Jimmy Garoppolo making clutch throws for 49ers

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) gestures at the line of scrimmage during the second half of an NFL football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 24, 2017. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — At the crucial moment in the 49ers’ 44-33 win against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo became an infielder.

He was facing third-and-goal from the 5-yard line. The 49ers led 23-19 with 10:42 left in the fourth quarter. Center Daniel Kilgore snapped the ball, and the Jaguars dropped eight defenders into the end zone to cover the 49ers’ five eligible receivers. None were open.

Garoppolo scrambled to his left and Jaguars cornerback Aaron Colvin sprinted toward him. Like a shortstop turning a double play, Garoppolo dropped his right elbow and threw a sidearm pass around the approaching Colvin and found his target, wide receiver Trent Taylor. Taylor caught the ball for the touchdown.

“I’ve been doing those throws since high school, so it kind of just came second nature to me,” Garoppolo said in the 49ers auditorium Wednesday afternoon.

“I was a pitcher, played a little shortstop, a little center, bounced around. I always threw sidearm. I threw submarine a little bit. Those different arm angles — baseball you use every type of arm angle.”

Jimmy Garoppolo, meet Brandon Crawford.

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  1. Seems like Jimmy G is the real deal. Trading a second round pick that was a 34th pick at the time, now maybe a 44th pick, seems like giving up nothing for him. It looks like he has all the qualities to be an elite QB, its going to be fun to watch it all unfold.

    1. Trading a second round pick that was a 34th pick at the time, now maybe a 44th pick, seems like giving up nothing for him.

      I imagine it went something like this when Eddie was showing Bob the ropes on how to run a successful franchise:


      As for Garoppolo’s accuracy and ability to throw from different angles, it reminds me of Bernie Kosar.

      1. lol. It was Walsh, McVay and Razzano. Once they left it ran on what they built until collapsed after their successors ran off Seifert for a .500 college coach while bankrupting the salary cap in FA to hide their incompetent drafting.

        If it weren’t for the fact that you really can’t lose money with an NFL franchise, though he managed it until 1994, it’d have failed just like every other business he started/ran that wasn’t owned/bankrolled by his father. Every. Single. One.

        Kraft, OTOH, is a legitimate, successful businessman in his own right having started International Forest Products which is one of America’s Top-100 exporters (#20).

        So, sorry, I prefer the reality of what happened to the legend of Eddie D and the reality of Eddie D are far, far, far, far, far apart. And acting he did stuff when it was the luck of whom he hired is bunk. The credit goes to Walsh, McVay and Razzano, Eddie D. Fan Fiction aside.

        1. Who gives one rip about Eddie Ds other businesses? He was the best owner in sports during his time with the 49ers – Bar None. From the very small things to the very big things San Francisco became the one spot all players wanted to play. One of the small things – The 49ers were the only team in the NFL to pay for every player to have their own hotel room on the road. To an example of one of the big things – Jeff Fuller was partially paralyzed after a 49er game against New England in 1989. “DeBartolo paid Fuller’s contract in full in 1990, the season after the injury, even though he was legally obligated for only a small portion. DeBartolo also contributed to an annuity that pays Fuller about $100,000 annually for the rest of his life.” Debartolo loved the 49ers and treated the players with respect and made sure they were taken care of to the best of his ability. DeBartolo’s philosophy of treating 49er players like family made him beloved by the players who played for him. I could not possibly care any less about Eddie’s other businesses. He was the greatest owner in sports and it isn’t close. To prove my point I’ll leave you with a few quotes:

          “His legacy will be that he was an owner that cared about his players. Once we became part of the 49ers, we became a part of a family. That’s who we are to this day.” Jeff Fuller, 49ers DB, 1984-1989

          “The measure of him as a person is the way he has (without notice and preferably so) taken care of players, throughout time, to this day – under the radar.” Randy Cross, 49ers G-C, 1976-1988

          1. Echo Houston!! There are lots of very successful businessmen who cannot effectively run a sports franchise. Eddie D was a player owner and it showed. The current crew….

            1. The fact that DeBartolo took care of his players and in some cases after they retired (Freddie Solomon) says much about his love for his players.
              You can speak to former players like Montana, Rice, Lott, Cross, Hacksaw Reynolds and many others and they will give high praise to their onetime boss.
              Also, throw in the fact that many of these players did not finish their careers with the 49ers and still have a lasting friendship with DeBartolo speaks volumes.

          2. Couldn’t agree more, Houston. I loved Walsh, Joe, Jerry, and ALL the actual football guys, but what really drew me to the Niners was Eddie’s management style and philosophy. I always thought that if this were the way all businesses were run, productivity would go through the roof.

        2. Big Mo,

          You’re a funny chap.

          “He might have known how to run a business on paper, but Kraft was the first to admit he had to acquire a better understanding of the inner workings of professional football. Almost immediately, he sought assistance from DeBartolo and his 49ers team president, Carmen Policy.

          “I went to my first owners meeting and I met with them and they very gracious and kind,” Kraft said. “Probably the main lesson I learned from that – 20-odd years later – is I always try to be very welcoming and kind to new owners coming in. Because I know it’s a very exciting opportunity and adventure to come into the league. It’s a great privilege.”

          Shortly thereafter, Kraft and his son, Jonathan, the team president, visited with DeBartolo and Policy at the 49ers’ team headquarters in the Bay Area.

          “They spent quite a long time in San Francisco, in Santa Clara,” DeBartolo said this week on the 49ers Insider Podcast. “We hid nothing. We showed them what we did, how we did it. We did the same thing with (Dallas Cowboys owner) Jerry Jones.”

          Kraft said he recalls he reached out to other NFL owners during that time, too.

