Jim Tomsula: “We’ve got very good coaches in that respect. Alright? We haven’t played like we need to play. OK?”

SANTA CLARA – Here are selected quotes from Jim Tomsula’s Monday press conference.

TOMSULA: Alright, let’s see (deep sigh). With the injury report, Quinton Patton did sustain a concussion last night, so he’s in the protocol with the trainers and the doctors, going through that protocol. With those things, there is no timeline. It’s however he heals, you know what I mean? So. And there is a set protocol, so we’ll keep you updated on that, but that’s all I have for there. OK. Questions?

Q: Jim, we’ve all seen Colin Kaepernick work so diligently, work so hard, put so much effort into what he’s doing. At what point do you think it’s got to be so anguishing for him? At what point do say, “Why don’t we save you from your anguish a little bit, take a little bit of a back seat,” just to get his mind together?

TOMSULA: I don’t…you don’t know what those answers are. I mean, that’s part of when we go through…we use the word “evaluation” a lot lately. You know, we just throw it around. But evaluating is evaluating how we’re doing things, you know, for our players, and, you know, what we’re putting schematically for our players, and those kind of things. So. And we’re in the middle of that. I mean, that’s why I’m a few minutes behind. Because we’re obviously grinding through all of that right now. So I don’t have any direct answers for anybody in that sense, you know?. We’re starting from top to bottom. OK? Where I’m at, and the things I’m asking for, you know? And then going through offensively…I mean, these guys, they’re all busting their tails. Everybody is busting their tails. OK? But we have to fix some things, you know? And so, you know, that’s where we’re at. We’re going through that now.

Q: Would it be fair to say you’re evaluating everybody and Kaepernick is in that category?

TOMSULA: I don’t want to say that. Then that starts a whole, you know…that’s not where I’m at. You know, I don’t want to say that, no. I mean everybody is evaluated. You know what I mean? We’re in the middle of it, and I don’t have any statements for you on anything like that.

Q: You’re background isn’t on the offensive side, but yesterday you were talking about you have to do a better job putting guys in positions. How does a guy with a background such as yours, what does that mean? Do you become involved in the offense and planning the offense, devising plays and game planning?

TOMSULA: No. No. I mean, no. No. We’ve got very good coaches in that respect. Alright? We haven’t played like we need to play. OK? Which means none of us…I’m not doing what I need to do. But, no. Just in terms of football, when you’re in football, whether you’re offense, defense, whatever – you sit down and you take a look at the personnel. Take a look at your own personnel, and then you try to match your personnel and a schematic to attack their personnel. Just in terms of sitting there…and a lot of it is asking the right question. Looking at it, walking in the room and asking the right question. You know what I mean. And going from there.

ME: How do you evaluate the job Geep Chryst has done?

TOMSULA: Well, again, that goes back to me. I mean, we’re 1-3. So, the evaluation is on me, and the job I’ve done to this point is not where it needs to be.

ME: The front office made a major investment in Torrey Smith this offseason. He has nine catches. Why haven’t you used him more, and how can you get him more involved?

TOMSULA: Well, yeah. We need to use him more, and we need to get him more involved. So, again, that’s what we’re…that’s on the checklist.

ME: Why are you confident you can turn this season around?

TOMSULA: I like the way these guys…I mean, I’m still one of those guys who believes in people who are willing to earn it. I believe we have guys that are willing to earn it and, you know, we’re four games into a 16-game season. OK? So, that’s all I know. Roll up your sleeves, put your face in the middle of it, think your way through the problems, don’t…the tough spots, the tough patches – don’t do it emotionally. Think it through, use your brain and push through the middle of it. I don’t think you can go around any of it. So, that’s what we’re doing.

Q: What is the identity of your team after four games?

TOMSULA: After four games right now the identity of our team. Um. We’ve got a good locker room in terms of guys that are fighting like crazy right now. You know, I think last week’s week of practice was really good, you know what I mean, in terms of guys going to work and guys really getting after meeting and on the field. Defensively, I felt like there were a lot of things to grow on. Still, a lot of work to do, but there were a lot of things to grow on there. Some of the guys and the way they played and the way they did things, feel really good about that. The identity – it’s a hard-nosed, hard-working team.

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  1. I would ask the question – You were hired to teach how is that going for you? Either your not a good teacher or your students are not too bright. The way its going is an indicator that maybe its both. One draft is not going to fix the Niners, too many holes to include the QB at this moment in time.

    Hot diggity dog!

    1. Very good question and directly to the point of what they were pushing when they claimed this hire was made because he was a teacher. Sadly though we don’t ever get real answers in press conferences.

    2. It’s very, very awkward reading his press conferences…he doesn’t know how to answer tough questions and shows a lack of confidence, does not project anything, but “hey we are working hard and had a great practice”. He was put in a position that he should not have been put in. This was a staff and team destined to fail…and two or three more seasons won’t fix it.

    1. After four games is the verdict out that Jameis Winston is better than Kap already?

      Tampa Bay Bucs with their newly drafted QB, 4 games into the season lead the 49ers in points scored 72-48.

      1. From the Desk of Jim Tomsula:

        Bay Area Sports Guy:

        Fart Back Friday: And 49er Productions present, Jim Tomsula and his band of windbreakers.

        Cheer for us as we travel to Gotham city to take on Eli Manning. Watch our young secondary in action


        1. #49ers have just 78 passing yards, Kaepernick’s sacked 4 times, completed 11 passes. 13 min left in 4th quarter. They’ve run 38 plays. Wow.

        2. Tom: If you are trying to be funny you failed. If you are trying to be a clown you are successful. Go find another team. We do not like the way things are going. But we will remain Niner fans.

          1. Jim tomsula on October 2nd did indeed in a press conference let one go, literally, on the video at 6:57 and if that is not a sign of a true idiot, then you must be the IDIOT for a fan.

  2. Hey lets give the young Oline men a chance. the right tackle and guards aren’t good enough. the youngster need playing time to improve and prove their worth.

    1. Kaepernick is not a Russell Wilson. If you watch how many times Wilson gets bang around by opposing defense and also gets sacked a lot but Russell still find ways how to win football games.

  3. First 11 games Niners face 10 top QBs. With a bottom-rated QB. Only a fool would not sit Kap for a week or two to maybe also let his head heal.

  4. The time is now in the NFL anymore, They need to sit Kap we have been evaluating him for to long and if they keep him in there he will only get worse. The Oline needs help but after rewataching the game this morning there were more than a few plays where guys were open. On the interseption late he just under threw the ball and his accuracy was atrocious through most of the game. Things will not get better..

  5. I wanted to wait untill the 4th game of the season before commenting on the the 9ers.

    Kaepernick is the same player that stepped on the field for the last 5 min of the SB. He like all athletes are definded how they perform under pressure. The league saw that he crumbles under pressure and thats what the league has done to him since, pressure him and he locks up. That is who he is and no amount of study/film work is going to change that, from my seat he is not the answer for this team.

    The coaching staff is following the orders from York, ie, put together a system that show cases Kaep’s skill set. See above.

    I hate to beat a dead horse but the problem with this team is ownwership.

    Now my rant; owership f**ked the team I grew up with, they moved them from my city of birth. They only care about the money. I know the younger set grows weary of hearing about the long ago past, but in the 50’s , 60s and the 70’s the team was part of the American expereince. It was part of what made the City great. We could go and watch them practice. The team members lived here and were part of the social fabric . Eddy learned from his early mistakes and became the owner how we all remember. The Yorks are clueless carpet baggers…grrrrrrr!

    1. Agreed. Those who ignore the past will repeat the same mistakes. Fired Mariucci without a back up plan because York felt he had gained too much power. Then undermined Harbaugh with rumors. For what? Then they found out it wasn’t easy to find a replacement coach when prospects can’t trust working for them. Here we are again.

      1. I think you hit the nail on the head with this comment. I posted basically the exact same thing on Maiocco’s blog. The similarities to 2004 are Lincoln/Kennedy-esque. After a power struggle a York fired a successful coach and retained a disaster of a GM. The only guy that would work for York was Dennis Erickson. The OC was Ted Tollner and the DC was Willy Robinson. These are guys no one else in the league wanted. The GM at the time was Terry Donahue. His horrendous drafts left the 49ers as the least talented team in the NFL by far. Now we have Harbaugh fired and Trent Baalke retained. This is deja vu.

    2. Great comment. The 49ers were THE original San Francisco franchise, and the Yorks moved the team. Terrible legacy.

      1. Darn Right!

        The Yorks moved the team from Redwood City to Santa Clara.

        San Francisco politics made any stadium plan in San Francisco impossible. His Holiness Eddie the First tried. The San Francisco board of supervisors and the mayor’s office dithered for a decade.

        It’s like dumping the QB or the head coach without a good replacement in place. Jed has done one already and he’s getting ready to do the other. But, give the guy credit for the $100M a year that he’s making for mom.

        That’s an incoherent statement. OK?

        1. With a little help from the NFL (and Eddie D).

          Eddie’s Louisiana scandal and the absurd outdoor tailgating requirements for new stadiums killed the China Basin stadium.

          Because the new stadium would have eaten Giants parking, a parking garage was part of the design. The NFL nixed it because you can’t BBQ in a parking garage.

          If Eddie wasn’t besieged by the scandal, he might have had enough clout to get the parking lot BBQ requirement waived.

      2. Maybe it would be better if they could not get a deal to build a stadium in Santa Clara.

        Then they could have done like the Colts, Rams, Raiders, Browns, Oilers, etc, did.
        That way nobody in San Francisco would have to be upset with Tomsula.

      3. I don’t hate them for moving the team. SF doesn’t have great options (Hunters Point) and the political climate wasn’t supportive (thanks to lowlife Gavin). But I do do hate that once they got fans, the NFL and City of Santa Clara to finance the new stadium there has been a relentless effort to cut operating costs (Harbaugh and his staff, veteran players, printed tickets). Obviously with one goal above all else. INCREASE PROFITS !!!! Fans be damned.

