Josh Johnson: “I feel like I’m past the developmental stage of my career.”

SANTA CLARA – Josh Johnson was interviewed by Bay Area reporters in the 49ers’ press trailer Thursday afternoon. Here is a transcript.

Q: Why do you think you have a second chance here?

JOHNSON: I’m a better player. I had a better year last year. I put a lot of different things on tape. They noticed that. What they do now fits my skill set more so than the first time I was here.

Q: Did you think you were going to make this team in 2012? Were you surprised that you didn’t?

JOHNSON: Yeah, it was a bit surprising. I thought I played well at the end, but I could have done a lot of things better and I look forward to doing them better this time around.

Q: Why does your skill set fit the 49ers better now than two years ago?

JOHNSON: Alex was the starter then and Kap is the starter now. Kap is an athletic quarterback and I’m an athletic quarterback as well.

Q: What did you learn from your first camp here that you can apply to give yourself a better chance to make the team this year?

JOHNSON: I was able to reflect on a lot of the things that I did wrong. Being out in Cincinnati and becoming the No.2, I was able to work on a lot of different things. Credit to those coaches out there. I felt like they developed me. Coming here the last time, I felt like I was in the process of developing as a quarterback. Now, I feel like I’m past the developmental stage of my career. Now, it’s just going out there and putting it on the field every time.

Q: Which coach helped you in Cincinnati?

JOHNSON: The quarterback coach, Ken Zampese, did a hell of a job fixing my mechanics so I can get all I can out of the talent I have. I thank him for that all the time.

Q: You mentioned the offense changing with Kaepernick. Is that something Jim Harbaugh talked to you about, or something you noticed on your own?

JOHNSON: you can notice it watching the game. Naturally, it has changed. Once I talked to the coaches, they said they do things that fit my skill set a little bit more. When I was here last time, the whole athletic quarterback deal wasn’t as big as it is now. And so it’s a different opportunity, but a better opportunity.

Q: Is the first time you’ve been in an offense you feel fits your skill set?

JOHNSON: Even in Coach Gruden’s offense last year – he did a lot of things that fit my skill set as well, and I was able to take advantage and show that during preseason. Now, more coaches are more open-minded to guys. When I first came in the league, it was more “I have to make you this way.” Now, it’s “what’s he good at? What are his strengths? Let’s get him comfortable and then we can make his weaknesses his strengths as he’s out there playing and growing as a player.”

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  1. JOHNSON: Alex was the starter then and Kap is the starter now. Kap is an athletic quarterback and I’m an athletic quarterback as well.

    Translation: neither of us can make more than one read so we have to rely on our legs and big arm.

    1. HA!

      That was funny.

      JJ seems to have quite a few excuses on why things haven’t materialized for him becoming a Starter in the NFL.

      At some point Actions on the field tell everything so enough of the exc….I mean Talking already.

      Just Do not Talk.

  2. Grant I am really looking forward to your camp practice reports. I have two suggestions for you.

    1. You should make a survey of the top things your readers are wanting to know. A website like surveymonkey would work fine. Or you could just ask us. My preference at the moment is how Ward looks covering the slot, how the corners are looking (mainly how Culliver looks and Donte Johnson), how Gabbart and Johnson battle is going, big plays and who looks best in punt returns.

    2. I don’t know if you do this already but instead of writing down what happens during practices, which could cause you to miss plays or details, you talk into a recorder and describe the play you saw. Then you can go back and write down every detail and not miss a beat of the practice.

    1. Dude – Thanks for keeping me up late. I had to read that post 4-5 times.
      I love this blog…..Incredible entertainment on any budget….Only in America.

  3. Grant,

    I enjoy your mischievous articles. In fact, you got a Dennis Da Menace thing going… I am neither a Baalky fan nor foe. I think his trade for Stevie Johnson was a coup. It remains to be seen how productive he will be, given 9ers conservative predictable O, n Kap’s limitations. Still, WRs get injured and Johnson should provide quality insurance.

    As to personnel moves concerning QBs, very underwhelming. How in the world can they dump BJ Daniels when he clearly won the # 2 position in preseason! Then paying 2mil for a flop? When Jeff Mathews could have been a UDFA. I guess tall; bright; strong and accurate arm and good game film rates low on their chart.

    Marcus Martin, was a solid pick, at a position of depth need.

    Ward, I can go either way on. Except that I can’t help judging that pick against a more logical free agent pick up of Thurmond. I mean, as you say, if slot cover was our top need, why not fill it with a cheap proven talent with upside? Which would have freed us to draft Lee from USC instead, a much sexier pick.

    As to RB Hyde… WHY??? FOR HIS SIZE AND WEIGHT, he is neither explosive or hard to tackle. He is a big, clunky, upright runner who will do only as well as his line and the ebb and flow of the game dictate. But at least he can catch, even though Kap’s next completion to a RB out of the backfield will be his first. With that in mind, they could have drafted JC Copeland in the 7th and saved the pick on Miller. You want to see a real beast with the ball, convert JC to RB and watch the bodies hitting the floor … er, field.

    And while we’re at it, 9ers could have drafted the aforementioned Jeff Mathews; LB Carlos Fields; and TE Colt Lyerla (yeah, yeah I know, like Lynch n Hyde are choir boyz) IN THE 7TH ROUND OR AS FREE AGENTS!!! That’s the least I would expect from our ninja GM.