          “And I must tell you,” Kraft said, “not every one was welcoming to me, but Eddie was.

          “I don’t think anyone could’ve been more hospitable than Eddie was with the 49ers, and it was at the height of their achievements.”

          DeBartolo said he felt it was an obligation to help others in his position as a member of such a select group at the top of the nation’s most popular sport.

          “It’s the right thing to do,” DeBartolo said. “They are your partners. I know it’s very competitive. But you know what? Then you have to be one step ahead of everybody and you have to continue to forge on.

          “I had no qualms about having fellow owners come out and see how we operate.”

          Kraft recalls he visited with the 49ers at a time when the NFL was implementing a salary cap.

          “The management expertise required to be successful in the NFL changed at that time,” Kraft said.

          He also took notice of the bond DeBartolo had with his employees, especially the players.

          “I did see the relationship he had with his players and how they all felt a connection and a sense of warmth to him,” Kraft said. “I’ve tried to do the same thing. First of all, I love being in the locker room. And I love our players. I think seeing Eddie interact and the way his players felt about him was a wonderful example.”

          DeBartolo’s ownership reign with the 49ers came to an end in 1997. He stepped away during an investigation into gambling fraud involving ex-Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards. DeBartolo eventually pleaded guilty to a felony charge of failing to report the former governor’s extortion attempt.

          During his induction speech into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, DeBartolo said, “The turning point, of course, is when God blessed me with the good judgment to hire a gentleman by the name of Bill Walsh.”

          Walsh’s franchise-changing decision was to pick quarterback Joe Montana in the third round of the 1979 draft.

          Likewise, Kraft’s monumental hiring of Belichick in 2000 – and Belichick’s subsequent selection of quarterback Tom Brady with a compensatory pick in the sixth round of his first draft with the Patriots – helped turn New England into an annual Super Bowl contender.

          Kraft said it will be a “thrill” for him to see DeBartolo honored Sunday at Levi’s Stadium as a member of the Hall of Fame.

          “I think he’s most deserving,” Kraft said. “His enthusiasm and upbeat manner and wonderful way he is with all people, I’ve never seen him when he’s not upbeat and treating people very well. He’s a lot of fun to be around.

          “I believe ownership has the ability to mess up some good things. Eddie did a great of enhancing what he had, and I’m trying to do the same thing here.”

          1. What ironic, Hammer, is Moses admitted to Kraft being OTOH, a legitimate, successful businessman in his own right having started International Forest Products which is one of America’s Top-100 exporters (#20). Who’s one of the first people he reaches out to in his mission to bringing that type of success to running a NFL Franchise? You’d think a light would go on at some point upon reflection….

  2. “You talk about the off-schedules, that’s what has been great,”

    Mix that with his ability to play from the pocket and the sky is the limit.

    1. But, but, he’s exactly who I thought he was… Your a freaking fraud. You killed this trade from the jump. Giving every reason that you, the almighty Jack, saying this trade didn’t help this team.. coming up with crap like, well if it was a more balanced offense i think he would do better. That’s just the tip of the JACKBERG. Now u try to put up comments supporting the narrative. “The sky is the limit”. You were wrong. Just admit it. Get over yourself.

      1. I don’t recall Jack “killing” the trade. I think he questioned it, as did I, but I don’t remember anybody being against it because of the player. At the time it seemed like the Niners were giving up a pick at the top of the second round for a soon to be UFA with a game and a half of playing time. If it was wrong to question that then count me as wrong too. As it turns out the pick will be much lower and the Niners appear to have their long term answer at QB. I’m happy it worked out and happy to be wrong for questioning it.

        1. That’s correct rocket. Last year on here I’d commented that the 49ers should give the Patriots whatever they wanted to trade for Garoppolo.

          I didn’t lose my mind over the trade because I wasn’t ready to anoint him like some were, and I wasn’t sure how he’d perform without some of the weapons he had around him in New England. It had zero to do with his ability.

          As it turns out the trade has been a great deal and the 49ers appear set at the most important position.

              1. Count me out of the everybody that acknowledged JimmyG long ball is suspect….

                He is perfect….All pro QB.. …..you guys can join me later……

              2. Rocket, no that’s Mark Tornillo, who they picked to be their vocalist back in 2009. They’ve done 4 or 5 albums with him. He’s pretty good, and seemed like a nice person in the brief time I spent chatting with him….

              3. Ahh that makes a lot more sense. Didn’t look like Udo at all and I’m not up on what the band has done since the early 90’s.

            1. It’s not drinking Kool Aid if JG truly is a franchise QB. Some people were saying Montana couldn’t win with this roster. What Jimmy has done this month has been nothing short of spectacular.

              1. The Kool Aid kids don’t want to hear anything that’s not 💯 Jimmy’s God and the 49ers ARE BACK!

              2. His deep ball isn’t great. Everybody acknowledges that. So your 100% Jimmy is god claim doesn’t hold water. It’s not like people are dismissing this weakness because we are in a JG cult.

                You guys can sit on the fence if you want.

              3. East,

                What’s wrong with me projecting JG as a HOFer? It’s fine if you disagree or if you want a larger sample size. But we project what kind of careers college players will have all the time. We say X college prospect will be a stud. We say X college prospect will be a bust. Guessing how a players career will turn out is a lot of what we do on this blog.

              4. Sit on what fence?

                I’ve said Garoppolo is a very good QB and I’d sign him to a long term deal.

                Problem is, he’s one piece albeit a very large one. The defense still stinks, and these 5 wins have come against poor to mediocre opponents.

                Studying the Titans and Jaguars you find that they have terrific records but have beaten mostly inferior competition and both finished 1-3 vs the NFC West this season I believe.

