Jimmy Garoppolo’s drive sets up Robbie Gould FG in 49ers win over Titans

SANTA CLARA – Jimmy Garoppolo made the final drive of the 49ers’ 25-23 win over the Tennessee Titans look easy.

The drive started with 1:07 left in the fourth quarter. The 49ers got the ball at their 25-yard line. They were losing 23-22.

First play of the drive, Garoppolo dropped back and looked left toward Carlos Hyde. Covered. Garoppolo looked over the middle. Found Trent Taylor. Pump faked, and threw him a 7-yard pass.

“The play was F-Zorro,” Taylor said in the locker room after the game. “It was called a Zorro route. Just like a little crossing route. Nice and quick. Get the drive going.”

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  1. I like the quick pass-RAC-moving the chains-TOP. Hopefully, the red zone production will improve. Generally, the offense seems to be smoothing out over four quarters as a result so is the defense.

  2. ME: Should the 49ers erect a statue for Jimmy Garoppolo now or wait a couple weeks?
    MARQUISE GOODWIN: Hey, man — if it’s up to me, I’m building a statue yesterday.

    1. I was very excited when the 49ers signed Goodwin. I’ve always thought he could be an outstanding NFL receiver but he just hadn’t found the right fit in Buffalo. These past 3 games show just how good Goodwin can be with a good NFL QB. Goodwin has to be loving life right now and Jimmy G is a big part of that. I can only imagine how Pierre Garcon must be feeling. Garcon, Goodwin, and Taylor would be a pretty damn good receiving group with Jimmy G throwing to them. I would like the 49ers to sign a legit #1 WR but they can definitely win with the group they have now. Can you imagine the type of stats someone like D Hopkins could put up with Jimmy G throwing to him…

        1. I would go after him and Martavis Bryant. Goodwin would be our 3. It is obvious we need to draft a RB if not 2 . Things are shaping up.

        2. That’s what I have been saying for a while, but I would rethink that now. Goodwin deserves to be a starter next year based on what we are seeing. He and Garcon are fine as the starters, Goodwin playing a DeSean Jackson type role. Taylor as the slot. What they need is an upgrade at 4 and 5 over Robinson and Bourne. Taylor Gabriel would be a nice #4. Can draft the other guy, who would be a bigger bodied WR to backup Garcon.

          1. Bourne looked pretty good yesterday. I would sign a #1 guy rather than look at the back end personally. A top three of Garcon, Goodwin and FA would be formidable and put the 9ers in a better position if they lost one to injury like they did Garcon this year.

            1. Taylor is the 3rd WR. I know he had a pretty critical drop yesterday on 3rd down, but overall he and Goodwin have shown enough to be happy with a trio of Garcon, Goodwin and Taylor next year.

              What they need are good backups to replace injured players. Taylor Gabriel would be a good start, and I think a rookie should be drafted to backup Garcon. Bourne as the 6th WR, or Garcon’s backup if the rookie doesn’t show well.

              1. I’m referring to the top 3 WR’s not the slot receiver and a top two of Garcon and Goodwin is not ideal to me. Neither is a true #1 and this team has the money to get one. With Garcon on the wrong side of 30 along with coming off an injury and Goodwin only having one year with this type of production, it would be an unnecessary gamble not to improve the top of the depth chart.

      1. Thinking about how he lost his premature infant and biological father within a 5 week span.
        Goodwin is playing with unbelievable determination in the face of some pretty tough personal odds.

        His enthusiasm is contagious, and I really love rooting for this young man.

        1. Yeah, I vehemently disagree with trading patriotism for a social protest but other than that I really like the kid. I’ve been a fan of his going back to his high school days near Dallas and he’s always come across as a great young man.

          1. I really admired how he handled the death of his infant son and how he highlighted his wife’s strength. That was classy!

  3. Grant I for one can appreciate your reluctance to anoint JG as a franchise QB. Time will tell if he proves to be one. It is really hard after just three games to make that judgement, after all there have been so many flash in the pans that people went bonkers over and after a season the flash turned into frozen popsicles. Look at Kap after two seasons he turned into a nothing. But JG has thrown over a thousand yards in three games, which would put him on a five thousand + yards for a season. He has two picks (really only one), he has a quick release, he feels the pocket, he can run a two minute offense, he can read defenses, he can change the pace of the ball, he makes his entire team better, he can adlib, he can take a hit and he wins games. The only two things you can quibble with is his red zone production and he sucks as a receiver. Red zone production will improve, when? probably next year when he has the whole off season to get the play book down.

    1. We also need better red zone targets. I still think picking up Jimmy Graham would be a good idea. With Jimmy G throwing to him, I believe Graham will be more productive with the 49ers (similar to what he was with the Saints) than he is with the Seahawks. Graham is getting older but we could still have him for a few years. Currently he averages $10 million per year. Although not a direct comparison, Jimmy Ward’s salary cap hit in 2018 will be $8.5 million (surprising to me). I wouldn’t go any higher than around $8 to $9 million per year average for Graham.

        1. I agree somewhat with that statement while he was with the Saints. But I think since he has joined Seattle, he has become tougher. They utilize him as a blocking tight end far more than the Saints did.

