Is Josh Allen the next 49ers franchise quarterback?

I predict the 49ers will win nine games next season, but ESPN’s Todd McShay predicts they will win far fewer and pick second in the 2018 draft. With the second pick, McShay believes the 49ers will take Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen.

Here’s what McShay writes about Allen: “Allen is very physically gifted, but he needs to improve his decision-making and be a little more consistent with his footwork. He has good mobility and the arm strength to make any throw in the book.”

Allen plays Craig Bohl, who coached Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback Carson Wentz for three years at North Dakota State.

Do you think the 49ers should draft Allen next year if they can? What is your scouting report of him? If you haven’t seen him play, you can watch some of his games below.

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  1. I know nothing about him, but I ‘d be concerned if McShay were correct that he needs to improve his decision-making. For an NFL QB, what goes on above the neck is primo IMO.

    1. It is believed that shannahan want cj to be a career backup in the mold of a jeff hostetler. And drafting a qb high is highly unlikely if we end up signing Kirk cousins next year. I say our top pick96th5 will be either a WR or a prominent pass rusher

      1. I partly agree:

        1. I assume that the Niners will sign Kirk Cousins as a free agent next spring … thus removing QB as a first-round consideration in the 2018 draft.

        2. I assume that the Niners will have a top-6 pick in the 2018 draft; inasmuch as three QBs will likely go in the first five picks, I predict that the Niners 2018 first-round pick will be either Edge Arden Key (LSU) or S Derwin James (Florida State).

      2. It is believed by who? I never this by anyone except by fan hopefuls that the niners use a number one on a QB.

        With that said. If we are picking that high, I believe there are better prospects if the niners do go after a QB. Josh Allen’s tape this year does not show anything. Plus he did not play in a tough conference or did anything to elevate his team.

        1. You need to get that small school thinking out of your head. Wentz was at an FCS school. The school and conference mean very little.

          I can names a grip of players that came from big conferences and failed in the NFL.

          Allen has a ridiculously strong arm with a fast release. If you don’t think Allens tape shows anything I’m not sure what you were watching.

  2. I’m more in line with your thinking, Grant. The Niners are still missing some pieces of course, but they’ll win enough games to draft about in the middle of the round, not at the top. I believe we’re in line for Kirk Cousins, who will command a high salary but no draft compensation, and who comes ready to roll. Also think that quarterbacking is at least 90% mental and there’ve been no suggestions that CJB is deficient in that aspect. Physically he’s probably at least adequate. There will always be a good looking new rookie QB in the draft, but we don’t have to jump on him.

  3. so-o-o …
    just how accurate is McShay’s crystal ball.. anyhoo ? ..and ..
    as far as snapping up a QB in the 1st round goes..
    does this sound like Shanny’s M.O. ?

    (cough cough) BS.. (cough cough)

      1. Does that include faded autographs and Seb’s Kaep memorabillia collection– now worthless .

        This could be the root of his kaepertantrums.

    1. I see no way that Johnson is a 2018 starter … in fact, he may not even make the Final-53. He’s had opportunities but has done very little with them.

  4. In my opinion they will sign Cousins and trade the pick if it is this high, but if we are just talking about the value of Allen at #2 overall, then he is definitely worthy of it based on what he’s done so far. Great physical skills and intangibles. He has a lot to work with.

  5. The only way Josh Allen is on this team is if we lose 14-16 game. I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Or unless he gets injured and fall from Grace. People keep clamoring for Cousins, I still am in the 0 percent that thinks he’s gonna come here. We have an abundance of cap room, but I truly believe if these guys are trying to win now, and believe in themselves, they would have given up a 1sr next year for him, so that he can start fresh with this team, this year. Just like the huge roster turnover, he would have been apart of that. He’s going to ask for 20-25 million and I don’t believe John Lynch will give it to him. Especially after hearing Scott Mccloughans take on him. He needs guys around him that are good, in order to be successful. And if this roster isint good enough, why wasted 20 mil on a project QB. Because he will be a project until we get a formidable roster around him.

