Jimmy Garoppolo makes 49ers debut in 24-13 loss to Seattle Seahawks

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers may already have made the transition to Jimmy Garoppolo without actually intending to.

With 1:07 left in their 24-13 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, quarterback C.J. Beathard threw an incomplete pass to Carlos Hyde in the flat. While Beathard released the ball, he took a hit from Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett.

The play didn’t count. Bennett lined up in the neutral zone and jumped offsides before the center snapped the ball — a 5-yard penalty against Seattle. But the hit counted. It knocked Beathard out of the game.

Bennett hit Beathard in his left knee. Beathard felt pain shoot from his knee to his hip as he lay on the ground and players from both teams gathered around him. The injury seemed serious. He will have an MRI today to see just how serious the injury is.

After a couple of minutes, Beathard stood up and walked off the field. Suddenly, fans began to cheer. Not because Beathard could walk. They were cheering for Garoppolo, whom they see as the 49ers’ savior. He was coming in.

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  1. What a lousy QB Jimmy G is going to be. you watch: Seattle just wanted the game to end to get out of there. They’ll have the footage of Jimmy G and what to do against him. THey’ll have Sherman Chancelor, and the other injured players back next year. 49ers should have lost 24 to 6 and lived with it. If Chicago and Hou play like NYG did, expect a lousy 3 and 13 season, probably a 5th or 6th found pick. Hope it’s just Browns, Giants, 49ers in the draft.

    1. Disagree. The last three plays Seattle wanted nothing more than to stop the 49ers from scoring.
      The way he stood in the pocket and then scrambled to make that throw says he’s already an upgrade to Beathard.
      Faster, crisper, and more decisive than Beathard.
      Yes I know it was a fraction of what we can judge on. But it was a play you see top qb’s making.
      If you think Beathard looks slow on tv, you should see him in person.
      He had little confidence yesterday. He had receivers open and didn’t pull the trigger on multiple plays yesterday.
      He might have been feeling the pressure of JG waiting.

    1. Told you Pete Carroll would send an intimidating message to the 49ers by injuring their QB.

      Exactly why I didn’t want Garoppolo to start.

      I stated that Carroll would love nothing more than to have his “Leo separate Garoppolo’s shoulder, then run up and down the sideline, smacking his gum and high fiving his players for delivering the injury….I was correct on everything except for the player who was injured…..Seattle is a dirty team, and I advised Shanahan to watch out for the Ian Williams, down block to the knee while engaged high with another blocker.

      I despise the Seahawks…..Bill Walsh would have slammed into the knee of their QB, Russell Wilson in the same game. The 49ers never did get even for the Ian Williams intentional injury.

      Somebody on Seattle needs to go down…..Walsh would never let this happen continually.

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