Kaepernick on the Jaguars’ defense: “I think they are over-looked.”

Colin Kaepernick spoke to reporters Wednesday in London. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.


How’s it been so far? How’s the team handling the transition of staying out here?

“It’s been good. I think everybody’s handling it well. Making a smooth transition.”


What’s your body clock like now? Do you feel like you’re normal?

“I feel normal every day.”


How did you spend yesterday, day off, Colin?

“Spent it with some of my teammates just wandering around.”


Do some sightseeing in London or stay out here?

“A little bit of sightseeing.”


What were your impressions? What did you see?

“I like London. We had a good time out there yesterday, got to see a few things. So, it was a good time.”


Did you get recognized on the street, people know who you were?

“A couple people, but for the most part it was peaceful. It was nice.”


On Monday, you said that this was the first trip you have had out of the United States. How are you settling in? Do you feel you’ve adjusted? Is it beginning to feel like a normal training week?

“Yeah, feel like we’re adjusted, feel like I’m adjusted and it feels like a normal week now. We’re back to our normal routine.”


How important is it that you guys did fly in on Monday? Because we’ve seen previous teams in the past, Pittsburgh for example come in Friday leave Sunday.

“It’s good for us to get here early so we can get adjusted. Get that extra time where we can get our clock right and get back on our normal schedule. So, I think that helps us moving forward.”


Last game you ran the ball really well. I’m curious, what’s your take on how well you’ve been passing these last few games?

“To me it all depends on whether we’re winning or not. If we’re winning, then it’s successful, if not then something needs to change or we need to do something better. So, in the last few games we’ve won, so that’s what matters.”


Is it harder to stay motivated for an 0-7 team than it would be to say go and play the Seahawks right now?

“No, not at all. This team has a lot of work to do still. We have a lot to prove still. So, going into Sunday I don’t think it matters what team we’re playing, we’re going to be motivated.”


How do the Jaguars, the defensive front, how do they get after the quarterback?

“They’re a talented front. They do a lot of things well. They’re very aggressive. They play hard. They play fast. Our offensive line is going to have to be on top of things this week.”


Do you think they’re, because of their record, a little over-looked?

“I think they are over-looked. Same way the Cardinals defense was over-looked last year. They had a good defense they just couldn’t get wins. So, I think this is a similar defense where they’re a good defense they just haven’t quite put everything together.”


You’re going to be playing in a new stadium, going to be about 85,000 people there. What stadiums have you played in throughout your career that really standout as really memorable experiences?

“I don’t know what you would say real memorable experience is. I think going through college, Boise State was the stadium that everybody knew about. Playing at Nebraska was a good experience. But I don’t think anything’s going to compare to this weekend.”


And are you able to block that out pretty easily when you’re in these big environments?

“Yeah, you’re focused on what you need to do to try to be successful on that play. You’re not worried about everything else that’s going on.”


You’ve got guys on the side like G Mike Iupati who were here in 2010, what have they told you to expect at Wembley Stadium?

“They really haven’t talked too much about the stadium. The biggest thing is try to treat it like a normal week and make sure that physically you’re ready to play as far as making sure you’re getting your sleep and getting your body clock right.”


How do you see RB Frank Gore handling the zone read plays? What stands out to you about the way he’s handling that and lead blocking for you on some of those outside runs?

“Frank, like I’ve always said, he does everything for us. If we ask him to do something, he’s going to do it. If we need him to adjust to something, he’s going to do it. He’s somebody that handles that very well, as well as our downhill run game.”


Is that maybe another reason why you think he’s a Hall of Fame running back because he’s so versatile and can handle all types of run schemes?

“I think he’s a Hall of Fame running back not because he can just handle run schemes, but he’s probably the best pass blocker in the league at running back. And also, he’s a threat out of the backfield. So, he’s a running back that can really do it all.”


What is it about him, he leads the league with 25 rushes or longer. He’s 30. What about him do you see on the field that allows him to do that that other running backs don’t possess?

“I think the biggest thing is his vision. He’s able to run low to the ground. He makes cuts that I don’t think a lot of the running backs can make. So, he’s different in that aspect.”


You called your sightseeing tour peaceful. Are you able to do that in the United States and in San Francisco if you were to go out in the street?

“No, not in the Bay.”


What happens to you when you do try to do something like that?

“I don’t try anymore.”


Joe Montana is going to be in town this week, obviously a big part of the 49ers history. What does it mean to you to be a 49ers quarterback with that legacy at that position?

“It’s a great honor. There’s very high expectations, there’s great tradition. So, being a quarterback for the 49ers, you have a lot of great things to look up to and to try to accomplish to become one of the elite quarterback’s that have been a part of this franchise.”


Have you ever met Joe?

“Yes, I have.”


How was that?

“It was great. He was a very kind person, had a lot of good words for me. So, it was something that I really took to heart when he was talking to me.”


A lot of teams seem to suffer from a Super Bowl hangover if they don’t win it. But, that hasn’t seemed to affect the 49ers too much in recent games?

“I think for us we’re just focused on trying to get better every week, and making sure that we’re getting ready for the next game. We’re not trying to look forward to playoffs or the Super Bowl. We know we have to handle our business on a weekly basis.”


Was it a big challenge getting over losing the Super Bowl?

“I think for the offseason it was. Once we got back into training camp and got ready for this season, I think everybody is past that and moved on and focused on what we need to do now.”

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