Judge dismisses domestic violence charges against Reuben Foster

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster leaves the Santa Clara County Superior Court after a preliminary hearing stemming from domestic violence accusations against him, Thursday, May 17, 2018, in San Jose, Calif. Foster’s ex-girlfriend, Elissa Ennis, recanted allegations Thursday that Foster physically assaulted her. She testified that she lied to authorities about the domestic assault to get back at Foster for breaking up with her. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

On Wednesday, judge Nona L. Klippen dismissed the two felony domestic violence charges against 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster, and reduced the felony weapons charge to a misdemeanor.

Here’s a statement from general manager John Lynch: “The organization is aware the domestic violence charges against Reuben Foster were dismissed earlier today. As a result, he will have the opportunity to rejoin the team tomorrow. It has been made clear to Reuben that his place on this team is one that must continue to be earned. We will continue to monitor the remaining misdemeanor charge.”

The 49ers did the right thing to let the case play out. I commend them.

I would have cut Foster the day the D.A. charged him, and I would have been wrong.

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    1. The bigger part is you didn’t come up with 20 reasons why the judge dismissed the case. Which I’m sure will happen around sports blogs. With anywhere from saying, the accuser was paid off to she was lying under oath. It’s time to move on

    2. There’s a first time for everything. Grant actually admitted he was wrong. Right on Grant, how’s it feel to be human?

      1. What choice did he have. Only the moron’s in the DA’ s office and those not really aware of the details still seem hold that Foster committed the acts he was originally accused off. It did not surprise me that the DA still continues despite the over whelming contrary evidence to say they believe he is actually guilty. Something needs to be done about people like that. Now there is a reason to picket and protest.

    3. Actually, for all of his snarky remarks, Grant is one of the few beat writers who actually admits when he’s wrong. I appreciate that Grant’s brutal honesty is applied to himself as well as those he criticizes.

      1. Not at all. It was found that there was not enough evidence to even warrant a trial. Quite a bit of difference. You have to be tried to be found innocent .

        1. No one is ever found innocent. You are ALWAYS innocent until you are proven guilty. You can only ever be found guilty.

    1. Razor….. there are two and only two songs that should ever be played by Aerosmith.
      This is one of them.

      1. Well the whole Rocks album is charming, but I was 15 then, and besides, Reuben will be reporting for duty tomorrow so the news is great whatever the soundtrack is.

    1. Amen! At the very least, an unforgivable fashion violation. More accurately, and assault on our eyes.

  1. Yep, in the end the 49ers decision to wait has been vindicated, at least in the eyes of the legal system. Just a reminder that people shouldn’t rush to judgement (and I include myself in that). Eric Branch was right though; we still shouldn’t rush to judgement even now in declaring Foster innocent. We’ll never really know whether he did it or not. But there is definitely enough reason to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    1. The onus will be on Foster to surround himself with the right people and avoid putting himself in situations that can lead to anymore trouble, to include testing positive for marijuana, moving forward….

      1. Razoreater

        DISAGREE ! !

        The onus is now on the 49ers to make sure that Foster is covered with ‘bodyguards’….He’s still only 22 years old, and has a lot of money, and is susceptible to doing lotz of DUMB stuff. Let’s not fool ourselves…I’m not betting that he’s learned his lesson don’t make it any harder on him than is necessary…I posted that earlier even if he is found innocent, his reputation has suffered irreparable damage…C’mon niners..help him out….

          1. he’s in that uncomfortable age zone , to paraphrase Jethro Tull: Too old to babysit, too young to let loose….

        1. Learned his lesson from what?
          He was innocent of these charges
          Aside from Stay away from the weed until you retire or it’s legal-what makes him deserve such judgements?
          See this is the damage that ludicrous DA did. Now people just automatically put him in a certain box.
          He probably has had some idiots in his life he’s learning this offseason to push away-the woman lied because he was breaking up with her. That shows he’s smarter than you all give him credit for. Knock off the judgements.

    2. More than enough reason, Scooter. I don’t have access to the Branch article or tweet, but what was it that he believed still provided support for the DV claim (even the cell phone issue seemed murky)? Given the ease with which these PHs result in trials, the DA looks like a fool. Personally, I hope the DA is disciplined for this prosecutorial misconduct. Apparently Foster can pursue a civil trial against the DA if he desires.

      1. Nothing, cubus. His point (I believe it was Branch, but perhaps it was one of the other beat guys) was basically everyone that rushed to judgement on Foster’s guilt was foolish because they didn’t know the facts. But now people are rushing to judgement the other way, and that is equally foolish. We simply don’t really know what happened, and we most likely never will. We certainly have reason to give Foster the benefit of the doubt though.

        1. On the “periscope” post, I posed a question in response to your post concerning potential tension between the DB coaches and Sherman. Here’s what I wrote:

          “I agree regarding Sherman. However, do you guys see any potential conflicts with Sherman coaching alongside the DB coaches? I mean there’s probably bound to be an instance or two where Sherman says one thing and Hafley doesn’t agree and vice-versa. But as I understand it, Hafley doesn’t have the experience that Sherman has in this system. I hope Hafley doesn’t feel undermined and can accept the situation as it is. Many can’t and egos can be pretty large on professional sports teams.”

          1. Yeah, I don’t think it will be an issue at all. Sherman is an experienced vet. He has knowledge to impart, but will also know that what the coaches say is the final word. If he wasn’t doing something Hafley was comfortable with he wouldn’t be doing it.

          2. Great question Cubus. It looks like Sherman had some issues in the last 2 years in Seattle. Specifically with Pete Carroll, the play calling and the differential treatment of the offense and Russell Wilson.
            Is this why they let him walk so easily?

            1. I agree with you Prime. With that visit to Dallas’ locker room after the game, it sure looks like Earl Thomas is looking forward to moving on.

              Sherman’s been a nice surprise. It’ll be interesting to see what he does with his life after football.

        2. “But now people are rushing to judgement the other way, and that is equally foolish.”

          I had that thought today as well

    3. Even with the limited information we had earlier. I was pretty sure he was not guilty of what he was being charged with. Why? Because her statement made no sense and was contradictory. There were too many red flags that usually come up if a story is contrived. Now with her testimony I am sure without a doubt.

      Who is Eric Branch, that you feel obligated to drop his name as some sort of authority. Anyone who can not figure out what happened with the testimony that was given at the hearing, should never serve on a jury or even vote for that matter. I often feel like I am living within the movie ” Idiocracy”.

  2. Can you believe the DA didn’t investigate Ennis’ past after she recanted?
    Sloppy all around, Santa Clara DA has some serious mud on their face with this one.
    Good for Reuben.

    1. Santa Clara DA is an attention whore. He’s getting the wrong kind of attention now. Did he go to the same law school as Donald Trump’s attorney?

        1. Rudy Giuliani… We can make a long, long list of alums from across the political spectrum. Hope we let this go.

              1. I like people who weren’t captured.


                Never was a fan. Rhino/attention whore. Not glad he’s dying but glad the swamp has one less creature slithering around. You see, Cassie government was never meant to be a career. You should serve one term and then get out. Maybe two terms for congressmen. That’s it.

              2. The guy has to be a total idiot, because he made too many mistakes. Charging a person for attempting to keep someone from reporting a crime by throwing them out of the house? When the crime itself supposedly happened in the act of throwing them out. Believing that she was hit 8-10 times by Foster when there were no visible bruises but only scratches.

                Look I know he might not have actually believed her story and was just using her for his own purposes, but even then you have to be smarter than that. Now that it has come out in the media he looks like a total fool. And these are the people we have in important positions in our government. The worst part is that the public has shown to be so easily fooled and conned that they felt they could get away with this sort of thing. The public needs to make some effort to develop some sort of BS detector. They certainly don’t have one at present. Heck it took everyone far too long to figure out Baalke.

  3. Suprised the DA stuck to such a flimsy case.

    Question to all: would a district attorney’s office in most other regions of the country have press the case this hard?

    1. Question for those with more legal knowledge than I. As I understand this a domestic charge investigation uncovers incidental and unrelated illegal gun and some pot. The domestic abuse does not stick but one of the unrelated incidentals does?
      Isn’t that like getting pulled over for a speeding ticket and there is a search that finds a gun / drugs in the trunk. Then come to find out the radar gun malfunctioned so you get busted on the illegal gun.
      Is that right and/or is that legal?

      1. “JP” is our resident go to 49ers fan on these matters. (If I’m remembering his name correctly)

        My name layman’s understanding…
        There are search rules limiting law enforcement from getting a search warrant for one item, but using it as a fishing expedition. Sometimes evidence can be tossed out.

        But the gun was found as a result of an emergency call, with Foster’s girlfriend likely giving the OK to search. Rules might be different.

  4. Eric Branch – John Lynch on Reuben Foster: “He will have the opportunity to rejoin the team tomorrow. It has been made clear to Reuben that his place on this team is one that must continue to be earned. We will continue to monitor the remaining misdemeanor charge.”

    1. B2W,
      Sounds like Lynch made it clear that RF better not even get a jaywalking ticket on a rural street.

      I was quick to judge RF because of the series of events which led to his arrest.
      I’m certainly happy that Reuben can continue his career, but I also hope this entire episode helps him to make better choices and to choose his friends wisely.

      1. Each person should be judged on what they do. There is a proper time and place for using past behavior when it comes to sentencing or character evaluations. But it should never be used as evidence that a person has committed or will commit a crime. People used the incident with the nurse at the combine to make the leap in judgement that he was a woman beater. Just because you argue or yell at someone does not necessarily mean that you would bet violent. Just because a dog barks does not make it follow that they will bite.

        What he does in the future will happen or not. Making an assumption based on a weapons or marijuana charge does not make it follow that he is a higher risk in other area’s of his life. Now the marijuana thing is a concern because of the NFL penalties.

        1. “Each person should be judged on what they do. There is a proper time and place for using past behavior when it comes to sentencing or character evaluations. But it should never be used as evidence that a person has committed or will commit a crime.” willtalk

          Absolutely agree with your assertion. Every crime or alleged crime should be judged on its own merit.
          But no one can convince me that law enforcement dept. does not keep a record of past incidents and use a “pattern of behavior” when a person has had prior arrest.

          Santa Clara DA lost the case against RF, but they were required to do their due diligence and investigate every aspect of the matter nonetheless.

          Sometimes a DA’ office could be guilty of overreacting and sometimes they could be guilty of not reacting.

          Here’s an extreme example of not reacting, but one in which a “pattern of behavior” should have been acted on.
          Had law enforcement (FBI) done their due diligence in seriously monitoring Nikolas Cruz’ (Stoneman Douglas High School shooter) “patterns of behavoir” of threats dating back to 2015, perhaps 17 students would be planning for graduation in a few weeks.

  5. Grant, it takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong. Now when will you will admit you were wrong about wanting to trade Garoppolo?

    1. I still like that idea, but it might not have been realistic, because Paraag wouldn’t have matched the Vikings’ offer for Cousins.

      1. Oh Grant. This trade Jimmy G talk is really going to bite you in the ***.
        He’s special and he will be for a long time in SF. You’re digging your own grave my man. Take it easy…. razor que the Eagles

              1. Well, things tend to go in cycles. No imperative to change now, only to change it back in the future….

              2. Cassie,
                Hang on proudly to the moniker. Every time fans feel compelled to bad mouth Shanalynch, your name is a reminder of the alternatives….

      2. I might agree to trading Jimmy G a year before his current contract expires if they have another QB in place who is not too much of a down grade. The cap savings and trade value might be worth it. But that would be in the future and definitely not now.

  6. Glad you could admit it. Most can’t. That said, this a real problem in the media. Needs to change. At the same time, society has to stop deciding guilt or innocent, as well. I work with law enforcement every day, including the FBI, and what Trump is doing to our agencies is criminal and disgusting. Let investigations and investigators do their job. To a “T” these people are politically agnostic. It does not influence their job or efforts.

    1. “To a “T” these people are politically agnostic” – While I agree that only the facts of an investigation can lead to a conclusion of guilt or innocence, I do not agree that federal employees are politically agnostic.

      Did you forget about the thousands of text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page? Any reasonable person would see that your statement is false.

      I do agree the real problem is the media. Most are nothing but paid political operatives, schilling for NBC, MSN or CNN, and yes, FOX. The problem is the coverage is about 9 to 1 in favor of the big money networks. Not quite fair.

      But then this story is about young Reuben Foster. I wish him well and better wisdom in his decisions.

    2. Da Niners you aren’t seriously backing the FBI in this Russian “collusion” case are you?
      Especially after swallowing the evidence to put that crook Clinton away.
      You’ve got to be kidding. Yes trump is brash and sometimes says thing s that are idiotic. But what HES doing to the FBI?
      The hate clouds your mind dude.
      Heck I’ve even got Trumps back on this one.
      The deep state at its finest and they’re sitting there with egg on their faces right now. And some will be a going to jail.
      The FBI…. lmaooooo turn off CNN.
      Oh and BTW my brother in law works for the FBI. Let’s just say your take on this, is in the minority.
      The straight and narrow folks that aren’t at the top. They aren’t happy with leadership. And that’s reality!

      1. The deep state

        Lol. If there were such a thing as “the deep state”, a certain fat-a$$ed orange traitor would be dead by now. Dude, what Trump and tools like you slime as “the deep state” are life long career officers, serving administrations of both parties, sworn to defend the Constitution and uphold the rule of law in this fast disappearing democracy. The Deep State…….they pulled off 9/11 too, didn’t they? lmaooooo indeed

        And some will be a going to jail.

        Turn off the Alex Jones and Hannity, they are beaming straight into your tin foil hat.

        OK, back to football……

      2. NinerMD

        Either your hat’s on backwards…or your head is…
        In about 2 monthes (or less), Robert Meuller will prefer charges against Trump for treason and high crimes against the USA…then we’ll see who’s still standing…I’m too poor to afford a front row seat, ….but I’ll be there..

        1. Oregon….. you drinkikgnthat Kool Aid too? Man. The hate is real.
          I guess it’s OK to trust people who with actual proof let off Clinton and the law breaking going on there.
          I’m telling you guys. Stop watching that mainstream news. Aka Fake news.

          And Ribico…
          I’ll let th sheeple believe what they want on 9-11. Again the evidence and science debunk the 9-11 commission report and basic knowledge.
          As far as the deep state. It’s been a year and a half. This made up garbage about Russian collusion is just the beginning.
          And thank you for pointing out that the elephants are working with the donkeys on this. Which should prove my outlook that this two party system is a joke. They’re corrupt to the core cover their a**es in every crime and don’t work for us.
          And it’s not to late for them to take him out. Like I said this is the beginning.
          Let me guess Bush and his CIA didn’t take out Kennedy either. Because well those good folks in DC and in the cia and fbi are upstanding people who only care about us. Cmoooon man. That’s the thinking that got Trump elected and got this obvious corruption exposed.
          Again turn off cnn and msnbc my man.
          Hannity and Jones. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

          1. Okaaaaaay Columbo. There’s a child porn ring in a D.C. pizza parlor basement that needs your investigative prowess. Then you can tell us definitively who killed Seth Rich. And Vince Foster too while you are at it.

          2. Ninermd. So, you know the truth with certainty. As a patriot, what are you doing about it? You are a patriot–so it seems.

            Do something besides unloading in a football blog. Voting may not be enough–same with sharing your thinking with those who think the same. What sacrifices are you willing to make to return your beloved nation to its proper and correct condition, where its children have a bright and sustainable future? What does that future look like? Is it sustainable?

            1. Cassie….. I’ll fake the word of thousands of architects and engineers and the actual firemen saying bombs were going off when they were rescuing people at the time. Over football posters who obviously are afraid to research stuff themselves. It’s easy to sit there and ACT like you’re in the know. All while getting your news from mainstream media.
              Here’s a simple one. For both of you. Whether you believe it was our government or not.
              A simple one.
              How on earth does building 7 crumple on its own hours after, when it wasn’t hit?

              And I didn’t start this convo.
              Thank you!

              1. Ninermd… As a patriot you should act–beyond running your mouth. Act as in personally take the initiative to right this wrong. How can you look in the mirror and not feel guilt that you haven’t acted? Are you afraid the machine will get you?

              2. Md – google stewardess Rebeka Roth. She opened my eyes. Seeing I don’t trust liberals/conservatives (Clintons/Bushes) I would like answers to her assertions.

