John Lynch must go

From left to right, San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch poses for photos with draft picks Reuben Foster, Solomon Thomas and head coach Kyle Shanahan at a news conference in Santa Clara, Calif., Friday, April 28, 2017. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Fire John Lynch.

Fire him in a month. Fire him next Tuesday. Doesn’t matter. Just fire him soon and hire a new general manager, someone with experience. Someone who knows what he’s doing. Not another former-player-turned-broadcaster like Lynch who hasn’t the faintest clue about running an NFL franchise.

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    1. I certainly agree with Grant and I am grateful that he tells the truth. Lynch is a nice man but was never a good choice for the position he holds. Jed needs to make some decisions soon. And yes, the draft record is just appalling. Baalke was bad also so the accumulated impact on the Niners and their future is devastating.

    2. JL is a nice guy, but..Grant doesn’t mince words, tells it like it is. The haters will hate, whine and can’t handle it. Grant knows there will always be a little peanut gallery to ignore.

    3. Lynch is going no where this year. Grant should be banned from the 49ers press briefings and then he could get all his info like from tv and interent. Like we do and kinda like he gets his travel game info. From his couch.

    4. The way the owners are JL probably won’t be let go and Grant is right and has every right to be at the press briefings. Another bad draft might wake up the Yorks.

    1. McGlinchy is better than “no impact.” He is about average at his position. But I also think he was chosen too high. And don’t forget the lamentable Stanford guard pick.

      1. He’s above average. And it’s not just Niner fans saying that.

        “Mike McGlinchey, Quenton Nelson’s former Notre Dame teammate, hasn’t disappointed the San Francisco 49ers’ decision to do so. Pro Football Focus had him ranked as the league’s top rookie offensive lineman by a large margin after the first seven games.”

        “McGlinchey will be a San Francisco block for the long haul.”

        Grade: A

        From the same article. “and there’s nothing wrong with grabbing a franchise tackle with a top-10 pick.”

        The best T in the class going at #10 or higher is normal.

        What about that Stanford guard? That was a Baalke pick.

    2. Yeah, that comment is ridiculous.
      He might as well say Offensive linemen in general have no impact because they don’t run, catch or pass. He’s already better than Trent Brown, which I didn’t expect.

      My only concern with him, is that I believe he is a career right tackle… which really isn’t that bad given the number of pass rushers in the NFL.

      1. JL would show class by standing tall, and being unflappable. JL deserves some censure for being clueless about Foster. It just showed a total lack of awareness, and they needed to be on top of the situation, instead of getting bludgeoned with a dazed look on their faces. JL should show he can take the tough questions, because he tried doing puff pieces, and this fiasco hit like a ton of bricks.
        Sometimes, the hotter the fire, the stronger the steel. Being afraid and turtling are not admirable traits. Being petty and vindictive are less so. JL should man up and do his mea culpas. He could show Jed how it should be done. That is, if they want to change the culture.

        1. Some of Fosters problems were predictable. But for the most part the extent they degenerated required a total nut case like his girl friends involvement. It was purely misfortune that put her in his path. Sort of reminds one of the the woman on the train with the ” Natural”. Dysfunction will look for weaknesses to sink it’s teeth into. Forster c ertainly had his weaknesses but they also required someone like Ennis to exacerbate them into the situation that exists now.

  1. Lol. You aren’t even trying to hide the rips for clicks approach anymore. Nobody is getting fired this year. Time to find a new angle.

  2. Snickers, anyone?
    – If they’re not in the playoffs in 2 years and challenging for a championship, then a discussion can be had.

  3. Its fair to question whether Lynch/ the scouting team deserves to be retained, but the hyperbole around how bad the picks are doesn’t add to the argument. Just makes it look sensationalist.

    And its not going to happen anyway. Lynch will be here next year. Both he and Shanahan have next year to right the ship.

    1. Exactly. This would all be warranted next year with a healthy Jimmy G and a 2-9 record. But as of today it’s all horse sh$t!

    2. This is one of my biggest gripes with Grant these days. He’s a sensationalist. To say he’s over the top would be an understatement!

      That’s not to say there aren’t positives to be had reading Grant’s hyperbole. For one, I feel like my eyes get a workout reading Grant Cohn, thanks to the constant drive to roll my eyes!

      1. I followed up on Nick/Joey Bosa’s pedigree that someone posted over on Niners Nation. Nick’s father was John Bosa a former defensive end for the Miami Dolphins. His mother is the sister of Eric Kumerow who was a standout linebacker for Ohio State but was disappointing in the NFL.

      2. Raz

        well, no one can fault you for not being consistantLY WRONG……One day you’ll come ’round to the Fact that Thomas is not Dline material…He isn’t big enough….

        1. Nope, but Ford has the best chance of the top available. The Chiefs will probably play tag, you’re it though. They’ve got like 17 players to resign due to final years of respective contracts….

  4. WTF.

    When was the last time grant broke any Niner news? All opinion pieces. Is his relationship with the organization broke?

  5. Mcglitchy is a stud. One of the better RT in football. Do you see our running game without a serviceable QB? Kittle is not good he might be great. Top 3 TE in football. Pettis has a chance to be a very good Wr. Warner looks like a future pro bowler. EVERY GM has missses. Right now Thomas looks like a major reach. But he is 22 years old. Plenty of time to turn things around. Way to early to dismiss anyone. Next year 8 wins is a must if not it’s time to change things again. Let’s remember if the Niners had JG they would probably be sitting at 8-3 or at worst 7-4., No one can survive a season when you lose a very good QB in week 3 for the season. Very big off season for Kyle and John. It’s time to spend some money or trade for some play makers on both sides of the ball. Year 3 no more patience. We lost a year this year. Oh by the way we must lose out the rest of the way… #1 pick is essential!

  6. It’s Deja Vu all over again. Anybody that has the time, and the resource, sift through the chronicle archives to 1979 and 1980, and probably early 1981. You’ll read Cohn Sr.’s constant, daily criticism of Bill Walsh, who was the Head Coach and General Manager. He called for his firing. He said he could do better. He criticized players. He criticized the draft. He criticized tactics. He criticized what Walsh wore for God’s sake. In fact, our current Cohn, who I refer to as Coach/GM Cohn because he thinks he is, despite no practical experience in either occupation, writes so similar to the former, his father, that it’s weird, to be honest. But not surprising. The shame of it all is, just like the former, who was a great writer other than most of his, as it turned out, wrongly perceived hit pieces on the Niner Organization, and everything about it, the current also is a darn good writer when he steers clear of this crap. I imagine that when the Niner’s turn it around, most likely and I hope, with John and Kyle, the current will jump on the bandwagon like the former did in mid season, 1981, and proclaim like the former did that he knew it all along. So predictable, and pathetic. Hey Coach/GM Cohn, I’ll bet you don’t have the cojones to confront John in person with all these arbitrary accusations! In fact, I no you don’t. Just like 1979/80.

    1. I remember that interview Grant had with Eddie. Mr Debartolo joshed Grant about his father’s hard hitting columns, and hoped Grant would go easy on him. Of course, back then, Eddie scoffed at any criticism, and declared he did not read the papers. Then he admitted to Grant that he read every word.
      Ah, yes, I fondly remember those Glory Years. I would grind my teeth over Lowell’s screeds, daring Bill to prove him wrong. In retrospect, I found them to be master motivational tools, because Bill seemed to maneuver around all the pitfalls Lowell described.
      I would be incensed, but I would also read every word. Grant is a chip off the old block.
      If JL can get upset over a writer, imagine what his football opponents would do.

  7. Grant trying hard to get a better job, maybe one that will take him to away games. Can’t predict injuries and maybe some of these players are late bloomers and maybe Lynch is on a learning curve, hey I remember Walsh choosing Todd Shell, talking about injured and a bust. Grant maybe you are ahead of your time and Lynch will be canned but it won’t be in year two.

        1. Don’t do that.

          Don’t do the both sides crap when we all know that one side is operating in the world of insanity, and the other isn’t even close.

          Were you one of those people who said “Trump and Hillary are basically the same”? Me thinks 99% of those people would take that statement back in an instance.

    1. Yes, I would like to hear more stories like about his parents, and less stories about Foster.
      I like Wilson’s mindset about winning. They can only change the losing culture by winning games.

  8. Lynch deserves at least three off seasons. It wasn’t till Bill Walsh had completed three full off seasons that his genius started to show. Calling for Lynch’s head now is premature.

  9. Nice Rebuild. Agree 99%. The only thing I think differently is the 8 wins. I think they will finish 2-14 this year. I think 6 wins next year is acceptable and shows progress. It would then really mirror the 1979 to 1981 turnaround. That team went 2-14, 6-10, 13-3. 8 wins would be great but I don’t think it’s a threshold that decides whether John and Kyle or one of them is fired if it’s not achieved. Of course if they have another 2,3, or 4 win season, then I would say all bets are off. I don’t think that will be the case. Nice job. You showed common sense. Something that is missing in Coach/GM Grants piece.

  10. Typical Grant click bait article. Lynchs not all that bad in my opinion is Thomas that guy sucks. Pettis garbage pick. Foster I get I would have done the same. He’s learning he will get better he’s a first time gm.

    1. What about this crew? In the end, how much cap space did they have and what have they got them show for it? How many draft picks?

      Look, I’m ok with the criticism of Washington, but that finger we point has four pointing right back at us.

      Some here say we have these all world players, we do not. Kittle is good and a solid TE, but he has yet to reach elite level. Same is true for McGlinchy. He is a good run blocker but not a good pass protector. Gave up at least one sack this past game. Warner is Ok but has trouble communicating and has little in the way of big play abilities. Solid but not dynamic nor game changing. Buckner is a consistent force but has no one to complement his abilities. JG is a very good QB but needs to stay on the field and then we will see. McKinnon is largely unknown what, if anything he is capable of, so all his promise remains to be seen. The rest of the crew…well therein lies the fly in the ointment. Many wouldn’t even make decent teams rosters.

      Many called for this team to make the playoffs, but that was inflating this team beyond what they were capable of achieving. Yes, last year’s team played many close games and might have won, but they didn’t and lost all those close games. Same is true this year.

      With JG they might have won 2-3 more games, not the inflated numbers that I see posted. This is still a team in transition and it still seems stuck in first gear.

      Lynch is partially to blame. He should have never had the job. Too inexperienced and needed to be able to tell Shanahan no. He hasn’t. That’s partially why so many draft picks were squandered or mal used. I like Lynch, liked him as a player, broadcaster and seems like an all around good guy. Hate BB but respect what he is able to do. He is one of the greatest. Same was true of Parcels and J. Johnson. I don’t feel that way about Lynch. He seems too cozy with the press and affable.

