Jimmy Garoppolo to start 49ers’ preseason opener

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo passes during NFL football practice at the team’s headquarters Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

SANTA CLARA — Jimmy Garoppolo will start Thursday night during the 49ers’ exhibition-season opener against the Dallas Cowboys and play at least one series, maybe two.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan confirmed this during his Tuesday press conference, when he explained which players will and will not suit up.

“Jimmy will play somewhat into the first quarter,” Shanahan said. “We’ll see how long the opening drive is. Usually, the second game you play guys a little more into the second quarter. Usually, the third game they play the whole first half and sometimes start the third quarter. Then, the fourth game they rarely play.”

Last season, the 49ers’ first-string offense played two series during the preseason opener against the Kansas City Chiefs, and failed to pick up a first down on either drive.

On Thursday, if Garoppolo and the starters score during their first drive, that might be their only series.

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    1. Two things Grant:

      1) Jullian Taylor and DJ Reed ARE STILL BACKUPS. You wrote as if they were supposed to be backups this season but that those plans may have changed. They haven’t. Sunday, September 9th, is still 32 days away. K’Waun Williams is still the starting Slot Corner when the regular season kicks off, and Taylor is still a backup DL.

      2) Again, there may be questions about whether he’s ready to start at RG on September 9th, but Jonathan Cooper is making this team. I suspect he’ll be entrenched as the starter by the end of September at the latest, hopefully sooner!

      1. 49,
        Armstead’ playing status has been in limbo since the end of his rookie season.
        My concern with Arik is that even when he returns, can he be counted on the stay on the field.

        Sure, Jullian Taylor is being viewed as a backup through our lens, but Shanahan and Selah could see it completely different.
        Personally, I’m not touting JT as a starter. But his play in TC is being lauded by his coaches and that puts him in the serious contender category.
        I’ll be paying special attention to his play tomorrow night.

        Garnett is in the same category as Armstead. Can he be counted on to stay on the field when he returns?
        I make no qualms that I’m pulling for Cooper to win the guard position.
        Building brick by brick requires stability – give me players that we can count on.

        1. Good point about Taylor AES. Tomorrow night we will get to see if the writers were accurate in their assessment of players during practice. Playing in a game shows so much more. cant wait!

        2. Good points AES. Jullian Taylor is a guy who could see considerably more snaps this season than the Niners had originally envisioned. Armstead is a mess. It bums me out. I’ve heard Arik’s hamstring injury is legimate, and he just might not be ready to play 32 days from now. In fact, I’m really starting to wonder if it’s time to cut bait with the kid. However, Ronald Blaire is still currently ahead of Taylor on the depth chart, and will likely continue to be come 9/9. However, I think the coaches are loving the energy and intensity Taylor is bringing each and every snap, and he’s veratile enough to find a way to get on the field. With his violence and outstanding use of leverage with his low pad level, he’s one guy who seems like he’s got a ticket on the Express Train, moving up the depth chart. He could be this years’ Adrian Colbert!

          1. 49/Prime
            Blair will get opportunities in TC to establish himself as #2 behind Armstead.

            Having Taylor start tomorrow at the very least tells me that he is a “keeper” and possibly on the fast track in Saleh’ opinion.

            1. Yep, let’s just say … Taylor has Saleh’s attention. And he could have a very high ceiling if he can beat the injury bug.

    1. Teams with less than $10m cap space – Chiefs, Chargers, Lions, Packers, Patriots, Broncos, Saints, Raiders, Eagles, Rams, Steelers, Panthers, Giants.

      Be nice if the 49ers could do a Boldin type below market trade with a cap strapped team.

        1. Too bad the Broncos are a dark horse (all puns intended) team to win the AFC West. The Chiefs are falling back, the raiders are a .500 team, and the Chargers, everyones fav every preseason, was just hit with 2 huge injuries so doubt they’ll be more than a .500 team as well. The Broncos biggest issue last year was QB play and they addressed that, if the QB play can just be consistent I can see them taking the west so unlikely they part ways with guys.

  1. I’ll be keeping an eye out for Joe Williams, Julian Taylor, McGlinchy, Pettis Thursday.

    Will Kiffin deploy some of the fancy new line stunts, or keep it vanilla until the regular season?

    Will Buckner get reps outside? I’d bubble wrap him until game one.

    Mitchell’s looked good in pass rush drills. How will he do vs Cowboy starters power run game?