        1. The Yorks don’t show that they care about the 49ers history or fans, They are less concerned with being owners then they are with managing a stadium for football, concerts and corporation employee event rentals. Even children activities like youth soccer aren’t very important to them. York’s new mantra is ” Winning with Crass”

    3. As much as I would like to dump on Jed for this, it’s really not his fault the team is in Santa Clara. They tried to get something done in SF and the best the city could offer was a toxic waste dump with no plan on how or when to make it acceptable to build anything. It was either Santa Clara or wait until Candlestick fell to the ground.

      1. @rocket….The Brisbane, and Candlestick location were also on the table. But as I said in a previous comment, it was “never ever” about San Francisco….It was about Money, the Yorks wanted a Publicly Financed Stadium, and that was “not” gonna fly in SF. San Francisco, and its residents were not going to Publicly Finance a Venue for Billionaires, that was not going to fly in the City period.

        Plus the Yorks never wanted the stadium to be in SF! The Yorks knew with their slick Attorney’s that they could get over on the little town of Santa Clara, and they did! The stadium in Santa Clara initially was $93 Million, but after Measure J past in in SC, it became $1.3 Billion Dollars?! The Yorks sadly ignored the residents votes, the History, Legacy & Tradition of the 49ers in SF. Long story short, so I guess Karma is coming back to bite the Yorks in their collective behinds…The Yorks really need to sell the team, things will never get better under this management, imvho ever.

      2. No doubt the city dropped the ball.Bad political manuevering and multiple agenda’s bogged the whole affair down.We needed old school can do and it wasn’t there.I look at the whole area near the Old Mission Rock, Olive Oil’s etc “Mission Bay” now developed by UC Medical Center and scratch my head -perfect spot for a stadium!

    4. @hacksaw46, I totally agree with you, but then I always count my blessing that a lot of us got to witness the legendary HC Bill Walsh walking the sidelines at the Stick.

      And we actually saw the Glory Years of the 49ers, with Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Dwight Clarke, Charles Haley, Ed DeBartolo, Hacksaw Reynolds, Roger Craig, Brent Jones, John Taylor, Dwight Hicks…Lets all be grateful for this, because we are never going to see anything like this again with the York Ownership. (The Yorks have had nearly 20 years to show us if things will get better with them, it hasn’t, except for the Harbaugh years)

      The Yorks took over this historic franchise in 1998, due to Eddie’s legal issues with the Feds, also one year after a vote pasted to build a new stadium in the City of SF.
      Eddie at his SF HOF induction said, “I am to blame for the stadium not being built in SF, because If I had not had my legal problem, it would have been built by 2003.”

      The Yorks never connected with San Francisco, they are from Youngstown Ohio, as we all know, their values are more in lock step with the small town of Santa Clara where their practice facility is located at. And It is “not” an unknown” fact that the San Jose/Santa Clara Region of the bay area had long since wanted a professional sports franchise. In walks Daddy York, who connected in talks with Kevin Moore, a City Council Member of SC, 2 years prior to announcing the move to Santa Clara! Kevin Moore gave to John York the promise of “Public Financing” on the backs of the taxpayers of Santa Clara. Gavin Newsom, thank gawd, said “No, to the Yorks over Public Financing, he said you will Finance the venue the same way AT&T Park was Financed, with “Private Financing.”

      Knowing the York Ownership Family as we all do now, which offer of Financing do you believe the Yorks were gong to chose?! It was “never” about SF Politics, the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, or Nimby’s….Hell , San Franciscans voted overwhelmingly 3 times for a stadium to be built, which the Yorks ignored! It was about the MONEY, and the Yorks not wanting to Finance their venue with their “own” Money, with all due respect htwaits…

            1. I hold Ed DeBartolo in the most high esteem, this Man brought greatness to a team, & a City. Does Eddie have flaws, yes…Eddie is not a perfect Man, but he learned from his mistakes…I can not say the the same about the other side of his Eddie’s family, the York side…Smdh.

              Papa York fired Mooch without a back up plan…Baby York fires Harbaugh, without a back up plan…The apple doesn’t drop to far from the tree when it comes to the York Family side of the DeBartolo Clan. Jed has literally destroyed the 49er Franchise, imvho.

      1. Your facts are wrong about any vote to finance a new stadium in San Francisco. There was one vote that barely passed for $100M which was part of the shopping center and stadium to be built at Candle Stick Point. It was a massive boondoggle plan.

        Please document the three overwhelming votes for a stadium and how much financial support that was included in the propositions that were voted on. You might also include information about toxic waste problems involved in any of those votes.

        1. The vote in 1997 was not a vote to Finance the venue, it was to pass the Stadium Measure, “Do You want a Stadium in SF to Be Built”?! This measure was past when Eddie was still the owner, but in 2006 we voted again to get rid of the prior deal, with with the shopping mall, & condos, then we voted again in 2009. Also $100 Million was left on the table to start with the building of the venue. I have NO reason to lie to you @htwaits, I’m a resident of SF and we voted 3 times for a stadium…And our votes were ignored .

          I’m not sure a toxic dumps really matters at all either, since Levi’s is located on what used to be the Santa Clara dump. The bottom line is that SF didn’t abandon the 49ers, in fact the City worked up the 11th hour to try & keep them! The bottom line is that Yorks got a better financial deal in Santa Clara, with Public Financing, plain & simple

        2. 1997 Vote – Prop F ~ 50.3% passed (Build a New Stadium)
          2008 Vote – Prop G ~ 62.49% passed (Removed the prior vote for mall/housing)
          2009 Vote – Prop C ~ 58.68% passed (Naming Rights for Stadium)

          @ htwaits…You’re right the 1997 vote narrowly passed, but we called it a win!…The other 2 stadium related votes did pass very easily.

        3. Truth,

          The bottom line is there was nothing worth pursuing in SF. There was no plan that made sense, the funding wasn’t in place, they couldn’t even decide on a site which is why Hunters Point kept getting brought up. The team couldn’t stay in Candlestick indefinitely hoping things worked out eventually in SF.

          Like I said, I’d love to blame Jed for this as I think he’s ruined the franchise for the time being, but I can’t blame them for taking a deal that gave them a new Stadium instead of continuing to play the waiting game.

          1. The Yorks became the official owners of the 49ers in 2000 according to Kawakami’s column today.

            Where do you go to cash in a vote that does no more than say, “We can’t agree on anything substantial, but we don’t want the 49ers to leave.”

            The idea that the stadium was ever going to be built in Santa Clara for under $100M is just a misstatement. The city of Santa Clara “might” be on the hook for 1.3B if the 49ers go bankrupt. Of course their return for the first year of operation was $100M.

            The time when the Morabito brothers owned the 49ers for fun is long gone. The idea that anything big can happen anywhere without money being a prime mover is childish. It’s almost as childish as expecting Jim Tomsula to fix the 49er offense.

              1. BTW – The accounts that I have read state that Eddie D had worked out the necessary arrangements to get a stadium built in SF but it was killed by his indictment for bribery. According to ESPN: “Any chance of a new stadium went down with him (Eddie D.). ‘Louisiana killed it and hung it on a vine,’ says Carmen Policy, the former 49ers president. I agree with truth, Jed York couldn’t care less about SF and went to the only place stupid enough to give him the money he wanted. Where was the last stadium built in the state of California with public money? You can’t blame SF for the problems of the whole state. Let’s see how much money LA coughs up for the NFL teams they hope to bring in. Jed York is a light weight businessman and an even lighter weight NFL owner.

              2. Point taken that the Yorks “officially” took over in 2000, but Ed DeBartolo was relieved of his duties as Owner in 1998, turning the team of to Mrs. York temporarily…so he thought?!

                “Where do the vast majority of 49er fans live?” Its all water under the bridge now @htwaits…The 49er Stadium is in the South Bay Region of the bay area. And with it all those historical ties to the City…smdh…

                But prior to the move ownership took a poll of STH, and this is what was found:

                Santa Clara County – 10% STH
                San Francisco County – 10% STH
                San Mateo County – 7% STH
                Alameda County – 5% STH
                Marin County – 3% STH
                Contra Costa – 3% STH
                Sacramento Co. & the Central Valley was not included, because its not considered Bay Area.

                What Jed & Co did was combine San Mateo Co, & Santa Clara Co., which gave them 17%…But SF, and Santa Clara Co, were tied at 10% each of STH, what put them over was including San Mateo County in the poll count.

    5. hacksaw,
      Very keen perspective, but with one obvious caveat; Kaep has nothing now that compares to the O-line he had in the SB.

      Baalke will need to find a way to patch up the O-line whether it’s for CK, Gabbert, or another QB for this team to garner any semblance of respect.
      Having a great to franchise type QB can work wonders, but without the strong foundation of an O-line no QB will have consistent and lasting success.

      This is not an attempt to excuse Kaep because at the moment his game is spiraling out of control. But at the same time, CK did an outstanding job throwing the ball in the Championship game against the Falcons and brought the 49ers back from a sizable deficit against the Ravens in the SB.
      The common thread in both those games was a great O-line. Even Alex Smith begin his resurgence before being injured because of a darn good O-line.

      No, there’s no excuse for CK to short-hop passes and to throw passes 10 yrds out of bounds. But I have to believe (Kaep will never say it) that some of that stems from possibly believing that he is going to be pummeled every time he drops back to pass because this O-line can’t pass block to save their lives.

      At the moment I would like to see CK sit out a couple of games just to get his head straight and watch the game from a different perspective.
      But perhaps Baalke won’t allow Tomsula to sit him because as Kaep continues to flounder behind this porous O-line with each game, it will give him (Baalke) justification to unload him at the end of the season to not only save big bucks but also make it look like he is doing something to appease the ire of the fanbase.

    6. Agree -just shameful.The whole affair was inept ,this is not the San Francisco 49ers it is the Googleland 49ers.Just wish the Yorks would sell the franchise turn that stadium over to soccer and bad country music events and bring them home.Hell I don’t care if they have to play at Kesar and you have to take the N Judah because there isn’t enough parking. Bring em’ home!