    1. Absolutely. The Jags defense is special. I saw that last year when the Jags played the Texans and they’ve only gotten better as the season has progressed. The speed in their LB group and secondary is pretty incredible. Plus they don’t really need to blitz too much because their d-line is getting pressure with 4 rushers. This next game will be a really good barometer for the 49ers progress. I’d love to see the 49ers win against the Jags and then go into the Rams game with really high confidence. Rams likely win the division but it would be very nice to kick them out of the playoffs or ruin any chance they have of a home playoff game. I’d love to stick it to the Rams and their hairy little boy coach.

      1. Yes Houston 9er. I’m looking forward to the game even though I will be vacationing in Australia. If we get a close game, I will call it progress against the best D in the league. :)

        I’ll watch for these things:

        -How many yards can Jimmy G throw against the Jags secondary without an interception
        -How many yards will Leonard Fournette gain against our Run D
        -How many sacks/hits against Bortles.

        Jalen Ramsey and AJ Bouye are ballin’ and if I’m not mistaken, are yet to give up a TD in 2017. Unless we make the Jags offense one-dimensional and stuff Fournette….we might be in for a tough game.

        Also, the WRs who make plays in this game, are gonna be keepers!

      2. I hate to say it but the Jags are a terrible matchup for SF. That defense is very good, they have linebackers that can cover and a pass rush that is the best in NFL by far.
        I expect Jimmy to get hit multiple times and throw a few pics. If he doesn’t look terrible against this team and stays healthy I’ll be thrilled.

  4. Just want to wish Bill Belicheck and owner Tom Kraft a very Merry Xmas for trading us the best thing that’s happened to this franchise in a long time. Jimmy G, the franchise QB we needed!

  5. Back for a quick note. Glad to see everyone still quoting me. I do not need to post anymore, they know all I wrote by heart, and can parrot me verbatim. By repeating things over and over, I have succeeded to imprint my thoughts in their brains.
    TrollD, went full on Freddy Kreuger, mentioned he knew where I lived, and threatened me by stating that I should be terrorized by the thought he could attack me at any time. I did not tell my wife about that, since she just went in for a mammogram, and is worried about a lump, so she does not need more stress. I still will refrain from posting any more, but just could not resist this one last time. Glad to see them weeding out the trolls, and hope they ban TrollD forever. At least, if anything happens, we have in writing a Prime suspect.
    I predicted the Niners 24-23. I just missed the exact score by 2 points, and tip my cap to 80 for being such a good sport to acknowledge that I was so close.
    JG looked left, pump faked, and threw a strike. Sounds like he has been looking off the safeties, which is something I have been advocating for years. That pump fake was icing on the cake. JG even did a Third Down Bomb last game, so my cup runneth over.
    Kittle- ‘..I wasn’t trying to make a huge play after the catch. I was trying to catch it and get down…’ Hmmm sounds familiar.
    Hyde took the ball on third down, built up head of steam before hitting the line of scrimmage, then did not struggle for additional yardage, but went down after initial contact so the defense could not hold him up and strip the ball. To everyone who is advocating the Niners do not re-sign Hyde, they need to think things through. I like 1000 yard rushers. He may have struggled at times, but once the Niners improve the O line, he will prove to be a huge asset. If they do let him go, I predict he would quickly be signed by the Seahawks, and then the Niners would have to play against him twice a year.
    I do not think Kaep would have played better than JG. However, I sure do believe that Kaep was, and is way superior to Hoyer and CJB, and could have won some of those close games earlier in the season. Glad to see the clamoring for CJB to be dying down. JG is so superior to a raw green rookie, it is laughable.
    I am glad that the Niners did not waste all their time outs, and used them wisely. I am happy they saved one for the last 2 minutes so they could stop the clock and allow for the game winning field goal.
    The Niners are scrutinizing JG, but JG is also testing the Niners. If the coaches cannot devise schemes to adequately protect him, he may want to move on. JG took way too many hits, and the O line still let pass rushers run right by them like they were turnstiles. If the coaching does not improve, JG may feel like he may want to go to a team that can at least give him a nanosecond of protection. I said that after JG won 3 games, they should lock him up with a long term contract, but it takes 2 to tango. JG is playing it smart, and every win will just increase his value. Saxonville will be a huge challenge.
    Nobody has mentioned this before, but JG kinda reminds me of Dan Marino, with his accuracy and quick release. Thankfully, JG has 2 healthy knees and is mobile, elusive and nimble.
    One area the Niners need to improve upon is better coaching. They need to be more bold and assertive. They need to stop settling for field goals, and start scoring more TDs. If they had scored more TDs, the Niners would not have had to squeak out a win, but could have comfortably won by a large margin. Grant also mentioned that the Niners were too predictable. They need to stop running into the teeth of the defense. Maybe they need to upgrade their play calling by hiring an OC.
    All in all, I am ecstatic that the Niners finally have a competent QB, something I have been advocating for, since before TC, up to the 8th week of the season. I bet Lynch was thrilled that the stadium was packed, and the fans finally have something to root for.
    GO NINERS !!!!!!