    1. I’d imagine the defensive line will keep things rather vanilla, at least for a while in the preseason. Will be interesting to see if the addition of Kiffin to the coaching staff makes a positive difference as the season wears on.

  2. Isn’t the interior line one of the most important parts of Shanahan’s system?

    The interior looks like our weakest position on the team. That Kilgore trade is looking rather questionable right now.

    1. No in shanahan system its the tackles and center that r most important, so far Mcglinchey and staley have been fine with the rookie struggling at times just as any other rookie, and richburg has held his own.

  3. Off Topic: I’m even more out-of-the-area than my screen name suggests (long story). Over the past couple of years, I’ve bought DirecTV’s Game Day package (at over $400!) so I could see the Niners’ games. I’m wondering if anyone can advise me as to whether the NFLHQTV.com deal is worth looking at. It’s exponentially less expensive, but looking at their web page doesn’t convince me that I’ll be able to see all the Niner games.
    Any experience with them? Thanks in advance for any wisdom…

    1. Another option is NFL GamePass, but you’ll have to use a VPN that runs through another country. Major advantage is that it is very much like DirecTV and you don’t have to worry about any malware being downloaded or infecting your computer. VPN part is a disadvantage. Cost is under $200 for the entire season including playoffs and superbowl.

        1. If you go the Gamepass route, recommend you signup for GamePass and connect through Mexico for the fastest speed.

    2. Once I was out of town and couldn’t get the game, called a buddy and he proped up his Ipad and we face timed the whole game. And I’ve done it once for him. Quality want the best, but it was clear enough to see and hear.
      Any buddy’s willing to do that for you every Sunday? 😛 it’s much cheaper if you guys have unlimited time.

  4. Taking a step back from rookie ripping… Imagine what’s going through the hearts and minds of 9er rookies as the clock winds down to tomorrow’s kickoff. Yeah, it’s a preseason game, but for them it’s their first game as NFL players, whether it’s the start of a 12 year career, or their last pro game ever. These guys have dreamed of this moment for many, many years. Put yourself in their place for a second or two–scr** the media and know-it-all fans. What a feeling it must be.

  5. Ahhh Boo hoo. Po’ widdle football playas will get their feelin’s hurt. Mean ol’ fans say things that affect their play.
    Wrong. They are big boys, and should be able to handle criticism.
    The 53 cutdown day will affect their lives a lot more, and it will be JL and the coaches who will do the axing, promoting some and dashing the hopes of others. It’s football.
    Glad you tell your true feelings about Grant. The stench of Baalke lingers.
    Know- it -all fans? Look in the mirror much?

    1. Says the guy who said Krapernick was the best thing since slice bread…its nice to see you have backed off little paulie

      1. Speaking of Kaep, I think he is illegally being blackballed by the league, and expect he will win his lawsuit, thus voiding the CBA.
        Last season, I was correct in predicting that Hoyer would pull a Gabbert, and bench himself. Kaep would have been a much better option and they could have won some of those close games.
        However, the Niners would have lost out on the JG sweepstakes, so it was pure luck that JL had JG fall into his lap.
        Now that the Niners have JG, Kaep is not needed here, so I wish Kaep well, and expects he will take the league by storm on whatever team is brave enough to sign him. Looking back, Kaep was better than half the QBs and all the backups. Kaep, on the Jags team, would have won the SB. Bortles was the limiting factor. Many coaches would rather have lost without Kaep, than win with him. Hundley, Savage, Siemian, Gabbert were a few of many QBs that were demonstrably inferior to Kaep.
        JG makes me move on from Kaep, but JG also possesses many qualities that Kaep has. JG is mobile, can avoid the pass rush, and can throw well on the run. Glad to see KS using JG correctly. If KS had intoned that JG must learn to deliver the football from the pocket, I would have torn out my hair. KS, with his play action, controlled rollouts and bootlegs, is utilizing JG correctly.
        All I want is for the Niners to make it back to the SB, and get multiple more rings. Hoyer certainly could never do that, since he passed like the DBs were the intended receivers. Now that JL has purged the stench of Baalke, JG has players who can help him win. I thought Kaep could also do that, but JG is slightly superior to Kaep, because, while Kaep is a better runner, JG is more accurate.
        Kaep made it to the SB after only 10 games. Hopefully, some day, JG can lead the Niners to the SB after only 19 games.

        1. Sebbie….

          sebnynah says:
          August 27, 2017 at 6:18 pm
          If Hoyer can play like that, I will not mind if Kaep is blackballed. Looks like the defense is playing NINER FOOTBALL.

