Jimmy Garoppolo trade not a win for 49ers … yet



Conventional wisdom says the Jimmy Garoppolo trade was a win for the 49ers. It redeemed their season by at least making it interesting and it gave them a promising future. But what did the trade really accomplish? What have the 49ers done to secure their future?


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  1. EastCoast9er says:
    November 3, 2017 at 8:40 pm
    Not at all but Tomsula has historic losses of many pro bowlers and no one gave him a pass. That is what I am looking for. A bit of balance.

    TomD’s Take:

    East, it’s impossible to have balance wherein imbalances abound…..What do Harbaugh, Tomsula, Singletary, Nolan and Chipster have in common ?

    Ans: All had a ‘F-U-L-L’ offseason to install their programs. Shanahan did not and was the last coach hired–coming off a SuperBowl–so got a late start in his installations.

    Also the other coaches had a stable team, albeit, all Baalke handpicked personnel, but a stable team.
    Shanny/Lynch chose to dismantle the entire squad year one (only 16 Baalke players left via Jed York at owners protest meeting) so a late start coupled with new players created more instability. He didn’t get a shot a hiring a quality d coordinator

    Lets start Shanahan’s evaluation process on an even playing field; one in which he’s entitled to an entire offseason like the other coaches.

    Shanahan has already shown his football IQ is superior to the previous coaches in shocking the NFL by trading for our QB of the future while positioning the 49ers for a monster 2018 draft, as Franchise QB suitors call on the 49ers to trade down for multiple picks when teams become enamored in a QB draft (Think Rosen, Darnold, Allen, Larmar Jackson).

  2. Got redirected from your link. This one works better.


    The extension will come. This team will be more attractive after next season if they do have to tag him. Agree that the Niners are all in with Garoppolo.

    “When will Lynch sit down with Garoppolo’s agent, Don Yee,” Marathe will handle that, and they have already talked.

    “But I guarantee, you don’t make a trade like this and give up the compensation like this without having a really good feeling that it’s going to work for long-term.” Nuff said.

  3. No trade, draft choice or FA signing is a win until the player proves himself. We’ve signed/drafted/traded for some pretty credentialed players who were garbage. OTOH, we’ve some guys nobody thought much of, if at all, turn into some pretty good players.

    So, yeah, this is sort of a Captain Obvious column I guess…

  4. When I first heard about the trade, my first thoughts were
    – What kind of draft picks did we give up?
    – What’s the compensation? (I assumed the outline of a deal was in place)

    I’m really disappointed this wasn’t a sign-n-trade (or something like it). If a contract framework was in place, Garoppolo would easily be worth a 33rd overall. Without one, its alot just for the rights to franchise tag someone.

      1. I’ll agree that, until an extension gets done, you’ve got to grade this trade as “incomplete”. However, I think the reward is well worth the risk, so for that, it’s a good trade. There are always risks when it comes to acquiring NFL players, and the risk of drafting a young, unproven QB in the first round is about as big of a risk as there is.

        The 49ers were/are sitting in a very enviable draft position heading into next years draft. The problem though, is that the 49ers would have entered the draft without the flexibility that this trade affords them. The 49ers are sitting in the catbird’s seat now. If the team decides, or comes to the conclusion that they can’t get Jimmy signed to a long term deal (which would surprise me greatly) they can always franchise Jimmy for a year and draft a QB. I don’t see any of these top QB prospects as can’t miss talents, nor do I see any who wouldn’t be better off spending a season learning from a guy like Garoppolo.

        There once was a time when players used to hate having the franchise tag placed on them. That’s no longer the case. In fact, if Garoppolo is worth a big contract, another year’s worth of experience will likely only add to his value. He’s got plenty of time to cash in on more than 1, long term contract bonanza, whether he signs a deal now, or in 2019, or beyond. The 49ers are one of few teams who are in a strong enough position in terms of the salary cap, to slap a franchise tag on Jimmy, without handcuffing their plans moving forward. If Jimmy is unhappy, and wants to go to another team, the 49ers can always trade him after he’s been tagged. The franchise tag is really the security blanket for this kind of trade, and the 49ers FO understands this. If it weren’t for the tag, Jimmy would have all of the leverage, however the franchise tag at the 49ers disposal somewhat neutralizes Jimmy’s short term leverage.

        Here are the rules:

        An exclusive franchise tag means a team will pay that player no less than the average of the top five salaries at the player’s position, or 120 percent of the player’s previous salary, whichever is greater. The player is not allowed to negotiate with other teams.

        A nonexclusive franchise tag involves the same salary offer as an exclusive franchise tag, only the player can negotiate with other teams. The player’s current team can match any offer sheet. If the old team declines to match the offer, it gets two first-round picks from the other team as compensation. This is the more commonly used franchise tag.This is the kind of trade that carries very little risk, and that’s why I have had a hard time finding anyone connected to the NFL who doesn’t agree that this was an excellent trade for the 49ers. The 49ers should work to sign Jimmy G to a long term deal if they like what they see in practice, and during the upcoming offseason. Thanks to the franchise tag, they likely won’t have to overpay for garoppolo either.

        By applying the transition tag, a team offers the player a salary that is the average of the top 10 salaries at his position. That player can negotiate with other teams. The player’s original team has the right of first refusal to match any offer given to a transition-tagged player by another team. If the original team decides to retain the player, it must agree to the contract terms offered by the other team. If the original team decides not to match the offer and the player leaves, it receives nothing in compensation. A team can use the transition tag only if it hasn’t used the franchise tag in a given offseason.

        I expect the 49ers will use a nonexclusive franchise tag on Jimmy if they cannot work out a deal that makes everyone happy. And if there is another team willing to cough up 2 first round picks for Jimmy, so be it. The 49ers can also use an exclusive franchise tag, and keep Jimmy around until they have groomed his replacement, or work the phones and find a suitor from a contender, who would likely be willing to give them a first round pick in exchange. Whatever they decide, time is on the 49ers side now, and they can use the rest of the season to evaluate whether Jimmy is their man moving forward.

