Jimmy Garoppolo could face questions after next season, too

Jimmy Garoppolo is on the hot seat. This should have been obvious to anyone paying attention.

On Monday, MMQB.com reported that “there’s been perception in league circles that Jimmy Garoppolo is on the clock, because Kirk Cousins is a free agent in 2021.” Meaning if Garoppolo doesn’t improve, the 49ers could cut him or trade him and sign Cousins in 2021. This is a decidedly realistic scenario.

Kyle Shanahan coached Cousins from 2012 to 2013 when Shanahan was the offensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins. And Shanahan planned to sign Cousins in 2018 before John Lynch traded for Garoppolo in 2017. Apparently, Shanahan still loves Cousins and may not be sold on Garoppolo.

Garoppolo has received an outpouring of support from local media and fans following his fourth-quarter collapse in the Super Bowl. They often point to his terrific numbers from the regular season — his first season as a full-time starter, and his first season back from a torn ACL. But Garoppolo’s stats probably say more about Shanahan’s offensive scheme than Garoppolo’s ability — lots of Garoppolo’s passes were to wide-open receivers.

Plus, Shanahan doesn’t care about stats. He said so.

“I don’t just look at their completion percentage, how many touchdowns did they have, what’s their quarterback rating, what’s their win-loss record,” Shanahan said in 2017. “I watch every play individually and see what they are capable of doing based on the 10 guys around them. I very rarely even know their stats.”

Garoppolo’s future with the 49ers has little to do with his regular-season numbers. His future depends solely on Shanahan’s belief and trust in him, because Shanahan is the most powerful person in the 49ers’ organization. And Shanahan doesn’t seem to trust Garoppolo. All the evidence suggests this.

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  1. Is Kyle going to be like Mike and always have a stick up his you know what? Perhaps! Seems like Garoppolo and Pettis are too chill for Shanahan.

    Now if Shanahan didn’t trust Jimmy in the Vikings or Packers game he sure trusted him in the super bowl. Grant knows this bit he delicately bypassed the fact that Jimmy played very well the first 3 quarters of the game. I hate the argument about the end of the first half because no one wants to acknowledge that they actually still drove down the field and were a play or to away from getting points.

    Couldn’t be more content with the end result of the super bowl. Exactly what you want, even the GOAT Tom Brady has faltered in big moments. The difference is he has had 9 chances and Garoppolo has had 1.

  2. Of all the JG narratives that have been out there this offseason, the take that JG is on the clock in 2020 is the one that I agree with. Not necessarily because of Cousins potential availability, though obviously everyone is aware Shanahan likes him, but next season is going to be a “prove it” season for JG. It was pretty clear by the end of the year that while JG was far from awful (in fact for the most part he was pretty good), Shanahan did not have 100% confidence in putting games in JG’s hands. There are clearly some elements to JG’s game that Shanahan doesn’t like and needs to see improvement in.

    What I can’t get on board with is the idea the 49ers would seriously consider getting rid of JG this offseason. I’m sure they would have discussions about guys like Brady, it would be remiss not to even discuss it, but the chances of the team deciding that was the best course of action at this point in time just seems so very remote.

    1. Completely agree. JG made some huge strides this year, and was real fun to watch. He had a slow start to the season, in part due to coming off injury and adjusting to the speed of the game again missing most of last year. I think Kyle has to take some blame for his lackluster performance in the 2nd half with some of the play calling, but end of day JG should have played better.

      I’m looking forward to seeing Jimmy grow this year and hit the ground running coming off his 1st full year, playing 19 games, and no injuries holding him back. I expect him to be in full command of this offense and to take the next step of reducing turnovers and making smarter decisions. But like you said if he shows no growth and maybe even takes a slight step back, we need to move on.

      1. Leo
        * ” But like you said if he shows no growth and maybe even takes a slight step back, we need to move on.”
        * QUESTION: Move on to what? 1) Cousins? 2) Brady? 3) A late 1st Rd draft pick? 4) Free Agent QB? LOL
        * Do you enjoy 4w – 12L seasons?
        Grant is insulting his readers intelligence, writing articles like this!

        1. * Do you enjoy 4w – 12L seasons?

          Hey Geep,

          Sure don’t! But Kyle is a legit coach and I trust his judgement as to his expectations for the QB position in his system. I’m not saying we need to move on from him regardless of the next season’s outcome, but if he struggles or doesn’t show needed growth and Kyle/Lynch decide they need to move on from him, then I understand. That’s all I’m saying.

    2. Scooter
      *”Not necessarily because of Cousins potential availability, though obviously everyone is aware Shanahan likes him”
      How do you know the operative word is not LIKED him? If you, or anyone on this blog, can show me where either Shanahan, or Lynch, has said they LIKE Cousins please do so (after acquiring JG). I do recall both Shanahan and Lynch saying they LIKED JG.
      * I’d remind the others on the blog, as Matt points out below, this is a rewrite of what Chris Mortenson wrote in Aug of 2019. You’ll also notice no credit was given to Morteson….. PLAGIARISM?

        1. Freudian slip?
          KS said he went into mourning after seeing Cousins sign with the Vikings.
          Mortenson did not mention Brady possibly coming to the Niners. No Plagiarism at all.

              1. I win, you’ll never learn! The “NEEDY” never do!

                * “Ack, not Cousins. We all saw what Cousins could do in the Vikings- 49ers playoff game.” Bye Felicia!

      1. The 49ers are not allowed to discuss how they feel about a player/ potential desire to sign a player while they are under contract elsewhere. Is there any reason to believe Shanahan no longer likes Cousins? This sounds like a pretty desperate attempt at shooting down the idea Shanahan likes Cousins.

        1. Scooter
          As I said earlier, the operative word is “LIKED” Cousins! Nothing desperate about it.
          Again, can you, or anyone on the blog, show me anything that suggests either Shanahan or Lynch, now likes Cousins better than JG?
          * IMO, The only element of “desperation,” is when Grant tries to have a conversation with JG and gets told to go “P” up a rope….Or better yet, is given a GI shower!

          1. Can you show me anything to suggest Shanahan no longer likes Cousins?

            As for liking him more than JG right now, who has said that is the case? But if you don’t think JG is still very much in the evaluation phase in Shanahan’s eyes you aren’t paying attention.

            If they really believe in JG, the team will take the opportunity now to rework his deal to create cap space. His deal is the easiest to rework to make space.

            1. Scooter
              * “Can you show me anything to suggest Shanahan no longer likes Cousins?”
              Ask and you shall receive!

              1. Good grief. It is well documented as to why this is the case. It had nothing to do with Shanahan not liking Cousins.

              2. Scooter
                * Good grief? No Scooter, more like IPSO FACTO: JG is, and will remain the 9er QB!
                The same can’t be said for Cousins, who’s failed to deliver in big games, VS JG who in his first full year delivered in big games and his play got the 9ers to the SB.
                You may not agree, but then you also refused to answer my request for proof. Instead, you asked me for proof. So where’s your proof Scooter, if you have any?

              3. Again, good grief.

                My proof is simple – Shanahan and Lynch have confirmed that Shanahan wanted Cousins. The only reason he isn’t the 49ers QB right now is the team got an opportunity that was too good to pass up midway through the season before Cousins became available, and JG then went on to look great in a 5 game audition. At that point it became foolish to give up on JG (and the 2nd round pick they invested in getting him) without giving him a shot. Not signing Cousins that offseason had nothing to do with Shanahan’s thoughts about Cousins. As Cousins is under contract with the Vikings, Shanahan and Lynch are not allowed to discuss whether they currently would like to have him – that would be tampering and the 49ers would be at risk of being fined and losing draft picks. But there is ZERO reason to believe Shanahan’s thoughts about Cousins have since changed.

                Saying that Cousins not being the 49ers QB is proof that Shanahan doesn’t like him as a QB anymore is a logical fallacy. By your argument any player not on the 49ers roster is a player Shanahan doesn’t want. It is a ridiculous argument and not proof that Shanahan no longer likes Cousins.

                You then added a nice straw man argument around providing proof that Shanahan likes Cousins more than JG. I never said he does. Why should I provide proof about something I never said or suggested? But there is pretty good reason to believe that Shanahan isn’t fully sold on JG yet.

                And amidst all of this you appear to have also assumed that I think JG isn’t as good as Cousins. I don’t rate Cousins. Really no need to try and convince me. But I am not about to delude myself that Shanahan doesn’t rate him just because I don’t.

      2. Scooter:
        Again, good grief.
        * “My proof is simple – Shanahan and Lynch have confirmed that Shanahan wanted Cousins.”

        Again, good grief. Wrong before and wrong now…..It’s still IPSO FACTO….JG is not going anywhere.
        *Thanks you Scooter. By your own word(s) you invalidated your argument and validated mine! That Shanahan USED TO like Cousins. But unless you have ESP, you don’t know if he still does!

        * 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan made it clear Thursday during the team’s season-ending press conference that he doesn’t think any differently of his signal-caller after the Super Bowl loss.
        * Shanahan: “Jimmy’s one of the main reasons we got to the Super Bowl. He overcame a lot. This is his first year in his career going through an entire NFL season… I think he had a hell of a first year truly playing the position, especially coming off (a torn) ACL where you have to fight through that a ton as a quarterback where your rhythm and everything is not there at the beginning of the year.”
        * From Shanahan’s lips, to your ears Scooter! How much plainer can Shanahan make it for you?

        1. And unless you have ESP, you don’t know if he doesn’t. But we do know he liked him a lot, and there is very little reason to believe that has changed.

          Re: the JG stuff, another lovely straw man argument. How does this have anything to do with what I said regarding Shanahan’s thoughts on Cousins? Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit is it?

        2. Since you have continued to push this point, I decided f*$# it, I’m sure it won’t be hard to find a recent quote from Shanahan about Cousins since they played against each other in the playoffs. Low and behold, he discussed Cousins in his press conference. Here is what he said.

          Q: Your admiration for Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins has been well documented. Why did you guys click in those two years in Washington? What about him as a young player made such an impression on you?

          “Just how efficient he was coming out of college, just watching him on film. Then being with him for four years, knowing how talented he was as a thrower. Being with him for four years, just his mind and how he worked on it and how he understood everything that was happening, whether it was good or bad. When you’re like that you know they can learn some things.”

          Q: What is the most outstanding thing about his development since you’ve left?

          “I mean, I think he’s been the same. I think he’s always just steadily climbed. Every time he’s gotten more opportunities, he’s only gotten better. I know when he’s had bad games, he’s always learned from them, come back and respond. I think he’s been given the right opportunity. Whenever he’s been given the right opportunity, I think he’s shown people he’s one of the better quarterbacks in this league.

          But yes, please keep telling me there is no way to know if Shanahan still likes him.

