With Jimmy Garoppolo under contract, 49ers hope to attract more free agents

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo during an NFL football press conference Friday, Feb. 9, 2018, in Santa Clara, Calif. Garoppolo has signed a five-year contract with the 49ers worth a record-breaking $137.5 million. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

SANTA CLARA — Friday was part press conference, part sales pitch.

The 49ers had signed quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo the day before to a record five-year, $137.5 million contract. The next morning, Garoppolo, general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke to the media in the 49ers auditorium and answered questions about the deal.

At times, they were talking directly to free agents.

“We feel like we’ve got our guy now,” Lynch said as he sat on the stage next to Garoppolo. “He’s a foundational piece. (Signing him) was urgent for us heading into free agency. This is a big deal.

“It’s 75 degrees and sunny outside. We’ve got this guy. Who wouldn’t want to be here? We want to become a destination where everyone wants to be. We’ve got a long way to go. We were 6-10. We’re fully aware of that. We’ve got to earn it just like this guy has.”

The 49ers have between $62 million and $63 million in cap space remaining for 2018 after completing Garoppolo’s contract. Only two other teams have more cap space — the Cleveland Browns and the Indianapolis Colts.

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  1. That little dig at the end inferring they paid 138 million for “mojo”. They paid for a franchise quarterback that happens to have “mojo”, among other very desirable traits. You just got this completely wrong, Grant. Time to buck up buttercup. Eat your crow, and learn from it. Before Jimmy even signed, he had his admirers. The 49ers are no longer the Browns of the NFC. They now have…allure.

    1. Razor
      So why did Gorappo sign the contract?
      * “Because this is where I want to be, honestly,” Garoppolo said. “I wanted to get this deal done as fast as possible. It’s only going to help our team going into free agency.”
      * Crow: Best served cold. No more hand wringing, bed wetting, or talk of trading him!

    2. Grant tends to be pathetic at time, always trying to hard, very sophomoric. He’s unable to acknowledge and own up to is flawed reasoning, reminiscent of that character Seb who used to haunt this blog with his deranged musings. But in his arrogance he doesn’t see it. It really is his Achilles’ heel.

      1. I guess you cannot refrain from mentioning me. I still dominate your thoughts. Here is a short response.
        LOL, I gotta laugh. Grant is trolling you. He proposed exactly what I advocated in his mock draft. Trade back, try to get additional picks that target the sweet zone of the draft. Many praised his ideas, but I postulated getting Billy Price, and even Equanimious, so they and Grant were on board with players I advocated for, long ago.
        Some day, you will learn. Grant postulates cutting edge ideas, and is purposefully being bold and contentious to stir the pot to make people think, and to engender more blog posts. Get a clue. I still read Grant, but find some comments lacking in substance. Grant may be off base on some of his predictions, but others need to acknowledge that he does hit the nail on the head sometimes, too. Grant was spot on with his call that the Eagles would win.
        I agree with Grant that there were possible scenarios to trade away JG, especially if Cleveland goes brain dead and trades away 3 firsts and a second round pick for JG. Even with the signing, they could pull the trigger on that deal. Grant knows that the Niners would benefit greatly if they could have the First, 4th, and 33rd picks, along with a 2019 first round pick for JG. Cleveland may be desperate enough to do that deal. All those picks would be a good foundation for building for the future, and they could get a quality OL, DE, WR and CB. Cousins would be an adequate replacement, because he, too, is accurate.
        Now, don’t get me wrong. I am ecstatic that JG signed a long term deal. Baalke would have tried to lowball JG, but Lynch is too smart to let him go. All along, I pounded the table for the Niners to improve the QB position. All along, I knew Hoyer was not the answer, thought Kaep would have been an upgrade, and he could have won some of those close games. KS did not seem like a savant while on that 9 game losing streak. Even when JG fell into their laps, KS did not initially play JG, when everyone and their cousin could see that JG gave them the best chance to win, even with little preparation. Believe it or not, JG is a quick study, and I firmly believe that JG could have won the Seahawk game if he had started. Look at how well he did, even with only 56 seconds.
        Luckily, JG fell into their laps, like John Lynch fell into their laps. Now that the Niners finally have a competent QB, I will not be advocating for Kaep. I will be rooting hard for JG to lead them to the playoffs, and hope he can help the Niners get a couple more rings. NE may be regretting the deal since the Niners may pick 10th, and the Texans’ pick to Cleveland is the 4th pick, and Cleveland was dangling that first round pick for JG.
        Sure am glad the Eagles beat the Pats so Brady has 3 SB losses. Joe is perfect at 4-0, and never threw an interception, so he is statistically better than TB. TB also has benefited from the new rules to protect the QB, and I was ‘amazed’ to see the SB game played without a single Patriot OL holding call. Before the game, I told my son that the Eagles should expect the Pats to be stealing their signals, and spying on their practices before the SB. Now I hear that the Eagles practiced the ‘Philly Special’ 40 times before the Viking game, but not once before the Pats game.
        Since it has been a while, I wish to note that Kaep may win his collusion claim, especially after watching the QB struggles around the league. The Browns, Jets, Dolphins, Broncos, Texans, Colts and Bears all could have improved with Kaep at QB. The Cards and Packers could have made the playoffs if they had signed Kaep. Too bad they rather would have lost without him, than win with him, because they let their emotions sway their judgement. Losers do that.
        I thought I could just fade away, but I see that many still cannot let go. Even Cassie is begging for me to return. I do not need to present various trade scenarios, because Lynch does not need to trade back this time. Still, it would help the Niners if they could trade back, especially with a team that wants to get a QB they covet.
        The Niners should fill all their major needs with free agents. Decent FAs will now want to come to the Niners, especially with their 5 game winning streak to show potential FAs that the Niners are back . Lynch should spend all but 5 mil of the cap, and spend to get quality. They should set up the draft to build for the future. Since Lynch did so well with his later round picks, he should just continue finding nuggets, and high character players. With all the injured players returning, the Niners should not be desperate. With JG improving the O Line with his quick release and mobility, the Niners may not need to draft an O lineman at 10, especially if Garnett can come back strong. With Staley and Brown at Tackle, they should put Garnett at LG, his natural position, and move Tomlinson to RG. They should think about improving the center position, but maybe Smith from Georgia could be the BPA, if they stay at 9 or 10. With Garcon coming back, WR is not a huge need, especially since JG made all his receivers look all pro. They should re-sign Hyde, because if they do not, he may go to the Seahawks. They should maybe even sign Frank Gore, for his veteran leadership. He can help the team, and retire as a Niner.
        Did not intend to write so much, but there are so many subjects and topics that I wanted to comment on, and the emergence of JG has made the Niners relevant again, Sure am glad Lynch is the GM, because he seems to be making all the right moves. Quickly signing JG to a long term contract was a brilliant move. Glad it was not only a team friendly deal, and both sides got a fair deal. Hope Lynch can finally sign some quality free agents, and hope he hits another grand slam in the draft.
        GO NINERS !!!!!!

        1. Welcome back seb.

          “Here is a short response.”

          LOL. You still have your sense of humor.

          “but I postulated getting Billy Price”

          I was first on Price. You probably saw where I gave you props for being right there with me. I advocated trading up ala Foster to get Price, you said a trade down, so Grant must have read your posts, not mine.

          “Even with the signing, they could pull the trigger on that deal.”

          You still have your sense of humor.

          1. Like seb or not, I think most of us would agree that your veiled threats are despicable. They’re far worse than anything seb has said.

        2. I thought I could just fade away, but I see that many still cannot let go.

          Only in your Trump-like narcissistic personality disorder. We let you go like a peristalsis lets go a turd. Stay TF away.

        3. And Sebbie…. Has Shanahan done anything to shed his ‘not interested in winning’ attitude–your assessment of him asserted many, many times just months ago?

          Me begging you to return? Nope. Interesting that you need to pull me into your reappearance–to give you more cred…

          Oh… Gore ain’t comin’ back Sebbie.

          1. And Sebs………..more, and then even more revisionist history????????? You wanted Kap, and only Kap…NO MATTER WHAT. We could have gotten the Montana of the 80’s and you would have said “nyet”…if it cut into Kaps time.

            But, having said that, I am glad to hear from you Sebs! Hope all is well and that you’ll be giving me the old “3$%#%%#^$#^% hater” bit in the future!

    3. wow! I write a comment about how grant stole one of my ideas from a months old post and you guys wont even post it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Razor
    Agree, free agents see an owner who will now spend money, an excellent GM, an innovative coach, a franchise QB, Buckner and Foster on Defense and an team attitude that they are up and coming and they don’t give up.
    Frankly; there is also a belief the SeaHawks are slipping and even though the Rams are looking good the division can be taken.

  3. “It’s the market,” Marathe said. “John and Kyle decide if he’s the man. If he’s the man, then we pay the man.”

    “Free agents, take notice.”

    Take notice Mr. Ansah.

    1. If they could land Anash and Kyle Fuller before the draft the team could then focus on the offensive line and wide receiver.