  6. Grant – Re the April predictions: If Anthony Davis and Aldon were on the team, and Kilgore didn’t need that second procedure, what you the 49ers record be?

    I think 2-2 at least. Considering strength of schedule, 2-2 would have been an acceptable start heading to the NYG game.

    The O-line would have had one single line spot to fill. Now its in disarray. They can’t pass block or run block. Nothing on the offense works. The passing game has relied heavily on play action. No run game, no play action.

    1. This was in response to Grant linking to predictions made last April in the previous article, when Anthony Davis, Aldon and Kilgore were considered healthy and available to play.

  7. I think Kaepernick ought to get himself a Mark Grace type slump-buster and then all will be good in 9er land. Instant Success.

    1. Houston,
      At this point, I think it’s Jed’s turn to jump onto the grenade and take one for the team. Our HC is the equivalent of a slump buster for females. York is probably ecstatic to have Kaep right now as he deflects a significant amount of attention away from the front office, which is where the real problem is. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

      1. You don’t need to deflect the attention from the office. I’d said before and right now that Kaepernick is overrated and he’ll never be a Elite QB but a below average QB in the NFL.

  8. Kaep’s post-game press conference was something to behold. Those vacuous lifeless eyes, monotone emotionless voice and that strange post-Bieber black outfit- no one dresses like that anymore. The whole image was clearly a cry for help. I hope the organization recognizes there is a problem and acts accordingly. This guy is too critical a commodity to waste.

    1. What commodity are you saying? The 49ers organization already knows they made a big mistake with Kaepernick that’s why they structured his contract every year before April they can get rid of Kaepernick without no obligation to him.

  9. Is it just me or has the play of Eric Reid been horrible this year? Seems like the angles he is taking is killing the secondary

      1. I live in Arizona now and boy did I take gas from my friends down here last week. But like Ira Miller, I know a little bit about the Cardinals ownership. The Cardinals hats my grandsons wear have a little ’47 on the side. That stands for rebuilding since 1947,the year of their last championship. During that time the franchise has been under the ownership of the Bidwell family. So yeah, St. Louis had to wait until the Cardinals left for Arizona and were replaced by the Rams to get their one and only championship and Chicago, where the Cards originated had to root for the Bears. So my argument to my Cards fans is simple, go ahead and get your hopes up but the bottom line is that until they get a new ownership, the Cards will find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I’ll believe that the Yorks are just like the current heirs to the Bidwell throne until I see anything credible to the contrary. The Haraugh era put them close but even the Cardinals have been close. Ira Miller is right on regarding the relationship between competent owners and NFL titles. Don’t be surprised to see ’94 on the 49ers hats in another 40 years.

          1. Whine Country,

            That’s the second time you’ve referenced the ” ’47” on the side of your grandsons’ hats. I realize the Cardinals won a title in ’47, but I believe that’s merely a coincidence. If you check the hats, I’ll bet you that’s a brand logo, as in ” ’47 brand”.

            I’m only mentioning this to be helpful, not to bust your chops.

            1. You’re probably right but to my mind it just reinforces my contention that the Bidwells are incompetents whose resemes have one thing. Born well. They’re record speaksfor itself and it is a fact that they have been rebuilding since 1947.

              1. My friends in AZ are old timers like me and they don’t know that. Truth is who cares who made the hat? The Cardinals ain’t won a championship since ’47 or 1947, they’re the same thing.I say for any team other than the Cards the ’47 means the hat company but for them it is a sign of bad ownership.

      2. “Yeah, Harbaugh was an egomaniacal jerk and a difficult employee for management. But the first two syllables of management are manage, and the owner failed to do that with the best coach the team had in nearly 20 years.”

        Bingo! Jed York’s ego and shortsightedness got the better of him. I see a long losing spell ahead until he acknowledges his missteps and hires a GM with a clue about 21st century NFL offense.

    1. It’s not just you. In addition to the bad angles he takes on runners, he hasn’t made a play in the passing game since the Hobbit threw it right into his gut last year at Seattle for what would’ve been a pick-six for most competent DBs in the league–except, of course he took the wrong angle and never sniffed the end zone. He’s a bust.

  10. That press conference was painful to read. It is obvious that Tomsula does not have a clue about how to fix the broken offense. Evidently the man is a wonderful defensive line coach and it is criminal for Baalke/York to have put him, the team and the fans in this position.

    I don’t see it getting any better for Tomsula in the coming weeks. This man will be broken by the end of the season. What were they thinking when they made this decision? Other than he came cheap and was nice to the Yorks, what in the world made Baalke think he could be a head coach?

    I have been a fan since John Brodie was the quarterback and have never given up on the team. I am now close to despair.

    1. In addition, if your quarterback cannot make plays to the wide receivers when the defense consistently has 8 and sometimes 9 in the box, you have the wrong quarterback.

    2. Matt Maiocco had reported back in Feb 2014 that in the event that Harbaugh was gone after the 2014 season ended, Tomsula would be the next 49er HC.
      Letting the news that the Niners already had a replacement for Harbaugh filter out into the fan base is something right up Jed’s alley…..doubtful it was a Baalke choice, if it was, not many would have known….he is far too secretive about things, as most GM’s are.
      So, what exactly was Tomsula’s qualifications to be promoted to HC?
      I can’t think of any other than he was Jed’s trusted agent and that he was everyone’s buddy, that’s it and that’s putting it kindly.
      Maybe Tomsula would have fared better if the Niners coming off a SB win, with a stacked roster, coordinators in place, and all he had to do was stay out of the way. He is out of his depth right now.
      But, I for one don’t feel sorry for him. Some writers who cover the Niners noted that he politicked for the job, while Harbaugh was the HC.
      Then Tomsula joined in on the whole “all we need is some teachers” and “just out work everyone”…… time for Jimmy to step up, and move past the cliches.

    3. Leo,
      Hang tight bro! We have a strong history laden with Championship!
      I’ve also been a fan of the 49ers since my boyhood the days of John Brodie, Gene Washington, Ken Willard, Dave Wilcox, Matt Hazeltine, Jimmy Johnson, Kermit Alexander and many others of the era.
      We waited a long time to finally see the Bill Walsh, Joe Montana, Steve Young led championship teams.
      But we did! And we almost saw our team repeat that feat in 2012, but it wasn’t in the cards.

      As a long time fan I feel your pain and yes, even anger as well. But it’s time to dig in and continue to hope for the best from our team, owner, and GM.
      The worse that could happen is we might be saying “wait until next year” by the 6 game of the season.
      If that’s the case, so be it. I’m still proud to be a 49er!

  11. Interesting to catch the material coming out of the 9ers PR Department by way of the 9ers website. As the dumpster fire gets worse, we get neutral to happy-happy articles and video features… When they get close to being negative, they apply the positive spin. Kim Jong Un could use these guys. AS Monty Python might say (sing…), “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”. Seriously, I feel bad for the vets who are near the end of their careers.

  12. Torrey Smith: “…If you can’t pass the ball in 2015, you’re in trouble.”
    He’s probably thinking that 5 year-$40M is not enough to have to tolerate this level of frustration with solution in sight…

    1. Let’s see… $40 mil and have two or three honest shots at the NFC title game over 4-5 years, or $40 mil and zero chance (at least early…). Hmm… Is there a solution in sight? Only if ownership wises up. What are the odds?

  13. The goal all along for Jed and the Yorks was the stadium, period.
    They got it and the big dollars that it brings.
    Football is and always has been an afterthought for them.
    Who did Harbaugh think he was…coming in and disrupting the status quo???
    Things were all good business-wise before he came in and spoiled it with all that damn winning he did.
    Now, Jed is young and he has made a few mistakes here and there.
    He made the mistake of firing the outstanding leader they had in Singletary.
    And although he had the opportunity to promote Tomsula at that time, he bowed down to public pressure hired a top-notch coaching staff that won 3 consecutive NFC titles and took the team to the Super Bowl.
    It happens.
    But he has made the necessary moves and corrected his mistake by hiring the ideal inept staff to return this team back where he and his folks always felt it should be…MEDIOCRITY.
    Everything is as it should be, people.
    The fault, dear Niner fans, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves.
    Just think…if this was a BUSINESS blog, we’d be hailing their 1-3 record as a triumph whilst still scratching our heads trying to figure out how they managed to avoid losing to the Vikings.
    I can imagine a team of young brokers hoisting Jed on their collective shoulders and carrying him off of the floor of the stock exchange like Rudy.
    Jed has righted the ship and saved the family business.
    Good job, Buddy!

    1. Worst part is as season ticket holders he’s got us by the balls.The licenses have lost any resale value. It is really hard to walk away in anger or discouragement. So I for one will keep paying. How sad.

  14. “Jim, we’ve all seen Colin Kaepernick work so diligently, work so hard, put so much effort into what he’s doing.”

    Reminds me of a golf instructor I once had. I told him I was working and practicing real hard but my handicap was not going down – I was’t getting any better. He told me practicing bad habits wasn’t going to make you better no matter how much you practiced. He was right.

    Kap should take sometime off. Maybe take up golf.

        1. I learned that playing baseball in high school. You can mess up your swing doing too much b.p. Creates bad habits.

          1. So he shouldn’t have worked on changing his throwing motion? Or too much thinking as a result of too much practice? Resulting in a complete loss of effectiveness because he’s stuck between the old motion and new one?

      1. Colin turns 28 next month. That’s pretty long in the tooth to be trying to pick up fundamental quarterbacking skills.

        Steve Young is one of the few that made major improvements later in his career, but he’s the exception. The window for developing “young” Colin’s career is closing fast.

      1. It sure does appear that way. I mean everyone says he works real hard and I have no reason not to believe that. But when I watch the game it looks like he is getting worse. So what does that tell you?

        It tells me is working real hard on the wrong thing.