          1. Scooter
            Link please….otherwise it’s just second hand hearsay, or some talking head repeating a rumor.
            * Q: “Your admiration for Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins has been well documented.” WHEN?
            What year was that statement made? (My Shanahan quote was after the SB).
            * Q: “What is the most outstanding thing about his development “SINCE YOU’VE LEFT?”
            Again Scooter, do you know when (what year), this interview took place? Nothing you’ve posted tells me it’s after the endorsement Shanahan gave JG. (after the SB).
            * But yes, please keep telling me there is no way to know if Shanahan likes him.
            OK! Theres nothing you posted, to know if Shanahan “STILL” likes him (better than JG)!
            Correct me I’m wrong, but that’s the subject matter.
            * FYI: The question is not, or never was, if Shanahan “LIKES” Cousin, the question is weather he likes cousin better than JG ** NOW! ** Not several years ago.
            * Rather than waste our time, Lets just agree to disagree and leave it at that.

            1. As I said in my post, it was from the press conference ahead of the 49ers playoff game against the Vikings. So, this year.


              No, it wasn’t after the endorsement he gave JG. I have never said or argued that Shanahan likes Cousins better than JG. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t. I don’t know. Never claimed to. I just said Shanahan likes Cousins, you decided to argue that there is nothing to suggest he still likes him. Well, aside from there not being any reason to think he doesn’t, I have now given you a quote from two months ago showing he still does.

              The question as to whether he likes Cousins better than JG is simply one you introduced after the fact in your 3:17pm post on March 12th. It was a straw man argument as I never said that was the case. I have never tried to argue that was the case. Only you have. It wasn’t the subject matter of my post, and wasn’t part of the conversation until you introduced it. So we don’t need to agree to disagree on that, as only you are arguing about it.

              This entire conversation has been derailed by either your inability to comprehend what I was saying or an intentional decision on your part to try and misrepresent what I said. Not sure which, but I believe it is miscomprehension. Either way it has been very annoying, as I think I have been very clear throughout.

              1. Scooter
                * “No, it wasn’t after the endorsement he (shanahan), gave JG.” THANK YOU SCOOTER, YOU JUST VALIDATED MY ARGUMENT.
                * ” I have never said or argued that Shanahan likes Cousins better than JG. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t. I don’t know. Never claimed to.” Correct me if I’m wrong but….that was the point of the discussion! Replacing JG with Cousins…. Right?
                * NOTE: My Shanahan quote was after the SB. Your quote was before the 9er VS Vikings playoff game! The game where Cousins and the Viking got their butts kick by JG and the 9ers! If you read some of the Viking’s sports articles after the 9er game, the sports writers were questioning weather Cousins would be replaced…. Ironic, don’t you think?
                ONE EXAMPLE: “Vikings Offseason Roster Question No. 1: Is Kirk Cousins the Future at Quarterback?” https://www.si.com/nfl/vikings/news/vikings-offseason-roster-question-kirk-cousins-future-quarterback

              2. Once again, for the final time, replacing JG with Cousins was NOT the point of any argument I made. It is just something you brought into it. Your inability to comprehend that is astounding.

    3. The 49ers are closing operations at SAP Performance Center and Levi’s Stadium beginning March 13, until further notice.

  3. Will there be a traditional draft party in Las Vegas, with big crowds and Roger Goodell hugging all the first round picks?

    The league says (for now) there are no plans to change the event, but I’m guessing it will be a 1980s style draft with NFL staff and media present, but no big crowds.

      1. That would be funny if no one is there because the fans won’t be biased on their teams first round picks. You won’t see that one drunk idiot on TV kicking and screaming when his team drafts a player he does not know. Or some grom crying because his team drafted a big fat lineman instead of the star WR or RB that does the fortnite dance after scoring touchdowns.

  4. Ack, not Cousins. We all saw what Cousins could do in the Vikings- 49ers playoff game.
    Brady, on the other hand, could give them a good chance at a ring, but he will not guarantee a ring, so JG has as much chance as Brady to win next season.
    No matter what, the Niners should never trade JG back to the Pats.
    KS should let JL handle the personnel decisions. KS was the one who thought Hoyer was a good QB. He also made them trade up to get CJB. KS did not think JG could master the playbook, so he held him out for 3 games. Once they were out of the playoffs, he let JG start the last 5 games, and JG responded with a 5 game winning streak.
    Yes, actions speak louder than words. By not using any time outs at the end of the first half in the SB, KS clearly showed that he had no faith in JG. KS’s last quarter play calling in the SB, clearly showed why he needed an OC. An OC may have helped him improve the clock and game management, and be able to finish the game.
    KS needs to learn from his mistakes. He failed in his first SB, did not learn, and failed in his second SB.
    I watched the SB again, and saw that JG threw that Third Down Bomb to the 5 yard line, which is exactly where I advocated he throw it to. Maybe KS should have called in Richie James to execute that play. He would have had fresh legs, and may have gotten to the ball.
    I just wish they will show more support to JG. I am so happy with JG, I am not advocating for a return of Kaep. JG, in his first full season of starting, led the Niners to the SB. With better support and better coaching, JG could lead the Niners to compete for the playoffs for the next 10 years.

    1. No, that was just speculation that JG may not be fully healthy after rehabbing his knee, not JG being devastated that he lost the SB, with Brady exploring FA options. The Niners are just doing their due diligence. studying all options. At the end of the article, KS goes on to say that he has confidence in JG, and hopes he leads them to the playoffs.
      Zolak mentioned JG was terrible in the practices? He then went on to clarify, and said that JG then went on the field of play, and performed very well. Guess he was contrasting the difference between a practice warrior, who practices like Tarzan, and plays like Jane. JG is the opposite. He practices like Jane, and plays like Tarzan.

      1. Are you not the idiot who said Mullens was the best QB on the roster in training camp last Fall? Yeah you were!

        1. Yup, Scot Zolak said that while as a Patriot, JG did not practice well, and Mullens was out performing JG, practicing in TC. Remember, JG threw 5 picks in a row, and was coming back after rehabbing from a torn ACL. Mullens was fully healthy, and had been throwing all off season to his receivers.
          At that time, Mullens was out competing JG in TC. It took until the Steelers game to show that JG could take a hit with no injury. However, in that game, JG threw 2 interceptions, so he even showed back then that he needed to have better ball security.
          Since JG, at that time, still had questions about his knee, Mullens, being fully healthy, was superior. Throwing 5 picks in a row was not very impressive, to me. You, on the other hand, thought Kaep took the league by storm, want the Niners to have twice as hard a time to win, and want the Niners to trade up this draft.

          1. That’s a lot of hot air BS for an explanation there Paulie!

            Like alway you get all in a hissy after a simple practice in training camp declaring hierarchy.

            1. Hissy fit? Thanks for describing yourself.
              At that time, JG was coming back from an ACL injury, and I thought it was prudent to take his recovery slow, until he showed that he could move well and regain his passing touch.
              I did say that Mullens should start until JG demonstrates that he will not throw 5 picks in a row, and has enough mobility to avoid the pass rush. The worst thing for him would have been if he was thrust into the starting role, and have had his knee get re-injured. That is just being cautious, not throwing a hissy fit, like you do all the time.

              1. Wow! Estrogen much?
                You talk too much, say too much and never ever contribute anything to this blog that anyone already knows.
                Stop letting your grandchild post under your name!

              2. Stop being so stupid!

                If this is grandchild #2 posting I apologize now. Genetics from your grandpa was not your fault!

          2. Seb aren’t you like me as a pro Kaepernick?

            I still wonder what our team would have looked like if we kept Baalke/Kelly and drafted McCaffery and signed Alshon that off-season to play with the standing for the anthem Kaepernick.

              1. He did take the league by storm then the league figured him out and now he is done.

                Black balled? No just a crappy QB!

            1. Yep.
              NO no no no. Keeping Baalke and Chip would have been a disaster, like the whole 2016 season.
              However, I do like McCaffrey, and wish they had drafted Alshon Jeffrey instead of AJ Jenkins, in 2012.
              In that 2017 draft, I wanted them to trade back, and select Malik Hooker.

              1. James:
                “What do you think Klaperlick would look like on the Chiefs?”
                Hmm…..I’d say…..CHIEF SITTING BULL……

              2. James, I think Kraft gave Kaep a promise to at least give him a chance to sign with a team. That is why he settled that complaint. You should remember what Kraft said about the situation.
                Then, Trump pulled out the surveillance tapes from his big GOP donor and blackmailed Kraft. Kraft then quietly rescinded his offer to let Kaep try out for his team. Kraft had to go back on his word, because the league could take away his team for being a criminal like Eddie.
                Is that Chinese owner of the ‘Health’ spa in jail? Is she even being charged? She should be deported, according to the new immigration rules.
                Kraft had enough power to sign Kaep, and no coach could get more production out of Kaep than Belichick, who is smart enough to know how to utilize a dual threat QB.
                But no, the blackballing continues, and cowards say Kaep cannot play, but are terrified to let him even try out. I watched his private work out session, and Kaep missed very few throws, although there were a few drops.
                If these cowardly blowhards really think Kaep cannot play in the NFL, they should insist he be allowed to play, to prove them right. By not even allowing him to try out with a team, they are proving that the blackballing is in full effect, and the hatred for Kaep knows no bounds.
                Len, did you know I wanted the Niners to trade back and select Malik Hooker? Thought so.

              3. Freekin Kap, Seb…………..old, old news–just like Timothy Leary and Purple Haze…….

              4. What do I think Kaep would look like on the Chiefs?

                Not very good to be honest. I think he would have looked good in Baltimore but not as good as LJ.

                I believe he needs a dominant running game to help define his reads and he wouldn’t have had that in KC. I’m not saying he can’t make reads but their are certain concepts he struggles with.

      2. SEB, it’s a quick reference in the middle of the work that the article headline highlights. Here is the Paragraph:

        “Obviously, he tore his ACL early in the season last year, but I think there’s been some other things that I don’t think Kyle Shanahan likes what he sees,” Mortensen said. “I’m not sure if it’s prep or — Kyle, I think he’s one of the top three offensive coordinators in football […] Mentally, you’d better be able to keep up with Kyle. Kyle, I’m not sure he’s a patient, patient guy, especially when it comes to quarterbacks.”

        1. Personally, I would like KS to trust JG, and let him be the field general, allowing him to call pre-set plays depending on down and distance, along with his first 25 scripted plays. JG is plenty smart. Too bad he took that concussive blow in the SB, which affected his play in the 4th Quarter.
          KS obviously did not trust JG, when he refused to use a time out in the last 2 minutes of the first half. KS was unclear on the concept, playing for the tie before half time. JL was frantically calling for a time out in his booth. There are no ties in the SB. There is a winner, and loser. The loser is timid, and lacks confidence in his QB. The winner is bold, and puts his QB in positions to succeed.
          The problem with that statement is- KS is the HC. If he wants to be the OC, he should resign from the Head Coaching position. Keep up with Kyle? He imploded in the last 7 minutes of the SB, just like he did in the second half of his first SB.
          No one was calling KS a genius after those games.

  5. JimmyG is going nowhere and Cousins is not going to be a 49er……..in other news Speaker Pelosi has taken charge of the economic rescue plan as the coronavirus spreads……..Thank God

    She successfully negotiating a multi-billion-dollar economic package with a hostile and often antagonistic Trump administration was just another day in the speaker’s suite.

