Jimmy Garoppolo will get special attention while coach mulls 49ers’ QB job


SANTA CLARA — 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan hasn’t decided which quarterback will start after the Bye week. That’s what he said at his Monday press conference. But it sure sounded like he wants Jimmy Garoppolo if he’s ready.

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  1. We all know Jimmy G is not going to start as CJ is the ‘future QB’ of this year at least. Next year, who knows. Maybe the NFl won’t be around. That’s the only way to get rid of Jed York, have an end of the NFL which means no Raiders in Las Vegas.

  2. When should Shanahan play Garoppolo? I’m kind of believing Shanahan when he says he still wants to see how practices go for both quarterbacks.

    But if he did know, he wouldn’t let on. Shanahan wants Seattle to prepare for both quarterbacks.

  3. I hope they make it competitive, with both QBs playing. The guy with the most success keeps playing.
    Niners need to see what JG can do, but they do not need to bench CJB all game.

  4. I guess we’re all eager to see what JG can do for us, me included. But if C.J. hasn’t earned the right to keep starting, I don’t know how anyone could. He’s shown the guts, talent, and ability to play well at this level. I know that the most popular guy in town is the backup QB on a losing team, but I’d hate to see Beathard get any version of the Alex Smith treatment.,.

    1. No body is entitled to anything. This is the NFL not some city league team made up of friends. What players are owed is a compensatory salary. This kind of attitude by fans is what created the hate and lack of objectivity for Kaep. Coaches are going to play the player they believe gives them the best chance to win. In this case long term player evaluation would probably be of the utmost concern. They are not going to put JG in if he doesn’t have the offense down pat. That would hinder their evaluation of him more so than if he didn’t play at all.

  5. What do you think happened with Lorenzo Jerome to not bring him back? Seems strange to bring in a guy off the street when Jerome is still available

  6. I still expect JG to start after the bye. That’s what I thought would happen as soon as they traded for him, and see no reason to think that won’t happen even after CJ played his best game.

    1. Yep,
      CJ seems to be a very mature young man. Competitive as hell, but also realistic. Shanny absolutely has to see what they have in Garoppolo, and Beathard knows that Jimmy is going in at some point.
      KS will make sure that Jimmy is ready before his debut.

    2. I think the plan is to get him on the field right after the break. However if he is not ready I don’t see them throwing him in before he is ready to play.

  7. Competition is good. Having 2 QB’s who maybe good or very good is a great situation to be in. Sure beats having no real alternative at QB, as has been the case for the last few years.

  8. Looking forward to seeing JG play but after this weeks performance, CJ earned the right to start the game. I think he will. But, KS is hard to read, which is a good thing, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
    You said it 49er42. Couldn’t agree with you more. Well said.

  9. Your probably right Prime. I’m excited to see him play also, with no slight to CJ, who showed well this weekend. Listening to Tim Ryan yesterday, and paraphrasing him, he said that despite how well CJ played, at least on the practice field, Jimmy G’s skills are at another level. I’d like to hear what Grant thinks about that.

    1. Tim Ryan is respected because of his pedigree, but the guy does his interviews on KNBR from the golf course. I respect the opinions of Barrows, Maccioco, and Lynch far more than Ryan’s.

      He was proclaiming that 49er fans would be shouting Blaine Gabberts name last year.

  10. I think this Garopolo trade is going to flop.

    Beathard is the going to be the guy.

    1.)Fix the interior of the offensive line to effectively run Shnahans system

    2.) Get Beathard a couple WR in free agency and he will be able to play to Kirk Cousins level of football.
    I would like to get Watkins and Mathews.

    1. James, I’ve had similar thoughts. It’s very possible that in the long run CJB turns out to be the better prospect. Larger body of work as well. Otherwise CJB will be one hell of a backup. I love what I’ve seen from him.

    2. I think the Garopolo trade for just a 2nd rd pick was good. He’s been in the league longer, learned from the best for a few years like Rodgers and has better mechanics, higher ceiling. CJ is just learning and played well against the 2nd worst team in the NFL, maybe the worst, a team that gave up and turned against it’s coach who will be fired soon. CJ hopefully keeps learning, playing well and plays most of this losing year to become the 2nd string QB. This OL must change obviously, maybe trading down getting OL Nelson and an OT before any QB with the best WR’s can complete passes. No huge rush to see what JG can do, let him soak in the system, let CJ get more reps and exp. JG can play some, learn off season and compete in the spring to start.

    3. Whoa, James…!

      And people in hell want ice water…..Having a good starting QB doesn’t preclude having TWO…They should both feed off each other… and now we’re in position to fill in the other holes in the boat…Draft WR’s and Olinemen…

      1. I prefer to get WR’s in free agency. The list could include any one of these guys:

        Allen Robinson
        Jarvis Landry
        Sammy Watkins
        Jordan Matthews
        Alshon Jeffery
        Devante Adams
        Donte Moncrief

    4. If the Garoppolo trade “flops” (can’t agree on contract) they could Franchise Tag him and trade him… possibly for more than the late 2nd it took to acquire him.

      I don’t see Garoppolo flopping from a play standpoint. He might not have great stats because of players around him, but teams will see his release and footwork and covet him anyway.

  11. Play Jimmy if he’s ready. Seattle would be a tough game for CJ. Let CJ go out on a high note. Yesterday’s game and Shanahan’s stamp of approval could get us a 2nd or 3rd round pick in the future.

  12. Of course, Shanalynch would love to Prince Aladdin progress by leaps and bounds so that he can run a full game worth of plays. I have the feeling that CJ will start against the Seahawks. This could be another brutal outing for the offense after which a December game in the Windy City will seem like a walk in the park. Shanny may prefer JG face Fangio middle-of the pack D on the road than Seattle’s pass rush. Despite Staley’s heroics, the Niners’ interior O line will still be woeful. after the bye. Meanwhile, CJ may improve over the bye week and may be able to roll out to the left and make throws!

  13. I want to see Jimmy as much as the next guy but you can’t just play him. He has to show better in practice than Beatherd. If he does and he has enough understanding to run a game plan then make the switch.
    But as Lynch and Shanahan have stated every position is a competition, and they are trying to get better everywhere, this needs to ring true here as well.
    Remember Jimmmy will need to make his checks at the LOS and make sure that everyone is where they are supposed to be before the play. Then during the play he has to know the keys on the defense and understand the option routes. This offense is not Harbaugh’s offense where the routes don’t change. It is much more complex.
    Ideally all of this shows itself in practice and works out fine but the real world seldom works out that way.

  14. Rookie free safety Adrian Colbert broke his thumb during the first series of Sunday’s game against the Giants. Colbert played through the injury and recorded two pass breakups and four tackles. “He possibly could miss the Seattle game,” Shanahan said, “but feel pretty good about him after that.” Antone Exum Jr. would start at free safety against the Seahawks if Colbert can’t play.

    I remember Grant telling us that the 49ers wouldn’t play through injury. That they’d given up.

    I pointed out then that his assessment was crap as they were still playing hard and playing through injuries and cited Fusco who played the entire game one-armed and on a bum knee. This, in Grant’s own words, show how utterly wrong he was in this assessment.

    Hopefully Grant can learn from it. It’s kind of important, as a reporter, to be objective and not let your emotions and beliefs get the better of you.

