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  1. The only reason Kaepernick is even on the roster is because his salary is guaranteed now.

    He doesn’t want to be on the 49ers anymore and if they didn’t have to pay hi either way he would be gone.

    Barring Horrendous play by Gabbert(not that unlikely) he is done for in San Francisco.

    They have moved on.

    1. Agreed. I would go as far as to say that if Gabbert is the starter and Driskel shows promise, Kaep is moved before start of season.

      Look, a qb is going to get hurt or one of these young rooks isnt going to develop as quick as thought. It’s all rosy in Denver until Sanchez starts sucking and Lynch comes in and starts tossing interceptions all over the field. Same with Jets. Some team is going to want him at some point in the season.

    2. This is another hateful and borderline racist article, Grant Cohen and all you lames drinking his Kool-Aid, need to go get a life and let the young QB live. Like it or not Kap’s going to start next year,grow up. Do people honestly think Chip went to SF because of Blaine Gabbert, LOL!

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      2. Way to bring race into it. Real original bro.Has absolutely Fu@#*ng nothing to do with race. You are DUM dumb.

      3. Racist? Care to substantiate that with logic? I know about the ranting and raving, I know your louder then I am-bet money on that.

        Present your argument so that the premises follow the conclusion. That’s only fair.

  2. Unless they draft some or acquire some Wide receiver talent, going against the secondaries of the NFC West the next few years they did Kaepernick a big favor by moving on.

    It’s going to be tough throwing in this Division with a run blocking line, no receiving threats and Chip Kelly’s simplistic playbook.

    1. How could you possibly know what kind of WR talent exists on this roster after watching the last 2 coaching regimes criminally underutilize the WR position? You couldn’t. Figure it out.

      1. JC

        There are a large group of folks on here who have to be shown time after time that something works…watch film on Oregon, Chip’s system works, and this year will convince many of them…

  3. I thought this article was going to be about Colin not understanding that his career is in trouble.

    1. Colin is just the latest extension of the running game. Baalke’s backfield would feature leather helmets if the stubborn NFL would just accept his latest throwback helmet request.
      Fans will have to settle for the triple option backfield with 3 running backs, since Baalke doesn’t believe football exists past the 1903: Watch Princeton vs. Yale, 1903, for a glimpse of Baalke’s dream football philosophy:

      1. And as you see, above, Kelly’s no huddle offense was around then, so teams should know how to defend it after 113 years.

    2. Razor – Do you think that Kaep might be thinking that he can’t trust Jed/Baalke and that he will not really get a fair competition? And, if that possibility exists, might Kaep modify his behavior to factor that in? I kind of think that he would have to be very foolish to trust anything they say given their history. When you have two chronic liars spouting things like we do, don’t you really have to take everything with a grain of salt? Hope is not a plan.

      1. “I kind of think that he would have to be very foolish to trust anything they say given their history”

        He would be foolish not to believe them…….they allowed him to talk to Elway and the kubiak……why else would he doubt what the FO says?….

        I think its pretty clear they don’t give a F…k about you #7……..join the #humbleyourself

  4. Well that’s why he didn’t take the pay cut to go to Denver.

    He knows his career is at the twilight.

    He is getting the money while he can.

    1. Most athletes don’t have a clue when their careers are over.

      In 2014 Kaepernick had a poor year, his coach got fired, they lost too many key players, and then he had to play for, your friend and mine, Jim Tomsula. In 2015 Colin had a horrendously bad year. A worlds record bad year that ended half way through with him on the bench and needing surgery. Oh, right, he got blamed for that too. It’s hard to top Colin’s bad year.

      But what I think is going through his mind is that he will be fine as soon as he get’s a chance to play.

      1. Yoda

        Kap’s 2015 was better than Andrew Luck’s. Kap’s career completion percentage and postseason success are better than Luck’s. Luck is about to become the highest paid player in the history of the NFL. I don’t know if Kap’s career is over, but Baalke has certainly done everything in his power to make it more difficult for him to succeed, until hiring Kelly. This is Kap’s chance.

        1. I agree. I’m not sure it’s his last chance or that it will be a fair chance, but it’s his chance at the moment. I’ve watched both Luck and Kaepernick play and Luck has vastly more internal resources to fall back on. Unfortunately, if the Colts can’t build a team, Luck will end up as even more missed potential than Kaepernick.

  5. They should have cut him before April 1st. Elway feigned interest and the thought of not getting a pick for him was just too much for the 49ers front office. They kept him, and it cleared the way for Elway to draft a QB because there was no way the Niners were going to draft a QB in the 1st round with Kaep still on the payroll. Now they’re hoping that there is an injury somewhere in the league so they can get rid of him and some of his salary while saving a little bit of face. Maybe they can use him as leverage to extend BG’s contract a little more cheaply, but I doubt it.

    1. Cutting him before April 1 would have meant paying him AND not controlling his contract. He was injured. His salary was therefore guaranteed.

      1. That obviously would have been a problem. However, injuries heal. They chose not to have him in to conduct a physical. If they had, and determined the injury had healed, they could have cut him. However, bringing him in would have signaled to Denver that they were likely going to cut him.

        1. He would have failed the physical. You know this by virtue of the fact that he can’t practice right now, can’t throw, can cut on his knee, can’t perform basic athletic moves.

  6. Did I read an article here a few months ago which reported that Kap is a better qb than Gabbert. Didn’t it include interesting stats like on first and 10 and 3rd an long Kap attempts downfield throws and throws beyond the first down marker whereas Gabbert dinks and dunks 2-4 yard passes to pad his stats. I am quite positive I read such an article here .

    Having said that, Kap is not the answer. The Cards and Seahawks are in his head. His performances against them have been horrible to say the least. He zones in on one receiver. when he is covered he hits the panic button and attempts to scramble.

    We need a new qb but a new GM first.

  7. I completely agree the 49ers FO want Gabbert to win the starting job. They aren’t stupid. They know that bridge is burned, and the chances of him being the long term QB here are remote at best, even if he plays well this season.

    I’m not so convinced they will try to bury him though, or embarrass him. Doing that will just make him a bigger distraction, and is more likely to win sympathy for him in the media and the locker room than anything else.

    1. I agree. They’ve painted themselves into a corner and Kaep is not going to help them get out of it.

      1. you mean #7 painted himself into a corner…….all they have to do is put him on IR, he can’t fight it?

        where have you heard a player say a team can’t place him on IR?……if he wants to fight it, then he can ask for his release and forfeit the guaranteed cash or shut up and be on IR.

        niners will trade him next year during the offseason

        1. I’m sure the other owners, and that guy in charge of “The Integrity of The Game” would go along with a fake injury intended to give the 49ers an extra slot on their 53 man roster. Owners, by nature, got where they are be being generous to a fault.

    2. Nobody is going to sympathize with him after asking for a trade and him refusing Denver’s offer…….according to public opinion he chose the CASH over principle (if he claims FO lied to him)

      his claim was FO lied to him, then why didn’t he leave and join the Super Bowl champs who have a strong defense…….he stayed because of the guaranteed cash

      nobody sympathizes with a greedy NFL player even if he has talent (see T.O)……..

      1. They will if the 49ers try to make a pariah out of him. That won’t sit well with the player group I wouldn’t think. If they don’t want him they should cut him. Keeping him just to punish him will just make them look petty, and make the other players wonder when it will be their turn to be thrown under the bus. Bad outcome.

      2. I totally agree with you!! If he had the confidence in himself to resurrect his career, he would have chosen to go to the Broncos(and with tax difference, I heard it was $2 million he would have forfeited). Most probably because of his choice to take a few million more, his career is probably a over!

        1. You heard wrong about the $$ and the contract. Denver wanted to adjust his contract for 2 years (2016 & 2017) but also keep him locked up through 2020. I agree it was short-sighted of him, but a lot of his unhappiness is about the contract he signed, he signed.

          1. It’s embarrassing to have to explain such simple details to the “rabid” fans — over and over again.

  8. Kaepernick has a long long way to go. Really up against it at SF. He lost his teammates last fall. He has multiple fixes required for him to be competitive again at his position.. And he only has two months to do it.. How does a guy coming off injury with bad footwork, accuracy and defense processing weaknesses fix all that by July along with regaining the confidence of his teammates? He needs to work on his fundamental flaws and not concern himself with being the 49er starting QB..

  9. The 49ers FO will do what it thinks is best for the FO, but because the FO consists of Baalke and Jed, it will do what is in the worst interests of the FO.

    Kaepernick screwed the team by having his surgeries late and screwed himself by going public with his trade request. By doing the former, he got paid, and by doing the latter, he decimated his own trade market.

    The 49ers will deactivate him the entire season, and he will forego $2M of roster bonuses during this RGIII treatment. After the season, he will be cut, and in next season’s FA scramble, he will get treated like a backup QB who lacks leadership skills, and probably sign a contract averaging about $7M per year. And he will be 30 by that time, and more than a year removed from playing a single down in the league.

    All of this because he wanted a better situation, and his agents thought they could get him an Osweiler-type deal. He is the most poorly represented starting QB I’ve ever seen, and instead of living up to a contract that was going to pay him $100M+, he will have earned about $36M, and then watch his salary be cut by 2/3rds in 2017.

    He’s the most gifted QB I’ve ever seen, but there’s something wrong with his being. He’s not a leader, he’s socially awkward, and he follows had mentors.

    1. Johnny how do you figure he screwed the team by having his surgeries late? He was starting as the QB before that? He was supposed to have them when while he was starting? He had his surgeries ASAP giving him the best chance to play this season.

      He can still be cut or traded. Just wait for injuries in TC or early season. People get desperate. If they sit him oh well. It seems like Chip wants to see him compete.

      Gabbert may well be the shoe in. Let’s see what Chip can do. Let’s see if he can throw to the sticks on 3rd down?

        1. The knee surgery was minor. It was the torn labrum and thumb injuries that took a long time to heal.

              1. Haha! I’m the ACL patient on this blog, so I’m all in with this comment!

            1. The fact is the 49ers doctors misdiagnosed him and Kap had to go outside the organization for a second opinion and surgery. He didn’t screw the 49ers. As usual it was the other way around.

              1. Grimey

                I loathe the FO, don’t get me wrong, but I think waiting until January to undergo those two surgeries was calculated to ensure that Kap got his guaranteed 2016 money.

              2. At the same time, many here think Colin let the team down for insisting on a second opinion on his shoulder and having the surgery during the season after he had been benched. Having it both ways can cause tangled feet. That would be the “let someone else tough it out” crowd.

          1. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick took care of some injury issues on Wednesday, undergoing surgery on his right thumb and left knee. He had ligament damage in his thumb, and had some loose stuff in his knee that required arthroscopic surgery.

            Matt Barrows is reporting Kap will need to wear a cast on his right hand (see picture below) for 6-8 weeks, and the knee injury has a much shorter recovery period. This all follows surgery on his left shoulder for a torn labrum that will require rehab up to around April.

            Arthroscopic knee surgery is pretty minor and has a short recovery time. Any surgery brings an amount of risk, but his knee surgery was not a big deal and was not a factor in the April deadline. The biggest issue was the Labrum tear and then later the thumb which turned out to be torn ligaments.

            As Grime said, the problem wasn’t when Kap had the surgeries. It was the fact the Niners team doctors didn’t diagnose them. That is a big reason for his lack of confidence in this franchise right now.

            1. All Colin Kaepernick is right now to the 49ers is a dark cloud! Unless he can prove himself on the field and earn the trust of his teammates, he is basically a distraction to no end.
              If he is not ready by week one and/or hasn’t earned the starters job, every city the Niners travel to they will have to field questions on him, his health, and why he didn’t win the job.
              For the sake of the team, I now hope he has a healthy and competitive camp and the best guy wins. Otherwise this will be Jim Harbaugh saga all over again!

  10. I have said this many times they are going to treat Kap like RGIII last year. Give him a chance to compete for the starting job, if he does not win it they will keep him inactive every game to avoid injury so they cut him. Than the number 2 QB will be the rookie they just drafted.

  11. If he doesn’t win the starting job(he won’t, cause they won’t let him) he should be inactive every week.

    Really since the money has already been paid they should just cut him.

    Either way the damage has been done.

    No need in tying up a precious roster spot with the foolishness that Kaepernick vs Baalke/York has become.

  12. re-grades 2013 NFL Draft, 49ers drop like a rock

    Reid and Dial have become good players, but that’s all Baalke has to show for out of this 11-person draft class.

    1. The contribution from that draft has certainly been meager. Carradine, McDonald and Patton are still in play, though. I’ve given up on Lemonier. They say give a draft three years, no?

      1. No Baalke said give the draft 3 years. You see where that got us. We gotta wait five years for any of baalkes drafts to show promise.

  13. Haha….

    I went to the site to look at a few pics and saw what you were talking about.

    You could be right, but it could also just be that they don’t watch to fuel the distractions and just let him earn the starting spot. I don’t know.

    Another note, Tank looks good at that weight, hope to see good things from him this season.

    1. Tank is an 4-3 DE and should be traded. They had right idea of DE\DT but asked him to be too heavy. He could have played good at 285…Justin Smith did and Chargers will play Boss around that weight.

  14. GTFOH with all that gabbert will start. You guys do realize he was two SHORT missed fgs away from being 1-7 right? Lmao. Plus he lost to the Browns. Nuff said.

  15. Kaep has been very professional through this whole ordeal. Baalke knows he needs Kaep to make Chip’s hiring legit and his stay as GM longer. He was smart by not drafting a QB early so that he wouldn’t further distant himself from Kaep. Baalke knows team must show improvement and he can’t do that without Kaep. Chip wants Kaep, he always wanted Kaep and he knows Kaep, not Gabbert, can do his offense justice. Chip and Kaep will make team respectable again.

  16. Grant – When you block out all the noise, Colin was given basically two options:
    1. Take approximately a $7 Million haircut and hope to make it up in the long run with another team or
    2. Do nothing and collect that extra $7 Million, the hook on with another team when you are completely rehabilitated and back in peak condition.
    Now, if it is possible to strip away all of the emotions involved, how can anyone fault him for taking option Number 2? Only a person who is not thinking but acting solely on emotions would take option Number 1. I believe that Kaep is acting rationally and is doing precisely what I would do in the same situation, but because of the high emotions that the 49ers bring out in all of us, some are taking the bait and considering it a close call. It’s nowhere near a close call IMHO No matter what anyone says, time is on his side while he waits until he can free himself from a completely dysfunctional organization and can move on WITHOUT LOSING $7 MILLION IN THE PROCESS. The die was cast when he was benched and kicked to the curb but, fortunately for him, he has the wisdom to know that doing something stupid will do him no good.

    1. 1. Take approximately a $7 Million haircut and hope to make it up in the long run with another team …

      Wasn’t Option 1 to take $7M a year for two years,. and still be bound by his current contract after those two years through the 2020 season?

      1. His current contract is year to year so if you are suggesting that taking two years to make his one year amount and then going year to year is the same is not the same as a $7 Million haircut, I am not sure how to respond.

        1. should read “is not the same as taking a $7 Million haircut…..” My point is that the only option to staying pat involved taking a $7 Million haircut.

          1. HT – Sorry that I’m not as good with words as some but if you can get $14 Mil for ONE YEAR for standing pat, how can you suggest that having to work for TWO YEARS at $7 Mil. is not taking a haircut. Don’t mean to be critical but I truly don’t understand. My partners tried this on me many years ago and I did exactly what Kaep did and told them that I would be looking at other options.

            1. Read my comment again. You might get a different meaning from it, or maybe my writing is as bad as what you said about your writing.

              I was making the point that Denver’s offer was much worse than you were indicating, and at the time I posted that Kaepernick was doing exactly what he should do — show up and fulfill all his obligations to the 49ers for 2016. The next step would be to let 2017 take care of itself.

              I don’t think that the 49ers are stupid enough to keep him off of the active roster for non football reasons. That sounds more like some of the “Madden analysts” that visit this blog.

              1. Apologies HT I’m instituting a new policy. No more posting during the cocktail hour. :-). Cheers.

  17. Tunsil should’ve been the pick at 7. Then get whitehair. Boom. O line solidified. But we had to get Buckner and Garnett. If you wanted to get Buckner fine then we needed to stand pat at 37 then got Ragland. Either way you look at that scenario we would be all good either way. That way whoever would be qb didn’t matter cause our defense would be good or o line stout.

      1. That’s somewhat true. Bowman can’t cover anymore since the injury. But it would be better than what we got. Garnett pass blocking sucks and that was the biggest problem last year. We were ranked next to last in pass offense.

        1. Truther

          Pass blocking in Chip’s system ain’t the norm. It’s all supposed to look like the run.

        2. If you think Garnett cannot pass block, then explain how he won the Outland Trophy, which goes to the Nations top interior offensive lineman? The trophy doesn’t go to the Nation’s top run-blocking interior lineman. Just because run-blocking is Garnett’s specialty, doesn’t mean he can’t pass protect.

          You need to get one thing straight. Nobody wins the OUTLAND TROPHY unless they are very well rounded offensive lineman, and do everything exceptionally well.

          Same thing goes for Buckner on the defensive line. Just because he’s 6’7″ and led the Pac 12 in sacks, doesn’t mean he is one dimensional and cannot stop the run. Buckner is PFF’s top DL because he can do it all (8th best grade VS the run in the entire nation).

          1. I think Garnett will be a good player for the Niners, but the Outland trophy is not an indicator of success at the next level. It is a College award that often is given to players who wind up being busts at the NFL level. While there have been some good players who have won it – Suh, Aaron Donald, Joe Thomas – there have also been a lot of NFL underachievers/busts who have won it too – Gabe Carimi, Luke Joeckel, Barrett Jones, Andre Smith.