    1. Steelematic,

      I’ve disagreed with your premise on Cousins every time you’ve mentioned it and I do again here. Forget the money. QB’s get paid a premium in this league and 20+ mill is the going rate for a starter regardless of where they may fall on the ranking scale. Trading the #2 overall pick for a QB on a one year deal is a bad trade regardless of whether you like the player or not. This is year one of a 6 year deal for the GM and HC. They know they have to build the roster up and need picks to do so. Not trading for Cousins this year was the right decision because you need to build the talent base around him so he has something to work with when he gets here.

      Scott McCloughan’s take was that he believes Cousins has reached his ceiling. So what? If the ceiling is putting up top ten numbers than that’s a pretty high ceiling. As to whether that is accurate, who knows? Maybe working with Shanahan would lift his game even higher as it did for Matt Ryan.

      I’ve got news for you: almost every QB in this league needs guys around him that are good. The myth that a QB can lift his team up is just that, a myth. You need talent to win in this league which is why the Niners are trying to rebuild the roster and acquiring extra picks to do so. Cousins is not a project. He has clearly proved he can play at a high level the past two years and would be the best QB this team has had since Garcia at worst. This team has gone so long without a good option at QB it seems like an acceptance for waiting indefinitely has set in. It is hard to find a QB you can win with consistently in this league. Relying on mid round picks or hoping you can land one in the first next year is a high stakes gamble that rarely pays off. Better to take the sure bet and if you land a QB in the draft as well, all the better. You can never have enough good players at the QB position.

      1. I still think getting Cousins in the next few months for a 3rd round pick next year is a possibility. That will be more than the Redskins will get in a compensitory pick if the let him walk next year.

        The way I see it, either the redskins are in denial about being able to get Cousins to lower his price, and think they can wait him out, or they are looking to move him to the highest bidder (which is extra hard with Cousins saying he’d only sign an extension with us, and his franchise tag being used up).

        But who knows, it’s the redskins. They may just wait this out and let him walk. Or watch him win a playoff game, watch the price go up, and they decide they are forced to pay it.

        Redskins kinda backed themselves into a corner on this one.

        1. Anything is possible Brian, but I doubt it. The Skins don’t have another option if they trade Cousins this year and they are a playoff contender so it would essentially be giving up on the season which wouldn’t go over well with the fans. I think it’s highly unlikely he signs an extension with Washington. I think he’s going to play out this year and then try to get to SF if at all possible.

        2. “They may just wait this out and let him walk.” Do they have any other REASONABLE choice? I don’t believe that Cousins will sign a LTC with Washington at any price … he simply doesn’t want to be involved with the Snyder/Allen-led dysfunctional organization any more … who would if there is any other choice? They can tag him yet again for a ridiculous price … but why? They are going to lose Cousins … they could keep him one more year but why fight the inevitable? Move on … sooner is better than later.

          Why would the Niners give Washington a 3rd-round pick for Cousins when they can sign him as a free agent with no lose of draft capital?

      2. Whoa. Enamored with Cousins?

        I think Shanahan got his guy this year. That doesnt mean Sf wont add a veteran but I have yet to see news of a player ( Adrian peterson to Dallas) and coach infactuation transpire into a transaction

        1. Matt,

          It’s no secret that Shanahan wants Cousins to play for him and Cousins wants the same. Cousins becomes an UFA after this season unless the Skins franchise him for a 3rd time which will force them to pay him almost 35 mill for one season and a huge percentage of their cap, or they can transition him and match an offer from another team. Seeing as though they have been unwilling to give him the contract terms he’s wanted previously, I highly doubt they will next year when the cost is far beyond what even he was asking for the past couple of years. A team like the Niners could also front load the contract to make it nearly impossible for the Skins to match as they don’t have the cap space the Niners do. Whatever the case, there is a very real possibility that Cousins is a Niner next year. If for some reason he’s not, I don’t think Shanny feels he’s found his guy in Beathard either. He will likely be given a chance to compete but taking a guy near the end of round three does not equate to being settled at the QB position.

          1. I am amazed at how many people think that Shanahan has declared CJ the qbotf.
            The facts are the niners only had 2 questionable starters on the roster, and they are both precisely the type of qb are ok but you are always looking to move on from. So the niners took a shot and drafted a guy that Shanahan thought could develop.
            Drafting a 3rd round developmental prospect should not deter the niners from signing a top 10 qb in the league. And yes, he is a franchise qb. In only 2 seasons as full time starter he has thrown for more than 4,000 yards in both of them and nearly 5,000 last year. For reference he threw for nearly 500 more yards than Aaron Rodgers. Yes, he had more talent around him but he still has to make the correct reads and put the ball in the right place.