    It’s also a reminder that for all Trump’s omnipresence on Twitter and cable TV, Pelosi remains the dominant figure on Capitol Hill when it comes time to actually getting something accomplished.

    Tom Hanks says he has contracted coronavirus.

    Trump’s travel ban sidesteps his own European resorts

    1. The corona virus Is a family of virus that causes the common cold. KOVID-19 Is a strand in that family. It may just be what Washington needs. Maybe it’s natures way of saying out with the old.

      Regardless, the US was very slow to test for corona virus so there are likely many more cases than reported. Many of patients have had this virus and recovered without the fan fair. I would estimate you can add two zeros to the world wide reported number and add three to the US reported cases.

      Stay healthy, practice good hygiene and be kind to each other. Just like the cold you can simply treat the symptoms. Our bodies are amazing machines that trump what we understand of science.

      1. Trump has executed the fastest “relief” for a “crisis” in modern day history.
        Billions of dollars and no flights.

        I don’t think this virus which they knew about years before was a top priority until these idiots in the media and on the left made it a big deal.
        Under 100 dead and over 70 percent were elderly and in the same home.
        This whole thing is a joke, again it’s been known for years, and the one CDC doctor who spoke up about it during Obama’s tenure was found by a river with a gun shot wound called a suicide.
        Mm hmmm…
        it’s this simple. You can buy what the leftist media hawks and idiots like Pelosi and Biden are telling you, while trying to funnel emergency money for their own agenda or you can simply live life and call this BS for what it is. The flu!
        AND the same old virus that pops up every election year. It’s only this big to ruin the booming economy going right now. I wonder if Obama will take credit for how it’s going right now. ?
        Quick question to the liberals on here, how long did it take for the Obama admin to react to the “deadly man killing” swine flu? Tfooh
        Clowns like onelame are only on here spewing the same garbage he watches on msnbc and cnn.
        It was a matter of time before the race card was pulled and full blame on trump.
        And here it is. ???
        It’s a joke!

        Hey Onelame….. care to talk about Biden’s tough guy moment while talking to a working man?

        1. you can simply live life and call this BS for what it is. The flu!

          Despite what the WHO is calling a pandemic. You, know, the WHO that organization overrun with dems looking to pin this “BS “on dear leader. Despite Italy’s covid mortality rate approaching 6%, health services so overrun they must triage who lives, who dies. And md, better keep up with the news. Dear leader is about to declare a national emergency. Yes, msnbc, cnn even fox will be reporting it. Time for the cult to fall in line. And if you yourself start becoming symptomatic due to “simply living life”, your news source, Alex Jones, has a cure for you:


          I wonder if Obama will take credit for how it’s going right now.

          ETTD. If you don’t know it Google it.

          1. lol….ninermdumb is confused …LMAO – He is not sure what to do…….He is about to be figure out his whole life has been a lie….

            According to ninermdumb the whole country is shut down because the left made a simple flu a big deal……

            lol….lmao……this is the funniest shyte ever……

            1. lol….lmao……this is the funniest shyte ever……

              Not really one, this is serious, deadly serious. md, razor and their ilk can do all the hazardous activities to their hearts content. It would be cool if the responsibility for those lamebrain actions affected themselves only. But suppose they become positive, how many others could they possibly infect?

              1. And what exactly are these so called, “hazardous activities” that we “ilk” are presently engaged in, Mr. Roboto?

                But suppose they become positive, how many others could they possibly infect?

                This is proof positive that there are such things as dumb questions….

              2. And what exactly are these so called, “hazardous activities” that we “ilk” are presently engaged in, Mr. Roboto?

                Taking these attitudes is a helluva start:

                This whole thing is a joke

                call this BS for what it is. The flu!

                Not sure why people are so scared

                this kind of hysteria

                I sure as hell hope this is just big man internet talk and not a reflection on how you intend to heed public health containment efforts .

              3. Razor
                * A Simple question! Would you attend a Trump rally if one were held within 10 – 15 miles of where you live? Yes, or No?

    2. Lol Pelosi took over? Because she said so?
      This was trumps plan not there’s.
      Trying to take credit for those votes because they haven’t done squat in 3 years.
      Pelosi took over… ???.

      And what’s funnier is you believe this garbage, and you’re praising Nancy Pelosi
      I’d love to see this source you just posted

          1. Says the guy praising Pelosi who’s city is full
            Of needles, crap and homelessness.
            Money says you didn’t read a bit of her proposals.
            You missed the part where she’s using this “crisis” to find numerous other things like abortion and money for bridges and crap.
            Yeah I’m the one that’s clueless.
            I noticed you never posted up tour source.
            You’re a joke dude. Your party is a joke and again, you will get to see Trump another 4 years.
            And it makes me feel good knowing you will lose your mind again.

            As far as Geep… she can pass anything she wants, doesn’t mean a thing.
            She’s got 6 months left of ruining this country and doing shady deals to benefit her lame America hating party.
            Don’t know why I’ll ask this but I will anyways. Have you read what’s in it?
            And do you think it’s ok for them to use this to further their agenda?

            Yeah she really cares. What a joke!
            Anybody care to answer this?
            I doubt onelame and this guy have the brains to do it, reading their posts and sources I’m sure I’m right.

            1. ninermd
              * “Says the guy praising Pelosi who’s city is full Of needles, crap and homelessness.”
              Who’s city is full of homeless transient from RED STATES that refuse to provide them health care,
              including vets?
              * “she’s using this “crisis” to find numerous other things like abortion and money for bridges and crap. Yeah I’m the one that’s clueless.”
              LAST I CHECKED, ABORTION WAS STILL LEGAL AND THE LAW OF THE LAND! Just because you don’t like it, DOES NOT make it illegal, let alone wrong! Whining about it, only exposes YOUR HYPOCRISY…Like politicians deciding what a woman can do with her body. (I though Republicans believed in personal freedom?), Or providing health care after the child is born.
              * “For bridges and crap?” Seriously? You believe infrastructure (bridges), are CRAP?
              * “Your party is a joke and again, you will get to see Trump another 4 years. And it makes me feel good knowing you will lose your mind again……
              Here’s a question for you ninermd…..If Trump gets another 4 years…WILL YOU LIVE TO SEE IT?

              * As far as Geep… she can pass anything she wants, doesn’t mean a thing. She’s got 6 months left of ruining this country and doing shady deals to benefit her lame America hating party.
              * Correct me if I’m wrong ninermd, but as I recall….It’s Trump’s aids that have been convicted and
              sent to prison….not Pelosi or any Democrat. It’s Trump’s “family values and moral superiority that
              resulted in paying a porn star $130K…..And it’s Trump who has an illegal Daughter! So where’s all
              that right wing moral self righteousness?
              Don’t know why I’ll ask this but I will anyways. Have you read what’s in it? And do you think it’s ok for them to use this to further their agenda?
              * Did I read it? Yes, did you? And why would I be talking to you if I didn’t read it? And speaking of
              “AGENDA’S….I’d say you’re the one pushing YOUR AGENDA!
              * Yeah she really cares. What a joke! Anybody care to answer this? I doubt onelame and this guy have the brains to do it, reading their posts and sources I’m sure I’m right.
              * Old adage you should remember, ninemd: Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt.

              1. * Old adage you should remember, ninemd: Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt.

                Trust me he is a fool……the moron is asking me for a source……

                _ _I take 2 bars off just to laugh

              2. Funny…. didn’t know abortion was a problem for this “pandemic”
                But here she is throwing in funding for it.
                While it is legal, but not for us to pay for any longer.
                So you can sit there and praise her all you want.
                Point is using an emergency that has nothing to do with the money they’re asking for is disgusting.
                And just shows how much they care about the so called crisis.
                You idiots can suck this media built garbage all you want. Your choice. Fact of this matter doesn’t change, and you have the nerve to call others cult like?
                That’s hilarious.
                I see nobody answered the H1N1 question.
                Didn’t thousands die before Obama claimed a national emergency?
                Remember the news hyping that up like this?
                Remember people out buying all kinds of water and toilet paper?
                Biggest question. Remember the media and the right blaming Obama for waiting so long?

                And as far as my beliefs on abortion. That you claim to know.
                Whether I’m for it or not, has no bearing on the fact this loser used a crisis to further her parties agenda. You losers would be ringing your hands if say trump used this crisis to find the wall even more.
                But since it’s the great Pelosi playing typical politics you look the other way.
                It’s pathetic anyone on here could even defend this POS lifelong politician who has gotten rich off of our backs.
                And for the record.
                There are republicans that have done the same.
                So miss me with the identity politics. I have and will continue to call out bad people and moves made by this government.
                That’s the freedom you get when you’re not a lamb following a color of a party.
                Party over country! If it suits you have at it I guess.

          2. I’ve been hearing the Modern liberals for decades go on, on and on about how they are filled to overflowing with Love and Tolerance–they are, and they have said so repeatedly.

            Maybe the biggest lie of the last half century-right after the Warren Report and Watergate-all of the same ilk. Just disagree with one, just try it………….you’ll find out all about their “Love and Tolerance”.

            1. Maybe the biggest lie of the last half century-right after the Warren Report and Watergate…

              Ok CCman, want to tell us what “lie”, other than Nixon’s, was behind Watergate?

              And you’ve been misinformed. This modern liberal is decidedly not overflowing with Love and Tolerance towards half-cocked cretins. We clear?

              1. ribco / CCman
                * “Maybe the biggest lie of the last half century-right after the Warren Report and Watergate-all of the same ilk. Just disagree with one, just try it!

                * In addition to Watergate, Nixon pushed the CIA to Spy on U.S. Citizens, in violation of its own charter( And the 4th amendment). Nixon aids John N. Mitchell, H.R. Haldeman and John D. Ehrlichman, were convicted and sentenced to in prison.
                And then there’s this: How GW Bush covered up Saudi role in 9/11…Questions persist about why the White House and FBI permitted 140 Saudis (including two-dozen relatives of Osama bin Laden) to leave hurriedly from the United States for Saudi Arabia, without questioning them.
                * And this: Reagan and the Contra affair: A) Reagan didn’t know that missiles were being sold to IRAN…..YES THAT IRAN! And B) Reagan was not aware that the profits from the sale of the missiles to Iran, was being used to fund the Contra rebels (terrorists), (which was against the law), and Col. Oliver North went to prison for! Oh oh, another GOP aid sent to prison?
                And this: Yellow cake: A) The Bush administration claimed Saddam tried to buy yellowcake uranium in Niger, and CIA agent Valory Flame got outed……VP Cheney aid, Libby, was sent to prison. GOP aids do make a habit of going to prison! B) Lie by Lie: A Timeline of How We Got Into Iraq! Mushroom clouds, duct tape, Judy Miller, Curveball. Recalling how Americans were sold a bogus case for invasion.

