Jimmy Garoppolo agrees to five-year contract with 49ers

FILE – In this Dec. 31, 2017, file photo, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo smiles as he walks off the field after the team’s 34-13 win over the Los Angeles Rams in an NFL football game in Los Angeles. Garoppolo has signed a five-year contract with the 49ers worth a reported record-breaking $137.5 million. Garoppolo reached the deal on Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018, allowing the Niners to lock up their franchise quarterback without using the franchise tag and before he could become a free agent next month. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill, File)

The savior is staying put.

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo agreed on Thursday to sign a five-year contract with the San Francisco 49ers, a deal that will make him the highest-paid player in NFL history.

The NFL Network reported Garoppolo’s contract is worth $137.5 million, with $74 million guaranteed, and will pay him an average of $27.5 million annually — an NFL record. ESPN reported the contract will pay Garoppolo up to $90 million the first three years — another NFL record. He would have made roughly the same amount of money had he signed the non-exclusive Franchise Tag three seasons in a row.

For months, 49ers general manager John Lynch said he would give Garoppolo the franchise tag if the two sides couldn’t work out a long-term deal. Of course, they did work out the deal. And it seems Lynch used the non-exclusive franchise tag as the baseline for it.

Garoppolo, 26, has started only seven games in the NFL. He has never lost a start.

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  1. “And it seems Lynch used the non-exclusive franchise tag as the baseline for it.”

    More like Don Yee and Garoppolo used the Franchise Tag as a baseline with highest paid player as a “stretch goal”.
    John Lynch likely figured the same thing. Franchise tag made it simple. It just came down to the structure of it all. That’s probably why they got it done so fast. Both sides already knew what 90% of this contract would look like before they even sat down.

  2. I feel bad for the team that signs Kirk Cousins for $30million annually. LOL Can you imagine? Yech!
    We already know Cousins ceiling. And he’s not half the QB Garoppolo looks to be.

  3. Garoppolo’s career QB rating is 99.7. It’s 96.2 with the 49ers. Yet you focus on five INTs. Who cares? It’s not like they were all his fault, unlike Hoyer who’d throw them right to the wide-open defender.

    The risk Lynch took is far more media creation than reality. With 7 starts, he has as many starts as Aaron Rodgers (and a better QB rating) than when the Packers gave him his first contract extension. They had already scouted jimmy G and had gone over all his tape. It was obvious to everyone he could play in the NFL had he not been stuck behind Brady.

    As for McCloughan and his opinion, I don’t share the silly estimation of McCloughan that others with their rose colored glasses share. He is the most over-rated drunken GM I’ve ever seen in my life.

    4-12; 7-9; 5-11; 7-9; 8-8; 6-10 Those are the 49er teams he built. Never mind his screwing up in Washington, already a dysfunctional organization, where all he did was ride Cousin’s coat tails while being part of the process that completely alienated Cousins from the Redskins.

  4. Glad he signed , JG, and Marsh. Now let’s fill in some of the holes ,cb ,c , guard, and a rusher . And backups all around .
    Nobody said it was going to be easy , but if we have as good a year in FA ,and the draft this year as we did last year . .dare I say playoffs, Arizona no QB , rams in the which ones do we resign . Seattle in cap crunch mode ,not to mention offensive line . The possibility of us going from the worse to the first ,is a good possibility .

    We have to have a good draft . And a key FA signing .

    Love what ,and how he( shanny lynch) are building a winner ,and as far as copying any one certain teams , stick to your plan .

    Love what I’m seeing from the coaches,and the front office ,they getting it done . Next CB

    1. Interesting to me everyone mentions cb, c, g, and edge rusher. All of those are certainly legitimate needs. What about RB? The 49ers don’t have a #1 RB on the roster right now. I think Shanny also needs to find a primary RB for his system and another TE. Kittle had a decent season but I think the 49er offense could be the #1 scoring offense in the NFL with a premier TE. Not sure who is out in FA but RB and TE should be on the Christmas wish list.

      1. With Breida, Williams and McNicholes, all we need is an insurance policy. Someone like Crowell in the form of F/A, and a late round draft pick like Darrel Williams….

        1. MMMM… Not feeling it. Breida is a decent change of pace back. Williams and McNichols are totally unproven. I like Crowell but I feel like Shanny needs to find another guy. Would be awesome if he could pull another 4th round Devonte Freeman out of a hat.