  6. We’ve heard much about what KS looks for in a QB…toughness, ability to read defenses, effective with progressions, comfort under center, etc. Does Allen have these traits?

  7. After consulting my Magic 8-Ball, here are my results:

    Is Josh Allen the next 49ers franchise quarterback? Don’t count on it.

    Will the 49ers draft in the top 10? Signs point to yes.

    Might Shanny be more interested in an OT such as Conner Williams, Texas? As I see it, yes.

    Although not scientific, Staley is on borrowed time, and Williams would provide Shanny with his LT of the future. Similar to his dad’s 4th pick in the 1st round of the 2010 NFL draft of Trent Williams….

    1. Razor, it really depends on whether Cousins is available, and if at 8-8 this season, the Niners may pick from the middle of the draft. CW may be long gone before the Niners pick.

      1. Tebow + draft picks for Kaep, anyday.

        Those picks I asked for two years ago would have payed huge dividends in our rebuild this season !

              1. Seb’s selective reading at work again during debates.

                Apparently he didn’t read my trade proposal was from “two years ago” when Kaep was in the league.

              1. haha!

                Forget it, Sebs–you lost big-time on the Kap issue. Patience has nothing to do with it-the league is on to his style of play. Walsh would have given him a bus ticket for his lack of growth at his profession.

              2. Saw, Kaep would be very appealing to Walsh. Why? because he traded for Steve Young, a mobile QB.

                Bill Walsh would have been smart enough to utilize him properly, and innovative enough to devise plays that accentuated his strengths, while disguising his weaknesses. He certainly would not have been so stubborn that he would had forced Kaep to be only a pocket passer.

    2. 2018 first-round pick …

      Doubt that they would select an OT as their FIRST pick in the first round … other more strategic positions (edge and S) will likely take priority … think Arden Key (LSU) or Derwin James (Florida State. However, with multiple second- and third-round picks, they will be in position to pull off another Foster-like trade up to the late first to select an LOT. Just guessing.

  8. Where are our extra picks next year? What kind of compensatory picks might we receive for the FA’s we don’t sign? I believe we will need to package picks to move into the top 3 or 4. If we can I love the kid from USC. I wouldn’t mind Cousins if he is an unrestricted FA next year or Beathard could surprise and save the team picks and cap space.

    1. I believe we won’t have compensatory picks since we had more FA sign than we lost to qualifying contracts

    1. OregonNiner, I was fortunate enough to have met Undercenter yesterday. He’s from Oregon too. If you get the opportunity, I would encourage you to take advantage of it. He’s a great guy, and it’s a rewarding experience meeting someone from the 49er family you’ve shared so many thoughts with in here….

      1. Razor

        Thank you for the commendation…I certainly intend to take advantage of our shared proximity
        (about 50 miles) when he returns in a couple months. So good that the two of you took the time to make the connection. I agree, it should be a rewarding experience within the family….

  9. People that are predicting a high draft pick next season are just expressing their doubt in Hoyer and Barkley. Do you use a third round pick one season and then a first the next at the position? Only if you are 100% convinced he’s the next franchise QB and if you are then why did you just use a third round pick on another guy? It’s not like they’ve never heard of Josh Allen before. I suppose you can justify the use of a third round pick on the chance you don’t land your guy next year but then we’re settling for a third round QB who was the teams second choice as our future.

    1. People that are predicting a high draft pick next season are just expressing their doubt in Hoyer and Barkley.

      That is grouping everybody into the same basket unfairly Coffee. There are some predicting the QB position will be weak next in the upcoming season, but there are also some (like me) who think the team will struggle due to the complexity of Shanahan’s offense, and then there are some who believe the 49ers will struggle because of the moving pieces on both sides of the ball.

      1. It was a pretty broad stroke MWD, don’t take it personally. :)

        Sometimes I’m just lazy and leave out the qualifiers like “Most” or “Some.”

  10. My preference is for the Niners to do as well as possible, and possibly still be able to leverage those additional second and third round picks to move up in the draft to select Jake Browning.
    Josh Allen would be my second choice, over Darnold and Rosen.