            Much like the Heisman trophy rarely indicates the level of NFL success, so to does the Outland Trophy. The NFL is a big step up and transition from College football, and it’s the individual who decides if he’s able to make that jump.

  18. He’s going to be the starter. Players don’t care about players wanting to get traded or holding out for a new contract if the team is winning. With Kaepernick the 49ers will be winning.

    In my eyes Gabbert has zero chance to start and still say he gets traded.

    I just don’t understand what people think is going to happen. Darron Thomas, Jeremiah Masoli and Marcus Mariota all ran Kelly’s scheme to perfection because of their ability to run. Nick Foles, Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez, and Matt Barkley never excelled in Kelly’s system because their not mobile.

    It’s so easy to understand. Kelly came to SF for a reason. SF hired him for a reason. Baalke didn’t take Kaepernick for a reason.

    1. Kaepernick spent the entire offseason trying to get traded, and that’s the ONLY advantage I see Gabbert having going into this competition….

  19. I wish Grant would dissappear from the PD. I bet daddy pays half his salary so the PD will keep him on the payroll

  20. Gabbert is highly athletic too. Your acting like he is similar to those QBs you mentioned. Gabbert is a very good athlete. The problem with Kaep is not his ability, it’s his brain.. That’s why he will never improve enough to reach his potential. I’m a big Kaep fan but if the players don’t want him at QB they must move on. This is no longer Kaeps team!!! This is coming from a BIG Kaep fan. Kaep is no longer the future.. His time has ran out!

    1. Gabbert is athletic I agree. But just because your athletic doesn’t mean your good at being a runner as a QB. Gabbert is in the Luck, Dalton, Tannehill mobility class. Kapernick is in the Newton, Wilson, and Mariota and mobility class.

      Kaps biggest problem isn’t his brain. His brain makes him a competitor. You say it’s not his team. But was it ever his team? I don’t think teams are represented by one player.

      And what players don’t like Kaepernick or don’t want him as the QB? That’s been made up. Who do you think Navorro Bowman thinks gives the 49ers the best chance to win a super bowl?

      1. Let’s see a fair competition in the summer time. If Kaep wins great if not he will not be active for the rest of the year. By the way his problem is his brain. Makes a lot of the same mistakes over and over.

      2. James Foster

        We all know that Kaep can run…he’s proven it in a open or semi-open field. To my mind, he needs too much room to get started…sling-shot out into that open field. His moves are cumbersome and his decisions are late in coming. Once he gets into the open field, he’s usually good for 30 or more yards. The problem that I see, is that the opponents have been watching too, and have designed defenses for him. I believe Kaep is finished as a starter.

        1. You can run Kaepernick all day and you won’t tire him out. I’m excited to see how he responds in Chip Kelly’s system. Surly, you don’t believe Chip came to San Francisco for Blaine Gabbert, do you?

          1. Razor

            I appreciate your humor, but Blaine Gabbert had replaced the benched Kaep long before ‘Chip’ ever left Philly, and yes I believe that he came to SF for Blaine

  21. “I think the Niners want to embarrass Colin. Want to make an example out of him. Want to show the rest of the team what happens to a player who doesn’t go along with the program, a player who demands a trade”

    Based on how the 49ers do business, I agree with the idea……

    If you think about it, hiring Tomsula was more about trying to embarrass JH, there is a pattern here on how they pay you back if you f…k with the organization….

  22. I believe that I only saw one picture of Chip Kelly. Maybe he should be worried that he’s being phased out or that the team doesn’t like him (sarc…).

    What players ultimately want to do is win. If Gabbert’ teammates like him more than CK perhaps Gabbert get’s invited to their kids birthday parties over Kaep, but if Gabbert can’t win games and Kaep does win, I’m pretty sure that the players can set aside their dislike for CK and ride his back as long as he helps provide wins.

    At this point in this ongoing QB soap opera, I really don’t care who starts or who is traded or cut. All I want to see is Gabbert and Kaep get an even and fair shot in TC to win the starting job and let the chips fall where they may.

    1. How is AES this very fine night? Yup, for the most part if Kaep wins the job and plays well, most will be forgotten.

      “All I want to see is Gabbert and Kaep get an even and fair shot in TC to win the starting job and let the chips fall where they may.”

      I think you got to include the other two QB’s. :) If, and that’s a huge if, Lewis or Driskell shines I hope they won’t be afraid to start them.

      1. Undercenter,
        I hear what you’re saying, but I really don’t think that Driskel and Lewis were brought in to compete for the starting job. Kelly may not have the luxury of giving TC reps to develop Driskel and Lewis.

        Stranger things have happened, but I firmly believe that the competition for the week one starter job will be settled between Gabbert and Kaep. Lewis and Driskel will likely be fighting for the 3rd string job.

    2. AES, I think you skewered Grant’s premise.
      Your later insights are spot on. This is not a popularity contest. This is about winning football games.
      May the best man win.

  23. If Gabbert were so great how come Baalke hasn’t resigned him? Huh?
    Gabbert is in his last season with the team and it’s obvious to me that Driskel was drafted to take over for Gabbert next season.
    Kap wins the “battle” and leads Chips team into the future.

  24. That was one of your better Reads. To not have watch that turd walk around wearing his ball cap like an illegal alien wannabe and the headphones…. Oh the headphones — that will be a relief!! I hope they can suck every dollar potential bonuses out of him.

    1. I hope Chip takes a page out of the Bill Walsh playbook and scripts the first 15 plays. Then there is little need to signal in the plays. The problem with signals is that they can be stolen, so the defense will know which play will be run. For example, just like Bethea did in the last Niner- Eagle game.
      One way to thwart that scheme is to have 2 people signalling in the play, with the person with the correct call being predetermined before the game, or have the QB make a signal to determine which person will relay the correct call. For instance, if the QB touches his helmet, the person on the right will send in the correct signal.
      Another way is to just let the QB be the field general. If they run the Zone Read option, the QB will determine whether or not to hand off the ball only after reading what the LB or targeted player does. The QB will run certain plays solely depending on the down and distance. For instance, on first down, do the Zone read. If second and short, go for a shot down the field. If third and long, do a screen pass or draw.

  25. LOL. Grant is trolling you all.
    Just like the Niners will draft a CB early.
    Just like Wentz will be a Ram.
    Just like the Niner draft grades went from a B- to D-.
    Grant likes to create an imbroglio, a tempest in a teapot.
    Please ignore this post if you want to.
    Why will Kaep start? Because Chip Kelly will decide that Kaep gives him the best chance to get them wins. Chip is going to ride on Kaep’s coat tails when he comes storming back.
    Chip needs Kaep. If Chip Kelly can fix Kaep’s problems, he will be hailed as a genius.
    The best part of this scenario is that it will be an easy fix. Kaep just needs to get healthy. The O line needs to improve. Cutting Devey was a good first start. Garnett is a great addition, and Flaherty has molded Super Bowl O lines. Both Theus and Cooper look to compete for playing time, and Silberman and thomas may be the sleepers. Brown looks like he replaced fat with muscle, and looks cat quick.
    Hyde, when healthy, is a beast. He just needs to learn to stop struggling for too long so the Defenders have time to hit him high and low. Hayne will be unleashed, and Chip Kelly is smart enough to know how to utilize him properly. He will return punts, and if behind, will not call for a fair catch. Laterals will be inserted into the playbook.
    Smelter will emerge, and be a force. His blocking skills will make the running game work.
    MacDonald will be used primarily to block, so he will not have as many drops. Torrey will take the top off the defense, and make the defense defend long every play, thus opening up the short and middle passes.
    So you see, the offense cannot but help to improve, since they were near the bottom, and Chip is the key. Instead of bumbling grunting and farting coaches, the Niners will be somewhat competent. I worry about the OC and DC, but hopefully, Chip can mask their deficiencies. O’Neil has Azzinaro to help him, and Modkins has Flaherty for the O line, and Chip will cover the skill positions.
    So Grant may play Where’s Waldo with Kaep, but he cannot participate because he is injured. The fact that he was sighted and photographed is good news. Sounds like Chip has told the team to treat Kaep and all other players with respect, in order to build team cohesion. Kaep is not being shunted aside. At least Kaep was not banished from practice like he was banished from the side line last year.
    I surmise the friction that was being reported between Baalke and Chip was about Kaep. Baalke wants to purge the last vestiges of the JH regime, and Chip wants to win. Kaep gives him the best chance to win, so Chip is going to ride Kaep to the finish line. I would not doubt that Chip threatened to quit if they traded Kaep away. He won that battle, because if Chip quit, no decent coach would touch the Niner HC job with a 10 foot pole.
    I do not doubt that Jed and Baalke are such classless tools that they would not mind if Kaep just sat all season, because then, they would be rewarded with the first pick of the draft. However, the Baalke handling of the Free Agency period was a cold slap in the face. It was a wake up call, and told them that they will wallow in the cellar in perpetuity if they continue their reprehensible classless behavior. The fact that Chip had a big say in the first 2 draft picks was huge, because it meant that Baalke is losing some of his supreme power. Baalke better stop meddling with the roster, and allow the coaches to coach the players they want.
    It would be spiteful to sit Kaep, and I do not expect Jed and Baalke to be able to swallow their pride and make decisions for the betterment of the team, but they ought to. Maybe Denise finally told them to grow up and behave like adults, instead of devolving into juvenile tantrums. Since Baalke is the problem with AD, Jed should show some leadership and placate AD. If AD returns, the Niners may have a winning season, so Jed should act with class and resolve the differences for the sake of the team. That is what a true leader will do, but maybe I am asking too much of Jed.
    After what they did to Kaep, I fully expected him to leave. Sending the leaker to demand a pay cut was the last straw. However, by some miracle, Kaep is still with the team. Denver is still being patient, and will snag Kaep if he is shunned and ostracized by the Niners, which might happen.
    Kaep should get an apology from Jed, and Jed should bend over and let Kaep reprimand his behind in front of the team. That should clear the air, atone for Jed’s reprehensible behavior and establish Kaep as the leader of the team who will march them back to the Super Bowl. With Chip coaching them and Kaep leading them, the Niners could take the league by storm, AGAIN.

      1. HT – Here’s a summary: Seb disagrees with Grant and he hopes Kaep finds happiness in the future. No paragraphs needed.

      1. Cassie – I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a long time but the truth is I’m kinda shy. Did you really figure out that Roman was a lousy OC all by yourself or was that something you and Pops talked about at the dinner table. I kinda got the feeling that he started it and you picked up on it by hearing it from him. I’m so glad that you post here because,no offense, I get the feeling that your dad just can’t ever tell the truth. Anyway, have a nice day (sorry about your face).

        1. The face is the result of a bad bike accident when I was 6, just downwind of Three Mile Island. Those open sores just wouldn’t heal. Dad? Well, I don’t know how he really felt about Greg Roman, but he was intimidated by Jim H… I had a plush Jim H. doll back in ’13–I came home one day and it was gone…just gone.

      2. Cassie, your daddy got a reprieve for doing such a good job with the draft. Now he should be studying playoff team rosters to identify players on the bubble so he can poach them after the 53 cutdowns.
        Hope he lets Chip coach, and stops his meddling with the roster.

  26. Sir, if you look carefully, it does have paragraphs, I just do not like to add spaces between the paragraphs like some others do.

    1. You are right, but few hundred million folks, dead or alive, do indicate a paragraph with a blank line just to make me more comfortable.

      In this case, I read it all last year — paragraphs or no paragraphs.

      1. Sir, I swear to God that I have never seen a dead person use a space between paragraphs. Dead people cannot type. ;p

          1. Hmm, I did not know we were on a word count. This Is a blog site, right? Anyone can write whatever they want if they do not violate the standards of civil discourse.
            Better get used to it. I plan on writing whole dissertations, because this team needs lots of help.
            Again, I invite anyone and everyone to ignore my posts if they want, but I am writing for the silent majority, not the peanut gallery.

  27. Everyone needs to get past the Colin hatred. Gabbert’s starts are eerily similar to Kaep’s last year. That offensive line has been horrible for 2 years. Gabbert’s career as a starter: 8-27, Kaep: 31-22 with 2 playoff wins. Enough said. Starter is winner of the competition.

    1. Tried to finish Seb’s version of War and Peace, but it appears to be one looong run on sentence. If you insist on punishing us with your prolific posts, please plot a a plausible paragraph plan.

      Thank you in advance, Seb, your readership.

      1. TrollD, I know your reading comprehension is deficient, so just scroll up to WC’s comment.

        1. Added pluses are with one-liners you don’t have to understand paragraph structure, Seb, so you can avoid “shooting yourself in the foot, Tempests in a teapot (or are they 7 storms a coming) when dealing with the English Grammar sticking points….May I suggest Warriner’s?

  28. uh…that was pretty weak Grant. embarrass Colin? Chip has no issue with Colin. It’s a business…Baalke and Chip have said that regarding Colin…why piss the guy off that you could be stuck with as your starting QB? it makes no sense.

    at most, maybe they’re de-emphasizing Kaepernick’s presence until his status with the team or on another team. but even that’s a huge stretch of the conspiracy spin machine.

  29. If Gabbert starts its six wins or less, if Kap starts its 7 wins or more. Kap’s worst year is on par with Blain’s best year.

  30. Since I see posters are begging me to write more, and since the draft is over and now we can concentrate on the team, I guess I might as well start on my quest to help them win.

    Focus. Niners need to focus their energy to accomplish their goals

    When I was just a young man, I helped run an environmental education camp. We would gather the group together next to some 15 foot tall scotch broom plants.

    We would ask their teacher if he or she were strong, and if they replied in the affirmative, we would ask he or she to rip out the scotch broom, because it was considered an invasive plant. After much struggling, he or she would fail.

    Afterwards, we would ask a student, with similar results.

    Then we would ask how we could accomplish the goal of ripping out the scotch broom, and usually, some wise cracker would mention a chain saw.

    Then we would give a lesson in teamwork. since a person singly could not do it, If many students all focus, and concentrate their energy towards accomplishing their goal, they could succeed.

    We would ask 10 students to all grab a branch, then on the count of three,we would tell them to pull together. The scotch broom would come out of the ground easily.

    Relating this story towards the Niners, if the team can focus their energy, and concentrate to work as a team, they can overcome their opponent, even if the other team has superior talent.

    Hope I am getting this spacing thing down…..

      1. HT – Note the paragraphs in TomD’s post below. My source tells me that Seb and TomD are one and the same and Seb went to the no spacing style to fool us. Come the think of it, there are a lot of similarities to all of those posts. Just saying.(In case you’re interested my source is the 49ers bus driver who was the one who told Seb about the incident with Hayne. Please don’t tell anyone though because I don’t want to blow his cover)

          It is an extreme insult to associate me with that troll!!!! ;p

          1. No insult intended- was intended to be humorous. You gotta admit your new paragraph style bears certain similarities though. I recommend that you go back to your old style. I think I’m going to take a vacation from visiting and posting. I actually saw something posted by 49Reasons that I agreed with. I’m going to just wait and watch while Jed and Baalke completely destroy the franchise, and let you yutes argue it out.

            1. Please note that I put a ;p afterwards, so I am not too bent out of shape.
              Hope to see your posts in the future. I like your insights and perspectives.

          1. HT was ready to walk out of Russia after delivering his payload. I would follow that man through hell.

            1. HT, and every crew in SAC at the time, had no allusions about the impact of nuclear war. No one was walking out of anywhere. It was just the game they had us play.

  31. Baalke: You can never have enough competition at that position.”

    The 49ers’ justification for their selection of Prince Charles Iworah–a cornerback,was that they wanted competition. Fair point.
    If that’s the case, what happened with the other positions on the roster that could’ve used some competition?

    Want some examples? Quarterback. Wide Receiver. Inside Linebacker.

    One player available had 164 tackles in 2014; Another player threw for over 2,500 yards with 26 touchdowns compared to just six interceptions. He completed nearly 65 percent of his passes and was routinely ; An available wide receiver caught 96 passes last year. He had 1,588 yards and eight touchdowns.

    The 49ers chose Prince Charles Iworah. In doing so, they passed on Arizona linebacker Scooby Wright, who had arguably one of the most productive seasons for a collegiate defensive player ever. He was selected by the Cleveland Browns with the very next pick.

    The 49ers passed on quarterback Vernon Adams from Oregon.

    Bleacher Report Lead Draft Analyst Matt Miller recently tweeted something that may have been a major clue into the approach that Baalke took with the 49ers’ final choice.

    Matt Miller Verified account 
    Underreported fact: Some GMs need safe picks. Some need to hit home runs. Isn’t always “best player available”

  32. He milked injuries to get paid. What on earth makes anyone think they will put him on the field to get “injured” again so it can cost them more money next season? He’s holding a clipboard this year on the safe safe sidelines so they can cut him with no money attached next season.

    1. If he (Kaepernick?) holds a clipboard for sixteen games then he is on the active roster (46) which would lead to another $2M that he (Kaepernick?) has stolen from Jed.

  33. Niner grades vary depending on the source. A positive view of the 49er’s draft is given below and, like Baalke likes to say, it’s a wait and see scenario:

    Grading Each 49ers Selection in the 2016 NFL Draft

    A. At the NFL Scouting Combine, Driskel clocked an official 4.56 40 yard dash. To put that in perspective, Colin Kaepernick ran a 4.53 back in February 2011.
    More than being a runner, Driskel can really read the field. I took a look at his game against Rice by CollegeFBDude on youtube, and he makes quick decisions, reads the field, and has the ability to escape pressure. He also has the ability to run for big yards when the pocket breaks down, or off the zone-read concepts. A-

    “Chip Kelly likes to run the ball and Cooper has some “mauler” to him. He was a reliable replacement at LT in games Tunsil missed but he may struggle to mirror NFL edge speed”
    Grade: C-

    Theus, Tackle: Mark Dulgerian explains Theus perfectly in his draft profile.