      1. Ansah, Fuller, Justin Pugh and Butler as FAs..

        Then Quentin Nelson as 1st Round pick….and we can make some noise in the playoffs!

  4. Jimmy G signing here was a given. What other team had the advantages that this team has? Jimmy G is not stupid. He knows what it takes to make a winning team. and this team has all the qualifications to acquire the pieces they do not already possess. There was never going to be a franchise tag. With the ability to front load the contract the franchise tag would have been counter productive to maintaining a comfortable cap level long term. They had to take advantage of the huge cap now. It’s just common sense.

    1. Willtalk, your spot on!!! the key to this deal has always been cap room and thus up-front money!! A month ago I was running around telling my 49er buddys that if it were up to me……..I would offer the guy a 10 year $300 million contract right now!!!
      With $90 million coming in the first 2 years!!
      The $90 mil. would remove the tag from the equation real quick as it would be much more than tag numbers over 2 years…… it would also be very prudent to keep his cap number low in coming years so we could pay our own when the time comes as well as attract FA’s in the future and stay competitive……
      and it would ensure that we don’t waste all the cap space we have now.

      great minds think alike……lol
      Paraage has accomplished all of this as well as safeguard against the slim possibility JG dosent pan out…….( like CK7)

  5. Good to have G-money in tow.
    But now we need to find him a viable all-pro type WR.
    I don’t see any FA receivers that blow me away right now, unless Dez Bryant jumps ship in Dallas and refuses to play for Jerry.

    That WR may come via the draft. Just looking at the team across the bay. Derek Carr really took off once he got Amari Cooper. Both Carr and Cooper underachieved last season when compared to their 2016 success, but things started to pick up for them by season’s end.

    If we can find an Amari Cooper type in the upcoming draft just imaging what Jimmy G can do in this offense. We can sign a top flight FA O-lineman to improve our trenches and sign a FA Corner to play opposite Witherspoon.
    If Asnah can stay healthy he could be the Edge we desperately need to pressure opposing QB’s.
    We can still fill these positions in the draft – but the FA’s would likely get the starting nod in September.
    As a former poster and friend use to say, “all arrows up.”

    1. “But now we need to find him a viable all-pro type WR.”

      One of the things I like about Garoppolo’s contract is that his cap hit goes from 37 mil this year to 20 mil in 2019. That’s an extra 17 mil to play with.
      Potential free agent in 2019: Odell Beckham Jr.

      1. OBJ in 2019 …. YES PLEASE! Count me in on that one #80!

        The beauty of Jimmy’s deal is that, just as the 49ers begin to make their Super Bowl push (if they don’t go all the way this season) Jimmy’s contract becomes a bargain, provided he is who we think he is. The more you dig into the details, the more you realize what a fantastic job Marathe and the team did with this contract. They have really set themselves up with cap flexibility over the long term, which will allow them to sign players who are currently on the roster, and deserving of extensions, as well as being players on the open market for years to come. Hats off to everyone involved. After a few years of misery, the 49ers are really, really looking like a model NFL franchise, once again.

      1. I like Landry, but he’s more of a possession receiver (8.8 yd AVG = 313th ranking), and the 49ers already have one of the best in Garcon. Garcon should be good to go, and extra fresh by the time camp rolls around. The 49ers need size/speed combination as an outside receiver.

          1. Another big bodied WR I like is Indiana’s Simmie Cobbs Jr (6′-4″, 220 lbs). He dominated a talented Buckeyes’ backfield early this season. He could be good value with one of our 3rd round picks. He’s another guy I’ll be watching at the combine.

            And WR Equanimeous St Brown, of course.

            1. 49ereasons,
              I like the guy’s you mentioned, but one WR I’m impressed with is Maryland’s DJ Moore. He’s not the big WR people have been touting around here but he plays big.
              His production after the catch is good. He reminds me of Anquan Boldin in that area of his game.
              He may be available in the 2nd Rd, but that could change after the combine.

              1. Moore would be fantastic weapon in this offense. He’s a WR built like a RB, and could mix in some sweeps, screens, sort of like the way the Rams use T. Austin, except Moore reminds me more of a stronger Stefon Diggs as a downfield receiver. Matt Miller has Moore going to GB in the 2nd. Reminds me of Marquise Goodwin though, and Goodwin can do a lot of the same stuff right?

        1. Good call. I wonder what Wims’ numbers would have looked like in another football program, seeing that Georgia is a run first program. He certainly has really good size, and seems quick in and out of his breaks, and knows how to high-point the football. He’s been resting up for the combine, after banging up his shoulder in the championship game. He’s certainly another big bodied receiver I’ll be looking out for. Who let the dogs out? Woof woof!

  6. Maybe it’s time we take a vote to see if we want Grant to continue in here?
    We deserve someone who is NOT anti-49ers and NOT anti Jimmy G. If we work together we can have him replaced.
    I believe Grant loves this blog but only for the wrong reasons. He clearly dislikes the 49ers and has an agenda. Especially when his predictions don’t come to pass. He wanted Jimmy G to fail in the worst way but it didn’t happen. He said Jimmy G would never last the final 5 games, he’d take way too many hits like CJ Beathard was taking. He couldn’t see that Jimmy G knew how to escape a pass rush, had way quicker feet than Beathard, had a quicker release than any QB on the planet and was way more athletic than Beathard. My 10 year old son noticed it on one play vs Seattle. But Grant didn’t see it.
    Grant said Jimmy G didn’t want to be a 49er and that Jimmy G was careful NOT to say he wanted to be a 49er. You heard Jimmy G say that was BS today at the press conference.
    Grant even traveled out of his skull and said the Niners should trade Jimmy G…Belly laugh!!
    IMO we need a fresh voice in here, Grant can be replaced if we really want it to happen.
    We do have a collective voice in here, let me know if you guys want to do something about this or just let it go and have Grant continue this BS.
    If you guys want to be trolled with Grant’s anti-Jimmy G agenda for the next 5 years I will be ok with it. But I hope you know he just wants to get a rise out of you every chance he gets.

    1. Grant puts in work and I appreciate his knowledge on draft prospects, he nailed Marshon Lattimore. His pro game analysis is good when he doesn’t have an agenda.

      But man, his agendas were on full display this year. First it was Shanny, then it was Jimmy (and still Shanny).

      I don’t know, whatever the blog wants. If he ever gets under your skin, just trash his beloved Raiders. There’s always plenty of ways to do it, I’ll start.

      Garoppolo is better than Carr.
      Jed York somehow has better hair than Mark Davis.
      The Raiders are leaving, abandoning Grant.
      Gruden is overrated.

        1. Grant Cohn says:
          February 10, 2018 at 12:10 pm
          Gruden is so overrated.

          Agreed. Oakland will find that out real soon. Oh wait it’s the Raiders. He will do his 10 year term and live the life’s in Vegas in a lounge somewhere with a pina colada and his only super bowl ring bringing under the showroom lights.
          Cheers Gruden. You my man will get away clean with highway robbery.

    2. My vote: Grant stays.

      Everyone needs a wind-up merchant. It’s a good read. There a plenty of other fan boy echo chambers on the web that all spout the same fancrap.

      Grant likes to purposefully put the cat amongst the pigeons and I think a lot of the time it’s done somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Yes, to get a resection. Yes, to garner more blog clicks. But jeez, some people are just itching to get wound up by stuff and that plays right into this blog’s hands!

    3. Eric Branch wrote a great article on Shanahan weeks ago. Missed it until yesterday: http://tinyurl.com/y89plv4l

      You can kind of see why Jimmy G would want to be here. Or as Branch writes:

      During the upswing of their 6-10 season, many players looked back and credited Shanahan for keeping the team intact through two winless months. Center Daniel Kilgore, the team’s second-longest tenured player, termed it the closest locker room of his seven-year NFL career.

      Which is interesting on many levels. That’s all four years of Harbaugh. Tomsula. Kelly. And , of course, that’s despite the losing.

    4. What is this, 49ers Island? I like Grant. Until he’s offered a better gig, I highly doubt he’s headed anywhere soon. I see no reason to vote him off the island….

    5. Crab what would this place be without differing opinions? That is what makes forums like this interesting, at least to me. I don’t want a place where everyone agrees and cheerleads. That would be extremely boring.

    6. Nah, Grant plays a strong roll on here as the devil’s advocate. He wasn’t entirely off base with Jimmy’s contract. He was wrong about Jimmy wanting to be here, but he was right about Cousins playing a role in negotiations. Jimmy easily could have played hardball, and forced the tag. He didn’t. He accepted less guaranteed money than he would have got playing on the tag in consecutive years. He signed his deal now, when the market is due to reset big-time in 2019. Jimmy clearly sees the benefit of playing for a QB friendly HC like Shanny. He clearly likes and respects John Lynch. And Jimmy can see the strong foundation ShanaLynch have built, and understands that this is a team whose Super Bowl window is on the verge of swinging WIDE bleeping OPEN! Plus, he lives in California man, who wouldn’t want that?

      I’m calling it right now …. The San Francisco 49ERS are Super Bowl LIV Champions come 2/2/2020!