  15. Reading the answers JT gives reminds me of this quote from Billy Madison “At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

    And to get worse the answer to evaulating Kaepernick reminds me of Rick James response to Grinding his feet on Charlie Murphy’s Couch

    Those to movies/shows were funny however the responses from JT is getting sad. Ask him what his name is and see if he can actually come up with a coherent answer. Billy Madison was just stupid and Rick James was on Cocaine…what is Tomsula’s excuse? Even Harbs’ who said plenty of crazy stuff was better than this.

  16. Even when we lost or won, coaches like Mariucci, Nolan, and Harbaugh were somewhat informative as to what was wrong, what direction the team was headed and overall a sense of intelligent football acumen. But Tomsula,even with knowing he is not the most articulate, sounds like the biggest moron this side of Dodge! I mean his press conferences are painful and you get the sense that someone is just going to blurt out” Jim you are moron!!!!!!!!

  17. I’ve been witnessing football for over 40 years now; and I have never , ever seen a worse trio of offensive lineman than Martin , Devey and Pears…any chance of our QB becoming even half way decent goes right out the window with these three clowns !

    1. It’s certainly the worst 49er right side I’ve seen. Even the 2005 Niners team that went 4-12 had tow decent players in Jeremy Newberry and Eric Heitmann to balance the legendary turnstile — Kwame Harris.

  18. For those blaming Jimmy T…..Trent the can’t draft a good offensive player ninja has had this All planed since the beginning.not that I think Colins great but he’s not trents guy.why on earth else would he sit back and sign the absolute worst 2 offensive linemen in the league.then just sit back and let JT take all the heat about kap and how bad he’s playing behind that line.it’s like Alex Smith all over again.knowing good and we’ll he’s working on mechanics and evrything else.hmm let’s give him the worst right side in football see if he can’t figure it out looking out his earhole all Damn game.

  19. Now that Miami fired their 1 and 3 coach, is Jim Tomsula on the ‘fire watch?’ If the 49ers drop to NY Giants, then Ravens, then Seattle, will little boy Jed pull the plug on Tomsula and perform ‘Old Yeller’ in firing Tomsula? Oh please make it so, and tell Damon Bruce to quit drinking on 95.7. Don’t want Mangini as the head coach. Open the wallet and get Jon Gruden.

      1. Exactly.
        Would any team offer Grudes more than the $7 mil/yr or whatever ESPN is paying him for simple commentary?
        Highly doubtful.
        And why would he want to quit that gig and return to coaching?
        He has the cushiest job in the biz!
        Anyways, Jed found out what happens when you hire a good HC–winning ensues.
        He won’t let that happen again…he’s under orders from Mommy and Daddy.

        1. I feel like Gruden would quit his ESPN gig for a job with either the 49ers or Packers, provided there was a good QB involved. But only those 2 franchises.

          He makes 6.5 mil at ESPN and I don’t think Jed will pay him enough to lure him away.

  20. Damon Bruce hit a home run just now: Tomsula will not bench Kaepernick for he has no permission and is NOT ALLOWED to make that change, which means:


    1. Is this the same Damon Bruce that has been fired from almost every job he’s had in San Francisco?
      Nah, think I’ll pass on anything he has to say, bud.

  21. Grant, here in Denver there’s some pretty good evidence that Elway was trying to shut everyone up by playing Tebow. When Tebow won and kept winning the look on his face was classic. Do you think Baalke is trying to get rid of Kaepernick? There’s no reason not to bench him unless Gabberts what we know he is and worse. Make the fans sick of him and TB will be the hero for getting rid of him.

    1. That way Baalke can book them both a one way ticket out of SF. As far as I am concerned, Baalke is the cause and effect to what has happened to the 49ers!

      1. You think Baalke picked Tomsula? I don’t like some aspects of Baalke’s team building skills, but I’ve never blamed him for picking Tomsula. I’ve also never blamed Tomsula for being picked.

        There needs to be some football brains above the GM. We haven’t had that since Eddie got caught with his gambling bribe satchel.

        1. I absolutely do think Baalke picked Tomsula. He initially wanted Gase but Gase told Baalke he was going to be a pass first and run 2nd type of team. He probably also said he wanted some control over the roster. How else would you explain Baalke interviewing him twice then falling apart at the last minute?
          Yorks agenda was whatever Baalke said.Baalke could not handle the power struggle with JH so he did his due diligence and interviewed a lot coaching candidates. How do you chose Tomsula over guys like Dan Quinn, Todd Bowles, Vic Fangio? Because those guys are exactly like Harbaugh. Winners with attitude and want to do it their way. Tomsula was just happy to be a head coach. That’s where it stops with him. You think he can handle personnel decisions. Come on! He’s runnjng ball on 3rd and 11 because that’s what he’s been told to do! Run the ball & don’t turn it over.

          1. Guys all Baalke is, is a glorified area scout. He thinks multiple picks each year is doing a good job. Draft 11 guys and throw them against the wall and see who sticks. Repeat each year till you find a gem. Well let me ask you, who in the last 3 years was or is a great draft pick of his?

      2. PT,
        It’s York! How do you get rid of the coach that brings you back to the promised land after one season? We don’t all the backstory of Kaepernick, which his play had a lot to do with the failures of the team since the switheroo. Smith ain’t no great milkshake but you can’t tell me that the 6-2 Smith before the concussion wouldn’t have won a SB with that defense. He’s on an under-acheiving Defense now, took a pounding from the Bengals and still put up decent numbers. His issues what they kept messing up in the red zone with penalties and his O-line is just as bad as the Niners.
        In order of accountability, it’s York, Baalke, then Kaepernick. Tomsula is the fall guy and it’s too bad.

        1. I can tell you that. That defense disappeared in the playoffs and smith didn’t have the talent to score that many points. Get over it dude. Smith would have never and never win a championship. The defense and running game was better the year before and he wet the bed in the nffcg.

        2. Such a stupid argument. You keep making it anyway. Smith wouldn’t have brought the team back after halftime. He would have been just as bad in the first half against the Ravens D. Wouldn’t have thrown the INT but would have taken a sack on the last play of the game and not scored a rushing TD. WE would have the same result. A loss. The read option helped defeat Atlanta because they weren’t ready to defend it and Alex wouldn’t have run that offense and could he have brought the team back after the vaunted defense gave up 17 pts. Nor would he have beat the packers that season with 181 rushing yards.?

          Yes he’s terrible now but he helped win those games in ways Alex couldn’t.

          1. The team wouldn’t have been down at halftime. Or did you forget that Kaep was playing like crap in the first half?

              1. More posting without research. The defense did him several favors, but Kaepernick returned a few himself….

        3. I agree Fan. I truly feel sorry for Tomsula but how do you blame a guy for trying. He’s been trying all his life. A true work hard get rewarded for it type story. Problem is the NFL is a ruthless business. He is taking heat but only because his boss has an ego and his competence stops at coaching defensive linemen.
          Nobody really wanted to come work for him because the GM and his inexperience. But to me, York will be forced to hire some credible football personnel after this season. Otherwise fans will not attend games and he can’t be the lesser team in the Bayarea.

        4. So if you were building a team you’d start with JT as head coach Fan? Quit making the same excuses for Alex that people make here for Kap.

          1. When Smith got hurt, the team was 6-2. He had passed 18-19 in the AZ game. He was playing well.
            We don’t know how he would have done. We do know how Kaep did. He choked! He’s never made a game winning type throw. Maybe a few runs but when it comes to a throw, name one that he completed to win the game as a score. Smith did it.

            All you Kaep lovers are running for the hills and making excuses for the guy.

            To answer your question, I wouldn’t hire JT. I would get rid of all of them because it’s obvious the plan does not work.

            I would start a bucket of nails of Kaep right now at QB. Because a bucket of nails can at least poke an eye or something.

        5. Fan77,
          That is purely speculative and hypothetical thinking. What makes you think that Alex could have won a Superbowl?
          I could counter by saying that there is a good chance that Smith wouldn’t even get us to the Superbowl.

          Kaep circa 2012 was doing things that Smith was unable to do. He was a deadly runner as well as a very respectable passer. Defenses were not ready for CK’ running and passing assault in 2012.
          I agree with MD, it was our defense that put us in a catch-up situation in the Superbowl, and even with that, Kaep was one bad pass away from bringing home a championship.

          Now, what has happened to CK since then is as Prime noted, that defenses have caught up with him.
          While there is truth to that assessment, there is also truth that Kaep is playing behind a miserable O-line and a coaching philosophy that wants him to be himself – which is tantamount to saying we have no game plan.

          I think that you are speaking of CK present vs CK 2012 when saying Smith could have won a Superbowl. And yes, I would agree that CK 2015 does not get close to a SB. But since you invoked the name of Alex Smith it’s safe to say that if Smith was here, that he wouldn’t get close to a SB either.
          See Fan, it takes an all around great team to get to the Superbowl.

          1. AES,

            I’ve been having this same argument with Fan for 3 years now and he refuses to accept that Kap did anything well at any time. He’s at fault for everything and it goes back to Alex Smith getting benched and ultimately traded. He still isn’t over it which is why he brings up Alex repeatedly in comparison.

            1. Which begs the question, why do you guys even bother? I don’t even read his posts anymore. Waste of my time.

              1. If read my posts, then you wouldn’t in this sorrowful fetus position over how much Kaep sucks. and has set the team back.

              2. Grimey,

                At this point I honestly don’t know why I bother. I think it’s probably because I hate being portrayed as saying something I haven’t and feel a need to defend my position.

            2. Rocket,
              For three years you’ve been wrong and you just won’t admit it. You won’t admit that Smith did some things well. End of the day you don’t get gold stars and rainbows for effort. It’s the NFL. You either win, or you lose. Smith didn’t get it done. Neither did Kaep.

              Time to give Gabbert a try.

              Every argument you’ve had with Prime and I, you fail to see the fact that Kaep is nothing more then a gimmick QB.

              1. Fan,

                Tell me exactly what I was wrong about. I want to know if you even have a clue what this debate is about anymore or if you have gone full straw man.