    “Theus’ athleticism jumps out on film, so it isn’t surprising Chip Kelly added him. Kelly values technically sound, mobile linemen and Theus checks those boxes. His strength deficiencies were exposed at the Senior Bowl so he’ll need some grooming before he’s ready to see the field.” Grade: A-

    Ronald Blair: A +

    Robinson is a long, fast press corner who held Former Texas A&M Aggie receiver Mike Evans to just 51 yards receiving in a 2013 contest. That is very impressive as Evans was my draft crush that year and a player who has really proved himself at the NFL level, becoming a top flight receiver. Grade: B-

    Robinson is a long, fast press corner who held Former Texas A&M Aggie receiver Mike Evans to just 51 yards receiving in a 2013 contest. That is very impressive as Evans was my draft crush that year and a player who has really proved himself at the NFL level, becoming a top flight receiver.

    Will Redmond, CB, Mississippi State, Grade: B+
    Josh Garnett: A+
    Buckener: A+

    1. I like your point and the evaluations you posted! I worry that balked 2012 and 2013 draft went belly up!

  34. Hmmm, I may have been a little previous. I meant to start by citing -The Art of War, written by Sun Tzu 2500 years ago.

    On those strips of bamboo, the very first sentence begins.- War is of grave concern to the state and should be thoroughly studied.

    Therefor, every Niner should read the Art of War. Every coach, the FO and even Joan in payroll. It is not a tome, but actually pretty short.

    They should also read or re-read every book that Bill Walsh wrote.

    If the Niners want to win, that should be the first thing they do. However, Jed seems to want to be rewarded for losing, so he may just go back to his comic books. TrollD never has either, because I can tell by what he writes.

    1. You can get a free pdf of the book by googling “the art of war pdf” The nicest version is the one published by the University of Alberta. On my browser (chrome) it’s the third one down.

      1. Before Cassie rolls her eyes and makes a snide comment, I will cite Bill Walsh. In his book- Finding the Winning Edge, a book that I am re-reading, I read this-

        ‘Educate your athletes to the highest levels possible. Far too often, the “Art” of coaching is lost when coaches fail to realize the depth to which the game should be and must be taught. Keep in mind the thoughts of Sun Tzu, the renowned military strategist, in his classic work -The Art of War- who concluded that with more sophistication comes more control. Furthermore, with sophistication occurs a visualization beyond common concepts, and progress towards the path of perfection.’ – BW

        1. Another poignant quote- ‘It is important that this person (GM) should view his role within the organization as an executive administrator- not as a pseudocoach’. -BW

        2. Seb,

          If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about Cassie/Godzilla rolling her eyes and making a snide comment. I would worry about C/G rolling her eyes, making a snide comment, right before incinerating you were her laser, fire breath.

        3. Cassie / Godzilla,

          I feel badly that your looks of your face were viciously attacked by Whine Country, in a post above.

          Don’t despair, I would bet that not too many people get around to really looking at your face much, considering that you’re a hideous, green, 350 feet tall lizard, who stomps or melts everything in its path.

          I hope this makes you feel better about face. For shame, Whine Country, for shame.

        1. Rebels, you’re welcome. Please don’t read it on my account, though. It might be a great, but I’ve never read it. Just trying to be helpful.

      1. Actually, Mao was a disciple of Sun Tzu’s writings, and used his strategies to good effect. Enough so as to defeat the government forces, and take control of a billion people.

        As an inquisitive mind, I have read Das Kapital, Mao’s Red book and Mein Kampf in an effort to understand the mind of an enemy. Most of it is tripe, and I repudiate it fully, but I say similar things about the bloody Old Testament and its rigid thinking.

  35. Can you see tha?,no you can see time but you can surely waste it by reading these articles. Kaepernick will be the starter providing an injury week 1

  36. Here is a possible WR roster. Would anyone care to comment?

    RWR1 Smith, Torrey 6-0 205
    RWR2 Anderson, Dres 6-2 190
    LWR1 Smelter, DeAndre 6-2 227
    LWR2 Cajuste, Devon 6-4 227
    SWR1 Rogers, Eric 6-3 210
    SWR2 White, DeAndrew 6-0 192

    Ellington, Bruce 5-9 197 Moved to RB, also PR

    Burbridge, Aaron 6-1 208 PS
    Campbell, DiAndre 6-2 206 Released
    Patton, Quinton 6-0 204 Released
    Simpson, Jerome 6-2 190 Released
    Treggs, Bryce 6-1 180 PS

    1. That’s a solid there George. The only change I would make is Burbridge beating out White. That kid is good. Tough. Not impressed with White.

    2. George, my only comment is that I would try to trade Campbell, Patton and Simpson, either as a package deal or singly. Try to get something for them instead of losing them for nothing.

      1. So the who’s trading for Campbell, Patton and Simpson? What is it you think you’re going to get for them? Campbell has never played a down of NFL ball. Remember we had one of theses trades last season. Cleveland for your favorite player Devey. We got worse than nothing. We had a player who dropped the effectiveness of the whole OL. So sometimes letting them go is better than getting duped.

        1. Cincy lost 2 WRs to Free Agency, and San Diego lost a WR to retirement. Many teams drafted a WR early, so there are teams with needs. Texans for example.
          If singly, probably a 6th or 7th round pick, Both Patton and Simpson have talent, but are just caught in a numbers game.
          Of course, getting another Devey type would be counter productive, so I would trade them for future draft picks.

          1. The Bengals cut Simpson last year after his suspension. He’s not going back. Simpson dropped a lot of passes last season. Patton earned frequent penalties for not keeping his head in games. Everybody’s rosters are filled with guys like this right now. There’s no reason for teams to trade away future picks when they just have to wait a couple of months for cuts and they can pick them up for the going rate. I don’t think anyone is looking at the 49ers WR depth and thinking wow they’re loaded with talent let’s make offers for their extras. All the new guys have to prove themselves first at TC and preseason before they dispatch with guys like Patton and Simpson. I don’t see these guys having really proved their worth trading for by another team.

            1. Wilson, that is why they should trade them now, and not wait for TC.
              You are correct, if the Niners wait until TC, they will just wait and get them free.

              However, if the other teams get them now, they can study the playbook and get in sync with the rest of the team. Drafted rookie WRs tend to be relatively weak. Ideally, they should spend a year studying hard and getting stronger. Both Patton and Simpson are battle tested, and do have skills.

              1. Look at Scooter’s post below. We don’t even know of any of these low picks or UDFA’a will pan out. Why trade players away when we don’t know about these unproven guys yet?

              2. Exactly Wilson. Trading guys away now means you assume the other guys will develop. Absolutely no way of knowing at this point who will and who won’t develop. Let the competition decide.

              3. Its all relative, and the team did not excel last year, so the personnel must be upgraded. Vance, Patton, Pears, Miller, Draughn, Harris, Armstrong and Lemonier should all be used as a means to get better.
                Last year, 3 of the 6 players I targeted were moved, just singly, and not bundled.
                This is not an exercise in futility, this is a means to get better. It should be fair to both sides so both teams will get better. Grossly unfair deals tend not to work out. If other teams have surpluses where the Niners are thin, it makes perfect sense to trade. Now is the best time to do it, because now they can assess the draft crop, and determine where they are deficient and where they are strong.

              4. Deb no ones arguing that the roster is loaded with talent or that we’re not in need of new talent. The very fact that you say this works against your premise that teams want this guys. Why would teams want guys that haven’t shown they are worth keeping. Next you have no idea if these new guys can even play to the level of the old guys you’re getting rid of. You could be making a premature move here. Its not worth the risk now matter how hard you try and sell it or spin it. No other team wants guys on a 5-11 squad’s left over underperforming talent.

              5. I would imagine a team like San Diego is looking within their division, and are concerned. Raiders are vastly improved with all their FA signings and a decent draft. KC almost made it to the AFCCG, and the Broncos won it all.

                If San Diego is smart, they would be doing everything in their power to acquire talent. They had retirements and FA losses. Relying on the draft just will not cut it. After the first couple rounds, most draftees need to sit, learn and get stronger.

                Players like Patton, Bruce Miller, Vance and Bethea would immediately help them, and fill needs. Lemonier might flourish under a different defensive scheme. Simpson is a battle tested veteran. Both Cromartie and Chris Davis are expendable due to the Niners drafting so many CBs.
                I will concede that it is a risky thing to do, but I hope that both teams will see that they could benefit, and there is no prohibition on trading players, or draft picks.

                At least it would look like they are TRYING to win, instead of sitting on 13 mil of cap space and being content to lose.

              6. So trading away known players now for unproven UDFA’s and low draft picks looks like trying to win? It looks like something else to me. You should stop telling everyone that what you say looks like winning. It’s presumptuous on so many levels.

                I am not sure these players are going to help anyone. You can’t have it both ways Seb where these guys are valuable and their not worth keeping around so trade them as quickly as possible. You can have your option it’s as unlikely as the Chargers competing for their division. None of our players will do anything to fix that. There’s always the slight chance that a new scheme or coach will help a player. It’s more likely these guys just can’t play in the NFL.

                The only way we’ll know where the new guys stand is having them compete against these other players. Cromartie and Davis are just 90 man roster filler. We’ve all heard this from you a bit. Why don’t you let some time pass and see what happens?

            2. Seb how can you post this below “Drafting college players in the 5th round and expecting them to start is delusional” and make the argument above? Seems like you’re contradicting yourself?

      2. If it worked it would be great. I think the odds are pretty low, though. In Patton’s case, if someone wanted him bad enough, they would call Baalke and offer something. But Patton hasn’t shown much in a game. In Simpson’s case, he has but he’s been very inconsistent.

    3. That’s a lot of reliance on UDFAs and a guy from the CFL. I really don’t understand the love for all these guys. They weren’t drafted for a reason. The hope should be maybe one of them is a diamond in the rough. If the 49ers keep four of them active they are either the luckiest team around or the WR group is gonna suck.

      Smith, Smelter, Patton, Ellington and Burbridge all should have a leg up in the WR competition compared to the others. I’d include Simpson, but he looked a shadow of his former self last season.

      My guess is all five of the guys I listed above make the team, Ellington as you say playing as a kind of RB/WR. The other receivers will compete with the move TEs for a role in the slot.

      1. I guess Scooter it’s the old anybody is better than who we currently have mindset. I mean come on Driskell is the next Brady, others were promoting the recently cut Dylan Thompson in Chip’s system. Rogers, Burbridge and Smelter have a great shot to prove themselves. Let’s see what Campbell and White do this year in TC.

        We get so enamored with unproven talent when we’re frustrated with our starters.

        1. Yeah, I guess that’s what it must be. But seriously, the likelihood of any of these guys becoming good players isn’t great. To expect four of them to make the roster strikes me as either very unrealistically hopeful, or a highly scary thought.

      2. What you’re saying about the UDFAs and Rogers is of course true. But look at who’s on the roster now. As you know, among the starters I excluded Ellington, Patton and Simpson. I think there’s reason to still be optimistic about Ellington, but I don’t think the same is true about Patton and Simpson. I don’t know if you agree with that, but if you do, then why not play Rogers and one or more of the UDFAs? We’re rebuilding. We’ll probably finish at the bottom somewhere no matter whom they put out there.

        1. I think Patton is a fine 4th WR that can play on STs. He’s good on the coverage units. And he can step in and play as the 3rd WR in case of injuries. He finished third on the team in receiving last year. It was a low bar, but still, he’s not terrible for the right role. I think expecting him to ever develop into a good starter is wishful thinking, but as a reserve he is good value.

          For all the hope you have that Ellington could turn into a good WR, it is also worth keeping in mind he couldn’t surpass Patton last year. And I agree there is still hope for Ellington to be a valuable contributor. But again, in the right role. I like him as an option to play as a receiver that can line up in the backfield or split wide (slot or outside). Basically a guy they can move around a lot to create matchups. But like Patton, I don’t think we should be expecting Ellington to develop into a star WR at this point. A good role player that provides PR/KR value.

          The UDFAs from last year like White, Anderson, Campbell are all long shots. Expecting them to be better than Patton is wishful thinking. It could happen, but odds are against them. Same goes with Rogers and the UDFAs from this year. Rogers is the most intriguing because of his size and success in the CFL, but it’s the CFL. A few years ago a lot of people here were excited by the prospect of the 49ers trying to sign Duron Carter. He eventually went to the Colts… and is now back in the CFL. Not many guys from the CFL amount to much in the NFL.

          The 49ers best hope, in my opinion, is for Smelter to develop. He’s a physically talented player. I am expecting the WR spot opposite Smith will be between he and Patton.

          1. My problem with Patton is that he is inconsistent. He will make a nice play like blocking a punt, but then get a personal foul that wipes out a long gain. He also tends to disappear. With single coverage, he should be a lot more productive.

            1. He’s a knucklehead, but he works his butt off and has an infectiously positive attitude. I think he is under appreciated by fans, mainly because they want him to be an excellent WR. He’s not that. But he’s a good backup and STs guy to keep around.

            1. Welcome George. Apologies if my initial response sounded dismissive, but this is something I see happen a lot. As Wilson said, displeasure with the tried guys leads to people expecting the unknowns to be better. But it isn’t always the case, and rarely the case when the untested guys are a bunch of UDFAs.

              1. No worries. Btw, I recently looked at Cajuste on draftbreakdown, the Notre Dame game. I don’t follow college football, so knew nothing about him. My conclusion was that we haven’t had a receiver with hands like his since maybe Brandon Lloyd. Pair that with his length, size, speed, downfield blocking ability, and experience in a pro-style offense, and I’m really surprised he wasn’t drafted. In fact, I’m surprised Baalke didn’t draft him over Burbridge. Maybe you have a guess or two.


              2. Yeah, Cajuste is the UDFA I think has the best chance of making the 53 man roster this year. My current guess is he, Rogers and Busta Anderson will be fighting for one spot – basically a guy that could either play as a big slot WR or on the perimeter in the mold of Riley Cooper.

      3. Scoot

        I don’t necessarily have love for them, but the extant WRs haven’t proven they can do a thing, at least not under Harbaugh or Tomsula. Patton, particularly, has shown huge passion without commensurate production; it’s good to see the passion, but it’s infuriating to see it causing him to repeatedly make stupid decisions.

        1. I’d rather see passion with stupid mistakes than insipid effort.

          Displeasure with the existing players doesn’t make their backups better.

          1. Scooter, I agree with you about the passion,but I want a player well disciplined and in control. The unforced errors may be the difference between winning, and losing. Do not know if they can trust Patton to stay even keeled.

            1. There are plenty of things that go into winning and losing. He may cost the team occasionally with stupid mistakes, but then again, his passion and positive attitude may be what gives the team a lift when it needs it most to win a game too, either with an effort play or something more behind the scenes such as revving up the guys at practice or in a game.

              Every team needs a few guys that bring an infectious positive attitude. Patton is one such guy. And he also brings value as a backup WR that can be the #3 WR in a pinch, and as a STs coverage guy.

              1. Still think that with a healthy Smelter, the signing of Rogers and the drafting of Burridge, Patton may be the odd man out.

                However, he would have the most trade value, so the Niners should move him for an ILB, or a draft pick.

    1. The Seb rebels against any psychoanalytic behavior. His egomania extends to Sun Tzu, wherein he envisions himself as its author, and past emperor or the Ming Dynasty.
      Where the intersection of reality (Grime’s analysis) and delusion meet, clearly indicated by Grime, the Seb recoils into his paranoid alter ego which we see in his attacks.

      1. TrollD, gosh, you attack me willy nilly, then whine and cry when you get some pushback.
        Please grow up.

        1. Is Colin Kaepernick done as a good NFL starter?

          The 49ers and Jim Harbaugh understood Kaepernick’s game early on, and part of the reason he got the starting job over Smith.

          Playing quarterback in a pro-style NFL offense might be the hardest job in sports. There are maybe 10 guys on the planet at any one time who can do it to a really high level. There are another 10 who can get by or do it at that level for stretches, and then there are a bunch more guys who need a bit of help to get things done. Kaepernick falls into that last category. He can’t play the
          game like Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, or even Russell Wilson.

      2. TrollD, proved my point again. Ming Dynasty was a thousand years later. Knew you had not read the book.

  37. Jarryd Hayne survives opening cuts at San Francisco 49ers

    Jarryd Hayne has survived round one of the San Francisco 49ers’ cuts ahead of the next NFL season.

    The NFL team announced on Friday they have waived Kendall Gaskins, one of Hayne’s rivals for a running back position.

    Coach Chip Kelly will make further cuts to get the team down to a 53-man squad for the start of the season in September.

    The 49ers are likely to waive two more running backs.

    Another addition to the roster and fresh competitor for Hayne is 22-year-old University of Florida running back Kelvin Taylor, drafted by the 49ers last week.

    They have Hayne, Taylor, Carlos Hyde, Shaun Draughn, DuJuan Harris and Mike Davis on the roster, but are expected to only keep four.