    1. Ah, but he’s NOT a reporter, Moses. He’s a blogger. No journalism background, no journalism standards. Not necessarily a bad thing…there’s still a lot of entertainment value here. But journalists present facts, and bloggers present opinions. Keeping the distinction clear helps prevent frustration, at least, for me.

    2. I don’t disagree with your wider point, but playing with a broken thumb is no big deal and doesn’t really prove anything in terms of attitude

      I’ve played through games of rugby with broken appendages and in one case a dislocated elbow (granted I didn’t know it had been dislocated at the time it was only the next day when it hurt like hell and I went to get it x-rayed). I’m no professional sportsman I wasn’t getting paid and the games didn’t matter but I carried on playing regardless

      1. As far as I know, nobody who has been hurt has refused to go back out there unless it was massively debilitating. Further, multiple players have gone out there with sprains, strains and, now, broken bones (Colbert & Staley).

        Yet Grant was, up until a few weeks ago, claiming the 49ers players weren’t buying into Shanahan and were malingering. Yet the opposite has been true the whole time.

        1. I also agreed with your early take. This team likes Shanahans honesty and will play hard for him. Kerleys parting praise of him says everything. You could tell the difference between the Giants and the Niners this last game. This team knows their best days are ahead of them. That is different than not being able to see the purpose of it all. Shanahan explains his actions to the team.

  15. Jimmy has to play this year. Picking the best time will demonstrate coaching mastery. Not sure our coach is masterful yet. I would definitely make sure the running backs and tight-ends can really handle pass protection assignments, before Jimmy is allowed to play.

  16. I suspect Shanahan has a plan which is to teach Garoppolo as much as possible during the bye week. He will evaluate in practice if JG has absorbed the necessary amount to run the offense and then he will start against the Seahawks. I know Beathard played well in the last game but he has the same deficiencies he had the entire season. He has a weak arm for an NFL QB. If JG is the future, then this Giants game was a huge win for the 49er organization. They can begin the cycle of backup QB’s similar to what the Patriots have had over the past few years. Sign capable backups and then trade them for picks at the right time. Beathard just increased his value to the team and his value to the league which is much bigger than winning a game when you’re 0-9.

      1. To be honest. That’s not the worst case scenario.
        The worst case is if he isn’t good but teases talent is resigned to a large contract but never reaches the level his talent teases at.
        Id rather he be terrible than some jay Cutler type QB.

    1. The issues you outlined were not in display this passed weekend. I had a front row seat and CJ can throw the ball. He is getting better every start. Does he have the strongest arm, NO but he is capable of making all the throws just like Kyle has suggested in the past. If Jimmy is ready he prolly will start. Although CJ deserves another game to be honest.

      1. Totally disagree. CJ is not capable of making all the throws. Sure he can throw a ball 50 yards. So can I. He can throw a 20 yard out. So can I. The difference is an NFL QB needs to drive that 20 yard out with velocity and accuracy so the defender doesn’t have time to react. CJ simply doesn’t have that type of arm. All of his passes float. All of them. I had a front row seat from my couch and I can unequivocally say he doesn’t have an NFL arm. Now I am someone who thinks arm strength can be improved. I’ve witnessed dramatic improvement in arm strength in my own son and other QB’s he works out with in the QB Academy’s. So maybe there is hope for CJ but right now his arm strength is far below average for an NFL QB.

        1. In regards to arm strength I think it’s below average but it’s tough for me to get a good read on it. I say this because his footwork when throwing is terrible. I almost never see him drive through his front leg.
          Now the fact that he throws off his back foot may be due to a lack of faith in o line to protect but it certainly does his passes no favors.

  17. This has been a disaster year for injures. Risking JG with this line might be a consideration. Even though the line played well against the Giants it is typically subpar. Perhaps playing him in spots limiting his exposure to injury might do the trick. I don’t know what the grand plan is, but an injury to JP might be the end of it.

  18. Off topic ramble:
    Over time in this chat room we’ve come to ‘know’ each others’ screen personas; the good, the bad, and the ludicrous. Some are fun. Some are thoughtful and insightful. Some are goofy and some are Trolls. There are some voices who I quite frequently disagree with, but read carefully and respectfully. Some I try to avoid. Others I usually agree with on football issues. The angst and teeth-gnashing of this miserable season has roiled the masses and not always brought out our best.
    Dissenting opinions neither annoy nor offend me when presented in grown up ways.
    But I am amused at my own reactions to 2 regular but occaisional posters. Neither of these guys are Trolls or belligerent with other posters, and they express opinions that are obviously as worthy as any of my own, whether I agree or not. But here’s the thing from my point of view: even after several years of their posts, I can’t find a single one that I can agree with! Not ever. It doesn’t mean they or I are wrong; just disagree. When I see their posts I always read them in case I find an outlier. Nope. Niners? Nope. Football? Nope. Social or political stuff. Nuh-uh.
    It’s OK, but a bit amazing to me. I’m not naming them to call them out, because they’re courteous enough and entitled to their opinions, but usually with folks I can find some common ground. Curious.

    1. I think in the scope of human affairs this happens fairly often. We like to seek areas of common ground to help build rapport and establish relationships, but sometimes there are none.

      I’ve questioned myself in the past over stuff like this but now I just kind of shrug and say que sera sera and to each their own. I do try, whenever possible, to think the other is coming from a place of decency until I see clear evidence to the contrary. Just because I think someone is wrong on just about everything doesn’t mean that they are insincere or lack character. It helps to keep windows open and check myself of my own preconceptions.

      Keep posting BT, always have appreciated your perspectives.

    2. And those people enrich your experience here. If everyone agreed then this would be a dystopian wasteland. I’ll bet your own thinking is challenged and potentially confirmed more by people with whom you disagree than those that agree with you. Part of the problem with our society right now is people have no idea how to peacefully disagree or handle conflict in a constructive way. I personally like reading opinions of those that I disagree with to see if perhaps I am wrong about something or if my logic is validated by how wrong someone is about any given topic.

      1. Thx to all for responses. A lot of good points made.
        Houston’s “……people have no idea how to,peacefully disagree or handle conflict in a constructive way.” True dat!, and it’s a bit of a problem in a participatory democracy!

      2. This is an absolute truth. Many people don’t like to hear it and ramble on about safe-spaces (the left) and civility (the right). But it’s an absolute truth.

    3. Interesting Post.
      While I have yet to find anyone I have disagreed with on every issue, it shows that if someone thoughtfully lays out their opinions (without getting too personal), they merit listening to, even if one disagrees with them.
      I too, enjoy these posts more than others, as there is too much grandstanding, name calling and belittling (of which I’m guilty of also) and not enough thoughtful discourse.
      In my case, I had a disagreement with Razor regarding Solomon’s fit on this team (the jury is still out on this). Razor explained how he saw him fitting in, provided an NFL comparable to look at, and showed stats and reviews to back up his thoughts. And while we disagreed, it was one my more enjoyable recent exchanges.

      Thanks for providing a gentle reminder of what this blog could enjoy more of.

    4. Good post, BT, and followed by good thoughts from Shoup, East Coast, St. Louis, and Houston. To your point: I reckon that’s why there’s chocolate AND vanilla!

