What do Jimmy Garoppolo and Joe Montana have in common? ‘We are both Italian.’

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo talks during a news conference after an NFL football game against the Chicago Bears, Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

This is the transcript of Jimmy Garoppolo’s Week 14 Wednesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department.


When you went back and watched the tape, what did you see that maybe you want to improve on?

“Obviously, the red zone, that whole situation. We kind of knew that’s one of the tougher areas of the field. That and third down are always going to take some time. But, there’s some good things to learn from.”

Was there anything specifically in the red zone that you saw from yourself that you would say, ‘I can do this better?’

“Nothing specific that pops out at the top of my head. Obviously there’s things for me to improve on. Just timing, whatever it may be, just to help the guys be more successful.”

Did you have a full array of red zone plays under your belt for Sunday or is that going to be expanding as the season goes on?

“I think it’s similar to the rest of the playbook. We’re going to try to expand as much as we can as quickly as we can. It’s a unique situation and we’re trying to make it work.”


After watching film and seeing some of the throws you had, maybe some of the ones you wish you had, how did you grade yourself?

“I’m pretty hard on myself. There’s some throws I wish I had back or that I would’ve made differently if I could. For it being the first time I thought things went pretty well. We’ll keep working. Having a whole other week of going with the first team and getting those reps with those guys, it’ll help with the timing and all that stuff.”

I know you’re probably really focused on learning the offense, but have you listened to any of the buzz in the fan base or talk radio or anything about you? There’s a lot of excitement. People have even been dropping the name former 49ers QB Joe Montana in comparison. I’m just wondering how do you kind of navigate something like that where you have to temper it a little bit?

“I think I’ve done a pretty good job of that my whole career. I try not to listen to any of the outside stuff. The Joe Montana comparison, I think it’s a little early for those. It’s only been one game.”

But you’re Italian.

“We are both Italian. So, we have that in common. But, I think it might be a little early. We’ve got a good thing going right now. We’ve just got to keep working hard and keep improving every week and keep this thing going in the right direction.”


You’ve been here a while now. Having played and contributed now, do you now feel like ‘Okay I’m a part of the team?’ Is there a different feeling?

“It’s a unique locker room we have in there. Since the first day I got here really guys were very welcoming, inviting me over to their place just to hang out. Stuff like that. It’s just the little things like that. It’s a very tight-knit group out in there and I appreciate that from those guys. I just got here a couple weeks ago and they welcomed me with open arms. It’s been a fun experience.”

I feel like we have the weekly wristband update. Do you feel like you’re closer to being able to get rid of that thing?

“Yeah, I think every week we get closer and closer. That’s the goal right now. We’ll see how it goes this week and work from there.”

How much did you have to go to it on Sunday?

“Not much. Not much.”


A couple weeks ago we were talking about you getting some solid reps with WR Marquise Goodwin and WR Trent Taylor to start the week. Then you were perfect in targeting them. Did that week go really well or was it just that game itself it was just good chemistry?

“It was a good week of practice. We definitely came out with a good week. We’re trying to do the same this week. The more prepared you are going into the game the faster you can play, the more confidence you can play with. I think those guys, the receiver group, the tight end group, all those guys, the guys up front, it’s a good hard-working group. It paid off on Sunday.”

Do those guys, Trent specifically, remind you of anybody you worked with in New England, just their ability to get open?

“Are you hinting at something here?”

A little bit.

“I think Trent’s a very talented player. Very young. He’s still learning things. But, having guys in New England who are very similar to him, I think it’s going to help us acclimate to one another. Him acclimate to me and me do the same to him. He has a savviness for the game that’s rare in a young guy like that.”


Is he more like New England Patriots WR Julian Edelman or WR Danny Amendola?

“There it is. He’s more like a [former NFL WR] Randy Moss. No, he’s a really good player though.”

Is there such a thing as chemistry that you develop, just for whatever reason, there’s a receiver that you just seem to be on the same page with? Is that a legitimate thing?

“Oh yeah. No doubt. It’s not even only with the receivers or the skill position guys. It’s with the O-Line too. Those guys trusting me, me trusting them. That’s what makes a good team. You have trust in one another and it allows you to play fast without worrying about if the other guy is going to do the right thing. We’re working towards that. It’s a work in progress for sure. But, we’re moving along.”

Longevity and reps obviously one of the major parts of that I guess. You have to be with those guys for a while.

“Yeah. Obviously, it helps. Like I said before, just the comradery in the locker room, that helps to that so much. Not as much as timing on the field, but just being on the same page with that guy. Being able to talk the same language as them and see the same things. That goes a long way.”


With Marquise, you obviously completed all eight of your targets to him. Just the way they were playing him to not beat them deep and for him to break off those routes and it seemed like he was open for the majority of the game. Is that unique and can you talk about just your chemistry level with him in the early going?

“Yeah, he scares people with his speed. No doubt about it. The guy’s a legit, I don’t know what his hundred is but it’s fast. It takes the top off defenses and makes them think about that. It allows him to run some different types of routes. But, he’s an all-around good receiver for us.”

Is it true he saved you a spot on the bus in the front row or something?

“Something like that.”

I bet you appreciated that.

“Yeah. Definitely.”


Is he the fastest receiver you’ve ever worked with?

“Probably, yeah. No disrespect to [New England Patriots WR Brandin] B-Cooks. He’s as fast as can be in New England too. Both those guys, they’re very talented.”

Are you eager to maybe air it out on Sunday? You obviously had a nice day, but didn’t get a chance necessarily to send it downfield.

“We have a solid game plan going in right now. We’re only at Wednesday right now so we’ve got a lot more to go. But, I think we’ve got a good game plan set up for that.”

How many friends and family members ended up coming? Did you have any time after the game to see them?

“Altogether it was a lot. I’m not sure the exact number. I got to see my main family, close friends, college friends, hometown friends, all them after the game. They were real excited. There was a lot of red in the stands. I knew where they were sitting so I looked over there a couple times. It was a good homecoming.”


Does the fact that you practiced against Houston this summer and game planned for them earlier in the year, does that help just in terms of preparation the knowledge of their defense, is that beneficial to you this week?

“Yeah. Anytime you get to, especially practice against them in training camp and see them face-to-face and then we went against them earlier in the year when I was in New England, any opportunity to see them and break down their defense is always helpful. So, it’s always good.”

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  1. Lets just put the brakes on the Montana talk. He will never walk in Montana’s footsteps but he may end up walking next to him, time will tell.

    1. His quick release and body language and poise in the pocket was slightly reminiscent of T. Brady. Talking style here.
      His intense competitiveness, apparent natural leadership skills, and that poise are among Montana’s traits. He’s also no rube at the podium.
      Plenty to like, but nobody is seriously comparing them yet.

      1. He reminds me of Brodie with his quick release. Joe’s Italian, Jimmy’s Italian, I’m Italian, and so is Prime Time. Viva la Italia!

        1. Get your All-Paisano Team going! Besides the afore-mentioned:
          Andy Robestelli
          Gino Marchetti
          Alan Ameche
          Lou Groza
          Babe Perelli
          Jon Cappeletti
          Dan Pastorini
          Nick Buonoconti
          Franco Harris
          (Leaving off Ferragamo and Gio Carmozzi on purpose!)
          Joe Iacone
          Mike Lucci
          Louie Giamonna

  2. Gotta say I didn’t understand where the GQ moniker came from, but in looking at that picture I understand now. I see the comparisons with Brady as well and am wondering which supermodel will be on Jimmy G’s arm in the future.

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