Joe Staley makes Pro Bowl as alternate

San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Joe Staley (74) against the Jacksonville Jaguars during an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 24, 2017. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

The 49ers announced Monday that left tackle Joe Staley will replace Dallas Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith in the upcoming Pro Bowl. Smith injured his knee and is unable to play.

Staley, 33, is now a six-time Pro Bowler — tied for eighth-most in franchise history with Billy Wilson. Joe Montana, Steve Young and Patrick Willis all were seven-time Pro Bowlers.

Do you think Staley will go to the Hall of Fame?

And who do you think will play with Staley on the 49ers offensive line next season? Predict all five Week-1 OL starters.

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  1. 1. Without a doubt.
    2. LG – Garrett
    LT – Staley
    C – Kilgore
    RT – Brown
    RG – Billy Price or Braden Smith (rookie)

    1. Fusco was no worse than an above-average guard. Tomlinson, who was, by-and-large, terri-bad the first six weeks of the season dramatically improved during the season and was very solid by the end (never mind the Garoppolo effect, even with Beathard). And, of course, we have Garnett. So I’m not so sure we’re going to be drafting a guard until Day 3 at the earliest. Especially as pass rush and cover-corner are our two biggest needs.

      But if we do, Quenton Nelson is the best OG prospect head-and-shoulders above the rest. Last year he gave up one sack and two hurries in 379 snaps. That was it. As a two year starter, he gave up 1 sack, 2 hits and 12 hurries. Which is better than most guard prospects gave up in one year.

      Price gave up 1 sack, 2 hits and 7 pressures and was, generally speaking, part of a pass-blocking double-team as the Buckeye OC. As a two year starter, Price gave up 3 sacks, 4 hits and 22 hurries. And Price, as I mentioned, really didn’t have primary pass-blocking in the Ohio State scheme, but was (mostly) to help the OG next to him on double teams.

      A bit of a sleeper that I like is Nevada’s OT Austin Corbett. In 888 pass blocking snaps over his two years as a starter, he gave up 3 sacks, 6 hits and 14 hurries. His draft position will hinge on what he does for the Senior Bowl because the level of competition was lower for him than the Power 5 Guards.

        1. That’s probably Ok in pass blocking because Jimmy G will get big bucks because he can excel with ” replacement-level players ” . The Niners need interior linemen who can run block effectively in Shanny’s outside zone scheme.

        2. Let’s put it this way, your opinion is an outlier in the industry. Nobody thinks they’re great, but most everyone in the talking heads industry (but you) managed to grade them on what they did, not what they declared they would be in training camp then refused to budge (ie, the Hoyer issue) despite the fact that the players performances changed over time.

          Some, like Dontae Johnson collapsed. Others, like Witherspoon got better. That goes for the line as well. Brown got worse over the season. Fusco and Tomlinson got better. Staley didn’t so as improve, but finally wasn’t being horribly sabotaged.

          Let’s take Staley. He was ‘pretty bad’ (so to speak) at the beginning of the year. Or at least that was what looking like. But these things are always complex and contextual. Or as they wrote him up at Bleacher Report:

          Between Brian Hoyer’s needless pocket escapism and C.J. Beathard’s “deer in the headlights” approach to pressure, it was tough to diagnose how well any 49ers pass-blocker was performing until Jimmy Garoppolo started taking snaps under center, displaying the processing speed necessary for his position.

          At that point, Staley looked like exactly what he is—a rare athlete at the position who can ride a defender out of the pocket and bury him at the end. Underrated is Staley’s power in the run game and when it’s required to take a defender down in the passing game.

          Anyway, Fusco was solid all season and Tomlinson improved. Because that’s what happened. Not what you decided happened way back in training camp when you fixed your opinion on these players.

          1. I told you what the team thinks of Tomlinson and Fusco, and you respond with something about talking heads?

            Analysis isn’t your thing.

  2. Are you assuming Billy price will be available when we pick in the second round or are you thinking he’s a top 10 pick, because I don’t think he makes it until the late second round?

    1. Right now I think the 49ers will trade down and acquire some extra picks in the process. If they trade down into the 15-25 range of the first round, then there is a good chance they may take Price at that point. With that said, the draft is a crazy time where prospects inexplicably fall due to various reasons and concerns. Alvin Kamara is a great example of this.