            2. These aren’t liberals they’re little nazis with a whining problem now.
              Self absorbed crybabies.
              They are what government and Rachel Madcow and don lemon tells them to be.
              They’re a joke and hypocrites to the fullest extent of hypocrisy.
              Don’t bother asking them a question if it doesn’t suit their argument.
              You will simply be called some kind of name and they will deflect, and if they have the stones to actually try and answer one of these questions it will be from an opinion of some big professor or scientist or daily news actor, or they will research the old Algorithm laced google engine to argue their side. Right rib?
              Because everyone knows that the internet is full of diversity and pages for common knowledge.
              They won’t scroll past the left leaning sites long enough to get a different POV.
              That would take work, and we know these lefty radicals don’t like work.
              They’re a joke.
              Again you have some on here praising Nancy F’ing Pelosi.
              That’s the equivalent of a righty praising G Bush or Paul Ryan.
              So just shut up and conform to our opinions. Or we will……..
              Call you nazis and fascists.

  6. yes Kirk played bad against our defense, almost all QBs did all season, including the Chiefs QB in the SB even though they won. Second Shanny lost the SB because of his play calling first, then the defense did not stop the chiefs then JG did not play well, along with bad calls from the REFS. What Im starting to learn from Shanny and his system is he can really change the offense to any QB style, think RG3, Kirk, Ryan, JG. Based on the QB talent, it will only take them so far then you add the talent around them and could be a great offense, think Matt Ryan. If the QB is not good and the talent around him is not good think back to Hoyer.

    One thing i could not understand in the last few years was why people thought JG was the next coming of Joe or Steve. He is not, hes more like Steve Bono type. Why the 49ers traded for JG and Shanny wants Kirk instead nobody will know those answers unless they tell the truth. Maybe the owner wanted JG. The real test lies what comes next. We are not in the locker room or know how the players feel. Remember that Alex played good then got replaced by Kap. Its about winning games.

    So it comes down to what the team and the coach wants. Do they talk to the players first before making any changes at QB. Players know its about winning and getting the best players on the team. First they need to release or change the contracts of a few players first to get more cap room. Then decide which QB they want. To me if trading JG can get back high draft picks to bring in blue chips players or get even more picks and still get blue chips players, along with getting a QB at the same level like JG, why not. I am not a Tom Brady fan, he is not the greatest QB, thats Joe. But if lets say Shanny changes the play book for him and Tom says i want to play for the 49ers and will take a pay cut say 10 million, then that could sign more players that could help us win. I think that should be the only way they bring Tom in if he takes less money. Then because next year you have the Kirk debate, the Vikings will not place the tag on him, so he will be a free agent. yes Kirk lost to the 49ers but if thats who the coach wants and im sure he will take less money or sign a team friendly deal to play for shanny. Its not like they are signing Hoyer type player again. What if Tom wins a SB next year, will anybody care if they sign Kirk or Tom another year. nobody will remember JG.

  7. Grant, your point that Shany looks at Comp % and TD’s is plausible. You mentioned that JG threw to wide open WR’s also, implying it wasn’t JG’s reads, but Shany’s play calling responsible for that.

    As I don’t have the benefit of game film, I can’t contest that. You do, so I’ll trust you on this.

    If everything you say is true; I would add that a QB of JG’s calliber could earn the 49ers more draft picks and the 49ers need draft picks.

    One thing’s certain. You have just made the pre-draft build up more exciting.

    1. Grant, you also point out that Cousins learns from his mistake.

      I have wondered why JG fumbles/doesn’t protect the football time after time…

      Montana would usually go through his reads quickly, roll out to buy time, then if nothing was open, scramble for 10….Having a QB with deadly throwing AND scrambling ability is a bonus.

      But a few times this season I have seen JG regress to Colin Kaep, and not see wide open WR’s and wondered if we should chalk it up to first full starting season (rookie mistakes).

      1. I think Shanahan is hard on him and Jimmy’s personality is a bit weak when it comes to rising to the moment, sort of how Kapernick was. When the coach yells and screams some players take that fire and ignites them. For Jimmy G it seems like it forces him to be a little unsure and sort of frightened. I don’t want to over exaggerate anything, obviously he’s playing at the highest level he might just be missing what Steven Young calls Moxie.

        I think one full year of starting is not enough to make that judgment.

        1. JImmy has the same amount of pass attempts (800) that Steve Young had entering his first season as the 49ers’ starter in ’91. Way too early to pull the plug for a different qb, unless his name is Mahomie….

          1. I’m not sure Mahomes would work well with Shanahan. KS likes control over the offense and a QB should do it his way unless the play breaks down. Mahomes is a free spirit and true gunslinger. I think that’s the real reason why Mahomes wasn’t seriously considered by Shanahan.

            I’m not complaining, it’s just that KS’ style doesn’t really allow for considering a college player like Mahomes.

  8. When the 49ers traded Joe to the Chiefs he was able to lead them to the playoffs, now he wasn’t 42 years old but he was old in term of years back then especially with all his injuries and deep playoff runs with the 49ers. I’m saying that because Tom could do the same thing, if we keep the same team and maybe add more players from the JG trade as long as Tom takes a pay cut then I don’t see how he could not win. Then Joe would probably say its ok to wear his number. I bet if Tom won a SB with the 49ers next year, he would probably retire after that, then Shanny gets his wish and signs Kirk.

    I am not a fan of Tom or even Kirk for that matter but if thats what the coach and GM wants to do with the team, then ok, the coach should know what JG is and is not. It will better the team with the JG trade and get picks as long as he is not traded back to the pats for like a 3rd round pick only.

  9. The NFL claims to be concerned about player health, yet they want a 17th game (which is essentially a springboard to force the 18 game schedule they want) and are one of the few major sporting leagues in the U.S. that has yet to suspend league operations.

      1. What is wrong with a 17th game……As a fan I want more meaningful games – won’t this decrease the number of preseason games

        #2 seed – I like this one the best. The best team in the conference should have a bye. No more fake #2 seeds….

        Lowering of disability pay – I need more info on this before I can believe you. If true I would think the increased in insurance for former players offsets the decrease……

        1. I like a ten game season. 2xs a year.
          Have two leagues.

          I hate seeing these 0 win teams. Emulate what soccer does. Demote the worst team into a lower league.

        2. First, a 17th game means that there will no longer be an even number of home and away games; how well is that going to sit?
          Second, it creates the issue of increasing wear and tear on players, increasing the likelihood of a player getting injured; the money that each player can make on the 17th game will also be capped.
          Third, any team with an early bye week that is playing for a spot in the playoffs could have their performance greatly affected due to prolonged wear and tear. It could also cause players who are traded to play 17 or more games straight without having a bye to be able to recover.

          Eliminating a bye for the second best team also plays into the issue of wear and tear because teams could be forced to play guys that need to rest.
          The second bye elimination also increases the likelihood of a team bringing back a player a week too soon who may need another week to recuperate from an injury.

          An article written by Ken Belson and Kevin Draper of the New York Times states that the league wants to reduce the amount of money former players get in disability payments by offsetting the amount with what they get from Social Security. Here is the link to the article: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/03/sports/football/nfl-cba-agreement-players.html

          1. Wasn’t there a proposal to play 17 games but have players play in a maximum of 16 of those games. Maybe one or two starters would not be playing each game. So a team would have their 2nd string QB start in one game against a team they considered to be weak. Looking only at the aspect of wear and tear, doesn’t it seem like a 17 game season could work? The uneven home/away games would be an issue. I suppose you could have 18 games and have a player play in no more than 16. While the quality of the game would suffer a bit, I don’t think it would be enough to overcome fan’s insatiable appetite for NFL games.

            However, if players are not allowed to play because it is their game off, then teams will need to be allowed to have more players active on game day and might even need more than 51 players on the active roster (OTOH, allowance could be made to allow PS players to play a game or two).

            1. Wasn’t there a proposal to play 17 games but have players play in a maximum of 16 of those games.

              That was in July 2019 when an 18 game schedule was being rumored.

            2. We have had teams play uneven home/away games for years now…..London UK is not in the USA….bottomline its not a big deal

              If you care about wear and tear – play flag football …..they have reduced the number of practices, training camp is shorten and more money is poured into player safety….

              Regards to disability….As assumed I said there was an offset somewhere….am sure it’s not has bad as no disabaliity checks…..

              1. Prepare for more of those international games then because the NFL wants each team to play an international game.

                You act like all of that justifies adding another game. It does not.

                Spoken like someone that does not have to worry about covering the expenses that come with having to deal with a disability.

              2. Mid:

                I still don’t see a major problem with 18 games with players only playing 16 of those games. Why wouldn’t they take this deal if it also means getting paid more for 16 games in an 18 game season than 16 games in a 16 game season. It’s true that some games will suffer in quality, but fans will adjust and coaches will add a new strategy to the game (by who they select to sit out) that probably will impact fantasy football (even though I’ve never played it and don’t understand it) and gambling. If I’m missing something, please enlighten me.

              3. That is not part of the deal though Cubus. As I said earlier, that was part of a rumor going around back in July 2019.

          2. They should make an 18 week season but give each team 2 byes. One home and one away. It would even out home game revenue for every team, it would give the league an extra week of TV revenue and it would give the players more rest during the season. Problem solved.

    1. “He’s Gonna Get Us All Killed”: Sense of Panic After Trump Coronavirus Speech to the Nation

      Privatization May Be Killing Us: Mystery of Why the Trump Administration Still Hasn’t Sent Out Promised Million CV Tests, as Delay is Facilitating Transmission of the Virus by Undetected Carriers
      March 12, 2020

      By Thom Hartmann

      After it was widely reported that Tom Hanks and his wife were able to simply walk into a clinic in Australia with the symptoms of a common cold and instantly get a coronavirus test – which was positive – Americans are beginning to ask out loud, “Why can’t we get tested?“ According to President Obama‘s Ebola Czar (last night on Rachel Maddow‘s show), Ron Klain, Trump “privatized“ the testing here in the United States. Instead of taking the World Health Organization (WHO) test kits which are cheap and widely available all over the planet, and having them distributed across the country back in December, or January, or February when we knew this disease was spreading in the United States, Klain said that Trump has outsourced the testing to two big American companies, Quest and Labcorp. Trump’s head of HHS, Alex Azar, is the guy who doubled the price of insulin when he was CEO of Eli Lily company. Do he and Trump owns stock in these testing companies? Why are we refusing to accept the WHO test that the entire rest of the world is using? What the hell is going on here?

      Trump Needs to Be Tested for Coronavirus Now: Brazilian Official Who Met Trump at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday Tests Positive for Coronavirus, Took Photo With Him


      1. Stop interjecting Trump into threads that have nothing to do with him. Do the same with your views on the Democrats, Republicans, and other political parties if they have nothing to do with the thread.

        1. or you could scroll and ignore……

          Somethings you can’t hide…the level of incompetence shown by Trump is exactly what most predicted……

          too bad Razoreater couldn’t have predicted this…..

            1. Jimmy Garoppolo could face questions after next season if he struggles due to the off season and training camp schedule get pushed because of the coronavirus……

              unfortunately we have an incompetent Trump in charge which could effect how long this health emergency will be….

              Is that on-topic enough for you…..

          1. The point of this thread is to point out the hypocrisy of the NFL. Interjecting something about Trump or anything related to politics is like starting a discussion about foreign policy in a conversation thread about chicken soup recipes.