        Kyle Shanahan is key here. His offense has a stellar reputation within NFL circles. He’s got the kind of reputation that QB’s who are in the know, would be happy to play for. And as far as I am concerned, the 49ers have as good of a chance at putting the right pieces in place to create an environment for Jimmy to be successful, as any of the other QB needy teams in the league. If they play their cards right, they will have another strong offseason, and I expect that the 49ers will move mountains to get the interior of the OL shored up, and with the added draft flexibility that this trade affords them, I expect to see a vastly improved OL in the very near future.

        And I’d be willing to bet Garoppolo understands this. And time is on the 49ers side, thanks to the franchise tag.

        1. 49reasons – Great post. I agree with all the points including

          – The reward is well worth the risk
          – Greatly improved draft leverage for trades and BPA (one of the first things that popped into my head when I heard about the trade on the car radio)
          – 49ers can shop him if its not working out under the tag

          I didn’t love the trade once I heard there there was no extension outlined with Yee. But I still like the trade. The draft trade back power alone could easily make up for the loss of a pick 34.

      2. The deal will get done. Jimmy G is excited to be with the 49ers and to be playing for an offensive guru like Kyle Shanahan. To top it off the 49ers have one of the most respected players in football as their GM. The 49ers have the front office and coaching staff to get this turned around,now they have a QB, 9 draft picks in the 2018 draft and over a 100 million in salary cap room. There’s a lot to like about the future of the 49ers.

      3. your wrong grant! the niners are in a position of strength. shannyLynch get time to evaluate JG.
        think about this for a scenario 5 months from now-
        niners own the first pick in the draft>
        KC has singed as a free agent(full on bromance w Shanny)>
        JG has been tagged>

        all of the sudden we own the rights to 3 franchise qb’s after not having even 1 in 20 years.
        this scenario is not as unlikely as most will assume.
        If it did play out like this……of course Cousins would be the guy…….but that’s the point! Shanny gets to decide!!! We have the cap space to sing KC and tag JG while we find a partner for a trade. Given more time to negotiate trades and contracts in the off season…..we could surely get more than a 2nd round pick for JG.

        Even if you remove Kirk Cousins from the equation……and say we end up with the 2nd pick instead of the first overall…….shanny can still choose any college qb over JG if hes not sold on him in 5 months. either at 2 overall or by trading up one spot.
        Bottom line- even without a long term contact…..JG is an asset worth more than a 2nd round pick !

        1. and having these options gives us leverage in contract negotiations………Lynch to don Yee……” I guess were gona have to pull the trigger on this trade I worked out with Cleveland. Sorry bud”

      1. True. But that asking price assumed sign-n-trade or at least the framework of a new deal would be in place.

        I’m glad the trade happened. I’ll like the trade alot better if a deal gets done before the offseason.

        1. During that time there was no mention of a sign-n-trade or a framework of a deal that’s not the Patriots problem that’s on the team trading for him.

          1. Those extremely high pick trades assume a rough outline of a new contract is in place between the agent and the new team… or an outright sign-n-trade.

            Lynch has neither.

            I like the trade. I’d like it alot more if an outline for a new contract is in place. (for all I know, they could be working on one as we speak)

            1. Yeah I hear you all I’m saying is when the Patriots make trades like these there set on there draft compensation whether or not there is a contract extension with the player or team there trading with it’s up to the players agent and the team there going to to make that happen, but I’m with you I’m just happy we have a potential franchise QB and not have to worry about who’s gonna be our QB every year. I’m also hoping that something gets done with Garoppolo and the 49ers.

    1. I think we were prepared to offer him somewhere in the 15 to 18 million range due to him only having two starts, which is fair IMO. Yee wants the most money he can get for his client. Yee lets it be known that they are OK with being tagged. Translation, it’s going to take 20+ million. Yee’s words and Garoppolo being non-committal are negotiation tactics.

    2. Why would the team sign this kid to a long-term deal without seeing him actually play? He hardly played in the Pats system, much less in Shanny’s and you’d want the team giving him 50-60 million dollars guaranteed? The most idiotic thing I’ve heard…And I bet if they had been stupid enough to give Jimmy G a new extension prior to seeing him perform in this system…Grant would’ve been the loudest one talking about how dumb it was to commit to someone you know nothing about. Lynch and co. are doing this right. Bring him in and see how he fits. If he doesn’t fit, you tag and trade him him…or you let him walk. But I’m sure Cleveland would pay a pretty penny for Jimmy…If he does fit, you sign him long-term…Only Grant would try to hate on Lynch for this trade…smh

    3. B2W,
      Various sport’s outlets had the 49ers making a pitch for Garoppolo in the off-season, so there’s no doubt that they have been hot on Jimmy G for some time.

      With that back story surrounding this move, I feel it’s just a matter of time for both parties to consummate the deal.

  5. We as fans should be grateful that any QB let alone Jimmy G would even want to come to a losing team not to mention winless. According to reports from the patriots and Garoppolo’s agent around the nfl Garoppolo didn’t want to go to Cleveland and now there’s reports that Sam Darnold will stay at USC if the Browns pick 1st in the 2017 NFL Draft lol

    Thank you Jimmy Garoppolo!
    Go NINERS!!!

  6. You know what’s nice about today, watching college football and not worrying about the QB position in this upcoming draft.

    1. Great point. I’d be willing to pay (slightly) above market contract extension now to gain some draft flexibility. There is no more powerful trade position than having a high pick, not needing a quarterback. Its possible we can gouge teams just like the Titans and Browns did in the 2016 draft.

  7. I like the part about the Swiss cheese OL, the old broken neck WR and the about to be Free agent running back.
    Your on the wave Grant!

  8. “But I guarantee, you don’t make a trade like this and give up the compensation like this without having a really good feeling that it’s going to work for long-term.”

    This is exactly right. Lynch is not an idiot. We did to give up an early 2nd to have JG sit on the bench for 8 games. And what leverage do the niners have? They have the first or 2nd overall pick in the draft which is flooded with quality QB prospects. Both sides have leverage.