    5. Brotha,
      Good thoughts. We’d never adapt or modify our thinking and worldview if we were confronted with facts and reasoning by others who disagree with us. The human nature is to seek out the comfort of consensus, which leads to groupthink. I greatly appreciate those who thoughtfully present the case against the mainstream opinions and beliefs.

    6. BT, when some POS comes in this site and talks crap about how he wants to see a Niners player “taken out” (and you know who I mean) that’s it. That guy gets no quarter from me. None.

      And Houston, I hope that same guy isn’t the one “enriching your experience ” here.

    7. Al Davis once said and I have quoted him on this thought many times – If everyone is thinking the same then is anyone really thinking. Its been my counter to when people say great minds think alike.

      Personally I try to get along with most, I probably blew it yesterday and have decided when Grant post a political type blog I am going to abstain in the future.

  19. Interesting observation, Brotha.
    Clearly socio-political issues have unfortunately driven many to the extremes, even to the point that an opposing view will never be given objective consideration lest it conflict with one’s well-nurtured agenda. We’ve seen families broken apart over this.
    What is really surprising though is that there would be no common ground on something as innocuous as football matters.

    misplaced… intended as a reply to Brotha

  20. Throughout this season, the Niners have struggled with their QBs until this last game, but the Giants were catatonic on defense. Jenkins observed Celek run by him. JPP walked backwards, then allowed a Niner to block him so CJB could score. Breida weaved his way through the heart of the defense which stood around.
    Now some may anoint CJB as the franchise starter, and just want JG benched. If JG has a team he wants to go to in the off season, the wisest move may be to shut him down, franchise him and garner 2 first round picks.
    However, I think JG wants to play, and he wants to demonstrate he can lead a team. That would increase his value, but maybe he also sees the Niners as a team with a bright future. While I commend CJB for his toughness and getting that win was huge, one must also look at the opponent, which basically rolled over and lifted a leg like a dog.
    The Niners may have their future franchise QB in Garoppolo, but if they do not play him, he may get discouraged, and want to leave for greener pastures. There are several teams with putrid QBs, and JG would be a huge upgrade. Denver and the Texans both have good defenses, but are struggling at QB. Arizona, Miami, TB, GB, Indy and now the Chargers have all had QB injuries. The Browns, Jets, Bears, Giants may be looking to upgrade their QB position. That is at least 13 teams who may be looking for QB help. JG, as trade bait, could cause those teams to get in a bidding war, so the Niners could parlay JG into several picks which would greatly aid the rebuilding process. No matter what, the Niners should be able to draft a QB, even in the second round, which would possibly be their future franchise QB.

    I still want to see JG play, and the mantra that he might get injured, is true for every player. Sure the second guessing will be strong if he does get injured, but until he plays, they will not know if he is in their future or not. They should have inserted him in the game after CJB was injured, but KS seems risk averse.
    KS may not have wanted to play JG until he has a better grasp of the offense, but in the history of the league, there have been many instances of QBs playing with little preparation or study, and they have done well. There are also many instances when the QB goes down, and the backup who has been on the team since the OTAs, and has full command of the playbook, comes in and fails miserably. No one knows, and until the QB gets on the field, no proper assessment can be made.
    Therefor, they should be creative, and let both QBs play. Maybe alternate drives. Maybe make it competitive. Hopefully, they can find out that JG is the real deal, and they can lock him up with a long term contract, and he can lead the Niners to a non losing season next year. They have many deficiencies on the team, so if they can fill the holes without having to spend a high pick on a QB, it will accelerate the rebuild.
    I hope they lock up Hyde and Reid to long term contracts, because frankly, they deserve it, and the Niners should learn to retain veteran talent and leadership. With the QB, RB and Safety positions set, the Niners can concentrate on improving the OG, C, WR and DE positions. CB, LB, S and OT positions can use more depth. Of course, they should still draft a QB, but maybe they can find a diamond in the rough later in the draft.
    Do not know if they should bench CJB and start JG against the Seahawks, because that will be a stern test, and it might be throwing JG to the wolves. Bears might be an easier opponent, that will give JG more confidence, and a better chance to succeed. Still, it would be nice to at least see JG hand off next game.

    1. I think Grant and many others underestimate Shanahans influence on players. As many players have stated ( even those that were cut) he explains everything. I think he is a good communicator who is very capable of explaining any of his actions. His reputation for honesty will serve him well in this respect. Players will not just think he is blowing smoke.

  21. People are forgetting CJ played against the worst team in the NFL at home. CJ did not when the game NY giant gave the win to us, and we have 20+ on IR. Jimmy G may do bad but we need to see what he can do with no line and no WR’s

    1. Interesting point. In a perfect world, the 49ers would have played the Seahawks last week with Beathard as the starter and then played the Giants after the bye week with Garoppolo as the starter. The Giants would be the perfect team for a QB to get his first start against after a bye week.

  22. CJ has gotten better every game. He is playing behind the worst offensive talent in the NFL. He has Hyde and that is it. He constantly gets hit every game. Some of it his own doing holding onto the ball too long. This kid is tough as nails. He is a rookie QB playing in a terrible situation and he is rising to the occasion. I see him being a back up for 2 years then starting somewhere. It could be in SF. Yes the Giants are an easy opponent but he still went out there with guys from the street and played a brilliant game. I was there at the 50 yard line watching and he was impressive. Keep sleeping on this guy cause he will work his a** off to get better.

    1. Solid points.
      Even if Garoppolo becomes the solid #1, we still don’t know a lot about his durability. CJ could see significant game time action for a couple of years, and if he keeps improving he becomes a very valuable commodity.

    2. Man you people over estimate Hyde. You guys make him sound like he is Gore. Matt Breida has done at least as well with the level of opportunities he operated under. True Hyde is running better than he started out with. but if you watch other RB through out the league he is really nothing that special.

  23. “these theories involve risk, and past performance does not necessarily indicate future returns” — BUT—

    JG trade is the big achievement of JL’s short GM career so far…
    KS wanted CJ, Kyle’s learned from many good qb gurus– Gruden, Kubiak, and his old man….
    I’m betting on JG playing soon, maybe not in SEA, as he’d prob struggle, but he’ll get snaps against the Bears and Texans…
    IF he does well in those games, his potential trade value goes up…
    I could see JL dealing him for a few high picks in ’18 and ’19…starting the full rebuild ball rolling….

    what if CJ pulls another one out in SEA? What if he plays well enough to:
    a) not be pulled during game,
    b) show the doubters he can run the short pass game well enough — with modest OL help for Hyde & Brieda — to convert enough 3rd dns, keeping drives going, getting some points, keeping the D fresh –they’ll need to be fresh to keep hounding RW…
    c) connect on a few long strikes to Goodwin, Bourne, Celek etc. to keep SEA honest…

    — then KS can try JG in more favorable conditions @ CHI, etc.
    — IF– JG does “OK”, he gets more snaps, @ HOU, etc.
    — at end of season, JG & CJ splitting time– JG possibly starting against JAX & LA–
    — IF– JG & CJ are competitively running the O in late season evals, then JG is turned into top grade draft and FA help….

    KS pushed for CJ in the draft for a reason– I think his training under Gruden, Kubiak, & pop has made him see the 9ers future in CJ…
    and CJ looks eerily familiar on sidelines with his helmet pushed up atop his head….

    of course, CJ could end up as KS’ approved backup, and JG might take the NFL “by storm” — but my gut tells me JG was a shrewd “trade bait” move…and the JG trade deal will kick start the full Shanny re-build in 2018…

    1. Good points…but I think CJ’s ceiling with his mechanics/speed, being realistic and with a win at home over maybe the worst team, could become a good backup on a good team. JG could be the carrot or the starter.