    2. “are one of the few major sporting leagues in the U.S. that has yet to suspend league operations.”

      They are in the offseason. Why would they suspend operations?

    3. Back when Richard Sherman was “the enemy” I still appreciated his criticism of the leagues two faced safety policies.

      Elephants in the room question a few are thinking about, and fewer actually talking about: Will the Coronavirus delay or possibly cancel the 2020 season?

      1. I think the 2020 season will end up being delayed by 1-3 months Brodie. The outbreak seems to have died down in Wuhan where the virus originated from back in December. So my guess is the outbreak will have run its course before summer begins. Of course all of this is just a guess on my part.

        1. I suspect the 2020 NFL season won’t be impacted at all, outside of some impacts to offseason activities.

          1. Agree, Scooter. Not sure why people are so scared. I don’t remember this kind of hysteria for H1N1 or swine fool. Of course, we had more real journalism back then too….

            1. Razor – I still plan on going to the Indy 500 unless they put an end to it. If you still want me to show up it would be somewhere around the 17th 18th of May as I have to be at the track on the twenty first.

            2. Don’t remember entire countries being shut down by H1N1/swine flu, or people who run multi-billion dollar entities like F1, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR,IndyCar, UEFA Championship, shutting down.

              But yeah, it’s the media. SMDH

              1. It’s called listening to health officials, all of whom are calling for the same thing. Not media hype.

              2. Razor never went or dropped out of college – you have to understand he is limited in thinking

                if it does not smell like bacon – it must be fake news….

            3. hysteria

              Razor, you misspelled “warnings and advice from health professionals who have nothing to gain politically.”

        2. I follow a few youtube channels from American expats that have lived in China for several years. They’ve been ringing alarm bells since January 3rd about the deceptive nature of China’s reporting of
          – Number of cases
          – Fatality rates
          – Quality and availability of care

          From the beginning the Chinese government put immense pressure on the WHO to minimize the severity of the situation.

          Yet western media continues to parrot the Chinese governments party line.

          Things might actually be improving in Wuhan, but for now I remain skeptical.

  10. MW,

    Please check the record here.

    Wednesday, people wanted to know why it was important for public health vs pay health in times of an administration created Covid-19 viral spread….I’m simply providing them an answer.

    You may benefit from the info…I apologize you’ve decided to inject politics into a health crisis.

  11. First time poster but long time reader of comments. I don’t get why so many media types are looking at Garoppolo like he is a total failure. I saw the super bowl failure more as Saleh being outsmarted by Andy Reid. Saleh could not stop Reid’s adjustments and Shanahan wasn’t able to beat Spagnuolo’s defensive adjustments.

    The long ball is not Garoppolo’s strength so why is he blamed for missing Sanders and therefore worthless? During the regular season, I didn’t see too many perfect long ball thrown by Jimmy G. So when he heaved that long ball in the super bowl, I held my breath and screamed when it was too long. I wasn’t thinking what a loser for the miss.

    1. Saleh being outsmarted by Andy Reid.

      Bill, no so much Reid outsmarting Saleh as Saleh telegraphing alignments and coverages every single play. Not sure how smart you have to be to be the recipient of that gift.

      1. I think you’re exactly right rib. I think it was less about Reid, and more about Mahomes. It seemed like it was only a matter of time before Mahomes found a way to exploit Saleh’s defense, and exactly what happened in the 4th QTR, IMO. If you don’t mix up your alignments and coverage’s, a talented QB like Mahomes will eventually figure it out.

        1. Yup. This postmortem analysis was damning.

          I’m an idiot. I just wanted to point that out before I get into the 49ers’ plan for stopping the Chiefs. Because you need to realize this: if an idiot like me recognized some of this stuff, I know a play-calling savant like Andy Reid certainly did.

          So what was the 49ers’ plan? It won’t take long to explain, actually. On first down and second-and-short (under 7 yards to go), the 49ers essentially played two coverages: Quarters and Cover 3. And it wasn’t difficult to figure out when they’d play which coverage. When Mahomes was in shotgun, they played Quarters; when he went under center, they played Cover 3.

          Every time.

          We’re talking a 100% tendency for the entire game.


    2. That is the problem with Jimmy. He can not throw the long pass. Defenses know this and can adjust their play to take advantage of that. Not every QB can throw long and many successful QB’s get by without that skill. However, they have other aspects of their game that they excel in. Jimmy does not. His numbers are a product of Shanahan’s schemes that get receivers wide open so that he seldom has to throw into tight windows. He also does not see the field very well and makes up his mind who he is throwing to before the entire play develops.

      Grant’s film sessions revealed that Jimmy often had completions, but that there were better options left on the table that he didn’t see. That sort of thing is not always evident. It was evident in the play when Kittle was waving his hands as JG threw a pass to a different receiver and they didn’t get the first down. It was only because that time it was kittle who was wide open that people noticed, but it happened quite a lot during the season. This is just one example of real weaknesses that JG has. A players strengths should be such that they can mitigate or compensate for their weaknesses, but JG just has too many weaknesses and not enough strengths. He pretty much does not do anything a top game manager can not do.

      1. I think JG will improve on his long throws, because he will have all off season to throw to his receivers and develop chemistry with them.
        This was JG’s first full season as a starter, so he will see the field better, and sync up more with his receivers, now that he does not have to rehab his knee.
        JG does have a quick release, but his accuracy is his best attribute, JG does not only throw into tight windows, he can thread the Needle.
        JG led a 4-12 team to the SB. I am happy he is the 49er franchise QB. Brady may be more accomplished, but JG could play for the next 10 years.

  12. Every player faces questions every season. Jimmy is no different. Everyone of his plays has been or is in the process of being evaluated. Shanny will go over the good, the bad and the ugly. The onus will then be on the player and coach to make the good better, the bad good and eliminate the ugly. In 2021 the process will start all over again, and hopefully Jimmy shows the growth that the head coach and the fans are looking for. If not, that’s what the out in his contract was for. That’s how Marathe does a lot of 49ers contracts, not just the qb position. I would tap the brakes on Shanny’s desire for Cousins. Going back to your ex can sometimes be like taking back your spit from the ground….

  13. Leo
    Kyle is a legit coach.” Actually, IMO he’s one of the best coaches in the NFL!
    “And I trust his judgement. But if he (JG), struggles or doesn’t show needed growth, they need to move on”
    * Kyle Shanahan said “his opinion of Jimmy Garoppolo is the same now as it was before the Super Bowl, noting that the quarterback’s play was “one of the main reasons” the San Francisco 49ers made it that far.”
    Leo, Just curious, but have YOU seen anything that suggests Garoppolo won’t “SHOW NEEDED GROWTH?” His first full year at QB and coming off injury, he was less than a quarter from winning a SB. Please define “GROWTH?”
    Do you know of any QB that’s never made a mistake? If you want to compare QB’s, how did Montana do his first year as 49er QB? As I said earlier, this article is an insult to the readers intelligence, and Matt points out below, this is a rewrite of what Chris Mortenson wrote in Aug of 2019. You’ll also notice no credit was given to Morteson….. PLAGIARISM?

    1. You are comparing JG to a rookie just coming into the league. Like A. Rodgers he sat for years behind a top-flight QB and had time to learn. That is one of the best learning situations for a rookie. It didn’t take Rodgers years to play well, he came in ready to play because he had years on the bench to learn and study. Jimmy is in the same situation.

      I don’t see Jimmy improving much from what he is right now. His flaws are not something that QB generally improve on at his stage of the game. He had the illusion of improvement because Shanahan did not challenge him to do the things he could not do , like throw more than 25 yard passes. His quick release is because he does not plant his back foot which is why his long throw are not accurate. To fix that requires him to completely change his throwing motions.

      1. Willtalk
        So in your opinion, JG showed NO improvement from the preseason, to the SB?
        Did you miss the 9er regular season games against Baltimore and New Orleans? Or the playoff games against
        the Packers and Vikings? Remember the regular season games when the pundits were all saying “this is where the rubber meets the road?” I don’t know about you, but a 12W – 4L season screams KEEPER to me.

  14. On the topic of Vegas Draft Weekend (unwilling readers avert your eyes!):
    Apparently current conditions have dampened demand for Vegas hotel rooms which have now moved into serious discounts for 4/23-4/25/2020:
    Wynn’s $593/night down from $699
    Mirage $99/night down from $499
    Oyo $135/night down from $999
    Source-Las Vegas Review-Journal

    1. Considering the draft, such as it is, is likely to be held out of the NFL Network’s Culver City studios, not surprising in the least.

  15. Of course, the Corona Virus may make the NFL cancel the season like the NBA, but I wish to talk about the CBA.
    It is totally one sided, and unfair to the players. The medical options and revenue sharing is lacking. The League is taking all the power, and weakening the player’s rights. They are playing the young players against the older veterans, and will not let players change their vote, now that they understand what the agreement actually says. The league started by insisting the players play a 17th game, then capped the salary at 250k. That went over like a lead balloon, so the League scrapped that proposal and said they were acting in a magnanimous manner and should be commended for that. I would counter that they were being money grubbing hypocrites, and need to present a fair agreement, and pay the players one sixteenth more for that 17th game.
    The players should start the negotiations by insisting on lifetime health benefits for football related injuries.
    They should insist on a 50% cut in the revenues. The owners are not important, the players are the ones who make the game.
    They should wait on expanding the league schedule, and the threat to make the players agree, or the owners will insist on an eighteenth game, just shows their venality, and lack of caring for the player’s health.
    They should study the consequences, and not automatically extend the season. The Players should insist on a trial period, and if the injury rate goes up too far, they should go back to a 16 game schedule. The players should insist on a 5 year plan, where the League allows more research into football injuries, and how the 17 game schedule may be hurting the game, and the players. Or maybe the injury rate is not too excessive, and the players like the added salary. After 5 years, the players can vote to change back to a 16 game season, or keep the 17 game schedule.
    The players should insist on 2 bye weeks, instead of only one. This will allow players to rest, and heal.
    The League should accomplish a 17 game schedule with a second bye, by eliminating 2 preseason games.
    In order to eliminate the chance that a starter is injured in a meaningless preseason game, each team should designate 25 players, pay them a full salary, but prohibit them from playing. Then, the second strings can battle it out, and help each team in their assessment process.
    The players should advocate expanding the rosters by 2 players, and only de-activate 5 players each game.
    If a player accumulates good stats, they should write an incentivised contract so he is rewarded at the end of the season.
    In order to generate more interest in the Pro Bowl, the League should pay each Pro Bowler a million dollars to play. In order to make it more competitive, have the league donate a million dollars to the each winning player’s favorite charity. Keep the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, make it 2 weeks after the SB so the SB players can play, and go back to the NFC vs AFC format.
    The players should not ratify this agreement. They should wait, and negotiate for better terms. The players should negotiate directly with the networks, in order to get full health benefits, with lifetime care for football related injuries. The league is being mean and churlish, and refuses to help the players who made the NFL great. The players will get better terms and more money from the networks. The networks may bypass the owners, because they will look like heroes, for doing the right thing, while the owners will look like villains, for being greedy.