  38. Now that the 2016 NFL draft is in our rear view mirrors, over the next couple weeks I’m going to break down my evaluation of each position on the 49ers. Today I’ll start with the most important position on any NFL team … the quarterback position:

    QB: IMO Trent Baalke and Chip Kelly deserve a lot of credit for the way they handled Colin Kaepernick’s trade request. Things could have gotten ugly real fast, after his agent went public requesting permission for Colin to test the market and seek a possible trade. However. The 49ers front office simply established Colin’s value, and then stuck to their guns, refusing to take anything less. And here we are now, with the training camp battle Chip was hoping for all along.

    A lot of people have suggested that Colin’s salary gives him an edge and others have even gone as far as to say that Colin’s going to be the starter no matter what, thanks to his contract. I don’t subscribe to this line of thinking at all. While Colin’s contract was absolutely a factor going into the offseason, now that Colin’s base salary is fully guaranteed and a trade doesn’t look likely, IMO the 49ers are looking at it from the angle that they have X amount of dollars invested in the position, regardless of the depth chart.

    Based on that, if I had to pick a favorite going into the competition, it would be Blaine Gabbert. He’s got enough athleticism to run the inside zone read effectively, while having the better accuracy passing the football. Blaine has shown some of the toughness he seemed to be lacking in Jacksonville, which has helped him become a locker room favorite among his teammates.

    Colin has a lot of mistakes to atone for this season, but and at the end of the day, I see Blaine winning the competition, with Colin holding the clipboard, and promising young rookie, JEFF DRISKEL, rounding out the depth chart. All in all, Chip Kelly has three quarterbacks on the roster, and all three could be capable of excelling in his offensive system.

    Position: QB
    Strength: Average
    Depth Chart: Gabbert, Kaepernick, Driskel

    1. I will wholeheartedly disagree with you, even though I think you have your heart in the right place.

      49, your reasoning is as faulty as your narrative on Cook. Kaep will start because he gives the Niners the best chance to win. I hope they have a fair and spirited competition, but in the end, Kaep will out compete even Thad.

      I have been excusing the poor play of Kaep due to his injuries. Well, now that he has had 3 surgeries, I hope he is fully recovered. If he cannot show that he is the superior QB for the Chip Kelly offense, I hope Kaep is classy and sublimates his ego. I hope he is still a positive team mate, and will do everything in his power to help his team win. He should not be disruptive, he should be supportive. He should prepare as though he might have to replace Blaine if he gets injured, and stay focused on doing his job. He should study hard, and help others to get better.

      If Gabbert beats Kaep out of the starting job, I wish him well. However, I expect a healthy Kaep to compete, and win back his job.

      I may be wrong, but not as wrong as you were about Cook.;p

      1. All you Kap haters can come up with as many convoluted scenarios as you want to give yourself hope that Gabbert will beat out a healthy Kaepernick, but it is not going to happen. If you really think the QB who put up the sorry performance against Johnny Manziel and the Cleveland Browns last year will beat out a QB who came within 5 yards of a Super Bowl win, who beat Carolina and Green Bay in road playoff games, and who came within a couple of inches of beating Seattle in the NFC championship game on the road, you know nothing about football.

        If fully healthy Kap will start. End of discussion. There is no way Jed will be willing to pay 14 million for a QB to sit on the bench.

        I expect Kelly to give Kap at least 8 games to see how things are working out. If things don’t work out then I see them slowly bringing in Driskel as the QB of the future. Gabbert is on this team for one reason only. Injury insurance in case Kaep goes down during a successful season. Let’s say Kap has the team at 8-2 and gets dinged up and misses a couple of weeks. Only in such a scenario can see Gabbert taking a snap this year.

        1. Rick, while I may agree that Kaep is the superior choice, I truly believe Jed is fully capable of being so spiteful that he would be perfectly willing to tank the season by sitting Kaep.

          He wants to be rewarded with a high draft pick.

          Jed also let his emotions kick a coach who had gone to 3 NFCC games in a row, into the gutter.

          1. You may be right about Jed, but I think Kelly has a lot of say at least for the short term. I firmly believe that Kelly only came on board because he wanted Kap as his QB. I just don’t see him allowing Jed or Baalke to tell him who to start at QB.

            I said it back when Tomsula was fired and Kelly’s name started being linked for the 49er job. If Kelly came on board, Kap was going to stay. Even when Kap asked for a trade, I still thought he was going to ultimately stay because Kap is such a perfect fit in Kelly’s system. I think I was about the only regular here who said so and so far I have been correct.

          2. Seb

            How about laying off on the Poison Jed stuff…when it comes right down to it, you have no proof that he is responsible for ANY of it…and you’re spreading it much deeper than anyone

            Harbaugh fired himself…and knew that he was doing it ….as for the 3 NFCC games, he went there riding Nolan and McCloughan’s teams. Quit cherry-picking the facts….

            1. Oregon, it is just my opinion, and if you can point out how Jed is a very astute and caring individual, I am all ears.

              However, before the Super Bowl, I predicted that Jed would do something stupid, and he proceeded to prove me right every day.

              Declaring previously that he would do everything in his power to help the Niners win, then declaring that he would never grab a ND coach because he would not want to hurt his alma mater. Obtuse musing that he did not want to have the Niners play in the playoffs so as to save the turf for the SB. The Girl Scout Fiasco. In fact, it seemed like whenever he opened his mouth, he proceeded to stick his foot in it. Go ahead and defend Jed all you want, but I remember his PC where he declared that losing was not such a bad thing, because you will be rewarded by getting a high draft position.

              Personally, I hope the Niners draft last every year.

          3. Fully agree on Jed. What do the 49ers have in common with the Browns. They are both owned by jerks from Ohio

        2. Rick,
          As a 6 decades old 49er faithful, I can appreciate your enthusiasm. I agree with your assessment of Kaep’ brilliant play leading to super bowl, but putting CK’ play in perspective over the last 2 seasons we have a tale of two cities.

          Sure, CK suffered through one of the worse OL’s in recent 49er history, and was bothered by some injuries – but when the dust settles his mechanics along with on and off field leadership issues left much to be desired.
          Now as a longtime Kaep fan (since high school at Pittman High, Turlock) I would like to see him regain his groove and become the QB we had in 2012-2013 but he will need to conquer the lack of QB mechanics and work on the huge task of winning over his teammates and the huddle again.

          There is a lot of water under the bridge here for CK7 with all that has happened as a 49er over the last two years, but if (BIG IF) he wants to regain his honor as a 49er again (on and off field) he will need to put everything behind him and basically come in with a rookie mentality that nobody owes him anything and that he will need to work his @ss off to win the starting job along with his teammates respect.

          At the moment, I don’t believe the starting QB position belongs to Gabbert or Kaep. When CK is completely healthy he and Gabbert will get their fair share of snaps and may the best QB win the prize.
          I like Kaep, but if he can’t beat out Gabbert in TC I’m riding with Blaine.
          It’s about the team!

          1. AES, good post. I hope it does not become another Alex/Kaep situation, where some of the Alex lovers started to want the Niners to lose because their favorite player got benched.
            Both QBs have skills and are talented. Maybe the best course of action is for one player to win the starting job, but allow the other QB to have some snaps, too, so both can feel like they are contributing.

            1. Seb,
              I don’t see the starting QB wanting to share snaps with his backup though. This is solely on the headcoach as well as it should be.
              But in Kelly’ system the backup in this case may see some snaps simply because there is not a huge gap separating the starter and backup opinion.

              1. I know. Traditionally, the starter took the snaps, but if they are close, Chip may think outside the box and make it a competition during the season. Let one start, and he continues until they have to punt. Then the other steps in and plays until they punt again. It would be competition on the field of play, and a huge incentive to succeed. Good play would be rewarded.

                Maybe even having both play, and have a multi passer/ pocket or add the Zone Read Option to either side. The defense would have to cover 2 different launch sites. Add in Driskel as a TE and you would have a 3 headed monster to deal with.

                Thankfully, Chip has 3 mobile QBs. After his experience in Philly, he probably feels like he struck the mother lode.

          2. AES,
            I agree with your assessment, it would be in his best interest, financially, professionally and emotionally, to embrace the opportunity that lays in front of him. But do you think Kap has a personality to go with the flow or do you think he’s the kind of person that holds onto a grudge?

            1. Dee,
              Good question. And my answer is NO.
              I don’t think Kaep has it in his personality to go with the flow especially if he loses out to Gabbert in TC. But knowing Kaep’ competitive nature, he will give it 110 % come TC to convince the team that he is the starting QB.
              As I said last week, I just hope that he and Gabbert are given a fair chance to win the job.

              1. In all fairness, Kaep has forgiven the slights the FO has inflicted him with, so that shows he can forgive. A noble trait. The fact that he played it smart, and did not say a word, should be in his favor. He did not burn any bridges, and has left all options open. It sounds like he is being professional, and working hard to help the team. It also sounds like Chip wants him. I too, hope it is a spirited competition, and like I said with Kaep, Gabbert should accept his role, and always be ready to help the team.

              2. AES,
                Agreed, the guy has such great work effort, physic, ability that it is a shame to let it go to waist. I’m kind of excited about him having to compete, caus he’s a fighter and they do best when they have to come from behind.
                But his biggest challenge will be if he can turn off the noise that’s inside his head telling him that they wronged him. I think he wears his head phones to shut out the noise that can distract him from the outside, like negative comments or taunts or personal questions.
                It’ll be interesting, may the best win since he’s still a niner!

              3. AES

                Until Kaep is performing on the practice field, he will not have the opportunity to compete for the QB job….He won’t be allowed to work out (IMO) until he signs a no-fault contract with the niners. If he can’t compete…he can’t play…..How tough is this to understand…I hope that the niners aren’t stupid enough to allow him on the field without a failsafe….What do you think ?

              4. Kaepernick’s contract through 2020 is already “no fault” for the 49ers. What you seem to have overlooked, along with several others, is that Kaepernick has paid for the insurance that covers Colin’s guaranteed pay under the “injury clause” of his contract.

                Colin can be kept inactive on the 53 man roster at the cost of an active player, or he can be kept on the 46 man roster as a backup.

                He can’t be put on injured reserve list unless he is actually unable to pass a physical.

                You seem to me to be trying to hard. Maybe you could find a community group to get involved with to distract yourself from Colin Kaepernick’s future.

              5. This post is way out of place. That’s one of the joys that come with trying to participate. It was meant as a reply to a post by OREGONINER directed to Seb way back up there.

  39. 49 well said! My thoughts are at the end of next year we will be saying the 49ers did well to improve the roster but need a franchise QB.

  40. How much does Baalke like Buckner?

    The Browns traded pick 8+176 for the Titans 15+76+*2017 2nd.

    That’s a nice haul. From a chart standpoint, the Browns got a free upper 3rd rounder (*Based on Football outsiders having the Titans picking 16th in 2017)

    It stands to reason Baalke could have gotten those same picks trading 7 back. In his mind, Buckner > 15+76+2017 2nd.

    Makes me feel pretty good about Buckner. Seen some drills from today’s minicamp. Buckner has boxer hast hands and a heavy punch. I can’t wait to see him in action.

      1. We may have the 2016 version of the old KC Chiefs big stars Buck Buchanan and Ernie Ladd who came in at 6′ 7″ and 6′ 9″.
        Yes, I’m old enough to have watched those guys play and believe me they were a disruptive force.

        Armstead should be much better than last year with a year experience and at some point in the season DeForest will get in some snaps.
        By 2017 and beyond, Armstead and Buckner should be giving opponents headaches both physically and mentally.

  41. Blair who was 6’2 and 284 at the combine shed a few pounds for his pro day and usually plays around 275
    He’s on the wrong team. If he performed poorly at the combine because he was at 284 instead of his ‘natural’ 275 then he doesn’t fit as a DE on this team. Point to a single defensive lineman on this team that plays at less then 290?

    1. CFC

      You can’t think like this anymore. Different coaching staff, and it’s already been said that Blair will play everywhere on the front. He’s going to be a cross-functional player like Michael Bennett up in Seattle.

      1. The person picking the players hasn’t changed and the other d-lineman he chose fits in with the rest of the dl already on the team. If Blair’s best weight is sub 280 he doesn’t fit on a 3-4 defensive line unless he’s has special athletic ability and I think he’s already shown that he doesn’t.

        1. As Baalke said, and as JC indicated, they are a 4-man DL 67% of the time these days. Blair will be a nickel defender.

          1. If he’s able to earn a spot he’ll be the 2nd string weakside DT on nickel. I guess if you’re going to take a guy who’s going to get 15 snaps a game it might as well be a 5th rounder.

            1. Sounds like they intend for him to play at DE and DT in nickel. Similar to Tank.

              Expecting a rookie 5th rounder to be a major contributor is expecting a lot. He’ll be part of the rotation, but might only suit up if there are injuries.

              1. “Expecting a rookie 5th rounder to be a major contributor is expecting a lot”

                I’m not expecting anything from him because I don’t think he belongs on this team.

              2. I’m assuming you didn’t miss my point though. He’s a 5th rounder. Expecting a major contribution from any 5th rounder is expecting a lot. If he can play a handful of snaps a game on the nickel D he’s providing a valuable contribution as a rookie.

                His value will be down the road, playing in the nickel DL as part of the rotation.

                As for not belonging on this team, that’s a fine if negative view, even if I disagree with it. Its like saying Michael Bennett would have no value to this team because he wouldn’t play in their base 3-4.

              3. Narp I didn’t miss your point. I’m not expecting him to be able to earn a spot in that rotation.

    2. If Blair can get to the QB what difference does height have to do with it?
      Dwight Freeney came in with almost the same physical dimensions (6′ 1″ 265 – 270 lbs) and was very successful at getting to the QB.

      A couple of years ago our own Chris Borland showed his mettle as an NFL player even without the so-called NFL measurables.
      If Blair can ball, the team will find a place for him on defense. My thinking is that if Blair can get down to 260 – 265 lbs he might have a shot at ILB.
      He certainly will be one of my TC interest when July rolls around.

        1. No, but do you think Freeney would have been cut if the Colts played a 3-4 D-front?
          My point is that if you can play, the team will find a spot for you. Maybe Blair does get cut in TC as you say, but maybe he makes the team. Like I said, I will be very interested in his progress come July and August.

          1. “No, but do you think Freeney would have been cut if the Colts played a 3-4 D-front?”

            No, because they wouldn’t have drafted him if they played a 3-4.

    3. Blair will get cut in the final cuts and get picked up on waivers and played as a DT on a 4-3.

      Lock it in.

      1. I beg to differ. When they set up their draft board, they did not include players who would not fit their scheme. Obviously, they think Blair is versatile enough to play in their system. I also do not think it will be a classic Fangio 3-4 system. The 2016 Niners are going smaller and quicker , especially on passing downs.

      2. CFC,
        You are one in handful of posters here that I highly value, but with Blair, I will yield to Baalke.

        Working off Grant’ May 2nd on the players that Baalke didn’t pick, I see many players that we could drafted in place of Blair. We left good RB’, QB’, and LBs on the board after drafting Blair.
        In drafting a virtually unknown commodity from little Appalachian St. it tells me that Baalke saw something in Blair that made him want him over the other well known players on the board.

        Does Blair fit our defense? At the moment NO. But if Baalke selected him because he feels he can help the team, then I’m on board with that.

        1. It’s all good my friend, he is the one actually employed in the NFL so you’d be right to take his opinion over mine ;)

          1. Baalke may be thinking differently now that the 49ers are playing 2/3 of their snaps in nickel, with 4 down linemen. Players like Blair and Tank may have more opportunities.

            1. Could be but it seems the prevailing thought so far is that our nickel DL will consist of Armstead and Buckner.

              1. Yes, and Blair will loop around Buckner and nail the QB like he did in his highlights.

              2. Not on every down CfC, and Baalke has said he’ll play all 4 spots on the nickel DL. Rotational player.

              3. I have serious doubts about his chances of being successful on this team.

              4. If they played 3-4 the majority of the time I’d share those concerns. As it is I think he’s got as good a chance as any 5th rounder of being successful.

              5. When they’re in a four man front the strong side interior lineman is essentially a nt so he’s really only slotted for one spot on that line and that’s the weakside DT. Did we really have such a huge need for that role that it was worth taking a long shot on fitting a square peg in a round hole rather then looking to fill a position of greater need or a player that makes more sense or can contribute in more ways?

              6. You keep saying he can only play the 3T. He is being viewed as a DE/DT in nickel. He will rotate with the DEs and DTs. At 275 – 280lbs and his movement skills he can play DE in a 4-man front.

                In fact, most draft reports outline his role would likely best be as a DE in a 4-3. This from “Blair is an undersized, rotational base ­end in a 4­-3 who might be able to add extra weight and get a look inside as a three-­technique thanks to his toughness and strength.” And this from PFF. “Position Fit: 4-3 defensive end, 3-4 defensive end. Played inside on passing downs at times at App State.” I know how much you love to complain about others believing they know more than the experts. ;-)

                Also, on obvious passing downs, they do not always use one of the DTs as a 1T. They sometimes play with two 3Ts.

              7. ” He is being viewed as a DE/DT in nickel. ”

                Best laid plans of mice and men? Just because they ‘view’ something doesn’t mean it’s going to come to pass. I’m saying I disagree with that view and it’s likelihood of coming to fruition.

              8. “Also, on obvious passing downs, they do not always use one of the DTs as a 1T. They sometimes play with two 3Ts.”

                Sure but I can’t speak to every possible contention. They sometimes do lots of things but it’s what they do ‘most’ of the time.

              9. Fair enough. I disagree, as do most of the experts.

                If he was on a 4-3 team I expect he would play DE on base downs, with the ability to slide into 3T on obvious passing downs.

