that the pot is black and either needs to be scrubbed or tossed.

          1. If Sub-Prime Morgage (Prime) and Fat Tuna are the defenders of free speech, ladies and gentlemen, then welcome to a 3rd world country.

            1. Hiding behind free speech while openly insulting and antagonizing people is fu-king shameless. You’re pitiful TomD. I wanted to feel sorry for you because you clearly have some sort of mental disorder, but you’re just so damn unlikeable. Oh well.

            2. Go ahead Tom free speech it all you want. I’ll just be here to remind you how much of a clown you sound like.

          2. You said that very diplomatically BroTu, but Grant is f—ing stupid for letting one troll ruin his blog(actually the PD’s blog). This does not reflect well on him or the PD. Of course Grant is already perceived by many as somewhat of a troll himself so…

            Anyway I hope Grant realizes before it’s too late and all the bread and butter commenters leave for greener pastures. They ban Trolls over at NN and have probably already banned our current problem.

  4. Those complaining the loudest are the very same to blame for keeping them around. I haven’t seen Grant feed them once so how this is his fault is beyond me. When you ignore them 100% they do eventually go away you just have to have the personal resolve and maturity to not respond.

  5. Brotha Tuna,
    Seems like every year (season) we have someone that has nothing better to do then to rouse the roost.
    “Alex for President”
    And now the ever present (or persistent) TomD.
    Pretty convinced we’ll have someone new next year and so forth.

    I’m glad that I can always find solace in what I’ve come to call my “go to guys” like yourself, Scooter, rocket, undercenter, JPN, MID, MD, HT, Grimey, Razor, Exgolfer, CFC, Cubus, wilsonm, B2W, Bay, OREGON, and yes, Fan77 (who is consistent and somehow amusing).

    Having you guys around keeps the blog interesting and informative – and thankfully drowns out the irritating noise.

    1. I didn’t need a couple of trolls to show me how much I appreciated the 49ers discussion I’ve enjoyed with all you regulars over the years in here. I’d like to thank you, and wish you health and happiness. Goodbye and Go Niners!

    2. I didn’t need a couple of trolls to show me how much I appreciated the 49ers discussion I’ve enjoyed with all you regulars over the years in here. I’d like to thank you, and wish you health and happiness. Goodbye and Go Niners!

      1. You’re not really leaving??? After those clever TomDumb names you called me.
        Please, let me know what Raiders website you’ll be joining?

    3. The problem is the noise has risen to jet engine levels. When TomD is posting 50 times to himself in one thread there’s no place to go from his dribble. Sorry to see many of the folks go. Maybe he’s not any worse than previous years, maybe I just have less tolerance for it. No one’s really responding to him, he just keeps posting and posting and posting.

  6. It was Bro tuna who opened the “free speech” can of worms. However, like debating a class of juveniles who were held back a class in grade school for reading deficiencies, I , at least, recognize my audience.
    The current edition of Hooked on Phonetics is available, Grimey on Ebay:

    Hooked on Phonics Complete Learn-To-Read Kit : Pre-K Through 2nd With DVDs
    0 bids
    Buy It Now
    3h left

      1. Just ignore him Prime. I know it’s tough when a flea is biting your nuts, but we aren’t going to get any help from the powers that be so we gotta do this ourselves.

          1. Good man Prime! We’ve had our scrapes, but you’re a true 49ers fan and have a good knowledge of the game which I respect. Go Niners!

            1. You too Grime. I can take tolerate 49er fans talking trash about the team but non-49er fans, that burns me!

        1. OMG!! Tom pls keep us aprised on any other merchandise Grimey is moving on EBAY LOL. Squirm you little worm!

          1. Did you really find that funny, Mary? Or are you just latching on to the one person who doesn’t find you repugnant?

            1. Grimey9er: Your name fits you to a tee. You think I like you — you’re a puke and I can’t stand you. You make my skin crawl and I guess just about every woman you come in connect with. You are not a decent person.

  7. “The length on him. He’s got a lot of length… And he knows how to use it… when he comes flying off the ball and all that length is coming at you, you’re looking for a target to get your hands on. And that thing’s so long, it can get you out of position… So then, when you’re trying to feel your way through it and then boom, and you’re natural reaction when you’re getting a lot of push is to go at something and now the length gets you in trouble.”

    1. Mary, you cannot bully trolls. They revel in any attention, good or bad.
      However, since you are here, I wish to relive that last Super Bowl that caused you so much grief because I was extremely delighted with the outcome. In fact, I was jumping for joy because the coaches went brain dead. Seasquawks were 1 yard from repeating, but failed miserably. Imagine. 1 yard to go for a repeat and Pete does not call Lynch’s number. I bet it butt hurt you so bad you did not go out of the house for 2 days afterwards.

  8. Wait, you’re a victim? You prod and poke and now your crying for the moderator. What did you expect from the behavior you elicit here?

    Grant we’re bullies apparently.