      2. its easier to find RB’s in the draft, FA or off the street…….so its not part of a legitimate find…….

      3. Houston:
        Bill Belichick:
        “The tight end position is, probably after quarterback, the hardest position to play in our offense,” he once said, per Sports Illustrated. That’s the guy who does all the formationing. The running back is usually in the backfield. The receivers are receivers. But the tight ends could be in their tight end location, they could be in the backfield, they could be flexed. They could be in the wide position. To formation the defense, those are the guys you’re going to move. It’s moving the tight ends that changes the defensive deployment.”
        The top TE’s who will be F/A’s in 2018
        Jimmy Graham, Age: 31.
        Trey Burton, Age: 26
        Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Age: 25.
        Tyler Eifert, Age: 27.
        Cameron Brate (RFA), Buccaneers. Age: 27

        1. I like Burton. Seferian-Jenkins if wasn’t such a knucklehead. Brate as a restricted free agent is unlikely to move, and Eifert is injury prone.

  5. “The savior is staying put.” Scent of sarcasm?

    “Lynch took a risk.” Oh my…really. Risk is everywhere–driving, lunch at Chipotle, you name it.

    Looking ahead to a very entertaining off season–draft, signing UDFAs, shopping for FAs, OTAs, training camp, revisionist posturing…

    1. “risk” is “Grant code” for “they didn’t do what I KNOW is best for the team”…
      imagine Grant’s narrative if they did trade JG and go for Cousins…

  6. Remember this poll?

    Will Jimmy Garoppolo sign a long-term contract extension with the 49ers this offseason?

    Yes (92%, 331 Votes)
    No (8%, 30 Votes)

    Total Voters: 361

  7. What no mention of the Niners should trade him for draft picks and sign Cousins??

    Guess we can add hypocrite to liddle cohn’s resume.

  8. For the 49ers Faithful walked 25 years in the wilderness, searching for their savior. Until one day he appeared publically to the Faithful from out of the east. He powerfully refuted the naysayers, and proved he indeed was the savior. He led his Faithful to many victories, undefeated in battle. Filled with the spirit of Montana, blessed was the chosen one, Jimmy Geesus….

  9. And now for my first draft “guess”. The 49ers trade down with Ariz #9 for #15 they also receive Ariz’s 3rd round pick #79 and their 5th round pick #143 along with a 4th round pick in 19. With the 15th pick they choose CB out of Ohio St. Denzel Ward.

    1. I think they’d go in a different direction than Ward due to his size. At #15 I think the Price is right to give Jimmy his pivot for the next 5 years….

        1. Agreed. He’ll probably get drafted somewhere in the 20’s.


          “I recently studied Buckeyes senior Billy Price and he’s one of the best center prospects I’ve seen in the past decade. He has tremendous upper body torque, quick feet and outstanding awareness. (Pat) Elflein has enjoyed an outstanding rookie campaign with the Vikings, and I think Price is a superior player on college tape. I gave Price the same grade I gave (Nick) Mangold when he entered the league, and Mangold ended up being a first-round selection.”

          Mangold was the 29th pick.

          1. Whether they are taken pick 15 or pick 29 it doesn’t matter if they are as good as Mangold. They are worth the pick.

            1. I can see quite a few OL go in the first round. Nelson, Conner Williams, Orlando Brown, McGlinchey, Price, Wynn, Hernandez, and maybe even Kolton Miller. Yikes!

  10. Razor,
    After watching the last 5 games this year I came to the conclusion that CB is a much larger concern than O line. As to Ward’s lack of height I want some one who can cover regardless of height but draft “guesses” before FA are just that guesses.

    1. For sure, that’s why they’ll address the position first and foremost in F/A, and then dip into the depth at the position in the draft with a guy that can cover and turn and locate the ball. Someone that has the prototypical size they desire. Such as, Carlton Davis, in the 2nd round or Isaac Yiadom in the 3rd or 4th round. Yiadom excels in zone coverage, and like Witherspoon, needs to gain some upper body strength to be a better tackler. He’s got great length, long arms, was used primarily in man coverage, has great speed and is very athletic….