                To say I’ve never admitted Smith did some things well is a joke. I supported Smith while he was the starter here against the same kind of ignorant attacks you throw out against Kap.

              2. Rocket,
                It’s a long list, but for starters I TOLD YOU that Kaep can’t read defenses, doesn’t ever run the play and would scramble, is inconsistent and incubates, is not mentally tough, fumbled on the one yard line, has a long release.

                Said that last year, said that in the beginning of this year. You think that these stretch of games is the anomaly but it’s the norm. Yes he’s done a few things well, made some plays and throws, but his inability to do the other things that all the other QBS can do is a detriment to the team.

                But it really is all in the past. Let’s agree to disagree and move on,

                Kaep wasn’t the answer. Nothing will change that fact. Now the team is going to suck for the foreseeable future. They’re stuck with him for the time being not because he’s good or he will turn it around, but because they have no options. And that’s a horrible position to be in.

                They should start the water boy. Adam Sandler.

              3. Rocket you were wrong in thinking #7 could become something he isn’t. A franchise QB. A lot of people got blinded by his athleticism thinking that would be the start of the making of a quality QB. Big arm, fast. But as NFL history clearly indicates, reading defenses, touch, accuracy and intelligence are way more important. I said it after the MNF game against the Bears and people laughed. Well, I don’t see those CK lovers laughing now.

              4. It’s a long list, but for starters I TOLD YOU that Kaep can’t read defenses, doesn’t ever run the play and would scramble, is inconsistent and incubates, is not mentally tough, fumbled on the one yard line, has a long release.

                Ok so this is what you said and the response is and was:

                He can read defenses. This is not even debatable because he’s done it and it’s been documented. He can also go through progressions. Again it has been documented and articles have been written about it. You seem to confuse his inconsistency with not being able to do it at all and that is why I call you on it every time you say it. You make blanket statements that he can’t do something instead of saying he doesn’t do it consistently enough. That is the difference. What does fumbling on the one yard line have to do with any of this?

                I have mentioned his inconsistency quite often. I’ve also mentioned his need to improve as a pocket QB to take the next step. There has been no apologies made for Kap by me. All I have said from day one about him is that he was extremely talented and was winning while learning how to play the position at this level. You need to give players a chance to develop, especially one as raw as Kap was coming out of College. It doesn’t always work out and it may not with Kap, but if a player plays as well as he did, with the talent he has, you owe it to yourself to see how far he can go, and that is why they’ve stuck with him. There is nothing wrong with my thought process her. I see no way anyone can say it was wrong to try to develop Colin Kaepernick.

                Said that last year, said that in the beginning of this year. You think that these stretch of games is the anomaly but it’s the norm.

                The way he’s played the past two weeks is not the norm and if it was he wouldn’t be here right now. You still can’t look at this without having an extreme viewpoint. The truth is and always has been, that he’s an inconsistent player. Unfortunately it’s now gotten to the point that he’s doubting himself and the performance is terrible, but this wasn’t the norm. All you have to do is look at each game he’s played and you see good performances mixed with bad performances. He’s up and down, which isn’t good, but it also isn’t indicative of a guy who can’t play at all. You just can’t accept that and it’s why your opinion is wrong and you continue to get called on it by me and others.

                Yes he’s done a few things well, made some plays and throws, but his inability to do the other things that all the other QBS can do is a detriment to the team.

                I don’t disagree with this. In order to be consistent and effective at the NFL level he has to be better in the pocket than he is. He hasn’t been able to get over that hurdle and it does hurt the team no question about it. I’ve never said anything different.

                But it really is all in the past. Let’s agree to disagree and move on,

                Kaep wasn’t the answer. Nothing will change that fact. Now the team is going to suck for the foreseeable future. They’re stuck with him for the time being not because he’s good or he will turn it around, but because they have no options. And that’s a horrible position to be in.

                I don’t know if that’s possible but sure we can try. The team is in trouble no doubt, and again I agree that they are in a bad spot because they haven’t drafted any QB’s or brought in anybody who could truly compete for a starting role.

                They should start the water boy. Adam Sandler.

                At least he’d knock some people out.

              5. Prime,

                I don’t think I ever said Kap would be a franchise QB, but I sure hoped he could. I’ll wear that hat.

              6. Fan I totally agree with you. Rocket just can’t accept that his boy Kaepernick sucks! What’s so unbelievable Kaepernick fan boys is in denial the he already reach his ceiling and he will bring the 49ers franchise down the tube with him.

          2. AES,
            it is purely speculative. My point was he was not that bad, and the teams they faced for the playoff run was maybe not as tough as the Giants.
            I don’t think the league saw a player like Kaep before. While Alex Smith couldn’t do some of the things Kaep can do, but Kaep can’t even do the normal things, which is what we are seeing now.

            The point is Kaep was a step backwards not forwards.

            1. Fan77,
              Your argument was that Alex could have won the SB, not that Smith was not that bad as you now state.

              Although my comment that the team would not even make it to the SB with Alex as starter was also speculative, I based that on what Kap did in the 2012 season that Smith was not able to do. But that too, falls in the hypothetical category as did your comment.

              The fact remains, that it was Kap playing in the Superbowl game (even when Alex was still on the team) and that it was CK that brought the ream back from a big deficit and only fell short by one pass from winning out.
              Would you agree with that?

  22. One of my fears is that they will fire Tomsula near the end of the season and promote Chryst or Mangini to interim coach and the team will win a few meaningless games and the interim will butter up York/Baalke and, after a nation wide search, they will hire the interim as the next Head Coach or the niners. (And he will come cheap)

    1. Something tells me you know how this scenario pans out…… hmmmm… Jed…. Jed…. get off that computer, Mummy wants you to finish the dishes…..

  23. While it is easy to trash the OC when the offense isn’t moving the ball, it is plays like the one outlined in this article that gets coaches fired.


    How do you fix the red zone issues? Easy, find the open receiver quickly (and there was a few to choose from on this occasion) rather than waiting too long and letting the pass rush get you for the sack.

    I’m not defending Chryst, as I think his offense is too easy for the defense to figure out and too conservative, but Kaep has been the biggest weakness of the 49ers offense the past two weeks.

      1. Yes, I would. And I’d look to make some changes on the OL. Shift Boone back to RG, bring Thomas into LG, and potentially even replace Martin with Easton (though maybe not this week if they are also moving Boone over).

          1. No. I think both Kaep and the OL are both playing poorly. Its not just a case of Kaep making the OL look bad or vice versa. Both need a shake up.

        1. Baalke really let the team down by not signing Mathis. He had a rough first game but has been solid since and is +3.7 overall from PFF on the season. Having him and Staley on the left with Boone back in the right guard position wouldn’t have fixed the line but it would have made it considerably better then it is.

          1. Yes, I agree to a point. That was a great chance to sign an excellent OL for relatively cheap.

            However, I think Mathis was never going to sign for the 49ers. He has said a few times he only wanted to sign with a contender, and so I doubt he saw the 49ers as a team he wanted to play for.

          1. I disagree Razor. Putting in Gabbert and sitting Kaepernick could snap Kaepernick out od his funk. It would also be an opportunity to concentrate the heat on the main culprits: Jed York and the front office.

            1. I like the idea of forcing Kaepernick to work his way through the adversity rather than surrender to it four games in….

              1. I would make it competitive. Kaep should start, and as long as they score, he should play. If they punt, Gabbert should get a series, and play until they punt again. Then Kaep should go in. This way, there will be a huge incentive to score, and Kaep can still play, but also learn and watch from the side line when Gabbert is in.

              2. But at what point do you stop Razor? He’s currently scared to throw into coverage, his accuracy looks to be getting worse, his overall confidence is shot, and his own receivers are getting frustrated at him. So when do you stop letting him work through it? When he has lost the faith of everyone on the offensive side of the ball? No, it’d be best for all parties (not including York, Baalke, and the coaching staff) if Kaepernick sat at least one game. And who knows, it could be just the thing needed to turn him around.

              3. Benching him will do wonders for his confidence. Either he fights his way through it or he fails and then you bench him and prepare to move on. I don’t think you can win more than two games if you want Goff, and then I’d advise to sit him for at least a year, while you rebuild the offensive line. I’d also advise bringing in a proven, professional offensive mind to run the offense….

              4. I’m not talking about benching him Razor; I’m just saying that he sits for a game or two.
                I know that a lot of fans on here are clamoring for Jared Goff, but they’re only kidding with themselves if they believe that he is the missing piece. In reality, we have other key issues that will also need to be addressed and they are:

                -#1 CB
                -#2 WR
                -speed at RB

              5. Mid,

                There is a reason why Tomsula will not sit Kap until absolutely forced too: he needs to win games. He’s not thinking about next year and beyond, he’s thinking right now and trying to figure out how to win a football game. If he sits Kap now he is starting a guy he obviously doesn’t trust (Gabbert) and is hoping for the best.

                I don’t disagree that Kap probably needs a mental reset at this point as his play has deteriorated badly the past two weeks, but as a HC I don’t know that Tomsula has much of a choice other than to keep trying to help Kap snap out of it and try to get things rolling. If Kap continues to play this poorly he will have no choice eventually, but my guess is they will give Kap every chance to play his way out of it because they don’t have any other viable option.

              6. If he sits Kap now he is starting a guy he obviously doesn’t trust (Gabbert) and is hoping for the best.

                That could work out in the short term though. Give Kaep some time to get the cobwebs out of his head and maybe allow for the team to finish respectably. Not sitting Kaep could meanwhile result in Tomsula losing the locker room and a quicker for him and the rest of the coaching staff.
                I’m not against having Kaepernick play against the Giants, but if he struggles against them, then he needs to take a seat for a game or two.

              7. There’s no doubt it’s a fine line and I agree they can’t continue to let him play if he does as poorly as he has the past two weeks. It’s a tough situation because they really don’t have a truly viable option behind him. It would be easy if they were going to a young QB they wanted to develop for the future, but they have a journeyman they don’t see as anything more than a stop gap to somebody else I would imagine, so it’s not an easy decision to make.