              3. Undercenter, Roth opened your eyes to what exactly? Are you talking about this woman?

                Additionally, an ex-military pilot, who was a passenger supposedly on the second plane heading into the Twin Towers, was just three minutes from impact, when in a phone conversation with his mother, conjectured that he was in Ohio, Roth recounted. She has concluded that smaller planes or missiles were used to hit the Towers, while American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 were stowed elsewhere, with the passengers being gassed to death.

                She is claiming no passenger planes hit WTC? I’ll tell you what, I live in the West Village, Manhattan. Look it up on a map, you’ll see it is a straight line 1.9 miles due north of the WTC. On the morning of 9/11 these planes flew directly above my brownstone, I heard the roar, felt the rumble. I didn’t know wtf was going on. Some men were working on the roof of the building next door, I looked out the window – they were yelling, agitated, pointing in the direction of where the first plane was headed. Seconds later it made contact with the first tower. So don’t you or anybody else caught up in lunatic conspiracy theories try to tell me none of this happened. I’m a liberal, so yeah you don’t trust me. That’s your prerogative. You should trust eyewitnesses though, no matter their leanings.

                Oh, and MD, regarding WTC 7. Two 110 story towers collapsing within yards, creating debris field unimaginable, along with the fire that broke out in the building , had much to do with it. Don’t take my word for it. Take the National Institute of Standards and Technology report instead.

                (JFC, I can’t believe I’m in an internet debate with 9/11 nutters)

              4. Rib,

                This is why it’s a little disturbing to get into topics beyond football on sites like this. You find out way more than you really want to know. People curb logic to believe the most insane things. There are some out there who truly believe the rash of school killings is a plot by Billionaire Democrats to attack the NRA or that the shootings never happened and are a hoax complete with child actors. When you live in a country with 300 million + citizens, you expect there to be a percentage of them with mental illness, but the internet shows us that figure might be much higher than we think.

              5. One lame just sit there and listen to what you’re told. You simpleton.
                Nutcase??? Who was in love with another man that played on this team that he got booted three times for losing his mind over that player? You’re a joke!
                And a bigger one for believing the Bush cabinet and the mainstream media.
                Again simpletons!!!
                I’ll take the word of the fireman and cops on the scene and the word of thousands of architects and engineers. You all want to buy the fake commission report and try to debunk simple science, then I’ll let you take the title of simpleton.
                I’ll bet not one of you lazy sheeple ever researched the 9/11 case on your own.
                Oh and btw go call the hundreds of family members who are still to this day wanting the truth as to why their husbands, wives, parents and children died.
                Tfooh sheeple! Stay asleep and stay lazy!

        1. Ha! We need a deep state song!

          One way to avoid the feared deep state syndrome is to dismantle anything that looks like government and all its trappings–at any level–and keep it dismantled.

          One could go beyond government and find deep state characteristics in religion and commercial activities, families, and organized crime.

            1. Why hold back? Take them all down. Would need to be vigilant to ensure that those human activities which follow don’t lead to the formation of more deep states. Beginning to sound like (almost) any human activity leads to the breeding of deep states. Oh my….

              1. What else can we do but take what seems meaningless and try to make something meaningful from it?

    3. Just like the DA in this case was politically agnostic. Now some people in these agencies might be unbiased with no agenda’s, but all it takes is a few in the upper ranks. Sorry but I don’t trust people just because they are in positions of authority. Just because the people you have contact with are unbiased and agenda less does not mean others are as well. You making a big assumption.

  7. We’ll see if he can stay clean now. Given his track record he could still be the next Aldon. Illegal (in CA) assault weapon, Marijuana bust, sketchy dm case… This could get worse so let’s not start sucking each other off just yet.

      1. So the lesson here is if Foster will just learn to smoke pot in California, keep his assault rifle in Alabama and commit any DV in Brazil, he’ll be good to go.

    1. You realize there are different forms of bigotry at play besides gender and race. It never cease to amaze me how some people denounce bigotry in one form and support and practice it in another. That is the essence behind PC. It is a templet for which forms of bigotry are presently approved and which are not. Ironically what is PC today is often an over reaction to things that were PC yesterday. I can remember a time when discrimination against both minorities and women was socially approved and PC.

  8. Grant kudos for admitting being wrong . I admitted it right after the news of the recant and video .better late then never. Here’s the kicker ….. the judge said the injuries were more consistent with the fight on the video then someone who had been punched 8 to 10 times in the head.

    1. That was a major reason why the initial story just didn’t make any sense. Her down playing that he hit her, but not very hard, was one major red flag. He was accused of being out of control, yet he pulled his punches so that no visible damage was inflicted other than a ruptured ear drum. Those type of hits are called nuggies. He was accused of attempting to keep her from reporting a crime, yet the crime involved throwing her out of his house. LOL. How is that keeping her from reporting a crime. You people can’t see just how stupid and nonsensical this entire thing appeared? The entire thing sounded contrived even the charges. Now it becomes evident why she stated he didn’t hit her very hard. Because she had to adapt Foster hitting her with the damage inflicted by a woman would have caused.

      The whole thing was nothing but a joke to begin with. Now everyone be sure to go home and water your plants with Gatorade. It has electrolytes.

  9. BOOYAH!

    Now it’s time to get pumped about the potential of a FOSTER – WARNER tandem, shades of WILLIS – BOWMAN circa 2012-2013! Sure, it’s a different scheme, but these two linebackers are a tailor match, and could play next to each other in a 49ERS front seven for the next decade!

    1. Don’t sleep on Malcolm Smith my man.
      If they can get those three playing together somehow and stay healthy that’s even more problems for offenses

          1. It’s likely Warner will be on special teams early and often. Hoping he doesn’t get so dinged up that he can’t contribute at LB this season.

      1. Malcolm Smith sucked in Oakland. Another example of the Niners overpaying a player that wasn’t worth anywhere near what he got from them.

  10. Yeah right, lil cohn is really sorry (eyes roll).

    So write an article in the newspaper saying you were wrong and why.

    So go up to Foster and apologize to his face.

    So go up to John Lynch and apologize to his face.

    Nobody hold their breath, lil coward won’t do any of that.

  11. Good on you Grant.
    You were not alone by any means. I along with others automatically assumed guilty especially with football life A,A (After Aldon). This was a rare event of a player being guilty of bad choice in friends (among other bad decisions) rather than of an actual crime. This is a rare moment of unexpected innocence.

    Now lets hope that Reuben learns from this as Aldon never did from his first, second and third mistakes. I am really looking forward to Reuben and Warner. Warner impressed me at Senior bowl and combine. Where once there was a position weakness now seems to look very promising.

    Grant, I for one, enjoy your negative balance, bitter with the sweat and your bad cop moments. So please don’t hold those punches. We need a few more critics in the fan club to offset all the pollyannas. With a glass half full of the happy stuff, I toast you.

    1. There is nothing wrong with being aware of categories that certain people might be put into. Stereotypes do have validity. Where the problem arises is when we make assumptions about an individual based on a categorization. Bigotry is when you make a judgement of an individual or individual event base purely on something that might be true or applicable for a group.

  12. Without spending all day writing a post about today’s ruling in the Reuben Foster case, I have a few thoughts.

    (1) A judge dismissing a case at a preliminary hearing is extremely rare. In fact, it’s so rare that I never personally saw it when I was a prosecutor. It does happen, but it’s a unicorn. That’s because the legal standard needed to move forward is so low – probable cause is the same standard used by judges to issue search warrants.

    (2) Foster is lucky that this judge was a former public defender. While ample legal justification existed for her to make this ruling, I don’t suspect a lot of judges who were former DAs would have. Judges have biases just like the rest of us. Prosecutors and defense attorneys talk about individual judges’ tendencies and biases openly, both inside their own offices and across the aisle with each other. These biases usually don’t result in reversible error, but they do influence cases. A different judge could have easily forced Foster to stand trial – yes, even with all the evidence that came out in the preliminary hearing.

    (3) The bigger surprise to me today, though, was actually that the judge reduced the felony weapons charge to a misdemeanor. That charge is what’s called a “wobbler,” meaning it can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. I haven’t read a transcript of the preliminary hearing, so I’m not sure what other evidence there is about the weapon. But I did read that it was found loaded on the bathroom floor, instead of unloaded and secured in a gun safe like it should have been. Without knowing more, this is a ruling I suspect few judges would have made before trial, even those with defense backgrounds. It’s a huge win for Foster, and gives him the vast majority of the leverage in all future negotiations with the prosecutor.

    (4) The Santa Clara County DA’s office and Los Gatos Police Department look incompetent, and the manner in which they’ve proceeded with this case heavily imply motivations not driven by justice:
    (i) They did not bother to investigate Ennis’ claim when she recanted that she was involved in a road rage incident the day before the alleged abuse, and the fight was the source of her injuries. That’s sloppy and stupid.
    (ii) They did not preempt the defense by bringing up Ennis’ previous arrest for falsely accusing another man of domestic violence during direct examination. This is a universal witness examination strategy used to blunt the impact of unfavorable information, which to me strongly suggests they never did a background check on her and didn’t know about it until the moment Foster’s attorney asked Ennis the question.
    (iii) The motorist who lent Ennis his phone testified that she appeared totally calm, visibly unharmed, and he had no idea she was calling 911. They either didn’t interview that witness well enough to know what he was going to say, or they inexplicably didn’t understand that his testimony did nothing but undermine their case.
    (iv) They didn’t even do enough investigation to enable the officers to testify that Ennis’ injuries were consistent with her original account of Foster’s abuse. Unbelievable.
    I could go on, but those four stood out brightest to me.

    One time I had a domestic violence case where the defendant brought his cell phone to court for a plea hearing and showed me a text from the alleged victim that said “Who the *%&$ do you think you are, breaking up with me? I’m going to ruin your life.” I requested a continuance to investigate. After investigation, a friend of the alleged victim’s admitted that she convinced him to inflict injuries on her so she could blame them on the defendant. Really ugly stuff. I dismissed the case.

    I’m certainly not perfect, and I’ve made mistakes as a prosecutor. I’ve had cases where I misinterpreted or misunderstood the evidence at first. I’ve had cases where later down the line I received or obtained new evidence that I didn’t have when I filed charges. I’ve had cases where the alleged victim lied to my face about what happened, and I only detected the lie later. But when I uncovered (or someone brought me) evidence that the defendant might not be guilty, I investigated it thoroughly and never walked into the courtroom unprepared.

    In the very first post I wrote about this topic, I said that it looked to me like the DA’s office was out to make an example of Reuben Foster. And at the time, I had no problem with that. If you have strong evidence that a defendant is guilty, making an example out of him/her is totally fair and an excellent tool to deter future crime in the community. Your actions are still driven by justice. But where there are serious problems with your case, and as a police officer and prosecutor you ignore those problems without investigation, stick your head in the sand, and go full steam ahead, you reveal yourself to be motivated by something other than justice. And that’s wrong, no matter who the defendant is.

    1. Thank you for the breakdown. Especially useful to me was understanding how rare it is for judges dismissing preliminary cases. Makes the DA office look really bad.

    2. JAG:

      Do you see any discipline of the DA and his office forthcoming? Is disbarment a possibility? My understanding is that Foster could pursue a civil case against the DA’s office; is that your understanding as well? Anything else I haven’t thought or known to ask regarding discipline or restitution to Foster that you care to comment on? Thanks.

      1. “Suing for Damages: Malicious Prosecution in a Criminal Case
        Prosecutors who bring criminal cases without adequate justification may be sued for doing so, and may not be protected by prosecutorial immunity if the prosecutors’ actions were egregious enough.”

    3. JAG,
      Maybe the gun charge wobbled to a misdemeanor because the gun had nothing to do with a crime that was not committed in the first place. A rush to justice for whatever motivations seemed to have resulted in some walking back.
      First Reuben gets really unlucky while playing with fire. Then he gets lucky and walks away from the fire his bad choices started. Now comes NFL justice and more importantly whether he can learn from how close he got to a career going up in flames.

    4. JAG, nice, concise and thorough interpretation.
      I also wonder why the DA did not interview Foster, to get his side of the story. Then make a determination.
      Foster is not out of the woods. He may be subject to Reefer Madness, with Goodell wielding the hammer. I am kinda expecting a 4 game suspension, due to the watered down combine sample and Alabama citation.
      Glad Foster is free from the serious gun charge. Hope he realizes that the Niners will not tolerate more problems, so he needs good support.

    5. Thanks JAG, but at the end of the day, doesn’t it all break down to due process, in dubio pro reo and – in this case – cui bono?

    6. Somehow my sense is that the DA will find a way to blame the cops for not properly preparing the case for him. I’m not a lawyer but reducing the gun charge sounds like there could be a problem with searching the bathroom when it’s obvious that the two parties to the potential crime are already identified and isolated. Also , it could have been part of an agreement to avoid a malicious prosecution suit. Just in the interest of not jumping to conclusions and not to disagree with JAG, in the real world there is the thing known as Occam’s Razor (Doctors in training are taught: When you hear hoof beats, don’t go looking for zebras), the DA assumed, based on the police report, that the police report could be taken at face value and moved accordingly. With no disrespect to JAG, I’m not sure that the vast majority of DAs spend much effort trying to find reasons why someone is innocent once the process in motion.

      1. I’m thinking they’ll make him destroy the weapon, maybe a community service and that’ll be the end of that charge.

    7. JAG
      Thanks for the perspectives
      . “..other motivations..” indeed.
      The caller/“victim” alerted the responding cops to the presence of an illegal weapon.
      The cops were obligated to arrest or cite. The DA was obligated to sort through and make appropriate filings, or not. Big Fail. Yuge.
      Reuben- Head down, get to work. Work, eat, sleep; repeat.

    8. Good articulate post that dealt with this issue from an actual legal standpoint. I helps to have one’s BS meter constantly running

  13. Grant:
    Good job admitting your error, not the easiest thing to do.
    Foster will probably be suspended by the NFL for using that “evil” weed and maybe on the gun possession issue(legal where he bought it and about half the States). Guessing 2-4 games. If it is more the Niners should let The Commish know how unreasonable he is.
    I wonder if Richard Sherman will have a few good talks with Ruben and get him to understand who he should trust and who he shouldn’t.
    I would like to see the Niners mentor the younger players, bring in a smart ex player who can act as a life coach of sorts . Talk them about people to avoid, saving money, investments to avoid, planning your second career and those types of issues.

  14. He’s guilty of horrendous judgment , if that doesn’t get cleaned up real fast he won’t be sticking around too long

  15. JAG
    Thanks for your observations. I’m an attorney, but did not practice criminal law.
    I understood a D.A. was suppose to have a good faith belief they could prove each element of the charged Offense beyond a reasonable doubt before filing against an individual. It does not appear this happened in this case. Are there any negative consequences for the D. A. As a result?

  16. Good read Grant.

    Foster will improve his tackling technique. He’s healthy with more experience. We’re going to see why the team loved Foster pre-draft. Big season coming, barring injury.

    1. Foster will improve his tackling technique.

      Will he? That’s harder to do with the limited full contact practices allowed in today’s nfl. This skill requires countless reps not to revert to old form.
      While I still see a fair amount of violent collisions, today’s nfl is rife with puss poor technique.

      1. “today’s nfl is rife with puss poor technique”

        Way too true, and Foster is one of the best at it. I wouldn’t change a thing about his technique. He’s the best tackler on the team.

      2. “Will he?”

        That’s the plan. Good point on reverting to form. I hope it improves and sticks this time. Could mean less trips to the tent.


        “The consensus is the problem has improved. But the concerns were obvious in the past and injuries drove home that point.”

        “Coach Nick Saban last August said Foster needed to fix the habit of ducking his head when delivering hits. Foster’s style sometimes led to “stingers” that  sidelined him during the spring of 2014 as he pushed for a starting job.”

        “That head-down approach typically creates a dangerous situation helmets can’t protect. Neck and spine injuries — even those that can end a career, or in rare cases paralyze an athlete — could come into play too.”

      3. He’s going to have to change his habit of dipping his head or he’s going to get kicked out of games under the new rule.

      4. I don’t recall the seahags K. Chancellor or Thomas receiving any penalties because of their fierce hitting style.

        Petey has developed a hitting technique that helps his players make the hard, yet safe tackles.
        Maybe Sherman could assist in this area.