  3. No, I don’t think Staley will go to the HOF. As good as he is he is not considered in the same light as truly great OTs such as Jon Ogden, Orlando Pace, etc.

    My guess at the starting OL next season will be Staley, Connor Williams, Weston Richburg, Fusco/ Garnett, Brown.

  4. My prediction for Week 1:

    LT: Joe Staley
    LG: Andrew Norwell
    C: Daniel Kilgore, though Billy Price may move into here if Josh Garnett plays well
    RG: Josh Garnett/Billy Price
    RT: Trent Brown

    This is based on the following WWWWAAAAAAAAYYYYY too early off-season plans, since I had time on my hands at work and allows you to play GM for the whole offseason:

    Edge Ezekiel Ansah, 5 years, $60 million with $32.5 million guaranteed
    Guard Andrew Norwell, 5 years, $50 million with $20 million guaranteed
    Cornerback Kyle Fuller, 4 years, $32 million with $12.8 million guaranteed
    Tackle Christopher Hubbard, 4 years, $22 million with $7.7 million guaranteed (swing tackle backing up, since he has played both LT and RT)
    TE Trey Burton, 4 years, $30 million with $9 million guaranteed
    RB Carlos Hyde, 3 years, $18 million with $4.8 million guaranteed
    S Jimmie Ward (after I cut him because he is not worth $8.25 million), 3 years, $13.5 million with $4.05 million guaranteed
    Re-sign LB Brock Coyle, C Daniel Kilgore, and QB Jimmy Garropolo (Garropolo for 6 years, $125 million with $62.5 million guaranteed).

    Using the 1/22/18 Draftteck board, I made two trade backs; one in the first round, one in the third round. Trading #9 in the first round netted a first, second, and third round pick, and trading the first third round pick netted a later third rounder and an extra fourth rounder.

    1. G/C Billy Miller, Ohio State (with 17th pick; Quenten Nelson went third overall!)
    2. WR James Washington, Oklahoma State
    2. CB Isaiah Oliver, Colorado
    3. OLB Malik Jefferson, Texas (to replace Eli Harold, who deserves to be a backup)
    3. SS Kyzir White, West Virginia (in the box safety)
    3. G Wyatt Teller, Virginia Tech
    4. Edge Hercules Mata’afa, Washington State
    4. RB Akrum Wadley, Iowa
    5. CB Tony Brown, Alabama (best available player, regardless of position)
    6. QB Mike White, Western Kentucky (Bill Walsh rule of always drafting at least one quarterback)
    7. WR Jake Wieneke, S. Dakota State
    7. DL James Looney, Cal

      1. I think there are only 3 Wide Receivers with first round grades: Ridley, Sutton, and Kirk. And I am stretching with Kirk. Regardless, this was based on a draft where the computer picks for the other teams, and they let James Washington fall to Round 2 for me to pick.

      2. I seen him ranked as a low second-rounder at plenty of places. I haven’t seen him ranked better than 4th as a WR. And I haven’t seen him ranked higher than 44th and as low as 60th.

        So in his trade-down, I don’t see anything wrong with his thought process and ranking.

  5. Joe Staley is a long shot to make the Hall Of Fame.

    A too early look at Shanny’s starting offensive line:

    Joe Staley, LT, Central Michigan/Brian O’Neill, LG, Pittsburg/Weston Richburg, C, Colorado St./Will Clapp, RG, LSU/Trent Brown, RT, Florida.

  6. “Do you think Staley will go to the Hall of Fame?”

    I would vote for him. HOF voters often get it wrong , so who knows.

    “Predict all five Week-1 OL starters.”

    LT: Staley
    LG: Garnett or Nelson
    C: Price after trading up.
    RG: Garnett or Nelson
    RT: Brown

    1. I’m not so sure the 49ers coaching staff is going to give up on Tomlinson, Fusco or Kilgore. I predict at least 2 of them will be back starting.

      1. I think Fusco will be 2nd string. I wouldn’t be surprised if we resign Kilgore if we can’t upgrade the position through free agency. I don’t think resigning Kilgore would preclude them from drafting another C/G, especially with Garnett being a question mark.