      To me Shanahan always comes off as arrogant. You can do that if you have something to show for it but he doesn’t. He is young and still learning but doesn’t seem to be flexible in his approach. His protégé in LA seems far more malleable to his system and I think has had better results (yes, I’m aware he has better personnel too). But Shanahan needs someone with some football gravitas to help him understand that he isn’t as great as he think he is.
      Even the Roman generals had a slave whisper “Thou art mortal!” In their ear during triumphs. Kyle sorely needs someone like that, or I fear this Shanalynch experiment will end poorly.

      Then everyone will decry bad luck, or injuries, or what might have been, but it won’t matter. You see, I hear Washington fans doing that all the time too, so I know what it looks like. I also spoke to a few about Shanahan and they were none too complimentary.

      1. East coast,
        Mike Shanahan embodies all of what you are speaking on. Wish they would seek his wisdom. KS is soft I agree he can’t finish teams. I. E. Super bowl loss to Brady. let’s not forget NOBODY wanted these jobs. NOBODY wanted to work for York jr. The rams won the coaching lottery true. Big picture Kyle and Lynch are what our reality is. They stepped up and are trying. They got one more year to turn it around or fans will start tuning out. At least we aren’t still talking about number 7. Dare anyone speak his name.

        1. I will. Kaep could play and he would be superior to Mullens and CJB.
          Guess the Niners, Skins and Bengals would rather lose without Kaep, than win with Kaep.
          Of course, when KS designated Mullens as the starter, he was conceding defeat. Seahawks will eat him alive. They just beat Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey.
          At least CJB is somewhat mobile, and can throw the deep ball.
          Both QBs are good if they want to tank.

  11. JL is not solely responsible for the drafts. Everyone had their hand in the bucket. The 2 who I would blame the most are Paraag and KS for the setbacks.
    Paraag because of his analytics. He probably said that Foster was too good to pass up, looking at his physical skills, and totally ignoring the red flags. Paraag was snookered by a division rival. The Niners should have just been patient, passed on Foster, and selected any one of the next 10 players drafted. They would have saved that 4th round pick. The Seahawks drafted Tedric Thompson FS, with that pick, and right now, he will start against the Niners next game.
    Paraag also had his fingerprints all over the Kentavius Street, ACL pick. So what if he cannot play, his rating is too good to pass up.
    KS was highly influential. In the first draft, he allowed the first picks to be on defense, but then moved up into the third round to draft CJB, his favorite QB in the draft. KS gave up Jaleel Johnson, the player the Vikings chose for moving back. KS then convinced JL to draft Joe Williams, a player JL did not have on his draft board. The Colts drafted Marlon Mack with the pick from the Niners. Additionally, they gave up a third round pick to move up 15 spots in the 2018 draft, and missed out on Alvin Kamara.
    So, if only the Niners had remained patient, the could have selected Tedrick Thompson, Alvin Kamara. Jaleel Johnson and Marlon Mack. KS reached, and was impatient.
    JL made it a consensus decision, but he did not influence the others more than Paraag and KS did.

    1. Trading up is a good strategy if there is a player they covet that will put them over the top and into the playoffs.
      Trading up into the third round to get a player who was ranked in the 6th round, smacks of desperation and poor judgement. Trading up to grab a red flagged player they probably could have gotten as a free agent was foolhardy.
      Trading up, by spending picks, was not wise. The team needed bodies, so they should have been patient and locked up as many players as possible under rookie contracts. Look at what the Seahawks did. They traded back multiple times and restocked their roster.
      The trade up strategy became a fiasco when 2 players have turned out to be busts. 2 other players are backups. Both Foster and Williams have disappeared like a puff of smoke. CJB has a 1-9 record, and KS is starting an UDFA over him. Pettis only played because both starters did not play. Pettis was picked by trading up, but 2 superior WRs were available, and if they did not move up, 2 better WRs were still on the board.
      KS wanted three of those players, so it was not JL’s fault. Next time, they should only trade back, and try to trade back multiple times, especially since they only have 5 draft picks.
      JL should take off his draft board all red flagged players and ACL players. He should pick the best player available that fills a need, and look for high character players. KS should sit back, and let the scouts do their job. JL should set some goals and parameters, and try to achieve his goals and stay within his parameters. He should rely less on Paraag, and go with his gut. JL should only do deals that are a win/win for both sides.

    2. “JL is not solely responsible for the drafts. ”
      He ultimately is, as he has final say over the draft per Jed, Kyle and John.

      And as you like to say, a guy who builds one of the least talented rosters in the NFL is not above reproach.

      1. Shoup, the team is 2-9. They ALL own that.
        Now the peanut gallery is whining about how MEAN Grant is, and how ridiculous the idea could be.
        Grow up. This is the real world. Guys get fired all the time. Especially 2-9 GMs.
        However, there has to be a plan. Jed cannot fire Lynch without a replacement in place, or he will just be pilloried and humiliated even more.
        Maybe Jed should be the one who should take the blame, but it is hard to fire the owner. He is laughing all the way to the bank. Maybe mommy can save the day, but I am not holding my breath.
        Sure, I am defending JL. He is a nice guy, and has the best of intentions. He has stopped the leaks, and is committed to building a winning culture. JL is light years better than Baalke, and the stench of Baalke still lingers. Even on this site.
        I may defend JL, but I have been pretty brutal, too. I think he should bite the bullet and let Grant interview him. I called him clueless about the Foster fiasco. Sure, he deserves blame for the draft, but he is not a megalomaniac like Baalke, and actually accepted input. Too bad he got bad advice.
        It’s OK, those memories of the Glory Years will sustain me, so I will support my team, win or lose. However, like KS says, ya gotta protect the team. No one person should be allowed to hurt the team. Well, the team is being hurt by the FO and the coaching. They are making way too many mistakes, and seem to be defeating themselves. The team is unfocused, unprepared, and let others shape them too easily. They waste time outs like drunken sailors and run into the teeth of the defense. KS thinks yelling at players is an effective coaching tool, but then rips AW for showing up a team mate. All I want is basic competency, but that is sorely lacking. I may rip the team, but I also am providing ways to improve. They are definitely tanking because they say they want to do everything in their power to win, then ignore Kaep, the last QB to lead them to a SB. This is not the elegant tank. This is the stumblebum, Keystone Cops, farcical train wreck.
        Grant is like the little boy who says the emperor is wearing no clothes. The fools surrounding the emperor are getting uptight, and try to shout him down. That only makes them look even more foolish. Are you with the emperor, or with the little boy?

  12. JL has done well with the FAs. It got so bad with Baalke, decent FAs would avoid the Niners like the plague.
    JL did manage to get Garcon, who had done well with KS and his system. Juice and Richberg were good pickups. McKinnon looked good, but became injured.
    Obtaining JG for a song made even the misses on free agency like Attaochu insignificant.
    Finally, they got their franchise QB, but then JG tore his ACL, which doomed the season.
    JL should be faulted for being unaware that Foster was still with his toxic GF, but I guess Foster fooled a lot of people. Hopefully, JL has learned his lesson, and will avoid the red flagged players.
    JL will not be fired, because Jed knows he has no replacement. Jed does not want to go to other teams, hat in hand, and become more humiliated, with doors slammed in his face.
    JL has built a squad that had depth, but the coaches may not have put the right players in their right positions to succeed, Then the injuries made winning a daunting challenge. Even so, the Niners could have won some more games if the coaches knew how to finish games.
    JL will stay, but the position coaches may be coaching for their jobs. Saleh is on the hot seat, and maybe KS should fire his OC, and hire an innovative OC so he can concentrate on being the Head Coach.

  13. Lynch gets an F for the 2017 draft. Kittle as the lone high point doesn’t offset all of the horrors that took place.

    He gets a C- for the 2018 draft: He addressed a key position of need with the first pick and used it on the best prospect at the position. He also drafted Fred Warner who is a quality linebacker and he didn’t over draft him. It’s only a C- because the rest of the picks were pure garbage. Not to mention the horrible trade up for Pettis.

    This is not how you rebuild a team. We’re basically still starting from the beginning. If Lynch blows the next draft the team should feel obligated to remove him.

    1. McGlinchey is a servicable right tackle who struggles in pass protection. His strength is run blocking, but the 49ers struggle to run against loaded boxes, so his impact is minimal. The 49ers passed up impact players to get him. Bad pick.

      1. Mcglitchy is one of the best RT in football and he is a rookie lol. Secondly they can’t run against a stacked box because they don’t have there QB. Brilliant stuff as usual LOL.

      2. I wouldn’t call him an all-pro but I do think your evaluation is a bit harsher then what most think they see in the player.

        It’s his first season and all things considered he’s doing pretty well. Getting a “serviceable” starting right tackle is a good pick in my book.

          1. Would I have preferred those picks? Yes. Doesn’t make McGlinchy a bad pick though.

            The team had reasons to doubt Brown was going to ever be a reliable starting right tackle. Drafting the best tackle prospect in the draft and letting him compete with the guy you’re not sure about at a pretty important position is a smart move. The fact that they drafted a starting right tackle and then flipped a 7th round question mark for a 3rd round pick is again, a smart move.

            I’ll be curious to see who they use that 3rd rounder on.

            1. Not only is Brown a reliable starting right tackle, he’s a quality left tackle. And the 49ers practically gave him away. Who knows if McGlinchey can play left tackle?

              1. The best move was to keep Brown at RT and play McGlinchey at RG for a year or two, them move him RT and Brown over to left.

  14. At a combined 10m+ per year, KS and JL have 2 more years. Then hammer drops if no playoffs.

    Jimmy G, if he were playing, I sense 9ers would still be sucking. Bad drafts=suckage. It’s how it works in the NFL.

  15. Grant. Fire John Lynch!!!! That may be the dumbest thing you have ever advocated. It is dumber even than your godforsaken plea to bring Kapernick back. And personally I thought that was pretty much the height of nonsense but now I see you had unexplored potential for utterly stupid suggestions.

  16. Read Kawakami or Lombardi in The Athletic. Kawakami is definitely someone who can be very critical and “tells it like it is” for all those who seem to find blame their only solace, yet his criticism has a level of professionality that is often missing from this site.

    Listen to a plethora of other football professionals from writers, broadcasters, and players on KNBR online podcasts. There is plenty of criticism, but not the over-the-top emotional reasoning I read here.

    To fire Lynch at this point would be knee-jerk idiocy at its finest.