  24. When I click on the link to read the article, the loaded page is asking me to sign up and start paying money to read Grant’s articles. Is everyone else seeing the same message?

  25. I think on all this QB talk we may be putting the cart before the horse. The last game should be a huge reminder of how important protection is in regards to QB production. The OL needs addressing ASAP!

    Secondly, a QB controversy will derail team continuity. Not that we have one, as both these fellows are still largely unknown. But I certainly don’t want one to develop. One guy should rise to the top, period.

    When/if JG plays is anyone’s guess. Hope the KS makes the right decision.

    No matter who plays versus Seattle, the game will be tough. A win seems very unlikely given all the struggles this team has had to face. If they out a win, whether ugly or well executed it will be huge for the organization.

  26. Before the giants game….I was all for Jimmy to play after the bye……..after the giants game, I am now for CJ to continue playing……

    Looking back at the Jimmy trade – what if appeasing the fans by trading for Jimmy was an overreach……

    What if CJB is the real deal?

    Having a QB like CJB is our first good luck in a long time……are we going against our luck?

    1. CJ has earned another start. There is no hurry on playing Jimmy G…. If CJ beats the Seahawks we have a nice dilemma brewing.

  27. If Jimmy G makes huge strides in practice than he will start , thats why Shanahan and Scangarello gonna put a lot of energy in him in the bye week.
    Shanahan is really sold on him cuz he really wanted him on the Browns.
    And? Cuz Jimmy G is a pure thrower something Shanahan really seeks in a QB.

  28. “and now for something completely different”

    Jerry Jones vs… everybody.
    With guilty pleasure, I’m actually hoping that this rubber band winds up. Sort of like a cheap thrills popcorn and B-movie marathon.

      1. Tough call, Moses.
        I absolutely enjoy seeing Jerry’s “disgusted” look sitting his luxury box when the Cowboys lose. On the other hand, I can’t bring myself to root for Goodell. Maybe everybody takes a beating, and we just enjoy the special effects.

      1. yeah — Al Davis part deux– without the overhead projector but with the cosmetic bondo work…
        whaddaya think…small plastic “mini C clamps” hiding on back of his head — tensioning his face back towards his skull???

  29. I was on the JG after the bye train also, but I’m starting to re-think that. I think they want to know what they have in CJ also. I would they want to see if CJ can carry this momentum against a legitimate team like Seattle and Chicago after that.

    Also they may not want to throw JG into the deep end his first game against Seattle. It might be better to play him against Houston to build confidence and the Titans after that.

  30. JG starts and carves up that Seattle defense.
    And Carlos Hyde runs all over them too.
    Wilson will also ha e a huge game. This will be the opposite of their last meeting. And I mean th outcome too.

    Watch the penalties and drops get fewer madness fewer as th season comes along.

  31. The Seahawks have stuck it to the Niner’s for years and would like nothing more than to separate Garoppolo’s shoulder.

    Wait for the ‘hawks to leave town to play him. This team finds a way to make us look bad always. Why, they enjoy it. Then after their 33 point advantage, cameras pan the sidelines looking for gum smacking Carroll, backslapping everyone while running like a wild man up and down the sidelines looking for more camera time to rub the 49ers noses in it.

    1. You watch, once Carroll is up by 30 points, he looks to humiliate the 49ers by going for two, then looks again for the camera to tell him what a genius he was for pulling that two pointer out of no where.

      Meanwhile, if Garoppolo’s shoulder hasn’t been separated by then, Carroll’s chatting up their DC and D-Linemen–going for the knockout punch on JG…Why ? Because everytime Carroll can leave town by sending the 49ers a ‘your inferior message’ , he does it—one last bow to the cameras, then off to the airport.

  32. Jerry Jones v. The NFL: One can only wish for many years of expensive, time consuming, and hostile litigation between them. Both Jones and Goodell deserve the experience.

  33. So don’t do it Jed. Pull rank on Shanny/Lynch and bench JG.

    Carroll is a master at destroying Niner fans holiday season. If they’re not enoying Thanksgiving dinner on our 50 yard line, there’s other ways Carroll has to place his forget-me-nots.

    For once, Jed, I’d like to enjoy the holidays. Not watch you fire a coach for 13 (almost) consecutive years or have the Carroll play havoc with his messages….

    Jed, you tweet and think that’s a message…Carroll’s an Ohio Class Submarine–in on the launch sequence messaging–compared to you !

    Give it some thought Jed, and send us into the holiday season happy. Don’t go against the master during our upcoming 4 day weekend.

    Thank you,

    From a concerned 49er fan, worried that Shannahan doesn’t know the ‘real’ Pete Carroll.

  34. Garoppolo is itching to play. Sitting him risks alienating him, which could put the contract extension at risk too.

    Perhaps Shanahan should play it straight up. Start the quarterback that gives you the best chance of winning.

    1. If I were Shanahan and Lynch, I’d want Garoppolo to be POd at the idea of sitting the season out. You want a bit of Steve Young in him. A quarterback that hates getting benched.

      1. B2W, I agree. JG came to the Niners because he did not want to go to Cleveland, and was not content to sit behind Brady. He wants to play, and I think he is bright enough to assimilate the playbook after 4 weeks of thorough studying. He has practiced getting snaps behind the O line, and has thrown to his receivers. KS should script the first 12 plays for him, and let CJB start, but also let JG play a couple series in the first half.
        Play the guy who has the best chance to win, but they have never seen JG play with these team mates. Maybe both can help them win.

      2. 1994, vs. eagles, birds have Mark Bavaro, Charlie Garner, Cunningham, and worst of all…coached by Richie Kotite– was at the game, saw Steve barking at the back of Seifert’s head….’ol George didn’t dare turn to face him– would’ve gotten a spit shower…

          1. 40-8, and Garner was, literally, unstoppable…”Instant offense” was Gruden’s name for him…
            Cunningham wasn’t too shabby either….and Bavaro was just like a bad dream you’d remembered from 10 years prior– on a different NFC east squad…

    2. That’s 100% accurate. Play the guy that gives you the best chance to win.
      Now that includes who’s practiced the best, who do the surrounding players have better chemistry and rapport with, and who is better capable to face a tough Seattle defense.

      1. Prime Time – Absolutely. “Play the guy that gives you the best chance to win” does not automatically mean Garoppolo starts. There’s a difference between “knowing” an offense and functioning at an instinctive level in one.

        1. If Jimmy G has full command of the playbook and he has solid chemistry with the oline, WR’s, TE’s and RB’s, then he should play.
          We know what we have in CJB. Let’s see what Jimmy can do. Let’s also see how good of a coach Kyle Shanahan is, in being able to coach him up.

  35. Interesting. Niners are 12th in defense so far this season. HUGE improvement.
    Seahawks are 2nd in passing defense, but 23rd in rushing defense. Niners need to pound the rock, but also go after Sherman’s replacement.

    1. My bad, should have looked at yards per game. Niners are 24th in passing defense and 31st in rushing defense.
      Niners are 28th overall and the Seahawks are 12th.

