Kaepernick on Jaworski’s praise: “I’m very flattered by it, but I haven’t played a full season yet.”

SANTA CLARA – Colin Kaepernick spoke in the locker room Wednesday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: Do you have any first reaction to Baldwin and what it’s like throwing to him?

KAEPERNICK: He’s a big target, has good hands, is picking up the playbook quickly. Looking forward to seeing what he can do out there.

Q: Have you had much one-on-one interaction with him since he’s been here?

KAEPERNICK: I met him when I came out my senior year to get ready for the Combine. I have a past relationship with him a little bit, but it’s going to take time to really get a feel for him.

Q: How difficult is it to build rapports with all of these new receivers?

KAEPERNICK: To me, receivers’ body language is something you have to be able to read as a quarterback. Everyday you’re out there, you have to be paying attention.

Q: Can you get much out of playing 20 snaps in a preseason game as opposed to four snaps?

KAEPERNICK: That’s something I really can’t determine. The more we practice, the more reps I get with receivers, obviously the better things are going to be.

Q: Would you want to play more in the preseason?

KAEPERNICK: I would play every snap if they let me.

Q: Harbaugh said you’re wearing a non-contact jersey in practice now. Have you ever worn one in practice before and does it change the way the defense plays you?

KAEPERNICK: I don’t worry about that. I’m out there to practice my game.

Q: How close was the scare with Brooks?

KAEPERNICK: Didn’t scare me at all.

Q: Are you a guy who prefers the contact?

KAEPERNICK: I’m not a fan of the jersey.

Q: Are you healthy?

KAEPERNICK: 100 percent.

Q: Harbaugh finished his press conference by explaining why he defended A.J. during last season’s training camp. Do you like to see him stick up for your teammates?

KAEPERNICK: Yes. I think it’s great when your coach is going to take the player’s side and do anything he can to make you comfortable and be successful on the field.

Q: Ron Jaworski said this morning that you could become the greatest quarterback of all time. How do you feel about that?

KAEPERNICK: It’s a great honor that he said that. I’m very flattered by it, but at the same time, I haven’t played a full season yet.

Q: Do you feel the offense has improved getting the plays called before the play clock expires?

KAEPERNICK: Yes, we’re improving.

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