  9. Have to say I assumed a long term deal must have been agreed upon when I heard about this trade. Surprised to hear there hasn’t even been discussions (though who knows whether that is really true – could just be Lynch not wanting to let much info out).

    Using the franchise tag on him isn’t a big deal, and it would basically give the team two offseasons to prove to JG the team is worth staying on long term (or three if they don’t mind using the tag twice). But clearly not an ideal scenario.

    Regardless, what we know for sure is the 49ers really believe in JG. I am sure they will do what it takes to keep him long term if they want him long term. Even if it means over paying.

    1. I pretty much knew on Monday that a deal wasn’t in place. The deal came out of the blue from the 49ers perspective. Didn’t Lynch say they only had about ten minutes to respond. Probably an exaggeration, but still not enough time to put a framework in place and I’ll bet they didn’t even have time to talk to Yee.

      However, I think Jimmy G. wants to get his career started already. He’s been the understudy for four years and I’m sure he is ancy. He gets to work with the best offensive mind in the game (Tony Romo said this same thing on Thursday night and both are QBs from Eastern Illinois – I can readily believe that Romo and Jimmy G text each other). While the team doesn’t have the players yet, there’s plenty of draft capital and salary capital to be competitive as early as next year.

      If after this evaluation period, it doesn’t make sense to continue, the 49ers have sufficient ways to get of this trade while losing very little. Then they just change direction and draft a QB with the first pick, and, at the same time realize it will add one to three more years for the team to turnaround (Cousins might also be a possibility, but it depends on whether or not the team has to franchise tag Jimmy G.). Bottom line, I think there is enough incentive on all sides to make this work. And further, a team that is 0-8 has to take some risk to get better. To me this is actually minimal risk with a potential for a large reward.

      Grant: Weren’t you the one saying that a team should devote some huge amount of their salary capital to the QB (something like 25% which I think would be roughly $35 to $40 million/year).

  10. Exactly Prime,

    Let the other teams squirm worrying about their franchise QB—we’ve got ours !

    Now Shanny/Lynch can relax and calculate the worth of their # 2 pick as they play a waiting game in the 2018 NFL draft, just as they cornered Belichick with the clock ticking against the NFL trade deadline.

    Some of the potential shoppers for the Niners # 2:

    Jets, Denver, Washington, Vikes, Jags, etc, etc, as the 49ers throw chum in the waters, creating a feeding frenzy !

    Which team will cash in and give the Niners the most picks and get their QB of the future from the San Francisco 49ers QB store?

  11. The problem with franchise tags…

    The franchise tag is (almost) obsolete because of quarterback inflation. $20m in 2018 and $24m in 2019 are no longer the punishments franchise tags were intended to be. In a sense, we have Garoppolo locked down for 2018-19 at about market rate.

    But that’s fully guaranteed money. $44m less to compete with other teams for a long term deal’s guaranteed portion.

    If I was Don Yee building Garoppolo’s spreadsheet, I’d consider refusing any extension that was not significantly above market. I’d advise my client to play franchise tagged for as many years as the 49ers are willing to invoke it.

    Yee’s choices seem to be…
    1) Extend before 2018 season, get an estimated $50m guaranteed.
    2) Sign as free agent in 2020, totaling about $94m guaranteed.

    Shanahan and Garoppolo better fall deeply in love.

    1. The only downside for the player is if they get hurt, which is a very real possibility.
      There is no long term security blanket in that case, and teams won’t offer as much for damaged goods. Especially when said player doesn’t have a lot if tape.

  12. I thought Journalism was about reporting the facts and not speculating about fantasy scenarios?

    Well let’s keep this farce going. Maybe the Pats went to Jimmy G and said we can’t sign you,where do you want to go?
    He picks SF with the idea that he could sign long term. Maybe this is the details the Pats asked John Lynch not to reveal.

    See, this game stinks. It’s stinks of what ifs and speculations.

    Not cool.

      1. Maiocco is more of a journalist. He gets those tips ahead of time because he is a huge homer, and paints a rosy picture.
        Grant is like a columnist, who speculates a lot, and has bold opinions to drive the conversation.
        Sometimes, Maiocco can drive the narrative, and Grant can analyze by sticking to the facts. Nothing is set in stone.
        Lynch got 10 minutes to decide on spending a second round pick for Garoppolo? It should have taken 10 seconds. Garoppolo fell into their lap because BB wanted to send JG to the other conference, and this was inspired by all the help his parents received from the DeBartolos. Sounds like he also liked JL and KS, and sent JG to the Niners because he knew JG would get to play right away. This KS obfusticating about whether JG will play or not is just a ploy, not to tip his hand. Sheathing a weapon is a good way to lose. Arians said he was planning on both QBs.
        JG is a boon to the Niners. If he leads them to wins, he will be more precious than rubies. I hope they sign him to a long term deal after the third win.
        Even if JG wants to go to a team with SB aspirations, he will allow the Niners to get 2 first round draft picks. Those 2 additional picks will allow the Niners to accelerate their rebuild.
        Heck, Brady may get injured in the playoffs and retire, so the Pats may spend 2 first round picks to re-acquire their former player.
        No matter what, the Niners need to draft a QB with one of their first 4 picks.

  13. The reality is that he isn’t signed long term so this could end up a huge disappointment.
    But opportunity knocked and the surprised Niners opened the door. No fault there. They had only hours to make it happen.
    Had it been in the works for a week or two, without reaching an agreement but the FO went ahead anyway kicking it to chance, I’d be concerned that Jimmy was just using the Niners as a placeholder before FA. He still may be, but that’s on him, not the Niners.
    They give themselves good odds to deal fairly for a thing they really really need, and have the resources to help their QB next season.

  14. “Come one, come all, Step right up, shoppers, get your franchise QB,

    the Jags just offered us a 1, 2 and 4th, what do ya say to that Jets ?”

    1. If Garoppolo and the 49ers don’t fall in love before the next offseason, that could very well happen.

      Say the Browns are drafting 1 overall. They are getting massive trade back offers by QB desperate teams. We could get major picks from the Browns for Garoppolo. The Browns could make it back (and them some) by trading back.