  17. I referred to you as a “piss-poor journalist” for your rush to judgment on Reuben Foster in my previous post but I do acknowledge your willingness to face up to the error you made. I am just very thankful that John Lynch, Mike Shanahan, and Reuben Foster handled the situation as well as anybody could have hoped.

    1. Grant was right about one thing in this. “Reuben Foster case biggest test for 49ers GM John Lynch”.

      Lynch aced it.

  18. I wouldn’t be surprised If Goodell suspended him the max on the Alabama arrest since he was already on the watch-list for the diluted urine at the combine, and the police said there was a strong smell of marijuana at his South Bay home. The thinking being: What’s he doing, allowing it at his place even if he wasn’t smoking?

    1. lee.grayling

      What’s he going to do to prevent others bringing it to his place ?….Grab them by the hair and throw (drag) them by the hair onto his front yard ?….

  19. Weed is a cudgel in Goodell’s hands to beat on the black players. Plain and simple. That stuff is legal in many states, is not habit forming and doesn’t improve sports skills. I’ll tell ya what, if you could drain a sample from the urinals in the locker room for analysis, you would find far more dangerous drugs in abundance. Pain killers, crank, brain drugs, the works. And they are administered by the team doctors throughout the NFL…

    1. Enough with making this about beating on black players. Even if Goodell was a closet Klanner he wouldn’t care one way or the other what color a player was. The NFL is a business and what ever makes money is what they will support. Suspending black players does them no good what so ever business wise. The rest of your post I can agree with.

  20. Grant , I respect you even more now, we all make mistakes, my grandfather and my dad always said the truth was somewhere in the middle,n there could have been some type of something going on, but what made me question everything was the charge of hitting someone ten times with a closed fist, that person man or woman would be in a hospital or morgue anyways good to have you back and coming up with thought provoking comments even if we tease and disagree, I appreciate you!

  21. Your apology was pretty tepid compared to the hissy fit you threw.

    I watched your video. You didn’t look good. Face is drawn, your hair was a mess and you constantly touched your nose and snuffled. Hmmm…

        1. Really cool that they are going back to those. Too bad they can’t wear the red jerseys for the home game and the white on the road.

  22. Going to be interesting to see what Murph and Mac do tomorrow, they were bigger boobs over this slamming the niners demanding to cut him, I hate it when bias’s are shown.

  23. It is amazing how a player can get charges dismissed or reduced or dismissed and a regular citizen would get hammered. However, the NFL has a different discipline policy than the courts, so Reuben still may miss some time. I have to laugh at the juvenile mentality system that has become the means by which our jurisprudence system is administered. We have become a joke as a country because of this laxity. Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. mike– why don’t you get more specific about you post. Instead you just seem to imply. Do you agree with the dismissal? Or do you have a problem with equal justice in general. If so using Foster as an example makes no sense because he was charged because he was high profile. Had he been a common person he never would have been charged. Part of the dynamic of his situation with his girlfriend was because he was not some average Joe on the street.

        1. George you make me smile, don’t worry about it. You are a good poster and we all make silly mistakes after all we are mere mortal.

          1. Thanks, uc, I appreciate your kind words, but in this case it wasn’t a mistake. In a tongue and cheek way I was making reference to the fact that JAG had his own article about the topic on NN, which I think is pretty cool. I should have used an emoticon.

  24. https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/05/23/highlights-from-49ers-state-of-franchise-show/amp/

    “Richard Sherman on coaching young DBs: “They won’t let me play ball so I’ll do my best to go out there and make an impact.” Sherman calls K’Waun Williams “incredible” at the nickel spot.”

    Coach Kyle Shanahan’s hope for Year 2: “The key for myself and everyone is we improve. We never want to take a step back. I hope it’s a huge step forward.” (Crowd yells: “Super Bowl.”) Kyle: “You know what our goal is every year. We turned a lot over last year, grinded hard, had a lot of ups and downs but finished as a better team. … We’ve put ourselves in a situation to be a lot better. Now we have to go out and do it.”

  25. “I would have cut him, and I would’ve been wrong”
    I would have been tempted, and I would have been wrong. I still can not reconcile the DA’s charges given the public evidence, but…
    I still wish the Team had issued:
    If it’s true, he’s gone
    but I get theybought his innocent claims
    OKay…….let’s…Play Ball!

    1. I was for cutting him as well. Not presuming guilt but the thought being he already had multiple screwups and likely wouldn’t be able to play for a year.
      But to be fair, no one seemed to know Ennis tried to recant 2 days later or about her prior history of lying.

    2. I would have cut him because he’s a perennial problem the team will have to deal with. Talented player with no self awareness and common sense.

  26. I may have been harsh towards Jed, but today, he stood tall.
    Jed, of all the owners, did not vote for a ban on kneeling.
    It took guts to stand against 31 other owners.

    1. No one stood against the 31 other owners. Jed abstained. He took the cowards way out so the other owners could still claim it was unanimous. If Jed really stood tall he would have voted No. Instead Jed showed he has the backbone of a jellyfish. The more I see and hear about Jed York the more unimpressed I am with him.

      1. “He took the cowards way out…..”

        Yup, he should of voted how he truly felt on the matter. I was really impressed with Jed York when he first started his job, I too am becoming more unimpressed with him.

        1. Abstaining is a better look than that of the Jets, who voted for it then came out after the media backlash started saying they wouldn’t enforce it

      2. They can claim it was unanimous, but it was 31-0-1. It was almost unanimous.
        At least he did not vote FOR suppressing dissent. Jed is not a coward. A coward would have been the 32nd vote.
        It is the height of hypocrisy that 31 owners claim to be patriotic, then does the bidding of a megalomaniac who is a Putin patsy. Conspiring with an avowed enemy that has nuclear missiles pointed at the United States, is very unpatriotic. Spygate? Yes Russian spies stole emails to use against American patriots and subverted an election. Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave. Reagan considered Russia to be America’s biggest threat. I may have disagreed with many of his policies, but at least I knew he loved America, and hated Russia. Now we have a president who hates on American institutions, and kisses Putin’s rear end. He liked Golden Showers because it insulted a sitting president, and yes, there is a tape.
        The exercise of the First Amendment right of free speech , non violent dissent and the fight against injustice, is patriotic. Forced faux patriotism is just aiding the descent into fascism.
        Sorry, I tried to avoid politics, but in this instance, politics and football are intertwined, because Don the Con calls football players who advocate for social justice to be SOBs. He claims to be patriotic, then denigrates a Gold Star mother and made a Gold Star widow cry with his boorish insensitivity. If he sold missiles to Ukraine to stop an investigation, that is an abuse of power.
        OK, back to football. Now that Foster is back, I wonder who will play Will and Sam at the OTAs. I am surmising Smith and Watson.

      3. To be fair to Jed, he abstained because he felt voting on the issue without hearing the players say was wrong.

        In not voting it was kind of a protest.

      4. I’ll never forget him inviting Kawakami to one of the most expensive restaurants in the world and sticking him with the bill (for four people, if memory serves). And then there’s the professional Jed — the one who plays with his mother’s toy — who replaced Harbaugh with Tomsula. Whenever I think about giving him credit for hiring Lynch and Shanahan, I remind myself that the seats were empty, we were 2-14, and Denise needed a Hail Mary. Common sense tells me she wasn’t ready to fire her son, so she went to Eddie and got on her hands and knees, and then Eddie got it done.

        1. George!
          Respectfully, but you have that story of TK all wrong. TK challenged Jed to a bet of dinner at FL regarding the stadium completion deadline. He initiated a wager with a billionaire. He lost. The tab was on him. Period. Then he whined in public. Don’t bet above your budget.
          Jed’s many other sins are known, but don’t tell false tales.

          1. BT, I don’t have the story all wrong, as you say, although I was wrong about him sticking TK with the bill. After reading your comment, I did some research. Yes, it was about a bet that TK lost. I had forgotten that. However, here are some things about the story that lead me to think little about Jed:

            1. The bet was supposed to be for lunch. Jed changed it to dinner, making the outcome much more costly to TK if he lost (but not more costly to Jed, because Denise would have paid). You can say that TK could have refused to raise the bet, but few men would have backed down from that. I would opine that Jed, the billionaire who wants people to think he really cares about us common folk, should not have put TK in that position.

            2. Jed said he’d pay for his wife but reneged on that part of the bet. The wife alone cost TK $500+.

            3. Also, Jed, knowing TK was certainly over his head, didn’t even offer to leave the tip or split it. What honorable person of means would do that to someone much less fortunate?

            If I have my facts wrong, please let me know. Btw, I don’t knowingly tell false tales. What gave you the idea that I did?

            1. Jed gets no sympathy from me on that one.
              However, TK also should have said something then and there. Instead he paid, then made the whole thing public. I suspect in the end the extra notary he got from the whole thing more than made up for the extra 500. To me they both came out looking like scumbags.

    2. None of the owners look good after this decision. It isn’t a solution and will only lead to more issues when a weekly tally of players who didn’t come out of the locker room is debated weekly and Bozo the Trump gets his clueless supporters riled up about it. All they had to do was keep all the players in the locker room until after the anthem. That’s the way many teams did it for years before the league made the change in 2009. Now they just ensured it will continue to be a source of criticism.

      1. Bozo got 3 Americans out of North Korea, and didn’t give up anything. I’m guessing their families have a different nickname for President Trump….

        1. didn’t give up anything

          If want to call elevation of a ruthless dictator to the highest levels of the world stage, where he was in a position to play the US President, not giving up anything, sure go ahead.

        2. Razor, it’s hilarious that you are offended by someone calling Trump a bozo. What word would you use for a guy who openly brags about grabbing women by their pu_sy without their consent?

          SMH! This country has a serious morality crisis when people willingly defend someone who brags about sexual assault, has been accused of such by over a dozen women, openly bullies those who simply dissagree with his policies, and has been proven to be a serial liar on a daily basis.

          I can only imagine the effect this message will have on our children in the coming years.

          1. Did I say I was offended? Bozo means stupid and insignificant. Not the case wrt Rocket/49ereasons vs. Trump in this instance, and I guarantee the families of the returned Americans find no insignificance in it whatsoever.

            Wrt to your comment about the sex, it was already baked into the cake when the American people voted him into office. The Dem’s better find another Kennedy(did he have sexual deviance’s too?) hmmm. not sure, oh well, as long as they can be great in office. Many of our premier leaders had confessions to make each and every Sunday, but then again, don’t we all?

            1. It sure was baked into the cake. However, what wasn’t baked into the cake, was the right of Americans to know Trump and his campaign operatives (a number of whom were working as foreign agents and have already been charged with federal crimes) were under federal investigation during the run up to the election. If Comey felt the need to announce the Clinton email investigation had been reopened (which helped swing the election, along with Russian meddling), Americans certainly should have been made aware of the Trump – Russia investigation. Americans also should have been told more details about Russia’s attack on the sovereignty of our democracy and Presidential election. Only now do we know for certain that Russia influenced our election in order to get Trump elected. This kind of flies in the face of the absurd “deep state” conspiracy, doesn’t it?

              I guess I’m just wondering how you personally defend the actions of someone who does and says the things he does? You talk about the “swamp” as if it exists absent of this White House, seemingly turning a blind eye to all of the corruption and stench emanating from the oval office. I mean, the guy lies, literally, on a daily basis. And the guy brags, literally, about sexually assaulting women, and how he gets away with it because he’s rich and famous. I mean, this is a guy who calls Neo-Nazi’s “fine people”. Yet, he’s your champion, ha Razor? I’m seriously wondering, what does this say about you as a person? And why should you have any credibility when it comes to discussing Foster’s DV case, when you openly defend and support a man who openly brags about sexual assault, and has been accused of it by over a dozen women?

              Like I said, when I listen to people like you, I cannot help but think that this country has a serious morality crisis.

  27. Well, good for you for owning it Grant. Don’t beat yourself up too bad though. We live in a society where people want easy answers & quick fixes and they want it immediately. It’s as if our entire society has regressed into toddler-hood. Sometimes there aren’t easy answers. Sometimes there aren’t quick fixes. In Reuben Foster’s situation I was very much in the camp of due process as I would be for any person accused of a crime. Let it play out. Let the facts come out before making a judgement on what to do with Foster. Now that the court has decided there is not enough evidence to convict and Foster may have been the target of an overzealous DA I say Foster still shouldn’t be totally exonerated by the 49ers. Foster has put himself in really bad situations on multiple occasions. The 49er organization can’t babysit Foster but they can give him access to tools that may help him mature and avoid bad situations in the future. They can strongly encourage him to enter into therapy. Given Foster’s childhood and family situation I would be amazed if he did not need a therapist. The 49ers can’t babysit the guy but they can help him find ways to avoid trouble in the future. Foster may be innocent here but he’s on a trajectory that clearly leads to trouble. IMHO the 49ers have a moral obligation to try to help the kid in ways that far surpass anything to do with football.

    1. The other situations perhaps, but in the DV incident he was trying to do the right thing. It is not that hard to get yourself involved with an individual like his girlfriend. He might learn a lesson from this. Some people have multiple sides to themselves and you do not see their “crazy” side until something triggers it. It is obvious that Foster had already concluded that there was something weird about her and the road rage fight was the last straw for him. He did the right thing breaking it off with her. Ironically in this case , doing the right thing was what got him into trouble.

    2. That’s sage advise, Houston. I can’t see the team not taking similar steps if only to protect their investment.

      1. rib,
        When I cut through all the BS, I see a clear picture that the 49ers were in fact protecting their investment. Foster is a 1st
        Rd draft pick and their stud defensive player.

        My memory is not what it used to be, but I don’t recall the 49ers and our PD posters putting much energy in defense of Tramine Brock when he was going through a similar situation.
        We seem to get very pro active when our stars are in vulnerable positions then the regular players.

  28. No doubt happy with this outcome. I honestly hope the guy learns from his mistakes but we’ll see, definitely not giving him the benefit of the doubt in that regard. My hope is for Sherman to take this young man under his wing and show him how to stay clean but still have fun. He dodges a bullet for now. Anxious to see how many games he’ll be suspended for. Any guesses?

    1. My best guess is two games. One for MaryJane, and one for the weapons charge. Foster would have been in stage one of the substance abuse testing program after his “positive” test at the combine, but stage one only lasts from 90 minimum to180 days max, without violations.

      1. In fact, since the weapons charge was reduced to a class 2 misdemeanor, Foster may not face a suspension of any length. As far as I understand the current NFL policy and program on substance abuse, Foster would no longer have even been in stage 1 at the time of his Bama possession’s charge in February, since it was well past the maximum of 180 days. However, even if he were still in stage 1 at the time of the arrest, it’s only a fine. It’s when you fail a drug test while in stage 2, where a suspension (usually 4 games) is required.

        Not sure about the misdemeanor weapons violation.

    1. 2 would be fantastic, but i’m saying 4-6, taking into account the weapons and marijuana charges, and being that he was already on Goodell’s list from the diluted urine.

      I wonder if the decision will come quick or if it’ll come after the start of the season.

      1. Precedent was set for marijuana with a 1 game suspension when not in the program. Since Foster was in the program when he got busted, coupled with the “smell” from his latest mess, I concluded 2 games. The weapons charge I believe will be dropped on condition he destroys the weapon and fulfills some community service duties….

        1. Why do people assume Foster was in Stage One at the time of his arrest in Alabama? The maximum duration for Stage One is 180 days (less than 6 months), unless the Medical Director determines that a period in excess of 180 total days is warranted due to unusual and compelling circumstances

          National Football League Policy and Program on Substances of Abuse:

          Section 1.5.1 – Players will remain in Stage One for a period not to exceed 90 days; provided however, that the Medical Director, in verbal consultation with the Medical Advisor, may extend the time a Player is in Stage One by an additional 90
          days. If, due to unusual and compelling circumstances the Medical Director determines that a period in excess of 180 total days is required, the period may be
          extended with the concurrence of the Medical Advisor, and the Player shall be notified in writing of the reason(s) for and the duration of the extension of his status in Stage One.