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  6. Assuming the 49ers sign Garoppolo in the offseason who do you target in the NFL Draft? Free Agency signings obviously impact draft needs so its next to impossible to tell what the 49ers will do but let’s not let that hold us back from rampant unfounded speculation.

    Free Agency:
    Travis Swanson – Center
    Luke Joeckel – Guard
    Xavier Rhodes – CB

    Minkah Fitzpatrick – Safety
    Mike McGlinchey – OT
    Quenton Nelson – OG

    1. Houston 9er

      Agreed….Joeckel would be a stud…Rhodes is ‘killer’….and I like your ‘draftees’… Don’t for get some BIG WRs

      1. Rhodes ain’t a free agent and if he was he would never hit the market. Second Joekel is trash… Go after M Butler CB, Norwell G(Panthers), A Robinson Wr… Those are quality free agents that are younger… They will cost but that’s not an issue. Draft: Target: Nelson, Chubb, Fitzpatrick in that order… If Barkley falls and they do not sign Hyde(Which I expect and they should) take Barkley… He is a generational talent… He would another player you have to focus on week in and week out. Combo of JG and SB could March you to a S Bowl…

        1. Joeckel was trash at Tackle. I think he’s played pretty well at G since the move. I will readily admit I’m not the most knowledgeable on FA so I’m not sure about Norwell. Id love to see the 9ers pick up M Butler. Love the way he plays and his dedication to his craft. I’m not as high on Chubb as other people but everyone else you listed I would be good with using a high 1 on in the draft.

    2. With all that cap space and if Garnett isn’t ready, Id go with Joeckel and Jensen(center from Ravens).

      Then Id take Barkely 4th overall or if he isn’t there, take Fitzpatrick.

    3. Tough to say who to draft at this point. My favorite player at the moment is Roquan Smith, but we aren’t drafting him so it would come down to where we wind up in the order and whether we can trade down. Trading down with a team that needs a QB would be the #1 option for me, but failing that I’d probably take Fitzpatrick and play him at CB if we wind up in the top 5.

      1. I’m taking Nelson and not looking back at 5, unless I get a substantial offer to trade down. Then I target Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado, by moving back up into the bottom of the first round….

  7. With the production we are seeing from the passing game and Garçon returning next year, is WR really a position of need this offseason?

    1. Absolutely. We have not drafted a bonafide WR since, maybe JJ Stokes? This franchise needs a legit #1 and even though these new guys are emerging, it would not hurt to have a successor.
      I mean with all the draft picks, WR should be targeted.

      1. “This franchise needs a legit #1”

        Does it though? If Da Jimmy G 3.0 is the second coming please show me who the “legit #1” is that Tom Brady has been throwing to in all those Super Bowl wins.

        1. We have the resources in draft picks and the motto is brick by brick, so yeah, we should draft a WR.

          I know you are still doubtful of Jimmy G, but that’s ok, I think the majority of fans see now what he is all about.

          1. Cubus,

            Yes I know, but he’s not a WR.

            I kinda like your Jimmy Graham thought. He seems very similar to the type of TE’s that Shanahan worked with in Atlanta.

        2. Yea, you don’t really need a true #1 receiver with a franchise quarterback throwing him the ball. Better to add an elite pass catching TE for Shanny’s system to really flourish. A late round prospect I like is a local boy, Durham Smythe, TE, Notre Dame….

          1. Which offense do you think would be better?
            Option 1
            Joe Montana
            John Taylor
            Mike Wilson
            Brent Jones

            Option 2
            Joe Montana
            Jerry Rice
            John Taylor
            Brent Jones

            With a QB like Montana you could probably win a Superbowl with option 1. BUT you can have sustained success and multiple Superbowls with Option 2.

            Yes the 49ers need to go get a legitimate #1 WR to pair with Jimmy Garoppolo.

            1. Yea, you don’t just

              go get a legitimate #1 WR

              They’re few and far between just like franchise quarterbacks. Tom Brady, Rodgers, both never had a #1 wide receiver for very long. You can win without one, but you can barely win without the other. Best to develop one, and Goodwin seems to be on his way….

              1. Of course you don’t just go get a legitimate #1 WR. That’s why they spent all that money to hire Shanahan and Lynch. To find the guys who can be the best in the league. Thats how Lynch and Shanny will earn their money or they will be fired for the next guy.