  11. Allen is no more Shanahan’s franchise QB than the man in the moon…for a guy who’s pretty much a full-time draft analyst apparently McShay’s learned nothing about Shanahan’s criteria for a QB. In fact, I’d say next year’s draft has mostly more of the same we saw come out this year…maybe not even as good. Darnold’s arguably got the biggest upside, but even after the 2017 season he’ll just be a sophomore.

    1. Darnold redshirted as a freshman so he will be a 3rd year Sophomore which makes him eligible for the draft. While we can never be sure how good the next season will be for any position group, based on their play to date, next year’s QB class will be far superior to this years and could feature as many as 3 taken in the top 5 picks.

  12. What the 49ers could have had if Baalke had traded Kaep for Tebow + draft picks:

    1. A major windfall of draftpicks to help in this years rebuild


    While it was Mother’s Day around the U.S. and Derek Jeter Day in The Bronx, it was Tim Tebow Day at FirstEnergy Park on Sunday.

    Hundreds of fans in the crowd of 6,468 showed up wearing his Jets No. 15 jersey or his Broncos No. 15 jersey, and there were even a few wearing his No. 15 jersey with the Florida Gators.

    “I think it’s cool that he can play two professional sports,” said Jack Waddleton of Point Pleasant, N.J., who wore a replica of Tebow’s white No. 15 Gators jersey. “I liked him as a quarterback and wanted to see him again. I hope he does well in baseball.”

  13. * Above Source:

    “You’re starting all over after 12 years, so you’ve got to put in a lot of work,” he said.

    “You also have to be mentally tough because baseball is a game of failure. You have to be able to learn from it.”

    Tebow said he had “no idea” if he was going to be promoted soon.
    “I’m not worried about anything,” he said. “I’m just focused on today.”

    Tim Tebow Day.

  14. Top QBs available next season includes- Darnold, Allen, Rosen, Mayfield, Jackson, Rudolf, Browning,Falk, McSorley, and even JT Barrett. That is 10 QBs who many deem possible franchise QBs.
    No way the draft unfolds with 10 QBs being taken in the first 10 picks, so the Niners are almost guaranteed being able to select one of those QBs next year.
    Of course, it may all be moot if Cousins is available and signs with the Niners.

  15. “Is Josh Allen the next 49ers franchise quarterback?”

    Or is he the next Kizer? A QB that was crowned too soon. Like Kizer, Allen has size, can make all the throws, is athletic, and plays in an offense that uses a pro style O at times.

    It’s too early for this question. Maybe he’ll regress and fall to the 2nd round. Maybe we sign Cousins or Garoppolo. Maybe Beathard becomes the guy. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

    1. No great feet: It’s clear what 49ers’ Shanahan wants from his QBs

      Beathard, the team’s third-round pick out of Iowa, had 100 rushing attempts as a junior in 2015 and scored six rushing touchdowns that season.

      But based on the quarterbacks on his 49ers roster — and on one who could be on his 2018 team — Shanahan definitely has a “type.” He obviously prefers passers who played in a pro-style offense, who took snaps from center, who can run a huddle and who know how to operate inside a pocket.


    2. Kizer was a 2nd round pick. No reason he can’t be something great in this league. Draft position, as we all have seen, never means anything.

      1. I’ve thought and still think Kizer is the top QB in this years class. I referenced his fall to the 2nd to show that projections can change from season to season.

  16. Can I wait till after July 15th to answer this question?

    If the Redskins & Cousins haven’t reached a deal on a long term contract by the deadline, I feel confident predicting that the 49ers will sign Kirk Cousins to a long term contract after this season, and therefore they will not be selecting a QB with their first round pick in 2018, regardless of where they finish this season.

    I like Josh Allen, and it’s important to keep in mind that Kyle’s going to be looking for the QB who’s not just talented, but he’s also going to be looking for a QB who fits his system. It’s also important to consider Kyle’s perception as to how far away the 49ers are from competing for the conference championship, when it comes to drafting their QB of the future.

    All things considered, if Kirk Cousins isn’t wearing a 49ers jersey before the 2018 NFL draft, I’d probably rank Josh Allen as THE MOST LIKELY candidate to be Kyle’s top choice in next years draft class, because I think Allen has all of the intangibles Kyle’s looking for in a starting QB, including toughness, but there’s a long way to go between now and then.