              5. Count me out of the everybody that acknowledged JimmyG long ball is suspect……

                He is perfect…… …..the doubters are way behind as usual….i am that guy trying to catch up to lynch, 100% believe we just hit gold……..i predict a top 5 offense next year……..you all can join me later……

              6. 80 just reminding you that the Kool Aid is still fresh! ;). I don’t think it is a good idea to do too much postulating on careers. I think talent is fair game “the Guy is a stud”. But that is just me. There is so much that can hamper a career (injury, failure to grow, unable to handle fame, etc. )

              7. “the Kool Aid is still fresh!”

                What Kool Aid? This isn’t a situation where I believe JG will be a HOFer because Jim Jones told me so. My projection is based on what I see on the field.

              8. #80,

                I’m not sitting on the fence either. I’m all for signing him long term. I was just referencing the reaction to anyone who questioned the trade at the time. I don’t think there was anything wrong with questioning it especially since no one was questioning Garoppolo’s ability in doing so.

              9. http://49ers.pressdemocrat.com/jimmy-garoppolo-trade-not-win-49ers-yet/

                #80 says:
                November 4, 2017 at 7:40 pm
                So are you saying that Garoppolo can’t be elite because we have a poor roster or that he can’t be elite in any situation?

                Jack Hammer says:
                November 4, 2017 at 7:54 pm
                I’m saying Garoppolo definitely wont be elite with the group currently around him, and may never be anyway. At this point it’s all just hope.

                Looks like you were wrong on that one.

              10. Right. Like I said already. I had questions about how he’d do without the talent around him he had in NE.

                And also like I said over a year ago, if I was the 49ers I’d trade whatever was necessary to get him.

                It’s funny how you have this complex that forces you to try and “prove” others wrong on here.

              11. Here 80, I’ll give you another chuckle…

                “Jack Hammer says:
                October 30, 2017 at 11:33 pm
                He looked great playing with a stacked team around him and almost no film for the opposing coaches to scheme from.

                He’s done nothing to show he is a franchise level QB, and they’ll be paying him like that from the get go.

                Yeah I know they have a ton of cap space to waste, but that goes quick.”

                I’m still not sold that he’s “Elite” and if he’s a franchise QB we’ll find out sometime around 2019 once he’s gone though a full season and all that entails.

                My opinion on the guy is high, it was last year too when I said I’d trade for him but I’m not going to search through the archives to find it and I’m not going to crown him, yet. I’ll leave that to you and others.

              12. I did crown him last year at the draft when I advocated the 49ers give up 2, second round picks for him.
                And now after seeing what he’s done in 5 weeks all that “crowning” was accurate!

              13. “I’m not going to crown him, yet. I’ll leave that to you and others.”

                I felt he had a very high ceiling when we acquired him. I didn’t crown him right away. Over the past four weeks JG has shown that he can win with a lesser roster. He’s clutch. He plays well under pressure. He’s accurate 69% of the time. I’m sold.


                4TH QTR: 26/33 (78.8%), 325 YDs, 2 TDs, 0 INTs, 127.9 rating.

              14. I can echo both Rocket’s and Hammer’s comments in regards to JG and the trade. Questioning moves do not mean we cheer any less for the team nor does it mean we do not want success. It simply means we have differing ideas of approach, something I thought you were championing 80 in your replies.

                In regards to the HOF comment it is way too premature to give the guy a jacket after 6 games. Someone else projected some unemployed QB to be the greatest after 10 games. You see how that worked out. A lot can happen.

                That doesn’t mean I do not like what I see. I especially like the way he does his footwork and fundamentals.

                There is still plenty for Garoppolo to improve. He probably will and I hope he does but I temper my enthusiasm a bit. That way I don’t feel so let down if things don’t work out.

              15. Speaking of studs, Bryce Love is one. I would take him over Barkley in a heartbeat. 13 games this season with a run of at least 50 yards! The guy is other worldly.

            2. I’m not saying anyone is less of a fan. I’ve crowned JG. I don’t think that is a farfetched view, as if I were a cult member or just being a homer.

              1. “Inducting him to the Hall of Fame prior to a full season certainly is a far fetched view imo.”

                Barring injuries of course. I think the current roster will be the worst one he will be on and he’s played well. Isn’t it more likely that JG will improve rather than decline?

              2. Probably improve but there are still many years of high production necessary. Additionally, defenses adjust. There will be a DC who will find a weakness in his game and seek to exploit it. What will matter is how he learns and adjusts.

          1. I don’t understand this?
            Before the season you say you said you would give whatever the pats want for Jimmy. Then when the 49ers gave up a second you derided the trade?
            Why the change of heart?
            Was there a change of heart or were you merely advising others not to be overly optimistic?
            I was against giving a first for him last year but all for the second mid season… looking back at it I was wrong but either way I’m thrilled to have him now.

  3. Jimmy G sure appears to be the real deal, he has passed every test he has faced with flying colors. The issue now is to sign him to a long contract.
    I also think CJ can be a very good QB. Don’t know if he will, but learning from KS and Jimmy G should bring out his potential. The Niners appear to be just about set at QB for the next 3 years.
    This off season need to improve the O Line, get an edge rusher, upgrade the CB position, look for a #1 wide receiver and upgrade the linebackers. I also think there is a need for a playmaker on offense who the opponent has to game plan for. Could be the #1 receiver and or a running back, or both like when the Niners had Rice and Craig or Waters.The reality is this will not all happen in one season, but we can hope.

  4. Utopian Standard – 49ers get 20+ games to decide if Garoppolo is worth an extension involving $55m-$70m guaranteed.

    Comparative Standard – Far more of equivalent draft capital has been spent on quarterbacks with zero NFL experience.