  17. This year’s draft is looking pretty damn good. Not to late to move Solomon to the interior. CJ and Joe Williams were on Kyle, they’ll think twice about shiny objects in the future. Finding Breada was a steal, and Mostert is looming like a monster.
    Reuben was a gamble we were ALL pumped about. It was worth the gamble. Maybe a little more research on red flags next time. No red flaggers next year, can’t afford the miss.

  18. I agree with two exceptions:
    1.) mike McGlinchey was a needed and good pick. Games are won and lost by the OL and DL. So far he has played very well.
    2.) Reuben Foster was a good pick. He was a highly rated prospect but had some question marks. The end result was not good, but it was worth the risk.

    My problem with the drafts have been the 49ers penchant for drafting players too early. I do not think Dante Pettis is a bad player, but he likely could have been drafted later. CJ Beathard would have been an excellent selection in Round 6.
    My problem with the FAs is that the 49ers get rid of players like Trent Brown and Eric Reid who are better than the backups they were replaced by. If the 49ers had cap issues, it would make sense. When they have huge cap space available, I do not see why a team would get rid of good players for marginal players.

  19. Grant, I’m sure you’re a likeable enough young man but you must go. I’m firing you today. You were handed a job because of your father – not because of your talent. Your early writing bordered on pathetic but you have improved to achieve a level of mildly annoying. Your attack prose is nothing more than an attempt to corner the market on discontent fans upset after losing seasons. Your narcissistic claims that the 49er coaches actually listen to your suggestions is laughable at best, moronic at worst. I understand it’s difficult to carve out a place for yourself in the world of sports journalism but I find it unimaginable that you actually believe the manure you write, which makes you less than genuine and hard to stomach. I hope you can find a meaningful career as a secret shopper or managing complaints for an airline or something where you can use your negativity for good. Anything except sports journalism to which you are clearly unsuited.

    I wish you the best and congratulations on your engagement. Sounds like you might be engaged to a young lady with heritage from India. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in that country (Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai). You’re right – the food is fantastic. When I come back it takes some time to get used to how bland American food is compared to Indian food. Give me the spice, brother. Anyway, good luck. I hate to fire you but it’s for your own good.

    Mazel tov

    1. “Your attack prose is nothing more than an attempt to corner the market on discontent fans upset after losing seasons.” Good insight Houston. I wonder though if there aren’t a lot more of discontent and really discontent fans that read his work. Like EastCoast9er, you are not living in the Bay Area. When I travel around the country I get the same impression East does. Most just laugh and roll their eyes when I tell them I’m a 49er fan. They act as though I’m a low IQ guy for supporting these clowns. It’s that or sadness for the fact that the franchise died when the Yorks took over and when you’re dead, you’re not ever coming back. You know what would happen if one of the outsiders posted an attaboy for Grant, the local mob here were tear him or her up. Anyway, I don’t doubt for a minute that you have correctly identified the market that Grant is targeting. Whether it’s as large as I sense it is is the great unknown.

      1. I’m also out of the Bay Area, in NYC. When I tell of my 49er fandom, I mostly get thumbs up, that team has a bright future. Of course these are from Jets, Giants and Eagles fans, three other underperforming teams.

        1. I must be hanging out with the wrong crowd. I’ve heard that Eagles’ fans would hate their mother if she rooted for another team.

          1. And all the Eagles fans I know are not very complimentary about anyone who isn’t the Eagles. Should have heard what they said about Chip Kelly!

            Most people think Cleveland will get better before we do. They thought Solo was soft and that the team needs a mean streak. I tend to agree.

          2. This flop of a SB defense season has brought many of them back to earth. Generally Eagles fans save their ire for Giants fans and vice versa. A 49ers fan is some sort of exotic creature they’ve yet to figure out ;)

            1. Their ire is generally directed at NFC East opponents for sure with Giants being tops of their invectives.

              However they say we got rid of a great coach and have been a horror since.

      2. WC,

        You just described the same fan experience for the majority of the league. Few teams have won consistently and even fewer have won a SB in the last 20 years. The team has been abysmal for the majority of the York ownership, but asking for people to be fired less than two years into a job is not going to make it better. Take a look at the teams who are in a constant state of change due to firing Coaches and you will see that they are the worst franchises in sports; not just the NFL. Whether you choose to accept it or not, there is a reason the team stinks this year and it’s not due to incompetence. Most teams will struggle when they lose the players the Niners have, never mind a team in transition.

        1. Never said Lynch should be fired. In fact I think the opposite. I really believe that he started slowly and let others have too much input because of his inexperience. I say he has to stand up and take ownership of the decisions that come out of that building. The guy is a winner and given enough time I think he will do the job. I’d like to see both him and Kyle get the full 6 years. But try to remember that Harbaugh has the record in the York’s history of ownership at 4 years…and the 4th year was sabotaged by Jed and Baalke. I’m a trust but verify kinda guy. I personally think that Lynch has to do something other than say: “We’re going to do better”. In my book, Lynch, a defense guy, has to replace Saleh or at a minimum bring in some guys a little closer to my age than Saleh’s. (I’m the same age as Wade Phillips FYI). To use a phrase from the business world: Keeping the same staff is bad optics. NFL stands for “Not For Long” and that applies to coaches too. Nothing personal, just my $.02.

    2. Houston,
      That was classic, I had to read that twice and the Mazel Tov was a nice touch. I am not on here as much as I once was, but glad I caught this.

    3. Houston,
      Thanks for expressing my thoughts in your writing.
      Grant has hit his ceiling here. And to make matters worse, he has taken a chapter from Seb’ book on narscissicm.
      I believe that Grant is really a cool guy in his down time, but on company time his act is played out and tired.

      1. Agree!

        Grant would make a great neighbor, but I wouldn’t want him to captain my next flight inbound to SFO at night, in low clouds and rain, on instruments. Especially as he battles with air traffic controllers on approach.

  20. One thing to remember, is that Grant called the Foster pick. He questioned picking him on two counts, the injuries and his judgment. And he was correct. He graded the draft harshly it seemed, but in hindsight, he was more correct than wrong.

    I know he can be hyper-hyperbolic but generally will call out some of the gross excesses of the team before anyone else. His style is exaggerated, and has a tendency for hot takes, but he’s been right several times now.

    1. Grant was also high on Joe Williams and now he uses that pick to bash Lynch. If you lob enough grenades at a teams decisions you’re bound to be right a few times. 49ers took a risk on Foster that didn’t work out. Lesson learned.

      1. Yep there is a laundry list of guys Grant was high on who flamed out quickly. That’s the norm in a business where you really don’t know how it will work out. You get the odd one right while the vast majority are wrong. Welcome to the draft.

          1. “Most people on this blog would have a better draft record that Lynch right now.”

            This is true, and it includes Grant, myself, and everybody else that didn’t mock Solomom Thomas.

              1. “Don’t believe everything you think. Case in point, “the 49ers should sign Kaepernick immediately”

                That was laughable, but Grant was talking about the draft in this case.

              1. The draft is a lot more than the first round pick. It’s a lot easier to sit in your living room or office with nothing on the line and pick names off a spread sheet. None of us have any idea how hard it is to do it in real time with everything hanging in the balance.

              2. Lynch whiffed on his first five picks last year, and nine of his 10. I would have done better. Even you would have.

              3. Lattimore is currently in a sophomore slump, Hooker seems to be always injured, and Adams would have made a crowded SS group all the more crowded.

    2. I know some don’t like it when I post old comments from other people, so take my word for it or look it up for yourselves, Grant gave the Foster pick a B grade.

      1. Initially #80 you are right, but that was a lower grade than everyone else gave and he said it was a risky pick. At the end he gave a much lower grade. This was when people were giving it an A+.

        Round 1, pick No. 31: Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama. Would have been an “A” pick if Foster hadn’t had rotator-cuff surgery in February, failed a drug test at the Combine and invited a tobacco- and marijuana-vaporizer producer to host his draft party Thursday night. Seems like the type of person who may not last long in the NFL, a la Aldon Smith. Grade: C-minus. /a>I

          1. My reply didn’t post earlier. GMs don’t have that luxury, this is true, but they also spend considerable time vetting players which some of us do not have access to as well. And it is their job.

            Besides, we were talking about Grant’s grades, not whether his criticism of Lynch is merited. I don’t believe that any of us could do better, but I also believe that he is way above his head too. That is not to say that I don’t believe he can right the ship, he can, but there will have to be lots of changes too.

            Im with Rocket , it is very easy for us to pick players and think we can do better, however, the team we invest in also owes us a good quality product on the field. And all those who play a part are not above reproach.

  21. Grant is angry his ‘I challenge the 9ers‘ dare didn’t get traction within the 9ers organization. He’s more than angry…

    I believe Lynch hasn’t been firing on all cylinders at all times and is deserving of a critical look. No Grant, I’m not a Lynch homer. I think he’ll have one more season–at a minimum–to help right the ship. One more draft, one more round of UDFA/FAs, one more series of OTAs, one more training camp, one more season.

    I agree with Houston 9er.

  22. I agree with Grant in spirit. I remember when the Lynch hire was announced. I was at a restaurant in Austin, and ironically sitting next to one of Lynch’s pals from Denver at the bar. He immediately texted Lynch and congratulated him. Turns out the guy was also pals with Elway. Shared a bunch of stories about Elway and while he was being complimentary and praising him, he was also illustrating what a dolt Elway is. Elway and Lynch are close. They’re part of a network of good ole boys with Stanford pedigrees, jocks that look good on paper.

    I didn’t judge the hire of Lynch out of the gate, but that first draft was a real head scratcher. He was dead set on drafting Thomas, which I thought was a huge mistake. If they wanted a lineman, I much preferred Derek Barnett of Tennessee. That guy was a flat out sack machine.

    I was dead set against Foster. The event at the combine was a deal breaker for me. Bad shoulder, terrible emotional IQ,
    no thanks.

    The Niners can’t fire Lynch now, but again, I agree with Grant in spirit. What they need to do is find a young, hot shot head scout, or an assistant in a front office that makes good moves.

    I’d target JW Jordan who is the Director of Draft Management for the Rams.

    The Rams usually draft really well and grabbing another team’s brain capital is always good.

    This would put Lynch on notice in some ways, that he has to get better or there’s a guy in the org that could step in, in 2-3 years when that contract is winding down.

  23. Grant….

    Please open a poll. Let’s have 5-7 viable GM candidates listed and let’s all vote. Viable candidates–meaning they are alive, are fully capable/knowledgeable/experienced, and are immediately available or will be no later than January 2019. Let’s be serious. Please, open the poll and let’s learn what the masses want.

    1. Lynch can’t be fired at this point and I think a poll like this would be a waste of time and energy on everyone’s part. I do think that hiring a young, hotshot underling from outside the echo chamber would be a smart move and light a fire under Lynch’s ass, and have someone in house, ready to go should Lynch continue to stumble.