  17. Sometimes we here try to play the role of GMs, at least in terms of second guessing them. Since Lynch and his personnel team are already looking ahead, this is a legitimate question in that regard………BUT, its way to early for yours truly to be looking at the 18 draft. There’s a new regime and changed roster to watch develop. I hope the 17 season is fun (more fun than ending up with the second overall!) but I’m mainly focusing on growth and progress. My guess is and has been 5 or 6 wins, possibly 7.
    So for me, I just don’t care about this now.

  18. Hope for Cousins in 2018 free agency. Plan for Cousins to be retained by Washington.

    Best case scenario…
    – Beathard has an outstanding development year and/or 49ers sign Cousins 2018 FA.
    – Bears are terrible, Saints miss the playoffs, 49ers extra 2nd and 3rd round picks are mid to high round.
    – 49ers get great first round player, or trade first rounder to quarterback needy team.

    It took a long time for the talented Falcons to get Shanahan’s offense down. I also expect Ward will get hurt and miss late season games. But even with only 4-5 wins, I don’t think 49ers draft top three. Bad teams will start tanking late in season for that #1 pick. So I’m forgetting about the bright shiny objects like Darnold whether its 5 wins or 9 wins.

    Likely Scenario…
    – 49ers not drafting top three. Will continue to draft developmental quarterbacks with 3rd or 4th round picks. This will be the plan Cousins or not.

  19. Niners will not draft 2nd next year. The really bad teams will tank picks whether they need a QB or not in hope of getting the next great passer or trade bait on an RG3 level. The 49ers, by policy, do not tank late season games. If they did, we’d be talking about how Myles Garrett fits into Saleh’s system.

    I’m thinking Niners draft top 10 in the draft.

    The extra 2nd and 3rd next year will be little more than pot sweeteners in a bidding frenzy to move into the top two for a quarterback.

    Note: When I say “tank”, I’m not saying players are instructed to lose. Its more like unusually heavy play of rookies later in the season, putting marginally injured players on IR later in the season… etc. Strategic tanking, not game by game tanking.

  20. Talk about conundrums!?! Dilemmas?
    Seahags might sign Kap.
    WTF is Seb going to do? Who can he root for? Oh me Oh my!
    How doze 12thMen gonna to love having Seb on their fan site!
    Revenge of The Faithful.

      1. Lynch just needs to decide if he wants Kaep playing for him, or against him.
        With Seattle’s salary cap restrictions, Lynch can easily outbid the Seahawks.

        While I dislike the Seahawks, most notably for their fans, I do not detest them like I detest the Cowboys. My animus was akin to Pete Franklin, who shouted out his derision. Until recently, the Raiders did so poorly, I kinda pitied them.
        Interesting. Schneider and Carrol have played against Kaep and the Niners, so they know him well. It is telling to see their interest. In the last 5 years they won a SB and came within 1 yard of repeating, so I will grudgingly give them their due. They can recognize talent, and I envision plays where Carrol will insert him in the game, because Pete Carrol will not sheathe a weapon, and I must admit he will be smart enough to utilize him properly.

    1. Apparently the Seahawks need someone who can comfortably take a knee when the game is not on the line.

  21. Wow!
    I thought I had over slept into next year. Really, the next franchise QB, must be real slow at the news desk.

  22. It is way too early to make any type of predictions in regards to the pick next Draftmas because there is always the possibility all the prospective top QBs falter and lose ground leading up to the 2018 draft, the 49ers could have a much better season than expected, or Hoyer and Barkley make the QB position less of a need. I agree with Razor that OT is one of positions which could be addressed with the first round pick for the 49ers in 2018, but I think DB and WR could also be target positions in the first round. With that said, I am not ruling out a QB also being a position the 49ers target in the first round.

  23. First you thought the new Brain Trust was building for later, now you think they drafted a QB as a backup. Beathard was drafted to lead this team, why would they draft someone who needs to work on decision making when they already said that Beathard was the only QB they considered due to his toughness and decision making?

    Come on Man…

      1. Grant – your “is” should be “will probably be” (so much better). No one is really interested in who is or was better in the college game. If you were an investment broker you would be required by law to say “past performance is no guarantee of future results” or some such.