    At least I think so.

    How is the value of draft picks relative to cap space determined?

    There’s no set way. But the picks given for rookie quarterbacks (two firsts + two seconds etc…) represent a massive outlay of percentage of draft capital. Imagine what that that same percentage would be of a year’s $178m salary cap.

    (The Texans and Browns made a trade based on a cap/draft pick exchange with the Osweiler dump. Did they set the market? )

    Yearly Cap – $178 Million
    Yearly Draft Trade Chart Points (for average team picking 16 overall) – 1,743
    Middle First Round Pick Chart Points – 1,000 (57% total trade points)

    Teams spend multiple first and second round picks for a quarterback. That’s a far bigger commitment in team building capital than $70m guaranteed relative to annual cap/draft outlay.

    I’d extend Garoppolo. It isn’t any more of a “gamble” to extend him vs franchise tagging. They are both risks. If you franchise Garoppolo and he has a great season, he’ll be more expensive and the 49ers will have $24m less in fully guaranteed money to compete his services in 2019.

    1. The Short Version – If you were a GM with over $100m in 2018 cap space, would you trade $70m cap space for multiple mid first round picks?

      I would. Much of that $70m (plus non-guaranteed pay) would be spread out over five seasons. Tons of remaining cap space to build a team.

  5. Jimmy is clutch, like Montana.
    Jimmy is accurate, like Young.
    Jimmy has a quick release, like Marino.
    Jimmy is a gunslinger, like Favre.
    Jimmy directs the offense and calls plays, like P Manning.
    Jimmy is a future HOFer.

      1. Jaws risked his reputation on a gimmick QB. I could be wrong. But JG looks like a combination of some of the greatest QBs ever. Kap needed to improve almost everything. JG only needs to improve his deep ball, which isn’t as important as the stuff he does well.

        Too soon? I’m crowning him now. I don’t need 50 games like Grant. What I see on the field is greatness.

        What I don’t see is magical (the throws in between defenders that ends up in his target’s hands).

        I get that people don’t want to put him in the HOF after six games, but don’t you at least think he’s already a franchise QB?

        1. I think that he has had a wonderful and spectacular start. Far better than I ever could have expected.

          However, I know that defenses adjust rapidly and can take away some of the best opportunities. I would like to see how he grows.

          I wasn’t sold on Steve Young until I consistently saw him doing great passes from the pocket. I am just being cautious and while I know that the team would be foolish not to sign him, I wish they had done so already as now it will cost more.

          To answer your question, he has all of what I like to see in a franchise quarterback.

      2. Jaworski got caught up in the ‘big play’ hype when Kaepernick would play street ball. But for those of us who were honest about the situation we had a different opinion about what was happening.

        You can see, even as a fan, that Jimmy G can read a defense when he steps up to the line (Kaepernick couldn’t). You can see him go through his progressions (Kaepernick couldn’t couldn’t). You can see the quick decision making facilitated by a quick release (Kaepernick had neither). He can pass over the intermediate middle (Kaepernick was reluctant/afraid to pass over the middle).

        All Kaepernick really did was run-around like a chicken with its head cut off until Crabtree finally managed to get open. Then he’d see that and throw him a fastball. If he didn’t see it, he’d run. That looks good on the highlight reels, but it is no way to run an efficient, effective offense.

        1. You are right on all counts but getting to the Hall of fame takes more than those traits alone. He certainly has a good start and I hope he does make it to the HOF as a 49er.

        2. Jaws got excited over what Kap could become. I was in the same boat. Prime will now chime in and say I anointed Kap as a Franchise QB, but like Jaws I said he had the potential to become a Franchise QB and it was based on whether he could improve his play in the pocket. The natural talent Kap has is off the charts, but unfortunately he can’t play within the parameters of an NFL system. He’s played using his physical skills his whole life and couldn’t deviate from that in the NFL.

          1. That off the charts natural talent was really good to watch ……he had sum good games …..just sad he couldn’t take it to the next level

  6. Obi Ben Shanny scheming in his hoodie and Jedi master Jimmy G executing with a light saber of an arm. Lynch picking top talent D that Saleh will be implementing with extreme violence.

    Boys and girls, we may have a monster in our hands starting next season.

  7. Jimmy G is fabulous. I was sitting here wondering if I had a choice right now, do I go with Jimmy or J. Goff?. Goff went from bust to bowl in one season, he Good. It’s a tough choice. But something about Jimmy says “built to last”. I’m sticking with JG.

  8. With the 49ers now looking like a decent team, its a lot easier to feel that with a few key additions the team could be a playoff contender next season. I think everyone can agree the team needs to address three key areas: OL, CB and EDGE rusher. There are of course other areas that need to be looked at as well, including some additional offensive skill players – in particular RB with Hyde coming off contract – but those are the key ones I think everyone will agree on.

    With plenty of cap room (though some of that will be taken up by JG, whether it be on the tag or long term contract), the 49ers should be looking at a combination of FA and the draft to fill these key positions.

    To start with, guys coming off contract I think the 49ers should look to keep are: JG (duh), Tank (though not a big problem if he signs elsewhere), Cassius Marsh, Brock Coyle, and one of Daniel Kilgore or Brandon Fusco (but for depth, not to start). If they can re-sign Reid and/ or Hyde at reasonable prices they should consider it also, but I think they will get better money elsewhere (Reid because the 49ers already have his replacement in Tartt, Hyde because he is better suited to other schemes).

    Looking at FA, I would love to see the 49ers make a play at Trumaine Johnson. I think he is the type of big, long CB that should fit the system and be the #1 CB with Witherspoon opposite him. I would also be a fan of signing either Ryan Jensen or Weston Richburg to play centre. Preferably Jensen. I think those are the two spots the 49ers should spend big on in FA.