      1. I’m requesting the poll in an effort to turn the lights on and get Grant to openly entertain the ‘new GM’ matter. Let’s get it on the record–everyone.

  24. I think that Lynch’s failure to get off to a good start comes from his inexperience and is greatly affected by the 49ers front office. Knowing his lack of experience, he opted to go along to get along and instead of doing what real hard core GMs do and taking full charge, he essentially let a committee form to make decisions and the result is what we see. The key to me is that he realize that he is under the microscope, not the committee. He has to take ownership of what goes on and assert himself or he will be forever tainted with decisions that he let others influence too much. (Kyle wants CJ v2 – no Kyle here’s what you’re going to get). If they’re going to throw you under the bus, you and only you have to make sure it is for things you did and not for just going along with the program. Grant’s hit piece could be a wake up call for Lynch, and where it starts IMO is in re arranging the staff and getting some new blood in. If it’s just hope for a better draft and leave the entire staff in tact and he fails, it will be a further demonstration of incompetence and another nail in his career coffin. Bad draft and FA picks or bad coaching? Career wise Lynch is better off suggesting that it wasn’t all him that led to this disaster and he’s going to make the necessary changes. That is not primarily a football decision BTW, that’s a career decision – and sometimes that’s the way it’s got to be. Don’t just stand there, do SOMETHING!

    1. I tend to agree with this. Jed York hired a well respected football guy with zero experience running an NFL Personnel Dept. When you do that, you have to expect some growing pains. Lynch has probably suffered from trying to be too much of a consensus builder in the picks. At the end of the day you need a guy who works with the coaches to identify the specific skill sets for the scheme but retains decision making authority and control of the roster. I recall with Scot McLoughan there was quite a bit of talk about the science of picking players based on physical attributes. He wanted CBs with a certain height and DT’s with a specific size/speed ratio from big conferences. It was like the sabermetrics of drafting players. I might be wrong but I get the sense that Lynch doesn’t have specific requirements based on position. Drafting Solomon Thomas is a good example of a guy who probably has a lot of talent but he’s too much of a tweener to be successful in the NFL. Lynch’s record is certainly spotty so time will tell if he learns from his mistakes. Calling for his firing now is asinine though.

    2. ‘Just don’t stand there, do SOMETHING’.
      That is why I am advocating JL gives Kaep a tryout. He may not sign him, but least he would be TRYING to improve.
      Sure, that would be desperate, but any 2-9 team should be desperate.
      Yes, Bill Walsh had similar growing pains, but he did not rely on Paraag and his analytics. Bill went with his gut feelings, and won 3 rings.

        1. No, Prime. With a better supporting cast, Kaep will do just fine. The Niner O line are not turnstiles. Kittle is light years better than Stone hands. the defense went from 31st to 10th against the run.
          Remember, you stated that Kaep took the league by storm. I think he can do it again.

    1. I don’t agree with this, if only because he hired personnel men around him. He’s not making all the decisions like Matt millennials and Trent Balkee. He actually hired experienced voices to help in the front off. As a collective, they have failed in 2 drafts. Maybe he might want to get better voices around him.

      1. Steel, you do realize that your argument paints a worse picture of Lynch. Can’t make decisions and hire right guys….

        The truth is that Lynch could be a decent GM at some point, but he has to put aside personal feelings (Solomon Thomas), and deference to his coach (CJB, Williams, Pettis) before he can be successful.

        Had he managed this, the Niners might have picked up additional personnel which may have helped depth during this injury plagued season. Had he gone ahead and drafted another QB, it may have put the team in a better position to weather the injuries. He could have picked up a QB in FA to push both CJB and Shanahan. But he deferred and the ensuing shortcomings of this season come to full fruition.

        “But he tried to get Mack!” Well, I don’t think he ever would have got him anymore than Cleveland would have gotten Garoppolo. But the guys in FO are still responsible for bad QB play in Cleveland. That’s partially why they have new staff. They didn’t draft a pass rusher nor pick a decent one up in FA. They didn’t even go all out for the best one on the team and instead settled for what they had. The results have been more or less predictable.

        His best decision was KG and he went against the coach’s wishes.

        By the way, I am not on the band wagon on firing him. Think that would ensure a setback, but I’m not optimistic about the upcoming results unless they do something really spectacular soon.

        1. “but I’m not optimistic about the upcoming results unless they do something really spectacular soon”

          East, what can they do now? Nothing till the draft and free agency?

          1. Prime, I meant in the off-season. At this point it is wait and see. I meant they have to do some pretty special things to move the franchise out of first gear.

            1. They need to add a pass rush, a safety and a corner, as well as a WR. There is really not much else. Add talent you can win a lot more games.

              This offseason is critical. With over 60 million to spend in free agency and a top pick Im guessing, we will be fine. I think this doom and gloom take by some is unwarranted.

              1. Not great and but it doesn’t help losing 80% of your offense in Jimmy G and Jet so early in the year.

                Now, I am all for criticism on the organization for not addressing the pass rush last year, but outside of that, they are building it up. Now you are right, the heat is on in year 3. This offseason is huge!

        2. I think Steel is right. I also think East is right. Lynch has to start doing his own thinking because it makes no sense to let others heavily influence your decisions and then you get the heat when it doesn’t work out. I think it’s because Lynch had to tread lightly because of his inexperience and what experience he did have was in the collegial atmosphere of broadcasting which is more like an exclusive club than a business. Lynch comes across as a natural nice guy (off the field). He needs to get his game face back and understand this ain’t beanbag. And, above all, talk is cheap.

    2. Nobody is Matt Millen 2.0. He has a special title all to himself. When Lynch drafts the same position in the first round multiple years in a row we can talk.

      1. Lynch didn’t take a DT with the first pick three years in a row, but he forced the 49ers to do so by drafting Solomon Thomas. He most certainly is Millen 2.0.

        1. Shanny takes the information from the front office, and effectively makes the pick. Lynch ensures the front office is in lockstep with what the HC wants in his players. You’re trying way too hard….

        2. He didn’t make the previous picks. He picked the player he and is staff felt was the best available. They were wrong, but they aren’t in Millen’s league.

    3. Whoah.. that is rather brutal…but as you might have guessed…I am also a Joey Harrington fan….No, Lucas isn’t Matt Millen

    4. Grant Cohn says:
      November 28, 2018 at 6:39 am
      John Lynch is Matt Millen 2.0.
      More like Trent Baalke 2.0. One thing I can say about Baalke’s drafts was at least he had about 12 picks on average to work with. The guy like to stockpile his draft picks. Probably because he saw the draft as a “crap shoot.”

  25. Grants condenscension towards the other beat writers is palpable. Of course he’s going to take the contrarian path to prove his superiority over those “homers”.

      1. I am tired of the simpering sycophants, especially when the team is 2-9. Grant may be harsh, but sometimes, the truth hurts, and there is no way to sugar coat it.

        1. Believe me, you aren’t fooling anyone here, Seb. The only reason a sociopathic narcissist, like yourself, is on the Grant train is because you think he says nice things about you, such as calling you “legend”.

            1. East, you are the Binky Boy. You pull your binky out of your mouth to try and make fun of me, but like a little yappy dog, you just make yourself look small and mean spirited.
              Grow up, you are about as bad as the stench of Baalke.

              1. Ha! Seb, you are so adorable when you’re all riled up!

                I do have to say that you need new material though! This stuff is pretty stale.

          1. No, Rib. Grant gave me that title, but he does not engage with me very much. He just uses me for clicks, and I am happy to oblige. I may like Grant, but I also criticize him. I also will disagree with him a lot.
            I knew all along what he thought about Kaep, but when he advocated for Kaep, I knew he was throwing me a bone. Notice that he did not get into the Kaep controversy?
            Yes, he did call me a legend, but that must really burn you up, because legendary status is hard to obtain, and you will never reach that level.
            Your writing is trite, and forced, kinda like ‘vacuous pablum’. ;p

            1. legend

              You keep saying that word. I do not think it means what you think it does.

              Burn me up? I couldn’t care less. But it’s clear to see how much it means to you, cementing your “legendary status” as the raging narcissist that you are.

              1. Oooo, it DOES burn you up. lol.
                Maybe you did not notice, but I did not bring up my legendary status, YOU did.
                Keep trying, someday, you might be noted as a valued contributor, with something to say, instead of being snarky.

              2. Maybe you did not notice, but I did not bring up my legendary status, YOU did.

                Dude, if you are going to lie about what you post, don’t do it a couple posts later in the same thread. Try a little bit harder, mkay?

                Yes, he did call me a legend, but that must really burn you up, because legendary status is hard to obtain

                Prime…. Grant didn’t forget, it’s always an implied.

              3. No, Rib, you were the first one to bring up that word. I do not need to lie.
                ‘he says nice things about you, such as calling you (a) “legend”.
                Scroll up. Legendary status implies longevity, and I am certainly unforgettable. In fact, in a vain attempt to push back on my posts, you all are quoting me verbatim and parroting me ad nauseum.
                Rib, you are a legend in your own mind, and I really cannot vividly recall a single thing you have posted before. You think you are important enough to judge me, but that is the very definition of a narcissist. Your energetic screeds and snark put you in the raging narcissist category.
                Keep trying.

              1. Rib, he likes the clicks, and I think he likes the kind words I say about his father, more.
                Grant certainly does not agree with me in many, many areas, but he is a pro, and understands my shtick.
                Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status, especially over the peanut gallery.

              2. FREEKIN SEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Your not foolin anybody, Sebs-you toot your horn like this just to get people riled up. What is it your always saying?………”Like a moth to the flame”. And thats why you brag about yourself, to watch everybody get riled up!

                Sebs, Im tellin you straight up-your not as clever as you think you are. I told Prime about your schtik a few years ago…………………
                You ARE a legend, tho -In your own mind.

                But i do love the Sebstrom-MANY a chuckle, every night!

  26. Niners hired Martin Mayhew when Lynch was brought on board. Mayhew does have FO experience with the Lions, albeit, not the greatest creds.

    1. Right up Grant’s ally. Leaving Brohm out demonstrates how ignorant and foolish mainstream sports media is. Grant isn’t main stream, and he takes great pride in that.

    2. There’s no mention of Jeff Brohm because he hasn’t been that impressive overall. Grant is enamored by the offensive production against Ohio State, meanwhile the production was poor after that in games against Michigan State and Minnesota. Brohm may one day be a hot name, but he is far from that at the moment.