      That said, I’m hoping for an extension… soon.

        1. My hope is we sign Garoppolo before the draft, trade down for a massive pick haul, grab an OT, Edge or WR. Then OG later.

  15. Franchising:

    Fans, it’s the price you pay to compete with the big boys. Live with it.

    I don’t hear Saints, Green Bay, or Pats fans complaining–they live with it.

  16. Its a win no matter what. 8 weeks ago his going price was for two 1sts. Now you get him for a 2nd and 8 weeks of hands-on evaluation before committing real dollars to him. The worst thing you can do is sign and trade a Glennon or Osweiler, commit big money and have nothing to show for it. At worst you lose a 2, franchise him and trade him away if it doesn’t work out. Your compensation might not be worth a 2 at that point, but you will still receive something and nothing will be on your books. But I guess this is lost to a writer who thought the Niners would go 9-7 this year.

  17. So, the upshot of this article is that a potential franchise QB has a ton of leverage? When is that NOT the case in the NFL? Franchise QBs, potential franchise QBs, and even mid-tier QBs have a TON of leverage in all cases on all teams. It’s just the nature of the position and its outsized significance on any team. That’s why college kids get way over-drafted. It’s why a slightly above average guy like Cousins has the Redskins by the balls and will get super overpaid next year. That’s why Alex Smith was worth two second-rounders. It’s why Jay Cutler got paid a crap ton to come out of retirement. And, yes, that’s why Garoppolo has more leverage than Lynch and, if he turns out to be good, always will. The only QBs who don’t have leverage over their GMs are the ones that suck or the ones that got drafted in the mid-rounds but turned out to be good (Russell Wilson, Das Prescott).

    So, of course Lynch is going to overpay for a potential franchise QB. That doesn’t make him a dumb GM. That’s just the market.

  18. Garoppolo now has the same leverage as Cousins has. Contrary to popular belief, some players LOVE getting “slapped” by the franchise tag. Franchise tags increase the coveted guaranteed percentage of their career compensation.

  19. “I think it excites guys,” coach Kyle Shanahan said on 49ers Game Plan, via Matt Maiocco.

    Jimmy has fit in really well in that quarterback room. He’s fit in real well with the guys, and I think the guys see the talent out there, also. I don’t think anyone’s trying to rush it or knows when it’s going to happen, but people can see we have a few good quarterbacks in our building.”

    1. I agree. It’s possible Bill Belichick told Lynch what Yee’s contract demands were. But now that the 49ers committed a 33-36 range pick, Yee’s asking price is sure to go higher.

      Garoppolo now has the same leverage as Cousins.

      1. Not at all. The Redskins have already franchised Cousins twice. And Cousins has a very good resume. Cousins has more leverage, by far.

    2. As I said above, ALL potential franchise QBs and their agents hold all the cards. You really think KC wanted to draft Mahomes at 11 and give up picks to do so? They had to because Mahomes had more leverage than them even though he hadn’t played a snap. Garoppolo was ALWAYS going to have more leverage than Lynch. That doesn’t mean Lynch shouldn’t have traded for him.

  20. 49er fans are special.

    1st they complain that Lynch/Shanny haven’t found a franchise QB in CJ Beathard, and the upcoming draft doesn’t look like an Aaron Rodgers, Brees or Brady is available.

    But when a QB with the release style of Joe Montana (Yeah, TomD said it 1st– over the top with wrist snap) shows up, they complain about Shanny not contracting himl up.

    Fan’s, Shanny spotted talent and acquired it. Now give it a rest . His parts done.

    1. Garoppolo’s passes have zip while still having touch. The placement is there. This guy could turn Trent Taylor into a star.

      1. And Garçon and Robinson, and Kittle and etc.
        Great players make others around them better. We haven’t had that since Jeff Garcia.

          1. Quick release and accuracy also makes your line look good as well.
            They don’t have to block forever.
            Talent makes lesser talent around you better as well.

            1. Preseason all over again! Easy to make prognostications without competition.

              Let’s wait until we actually see them on the field together, ok guys?

              1. You are right East. Everyone looks good on paper.
                But Jimmy G, was known for the things we gush over prior to the draft and in college.
                In his 2 only starts, he played like a guy who was ready to be a starter.
                He also spent 4 years learning under Brady.
                Those qualities and that type of experience makes this a really good deal for the 49ers.

            2. A quick release will not help the o line that is common misunderstanding.
              It just means from the time he decides to throw and goes into his throwing motion it will be faster… but we are a difference of .02 seconds or less in most cases.
              To help the line it’s more about making your reads and deciding who to throw to quickly. The ball needs to come out in less than 2.5 seconds or faster behind this o line.

      2. I agree # 80, but like Prime said, I’d like to see more of Boldin Jr. before the draft.

        I’d also like to see Bourne—he tore it up in preseason.

        1. It’s a perfect time to see what we have in Bourne. I envision Alshon Jeffrey in the larger WR/Bourne role. Bourne has potential though.

      3. Love Garoppolo’s throwing motion. Quick feet. Great for WCO. The earlier the ball arrives, the more the rack.

  21. Here is a list of the free agents SF has in 2018:
    DE Tank Carradine
    LB Brock Coyle
    DT Leger Douzable
    OG Brandon Fusco
    OL Garry Gilliam
    CB Leon Hall
    RB Carlos Hyde
    CB Asa Jackson
    CB Dontae Johnson
    DE Datone Jones
    OL Daniel Kilgore
    DE Aaron Lynch
    DT Tony McDaniel
    S Eric Reid

    Not 1, not a single 1 is worth a franchise tag. So, SF loses nothing if it tags Garoppolo. If he walks after being tagged SF drafts it’s next QB. If negotiations go poorly, SF still drafts it’s next QB and lets him sit behind JG for a year.
    Next, you look at the cap situation. The team has plenty of money and room to maneuver. They are projected to have the highest cap room of 117.8 million.
    No matter how the information is manipulated, the situation in 2018 with picks, tags, and money is almost fool proof.
    Now Lynch can mess those picks up and sign some more poor choices in FA, but this trade is near impossible to miss on.
    That being said, alienating the head of the organization in his first year is immature. As you gain maturity, you’ll learn tact. That will help you more than antagonistic questions trying to prove that you are the smartest guy in the room. You are. However, it isn’t always best that everyone else in the room knows that.
    I enjoy your articles and seeing you grow as a writer and a reporter.