              2. Not every car you get will be a Lexus….But they ARE out there…lots of shiney 200 mph machines , but will they withstand the thumping that they’re going to get as an ‘elite’ (I hate that word)…address our KNOWN needs …(OL 2 Nelson …McGlinchey)…one to start, and one for depth…2 CBs in whatever order… and 1 or 2 big WRs and a ‘scrap-iron’ TE instead of the Michael Crabtrees and Jimmy Grahams or other ‘shiney’ things….Merry Christmas…EVERYONE…

      2. @Prime…

        I do like the idea of a stud WR, I think the Alabama WR is the only true first round projection. However, I think WR and even RB is a luxury. Meaning if we had a top 3 pick and could move back with some extra picks to move around like last year. Unfortunately, looks like we are moving to pick 5-10. We need a blue chipper. We need the OL fixed! If the OL is sorted we protect the QB and open holes for a decent RB. Can we move out of top 10 for someone to reach for Penn State RB or Chubb? Then select one of the Notre Dame OL?? I don’t know… They say the Penn State dude is best prospect coming out since Petterson… that is a HUGE comparison… but I just feel like we can’t miss here. Soloman Thomas is suspect… We need an immediate win here…!!! AP comparison… really… hmmm… I just don’t know if we can’t utilize any mid round back (i.e. Love or USC kid) in this system and make them successful…

          1. I wouldn’t be so sure about that guys. From what I’ve seen & heard, SMU’s COURTLAND SUTTON is the WR most NFL scouts are projecting to be the first off the board in April. If he runs a sub 4.5 – 40 and shows well at the combine, he’d be the first WR I’d target.

            SPORTING NEWS: One NFL general manager, who spoke to Sporting News about a variety of topics, raved about the prospect whose frame and skills have led to Julio Jones comparisons.

            “I think Sutton is the most underrated player in this draft,” the GM said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. (NFL GMs are not allowed to comment publicly on current college players.) “He’s got some flaws but you watch him on film and you see some things that translate well on Sundays. There’s a chance he’s the first wide receiver off the board.”

            MATT MILLER – Bleacher report: Courtland Sutton Already NFL Scouts’ Favorite as Top WR in 2018 Draft Class. College football’s best wide receiver prospect wasn’t in the 2017 NFL draft, according to NFL scouts. As good as Corey Davis, Mike Williams and John Ross are—each was drafted in the top 10 this year—a wide receiver still in college has the potential to be better. And he’s not even a Power Five player. With his 6’4″ and 215-pound frame, Sutton is poised to become the next great Morris weapon in the pros.

            CBS SPORTS: 49ers first round pick, 2018 – Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU. Kyle Shanahan has what he hopes is his franchise quarterback in Garoppolo. Now it’s time to get him his Julio Jones. Sutton isn’t a prospect of Jones’ caliber, but at 6-foot-4 with high-level elusiveness and ball-tracking ability, there are legit similarities. Sutton has 28 touchdown receptions in his last 32 games for the Mustangs. He has a serious No. 1 wideout skill set. The SMU star wideout will be Jimmy G’s best friend in Kyle Shanahan’s offense.

    2. Jack

      Yep…never toooo many Bourne is for real…now let’s see what we have in Burbridge and Smelter…you could be right….

      1. He was getting run down from behind by a linebacker who is in his 10th year in the NFL and never ran faster than a 4.51 – 40. Never mind the safeties and corners who were also running him down Which is not surprising, Bourne is a 4.68 guy.

        I think the play split the zone exactly how it had to be done and Garoppolo hit him in stride allowing him to split the safeties who got caught flat-footed, So while I’m happy for Bourne that he’s had his moments in the sun on a team with a depleted and fairly low-talented WR group, I’m not bullish has he lacks NFL athleticism and hasn’t shown anything to offset his low-level athleticism.

        Lets put it this way. If a WR with legit NFL speed, never mind a real burner like Goodwin, caught that ball it’s a likely TD because at the 49ers 44-yard line, there were no Titans in front of him. Four had caught up to him by the Titan’s 35.

        1. On the Bourne play you reference they had a single high safety, and he had to break the tackle of that safety to get loose which slowed him down enough for the corner who was coming over to have a pursuit angle to force him to make another move before being caught from behind.

          If he’d caught it and not had to break the tackle he’d likely have scored.

    3. Jimmy G has shown that he can “easily” move the team between the twenties. Where they stall is in the RZ. We need better targets. I’ve already proposed a large TE. Another RZ threat at WR would be helpful; I think Scooter proposed Allen Robinson, but I’m not sure. I’m sure he’ll chime in if I misquoted him.

        1. I’m just getting started cuz I don’t watch much college ball, but D.J. Chark WR and Will Clapp OC/OG from LSU supposedly project to 3/4.

        2. Prime:
          A TE draft prospect: Caleb Wilson, UCLA (If he declares for the 2018 draft).
          Height: 6-5. Weight: 235: Projected 40 Time: 4.69: Projected Round: 3-4.
          12/2/17: Wilson recorded 38 receptions for 490 yards and a touchdown in 2017 before suffering a season-ending foot injury. He was a dangerous receiving weapon for Josh Rosen. Wilson is like a taller, bigger Jordan Reed in terms of his style of play.

          Durham Smythe, TE, Notre Dame
          Height: 6-4. Weight: 245.
          Projected 40 Time: 4.73.
          Projected Round (2018): 3-4.
          12/2/17: This season, Smythe has 13 receptions for 234 yards and a touchdown. Notre Dame has struggled to pass the ball with a running quarterback, but Smythe has some athleticism as a receiver. He also has been solid as a blocker. http://walterfootball.com/draft2018TE.php#0VPRMEYUqqKqdPTX.99

      1. I go back to let’s consider just how much red zone practice he has had with the team? The obvious answer is ‘very little.’ Since becoming the starter, he gets three practices a week with the first team. That’s a total of NINE with the first team.