        1. “I don’t think resigning Kilgore would preclude them from drafting another C/G, especially with Garnett being a question mark.”

          Daniel Kilgore, Brandon Fusco and Brock Coyle. Kilgore might be a below-average starting center, but he’s well liked in the locker room and a good fit for the offense. Having him around to compete with a draft pick (Billy Price? James Daniels?) wouldn’t be a bad scenario.

  7. Staley is a good player but he’s not a HOF player. The Probowl is also a horrible way to measure a player as so many make it after others have declined to go. The probowl at it’s best is a poor judge of talent. It’s really more of a popularity contest.

    I have no idea who will be on the OL at this point.

  8. Staley has part of Gore’s career on his HOF resume. A SB and another productive HB late in Joe’s career should put him over the top. Staley has been consistently good at run and pass blocking.

  9. more red n gold to adorn the hallowed halls in Canton,
    would be a good thing.. for sure.. . so, yeah, I’d love to see
    Staley make the HOF … but
    OTOH … we’ve been waiting forever to see Roger Craig
    make it !

      1. Agreed, plus he was unhappy he was put on IR and the offense he was in was similar to what Rodgers and the Packers ran. Predicated on making quick reads and getting rid of the football quickly, so he should be a good fit scheme wise….

  10. Staley is/was a really good LT – HOF – nope

    LT Staley
    LG Garnett
    C Kilgore
    RG Fusco
    RT Brown.`

    One can make a case for replacing all five of them. JimmyG likes Kilgore so……

  11. Some available quarterbacks who might be available via free agency or trade. That’s a considerable amount. Plus the draft has 3 or 4 possible first rounders. This might be a world record for the position in league history with possible movement.
    1. Alex Smith
    2.Eli Manning
    3.Phillip Rivers
    4.Deshone Kizer
    5.Case Keenum
    6. Teddy Bridgewater
    7.Sam Bradford
    8.Nick Foles
    9.Tyrod Taylor
    10. Kirk Cousins
    11.Ryan Tannenhill
    12. AJ McCarron
    13. Andy Dalton
    14.Trevor Semien
    15.Colin Kaepernick
    16.Mike Glennon
    17. Drew Brees

    1. OK, for fun:
      Smith-Jax or AZ
      Keenum, Bridgewater , Bradford – I dunno
      Tyrone – I dunno
      Nick Foles- Philly
      Cousins- Denver
      Tannehill – Dolphins
      Dalton & McCarron- Bengals
      Glennon- quien sabe? Maybe Chicago
      Bree’s – Saints

    1. After General Manager John Lynch came out and said they would not discuss particulars about the contract situation, I would not be surprised if we don’t hear a single word till the contract is signed.

    2. I’m hoping the “free” money he’s making from the Patriots run equates to him directing Yee to go easy on negotiations, so we can continue to build the team moving forward….

        1. Yea, but I keep a straight face when I open the meeting with it. Then I let the awkward silence linger a tad, before I cheshire smile, followed by a cordial chuckle….

  12. Yes, Joe is a Hall of Famer! He’ll get the votes, especially after he picks up his first SB ring next year to compliment his NFC Championship ring. He will then secure his spot! ;-)

    LT- Staley
    LG- Tomlinson
    C- Kilgore
    RT- Brown

  13. With all due respect, of course it’s premature Nick. That’s not news. So what! Go out on a limb and have some fun! That’s all Grant is asking for. What’s your opinion? Staley is VERY good, not just good, and does have a shot at the HOF, even if it most likely will be distant. A shot is a shot and he has one, no question about it. To say he doesn’t have a shot is laughable in my HO.

    1. Juan,
      That’s fair. My prediction is that Kilgore is gone. The 49ers will focus on O-line via FA and draft. I predict they’ll draft Billy Price to replace Kilgore. Look for Garnett to have a big year. The starting O-line could look like this: Staley, Fusco, Price, Garnett, and Brown.