          It’s hard for me to imagine that a diluted urine sample at the combine would be considered as unusual and compelling circumstances, which is required in order to extend the duration of stage one beyond the maximum of 180 days, per the NFL’s own policy guidelines. The date Foster submitted a diluted sample was Tuesday, February 28th, 2017. His Alabama arrest for possession of marijuana was on Friday, January 12th, 2018. That’s a full 318 days, making it highly unlikely Foster was in fact in Stage One at the time of his arrest for possession in Alabama.

          If he get’s suspended, I suspect it will be for 2 games maximum.

    2. I think it would be a travesty if Reuben Foster was suspended at all. His case was thrown out by the judge and he was charged with a misdemeanor. He doesn’t deserve a suspsension IMO.

      1. Houston

        I agree…this blog has devolved into a circular firing squad….;He has been found ‘not guilty’

  29. I made a statement awhile back – I don’t trust Foster nor do I trust the California government. I stand by that statement with no apologies. Both parties have done enough to generate mistrust. Like I said before, they both deserve each other.

    1. Trust.
      Breaks in an instant, and takes forever to rebuild.
      Hoping this young man acquires some anger management, stays away from toxic relationships (of all types), and focuses on this incredible gift that he’s been given.

      Any precedent for NFL suspension time due to marijuana possession? weapon possession (other than Aldon)?

      1. Willtalk, to discourage more falsey accusations, the DA has declared that their policy is not to charge them, and consequently Ms. Ennis will not be….

  30. Well nice read Grant .Agree with brobefore . Are you going to try to speak with them , Hate to insinuate ,but an apology to any of them , Grant . Would more than likely get you an interview.( Hey grant ,this is an aha moment ) Jag enjoyed the walk through so to speak . Good insight . Thank you.

    Sebbie , do you know why he wasn’t at the vote ? No really?

    And guys , politics .
    Well let’s agree there’s a better place to speak of it .

    Grant nails it , creates an article worth thought . And you want to bring in politics .

    And to the rest of you , How much did we just improve . Defensively ?
    Lbs looking good now ? Pending?

    Grant —- finish , and get an interview . Create your next blog ,or write up . Be your next write up. Like Chevy Chase said . Na na na na na . Be the ball .
    Go get it grant . I believe you can . Go for it .
    Thanks for the read guys enjoyed it .

    1. Anytime this board gets past the 150 comment mark, you should post your reflections on our collective behavior. Kinda like chicken soup for a poster’s soul.

    2. Jed was not at the vote? He abstained.
      Yes, I am guilty of mixing football and politics, but when the owners vote to quash dissent, they are intertwined.
      I, too, want JL to give Grant an interview. I hope it will be more insightful than inciteful.
      GO NINERS !!!!! SIX !!!!!!

      1. I think the team remembers Grants immature run-in with then current Niner Anthony Davis. They are more likely to give him a one-on-one with the sock laundryperson than they are with the GM.

        Grant, prove me wrong.

        1. No, the onus is on JL. He will look forthright and upstanding to take on a hard hitting interview, instead of looking petty and vindictive if he refuses to do an interview with anyone but a sycophant.
          Grant had a one on one interview with Eddie D. If Eddie thinks Grant is good enough to grant an interview, JL or KS should think the same way.
          Bill Walsh had some epic battles with Lowell Cohn, and they won 5 rings. The current ones should interview with Grant, and try to repeat history.

  31. Yes chicken soup , and a salad Cassie . Some have deep thoughts, Other aren’t thinking , you know of the narrative .

  32. I do have an apology to make and that concerns Sherman. I was so against this guy that I was truly blinded by my short sidedness. This Sherman from what I have been reading is a standup guy, a man’s man and is a good/great addition to the team.

    Coach Sherman – I apologize for my negative thoughts. My feeble excuse is you came from the Hawks. Welcome aboard – sorry it took so long.

    1. undercenter– That is a good lesson to learn. People are not always what they appear on the surface. I have always trusted people who were outspoken on unpopular issues more than I have people who ride the popular band wagon. The key with everyone is to attempt to discern intent. Do they have a hidden agenda. Out spoken people generally do not hide aganda’s.

        1. undercenter,
          For some, memories of Sherman go back long before Sherman was a Seahawk.
          Carroll and Sherman will be on opposite sides of the field on December 2. Earlier, they were on the same side. But even earlier, they were on opposite sides — in those days when Harbaugh was not yet perceived by Sherman as the enemy. Before Sherman was a CB, he was a receiver, and I remember him for a key catch in the winning drive in the greatest upset in college football history. The defender crushed him during the catch and broke his rib, but he held on to the ball.
          Sherman has had his rough edges, but he also has the right stuff.

    2. UC,
      We don’t know what we are getting with Sherman.
      A pro bowl corner or a guy who can’t move anymore. A player coach or player who belittles his coaches. A guy who builds a team or a guy who splits a team…
      There is a lot of evidence to support both sides on that.

    3. UC, before the signing my opinion of Sherman was that he’s a loudmouthed a$$hole. After the signing, I thought he’s now our loudmouthed a$$hole. Now I’m thinking I’m only half right, but he’s still ours.

  33. I also give Grant credit for his retraction. It’s a good lesson for him as well. I do feel that he seldom reaches his potential as a journalist because he is geared on controversy. With a little bit more effort his articles could include both controversy and insight. It is that often he is just too lazy to take the time and effort for introspection in respect to his own articles before he posts them.

    1. God, I get so tired of reading this, and tired of saying this, so this time, I’ll yell it:
      Being a journalist means digging up and reporting facts. Verifiable, concrete facts, meticulously researched and confirmed by multiple sources. That’s journalism 101. Grant is not, never has been, and probably never will be a journalist. He’s a blogger, and it’s perfectly appropriate for him to cherry pick a few facts from here and there, and make up a whole story based on them. Or to ignore the facts completely, and tell the story he wants to tell. It’s his opinion, or his guess, and that’s all. It’s written to get clicks and stimulate conversation…not to inform.
      It’s kind of an important distinction…especially to those who actually practice journalism, and exercise the ethics required to do so. Also to those of us who want to be able to believe what we read on the front page.

  34. “Kneeling during the anthem was always a kind of plea — for an America that works the way the civics textbooks say it does. But making the plea raises the fact that America doesn’t, in fact, function according to its founding story; we’re not all individuals whose rights are equally protected, whose wills are collectively represented in the organs of government, whose interests are advanced according to our common say in how we’re governed. Some are protected more than others, and some better than others, and some at the expense of others, and it isn’t clear that our representative bodies are interested in doing anything about it. All Colin Kaepernick and others ever did was ask. ”

    1. That’s the sad part about the whole thing Dee. Instead of focusing on why Kap and others were doing it the focus instead became what they were doing which is what often happens when people don’t like the subject material.

      1. For me, Rocket, the issue is HOW they did it, and when, and under what circumstances. And oh yeah, on whether these choices would actually make a difference. I think they missed the boat on all three counts.

  35. 2 – 4 game suspension for Foster, no more. The good news is that we can win many of our games without him but we can win mo’ better with him. The Big Red and Gold Streamliner is on the right track . ..

    1. You know, I don’t get paid like Goodell, and I’m not a billionaire owner but it seems to me the common sense solution would have been to make all players stand for the anthem, and those that choose not to will not be permitted to play. They’ll still get paid, but they just won’t play. K.I.S.S.

      1. Common sense is becoming extinct. To me its simple, if you want me on your side quit hitting me.

        As far as the owners – shaking my head.

      2. Totally disagree with that option. Until they can get back to the table on a new CBA or work together with the NFLPA, then they should let them stand, kneel, lock arms or whatever.

        This isn’t about the flag. It’s not about the anthem, and the NFL leaders are showing themselves to be totally foolish in so many ways.

        Is attendance down? Yes. Are advertising dollars down? Probably. Is it because of the anthem protest? Perhaps a little, but not really.

        A couple of days ago the POTUS was praising NASCAR for “standing for the flag and anthem.” Has anyone actually taken a look at the health of NASCAR? Their tracks are full of empty seats, so much so that tracks are tearing down large portions of stands. Their last race produced their lowest TV ratings since 2000. But hey, they stand for the flag and the anthem.

        1. >…by unanimous vote…<
          Mission Accomplished!
          Agreement could’ve been reached with players even outside of CBA with an adult dialogue.

          1. Agree with you BT, but it had to be with the Union not just a few random guys like they were doing last season.

        2. Nascar has been dying for a good many years. It did the same thing that football today is doing – safety. A safe life is a dull life sorta like utopia.

        3. You can disagree but you won’t play. Maybe a better option would be to seek different employment where they’ll let you protest on their dime. As an aside, if they eliminate the 3 point stance, you’ll see attendance really drop. This new helmet rule is the precursor to that, and it’s why I’m hoping we get another Super Bowl before NFL football dies….

          1. “Maybe a better option would be to seek different employment where they’ll let you protest on their dime.”

            This is the type of mindset that has made this such a tough issue for the NFL to get right.

              1. It’s about trust. Something that isn’t there when it comes to the NFL and it’s most visible employees. It’s also why the NBA isn’t having this problem.

              2. It’s about trust


                Trust in yourself if you feel your franchise isn’t doing enough with time, effort, speech and money, start an organization in your community with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind….

        4. As an addendum, the NFL is so big that even losing a tiny amount of viewership accounts for millions and perhaps billions of dollars.

        5. So true. It’s amazing how a reduction in ratings is tied solely to people who supposedly stopped watching due to the anthem protests. It completely disregards the fact that television landscape as a whole has been dropping in ratings and at a higher rate than the NFL. The NFL is still the highest watched programming by a significant margin and commands the highest bids contractually. The anthem protest is just another complaint much like officiating.

          1. The main difference between complaints is that officiating is part of the game, and the protest intrudes on the escape many people use the NFL for….

            1. It’s a minute and a half of peaceful silent protest before the game begins. The intrusion is what you perceive it to be; not what it actually is.

              1. And it’s that perception that leads to the intrusion. By jove, I think you’ve got it!

              2. What it means is that if people want to be offended they will find a reason no matter how trivial.

              3. Yea, believe me. I run into rude people. Overly sensitive people. All kinds of people. People with problems. They’re everywhere. Whaddya gonna do?

            2. The field sized flag, military flyovers, etc also intrude on the escape many people use the NFL for. These are civilian sporting events, not armed forces drills. What exactly does a squad of F-16s buzzing the stadium bring to the proceedings?

              1. Razor, fooball has always been politicized, blatantly so since 9/11. It’ s just a nature of politics , until recently, that you were in agreement with. It’s disingenuous to claim those 3 hours as being politics free.

              2. I went to Soldier Field in Chicago to see Jimmy’s debut, and it was sold out. Everyone as far as my eye could see in the stands was at attention during the National Anthem. Maybe some areas of the USA are just more patriotic than others….

              3. patriotic

                Now there is a subjective word if there ever was one. Maybe even more so than “meaningless” ;)

              4. Yea, I’ve always been a God, Family, Country, Football/Heavy Metal kinda guy going back to my pre-adolescent years. My dad was a Marine, my uncles were Marines, and I joined too after voting in Ronnie Reagan at the age of 18….

              5. Like I said, football’s politics, pre-Kaepernick, were right in line with your worldview. And you claim that football is supposed to be an escape from all that?

              6. I didn’t bring politics into it. I just voiced my opinion, and if you want me to believe that it doesn’t matter to you, you sure have a funny way of trying to convince me….

      3. You know, I don’t get paid like Goodell, and I’m not a billionaire owner but it seems to me the common sense solution would have been to make all players stand for the anthem, and those that choose not to will not be permitted to play. They’ll still get paid, but they just won’t play. K.I.S.S.

        The whole reaction to this has been ridiculous from the beginning, but forcing players into a corner because you are afraid of bad pub is not common sense. It’s cowardice. The owners should be working with the PA on a compromise; not threatening punishment.

        1. They wouldn’t be forced to do anything, but the privilege of playing would be lost should they decide their action is more important. I can respect that….

            1. I can walk and chew gum at the same time, Rocket. Play football on Sundays and follow the rules, solve the worlds problems Monday through Saturday. In the offseason, attack them with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind….

              1. Alas many don’t want to hear about it Monday through Saturday either Razor. That’s why making people uncomfortable is often the only way. Change doesn’t happen until people are forced to acknowledge the problems and change their perceptions.

              2. Well, most people have jobs, kids and the struggles of life. They can only do so much. People are tired and worn out, and when they turn on the telly to watch football, they’re looking for respite from the day to day, night to night….

              3. Sure and all you have to do is change the channel until the anthem is done and your problems are over. That’s another right you have.

              4. Yep, and the employers have the right to make a rule that either you stand, or you don’t play. We’ve all got rights thanks to our military. Oorah, Rocket!

              5. I will never disparage our Military Razor…and neither are the players taking a knee.

              6. Which is why it’s so puzzling to me that they chose that avenue of approach when they had to know it would detract from their important message….

              7. My comments in this post are sarcasm.

                While we’re at it, let’s get rid of breast cancer awareness at NFL games. I don’t want to be reminded that thousands of women die every year. It’s a good cause, but football is an escape for me.

        2. I agree rocket. This is a topic I have kept out of for the most part because it isn’t my country, but honestly, the angst that not standing for the anthem has caused is just plain stupid to me. Forcing people to stand for the anthem is ridiculous.

          It is fine to feel it is disrespectful to not stand. To be offended by it. That is an understandable emotion for anyone that is proud of their country. However, being offended by something does not mean that whatever offends you needs to be banned. It is ok to be offended. Just because you find it disrespectful to not stand shouldn’t preclude people from choosing to not stand for the anthem. Those people should feel it is in their power and right to do so. In fact they are doing so because they feel there is something offensive happening that they disagree with.

          1984 was not meant to be guide.

          1. Scooter, just do what the boss says if you want your direct deposit and educate your community on your off time. That’s how the rest of us have to do it….

          2. Another salient common sense point from our resident Aussie. I wish more Americans thought this way Scooter but the sad reality is that many people are more offended by trivial things like this than they are by domestic violence, rape and child abuse, which have all been prevalent in the league for a long time. My belief is that a lot of the anger over the kneeling is just a cover for the fact most don’t like being reminded or bothered by the problems faced by minorities in this country.

            1. That’s the thing about America. We don’t have to all think alike, and I would take offense if,

              “the sad reality is that many people are more offended by trivial things like this than they are by domestic violence, rape and child abuse, which have all been prevalent in the league for a long time. My belief is that a lot of the anger over the kneeling is just a cover for the fact most don’t like being reminded or bothered by the problems faced by minorities in this country.”

              this assumption was made about myself simply for having a different take on the topic than yourself…

              1. Razor I didn’t mention you by name or direct that response at you, so if you feel that applies to you it’s not because of me.

              2. The only assumption is my belief and I didn’t come to that belief without knowledge. That is how many feel about these things.

              3. Ok. I was looking at it as if you were prejudging an entire group based on a disagreement, and not individually after you got to know them. My apologies….

              4. None necessary. It’s hard to determine intent when communicating by written word sometimes.

              1. LOL. “Political correctness” is just society’s way of trying to prevent you from revealing to the world what a dbag you actually are. Some people seem to insist on it anyway.

  36. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/05/21/kaepernick-collusion-case-proving-that-teams-viewed-him-as-a-starting-quarterback/

    “Per a source with knowledge of the situation, internal franchise documents generated as part of the free-agency evaluation process and testimony from witnesses harvested via depositions in the collusion litigation has established that teams viewed Kaepernick as being good enough not simply to be employed by an NFL team, but to be a starting quarterback for an NFL team.”

  37. Trump, like Lincoln is not afraid to parden throughout his term, rather than at the end like 99% of them do. There will be many more imho before he leaves office.

    1. There will be many more imho before he leaves office.

      Yup, agree there. And many of those pardons will likely reach the Supreme Court for intent.

        1. We’ll see who has the last giggle!

          But pardoning indicted (or convicted) co-conspirators is no laughing matter. If that’s allowed to stand a few raised fists before a football game will be the very least of our worries.

    2. Razor

      Horse poo… Trump can hear footsteps from Mueller catching up to him…a 100 year old pardon is only his way to throw more ‘thumb-tacks’ in the trail to slow down the Mueller train…’won’t work…just like inventing the ‘Spygate’ BS …just another distraction…

      1. Hey Oregon is Nancy ‘sign it before you read it’ Pelosi your mom or is it Kate ‘the election was rigged for me’ Brown your mom.