        At this point I don’t think he’s had enough time in saddle to get know the horse of this offense well enough for the advanced riding of the red zone. I think it doesn’t help that his supporting cast is pretty dodgy and has, on many red zone appearances, set the team back with penalties, dropped balls and missed assignments.

    4. My thoughts exactly. Shanny knows what he wants, but its getting difficult to see recvr as a priority. Our QB doesnt even know the playbook yet. O-line for sure, Corner to replace johnson………..

    5. I should clarify, when I say “need” I’m thinking big money free agent or 1st/2nd round draft pick.

      This team needs to focus on Pass Rusher, CB, Interior OL.

      1. This team needs to focus on Pass Rusher, CB, Interior OL.
        Correct… best available edge or OL as those are equal desperate needs for this team. This is followed only slightly by cb then wr and lb are about equal at their 3.

    6. Jack,
      I agree put a good O line in front of JG and our O will be outstanding both passing and running. They need O line, CB’s and a pass rusher.

    7. No. Goodwin’s performance is showing he should be a starter. And its not just the nu bers he is putting up – his speed opens things up. He, Garcon and Taylor are fine as the top 3 guys. Need to get some better depth though. And a better pass catching TE would be good.

      1. How about a group of:


        Other than Garçon and Robinson that’s a pretty young group to grow with.

        1. How about this:

          1. Allen Robinson( True #1)
          2. Garcion(Soild but older plus had a bad neck injury.)
          3. Goodwin( Although he has improved he is not a top 2 Wr on a good depth chart.
          4. Taylor is good prospect but he is just that for now.
          5. Rookie to develop to take the place of Garcion and Goodwin who will be a free agent in 2019…

          *You do not settle for what we have when you have the resources(Cap Space, Picks) to improve it… The other holes can be still taken care of..

          1. What they have is showing to be much better than we thought. And although they lead the league in drops, the vast majority of those have come from the TE and RB positions.

            They have speed in guys like Goodwin and the rookie Bourne, and they have possession types in Garçon and Taylor.

            If I’m going to break the bank for a player or two or three it’s going to be guys on the defensive side of the ball because the offense is showing it can hold its own.

        2. with interior line (top FA Center + new Guards) improvements + a functional– even a nominally functional zone run game, and a healthy Garcon with the rest of the current ’17 rcvr crew– we’d have enough weapons to challenge the division…
          Imagine yesterday’s game with a 5-6 ypc run game…and RB’s better at protection…

        3. Jack, I would look to sign Taylor Gabriel to replace Robinson and also be looking for a rookie to be the 5th WR ahead of Bourne (and Garcon’s backup).

              1. Scooter: I thought you were stumping for Allen Robinson.

                Frankly, I think it is too early to declare our WR corps good enough for next season. There is no doubt that the Jimmy G tide has lifted all boats, but I want to see how open our WRs get next week against JAX. KS can probably scheme them open, but how well will they play against CBs like Ramsey and Bouye?

              2. I was. But that was before Goodwin started proving he is more than just a Ted Ginn clone.

                Right now I think Goodwin is more important than Garcon next year. He’s turning into a complete WR, and is the guy that opens things up for everyone else.

    8. I would still add a #1 WR to this team. Garcon isn’t getting any younger and is coming off a severe injury. If you sign somebody like Robinson, that gives you a pretty good top 3 and insurance if you lose one of them to injury. With the money the Niners will have available they should be signing somebody. It’s not a necessity, but the better the weapons are the more explosive the offense will be.

      1. Rocket, brilliant minds think alike. :) I agree 100 percent. We have a projected 117 mil in cap space. Let’s say they pay JG 27 mil a year. Resign Brown, Tartt etc… You are still looking at 65-70 mil left. That’s before cuts… You can fix a vast majority of the holes on this roster that Scooter and Hammer have identified. Which there not wrong with there thinking at all. Just that you protect yourself just in case of injury or regression.

        1. Yep they can put together a nice roster this offseason with the money available and the possibility of a draft haul if they can trade down. Having a QB gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to the draft and FA.

          1. I still think the priorities are Pass Rush, OL and corner.

            You can address some of those via free agency (an aging but servicible pass rusher and draft a young prospect, some of the interior linemen can be brought in via free agency and take flyers on some young guys or draft for best available player, and a solid cornerback too). WR are good to have and would help the team but the others are necessary to be competitive week-in-week out.

            Messing up other QBs passes will do wonders for both defense and offense. It will allow Shanahan to attack without worry about what the defense may or may not do. Same with a corner.

            The OL? Well, I think three years have taught us what a below average OL will do.

      2. “I would still add a #1 WR to this team. Garcon isn’t getting any younger and is coming off a severe injury.”

        Agreed. I think Shanny would agree too. I think it’s going to be Watkins. He has some scheme familiarity from playing for McVay.

        1. #80,

          Interesting thought although I think there is a strong chance the Rams franchise him considering what they gave up to get him. If he’s available he’d be a good option for sure. Improving your team while weakening a division opponent at the same time is never a bad thing.