        1. Harbaugh didn’t get an NFL job until he won big with Stanford. I don’t dislike Brohm; just think you are way too early on how hot a name he is. He’s likely going to get the Louisville job and after a few years if he’s successful, may wind up on the NFL’s radar. His overall record isn’t near impressive enough right now.

          1. Harbaugh was on the NFL’s radar way before 2011. He could have gotten a head-coaching job in the NFL before 2010. He was ready.

            Brohm may go to Louisville, but I’m not so sure. He wants to go to the NFL and he’ll be there very soon.

            1. Harbaugh started gaining steam in 2009 but he wasn’t a hot name until he won the Orange Bowl.

              Brohm is one game over 500 in 2 years at Purdue. He has a long way to go.

              1. He was not a hot name in the NFL after beating USC during a losing season. He was given a job in the NFL after his best season that culminated in an Orange Bowl victory. That is no coincidence.

                As to when Brohm gets an NFL job, if he ever gets an NFL job, you have left that open ended. What is your actual opinion of when that happens?

              2. Harbaugh waited until his stock was at its peak, but he could have gotten a head-coaching job before 2011.

                Brohm will be an NFL head in 2019 or 2020.

              3. Grant will usually step up with a prediction. That’s one of the things I like most about him. He’s not usually a fence sitter. He and I debated on whether Saban would come back to the NFL a couple of years ago and Grant was adamant Saban was going to take an NFL gig that year. He was wrong but he didn’t hedge.

              4. How soon will we get a prediction on how soon Brohm enters the NFL? Not gonna happen before 2 years. That’s not soon in my book….

              5. I was actually correct on Foster. You might be thinking of #80. Wrt Thomas, the jury is still out. Conversely, the jury has adjourned on Joe Williams, who if you remember, I was against as well….

                Are you positive Brohm isn’t taking the Louisville job?

                Fred Cowgill WLKY
                Sources tell @wlky The Brohm family met tonight to decide on a deal for Jeff to become the new football head coach at Louisville. To get the Purdue Head Coach a deal of at least 7 years at between $4m-$5m is required. Sources tell @wlky a Brohm decision is expected Wednesday.

              6. “I was actually correct on Foster. You might be thinking of #80.”

                How cute, incorrect, but cute. I did think he was a good prospect, as did everyone else, but I took him off my board after the Combine incident. Why? Because I knew he couldn’t be counted on. The Combine incident showed that he could let his emotions torpedo his career. Nice try though King.

  27. I think you meant Saleh must go (thus I would have actually read your clickbait)…. I’ve been beating that horse on how bad this D is coached, lacking fundamentals and discipline… interesting comments from Michael Wilhoite on Foster which really applies to the whole defense:

    “You can see it in the way he plays,” Wilhoite said. “He’s, ‘See ball, get ball.’ There’s no execution. There’s no technique to his game, (no) fundamentals. He was one of the top guys in the league in missed tackles this year. And that’s just being undisciplined.

    “It looked like he didn’t have any discipline. It was almost like nobody was sitting Reuben down and saying, ‘Reuben, you have to do this better;’ ‘You have to carry this special route in cover 3;’ ‘You have to be in the A-gap when it’s one back.’ It’s like nobody was sitting him down and making him understand that all these little details that go into playing football are very important.”

    1. Agree with you 100% Red. I think Grant was in his own way posting a wake up call for Lynch. Even he doesn’t think they will fire him or that he deserves it just yet. But if he just continues the status quo, it will go downhill fast and he will get blamed. All the hand picked stats about the way the defense plays doesn’t hide what you describe as poor playing. You just have to look at the play objectively. If we keep talking about the players we’re missing the forest for the trees IMO. There’s a saying; Intelligence is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad. Saleh is intelligent but truly lacking in wisdom. If they don’t replace him look forward to tomatoes in our fruit salad of a defense.

  28. C’mon Grant. Launch a replacement GM poll. Let’s get this stirred up big time.

    Any mentions on Football Morning in America? Dan Patrick Show?

  29. Anyone here know the name Ray Taliaferro? He went missing on November 10 from where I currently live. Please pray for him. Word is he may have dementia.

    1. Ray is a late night legend, and a social warrior. I did not listen too much, because it was way past my bedtime, but sometimes while working late at night to finish a plan, I would turn on KGO.
      I hope they find him alive and well.

    2. I liked his politics, but I liked his mellifluous voice, more.
      I think his voice was in the Bill King category. Very smooth and easy to listen to.


    Weird how this guy doesn’t recognize the 49ers are about to fire Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch.

    “When the Niners made Shanahan their third coaching hire in as many seasons in 2017, they finally committed to the long-term rebuild that had been coming for a few years. The results, particularly in close games, have been disappointing, but this is only Year 2 of Shanahan’s six-year deal, and he’s going through it without his franchise quarterback and top running back, among other key injuries that make this season tough to evaluate. The 49ers knew this would take some time. Shanahan has kept his team competitive despite frustrating losses, and there’s no indication from anyone making the decisions that his job is in any sort of jeopardy. — Nick Wagoner”

        1. ‘Then finally learned what they had to do.’
          ‘Then Baalke dumped Tomsula to cover his arse.. Thankfully, Chip took Baalke down with him.’ FIFY

            1. Baalke intentionally dismantled a SB team, and hated Kaep. He also hated Chip for benching Gabbert and starting Kaep. Baalke was so villfied, he could only sign one free agent. Ol’ Bumblebeadles. Yup, that did not work out well, and Baalke REALLY hated Kaep for willing his team to victory over the Rams, so the Niners missed out on the first pick of the draft.
              Baalke knew the writing was on the wall, so he signed MacDonald to an extension, and leaked that Chip would be fired before he coached his last game. I was jumping for Joy when Denise Axed Baalke, too.

              1. Aw, Seb, just stop with this Kap crap. you’ve been doing it for years, now. Find another false god…………………OR COME UP WITH HIS STATS FOR HIS LAST 3 YEARS IN THE NFL AND MAKE YOUR ARGUMENT THEN!!

                I mean, it’s Alice in Wonderland crap to try and make people on this blog-absolute die-hard 9er fans-and try and make us believe he could have played for Walsh…………….just “Twilight Zone” stuff……….and your Rod Serling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Cassie??????? (A picture of Rod, if u please).

              2. Saw, if you can refute what I said, try to convince me.
                Plunkett struggled, then came back to win SBs.
                Bill Walsh could absolutely take Kaep, and utilize him properly. Why? Because he traded for Steve Young, another mobile QB. He saw that having a mobile QB would give the offense another weapon.

  31. Using a 5th round pick on Tomlinson was a good move.

    What’s the deal with Shon Coleman? Spent a 7th on him and I don’t think he’s even been active yet. Where is he in terms of cracking the rotation?

    1. I’ve been thinking the same thing. A strange trade given they had their top 3 OTs locked in. If they don’t have long term plans for him then it was a stupid trade.

      1. Not really. When you consider Gilligan was in concussion protocol with the same injury history at the time, and they wanted to move on from Williams….

        1. A 4th OT can be had without trading for one. You only trade for a guy if you think they will be more than an inactive piece of the furniture, unless you put a condition on it so you are protected if there ends up being no upside. Admittedly the condition on the Coleman trade is unknown, but unless it was around needing to be active on game day or be on the roster a full season (both of which would be an unusual stipulation) they shouldn’t have bothered trading for him or cut him before the game limit was reached once they realised he wasn’t supplanting Gilliam.

          1. That’s all fine and dandy, but at the time Gilligan’s return was not a foregone conclusion and Coleman would have been the 3rd OT, which is why they traded for him….

            1. My question wasn’t made to pan the trade, yes Gilliam was injured, but to ask what the situation is with him? Will he just end up as another cast off?

  32. I am not sure about firing Lynch this year. But he should be put on notice by Jed that one more failed draft would not be tolerated. Lynch needs to get on the road and start scouting players now. Not tomorrow, not till the off season, not till the NFL combine, NOW!!!.

    We often hear about how Bill Walsh found Dwight Clark when he was on a scouting trip to check on a QB. He also extensively scouted Jerry Rice before moving up in the draft to grab him. That is how to find hidden gems and get a leg up on the competition. If you are content to stay at home and rely on the same information that the other 31 GMs have then you will never get ahead of the curve.

    I was thinking of the best draft ever in the 49er history and the 1986 draft popped in my head. Here are the picks. Bill Walsh at his finest:

    Larry Roberts, DE. Alabama.
    Tom Rathman, RB. Nebraska.
    Tim McKyer, DB. Texas-Arlington.
    John Taylor, WR. Delaware State.
    Charles Haley, DE. James Madison.
    Steve Wallace, OT. Auburn.
    Kevin Fagan, DE. Miami.
    Pat Miller, LB. Florida.

    Other than the last guy, every single player became a key member of three super bowl winning teams. Lynch should send a copy of the 1986 draft to every person in the 49er scouting department and tell them he wants the 2019 draft to be as good as 1986. They will never come close, but why not aspire…

    1. That’s the year Walsh kept trading back and had to cool down DeBartolo who was getting pissed that they weren’t taking anyone.

      One of the things that strikes me about the Walsh drafts was the input he’d get from the assistant coaches. I remember reading something once about him checking in with Ray Rhodes, and Rhodes saying he could make something of the player and he did. Not sure who that was, but that’s powerful stuff. Don’t think the current staff really has anyone like that.

    2. Now you know why I have been advocating trading back multiple times.
      The only problem, is that other teams became very leery of trading picks with BW after that.
      That is why I was jumping for joy when JL managed to make 6 trades in 2017. The FO should also read about how BW made his deals, and the reasoning behind his selections. They did not have film on Don Griffen, and few scouting reports, but he did have 4.56 speed. BW thought Ray Rhodes could coach him up, and DG became a starter for 3 seasons. Too bad the present Niner coaches do not seem to have the skills to coach players up.

      1. Sebbie…. We all know that you’re the self-proclaimed poster person for trading back. Many others over the years have expressed the advantages as well–many. Trading back was around before BW. I’m jumping for joy that you’re jumping for joy, but don’t for a second feel that you and you alone are the only ‘true’ advocate.

        Remind us again how astute and truly revolutionary you are. Please?

        1. Cassie, you should research the archives, since you use them to desperately try to diss me, but in them, you will find that I was a lone voice in the wilderness. Other posters were constantly deriding me for having the temerity to trade back, because they thought no one did that anymore. Rocket thought my mocks were impossible to achieve, so they were stupid to even contemplate.
          Now, we have many posters advocating that strategy, and I get to crow. You need to eat crow.
          One of my points in my 10 point plan had JL avoiding the red flagged players. Many were saying I missed that point because JL did not draft any red flagged players, and Foster and Williams would be shining successes. Guess I have been proven right, again. The one admonition I did not get right was for JL to avoid the unforced errors. By moving up to get CJB and JW, they were impatient, and in hindsight they were a bad moves. Hmmm, maybe I was right about that, too.
          Of course, when I advocated that JL put on his Trader Bill hat, and have fun, I was specifically thinking about the 1986 draft.
          Pshaw, legends do not need praise to keep going. I let my words speak for themselves. I am jumping for joy, knowing the stench of Baalke is dissipating. However, you keep it lingering…..