            1. Nice try Sebbie… You posted your comment as Hoyer was dominating that August game. Tossing Kaep aside for your in-the-moment crush. Your priorities were on full display–not terribly principled Sebbie.

              1. Naw, just being a fan of the team. I want the Niners to win games.
                I have accepted the fact that Kaep was and is being blackballed. Too bad it seemed like the Niners and many other teams were content to lose without him, than win with him
                Quit trying so hard, it makes you look desperate.

        2. -JG is slightly superior to Kaep, because, while Kaep is a better runner, JG is more accurate

          Slightly superior? How about $137 million better and playing in the NFL while the other guy is doing what?

          1. little paulie cant stand the fact he was wrong about kap…has to cut and paste his long winded come back…you lost paulie….

              1. Hi, Prime, you are the one who admitted that Kaep took the league by storm. I merely stated that storms tend to be repetitive.

              2. Not in this case now does it? Guess we can still wait, plenty of teams might need a running QB or publicity.

          2. Kaep actually signed a 124 million dollar contract, but could not fulfill it due to injury and blackballing.
            Still think he can play, and should play.
            Jerry Jones likes players who beat women, but hates uppity black players who have the temerity to protest for social justice.

            1. Sebbie….

              sebnynah says:
              August 27, 2017 at 6:18 pm
              If Hoyer can play like that, I will not mind if Kaep is blackballed. Looks like the defense is playing NINER FOOTBALL.

              1. Too bad Hoyer regressed to throwing the football at the DBs. Sure, I will root for the Niner QB to succeed, every time, but Hoyer could not make it to mid season before he benched himself.
                With Hoyer’s leadership, the Niners went on a 9 game losing streak, proving the point that Kaep should not have been blackballed, and could have helped the team to win.

              2. With Hoyer’s leadership, the Niners went on a 9 game losing streak, proving that he could lose just as ugly as Kaep

                FTFY, Seb.

              3. ;p
                However, Hoyer did not have Devey and Pears, acting like turnstiles, along with a defense that gave up 200 yards rushing to third string RBs.

              4. – proving the point that Kaep should not have been blackballed, and could have helped the team to win.

                That is your opinion, there is zero validity to that statement but more importantly, no one in the league thinks Kaepernick can help them win. The black ball angle helps those Kaepernick fans by giving them some sort of thread to hang on to. If he was a winning quarterback, somebody would give him chance somewhere. I mean look at Johnny Manziel.

        3. – win his lawsuit, thus voiding the CBA-

          What are you talking about? No it won’t void the CBA if he wins the civil judgement, he’ll have recourse against the League for damages; the NFLPA is not involved in this case.
          Where did you come up with that spurious notion?
          Besides, we have it on authority from a highly placed government official and a high priced lawyer that collusion isn’t a crime.

          1. Article 17, Section 16(c), and Article69, Section 2, of the CBA, allows for termination of the CBA if collusion is found.

            1. Federation Regulations — Book 19, Section 433, Paragraph 12: Regulation concerning the ability of ranking Federation officials to give direct orders to Starfleet officers.

        4. Do you watch football bro?

          CK had a few good games but was really never a great QB. Like Mike Vick.

          Could not make basic throws and his bad plays were just awful.

          Look CK was exciting on a great team but horrible on a average team. We should of kept Smith.

          If Smith played in the SB we win. But if Smith played in Greenbay we would of lost.

          1. In other words, AS would not get to the SB.
            We can debate the Kaep situation all you want, but I just want to concentrate on the game today.
            I hope the Niners get off on the right foot. JG driving down the field to score. Some stout run defense.
            It will be interesting to see some of the new players performing. I like the team depth.

            1. Are you guys seriously talking about a has been quarterback not even in the league when we now have a real franchise quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo?

              1. I have been refraining from mentioning Kaep, but some posters like to troll me.
                Believe me, I am jumping for joy now that JG has become the franchise QB. He is everything Hoyer was not.
                Last season, I was grinding my teeth, thinking that the Niners were content to lose, so they could be well positioned to draft a top QB prospect. We have found out that KS was angling for Cousins, and was mourning the loss of the prospect of obtaining Cousins, once JG was traded to the Niners for a second round pick. Now that they have JG, the Niners could work hard on filling other needs in the draft. I do like the depth, and there will be some very painful decisions to be made soon.
                On the Cowboy side, I expect to see Cooper Rush, a small college QB with a decent arm. I liked him in the draft as a late round pick. It is interesting to note that the Cowboys drafted RB Bo Scarbrough. I expect to see him a lot this upcoming game.