    1. Out of curiosity, why do people feel the players should settle for 50% share of NFL revenues? Why not more? What is it that makes 50% seem like the “right” and “fair” share they should make?

      I wonder how all the other employees of the NFL feel about the share they should get of revenue?

      I don’t begrudge players looking to increase their earnings one bit, but the idea they should accept nothing less than 50% of revenue is absolutely arbitrary.

      1. Right now, the revenue split is 47% players, 53 % owners.
        In the new CBA agreement, it would be 48% players, 52% owners.
        I think the NBA, MLB and NHL all have 50-50 splits.

    1. Nice, but Shenault is ranked around 30-33 in some draft big boards, so he may not be available at 53.
      In the CBS Big Board, Cushenberry is ranked 60, so he could be available at 53.
      Chase Claypool WR, is ranked 82, so he might be available at 85. Jeremy Chinn S, is ranked 86, so he is another good candidate at 85.
      Raekwon Davis is ranked at 103, but at 104, David Ojemudia CB, may also be a nice prospect to consider.
      I am not familiar with many of the later picks, but Heck sounds like a heck of of a nice developmental player. I would stay away from Jeff Thomas due to his red flag concerns.

      1. Thanks for reading the mock draft Seb.

        My reasoning for Shenault falling to the second round is his injury history. He has dealt with toe, shoulder, and core injuries. Granted, Shenault has been able to play through injuries, but it raises a strong question about his durability going forward.

        Cushenberry is a prospect I can see falling due to draft depth and a run I am expecting at a couple of positions during the second round.

        Claypool is being overrated, and I do not foresee the 49ers drafting a safety until the third day of the draft, if at all. It is more likely the team goes into 2020 with Moore as the starting FS and a veteran FS as the backup.

        I am seeing too many online scouting reports regarding Davis that are questioning his maturity and whether his heart is in to playing football, which is why I believe he falls to the third day of the draft.

        If you can, try to find highlights on those guys. What I was able to find online left me impressed.

        I am with you on Thomas, but I can see the 49ers drafting him late on the third day of the draft due to him only costing a late round pick if his character issues continue.

        1. Mid, I like your writing style, and am glad you can adequately justify your selections. Keep up the good work. I agree, Shenault may fall due to his mediocre combine.
          I like Claypool, because he can become a hybrid WR/TE. He is fast enough to be a WR, and big enough to be a good blocker.
          However, I wish to mildly disagree about your trade back proposal. Moving back 22 spots is too far, imho. I would like to see the Niners trade back with Carolina, who may be looking for a QB, or Denver or Miami, who have lots of picks to bundle in order to trade up.

          1. Thanks Seb. I am glad you like my writing style.

            I have watched a few highlight videos on Claypool, and I have seen a few things that concern me.
            One issue is that a considerable amount of his production appears to come when he has a clean release and little to no contention from the opposition’s secondary. But when Claypool faces someone who can match him step for step or gets up in his grill, he struggles and generally falls to haul in.
            Another issue I see is there are some incompletions that he should have caught; he just did not make the effort to do so.
            My third issue with Claypool is his overall effort. There are some points where he just does not attempt to block when he should be, and then there are other times seems to check out out the game.
            My four concern is that the speed and strength Claypool showed at the Combine only shows up in the highlights every now and then; he also failed to gain any separation from them defensive back covering him unless it was on a deep route or he caught the guy flat-footed.
            Overall, I just do not Claypool as someone who could succeed in Shanahan’s offense.

            I actually did try out trade scenarios with those three teams as well as Atlanta and Indianapolis, but a scenario where Miami winds up with four first round draft picks did not seem realistic, and possible trade scenarios with the other teams ended up as being too unbalanced or making little sense.

            1. Ideally, the Niners could draft Denzel Mims with their 31st pick, but if he is gone, they should trade back.
              I just watched Chase Claypool’s highlight reel and a couple games, and he looks like he can catch the back shoulder pass, and is not afraid to go over the middle into traffic. It looks like he plays fast for his size, and he seems to be a decent blocker.
              With Miami, I hope the Niners tag and trade Armstead for their 26th pick, although the Niners could settle for the 39th pick. Maybe bundle Armstead and Tevin Coleman for that 26th pick.
              I do not know why I am doing this, since it sounds like the draft is cancelled, but I plan on another mock. I want the Niners to bundle and trade players to the Broncos, bundle and trade players to the Dolphins, and trade back with the Chargers. The Niners could move back 6 spots with the Chargers, and get a second and 4th round pick. It adds up exactly on the TVC.

              1. “What player in the draft at #26 is better than Armstead and Coleman?”

                This draft is rich in DLine Talent and someone could fall… Blacklock, Kinlaw,etc.

                As for Coleman, I think he could be replaced with any number of players, udfa’s included. This system makes running backs better than they really are.

              2. Potentially, many. This draft is loaded with talented O linemen and WRs. There are many D linemen who may be able to start for the Niners. 25 DBs can run 4.5 or faster.

                Coleman is expendable with Mostert and Wilson, and Breida may return, too. Armstead benefited from having a contract year type of season, and performed well because Buckner took on the double teams. Armstead is an UFA, and may sign elsewhere, maybe even the Seahawks or Cards. Other teams will be throwing money at Armstead, and team loyalty may go out the window if the price is right. The Niners could trade Armstead out of the NFC, and not potentially have to play against him twice a year. I would want the Niners to re-sign Armstead to a long term contract, but with the realities of the salary cap, and only 13 mil in cap space, I am resigned to him leaving.
                Of course, you want to make the Niners have a twice as hard a time winning, so you probably want him to sign with the Seahawks. Imagine the intel he could divulge.

              3. Seb what player at #26 is better than Armstead and Coleman?

                If you cannot come up with a name then don’t propose your BS!

              4. Like always too lazy to do the reference and too stupid to formulate a legit argument.
                Go smoke some more weed. Maybe the creative juices will start flowing!

              5. I like Mims as a prospect, but he is also being overvalued because of an impressive Combine. His highlight reels show that he is raw in terms of technique, literally stops after he has run his assigned route and fails to work to get open, and has a slow first gear. However, Mims does have some dawg in him and usually plays to the whistle. However, I do not think he is a fit for the 49ers because he lacks the ability to gain separation when contested.

                I saw of that as well Seb, but the negatives I saw give me pause on Claypool.

                I don’t see the Dolphins going after Armstead or Coleman with any of their picks because that team seems to want to build from the draft.

                I do not think the team can really trade anyone to the Dolphins or Broncos who can accrue a good return unless it was one of their star players. Tagging and trading Armstead is also probably off the table unless the 49ers gain more cap space given the amount of the franchise tag.

              6. Prime, the top RBs (Taylor, Swift, etc.) could easily take Coleman’s spot, but I highly doubt the 49ers will take any RB during the first two days of the draft given what the team has been able to do with late round and undrafted RBs.
                The question of which DL would be better than Armstead is more difficult to answer given that Armstead did not experience his breakout until the team traded for Ford, drafted Bosa, and implemented the Wide 9 into their defense. Was Armstead’s production a byproduct of those three additions, or did he actually show that he is an ascending playmaker?

              7. Thanks Mid for the insight. Most people, ones with half a brain that make comments on the blog typically have the capacity to follow up on that argument with facts and or proof.
                Unfortunately in Seb’s case, he cannot do either. That’s why I asked him to back up his 14th of 1000 trade proposals to date.

              8. If Shanny drafts a running back late it’ll be one that has 4.4 or better speed.

                Corbin outta Illinois round 7 or UFDA
                Calais outta Louisiana round 6
                Evans outta App St round 5 and he’s the fastest of the three at 4.41

              9. Prime, I said many, which implies there are many alternatives.
                Maybe the Niners are content to let Thomas take over Armstead’s positions, and will draft the BPA.
                Looking at the CBS big Board, Neville Gallimore is ranked 27, and Ross Blacklock is ranked 29.
                From just the rankings, from 26, Tee Higgins, Trevon Diggs, AJ Terrell, Justin Jefferson and Josh Jones all could be solid picks with the potential to have careers that exceed Armstead’s, who did not do much before last season.
                Tevin Coleman is expendable with Mostert and Wilson, but Coleman would be a big upgrade to the Dolphins, because Coleman was the starting RB in the SB. In the draft, Jonathan Taylor, D’Andre Swift, JK Dobbins, Cam Akers, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, AJ Dillon and Joshua Kelley all are RBs who may be better than Coleman.
                Prime, since you sound so helpless, and cannot study draft big boards, I gave you many names to consider. Remember, a 6th round draft pick won 6 rings, and Joe, a third round pick, has won 4. There may be a HOFer in any round. Of course, none can guarantee that any player will become a HOFer. However, Armstead may never become one, unless he can play for 6 more years at high production. In his first 4 years, he had only 9 sacks. Yes, he may drive his blocker back into the pocket, but he gets locked on the blocker, and lets the RB run past him. He also does not maintain containment as well as he should.
                There are many draft picks who may be better than Armstead, and could eventually make into the HOF. For example, Nick Bosa, with 9 sacks and his DROY award. Chase Young could do the same. At pick 26, Neville Gallimore and Ross Blacklock could be an upgrade from Armstead. Guess you are claiming that Armstead is so good, no player in the draft could possibly be better.
                Heck, they may find a player in the 5th round, who will have more sacks than Armsteads’s 2 rookie sacks. Larrell Murchison(5.05), Raequon Williams(5.04), Khalil Davis(4.75) or Malcolm Roach(4.84) could all be 5th round picks with the potential to have a better career than Armstead who ran a 5.1 forty.
                I am planning on draft Mock number 5, so you can be prepared to have another hissy fit.

  16. JG quick release is what stood out about him during his first half-season. At that time it made a difference because he was playing all out for a contract. He also used that release because he waited till the last second to make his throws. He has not consistently done that since. His quick release had not been a factor at all the last two and a half seasons.

    I also did not buy the excuse of coming back from an ACL was the reason his throws were not so accurate. He was doing the same thing at the start of his second season before his ACL. His long throws lack accuracy because he does not plant his back foot even when he has time to do so. That is partially what is responsible for his quick release. He can throw without planting, but it kills his long-range accuracy.

    Basically his strengths do not compensate for his weaknesses anymore. Shanahan reduced the offense so that his weaknesses were not exposed. This is the main reason that Shanahan is not sold on him. It’s because he knows how much he has been protecting him. His numbers are still good because of Shanahan’s schemes.

    I personally do not understand how a fan base that has been brutal with the QB’s who have played for the Niners are allowing JG to slide for the very things they crucified the other guys for. He does not read defenses well. He can not throw long and is not consistently accurate. He decides who he will go to before the play develops, but because of Shanahan, that player is usually open. He rides his charisma a long way. He does have plenty of that.

    I mean they can make do with him, but he should not be considered a long term solution. He has entirely too many weaknesses that will not disappear. He is not a rookie, but someone who has been on the bench for years. That is what A. Rodgers did in Green Bay and when he came in he was ready to play. He is not going to get much better than he is now.