          1. Sebbie…. Do you believe Lynch would benefit from reading Kipling’s ‘If’ aloud every morning as he settles into his office?

            1. Cassie, when you jump for joy, do you look like Barney? Because, I gotta tell you, that’s not a good look.

              I’m going to have to srart calling our resident Quixote, the waffler! He seems to take credit no matter which way the wind blows.

              He congratulated himself for JL following his “10 point plan” and was screaming how brilliant it was. Remember the whole hat thing?

              Now, he’s deriding JL using the very same “plan” he said he followed earlier!

              Laughable! Can’t make this stuff up! Definitely a thing of legend!

      2. Seb-

        Trading back only works if you have people who know how to pick ’em. What good is getting more and more picks if you cant discern who and who not to pick???

        We need quality, not quantity. Having the one does not assure you of the other.

        1. Saw, the Niners are rebuilding. They need bodies.
          Trading back could allow the Niners to select 5 players in the first 3 rounds. 5 out of the top 100. That is one twentieth, instead of one thirty second. 1/20 > 1/32.

    3. Rick,

      You’re trying to compare apples to oranges. Walsh didn’t have near the staff or resources that NFL teams have now. He discovered Rice while watching some random College football highlights in a hotel room. Hardly extensive research involved compared to today. Every team in the league now has a bunch of scouts in all regions of the country along with data of every snap and injury the player has ever had. They talk to former coaches, family members, teachers etc to try to gain info on the player. Yet after all that, they still get it wrong more than they get it right. The draft is a crapshoot and while Lynch does deserve some criticism along with his staff, calling for his firing part way through his second season is not realistic. The drafts while questionable are still incomplete and the play of the team has been severely hindered by injury. Right now some including Grant are overreacting and looking for a sacrificial lamb, but it’s not going to happen. Both Lynch and Shanahan are less than a 3rd into their contracts and were given assurances when they were hired that they would be given time to rebuild. That is what is happening now and while the season has been a disaster, most of it is due to circumstances beyond their control such as injuries.

      We have no choice but to be patient and if next season plays out the same way, then the momentum for change may get stronger, but I personally think the team can compete for a playoff spot if they can stay healthy.

      1. Yeppers. Shanny is essentially Lynch’s boss anyways, so Grant is effectively calling for his head too. Both the HC and GM give the front office schematic blueprints for their type of players, and they gather all the information for them to go over. I’m hoping we don’t have to endure these types of articles all offseason from Grant, but I expect we will. Maybe instead of, Inside The 49ers it should be, Grant’s Rants….😩

      2. Are you saying there is nothing a GM can do today to separate himself from the pack? That every GM is doomed to rely on the same information on prospects that the other 31 have? I cannot agree.

        A good GM today will try and find an edge on the other 31 just as Walsh did 22 years ago. Maybe not in the same way as Bill, but somehow, someway.

        Just look at Baseball. Guys like Billy Bean and Farhan Zaidi have essentially reinvented the Baseball GM position. I think football player evaluation process will evolve the same way. The GM who gets ahead of the pack will reap the rewards. So far Lynch seems to be content with being a middle of the road GM, going along with the pack.

        1. No I’m saying comparing today’s scouting to Walsh’s time doesn’t work. Of course some teams will draft better than others, but the information teams are able to get now, dwarfs what Walsh could get in his time and as mentioned, he didn’t do extensive research in some cases. He just got lucky.

          The criticisms of Lynch are justified to a degree, but as with most topics on this board the opinions and suggestions are getting way out of hand and are based on minimal information. For however bad you think Lynch has performed, there are few out there who have taken a new job and hit homeruns in their first two drafts. I will try and look up some comparable examples but the expectations for this team based on where it was when Lynch and Shanahan took over have been greatly exaggerated. There really is no team I can think of who has consistently hit on the majority of their draft classes the past few years. It’s an inexact science and we saw how poorly Baalke did overall during his time here. As I said in another post, we really have no choice other than to remain patient and let things play out for another season or two because they aren’t firing these guys this quickly and there are no can’t miss draft experts available anyway.

      3. Is the draft really a crapshoot?

        I read somewhere almost all the players on the Dallas cowboys have never played for any other team…

        Green bay also do a good job growing players….

        Those two teams are not winning SB but their ability to draft well gets them to the playoffs…..

    4. In 79, the 49ers got Montana and Clark. In 80 the 49ers got Cooper, Stuckey, and Keena Turner. In 81, the 49ers got Lott, Wright, and Williamson. In 83, the 49ers got Craig, Holmoe, Ellison, and Sapolu. In 84, the 49ers got John Frank, Guy McIntyre, Michael Carter, and Jeff Fuller. In 85, the 49ers got Rice and Collie.

      The 86 draft was certainly a great draft. Perhaps the best draft for Walsh. BUT the 49ers already had Montana, Rice, and Craig on offense. The defense the previous year was good – not great. When you look at all those picks I think you have to say Bill Walsh was one of the greatest talent evaluators of all time. And then when he actually coached the guys he knew how to maximize their strengths.

      1. Bill Walsh was one of the greatest talent evaluators of all time.

        Along with the uncanny ability of being in the right place at the right time. If he weren’t interested in ho-hum QB Steve Fuller, would Dwight Clark have been on the team? If Walsh hadn’t flipped on the TV in that hotel room the night before that game with the Houston Oilers and caught those Mississippi Valley State (who?) highlights, would Rice have been on the team? Sometimes the Greats greatness is magnified by luck.

        1. Yep. Walsh was one of the all time greats both as a Coach and personnel guy but he lucked out on a number of his greatest picks, including Montana. That’s how the draft works. Sometimes you get lucky, but more often than not you fail. You just hope you hit enough to establish a core group of talent to continue building around.

  33. I was just thinking about this same topic the other day. If you go back the 49ers should of hired sean mcvay and one of the top GM at that time. Of course the rams had a QB and RB already in place but hiring them would of been best. But instead they waited so long they lost out on top OC/DC and got shanny and lynch. People will say they need time to build and develop players, but thats not true. They just drafted the wrong players and now we are the worst team and got passed by the Browns.

    People will say we still got JG for next year but he wasnt that good this year when he started. Now i will say that he didnt have much help and thats why this draft is important and lynch should not be their.

    Both guys have made bad draft choices but lynch would probably be first to go. If they trade/sign the right FA and draft well we should be good next year. Lynch will probably stay of course but hope they watch what he does and not have him draft a Guard or Center with the first pick

  34. If York decided to “reassign” Lynch to another area or fire him I’d have no problem with it. His draft picks have been miserable. Yeah he hit on Kittle. Yeah he hit on McGlinchey. Warner is a decent pick that will be here through his first contract. Throw in Breida too even though he wasn’t actually a draft pick and he’s just over the Mendoza line.

    If they keep Lynch, the 49ers need to look at shaking up the group around him. Set egos aside and bring a guy like McCloughan in to act as an advisor.

    1. “Set egos aside and bring a guy like McCloughan in to act as an advisor.

      Whatever Grant says you lather his back. Its getting creepy!

          1. I don’t see it that way. I see it that you guys are more equals who share “things”. The other metaphor about you being a subserviant lapdog just seems so demeaning.

      1. McCloughan was just the first name to pop into my head, probably because he’s mentioned a lot on here and by others on Twitter, etc.

        Main point is to seek advice from someone outside the organization on the draft. This is another big building year.

        Time to move from pebbles to bricks.

        1. That’s not a bad idea but McCloughan has had his share of bad picks same as everybody else. I’m not sure what they’ll do but adding smart people to the group is never a bad thing.

        2. According to Grant, that someone could be most anyone from this blog. So in the months to come will the “hell yes draft Bosa” contingent here beat out the “F no don’t draft Bosa” one so we can give some definitive help to Lynch?

      1. Polian is the co-founder of the Alliance of American Football. Any legal issues if he carries that title (and associated exec duties) AND accepts employment with the 9ers?

    2. Given Lynch hired both Peters and Mayhew, ego clearly isn’t an issue. There’s a lot of angst against Lynch the past couple of days, but he’s really just a figurehead. Peters runs the scouting team. Its a collective effort deciding on players. While Lynch has ultimate say, you can bet he bases his decisions largely on the advice provided. Bringing in different people to provide advice may result in better draft results.

      1. Agree, Scooter. Lynch knew he needed help from the moment he got the job. Hopefully, he realizes he needs more help and will bring in different people.

        It seems pretty clear to me that KS is to blame as well. Kyle has been enamored with shiny new toys without looking more deeply into the prospects. Hopefully he’s learned from the Joe Williams episode.

        Anybody know who was largely responsible for the Foster pick? I know Lynch is ultimately responsible, but was there someone who pounded the table for Foster like Shanahan did for Joe Williams?

      2. “Bringing in different people to provide advice may result in better draft results.”

        Which was the main point. I knew that people would get hung up on the ego thing.

        1. I was actually agreeing with you, just pointing out that ego getting in the way isn’t something we should need to worry about on this as Lynch has already shown he is willing to accept he needs assistance.

    3. Guys – At least Jack is trying. He’s absolutely right that Lynch has to do something besides, Wait until next year. If you don’t like his idea, don’t just say it sucks, tell us what you think besides keep on hoping they’ll do better next try.

  35. At least we got a LB and TE out of the draft. Along with having a QB signed it really shouldnt be hard to figure out what the team needs for next year. Maybe they have been waiting for the third year and knew they would get the top pick IDK. The roster does need to be reviewed and people cant say we have a good roster but injuries have hurt the team. We are missing the most important parts on a team. RB WR CB and edge rusher. Of course they will say any RB can play in this system, we signed number 25, drafted Pettis and hope 3-5 guys can get sacks. No, they need to overhaul those positions and add depth.

  36. Yes, Walsh had a ton of mind-blowing drafts…

    Remember this one from ’87?

    1 – Harris Barton
    1 – Terrence Flagler
    2 – Jeff Bregel
    5 – Paul Jokisch
    6 – Bob White
    7 – Steve DeLine
    8 – David Grayson
    9 – Jo-Nathan Shelley
    10 – John Paye
    11 – Calvin Nicholas

    And ’88?