  11. Grant,

    Jimmy’s touchdown to interception ratio does concern me. He does have a tendency to force throws…likely because he believes his quick release will allow him to beat the coverage. Often times it works but other times he’s had a fair amount of near misses to go with those interceptions. In some ways it’s sort of how John Elways was at first with daddy Shanhan’s offense. John wasn’t used to the complex WCO at first and had supreme confidence in his arm but after a year or two he had mastered Mike Shanhan’s offense (of course having Terrell Davis probably helped the development process along). I do hope that more time in Kyle Shanhan’s offense will help to mitigate some of those questionable throws that Jimmy has made in the past.

    On the plus side, Jimmy’s ability to keep drives alive and move the team downfield…didn’t always result in touchdowns. But the point output by the 49ers offense went up under Garoppolo because he was at least able eliminate the frequent 3 and outs and would often get at least 3 points out his drives. The team did have some red zone issues. Hopefully time in the offense (as well as some additions to the offensive personnel) will bring up the TD total too.

    1. Jimmy’s touchdown to interception ratio does concern me.

      why? it was a 1-10 team and he was throwing to rookies and backups while learning a new system (one of the most complicated in the NFL at that). Picks are going to happen. better to get all the gremlins out now. in a lost season.

      Couple of those picks the Receiver just fell down and another the ball was caught and then ripped out of the receivers hands. not his fault.

      throwing into tight windows (accurately and correctly) in the NFL is what separates the men from the boys

      1. @chris

        Because it’s WHY the picks happened. Sure some of the problems were because of the receivers. But as I said, some of them were because he made the wrong decision and there were quite a number of them that were near misses. There is a difference between a tight window and a well covered (and double covered) receiver.

        1. Like you said….hope that more time in Kyle Shanahan’s offense will help to mitigate some of those questionable throws that Jimmy has made in the past.

          Jimmy will take advantage of a full off season and will get even better by Sept. Hopefully they kill it in the draft for a OG, Center…protecting Jimmy and giving him more time is very important. Also add a RB, a tall WR, a solid CB and other D picks/FA’s. He’s still learning the system, with many repetitions, chemistry and timing with Garcon and the others could produce and probably will, a few 400 yard games, a handful of 300+ games and 9+wins, hopefully the playoffs or next year.

    2. So another cohn clone that thinks TD to interception ration is more important than win to loss.

      No doubt also thinks additional draft picks are more important than having a franchise QB.


      1. @brobeforeho

        I’m not sure who you are but I’ve for years taken Grant to task for many of his posts. I’m guessing you’re new here?

        I stated WHY the TD to INT was important. Not a simplistic posting of the stat itself. I’m sorry if you don’t understand that.

        How you got to draft picks and a franchise QB from my post is beyond me and makes me question your ability to follow along and it’s some bizarre opportunity for you to spout off at Grant (not that I have a problem with spouting off at Grant in general….but in this context it’s just stupid).

        As to tanking, I’ve stated since the middle of the season that winning was far better than any tanking for draft picks (go back and look up my posts in the past)…and this was BEFORE the Niners got Garoppolo.

        1. You’re worried about 5 interceptions? You might as well worry about his shoe size or his mom’s middle name or his favorite color. Firstly that’s a tiny sample size and secondly totally lacks any context. Adds up to ridiculous.

          Leading to my second point that individuals that think 5 interceptions in 7 games has, in itself, any meaning, are of the ilk that think stockpiling draft picks is the object of playing football. If you think hard you may remember liddle cohn is espousing exactly that.

          1. @brobeforeho

            You don’t read too well…do you? I said I was worried about Garoppolo’s DECISION MAKING t which is reflected in his TD/INT ratio. As I said there were many near misses where there were better options open. You want context? Look at the All 22 Coaches Tape of Garoppolo’s INTs and close calls. You keep talking about the numbers. I’m talking about the reads and progressions vs. the coverage.

            I don’t give a fig…what Grant was saying about Garoppolo’s interceptions (you seem oddly fixated on Grant for some reason…you keep bring him in on this discussion…do you have some unresolved personal issues with him?). Grant is often wrong but he’s also right sometimes. I don’t even keep track anymore….because it doesn’t really matter. As for tanking in the NFL for draft picks? Yeah, I was on here an other websites arguing against it….but explain to me how tanking and draft picks has anything to do with Garoppolo’s decision making and contested throws he makes? again, it seems like you’re spouting off against Grant to make some sort of point to me???