      1. You asked a question to the forum about us only winning 1 over the next 6 games. I didn’t ridicule you I pointed out its not a given that we’ll lose 6 and why.

  9. Back to football. I think the way how Kaep calls to his line before the snap needs to change. He should stop the Hurry, hurry hurry yelling because that is just admitting that they need to hurry. It should never get below 5 seconds unless they are trying to milk the clock.
    Kaep should study Aaron Rogers and just go back to the traditional Hike and Hut to initiate the snap.
    I would like the center to get set, and the moment Kaep walks up to the line, he should hike the ball so no seconds are wasted. Of course, the defense will try to time the snap, so he should also delay the snap for a moment randomly and unpredictably so the defense must guess when the ball will be snapped.
    I hope Kaep can run the hurry up with quick snaps, and draw the defense off sides so the Niners get a free play so he can throw a long strike down field.
    Big Ben used the quicker cadence to catch the Niners out of position and confuse the defense, so Kaep should study that game and learn how to accomplish that goal to gain an advantage over the defense.
    Finally, when the Niners are on the goal line and getting ready to score, I would like Kaep to start his signals by barking out- 40, and once the RB crosses the goal line, the whole team should yell- NINERS. I hope they do that many many times.

    1. He can’t just snap the ball Seb. He needs a few seconds to read the defense and adjust the play. He can snap the ball if he sees what he wants quickly and doesn’t need to adjust the protection and play.

      You’re right in that the up tempo offense works well for Kap. Several of us have suggested that he plays best in his instinctual mode or hurry up. Too much time to think and he second guesses. He makes good quick decisions especially when the defense can’t sub. I think for the second week in a row the offense won’t be the issue. They’ll play well and he’ll have a good day in the air and on the ground. The defense will be the issue.

      1. I do not think Kaep needs to wait to read the defense. If they run the RO, he should read the LB after the snap.
        I am hoping the Niners catch the defense off guard. If the defense has to gear up and anticipate the quick snap, making the defense stay all tensed up will allow the offense to get a jump at the line of scrimmage because it is hard to stay intense for too long.

        1. I think you’re correct for the read option. I also think if they get one dimensional with the RO defenses will figure them out. I think from the Pistol he can do several things including hard count, RO’s plays, or change the play depending on the coverage. We don’t have the personnel to just impose our will on teams.

          At some point he needs to read the defense and evaluate his match ups and options.

        2. Reading how the defense is lined up and where it’s strength is, is key for the offense not only in the passing game but also the run game. Line calls and blocking assignments need to be made, and they vary depending on how the opposition is lined up.

          Quick snaps are very good however, if the defense is disorganized and slow to get lined up. I like how Tom Brady will hurry his team to the line and get a quick run play off after a big play, when the defense is off-balance.

            1. But not every play if that’s what you’re saying. I agree we should go up tempo when it works. It has its advantages. I am agreeing Seb, just not every time on every play.

            2. Seb,

              Are you suggesting that in the read option the QB’s primary read is the defensive player who has containment (OLB / DE) on the QB?

              1. Seb,

                Not trying to beat a dead horse, I just find it ironic that you’re now saying that in the read option the QB’s primary read is the LB (or DE that has containment on the QB), when just a few weeks ago you were calling me ignorant for saying the same thing.

    2. “Hurry hurry” is the same as Peyton yelling “Omaha”, or others saying “sunday sunday”. Sometimes you say it because you want the snap to come now and sometimes you bluff it. Kap often “hurries” a dummy count to keep the defense off balance, but sometimes they need the snap right away and somehow that needs to be communicated from the QB to the center. QBs often clap their hands to do this as well.

      1. I thought they burned the last playbook and buried the ashes. Going away from yelling Hurry hurry hurry should have been the first thing to go.

      2. I beg to differ. Yelling Omaha is changing the play. There is a difference between audiblizing and getting the snap off.

          1. Well, I remember him yelling Omaha in his last SB and seeing the ball hiked over his head. Maybe the yelling before the snap is not optimal, no matter who does it.

  10. Grimey, Prime, Wilson, Razor: You Guys are the BULLIES — and don’t read the posts you don’t want to read; it’s that simple.

    1. Didn’t you just threaten to put a safeway bag over my head? I’ve never threatened you. You should take some of your own advice.

      1. I disagree. It’s no different than being on BleacherRpt or ProfootballFocus. You all have more arguments amongst yourself about Kaepernick.

        Your’re miserable people right now. If the Seahawks do well fine; if not, I watch many games. 49er fans on the other hand are desperate to win so — for those who cannot be civil to me I will not bother to interact with.

        1. Mary, you may want to troll this site, but being a crybaby just defines you as a die hard Seasquawk fan. Hope you are a glutton for punishment.

        2. The difference is the big red banner at the top that reads “inside the 49ers”. If you wanna come here and criticize the team and talk trash about it’s fans fine, but don’t b!tch and moan when you get smacked down.