      Now let’s get to work on free agency and then the draft! The smell of victory is in the air in Santa Clara!

      1. Why does everyone assume he would be better off playing on the tag for 3 years.
        I bet you Andrew Luck REALLY wishes he didn’t sign and was playing on the tag…. he would be making soooo much more.

    7. Crab15 – I agree with your thoughts. It was clear Grant has a personal agenda perhaps because Jimmy G wasn’t his choice and neither was Shanahan. Grant likes it when “his” picks do well and he makes it a point to showcase it. Just check his twitter feed. Grant is not cut out to be a 49ers beat writer. Differing opinions are welcome, but it is clear Grant has an agenda. There are more talented writers and analysts out there.

  7. Lol. Grant’s in charge of the blog (island) and now he’s going to be voted off? Wow! The Chutzpah! We are an entitled lot.

      1. And are his employers going to listen to a rowdy mob? Because our feelings aren’t being validated? Who did they hire to run the blog? Lol. I stand by my earlier statement.

        1. Rowdy Mob? Yes, we’re guilty as charged. Know what else we are? Customers. So it’s not out of the question……but not sure I’m ready to mount a crusade….
          The Piñata Party rolls on

          1. C’mon wanting to get rid of Grant because he has opinions (dumb, edgy, provocative, take your pick)?

            It seems Narcissistic and self indulgent to me. If I don’t like Grant I just stop clicking and sooner or later either he wins with other clicks or doesn’t. Either way it doesn’t matter to me as I have moved on.

            I like Groucho Marx’s philosophy on clubs and membership…

  8. Crab15, my vote:

    KEEP GRANT!!!!!!

    He’s not “anti 49er”, that’s just plain silly.

    Grant obviously puts in a TON of work to gain the knowledge he has and if he’s provocatively occasion and disagreed with? Do what. Makes his blog interesting and it doesn’t appear he is purposely stirring the pot.

    I think he does a damn good job.

    1. Two articles a week is a ton of work?

      Lil cohn’s the laziest beat writer in the Bay area. Always the last to any news. Especially if it happens before lunch.

      A lot of his shtick he gets from his dadda. All that guff about Walsh did this and Walsh did that, comes straight across the dinner table from the old fart that got fired.

    2. Kezar Mike

      I’m with you…Grant does an excellent job of prompting our ‘niners’ at the same time ‘ pissing off’ the fanatics …I have to laugh at myself at some of his queries that inflame me momentarily…We’re ALL on here because we love our chosen team…THE SF 49ers….sometimes more than family
      Go ahead, Grant…get under our skin…do what you continue to do…More than likely…we’ll be back tomorrow…

  9. Yes, absolutely right. Jimmy G is the savior of the Niners. That along with the head coach and the GM, the team is headed back to the playoffs and at some point, the Super Bowl.
    Enjoy the ride Grant.

  10. Grant humanizes the blog. He’s not a clone of the other talking heads. I like that he’s not afraid to put himself in the ring.
    He’s not going anywhere unless it’s on his terms.
    Grant is a keeper (for now -lol).

  11. With democracy I vote GRANT IN, any day of the week, and twice on Sunday because I like his grades.
    In democracy every opinion is free.
    Through democracy we defend and promote the different opinion and we are free to confront it.
    This is Press Democrat.

    1. Mmmmm

      So why does lil cohn hide comments on his newspaper articles behind a pay wall???

      So why does lil cohn attempt to bar people from commenting here?

      Is he really displaying respect for other opinions? Doesn’t seem that way.

  12. Who I want to vote in is wr Landry of the Dolphins, they are way apart and in a three year span he is the top wr of all time for the dolphins, I am not sure where that leaves Garcon but I think it makes the team way better at the skill position.

  13. Santa Clara niners suck.
    Why do their helmets say SF ?
    I hope someone rings Garoppaho’s bell 🔔 until he hears cable cars.

  14. Grant does a formidable job . Draft grades , evaluating talent .
    But like most young people he is not the personal touch so to speak when it becomes a face to face conversation ( ie when he spoke with a certain wr ) asking the wrong questions, his go get the information attitude ,is very likeable , and serviceable.
    Grant needs to learn the art of nonchalantly making the questioning a conversation ,and not so much a police questioning of facts .
    The old saying of
    You get more 🐝 with honey than you do vinegar .
    As for JG ,he has got to answer for what he said to do ( draft picks) ( or another QB) for the next 5 yrs. Wondering if JG will remember or mention it to him .

  15. Not sure where all the animosity towards Grant is coming from. He threw out a reasonable thought provoking scenario (one which I don’t agree with) that has some merit. Cousin’s would be better then any QB that the Niners have had since Young and to get some high draft picks to boot – that’s not all bad. He calls it common sense (nothing common about it), I call it thinking out of the box, which IMO is a really good trait.

    Like I said Cousin would be better then any Niner QB since Young, however Jimmy G will be the best QB since Montana. The Niners got it right with the Jimmy G signing. Sept cant get here fast enough for me.

    1. He threw out a reasonable thought provoking scenario (one which I don’t agree with) that has some merit.

      UC, he more than threw it out to provoke thought. He advanced it as the absolute correct, smart thing for the team to do. And has kept digging the hole he’s in by saying they should still trade JG, even after the LTC. But grudgingly accepted the team might keep him as a “fallback option”. This nonsense is going to haunt Grant the rest of his career.

  16. So far Grant is dominating the vote 6-1.
    6 for Grant and 1 against (me).
    Looks like (so far) nobody is interested in having a fresh new voice running the blog (not that it would happen) but a voice that is at least neutral and not anti-Jimmy G. One that is not a Raider fan. But it appears most in here would rather be trolled by Grant and let him put a negative spin on Jimmy G every chance he gets. Is debating fake news that fun? I just wish Grant would admit Jimmy is a future Superstar and he’s worth every penny of his contract. MVP’s and playoff appearances will be the norm now for Jimmy G and the 49ers. The quest for 6 is real now!

    Yet Grant will continue to bash Jimmy G any chance he gets and he will try to rattle everyone’s cage in here with his agenda, but most in here will enjoy it for some reason.
    I guess most bloggers in here like opening pre shaken sodas in their face, having their seat kicked on an airplane, being rammed by a shopping cart, sitting in gum and walking into glass doors. https://youtu.be/b09EGYko_HU

    1. “I guess most bloggers in here like opening pre shaken sodas in their face, having their seat kicked on an airplane, being rammed by a shopping cart, sitting in gum and walking into glass doors.”

      Good visual, Crab, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what that commercial was hawking?

      Personally, I don’t mind the snark, the passive aggression, or self aggrandizing too much,… as long as the doses are small. Grant provides a pallet and some chum that feeds a starting point for discussion. Most of the time, the conversation just trails off into whatever topic we want to talk about anyway, until the next chum bucket is thrown into the pool.

      Glad to see Jimmy locked up for awhile, and glad to hear about his “active texts” from interested free agents.
      Quality personable GM, state-of-art offensive minded coach, Franchise QB, smart financials, and an owner that seems to have finally found his place.

      All arrows up in Niner land.

    2. Crab, sorry to say, but I vote in Grant’s favor as well. You see, Grant is but a minuscule part of this blog, he kicks things off (with a posting that may or may not be out of left field) and the (mostly) very knowledgeable regulars take it from there. That is what I look forward to reading.

      Someone a while back (you?) compared Grant to the NY sports writers in attitude, and even pops chimed in as well. The BIG difference is that the the NYC sport opinion writers, the Lupicas, the Vecseys , the Rhodens, etc each have decades upon decades covering the sports they write for and have earned the right to spout off. To put Grant anywhere near that esteemed category is laughable (and you should know that, Lowell). Perhaps after a couple decades toiling away in the minors, Grant might be ready to break though into those big leagues. But certainly not at this time.

    3. First of all, who put you in charge of determining who stays and who goes?

      Second, grow a pair of balls and start your own blog about how great Jimmy G is and let’s see how many page visits you get.

        1. Zallright Crabs. You asked the question, and apparently the majority like their Ninerstuff with some salt, pepper and vinegar!
          : -)

          1. Bro Tuna –

            It’s amazing how many in here look forward to Grant’s ridiculous predictions and debating him on Jimmy Garoppolo’s value (there’s nothing to debate). Jimmy G is already a Superstar QB.
            Grant never played any sport passed the high school level. He really thinks he knows football. He’s an internet junkie, that’s where he gets football knowledge from. Not from actually playing a sport. He probably was a bench warmer his whole life. He thinks he is a baseball expert too.
            However, I do like when he ask tough questions at press conferences. Usually good questions that he must have got off twitter or from his dad.
            Grant never got recruited in any sport that’s for sure. He never was drafted professionally in any sport. His knowlege isn’t from playing experience.
            He is popular here because he knows how to rile people up by pushing fake 49ers news. It’s not all fake news… just 10%.
            But Grant knows wild speculation and far-out predictions get lots of clicks.
            Grant does have the ability to brain wash some people in here and put them in a zombie-like trance, they actually think he is a sports expert.