              10. ” I know how much you love to complain about others believing they know more than the experts. ;-)”

                Haha, let me try this. I don’t think I know more then Baalke I just think he’s wrong on this one. :)

              11. What they do most of the time is play a 4-man front. And Blair can play either DE or DT in a 4-man front. So sounds pretty valuable to me.

              12. “If he was on a 4-3 team I expect he would play DE on base downs, with the ability to slide into 3T on obvious passing downs.”

                Yes as would I. I mis-spoke in calling him a 4-3 DT I just didn’t correct it.

              13. “Scooter_McG May 8, 2016 at 3:37 pm
                What they do most of the time is play a 4-man front”

                Grant has you brainwashed on that 4-3 under garbage ;)

                I don’t a linebacker a lineman just because his hand is on the ground.

              14. sorry edit: “I don’t call a linebacker…”

                Hopefully Grant can’t remember nor find an older conversation we had similar to this cause I’d be in trouble.

              15. Ha! :-)

                No, and I appreciate you were just joking and realise this, but I just meant they play their nickel front more than they play 3-4, so ‘most’ of the time they are playing a 4-man front.

                For mine, Lynch, Brooks and Harold are OLB/DEs. And they actually spend more time as DEs. Its not just about the hand in the dirt – its about their responsibilities. When playing nickel they are playing like traditional 4-3 DEs. Tank and Blair will be DE/DTs. I see those guys as being the five edge players the 49ers go with this year.

              16. A 3-4 defense leaves both guards uncovered and Vic Fangio didn’t do that.

              17. All hail the great and mighty Vic Fangio!

                Takes a great coordinator to coach a front 7 with 4 pro-bowlers and 2 hof’ers.

              18. Question for you guys. Baalke is saying that the defense plays about 2/3rds of the time in a four-man front and he is drafting with that in mind. With this in mind, would it be “easier” from a personnel standpoint to just make the switch to a 4-3 defense?

              19. Tricky question to answer, cubus. The short answer is, probably not yet. They could, but I’d query if they have the LBs at the moment to play a 4-3 on base downs. Bowman, Hodges and Wilhoite could all play WILL, as could Tartt for nickel/ dime, and Bowman and Hodges could play MIKE, but the SAM would be problematic. Brooks can play it, but no real backups for the spot. Lynch and Harold would both be better served playing DE.

                Also, Armstead and Buckner really are the prototype for a DE in a 3-4. Sure, both guys need to learn to play the run better, but their size and athleticism is perfect for a 3-4 D to control the OTs (who tend to be taller than interior OL, giving them an easier task of winning leverage than if they lined up against the OGs) and free up other players, while also being capable of making plays themselves.

                The lines between 3-4 and 4-3 are pretty muddied these days anyway. They can quite easily stick with the 3-4 as their ‘base’, but include a lot of 4-man looks even on base downs.

              20. “With this in mind, would it be “easier” from a personnel standpoint to just make the switch to a 4-3 defense?”

                In terms of the defensive line if a team has committed itself to being a ‘true’ 3-4 and almost none do anymore then that team has likely spent a high draft pick or signed an expensive free agent to be their nose tackle. 3-4 nose tackles are rare and hard and are one of the main reasons that ‘true 3-4’ defenses have mostly gone the way of the Dodo. The nose tackle is the prime divider in the differences between a 3-4 line and a 4-3 line. Other then generally use lighter defensive ends as pass rushers rather then blocker-absorbers I’d say most are other parts of the line are fairly interchangeable if they’re athletic enough.

                The linebackers also would need to be addressed for the reasons Scooter has pointed out. 4-3 OLB’s need to be far better in coverage then most 3-4 backers are asked to be.

                I think since this team doesn’t utilize the traditional two-gap nose tackle that becoming a 4-3 wouldn’t be out of the question but we really don’t have the ideal personnel in the linebacker department at the moment and I don’t think Blair is the signal that we’re transitioning(sure seems to be the word of the year) in that direction.

              21. *edit* “3-4 nose tackles are rare and hard to find…”

                *edit*”Other then generally using lighter defensive ends as pass rushers rather then blocker-absorbers I’d say most of the parts of the line are fairly interchangeable if they’re athletic enough.”

              22. Are true NTs really that hard to find? I think the reason we are seeing less ‘true’ (i.e. traditional) 3-4 Ds is more to do with a de-emphasis on stopping the run, and emphasis on rushing the passer, more so than any difficulty in finding NTs. Basically, true 2-gapping NTs are getting drafted later and later, because they only see the field about 1/3 of the time on most 3-4 teams, with these teams favouring guys that provide greater threat as a pass rusher at DT on most downs.

                Its one of the reasons guys like A’Shawn Robinson, Jarran Reed and Andrew Billings fell in the draft, despite being considered by most ‘experts’ as 1st round talents.

                Blame the rule changes that have made it easier and easier to pass the ball. Teams have had to adapt to fielding defenses more capable of getting after the QB and covering receivers on a down to down basis.

              23. Thanks, Scooter and CFC. It seems to me that Baalke might be making some type of transition on defense relative to the Fangio era. Not necessarily a strict 4-3 or 3-4 for that matter. As many have said, most defenses are hybrids today. I think that notion is supported by the fact that Baalke said that ILB is not a top priority. That could mean he is satisfied with the ILBs currently on the team; but when you look at how they were toasted with passes over the middle last year, to me that was a surprising proclamation. Hence, the transition to Tarrt. So, I’m saying I think something is afoot, but don’t know enough to define it.

              24. I do believe that truly talented two-gap NT’s are pretty uncommon. To be that size and still have a combination of athleticism and speed is rare. I think you see a lot of college defenders that get drafted because their size made them appear better then they really were. Once elevated to the next level where skill trumps size they pewter out.

                The difficulty in finding starter level two-gap nose tackles is absolutely one of the reasons that the Phillips one-gap scheme has become the more dominant style of 3-4. I’d venture to say that Vince Wilfork was one of the last great true 3-4 nose tackles.

              25. To me Casey Hampton (ex-Steelers NT) is the epitome of a true NT. But he wasn’t a great athlete. He was a short, squat, bull of a man that was a space eater and almost impossible to move off his point. Brilliant for defending the run, as to get anything moving up the middle you had to commit at least two OL, and even then it was an uphill battle. But against the pass, he didn’t offer much.

                Athletic NTs like Vince Wilfork are more the modern day NT. The NT that can also be a DT in a 4-man front. They were the guys that started the transition of NTs to athletic guys that could stay on the field on 3rd down if needed and still be useful to some degree.

              26. “Athletic NTs like Vince Wilfork are more the modern day NT. The NT that can also be a DT in a 4-man front. They were the guys that started the transition of NTs to athletic guys that could stay on the field on 3rd down if needed and still be useful to some degree.”

                I’d disagree in the regard that Wilfork played heavier then the 320 he’s commonly listed at and his athleticism was a result of him being a rare specimen that could move that well at that size. I certainly agree that Hampton is also a good example of a traditional two gap 3-4 NT.

              27. His athleticism is also why the Pats played him at 3-4 DE on occasion, and were able to transition between 3-4 and 4-3 as their base D at various points while he was a member of the team. He was a rare athlete for a NT. But true traditional NTs were/ are not rare athletes.

              28. Let me rephrase – true traditional NTs are not required to be rare athletes. Traditionally they needed to be able to hold up against double teams and clog running lanes up the middle. Casey Hampton was an exceptionally good NT, but that was because of his strength and ability to anchor, not because he was quick. And that is what most 3-4 teams traditionally looked for in their NT, until the prevalence of the passing game made that type of player somewhat redundant most of the time.

              29. Scooter I want you to take this in the best way possible, really, but I think if I said that I like pie you’d respond with two paragraphs on why cake is better.

                I’m bowing out but I appreciate the dance as always mate.

              30. All good. Though I assure you I am not being disagreeable just for the sake of being disagreeable. I genuinely have a different viewpoint in regards to your statements about Blair and NTs, and have presented my opinions on these matters.

              31. Though I assure you I am not being disagreeable just for the sake of being disagreeable
                I know.

              32. “cubus May 8, 2016 at 6:51 pm
                Thanks, Scooter and CFC. It seems to me that Baalke might be making some type of transition on defense relative to the Fangio era. ”

                I haven’t seen yet any true indicators that Baalke is trying to move away from the 3-4 base. We’d be seeing a lot more 270 pound lineman and 240 pound outside linebackers coming through. What I think we’re seeing is Baalke sprinkling in some of the players that fit both systems well. This way if the team they’re facing is better defensed against with a 4 man front they can adjust and not force their starters to be out of position.

    4. Blair said he was nursing a sore hamstring at the Combine and that it had nothing to do with the extra weight.

        1. Combines and pro-days only give teams a microcosm of the players imo. I prefer to look at the full scope of a players college sample.

          There have been college players in the past (unlike Blair) who weren’t invited to the NFL combine that have had great success in the NFL. Looks like we’ll just have to see what Blair brings to the table in TC before we cut or find a roster spot for him, right?
          Come August we may have our answer.

  42. Having fits about possibly bad scheme fits that might actually be good scheme fits (but we can’t say for sure until we see them play) would give me fits if it weren’t for the fact that its all in good fun and I really have no idea. A few thoughts…

    – Been hearing lots of “Garnette is a bad fit for Kelly’s system” from “national” (east coast) media.

    Though Garnette’s a bruising gap scheme type, I think he fits Kelly’s system well. Kelly punishes DEs that crash down on inside zone by calling gap style pulling guard runs to the opposite side.

    If you burn a defense a few times with that play, it will stop the DEs from crashing in, freeing up Kelly’s bread-n-butter play… the inside zone. Its a “slow em down” play. Alot like screen passes being used to punish defenders that are mindlessly rushing the QB. Slows down the pass rush just a bit later in the game.

    – I agree Blair has the body type of a 4-3 DE. But if no classic elite edge rushers are available, a team might have to manufacture a pass rush any way it can. That’s where Blair comes in.

    I think its clear he’s a passing down QB killer. I’m guessing he lines up mostly at the 3 hole, but who knows. It could change game to game, play to play depending on opponent.

    Like Garnett, Blair’s questionable fit might actually be ideal. Many teams (namely Seattle) love to run at the 49ers nickle packages. Blair is stouter than most edge rushes. He can stack-n-shed blockers at the point of attack. Has a heavy initial punch. He has the play recognition smarts of an ILB. Very good skills to have when teams try to run vs nickle.

  43. Brodie – I see Garnett as a very intelligent man who is truly gifted. Any misgivings anyone has about him will be quickly erased. His skill level is high and I am sure he will easily learn the necessary footwork and leverage to make him elite in all phases of the of the blocking scheme.

  44. Mooch retweeted a great photo of Tom Brady and his mom from when he must have been 13 or 14 years old. Check it out.

        1. Thanks for posting that, George.

          Brown looks very quick and nimble. He sure doesn’t look like a 340 pound man in that vine.

          I know what some will say, “he’s barely played,” or “we have no idea what Brown will be,” and they’ll be right, but, man, he sure looks promising.

    1. There’s some merit to his premise on Brown. Let’s hope he achieves to his potential and expectations.

  45. Grant,
    Your article reeks of Al Davis and Marcus Allen. Do the 49ers really want the reputation of a front office that punishes and embarrasses their players? You sound like you are in favor of it.

    1. The Free Agency period proved it when decent players avoided the Niners like the plague. Sounds like they already have that rep.
      AD is just another example.

      1. You have no idea what other players in the league think. It was obvious that SF made no effort to sign anyone, you can not say that players would not have signed here had they been offered contracts.

        As bad as you make this teams FO to be, it was MUCH worse in 2003-2010 yet they signed TONS of free agents, paying top dollar for guys like Clements, Larry Allen, Jonas Jennings, Darrel Jackson and Justin Smith to name a few (Clements being the top paid defender ever at the time of his signing). The majority of players have no loyalty and will go some place that pays them the most, they care less about winning and more about lining their pocketbook.

        Fact is that the 49ers saw no one worthy of over paying for, which is what free agency is and always has been, and as countless industry experts have noted this was a very crappy free agent class. Spending money to just spend money, especially when you over spend, is how you get into salary cap hell. Its just like the people wanting to draft a qb this year, why get someone who won’t be very good when you can use that draft spot on someone at another position who will help you out? Does anyone remember Carolina drafting Clausen in the 2nd round, only to draft Cam #1 the next year? Had Carolina been smart they would have drafted someone at WR, RB, OL, anywhere else that year and not wasted that 2nd round pick on a qb who played at best 8 games for that team.

        1. I have no exact idea what other players think, but when Baalke whiffs on Free Agency, it provides a clue.

          Salary cap hell? The Niners have 60 mil in cap space, but could not sign a single decent FA. They re-signed DEVEY.

          Thank God they finally got smart and released him, because he was a QB killer.

          Overpaying for a FA is the price one has to pay to get talent. I suppose it is better to do nothing rather than signing FAs and then watching them disappear like last year. However, FAs do have talent, and the Niners have huge needs. Drafting college players in the 5th round and expecting them to start is delusional. FAs are battle tested veterans, and could immediately help the team.

          Of course, drafting and developing players is the best course to take if the Niners were in the playoff hunt, but last year, they were 5-11. They should be doing everything in their power to try to get better. Sitting on their hands and doing nothing just tells me that they will be content to lose, again.

          Bill Walshs’ first year, they went 2-14. However, I saw that they were improving, and Bill Walsh had tryouts of 50 players before the games because he was trying his damndest to try and improve. Baalke sat on his hands.

        2. MJ,

          Fact is that the 49ers saw no one worthy of over paying for, which is what free agency is and always has been, and as countless industry experts have noted this was a very crappy free agent class. Spending money to just spend money, especially when you over spend, is how you get into salary cap hell.

          It was not a crappy FA class. There were some excellent young players going into their second contracts that the 49ers should have been in play for. Coming away with nothing in FA was unacceptable for a team lacking talent throughout the roster. They have no one to give money too; salary cap hell is not even in the equation for a team with more than 50 mill to spend.

          1. I’ve accepted it, but I believe in building a team through the draft. When the team is ready to join the party, free agency gets an invitation….

            1. Two differences here Razor

              A) the players going into their second contracts are young. This is not about adding vets to put us over the top. It’s about adding young talent to a roster lacking it because of the second point…

              B) the team has drafted poorly and needed to fill in holes from those lousy drafts.

              1. The Jury is still out on guys like Tank, Harold, Martin, Thomas, Armstrong, Reaser, Smelter, Ellington, Patton, Busta, Belldozer. Plus, he just added at least 12 more young players. By not adding vets, these young players are afforded more opportunity to develop and by extension, Chip Kelly finds out what he has and what he hasn’t….

              2. I don’t recall you taking a position against adding players in FA earlier this off-season Razor.

                This was the off-season they should have been extending players from 2012. Seeing as though they didn’t have any to extend , it might have been a good idea to sign a couple in FA.

              3. Yea, I didn’t see anyone worth paying big money for, other than Wilkerson. Given the DL depth in the draft, I didn’t see the need to make that move. As it turns out, they got Uncle Buckner….

              4. There weren’t many on this forum who wanted the team to skip FA including you.

                Most of the players you listed were day 3 picks or players who have shown little to be encouraged about. If you can’t find players in the draft then you don’t sit on 50 mill in cap space.

              5. I think the chances of determining who’s promising and who looks like broken promises, increased under the Chip Kelly regime….

              6. I don’t disagree with that Razor, but this team wasn’t good enough to ignore some of the young talent in FA imo. We are essentially hoping that some players who have done nothing for the first 2 – 3 years of their career will have a light turn on, and that is extremely unlikely no matter who the Coaches are.

              7. To me it seems pretty clear FAs avoided the 49ers, not necessarily the other way around. From memory, Sean Smith actually confirmed he was deciding between the 49ers and Raiders, and chose the Raiders.

              8. Scooter,

                Likely some truth to that as well. I responded to the suggestion from MJ that they didn’t need to sign anyone.

              9. “From memory, Sean Smith actually confirmed he was deciding between the 49ers and Raiders, and chose the Raiders.”

                I think the guaranteed money had a big part of that decision and/or Baalke’s unwillingness to match or beat it.

              10. I don’t recall Sean Smith saying anything about money being the deciding factor. Are you basing that on what you read, or just supposition?

          2. Who are these “excellent young players going into their second contracts that the 49ers should have been in play for” ?????

            1. This topic was talked about for months, not sure where you were. Look at the list and you will see many players the Niners could have signed that were young second contract players.

              1. Nice way to dodge the question, the whole “i’ve said this all months ago, its your fault if you werent here”.

                You claim that there were all these young fa’s out there…but going through the list I dont see any that were at true areas of need nor that the 49ers truly had a chance at.

                And as always…you build through the draft and supplement through f/a (with guys you get cheap…we don’t want another Clements and Jonas Jennings situation).

              2. I didn’t dodge it at all. I just thought most had seen the list and it didn’t need to be repeated but I guess I stand corrected. Every player I listed was at a position of need and the 49ers used many late picks on some of these same positions. Had they actually signed a couple of these players – and to say they had no chance at them contradicts what you said in your post above about the 49ers making no effort to sign anyone – they would have had fewer needs in the draft and been able to address more of them..

            2. I was going to ask the same thing oneniner…’would have been repeating your question: just who are these excellent young players going into their second contracts who the 49ers should have been in play for…that their own teams had given up on ???

              1. So in your mind any FA who doesn’t sign with his own team has been given up on is that right? You do understand that teams up against the cap cannot sign some of their own good players correct?