            1. Waaaah, waaah, waaah.

              Worried about his decision making on the basis of 5 interceptions without any context! Gimme a break. That’s lil cohn country.

              And going on and on about tanking? You’re the one dragging that dead horse in here. Dya forget already?

              1. @brobeforeho

                good god, are you part of the shallow end of the fan pool?

                I gave you context around the INT stat….you just don’t understand football.

                Leading to my second point that individuals that think 5 interceptions in 7 games has, in itself, any meaning, are of the ilk that think stockpiling draft picks is the object of playing football.

                uh…you’re the one that originally brought up tanking and brought up again after I called you out on it.

                That’s lil cohn country.

                once again you pulled Grant into this discussion. are you a jilted former fan of his? are you jealous he doesn’t pay enough attention to you?

    3. AFFP,
      I get the feeling that JG is still “calibrating” his gunslinger mentality to game situations. He seems to have a bit of Favre in him which is not necessarily bad but may stick out to the Niners used to Alex Smith and Harbaugh approach to playing conservative ball. The important thing is that he seems to recover from his mistakes and gets the W, which is all that matters.

      1. @Mood

        Yeah, I hope you’re right. As I said Elway went through this with Mike Shanahan. But your Favre comparison is similar too. Both had to learn to play within the offense. Even when Farve was successful making one of his crazy throws it would drive Holmgren nuts. I think Garoppolo is further along than Elway and Favre were because Jimmy sat and learned about passing systems and concepts behind Tom Brady.

        But there’s always a fine line when playing within the system or going for it to make a play makes the most sense. Game situations such as score, time, down and distance, specific match ups and if the play breaks down all come into play as to weather or not to try to make a play outside of making the correct read and throw or throwing the ball away. Hopefully more time in the offense and game experience will help Garoppolo make these situation based risk/reward calculations (in the blink of an eye) when making his throws.

        1. I winced at a few of JGs risky throws as well. 7TD/5Int isn’t statistically great, but his 3rd down productivity was refreshingly good. I remember Steve Young’s line that in college everybody is open and in the pros nobody is open. Alex’s (especially early on) and CK’s refusal or delay in pulling the trigger were maddening sometimes. Also, previously our QBs completed 3 yard passes with 2 yards run after catch on 3rd&9….well…you were there too.

  12. The windows Jimmy has been throwing through can’t get any smaller. Most times he wins, but sometimes he loses. Billy Belichick still has the blues…;>)

  13. Final results for the The Full Shanny Pick’em league:

    1) D Rogue
    2) #80
    3) Rocket
    4) CFC
    5) JPN001
    6) Nofear4by4
    7) dlptown
    8) 1badger11
    9) Shoup
    10) MidWestDynasty

    Congratulations to D Rogue and thanks to everyone who participated for another fun season.

        1. Honestly, I don’t understand why I have that problem. I can look at the email reminder to make my picks, but I can’t access the link to the league inside said email.
          And I had to take last 2016 off due to health issues and schooling. Razor had to step in for my fantasy football league.

    1. One great thing about Houston is you never have to scrape humidity off your windshield or shovel humidity off your driveway.

      1. Ummm, didn’t y’all have a problem with several feet of humidity in your neighborhoods recently? It was in all the papers.
        ? ?‍♂️ ?‍♀️ ?☔️? ⛈

        1. Floods happen all across the country. Shoveling a foot of snow off your driveway doesn’t happen all across the country. And yeah, we had a biblical type flood. It was just about the most awful thing I’ve ever seen. My area was particularly hard hit. Hundreds of people including many friends and family were impacted just in my little community. My mother in law is still living with us which is a….. joy. Many people won’t be able to get back in their homes until anywhere from March – July once the construction ends. My kids high school flooded and they’ve had to relocate to another school for the entire school year. It’s been difficult. BUT, this event revealed the true spirit of our community. Everyone pitched in to help. I mean everyone. My entire family helped rescue people from the flood waters and worked in the shelters. We spent weeks at peoples homes pulling furniture, sheetrock, and insulation out of the homes. We would be working in a house and other people we didn’t even know from community groups, churches, kids sports teams, neighbors, would just show up and start helping. We still have service learning projects throughout the schools in our district where kids go into homes, especially for the elderly, and help rebuild and repair their homes. I suppose sense of community is always revealed in a tragedy but to see it in action was truly inspiring. And the Good Work hasn’t stopped there. My family is involved in a few non-profits related to womens shelters and Habitat for Humanity and our volunteers have quadrupled. Everyone wants to help. People in our community are now working to try to build housing for homeless veterans. All the land, material, and labor is donated. I truly believe the flood has brought out the best in all of us. I’m very proud of my little community and I’d much prefer to live through one 500 year flood than shovel a foot of snow off my driveway every winter, all winter.