            Quest for 6 is no joke now Bro Tuna!
            Playoffs!!!! All arrows up!

  17. Kilgore is well respected in the locker room too. And as Niners Nation’s Jennifer Lee Chan pointed out, he’d be willing to take a team-friendly deal in 2018.

    Her conclusion was simple — sign Kilgore to said team-friendly deal, while looking at possible draft-and-develop options to replace the veteran at some point down the road. After all, Kilgore spent his first three seasons in the NFL backing up older, established starters.

    The same approach would be both cheap and effective.

    Re-signing Daniel Kilgore would allow for more money to be spent on the offensive line. With guard play being of particular concern, targeting someone like the Carolina Panthers’ Andrew Norwell comes to the forefront.

    Norwell, fresh off a first-team All-Pro selection, was Pro Football Focus‘ third-highest ranked guard in 2017. And consider this from our good friend Al Sacco over at 49ers Webzone:

    Al Sacco
    Here’s a stat for those who want the #49ers to sign G Andrew Norwell: According to @PFF, he was also the only o-lineman in the league to have at least 500 pass-blocking snaps without allowing a sack or QB hit. Only four guards have done that since 2006.

    1. I’m not opposed to signing Kilgore to a one year deal to compete with a F/A and/or draft pick. Kilgore is nothing more than a backup, and the position is way overdue for an upgrade….

    2. TomD

      I would be very happy to see Andrew Norwell in the middle of our Oline….bookending Kilgore with Justin Pugh (or next to) …If any of us think that we DON’T need to at least begin rebuilding our Oline, take off the sunglasses…

  18. It’s been a wild couple of weeks, and the offseason is just getting started. Here’s what else is going on in the NFL this week:

    The Scout’s Report
    • Coming out of Super Bowl week, one rumor I’ve heard from so many places is that the top four picks in this draft are for sale. The Cleveland Browns wouldn’t trade both the first and fourth picks, but they will take calls on moving one of them. The New York Giants (No. 2 pick) and the Indianapolis Colts (No. 3 pick) will also consider trading down.

    • Florida defensive tackle Taven Bryan is an interesting prospect, and he’ll undoubtedly dominate the combine based on his athleticism. I’m still lower on him than most because of inconsistent film. Bryan is unstoppable at times but disappears for stretches and seems to only win with speed/strength and never technique or leverage.

    The Big Board
    Now is a good time to announce/remind you that our NFL Draft 400 series will be launching again soon. In it, two assistants and I write scouting reports on the top 400 prospects in the 2018 draft class as well as grade and rank them. Because that work is getting started, it means my rankings are changing frequently. Here’s an updated look at the top 50.

    1. RB Saquon Barkley, Penn State
    2. DB Minkah Fitzpatrick, Alabama
    3. OG Quenton Nelson, Notre Dame
    4. EDGE Bradley Chubb, North Carolina State
    5. QB Sam Darnold, USC
    6. QB Josh Rosen, UCLA
    7. QB Josh Allen, Wyoming
    8. CB Denzel Ward, Ohio State
    9. LB Tremaine Edmunds, Virginia Tech
    10. LB Roquan Smith, Georgia
    11. OT Connor Williams, Texas

  19. My big board:

    1. Quenton Nelson
    2. Minkah Fitzpatrick
    3. Bradley Chubb
    4. Saquon Barkley
    5. Sam Darnold
    6. Baker Mayfield
    7. Josh Rosen
    8. Roquan Smith
    9. Denzel Ward
    10. Derwin James

    1. My big board:

      1.Saquon Barkley
      2. Bradley Chubb
      3. Calvin Ridley
      4. Minkah Fitzpatrick
      5. Quenton Nelson
      6. Denzel Ward
      7. Derwin James
      8.Mike McGlinchey
      9.Josh Allen
      10.Baker Mayfield

  20. Crab, Grant is just trying to give a different take and set himself apart. I do believe he is a contrarian and a bit of a pot stirrer because it makes for a more interesting read and reaction. I don’t ever really agree 100% with his analysis, but its better than a rah-rah, fan-boy, vanilla blog. He thinks out of the box and stirs discussion. Isn’t that what a blog and message board combo is supposed to do? I do think he puts in the time and research and is not lazy, but his outside of the box theories are usually a little bit of a stretch, i.e. Garoppolo trade. I think it is also funny how sometimes his theories take on legs and become a national story: Lynch /Hyde getting cut possibilities. I don’t know if that’s good or bad for him, but he nailed the Navarro Bowman cut, which I didn’t think would take place this past season due to a changing regime and the need of solid veteran leadership. I say that we keep the guy, but lets still roast him to keep him humble ;)

  21. “Garoppolo could have made more money had he signed his franchise tag……”
    There is no evidence to support this assertion, speculative only. If you run the dollar numbers without context (like spouting stats out of context 🙄 ) you can make a specious arguement, but Washington bailed on Kirk rather than pay that final inflated figure. Who is in a better position today, JG or Mr. Tag Cousins? JG is currently the highest paid player in League history.
    I suppose that if you repeat something, anything, often enough SOME people will come to believe it. Some folks subscribe to that: Goebbels comes to mind. Joe McCarthy and Ray Cohn. Other Pols over the last 50years.

      1. Because this is where I want to be, honestly. I wanted to get this deal done as fast as possible. It’s only going to help our team going into free agency.

        Huh. A professional athlete looking out for the team, rather than maxing out his wallet. Probably should trade that bad apple.

      2. ESPN’s Dan Graziano:

        “It (Garoppolo’s guarantees over the first 2 years) is also about $3 million less than Garoppolo would have made if he’d been franchised this year and next.”

        And, as Graziano pointed out “sure, if he plays every game the next two years, he gets $61.2 million, which is about $10 million MORE than he’d have made on consecutive franchise tags. But that’s not really much more, considering the leverage he had and the fact that franchise tag money is fully guaranteed. The better leverage play would have been to wait, make the Niners tag him and negotiate off of the tag. Again, you can see why a $41.2 million 2018 payday had appeal. Good for the Niners for using their 2018 payroll flexibility to their advantage and lock up a guy they believe is their franchise quarterback on a team-friendly deal.”

        I would have waited for the tag if I were Jimmy, but hey, it’s great for the team. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Cousins (whom Kyle really likes) presumably hitting the open market soon, didn’t convince Jimmy to get the deal done now. Plus, he clearly wants to be here.

        What say you Grant?

      3. That wouldn’t have happened. He’d have busted up his shoulder ski-boarding and never been able to throw another NFL pass. By the time he was thirty, he was living on the street begging for change while wearing a pee-soaked Hoyer Jersey while muttering ‘millennium hand and shrimp!’

        But he signed his contract. And fifteen children were simultaneously cured of cancer. Another thirty-three blind and deaf children had their sight & hearing miraculously restored. And Jimmy G became set for life as he started his first-ballot HOF career as QB for the San Francisco 49ers.

      4. But as stated, who’s going to get that final payment to hit that mark? Cousins didn’t. Besides, Jimmy’s going to make $90M in his first three years of the deal as it is, and in a situation of his liking. Cousins has had to deal with the drama every year and now he is again. To me, Cousins made the best of a bad situation, and Washington made the worst of a pretty good situation.

        1. If Jimmy plays well, he gets $83 million over his first 3 years, but he’s only guaranteed $48.7 million over the first 2 years, unless he plays every game, in which case he gets an additional $1.4 million. After that, he has no guarantees, other than injury guarantees. I’m betting Cousins will get more in guaranteed money, spread out over time.

          But yes, Jimmy is in a great place. He’s playing for a quarterback’s HC, and the kind of GM every player would want to play for. It’s a win-win for both parties involved. And like Zedd says, kids have now been cured of various maladies, and Jimmy is guaranteed a yellow jacket. GO NINERS!

      5. Grant,

        Jimmy G can make more that $97M (minus taxes) at the end of 3 years by investing the $90M he’s going to make over these three years in balanced mutual funds — starting with the $28M he’s getting this month (minus taxes) and another $14 in the first year. I recommend Vanguard Wellington or Vanguard Wellesley, along with some tax-exempt MUNI bond funds :-)

        Your reasoning is very short sighted. It doesn’t even take into account the value of the guaranteed money in case of career-ending injury. Or the potential key FA signings who come to the Niners because of the long-term commitment to JimmyG , and then help him win more games , which in turn helps him sign an even bigger second contract with the Niners after say, 4 years. A virtuous cycle!

        However, Jimmy G is going to make more in accessory sale and product endorsement. (Men’s Wearhouse probably has a line of Jimmy GQ suits in the works — “I guarantee that”). It’s much better strategy in this regard to sign the long term contract and become the official and popular face of the franchise than a perpetual malcontent like Cousins who’s ready to sign consecutive franchise tags to stick it to the FO.

        “You’ll like that?”

      1. Nick Wagoner – ESPN:

        “Personally, I knew I wanted to be here and I think it got figured out fairly quickly,” Garoppolo said. “I’m really happy the way it worked out, and I’m glad to be here now.”