    2 – Daniel Stubbs
    2 – Pierce Holt
    3 – Bill Romanowski
    4 – Barry Helton
    7 – Kevin Bryant
    8 – Larry Clarkson
    9 – Brian Bonner
    10 – Tim Foley
    11 – Chet Brooks
    12 – George Mira Jr.

      1. That’s kinda a two edge sword Rocket. Maybe I misunderstood but I thought you were in favor of keep on drafting and signing FAs and someday they’ll get it right. I said I don’t agree with anyone who says fire Kyle or Lynch but everyone else is on the table for me.

      1. Flagler rushed for a total of 237 yards over a five year career–perfect for a 1st round selection, no? Bregel had no starts over a three year career–very sound 2d round pick.

        ’88 wasn’t horrible, but Stubbs was sent packing to Dallas after two years. Holt had a decent career, but talent experts on Grant’s blog would conclude he was taken too early. Look who followed immediately after the Holt pick:

        Thurman Thomas
        Ken Norton Jr.
        Jarvis Williams
        Vincent Brown
        Dermontti Dawson
        Gerald Perry
        Willie “Flipper” Anderson
        Fred Strickland


    1. Barton was a starting RT for 3 Super Bowl teams and had a very good career.

      Holt and Romanowski were also very good starters. Romanowski had a big int in the second Bengals SB.

      Walsh’s only true 1st round bust was Todd Shell, but look at the other guys taken after him that year.

      Walsh never blew the entire first 3 rounds of any draft.

      ***using those rounds because they’re looked at as being the most valuable and it’s what KNBR was using during the postgame show on Sunday

      1. Barton was a starting RT for 3 Super Bowl teams and had a very good career.

        Holt and Romanowski were also very good starters. Romanowski had a big int in the second Bengals SB.

        And people knew this the year they were drafted? They must have as they’ve pronounced this years picks as mediocre or worse.

        1. BINGO

          Gotta love hindsight–and perfect knowledge of the present and future. Much in abundance on this blog. I can’t believe we don’t have at least four of five among us who are currently wildly successful GMs and HCs…or do we?

        2. To an extent, yes.

          Last years class is a flop. This years is better. I’m only talking about the top few rounds.

          If you think Lynch is beyond reproach that’s cool.

        3. Well, they certainly have not helped propel the Niners into the playoffs.
          Foster has evaporated. Thomas, while I like him, has only one sack.
          Is McGlinchey better than the guy he replaced, Trent Brown? Brown is now promoted to the blind side, protecting a 5 time SB winner.
          Pettis does have 2 TDs, but has not played much.
          AW is drek.

          1. Sebs-

            Time for more schoolin, less hatin……….There are, what, 53 men on a roster. Of those, Shannalynch probably have to replace 48 of them-really, an entire team. two drafts aren’t going to do it. Throw in a few FA, some who have worked out…………still not going to do it………………………

            Don’t you think it’s time for you to spread some of your famous LOOoooOOve and Tolerance around? Sure, Lynch has made a few bad picks-certainly Thomas is not a #3 pick-but our favorite Coach made a few bad ones, too. Sun Zoo would wait………..and be sneaky…………..and patient.

            1. Saw, I have been on record saying that I do not want JL fired.
              However, I want him to learn from his mistakes, so he does not repeat them.
              Yes, they should have been patient, and saved their picks, rather than spending them to move up and select a sixth round QB in the third round. They should have been patient, passed on a red flag player, saved a pick, and selected either Cam Robinson OT, Malik McDowell DT, Budda Baker S, Zay Jones WR, Forrest lamp OG, Marcus Maye S, Curtis Samuel WR, or Dalvin Cook RB. Those 8 were taken after the Niner pick in the second. If they had been patient, the could have saved that 4th round pick and selected Tedric Thompson, who the Seahawks drafted with the Niner pick.

      2. Walsh never blew the entire first 3 rounds of any draft.

        Technically Lynch has yet to either since the 49ers used two picks in the first round and the third round in 2017.

          1. First, I did not say or indicate that. Second, the jury is still out on them, at least for me. I adhere to giving a prospect three years at the professional level before I rate them as a bust or success. However, there are exceptions to that (looking at you A.J. Jenkins). Finally, I was pointing out that the 49ers traded up out of the second round during the 2017 draft, so Lynch has technically not blown the first three rounds of a draft yet.

            1. If the Thomas and Witherspoon picks were good there wouldn’t be so much discussion about their need to draft Bosa with the first pick only 2 years after drafting a DL in round 1 at #3 and a CB early this year.

              1. No, there would be talk regardless Jack since Thomas is better suited on the interior and too many to count are wanting the 49ers to trade Sherman or choosing to declare him as done.

              2. Right. Thomas is better suited to play inside, where he’s not better than Buckner, Armstead, and for the most part is subbed out for other guys like Blair or Day because he can’t get to the QB. At #3 he is a waste of a pick.

                The need for a CB isn’t because people are saying Sherman is done. It’s because Witherspoon sucks.

              3. I won’t deny that both players underwhelmed this season, but I am still not labeling either one as a misfire unless they continue to play at the same level in their third pro season.

          2. Is it expecting too much from us to pause, and pass ultimate judgement as their careers come to a close? Being a football blog with very diverse fans, some with zero tolerance for anything that takes time, I suppose it is expecting too much.

            Are they phenoms today? Nope. Are they worthless at their profession? Honestly can’t say.

            IMO Thomas is adequate to date and Witherspoon is struggling much of the time. How much is driven by lack of athleticism? Weak football moxie? How much is due to poor coaching? Poor situational scheming?

            For absolutists, why not immediately jettison players WE deem as failures and replace them with others? Just do the next man up thing until the season ends, then hose out the locker room and start over. What’s the point of keeping failed, worthless players? Could be more fun to plan on perfectly executed spring rebuilds than proceed any slower.

              1. I offered that he was adequate, not good/not consistently solid. Being fans, I suspect some of us would be crying out (pushing) for Bosa whether Thomas had 9 sacks last year, and another 11 so far this year.

              2. @ Jack, I’d agree our record would be better with Thomas getting double digit sacks… to entertain both you and the Bosa fandoms…. We could trade back and fill other needs.

    2. Cassie,

      When Seb first surfaced on the blog, I pointed out the Walsh Wasnt perfect in the draft. He didn’t listen then, he’s not going to listen now.

      1. Ex, Walsh was 2-14 his first season. Both Walsh and Eddie were ripped mercilessly. Walsh once drafted a player nicknamed-‘Chrystal’.

    3. Cassie, you need context. Bill Walsh hit a home run in 86, so his roster was stacked. He did not need to reach into the later rounds to fill a need.
      Barton, Flagler and Bregal all made the team. Barton became a starter, Flagler had to play behind Roger Freakin Craig. Bregal played behind Randy Cross.
      Stubbs backed up Dwaine Board and Larry Roberts. Holt backed up Pete Kugler and Jeff Stover. Romanowski played in all 16 games with Jim Farnhorst and Rikki Ellison. Helton made the team.
      The draft did produce some players, but it was unrealistic to assume a 5th rounder would crack a Super Bowl line up. To top it off, elite former pro bowl players would take less, just for a chance at a ring.
      Those Niner teams did not need a full makeover. This team does. That is why Kittle, Colbert, Pita and Taylor made the team.

  37. Round 1: Offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey. No impact. Grant also lists him as a wasted pick. But here is what Grant’s favorite GM Scot McCloughan said about McGlinchy after the draft (per the Sacramento Bee) :

    Did the 49ers reach too far last month when they took offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey with the No. 9 overall pick?

    Not according to the team’s former general manager, Scot McCloughan, who gave the 6-foot-8 tackle from Notre Dame a 1-1 grade — which equates to a Top 10 pick — after watching film of his junior year.

    “I liked him a lot,” McCloughan said. “I liked the size, I liked the length. I liked the toughness. … Everyone’s going to say he’s a right tackle. I think he’s a left tackle through and through. I like his intelligence, his instincts for the position. I liked the angles he would take and the fact that we wanted to finish (blocks).”

    McCloughan said he thought McGlinchey would be a more athletic version of Andrew Whitworth, the Los Angeles Rams tackle who has made four Pro Bowls and who has been a starter since his rookie season in 2006.

    “This guy (McGlinchey) is a much better athlete with better flexibility,” McCloughan said. “And that’s not knocking Whitworth, because I know he’s been a good player. But this guy — his ability to sink his hips and bend his knees is hard to find for someone his height.”

    Does this mean that Grant now thinks McCloughan would not be a great GM after all??? He liked a guy Grant thought was a wasted pick. For shame!

    1. Sigh…..your contribution doesn’t fit Grant’s narrative, and Grant’s narrative is gospel (so to speak).

      BTW, +++++++++++++++++++

  38. “I can’t tell you that I’ve had 20 years in front offices, working my way up. But what I do know is football. I’d put my football acumen up with most in this league. I know people and I know how to lead. … That’s what I strive to do in this role. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to start putting this together.”

    Here you go:

    Grade: A-

    Especially after the draft-day failures of former general manager Trent Baalke, first-year GM John Lynch impressed. He deftly took advantage of the Bears’ desperation to get Mitchell Trubisky, and there are potential contributors all along this list.

    Of special interest beyond the top guys is Iowa tight end George Kittle, who caught passes from third-round pick C.J. Beathard and may be the more impressive player.

  39. Anybody remembering that John Lynch was hired on Jan. 29, 2017, giving him very little time to put together the whole coaching team, far less enough time to prepare for the draft?

    He gets a pass for 2017. Not convinced that any comments about propensities and tendencies are anything other than premature.

    1. Um….we have an agenda here.

      If the 9ers haven’t drafted 8 consensus Pro Bowlers and finished with a total of 18 wins or better across two seasons, the 9ers are failed morons. Having not met that standard, we unload 80% of the roster at year’s end, along with all football ops staff and coaches–every last one of ’em. Period.

      Don’t bother us with reason!

      ++ BTW!

    1. It’s done. Over. Never mind the 1000s of words dealing with the pros and cons spilled across this blog.

      Any way we can atone for that grievous error?

          1. Didn’t you realize we have an all pro at LT?

            Cool. Louisville must not have wanted him badly enough to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

            1. Yeah, Staley is pretty good but getting up there in age. Brown would be a better backup than both Gilliam/Coleman. Having him on the team wouldn’t cost them a future pick down the road, and he’s better value than the guy they drafted with the pick they got from NE.

              1. Sometimes a trade makes a player more passionate about their job. I think they made the right call on Trent Brown, because you shouldn’t need to be traded keep your coaches from becoming frustrated about your workout habits. I’m more interested to see if Coleman can beat Gilligan out for the swing tackle role next year….