    1. Most people do not realize that they have no constitutional right to free speech on the clock. Hell, here in Indiana an employer does not need a reason to fire you and that’s why most of us don’t give them one. We don’t get suspended for a failed urine sample, we get fired….

        1. Most people don’t play a game they love and get paid millions either. This is silly. Employers are allowed to have rules, and employees are free to either abide by them or seek employment elsewhere….

          1. I agree. It is silly. We have people talking about this like it’s the company they work for when it’s quite a bit different.

            1. It’s a business, no difference in that regard, that’s for sure. The NFL has all kinds of rules that you need to adhere to in order to take advantage of the privilege to work for them….

              1. Yea, it’s really difficult to have sympathy for the devil, let alone guys that make millions of dollars for playing a game. I’d work for the league minimum for one year, and I’d be ecstatic. Cut me. I knew when you hired me I was just another piece of talented meat, and that the game is dangerous and I could end up dead or disabled or in the future, a piece of broccoli. I don’t care. Just give me a chance to earn that one big paycheck for a year of service, so I can set my family up for life….

              2. Jack Hammer, that’s where we agree. The NFL lacks proper leadership, and until they find a real leader to replace Goodell, they’ll continue to bumble along….

              3. “I’d work for the league minimum for one year, and I’d be ecstatic.”

                No kidding! Me too

              4. I’m betting Jack would be forced to stand for the anthem. I mean how does he sit with that pole shoved up his *** he’s been sporting for awhile now.
                What happened to you Hammer? You seem a little bitter about pretty much everything.
                Go easy Leonard! Sheeez

              5. “Just give me a chance to earn that one big paycheck for a year of service, so I can set my family up for life”

                Does Razor even realize he’s describing himself to be a man without principle, and an utter and complete sell out?

                “A man without principles is like a ship without a compass; it changes direction with every change of wind”
                Samuel Smiles

        2. Personally I think it would be a great idea to remove the national anthem from the pregame. We don’t do that over here except for special occasions or international matches where we play the anthems of both countries competing. Let sport be sport, not politics.

      1. Here is a question.
        How would people feel if we changed “standing for the national anthem” as mandated by an employer to “kneeling for a prayer”?

        1. Great question Shoup. Now we can really see this discussion combust with the addition of religion to politics.

        2. You guys are attempting to force religion into the equation, which has nothing to do with the kneeling controversy at all.

          1. When will they acknowledge that the message was great, but the avenue of approach delivering it was poor? That is all….

            1. Agreed. We live in a time where we want to find an escape from the issues we face in life, and for many, having it be presented during a game just causes them to tune out and try to find another escape.

            2. +1 Razor very poor indeed and its been my contention from the time this all began – find another way or the people that you need to sway – won’t!!

            3. “When will they acknowledge that the message was great, but the avenue of approach delivering it was poor?”

              That avenue is what got their message out there. It was meant to make people uncomfortable. A part of what is missed is that the guy who started this is one of the few who is actually listening to others by moving from sitting to a more respectful kneel.

              1. And now that guy accomplished what? Other than losing a job and millions of dollars.
                You challenge the NFL and they will beat you down. You can never use the league for your own agenda. The NFL is as powerful as the US govt.

              2. Jack the message was already out there, they are only speaking to their own choir. You and millions of others don’t view it as disrespect, but myself and millions of others do. I wont speak for others but for myself till the avenue changes I will turn my back to them and their cause.

                On the other hand if the ‘Government’ forced them to stand I would join their ranks not because of their cause but because of their right. And that right is written in the constitution the very thing that lots of us know they are disrespecting. Go figure.

              3. “And now that guy accomplished what?”

                He shed a greater light on an issue that was important to him and many others.

                “You challenge the NFL and they will beat you down.”

                And some wonder why the NBA anthem rule is ok by the player and not the NFL’s.

              4. How are they disrespecting the constitution which gives them the right to free speech?

                Because some don’t like what they are saying or the method they chose?

              5. He shed a greater light on an issue that was important to him and many others.

                So glad that it accomplished ZERO! Pretty sure he regrets all of it and if he’s doesn’t than he sure as hell regrets losing millions of dollars.

              6. “So glad that it accomplished ZERO!”

                Except it has. Yes there’s still more work to do, a lot actually. It’s not going to completely change overnight.

              7. What did it accomplish? It just showed the NFL and the owners control everything. The players can wait in the lockerroom if they don’t want to be part of the anthem. Otherwise the teams will be fined and guess what, if those players kneel, they’ll be gone. Every single player is expendable in the league cause there is entire new draft class waiting to replace them.
                If Colin Kaepernick or you think this changed something you are a kidding yourselves.

              8. There’s been at least 2 owners that have already come out and said they’ll pay the fines. Not all of them have their heads in the sand.

              9. Yeah maybe once then all the other owners and the commish will influence them and it will be business as usual. You fail to realize how influential this entity is. From steroid use to violence to anything, the NFL always gets what they want. The players have zero pull.

          2. I wasn’t trying to do that at all. I was using an alternate scenario to look at essentially the issue.

            Personally, I find kneeling to the flag very disrespectful to the military even if the message wasn’t about the military. However, I don’t think you can or should enforce such things because enforced patriotism smacks to much of nationalism for my liking. And their are far too many graveyards throughout Europe because of this.

            And why should players like Ezekiel Ansah (Ghanan) or Jay Ajayi (English) be forced to stand for a flag that is not their own?

            Anyways, that is the last I will speak of or read about this on this blog post.

      2. We don’t get suspended for a failed urine sample, we get fired….

        Isn’t that Orwellianly known as “right to work”? Without collective bargaining and worker protection laws, yeah that’s what you get.

    2. What also needs to be kept in mind is there was no rule against protesting until yesterday. What the players were doing was not against any policy because there wasn’t one. It always amazes me how people will side with the oppressors in situations like this. Like watching players lose freedoms is something to be happy about or wish for.

      1. Poor millionaires. They’ve got more freedom than I’ll ever enjoy. Am I jealous? Nah, but I’m not RSVPing the pity party. I sure would love to be oppressed for a cool $500,000….

          1. Money=Power and unfortunately, and in real life they do have more rights. Especially as it pertains to the legal system….

            1. Who do you think will have more rights in the eyes of the police during a traffic stop Razor: you or an African American athlete?

              1. My brother n law is a black police officer here in Elkhart, and I’ve had plenty of run ins with the law, Rocket. I’d get pulled over because I had hair down to my ass. I’m well aware of the bad apples, and I will continue to fight the good fight. Believe what is right, Crusader the lord of the realm. Fight the good fight, with all your might! Crusader the lord of the realm….


        1. Are there any players protesting who were asking to be pitied? … or for that matter suggesting that they were personally oppressed? If I recall, the intent was to act for those who did not have a voice.

    3. http://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/nfl-flag-conservative-free-speech-hypocrisy/

      “But conservatives are being brazenly hypocritical when they celebrate the NFL’s decision to muzzle its players. The NFL might not have made any commitment to free expression, but its players were engaged in one of the most civil and least disruptive forms of protest imaginable. Saying that simply kneeling for the national anthem is so offensive that it must be confined to the locker room or banned outright reflects the same hypersensitivity that plagues the social justice left.”

      “Fight for the rights of others that you would like to exercise yourself. Do you want corporations obliterating speech the state can’t touch? Do you want the price of participation in public debate to include the fear of lost livelihoods? Then, by all means, support the N.F.L. Cheer Silicon Valley’s terminations. Join the boycotts and shame campaigns. Watch this country’s culture of liberty wither in front of your eyes.”

  38. https://www.ninersnation.com/2018/1/15/16893754/reuben-foster-marijuana-arrest-suspension-length-2018

    “The NFL substance abuse program would suggest a fine, but recent protocol on marijuana arrests has been one game. The three most recent examples are from 2015. Between January and February of that year, Ahmad Bradshaw, Datone Jones, and Oday Aboushi all had marijuana possession related arrests, and all three received a one-game suspension.”

    “The NFL’s substance abuse program does not actually include a one-game suspension option, but this might be connected to the personal conduct policy instead of the substance abuse policy. The substance abuse program offers a fairly clear explanation of punishments, while the personal conduct policy seems to be generally at the whim of the commissioner.”

    1. From 2016, so I’m not sure if this the current policy.


      “A player fails the test if their sample tests positive for illegal substances (obviously) or if they fail to show up to the test. Failing a drug test moves a player to Stage One of the NFL’s Intervention Program. Stage One is simple, the medical director evaluates a player and then comes up with a treatment plan for him at a facility or through a clinician. The player is subject to substance abuse testing, but it is not yet at surprise at this point. Stage One can last up to 90 days.”

      Boom! Foster was not in Stage 1, as his arrest was more than 90 days after the diluted sample.

            1. I see Warner starting for the first one or two games and never losing his spot. I think Foster will be WILL since Warner will be better at relaying the plays.

              1. Warner is smarter. The three best seem to be Foster/Warner/Smith. Maybe it’s Smith that plays Sam, because he’s got to be better than Harold. Or maybe Attaochu plays Sam….

      1. One thing to note.
        After this incident I would assume the NFL will put Foster in Stage 2 of the program. Reason being, he had the arrest in Alabama then he had this incident where all of the police reports indicated a strong smell of Marijuana at the residence. Both incidents while not positive tests could qualify for the “behavioral” portion of the policy.

        The problem for Foster is, once in stage 2, the testing becomes much more rigorous, as they can test him up to 10 times in a month and a player can remain in stage 2 for up to 2 years. Given his history, this could be a problem going forward.

  39. As an employer the NFL probably can require players to stand for the anthem, it depends if the CBA covers pregame behavior. But, the real issue is the NFL is so corporate it is crazy. They are a very regimented league with rules for almost every thing. They couldn’t even tolerate end zone celebrations for awhile! how nuts was that?
    Could you see MLB telling players to not celebrate game winning home runs? “Every player, except the player who actually hit the home run must stay in the dugout and can only celebrate in the dugout, however celebrations cannot exceed thirty (30) seconds.Failure to follow this rule will result in fines to the players and the team.”

    Also, while I am ranting; what is it with the owners wearing suits to the game? It is a sporting event, not a corporate board meeting. Frankly, they look dumb. I do like when Paul Allen, who I believe is the richest owner just wears causal clothes like the rest of the fans. The same goes for the Davies family. The NFL owners need to lighten up a little.

    1. It sure is nice and a relief to have a true leader Undercenter. I hope Jimmy goes on to be the 49ers 2nd best quarterback ever….

  40. Much too much politics on here lately boyz & goilz. Just don’t.
    We’re only fair-to-middlin’ on football.
    The rest…….not so much.

    1. Forgive me, Brotha but I just read where, Doug Baldwin called Trump an idiot. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that the same, Doug Baldwin that mimicked taking a crap in the Super Bowl? I guess it takes one to know one….

  41. Cassius Marsh on Jimmy G and the 5-0 finish:

    As per Eric Branch today:

    Marsh, whose nine-game stint with the Patriots ended when he was waived in November, joined the 49ers about three weeks after New England had traded Garoppolo.

    “I already knew that was going to happen; I called it before anybody,” Marsh said of Garoppolo’s 5-0 finish as a starter. “I knew because I was with the Patriots and he would shred our defense every day. He’d shred the first team every day, and it looked no different than when Tom (Brady) was on the field. He’s a much better athlete than Tom; he’s super disciplined and works hard. I’m very happy to have him as my quarterback.”


    1. Now that’s an observation by Marsh that is worth paying attention too. Carries a lot more weight then the presses observations.

      1. Very good point, uc. How much longer will Grant stand by his recommendation to deal him? We should take bets.

      2. Yep, and not the first time I have heard it. I don’t want to put the cart before the horse – JG still needs to go out and prove himself – but he sure does have the feel of being a cut above.

        1. Will trading JG turn out to be one of the most one sided sports deals in NFL history? What are NE fans saying?

          1. Good question.

            Favre to GB.
            Gretzky to the Kings.
            Kobe Bryant for Vlade Divac.
            Bill Russell for Ed Macauley and Cliff Hagan.
            Wilt Chamberlain for Paul Neumann, Connie Dierking, and Lee Shaffer.
            Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for Elmore Smith, Junior Bridgeman, Brian Winters and Dave Meyers.

            NE fans probably feel how we felt back in the day. They wonder if they would have won it all last year if JG started. Like we wondered if Joe would have won it all when Steve couldn’t get past Dallas.

            1. I meant NFL. I think the Babe Ruth deal was pretty bad too. Certainly Favre most compareable. Does anyone have links to NE sites/sports blogs that might shed insight?

              1. By this time, the fans are wondering if they should have kept JG.


                “I’m starting to feel sick that we had to let a QB this talented walk.”

                “Maybe we can sign him back after he hits free agency.”

                “we let our own steve young/Aaron rodgers get away”

                “Fools for not franchising him and making him the starter in 2019. I don’t care how lights out Tom is playing, he’s in his 40’s”

                “All I am saying is that it sucks to watch what is looking like a really good QB slip through our hands.”

                “Consider yourself lucky, I’ve been feeling sick about it since the minute we made the trade.”

                “JG will a force in the NFC when SF get more people for him.”

              2. Yeah thanks 80!

                The general consensus was that it was the right move because TB is well TB and they anticipate many more SBs. Wonder if that pans out though. Should NE falter this year and TB have an off year, while JG have a successful one, will the NE fans feel differently.

                Personally, I wondered why trade for less if he was such great material? I know B.B. hated Cleveland and was going to stick it to them, but the move seemed like one of self destruction and I don’t see him as the type.

                Reading what I did about the dynamics and dysfunction up in NE it gave a bit more insight into the difficulty of dealing with TB. They will have to live and die by him.

                I remember how Montana was dealt awayand many moaned but I felt it was the right move given that Young was ready and Montana was on the downswing of his career. Hated to see him go though and wear a different number but, rooted for Young’s success.

                I don’t think the same dynamic exists in NE. The air is Brady.

  42. Man, I need a pair of Kayano’s if I’m going to continue running 3 miles. The asphalt is killing my vibe.

  43. Official 9er website…

    Only a few years ago the official 9er website would post photos and short videos from rookie camp, OTAs, etc. Last year and this, the 9er website has reduced practice-related video content dramatically–almost nil. Without any additional information, it leaves one to believe that ‘someone’ a ways up in the 9er leadership hierarchy has made a decision to curtail video. I doubt it’s an oversight boo-boo. This isn’t necessarily evil, just unfortunate for those who enjoy 9er practice video.

    1. looks like JL has embraced the “strategic” (and perhaps paranoid) thinking of BB….
      why give your competitors ANY help, even something as seemingly innocuous as practice clips typically used for PR on team’s site ???

        1. don’t fret…
          — any feelings of “loss of team/fan familiarity” due to lack of OTA, practice, and scrimmage clips will diminish rapidly when you see the preseason games…
          — those clips will be a distant memory…
          — replaced by the new “BB bunker mentality”…
          — it’s us against them now…if you’re not with us, you’re against us…
          — any out-of-town visiting “niner fans” from SoCal, Arizona, and Washington will be put on a watchlist…
          — confiscation of posted videos, social media blacklists, you know the drill…

          1. tjf

            I think that perhaps you are misinterpreting Cassies post….
            what I believe is Cassie’s point is that we (on here) are forty niner football junkies all year long”’and those of us who are out of town are bleeding for some OTA news, and not in the region of the Chron or the Bee and don’t want to subscribe to a rag that costs just as much…has to be recycled…all for 5% of all the stuff (ads, etc…) that we don’t care to pay for that doesn’t even pertain to us…I heartily agree Cassie..

            1. “I feel your pain” (think of that Arkansas drawl when you read that)
              — but I rather think you’re missing the point- not so much a regret for the heavy duty niner fan losing these video tidbits of new players– although Cassie did convey this…
              — but also the Machiavelli angle — the “going media dark” on team video clips is a precaution against rivals getting even small hints of what the new players might be capable of in the new schemes Kyle’s been brewing up over the last few months…

  44. Dan Hanzus:

    Listen, we wouldn’t put the mortgage on it (You have a mortgage? Good for you!), but don’t be stunned if this team makes the proverbial leap.