        5. “Speaking of Kaep, I think he is illegally being blackballed by the league, and expect he will win his lawsuit, thus voiding the CBA.”
          – Seb,

          I’ll aways be a fan of Kaep for a few reasons
          1. He created a huge level of excitement during our SB run.
          2. He is from my neighborhood.
          3. He continues to take a social stance.

          That said, I believe that he will not win his case against NFL for collusion involving owners.

          The NFL will make their case that Kaep is not playing because he lost his ability to be an NFL QB.

          I was one of first posters on here to say CK was being blackballed and still believe that, but that can’t be proven in court. His ineffective and regressive play can – and there is a preponderance of evidence to back up the league on their assertion.

          1. AES, I do remember your stance, but we will have to agree to disagree. I will take Pete Carroll’s assessment. He said that Kaep would not be the backup to RW because he believes that Kaep is a starting QB.
            Pete Carroll coached against Kaep for years, so I think he knows what he is talking about. Kaep’s 90.7 QBR even with the lack of support, also bolsters my argument.
            Back to the Cowboys. They say that Jones wants the Cowboys to return to the Emmitt Smith days, and get back to playing smash mouth football. They will try to run the football down the Niner’s throats. I hope the Niners stack the box, and throttles the Cowboy’s running game. DJ Jones and Sheldon Day need to step up.

        1. The NBA has Jerry West as it’s logo.
          Dwight Clark (The Catch) would make a great NFL logo.

          I really can’t come up with many NFL iconic moments that could make a formidable logo.
          1. Beckham one handed catch.
          2. Jim Brown running over a defender.
          3. Jerry Rice making a catch.
          4. Johnny Unitas throwing a pass.
          5. Lawrence Taylor celebration after a sack.
          I’m sure there are many more iconic moments but The Catch stands out for me.

      1. Thanks, Rusty. I should’ve given David Fucillo of Niners Nation the credit. His article. In case you don’t read NN, there’s something new constantly.

        1. Don’t think any player really wants to take a cut, especially one that is reaching the end of the road.

          Raiders are in a really tough situation cap wise, Penn has the 5th highest cap number on the team. These are exactly the type of things that have been brought up on why the Raiders best pass rusher isn’t in camp.

      1. Good to read someone else besides Grant by sharing pretty much the same thought process as Grant does. Still its early in the season….

  6. The Good: Seb not walking us through the Baalke/JH wars wherein he stated Kaep was as good as Garoppolo prior to JG winning 5 staight (suddenly a JG fan)

    The Bad: Seb talking football on a Niner website when he’s actually a fan of the Rams (NFC team/Raiders AFC team

    1. TrollD, projecting much? I remember you crowing about Kaep losing games, and rooting for the Raiders.
      It is all specious because you first admitted I am a JG fan.

  7. From around the league: Cortland Sutton (DEN) and Anthony Miller (CHI) are both gaining rave reviews in training camp. Sutton was drafted a mere 4 positions ahead of Dante Pettis and Anthony Miller drafted 8 spots after.

  8. The players who I am most interested in seeing are-
    Julian Taylor
    Tarvarus McFadden
    Tarvarius Moore
    Cassius Marsh
    Jeremiah Attaochu
    Dekota Watson
    Pita Taumoepenu
    Mike Person.
    Hope they all play a lot, and do well.

    1. Outside the stadium is all I can find regarding location. Also says the statue wont be unveiled until the October 21st game.

      1. sharks don’t wake up and care that it’s Monday or Thursday. No, they wake up doing scary-ass s—, because they’re sharks.

            1. Thanks. Better context. Hope players don’t start doing the shark fin thing after every good play…like Ole Miss.

  9. I will be disappointed if JG does not drive down the field and score, hopefully to Kittle. I hope to see, crisp efficient execution, and no unforced errors.
    Cowboys will be battling Washington to stay out of the cellar, this season, so their team does not impress me. They picked a MLB in the first because they were getting torched inside. They cut Dez, so the WR position is in flux. If they try to dominate with Zeke and the running game, the Niners should stack the box and dare them to pass.
    I hope the new Niners can get a pass rush, and at least 3 sacks. Couple picks would be nice, too.

    1. Why would you be disappointed Seb? Shanahan will most likely utilize a vanilla offense and save driving down the field to score for the season.