    Lastly, am I the only 9er diehard who dies a little inside, every time I see Cordy Patterson gliding away for a TD, knowing the Ninja was sitting on the top pick in the 2nd round, and Cordy was in a free tall to #29!!! I can’t help but wonder what would happened in the conference championship if Cordy were returning kicks for us, and stretching the D. I see TO 2.0 in the future.

    1. Leo – Thanks for the link…..Like George just said, it’s a good problem to have. Kendall Hunter ain’t too shabby either.

    2. Leo,
      This is some encouraging news.
      Lattimore (last report) himself said that he does not yet have the ability to burst off his first step as he did in college.

      As a RB, that burst makes all the difference in the world because it allows for you to hit the hole faster and carry thrust and momentum for breaking arm tackles.
      I really want this kid to make it all the way back.
      He is an exceptional person of high character and mental strength.

  4. Thanks. If they had confidence that either Hyde or Lattimore could be their feature back, I wonder if they would alternate them. I could see each back trying to outdo the other. The combo might wear down a defense more than a single. Good problem to have.

    1. I could see them bringing Lattimore along very slowly, maybe 10 carries or less a game until he and they are fully confident in him. Hyde will definitely contribute, and not just in short yardage situations like Grants says. Hunter will be a big change of pace. Gore’s carries will be less and less as the season progresses I think, especially if Hyde has some early success.

      It will be interesting to see how many carries Latt gets in the preseason, since I know we like run the ball a whole lot in those games.

  5. TGIF Niner brothas! Time to reward yourselves for a week of hard work. Your micromanaging nitwit boss can’t breathe down your neck tonight. Why? Because he/she is not welcome in your man cave. Make a pit stop to your local beverage supplier and treat yourself to some QUALITY beer this evening. NO cheap beer and NO can beer!…………Like they say over at Mercedes Benz, “THE BEST OR NOTHING!”

    1. Crab’s, I’ve got the summer assortment of Pyramid getting cold next to the pool while I’m waiting for the wife to get home. No IPA, but they have an IPL that’s pretty tasty.

      Just checked the water temp and it’s a refreshing 64 degrees, lol. Warning: Some shrinkage may occur!

      1. Space – Very proud of you! Pyramid’s qualify. Yes, 64 degrees can cause some shriveling lol. Is your finger healed? Remember if your band ever reunites, The Who’s “Eminence Front” is a must at first Niner party……Hell, it’s a must when sittin poolside. Badass song man!

        1. I actually saved that request in a file so I wouldn’t forget. I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll ever get back together, though. A couple of the guys already have other projects going on and another isn’t sure what he wants to do. That’s kind of the way it goes. The good news is that my fingers are getting stronger because I’ve been practicing on an old acoustic with high action and heavy gauge strings which causes bleeding fingers some days. Now how’s that for dedication? ;)

          1. Thanks for saving that song! Keep me posted on the band. Don’t kill yourself bro, you must be a very good guitar player.
            Quest for 6 is alive and well Spaceborn! Go Niners

              1. “I tell ya folks….It’s harder than it looks.”
                Classic AC/DC bro….love that one. Hey Spaceborn, do you know any good rock and roll blogs? We might get some complaints soon for too muck rock talk. :)

    2. I’m a corona man myself…some salt and lime…should help take a bit of the ease off…

      have a great weekend guys

    1. I wish him the best and hope his knee woes are behind him.

      I see they also signed Oklahoma State SS Shamiel Gary as an UDFA. I think they’ve really got a player there.

      1. Gary while a beast of an athlete, he’s an even better person. High character guy Scooter. Hope he makes the team…….

        1. I must admit I have no idea about what he’s like off the field. I’m just basing it on what I saw on film. When I watched film on Gilbert I saw #7 making some plays. Good size, pretty good tackler, moves well.

            1. Nice. I must admit I thought the 49ers might try and get him as an UDFA. The 49ers scout at the Oklahoma St pro day met with him.

  6. The more I read about Ellington the more I feel he may become the 4th WR on the depth chart. I hope they give him an opportunity to flourish.

  7. Note to Coach Harbaw:

    If ‘developmental’ is a word which the fans use
    in conjunction with the Niners at the end of
    2014/2015 or 2015/2016, well then we can guess
    that you have not yet brought home SB win #6, hmm?

    My advice? Better speed up the “develop” process or…
    ya might need to get your ticket punched somewhere else.
    Just sayin’….

    1. Why Is your “Internet Protocol” the same as the new guy “dude?” Nobody’s feeding you anymore, thought I’d give you some dried beans to survive on DS/Monkey boy. Or are you “Chaka” from 1970’s land of the lost show?….The Sleestak’s coming for you Chaka.

  8. Great idea bringing Johnson over. Let’s see which “loser” is better. The other teams must be shaking in their boots

        1. Lemonier lead in PRP among rookie pass rushers, which includes 3-4 OLBs and 4-3 defensive ends. Among all 3-4 OLBs, Lemonier was 23rd. Dan Skuta 11th, Aldon Smith 6th, and Ahmad Brooks 50th. I expect big things from this guy while Aldon serves his suspension…..

          1. Same here razor. He should benefit from a full off-season program.

            Personally I prefer Lemonier to his old teammate Dee Ford – he’s not the same quick-twitch athlete as Ford but he’s a much better power rusher and is more consistently successful pushing the pocket. Knows how to use his strength to fight off an OT and turn the corner too.

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