        The timing of Garoppolo’s contract came as a bit of a surprise, if only because there were some who believed he might wait to see what others, such as pending free agent quarterback Kirk Cousins, might get on the open market first. Garoppolo said Friday he had no interest in such tactics, a point driven further when he and his family escaped their hometown of Chicago just before a snow storm to return to the Bay Area for Friday’s news conference.

        “This is where I wanted to be, honestly,” Garoppolo said. “I wanted to get this deal done as fast as possible. It’s only going to help our team going forward and going into free agency. It is 75 degrees out here, it’s not a snow storm like in Chicago. It’s a lot better here. So, I wanted to be here, I was excited to be here and I’m happy it got done as fast we did.”

        While Shanahan had talked openly of using the franchise tag to keep Garoppolo during the season, he did so mostly because he didn’t believe there would be enough time to fairly evaluate him and have a handle on what type of contract he should get. By the end of the season, though, Garoppolo had surpassed expectations, to the point where the 49ers were no longer concerned with sample size. The day after the season, Garoppolo ventured to Lynch’s office and the two sat down to discuss their outlooks for the future of the team and the quarterback.

        It turned out to be a shared vision.

        “We had a great talk about what our aspirations are, how we want to go about this together, how much he enjoyed working with Kyle and (quarterbacks coach) Rich Scangarello and his staff and how much he enjoyed his teammates and we talked about where we want to go and he’s very driven by that,” Lynch said. “What we learned in the last three months is what kind of person this guy is and at that point we were full speed ahead on trying to get this done.”

        California dreaming …. Goosebumps!

        1. ShanaLynch provided a foundation for the 49ERS’ “Brick-by-Brick” rebuilding project, but Jimmy Garoppolo has added the walls, roof, den and cozy breakfast nook.

  22. Because of the # of FA’s available to the 49ers, I believe a trade down will occur if impact players are not available in the top of the draft. Day 2 players seem to be numerous, so a quick way to build your team.

    One player to keep in mind in Rd 2 is Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan. Lightening quick get off–could be used off the edge, and at 6′-2″ , 285 would cause some problems.

        1. No I had resigned myself to the fact they would probably choose Thomas by the time the draft rolled around although I didn’t agree with it. With the question marks surrounding Armstead and Carradine they could justify it, but this year there is no justification for taking a DT or Big End in the first round. A pass rusher or CB are the only defensive positions they should be looking at in the first round imo.

          1. Rocket – Most mock drafts see the 9ers taking a Linebacker. This is also another defensive option, considering the “fragility”/”character concerns of Foster.

            1. Faith,

              I could see that, but would prefer the other two options. They are more important to this defense than adding another inside backer imo. If there is no pass rusher or CB worth taking, I’d look to trade down or take an OL instead. Things could change after FA too.

          2. I agree, but Lynch said last year that after FA, they like to be in a position to take the best player available. Personally, I prefer BPA at a position of need. To me this is obvious, but apparently strict BPA is preferred by those who have far more experience than I do. I still don’t get it and probably never will.

            1. Cubus,

              Unless there is a major gap in the evaluation of players, I’d also go with BPA at a position of need. The BPA idea is sound due to wanting to add the best talent available, but often there are similar players available that make more sense with the depth charts. Teams will almost always go with need and then say it was the BPA anyway.

          3. rocket

            I believe that this season will show us a front line of Armstead at Big End, Buckner at DT with Blair in the middle and Carradine and Thomas to fill in. Unlike conventional wisdom, I believe that we will have a possible shot at both Nelson or Fitzpatrick at 9-10…my trade-brain hasn’t awakened yet, so I’m not going to suggest trades…other than from our existing roster to get us some extras in the 3rd or 4th round….probably just dreaming….

  23. I could not link it but interesting article by albrpert Breer on the last year of thinking by the niners on solving the qb situation sounds like Shannon was even surprised how far jimmy g came in a short amount of time and how cousins was his preferred choice until jimmy g showed what he had, maybe grant is not as crazy as we make him out to be at times, he like us jumpstart do not have the advantage of being on the inside of what the coaches really feel and their full evaluation process.

    1. In a passing league, it certainly shows the value of a QB.

      2018 has been dubbed, “The year of the QB.” 2017 is noteworthy becuase it wasn’t considered a strong QB draft class, yet 3 were drafted in Rd 1, two were taken via blockbuster tradeups–Deshaun Watson & Patrick Mahomes.

      Noted in my scout report above are the 3 taken in the 1st 10 picks in 2018, so if the dominoes fall correctly, and a 4th is taken in the top 15, why wouldn’t the 49ers trade down to where the position players have fallen and garner a few more draft picks as a reward ?

      1. Thank you cubus, harder to link with my iPad than my land computer, I really am becoming the Fred Flinstone of the blog! Yaba Daba Doo!

    1. Six for Jimmy and one for Kirk. Then, there’s Shanahan’s vote which trumps them all:

      “Everyone knows how I feel about Kirk. And for anybody who knows how I feel about Kirk, I think this shows how I feel about Jimmy, the fact that we ended up doing this. I’m not a guy who’s going to get excited and just go with the momentum, at all. I usually do the opposite, question it to make sure I’m absolutely confident, and not go with the momentum or the excitement.

      “Talking about Kirk, understanding where he could be in the next year, for me to feel this way about Jimmy? It says a lot about Jimmy.”

      Taken from NN summary of Albert Breer’s article.


    2. Rebel, duly noted. “Shanahan prefers elite players at center…”

      However, my draft scout scenario lays out the plan by which the 49ers obtain such a player.
      4 QB’s will be taken in the 1st Rd, so Billy Price will fall due to the rush on QB’s.
      Here’s an anlaysis on Price:

      “…he suited up at center on the scout team, coaches moved him to guard, where he started all 15 games (first three at left guard, final 12 at right) on the national champions in 2014.
      Price earned third-team All-Big Ten honors as an every-week starter at left guard the following year, and then first-team honors on the right side as a junior team captain. He also was named second-team All-American by the Associated Press, Walter Camp Foundation, and other outlets

      STRENGTHS Freaky strength and explosiveness. Expected to crush the bench press at the Combine. Plays with excellent snap to punch quickness. Lands hands under shoulders and snatches pads gaining control of the man across from him”….NFL.com

      1. Sounds great TomD, I just hope you are right and we can trade down so we do not take price to high and can grab some other goodies on the way! Still want that sexy pass rush and hot corner and a tintalizing wr on the side! Want my cake and eat it too! Do we really have to keep being patient?

        1. Rebel,

          I know the pace is glacial, but a good front signs it’s QB 1st to attract FA’s as Grant noted.

          Then there’s draft maneuviring–trade ups trade down. But it’s the FA’s on March 15 you focus on because it’s a hint of what direction they go in April…Be patient and remember the days of Baalke playing the invisible man during the free agent period !

    3. I’d rather bet on Garoppolo’s future than Cousins’ past

      Right on, Gil. We have a chance to have the next Brady, while some would rather we have the next Drew Bledsoe. Couldn’t you just see the fan base 3 or 4 years from now? Imagine the “we could have had Rodgers, but we ended up with Smith” debate, only 100 times in intensity.

      1. You’re entitled to your opinion but Cousins is not Bledsoe. I won’t argue with anyone who believes Garoppolo has a higher ceiling to be the better QB of the two, but Cousins has been one of the highest rated QB’s in the league over the past 3 years and the disrespect he is getting around here is unwarranted and undeserved.

        1. rocket, you are right Cousins is not Bledsoe, Bledsoe made it the big game. And Cousins rating has got him… what exactly?

          We’ll continue this debate in about 2 or 3 year’s time. Sound good to you?

          1. Cousins is far superior to Bledsoe in every statistical measure. Trying to judge a QB’s ability based on wins and losses is ignoring the fact pretty much every QB in the league needs a good team around them to win and it’s always been that way. Drew Brees led the Saints to 3 straight 7-9 seasons before this past one. Matthew Stafford has played in one more playoff game than Cousins and lost both. Phillip Rivers has had multiple losing seasons and hasn’t sniffed the playoffs in years. Wins are not just about the QB rib.

            1. I wonder what team wins the Cousinstakes? It’s a pity they won’t be getting those extra draft picks (as in the Niners QB swap) to build up that team he’ll need.

              1. Az, Mn, Den, Buf, NYJ
                Less likely: Jax, Cleve
                Then there’s – Taylor, Bradford, Keenum, Bridgewater, Foles, Glennon
                The draftees all should probably sit for a year, so interested teams will need a bridge guy.

              2. The Skins won 8 games and went to the playoffs two years ago rib. That team had a lousy defense (25th) and running game (20th). The only area they rated in the top half of the league was Cousins passing numbers (10th). That was in Cousins first year as the starter. In his second year he jumped to 2nd overall, while the other categories continued to be poor – rushing 21st, Defense 28th. This past year with injuries to key players all over the offense, Cousins ranked 7th, while the other categories remained poor – 28th in rushing, 21st in defense.