            2. Also, Staley hasn’t been an All Pro since Harbaugh left. He’s on the downside.

              Keeping Brown, releasing Staley after this season is the way they should have gone. They could have used the $8 mil saved for Brown’s new contract.

            3. He doesn’t want to go to Louisville and leave for the NFL after one year. He can coach Louisville when he’s done in the NFL.

              1. From what I read, Brohm is not going to Louisville because the program was not willing to give him a longer contract that he felt was necessary for the lengthy rebuild Louisville needs to go through.

    2. It saddens me to say this, but Brown could beat out Staley in a head to head competition right now. If I were in public with the guys who post here I would duck right now, but it’s a fact. I think we have our future RT now because McGlinchey will grow with proper coaching . We had our future LT already but now we can look forward to shooting craps to find Staley’s replacement. Who decided that? No one really knows the real answer. The most important question is, was it a football decision or a financial decision? Sorry, but no matter what you hear, it’s always a consideration with the Yorks.

  40. Lynch and Shanny are not going anywhere. I doubt Saleh goes. The way I see it these guys are bound by inexperience. In Jan. they will have had two off seasons and thirty two games together, not sure if inexperience applies anymore. The tale has yet been told hopefully it doesn’t read like the tale of the three stooges. I am defiantly on the side of retaining all three of them.

    1. I think we have no other choice. Also think if next year is anything like this, there may be some housecleaning in order.

      I think if they get 5 wins they get another year, anything below will likely put someone on the hot seat. The year following (year 4) I think they have to be within earshot of the playoffs or they may get the ax.

  41. I like McGlinchy. My only reservatios are…
    1. Will he be more valuable than Derwin James?
    2. Should we have hung onto Trent Brown despite drafting McGlinchy and waited to closer to the season for a better asking price in trade?

    Put Thomas inside on passing downs consistently for a season. If he still can’t get sacks, then its a failed pick.

    Hard working players that under-preform aren’t busts. The people that drafted them or rated them high before the draft are busts. If Thomas doesn’t work out, I’m a bust along with Lynch and several others.

    In defense of us busts, the 2017 draff was strange. 6 of the top 20 prospects had injury or off field issues. When you combine ability and positional importance I had 1 Garrett , 2 Hooker, 3 Lattimore, 4 Thomas.

    But I was concerned about Hooker and Lattimore’s injuries. And I really liked Thomas.

    So I’m the bust. Not Thomas. He’s a strong, smart, hard working guy missing bend and super-long arms.

        1. I didn’t either. Didn’t you know Thomas is a F/A? Let me make my draft philosophy perfectly clear to you. I don’t advocate drafting a rb in the first round. QB/Pass rusher/OT/CB are the positions I place the most importance on when drafting in the top ten. FS happens to be a key position in this defense, and there’s the kid from Alabammy and then there’s everyone else. That’s why priority 1a is to recruit Thomas, while drafting Bosa….

          1. Look I just don’t think it’s as simple as OT>S and I was pointing out the discontinuity to the argument.

            Generally i agree with your overall strategy but there are times when an RB is worth a top ten pick as well as other positions being worth the price. Depends on many factors.

      1. Razor, in most systems OT>S for sure. No question.

        But the 49ers were implementing Seattle’s defense. The Free Safety (really should be called “Single High Safety”) is a key component. That defense simply doesn’t work without a really good one.

  42. I don’t blame him for taking a chance on Ruben..Hey it didn’t work out I’m more pissed about S Thomas.. Horrible… Horrible..Horrible…reach at number three..
    He is straight garbage,I’ve seen him turned around,on his ass and face down in the grass…
    Hell he doesn’t even look like a good 5 the round pick..
    Plus beside Kittle, McGlinchey and Warner they have drafted career backup’s,special team players and guys who can’t stay healthy..
    All there players seem to be made of glass
    Overpaid for juice,Malcom Smith and let go Trent Brown
    Paid big Money for McKinnon when Breida is half the price
    Garcon has been useless
    Goodwin is back to Buffalo Goodwin
    Only thing that has impressed me at all is Shannahan offense still seems to put up decent points with a bunch of scrubs running it
    So I actually don’t think Grant is to far off..This regime has failed miserably in two years..
    And all the injury talk is fine but it’s not like we have Calvin Johnson and Patrick Willis that are injured,all our starters suck to
    This team probably has five wins if Gorropolo isn’t hurt

    1. I gotta say Big Tone, I’m not ready to pull the plug on John Lynch at this point, but I too was sorely disappointed in the Thomas pick. I was actually in favor of the Foster deal, as I hadn’t heard any mention of anything related to domestic violence, and the fact is that the only reason he wasn’t higher on a lot of boards was the questions about the health of his shoulder, not character. Anyone who claims Reuben dropt on draft boards due to character, is lying. I know that for a fact. And, BTW, being sponsored by a vape company, and committing domestic violence, are worlds apart, IMO. Had Foster had a history of violence prior to the draft, it’s a different story.

      Drafting an undersized interior linemen at #3 though …. that’s something else entirely. For what’s it’s worth, there were a lot of people on this blog who’s screen names I won’t mention, who were in favor of the 49ers drafting Thomas, much to my chagrin. For what it’s worth, Jamal Adams was my guy, Marshon Lattimore was my backup pick, and Corey Davis, who reminds me a lot of The GOAT #80, was my pick if we had traded out of the top 5.

      I’ll admit though, I had a 2nd round grade on Mahomes, because I viewed his lack of discipline in a college spread offense, as a bit of a risk.

  43. I’m going to stick my neck out for S Thomas. I believe next year we are going to see a different guy. He has a great work ethic and it will pay off in year. Just a hunch!

  44. The two #3 picks two drafts before Lynch took the bowl game wonder Soloman Thomas at #3

    Dante Fowler
    Joey bosa
    …we got a guy who’s literally on his ass half the game..Either on the field or the bench

    1. You enjoy killing your own arguments, don’t you? Fowler is generally considered as a player who has not lived up to his draft selection.

        1. Not even close. Spouting off that a player taken two drafts prior is light years ahead of a player in just his second year is foolhardy. Nice try though.

    2. Joey Bosa just came back from an injury. He might stub his to tomorrow.
      That is why I am not totally sold on Nick Bosa, and his injury propensity. Nick underwent surgery and may miss the combine.
      Joey holding out is not a flag, but it is a concern for Nick.

  45. The one thing that is truly amazing is now this is two different regimes that seem to draft the same way in a horrible what’s the only commonality between the two?

    Paraag and his greasy little calculator,he is the other scumbag left after Baalke left..Paraag is Jed’s last little silicon valley buddy who thinks the 49ers are his and Jed’s fantasy football project…Watch..he’s always right there in the room on draft day…why??Why was he always with Baalke and York..Then he was right there with Lynch and York..I mean how else is it possible for a team to draft this bad year after year with two different GM’s?
    It all goes back to the top…Jed York ,his creepy parents and his dorky middle eastern accountant

  46. Numerous GM’s ,coaches and staffs…Nothing changes only thing that is the same is the York’s and there creepy looking accountant with the wierd forehead who thinks he knows football.. Remember when he was the one responsible for calling down to the sidelines for challenges?No wonder this team is a perrenial shxt show..Look who’s running it..
    People this will never change as long as the Munsters own this team which will be forever..Were screwed

  47. Can’t argue with most of the points raised in the read…..

    I was with the “one more year” crowd but seriously this fckup is getting too long….this coming draft is huge… excuse why we shouldn’t get a minimum of 3 starting players…..or why we shouldn’t expect the playoffs after yr 3

    I recall that saying…..”they are who we think they are”……this NFL business is no fantasy…its either you get it or you don’t…

    Look at the guy who drafted the current QB in KC and CLE…..

    Do i trust Lynch would be the best to make the judgement call in the next draft…..i won’t bet my house on it……i see most of you want to soften this harsh reality by suggesting he gets help……unfortunately if it quacks it’s definately a duck……

    Let’s pray the NFL Gods would make it hard for lynch to fckup…..

  48. My 2018 draft. Niners trade back twice. Once to NE and once to Detroit. They get 9 players in the first 143 picks.
    23- Harold Landry DE
    43- Carlton Davis CB
    59-Ogbonnia Okoronkwo OLB
    70- Billy Price C
    84- Jerome Baker ILB
    95- Rashaad Penny RB
    117- Allen Lazard WR
    128- Deadrin Senat DT
    143- Teagray Scales ILB
    223- Hercules Mata’afa OLB
    140- Troy Apke S

    1. My 2017 final mock draft. Niners trade back twice. once to the Jets and once to the Bengals. They get 7 out of the first 116 picks.
      6- Malik Hooker S
      39-Jarrad Davis ILB
      41- Carl lawson DE
      66- Dalvin Tomlinson DT
      70- Davis Webb QB
      109- Tanoh Kpassagnon DE
      116- D’onta foreman RB
      146- Jehu Chesson WR
      161- Jermaine Eluemunor OG
      198- Noah Brown WR
      202- Stevie Tu’iklovatu NT
      219- Matt Milano OLB
      Wonder how that compares with the real Niner draft

  49. I’m willing to give Lynch the benefit. Yes Thomas sucked. He may need to pull some magic next year to make up for that. Foster can’t blame him. Foster issues are on him… It was a gamble but didn’t give up much for the potential of an ALLPRO.

    Witherspoon and Colbert showed potential so they just need some more seasoning. If we had a pass rush these CBs wouldn’t be on a island as much. Sherman is getting exposed too. But let’s be honest Witherspoon has been in decent position on a lot of these throws. I feel better about him then Solomon.

    Not sure what to say about Trent Taylor, is he hurt? Also Pettis needs to step it up too. Big Time!!! Hasn’t he suppose to be a stud returner??? I guess those Eastern college conferences have better overall athletes… Duuuhhh…

  50. Grant Cohn says:
    November 28, 2018 at 2:45 pm
    “Lynch whiffed on his first five picks last year, and nine of his 10. I would have done better. Even you would have.”
    So Grant, why don’t you post your draft picks from the last 5 years and tells how they did in the NFL. I’d like to see how some other posters did do as well in hind sight. It’s easy to criticize JL for his bad draft picks (it was abysmal), but is it easy to pick draft players. Especially considering if the ones you picked were still on the board.
    Are you up for the challenge or is it easier to just call for the head of someone else?

    1. Scroll above and look at my last 2 years. My best selection may have been the last. Matt Milano has 113 tackles, 1 sack and 4 picks.
      I wanted Malik Hooker because he was the closest type of player compared to Earl Thomas.

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