          1. Uh…just got back from shoveling another 6 inches. Just thought I’d cheer you up. Whew…I’m getting too old for this. Ha!

          2. I know you know Sonoma County. You would’ve been proud of folks around here as well during and since the fires. A spontaneous cooperative effort that tapped connections not everyone was aware existed.
            The waters receded, the fires are out, but life is distinctly interrupted for many with a somewhat distant horizon for back to normal.
            Ice Storms and blizzards
            Hurricanes and Tornados
            Wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes
            Kona Winds and volcanic eruptions
            It’s what you’re used to. A fellow I know in Missouri is scared to death of sharks.

            1. Yeah. I know Sonoma. My cousins all live in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Healdsburg, etc. Luckily none were impacted by the fires. I was talking to a FEMA adjuster and he was telling me he’s handled claims for every type of Natural Disaster all over the country. He said by far the worst thing he’s seen is fire damage. In many cases the entire structure was just ashes. Kinda crazy.

              1. ESPN is going to run a story on Cardinal Newman High FB team playing out the season despite their school getting devastated.

          3. Thanks for sharing, Houston. Can’t turn on the TV nowadays without seeing “me, me and only me” types on shows/news. Your account renews my faith in humanity.

    2. California housing costs, state taxes, sales taxes…

      Worst of all, standing in line behind someone beginning a ten minute dialog with a cafe cashier trying to decide what kind of coffee to order.

      1. or…conversely:
        having half a dozen “20-somethings” waiting behind you to pay with their phone app, as they’ve already ordered their drinks online, and await your decoding and regurgitation of all the Starbuck’s code words to the barista for the drink you’re ordering…

  14. Grant please be sure to ask 49ers management what they thought of our sign and trade proposal of Jimmy G and Kirk Cousins

  15. G-money is signed and getting paid (big). Time to see who stands out during the Combines and begin our mock drafts shortly thereafter.
    Interesting and exciting times ahead!

        1. I’ve had a question that no one seems to be able to answer, including, Grant. How is this conducted? My understanding is neither party makes the call. The NFL has a coin with each team on a side. They flip it, and then the teams are notified. NoFunLeague….

          1. They should have the the coin toss choreographed by Cirque de Soleil.
            Lynch and McKenzie in PeterPan soaring rigs hovering just overhead to ZZ Top soundtrack while Goodall, in Captain America Unitard flips the coin the size of Mr. T’s medallion. Preceded and succeeded by dozens of tv ads.

    1. As opposed to the painfully stuffy way Trent “stiff as a board” Baalke came across during his pressers!

      John Lynch is a smooth operator, Kyle Shanahan is always humble, and Jimmy G is as likable as he is handsome. These 3 make an incredible trio of professional football men. Arrows straight up!

  16. Somebody (didn’t sound to me like Grant, but who knows?) asked the question about “why not wait to be tagged to squeeze out the most money?”
    This presumes he didn’t get the most he could, which seems like a stretch to me. The numbers are obviated by the market, waiting for the Tag doesn’t change anything. Both sides wanted to get the deal done. Neither side needed to call the other’s bluff.
    Some GMs are playing the musical chairs QB game in FA. Lynch has that checked off his list as he goes into FA.

    1. Yea, I thought I heard Grant’s voice on one question, but I don’t think it was that one. Might’ve been Barrows.

  17. Happy Garoppolo’s on board. Now come a different set of team building challenges.

    First on my mind… Jimmy will make the 49ers win more. How do the 49ers build the rest of the team when its unlikely to have a top ten draft picks down the road? Depending on how Trent Brown does, the 49ers could need two OTs in the near future. The 49ers also lack a top edge rusher and are desperate for a cornerback.

    We can address some of these needs this year. Likely a corner seeing how the draft/FA market is. But its likely the 49ers will face the challenge of finding some combination of OT/Edge in the next several years with bottom 16 draft picks.