  24. I’m a Josh Allen fan, so I would be fine with that. He’s not a perfect prospect, a lot of gunslinger to his game, but he can make some amazing throws. And he is getting experience playing in a system that uses pro style concepts like Wentz did.

    However I think Shanahan would prefer Darnold or Rosen, if available.

  25. First, the chances of the 49ers drafting in the 2nd position next year are ultra-slim and none. That comes under the heading of Idle Pipedream. Second, they just drafted a QB in the 3rd round that they apparently hold in high regard, so it’s logical they’re going to invest at least a year or two in his development. Third, next year Cousins will be very much in play and might be the apple of Shanahan’s eye. Fourth, much more important to the ongoing success of this team will be solidly rebuilding the OL. It’s probable that we’ll see two OL players taken in the first three rounds in 2018, along with a potentially #1 WR and possibly another QB.
    As far as the KaeperDud rumors are concerned, please do sign him, SeaPigeons — once Wilson gets hurt again, putting Kaep in to rally against us, like the Blaine Train in Az, would be a most generous gift. Thomas and Foster will make third-down mincemeat of those clowns.

      1. Ok, just tried it myself. Immediately after you post, go to it and you will see a message below your post that says, “Click to Edit.” You’ll have five minutes.

  26. In a perfect world for Shanny, Beathard becomes the franchise QB.

    Plan B is Cousins. KS believes in him and he is familiar with the system.

    Plan C is probably Garoppolo. KS liked him as a prospect and he has shown that he can be successful at the pro level.

    Plan D is drafting Allen or another QB. Allen may not enter the 2018 draft.

  27. This was the guy I wanted the 9ers to draft THIS year but he unfortunately, for us, went back to school. Kid is a STUD.


    “O’Connor asked him specifically about being better than Montana. Again, Brady offered up the respectful answer.”

    I don’t agree with that,” he said, “and I’ll tell you why. I know myself as a player. I’m really a product of what I’ve been around, who I was coached by, what I played against, in the era I played in. I really believe if a lot of people were in my shoes they could accomplish the same kinds of things. So I’ve been very fortunate. … I don’t ever want to be the weak link.

    1. This is being taken out of context. He is working with George Whitfield, who is a well regarded QB coach. Manziel is also working with Whitfield at the same time as Allen. Manziel is not coaching up Allen.

  29. Allen’s above thumbnail critique is reminiscent of Kaep coming out of UN. I will be watching Allen over the course of the upcoming season to gauge this likelihood .

  30. Seb’s Kaep mania addressed by the Site’s Heavyweights—Cassie Baalke and Brotha Tuna:
    I guess Seb’s subterfuge about being all Niner, all the time, was, alas, his final storm forecast.
    Hayne hasn’t stormed; the Kaep storm–n ot even a squall…

    The Seattle rumors are just that. RGIII’s time with Gruden and Shanahan will sway Carroll.

    Seb and Kaep ?….Sailing to Key Largo after the announcement.

    Brotha Tuna says:
    May 15, 2017 at 11:58 am
    Talk about conundrums!?! Dilemmas?
    Seahags might sign Kap.
    WTF is Seb going to do? Who can he root for? Oh me Oh my!
    How doze 12thMen gonna to love having Seb on their fan site!
    Revenge of The Faithful.

    Cassie Baalke says:
    May 15, 2017 at 12:19 pm
    Saw the report. Fun! Seb will predict ‘The Wrath of K

  31. You only have something like three of the 2018 QBs who play pro-set. Allen is one of them.

    I’ve been gone a few years. How’s tricks? Hofer, Crab, NinerMD still around?

    1. Hey, football gangsters!

      I had to log in and see if my George Mira helmet still worked. :P

      How’s everyone? Still got some epic Alex Smith vs. CK -style fights on here? Good times.

      1. Hey Man
        Hofer and Clem are MIA, but many others abide.
        Some of the new guys you’ll learn to scroll by.

    1. Good read Moses.

      “With 1:34 remaining in the Poinsettia Bowl, the Cowboys had a chance to tie or win the contest during their final drive. Trailing 24-21, Allen made a bone-headed mistake by rolling to his right and throwing across his body 30 yards downfield into the waiting arms of BYU defensive back Kai Nacua.”