                Seriously Oregon, you are an unabashed apologist for this team no matter what they do, but surely there has to be something you are not pleased with in regards to the downturn they’ve taken? Even you cannot possibly look at last years performance and think everything is great…can you?

              2. Rocket

                You are correct other than I am unapologetic about being a 49er Faithful, as you also claim to be…If that FA has priced himself out of the market, who would know more than the team he just played for the previous 4 years ? There are still 52 other choices that they COULD have made. No, not really, last years problems were retirements, and the wrong choice of QB in the early season…the coach got crucified by all of the injuries and retirements….and yes, everything is well now…10-6

              3. I’m a 49er fan. I also am a realist and see obvious issues when they are staring me in the face. To each his own. If you are happy being a delusional cheerleader/apologist, then carry on, but don’t expect anybody to take your opinions seriously.

            1. This is cute. 3 of the biggest homers on the board asking who the team could have signed like it’s a gotcha moment or something. This was a topic that was discussed repeatedly for months but I’ll be happy to throw out some names for all of you:

              Malik Jackson
              Kelichi Osemele
              Bruce Irvin
              Danny Trevathan
              Jaye Howard
              Damon Harrison
              Marvin Jones
              Kelvin Beachum
              Mitchell Schwartz
              Casey Hayward

              and many more. All players in their mid 20’s, going into their second contracts that would have filled holes and helped this team overcome the fact they had nobody to resign from the 2012 draft.

        3. MJ

          I am in total agreement with you….talk about a great ..”Over-the-Hill Gang”…wow!

          I am extremely impressed with Baalke /Chip ’16 draft…even the UDFA’s. I’m going to be watching closely to see if we pick up ANY FA’s during the cuts.

          Good post

    2. OldCoach,

      I agree with you. If anything the 49ers have shown they are still of the belief Kap can be their long term QB. I don’t buy the idea that he would have failed the physical and been forced on them concept. They could have negotiated an injury settlement and made him a FA immediately which he likely would have gone for considering his interest in being traded. They also have 50+ million in cap room with his contract on the books so if they really wanted him gone, he’d be gone without any damage to the cap short or long term.

      It makes little sense for them to hang onto him just so they can mess with him during the season. There is also the fact that they have not given or even explored a new contract with Gabbert which should tell us all we need to know about their view of him long term. They are certainly not convinced he is an option beyond this season leading to more evidence Kap will be given every opportunity to win this job.

      The QB depth chart features one guy who has had any kind of success in the NFL. That is why they kept him.

      1. Not sure I agree with your take on Gabbert, Rocket. Last season Gabbert showed that he can play in the league at least as a solid backup – but a large improvement from the Jax days. I think they want to see how he performs this year and if he makes a good leap, then they’ll consider him. Last year was a transition year for Gabbert from ugly to acceptable. This year he needs to make the leap from acceptable to good. To me this seems like a reasonable path for him.

        1. Add the fact he is learning a new offense,maybe we get to see how intelligent he is. We know he is athletic but does he have the ability to learn a new scheme quickly?

            1. Agree that this is Gabbert’s biggest issue. However, he mentioned this a couple of times during post-game pressers last season. Hopefully, he sees it as a problem he needs to fix and not something that he is so content about he has no problem mentioning it during a presser. His career will depend upon his viewpoint on this issue.

              Also with Tomsula’s mantra, “you can’t be afraid to punt”, it does suggest that maybe coaching and game planning might have aided in the poor 3rd down performance.

              1. Good call Cubus.Play calling this year will be exponentially better!
                What do we know about our DC?

        2. If Blaine does play well in 2016why would he accept a new contact with the 49er “family”?

        3. Cubus,

          They haven’t even attempted to extend Gabbert. That tells me they envision him as a long term option at this point.

          He came in with no pressure and a couple of seasons of sitting on the bench last season. He started out ok, but gradually the same results we saw with Kap became the norm with Gabbert too. Most of his numbers came with games out of hand, they lost to some bad teams like Cleveland, and ultimately won a couple of games they shouldn’t have due to missed FG’s.

          When you look at Gabbert’s history, even going back to Missouri, he’s not a guy who is overly instrumental in wins or puts up great numbers for that matter. He’s always been a height, athletic and arm guy that Coaches think they can turn into a player and it doesn’t happen.

          If he wins the starting job, I think we’ll see teams figure him out pretty quickly and he’ll regress to Jax Gabbert in short order. It looked like that was happening at times down the stretch last season He’s a backup and I think the Niners know that which is why they haven’t done anything with his contract.

      2. Rocket that’s simple and direct evaluation. Maybe the 49ers will give a new multi year $nnM/yr contract to Blaine, but short of something like that, they are both playing for their jobs.

        1. ht,

          Absolutely. Nothing the 49ers have done leads me to believe they have faith in Gabbert being anything other than a place holder. Strange as it seems, it appears they are still fixated on seeing if Kap can bounce back.

  46. Just read Eli Harold gained 25lbs. That’s remarkable! Hope he is able to sustain his motor and gain a little anger in his game. I’m also hoping Lemonier does the same. We could have one of the most athletic d-lines if Armstead, Buckner, Lynch, Brooks and Carridine all do their part interms of conditioning.

    1. It is a remarkable weight gain in one offseason. Which makes me wonder how much of that weight gain was good weight, and whether he’ll be able to adjust to it.

      1. I always thought the most muscle you could pack on in a year, would be about 15 pounds….

        1. It’s not exactly true but athletes also like to say things like I packed on 30 lbs of solid muscle. The reality is they still need to eat at a caloric surplus to gain the muscle they are trying to so they most likely will gain some fat as well. The other part is throughout the season most athletes will lose weight so they should return to their baseline weight very quickly and they will often include this in their weight gain totals.
          With that said I would also guess that the vast majority of NFL athletes are on steroids. Shocker, I know. Oddly enough, steroids are probably healthier for the athletes than the prescription pain killers players are given just to take the field. :/

        2. I think it will be tough for a guy that played in college at around 235lbs and last year wasn’t a whole lot bigger than that to find the increase to 265-270lbs in one offseason feel natural. My gut tells me he won’t move as well as used to, and the muscle he has added will make him gym strong but not necessarily play strong. This could go poorly for him. I sure hope I am wrong, but that significant a weight gain has me concerned. Same thing Tank did, and we know how that worked out.

          1. I agree with you Scooter. The added weight won’t help his speed which is what he relied on most in College.

          2. Makes one wonder why Baalke keeps drafting players that are targeted for roles requiring a relatively large weight gain.

    1. “I think you’ll see a jump from him,” said 49ers executive Paraag Marathe, who still oversees the team’s football analytics department.

      If that’s a judgment based on analytics I fail to see the connection. Is this the first time Paraag has made a public statement about an athlete’s prospects?

      Brrrr. It’s cold down at the bottom of the pool.

      1. It’s interesting that he should make that prediction in public. I haven’t noticed him do that earlier.

  47. I am anger
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    I am hunger
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    ( No, no, no )

    #7tormcoming; > )

        1. Grea one Razor, I envision it as a battle cry while we pick up Jed York and throw him in the bay with is stupid beanie on!

      1. Sorry razor, I had a work issue,
        Gary razed him being lowell’s son, he held is own and fired back. Apparently Matt barrows of the sac bee is also of mind that the front office is rooting for gabbert to win the job but he has to win it,also balke does not want kap to leave with out compensation and if he did do well else where he and the front office looks stupid but if gabbert beats him out he can be benched each week and they save money and kap is punishe.

        Does make balke appear very petty. Also time spent on how little of cap you see in over 600 photos released by the niners. A lot of you probably knew this but grants father is one of his editors.

        Gary and Larry thought the article was well done but did not think the front office would be that petty

        1. “balke does not want kap to leave with out compensation”

          My understanding was that Baalke and Elway agreed on the compensation to the Niners in a trade for Kap. I thought that the issue was Kap not agreeing to the pay cut.

            1. What I remember is that Denver stated that Colin was worth a fourth round pick which they didn’t have and even if they did have one, it would have been the last one in the fourth round.

              I don’t recall any comment from the 49ers about that statement.

          1. The Rams deal made my day, because they just set the compensation level to be 2 first round picks and 2 second round picks, and this is for a skinny rookie who has never thrown a ball in the NFL. Goff once went 1-11, and last year never beat a high ranked team. Kaep, being a SB QB with a 4-2 road playoff record, should be at least as valuable as Goff.

            With the elevated compensation, Denver would have to give up a lot more than a measly 4th round pick. That is why Kaep may stay.

            Niners should just trade Gabbert to Denver for a conditional 2017 second round pick. If Denver reaches the playoffs, it would become a first round pick. Driskel is an adequate replacement for Gabbert, and Blaine would fit under their salary cap. Niners would gain a precious second round pick and Kaep would be installed as the starter, where I think he should be.

            Thad may even be the wild card. If Chip likes him enough, he may become the second string QB.

          2. I didn’t see an agreement with the 49ers or Colin. I did see an agreement with Cleveland and the 49ers, but not with Colin.

        2. Rebel,

          The only thing that I remember Grant “fired back” at Gary and Larry was, “Yeah, I understand why you guys are saying that, but ask Barrows.” Yep, that’s quite a zinger, all right.

          1. I remember when Gary was ragging on Lowell, asking whether he was slowing down, Grant deftly parried the thrust by declaring he was speeding up.

            Gary also called him a punk, but it was said in a joking manner. Maybe young whippersnapper would have been a more appropriate term.

            When Grant mentioned Jed and Balke’s MO, I thought he was citing my posts.

            In the end, Larry says that it was a compelling piece, interesting angle and was impressed on how Grant would challenge the prevailing wisdom.

            1. Seb,

              I don’t think Larry called it “compelling”, I believe he called it “interesting”. He then went on to say he disagreed with the article.

      1. +1 you make me smile cfc! Devey is just good enough to get you clobbered! Adams is really short but hasn’t. Stopped wilson, must not be very accurate!

    1. The press release from the Chiefs should include an address to send cards and flowers to Alex Smith’s widow.

      1. Upon hearing the news of Devey’s release, I didn’t know what to do. I was as light as a feather, happy as an angel, merry as a school-boy. I also recall being giddy as a drunken man….

      2. CfC

        Other than Seb who rails on incessantly, I think that you’re the only one to disparage Devey…I’ve read “hard worker…needs work” Andy Reid will work him out…

        1. CfC

          …I think that you’re the only one to disparage Devey…
          If you say so. Pretty sure he’s been universally disliked but if you want to think that I’m one of the only ones I guess I’ll just have to live with that.

          1. Nah Oregon, I think it’s the other way, you may be the only one who thought Devey had an upside. The rest of us couldn’t wait to see him go.

      1. Alex has had to play with worse tackles than Devey. He’s tough and will endure. Unlike the motion man! You know, that guy?

        1. Maybe the KC fans should ask the Pats fans what they think of Devey. He almost ended Brady”s career.

  48. Vernon Adams still unsigned. Color me not shocked. Lol at the people that thought he was a 4th rounder or higher.

    1. Heh, yeah, I am surprised he hasn’t been given a shot somewhere as an UDFA, but the chatter about him being a mid round draft pick after the Shrine game did make me smile.

      1. Though I guess he was working out for the Seahawks. Now that he’s finished that workout without getting picked up perhaps he will find an opportunity to join a TC somewhere else.

      2. Adams had one last throwing session, and was inaccurate. I think Cook and Wentz threw also, but could be wrong.

    2. He could wind up going to the CFL. His game probably translates better in that league right now.

  49. In reference to an article MM has posted today of the 11 defensive starters from the 2012 SuperBowl 7 of them are either unsigned at the moment or out of the league completely. Of the 4 still in the league one is currently suspended for a year and of the remaining 3 only 2 are starters.

    Here’s where Grant flies in with his “because Vic Fangio is the greatest def. coordinator ever comments,” but I think we just had a group of players that were all peaking at the same time. Or a little combination of the two.

    1. Those 2-14 seasons and other losing seasons allowed the Niners to draft early and get studs.

      I agree, Fangio was the beneficiary of those players, but he also was smart enough to be able to utilize them properly.

  50. An early 2016 49er prediction:

    Kelvin Taylor will beat out Jarryd Hayne. Question….Since Mike Davis also beat him out, can Chip stand by watching another season of the fumbler (Hayne) on special teams.

  51. Which team had the best draft? I’m going with the Bengals.

    Williams Jackson III
    Tyler Boyd
    Nick Vigil
    Andrew Billings
    Christian Westerman
    Cody Core
    Clayton Fejedelem

    1. I believe the Bills, Bears, Ravens, Jax and Green Bay had pretty good drafts, too.

      Lots of high quality players and players who I wanted the Niners to draft.

        1. Considering their draft pick bonanza, they did extremely well.

          Guess I just did not like their Henry pick

      1. They had beaten the Steelers 3 times in that playoff game, and gave away the game with their boneheaded mistakes.

    2. I think it’s a toss up between the Bengals, Jags and Browns. I would throw Seattle in there as a runner up.

      I think the team with the best first 3 picks would be Buffalo:
      Shaq Lawson
      Reggie Ragland
      Adolphus Washington

      1. In fact I’d have to add Buffalo into the mix of best draft, replace Cardale Jones with just about anybody else and they easily one of the better drafts.

      2. I also liked Seattle’s draft. The Seahawks improved their run game big time, and Reed will be an upgrade over Mebane.

        I liked the Bills’ first two picks. Not a fan of Ohio State players, with some exceptions (Elliott and Lee).

        1. Sorry to disagree, but Seattle lost out on Garnett, and Ifedi is not a lock, but may be exposed as too slow, with vulnerabilities.

          They did get Prosise, who was my RB with the most value, but Seahawks could have drafted better. Drafting 3 RBs just show how desperate they are, and they neglected other positions.

          1. What I find interesting is that the Seahawks drafting 2 OL (after they drafted 3 OL last year and 2 the year before) and 3 RBs (despite having a RB in Rawls who looks a good starter as well as former 2nd round pick Christine Michael – surely they didn’t need 3 RBs!) is considered a good move, yet the 49ers drafting 3 CBs and 3 OL is a bad move.

            1. The Seahawks got two guys who can start on the worst OL in the NFL. That’s good. Rawls broke his ankle last year, and Michael has been bouncing around the league.

            2. “What I find interesting is that the Seahawks drafting 2 OL (after they drafted 3 OL last year and 2 the year before)”

              But didn’t they need them? They had actual need for starters at those positions.

              We didn’t need 3 CB’s nor 3 offensive lineman that are nothing more then depth.

            3. Yep I agree CFC. They lost players at those positions this offseason and also have a tremendous talent base built up already. The Niners are not in the same situation by any stretch.

              1. The Seahawks want to run the ball and made sure they’ll be able to do so. The Niners want to run the ball, but can’t if Carlos Hyde gets hurt.

              2. Indeed. The Seahawks know exactly what they are and find players to fit into what they do.

              3. The Niners want to run the ball

                Baalke wants to run the ball, Chip wants to throw it.

                Who’s going to win out?

              4. Rocket,

                You made the statement a couple of threads ago that the later rounds is where a GM “makes their money”. Did you see my post showing how that isn’t true?

                The reality is if a GM hits on a “blue chip talent” in the fourth round or later, it’s extremely lucky. So, unless you are saying that the Seahawk FO has insight into player evaluation never seen before in the NFL, then it must be accepted that they have been extremely lucky.

                The Seahawks FO is also good, but they have used up several decades of luck in assembling the team they have.

              5. ex,

                Make their money as in find the hidden gems late in the draft. I know it’s not a common occurrence and it it involves a great deal of luck, but Seattle has done it, as have many other teams. Baalke has not, and also has not hit on many of his day two picks either.

              6. Rocket,

                How do you define a hidden gem? A pro bowler? A fringe starter? A rotational / ST player?

                If you’re talking about Pro Bowlers, then there are a lot of GM’s who aren’t earning their money very often.

              7. ex,

                Both. Seattle has a number of lower round/undrafted FA’s who have had a tremendous impact on their success. They’ve actually done better with the later picks than the early ones.

                I wasn’t trying to say GM’s should be fired if they don’t find a bunch of these guys. It was more about how Baalke has had trouble finding impact players period.

              8. Rocket,

                I agree with you that Baalke needs to improve his draft performance, although I do think last year’s draft shows potential and I’m fairly optimistic about this years draft class.

                The fact that so much of the Seahawks success is predicated on late round picks and UDFA, rather than early picks, tells you that they aren’t as good as most believe they are (I’m not saying they’re bad, just that they aren’t the geniuses many think they are).

                Also, if they “knew” Sherman and Chancellor were going to be so good, why wait until the 5th round, thereby exposing them to every other team? Because they didn’t have a clue how good those guys would be, that’s why. They took a shot and got lucky with two potential HOF players, in consecutive years (never happened before, likely never will again).

                Same thing with Rawls, if they are so great at evaluating talent, he wouldn’t have been an UDFA. They would’ve picked him up in the draft. BTW, I need to see Rawls repeat what he did last year, I’m not sure he can do it (based on the Seahawks draft, neither do they).

            4. Scooter,

              IMO, a lot of this is confirmation bias at work.

              The Seahawks have been winning and have been lauded as one of the best, if not the best, FO, therefore, anything they do is good.

              Conversely, the 49ers FO has had trouble getting out of its own way in the last few years and is seen as incompetent, therefore, anything they do is bad, or was such an obvious move, they get no credit (e.g., drafting Buckner).