    1. Plus 1 Matt.

      I am not sure why Grant always looks for the negative angle, but he’s, more or less. on his own island on this one. The opinion that ShanaLynch won this trade, and have likely accelerated the rebuilding process by making this deal, is nearly unanimous around NFL circles.

      Time will tell whether this deal pays off in the long run, but certainly in the short term, Kyle and John have come out of this looking very smart in the eyes of most NFL insiders, who realize the importance of taking these kinds of risks, even if the risks are, in reality, very small.

      Kudos to ShanaLynch, for taking a relatively limited risk that has potential to change the trajectory of this franchise.

      1. But then again Grant might say there is another player we can franchise on that list lol

        Me and Grant argued about the talent level on the roster last season lol

  22. The 49ers showed Jimmy the love, and by all accounts, Jimmy reciprocated. All the 49ers need to do is sell him on their vision for him in this offense, and show him their blueprints for rebuilding the interior of this offensive line. Sold!

    1. All I want for Christmas is a Jimmy G contract extension (with a thing that tells time)

      The reason why I’m wringing my hands about the contract I because I like Garoppolo. Very happy he’s a 49er.

      1. Brodie,

        Like you, I believe Chistmas came early via Garoppolo….Only 1 month ago we were trying to separate the pretenders from the contenders in our 2018 QB of the future draft.

        Then, out of nowhere came the trade that shook the NFL—All the Networks/radio stations gave the 49ers an A+ and were surprised by the trade.

  23. Question to all: If you were Don Yee, what would you advise Garoppolo to do if the 49ers offered a market value extension today?

  24. Quite frankly I am just fine with the franchise tag. I have seen to many QBs change teams and suck. All of Brady understudies do not have winning records, JG may have the tools but I have seen lots that have the tools and bomb out. There is no guarantee that JG is going to be a good QB. JG is a rookie in most respects, got some good training but that’s all he has. It wont be long before our current QB has more NFL experience then JG has. You also have to remember JG is in the prime of his career and the years are going by he wont want to waste anymore years with a franchise tag then going elsewhere to another bad team.

    Its a good trade till it isn’t.

    1. “It wont be long before our current QB has more NFL experience then JG has.”

      Beathard has already thrown more passes in actual NFL games.

      1. Can’t discount Jimmy playing against the Patriots defense in practice for 4 years, not to mention the Hall Of Fame tips from both, Brady and BB….

        1. “JG is a rookie in most respects, got some good training but that’s all he has.”

          I defiantly didn’t discount it. The way things are going I have to take the wait and see approach. Believe me, I am hoping JG works out and all the contract issues work out but……KS/Lynch needs some wins.

          There is only really one meaningful stat in sports Wins and Loses. So far KS is the worst coach in Niner history, I suspect he will eventually get it turned around and I am on board with him but…..

          1. Getting Jimmy in the building was a big win. I agree they need a signed contract for a bigger win, but I don’t think they make that move unless they felt pretty damn confident about getting one done….

        2. “Can’t discount Jimmy playing against the Patriots defense in practice for 4 years, not to mention the Hall Of Fame tips from both, Brady and BB….”

          Sure worked wonders for Brian Hoyer

          1. That’s cute and all, but you’re comparing a UFDA to a 2nd round talent. I only made the comment to counter your point of Beathard having thrown more “live” passes. I could have said, so has Kaepernick….

          2. OK Jack. Give us your scouting report and tell us why you think he will fail. None of this he’s only played two games or references to Hoyer and Cassel.

            What part of Garoppolo’s game won’t translate to the NFL game and Shanny’s offense?

              1. I said that straight away. Doesn’t mean he can’t grown into one, but yea, that’s important to keep in mind….

              2. Naw, I asked what you thought.

                That isn’t an actual quote from McCloughan unless Grant omitted it. This is the actual quote.

                “He’s going to San Francisco, and the 49ers haven’t won a game yet. I’m not knocking San Francisco, but all of a sudden it’s like, ‘OK, am I supposed to do what? Am I supposed to go in there and be the savior?’”

              3. That is what I think, and is a direct quote from Grants piece above.

                Garoppolo played well for 6 quarters while surrounded by a stacked team that would go on to win a Super Bowl.

                Now he comes to a team that is 2-22 in the last year and a half, with a group around him that leads the league in drops and is second to worst in sacks allowed.

                Garoppolo may be a good QB if he’s not on IR first.

              4. That is not a direct quote. McCloughan was talking about why Garoppolo wouldn’t resign, if Garoppolo would want to go to a better team. Here he mentions him in the same sentence with HOFer Favre.

                “I’ve been around Matt Hasselbeck, Brett Favre, Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins. Garoppolo has a chance to be a good, good quarterback. He has the mentality and the leadership and the toughness to be a good player.”

              5. You can call it two and twenty-two Jack, but in reality the Niners have only beaten ‘one’ team twice.

              6. Call it whatever you want, but it’s exactly how I feel and I read the column so I know exactly what his comments were.

              7. Then what you are saying Jack is that no QB could succeed on this team, as it is. Might as well get the worst talent they can until the rest of the team is upgraded? Is that what you are proposing?

              8. “What is your opinion based on?”

                My opinion that Garoppolo isn’t a savior, and may not pan out? Read my comment from 6:46pm.

              9. So are you saying that Garoppolo can’t be elite because we have a poor roster or that he can’t be elite in any situation?

              10. Pretty much. If you can’t run the ball effectively, catch the ball, or keep the quarterback on his feet nothing is going to change regardless of who is under center.