      “What makes the mistake inexcusable is Allen wasn’t cognizant of the situation. The interception came on first down. He didn’t need to force anything, yet he did.”  

      “Also, the type of progressions he’s asked to make in the Cowboys’ system need to happen at a more rapid pace.”

      “For example, there are times when Allen sees a receiver break late, causing him to rush through his mechanics instead of showing the quick eyes necessary to become an elite passer. According to Pro Football Focus, Allen is ranked fourth-worst in average time from snap until release.”

  32. Seattle Seahawks consult UK’s ‘Daily Mail’ newspaper about Colin Kaepernick Pass.

    This Kaepernick pass was so horrible it actually made a European newspaper, Seb.

    Can you think of another QB in NFL history whose accomplished that sports feat.

  33. RAZOR – I had a chance to meet with Mr. Razor, a fine man and a great host and his wife is even better :). Razor tell your wife the groceries were outstanding especially the asparagus wrapped in chicken. It was great to meet you all and I thank you and your family.

    In Honor of who you are


    1. I offered to buy Grant lunch at Little Shin Shin but he turned me down. Guess he didn’t want to bond with me. :)

        1. My wife and I went to French Laundry when we were dating in High School. I always forget but it was for either Homecoming or Prom, they’ve all blended together at this point. This was 1992(I think) so even though it was still a big deal back then it wasn’t nearly what it is today.

          Little Shin Shin is a great Chinese Restaurant in Piedmont by the way, on Piedmont Ave easily enough. I heavily recommend the Kung Pao Beef. It’s deep friend in a spicy/sweet sauce that is amazing.

            1. Technically true but if you live/lived in Piedmont anything East of 580 on Piedmont ave was considered Piedmont. :)

              1. That’s where I live right now and I certainly don’t consider it Piedmont, even though I’m right on the border :)

              2. Well when I lived in Piedmont we always referred to thst stretch as Pidmont, maybe its a genertional thing. Thats when the Kings X was still around too so its veen awhile.

      1. He may have been fearful of the Jed/Kawakami syndrome. Gott’s Refresher gets kinda pricey!
        But the Ahi burger rocks.

        1. Gott’s is decent but I laugh each time we drive by and see the huge line. I don’t think there’s anything special and especially nothing worth waiting in line for there. Not a big fish eater but I’ll suggest it to my wife next time we’re there.

            1. PS
              I forget the name, but there is a very cool diner in Cloverdale that is like the old Taylor’s. It’s on the north end of Cloverdale Blvd.
              No, the Old Taylor’s; seriously! No lie! Throw back.

              1. I think i know which one you speak of. Theres also one south end near the fair grounds thats good also. I dont get up to cloverdale much.

    2. UNDERCENTER, I told her and she was happy you enjoyed it. Thanks again for taking the time to drop by. Really enjoyed your company. Keep us updated during your travels if you would please….

  34. I honestly like Josh Allen but to be quite clear and honest why would the 49ers have 2 second rounders next year if they are going to select a qb the first round when if you look at what happened this year Lynch made people’s jaw dropped when selecting Ruben it can go to show you that in my personal opinion they will select a qb in the second round and not go for cousins do to the price tag and we need pieces to fill the void we have in the areas of need so I think that we may go for Jake Browning do to help was like cousins in college but younger and cost half as much

  35. I don’t think the Niners will be picking 2nd, for one. So it is probably moot. Top ten is probable though. I see 4 wins, maybe 5.

  36. So.. Mr McShay can see the future is in the house??? and how many games is he going to win for the Niners Sr????

  37. I sure hope so. Josh Allen is the best college QB prospect I’ve seen to come out in a few years. He has a strong arm,ideal height and he moves like a man much smaller. He’s from a pro system which will accelerate his development in the NFL. Sam Darnold strikes me as more of a Kyle Shannahan QB but I think Shannahan would love either guys to build this team around. The only thing I’m worried about is if we win 8 or 9 games, miss the playoffs, and win ourselves out of the sweepstakes. Teams will be reluctant to trade back with these qbs coming out and it would take and rg3 like deal to move up and grab them, if at all.

  38. I’m big on Josh Allen. For a brief time I was hoping he would join the 2017 class. My ridiculously too early QB ranking for next season looks like:


    My guaranteed bust of the class is Rosen.

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