              1. Yep.

                When I look at the Seahawks draft I see nothing but pretty average picks, with a strong focus on OL and RB. And as I pointed out above, they had already spent 5 picks on the OL the past two years, and had drafted Marshawn Lynch’s backup/ future replacement twice (in 2012 and 2013), and have an UDFA guy in Rawls that looks the heir apparent anyway. They are simply throwing more numbers at two positions they have been trying to address for years. And they are being credited as drafting smart. Yet when Baalke does the same thing he is an idiot. Makes no sense at all.

              2. Rawls broke his ankle and doesn’t catch passes. The Seahawks needed to build a committee.

              3. They sure did that. All hail the Seahawks for brilliant drafting. And down on the 49ers for stupidly drafting 3 OL and 3 CBs (despite many people saying the 49ers greatest needs were on the OL and secondary)!

              4. They are simply throwing more numbers at two positions they have been trying to address for years. And they are being credited as drafting smart. Yet when Baalke does the same thing he is an idiot. Makes no sense at all.

                I’m not excusing Seattle for using multiple picks on the same positions, but there is less hand wringing when your team is a perpetual SB contender. If Baalke had actually put together a team that was contending right now, the use of multiple picks on a small number of positions wouldn’t be much of an issue because they had put together a great talent base in other areas. Unfortunately Baalke is using picks in the same areas to make up for poor picks previously in those areas, while also struggling to put together a talented foundation to make up for those misses.

              5. “Unfortunately Baalke is using picks in the same areas to make up for poor picks previously in those areas”.

                As are the Seahawks.

                The philosophy of trying to get a few positions sorted works whether you are a contender or rebuilding. Unless you expect the 49ers to hit on every draft pick, there were going to be positions that lacked for talent this coming season regardless. At least now we have some reasonable amount optimism the DL, OL and secondary should be improved this year, and more importantly in the future. Those are three pretty important positions to get right.

              6. Redmond, Robinson, Theus, Cooper and Iworah probably won’t play, so I don’t see how the OL or secondary will be improved this year. Theus, Cooper and Iworah probably won’t ever start. So everything rides on Redmond and Robinson.

              7. Grant the simple reason it will be better is because no Mangini calling a blitz every other play,and the offense will actually be called by a NFL caliber coach!

              8. Scooter,

                The philosophy of trying to get a few positions sorted works whether you are a contender or rebuilding.

                It only works if you actually hit on some of the picks. Baalke hasn’t done that consistently. Seattle has put together some makeshift Olines but because they’ve built such a large foundation of talent, they can get away with it. The Niners can’t.

                Unless you expect the 49ers to hit on every draft pick, there were going to be positions that lacked for talent this coming season regardless.

                I don’t expect them to hit on every pick, but more than they have would be nice. They are lacking talent because of poor drafting. What I saw in this past draft is pretty much what I saw a couple of years ago right down to the number of CB’s drafted.

                At least now we have some reasonable amount optimism the DL, OL and secondary should be improved this year, and more importantly in the future. Those are three pretty important positions to get right.

                Given what we know about Baalke’s picks in these areas previously, why is there reason for optimism?

              9. One other thing I forgot to mention is that Seattle has fewer needs than the Niners. You can focus multiple picks on a select number of positions if you don’t have holes elsewhere.

              10. Depends how fast he can get stronger. He’s certainly more athletic than Pears, that’s for sure….

              11. Rocket, based on your last sentence, who really gives a darn who Baalke picked. He could have drafted all the positions you wanted to see, and exactly the same comment would hold true. You may as well just say it doesn’t really matter who Baalke drafted this year, you weren’t going to like the draft because Baalke picked them, ergo they must be rubbish.

                That aside, I think it is pretty obvious why taking more stabs at a position increases your chances of getting a good one. Thus the reason for optimism that these positions will be improved.

              12. “You can focus multiple picks on a select number of positions if you don’t have holes elsewhere.”

                You can do the same when rebuilding, too. You have so many holes on the roster, and you know the odds are you will miss on some picks anyway, that spreading out your picks actually increases your chances of not making any position particularly better. There is absolutely nothing wrong with focused drafting when rebuilding. In fact, a lot of teams do it.

              13. “the line could get worse before it gets better”.

                They aren’t drafting with the 2016 season in mind specifically, especially in those later picks. Its about the future. The expectation will be they have made the OL better in the future.

              14. Theus and Cooper are long-term backups, though. Ifedi and Odhiambo are long-term starters.

              15. Addition by subtraction, when you’re talking about Devey’s release. Wouldn’t surprise me if Silberman, Thomas and Pears get cut. I’d throw Martin in there too, but he’s the only other viable center….

              16. I agree. Thomas probably will get cut. Tiller probably will start at right guard.

              17. Rocket, based on your last sentence, who really gives a darn who Baalke picked. He could have drafted all the positions you wanted to see, and exactly the same comment would hold true. You may as well just say it doesn’t really matter who Baalke drafted this year, you weren’t going to like the draft because Baalke picked them, ergo they must be rubbish.

                Not true at all Scooter. I would have been very happy if the draft had gone another way in some areas. I wasn’t overly impressed with this draft overall, but that’s been the case in the past many times as well. The difference this year is that I don’t give Baalke the benefit of the doubt anymore because he’s shown he doesn’t deserve it.

                The last sentence was based on what we’ve seen, not speculation. Knowing what we know now, what gives you reason for optimism? There are two players we know are going to contribute this year for sure and both will be replacing players who weren’t really the problem last season. Out of the other 9 selections tell me who we should look at objectively and come up with optimism for other than the usual he’s got potential viewpoint.

              18. “Theus and Cooper are long-term backups, though. Ifedi and Odhiambo are long-term starters.”

                How can you possibly know either of things are true? Who would have thought Trent Brown would be looking like a starter at RT this season? Who would have thought Kilgore would be a starter? The chances of finding a starting OL in the 5th round is obviously lower than in the 1st or 2nd, but that’s one of the reasons why taking two of them in the 5th round makes sense.

                Odhiambo may look like a long term starter to you, but he looked like a 6th or 7th rounder to, with durability concerns.

              19. Brown had “blue traits,” or starter traits. Theus and Cooper do not. Odhiambo certainly does. He has the potential to be an asset both in run-blocking and pass protection, unlike Garnett. Theus isn’t athletic enough to play left tackle or powerful enough to play right tackle. He’s a backup swing tackle. And Cooper is so bad in pass protection he probably will have to move to guard, although he’s just as weak as Theus.

              20. You can do the same when rebuilding, too. You have so many holes on the roster, and you know the odds are you will miss on some picks anyway, that spreading out your picks actually increases your chances of not making any position particularly better.

                I don’t buy that notion at all. It all comes down to the player and evaluation; not how many picks you throw at it. Baalke is living proof of that. All you do by using more picks on one position is guarantee fewer draft picks – be it current year or previous years – will make your final roster. There is no magic formula for finding a good player, but you will not fill a need you ignore completely.

                There is absolutely nothing wrong with focused drafting when rebuilding. In fact, a lot of teams do it.

                When rebuilding you have to take the best player available and build up a foundation of core talent.. You can’t run a draft based on targeting a small group of positions. It pretty much insures you will miss on better players.

              21. Well rocket, we’ll just have to disagree on this. Focused drafting to build certain units into strengths isn’t a bad plan in my opinion.

                But you are correct, this should not be done at the expense of better talents when rebuilding. I have given the wrong impression. I am not suggesting Baalke set out with this plan specifically, just that he was not afraid to go down this path if that was how the board played out. I don’t think Baalke had any intention of drafting 3 CBs as the draft commenced.

                Do you think Baalke was specifically focusing on these positions, or took the players they had highest on their draft board?

              22. “Brown had “blue traits,” or starter traits. Theus and Cooper do not. Odhiambo certainly does.”

                Not really sure how to comment on this. Both Theus and Cooper tested similarly to Odhiambo and Brown. All four guys were described as likely having to move inside to OG. I understand you have an opinion on these players and that is fine, but lets just leave it at that, an opinion. Nothing about any of these players screams starting material.

              23. Brown has blue-chip height, length and kick-slide quickness for a man his size.

              24. Grant, Rees has to make it through camp first and that’s not a given. He didn’t seem like he was in the greatest shape at the combine, probably due to the injury….

              25. Grant,

                The main issue isn’t whether or not any of the draftees will be an immediate upgrade over Pears. What’s important is that the OL, overall, has been upgraded to the point where Pears is a backup. That’s what i want to see.

                If the draftees are better than Pears, that would be ideal, but in the short term, I’ll be satisfied if Pears is in the bench.

        2. Reed was a fantastic pick for them. Trading 56+124 for the Bears 49 to secure Reed was one of the best moves of the draft.

          1. Reed was downgraded because of being seen to have limited pass rush capability and being a classic NG / DT that won’t have a place on the field in sub packages. I’m not saying this is how it will play out (although, I hope it does and it would be fine if he turns out to be a bust), but that’s what I’ve read about Reed.

            1. Again, completely agree. He was great value… for a team looking for a 2-down run stuffer. The Seahawks had need of one to replace Mebane. But what is more valuable – a good 2-down run stuffer or a guy that can stop the run pretty well AND create pressure against the pass?

              There is a very good reason he was still available where he was. Also a very good reason A’Shawn Robinson and Andrew Billings went where they did.

              1. You have to stop the run in the NFC West. Quinton Jefferson can rush the quarterback from the interior.

              2. I think I like the inside pass rush a little more with the emphasis of getting the ball out so quick….

              3. Indeed. By swapping player in and out. But 2-down run stuffing DL are not that hard to find. The 49ers got Dial in the 5th round and Williams as an UDFA.

                Premium picks on DL should be used on guys that are more than just 2-down run stuffers, IMO.

              4. Reed was the best run-defender in the draft. He was well worth a second-round pick.

              5. I agree Scooter. Didn’t Grant just post a spread sheet showing the positions and which round they should be drafted in?

              6. The player he is most likely earmarked to replace, Mebane, played 50% of snaps. They spent a 2nd round pick on a guy that will in all likelihood see only half the team’s defensive snaps, even if he works out as hoped. Great value in the 2nd round?

              7. Mebane played more snaps when he was younger. Reed is considered a first-round prospect by, CBS and PFF. He will help Seattle’s run-defense tremendously and set up third-and-long.

                If you can’t stop Todd Gurley and David Johnson, you can’t compete in the NFC West.

              8. That’s because the majority of his snaps were at 0 and 3 tech filling running lanes….

              9. I think he only missed two tackles last year, but I wouldn’t expect more than 2.5 sacks per year from him. He’ll have to get much more active with his hands and develop another move or two….

    3. The frustrating thing is, in a few years time we’ll look back at the draft and it probably won’t be the teams that won the draft Big Board battle that end up having the best players from this year’s draft.

      1. Maybe but one thing that’ll be even more frustrating is that in a few years time when we look back at this draft our picks will still suck.

        1. Maybe.

          For mine the Bears had the best draft, but we won’t really know for a few years. But they look to have really added some nice pieces to their D in the first 4 rounds that should fit well in Fangio’s style of D, as well as adding a good looking interior OL in the 2nd and a good value power RB in the 5th.

          1. Overall, I think the Jags and Bears has had the best offseason so far.

            If you include Free Agency, both teams really improved their rosters.

              1. The Raiders are definitely on the upswing. They could contend for the Division title this year.

              2. They’ll win the division if Carr cleans up his fourth-quarter TD/INT ratio.

              3. Grant Cohn May 10, 2016 at 9:14 am
                They’ll win the division if Carr cleans up his fourth-quarter TD/INT ratio.
                Maybe in 2017 but the Chargers will win the AFC this year.

              4. True. Carr really faltered down the stretch and tried to do too much. They were in position to win a few more games when untimely interceptions put them behind. With the additions to the Oline and defense he should be able to manage the game better. That Oline especially looks like a beast.

              5. Interesting you see the Chargers winning the division this year. I see it the exact opposite with the Chargers finishing 4th.

              6. Yeah, the Chargers won’t be good. Melvin Gordon just had microfracture surgery and Bosa will be a bust.

              7. Are there any players taken in the top 10 that aren’t named Jalen Ramsey that you don’t think will be busts?

                I think the AFC will be tightly contested between the Chiefs, Raiders and Chargers. The Chargers had a good draft and free agency, they didn’t make as many splash signings but they addressed key needs. The TE Henry they drafted is going to be a key weapon for Rivers and will help open up Allen and their remaining mediocre receivers.

                As I said I think the AFC will be closely fought between those 3 teams and although it could come down to any of them I think Rivers and the Chargers will pull it out.

              8. I just don’t think the Chargers improved in the areas they really needed to improve in, namely the Oline and run defense. Rivers is going to be under a lot of pressure again and the running game along with the pass protection is not good.

                The division will be tightly contested I agree, but I see it being contested by the Raiders, Chiefs and Broncos. I think the Chargers are in the basement again this year.

              9. No the o-line didn’t improve as much as needed but they retained their RT and drafted a starting C. No the run defense probably wont improve a whole lot but their passing D did.

                Im expecting a highly motivated Rivers that is sensing the end is near to be at the top of his game. They will win a lot of close high scoring games.

              10. Oops, guess I left something off there.

                Meant the AFCW


                And to answer your question the 49ers of course!

              11. If Baalke is such an idiot for taking Redmond in the third round, why all the love for the Raiders, seeing as they drafted Joseph (who is behind Redmond on his path to recovery, btw) in the first round? I don’t get it.

                If you don’t like drafting ACL injured players, that’s fair enough, but then let’s not write how the Raiders are so smart and doing all the right things, when they used their first round draft pick on a player with a torn ACL.

                Remember, knees with torn ACL’s are all unstable, right? Players are almost never (or is it just never?) the same after a torn ACL, right? Boy, drafting Joseph sounds like a pretty stupid move in that context.

              12. I don’t like the Joseph pick, but at least the Raiders gambled on the best safety in the draft. I get the thinking. I just think he’ll bust.

              13. Grant,

                Given how you view knees with a repaired ACL, how are you so in love with what the Raiders did in the off season, considering they drafted Karl Joseph. You must see that as a totally wasted pick, right?

              14. How can you give a team that you feel wasted their first round pick such high marks?

              15. I like their second and third-round picks, and they crushed free agency.

              16. Fair enough, but it remains to be seen how much they crushed FA. It’s more often than not that FA’s change teams and, while not terrible, don’t live up to expectations.

              17. The “fair enough” was only in reference to the FA part.

                On the Joseph pick your double standard is showing. You should tuck that in.

                You rip the Redmond pick
                (3rd round) but you “see what the Raiders are doing” when they pick a player, in the first round, who’s farther behind Redmond in his recovery.

                Joseph wouldn’t have been taken much earlier, if at all, if he was fully healthy. If you don’t like ACL picks, that pick has to be termed an abject disaster.

              18. I don’t like ACL picks. They’re extremely risky. But the Raiders were in a position to take the risk because they already had improved their roster so much this offseason. And they drafted by far the best player at the safety position this year — there weren’t many other good safeties available. The Niners took a corner who started seven games in college. That’s a big risk with limited upside.

              19. I thought there was a good chance Joseph would fall into the second because of the injury. The Raiders reached for need with that pick. I’m not as down on ACL players as Grant, but I still would have waited until the second on Joseph. If healthy he will be a good player for them though.

              20. Grant,

                You stated there’s a 5% (which is a 1 in 20 chance) of a player coming out of college off of an ACL tear being successful in the NFL (correct me if I have that wrong, but I don’t think I do).

                Given that, you feel that Joseph has a 1 in 20 chance of being a successful pick. How can you say anything but that the Raiders completely blew that pick? For you to have any other opinion about that pick is inconsistent.

                Also, since when does a team seemingly doing well in FA make it ok to blow their first round pick? That you would say such a thing further reveals a double standard.

              21. Yet, they still have not had a winning season in years.

                With the Broncos and Chiefs likely to compete for the AFCW title, the Raiders can only hope for a wild card bid.

                Still think the Jags and Bears had a better offseason because of the Joseph pick. Like you said, ACL picks are risky.

                Raiders took big gambles, but if Joseph is healthy and Vadal plays well, they might have an outside chance to make the playoffs. Last season, the Raiders faded in the stretch.

              22. The Raiders added at least four quality starters: Sean Smith, Bruce Irvin, Reggie Nelson and Kelechi Osemele.

              23. The Raiders have been drafting high for years, but that has not helped them. Even with those stellar additions, I expect them to make bone headed mistakes that will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

                Of course, being a die hard Niner fan, I admit to being a tiny bit prejudiced. ;p

              1. Wait, I remember you saying Goff had no weapons, now you are saying he had a better receiver than Cook had?

              2. I never said he had nothing Scooter. He didn’t have many NFL cailber prospects to throw to, but Lawler was pretty good. it was also more of a commentary on Burbridge.

              3. Yeah, ok, I thought you were one of the guys arguing Goff had no weapons. Lawler, Treggs, Anderson and Lasco are of course now going into NFL training camps.

                Lawler may prove better than Burbridge, maybe he won’t. But Burbridge was a guy that got my attention when watching MS. Lawler didn’t impress ne as much. Burbridge was good value in the 6th.

              4. Scooter,

                I don’t think Goff had great weapons, but the bigger issue for him was the Oline.

                We’ll see on Burbridge and hopefully he pays off, but I think Lawler is the more talented player.

                I am also a Pac 12 guy so there could be some bias here ;)

            1. Lawler had the benefit of playing in a scheme friendly for WRs. Burbridge did not. Jarvis Landry is one of the least athletic WRs in the NFL. Whenever I watched Michigan State last season, Burbridge looked good. Makes difficult catches. He has a chance despite his athletic limitations.