              8. Rocket, the only thing I disagree with you on is your point that Tomsula doesn’t trust Gabbert and the team has no viable option behind Kaep. I say I disagree, but do so knowing you most likely are correct. But until he is given a shot, we don’t know for certain that his time as the backup hasn’t helped him improve and become a serviceable option.

                It may be that he is now a QB that can run an offense for a game here and there and do enough to win a game (or not lose a game) if the D and running game play well. At this point that would be an upgrade over Kaep.

              9. Scooter,

                I admit I’m being close minded on Gabbert and we don’t know for sure until he plays that is correct, but he was so bad in Jax, and not just fundamentally but as far as having the courage to stand in there, I highly doubt he’s a real option. I remember watching him pull a Jim Everett and go down for a sack without being touched, and I just lost all respect for him. That could be tainting my view, but he just doesn’t have the balls for it from what I saw in Jax.

              10. If Kaep keeps throwing the ball at their feet and 20 yards out of bounds, he is hurting the team. I would not bench him and not play him, but I would think that a little competition may be a huge incentive to perform better. Kaep is already shell shocked, so making him start just puts a ton more pressure on his shoulders.

            2. I would give Gabbert a chance as well. But not until after the NY game if Kap continues to falter.
              I absolutely agree that Kap doesn’t have his head right at the moment and he needs to step back to hopefully ignite a fire in him.

              Also, if for some reason the team begins to rally around Gabbert there is a possibility that it’s early enough to salvage a semblance of respect for the remainder of the season.
              But having said that, are we willing to win 4-5 games with a Gabbert revival that could put us out of the Jarred Goff sweepstakes?

              This team got bad at several positions real fast. Gabbert at QB is not going to conquer all of this teams ill’s but with our division still up for grabs, we could still make some noise if Gabbert can garner some wins.

              1. There’s too many holes elsewhere on the team to even consider going after Goff AES. The team needs to spend its first round pick on the OL and take a QB in either the second or third round.

              2. JYTD/Mid,
                Yes, this team needs a mass transfusion but drafting a stud O-line (although much cheaper than QB) is not a slam-dunk either.
                This is a good read: By Alex Sinclair @AlexSinclairNFL on May 26, 2015, 7:25am.

                Here is a look of the last ten years of O-lineman that have been picked no higher than the 3rd round by the 49ers:
                2005 – David Bass … 2nd rd (average to good, better w/NYG)
                2006 – None
                2007 – Joe Staley… 1st rd (great pick)
                2008 – C. Rachal… 2nd (whiff)
                2009 – None
                2010 – A.Davis & M.Iupati … both 1st rd picks (very good selections)
                2011 – None
                2012 – None
                2013 – None
                2014 – M.Martin… 3rd rd (candidate for bench when Kilgore returns)
                2015 – None… Silberman 6th, T.Brown 7th rd pick (poor foresight picks by Baalke going after O-lineman this late).

                Joe Staley has remained the lone stalwart of a once great O-line. Sure, a stud O-lineman chosen high in 2016 is in order but the chance of him being the next Eric Fisher scares me.
                But unfortunately, because of huge holes on the O-line we may not have any options but to go with a 1-2nd rd O-lineman in the draft come 2016.

  24. All good points fellas and I guess if Tomsula does not make any personnel changes this week, like for example the changes close to what Scooter suggested, then he really is a puppet coach!
    Maybe Gabbert doesnt start this week but almost certainly there has to be a change along the oline.

    1. Definitely.

      My expectation is that Kaep will remain at QB (though I think he would be best served being sat at this point), but there will be a change or two along the OL this week.

      The only thing that makes me think that perhaps Kaep will be better this week is the analysis of his passer rating outlined in an article at ninersnation last week, which showed he typically backed up a terrible day (e.g. vs Cards) with another bad performance, but after that he usually improved again for a few weeks.


      The thing that has me thinking he will continue to struggle this time is that, while improving each week, last time this happened (last season) he took a few weeks to get back to a high passer rating, which also coincided with him having a porous OL in front of him.

    2. It all makes sense, Prime and has since the Steelers game. Yet we’ve seen no substantive changes. I’m not holding my breath.

    1. What would you do with Bowman next season if he continues to play the way he has been all season? He’s still the 49ers best ILB, but that’s not saying much. Its a lot of money invested in a player that is no longer playing at a high level.

      Mangini looked like he knew what he was doing this week, but I’d like to see his D consistently hold opponents in check before I say he’s doing a good job.

        1. Is there any team that would be willing to take up his price tag? He’s paid like an elite ILB. I don’t think anybody could honestly say he’s an elite ILB at the moment. Unless he improves quite a bit over the remainder of the season I’d be surprised if any team would want to pay him what he’s currently on.

          1. The “I would trade him” ploy fits with the “anyone would be better” ploy. Trading a big contract needs big talent and still may not pay off sufficiently to justify the buyer’s cost. Look at the Seahawks record with their last two big contract trades.

            1. That would be my ideal scenario, razor. If at the end of the season he’s still not playing at a level he used to, see if he’s open to a pay cut.

        2. Trade our best defensive player who is still working his way through a devastating injury, but let our current QB work through his problems that a highschool player deals with. Yeah, ok!

    1. One thing in all of these discussions that makes me chuckle is when people say Kaepernick has regressed. Kaepernick has been the same QB this year that he was last and the seasons before that. This level of play is why those of us that have been calling out his mediocrity have been doing so for quite awhile now. He hasn’t regressed, he’s never been a good QB.

      1. From the Bleacher Report:

        Eventually, the topic of backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert and whether he should start will come up and possibly become a legitimate option.

        Gabbert is a former top-10 overall pick who displayed his own problems during his time as a starter for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but it would be foolhardy of the 49ers not to explore all of their options if Kaepernick continues to play at such an alarmingly awful level.

      2. CFC,

        No he isn’t the same at all, especially between the ears. He hasn’t progressed as a pocket QB, but he was a pretty confident player who could make plays even last season. Now he’s unable to throw a 10 yard pass without over thinking it. This is a guy who is playing with no confidence right now.

        1. Nearest venue with GA tickets for me Rocket is United Center in Chicago on April 6th 2016 for Iron Maiden if interested in meeting up with me and my wife and her friend. Tickets go on sale October 10, this Saturday. Peace….

          1. I’d love to Razor and won’t say no outright, but it could be difficult to be in Chicago at that time. We’ll see.

  25. Grant, could you rewrite the answers in proper English as opposed to how he actually said it….. It’s painful to read with the uhmmm’s, the I mean’s, the half spoken sentences that get checked and go another way…….. it makes him sound like a bumbling fool which I’m sure he’s not…..

    1. Do not listen to Bangkok,

      We fans like to know all when it comes to our Niners to formulate opinions on this site.
      Thank you.

  26. Does anybody know if Tomsula farted, burped, had a tummy ache, a headache, eyes hurt, or smelled bad in the press conference, or was some reporter eating tuna that Eric Branch so kindly didn’t report on the other left wing newspaper?

  27. Quinton Patton translation: Well, uh, snort, yeah he like took a hit, had a concussion, we did the protocol thing, didn’t have any money to pay off the guy to put Quinton back out there as Kap really looked great trying to get him the ball, even though the D was zeroing in on him. Uh, look out there, I gotta pass some gas before I get to the next question, had a taco from Taco Bell there before I got here for muh snack, yeah, snort.

      1. They said on the broadcast that the squawks recovered all 11 of Wilson’s fumbles last year. Lucky team, even this game, getting away with the illegal bat in the end zone. They’re a flawed team.

  28. Another controversial call in Seattle. The ball punched out of C.Johnson’ hands at the goal line by Chancellor and than batted out of bounds by a seahag LB Wright should have been a penalty and given back to Detroit at the 1 yrd line.
    No beuno refs.

    1. Ha, ha, Razor! This was my first thought this morning when I heard of his firing. 9-year Packer coach – preceded McCarthy.OL line background — would be very good for Niners. But I don’t think Baalke would not hire him — he’s not from the ground-and-pound Parcells school. Even if Baalke wanted him, I don’t think Philbin would come here.

  29. Hey Mathews ck isn’t Wilson he throws picks not fumbles. 1 td so far. This guy isn’t anything to brag about either. He is highly overrated and hyped.
    And of course the refs were tying their shoes to that illegally batted ball.

    1. That guy wasn’t saying anything when CK was embarrassing him and his defense in the previous three games they played. Staley should have knocked his head off when he pulled that cheap shot on CK in the opening game of the 2013 season.

      1. Ricardo,
        Agreed. Kaep should have been shouting to Matthews when he was running by him, “you ain’t no Patrick Willis, bro!”

    1. Fan77,
      I have pointed to CK’ flaws. When have I made excuses? But while you relentlessly target one player without seeing the big picture is your problem not mine.

      Kaepernick: BAD
      O-line: BAD
      Defense: more BAD than good.
      Special Teams: BAD (Pinnion inconsistent and Ellington running a kickoff from 9 yrds deep in the endzone.
      Coaching: BAD
      Ownership: BAD
      GM: BAD
      Stadium: BAD (friend who is a season ticket holder compares it to a microwave oven on hot days).

      Hey, but let’s blame it all on Kaep, right Fan?

  30. Geep has not impressed. He was warned that Pittsburg was going to stack the box and take away the run. How to counter that? Spread them wide with 4 receiver sets, then gash them up the middle, or throw quick passes to the playmakers. How did Geep respond? He did the exact same game plan as the Viking game.
    Against the Cards, he totally forgot that Iupati gave them intel on Niner offensive tendencies so they jumped routes for a rout.
    GB stacked the box , went man on man and dared Kaep to pass. No wide formations all game allowed GB to hold Hyde to 20 yards.
    Geep needs to make the proper adjustments. The O line must be changed. The Niners need to be less predictable, and more innovative. Laterals. reverses, even the flea flicker. Put a TE in motion so he can get a running start to pinch in the DE so Kaep can roll out.
    Geep should stop doing the same thing over and over, and expect a different result.

