Jimmy Garoppolo dices up 49ers defense; Observations from day 2 of joint practices in Las Vegas

Here is what stood out from the 49ers thirteenth day of training camp.

Friday was the last of two joint practices for San Francisco in Las Vegas with the Raiders. San Francisco’s first team offense ran over 40 plays on the day, the most of any during training camp. This is a sign they will not be playing in the preseason opener on Sunday.

Brock Purdy

Recovering from offseason surgery to repair the torn UCL in his throwing elbow, Purdy has been ramping up. Friday’s practice produced the heaviest workload of camp with the quarterback attempting 28 throws over the course of five offensive possessions.

Starting the first possession from his own 25, Purdy opened with a completion to Brandon Aiyuk to the left for a gain of five. A throw away two plays later due to pressure on a naked bootleg left the offense with second and ten. From there Purdy found Deebo Samuel on a deep curl over the middle for a pickup of 25. Purdy’s next throw was a slant to Chris Conley that was broken up by a Raiders safety. Facing third and eight, he connected with Christian McCaffrey for a gain of seven. Left with fourth and one, Purdy scrambled to his left for a gain of nine yards and a first down.

Purdy’s second possession saw him make his first big mistake of team drills. Working off play action, Purdy tried to hit Deebo Samuel over the middle. The receiver was well covered, and Marcus Peters came away with a diving interception.

The 49ers next three pass attempts resulted in consecutive throwaways after being pressured and a coverage sack. Facing third and 16, Purdy hit Jauan Jennings over the middle to pick up the first down.

Possession number three opened with a Purdy completion to McCaffrey for a gain of five. A screen to McCaffrey on second down was sniffed out and the running back was dropped for no gain. Purdy then found Brandon Aiyuk for a gain of 15 to convert the third and five. After an incompletion to rookie tight end Brayden Willis over the middle, Purdy made his second big mistake of team.

Trying to hit Willie Snead over the middle, Purdy instead threw the ball right to Raiders linebacker Robert Spillane for his second interception.

As they did earlier, the offense reset and ran third and ten from the same spot. Purdy’s throw to Deebo Samuel fell incomplete, however the Raiders were called for holding on the play.

Purdy took advantage of the new set of downs when he found Willis over the middle for a gain of 15. Following a spike to stop the clock, Purdy connected with Jauan Jennings on an out to the left side for another gain of 15 to end the possession.

Purdy opened the fourth possession with a strike over the middle off play action to Deebo Samuel for a gain of 18. Following a run by McCaffrey which was stopped for no gain, Purdy delivered a strike to Brandon Aiyuk on a deep corner route to the left side for a gain of 28. The next play saw Purdy’s throw to Aiyuk while rolling right off play action come up short. Following a holding penalty on the next play, the offense was left facing second and 20. Purdy saw his second and third down throws broken up. On the third down play, Purdy was flushed out to his left by pressure and his throw to Willie Snead hung in the air too long. This allowed a Raiders defender to get over and knock the pass away.

The 49ers offense finally found the endzone on the next play when Purdy hit Ty Davis-Price with a short throw from seven yards out.

The final possession for the starting offense began at the Raiders 21. From there Purdy opened with a six-yard completion to Kyle Juszczyk. A holding call on the next play wiped out a nine-yard run for Christian McCaffrey, leaving the offense facing second and 14. A connection from Purdy to Aiyuk on a slant picked up ten and a Davis-Price six yard gain gave the offense first and ten at the Raiders 12. From there Purdy hooked up with Deebo Samuel on a screen out to the left for seven. Facing second and goal at the five, Purdy took a QB draw into the endzone for the second score of the day.

Purdy finished the day 16-28 with one touchdown throw, a touchdown run and two interceptions.

Trey Lance

With the focus on the 49ers starters, Lance had just four team snaps in Friday’s practice. A run by Davis-Price was stopped for no gain. On second and ten Lance threw short to Cameron Latu for a gain of two, but the play was called back due to a hold. Pressure forced Lance to throw the ball away on second and 20. The ensuing third down play saw Lance hold the ball before being sacked.

Sam Darnold

Following the four snaps for Lance, Darnold took over the second team offense. On second and nine he ran a bootleg out to his right and found Ronnie Bell for a pickup of ten. With a new set of downs, Darnold rifled a pass over the middle off play action to Willie Snead for a gain of 23. After a pair of runs left the offense facing third and five, Darnold hit Dazz Newsome along the right side to move the sticks.

Brandon Aiyuk

Aiyuk had four receptions from Brock Purdy for 58 yards.

Deebo Samuel

Samuel had three receptions from Purdy for 50 yards.

Jauan Jennings

Jennings finished with a pair of grabs from Purdy for 30 yards.


Jimmy Garoppolo carved up the 49ers defense for the second day in a row. In three possessions Garoppolo and the Raiders starting offense came away with two touchdowns and a field goal.