    After that I think it will likely be a case of adding some nice complementary pieces that won’t necessarily be big dollar signings. I see one of John Brown or Taylor Gabriel being a good addition as the 4th WR (I know there are plenty of people that want a big money FA, but I just don’t see any of them being clearly an upgrade from what the 49ers already have), and Isaiah Crowell might be an interesting and lower price pick up to replace Hyde. An edge defender in FA would be nice but outside of Lawrence and Ansah there isn’t much available and I would pass on those two. However, Alex Okafor I think would be an interesting lower cost pick up depending on how his achilles is healing, as he is a guy that can also drop into coverage so can play some OLB and DE and might make Eli Harold expendable. Of course there will likely be guys that get released that the 49ers can also look at adding.

    If the Bucs put a low (or no) tender on Cameron Brate, I would also look at him. I don’t want Jimmy Graham. Yes he is a nice red zone option, but he can’t block and is a bit soft. If they can’t get Brate, draft another TE.

    In the draft, given they are now moving down the draft order, Quenton Nelson is making a lot sense with the first pick. In the second round Clelin Ferrell is a guy I Iike the look of to play edge. But not sure where he will go. CBS has him rated as the #55 prospect but that really seems quite low to me. Regardless, 49ers would likely need to move up to get him. It might be a case that if they re-sign Tank they may be able to trade someone like Armstead to move up from the Saints pick. I also like Sony Michel for RB. Not sure what round he will go in, maybe 3rd, but I think he has a complete skill set that will do well in the NFL. A bigger bodied WR to develop should also be added.

    I think with those additions the 49ers could be well placed to make a playoff run next season, yet still have plenty of cap space to keep building and re-sign some of the young guys for future seasons.

    1. I would love to move back to around 18 or so and try and get an additional 2nd rounder but Im not sure that is realistic. I think the niners will end up picking around 11 and Im not certain if there is a qb a team will trade up for here… but it is possible. If by some miracle this happens and say Buffalo wants to move up for Josh Allen or Baker Mayfield to get ahead of Arizona and/or Washington I would like SF to trade back.
      In doing so the niners could go with someone on the OL – Like Chukwuma Okorafor, Billy Price, or Orlando Brown and then come back with their second and go after and Edge rusher like Ogbonnia Okoronkwo or Sam Hubbard and then try to get a db or wr with the other second.
      One other scenario using this trade back would be to go with an Edge Rusher such as Harold Landry or Arden Key in the first then use the two seconds to move up and try and get Okorfor or Price if they fell to the bottom of the first or early second.
      In the no trade scenario, they would pray that either Nelson or Chubb miraculously fell or reach a bit for Brown or Key.

      While my preference would be to get an edge rusher and get this DLine rebuild done with, I think the niners would gain a lot more in a fast rebuild scenario by trading back where they selected Oline, CB, LB, and WR in that order… mostly because of the draft depth at those positions and how players at certain positions tend to fall.
      This is a good draft for Olinemen and corners, and good ones can be had in the late first, early second. Linebackers tend to fall so its easy to get high quality starters in the second. As to WR… well the niners just have to take a shot on a playmaker.

    2. Scooter,
      Here’s advice you can use. Keep your posts short and sweet. I’m sure you’re imparting impressive knowledge in what you wrote above, but we lazy folks don’t have the time or desire to read a book on this blog.

        1. Undercenter,
          Apparently English is not a strength of yours. I didn’t read Scooters book, but got tired of scrolling on and on until the end was reached. Happy Holidays.

          1. Strange considering the workout your hand receives with the relief you provide yourself on a daily basis. You’d think it would have plenty of stamina….

              1. Heard it before. Stale. Lacks imagination and originality. This is where I’m supposed to respond by insulting your mom, am I right?

      1. Too lazy to read it, not too lazy to spend time replying to it. Go figure.

        Here’s my short and sweet advice: no like-y, no read-ey.

        1. Scooter,
          Did you enjoy a vegemite sandwich while writing that book? How much time did you spend on it? I can help you find a publisher.

            1. Okay, another loser has exposed hisself. We got it.
              It’s tough being lonely at the holidays, always helpful to strike out randomly and anonymously.
              🎼 “Goes out to parades for the Queen.
              Always shouts out something obscene “ 🎵

        2. Scooter,

          Your input is much appreciated here and your posts provide a lot of insight. Keep up the good fight and go Niners!


    3. Agree on almost all your points Scooter. I have long desired a quality edge player. The OL needs serious upgrades and depth. If they can pick up better and cheaper replacements for the guys you mentioned then they should go that route but they need quality depth.

        1. Tomlinson and Kilgore are almost certainly not going to be retained. Fusco may be as backup. For that matter so might Kilgore.

            1. 49ers 2018 unrestricted free agents
              DE Tank Carradine
              LB Brock Coyle
              DT Leger Douzable
              OG Brandon Fusco
              OL Garry Gilliam
              CB Leon Hall
              RB Carlos Hyde
              CB Asa Jackson
              CB Dontae Johnson
              DE Datone Jones
              OL Daniel Kilgore
              DE Aaron Lynch
              DT Tony McDaniel
              S Eric Reid

              So yes Kilgore is a free agent.

    4. Good take, Scooter, but I disagree on Jimmy Graham.

      1) Although it is hard to know for sure, I believe Jimmy Graham will be more of the Graham we saw with the Saints than with the Seahawks. This thinking is a result of the offensive scheme of Shanahan and the abilities of Jimmy G. Bevell and RW are more similar to Harbaugh except that RW’s ability to run around allows for more big plays than one would anticipate with this type of offensive scheme.

