John Clayton: “I don’t know that the Panthers can put up enough offense against SF’s defense.”

Wednesday on 95.7 The Game, John Clayton broke down the upcoming 49ers-Panthers game. Here is a transcript.

Q: How good is the Carolina team that comes to Candlestick on Sunday?

CLAYTON: “They’re good. They have some holes but they’ve started to turn the corner. You could see from the very first week that their front-seven may not be as good on defense as San Francisco’s, but it’s in the same shadow. I mean, it’s pretty good. It’s probably one of the top-two, three or four front-sevens in the league. San Francisco has the best in my opinion.

“Then you start to look at some of the things that are developing on offense – Cam Newton’s getting more confidence. Now, he doesn’t have a lot of weapons. San Francisco, until they get Manningham and Crabtree back on the field permanently, they don’t have the kind of weapons either, so there is a similarity there.

“The big hole that the Panthers have is in the secondary. They’re really patching the safety spot, patching the cornerback spot. The front-seven covers for it.

“I don’t know that the Panthers can put up enough offense against San Francisco’s defense. If that’s going to be the case, it should be a San Francisco win. But Carolina is a good team. I think they’re definitely in the hunt for the Wild Card.”

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