    Winning has its recruitment rewards, like being more attractive to free agents. And good edge rushers and tackles can be had with later picks, like Staley. Its just harder.

    One way to manufacture picks is flipping developmental quarterbacks. Draft them in the third round. Develop them. Trade them for first rounders.

    I’d be fine with taking a quarterback like Kyle Lauletta in the 3rd.

    1. Agree on Lauletta, Brodie. Would prefer to take him later than the 3rd. I see him as not just a develop and trade QB but as insurance if something happens to Jimmy. Lauletta would seem like a significant upgrade as a backup for Jimmy when compared to Beathard.

  18. Paraag Marathe says 49ers’ current cap space is around $62, $63 million – Barrows

    The front loading took a nice chunk from the cap space, but some report its still third most cap space in the NFL. The front loading will help retain free agents down the road.

    Garoppolo’s contract is expensive, but its also a hedge against inflationary cap increases that reduce the value of existing cap. And it leaves the 49ers with enough cap space to be active in free agency.

    1. Thanks for that Brodie, I have been waiting to see what it did to the cap. Still plenty of room to sign FA’s.

        1. Just posted the link to Adam Shefter’s twitter account with these details; didn’t see you already had it covered.

    2. That number seems low if you only think the reduction is due to the JG contract. Biderman is saying that he believes it includes the estimate for the draft class as well. That makes more sense to me.

      1. Be nice to see the details when they come out.

        Does Ward’s 5th year option already subtract from the cap figures at spotrac? It’s possible Marathe is already factoring Jimmy Ward’s option year $8.5m before the $63m figure.

    3. Whats crazy is its very CK-esq in that they can be off the hook by 2020, if it blows up in their faces. Thats crazy compared to how it used to be when a QB bust would set your team back for half a decade.

      1. That’s why I’m open to retaining Reid… if the contract is structured right. I’d offer Reid a nice overall contract, but light on guarantees. Make him bet on himself. If he refuses the contract, it means he’s not confident in his own durability.

        1. I agree on retaining Reid, but don’t agree with you regarding making him bet on himself. Football is a violent sport and many players have injuries and become injury prone. If other players get contracts that don’t require them to “bet” on themselves, why should Reid? If he refuses a contract that is light on guarantees, I don’t think it means he is not confident in his durability – particularly if he has a competing contract that is not light on guarantees.

            1. Why do you think that is for Reid? I thought he played his best season since his rookie season. Plus his versatility is useful given inevitable injuries. Similar to a swing offensive lineman, he is kind of a swing DB/LB.

              1. They would have already showed interest. Usually when a guy is in his last year, there’s an attempt to sign him. Haven’t heard anything. Zip. Nada. Not to mention, he lost his starting job to Tartt….

              2. Based upon nothing in particular, I was guessing Reid will test the market. He knows there will be resistance to his brand due to the kneeling thing, but his agent can ask around. He might then be interested in returning on a modest deal. He’ll remember that the Niners never messed with him, Eli or CK over their stance.

              3. I’d be very surprised. Seems to me that report is likely to be one generated by Hyde’s agent.

              4. “Seems to me that report is likely to be one generated by Hyde’s agent.”

                I don’t know, maybe, maybe not.


                “I don’t see any smoke or fire in this case,” Rapoport said. “I mean I know there was an internet report or whatever that is, but they’re in talks for a long-term extension, so I would have a very hard time believing a team would say ‘alright Carlos Hyde, we’re making you an offer. You’re going to be our long-term running back…or we just trade you and get a draft pick.’ That doesn’t mesh.”

                “Teams are judged by their actions, and the 49ers’ actions right now are trying to sign Carlos Hyde to a long-term contract. I mean is there a price for everyone? Yeah. I imagine if they got a first-round pick for him, they would probably take it, but I don’t see that happening either. To me this is a guy the 49ers believe is a part of their future.”

              5. Man, I’ll defer to Shanny but that would seem to me to be a big mistake. This draft is replete with running backs. I do not like investing a lot of cap-ital at the position, especially when they’re not a good fit. We’ll see. Could this be an admission of them believing they made a mistake on Williams?

              6. I’m not a Hyde fanboy either. But we’re kind of in a similar situation as last year. We had Hyde and some question marks. Breida is decent, but I don’t see him as “the guy”. We haven’t seen anything from Williams other than a lack of commitment (showing up out of shape). I think we draft a HB with or without Hyde, I think the chances of resigning Hyde is 50/50. I give a potential Reid extension a 25% chance.