      2) I also believe that Graham is a better blocking TE now that he is with Seattle than when he was with the Saints. But I don’t have statistics handy to back this up. Does anyone know where I could find such statistics?

      1. If they get him I am sure he can help, but I would just prefer to use that money elsewhere. Even if it is just saving it up to re-sign players in future years.

    5. Scooter,

      Some interesting thoughts and well constructed. I obviously disagree with your thoughts on the WR position which has been established already – Devante Adams would be a clear upgrade on our WR’s imo – but I like the targets in FA – Johnson, Jensen, Butler would be another option if Johnson isn’t availabe – and Nelson would be a great pick if he fell that far. However I don’t think your plan takes advantage of just how much cap room this team has. You have us adding depth players on par with what we already have. Brate would be a waste with Celek and Kittle already on the roster. If you’re going to go and get another TE get a true difference maker like Graham or just sit with what you have. With the lack of elite pass rushers in the draft, they should be looking at FA for that too imo. Lawrence should be an option not settling for somebody like Okafor. This team needs an infusion of talent and they have the means to do it without putting themselves in long term cap trouble. I expect them to at least try to sign some impact players after going the middle of the road route last season.

      I’m not expecting them to go crazy in FA and blowing through the 100 mill plus, but there are some very good players just entering their second contracts who could instantly improve the roster significantly and grow with the team due to their youth. It’s not out of the question to come out of FA with 3 Top caliber players imo.

      Appreciate the time and effort you put in. Nice work.

      1. Thanks mate. Obviously I would be very excited if they signed Adams (or Robinson), Lawrence and Graham to go along with Johnson and Jensen. But I think it is unrealistic to expect the 49ers to acquire all those guys, both from the point of view of there being 31 other teams vying for players and the 49ers not likely to commit that much money to FAs. Johnson and Jensen would be the priorities for me.

              1. He’s about the same size as Garcon. As a playmaker he has never exceeded 1000 yards receiving. And his yards per catch is very low – he’s a possession WR.

                The big tick he gets is TDs. Maybe that’s worth paying him big bucks for, but personally I would like to see him do more before spending huge on him. Personally I don’t think he would start over Garcon.

              2. That’s because he’s been the 3rd guy in the pecking order for the first couple of years of his career. The past two years he’s been getting more and more targets and he’s thriving. YPC was over 13 in 2016 and is at 12 right now without his QB for most of the season. He is not a possession guy at all. He just turned 25 and unlike our current WR core has shown a talent for getting in the EZ. This is exactly the type of player you try to sign in FA imo. A young guy who is an ascending talent.

              3. He and Garcon are very similar receivers. Maybe Adams is an ascending player, but the player he ascending into is Garcon. Good player, but not elite. And Garcon was still just as good as ever before getting injured this year.

              4. It’s the uptick in TD’s that they need. Double digits two years running. Garçon has never hit double digits.

              5. Fair enough, but I think there are other ways they look to address that. A good TE and a big bodied WR in the draft should suffice. Cedrick Wilson from Boise St I think would be a good addition.

              6. I think the need for a pass catching, Red Zone threat TE to pair with Kittle would have a greater impact on this offense than another WR. I also think adding the best Center money can buy would probably have the biggest positive impact on the offense. One you can pair with Jimmy for years to come, and happens to have a nasty demeanor on the field of play….

              7. Razor, Brate is the big TE red zone Guy that you would look for. He has had a few multiple TD games both last year and this year. I think that Kittle will develop into a stud at TE. I would rather have Kittle and Celek and draft a great blocking TE later in the draft.

          1. Definitely possible GB doesn’t let him hit FA, but they have 25 mill tied up in Nelson and Cobb already so it will be tough for them to keep all 3.

            1. How does Adams win? Does he get seperation in route running? Is he a winner at fighting for contested balls?
              The niners do need another receiver that can wall off defenders as this is a rather small receiving core.
              As to the centre that could work too as Kilgore could kick out to guard and replace Tomlinson. Yes, LT has to be replaced. They must get two new linemen this off-season.

        1. No I don’t expect them to sign all of them either, just throwing out options, but I hope they come away with at least 3 impact starters in FA and concentrate on quality instead of quantity. It’s time to up the talent quotient on this roster and they have the means to do it both in FA and the draft.

          1. Yeah that’s fair enough. If they can get 3 top end guys that would be great.

            As it is though I think the options I outlined would probably chew up $70 – $80 million in cap space. Maybe less if they back date the cap hits, but I would rather they front load where they can. While they will have well over $100M to play with I really don’t think they should look to spend it all. From a sustainability point of view, the fact they are carrying over a lot of cap actually provides a false sense of how much future cap space they can take on in subsequent years, unless they maintain a nice buffer. Basically, if they spend all that money next year then the year after they won’t be allowed to spend above the cap limit and could find themselves over the cap. The cap space should be used over a number of years to keep a strong roster together (once they have a strong roster).

            1. Other than Garoppolo who do they have coming up this year or next who is going to command a huge amount of money? They will also be getting rid of big contracts in the next couple of seasons as well don’t forget – Staley and Garcon for example age. As of now they are expected to have almost 116 mill of cap space without doing anything. You can frontload some big contracts quite easily with that and still have a substantial amount to roll over into future seasons imo.

  9. Dak Prescott was the hot NFL QB last year and has since cooled off/regressed. Which is the real Dak, 2016 or 2017?

    Jimmy G is now the hot QB and the talk of the town. Will he cool off? I’m sure he will. It’s best for the 49ers to Franchise tag him and get an extended evaluation of his performance prior to signing him to a long term deal.