    1. I get it. The 49ers need to get better. Geep, JimT, Baalke, and Jed are just lazy dumb teenagers who don’t listen.

      Actually, who’s there who could get it?

      1. I thought Logan, but he had that bludgeoned look on his face like Singletary did when things did not go well.
        Geez, Logan did not coach Kaep to at least throw the pass into the end zone instead of taking a sack on 4th down. SMH.

  31. To show I have a heart, I cried for Kaep last night.I was listening to Ann Killion on KNBR, and although she never like Kaep either and didn’t think he was that good, the FO did nothing to help him get better this year. Brent Jones said the same thing. He doesn’t have a brilliant offensive genius to help him learn how to be a better QB. He has to go to Kurt Warner, who is a QB but not a coach.
    Kaep is basically made to be the fall guy,the patsy, with all his bad mechanics.

    It’s partially Harbaugh’s fault for bringing him in too early. They thought he had something, hid him behind the read/option and use his athleticism. Now no teams fear Kaep’s ability to pass it accuracy, and modern defenses are too smart and know how to take away your strengths.

    Basically he’s screwed, we’re screwed.

    1. Packers played no deep safety most of the game.

      Quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s four-interception performance against Arizona had a noticeable carry-over effect to Sunday’s game against the Packers. His confidence was clearly shaken. Despite going up against man coverage and no deep safety for most of the game, Kaepernick was reluctant to challenge Green Bay’s secondary. He said he intentionally threw several passes out of bounds to reduce the risk of turnovers. “I’m not just going to throw a ball into coverage,” he said. “I’m going to protect the throws myself so we can protect the ball as an offense.” Tomsula maintains that Kaepernick, not backup Blaine

        1. Somewhere Montana and Rice are thinking, I’d sure like to play in this advanced era where the box constantly has 9-10 men in it, with Walsh designing the pass plays.

          1. Montana probably also thinks, if defenses breathed on Jerry Rice now a days, instead of the Bill Parcells hold, Rice’s records would be even larger.

            1. Somewhere Montana’s saying give me those teams Kap rode to the NFC Championships and Superbowl and we have a few more trophies

              1. Somewhere Brady and Rodgers are saying the same thing. Oh my bad, they already have SB rings.
                Nice whiff from the FO not having the foresight to see talent in their own backyard, right?

  32. Changes I would make, this season is a washout.

    1. The center position – this position is the most important position on the O line and had reared its ugly head last year and yet the Niners did nothing about it till beginning of this season.

    2. I would immediately bring in Dylan Thompson from the practice squad let him get reps when the game gets out of hand.

    3. I would make Dawson inactive till the red zone woes are fixed. This has been a problem for years now. Sounds stupid but field goals for the most part are failures of the offense.

    4. I would give CK one more game, if no significant improvement then Gabbert becomes the man.

    5. I would get Armstead playing every defensive down to gain experience.

    6. I would bench players who make stupid penalties like Wilhoite or who drop passes like McDonald.

    7. I would start the rookies on the OL, once again to gain experience.

    My optimism has been squelched by the events of the last three games. Losing is one thing but losing like the Niners have does not promote optimism. My thinking is get the youngsters playing time and see what we got. The season is a washout – nothing ventured nothing gained. If were going to lose lets get some benefit from the loses, like experience for the younsteers. Go Niners……

    1. undercenter,
      I like your idea, but I would give it a few more games. Hard to believe the way we are still within striking distance in our division. Seattle doesn’t look to be the runaway division winner this season. The Cards are one Palmer injury away from fading into the Arizona sunset.
      The Rams are good, but Foles can be rattled from his rhythm after a couple of hits.

      I’m not sure if we can right the ship because it looks like this ship has already sunk, but crazier things have happened. If we are out of the playoff picture by the half way point of the season, then I’m for bringing in some young blood.
      Just not ready to do that right now because that would be tantamount to throwing-in-the-towel.

      Sure, a few changes are in order but because there are suddenly so many issues on the team it would be difficult to make wholesale changes this early in the season – at least in my opinion.

      1. AES

        I am sorry my friend, but the only thing that we’re within striking distance of, is a permanent berth in the basement.. Now, we’ve been there before, and it takes a long time getting out…I’m 73 years old, and won’t have the time to stand and watch. Do you have a bet that says Kaepernick will retire from the niners ? If so, call it in, and let the team move on without him. Despite the moanings and groanings of about 8 bloggers, we have all tired of our team getting older game by game, but not getting BETTER. Take a chance…try something (someone) new…or continue doing the same thing and expect a different result….Was it really Einstein….? INSANITY !

        1. OREGON,
          How ya doing bud!
          Yup hard times in 49er country these days, and like you, I’m beginning to think that it will be a long time before we see another winner.

          And yes, Kaep is spiraling downward like an injured duck, but my contention is that it’s going to take much more than another QB to right the ship.

          Targeting one player while virtually ignoring the glaring issues from ownership to the poor play in all facets of the team is ludicrous.
          How about taking a fair view when wanting to see players benched by targeting other players like Devey, Pears, VMac, throw in VD as well. Btw, Boldin is looking old these days.

          Brooks has been more of a miss than hit so far. Reid is looking more like a rookie than a 1st rd pick. Acker has been more of a liability than an upgrade and Pinnion has not made anybody forget about Andy Lee.

          The coaching is incompetent at best. Running out of a pistol formation from the 1 yrd line is pure insanity.

          Not drafting a high O-line stud in this past draft was inexcusable and will likely hurt this team for a few years down the road more so than Kap may.
          OREGON, I guess my ire is that this whole organization is in a terrible tailspin. Kaep does not get off the hook from me in any way shape or form, I just want to make sure that we don’t see the forest because of the trees.

    2. Good ideas UC.
      I agree with all of them, including giving Kap exactly one more week.
      I believe the Giants are beatable.
      If we lay another rotten egg, blow the whole thing up and start from scratch, position by position.

    1. That’s a strong indication that Baalke will be here along with his stocking of picks, mediocre picks, and players with ACL injuries.

  33. Kap needs to sit and not just for 1 game but for the remainder of the season. He strongly reminds me of Jim Plunkett in the mid 70’s his confidence is shot he is mentally destroyed. You don’t come back from that by sitting a few games it might take a couple of years if at all.
    Jed York is not cheap thats not why the team is losing, he is incompetent like his uncle was when he bought the team after the 1976 season. Eddie D. brought in Joe Thomas as his GM and he destroyed a winning team. It wasn’t untill Eddie hired John McVay who then hired Walsh that the team eventually turned around. Jed needs his own John McVay I just don’t know if he has anyone to lean on. Eddie leaned heavily on Al Davis. I don’t believe that Jed can lean on Eddie he has been out of the game too long. I feel the same way about Shannahan and Holmgren the game has passed them bye. imho

    1. All good points. But particularly I could not agree more on this point:
      “Jed needs his own John McVay I just don’t know if he has anyone to lean on.”

      If the immature Jed had a McVay around, Harbaugh would still be here, IMO.

      Do you think Tom Gamble could play that role to some extent?

      The Yorks took the Parcells route, probably because wanted to take the Niners away from the dominant Walsh roots. If they have not completely alienated Holmgren and Shanahan, perhaps they could bring them in as consultants to help compile a short-list for the next GM.

      After Baalke’s mishandling of the O line situation overall, I have no faith in him to successfully draft key pieces of the next offense (post-Vernon, post-Boldin, post-Staley…).

    1. I was just about to post this news Grimey. 49ERS waive C Nick Easton, acquired from the Ravens for a conditional 7th round pick. Easton ranked #1 per PFF for NFL Centers, during the preseason. Apparently the Niners have an overabundance of talent at the Center position, lol. WTF Baalke?

      1. Kilgore might be progressing but he still can’t come back until after week 6. Currently Silberman is the backup center and he was rolling snaps back to the QB in preseason. Hopefully this means they’re promoting Tiller to the 53 and not signing Haralson or Pryor.

  34. To kinda put things in perspective for us long time 49er fans, its not piling on and blaming Colin Kaepernick for what ails this franchise. That is in due part to management and ownership.
    I think why this blog has always bombarded the QB position as the be all, end all is because of the past QB’s that have played for the franchise. Expectations are very high and if Jed York who preaches that 49er history is significant, then he needs to do everything he can to bring in and develop a winning QB.
    Now that has to start with someone who can draft quality players. I think a new GM is needed as well as a coach with offensive mind. No more defensive minded head coaches without a legit offensive coordinator. You would think we learnt our lesson.

    1. FDM,

      There’s a lot of truth to what you’re saying. The QB scrutiny comes with the job, as does criticism of every facet of the organization when we see a stretch of poor play. The biggest problem I have with this whole thing is Jed thinks he knows more than he does and his behavior and decisions have reflected that and, now harmed this team for the present and possibly long term future.

      I’m not sure what to think about Baalke because for the past four years we’ve viewed this team as a SB contender and there were a lot of quality vets lost in one offseason. If we are being truly honest and ask ourselves if any team could overcome the offseason this team had, I think the answer is no. On the other hand, would every other team look as bad as the Niners have? I think the answer to that is also no. So where does that leave Baalke? My guess is he’s not going anywhere, at least for another season at least because he’s got the massive turnover excuse to lean on. What does need to happen however is a complete review and possible overhaul of the Coaching staff if the season ends as poorly as it has begun. I see no way they can go into next season with the status quo if this team finishes with a 2-3 win record.

      1. You access Baalke by the talent he acquires. 3 failed drafts in 4 years. You access him by the talent he hires. Tomsula. You weigh the negatives and the positives and that is how you access Baalke.
        You’re going to find continued difficulty hiding him behind 1 draft.

