Kaepernick on the loss to the Seahawks: “It’s not really something they did, it’s what we didn’t do.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick spoke in the locker room Wednesday afternoon. Here’s a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.


Head coach Jim Harbaugh just retold the story about you coming back from the Manning Passing Academy having met Colts QB Andrew Luck and then telling him about it. What do you remember from that?

“He’s a great quarterback, very intelligent, very intuitive. Knows what he’s doing on the field.”


Jim just said he saw a lot of similarities between you and Andrew. What similarities do you see?

“I think we go out to play to win. I think that’s the biggest thing that’s similar between us.”


How much tape of Luck did you watch when you got drafted by this team and were figuring out the offense?

“Watched a little bit of it, but it was more playbook work.”


Andrew just joked how he wouldn’t be one to run the read option, he’s not a good enough athlete. But would you beg to differ with his athleticism?

“He’s very athletic.”


What do you like about his game?

“He’s smart. He knows what he’s doing out there.”


You met him at the Manning Passing Academy for the first time?



What were your first impressions of him there?

“Once again, he was smart. He knew what he wanted to do on the field.”


RB Frank Gore said the Seahawks stacked the box quite a bit, were able to play the run. Are they unique because they have such a good secondary that they can get away with that?

“I think they get away with a lot of things on defense, but I think the biggest thing is we have to go out and execute. It’s not really something they did, it’s what we didn’t do.”


So what do you have to do this Sunday to get off to the right step?

“Play better.”


Do you face any teams that are anywhere near as, whatever word you want to use, physical at the line of scrimmage as they are with the outside guys?

“I don’t know. We’ll see as the year goes.”


How much do you appreciate what FB Bruce Miller does, not behind-the-scenes, but maybe doesn’t go noticed by the general public?

“Bruce does everything for this offense. He does everything we ask of him. He’s very versatile. He comes to work every day and you’re always going to get everything he has. He’s a very unique player.”


I know you’re close to NT Ian Williams. What is your reaction to his injury and of that specific type of play on which he was injured?

“It’s tragic. He’s a great player, a good friend. He’s someone that’s worked hard to get to that starting spot and for him to go down is just a bad situation.”


You think that type of cut block should be examined by the league?

“I really haven’t seen it on film so I can’t speak on that.”

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