        2. Watkins is another guy (other than Robinson) I have thought would be a good get. but again, that was pre-Goodwin emergence. In fact I think he probably makes more sense than Robinson in a lot of ways, as he can really stretch a D.

          Watkins would be a better complement to Garcon than Robinson. Robinson is a better complement to Goodwin than Watkins.

      3. Robinson will command top dollar. The team would be committing a lot of cap space to WR if they signed him, given the contract they gave Garcon.

        Back when Goodwin looked like just a decent deep threat in the vein of Ted Ginn, I would have said absolutely. Robinson is the guy I had been suggesting. But with Goodwin now looking like a complete WR he would be wasted as a 3rd WR. Especially since he wouldn’t be the slot WR – that will still be Taylor as he is perfect for that role in the KS offense. Goodwin would effectively be the 4th WR, ala Taylor Gabriel.

        Also, Garcon and Robinson are quite similar players – neither are really true deep threats. So if you take Goodwin off the field you don’t threaten the deep ball as much and thereby don’t open up the field as much.

        Basically, my thoughts are Goodwin needs to be starting next year. And you don’t have either Garcon or Robinson as a 3rd/ 4th WR.

        They need some better red zone targets though. A good receiving TE and a rookie with some size is the way to go imo.

        1. I don’t see a problem with Garcon or Goodwin as the #3 WR and as mentioned, an injury could be absorbed a lot easier with another true starter added to the mix. I don’t care how much is spent on WR next year honestly. Garcon’s contract is setup so he can be cut after 2018 without a dramatic hit to the cap. They should be looking to make the group as talented as possible, not worrying about each guy’s playing time imo.

          I agree on RZ targets but we don’t have to limit it to one or the other. There is enough to do both.

          1. Yeah, we would all love to have starters as backups, but realistically what happens is one guy ends up disgruntled.

            Yes, Garcon can be cut with relatively little financial ramifications after next year. But that should be seen as a good excuse to develop a young guy. Draft a WR they can develop behind Garcon, like the Redskins did with Doctson (though would suggest not using a 1st round pick). Don’t spend huge dollars on a guy that will either push one of Garcon or Goodwin to a backup role or to be the backup themselves.

            1. I guess we differ on this one Scooter. I don’t see Garcon and Goodwin as a tandem I’d be excited about going into next season. Goodwin has had a nice year, but he isn’t a #1 and Garcon isn’t either anymore imo. An injury to either one and we are in a tough situation. With the amount of cap room available and the talent in FA, I’d be very disappointed if the Niners didn’t look to shore up the position with a young vet going into his prime. I’m not worried about somebody being disgruntled over playing time and I’m guessing Shanny isn’t either. The idea is to put the best roster together you can and if they have an opportunity to add a true #1 WR they should do it imo. I’m not opposed to developing young guys either, but we have some young guys and even Goodwin isn’t that old. What we need are established play makers not more young guys.

              1. Averaging 8 catches and 100+ yards is WR#1 level play.

                With Goodwin playing the way he is he makes for a very good complement to Garcon. And Garcon is still good enough to be starting. Neither guy is truly a dominant WR, but that’s fine. A dominant WR is a nice to have, not a need. What they need is better depth in case of injury.

                The guys being mentioned are not dominant #1 WRs. I like Robinson, but he gets shut down by really good CBs. Don’t believe me? Look at PFF stats. Good physical CBs that he can’t bully with his size give him a lot of trouble. He’s a 1b, like Garcon. And both guys play similarly. Watkins has yet to prove he is more than a 1b either. And those two are probably the pick of the FA WRs available.

              2. Jack,

                Yes they do and they can address all of their needs this offseason in FA and the draft. A #1 WR is not as big a need but it’s still a need.


                Adding a #1 caliber WR will give them much better depth than adding end of the depth chart players. Goodwin has played really well since JG took over, but forgive me if I’m not ready to anoint him yet. I want to see top talent added, not more of what we have. Robinson, Devante Adams, Jarvis Landry and Watkins are a step up from what we have, that’s enough for me.

              3. “Robinson, Devante Adams, Jarvis Landry and Watkins”

                All of those guys have fewer yards than Goodwin this season.

                The 49ers passing game these last 3 weeks has been better than any point since 2000, and they put up even more yards than that team. And the 2000 49ers had a WR that’s up for the Pro Bowl.

                Having the cap space isn’t a good enough excuse to bring a guy in. Roll it over again.

              4. Yep. There are only 11 WRs with more yards than Goodwin this season. Only 15 have averaged more yards per game than him. But 49ers need to do better than him at starting WR.

              5. Also worth noting only 20 WRs (including Goodwin) average more yards per game than Garcon this year too. 49ers have two WRs in the top 21 for the position in terms of yards per game. Not bad for guys that need to be upgraded.

              6. All of those guys have fewer yards than Goodwin this season.

                The yardage is close between Goodwin, Landry and Adams. The big difference is in TD’s and that’s why I don’t see Goodwin as a #1 WR and the others mentioned as a step up from him. Goodwin has had a nice 3 weeks with Jimmy, but he’s not putting TD’s on the board.