              1. Lawler also makes difficult catches and has a much bigger catch radius than Burbidge.

              2. He has a chance for sure. Burbridge put up some great numbers on a ton of targets last year, way more than Lawler ever did so I don’t think it’s about the scheme. I just think Lawler is more athletic and has skills that will translate better at the NFL level.

              3. Lawler is taller, longer and more agile than Burbidge. Lawler is similar to Jermaine Kearse.

              4. Burbridge had more targets than Lawler in an offense that threw the ball much less. He was the guy Cook trusted when it mattered. And he often delivered.

                Lawler was surrounded by talent that will get a shot to play in the NFL, in an offense designed to get receivers open and keep things pretty simple. He may be a better athlete, but Burbridge is the better WR.

              5. Aaron Burbridge has small hands and drops a lot of passes. He’s Josh Huff. He’s not going to make an impact in the NFL.

              6. He does have an issue with dropped passes. But he also caught a lot of passes. And generally played very well within a pro-style offense, which required him to run a full route tree.

                His athletic limitations may well be an issue, but he’s worth a flyer in the 6th round to see if his football acumen and toughness overcome those physical limitations.

              7. Lawler would have been a better pick. He has much fewer athletic limitations.

              8. I think Taylor is more of a football player, plus he received the Chip Kelly seal of approval….

              9. He’s quicker than fast, but I think he ranked 3rd all time for TD’s or something, at Florida….

              10. Scooter

                Great pick-up….This is probably a good reason why we should not speak in absolutes…they have rough edges, and it’s hard to choke them back up ….

        1. I totally see what you’re saying, Grant, and I would always want Randy Moss, too. But would I want him over Jerry Rice? I don’t know anymore.

          I don’t know how much that stuff, measurables, matters. I’ve been giving it a lot of thought since our discussion about Redmond and how often guys come back from injuries, what goes into the makeup of a man, and it got me thinking that the ability to win when faced with challenges seems to be a really undervalued trait in NFL prospects.

          I see Driskel as a guy who’s been mishandled, but put himself in position to be drafted by making a change and going to LA Tech. I see Taylor as someone who, despite not having as much athletic ability as the other guys (kind of like Frank Gore), yet has honed his given skills superbly where possible, his vision, footspeed, and ball security. I see Burbridge as the least likely to make an immediate impact, mainly because I have no faith in Baalke with WRs, but his tenacity in the catch zone is commonly lauded and his (tiny) hands are said to be exceptional.

          I see in all three of them the ability to recognize and overcome disadvantages, and I think this is the kind of spirit that defines champions, but is lacking in those exceptionally gifted athletes who never attain the ultimate win.

          1. I don’t think Taylor will average more than 3.5 yards per carry in the pros, but he could develop into an effective receiver out of the backfield, a la Theo Riddick. Taylor can make defenders miss in the open field, unlike Mike Davis.

            1. PFF graded Taylor very highly. He’s a savvy RB. And can break tackles. He was another good 6th round selection that is a better football player than athlete.

              1. He’s not going to be a good runner in the NFL. He’ll have to be an effective receiver out of the backfield to make it.

              2. He does the most important job of a running back extremely well, ball security….

            2. I liked Davis coming out of South Carolina and thought he was a good value where they took him. Shows how much I know. He’ll need to impress in preseason or he won’t make the cut.

            3. Taylor has a good stutter step (not dancing in the backfield ala our once finely toned athletic RB Kevan Barlow) and he can quickly accelerate off his stutter step in a couple of steps.

              He follows his blocks very well, is instinctive and is a smart runner. He likely won’t be breaking off long runs in the 60-80 yard range, but he can move the sticks and break off the occasional 40-50 yarder.
              Except for not having the stubby short neck, this guy reminds me a lot of Frank Gore.

        2. And yet, productive. Football is about producing on the field and Burbridge and Taylor did well in that department.

          Frank Gore wasn’t considered very athletic and he’s carved out a pretty good career. Throwback players like John Unitas, Larry Csonca, Fred Bilitnekoff, were not considered athletic and while I’m at let’s put Tom Brady and Payton Manning on this list.

          I’m sure that these players I listed here only make up a small list of what is likely a vast group of players who have found success in the NFL who were not considered as athletic.
          Production trumps great athleticism in my book. While there are players who have done great because of their athleticism, it’s refreshing to see the less athletic players do great things as well.

              1. And I am pretty sure both guys suffered from the same issue – porous OL.

              2. You think Taylor will average more than 3.5 yards per carry in the NFL?

                Show me one successful NFL running back who averaged 4.0 yards per carry his final season in college.

      1. Has anyone else noticed that the Jed York character in rocket’s avatar looks like a dead ringer for George Costanza?

  52. Two things I expect with Kelly’s offense.

    1. Unintentional delay of game penalties along with ridiculous timeouts that stop a delay of game penalty, will end. That right there makes the Niners better.

    2. Offense won’t see much if any nine in the box. Spread em out.

    I have great expectations for the coming year.

  53. Anthony Davis is reportedly “badly out of shape:”


    NJ Advance Media’s Jordan Raanan hears “retired” RT Anthony Davis is “badly out of shape.” The Giants have been a rumored trade partner for Davis, who wants out of San Francisco if he unretires, so it makes sense that one of their beat writers would do some digging. It seemed like a formality Davis would rejoin the league earlier this offseason, but the closer we get to training camp the less likely it becomes. Davis might rather sit out another year than play for 49ers GM Trent Baalke.
    Source: Jordan Raanan on Twitter May 10 – 8:55 AM

    1. George ..

      I wonder if Cassie can tell us .. whether or not
      Bam is outta shape .. ’cause ..
      he doesn’t like her daddy ..

    2. If you want to see Anthony Davis files his papers and return, stop talking about him. If the world turned away and stopped anticipating his return he’d have to do something to start getting attention again.

      Doesn’t matter, I said 4 months ago that after being out of the game this long without actually being injured that’s hes done even if he wanted to come back. There’s no way he’s in football shape and even for a young guy being away from practice and the game that long has an impact on your abilities, which were inconsistent at best with him to begin with.

      Nobody with his attitude is going to give what it will take to return to an NFL starting caliber offensive tackle. He’s obviously not a ‘give everything to football’ kind of player and at this point that is what it would take to return to the game for him.

      Done done done.

      1. Coffee, I totally agree and don’t want him to return here. It’s all about him. I posted this because there is interest.

        1. The stop talking about him comment was directed at the ‘media’ and not you specifically George. :)

    1. Interesting, Cubus.

      It would be great if the 49ers could land Jeffrey. I noticed the author of the article wrote that Jeffrey’s fit into Kelly’s scheme is questionable, at best. I don’t see that. AJ is big, fast enough, with good hands. Any idea why he wouldn’t fit Kelly’s system?

  54. He hasn’t been cleared to be on the field officially in some of those earlier galleries, once he was, there were pics and videos of him. I haven’t seen many pics of Hayne, maybe one, two of T.Smith, but no 5000 word article bout that ?

  55. I haven’t been a big fan of Baalke/FO over the past few seasons, but if he can find a trade partner for A.Davis – I would consider it his best move this off season, period!

    Davis is in no position to be shooting off his mouth or in this case tweets (April 1, and before the draft) given the fact that he has yet to prove that he can make a successful return after his one year layoff.
    As far as I’m concerned AD has burned his bridge as a 49er, I hope that Baalke see’s it the same way.

    1. I was telling Grant the same thing. Dude can pull and crush. Ifedi does not block on the move well at all. The Seahawks were settlers….

        1. I beg to differ. I distinctly remember Tom Cable pulling James Carpenter when Watt was wreaking havoc. They went to their power and pulled him to Watt’s side….

          1. Fair enough. But Ifedi is playing right guard, so he won’t have to pull. That’s the left guard’s job most of the time.

            1. He also pulled Sweezy in that game. That’s where Gibbs and Cable deviate. Gibbs does not believe in pulling guards and adheres to a strict ZBS only playbook….

              1. I doubt we’ll see the Seahawks pulling guards next season. That no longer suits their personnel.

              2. They were forced into their power running game mainly due to Watt. That’s why I disagree with Gibbs, who believes a full commitment to the ZBS, no matter what….

    2. I pasted the Shaw link to highlight how Garnett fits Kelly’s blocking system far better than “national” (eastern) media indicates.

      Unfortunately the Seahawks had a good draft if Garnett was stolen from them or not. Reed was a great trade up for them. Prosise and Lawler are good too.

        1. C.J. Prosise will be the Seahawks’ best player from this draft. The Niners have no linebacker who can cover him.

          1. Yea, I’ve gotten to see him up close and personal. He’s not an every down back, but you’re right. He’ll be a tough match up in the passing game, but I wouldn’t trust his pass protection….

              1. The Fumbler? He’ll probably be their short yardage guy, and Bowman will make him cough it up….

              2. The Fumbler? He’ll probably be their short yardage guy, and Bowman will make him cough it up….

              3. 17 fumbles, yikes! I think he lost 9 of ’em. That’s shady ball security bro….

              4. Ha! Yea, they better hope to God it is, otherwise he’ll be riding a lot of pine….

              5. Collins rushed for 1,577 yards and 20 touchdowns last season while losing just two fumbles. He’s going to be good.

              6. He’s got a lot of mileage on him. Beliema went Lou Holtz on him frequently over ball security and taking his job more seriously. I think he was late for team breakfast prior to the Auburn game and then coughed it up twice. Beliema benched him during the overtime….

              7. And yet Collins averaged 5.6 yards per carry in three seasons in the SEC while Kelvin Taylor averaged 4.3.

              8. That’s fine Grant, but he was running behind the biggest offensive line in football. Plus, you factor in the fumbles against Taylor’s ball security. Maybe they even out, maybe they don’t. Suffice it to say, ball security is my number one priority….

              9. Taylor ran behind Trent Brown and Ian Silberman and still couldn’t crack 5.0 yards per carry. Which NFL players did Collins run behind?

              10. Silberman was at BC in 2014.

                “Credited with just five broken tackles over his last 475 carries.” Hmmm, yeah, better hope Ifedi and Odhiambi open up a lot of holes for him.

              11. And yet many scouting reports outline how Collins doesn’t pick up as many yards after first contact as he should.

              12. He averaged 5.6 yards per carry in the SEC and he wasn’t running behind NFL offensive linemen. He’s good.

                Taylor: 5102, 207, 4.59.
                Draughn: 5107, 205, 4.62.

              13. He was running behind an offensive line that was considered one of the best in college football.

                2 of the 3 starting OL from 2015 that were in the 2016 draft (Sebastien Tretola and Denver Kirkland) will be in NFL training camps this year.

              14. Excuse me, Collins ran behind a 6th-round pick and an undrafted free agent. He clearly had an unfair advantage in the SEC, as opposed to Derrick Henry and Leonard Fournette who ran behind nobodies.

              15. Kelvin did finish one TD behind his dad’s record of 9 against SEC opponents. Like father, like son….

              16. Collins production during 2013/2014(25 game span)was inferior to Williams’, despite having fewer touches. If you go back 5 years and rank SEC RB production, Dexter McCluster out performed him in 2009, compared to Collins’ 2015. 181 attempts/1169 yards, 8 TD’s, 44 receptions/520 yards/3 TD’s….

              17. Collins production during 2013/2014(25 game span)was inferior to Williams’, despite having fewer touches. If you go back 5 years and rank SEC RB production, Dexter McCluster out performed him in 2009, compared to Collins’ 2015. 181 attempts/1169 yards, 8 TD’s, 44 receptions/520 yards/3 TD’s….

              18. “He clearly had an unfair advantage in the SEC, as opposed to Derrick Henry and Leonard Fournette who ran behind nobodies.”

                When did we start comparing him to Henry and Fournette?

          2. Good thing it’s not a one on one matchup. I like Prosise as well, but if he is head n shoulders better than any one player on our defense than our D-Cord needs to map out a game plan to stop him.
            For the time being, they need to find a way to stop Rawls.

            1. On third down, Tartt will cover Graham and Bowman will cover Prosise. Prosise will win that matchup.

              1. I heard all this before when the Seahawks traded for Harvin, and the Rams drafted Austin. The 49ers D will get killed by them because they can’t match up.

                I like Prosise, I think he’ll be a good player. But I’ll reserve judgement on whether he will destroy the 49ers.

              2. Maybe he will. And good for him. Hope he is able to do that against other teams to though, or he’s a waste of a pick.

              3. The running back-linebacker matchup is the best matchup in the NFL for the offense. Prosise will be extremely valuable.

              4. You are likely right he will prove a valuable player to have to create matchup problems, which is why I liked Prosise as a prospect. Nice complementary player.

              5. I agree, both Prosise and Perkins should have been targeted.

                Too bad they went with risky picks. They also should have resolved the AD mess, so they were not forced to draft 2 O linemen.

              6. Grant

                Why does it seem like you invest as much, if not more, time in Seattle players as 49ers players, with the apparent intention of comparing them in order to denigrate the 49ers? Honest question. Am I misinterpreting this?

              7. Well, gotta say fellas, this has been a fun conversation. Grant and rocket, you both make some good points as to why the Seahawks draft was a good one, and the 49ers not so much. Even if I disagree.

                Actually, I should clarify – I think the Seahawks had a decent draft. Nothing special, but pretty solid. And they went heavy on addressing key areas of need, including bulking up both lines and bringing in some competition at RB to help replace Lynch.

                However, I just disagree the 49ers draft is any different. They also bulked up both lines, but instead of RB went heavy at CB. Given their starting CBs are considered by most to be a weakness, I really don’t understand why this is considered such a bad thing. And I really do disagree with the idea that a rebuilding team can’t afford to use this type of plan.

                Time will tell as to whether either team actually drafted good players, but I don’t have any issues with the draft strategy employed by either team.

              8. Both of Vereen’s long gaining screen passes on the NYG’s winning TD drives were made possible by illegal downfield blocks. Even self admitted 49er hater, Chris Colingsworth said both plays should’ve been called back.

              9. Grant is just being honest. I do not see him obsessing over Seahawk picks, this is the first Seahawk mention in a long while.

                Also, I agree with his Rawls assessment, since he ran for over 200 yards against the Niners. Do not know if Prosise is better than Hyde, but Hyde needs to stay healthy.

              10. Scooter,

                I wasn’t really arguing that Seattle had a good draft. I think it was ok, but as I said earlier I don’t excuse the multiple picks on the same positions. I simply don’t think you can compare the two approaches the way you were trying to.

                Seattle had fewer holes going into the draft and could afford to spend more resources on the ones they had. The 49ers on the other hand, could have drafted pretty much any position and filled a hole or helped improve a weak area of the team. In the case of the 49ers, I just don’t see the logic in investing in 6 CB’s in the past 3 drafts without letting the first group mature and grow a bit. Reaser and Acker got on the field for the first time last year. If we are truly rebuilding then let them develop instead of flooding the position with more of the same level of prospect. If you want to take a CB in the first round who you know is going to start for you, then fine, but all Baalke has done is throw more mid to late round picks on top of previous mid to late round picks. As far as the Oline picks, I’m not overly down on spending the two picks on OT’s in the 5th. I’m just bemoaning the fact they had to do that because two previous 3rd round picks haven’t worked out so far and that is the big problem here imo.

                The underlying source of my angst right now is that I have no faith in Baalke. None. I see his continued employment as wasting time and insuring another long run of ineptitude like we experienced for nearly a decade previous to Harbaugh’s hiring. It’s frustrating to look at the state of the team and know the guy responsible is still making the decisions. That is why I don’t have a lot of optimism for this class. I saw players that were as good as they guys he chose at positions of greater need and can’t convince myself to accept that he may be right because for the most part he hasn’t been.

              11. And its the last paragraph that makes this entire debate pointless. It matters not who they drafted, because Baalke picked them, and ergo they were bad picks. Honestly, if they had drafted the positions you had wanted, but it wasn’t the players you liked, would you be feeling any differently?

                We’ll get a much better picture of just how bad his recent drafts have been this year. The last two seasons have been very difficult to truly judge the player talent from the 2014 and 2015 drafts.

              12. Scooter,

                It’s not black and white and you usually aren’t this dismissive. I said I would have been happy had he used picks in different areas. I had certain players in mind, but was open to a number of options. Don’t confuse my lack of respect for Baalke with coloring the draft in a negative light. It was this draft along with previous ones that led me to the conclusion. I didn’t go into this draft feeling this way.

                I’ll also remind you, that you were very vocal in your desire to see Baalke fired earlier this offseason. What has changed from then until now?

              13. Nothing at all.

                That doesn’t mean I am unwilling to take this draft at face value though, nor admit there is still potential in the 2014 and 2015 draft classes.

              14. That doesn’t mean I am unwilling to take this draft at face value though, nor admit there is still potential in the 2014 and 2015 draft classes.

                I haven’t written this class off or the previous two years. I gave this draft a C and pointed out that the top two picks will be starters. My view of Baalke is based on the big picture. 2012 was a disaster and 2013 is starting to slide in that direction. 2014 still has some promise but it’s dependent on Ward and Hyde being able to stay healthy and Lynch taking another step as a solid starter. Problem is, that is a poor return on 30 picks used in those 3 years. We need to see some of these picks turn into game changers and building blocks instead of bodies waiting to be replaced by other picks in a couple of years.

  56. More early 49er predictions

    1.Blaine Gabbert will win the QB comp. against a rook and a fundamentally flawed rehabbing Kap. 2.Kelvin Taylor is more familiar with Kelly’s offense, having run a similar zone running game a Florida and will be the back up running back to Hyde. 3. Deforest Buckner will play significantly, however so will Appalacian’s, Ronald Blair.