  14. Staley has been soild but not HOF worthy.

    LT- Staley

    * They will sign a top Guard in free agency. Quite possibly a center as well. They are flush with cap space so I expect 4-5 big free agent signings not counting JGs massive extension which will get done don’t you worrie Cubus. :)

  15. Gasoline, my shocker will be Eli to Jacksonville to re-hook up with TC. Also, where is Kaep on your list? He fits right in amongst the mediocrity! ;>)

  16. Oops, I see him now Gas!! My old eyes deceived me! Good one! I should have said, Brotha Tuna, no Kaep anywhere? LOL! I can finish it!

    OK, for fun:
    Smith-Jax or AZ
    Keenum, Bridgewater , Bradford – I dunno
    Tyrone – I dunno
    Nick Foles- Philly
    Cousins- Denver
    Tannehill – Dolphins
    Dalton & McCarron- Bengals
    Glennon- quien sabe? Maybe Chicago
    Bree’s – Saints
    Kaepernick- North Bay Rattlesnakes

    1. Juan
      When CK filed his lawsuit against the League he put up another barrier to his chance of employment in that League. Too hot a potato.
      Since he wasn’t getting any work anyway, it probably didn’t hurt his chances any further, but it seems to,me to have sealed the No Deal.

  17. Staley is not a hall of famer. Great, solid career, but no season where he completely dominated the opposition, like an Orlando Pace. Staley will be a starter next year, Trent Brown will not be on the team, unless he losses 30 pounds. He’s not a great fit for oz run scheme. Kyle did a good job of adjusting. And apparently, they weren’t happy that he went on IR. I think we will find a RT that fits to us, not that we have to adjust to.

  18. other than Staley, I’d think ALL other OL positions are marked for upgrade in ’18, and a replacement for Staley needs to be groomed as well…

  19. Not sure if this has been asked but who runs the scouting department for the 49ers. Lynch is a new GM so he must rely heavily on the talent evaluations of his scouting department – probably even more so than other GMs. Who are those guys? Are they well respected? Are they holdovers from the Baalke regime? If so, why are they still employed by the 49ers? How much analysis and player selection is Shanahan doing or is he only defining the skill set he wants at each position and then leaving it to the scouting department to find the right guys?

    1. These are really good questions. I believe that there were a few additions and a good many holdovers due to the somewhat late hiring of KS and JL. How much turnover after the last draft would be of interest.
      How’s about it, Grant? If you go through PR Dept they would likely be cooperative and the research not too hard. Maybe score an interview from Lynch or someone a notch below……?

    1. Great info. Thanks for sharing that. Really like that Lynch seems to be trying to match the scout staff with the type of player Shanahan wants.

      1. That’s how all good GM’s treat their head coach. But so many are out there doing the my way or no way. Case and point, balkee and his previous coach hires. Doomed to fail because he drafted players as if he were the coach. Where was the drafted speed chip Kelly needed for his offense? Nowhere, because he was just the tip of balkees ship. A figure head. But that was balkees team through and through

  20. I was very surprised that Billy Wilson made 6 pro bowls. If Wilson with 6 and Willis with 6 aren’t in the HOF then I don’t think Staley will make it. 6 all pro selections, maybe, 6 pro bowls no. I know Willis isn’t eligible yet but I believe his career was too short for him to make it. Next years O line
    LT Staley
    LG draftee or FA
    C draftee or FA
    RG Garrett
    RT Brown

    1. Yeah, I even think Willis has a better case even though his career was shorter. It can at least be argued that Willis was the best at his position for a few years… I don’t think that can be said about Staley.

  21. Top 5 QB prospects

    1. Josh Allen
    2. Baker Mayfield
    3. Lamar Jackson
    4. Josh Rosen
    5. Sam Darnold

    I’d only draft one of the top 3 if I was selecting a team. Don’t particularly care for either Rosen or Darnold at this point. Jackson is iffy, amazing skill set with accuracy and size issues. Mayfield will need to mature personally be he’ll be an NFL starter. Allen remains my top pick and has for the past two years now, I would have drafted him #1 last year too.

      1. That would be too bad for Allen but I wouldn’t disagree with the selection. I don’t pay attention to Kiper but that’s interesting to know.

      2. That would be such a Browns thing to do. Take the guy who needs the most work and is most likely to bust. Thankfully for them they brought in a real GM who won’t make that mistake.