                The 49ers passing game these last 3 weeks has been better than any point since 2000, and they put up even more yards than that team. And the 2000 49ers had a WR that’s up for the Pro Bowl.
                Having the cap space isn’t a good enough excuse to bring a guy in. Roll it over again.

                It has been good, but keep in mind this is a small sample size and defenses tend to figure out how to take something away over time. I like what Goodwin has become, and I hope he continues to flourish, but he and Garcon coming off an injury are not my idea of the ideal starting WR duo when there are going to be some very good options in the draft and FA and a ton of money to spend. I’m not advocating spending for the sake of spending. I’m saying use the money to improve the roster because it appears they now have a QB to build around and providing him with better skill players will make this an elite offense much like the one in Atlanta became.

              7. Scooter,

                Yards are great but you can accumulate yards without being a great player. You have fallen for Goodwin obviously and I like the progress he has made, but he’s a complimentary player until he can take over a game and score TD’s. We don’t have that WR on the roster right now and I would like to add that guy. You disagree and that’s fine. We’ll see what happens.

              8. Rodgers has had a number of excellent WR’s actually. Brady has had a mix. He had Randy Moss and put up the greatest statistical season of his career and nearly capped an undefeated season with a SB. The past few years he’s had some good WR’s but a dominant TE. I’d be ok with the WR’s currently on the roster if you’re telling me we can get Gronk.

                The other important thing to remember: those two have a lot of years under their belt. Jimmy just made his 5th start. Let’s keep it in perspective.

              9. The point is an elite quarterback doesn’t need a true number one receiver. Rodgers hasn’t had a legitimate number one receiver in years….

              10. I disagree. Nelson is a #1 receiver and Rodgers struggled at times without him the year he tore an ACL. The entire offense dropped significantly.

            2. If you have an opportunity to get a #1 Wr in the off season it’s a no brainer.. Robinson or Watkins qualify as that. IF they hit the market and you have the ability to upgrade every else as well you do it. No reason they can’t get for example, M Butler, Robinson/Watkins, Norwell… Then focus on C, Guard, Pass Rush help… And more secondary help as well…

              The Rebuilding process have taken a turn upwards in a hurry. The division Title is within reach next year. You don’t scare anyone with Garcion and Goodwin.. They need to upgrade that position. As well as others.

              1. “If you have an opportunity to get a #1 Wr in the off season it’s a no brainer..”

                Sure, I can get on board with that. If it doesn’t come at the expense of something else it makes sense.

                “Robinson or Watkins qualify as that.”

                What are you basing that on? Neither guy has proven themselves to be any more a #1 WR than Garcon.

                “You don’t scare anyone with Garcion and Goodwin.”

                Defenses are already plenty scared of Goodwin’s ability to stretch the field. Now that he is adding other elements to his game to beat D’s that cheat on his deep routes he is very much a WR that can scare a D.

                I get rocket’s point about not wanting to anoint Goodwin just because he has had three good games. But like JG, it is based on how he is having good games, not just the stat line. He is developing into a pretty well rounded WR this year.

                If the 49ers want to add a WR that can easily step into a starting role it should be Jon Brown imo. He can take over that #4 WR spot from Robinson and also be capable of playing as a nice foil to Garcon if Goodwin gets hurt. But more likely they will sign Gabriel. What they then need is a decent backup for Garcon. Draft that player.

              2. Wasn’t Robinson who put up a 1400 yard season? With Blake Bortles? That qualifies as a #1 Wr… If JG is making Goodwin look legit what do you think he will do for Robinson… S Watkins has all the talent in the world.. The Bills QB situation was garbage when he was there. Plus he dealt with injuries. Goff while improved is not JG… Put Watkins in this offense and he explodes.

              3. I don’t think anybody is saying spend big on a WR at the expense of a bigger need. The point is that there is going to be over 100 million dollars in cap space which should allow them to add at least 2-3 impact players in FA if they so choose. That means they could theoretically sign a C, PR and a WR in FA, then draft a CB and G/T with the first couple of picks and improve dramatically in one offseason. They could also draft a WR if they didn’t sign one in FA, but whatever the case, there is no reason they can’t make some serious moves this offseason to improve this team significantly on both sides of the ball. I don’t think they have to settle for a 4th string WR in FA and they should be looking higher imo.

              4. I’m a big Allen Robinson fan. Have been since the year he was drafted. He indeed looked very good his first two years in the NFL. But since then he had a pretty disappointing 3rd year and tore his ACL this year.

                Watkins has battled numerous injuries and at times has looked like he could be a true star WR, but has never managed to put it all together which is why he currently finds himself as the foil to his old running mate at Buffalo rather than the Rams leading receiver.

                Point is, neither guy is a clear cut dominant #1 WR, nor a clear cut improvement on Garcon and Goodwin, who have performed well this year. Yet either will cost a lot of money. Just because they have heaps of cap space doesn’t mean it is a good idea to pay big $$ for a player unless there is a clear need for it.

