Kaepernick on Manningham: “It’s not going to take much time for him to get back up to speed.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick spoke in the locker room Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


What’s it like having WR Michael Crabtree back on the field and WR Mario Manningham active and some reinforcements coming in?

“Always good to have the receivers back out there.”


How are they both looking at this point?

“Look like themselves.”


What did you do with your time off?



Did it feel good, a little mental rest or?

“Rest is always good. Back to work now.”


What does it say about Crabtree and how he’s worked himself back to be in the position to play maybe sometime this month?

“He’s always been a worker. He’s going to make sure he’s ready to play. He’s going to do everything he can to try and contribute.”


Were you able to throw to him at all during his rehab when he started running after practice or did the two of you, were you able to work together at all?

“No, we were focusing on winning games with the receivers we had out there.”


I didn’t know if after practice you guys just did extra work.



How well did you get to know Panthers QB Cam Newton during the draft process a couple years ago?

“Roomed with him at the combine. Spent those few days with him, but other than that, I haven’t been able to talk to him too much.”


Did you get competitive at all with the other quarterbacks just as far as the combine itself and who was going to run faster or throw the ball farther, stuff like that? 

“Everything’s a competition from being at the combine to being at practice to being in a game. Everything’s a competition.”


Was it good natured between you and Cam throughout that week?



Do you still keep in touch?

“No, I haven’t talked to him since.”


What were some of the memories from sharing a room with him?

“He’s a good guy. I think how people look at him is different than how he really is.”


Do you see your game as similar to his? There’s so many comparisons between you two because of running ability, ability to throw hard, make things happen. Do you see your game as similar as others do?

“I think we have similar attributes but I think we’re both two different players. I think we’re both just trying to do the best we can to put our team in a good situation.”


What’s the biggest difference you see?

“I’m going to leave that for your guys’ judgment.”


Are you full go with Mario, meaning I know he’s been back at practice, we really don’t know how much he’s been able to practice though. Have you gotten all the time with him that you feel you need?

“Mario, he’s a receiver that’s easy to throw to. So, it’s not going to take much time for him to get back up to speed.”


But he’s not up to speed yet, you think?

“You’re going to have to ask him that.”


When you say those two are back to being themselves, what do you mean specifically?

“They’re out there working like they always have been. They’re out there doing what they can.”


Has Crabtree amazed you at all with the way he’s come back from this thing?

“I wouldn’t say he’s amazed me because I know him and this is an expectation for him.”


How good is it coming off the bye facing a team that’s going to give you guys a little more competition than what you faced over there in London?

“It’s a competition every week. It really doesn’t matter who you’re playing, you have to go out and perform your best.”


Do you feel coming off the bye that you guys are just kind of itching ready for a challenge? I know you say it’s a competition every week, but to have a team that’s just really going to challenge you?

“Every week is a challenge, it doesn’t matter who you’re playing.”


So no team in the NFL is more challenging than the other?

“More challenging? Yes, but every week is a challenge.”


In terms of the stats or rankings, you guys are ranked 1st with the rushing offense, you’re ranked last in terms of passing yards. Does that concern you? Does that bother you being 32nd in the pass?

“No, we’re winning games. There’s teams ahead of us that are obviously doing better in the passing game that aren’t where we’re at record-wise. So, that’s what we care about is wins.”


What type of challenges does the Carolina defense pose you guys?

“Very physical. Very fast. Very disciplined. They’re a great all-around defense.”

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