    1. Balderdash.

      Prescott walked into an offense with elite talent surrounding him. He had the best o-line in football, a top 5 RB, and an elite WR. Garoppolo walked into a dumpster fire, extinguished it, and molded it into a Ferrari in less than a month through sheer will and talent. Garoppolo is the real deal. Lock him up now with whatever it takes to sign him.

      1. The Niner talent base was not as bad as the record made it appear. Much like the 2010 Niner team was not as bad as it’s record. However, just watching JG play will tell you he is the real deal. Sign him and don’t waste the money on franchising him. You also want to be able to use the large amount of cap space for that instead of just signing players to spend it before it is lost. There is nothing in sports that is a sure thing. It’s not like he is an untested rookie. Putting together his level of skill, his vast intangibles and his actual game record ( limited as it is ) should be enough to convince any reasonable person that he is for real.

        1. Disagree on the talent part of your comment. Lynch signed 23 new players in the offseason. It’s something like 6 new starters on offense and 6 new starters on defense. How many starters from last year are starting for new teams this year? The talent level on this roster at the end of last year was bottom 5 in the NFL.

      2. Good comparison Houston. Very different situations for Prescott and Garoppolo. If he’s willing I’d try to sign him long term now. The price is only going up from here.

    2. My BFF is a Cowboy fan. He is so moaning about Prescott and wants Tony Romo back in the worst way… Especially after the disaster against Seattle.

      It’s funny. And the best part is, I won my half of the bet this year (49ers go 4-12 or better) and he lost his (Cowboys go 10-6 or better and into the playoffs). Now I get to call him randomly and shout “Where’s my $20!!!” and “Show me the money, Victor! Show me the money!”

      I also tell him the Cowboys could always sign Super Bowl Runner Up Kaepernick. :)

    3. Jimmy G has been in the NFL for 4 years while Prescott is his second year. They play in different systems. Can’t really compare the two.

      If you are looking for potential sophomore slump, consider Houston. Bill O’Brien did a good job modifying his offense to incorporate elements of Clemson offense to make it easier for DeShaun Watson. However, DC’s have enough tape of him to game plan for next season. Unless Watson ramps up his pocket passing skills over the off season, he won’t have that spectacular season that he started in his rookie year,

    4. Nick… I can see your point. The risk factors are big. They dump a lot of money into him and he regresses and it takes this franchise back. He’s going to command some big money on a hope. That’s a dangerous game to play. I get it. BUT!

      It’s not often teams walk into talent like this in the middle of a season, a qb that has been waiting and well groomed in doing so. For a second round pick??? That’s a miracle in itself. Say they do franchise him, what message does that send to him and the rest of this Jimmy Grapes following team?
      These guys are playing their butts off for him. If the 49ers show they aren’t fully committed to him after an obvious turn around it will kill moral in the lockeroom.
      And it would show potential free agents that maybe this franchise isn’t in it to win Super Bowls.

      I say you ha e to roll the dice and sign him now.
      Imo he’s far different than Dak, Foles and other backups who had a good year.
      He played very well when he was in NE and came in here and has shown confidence, awesome awareness, poise and balls.
      He’s not a system guy and is obviously very sharp at the position.
      Lock him up and send the message that we are here to win Super Bowls.

      Gotta say the risk outweighs the consequences with this guy. I truly can’t see him regressing. Some think the nfl will catch up to him, but he doesn’t fully know the system yet, so there are a lot of things he hasn’t shown yet. If and when he does click fully with his receivers his trust level goes up and plays are easier to make. Imagine when he starts trusting all of his receivers like he does with Goodwin. My goodness!!

      1. With his accuracy, imagine what it would be like if he had a good O line ? Where he could survey the field and not have to get his passes out so quickly? It’s mind boggling!

  10. Yup. I’m totally sold on Jimmy G as the franchise QB. What has me sold is how successful he is in converting 3rd downs. On a new team, with no offseason, without a proven WR in Pierre Garcon, an o-line that has been absolutely atrocious most of the year, on a team that is the 23rd ranked rush offense in the NFL, and he is still able to convert a very high percentage of his 3rd down opportunities. Once Shanny & Lynch have another offseason to build this roster I think the 49ers have a chance to be really good next year. Going into next season the goal really has to be winning the division and I don’t think that’s a far fetched dream.

    1. Agree, Houston. How long has it been since we were in a third down situation, and you felt like we had a better than even chance of getting it done? Almost regardless of the distance needed. I know our record sucks this year, but I’ve been encouraged by the improved play in almost every game. Losing by 3 or less as many times as we did tells me that the team never gave up, and that we were waaaaay ahead of the last few years. With Jimmy G in there, we’re over the top. I’m with you: The Niners have a chance to be really good in 2018.

  11. To those that thought the Jags gave us the game…….

    “They [the 49ers] just got the best of my emotions, and I can’t let that happen as a leader and as a competitor.”

    “I wasn’t doing what I know I could do, and they were just doing what they wanted to do,” Jackson said of the 49ers.

    1. Them losing it on the sidelines was a big indicator that they were playing for real. It wasn’t like the Giant game. These guys were trying to win.

        1. Thing is, they got unexpectedly punched in the nose by a team they considered their inferiors after losing to another team they considered their inferiors. That tends to knock you off your equilibrium and starts the finger-pointing.

          1. I agree Moses. Reminded me of the GB game in 95. They came right out and punched the 49ers in the face and didn’t look back after that. I still believe that 49er team should have been in the nfc title game vs Dallas. Instead it was the emergence of Farve and the Packers. He owned us since.
            Still hate that guy and that team! 🤣

  12. I love what Jimmy has done, but until we can beat Seattle and L.A rams we are just a nice amusing story.
    When Jimmy can win in our division we will have a great QB (imo).