      1. Sebbie is almost always offended when the 9ers don’t behave in the manner Sebbie prescribes.

        I’m hoping for an entertaining game free of injury. Can’t wait for post-game analysis…

        1. I’m just hoping for a damn game. I am so sick of the off season banter and I am so ready for them to put on pads. I’m glad my Pops made it thru another year and can enjoy his 73rd niner season.

      2. Mid, I expect KS will not go vanilla, and try to use deception to make easy plays with wide open receivers and huge holes to run through.
        I also have a big belief in JG. Like with his dating, JG likes to score.;p

    2. We should never be disappointed about any outcome in the first preseason game. The expectation is there is going to be a lot of poor execution, mistakes, penalties and Time count violations. That’s the first preseason game in a nutshell.
      No team is scripting or game planning. Your just hoping your rookies can adapt to the speed and your vets stay injury free.

      1. With the proper preparations, the sloppiness and unforced errors should be minimized.
        This will be a test of the coaches, to see if they can get their players to be energized and focused, and play smart and disciplined football.
        Of course, avoiding injuries is a basic goal. So obvious, I did not think it needed to be mentioned.

        1. Unforced errors are to be expected as great coaching or not, this will be the first time all these players will be together in a real game.
          Energy will not be an issue as they will chomping at the bit to hit someone other than a teammate.
          And there’s nothing obvious about saying that they should avoid injury as there are so many new players on the field trying to make a name for themselves and therefore will play careless.

          1. Hmm, whenever I mentioned the need to avoid injuries, Many said it was so obvious, it did not need to be mentioned.
            I already know it is a game of attrition.

            1. I think everyone means the very first preseason game. It would be a crying shame to see anybody go down for the year in the first game of the preseason.

              1. It is just pushback on everything I say on this blog.
                However, I do agree that it would be tragic to see some one’s season ended on the field due to injury.
                I hope the league would implement a rule stating that during preseason, each team would designate 22 starters, and those players would get full pay, but not be allowed to play. That way, no starters would ever be injured, and the backups would have more snaps to compete for positions.

              2. -It is just pushback on everything I say on this blog

                I guess you could say your reputation has preceded you

              3. Jeepers Sebbie… With your ‘pay-but-no-play-starters’ solution, Jimmy G. wouldn’t be driving down field tonight on the 1st 9ers series and scoring–something you said you want to have happen.

                If any named starters (therefore not playing) happen to be players who need snaps to improve, you’d be shooting yourself in the foot.

                Say it isn’t so Sebbie.

              4. Chris, did you know that Grant called me a LEGEND?
                Like little dogs yapping at my heel, I am not bothered by the snark.
                Please up your game, or I will assign you to the peanut gallery, like I do with Cassie.
                Cassie, I would much rather JG be totally healthy for the start of the season, than risk him to injury in a meaningless game. In this case, they will play JG, so I am perfectly happy to root for him to drive down the field to score a TD.
                If they are named the starter, they do not need more reps. The backups do.

              5. Chris, just stick to football, and we will get along fine. I actually like some of your posts.

              6. sebbie also known as paul might be time to up your game instead of decalring that you have to leave the blog because you feared for your safety….

              7. I got no beef with anyone, all im saying is you kinda ask for trouble with that type of snark yourself. Just trying to help a mo fo out

      2. What, no panicking and heading for the lifeboats? No tossing Denise York and the front office intern–and everyone in between–under the bus? No indignant posturing? No pitchforks?

        I agree with you. And in a few weeks, this game will be a distant, fading memory.

      1. Avatars don’t display. The comments don’t show up in the latest comments links until like 5 minutes later, that’s why it took me so long to respond to you.

        I have a theory if it’s just me. Some comments were removed a couple of nights ago. They were openly racist and I replied by saying the racist guy was garbage. By the time I clicked “POST COMMENT”, the comment I replied to had already been deleted. It could be related to that since the problems started the next time I visited this site. I’ve done the usual stuff like clearing cache, cookies, etc. This site is the only one not working right for me.

        1. Ah yes. In general I’m experiencing some delay in loading the page and having everything indexed properly. For me, it seems to happen more frequently later in the day–anywhere from a 30 second delay to 5+ minutes. Been happening the last 2-3 months. I do recall trying to reply to a comment that ended up being deleted just before I pressed ‘post comment’. Odd. No issues yet today.

          Sounds like you’ve followed the standard remedy. Good luck!

