John Lynch expects Trey Lance to be with 49ers in 2023

John Lynch sat down Monday afternoon for his annual pre-draft address with the local media. With the 49ers not drafting until the end of round three, most of the discussion was about players already on the roster.

Trey Lance

Listening to Lynch speak it sounded as though the door could be open for a trade.

Lynch talked about how at this time a year ago he spoke with Mike McGlinchey about the possibility of the right tackle being traded.

“A year ago, it became apparent that a year away from that it would be tough to re-sign him. I brought Mike up and said, ‘From being a player myself, I never want you to hear from anyone else that you’re being shopped.’ If we are fielding inbound calls, I think I would be doing that every single day. I do think with the sensitivity of Trey’s position, may be a little different. Trey and I have talked, and we are on the same page.”

When asked to characterize the calls being made Lynch said, “it hasn’t been extremely active” and “it hasn’t been that substantive.”

Lynch did state he expects Lance to be on the 49ers roster this season, but the general feel was the quarterback could be had if a solid offer is received.

Compare Lynch’s answers on Lance to the one he gave when asked about possibly trading away Nick Bosa.

“That hotline is closed. That never opened,” said Lynch.

Brock Purdy

According to Lynch, Purdy is “making great progress” as he continues to rehab the surgically repaired UCL in his throwing arm.

Purdy is expected to start throwing twelve weeks post-surgery and he is currently at the six-week mark. This puts the next inflection point for Purdy to occur on June 2.

Purdy made some news during a recent interview when he mentioned he wasn’t sure if he would be able to play this year. Lynch seemed to dismiss this notion, stating it was “Brock being Brock and understanding that he needs to be exactly where he’s at, and that it doesn’t do him or anyone else a lot of good to be speculating about what’s to come.”

Nick Bosa

Lynch said their focus is on the draft and they will begin working on a contract extension next week.

As he has done in previous years Bosa is working out in Florida to prepare for the upcoming season. The 49ers track record suggests they will get a deal done with the pass rusher before the start of the season.

Brandon Aiyuk

Aiyuk has been suggested as a possible trade piece this offseason. This stems from the 49ers not yet picking up the wideouts fifth-year option along with the cost of paying both Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel in 2024. Lynch stated he expects an announcement on the option following the draft.

During his answer on Aiyuk, Lynch said “we’re trying to do something special this year.” Sounds like moving Aiyuk could come next offseason, like what the 49ers did with DeForest Buckner.

Nick Zakelj

The 2022 sixth round selection has been impressive this offseason. He’s been in Santa Clara since the end of the season and has made a lot of progress in terms of his strength and explosion.

Zakelj has the ability to play every position along the offensive line.

John Feliciano

The 49ers added Feliciano during free agency. The veteran has started several games at all three interior positions in his career.

When asked about the possibility of the veteran starting at right guard Lynch stated that “it’s open to him.”

Spencer Burford started at right guard last season as a rookie. Burford played inside and outside in college. With Mike McGlinchey departing during free agency, keep an eye on Burford competing with Colton McKivitz for the starting right tackle job.


Lynch noted the theme of this year’s draft is the depth, stating there are several good players who will be around for the 49ers if they stay at number 99 for their first selection.

San Francisco has a few new sets of eyes to help prepare this year. Steve Wilks has been helping on the defensive side while Klint Kubiak is doing the same for the offense.

Frank Gore has also been in meetings. The former 49ers great had shown an interest and Lynch wanted to provide the opportunity.

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  1. I would love for Gore to work with B. Turner. Bobby can’t stick around forever. I am leaning towards the 9ers making no major moves I put it at 95% that Aiyuk is around for at least one more year and 85% that Lance is around until at least the in season trade deadline.

  2. Sure hope they dont trade lance. He has looked good enough to get a fair shot. We gave up too much draft capitol and the physical talent/potential is too high to settle for a low 2nd rounder. For a high first rounder , i would consider it……but even then, i’d rather not.

    Zakelj might be the RT! I been saying this for months. I dont see RT as this giant “need” like most. Between Colton, Burfurd and Zakelj………one of em will win the job and play well! You can take that to the bank!! Last year, we had a similar situation,,,, ,except it pertained to 3 spots on the Oline. Not only did we fill all 3 spots in house, the line improved!
    BA- i expect him to stay around this year. If he continues to get better…..maybe we figure a way to keep him. Or, if we trade him…..that would be for a 2nd first round pick ( we will finally have our own). Then we could use those 2 picks to get into the top 5. That could be real interesting…….a book end stud edge rusher…..maybe a potential superstar wr to replace BA………maybe even Caleb Williams

  3. It’s interesting to hear Lynch’s thoughts on the possibility of trading Trey Lance and his assurance that he and Lance are on the same page. Additionally, the updates on Brock Purdy, Nick Bosa, Brandon Aiyuk, and other players provide valuable insights into the team’s plans moving forward.

  4. This stupid franchise would be dumb enough to trade 5 premium picks for Lance only to move on from him 2 years later for a bag of peanuts when he has barely even played. Of course they want to go all in with an injured rookie backup and a journeyman bust at QB. Mortgaging the future when we dont even have the horses. Stupid owners hire stupid people and thats what we are seeing here.