    San Francisco 49ers

    The reason behind the excitement around the Niners makes sense. This was a franchise floating in the unfamiliar waters of irrelevance for a few years, until GM John Lynch pulled off what may be remembered as the trade of the decade. Enter Jimmy Garoppolo at the modest cost of a second-round pick, and — once given the opportunity — Jimmy G. and the revitalized Niners ripped off five straight wins to close the season. The offseason brought big additions like running back Jerick McKinnon, center Weston Richburg (don’t sleep on the importance of centers!) and cornerback Richard Sherman. The Rams will enter the season as a heavy favorite in the West, but San Francisco has the feel of a team on the rise that could arrive one year ahead of schedule.

    Rams lose DE, Morgan Fox for the year with an ACL. I feel like my 49ers are mentally and physically tougher than the Rams. We shall see….

  45. 49ers 2018 Season Projected: (10W – 6L) Record
    9er VS Vikings: L = 0 W – 1L
    Lions VS 9ers: W = 1W – 1L
    9ers VS Chiefs W = 2W – 1L
    9ers VS Chargers L = 2W – 2L
    Cardinals VS 9ers W = 3W – 2L
    9ers VS Packers L = 3W – 3L
    Rams VS 9ers L = 3W – 4L
    9ers VS Cardinals W = 4W – 4L
    Raiders VS 9ers W = 5W – 4L
    Gians VS 9ers W = 6W – 4L
    9ers VS Bucks L = 6W – 5L
    9ers VS Seahawks W = 7W – 5L
    Broncos VS 9ers L = 7W – 6L
    Seahawks VS 9ers W = 8W – 6L
    Bears VS 9ers W = 9W – 6L
    9ers VS Rams W = 10W – 6L
    Wild Card 9ers N.O.? W

    1. Not bad. I see one loss to the Cards…which will really piss the 9ers off. One of those games where the 9ers were on their way to ‘easy’ victory and they let it get away.

    2. Personally, I do not see 2 wins against the Seahawks. They probably split.
      I also think the Chargers will be a tough contest.
      That said, 8 wins will probably be the ultimate record, IMO.
      I guess the Rams win will be due to them wrapping up the division title and resting their starters, like last season.
      However, if the planets align, and the Niners can avoid injuries, a winning record is possible.
      Then, that last game of the season may be hugely important, and could decide if the Niners make the playoffs or not.

          1. I think they are a playoff team, and we all knew about the AS limitations. That question mark may turn into an exclamation point.

      1. Ribico:
        * The more time the players have to gather and the coaches get to know them, the better they’ll be.
        * Like last year, I believe there will also be rookies that step up and surprise.

    3. Contrary to popular opinion i actually like SF over the Vikings.
      Jimmy will have a more diverse playbook to work from. The line will be more familiar with Shanahan’s calls so their should be fewer penalties. But the two most important factors are that Kyle will have had a full off season to prep for them and he is intimately familiar with Cousins’ strengths and weaknesses.

      1. Shoup:
        Relative to last year, I agree the Jimmy & the 9ers will be much better. But too many new players, especially the O-line, will make it difficult to be in synch the first game. And on the road, at the Vikings house….I’ll be ecstatic if they beat the Vikings!

        1. I think your record prediction is about right… I’d probably guess 9-7, But I believe that’s a game that can be stolen mostly due to Shanahan s knowledge of Kirk.

    4. GEEP,
      Looks good.
      Personally, I see a split with the seahags and likely a loss against the Packers in Green Bay.

      The team is trending up and the improvement will be very noticeable this season.
      While my heart would love a 10-6 record, I’m thinking more along the lines of an 8-8 season when the dust settles. But I’ll turn flips if we go 10-6.

  46. Cassie / Razor
    * If Foster is suspended less than 4 games (should only be two), the 9er will sweep the Cardinals and have a 50/50 chance of beating the Chargers and the Bucks.
    * Look for OL to be much improved with Weston Richburg and McGlinchey. Only question is OG, Cooper, Garnett, or Magnuson, who could be a surprise!
    * Look for Dante Pettis to give JG better field position and more TD’s.
    * Both Armstead and Thomas will be improved and if Jeremiah Attaochu stays healthy, the combination of he and Buckner will also see an improvement in QB sacks.
    * Your thoughts?

  47. Reuben Foster’s misdemeanor marijuana case there has been dismissed after he completed a diversion course there. From B-Rows

    1. I’m assuming techtonic plates of two very different demographics (owners vs players) will manifest a culture war suspension anyway, despite the fact the league gets big bucks from beer sales and pot is leagal in some states.

      A culture war suspension, or a “what where you possibly thinking after the combine incident, diluted sample and vape sponsorship you doofus” suspension.

      Two to four games?

      1. Five Minute Rule: Redundant comments within five minutes of the initial comment are exempt from any penalties.

        Replay shows your comment was only two minutes after Mr. Hammer’s. It’s first and ten. All good.

    1. Glad to see that. Still there is Goodell he still can suspend him on the pot thing as the federal government doesn’t recognize legal pot. Not sure if he can suspend for the weapons charge, by federal standards Foster was legal.

      1. Wishful thinking, but Goodell may show a little grace on Foster because of the ordeal he has gone through over the past few months.
        Perhaps a 2 game suspension.
        Again, only wishful thinking.

    2. It’s great that he completed the diversion course to get it dropped, but it won’t have any bearing on whether he gets a suspension or not. The positive thing is that he can now concentrate solely on football and hopefully get his act together off the field. I don’t expect it but will hold out hope.

  48. Richard Sherman is excited to see what the 49ers secondary can do

    For the 7-9 prognosticators, this sud’s for YOU !

    “He’s an animal when it comes to taking care of himself and preparing himself to play football games,” Saleh said during Wednesday night’s State of the Franchise event. “If people only knew what he actually has played through, they would understand that if there’s anyone in the world who can come back from what he’s come back from, it would be Sherm, and there’s no doubt in our mind that he’ll be able to.”


  49. As Sherman awaits the 49ers to clear him medically, he has been helping the defensive coaching staff. On Tuesday, reporters noticed the veteran working extensively with the younger defensive backs on the team, offering advice and assisting with techniques. Sherman played in a similar defensive scheme during his time with Seattle.

    “Just trying to help those guys,” Sherman said. “Like I said, I know the system but they won’t let me play ball, so I’ve got to do my best to get out there and make an impact. I have a lot of fun.

    “They have a great group. [Ahkello Witherspoon] is obviously incredibly talented. He’s going to be great this year. Adrian Colbert, Jaquiski Tartt, it’s going to be a great group of guys, and I’m excited about it. K’Waun Williams, he’s incredible at the nickel spot, so I’m excited to be able to grow with that group and see what we’re capable of.”

    1. I know it’s too early to put a crown on Garoppolo’s head, but still it’s almost miraculous we were able to get our hands on him and just for a second round pick. It’s a little reminiscent of Walsh landing Young from Tampa, but I think landing Jimmy from NE was more remarkable because Tampa had deemed Young a bust and NE clearly knew Jimmy wasn’t. I’m guessing that if Walsh were New England’s GM he would have traded Brady, not Jimmy. As we all know, at Tom’s age the magic could leave very soon.

      1. I would love to have been a fly on the wall listening to the conversations and thought process that ultimately had Shanahan switching tracks from Cousins to Garoppolo.

        1. I think it was ultimately bird in the hand. A deal was put in front of them for a QB that KS and JL had tried to trade for before. Take the deal and if it doesn’t work out as hoped, the team would only be out a 2nd rounder and there would be other potential options, i.e. Kirk Cousins and/or a high draft pick. IMO, risking a second rounder for a potential franchise QB was a good risk. Plus I think that football people “in the know” had a very good inkling that Jimmy G was very talented. As Marsh said, Jimmy G used to shred the 1st string NE defense on a daily basis. Even Michael Bennett said after Jimmy G threw the TD in the Seahawks game “I’m glad they didn’t put him in earlier” and he went on further to say that he knew Jimmy was very talented. While his practice performance in NE as a backup might not be trumpeted from the mountains to us fans, it does get around to those making a living off of NFL football. This “insider” knowledge, imo, further reduced the risk of the trade.

    1. UC,

      Yup, all those things have to happen if the 49ers are to be at the top of the heap:

      1) JG must be stellar. As the article pointed out and several posters have pointed out, the sample size is small. INT, TD are concerns. All signs do point up though.
      2) Free Agents must pan out. Not always the case. Not sure about the RB situation, and last year’s OL pick ups don’t exactly instill full confidence.
      3) Pass rush must improve. Achilles heel last year (and year before that, and year before that…), and there’s a lot of hope placed on guys who have nothing to show in their careers that sacks will go up. This will be the big sore spot for the year imo.
      4) Foster and Sherman must be on the field. I would add that Sherman must recover significantly too.
      5) Not lose more than two games in conference. I don’t think that this is possible at the moment.

      I actually don’t think points 3 and 5 are possible this season with point one unlikely.

      To be sure 2 is still an if and 4 is as well. A lot of ifs with this team still.

  50. Hey guys I’m Tired to read on others sites that. an order for the 49ers to have success,
    they have to have a seahawks style defence WTF??

    1. They hired a DC who is a descendant of the School of The Seahawks Defense and has not surprisingly installed it in SF, and Lynch + Shanny buy in for defensive personnel acquisitions, That’s why.
      Seifert had his distinctive style. Nolan liked the Ravens School. Fangio has his preferred style. They knew who and what they were getting with Saleh.

    2. Actually, Pete Carroll was the DC of Seiffert’s team that went 11-5 and only allowed 258 points. That spring boarded him into a HC job.
      I think he took the Seiffert system, and improved upon it. Pete said he took 3-4 players and let them play in a 4-3 system.

  51. Joe’s Show is great! Big happy fun.

    And here’s Peter Schrager doing the State of the Franchise Show the other night. Where’s Grant?? He and Pete are similar age. Why isn’t he doing this show? Schrage’s is killing it, his career has taken off. He’s a nice guy, doesn’t put folks down or makes snarky remarks… just a good vibe guy that knows his stuff.


    1. An interesting story….the tale of two young sports media personalities. Parallel, yet divergent; promising, yet discouraging; optimistic, yet cynical… I suppose there’s room for both.

  52. I know McKinnon and the team are thinking Super Bowl, but hopefully Lynch and Shanahan can temper this thinking. Like many others, I think this team has plenty of potential to make some noise, but it is also a young team that just came off a 6-10 season. The team also has fairly large obstacles in its path, such as the Eagles, Saints, Vikings, Rams, etc.

  53. For all: A new topic to stimulate a conversation.
    NFL Coaches who may be gone after the 2018 season?
    1) John Harbaugh; Baltimore Ravens….Missed playoffs 4 of the last 5 seasons, offense bottom quarter of league.
    2) Hue Jackson; Cleveland Browns….3rd season, 1W – 31L Record.
    3) Jay Gruden; Washington Redskins…..Owner Dan Snyder….
    4) Marvin Lewis; Cincinnati Bengals…..Made playoffs 7 of last 15 seasons, never won a super bowl.
    5) Dirk Koetter; Tampa Bay Buccaneers…..3rd season, 5W – 11L in 2017…. and QB Jameis Winston regressed.
    6) Adam Gase; Miami Dolphins….disaster season, Tannehill hurt, no backup, Cutler hired from broadcast booth.
    7) Todd Bowles; New York Jets….2017 season 5W – 11L and a rookie QB for 2018 season.
    8) Mike McCarthy; Green Bay Packers….Rodgers is 34 Y/O, can / will he continue to carry GB and McCarthy?
    9) Jason Garrett; Dallas Cowboys….can they beat the Eagles and will JJ be patient?
    10) Bill Belichick; New England Patriots….When will he retire….when will Tom Brady retire?
    *** Isn’t it nice to not have to be concerned about it?

    1. 10/ Well, there’s something going on in Beantown under the surface. The natures of Kraft, B.B.,and TB make it wildly unlikely the public will get the real story, unless years later like The Warren Commission. But my hunch is there’s a disturbance in the Pats’ Force among those three. They all may be pragmatic enough to not let their issues swamp the boat, but it may be, in the lyrics of the genius B.B. King, that the thrill is gone.. Bidnez as usual in 2018 I’m guessing, but unclear beyond.
      Hard to think of the Pats without BB and/or Brady, but Walsh traded Montana and kept Young, which was pretty hard to imagine at the time.

      1. interesting comparison of the Montana vs. Garappolo trade–

        Walsh convinced Eddie to do the Joe trade to keep the dynasty going with new (Young) blood, much to Eddie’s dismay over the years…
        Kraft pulled rank on BB to let Jimmy walk for a song and keep TB at the helm …therefore putting a “Brady’s end-of-career” induced time limit on how much longer the Pats run will last…

        1. tjf: How about JJ and Dallas? I don’t see the Cowgirls beating the Eagles! Will JJ be patient and let his son make the coaching decision?

        2. Yeah, my guess is Kraft pulled rank and now B.B. and TB relationship is changed to some degree in terms of trust and 101% mutual commitment…..
          I hate to go too far with that kind of speculation, because I found out in hindsight that a number of my speculations about Jed, Paraag, Baalke, and especially,the Baalke-Gase No Deal were mistaken.
          Now, as to my unassailable political views……nah, just kidding, not going there.

        1. BT
          It’s also possible that Kraft believed if the Patriots got another SB chance, BB and TB would beat the Eagles and get that 6th SB ring? That would give Kraft bragging rights over the other owners.

      1. #80
        An NFL head coach with a 1W – 31L Record is not likely to keep his job very long. If the Browns continues to lose, do you think Jackson will last until the end of the season?

        1. It’s hard to predict what the Browns will do. I think they would wait until the season ended. But who could blame them if they’re 0-10 again?

      2. Steve Wilks-Cards.
        Sean McDermott- Bills.
        Matt Nagy- Bears.
        Vance Joseph- Broncos.
        Bill O’Brien- Texans.
        Frank Reich- Colts.
        Pat Shurmer- Giants.
        Todd Bowles- Jets.
        Dirk Koetter- Bucs.
        Mike Vrabel- Titans.
        Jay Gruden- Washington.
        Marvin Lewis- Bengals.
        All 12 of these HCs could lose their jobs if their teams fail to win more than 4 games.
        If Hue Jackson won 4 games, they might give him a contract extension.

        1. Whoa there Charlie. I’d put the brakes on all the new hires first of all. Give those guys at least a year to implement their culture. Then maybe consider why those coaches could not win 4 games. Injuries maybe? Geez, talk about bold and uniformed prediction.

          1. I am not saying that they will be expected to win more than 4 games, but how they lose could be an important factor. If they suffer major injuries, they may get a pass, but if there is gross incompetence, they will be gone in a heartbeat.
            Remember Tomsula? He won 5, but it was a forgone conclusion that he would be gone at the end of the year.
            Also, 8 the coaches mentioned are not rookie coaches.

        2. Doug Marrone- Jags.
          Andy Reid- Chiefs.
          Jason Garrett- Cowboys.
          Pete Carroll- Seahawks.
          These 4 coaches could be on the hot seat if their teams do not make the playoffs.
          Bellichick could go winless and still have a job. 5 rings immunizes him. However, with 6 games against the Bills, Jets and Dolphins, BB could have 4 wins in the division.

    2. I’m not saying he’ll be fired, but if the Raiders struggle mightily, Jon Gruden might have a hankering to return to that cushy broadcast booth. Yeah, I could see him one and done.

    1. Razor / Cassie / MWD / Prime:
      * What’s your opinion, which coach(s) gets fired this year? Grant’s gone AWOL and the blog needs some enlightenment!

      1. Cowboys failing to make the playoffs, or an early playoff exit, would almost certainly result in Garrett’s departure. Personally, I think he’s gone baring a Cowboy Super Bowl appearance.

      2. The hot seat definitely belongs to Koetter. They have to be in wild card contention at the very least.
        Then I’d say Vance Joseph because they added the best pass rusher in the draft and a proven QB. If they can’t win that division it could mean pink slip for Vance.
        After those 2 I’d say the Cowboys Jason Garrett. Not that tough a division and all but the Cowboys I think I have to make the playoffs for him to keep his job.

        1. Prime:
          * “Cowboys I think I have to make the playoffs for him to keep his job.”
          * As the wildcard, or do you think Dallas can beat Philly?

          1. Every year the Cowboys are hyped to the max. Personally, I don’t think they’re that good outside of Ezekiel Elliott. Dak Prescott had that one good year and their defense is soft.