    Even if he beats LA this weekend I will put it in the nice win category because the rams are resting key players.

    I know this may not make sense to some, but I view wins in categories.
    There are:
    Great wins – such as the win over the jags.
    Nice wins – if we beat the rams.

    1. I think Seattle is crumbling. Earl Thomas’s comments alone tell me the end is near for them.
      Unless they have an epic draft and free agency period, I see Seattle needing to rebuild in some form or fashion.

      1. Not to mention Wilson is due for an injury. His chicken dances have put stress on those ACL’s & MCL’s, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him go down next year at some point….

        1. That’s one player I have a lot of respect for.
          The other players on that team and their head coach are all a bunch of sore losers. That incident in JKV with the victory formation was bush.

          It’s time for the cycle of the NFC West to change. Hawks and Cards get to be the bottom feeders, Rams and 49ers rule the division.

          1. If we can add a lock down corner and our secondary continues to improve, no doubt we can beat Seattle next year.
            I’ve already convinced the wife we are going to Seattle next year to watch the 49ers and Seattle play.

          2. Seattle’s cute little run is over.
            They are literally falling apart slowly.
            Sherman will never be the same after this injury and he was never fast anyways. He will hold more than ever next season. Some say they’re feuding because they are frustrated and want to win. Those disagreements happen in the lockeroom, not publicly. They are in trouble.
            Arizona is just old. They had their run and it’s over too.
            I said it 2 years ago. It would be a couple of years before the oldest nfc west rivalry will be back.
            It’s SF turn again to run this division.
            Maybe the rams get one. But I just see the 49ers building a better roster than LA has. Besides one of their talented receivers will be on our team next season. Book it!

            1. I hate him, but I won’t count a Russel Wilson led team out until he loses a step or two.
              If I’m seattle is let Sherman walk and bring in a top corner and sign Thomas. He is what makes that D special. Pick 2 would be an RB or lineman.

      2. Seattle’s demise is much anticipated but yet to be clearly sighted. Ironically, we aren’t that disimular. Both teams have shaky offenses propped up by the play of their elite QBs. Which makes me wonder how people can say that about Seattle. Their defense is still very good though banged up this year.

        I wonder if Seattle fans are discussing our situation and saying that JG is one good hit away from IR too!

        1. They dropped last year and even more this year. They’re no longer a Top-10 defense. Their trade for Richardson, which made half this board wet their collective pants, has done nothing for them.

          And this year, just two pro-bowlers on defense: Bobby Wagner and Earl Thomas.

          1. all great NFL D’s (with long-term core players) succumb to Father Time…SEA is no exception…
            Thanks to JG, KS, and some modestly successful ’18 FA+Draft help– their ownership of us will end next year…

          2. EC9,
            They may be crumbling but they still have us in a choke-hold. We need to remove Seattle’s grip by doing what the rams did to them in their last meeting.

            I don’t like the idea that the seahags looks at us with a “just another win” mindset. Even if we win 10 games and only lose 6 next year, I don’t want two of those losses coming at the hands of Seattle.
            We need to break that curse in 2018!

      3. Seattle has been hammered by injuries to key starters and are still in playoff contention. I don’t think they are going anywhere. The Cards on the other hand are likely going into rebuild mode, especially if Arians retires.

        1. Exactly, a healthy seattle team that shores up their o line could make them a tough out against anyone.
          They a good draft and healthy season away from being SB contenders again. They could go either way… let’s hope it’s down.

  13. Anyone else remember how bad Patrick Omameh looked during the 2013 preseason when he was with the 49ers?

    And this guy was the starting LG for the vaunted Jaguars for 12 games this season including last Sunday.

    1. Most O linemen coming out of college are not prepared for the NFL game.
      So teams need to draft-and-develop O linemen.

      Unless the team has as JimmyG….who can make a benched guard play serviceable tackle. Maybe he can produce Napa vintage from water…

    1. Hammer,
      Swiss-cheese was definitely one way to describe our O-line before Garappolo. There are certainly a few more negative descriptions given to the O-line pre Jimmy.

    1. That throw to Goodwin as Myles Jack is getting ready to shellac Jimmy G was incredible. I didn’t realize just how incredible it was until they showed the camera angle behind the QB. The accuracy with which he threw that pass what looked like 5 to 7 yards beyond Goodwin (in order to hit him in stride) as Jack was inches away was beautiful.

  14. More respect of Jimmy G by opposing defensive players.

    Calais Campbell

    Verified account

    4h4 hours ago
    More Calais Campbell Retweeted DLineVids
    I still don’t know how @JimmyG_10 got this ball off! Talk about a quick release! Much respect to him✊🏾Calais Campbell added,


  15. Happy to see Grant swallow his pride and accept that Jimmy G is a good QB with what he has shown so far. Grant was on a mission to first “ice” him for the entire season as the O line was bad, and then Grant proceeded to give poor grades to Jimmy G inspite of his game winning drives. But there is no doubt that Jimmy G is making others on the team look good, and even the O line is looking like the top 5 in NFL. this is the hall mark of a good QB – look at A Rodgers.

    Welcome to the hype train Grant! You finally got on it, but now sit on the back.

  16. QB, check. Wr’s, this will be addressed by the GM. What about running back? Can you imagine adding a weapon a’la McCaffrey to a talent like JG? As much as I try, I just can’t buy what Carlos Hyde selling. Maybe JL can find the kind of back that can give them more options for screens, quick slants,stuff like that. If I see Hyde do one more 7 yard run, followed by 2 carries that lose 3 yards each, it will be duct tape around head time. Again.

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