                What this should tell you is that even on a bad overall team, Cousins has continued to play well and compete with the top QB’s in the league. He has had a number of different players around him with little support from the running game and defense yet has still consistently produced at a top ten level. The only knock anyone seems to be able to come up with is the win total and yet as I’ve clearly shown, some of the QB’s deemed to be in the top tier and better than Cousins, haven’t done any better in the win column than he has the past few years. Determining the value of a QB based on wins and losses is folly. This is the ultimate team sport and no QB will have lasting success without a good team around him.

            2. I know all about the QB / the team vis a vis success. I made the same arguments for Alex when he was being mercilessly trashed during the Harbaugh years. But as Cousins has nothing to do with the Niners (except fueling crazy QB swap scenarios), I feel no such compunction in defending him. I hope Cousins does land in MINN, that will put to bed once and for all what he can do “with a good team around him”.

        2. “but Cousins has been one of the highest rated QB’s in the league over the past 3 years”

          And that means what? He put up some good numbers but could never take his team to the next level.

          Garrapolo took the 49ers to a level is less than 8 weeks. Now he will need to again and again until ultimately it’s the playoffs. Cousins has never elevated his team past his own stats and that’s what matter most. Making the team better.
          Passing yards, completion percentage, average completion, TD’s all very good stats. But none of those matters if you are not getting wins and elevating your team further each year.
          He is not a winning QB. He is a stat producer. Just like Dan Marino was. Good QB but never good enough to carry a team. I think that’s evident in WSH letting him walk and going with Alex Smith instead.

            1. What’s funny about this is that everything you want the 49ers to do, they do the complete opposite and I couldn’t be happier.

              1. A 5 game winning streak with a team that hadn’t won that many in the previous 2 seasons combined. Lets see Cousins match that one ;) Oh that’s right, he “needs good team around him” for success.

              2. True, but they had won a game two weeks before against the Giants with Beathard putting up similar numbers to what JG produced later on, and Shanahan himself said the team was playing much better by the time Garoppolo took over.

  24. with all the talk about signing that #1 WR, finding a better TE partner for Kittle, landing the big FA CB and drafting an edge, etc….
    this OL comparison from Football Outsiders was interesting…with regard to our 2017 run game:

    Stuffed %: 23% of our run plays for no gain or loss
    Stuffed rank: 25th in NFL — worst in NFC


  25. Two things- Grant Stays and Top WR wants to play for Niners

    1. Grant is essential. I wrote as much after the season ended. He is some times sensationalistic. He is sometimes off the mark in his logic pathways . However, I appreciate his willingness to express opinions which are sometimes unpopular and no one should be driven out of town for expressing unpopular opinions .

    2. I wonder if the WR below is Allen Robinson. FA want to play for a winner and Niners arrow is pointing up.


    One tweet posted Monday could be a sign of that interest. Kevin Jones, who until recently worked for KNBR in San Francisco, said Monday that an unnamed free agent contacted him wanting to know more about the situation with the 49ers:

    A WR hitting free agency this offseason texted me out of the blue: “What’s San Francisco like? Man, Jimmy G is a baller.”

  26. Grant can get the boot…Not because he is contrarian, but because his analysis, demeanor, and inside takes are completely amateur.

    1. So, so, true.

      So, so, sad.

      To think we could have a real sports writer that’s put in the effort and has the football experience to have a valid point of view.

    2. Hey Ghost of Edward R Murrow

      So what…?

      Grant is here to open the conversation…he’s not hired to be an oracle…most of us on here have been here since the early Maiocco days… remember some of the ‘journalists’ who followed MM and you’ll have a better opinion of Grant….IMHO….hopefully this is my pissy-post for the day….

      1. You’re right. I didn’t care for Barber at all. Branch was my favorite here. Maiocco was good too. We could do a lot worse than, Grant that’s for sure….

  27. Well, Jimmy G is on the case:

    Guys reaching out to guys more than coaches and executives really. Just in the last 48 hours, to be honest, I’ve had texts, I’ve had messages from guys, and they’re excited about it. It’s a place that — why wouldn’t you want to be here? It’s gorgeous outside year-round. We’re a young, upcoming team, and we’ve got a phenomenal coaching staff.

    “It’s an exciting time out here in the Bay Area. Hopefully, a lot of guys want to experience that too.”

  28. I’d vote to have lil cohn replaced but acting in the true spirit of American democracy, lil cohn is deleting my posts as quickly as I make them.

    Kinda sad really that he’s so quick to dish it out but is incapable of accepting any in return.

  29. Garoppolo could have made more money had he signed the franchise tag the next three years instead of agreeing to this five-year contract now. So why did he sign the contract?

    Give it up Grant. You were wrong. No one in the world except you thought Yee was going to force the 49ers to franchise tag JG. Obvious to everyone in America except maybe you is that a long term deal with $75M guaranteed is much better for the player than 1 year with no further guarantees to the player. Injuries end careers All the time. Risking being able to play out 3 consecutive Franchise Tags so maybe you can get more money is stupid bordering on imbecilic. One thing you might learn as you mature is – it’s better to admit when your wrong than continuing to defend a position you obviously got wrong.

    1. He just tries to anger niner fans. I pay no mind and don’t even read the articles. I just follow the posters. Learn way more.

    2. The answer to Grant’s question is simple. It’s why people pay for insurance.
      It’s the bird in hand vs 2 in the bush argument.
      One other note. With the 49ers cap situation they could have used a transition tag. Meaning he would be paid based on the average of the top 10 not top 5. The threat is another team could sign him… But the niners only have to match the contract to retain his rights.

    3. Agree Houston.
      Yeah, he could have made more money… if there was even the slightest possibility of that scenario.
      It’s a moot point, and always has been.
      Three successive Exclusive Franchise Tags was never going to happen. As soon as you get to number 2, you’ve got a contentious relationship, and frankly this isn’t Washington.

    4. Except Jimmy didn’t get $75 million guaranteed, except for injury. So, unless he suffers a catastrophic injury, knock-on-wood, his guaranteed money is nowhere near that figure Houston. In fact, if he and his agent had used the first 2 years of franchise tag guarantees (because the tag is fully guaranteed) as a baseline ($51 million), he would have made $3 million more in guarantees in this deal ($48.7 million).

      I’m not sure why this is such a hard concept to grasp?

      Jimmy is going to make a lot of money in these first 2 years, but he has zero guaranteed money after year 2 outside of injury. And that’s kind of a separate thing because, say, for the sake of argument, Jimmy plays well (and stays healthy), but the 49ers finish out of the playoffs over the course of the next 2 seasons? Then what? He could have got at least $3 million more in guaranteed money if he used the first 2 years playing under the tag as a baseline, that’s all were saying. When we see how much Cousins makes in guaranteed money in his upcoming contract, it should come into focus.

      I’m not complaining. This is a great deal for the 49ers after this season. Good for them. The 49ers can afford to surround Jimmy with talent in the coming years, and that certainly benefits Jimmy, at least in theory. Again, I am over the moon with how this thing worked out, but all I am saying, and I think Grant has been saying, is that Jimmy could very well have waited for the 49ers to tag him, and then make the leverage play on that, seeing that he would have made more guaranteed money over the first 2 years on the tag, than he got in this deal.

      1. Either way, he was going to make tons of money in injury guarantees. Those guarantees work in both parties favor. I am talking about if he stays healthy, which he almost certainly will. While Garoppolo’s $27.5 million per-year average is a new record, the contract isn’t really the highest in NFL history. The $48.7 million guarantee at signing is only $1.7 million more than Andrew Luck got two years ago (6/9/2016), and it’s $1.3 million less than the SIGNING BONUS Matthew Stafford got on his contract extension last year. It’s also about $3 million less than Garoppolo would have made if he’d been franchised this year and next, and almost certainly less than what Kirk Cousins is about to make. Had Jimmy played under the tag this year alone, and waited until 2019 to sign a long term deal, Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees would have “reset” the market, and Jimmy, had he continued to play well, could have broken the 49ers proverbial bank!

        So, Jimmy almost certainly could have made more money over the next 5 years if he wanted to play hard ball. He didn’t, and now he’s my favorite Niner!

        1. Jimmy clearly wanted to be here. And I suspect, but can’t say for certain, that Kirk Cousins relationship with Kyle, may have been a motivating factor for getting this deal done now. Jimmy clearly understands that he’s in a great place, and wasn’t interested in rocking the boat, and playing hard ball with these negotiations, and that’s fantastic. Now, he can just go out, help recruit FA’s and win championships. And in 5 years time, at the age of 31, he can cash in with a true record breaking contract.

          1. And, by the way, using the first 2 years under the franchise tag as a baseline for negotiations, isn’t the same as actually playing under the tag for the next 2 seasons. It’s simply a baseline number for negotiations.

            I know, unless you’ve been privy to these negotiations, it’s not exactly simple to understand how they work. But, trust me, Jimmy could have got more guaranteed money if he waited for the tag, and used it as a baseline figure for negotiations.

            That he didn’t do that tells me 2 things:

            1) Jimmy really wanted to be here. Plain and simple!

            2) And he didn’t want to give the 49ers an opportunity to say screw you, and then sign Cousins (Kyle loves Kirk as a QB, and as a person), and tag & trade him (Jimmy) to the Cleveland bleeping Browns.