  36. Cris Biderman on pending 49er free agents.


    I’ll mark the ones I like to see retained at a (reasonable) price

    Y – Eric Reid, S (SS or LB flexibility)
    ? – Tank Carradine, DE (I need to see something in the remaining games)
    Garry Gilliam, OT
    Y – Daniel Kilgore, C (depth)
    Y – Brock Coyle, LB (depth or starter)
    Y – Brandon Fusco, RG (depth)
    Leon Hall, CB
    Y – Carlos Hyde, RB (If improves at pass pro. Quietly one of the 49ers better players)
    Louis Murphy, WR
    Y – Leger Douzable, DL (depth)
    Y – Jimmy Garoppolo, QB
    Chris Jones, DL
    Logan Paulsen, TE
    Datone Jones, DL
    Asa Jackson, DB
    ? – Dontae Johnson, CB (depth only. Not big $)
    Antone Exum, DB
    Mark Nzeocha, LB
    ? Aaron Lynch, DE (1 year prove it contract)
    Raheem Mostert, RB
    Prince Charles Iworah, CB

    – Many unmarked because I’m too unfamiliar with them to properly judge. Doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad.
    – Extend Ward. Yes he’s injured too much, but his FS/CB flexibility has big value.
    – Some players marked “depth” I hope 49ers replace as starters, but could have value on the 2nd string.

    1. Generally agree with the above recommendations, but at least a third of the starters will be replaced over the next two seasons, IMO.

    2. Fusco is a good guard I’d expect to pay ‘starter.’ And he was a good guard for the Vikings until last year when he really struggled (he had two concussions plus had moved from LG to RG after bouncing from RG to LG…). And, yes, I know he struggled early on. I’m not pretending otherwise. But now that he’s been in this offense longer, he’s really improving. In fact, I say the past month he’s probably been the best offensive lineman on the team.

      Other than that, I’m pretty much in agreement except I’d re-sign Mostert too. Great special teams are important.

    3. I hope the Niners re-sign them all, but with the caveat that they will still strive to find better players through Free Agency and the draft. Then let them compete for a roster spot.
      I think it is important to retain veteran talent and leadership. It will help build cohesion and teamwork.

  37. With no disrespect to CJ because I think he is a tough hard nosed competitor, it is a win win situation to play JG against a superior team in Seattle because if he beats them, it’s great and he is off and running, and if he loses, they were supposed to anyway. Will there be the CJ should have played folks if they lose with JG behind center? Sure, no doubt. That comes with the territory. Hindsight is 20/20. They might even bitch and say CJ would also have beat them if they were to win with JG. Again, comes with the territory. Is it fair to start JG after CJ’s performance this last game? Not really but who says professional sports are fair? They’re anything but. Play the best player. I’ll trust KS to make that decision. As far as playing scared, worrying about injury, that’s ridiculous. Any player can get hurt anytime playing on any team, even playing on the best teams in the league.

  38. Agree Seb, whether CJ or JG, Seattle is susceptible to the run. Pound the rock and if they are successful that should open up the passing game. Having Sherman out is huge. I don’t care who they put out there, it will open up the usually closed right side of the field when he’s in there. Stick to that game plan even if they fall behind early. Oh, and don’t let Seattle “shape” us! JK! ;)

  39. Juan, I sure liked the crisp efficiency and clean play, so there were few flags. JG should hand off as much as possible, to lessen the chance of injury. Still, I hope CJB and JG both play.
    Seahawks are hurting with attrition, so the Niners should attack the left side of the line.
    Hope they toast Griffin, Sherman’s replacement.

  40. Every time I hear or read someone refer to Garoppolo as “Jimmy G” I can’t help but think of Alistair Leslie Graham.

  41. Here’s my bold and totally speculative prediction:

    CJ will start against Seattle.

    The Niners O-line will revert back to type (i.e. crapulous beyond all belief).

    Seattle will dominate.

    Niners will lose, heavily.

    CJ will get pummelled, heavily.

    Fans will go back to where they were 2 weeks ago i.e. clutching at the JG straw.

    (p.s. I hope i’m wrong. I’m willing CJ to win. The kid has gumption, I like him a lot. I just can’t help but think this week’s ray of light will turn out to be nothing more than a solitary and short-lived glimmer in an otherwise dark and gloomy season)

    1. BritishNiner,

      Agree 100%. This place goes up and down like a toilet seat with how they change their minds week to week and sometimes day to day. They didn’t trade a high second round pick for JG to sit him on the bench. Beathard is a gutty player with average to below average skills. Good backup, but they have to find a franchise QB and traded for a guy they hope fits that definition. Garoppolo has to play asap so they can start analyzing whether he is that guy or not.

  42. The fires must have got the whole lot of you high as a kite. First 99% of you all were ready to dump CJ the week before he faced a DII level talent.
    The Giants could be worse than the Browns and the 49ers were favored for the 1st time this season.
    Now you are all ready to annoint him future QB and question the trade of JG. Many of you sound like a bipolar female.
    KS still has questionable play calling, game management, and hc coaching issues.
    Beathard is still a raw talent at risk of being another Gabbert.
    This team is still woefully bad and all this win did was move their draft position down.
    JG was ranked higher out of college. He has … Oh nevermind. This group is bipolar so I just have to wait a minute or two.

    1. Please do not joke about the fires. Some of us know people who lost their homes. Some others know families who lost loved ones.
      Giants actually have better talent than the Niners, but one can see how important coaching can be, to either lead to winning or losing.
      CJB showed poise and leadership, and lead the Niners to their first win. He stopped the losing streak, just like Kaep did with the Rams. He deserves another start, and he has total command of the playbook since he has been around since the OTAs. JG is still learning the system and terminology, and cannot be synched up with his receivers as much as CJB.
      I certainly did not question the trade. Niners got a possible franchise QB for a song, but we do not know if JG is the answer until we see him lead the team. I speculate that maybe JG’s may be worth more if the Niners can convert him into multiple first round picks. Heck, maybe they can start a bidding war and get 6 picks like what happened to Goff.
      Sorry, but KS called masterful game, that put the Giants on their heels. He put players in positions to succeed, and played to their strengths. He utilized CJB’s mobility that had me jumping for joy.
      The coaches finally prepared the team properly, so they were focused and disciplined, and they did not incur any self inflicted wounds that cost them the game.
      Do not make me laugh. Already, CJB has shown he is way better than Gabbert. Gabbert benched himself, but CJB was beaten down by good teams.
      This team is still bad, but they have improved immensely. This win was huge and broke a losing streak. It was way more important to establish a winning culture than tanking like the Browns do, to perpetually be in the cellar. Losing teams lose their FAs who flee to teams with a chance for winning. Niners, if they went winless, could never attract decent FAs. Personally, I think wins are more important than draft position, and hope the Niners draft last every year.
      JG has many more upsides than CJB. He played under 2 future hall of famers. He has not been beaten up, so he is fresh and healthy. He is a veteran, so he has had time to study, and work out to be strong enough to take the hits. JG got the Rodgers treatment, not the Alex Smith treatment, so he is not shell shocked.
      JG brings that winning mentality to the Niners, and maybe some of that Super Bowl mojo will rub off on the team.
      However, JG may want to go to a team with SB aspirations, and other teams may covet him enough to give the Niners a boatload of picks, which will go a long way in helping rebuild the team. No matter what, the Niners are in a win/win situation because JG fell into their laps. CJB deserves another start, but JG should still lead some drives so they can make assessments.
      CJB wants to play, but JG needs to play. There is no reason why they cannot make it competitive and have both play. Competition may bring out the best in both players. The Niner coaches should be innovative. Let CJB start, and as long as he leads the Niners to a score, he gets to continue leading the team. Once the drive is stopped or there is a turnover, JG gets to start until they have to punt. Maybe they could alternate leading drives. CJB should offer to make it competitive, so he will be able to keep playing and not be benched.
      No, they sky is not falling, and it is churlish to denigrate a win. Niners needed that win so badly, and the celebration afterwards was poignant and cathartic. I hope they give Morgan a team ball, because even in her grief, she helped the Niners win. I wish her Godspeed, and hope she has many healthy children in the future.
      With that win, the Niners got that monkey off KS’s back and it may be the impetus towards developing that winning culture.