      1. There is going to be a steady rotation at guard and all along the offensive line as i’m assuming they’re looking for guys who are versatile.
        The return game going to feature a lot of guys not just Pettis. Reed, Taylor, Bourne, Ward, Boldin,Breida,McKinnon,Dunbar can all return kicks and punts

  10. Hey fellas I’m a Bay Area transplant who has re-located to the Sacramento area,I keep seeing alot of coverage and pre/post game shows coming up for the Raiders!They have the 9ers game on but no extra coverage like back home in the Bay,any locals of Sac area know what channels I can find 49ers coverage?Thank you

    1. My sympathies. I escaped the valley heat for cool Sebastopol.
      Just Google -How to watch 49ers preseason games for free.
      KCRA 3 is the local TV station in Sacto, and I suppose they would carry it.

      1. Sacramento TV stations.
        KCRA 3 (NBC affiliate) usually carries raider preseason games.
        KOVR 13 (CBS affiliate) will carry the 49ers/cowboys tonight.

  11. I’m hoping to see the o-line open running lanes. If they can consistently creates holes, I think Jimmy G’s offense- and our season- will be fantastic!

  12. 3 1/2 hours to go Hammer!

    I’m about to tune into Giants Browns. See if Saquon is capable of edging the Niners out of the playoffs like Grant sez.

  13. TomD says:
    August 8, 2018 at 3:48 pm
    The Good: Seb not walking us through the Baalke/JH wars wherein he stated Kaep was as good as Garoppolo prior to JG winning 5 staight (suddenly a JG fan)

    sebnynah says:
    August 8, 2018 at 6:04 pm
    … It is all specious because you first admitted I am a JG fan..

    sebnynah says:
    August 8, 2018 at 6:42 pm
    The players who I am most interested in seeing are-
    Julian Taylor
    Tarvarus McFadden
    Tarvarius Moore
    Cassius Marsh
    Jeremiah Attaochu
    Dekota Watson
    Pita Taumoepenu
    Mike Person.
    Hope they all play a lot, and do well.

    Reply: I don’t recall saying you loved JG better than Kaep, do you? Nor has anyoneone forgotten your voluminous, letteras di ‘ amore to your lover. Witness the only player left off your above: “The players who I am most interested in seeing,” list…The only name omitted is Jimmy Garoppolo because your jealous of his success and wish to anchor the 49ers to your loser players so losses mount….Only a Raider or Ram fan wishes a death spiral on our beloved 49ers….Look in the mirror Ram /Raider fan.

    1. TrollD, keep trying. It is amusing.
      I noted those players because JG may only be in for a cup of coffee. Those players should play a lot, and I am interested in seeing how the backups perform.
      I do not profess my love to JG because he has not yet led the Niners to the SB. I really like JG and am jumping for joy now that the Niners have another accurate QB with mobility. I certainly hope JL does not dismantle a team around him like Baalke did with Kaep.
      Right now, Kaep is being blackballed and is out of the league. Right now, JG is the franchise starting QB for the San Francisco 49ers. I will root for JG and the Niners to succeed. Pardon me for not predicting a 23-0 season. I know that JG and the Niners will face adversity, and the big question is- how do they respond?
      Since I am a Faithful, Die Hard Fan of the San Francisco 49ers, you, accusing me of being a Raider fan, is about the worst insult you can give a Niner fan. All I know is that you exulted after Niner losses and cheered for the Raiders to win.

  14. Arik Armstead’s latest injury putting future in jeopardy
    August 6, 2018 at 5:55 AM • 8 comments
    By Nicholas McGee

    Of the nine Trent Baalke draft picks still on the San Francisco 49ers roster following the major overhaul by John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan, there is perhaps none more polarizing than Arik Armstead.

    San Francisco passed on defensive talents, most notably cornerback Marcus Peters, to take Armstead with the 17th overall pick, and many believe such a lofty draft position was unjustified.

    With only six sacks to his name through three seasons and 18 games missed through injury, it is easy to see the logic behind that argument.

    Armstead’s long-term future now appears at risk after again being struck by injury at a time when he is in an ideal role to succeed, the ‘big’ defensive end, giving others the opportunity to excel and threaten his position on the team.

    Armstead does not have much prior credit stored up with this regime and its impression of him will not improve by yet another injury.

    This regime has shown little hesitation in moving on from Baalke holdovers and if his injury issues continue into the new season and Taylor and Blair catch the eye, then it may not be too long until Armstead is added to the laundry list of cast-offs from the Baalke era.


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