        3. Civility is a two way street. You’re arrogant, presumptuous, rude and you name call and threaten. You can’t expect civil dialogue when you constantly interact in that fashion.

          You suggest its all of us. You might want to take a look at you for a bit.

    1. Mary, did you like the last SB? I like pointing out how close the Seasquawks were to a repeat, and how devastated their fans were afterwards. Hope you were not too depressed, as in suicidal.

      1. Seb. Oh no, I never felt like that. But I definitely went thru a grieving period. And of course they replayed that “play” on the NFL channel like a million times and I had to shut my eyes.

        You know when Seattle played GB in in the NCFF chanpionship and with 2 min. left Seattle picked up 18 pts (?) and won the game. I listed to Milwaukee Sports Radio for 2 days following that game and what an eyeopener that was to me. Those GB fans needed grief counseling. Little did I know . . .

        Same thing in 2013 when Sherman tipped the ball Kap meant for Crabtree, Those are hard and sudden losses to deal with. I have more empathy for teams and their fans now.

        1. I hope you realize that trolling this site just makes you look pathetic. Please join your like minded fans on the Seasquawk site and dazzle them with your brilliance. Here, you just are such a lightweight, we have only contempt for your feeble attempts to sound knowledgeable.
          That last Super Bowl sure was entertaining. Why dont you go there and second guess ol’ Cheatin Pete.

    1. Can we ever get a QB with reading skills?..If not, why not just put a r;unning back at the QB spot?

      According to the above article, the Cardinals safety, Tony Jefferson, a one read QB, afterall of the offseason work, is what we still have.

      I don’t know about you fans, but I’ll take a pro athletes view over Seb’s on this or any other blogger here, because they’re not in the industry.

    2. Jefferson should watch more tape.


      From the article:

      David Neumann was reviewing Kap’s film today, so I shot him a quick email to see what he was seeing on third down. David had this to say:

      By my charting, he scrambled on 2 of 10 third downs against the Vikings and (excluding sacks) 1 of 11 third downs against the Steelers. So obviously that’s not a super high scramble rate. The thing I’d need to go back and double check is if it looked like he was going to his first read on most of those throws. Just judging from my notes, there are definitely a few plays in which he moves beyond his first option and still throws. So I don’t think there’s enough there from these two games to say he’s been “one read and go” on third down.

      1. Wilson yes he did…..kind of. I was hoping for a straight up final score or spread prediction. I guess I can just keep hoping.

  11. Mike Crabtree, WR, Raiders is the second Pro Football player to criticize Kap’s ability to deliver the football in a professional manner and basically backing up the Card’s safety, Jefferson.
    With Pro Football Analyst, Mike Florio, and othe analysts agreeing with Kap’s Flaws, we are starting to get a general consensus as to whether Kap is a bonafide starter.

    I may need to maintain a log of Kap’s critics and publicize them here now and then.

    1. Possibly, 6′-8″, 310 lb., Calais Campbell and Alex Okafor will have something to say about the 49er’s offense and 4 running plays they learned in the offseason

      1. 6. University of Phoenix Stadium, Arizona Cardinals

        Arizona Cardinals

        Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

        What to expect when Kap can’t hear the snap count:


        The Arizona Cardinals fans are quickly climbing this list after 2014, where the team went 7-1 inside University of Phoenix Stadium. The most impressive part about that record is the fact that it didn’t matter who was playing quarterback. Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton, Ryan Lindley and Logan Thomas all played in 2014, and the team still went 7-1 at home. That’s a perfect example of a home crowd making a difference.

            1. Tom – sort of like being in this joint. Interesting how the majority is so busy trying to control the minority that . . .

              1. Mary, that’s right, and Buffalo Springfield has a few lines backing up your point:

                Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep,
                it starts when your always afraid,
                step out of line, the man come and take you away,

                These bloggers feel that any viewpoint differing from their’s is some how a power threat

        1. San Francisco 49ers (18 consecutive road wins from 1988-1990)

          Winning on the road in the NFL is tough business. Doing so for a stretch of two-plus seasons is nearly impossible, unless you’re the talent-laden 49ers of the late-1980s, early-1990s. The 49ers won the Super Bowl following the 1988 and 1989 seasons, and were vying for a rare three-peat during the 1990 season. With teams routinely gunning for defending Super Bowl champions at every chance they get, it’s amazing what the 49ers were able to pull off and this accomplishment only speaks to their status as one of the NFL’s all-time greatest dynasties.

          1. Yes, that’s true. And Manning. This will probably be Peyton’s last year. I was disappointed to see Romo get injured b/c now that will let the Eagles back in. The drama of the NFL.

  12. In the two games, Niners running with 13 personnel are averaging 5.3 ypc. Hope McDonald will be ready. Deone Bucannon will be busy.

  13. What would happen if no one posted for a week?

    What would happen if no one checked to see if anyone posted for a week?

    What would happen if both things happened for a week?

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