      1. First, I worked the fires, so save the speech. Not one of you were on the line or sweating beside those who were as we worked 16 hour days. Second, you and many others on here were crowing for KS to start JG and bench CJB. Now, there is an about face. Third, the Gabbert reference had nothing to do with his time as a 49er. Gabbert was an early draft pick that was put behind a swiss cheese talentless line with no supporting cast and plays shell shocked, far below his potential as a result of being marched out too early without help.
        KS and the rest of his staff did nothing special to have NY on its heels. Manning had his second highest passing game of the season. Sheppard had his highest receiving game. Darka had his third highest rushing game. When were they on their heels? The team was just plain terrible. It would have taken more than Reid taking a knee on defense again to lose this game. NY really tried to lose again and weren’t going to be denied.

        And announcing “I’m offended” is basically telling the world you can’t control your own emotions, so everyone else should do it for you. Remember that.

        1. No. I was on several roofs blowing off leaves and watering down landscapes and weed whipping dry grass, but I was also smart enough not to get in the way.
          No, I was calling for both QBs to play in a competitive environment. I want CJB to continue playing, especially after this last game. I also think the Niners need to see JG on the field so they can make informed assessments.
          Gabbert benched himself with his play. I just expect more of the same.
          McAdoo admitted he was out coached by the Niner coaches, so it is perfectly logical to assume he was put on his heels. Giants were a playoff team last season, so they do have better talent than the Niners. However, it is not the fault of the Niners that OBJ was injured
          Reid took a knee because he said his protest was not against the military at all, and he stated that he was not trying to disrespect the flag with his respectful silent and non violent protest. His protest was against police brutality, racial profiling and the shooting of unarmed civilians of all races. Reid also showed veteran leadership by preventing a taunting penalty against Colbert. You seem offended by the protests, so maybe you should take your own advice and not succumb to emotions.
          I am not offended by your post, but reserve the right to respond to it.

          1. Thank you for your efforts on the roof tops. I am sure your neighbors are appreciative as well.

            I made some generalizations that you appear to be taking as if they were directed towards your opinion. The generalization was that the majority of the blog wanted CJB sat for JG. Now, the majority of the commenting blog appears to want CJB played as he is now the savior of the team for breaking the losing streak. He is 1-2 as an NFL starter which isn’t bad for a rookie. My opinion is, and has been since the trade, that SF put itself in good position to get value no matter the route they take.

            If JG appears solid in practice, play him at the end of the season to generate more perceived value for the many teams who will be interested in paying tag he will inevitably get. If he doesn’t, use the learning the play book excuse and allow CJ to continue to grow and learn. The kid is tough and has earned it.

            Reid taking a knee was a direct reference by a poster when he gave up a TD. I merely repeated it. Him taking a knee and being a free agent in 2018 is more bad advice on a professional level. I respect his view and his courage.

            The Giants were down much more than OJB. Their LB Goodson was out. Donte Deayon was out (DB) They lost Brandon Marshall and Dwayne Harris. They have some other key loses but this year in the NFL all teams have lost major contributors.

            And finally the offended remark again was a generalization and laziness on my part rather than posting twice. TJF mentioned he was offended and a few other posters have mentioned they are offended, so the comment was directed in that direction. It was just added to the end of the reply that appeared after your comment.

          2. I could use the flag for toilet paper and then also say I am not disrespecting it. It is not only my perspective that matters in cases like this but the perspectives of the people I am attempting to reach with my message.

            My statements against the sense less and ridiculous protests is not meant to be disrespectful to the protesters as people,or even some of their causes or intent, rather only their perspectives and choices. I always thought and my perspective hasn’t changed that Kaep is generally a decent caring individual. He is just naive and clueless politically.

    2. let’s see–
      offend victims of NCal fires– check
      offend females– check
      offend mental health sufferers– check
      offend posters (me among them) that think CJ is future and JG is to be traded away for draft/FA stock– check
      then the 2nd dig @ mental heath victims– check
      you sure have found a home on this blog….

  43. @Prime……This is my view on your Reid question…..

    Did Eric Reid save the game by knocking Colbert sideways to prevent a taunting penalty after his great defensive play in Q3?

    ANSW: Yes. I saw that, too. I’ve always said that Reid is the “Dad” of the defense — calming the kids down after they pop off. I wonder if it wouldn’t be wise to re-sign Reid in the offseason, especially if his market is flat. (And we all know that is possible).

  44. well….that didn’t take long….

    Papa John’s Pizza apologized Tuesday night for comments made by CEO John Schnatter blaming sluggish pizza sales on NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.

    Papa John’s added that it is “open to ideas from all. Except neo-Nazis.” It previously has tried to distance itself from white supremacists who praised Schnatter’s comments, saying it does not want those groups to buy its pizza.

    The company’s stock has fallen by nearly 13 percent since Schnatter’s comments.

    I guess the “snowflakes” do matter……

    its funny when it comes to $$$, the racist principles don’t matter anymore…..

    1. Still think their pizza tastes like cardboard.
      Now, if only we can get the KKK and Neo Nazis to boycott the NFL. Those protests will have even a bigger positive impact.

  45. I’m curious as to whether people think we should take Barkley if he’s available at our pick (3?) or resign Hyde. On the one hand, we could certainly use the draft capital for OL, WR, CB, LB, etc. But, if this guy is Zeke 2.0, it would make our playaction game that much better. Seems like the guy can do it all, including blocking which I’m sure Jimmy G would appreciate.

    1. Re-sign Hyde. 1,000 (-12) yard rushers do not grow on trees.
      Niners should pick Orlando Brown, Mcglinchey or Jensen with their first pick after trading back to garner more draft picks.

      1. Yeah, I tend to agree. I’d like to see us trade back. Maybe with the likes of the Jets if they decide they want to take another shot at a QB? I think we need a WR and I like Calvin Ridley a lot. Obviously we need help on the O-line, but I think the most pressing issues are at G and C, and we can probably address a C in the 3rd round. At G, we will get Garnett back next year, but drafting someone else certainly wouldn’t hurt. Maybe Malcom Smith will provide depth at LB next year, but we still could use some upgrading in the unit as Eli Harold hasn’t been impressive on the outside. Every year he is “changed” in training camp, only to produce mediocre results. I guess we could draft a OT early and play him at G early and earmark him as a “swing tackle” in the event of injury to JS or TT.