              11. I’m saying Garoppolo definitely wont be elite with the group currently around him, and may never be anyway. At this point it’s all just hope.

                Let me ask this, say after a few, starts he’s facing the Rams later in the year and his stat line looks something like 23-37 for 332 yards a couple TD’s and a pick but they still don’t win the game. Would you say that was a good game from him?

              12. Jack,

                Depends on the situation. If they were playing catch up throughout, those numbers wouldn’t be impressive.

                We saw this with Hoyer, who had similar numbers due to soft coverage. Hoyer had his best day of the season, but still missed a number of throws. Overall, it was a bad game for Hoyer.

              13. That basically describes every QB not named Brady, Rodgers, or Brees.

                But I don’t think anyone expects him to be elite. I think they hope that he can be top 10… similar to a Matt Ryan or Kirk Cousins. Those are players that can still win you superbowls.

              14. Haha Jack. Nice try though.

                Jack says. “Let me ask this, say after a few, starts he’s facing the Rams later in the year and his stat line looks something like 23-37 for 332 yards a couple TD’s and a pick but they still don’t win the game. Would you say that was a good game from him?”


                “Hoyer ran for a 9-yard touchdown and hung tough in the pocket despite relentless pressure to finish 23-of-37 for 332 yards with two touchdowns and that interception, for a passer rating of 98.0.”

                Sorry I didn’t step into your trap.

  25. Well Brodie,

    Andrew Luck has the largest market value extension–$ 75 mil 3 over years. But as a baseline, 50-60 over 3 years would be worthy target, probably unacceptable to Yee.

    However, having a home, growing with a system, and liking the bay area for all it has to offer are all in play, so how much more than 20 mil per, does Garoppolo need for happinesss ? At some point Jimmy needs to step in and define this.

    Does he want to wander franchise to franchise or find stability ? Only he has the answer.

    I would advise him to stay away from Santa Rosa

  26. This is really interesting situation for all parties involved. JG knows the nines won’t just let him walk next year. So your options are try and work something long term now, but who know’s what his value is at this point? I guess they could base it off of the Osweiler deal. But then is JG shorting himslef, because if he plays well next season he would get top $.

    From the niners perspective, doesn’t seem they want to play him this season. So his value won’t change, (as opposed to playing the rest of this season and looking like the real deal). Long term deal now would benefit them now by locking him up, however, if he stinks it up (i.e. Osweiler ) than we look bad. They could franchise him next year and it will be his tryout. If this guy is hands down the real deal then we pay up (gladly I might add), a franchise QB is worth every penny.

    I don’t see a scenario where Niner’s really lose here. Unless they pay up big now and have nothing to show for it due to JG stinking it up.

    It seems like franchising may be the way to go.

    1. Playing the shiny new Garoppolo behind the Niners’ sorry butt offensive line would be like paying top dollar for a thoroughbred horse with good bloodlines, and then letting the neighborhood kids use him for target practice with their slingshots, chains, baseball bats, and .22 cal pistols. Not exactly wisely tending to a major investment.

      1. This O-line IS atrocious. But it will only remain this bad for 8 more games.

        This team is far from static, or set. If we see their deficiencies, dont you think ShannaLynch see them?
        They have some very sharp people in the front office now to weigh in on player evaluation.

        The Baalke days, the Baalke front office is done and gone-perhaps the worst GM of the last quarter century.

  27. Niners will evaluate him from now til end of season. If they like what they see, they will try to get long term contract. If they can’t, they will franchise him. Just like Redskins with Cousins. They will then draft eventual successor with 1st pick. If he is great next year, they will continue to try and sign him. Again, if they aren’t ready to move on, they will franchise him again. Personally,, the Niners hold a ton leverage and can make it mighty uncomfortable for him. Just like Cousins, he has to continue to perform to get a long term deal with anyone.

  28. It’s a win for Shanahan because he gets his guy… It’s a win for Jimmy because he gets to start for a creative and intelligent offensive mind while knowing the team is loaded with cap space and will fortify the OL and receivers (not to mention the nice contract coming his way)…. And it’s a win for the Faithful because for the first time in years the fans have reason for hope and optimism at the most important position on the field…. Yes, next year should be fun and that in itself is a win.

    1. If the talent level and injury situation on the team next year are like this year’s, your hopes will be fulfilled.

  29. Good ol’ Debbie Downer right on time like he always is!!! Thanks G for seeing the negative in this . It’s amazing to me that you have not been offered the HCing job yet since you seem to have the answers to everything. The niners will win their 6th eventually and I can’t wait to see how you question that too. Please do us a favor and go write for the Seachickens. And for the sake of the rest of us, please stop reading his garbage (this is my free one time vent pass ) Done after this…promise promise.

  30. Here’s a quote from KS on Jimmy G where he compares him to Tony Romo and surprisingly, Mitchell Trubisky.

    “I believe it starts with his throwing ability. He can get rid of the ball very quick, he can throw from a very balanced position, he doesn’t need a lot of room in the pocket. His throwing style is similar to someone like Tony Romo’s. I think his traits are very similar to Mitch Trubisky, in terms of how they throw. Jimmy is an athletic, mobile guy, too. I’m not gonna compare him mobile-y to someone like Russell, but in terms of being able to run our keepers and scramble when no one’s open, having the quick feet — not necessarily the 40 time, but the quick feet — he can do some things with his legs, too.”

  31. Grant, when you come up with these off-the-wall obviously ridiculous posts I wonder if you are trying to provoke or are actually serious.

    So Lynch is a rookie GM making a rookie mistake? You are the inexperienced rookie and you prove it every day. Rookie Lynch has absorbed football knowledge thru playing and announcing, has extensive contacts around the league, and it was his relationship with Belachick that made the trade possible. He was smart enough to surround himself with veteran front office people like Adam Peters and Martin Mayhew.

    Grant, the only thing you are good at is finding the invisible flaw in everything. If Lynch obtained E. Elliot in a trade for a 7th round choice you would say Big Ten backs don’t do well in the NFL (what you said about Carlos Hyde).