      2. I think Baalke will be around unless Jed gets busy soon looking for his replacement. I doubt he has the connections in the league, and he’s become very dependent on Baalke. If Niners draft a QB in the first round next draft, I don’t think I’d trust Baalke with making that decision.

        1. Agree in total. Like you I’ve thought of Gamble as a potential new advisor – but like I said in one of my first posts last year, the front/executive office has very few individuals with actual football knowledge and experience.

      3. rocket,
        If your coaching change (if team continues to play poorly) scenario at the end of the season takes place, does Kap stay or go?

  35. Worst run-blocking teams in the league after 4 weeks. Highest % of runs with backfield contact after Wk4:
    1. PHI: 42.7%
    2. SL: 37.1%
    3. DET: 32.3%
    4. SF: 28.6%
    5. ATL: 27.5%

  36. From Maiocco:

    “After all, once Kaepernick is demoted to the sideline in favor of Gabbert, it’s a foreshadowing that the organization’s offseason decision has already been made.”

    1. Right now, it’s an organizational death spiral accelerated by paralysis — Kap won’t be pulled as Maiocco stated, Tomsula is not excited about tinkering with the line-up, offensive coaches have depleted their ideas for potential fixes, the O linemen who are not playing are apparently worse than the ones who are playing, Kap has retreated into a defense shell and won’t take any risk on throws, the receivers are not getting the ball to show what they can do, the RBs are getting hit in the backfield and the TE’s as a group are playing at a level well below mediocre. Bad news all around….

      1. I’m not talking demotion Razor. I’m just talking about a game or two so that Kaepernick can clear his head a little.

  37. The line play is bad, but not impossible to overcome. Steve Young played behind a terrible line. What did he do? He got sacked. A lot. Then he figured out to release the ball quickly. Jeff Garcia played behind a terrible line. Kurt Warner had possibly the worst line of those mentioned. His was the fastest release.
    Bad line play is part of football. Adapt and overcome or get a job like Gabbert. We are all amazing coaches in our own minds. I am sure that Tomsula knows exactly where the breakdown is and has an answer that addresses it. It is a whole other problem getting players to perform their jobs. He (and I really hate his promotion) doesn’t throw the ball or block for the QB. There is a talent deficiency on this team. All they can do is compete with what they have.
    Responsibility falls to T Baalke to acquire talent. Perhaps his daughter can shop for some real talent.

    1. Good point, TedW. Last year he threw behind receivers, threw into the ground, etc. What may be different now is his four INT nightmare in Arizona. Now he’s gun shy. Kind of back to pre-Harbaugh Alex Smith. For a fan, watching our offense is torture. People blame the line — justifiably — but, really, it’s Kaep.

      1. Not sure he has to shoulder all the blame. Afterall, he was the one who sought out help on his own. It was the current GM/Coaching staff’s decision not to tutor him in a pro style offense, and intead put the offensive emphasis on making him feel relaxed….

        1. I didn’t mean to suggest I think it’s all on him. Your points are good ones. But when it comes down to it, I think the game is too fast for him and also that he doesn’t handle pressure that well. (I’m talking about what’s required for the position.) These are qualities that can’t be coached. When the line protects him better (to look at it another way, when the opposing defense is weaker), he has more time to process and make plays. But we’re in a very tough division, and he’s the worst QB. Do you think we’ll do better than dead last in the West?

          1. I’m not putting all of the blame on Kap either, The game is won and lost at the line of scrimmage but even when he has time he’s very inaccurate, Sit him and let him think about it a little, competition is a good thing.

    1. Yes, LB is a big concern. It seems like taking even more risk with draft picks might be needed in order to right the ship over the next one to two seasons since there will be a number of positions that need upgrades.

  38. Ian Williams indicated Mangini simplified the defense for the “Packer game, which “helped the guys play faster.”

    We’ve heard this for years. A regular contributor here called it before the start of the season.

    Step 1 – The new defensive coordinator installs a complicated scheme.
    Step 2 – Defenders play less instinctively, “thinking too much.” They run like they have lead shoes. Assignments are blown.
    Step 3 – The new DC rolls out a simplified scheme.
    Step 4 – The defense plays much faster. Its like a breath of fresh air. Players praise the simpler scheme.

    Sometimes there’s a step 5. Offenses start figuring out the simplified defense. The new DC adds to the scheme. The wheel keeps turning.

  39. 1) It’s Jimmy Raye’s fault
    2) It’s Singletary’s fault
    3) It’s Greg Roman’s fault
    4), 5) & 6) It’s Alex Smith’s fault
    7) We want Carr
    8) It’s Greg Roman’s fault, still
    9) It’s Kaep’s fault (shut up! Kaep has a ton of upside!)
    10) It’s the OL’s fault

    I want Blaine. Fire Chryst. Our OL sucks.

    I agree with the poster who said “Rinse, Wash, Repeat”

    1. Lmfao! “We want Carr! We want Carr! We want Carr!” I’ll never forget that moment. Even Carr was embarrassed on the sidelines. I feel like fans are close to that now. Do fans that go to Levi’s Stadium even get rowdy? That place will be empty towards the end of the season if this keeps up.

  40. Maiocco has requested an interview with York and doesn’t believe it will happen. Ha! So much for accountability….

  41. From Maiocco’s chat:

    @Os Do you think Kap has any trade value this offseason?

    MM: Zero. If the 49ers aren’t willing to pay him his scheduled salary and want to get out from his contract, why would any other team jump in there and be willing to pay him $14.3 million in salary and bonuses.

  42. Some really good stuff from Dilfer in here:


    Teams are confusing him by changing formations after the snap which takes a long time to understand and master, especially for a guy who isn’t comfortable in the pocket to begin.with. Then there is the pressure coming up the middle quickly along with the fact he doesn’t trust his throws and is now aiming instead of throwing. He’s pretty screwed up right now.

    I agree with his thoughts on Gabbert too.

    1. The more I hear and the more I read, the more I think that the loss of Harbaugh and staff is really devastating to our team (much more than I originally realized). It looks more and more like they propped up Kap and made him a passable NFL QB.

      I’ve always known that coaching is important (and I’m including strategic planning and game planning), but now I have a new appreciation for it.

      I was one of those calling loudly for Roman’s ouster, but now given the current situation, I think I may have been wrong. Here’s what Maiocco said in his chat today:

      @707AllDay Hi Matt, thanks for the chat. I liked your article about how Greg Roman was not the ‘problem’ with the ninters offense last year. From my understanding, the offensive play calling duties were distributed between Roman (running plays), Chryst (Red Zone), and Curry (passing plays).. With Chryst taking over full time, it would make sense that the offense would take a step backward (especially with a compromised O-line). Agree?

      MM: The decision-makers thought things were too complex under Greg Roman. Now, they seem to be way too simplified. Look at what Greg Roman is doing with Buffalo. Sure, they’re not world-beaters over there but Tyrod Taylor is playing pretty well. Their offense looks a heck of a lot better than the 49ers.

      1. Grimey…

        Just why would you rather see see Thompson than Gabbert other than to start an argument ? I’ll go along with you to a degree…I’d rather see both Gabbert and Thompson ahead of Kaep ….

        1. You’ve never actually seen Gabbert play, have you? The things that Kap is struggling with are the same things Gabbert struggles with. He’s a bust and this team isn’t fixing him. At least Thompson’s spirit hasn’t been crushed yet…

          1. Crushing Thompson’s spirit wouldn’t take long. Just a few pressures up the middle that got to his plant spot before he did.

          2. Yes, I have seen him play, both in college and in Jacksonville as well as his one half for the niners over a year ago. Jacksonville beat him up, but at Missouri, he was All-American, and threw the only 4th Quarter touchdown pass last year. YOU haven’t seen him play since then have you ? The crushed spirit you speak of is what everyone ‘in the know’ said about Jim Plunkett when we handed him over to the Raiders…living proof that a crushed spirit can heal.

            1. Ore, Gabbert is just as big of a cluster fudge as Kaepernick. He might have limited success in his first couple of appearances but after two games the defenses will be on to the scheme the 49ers are using with him and he’ll be squashed. Between the two we’re better off with Colin. In fact we’re better off with crushed Colin then we are with happy to still be in the NFL Gabbert.

              1. C4C

                …I must admit to being surprised at your comment…Better off with Colin…?
                How do you know ? He was better in college, he has all of the footwork, He knows how to go through his progressions, and he has produced when called upon…(not often enough) If Colin smells up the place like he has the last three games, the only cheers will be coming from empty seats. Yeah, you did surprise me….and he won’t have to play in a ‘simplified’ scheme….

  43. The 49ers traded C Nick Easton to the Vikings for LB Gerald Hodges, source said – Matt Maiocco

      1. The 49ers’ front office and ownership did a poor job in finding coaches this past offseason, scaring away Adam Gase and going with an in-house favorite. Had the Jed York and Trent Baalke been more willing to relinquish control of the team to a coach who knows more than they do — and is not afraid to tell them that — the 49ers could be in a very different situation right now. The sooner they realize their mistakes this past offseason, the sooner the 49ers can move on and rebuild.

      1. Brodie,

        Wikipedia already lists him as a 49er and 4th Rd. pick of the Vikes. But at 229 lbs., is he strickly special teams?

        1. I don’t know enough about Hodges to be sure what his role will be. The team already has ST studs Bellore and McCray.

          Working put OLB Haralson and acquiring ILB Hodges tells me Baalke isn’t satisfied with some aspect of the linebacking group. Likely a depth issue.

        2. I thought you knew everything.

          :Hodges, 24, started three of the Vikings’ four games this season. He has 20 tackles on the season. Hodges, a third-year pro from Penn State, was a fourth-round draft pick in 2013. He started seven of the 14 games in which he appeared last season for Minnesota.” … Maiocco

    1. From Wikipedia:
      On October 6, 2015, Hodges was traded to the 49ers for center Nick Easton, an Egg McMuffin, and a 6th Round pick.
      Gotta love Wikipedia!
      Bada ba ba baaaaaaa. I’m lovin’ it!

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