                Don’t get me wrong, if they were to sign Robinson or Watkins I would be happy enough. But I just don’t see it as anywhere near as big a need as some other positions.

              5. Nope, priority is OL, specifically a veteran stud Center. I’d make Jensen my number one target in F/A. Next priority is CB, followed closely by a true LEO pass rusher. I like the idea of targeting Brate at TE, and upgrading over Aldrick Robinson….

  8. The Garropolo trade was a great trade on paper and it’s looking like a great trade on the field. There’s no way he’s on this team without Lynch and Shanahan. Things are definitely looking up and it’s exciting to see legitimate excitement surrounding the team again.

    I’m usually in favor of draft position when the playoffs are out of the picture but this team is showing some obvious, tangible progress and it’s exciting. Finish the year strong and let the chips fall with regards to the draft.

  9. From Joe Fann: (most effective if uttered with a straight face)

    “Jimmy Garoppolo is on pace to never lose a game as an NFL starter”

  10. With Jimmy G strengthening his grasp of the franchise QB position by the week and powering Shanny’s offense, the Niners will not have to pay big money to anyone on the offensive side except to Jimmy. This phenomenon of a top-tier QB compensating for mistakes and shortcomings of others on offense is particularly important from the viewpoint of the O line where one or two injuries of starters can make turn a top five O line to a sub-par one. Jimmy G has Zany “Turnstile” B looking like a poor man’s Adam Snyder

  11. When JimmyG is bored spreading the wealth to all eligible receivers on the field…. he throws to himself.
    JimmyG, the most interesting QB in the world…

  12. GQ Jimmy sat behind Tom
    Got dealt to San Francisco
    To a ’49 Shanny red and gold
    Didn’t take long to tango
    GQ Jimmy he’s runnin’ the show
    But I see he’s doin’ okay
    He found himself a beachfront bungalow
    Down by Monterey Bay

    Jimmy makes all Niner fans feel good
    Jimmy’s the one that makes a franchise
    Jimmy makes all Niner fans feel good
    A NFC West Frankenstein!

    1. Feels good to have bought JimmyG stock low, Razor? I notice that some late buyers have driven the price to record highs. Unlike bitcoin, we can rest assured of low volatility. I think we can rate this stock as franchise grad e ;-)

      1. I walk around with a smile on my face, and I overhear guys talking by the watercooler. The name I keep catching is, Garoppolo!

        1. Its nice to watch a game and say throw it, and before that last word comes out, Jimmy G has completed the pass!
          I’m gonna say it right now, best trade in franchise history!

          1. He is a top 5 QB right now… This guy has NO talent around him… Just wait until next year. Wow are we lucky. I was there yesterday and I’m lost for words on how good he is.

              1. Cousins is a really good QB who has done a lot with little in DC. I would have been more than fine with him as the QB for the future if they hadn’t brought Garoppolo in.

              2. Jimmy’s got a ridiculous female fan base. I’ve never seen anything like it.
                Hell, I can’t look at him for too long lest I begin to question my motives!?!

            1. A number of people, little Cone, big Cone and myself, said that even Joe Montana couldn’t be successful behind this O line. Jimmy G kinda makes us look like fools?

  13. When I look back at how precipitously and thoroughly this team crashed and burned over the past few years, it’s remarkable that here, at week 14 in the first year of a massive “rebuild”, we are already dangerously close to being competitive again.

    I’m a bit shocked that the Jimmy G effect has been so significant, especially with so many starters on IR.
    Doubtful that any team will be circling the calendar next year facing the 49ers as an automatic win.

  14. Brock Coyle deserves some extra props for stuffing the run and forcing the Titans to kick the FG when they did on that last drive.

  15. sebnynah says:
    December 18, 2017 at 10:03 am

    TrollD, went full on Freddy Kreuger, mentioned he knew where I lived, and threatened me by stating that I should be terrorized by the thought he could attack me at any time.

    TomD’s Take: Seb’s gone hysterical….Produce the quote where I stated the above, liar.

  16. 49er Fans,

    I’ve posted the quote attributed to me by an hysterical Seb.
    Not once have I posted as Freddy Krueger and know not how Seb, even in his wildest hallucinations from the sanitarium, conjured up this blatant slander.

    But whomever the poster, I, (and speaking for many others) enjoyed the respite from his voluminous postings.

    All can clearly see, I responded as my usual, TomD, in the Chucky comment, mentioning nothing about Seb’s whereabouts.

    Essentially, Seb took a vacation from this site for no reason whatsoever.

    Freddy Krueger says:
    December 11, 2017 at 3:33 pm
    Sebnynah I know who you are and where you live. Don’t fall asleep……

    TomD says:
    December 11, 2017 at 3:45 pm
    Freddy’s friend, Chucky, says hi :

    Chucky at bus stop:

  17. The FA interest is starting already:

    Kevin Jones

    A WR hitting free agency this offseason texted me out of the blue: “What’s San Francisco like? Man, Jimmy G is a baller.”

  18. I’ll pitch in for the statue. Maybe they can also build an Italian restaurant in the parking lot. Garoppolo’s. Has a great ring to it. Authentic.

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