  32. Yep. Let’s extend a player who has limited experience since it worked out so well the last time. ?? Tagging Garoppolo easily makes more sense because it will allow the 49ers to evaluate a young QB against Beathard and whomever the 49ers bring in to compete for the starting QB position.

    1. It didn’t work out last time because Kap never developed into a pocket passer, didn’t fix his wonky mechanics, and couldn’t go through his progressions. Garoppolo already is a pocket passer, has great mechanics, and goes through his progressions.

            1. The game when it snowed, so the coaches forbid Kaep to pass? Then when the Niners were behind, they became one dimensional so Fangio stymied the offense. Kaep, for some reason, did not wear gloves. The coaches should have had Kaep practice with gloves before the game.
              That was also the snow angel game. RR was undisciplined and cost them a TD. Glad he is gone.
              A QB is only as good as his O line. Kaep lost behind that O line. Gabbert lost behind that line, Kaep still lost behind that line, and he was inflicted with a defense that let third string RBs gallop for 200 yards. Hoyer lost behind that line, and CJB has lost behind that line.
              Next you will be telling me that McGloin is better than Kaep.

              1. “The game when it snowed,”

                Yup, that game. Kelly explained why he benched Kap for Gabbert.

                “At that point in the game, we’re down a couple of scores and, obviously, we have to throw it a ton. So we just wanted to see if we could get a spark for our team.”

                Fangio knew how to stop Kap. Keep him in the pocket and make him beat you with his arm. Once down by two scores, Kap was in a situation where he had to pass. Kelly knew that Kap couldn’t pass and went with Gabbert..

              2. Exactly, they forced him to be only a pocket passer and did not play to his strengths.
                Benching Kaep just showed how rattled the coaches were.
                The team was unprepared and undisciplined. The coaches were out maneuvered and became rattled. ‘Gabbert gave a spark.’ Yup, for the other team. He gave up a safety first play.

              3. “Exactly, they forced him to be only a pocket passer and did not play to his strengths.”

                Harbaugh and Roman tried to turn him into a pocket passer and it didn’t work.


                “The 49ers have been at their best this season when they consistently run the ball. But in the last two games, Roman and Harbaugh have moved away from a power-rushing attack to one that varies throughout the game, often using four and five pass catchers and an empty backfield.”

                Fangio knew he couldn’t consistently throw from the pocket, Harbaugh and Roman found that out the hard way, Kelly knew it, everybody knows that.

                Play to his strengths? You can’t run read option/zone read on every down. He is not a dual threat. He has his legs, which are getting older every day.

              4. Prime, did you hear the depositions are forthcoming? Bet McNair and Jones are busy smashing their phones. Winning a grievance on collusion may void 3 years of the CBA. Kaep will be looked on as a hero if he succeeds, and Goodell will lose lots of power.
                Players should not talk money, they should be demanding lifetime health benefits. That, in the long run, will cost the owners tons of money, but it is also fair, and long overdue. It is the right thing to do because the teams make lots of money from the blood sweat and tears of the players. With the frightening consequences of CTE, and the general deterioration of their health, the league owes the players the costs of health insurance, since the players incur debilitating injuries while playing.
                Nick Buonocotti is the latest to want the league to study his brain, after he passes.
                Players should demand that Goodell stop being the judge, jury and executioner. He needs to cede control so he does not dictate, but allows a process with fair third party rulings with appeals and arbitration.
                Players should also demand overturning the draconian anti Pot rules. They are prohibiting something that may lessen the use of opioid drugs for pain relief. Reefer madness is just a byproduct of the unfair lobbying of the Tobacco and alcohol industries.
                Since Watson went down with an ACL, the Texans are proving that Kaep is being blackballed, because asserting McGloin as more talented as Kaep, just shows you dont know anything.

              5. 80. You do not need to only run the Read option, but Chip did not run it at all. It should be run judiciously, for the maximum impact. The important thing is to vary where the pocket is so the defense cannot tee off and rush to a spot. It is even more critical when the O line acts like turnstiles. When a defense declares they want to contain Kaep in the pocket, the last thing they should do is oblige the defense.
                KS boasts he only ran it once in 2 years, but this year, Cousins beat the Niners with the Read option. Other teams with fast mobile QBs run the Read option many times, very effectively. The Read option is not dead, and teams may try to solve it, but it is inherently advantageous to have multiple options.

              6. The read option is fine when used sparingly. It can’t be a base offense, which is what Kap needs.

                Moving the pocket and rolling out the QB has advantages, but it limits the QBs passing options to one side. Unless the QB throws to the other side against his body. Throwing against one’s body is low percentage. These plays aren’t a reliable base offense either.

                I suppose you could mix in read option, rolling out, wildcat, and every other unsustainable offense, but you have a legit pocket offense to keep the D honest.

              7. Ideally, it would be best if the QB delivers strikes from the safety of the pocket, but the Niner experience shows a turnstile O line, so the pocket collapses like a house of cards, and recently, CJB got beaten like a pinata.
                It sure would help to have a Jerry Rice to throw to, but the Niner WR just got his neck broke.
                Rolling to one side may limit the size of the field of play, but if they flood a zone on that side, the DB cannot cover both receivers, so Kaep merely needs to target the open receiver, and it makes the DB on the other side of the field, useless.

              8. Prime, when you call posters weasels, you are engaging in a childish rant.
                I have refrained from initially bringing up Kaep, but others cannot help themselves. Like a moth to a flame….

              9. You are a little weasel pretending that you never bring up Kap and it’s always someone else.

                I’ll bet you a $1000 you can’t go the rest of the year not having Kap in your posts?
                If you can’t I get to meet you? Deal?

              10. Prime, I guess you are a weasel. Some one else wanted to meet you, and you whimpered that you could not do it.
                Once, some blow hard tried to get physical with me. I put him in a wrist lock, and drove him to his knees. I could have snapped his wrist, but showed restraint.
                He also whimpered and cried, and ran away as fast as he could, just like you would.