            Of course, we’ll never know about # 2)

            1. #1 rule of blog club is you dont talk about blog club.
              #2 rule of blog club is don’t write a blog within a blog.

              I’m not reading all that crap. Go sell stupid some place else.

  30. From Marathe’s lips to Grants ears:
    * “Here’s the thing about cap space,” Marathe said after York left the auditorium. “It’s great that we have $62 million, $63 million, something like that, that’s great. But for any one player, any team can go and sign that guy and figure out room. You’re not buying players in a big basket of 10 players at once. If that was the case, then sure, it would be an advantage having a lot of cap room. But for any one guy, any team can structure a deal to figure out how to get that guy in. So it doesn’t really come into play on an individual-player basis.”
    Translated into regular speech, Marathe is saying cap space alone won’t entice good players to sign with the 49ers. Garoppolo will entice good players to sign with the 49ers. Garoppolo makes them desirable, a free-agent destination.
    **** BINGO! ****

  31. The current state of our politics has sharpened my ability to be more selective in my reading….in terms of just not reading some stuff, because knowing the source ensures vacuous b.s. in the content. It was easy therefore to avoid reading the manifesto posted by a “retired” nitwit commenter hiding in the dark in his bunker at 1:50am. Yards and yards of text.
    I did take a moment to measure that manifesto; it would take three screen shots to see it all. So now we have a definition of a short retort.
    “It’s over.” We thought so, but alas…..

    1. Uggh the fake news political nonsense/bs/smokescreen. If you’re worried about fake news, get your sports news over at the Fox News Channel Tuna. Nothing fake about their Fair & Balanced (more like Unfair & severely Unbalanced right-wing propaganda) News. At least they own up to their news slant, right Tuna?

      What does it have to do with sports?

  32. I think the whole trade JG for Cousins and draft picks scenario put forth by Grant was brilliant on his part. He knows darn well that wasn’t ever going to happen, and he knows enough to know it be a huge gamble, assuming the draft picks would work out positively, and that Cousins would do more than he has in his career besides put up nice numbers. Winning IS what it’s all about, especially when making it to and performing in the playoffs. Cousins hasn’t done much of either. Ok, blame it on the team around him. Great QB’s take not so great teams to higher places. Good QB’s (Cousins) take not so great teams to, well, not so high places. Grant’s article is brilliant because it has provided him the adversarial roll he relishes writing about the Niners. That’s his schtick. He’s good at it. He’s always striving for the “gotcha” question. Now, because they signed JG and didn’t follow his advise, or opinion, he can use that as a weapon all season long as a starting point for his often critical pieces regarding the team, regardless of how the season bears out. He’s the epitome of the “Devils Advocate”. Again, he’s very good in my opinion at what he does, and I always read him. Do I agree with his positions? Sometimes. On this occasion? Nope.

    1. Great QB’s take not so great teams to higher places. Good QB’s (Cousins) take not so great teams to, well, not so high places.

      That’s a myth. I’ve provided a number of examples of top tier to elite QB’s like Brees, Stafford and Rivers who haven’t led their teams to much of anything the past few years yet are still considered top players. As good as Rodgers is, how many SB’s has he won? The evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of needing a good team around the QB to be successful and the standard Cousins is being held to is unrealistic. You don’t put up the numbers he has for 3 years if you are dependant on others around you, especially when his team has changed significantly from year to year.

      It’s going to be really interesting to revisit the attitudes toward Garoppolo if the Niners have another losing season. Will he get the same treatment as Cousins or will the fan admiration mechanism kick in again like it has this year.

      1. Rocket, yup, there are certain facts that can not be over looked. Got to have a good team that surrounds a good QB, the elite QB’s take a good team and have them playing at higher levels. A team needs talent as a whole, a good QB, and a good HC. Rocket you already know I am not a Cousin’s lover, but I would take him over many other starting QB’s and its pure foolishness to dismiss him. The Jimmy love is constricting thought.

        1. UC,

          Well said and I totally understand your viewpoint in regards to the Garoppolo vs. Cousins debate. I’d rather have Jimmy too, and I think that gets lost on here while I’m trying to stand up for a guy (Cousins) who I believe is taking unwarranted criticism. Knocking a guy down to push up the other is unnecessary and completely contradicts what has happened on the field.

  33. I want to see 4 quarterbacks come off the board before the 49ers go on the clock in the 1st round. Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield, and Allen. If that happens, Major Nelson is likely there for the taking….

    1. Yeah, unless Giants or Jets see a QBs they like and think they can get in round 2, they should grab one up high. I’m not sure they will pick a qb though, since they don’t read this blog.
      I suppose Barkley or Chubb or Nelson could be worth a trade up for some teams.
      You’d hope to get a super blue chip at 9/10; Nelson is one and fills need depending on FA. Missing Nelson just means others drop.
      I’d be interested to know the consensus among real evaluators (not any of us) how many legitimate first round talents are in this draft class. Some years it’s 20-22. Other years maybe only 15. It matters in terms of potential trade backs proposed by other teams.

    2. I’d be surprised if 4 QB’s minimum didn’t go in the first round. I could even see 5 if someone falls in love with Lamar Jacksons potential. Bruce Arians said this was possibly the best QB class in 20 years and I would imagine most of the league feels the same way. I really want to see somebody trade up for the Niners pick because I agree with Razor about where the strength of the draft lies.

    3. Chips have to fall just right.
      1) 49ers win the coin flip to pick at 9.
      2) Cousins goes to a non top 8 team.
      3) Teams that need quarterbacks short term Browns, Jets, Broncos and long term Giants all draft one. Or some team trades up.
      4) The Browns and Bears pass on Nelson

      The starting point is a 50% chance of picking 9. The odds of landing Nelson decreases from 50% in each steps 2, 3 and 4.

      But there’s still hope because of Nelson’s position value. I also think Edmunds could blow the combine up, sneaking into the top 8. Denzel Ward too.

      1. Posted this in the wrong place. Mean to reply to Razor’s major Nelson post.

        Questions to all: Would you use pick 70 or 74 to trade up for Nelson, Chubb or Barkley?

        Those picks are 240 and 220 chart points. Gets you up to around picks 6 or 7. I’d consider Chubb because of the importance of the Edge position.

        1. Chubb would be the only one I’d consider it for. As great as Nelson is, they could be in a position to get a pretty good OG in round two and I’d never take a RB in the first couple of rounds with this system.

              1. +1

                B. Chubb all day long!

                or Barkley, if he’s still on the board of course! He’s the best player in this draft, IMO, Chubb is maybe 2nd best.

        2. I wouldn’t trade up, B2W because there could be some valuable leftovers sitting at the top of round 3 that could really help this team moving forward. Players like, Chubb, RB, Georgia, ESB(Equanimeous St. Brown), WR, Notre Dame, Kemoko Turay, Edge, Rutgers, Holton Hill, CB, Texas….

          1. I’m generally against trading up. Trading back usually nets better value.

            But if Garoppolo is as good as we expect, we won’t be drafting anywhere near pick 9 in the next six drafts. OT and Edge players can be had in picks 17-32 (like Joe Staley), but they’re much harder to find. If Bradley Chubb somehow fell to 7, it might be years before another opportunity like him comes around.

            1. Hercules Mata’afa and Kemoko Turay are two promising edge rushers that could very well be there when we pick in the 2nd round, B2W….

              1. Mata’afa has two outstanding traits that stand out when projecting him to the edge, as he was used primarily at NT. 1st step explosion and flexibility. Those two traits are all you can ask for when developing an edge rusher. Once he gets hip to hip with his opponent, he’s too quick to the mesh point to be stopped. His lateral quickness is cat like. Having been used in tight quarters, you’ll notice straightaway his flexibility. He’s really bendy and loose. We’re talking functional application where you’ll see his feet stay anchored to the ground, with his shoulders opening up fully. This kind of flexibility and mobility aren’t usually represented by your average edge rushers, and Kemoko Turay possesses it as well. They both have that athletic foundation you can build a formidable Leo with. Of course they’ll begin as rotational rushers, and they’ll need to learn different angles, hand techniques, and nuances that they can learn from Dumervil, but their explosion and flexibility will enable them to cause disruption early on….

      2. I made another mistake. My model assumed with complete certainty Las Vegas would take Nelson at 9 if they won the coin flip. One must rarely assume.

        But alot of chips would have to fall just right to secure Nelson.

        1. GEEP – I’m guessing the Broncos will take a quarterback in the first. What I’m not sure about is if all four QB needy teams take one before pick nine.

          Will Arizona trade up for a QB? They might. They certainly need one.

          How about Buffalo? I wish I knew about their QB situation better. I really don’t know. But I love the idea of trading 9 for the Bills 21+2019 first. Draft a faller. Or Billy Price as a good fall back option.