        1. First priority is sign Ryan Jensen, C, Ravens in Free Agency. Then you target a F/A WR like Jeffrey. In the draft, you take a modest trade down to replenish your 2nd Round pick you spent for Jimmy Goatrappolo. With the 1st Round pick still in the top ten, you select Quenton Nelson, OG, Notre Dame. Plug~N~Play day one starter next to Staley at LG. Then you use a 3rd Round pick + your lowest 2nd Round pick from New Orleans to move back up into the lower half of the 1st Round to select Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado….

          1. Jeffrey has health issues and can’t get any real separation. He is a #2 receiver at best. I wonder if the Browns would be interested in Trading Gordon. If he can stay clean, he is a true #1 without much wear and tear.

            1. I will leave you and others to choose which one of the many F/A Wr’s that will be available. I mentioned Jeffrey simply because he drew interest from Shanny this past offseason, and he’s different from the other receivers we have on the roster….

              1. The team does not yet know what they actually have in Garnett. It’s not like he has already proven himself. This staff does not seem like they will take that for granted. They will keep their options open.

              2. Ummm, yes? Was this put in the right spot? I think you’ll find no arguments on that from razor and I as it is something both of us have already said about the interior OL upgrades. Don’t know what Garnett can provide so can’t go into next season relying on him to be one of the upgrades.

            2. Matt

              C’mon…Gordon CAN’T stay clean…nor stay on the field, that’s why he doesn’t have any wear and care…. Gordon’s a desperation pick…and at 1-9 we’re not desperate…

          2. Too high for a G imo, though obviously he has shown up in the top 10 in a lot of mocks, so it’s not a universal opinion!

            I think we should get a lot more than a 2nd rounder to move down. Something like the Eagles/Browns trade would offer a lot of opportunities to replenish the roster.

            “To move from No. 8 to No. 2 overall last April, the Eagles offered up a first-, third- and a fourth-round pick in 2016, a first-round pick in ’17 and a second-round pick in ’18 in exchange for the rights to Wentz and a ’17 fourth-rounder.”

            1. Too high for a Guard? He’s better in Pass Pro than Iupati ever was, and just as good a run blocker. You want Jimmy Goatrappolo to stay pretty don’t ya? My wife does;>)

              I’m not sure there is a quarterback worthy of that kind of compensation. Shanny’s move for Goatrappolo might be a signal he feels the same way. You’ve also got a lot of potential quarterback prospects likely available in this draft. From Darnold, Rosen, Jackson, Rudolph, Thorson, Allen, Falk, Mayfield, Findley, Browning, just to name them off the top of my head. So I’m not so sure the draft dots will line up a trade like you’re hoping for….

              1. Yes, I’d like to see him protected. I’d also like to see him have a franchise WR for the next 10+ years. Iupati was drafted 17, and frankly I thought that was still a little high, though he was a mauler and fit with the style of offense we were playing at the time. I would have drafted either Dez or Gronk had I been GM ;) Isn’t hindsight amazing.

                I think you’re right that the perceived depth at the QB position might make it harder. There was a massive dropoff from Goff/Wentz to Lynch/Hackenburg (Dak being the surprise). That said, even with all the picks they gave up, the Eagles look like they made the right trade which hopefully serves as a reference for this draft! A fan can dream.

              2. KS’ offense won’t work no matter who’s under C unless the OL is 1st priority in draft & FA…
                must get full OZ run game functional, along with pass protect…
                once run schemes- power, IZ, & OZ are workable, KS’ QB magic can start– just ask Matty Ice…

              3. If no one wants to trade up, take Barkley then trade back into the 1st.
                You don’t have to take a Guard in the top 3 picks.
                Unless he can play tackle as well.

            2. If trading back means you miss out on the top OG prospect when you really need to improve the interior of your OL then it is a bad trade. It would be a Browns-like move.

              If they can make a small trade back and still get Nelson, then great, do it. If they can’t, take Nelson.

              1. I should also couch this argument with – they should only take Nelson this high if they agree with what people are saying about Nelson being a top OL prospect and a fit for their scheme. If they don’t rate him that highly, obviously they shouldn’t take him. But if they like him it shouldn’t matter that he is “only” a OG.

              2. Goes without saying Scooter, but I’d be surprised if he’s not near the top of their list. He’s the best offensive lineman in the draft. Rarely do you get a chance in Free Agency to get one. I would advise not getting too cute in terms of where you believe you can get him due to position. I think trading out of the top 10 almost certainly guarantees he’ll be gone, and personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable about his availability past pick #6….

              3. wait till you see KS’ “defense can opener” when it’s functioning– stretch/OZ runs creating havoc in /clearing out DB’s midfield for slot or TE passes…D congeals back to centerfield– then IZ and some power runs break that apart till the oppo’s D is not able to defend most zones effectively…
                then play action starts to take it’s toll again alternating with OZ runs….large gouges in oppo’s D ensue….

  46. OT, but something I have been surmising about, is the college playoffs.
    I think they should be expanded, because many worthy teams will be excluded with the present system.
    I think that they should expand the pool to 16 teams, and use the major bowls as the initial round.
    My template-
    Citrus Bowl- ACC Atlantic winner hosting.
    Orange Bowl- ACC Coastal winner hosting.
    Peach Bowl- Big 12 winner hosting.
    Cotton Bowl- Big 10 East winner hosting.
    Sun Bowl- Big 10 West winner hosting.
    Rose Bowl- Pac 12 winner hosting.
    Gator Bowl- SEC East winner hosting.
    Sugar Bowl- SEC West winner hosting.
    Those 8 major conference winners get an automatic bid. There then needs to be 8 other teams who can be ranked and seeded. They should schedule 2 bowl games the day after Christmas. 2 bowl games the day before New Years. 2 bowl games on New Years, and 2 bowl games on the day after New Year’s day.
    They should not infringe on the NFL playoffs by playing the subsequent college playoff games on Friday and Monday There would be 4 games in round 2, Two games in round 3, and the National Collegiate Championship Game should be played on the weekend before the Super Bowl, hopefully in Hawaii.
    This playoff formula should be fair so all worthy teams get a chance. It would make the major bowl games more important, so they will increase interest and turnout. They should give both teams control over 20,000 tickets, financially aiding their programs, rewarding their boosters and guaranteeing turnout.
    This expanded playoff formula could increase revenues by billions, if only some college officials are smart enough to implement it. Instead of 4 teams, 16 teams is not too complicated, and worthy teams will not be excluded.

  47. Buffalo benching Tyrod Taylor for a rookie.
    It seems that the next off-season will be a Chinese fire drill of QBs changing teams. It’s like musical chairs though; don’t be late and DON’T be last.

    1. the JG trade sweepstakes continue their rise in value!
      we have an “in-demand” commodity…
      around the league– QB values are just going up and up, valuations will exceed “R.O.I” for a lot of these guys–
      but JG has a pedigree….
      now, in the NFL, a good, not even great, mind you, QB is the coin of the realm…
      when you’ve got a good one, let alone a good one + a possible great one, it’s like the old proverb:
      in the land of the blind, the one eyed GM is king!