              7. I’ve been telling you guys, the Hyde hate is here more than @4949.
                I don’t see SF going RB in FA or upper draft. The kid from ASU (Ballage?) might get consideration if he lasts to Day#3.
                (Another Wild Axe Guess)

              1. Carlos Hyde is going to test free agency and see that the best place and most money he will get will be with the 49ers. It makes perfect sense for the team to sign him to a 3 year deal at a respectable cap number. He had a good year and was productive. Why do they need to let him walk when they have the cap space and he played well in the offense.

              2. yeah, it’s a limb…
                but in my defense: he seemed to be all-in with the Jimmy G Experience at the end of the season…possibly enough so to make resigning him less pricey…

          1. Lots of players get contracts where they bet on themselves. Brooks and Kaepernick to name two. Some even prefer them.

            Marathe likes to design contracts a lighter on guaranteed money, but with larger overall figures.

            Its a matter of degree depending on the player’s expected durability.
            A durable player’s contract might be modest overall, but with bigger up front guaranteed money.
            A player with durability concerns contract has impressive overall contract, but lower up front guarantees.

  19. The deal is front-loaded, with a $28 million roster bonus paid out this year instead of a signing bonus that would pro-rate over the life of the contract. The 49ers can get out of it after two years if Garoppolo is a bust, while he would still walk away with $61.2 million at that point. I don’t expect that to happen, but it’s an option that is out there.


  20. Was just looking at the roster and cap cuts. Beadles will be gone with a savings around 3.5, Aldrich robinson will be gone around 2 savings, Jones SS will be gone savings around 1. There is around 7 in cap savings there. What does everyone think happens with dummerville? I think he would be an additional 4 million ins savings?

  21. Say what you will about Praage Marathe, that guy is a cap genius. Now he needs to work his magic when all this young talent is up for extensions. That’s when he will earn his money. But for now, he’s done aa good job cap wise.

    1. I’ve really not seen people dispute his ability with contracts. Marathe just needed to learn to stay in his “swim lane”; and, I suppose, be encouraged to stay in his swim lane.

      1. “Marathe just needed to learn to stay in his “swim lane”; ”
        Just out of curiosity, when did Marathe ever force himself into another swim lane?

        1. https://ninerswire.usatoday.com/2017/01/18/paraag-marathe-described-as-impediment-to-49ers-in-nfl-circles/

          That’s why I added the part about being encouraged to stay in his swim lane. Although we can’t know for sure, I feel fairly confident that it was York who invited Paraag to get involved in football operations. To be honest, if I were in Paraag’s position, I would have gotten involved in football operations as well when given the opportunity. The results wouldn’t have been any better.

  22. We all tried to tell you Grant. Jimmy was happy to be here.


    49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo could have applied more pressure and leverage to the team, getting an even better deal than the one he got. So why didn’t he?

    “Because this is where I want to be, honestly,” Garoppolo told reporters on Friday. “I wanted to get this deal done as fast as possible, and it’s only going to help our team going forward, going into free agency, and it’s 75 degrees out here.

  23. Speaking of that Nov 4 press democrat article, Grant you look soooo foolish trying to criticize what John Lynch had just done. Calling it a rookie mistake to trade for Jimmy. Oh and I couldn’t find where Scott M said that about Jimmy, but he did say that about Kirk. He needs talent around him to succeed I believe we’re the correct words. Crow for dinner

    1. “Oh and I couldn’t find where Scott M said that about Jimmy, but he did say that about Kirk.”

      I was sceptical about that at the time. It seemed more like Grant’s interpretation than an actual quote. Grant does include quotation marks, but it was only in the following paragraph, seperate from McCloughan’s take.


      “He was in a comfortable position,” McCloughan said. “All of a sudden now — boom, he’s going across the country. He’s going to San Francisco, and the 49ers haven’t won a game yet. I’m not knocking San Francisco, but all of a sudden it’s like, ‘OK, am I supposed to do what? Am I supposed to go in there and be the savior?’”

      According to McCloughan, Garoppolo is no savior. “He needs talent around him.”

  24. Now that Jimmy G is officially a Niner wonder how much input he will have on the center position. I know he likes Kilgore…..