The first Raiders drive saw Garoppolo hit on four of six attempts before Zamir White burst through the 49ers defense untouched for a score from 35 yards out. On the following Raiders possession, Garoppolo didn’t miss. The quarterback hit all three throws including a five-yard touchdown pass to DeAndre Carter. Garoppolo then wrapped up his day by leading the Raiders offense into position for a 53-yard field goal by Daniel Carlson

In his three possessions Garoppolo finished 12-18 with a touchdown.

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  1. It’s a good thing that practice and the preseason doesn’t mean much because Jimmy’s carving up our defense would mean he’s come back to haunt us. Although I suspect ( and I’m not saying Jimmy’s no good ) it was against our backups. We don’t play the Raiders for another three years. By then Jimmy G will probably be retired. Maybe. Regular season. I hope we don’t play the Cowboys for a third year in a row. Here’s why. It is hard to beat the same team three times. They can make adjustments. Remember the early 90’s when they beat us twice. But that third time we finally got them. Preventing them from making history. I don’t want them doing that to us.

      1. Oc.
        He was? Oh, wow. Course, it’s impossible to see. Some of it is closed to the public, I guess. But Jimmy is good enough to help us harden against other good or better Qb’s. But I’m not worried about our defense. They are ironing out the rust and kinks and reestablishing their chemistry and cohesion.

      2. Jimmy G, was a winner. Nobody could ever deny that. Garoppolo was a great building block in the new regime. Staying on the field was his biggest challenge.
        I wish him well going forward.

        1. Jimmy is a great guy and a winning QB.
          We were lucky to have him when no one else was available.
          I hope he stays healthy.

    1. RE the Cow boys Its McCarthy

      If Jimmy G stays healthy for the whole season me thinks i wonder why on one team he gets hurt but not the other..any way way to early for that, will have to stay tuned to the end.

      Lance needs not to get hurt that has what has been hurting him IMO re starting for the PS

    2. I don’t think it’s any harder to win 3 time and I believe statistically it’s proven but I may be wrong on that. Jimmy is a better player than most people give him credit for. When he is allowed to just play to his strengths he carves up defenses. Let’s not forget that Bosa isn’t at practice either. I think the raiders will do well this year. Hopefully the play Purdy in the preseason to get him more reps. I think sf is the best team in the NFC when they are firing on all cylinders

  2. maybe they can combine into a “super group” and play 2 games a week?
    call it; the silver and gold…….

  3. Does that mean lance will start for the pre-season?
    I’d like to see what he can do in a real game situation.

    1. I don’t know about the rest of the Niner Faithful, but I personally don’t want to see Trey Lance go. Training with the same QB coach as the great Patrick Mahomes?! And he has similar skills, too? He just needs development. Remember. Had he not been injured, he would have been great what with the talent around him to help him out. Including the brilliant mind of Kyle Shanahan. So I say give him another chance. Then, by the end of his contract, if he hasn’t improved enough, then trade him and get something out of him.

      1. I’m with on you on keeping Lance. But, on the business side, it may not be feasible.
        Personally, I still see Lance as a rookie in the sense that he is still learning all the intricacies of the game.

        Once he puts it all together along with staying healthy he might become a special talent. But if that happens, how will the 49ers afford Lance and Purdy after Brock completes his rookie contract?

        Trey, will likely be traded at some point, unless Purdy keeps throwing Int’s and loses his starting role. Shanahan is not a patient man when it comes to turnovers.

        1. AES,
          Lets say Purdy plays poorly and the 49ers lose. How many games does he have to lose for KS to pull him ? Lets say Purdy continues to play poorly but the 49ers slip by and win how long will KS give him to turn his play around?

          1. I believe 4-5 games with 5 being the maximum, that’s just one man’s opinion.
            But that said, this only takes place if the loses are due to Purdy’s turnovers.

            But, I trust Brock to play well enough to overcome any mistakes. The Int’s can’t continue.

          2. The dudes 7-0 in the regular season. What makes you think he’s going to lose anytine soon you of little faith. I expect our team/my team to win every time they play. Purdy will be fine. Big cox brock…

            1. If those 7 wins could be carried over to 2023 that would be nice. But, it doesn’t work like that. Every new season brings new challenges. Brock can’t rest on last year’s laurels, he will have to prove himself every year he plays.
              For my part, Purdy has to show me that last year wasn’t magic dust.
              That’s just how I roll, lol

    2. Dee Phiant – Lance will start the first pre-season game, Darnold will play the second half (unless Lance leaves unfinished business). Allen will mop up a bit at the end. Reverse that for the next pre -season game.

        1. The dudes 7-0 in the regular season. What makes you think he’s going to lose anytine soon you of little faith. I expect our team/my team to win every time they play. Purdy will be fine. Big cox brock…

  4. Has anyone heard whether Purdy has the same velocity on his throws as last year? I read things like “he’s healthy” but nothing specific about the velo.

    1. Jack said on YouTube that Purdy had pre-injury velocity. There was an acknowledment that The Raider’s said that P:urdy’s passes were slow. Jack then gave instances of completions downfield outside the numbers.
      I think this is the link:

      Jack was reluctant, even looking pained, to respond to questions that were basically asking if Purdy’s failures in camp (in the eyes of the questioner) were anything more than expected camp ups-and-downs.

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