            1. Maybe just me, but what FA QB wants to go to Cleveland? I hear all this stuff about Brees, or Cousins, or Smith going there and I keep thinking:
              Show me that before I believe it.
              For mine these guys are too far along in their careers to gamble on the next great administration in Cleveland. I think Browns have to suffer through another journeyman vet trying to mentor Kiser and a high draft choice rook.

              1. Cousins to JETS……

                Bradford to Cardinals…..

                My unconfirmed sources tell me Alex stays in KC 1 more yr…..

    1. We are really at opposite ends of the spectrum this year CFC. I think Allen is talented but drafting him in the first round would scare me(although I probably would based on talent alone), never mind first overall. Allen is being rated on his physical traits right now which is really dangerous. I don’t recall a QB with his College stat line that has had a successful career in the NFL. I’m glad the Niners won’t have to make that decision. I would have said no way to Jackson previously, but after the success Watson had you never know. Coaches seem more willing to install a lot of spread concepts for these guys now.

      My top 5:


      1. Do you see Watson and Jackson as similar? I don’t. Watson was a passer first. Jackson is looking to run as soon as his first read is covered. I don’t think Jackson will have the same success as Watson.

        1. Matt Waldman seems to disagree with this and showcased how in his view Jackson keeps his eyes downfield when pressured while Allen does not.

          He has a few cutups on YouTube about it.

          But I didn’t see a Watson comparison and there shouldn’t be one. Jackson is a far better athlete but less tested under the bright lights.

          1. Tbh I haven’t watched a lot of Jackson so maybe I am jumping the gun a bit, but from what I have seen I wasn’t that impressed in his QB’ing ability. Big arm and dynamic runner that used those assets to light up college.

            1. Scooter,
              That’s fair, I thought the same thing from all the highlights I was seeing and based upon what I was hearing. It may well also be true to some extent, as he may take off to early sometimes… but based upon what I have seen since looking at his tape its overstated.

            2. #80

              I like it…but would we be sacrificing another year with 2 rooks and an unproven soph (Garnet) as starting Oliners ? If Andrew Norwood slipped in there as a starter instead of Garnet at either G position, we could live pretty ‘high on the hog’ with Tomlinson, Fusco, Kilgore and Garnet as backups or trade material….other than Garnet, these are proven pro players….

    2. Thankfully with JG I no longer have to care about QBs! But for me it is Rosen, Allen, a drop to Darnold, then no thanks.

  22. Fun fact courtesy Eric Branch comparing Trent Taylor’s production to that of the Baalke Six:
    “After Baalke officially became the 49ers general manager in 2011, he selected one receiver in each of his six drafts: Ronald Johnson (2011), A.J. Jenkins (2012), Quinton Patton (2013), Bruce Ellington (2014), DeAndre Smelter (2015) and Aaron Burbridge (2016).
    In their first NFL season, those six draftees combined for 17 catches (26 fewer than Taylor) for 207 yards (223 fewer than Taylor) and two touchdowns. In fact, those wideouts have combined for just 100 catches and 1,206 yards and two touchdowns while playing 87 games for the 49ers (Burbridge is the only one still on the roster).”

  23. Could see the end of an era in the NFL if the Patriots win the SB. With both coordinators expected to land head coaching jobs I fully expect Belichick to walk away if they win. 50/50 if they lose.

    Only question is, will Brady be willing to play under a different coach or will he decide to retire as well despite his insistence that he intends to continue playing.

    Can the Patriots lure Cowher back to coaching? Or maybe Dungy?

    1. Saw a blurb today that Patricia was already making coaching changes in Detroit. McDaniels to the Colts is just as done of a deal from what I hear. Those teams will have pen to paper within a few days of the 4th. I’d be very surprised if Belichick was to make an announcement that soon.

    2. You never know but Belichick strikes me as one of those guys who will be coaching into his 70’s. I don’t think he is interested in anything else. He’ll probably view starting over at the coordinator positions as a fun challenge quite honestly.