            So to answer your question I don’t think they can beat Philly and I don’t think they’ll win more than six games and so that means they fire Jason Garrett

      3. Adam Gase
        Todd Bowles
        John Harbaugh
        Hue Jackson
        Bill O’Brien
        Mike Vrabel
        Vance Joseph
        Jason Garrett
        Jay Gruden
        Mike McCarthy
        Dirk Koetter

        Wildcard is Belichick if the bad blood does not cease in 2018.

  54. ok, how about Marvin Lewis out of cincy end of ’18, replaced by the Dalton & Hue Jackson reunion for the ’19 season????….go Bengals!

        1. Cassie:
          If the Browns loses early but puts together a 4 or 5 game winning streak at the end of the season, the Haslam’s may give him another year? But after spending million signing 7 free agents, ( DB T.J. Carrie, TE Darren Fells, OL Chris Hubbard, RB Carlos Hyde, DB Terrance Mitchell, DL Chris Smith and OL Donald Stephenson). Making 3 trades (QB Tyrod Taylor, WR Jarvis Landry and DB Damarious Randall), plus their draft picks, it wouldn’t surprise me if they still fired him if the Browns don’t win 6 or more games.

      1. Jackson seems to be the favorite …(around here)..to be gone
        … but …
        My gut tells me that the (Shock of the NFL) ….Pats will tank this year ..
        Brady will cry and blame Bella-cheat ..and …he …will
        probably blame Kraft for making him trade Jimmy
        to the Niners …. and you’ll end up having Bill either walk away
        or handed his pink slip…. Brady retires … and guess who behind center ..

        1. MWNiner:
          * Define “TANK.” <10 wins? 8W – 8L? 6W -10L? * I can see BB retiring, but don't think he'd give the press the satisfaction of seeing him complain! * TB says he wants to play until he's 40 ( wants another SB ring), so unless he stinks the place up, I think he stays? But I have to admit, it wouldn't hurt my feeling if it turned into a fiasco.

          1. Geep …

            for the Pats … I’d probably say that anytime’they don’t
            make the playoffs…. they “tanked”…

            Nah… Bella-cheat wouldn’t complain… not in the press..
            (I wouldn’t put it past Brady to do all of the cry-babying, tho)

            but, wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall when the
            unstoppable force (Bill) … meets the immovable object … (Kraft)
            for their inevitable conversation ?

            Category 5 weather event …..maybe ?

  55. https://ninernoise.com/2018/05/25/49ers-2018-series-quarterback-jimmy-garoppolo/2/

    “Let’s look at a comparison here. In 2015 — Shanahan’s first year as offensive coordinator with the Atlanta Falcons — quarterback Matt Ryan had a 21-to-16 touchdown-to-interception ratio with a passer rating of 89.0.”

    ” But if you compare Garoppolo’s 7-to-5 touchdown-to-interception ratio last season (1.4), it’s not far off from Ryan’s in 2015 (1.31).”

  56. Sigh, these off season OTAs had me hoping for some juicy tidbits and insights, but there seems to be a total blackout on any information about the practices.
    Guess the Niners are paranoid about leaking intel to the enemy. Guess the word is out.
    However, one Niner insider got a one on one interview, then spilled the beans on the team mindset. Declaring that the team is focused on winning the Super Bowl is hyperbolic optimism. McKinnon should have been more humble and circumspect, with less lofty goals.
    Being a fan, I am expecting the worst, and hoping for the best. However, while winning the SB is an admirable goal, maybe they need to be more realistic, and shoot for a winning season. Then they could aim for making the playoffs, then getting to the NFCC Game. Incremental improvements should be designated for a team that 2 years ago had only 2 wins. Build the foundation, brick by brick. Build for the future.
    Jed, with his Pollyannish expectations, showed why outlandish projections just set up a team to fail.
    The Niners should take a page out of The Art of War. Deception is the key. They should feign weakness, so other teams will take them lightly.
    My mindset parallels Mora’s. ‘Playoffs, PLAYOFFS? I just hope they win another game.’

    1. For the most part, NFL players are rather competitive, confident people. I have no issue with players being players. If McKinnon and others were calling out the parentage of opposing coaches or star players, that’s different. Expressing some confidence and flashing some swagger is fine. I’d be concerned if 9er players were timidly expressing hope for a winning season.

      1. Expressing confidence and flashing some swagger is fine, but 2 years ago, this team won 2 games. There is 90% turnover on offense from 2 years ago.
        There is a fine line between Confidence and Hubris.
        Declaring they are SB bound is cute, but unrealistic. Sure, a 5 game winning streak to end last season may have given them hope and momentum, but declarative statements mean nothing until they play the games. The Niners should win at least 4 games before even mentioning the playoffs.
        One wise man said they should only look forward to the next game. That means the NFCC runner up Vikings, with a competent QB.

          1. Everything is about him; always.
            When he outed himself he claimed to be a victim, like a flopper in a soccer match.

            1. Just last year you said you feared for your life? All because of an accidental post on this very blog?

    2. Seriously Seb? McKinnon says the team has collectively set their “goal” this season as – “getting to the Super Bowl”, and you have a problem with that?

      “The Super Bowl. That’s what the eyes are on,” McKinnon said, according to NBC Sports Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco. “That’s the prize. That’s the ultimate goal.” McKinnon isn’t alone. While training with Navy SEALS as part of coach Kyle Shanahan’s offseason program, the team was unified in its expectations. “The whole team has talked about it,” McKinnon said. “We had a thing with the Navy SEALS. They were asking us, ‘What’s the goal?’ It was equally collaborated on: ‘Win the Super Bowl.'”

      In fact, if the Super Bowl isn’t the ultimate goal for any team heading into the season, then whoever is in charge of motivating said team, i.e. the coaching staff, etc, ought to be fired ASAP! Never, ever aim low and hope for the best. Always aim high, and hope for the best.

      1. sebnynah clearly doesn’t understand what the mentality is of a professional athlete. There is a reason why these men have reached this elite level. Always aim for the top

        1. They can aim for the top, but they do not need to broadcast their goals.
          Last season, did you hear of any Niners talking about winning the SB? No, their aim was to improve, every day. That was a reasonable and attainable goal.
          Last season, I hoped they would triple their win total from last season. After 9 losses, that did not look attainable, but JG pulled a rabbit out of his hat. Personally, I was very happy with that 6-10 record, because I knew that a SB win was impossible with those first 9 losses.

      2. 49, Methinks you doth protest too much.
        Sure it is nice to dream of a SB. The Niners have not won one since ’94. Declaring one wants to win a SB is Pollyannish, especially from a team that 2 years ago set records in run defense futility and lost 14 games.
        I submit to you that it is better to have realistic, attainable goals. Aiming for the top and failing miserably, just crushes the spirit, especially when the team could not stop a cold. Achieve those modest goals like- stop having a losing record, then the playoffs may be the next logical step.
        I am glad that JL and KS are building a new culture, brick by brick. They see the need to lay a solid foundation, and build upon it. Maybe you did not notice, but last season, they were not flying – SB or bust banners. Jed did that 3 years ago, and he got slapped down for it. His hubris had a comeuppance.
        In another sports vernacular, one could say that the Niners should not get too far out over their skis. That can lead to catastrophe.
        It is far better to be humble, and hide ones true feelings, so the other team takes them lightly. Brash and over confident talk just inspires the other team to prove them wrong.
        The Patriots could pontificate about SBs, because they have the rings, but they are too smart to become braggarts. Cleveland could talk about SBs, but they would only get laughed at.
        Niners should set a goal of not having a losing season. Rams, with their off season moves, are favored to win the division, so a further goal of the Niners if they happen to win 8 games, should be to have a winning season and have a realistic shot at a wild card spot if the planets align and they manage to avoid injuries.
        Of course, some fans want 23-0 and a SB win, and expect nothing less. I just want to be realistic and humble. Even Grant thinks they are shooting for 2019 to become contenders. I wonder how many SB or bust banners are hanging up in the locker room.

        1. Seb, I hate to tell you bro, but you’re confused.

          The ultimate goal for every professional team is to win the big one. If that’s not your ultimate goal as a professional sports team, you’re destined to lose. Don’t confuse the short term goals with the ultimate, long term goal. If you ask Jerick what the team’s goal is on a daily basis, I’m sure he’ll tell you it’s to get better, as a player, and as a team, each and every day. Because, that’s the mindset … if you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse. But it’s imperative to reach for the sky in pro sports, when it comes to your ultimate goal. That has to be the mentality. Anything less is settling for second best, and second best simply will not do, when it comes to the ultimate goal, each and every season.

          Now, if they were talking as if the Super Bowl was “in the bag”so to speak, and were acting and saying things to the effect that they were “the team to beat”, that would be different. You can’t start believing your the best, and telling people you’re the best, before you have achieved it. However, you absolutely better make it your “goal” to be the best, as Jerick stated. The 49ers definitely have more confidence, as a team.

          1. Could you imagine this:

            Navy SEAL (or NFL/sports reporter) “Hey Jerick, what’s the goal for your 49ers this season?”

            Jerick: “Well, were hoping to maybe go 8-8 and get to .500, we don’t realistically believe we can win the big one. Going from worst to first doesn’t happen very often, so we don’t want to set our goals too high.”

            How well would that go over in the locker room Seb?

          2. I actually like New England’s approach. They look at nothing more than the immediate… So week one if asked what their goal is for the season it would be to beat Minnesota.
            The didn’t go 16 and 0 they won one game 16 times in a row.

            1. Yep, its a good philosophy Shoup. That’s how champions think, though there is still an important level of long term planning/ goal setting involved. You need to have the long term goal/ objective. But the focus needs to be on what you need to do today to make that long term goal a reality.

          3. Sigh, when the Niners were in their Glory Years, they had a mandate to win the SB every year.
            When they were 2-14 in 2016, it would have been ludicrous to blithely state they expected to play in the SB.
            Setting realistic goals will not lead to bitter disappointment. When they initiated the Charge of the Light Brigade, they fully expected to carve up the Russians, but were slaughtered.
            “Forward the Light Brigade!”
            Was there a man dismayed?
            Not though the soldier knew
            Someone had blundered.
            Theirs not to make reply
            Theirs not to reason why
            Theirs but to do and Die.
            Into the valley of Death
            Rode the six hundred.
            The Niners need to win games. If, by the happy chance they win 8 games, that is a good goal to strive for. That does not preclude having an additional goal to have a winning record. If they achieve that goal, they should set the goal of making the playoffs. If they do make the playoffs, they might go all the way, but they need to make the playoffs first. Setting achievable goals with incremental steps is good methodology.
            Stating the goal to win the SB is bluster and bravado for a 6 win team. Sure, McKinnon is gung ho for his new team, but it would have been smarter if he did not announce lofty goals before TC. He should have kept quiet, and kept that goal in the locker room. Now, other teams will cut out that article, and pin it on their wall to inspire their team. They will say- Look, they expect to play in the SB, so we need to take them seriously. The Niners will get their A game, and the other team will not be lulled into complacency.
            I would have preferred McKinnon to have stated- ‘Sure, we want to win a SB some day, but we first need to string together some wins. We will try our hardest to claw our way out of the cellar, but the other teams in our division provide a daunting challenge, and we are a young, inexperienced team, with several new additions. We have a lot to prove.’
            Providing bulletin board locker room fodder is counter productive. He needs to walk the walk before he can talk the talk.

              1. There is a difference between confidence and hubris, like knowledge, experience and arrogance.

            1. Stating the goal to win the SB is the goal for every team.

              FTFY, Seb.

              My dozen words outrank your typing diarrhea.

              1. If the Browns declared they were going to win the SB, they would be laughed at. Just like your comment.

              2. I doubt if any team cares about being laughed at. They are too busy working on a plan to get to the super bowl. BTW, a 3-13 team from the previous year was one quarter away from the SB this last season. I suppose those Jaguar players came into the season with hangdog attitude…”oh…we are only trying to win more than 3 games…maybe an 8-8 record….”. If I were a coach I’d cut anybody with that defeatist attitude on the spot.

              3. Do coaches in your world sebnynah tell their athletes, “ok boys and girls, we have no chance at a championship this year, so lets just play for some good old fashioned fun and pride?

              4. Well, Sebbie has returned…like an annoying rash, or pesky toenail fungus. Whoever/whatever is in charge ‘up there’….give us strength. Please.

              5. Here we go again with the non-sense. It was like a gift from God when the weasel went away tail tucked between his legs crying victim. Where is that storm?

    1. MWNiner
      * Lets hope this is the end result….”But keep in mind, these are just concepts, so there’s no guarantee you’ll ever see these helmets actually hit the field. ”
      * the article also fails to say if the new helmets will help prevent concussions!

      1. * the article also fails to say if the new helmets will help prevent concussions!

        I can’t see how it would do much. Contrary to popular belief most concussions are not caused by the impact to the head but rather by the resulting whiplash like motion. This motion causes the brain to bounce against the inside of the skull which then causes the concussion. This means that concussions can be caused by impacts to other areas ie, a hit to the chest or stomach, as long as the force is significant enough to cause the necessary whiplash.

    2. ‘When Grant neglects his duties…’
      He’s been out more than 3 days. HR will require a note from his doctor before returning to work.

    1. No, I am not tiptoeing. I spent the early morning cutting down the grass in the north forty.
      More like hack and thrash.

        1. GEEP, you addressed me and linked it. You obviously were not directing that at anyone else.
          I was disclaiming any similarities with TT.
          Just being polite to respond, but now I know to draw more meaning to your posts.

  57. The 49ers have the greatest looking helmet and uni’s in the NFL, but one change I would make. Replace the black outline with white.

    1. Yeah, I hated the SF helmet concept, but wondered if I was just being a Homer.
      Then, I was just as offended by the Bears helmet concept. Blasphemy!
      Then I was shocked to see that someone had managed to make the Bengals helmet even worse than before. Hideous. I quit looking there.

  58. Ahmad Brooks released.
    Navorro Bowman released.

    Two heavily scrutinized moves when they were made. Both remain unsigned. I’m glad JL/KS doesn’t listen to the fans.

  59. https://www.ninersnation.com/2018/5/27/17400000/jerry-rices-stats-greatest-receiver-ever-randy-moss

    “We’ve discussed Rice’s dominance overall, but Stuart took a look at the numbers specifically during the Joe Montana and Steve Young years when Rice was playing without them. Over five seasons, that group of quarterbacks included Elvis Grbac (9 games), Jeff Kemp (6), Steve Bono (6), Mike Moroski (2), and Matt Cavanugh (1). Over 24 games, Rice caught 134 passes for 2,177 yards and 23 TDs. That creates an average season of 89 catches, 1451 receiving yards, and 16 touchdowns.”

  60. #80..
    Rice = G.O.A.T. … (indisputable !)

    BT sez:
    …”He’s been out more than 3 days. HR will require
    a note from his doctor before returning to work…”


    Geep sez:

    …”the article also fails to say if the new helmets
    will help prevent concussions!…

    Yeah… good point …
    I’m thinkin’ if they lined the helmets with those
    Dr. Scholl’s foot-cushion-ey thingies you get from
    those kiosks at Wally-World …. would help in
    that regard ?

    just think of the slogan …

    Dr Scholls’ — from head to toe

      1. thanx, Geep …. however .. both
        MidWestDynasty and Cassie …(imo) ,,, are funnier than me
        cuz…. they both say things .. (periodically)…that’s guaranteed to
        force my morning coffee ….through my nasal passages

        but I try

  61. Happy Memorial Day to all of the current and former members of the nation’s defense, and also to those who lost someone within their family tree or close to them. While most see the day as a time for making money, the start of summer vacation, or simply a break from work, we must also remember that it is a time to remember who gave their all (sometimes at the expense of their own life) in defending the United States and its allies, their citizens, ideologies, and rights. To all of you, I salute you, and I thank you for your service to our country and our allies.

    1. Thank you, MWD! I return salute to you, and the rest of the great Americans in here. Shout out to our foreign friends, with extra credit given to our in house Aussie friend, Scooter for his countryman, Will Power and his brilliant piece of driving for the victory at the Indy 500. Cheers, mate!

    2. MidWest …
      while I wholeheartedly agree with what yer sayin’ .. here..but ..
      I wish ..that… sentiment was prevalent back
      when I got out of the service back in ’69 ….
      It kinda left me s little bitter …. ya know ?

