Kaepernick on the four fumbled snaps: “Don’t ask Goody about it, it was my fault.

SANTA CLARA – In the middle of the 49ers’ locker room Tuesday afternoon, Jonathan Goodwin answered questions about the four fumbled snaps Sunday night in New England. After a few questions, Colin Kaepernick walked over and defended Goodwin. Here’s the transcript.

Q: Is there anything you can attribute the center exchange problems to?

GOODWIN: We really haven’t had any problems, so there’s nothing in particular.

Q: Does the weather affect it?

GOODWIN: Yes, I definitely think it makes it tough. You have a slick ball and things like that. I know they were saying there is some video of it, so we’ll look at it. Being that I hadn’t had any issues with it in good weather, I’m not overly concerned about it. It’s something that, of course, I hate that it happened and I’m glad that we recovered.

Q: Will you spend more time on that this week?

GOODWIN: I haven’t checked the forecast, but if rain is in the picture, it’s definitely something that we need to work on.

Q: Did you work on it during the sideline to iron it out?

GOODWIN: He took a couple from me on the sideline, but late in the game it was something that we tried different and we didn’t have any problems towards the latter part of the game.

Q: Was the ball slicker?

GOODWIN: It did feel slicker, but each time it happened, I definitely felt the ball almost slide out and go through his hands. It was something that me and him talked about. The fact that the latter part of the game we tried something different and didn’t have any problems and we hadn’t had any problems in regular weather, I don’t think it’s something to be concerned about.

Q: Did the glove make a difference?

GOODWIN: I think so. Regardless of the circumstance, we don’t want the ball on the ground.

Q: Have you wet balls during practice before?

GOODWIN: Haven’t here. We’ve had some rain here lately, but other places I have.

KAEPERNICK (walking by): Don’t ask Goody about it, it was my fault.

Goodwin: 50-50, husband and wife. Of course, he’s the wife.

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