  17. JimmyG IS on the hot seat…we saw the meltdown…just dump mr 26MILLION dollars, play Mullens and draft a QB….tall order but might be better off in the long run..

    Thanks Grant…..glad you write articles like this it puts the homers in check

    1. Thanks Grant…..glad you write articles like this it puts the homers in check

      Superbowl monty, Superbowl. There’s no such thing as a homer when your team has just played in the Superbowl. Just ecstatic fans (who’d be more ecstatic had Saleh called anything more than a crippled defensive gameplan). There are of course, debbie downer whiners like yourself, and Grant would be pandering to them even if the team had won the damned thing.

    2. Garoppolo’s career numbers:

      Completion percentage – 67.5
      Yards per attempt – 8.3
      TD’s – 44
      Int’s – 21
      QB Rating – 100
      Won/Loss record – 23 – 5

      Monty you are a moron. Echoing the opinions of a blog writer like Grant Cohn who has proven time and again that he doesn’t have a clue about anything football related is not going to make you smarter.

  18. Buckner had his 5th year option changed from DE to DT. This move saves the 49ers about $2mil in cap for 2020.

    1. If Buckner is worth $16 million a yr – What do you think Armstead would get….

      I am guessing $13 million a yr….

      The three highest-paid defensive tackles—Fletcher Cox, Grady Jarrett, and Geno Atkins—all make between $16.3-$17.1 million. After that, the next two defensive tackles make just over $12 million, and only other player makes double-digit millions annually. As a rising star, Buckner will likely make closer to that $16 million number than $12 million.

        1. Last season, Wake had 4 tackles, and 2.5 sacks.
          Thomas had 21 tackles and 2 sacks. He would have had 3 sacks, but the refs negated that sack with a bogus defensive holding call.

    1. oneniner
      Checkout Buffalo F/A DE Shaq Lawson: 25 Y/O, 2019 stats: 15 GP, 32 tackles, 6.5 sacks, 17 TFLs, 2 passes defended.
      Spotrac 2020 Market Value = $7,687,309. Just beginning to show his upside after being play out of position (at
      OLB), by Rex Ryan. New HC Sean McDermott, moved him back to DE.
      HIGHLIGHTS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQrWbnFmhuk

      1. He is young and will be command more than $7mil……..

        Our best chance is to attract older players who will contribute as back ups……

  19. Not sure why people are so scared. I don’t remember this kind of hysteria for H1N1 or swine fool. Of course, we had more real journalism back then too….

    – Razoreater

    This is a result of being an illiterate….

    There is no cure for COVID-19, and no vaccine yet either, though scientists in the US at the National Institutes of Health say one could be ready for testing within months.

    By dismissing the disease as a Democratic hoax, right-wing pundits are putting their elderly audience in danger.

    Razoreater and friends typical response to Trump’s crises is to invert them. So Russian election interference becomes a story about Democrats trying to steal an election that they fairly lost. The president’s firing of James Comey becomes about the deep state trying to take down the president. The real villain of Trump’s attempt to get Ukraine to meddle in the 2020 election is Joe Biden’s son. Coronavirus is no different. This time, the Democrats are practically praying for a pandemic to strike to tank the economy—and therefore the president’s reelection chances.

    The right has convinced its audience that the numerous scandals and crises of the Trump era are really nothingburgers, and that the president’s enemies will stop at nothing to cost him the second term that he deserves. They’ll even create a pandemic and cause a depression!

    How dumb can these people be…..

    1. cmon dude – you lost all credibility in matters of common sense….

      either you were dumb enough to believe what you wrote or just plain dumb not to be aware of the truth…..

  20. Pelosi and her media weren’t concerned about the cornhole virus that was already killing in the fields of China. They were too busy with impeachment. Not to let an emergency go to waste, the same group of interests are exploiting the virus to create panic among the general population. That’s why I can sell organic toilet paper (ziplock baggy with leaves in it) on marketplace. So don’t come on here with your holier than thou or I’m smarter than you horse $hit with me. You’re married to an ideology that is rooted in your own self interest and not that of the country….

    1. WTF – dude you are really confused and clueless…..I am betting you didn’t finish high school?

      Yes we are smarter than you – its a FACT…..

      your quote ..

      Not sure why people are so scared.

      proves you are not smart…..

    1. Lol.. ok my friend….lets not confuse the point.

      I agree with you it’s just a flu….a dangerous virus……people will die just like the other previous ones….and people are overreacting a bit buying everything up from home stores – almost all is going to be shut down the next weeks….and hopefully they will find a cure before it kills either of us….

      What I dont get is this blindly blame the media for doing their job….trying to find every possible excuse to defend Trump and not consider….hmm maybe it’s a bit of incompetence from the top…….you said it yourself China had this for a while….we knew it was coming….if Pelosi was so concerned about the impeachment …what was Trump doing?….

      The message is not to downplay this virus into a political issue but to ask yourself where will you be when the next virus comes……are we really great again… ?

      1. what was Trump doing?….

        According to Trump, when that black guy was president:

        Leadership: Whatever happens, you’re responsible. If it doesn’t happen, you’re responsible.

        Razor, just curious. Are you going to hold him to the standard of his own words?

              1. Impeached Trump = Fact, Razor. How you or I feel about it, or anything else for that matter, is completely irrelevant.

  21. Delanie Walker has been released. I’d consider him on a cheap veteran contract and Barrows has said that the team wants to upgrade at tight end to take pressure off of Kittle. When DW was with the 49ers he was a blocking TE that made ocassional big catches. His use as a receiver increased dramatically with the Titans. He would seem to have all the qualities KS likes in a TE. Concerns are age (that’s why the cap hit has to be low) and a recent injury history. Still at the right, low price…..

      1. As in Randy’s kid. You think he will last that long?

        Normally, I would agree that the team should use a draft pick, but with so few this year and needs at CB, OL, WR and possibly DT/DE, I’m not sure there will be enough available picks.

        1. Yea, Randy’s kid. Foot surgery, so it’s very possible.

          I think a trade down acquiring 2 day two draft picks is inevitable. Some team is trading up for either Eason or Hurd.

  22. In light of guidelines issued by the federal government to stop the spread of COVID-19, the SAP Performance Center and Levi’s Stadium will close operations beginning March 13 until further notice. Employees, with limited exemptions, have been instructed to work remotely while coaches and scouts will return home by the weekend. Public and private team events have also been cancelled in accordance with these guidelines.



    1. #democratcitieshavemostcasesofvirus

  23. Four-time all-MIAA selection, and three-time All-American selection, Kyle Hinton, OG, Washburn scheduled visit with the 49ers and Raiders has been cancelled. The 49ers are looking to draft an IOL on day 3 which is in line with most prognosticators in here. This kid benched 34 reps and ran 4.80 on his 40 yard dash. Rounds 5-7 is most likely the target area….

  24. NFL columnist Adam Schein: “The San Francisco 49ers should go after Tom Brady. It’s an absolute no-brainer. It’s an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sign the GOAT, who is still great.” “If Brady had been under center for San Francisco last month, the Niners would’ve won the Super Bowl.”

    * NFL 2019 playoff: Titans VS NE……Final Score. Titans 20 —– NE Patriots 13

    * There’s a reason Adam Schein’s an NFL talking head (windbag) and not an NFL HC……

    1. I believe it was Lombardi who recently wrote an article for The Athletic showing that Garoppolo was better than Brady last season despite the fact that Garoppolo played behind worse pass protection.

  25. Tee Higgins Pro Day:

    40: 4.54 seconds
    10 yard Split: 1.66 (Bottom 2nd percentile WR’s)
    Vertical Jump: 31 inches (Bottom 7th percentile WR’s)
    Broad Jump: 123 inches
    Short Shuttle: 4.53 seconds (Bottom 5th percentile WR’s)

    1. Razor
      9ers chance of Tee Higgins falling to pick #31 are about as good as you winning the jackpot lottery!
      BTW: If you do….remember me…lol

  26. #homelesspopulation, #filth , #incompetence , #corruptcowards

    Obviously a reference to West Virginia. #RedStatesAreTakers

  27. Incompetent – Delusional- Weak – Insecure – Corrupt

    January 22: “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China. It’s going to be just fine.” (CNBC)
    February 2: “We pretty much shut it down coming in from China.” (Fox News)
    February 10: “A lot of people think that goes away in April with the heat—as the heat comes in.” (Bloomberg)
    February 24: “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA… Stock market starting to look very good to me.” (Twitter)
    February 26: “It’s going very substantially down, not up… The 15 within a couple of days, is going to be down to zero.” (CNN)
    February 27: “It’s going to disappear one day, it’s like a miracle.” (Twitter)
    March 6: “I like this stuff. I really get it. People are surprised that I understand it… Every one of these doctors said, ‘How do you know so much about this?’ Maybe I have a natural ability. Maybe I should have done that instead of running for president.” (Wired)
    March 6: “I didn’t know people died from the flu.” (CNN)
    March 6: “I like the numbers being where they are.” (Washington Post)
    March 10: “It will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away.” (Twitter)
    March 13: “I don’t take responsibility at all “

    1. Trump and his band of Fox news advisors are incompetent. That’s been obvious for his entire term. This just sheds a brighter spotlight on it.

  28. Washburn Ichabod senior offensive lineman Kyle Hinton has been named to his second All-American team after earning First Team honors from d2football.com.

    He also caught his first reception of his career with an 8-yard touchdown pass against Nebraska-Kearney in the Ichabods’ 57-41 win the season finale.

    Notre Dame running back Jaleel McLaughlin and Ferris State defensive end Austin Edwards highlight the 100 players selected to the 2019 D2Football.com All-America team.
    McLaughlin was named the Offensive Player of the Year while Edwards was named defensive player of the year.


  29. Daniel Jeremiah thinks it will be difficult for 49ers to resign Armstead.
    Add to this, the mock draft by Walter Football: 31) San Francisco 49ers: Lloyd Cushenberry, C, LSU—
    “Weston Richburg tore his patellar tendon, and there’s usually no coming back from that. The 49ers need to make sure they have a viable starting center.

    The fact they are looking at D2 – Guard–Hinton, shows they are contemplating trading down for multiple picks.

    W/O Armstead; an unreliable CB situation with Witherspoon and elder statesman, Sherman; unreliable G–Person, getting torched by the Rams and KC in the Superbowl; WR speculation; the need for multiple picks is obvious.


    1. 21 HOURS AGO
      House Republicans Tried to Capitalize on Coronavirus to Sneak Anti-Abortion Language Into Law
      The Hyde amendment, once more, became a political football.