        1. Actually, there came a time when there was. There were a lot of Joe vs Steve wars. Montana was hurt all the time. Young was putting up some great numbers. Montana didn’t start (mostly missed, but during the Young years some were semi-healthy scratches):

          1984 – 1 game
          1985 – 1 game
          1986 – 8 games
          1987 – 5 games (Young had a 120.8 QB rating in relief) (Young’s first year with the 49ers.)
          1988 – 3 games (Young had a 72.2 QB rating in relief)
          1989 – 3 games (Young had a 120.8 QB rating (again!) in relief)
          1990 – 1 game (Young had a 92.6 QB rating in relief).
          1991 – 16 games (Young lead the NFL in passing with a 101.8 QB rating)
          1992 – 15 games (Young lead the NFL in passing with a 101.5 QB rating)

          1993 Montana was traded. Young continued his outstanding play and lead the the NFL in passing in 1993 and 1994 making it four straight years. Meanwhile Montana continued to decline and was unable to complete 1993 or 1994 and the Chiefs finished no better than mid-pack in passing offense.

          So, no, it wasn’t ‘unquestioned.’

          1. Remember that well.
            I can only hope for the 49ers to be in that position again one day soon.
            Right now we have two young guns… a rookie and a veteran backup, both with potentially high ceilings. However, both of whom need a few more notches on their belts before we know for sure.

            Trusting Shanny’s judgement while dreaming of things to come…

              1. Montana’s time was b4 HGH and life extension “treatments”
                and the small matter of TB being a way bigger guy….

          2. And all the Montana supporters were predicting he would take KC to multiple Superbowls. Quite unrealistic expectations by his fans.

        2. Like Tittle and Brodie? Like Brodie and Spurrier? Like Deberg and Joe? like Alex and Kaep? Now JG and CJB? Nothing new, and a tempest in a teapot compared to Joe and Steve. That divided families.

  48. Tyrod Taylor benched by the Bills. Apparently inaccurate, running QBs with poor pocket skills aren’t in much demand around the NFL. So they’re going with the Rookie 5th round pick — Peterman:


    Originally signed at Tennessee, Peterman transferred to Pittsburgh after failing to land the starting job for the Volunteers. With the Panthers, he started for two seasons in a pro-style, run-heavy offense. Peterman was famously benched after two series against Florida as a true freshman after throwing two interceptions in 11 attempts. Since then, he’s developed into a quick thinker and tough player. Peterman has an NFL arm, understands touch and timing and can adjust his velocity for the moment. His eyes as a passer are very good, and he’s able to work to second and third progressions. He’s athletic enough to move around the pocket and shows the athleticism to make passes to intermediate and deep areas from the go. Peterman is ready to play in the NFL right now thanks to his vision, arm strength and accuracy on intermediate and deep balls.


    Peterman completed just over 60 percent of his passes in the last two seasons. Accuracy normally doesn’t get better in the NFL once you face faster defenders. Mechanically, Peterman’s legs get him into trouble. He’s very inconsistent as a strider and often throws without his base under him. Arm strength questions mostly come from Peterman not driving the ball with his hips and stepping into throws. Mixing that should eliminate some of the floaters he throws over the middle of the field. There are games (Clemson) when Peterman looks like a future NFL starter, but there are also stretches where his spot accuracy and touch simply aren’t good. He’s a project but could very well start early in his career.

    So there you have it.

  49. CJ has earned the right to start the rest of the season based on his performance vs. NYG.

    Pull him and risk losing the team.

    There’s an unspoken NFL rule. You don’t lose a job to injury….If that’s true fans, then logically, the reverse is true….You don’t lose a job when playing well.

    JG will have to wait his turn, and thank your lucky stars, Niner fans, that CJ picked the Giants for his fireworks show.

    Why ? Because we’re going up against Pete Carroll after the bye —the destroyer of 49er holidays.

    Remember, he was the coach whose team ate Thanksgiving turkey on our 50 yard line…Remember him backslapping his players with drumstick in hand, while Sherman wolfed down his stuffing and mashed potatos…..

    If you’re looking for a repeat perfomance, play JG and watch Carroll go for the knockout punch on Garoppolo…..Then watch Pete running up and down the sidelines, backslapping his 300 pound LEO coming off the sidelines after causing JC a concussion and separated shoulder, as Niner fans upchuck leftover Thanksgiving dinner in unison.

    This is what awaits a newby with limited playbook knowledge. One flinch, 2nd guessing a covered play then tucking the football will result in a blitzing KJ wright smash up the middle on our QB.

    1. TrollD, I knew you were a Niner hater and Seahawk lover, and this last post proves it. You are not much of a fan because you want KJ Wright to blitz up the middle and smash our QB. I do not. I hope Hyde continues his stellar work and blocks Wright so CJB can deliver the ball down field to Goodwin for another TD.
      Risk losing the team? Is this some more of your whisper campaign that fosters division and strife? Like what you did the last few years? There is no risk of losing the team, and they are all in on the program.
      CJB is mature, and realizes that he is a rookie who inherited the job. He is smart enough to know that they traded a high second round pick for JG, and he knows he needs to play so they can make assessments. CJB also knows that JG was not content to sit, so he really wants to play.
      CJB is not going to throw a tantrum and divide the team because the Niners need to assess JG. He should realize that he is a lowly rookie, and they control his fate for the next 4 years. CJB is not going to be disruptive, because that leads to losing, and I think he really wants to help this team to win. CJB needs to accept KS’s decisions, and know he is building for the future. CJB won a game, but they did not anoint him the franchise QB because they did not offer a 100 million dollar contract. Even if they let him play, they still will play JG, and in next year’s draft, they plan on drafting another QB. CJB should play it cool and not roil the waters, and accept any role they give him.
      JG, who has been on 2 super bowl teams, has learned from BB and studied behind Tom Brady. CJB backed up Hoyer. I think JG is smart enough to have learned the playbook after 4 weeks of intense studying and many practices, to be able to hand off the ball.
      TrollD, nice to see you extolling Pete Carroll, because that just cements your love for the Seahawks. Wanting a Seahawk to injure the Niner QB exposed your true colors, puke green.
      While I concede PC is very intelligent, I hope the Niners play clean and smart, and defeat PC every time. I hope he bows down and shakes his head wondering how the Niners managed to win, and how they out coached him. I hope he realizes that the Niners will not be 2 easy wins on the schedule anymore, but real dog fights. He will not have an easy time out maneuvering Baalke anymore, but struggle to match Lynch’s squad.
      TrollD, wanting the Seahawks to deliver concussions and separated shoulders on a Niner QB makes you a certified Niner hater. I hope the Niners execute their blocks and the QB remains untouched.

  50. PFF names 49ers’ Trent Taylor as best slant-route receiver
    7 hours ago • 12 comments

    TomD’s Take: I wonder who the QB delivering the football to TT was, so fans, CJ deserves the start vs. Seattle.

  51. The Niners need to acquire some veteran talent.
    In free agency, they should target these 6 players-
    Wesley Johnson C Jets
    DJ Fluker G NYG
    Ezekiel Ansah DE Det
    Sammie Watkins WR LAR
    Frank Gore RB Indy
    Dontari Poe DT Atl.
    Do not think Jensen will be available. Johnson is only 26. Fluker may want to leave the turmoil. Ansah is cat quick. Watkins is dissatisfied with few opportunities. Poe is a beast.
    Gore will provide veteran leadership, and he can retire a Niner.

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