    1. Yeah…they could sign that rotting bag of turnips named that’s a QB for any team to hang their future on…there’s a reason why Sackorpick hasn’t played since the 9ers released him..and it ain’t racism or his ‘social justice warrior’ circus, as he’ll tell anybody that wants to listen….he is a one trick pony, that league DC’s figured out in short order

      1. Typical Smither response. CK7 was the best QB we have had this century and disputing that is sheer ignorance. Go root for the Raiders and the worst QB in the league since you love Jimmy G so much.

    2. Finally, there is some sanity on this blog. Why, how Lynch and Shanahan keep getting a pass on their big draft mistakes is beyond anyone’s football comprehension, certainly mine.

      1. Yep. KS is a loser and thats a fact. Always has been always will be. Just look at his track record, it speaks for itself. He chokes in the biggest moments. This loser franchise will never win anything with this loser HC and his hand picked loser QB. But stupid 49er fans will keep drinking Jed’s koolaid and being happy with always losing when it matters most. What a joke

        1. Bay,
          I have been a fan since the late 50s I can tell you what real losing is about, it is about :
          It is certainly not about:
          If I use your definition of a “loser” coach that means that Bill Walsh was a loser in 8 of his 11 years. WOW what a loser.

          1. Facts and numbers don’t resonate with Bay….he’s really Kapernick..BayAreaFan is his name on this thread

  5. It will be interesting this off season to see which draft picks shine and which struggle.

  6. I’d like to go into the draft with a positive attitude. Can you stop mentioning Steve Wilks.

      1. Not a Steve Wilks fan in the least. He’s living off one good defensive team from 6 years ago. Every coaching stop he’s had since 2017 has been an unmitigated disaster. I was a huge DeMeco fan. I think Wilks is a major step down in coaching and defensive strategy. I’ll take a wait and see approach but that coaching change may have the biggest impact on the 49ers success next year.

  7. Of course they want to go all in with an injured rookie backup and a journeyman bust at QB. Mortgaging the future when we dont even have the horses. Stupid owners hire stupid people and thats what we are seeing here.

    1) “John Lynch expects Lance to be with the 49ers in 2023.” MIKE DROP!
    * It’s amazing how a click bait article by a sports writer hack can influence the thinks of so many fans.
    2) WR Brandon Aiyuk is NOT going anywhere! At #19, with a PFF grade of 78.7, Aiyuk started in all 17 games for the 9ers. For the season, he recorded 78 receptions for 1,015 yards and was the 9ers top receiving threat.
    3) IMO, who plays RG and RT, weather it’s Nick Zakelj, Colton McKivitz, Jaylan Moore, or some one else, will be decided by who does the job during OTAs and pre season. Not by speculation!

    #99) EDGE: Zack Harrison, Ohio St
    #101) OT: Jaelyn Duncan, Maryland
    #102) SS: Daniel Scott, Cal
    #155) TE: Zack Kuntz, Old Dominion
    #164) RB: Keaton Mitchell E Carolina
    #173) QB: Dorian Thompson-Robinson, UCLA
    #216) LB: Jeremy Banks, Tenn.
    #222) WR: Bryce Ford-Wheaton, W. Virginia
    #247) OG/C: Jake Andrew, Troy
    #253) CB/S: Jarrick Bernard-Converse, LSU
    #255) K: Andre Szmyt, Syracuse

    LB: Shaka Troy, Duke
    WR: Jacob Copeland, Maryland

  9. I can’t get over the negativity of some of the posters on this blog. Guys, John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan are not buffoons. They know what they’re doing and where they’re going.

  10. Can’t get over the negativity on this blog. Guys, Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch are not buffoons. Please, give them some respect.

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  12. NFL rumors: Willie Snead, 49ers agree to one-year contract

    Report: 49ers bring back vet WR Snead on one-year deal originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay area:
    * The 49ers reportedly are bringing back one of their offensive depth pieces for the 2023 NFL season.
    San Francisco and veteran wide receiver Willie Snead have agreed to a one-year contract, KPRC 2 Houston’s Aaron Wilson reported Wednesday, citing a league source.

  13. Somewhat surprised that one day before the draft, things are fairly quite around here.

    But, perhaps that’s a good thing. My thoughts on this is that the 49ers don’t have any glaring major draft needs.
    Starting their draft picks at 99 is not going to bring in any 1st year starters. Beginning at 99 only validates the 49ers need for finding depth and developing players down the road.

    If the 49ers are contemplating finding a starter, they would need to trade up for one in the late to early 2nd rd. The two players in this draft range (imho) are Cody Mauch and Isaiah Foskey.
    We’ll see how the dust settles by the end of the weekend. It’s going to be a fun ride.

  14. This loser franchise will never win anything with this loser HC and his hand picked loser QB. But stupid 49er fans will keep drinking Jed’s koolaid and being happy with always losing when it matters most

  15. Sounds like CJ Strouds S2 results may have been reported incorrectly. The co founder of the company said that the scores that are being reported are not correct.

  16. Chase Young for T. Lance trade rumors are all over the net and youtube. I think reporters are just grasping for content here 1 day from the draft. If there is any truth I hope the 9ers make a hard pass.

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