      “As stock markets plummet businesses prepare for staff to work from home, and confirmed cases and deaths from the novel coronavirus continue to grow, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) announced that the House plans to vote on a bill Friday to address the inevitable hardships that will result from the pandemic. But discussions with Republican leadership for the multi-billion dollar aid package may have stalled on Thursday over funding for abortion. ”

      Erik Wasson

      A key sticking point in the talks appears to be GOP demands to include Hyde amendment language in the bill to prevent federal funds from being used for abortion

      10:01 AM – Mar 12, 2020



    2. Tom D
      * 9er backup Center Ben Garland’s not a long term answer, but he can fill the position short term. But yes, the 9ers do need a long term answer if Richburg doesn’t recover.
      * OG Pearson: Look for Daniel Brunskill to win the position, and Pearson as backup, cut, or traded?
      With few draft picks in 2020, I agree 9ers trade down for more picks….O-Linemen likely not drafted until 4th Rd.
      * Waiting to see if 9ers resign free agent OT Shon Coleman? (injured leg in pre season)
      * Believe CB drafted before WR: CB A.J. Terrell, Clemson; My first choice, expect 9er to trade down
      * Can / will Practice squad OG’s Kofi Amichia and Ross Reynolds contribute? Also ex Lion CB Teez Tabor, can he?
      * WR: Goodwin, cut of traded! Pettis, MEH! Expect Trent Taylor and Jalen Hurd to recover and contribute.
      * Got any sleeper the 9ers should draft?

  30. I really don’t care what a person’s political views are on here; they have no effect on my wish that all of you, including Grant, continue to be safe and healthy during this time.

    1. In these trying times, we need more posters with wisdom like yours. We are all Americans, and love our country.
      PS. Pardon to Scooter and other international posters. They may not be Americans, but love their country just as much.

        1. Reading is fundamental. I apologized to Scooter for including him and others.
          I did not apologize to you, because you are a North American.
          I am more American than you. My ancestors may have come from Japan, but my father was native born, and my mother, too.

          1. “ I am more American than you”
            Good thing cause I’m Canadian and your Japanese.
            That’s why you know nothing about football.

              1. I am a proud American, of Japanese heritage. I do not live in Japan. I live in Sebastopol, California.
                You are a Canuck. Maybe even a Metis, who thinks Canadian Football is on par with American Football.

              2. You are Japanese in every which way. The details are all there Paul.
                The post your wife or you posted gave it all away.

              3. And you are a racist to infer that I do not understand football because of my Japanese heritage.

  31. The broadcast and cable networks are stunned by the cancellations of March Madness and myriad professional sporting events. They’re scrambling as best they can to find content to fill air time; unsuccessfully. The available content is weak, thin gruel, and bound to get less and less appealing.
    So, do we come HERE for entertaining diversion? I think not. Viewing video of paint drying would be a superior activity to the adolescent navel gazing and pompous political bloviating currently dominating this comments section. Readers, not Grant, have rendered this site unreadable.
    To BOTH sides, ALL sides: grow the €£¥# up! Nobody asked you! Nobody asked me! On to football ?

    1. The broadcast and cable networks are stunned by the cancellations of March Madness and myriad professional sporting events.

      Something completely unprecedented in the sports world, our modern history and we are not supposed to comment on the the reasoning, the reasons, the machinations behind it?

      On to football ?

      The 49ers, the NFL, have basically closed up shop for the near term. What is this football we are supposed to be on to?

        1. In this hyper-divided country nearly everyone exists in their own information and ideological bubble. If one can’t take a little back and forth with “the other side” perhaps a thicker skin is needed. He’ll, we’ve had more contention over draft crushes and mocks, and that sh*t doesn’t even contain a mortality rate.

  32. Formulating a mock may require decisions about trading back. Mid thought the Eagles may be a good trade back target, another poster made a trade back mock with the Colts.
    I think the Broncos, Dolphins, Chargers and Panthers may all be good possible trade back partners.

    1. seby my boy, (not interested in talking corona or bashing what amounts to a rookie qb who almost won the SB in his first year….a year after tearing ACL)
      In regards to your claim or 15 pending free agents…..i basically mocked you, but you were right! So i apologize.

      BUT- 1 guy already retired- Celek
      a few more dont fit into our long term plans whatsoever – Jordan Mathews, Earl Mitchel, Zettel….
      then theres a few more that PROBABLY dont fit into our long term plans- Verret, another db whos name escapes me at the moment…

      In reality- it boils down to the big 3 and about 3 more good, young Dlinemen who account for our depth.

      Again- personally i would rather get 1 stud at 31 than trade down for guys who might or might not make the team.If we did trade 31…..id rather end up with two 2nd rounders or a 2nd and 3rd…….

      i just dont want them to squander what might be there best and maybe only opportunity to get a stud!

      1. j, thank you for showing a high character move, admitting you were uninformed. We all make mistakes. I actually think they will re-sign Zettel, because Kocurek likes him. If Verrett is fully recovered, and can play like he used to, he may be a good option, so the Niners should initially draft an IOL instead of a CB.
        Yes, I would like for them to get that stud player. However, I think this draft is so deep, there are studs even into the third round. Trading back could get 3 players, instead of only one. The Niners need to tap into this deep, talented draft class. Having the 31st pick in the first 155 players is an option, but having 3 picks in the first 155 players is another option, that I prefer.

  33. Mock 5- mid Corona Virus.
    I wish to propose 3 trades, so JL needs to put on his Trader Bill hat. First, they tag and trade Armstead. They bundle Arik Armstead with Tevin Coleman, and trade them to the Dolphins. If only Armstead, they should settle for a second round pick like the Dee Ford deal. However, with Coleman, the Niners should ask for the 18th pick, and settle for the 26th pick. Those players would fill 2 important needs for the Dolphins, and they have 3 first round picks. It would be a 2 for one deal.
    The Niners should bundle Mike Person and Marquise Goodwin to the Broncos. They should ask for a second round pick, but settle for a 3rd round pick. Person could play center or RG. Goodwin ran a 4.27 forty, which is just as fast as Henry Ruggs, a draft favorite on many mocks for the Broncos. Those 2 players would fill 2 major needs, and the Broncos have 12 picks, so they might like that 2 for one deal.The Niners could garner pick number 77.
    The third trade involves a trade back. The Niners would trade back with Carolina, who might want to move ahead of the Chargers and Colts, in order to select the QB they covet. The Niners would give up the 31st pick, and move back 7 spots, to gain the Panther’s second (38) and 4th (113) round picks.
    The Niners would tag and trade Armstead, and trade Tevin Coleman, Mike Person, and Marquise Goodwin. By trading away those 3, they could save 11 mil in cap space. They would end up with picks- 26, 38, 77, 113, 156, 176, 210, 217 and 245.
    Using the Draftek Big Board, and trying to pick within 5 of each ranking, the Niners could select-
    26- Cesar Ruiz C/G
    38- Neville Gallimore DT.
    77- Brandon Aiyuk WR.
    113- AJ Dillon RB
    156- DJ Wonnum EDGE.
    176- Casey Toohill LB.
    210- Charlie Heck OT.
    217- John Reid CB.
    245- Khalil Tate QB.

  34. Back to football is a nice thought but unfortunately our beloved sport of football and 49ers can only exist if there is an underlying stable country to support it. The problem we face is that our ‘leader” is a know-nothing , lazy , corrupt, morally bankrupt, financially bankrupt, mentally unstable person. He has slowly painfully discovered that he will not be able to bribe his way out this disaster like an eighties era NY housing inspector.

    On a side note, a large chunk of the homeless population in blue states are failed entrepreneurs (meth lab operators) from red states.

    Another side note, CA and WA have a greater GDP than all of the red states combined. If TX is subtracted , which is heavily subsidized by federal oil gas grants, the red states would have a GDP akin to Bolivia.

    1. Finally!!!
      These dogdays of football have been a killer.
      While I don’t like extending the season as I prefer shorter seasons with more meaningful games, if both sides are happy and we know we will have football next year then I am glad they got the deal done.
      Of note it seems the cap will be under 200 mil, which is a bit less than expected from what I have read. I wonder what impact that will have.

      1. About an hour after the vote was released, sources told ESPN that the salary cap for the 2020 season would be $198.2 million, an increase of $10 million from last season. Overall player costs, which also counts benefits and the performance-based pay pool, per club are $242.9 million.

        So, what are the players getting? For starters, more money, in the form of a higher share of league revenue beginning in 2021. This year, players will get 47% of all league revenue, in keeping with their number from the current CBA. Starting in 2021, the players will get at least 48% of all league revenue, and that figure could get higher depending on how the league does in negotiating new TV deals. Once the league moves to a 17-game season, the players’ share of revenue includes a “media kicker,” which constitutes an additional share of revenue based on the size of the TV contracts.

        The game-day active roster will increase from 46 to 48 players (although one of the extra players must be an offensive lineman, which will give teams more flexibility to have three extra linemen). Practice squads will expand from 10 players to 12 in 2020 and 2021 and to 14 starting in 2022.

        The new CBA will eliminate suspensions for positive marijuana tests, limit the testing period to the first two weeks of training camp and raise the threshold for a positive test from 35 to 150 nanograms of THC.


          1. The new CBA will eliminate suspensions for positive marijuana tests, limit the testing period to the first two weeks of training camp and raise the threshold for a positive test from 35 to 150 nanograms of THC.

            Raised the positive threshold but eliminate suspensions. So what’s the punishment – fines?

            Nevermind, my question is answered in the link i posted.

            The idea is to focus the drug program on clinical care as opposed to punishment. Basically, if you test positive, your test gets reviewed by a board of jointly appointed medical professionals to determine whether you need any kind of treatment.

    1. This year’s figure represents the seventh straight season of at least a $10 million bump.


      Past Performance Is A Guarantee of Future Results? ?

    2. NFL announced the 2020 salary cap will be $198.2 million, an increase of $10 million. If the NFL owners move forward with a 17 game schedule in 2021 (remember, the CBA says the owners can approve a 17 game schedule “as early as 2021,” which can also mean it happens later; unlikely though), the 48% share of league revenue players get goes up to 48.8%. Also, the CBA that was approved was amended so that 17th game is no longer capped at $250,000 most a player can get (the 17th game is now pro-rated to match player’s per game amount under their contract). Thus, while the salary cap will go up based on the 48.8% share, every player’s current contract also goes up another game check against the salary cap. All this is a long winded way to say…who knows?

    3. For those of you posting the 2020 cap number, I’ve got that. I am asking about 2021. Yes, the players get a bigger slice of revenue, so how does that effect the cap?

      It would seem like teams might be able to push a little more money into 2021 and beyond with the new contracts this free agency period if they can be creative enough.

    1. I am interested to find out who wanted to change their vote. How many, and which way did they want their vote to go.
      Only 61.4% of eligible voters voted in the 2016 presidential election. So voter apathy is not new.

      1. But something that directly affects you? Directly effects your pocketbook??? A quarter couldn’t be arsed? The mind boggles.

        1. Personally, I want the electoral college eliminated with a popular vote as the means to decide who wins. I also want a candidate to get a majority before deciding the winner. They need to stop electing people with only 46% of the vote.
          In the NFL, some probably thought their vote was not important, and would have accepted either outcome.
          Of course, maybe some thought they may not play, anyways……… :(

  35. Geep,
    I like James Proche from SMU. He had 3, 900 yds career. 1,500 yds and 15 TD’s last year. Can be had in the 4th to 5th Rds.

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