      1. This is the guy who wrote out his resignation statement on a napkin once, so…..
        Let’s just say I won’t try to out guess him….
        : -/

      2. You mean he’s the Jerry Brown of football?

        I still think both Brady and he walks away together when Brady turns 45. Saban will probably retire around that time and BB and he can go fishing together. As we can see from the rapidity with which Brady’s cut is healing, he’s not human and he can easily play till 45 winning a couple of more Lombardis. I hope to see Jimmy G vanquish this Old Order in a couple of years.

      1. Au contraire, Ben could ride out the next two years of his contract making $46M, winning 9-10 games each season while padding his stats for HoF. Steelers can spend a few years mired in stable mediocrity like the Ravens while ownership decides whether to do something radical for them, like firing Tomlin.

      2. Yeah, I think the Steelers need a clean out. Sounds like they have a lot of personalities in that locker room that think they are bigger than the team.

  24. Cornerback may not be the most pressing need. The Leo position is.

    How do you grade 49ers free agent addition Asa Jackson?
    SB Nation: He was suspended twice for taking Adderall for his attention-deficit disorder but now has the paperwork in order to do so legally.
    The Niners didn’t sign Jackson until a week into training camp. He impressed coaches by notching two interceptions as an outside CB in the final preseason game against the Chargers. Jackson started the season on the practice squad, then replaced Keith Reaser on the active roster after Week 1. He played four games on special teams and had three tackles before injuring his hamstring. At 28, it’s not clear how much future Jackson has in the NFL. (Seems like every time he’s made a roster, he gets injured off of it.) It’s good to see him get a nearly-full season on a roster though.

    TomD’s Take:

    STRENGTHS: There is little denying his speed and athletic ability.
    While he has a history of getting beat from time to time, Jackson has been a productive corner for years. He is effective in the run game and has the instincts to make plays on the ball in both the run and pass game. He isn’t the most physical corner, but he displays great range to recover when getting beat and almost always shows up around the ball.

  25. Finally, someone who does not want to draft Nelson, agreeing with TomD that he doesn’t fit Shanny’s outside zone scheme…….For some reason Razor wants him, but Razor never played at the RB position as TomD has…..This tub of lard would have to convert to center in Shanny’s system, not fast enough, fits a system that runs power……Chubb or Fitzpatrick would be TomD’s first pick w/o a tradedown.

    Players to draft:
    “I’m in the minority here, but I wouldn’t be a fan of picking Quenton Nelson. I think he’ll be a great player, but I don’t know if he’s rangy enough for an outside zone running team like Kyle Shanahan’s
    I don’t have a favorite player in the class. But if the 49ers would be in good shape if they landed any of the following: pass rusher Bradley Chubb (NC State), linebacker/pass rusher Tremaine Edmunds (Virginia Tech), Fitzpatrick, linebacker Roquan Smith (Georgia), Ward, Jackson, pass rusher Marcus Davenport (UTSA) or tackle Connor Williams (Texas).”

    1. I haven’t done much research on Edmunds. But he must be good to be considered a potential top 10 pick. What does this blog think of him?

      Ansah and Edmunds on the edges?

    1. Looking forward to reading about Haley and his wife getting into bar fights in Cleveland…. They need the excitement there.

    2. # 80,

      Edmunds would qualify as a luxury pick. He has only 10 sacks for his career and isn’t even 20 yrs old, so would be a project.
      He’s a sideline to sideline player, can read running plays and shoot the gap, but needs work on shedding blocks.

      Va Tech runs a 4-2-5 defense so his versatility allows him to drop in to pass coverage where he’s shown some skills. Don’t expect a sack artist here, although he’s 6-5/250 with speed.

      Hope this helps.

        1. Pita has some skills, but I see a lack of weight issue with Pita so sub-packages are his future for now.

          You saw what Brady did to the Jags on that 3rd and 18 play that cost them the AFC Championship.

          Time for the Niners to stop fooling around at the Leo and go get their next sack artist in Chubb.

          1. I agree. I think there’s a 99% chance we get Ansah for LEO. The SAM backer could be Pita if he gains weight. Would like an upgrade there too, not happy with Harold.