  25. One of my New England friends, who had mocked me over Grant’s B.B. wrecked the league post, came across the Tag & Trade piece and tried to jack me up again. I brushed it off as not mine, but he zinged me when he asked me how I would’ve felt if that’s what the Niners did.
    Wow. The words like disappointed and furious and incredulous come to mind, but would be wholly inadequate.

    1. I think this could be a turning point for, Grant. Nothing wrong with some Humble Pie. If after a piece, he could take a step back, and change his approach. Next presser, he should ask Jimmy who paid for dinner. Kinda break the ice, and quit coming off so confrontational….

      1. Razor, Grant is confrontational because he is trying to emulate his Dad who made his name by being that way, though he was so over the top he lost all credibility. Grant is making the same mistake.

  26. Came across this article on Jimmy G’s contract over at fieldgulls.com. It’s actually well written and balanced. Definitely worth a read. He has an interesting way of looking at the large $28 million roster bonus:

    Effectively, what that large roster bonus does is immediately use up half of the $56M in salary cap rollover the 49ers were scheduled to bring into 2018 and give it to Garoppolo. In a sense, the team can justify the contract by arguing that the $28M signing bonus came out of the 2017 cap, leaving the remaining $109.5M of the contract to be recognized over the course of the 2018 through 2022 league years. Obviously, the $28M bonus will come out of the 2018 salary cap, but in terms of functionality, the team could have paid Garoppolo a $28M salary for 2017 and it would have had the same effect.

    Then another interesting point about how little the niners would really owe Jimmy if he’s a failure.

    Garoppolo could turn out to be another Ryan Leaf or Rick Mirer, and it would not hurt the Niners all that much because they could walk away after 2018 with just $13.1M in dead money. That dead money would come in the form of $7.5M in fully guaranteed base salary and the unamortized $5.6M of the signing bonus. To put that $13.1M in comparison, that is barely more dead money than the Seattle Seahawks may end up recognizing for Kam Chancellor ($12M), and is less dead money than the Hawks recognized when they unloaded Percy Harvin to the New York Jets ($14.1M).


    1. So with the first point that Gilbert made about how the $28 million could be looked at as 2017 compensation, the overall deal could now be looked at as a 6 year deal for $137.5 million, which is an average of $22.9 million per year.

      While this might be a “rose-colored” way of looking at his contract, I would counter that his 2017 performance is worth quite a bit. Not only did he perform well, but he brought hope and energy back to the franchise, players and the fans, not to mention the expected plus-up in free agency.

      Bean counters won’t see it this way, but successful franchises aren’t run by bean counters.

      1. And now he has to go out and prove he is a franchise QB. And he has to bring that same optimism day in and day out.

        1. Yep, but there is no reason to think he won’t. I have yet to hear one player or coach say a bad thing about him. Just the opposite – he gets praise from virtually all players (Michael Bennett: I’m glad they didn’t put him in earlier).

          He has all the needed qualities and traits and the odds are very high he will. Not 100%, but when it comes to people, it never is.

  27. I suggested compensation of $40M for 2018 so that was close.
    It is clear the Niners are trying to use the large Cap space available this year and keep space available for the next couple of years.
    I like Hyde as a running back. My concern about him is his injury history. That would be my hesitation. I am also concerned about not having an experienced back. I don’t want a failed blitz pickup to cause a big injury to Jimmy G.
    This has been a good off season for the Niners.

    1. Three backs in this draft are very accomplished at pass pro. Barkley, Michel and Guice. Chubb didn’t get a whole lot of opportunities in that role, but the ones he did, I didn’t see any issues. I think the 49ers could do a lot worse than a day 3 pick of Darrel Williams, RB, LSU. I don’t think we need to spend 5-7 million on Hyde….

  28. Razor
    Aren’t the college pass game and pro pass game very different? I really don’t want to take unnecessary risks with the QB. That is why I want a veteran RB and a veteran guard and or center added to the team along with at least one rookie lineman.
    The pass protection must be improved on all levels.

    1. Either a running back is adept at blocking or he’s not when coming out of college. It’s rare that you have that many that are good at it in a draft, but I think it’s a testament as to just how much depth at running back there is. I’m sure that Lynch will fill the holes in F/A, and then draft bpa. Let them all fight it out and may the best player win….

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