  34. Nobody is dismissing Cousins. He’s a good QB, no question. He’s not “Great”. His story is still being written, so that could certainly change. If his career ended today, would any sane analyst, professional or otherwise, consider him a great QB? Not a chance. Jimmy looks like he can be a great QB, but his story is just beginning. I like the first couple of chapters. So does John and Kyle. They could have easily followed Grants advise and made that trade he proposed. They didn’t because it was not a good deal. Plus, if they traded JG, no matter what the deal was, Cousins or not, they’d still be watering down the smoldering ashes of 4949 Bill Walsh way. I agree with whoever said let’s revisit the subject in about 3 years.

  35. rocket / Razor:
    QB’s you see drafted in first Rd?
    Josh Rosen UCLA, Sam Darnold USC, Baker Mayfield Oklahoma, Lamar Jackson Louisville, Josh Allen Wyoming and Mason Rudolph Oklahoma St.?
    * Who Signs Kirk Cousins?

    1. I’m praying for the Vikings to hear Cousins’ voice, and sign him. Then the teams in the top ten can sign the backups that will be available as insurance/mentors for their franchise draft choice….

    2. Cousins ends up in ________ on a new record deal, after the bidding war dust settles?

      1) Denver – 3/1
      2) Arizona – 3/1
      3) NY Jets – 4/1
      4) Minnesota – 3.5/1
      5) Buffalo – 5/1
      6) Jax – 5/1
      7) Other – 4.5/1

      1. 49reasons:
        NFL estimated 2018 Cap Space (P/Sportac)
        Denver = ~ $25,918,793
        Arizona = ~ $23,014,467
        ***NY Jets = ~ $79,279,261***
        Minn. = ~ $53,379,388
        Buffalo = ~ $29,271,937
        Jax = ~ $23,477,064

        1. Thanks GEEP. It’s a good point, yah gotta say the Jets are a big player, but where does Kirk want to go? Jets’ oughta be 2.75/1 odds?

        2. GEEP – Good breakdown. Our best hope seems to be the Vikings signing Cousins. This increases the likelihood of the Jets+Broncos taking a quarterback top 8… or the Cards or Bills trading up.

          1. 49 Reasons / B2W
            * I don’t know where Cousins “wants to go,” but he’s the NFL 2018 wild card, likely to set a new
            standard for the NFL salary structure! So the question becomes, who can afford him?
            *To B2W’s point: Agreed, Vikings would absolutely help the 9ers draft prospects! (razors smiling)!
            * Any team signing Cousins, other than Vikings or Jets, will likely have to cut good players to make salary cap room! As Garoppolo pointed out after signing….”it’s only help our team going into free agency!”

            1. Cousins has made it clear that he wants to go to a winner, and would even be willing to sacrifice money to make it happen.

              Kirk Cousins: “It’s a pretty short checklist. At the end of the day I want to win,” Cousins said. “I was just talking to Coach Weiss earlier and he made it clear: ‘Hey, go where you can win.’ And that’s exactly what the plan is. … There are a ton of variables that decide whether we think we can win, but that will ultimately be what makes the decision.”

              And then there is this mystery tweet: “Listening to you, I’m told Cousins has been telling people this week the Vikings are #1 with a bullet on his preference list. If offers are similar he’s taking the Vikings.”

              I wouldn’t be surprised if Cousins left a little money on the table to go to a team like Minnesota, or Denver. However, I doubt he’d turn down an offer simply too sweet to refuse, unless it came from Cleveland. He’s going to be looking for a market-moving blockbuster deal somewhere.

              I’d say there are a solid 8 teams right now, who could potentially land Kirk Cousins, and here is my personal top 6 destinations, listed in order from best chance to biggest longshot:

              1) Minnesota
              2) Denver
              3) NYJ
              4) Jax
              5) Buffalo
              6) Arizona

  36. I have no idea Geep, but I don’t think Dak’s the answer. I just threw it out there. I don’t have a clue as to Dallas’ current financial obligations, nor do I care. Thanks for looking up the info though., or maybe you knew it by heart. Nevertheless, that’s what I love about you guys! The less time I spend on google, the more I spend on the golf course! I do appreciate the effort and the information though and clearing that up. Thanks much ;-)

  37. I’m sometimes critical of Grant for taking absolutist positions, yet I absolutely am saying that Nordic Skiing is NOT a legitimate spectator sport. It’s a fun activity and terrific exercise but not a spectator sport. And neither is the one with rifles.
    I’ll admit that there are two advantages to TV over in person:
    1/ Much warmer
    2/ You can turn it off

  38. I’ve played it a couple of times Razor! It’s amazing and one of the tougher courses I’ve ever played. Geep, no worries! I don’t have much reasoning! At least that’s what my wife and kids say! I’m just having fun! In the mean time, I learn. Have a good one! Watching the ATT right now. These guys are amazing! One of my brother in laws is right around the 18th green right now for the finish! Lucky guy! -17!! Are you kidding me! I’ve played there too. It’s a real biatch! Lol! Not anywhere near-17, even if I had 4 rounds to do it!

        1. Linebackers that easily get blocked by and struggle filling in at the POA are not players I like.
          They are tone setters and soft tone setters are not ones I would draft… especially when that kid should have 2 more years of grown man strength due to the mission work.

          1. That said I like Scales out of Indiana and OSU’s Baker for late day 2.
            Edmunds is ore intriguing now as a day 1 project guy… But that’s because he could be drafted to be a Leo and moved to mlb if the fit wasn’t right.

        1. You know ShanaLynch are absolutely seething if this is true. All the good mojo after the Garoppolo signing heading into free agency, wiped away at a blink of the eye! Uggh.

    1. Suffice the say, this sucks.
      I’m fully aware I’m talking to myself. I plan to quietly do alot of talking to myself as I grumble along doing my errands the next few days.

    2. 49ers Statement : The San Francisco 49ers organization is aware of the report regarding Reuben Foster. We take matters of this nature seriously and are gathering all pertinent information.

    3. Foster is looking like Aldon Smith 2.0, with even more arrests earlier in his career. What a waste of a talent and a 1st pick.

      1. Grant cited a litany of events including (bit not necessarily limited to)
        – Combine medical exam blow up
        – Diluted sample
        – Vape company sponsoring his draft party
        – Strange nightclub incident (though he’s not at fault and was the victim it sounds really weird)
        – Pot bust

        and now domestic violence.

        This is not looking good. Looks like we have a hole where a brick used to be.

          1. I’m guilty as charged. I heard the warnings but was dazzled by getting a great player on the cheap.

            49ers have been guessing wrong both ways on personal conduct. We skip a cornerstone player like Marcus Peters out of character fears. Then we swing the other way by drafting Foster.

          2. Assault rifle charge too.

            Mr. Foster, welcome to the 49ers. I’d like to introduce you to your new friend Rickey Rivenga. He has a fabulous ganja and assault rifle collection.

        1. WRT Foster news, I must invoke the Grandma Clause.
          You know the one; “If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
          We should’ve cloned Cowboy, PWilly & Bow while they were here.
          We could roll them out of cryogenic storage and turn them loose.

          1. Foster was never arrested for possession of a fragmentation grenade within 73 feet of a Wendy’s hamburger stand while wearing a pink unitard and roller blades. He has that going for him.

  39. Tramaine Brock was cut less than 24 hours after he was arrested on allegations of domestic violence last year. Brock was from the previous regime. Will they treat Foster the same?

    1. If it was me, I’d cut him. Why? It diminishes our mojo, and more importantly, it’s the right thing to do. Offer to send him on his way with a membership to a facility that can help him if he wants it, but tell him to clean out his locker….

      1. I’m a strong believer in due process and not rushing to judgement, but this guy is trying. They could let the process play out as there is quite a bit of time available to cut him. A trade outside the division would be nice – maybe NE as some compensation for making Jimmy available to us.

        1. Need more verified info and see how it shakes out, but this isn’t going to turn out well.
          In my decidedly old school opinion Denise should get John, Jed, Chief Counsel, John Lynch and Kyle in a room and and decide once and for all what their minimum standards of behavior for employees, GM to players to groundskeepers, will be going forward. Each case must be examined individually, but the standards applied equally. There shouldn’t be hand wringing about how high a draft choice anybody is or their position.
          That has a cost. If SF cuts Foster, he’ll eventually be playing for some other team. Of course if the victim is your sister or cousin or niece you might not miss him.

  40. A TBD number of games suspended and the rest of the games he’ll be in the blue tent. At least it all happened with plenty of time to replace him through FA or the draft.

  41. Anybody want to give me crap now for saying cut Foster? There’s people who make mistakes and then there are people who keep making costly mistakes.
    The 49ers are building something special here. Saw this coming from a mile away.
    Get rid of this cancer!

        1. I mean if Nelson is gone and there’s no opportunity to trade down, then ok. There’s a lot of depth at LB in this draft. Guys like Jewel, Iowa and Warner, BYU should be there in rounds 3 and 4.

  42. We need to cut Foster right now. Domestic violence is unacceptable. We just need to cut our losses. He was injury prone anyway. After the arrest last month the fact he couldn’t keep his nose clean tells me he has a drug and or alcohol problem similar to Aldon Smith. If they keep him after cutting Brock that sends the wrong message to the locker room.

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