          2. TomD……

            I blame that loss to the Pats on the Jags coach. He had to have known that Bellichick would make adjustments in the D scheme, given how effective they were in the running game, 1st half. But he did nothing! Then the old former O-line coach reverts to what he’s comfortable with, tries to run it up the middle in the 3rd qtr for, what……….3 straight 3 and outs? …and lets Brady back in the game.
            They had that game!!!! Pats HC is THE premier NFL chess player……………..

            Any thoughts??????

      1. Edmunds was used often as a ‘spy’ since the Hokies had to play Clemson, Florida State, etc., someone was needed to stop big play scrambles at the QB position.

  26. Here is my first stab at what the 49ers will do in free agency and the draft.

    Tag Garoppolo (Garoppolo will wait to see what the team does before signing a long term deal)
    Resign C Kilgore for 3 years $10 million
    Sign DE Ansah for 6 years $90 million
    Sign WR Latimer for 2 years 8 million
    Sign WR/KR John Brown to 1 year 2 million

    Trade 10th pick to Bills for 21st and 22nd picks plus a late 2019 pick
    PICK 21: OG Billy Price
    PICK 22: RB Kerryon Johnson

    PICK 59: OLB Dorance Armstrong Jr.

    PICK 70: CB J.C. Jackson
    PICK 74: WR Equanimeous St. Brown

    PICK 124: RB Nyheim Hines

    PICK 134: OT Chukwuma Okorafor

    PICK 170: TE Caleb Wilson

    PICK 201: CB Quenton Meeks
    PICK 214: ILB Jack Cichy

    1. Not bad. Although I believe they sign one corner(maybe T Johnson) and an interior lineman(maybe Justin Pugh). I don’t see them going after the receivers you suggested. I think they are very systemic how they do things. I can see Gabriel if he becomes available and a Wr like Allen Robinson if he hits the market. But you did some nice things there.

      1. Thanks Rebuild. I am hoping they do not address the CB position with Johnson; he is a great example of good but not great player that is destined to have a franchise overpay for his services and then severely regret doing so.
        I don’t see the Giants letting Pugh walk, Gabriel may cost too much, and Robinson looks like a good candidate to get tagged.

    2. A lot of hard work in this , I would take this draft Midwest dynasty, but I still think Shannon wants an upgrade over Kilgore, still not sure who though!

    3. Midwest,
      I’m not sure about the talent in your mock but it certainly makes the top 10 all time unusual name draft.

    4. I’d love this (with the exception of the running back in the first) and have been advocating for a trade back for some time.

      However, the 21st and 22nd pick should get the Bills up to pick 5 through 7. In fact I could even see the Browns entertaining the offer…. So I would be a bit surprised if the Niners traded back from 9 and got 2 firsts from Buffalo.

      1. Only if Bills got QB hungry when SFs pick rolled around and were willing to pay over chart, which sometimes happens, but no additional late rounder to SF. In fact Niners might have to cough up their first and a 6/7 to swing that deal.
        As a GM (that I’ll never be) I’d take that deal unless I was head over heals in love with someone like Nelson or Fitzpatrick, etc who was still there.

    5. I like your draft, MWD but I think I’d change out those first three picks with:

      21. James Daniels, C/OG, Iowa
      22. Hercules Mata’afa, Edge, Wash St.
      59. Dallas Goedert, TE, S. Dakota St.

    6. Intriguing. I would prefer a Guard in free agency, though I guess that is why you picked Billy Price. I also like Price given his ability to play both Center and Guard. I see you placed an emphasis on a running back in the first round; what effect do you think that has on Williams? Are you considered with three second year or rookie running backs making up our rotation (Brieda, Williams, Johnson)?

      I’m not sure Okorafor lasts to Round Five, as scouts love his ability and I think he will do well in interviews.

      Time for the guess-timation fun to begin!

  27. LOL Coach. I wouldn’t be surprised! I’ve seen Albert play up close quite a few times. The kid (I use that word loosely) can play!

  28. Check out Matt Miller’s latest mock draft. There is no consensus yet on where prospects will get drafted and it’s still way to early. But, he has CB Denzel Ward (Ohio State) going to the 49ers at #10 and RB Mark Walton (Miami) at #60.

    Why would they pass on Quenton Nelson and select an unproven CB (1-year starter)?
    Why would the 49ers pass on Rashaad Penny and draft Walton instead?

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