      Im spite of that… allow me to extend my wishes for everyone
      here… to enjoy their family on this Memorial Day … in memory
      and appreciation of all this who served both before and after me….

        1. Absolutely nothin’
          Say it again

          Thanks Mid and all. Just spare a ten second moment in your Monday, and silently give thanks for those who paid too much.
          2018 has been a surprise for me: 50th anniversary of a very tough year in the republic, and a tough year on the Home front too. Felt like a stranger when I came home in ‘69.
          I was just sent a book, The Sorrow Of War, by a North Vietnamese War Vet, who is just as disillusioned and bitter as some of my friends and I are.

      1. “It kinda left me s little bitter …. ya know ?”

        I know the feeling, it gets calmer the older I get.

      2. MW, your service is admirable and it is very unfortunate the service members of the 60s were in some cases disrespected. The anger of the people should have been directed to Nixon and Kissinger who escalated a war which was unwinnable. Furthermore, they both avoided military service in their day. Reminds me of our current draft dodging, 6 deferment oval office holder.

            1. LBJ got his just desserts, hounded out of office. And I don’t think anyone has him tattooed on their backs. At least not anyone advising Presidents.

        1. I’ve never understood why Nixon is so often saddled with Vietnam while Kennedy and Johnson seem to get a pass on this.
          Mind you I wasn’t around at that time so I don’t know all the dynamics involved but from a numbers standpoint he decreased the number of troops there while Kennedy and Johnson ( mainly Johnson ) increased the number of troops there.
          I’m sure there is much I’m missing, but it seems there was plenty of blame to go around for the terrible situation that our troops were put into. And for as bad as our politicians were, many of the people at home were just as dispicable for the way they welcomed home those returning troops.

    3. ’69 9er roster…

      12 John Brodie
      11 Steve Spurrier

      Running backs
      42 Doug Cunningham
      22 Gary Lewis
      24 Jimmy Thomas
      45 Bill Tucker
      40 Ken Willard FB

      Wide receivers
      81 Lee Johnson
      85 Clifton McNeil
      1 Noland Smith
      18 Gene Washington
      88 Dick Witcher

      Tight ends
      82 Ted Kwalick
      89 Bob Windsor

      Offensive linemen
      79 Cas Banaszek T
      65 Randy Beisler G
      75 Forrest Blue C
      66 Elmer Collett G
      69 Woody Peoples G
      76 Len Rohde T

      Defensive linemen
      72 Bill Belk DE
      74 Earl Edwards DT
      53 Tommy Hart DE
      80 Stan Hindman DE
      70 Charlie Krueger DT
      78 Sam Silas DT

      50 Ed Beard
      59 Fritz Greenlee
      54 Harold Hays
      57 Frank Nunley
      58 Jim Sniadecki
      52 Skip Vanderbundt
      64 Dave Wilcox

      Defensive backs
      39 Kermit Alexander CB
      30 Johnny Fuller SS
      37 Jimmy Johnson CB
      32 Mel Phillips SS
      27 Al Randolph FS
      48 John Woitt

      Special teams
      17 Momcilo Gavric K
      15 Jon Kilgore P

      1. Cassie

        Thanks for the ‘nostalgia list’I was having a problem with a couple….TE Wasn’t Ted Kwalik replaced by Dave Parks by that time ?…Also , Dick Witcher was a ‘swing’ TE/WR…one of my favorite niners…

        1. Hmmm… Kwalick did appear in the ’69 season. I believe he scored one of the very first TDs at Candlestick.

    4. Well said Midwest dynasty, thinking of Anita strange who still wears her wedding ring today,she lost her husband Joe Strange , Huey driver in 66,she has been a mother to my wife since she was a teenager and now grandmother to our kids, she is remarkable, would of liked to meet Joe, brother tuna, said it best with delusions of war, lots of messed up stuf, the ones on the front line, even if they survived the war, lots of scars, physically and mentally, glad we have the sports blog, but important to remember the living and the dead veterans who sacrificed too much. Nothing I can say but thank you. I am truly humbled and saddened what veterans have gone through or going through and their loved ones.

    1. Yes,. Jed/9ers allowed expression in the day, and abstained in the vote. I heard-read that up to 8 teams had reservations and no vote was taken.. Trump pressure on NFL via Kraft (late night regular chat partner with #45 it’s rumored) wasn’t thought through. Bottom liners worried. Losing as much to streaming as negative reactions.
      Dorks will let Kap win thru their own incompetence. Smh

    2. How is that shocking though? In fact, it would not surprise me a good majority of the voting in the NFL utilized the same move.

    1. Exhibit A as to why I hardly read a new paper or news unless it is a requirement for one of my courses. Too many opinion pieces masquerading as news from the right and left sides of the political aisle.

      1. “Too many opinion pieces masquerading as news from the right and left sides of the political aisle.”

        Damn Mid, quite speaking truths, the right and the left don’t understand it.

      2. For your peace of mind, that’s a link to an opinion piece based on U. S. History. If you are taking a course in U. S. History then it might be interesting for you. There are those who believe that not knowing history can cause repetitive stress.

        Enjoy your education. It’s the only one you will ever get.

        1. Oh, and midwest. At the top of the page from htwaits link, it says….. “Opinions”. If they are telling you upfront, it shouldn’t be hard to discern from “News”. That’s what reputable sources will do.

          1. Yes I know, but opinion pieces are too often presented or passed off as news by several in society despite it being labeled as an opinion piece.

        2. rib,

          It seems that Mid doesn’t get much news.


          “News or opinion is up to the reader to figure out and that has always been the case. ”

          Yup. We have to figure out what’s news and what’s opinion in every piece by Grant.

        3. Internet, local and national news, Flipboard, newspaper, etc. I simply try to find articles that avoid an obvious biased angles, but they are very hard to find (which is a reason I have not touched a newspaper for nearly a year now), so I usually try to focus on my studies, being there for friends and loved ones,chatting on here, and various other things. I have better than to do than to read or watch a news story that has a very evident bias and considers the left or right side of the political aisle as their ultimate messiah. I have better things to do with my time.

    2. There are a lot of good lessons in that article Mid. News or opinion is up to the reader to figure out and that has always been the case. It’s really not that hard either. The difference is now we have millions screaming fake news on the internet based simply on whether they like the content or not.

      1. News or opinion is up to the reader to figure out and that has always been the case.

        The problem is there is more opinion pieces than news, and at times the news can be absolutely meaningless. I mean who cares if a president correctly or incorrectly fed some koi fish?! That is as newsworthy as Fido marking a tree.
        <em The difference is now we have millions screaming fake news on the internet based simply on whether they like the content or not.

        Yep, and it has been from both sides of the aisle that the wailing has come from.

    1. Some feel Grant is too consumed by Warriors coverage. Expecting a young adult such as Grant to multitask may be unreasonable. Being an emerging sports media star is exhausting.

      Perhaps we’ll see something today.

      1. Maiocco and Barrows are following the NBA Playoffs and yet still doing their jobs. Also, are his roundball insights any better than the stranger next you at the sports bar?

  62. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/389476-harvard-law-professor-nfl-ban-on-anthem-protests-is-illegal

    “The clearest illegality derives from the fact that the league adopted its new policy without bargaining with the players union,” Sachs writes. Kneeling during the anthem, which Sachs says is a clear form of workplace protest, must be discussed with the NFL players’ union before such a policy can be banned.”

    “If, as the NFL Players Association says, the employer implemented this change on its own, the policy is flatly illegal for that reason and should be rescinded by the league,”

    “In an earlier round of the protest dispute, President Trump called on the league to discipline Colin Kaepernick for his leadership of the anthem protests and threatened to use the tax code to punish the NFL if they allowed them to continue.”

    “Sachs argued that this pressure from Trump and Pence brings into play the players’ constitutional right to not have their speech censored by the government.”

    1. Bull all around. First, employers have the right to tell a worker what they can and cannot do unless the employer works for the government. Second,if anybody buys that pressure from Trump and Pence played any type of role, then they are absolute idiots because the anger at and loss of revenue because of the protests started well before Pence staged his walkout and Trump railed against the kneeling.
      The truth of the matter is the move was most likely made due to a loss of revenue from the fans who tuned out the NFL because they did not approve of the protests. No matter how one looks at it, the NFL is in a lose – lose situation. If the NFL trays to lessen or stop the kneeling, then it faces the ire of the players and coaches in the league. However, if the NFL allows the kneeling to continue, then it faces a further loss of revenue due to the fans who tune out the NFL because of the kneeling.

      1. I seriously doubt the loss of NFL revenue had anything to do with player protests. There is zero data to support that claim. Just because 2 things happen doesn’t mean that one caused the other. I do agree that Trump’s role was merely a political stunt to distract from the fact that he is a crook, fraud and con artist who is running a mafia like money laundering operation from the White House.

          1. Would love to see credible information on the full spectrum of the NFL’s funding stream. Would imagine it’s a bit more diverse and complex than immediately thought–many, many variables.

              1. Yep. There simply is no strong enough evidence to support either side. Only time will tell if the kneeling is hurting the NFL pocketbook. If more people choose to not watch NFL games, attend NFL games, and/or purchase NFL merchandise in 2018, then it could be a sign of something else, especially if the national anthem policy is enforced throughout the year.

              2. That could be more of an indicator that prices are being raised to stave off the effects of declining viewers and fans though Cassie.

            1. Cassie: NFL TV Partners Set To Lose Up To $500 Million On Ratings Decline! Media contracts are signed years in advance:
              * Can’t vouch for it’s credibility, but this may help explain it: NFL TV Partners Set To Lose Up To $500 Million On Ratings Decline. https://www.outkickthecoverage.com/nfl-tv-partners-set-lose-500-million-ratings-decline/
              * While much of the attention has focused on the protests, according to ongoing conversations with several people close to the league and its television partners over the past couple of months, the ratings decline that will cost the TV partners up to $500 million can actually be attributed to four primary factors.
              1. The decimation of the one eastern kickoff window on Sundays. You now have just seven or eight games kicking off in this one eastern window and those games are frequently bad or mediocre for most of the country because the better games are being pulled to be put on exclusive airing windows on Thursday, Monday or Sunday nights.
              2. Bad football. Put plainly, the NFL is often putting a poor product on the field and NFL fans are choosing to spend their time doing something else.
              3. The addition of two teams to Los Angeles. While the NFL spent a great deal of time celebrating its return to the nation’s second largest city the reality is this, the Rams and the Chargers have brought down television ratings in Los Angeles, costing the league’s TV partners tens of millions of dollars in tenths of ratings points by themselves. Over the past generation without the NFL in LA, the city received the best games every week.
              4. The protest. While the protest has received the majority of the media attention and the league and TV partners definitely believe it’s an issue, they don’t believe the protest is the reason for the substantial drop in ratings by itself. It is one of the reasons for declining ratings, but not THE reason.

              1. They miss the biggest reason: The change in how people access media. Traditional Television watching has dropped significantly across the board. The NFL ratings haven’t dropped as much as TV ratings as a whole have but more and more consumers are watching via the internet which doesn’t factor into the traditional model of ratings analysis.

      2. “if anybody buys that pressure from Trump and Pence played any type of role, then they are absolute idiots”


        “According to Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer, NFL owners actually considered doing nothing about anthem policy, given how few players were protesting at the end of the year. However, the owners feared that if they did nothing they would be vulnerable if Trump targeted the league in another fiery speech.”

        “While Trump may have not dominated the conversation, it’s clear that he was a significant factor in the process.”

        “If fear of being targeted by Trump pushed owners to act on an anthem policy change, as Breer reports that it did, then Trump impacted these talks more than any other factor, even if they never said his name at all.”

        Who is the absolute idiot now?

        1. Who is the absolute idiot now?

          The people who buy that crap. If Trump had any true influence on the NFL, then there would not have been so many owners who kneeled with their team shortly after one of Trump’s “fiery speeches”. The only thing influencing the new policy is an attempt by the NFL to stave off the declining ratings and attendance from hurting their profits. Raising prices can only get an entertainment industry so far before it feels the repercussions.

          1. “The people who buy that crap.”

            Some of the owners bought it. They were considering doing nothing as the protests were dying down, but they were worried about what Trump might say.

            “The only thing influencing the new policy is an attempt by the NFL to stave off the declining ratings and attendance from hurting their profits.”

            And who is the NFL’s biggest audience? And who can fire up that audience (base) more than Trump?

            1. They were considering doing nothing as the protests were dying down, but they were worried about what Trump might say.

              Trump does not have that much influence; threats from fans that they will turn away from the NFL do have an influence, especially whe coupled with already declining ratings.

              And who is the NFL’s biggest audience? And who can fire up that audience (base) more than Trump?

              That is pretty irrelevant since there have been fans from various backgrounds that have indicated that they are no longer watching the NFL or purchasing its merchandise because of the kneeling.

              1. “Trump does not have that much influence;”

                “According to Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer, NFL owners actually considered doing nothing about anthem policy, given how few players were protesting at the end of the year. However, the owners feared that if they did nothing they would be vulnerable if Trump targeted the league in another fiery speech.”

              2. Again, that is a joke. If it is between a continuing decline in viewership or Trump making a speech or tweeting, I am pretty sure the former would garner the attention of the owners more.

              3. It’s not a joke. I proved Trump’s influence. You’re just ignoring the truth at this point. It’s not either/or. The decision was made because of declining ratings and because of potential backlash from Trump.

              4. https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/ubs-survey-anthem-protests-top-reasons-nfl-ratings-declines-171585

                “UBS also analyzed Nielsen data, and found that rural areas – where President Trump had his greatest margin of victory in the 2016 presidential election – had the greatest NFL ratings declines. And the smaller the area, the larger the deficit – NFL ratings in counties that included the largest metropolitan areas shrunk about 7.8% according to UBS, while ratings in those counties outside of major markets declined between 9.7% and 15.7%.”

                “UBS noted that the underperformance of rural areas in NFL ratings didn’t start until the third week of the season, just when President Trump began speaking out against the protests.”

            2. I am not ignoring anything. There is just too much to indicate that that from Breer is more of an assumption than anything. If Trump had that much clout, then why has it taken so long for the owners to create this policy? Why not simply go back to the prior policy where players stayed in their locker rooms until after the national anthem was performed?
              If one really wants to put the blame on someone (aside from the fans who were not happy with the kneeling prior to Trump even entering the discussion) fo the new policy being enacted by the NFL owners, then it would probably be the Department of Defense, which paid several pro sports leagues for tributes and displaying patriotism.


              1. “There is just too much to indicate that that from Breer is more of an assumption than anything.”

                Did you not read my link because you assumed it was opinion?

                “When Breer asked Packers President Mark Murphy if the subject of Trump came up, Murphy was direct.”

                “Oh yeah,” Murphy said. “It was more how [Trump] might react, anticipating that.”

                “Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones told Breer, ‘[Trump] certainly initiated some of the thinking, and was a part of the entire picture. But all of that was given consideration.”

              2. Initiating it and having a heavy hand in it is two entirely different things though. It also seems like the owners are trying to use a scapegoat. Not defending Trump, but it just seems that this is a scapegoat route by the NFL owners because Trump has only said what some, not all, of what the fans opposed to the kneeling think; as I stated earlier, there are other reasons as to why fans do not like the kneeling aside from it being considered a slant toward the nation and its defenses.
                As Razor said, follow the money. It also would not surprise me if it is learned sometime in the future that the DoD threatened to pull their funding unless the owners did something to address the kneeling.

              3. “Initiating it and having a heavy hand in it is two entirely different things though.”

                Why didn’t you say that to start with? Instead, you said this.

                “Second,if anybody buys that pressure from Trump and Pence played any type of role, then they are absolute idiots”

                That original statement was both untrue and insulting. I proved that Trump did play a role. We’ll probably never know just how much of a role he played unless the issue goes to court.

                I acknowledge that there are many reasons for the decline in ratings. The protests and Trump’s response are just two of the many reasons. Another reason for declining ratings is the blackballing of Kap.

                The DoD banned “paid patriotism” over a year before the protest. So no, they didn’t threaten anything.

  63. First, employers have the right to tell a worker what they can and cannot do unless the employer works for the government.

    IANALRA (I am not a labor rights attorney) or any kind of attorney, but I believe that statement is incorrect for an employer / union relationship reached through a CBA, which the NFL is.