              11. So if you are so tough, why didn’t you meet me in SF a couple months ago?
                That’s what weasels do, they talk tough behind a key board.

              12. Prime, it sounds like you are a foreign terrorist who wants to attack an American.
                I am too smart to put myself in harm’s way.
                I still have not heard how you would move a 3 ton boulder 12 feet. You are so stupid, you cannot even think of a way to do that.
                I did that, so moving you would be easy. I would merely out think you.

              13. Once again, all talk no action.
                That’s what weasels do, they hide cause they are scared.
                And spare me your tough guy stories. If you had any stones, you would have met me!

              14. You’ll never allow Kaep to become an adult, will you ninny? Without exception, it’s always somebody else’s fault………..with people like you around, he will never HAVE TO grow up……….never have to look at himself………..never have to admit mistakes…………….

  33. Right on point for once Grant. Lets shelf all the qb of the future is here talk until there’s actually a deal in place. First we gotta see what this guy has on the field. U fellas ever heard of a guy named Matt Flynn?

    1. HEY SEBNYNAH…………

      Who are you to decide who has a lot of money, and who doesn’t????????? Lifetime benefits? After they have left the game??? That completely absolves them of their own responsibility? Who’s going to pay for THEIR health bennys many several years after they have left the game? The owners? Why? Because YOU have decided they have too much money??
      I’ll be dead and used as fertilizer before I’m paying for someone else’s bills because you think I can afford it.
      Just another common Commie Pinko Meathead who thinks with his glands instead of his brain…………………….

  34. I feel a lot of fans r looking at this all wrong. The reality is that we have a young player at the end of his rookie contract looking to cash in for a long term deal. Nothing more and certainly nothing less. Most every team has this decision to make at one point or another. Because of this teams particular situation, how we got this player is irrelevant because of how we got to this point. It is really about time that we have to make a decision like this. Jed, Kyle, and Mr. Lynch, welcome to the NFL.

  35. JG was reticent at his PC, because he probably wants to go to a team with SB aspirations, like the Broncos or Texans. Teams with good offensive weapons and a stout defense. The Jags have a talented team, and is only lacking a decent QB. I include the Texans because Watson re-injured his ACL, so he may take a while to recover.
    Miami needs a QB, but BB sent JG out of the division into the other conference.
    Niners are in a full rebuild and may take 3 years to get back to relevance, and the playoffs.They also have a turnstile O line, so he may not get the protection he needs and wants, to succeed.

  36. On Grant calling out Lynch on “a rookie mistake”…. I keep forgetting the wisdom and perspective Grant obtained through the years he as he worked his way up through the ranks of scout, coach, and GM.

    Aside from the general consensus that Jimmy G has the physical tools to be very good, there also seems to be a strong sense that he is a smart, well liked, mature teammate with a good head on his shoulders. I think that is worth a lot as well.

    1. Worth 25 mil+? Debatable at the least.

      Grant is merely pointing out the obvious, haven’t seen anywhere where he’s proclaiming to know more than Lynch or Shanny.

  37. I don’t recall saying he was worth $25 million right now, and unless I’ve missed something
    there’s been no such offer made. And if you have never seen Grant proclaim to know more than, well, just about everyone at some point along the way, then I would have to wonder how many of his articles you have read.

    He could justifiably point out the risks associated with the trade… clearly there are some. But to presume he has the knowledge and credibility to call out Lynch and proclaim this as a rookie mistake is, at least in my mind, rather preposterous. But again, that’s just me. You can certainly agree with Grant and his approach if ya like.

  38. And just for the record,
    “No, John”
    “What a rookie mistake by rookie GM”
    “Lynch was unprepared ”
    “He should never have made this trade”
    At least to my ears these all sound a lot like someone who thinks they know better.

    1. I just respectfully disagree.
      Yes, John is a rookie, but he signed a boatload of FAs, and put on his Trader Bill Hat and masterfully conducted the draft so he traded back, got second and third round 2018 picks, and still got both players they coveted.Lynch acted like a grizzled veteran, and I think he hit a grand slam in the draft. This was no rookie mistake, this was a momentous boon, that might save the season.
      Lynch was unprepared because BB waited until the last second. However, he quickly pulled the trigger, unlike the Browns, who managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
      Lynch made this trade because recently, some one was touting JG for 2 first round picks. This trade was grand theft, for the Niners. So what if they have to franchise tag him. 22 mil is a lot less than 35 mil, which might be what Cousins would cost. If they franchise tag him and he goes to another team, the Niners get 2 first round picks. They have 8 weeks to see if JG is worth a long term contract, or being franchise tagged.
      All I know is that JG is a heck of a lot better than Hoyer or CJB. Some may say Lynch was lucky. I agree.

  39. Garoppolo and Brady have the same agent and maybe for them its more important a good roster than big bucks if you see the details from Brady’s contract:

    Tom Brady signed a two year, $41 million contract extension with the Patriots on March 9, 2016. BRady received a $28 million signing bonus which is the fully guaranteed portion of the contract. Another $2 million is guaranteed for injury. Brady will earn $11 million in new money over the first two contract years. His cap numbers for 2016 and 2017 fall by $1 and $2 million.

    Maybe we can do something like 5y- 100million,with a high signing bonus and average wage?

  40. If Jimmy G opts to not sign with the 49ers next year, the Yorks will place a curse on him and he will end up like the last QB who did the same.

    1. It’s nice when you have plenty of assets and cap space to revamp your roster. Like Schefter said, they have so many options available to them.
      Jimmy G will play this year.

      Now, it certainly does not help with winning on the field but we all knew that when Jed signed KS and JL to 6 year deals.
      This trade is huge on so many fronts.

  41. Mike Florio (who normally bags on the 49ers) has a similar take – EXCEPT he thinks that Lynch and the 49ers are being smart about things with Garoppolo. My problem with Grant’s article is he says Lynch made a rookie mistake. And not only Florio, but others (and many well respected others) said this trade makes the 49ers look good and gives them lots of options. I just don’t get why Grant had to basically say Lynch was dumb or at least unprepared….


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