Keeping Tom Rathman on 49ers staff would have been mistake

Deleting Tom Rathman from the 49ers’ coaching staff was the right move.

You’re out, Tom.

This has nothing to do with the type of person Rathman is or his quality as a running backs coach. He’s an excellent coach and was a fabulous fullback for the 49ers and the Raiders. He has a great history. Keeping him would have been a sentimental mistake.

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    1. Corey Davis reminds me of Terrell Owens – he’s fast, big, and physical. I think he’ll have a long productive NFL career.

      The 49ers could trade back and get Corey Davis + additional draft picks.

  1. John Lynch on their interactions with Kap

    “I do think that there are some things that are sacred,” Lynch said. “We did have a great discussion and I think Colin left excited and we left excited.

    “And I think as Kyle and I believe, the evaluation process is still very much fluid. We’ve only been on the job a couple of weeks and I can tell you we both very much enjoyed being around Colin, and he seems like he’s in a real good place”.

    1. Lynch has said, why wouldn’t a neophyte GM want someone with Gamble’s … who theoretically has tons of connections and experience himself.

      Low and behold, Gamble came up snake eyes. That’s why it is best to take what these guys say about pending personnel with a grain of salt….

      1. Yes, quite right, and most of their public comments at this time are playing their cards close to the vest, a means of obliquely sending messages to potential trade partners. No, we are not really desperately needy in that area, we have good options on hand. However, if the price is right, if we can structure a workable deal, then . . .

  2. True that, Grant. Do you think Trent Brown becomes a business casualty? Maybe part of a trade deal, because I do not believe he’s a fit either….

    1. Thanks, Razor.

      Brown ran a 5.29 at 355 pounds. I bet the team would like him to lose some pounds so it can see how much quicker he can become at a lighter weight.

      1. Agreed.

        But asking someone who had weight issues last season was addressed by Bill Walsh once.

        Walsh found out that Bubba Paris, Joe Montana’s blind side protector, was sneaking out of the Rocklin dorms at night to order fast food.

        Walsh went to all of the Rocklin fast food drive- throughs and gave them flyers of Paris to post at their windows. These stated: if you see this man hand him a low-cal salad.

        The next week, when Bubba went through all of the drive-through’s he was handed salads…Walla, problem solved !

        1. ahahahahhahahaahhahaaaahaaa! Are you kidding me?! God I enjoyed that tale! Well tell, you what as Grant stated you get Trent Brown for career sake to cut back on his food romance, and you may have one of the best offensive lineman in the NFL. The test with him is which passion measures the highest with that guy food, or football. I sure hope he picks the game because I wonder just how athletic he is. Jesus Christ I’m going to start telling that Bubba Paris story. Walsh is a God!

        2. TomD,
          Walsh later admitted one of his biggest regrets was how he handled Bubba’s weight issue. He wished he had left Bubba alone instead of picking a random weight he wanted Bubba to play at. He believed that the only measure that counted were speed, explosiveness and strength and Bubba always met the standards that Mckitrick set. He believed that his harping on Bubba on his weight had a negative effect on Paris.

          1. OC

            Excellent post….There are numerous stories and accounts of coaches going after a players weight only to kill their desire on the field. Don Shula tried to get “Big Daddy” Lipscomb to lose weight until he saw that he was depressed and it was affecting his play, and he stopped. Brown runs a 5.29 at 355 ? For crying out loud, He’s an Olineman…how often is he going to have to run 40 yards ? The best commendation I can think of comes from Vonn Miller who got shutout by Trent this season….buy him a Sundae……

      2. His enormity is an asset in pass pro, but also makes him a liability in the run game where it’s difficult for him to get leverage because he is so massive. Especially on the move and locking onto his target. You’d have to think he’ll need to drop 15-20 pounds and get into that 330-335 range. Not sure he can do it, since he couldn’t last year on the Chip Kelly Slurpee plan….

          1. I’d venture to guess you’re right on Garnett, Grant. Do you have a run blocking grade on Brown? I thought he was horrendous in that category last year….

            1. He got better as the season went on. Was especially good in the Jets game. But that was a different scheme. Now he has to reach and run.

              1. Brown had a reputation for quick feet (for his size) when he was drafted.

                His issue could be the quick lateral first step you need for reach blocks. He’s had a hard time time with those. Totally whiffed on a few. Could be a hip flexibility issue as much as a quickness issue.

          2. Do you think zane beadles is a better center than Daniel Kilgore?
            It might be a good idea to move ZB to center and Garnett from RG to his more natural LG position

          3. I suppose they may have been advocating replacing fat with muscle, so there needs to be little weight loss.

            You are right, the Niner linemen will need to be more agile and quick, especially in a KS system.

  3. Walter Football

    FA Grades:

    This is John Lynch’s first move as the general manager of the 49ers, and it’s a decent one. San Francisco fans will continue to hope that he doesn’t spend countless resources on terrible receivers like the previous TV analyst who became a kielbasa-loving front-office executive.

    Williams played well for the Browns in 2014 and 2015 as a nickel. He missed all of 2016 with an ankle injury, but he’s healthy now. He can provide the 49ers with some much-needed depth at cornerback. It’s unclear how much Williams will be earning, but it’ll likely be for something close to the minimum. Thus, I’m willing to give the 49ers a solid B+ grade

  4. If the Niners land Patrick DiMarco in free agency, that will be another backfield player versed in the new system.

  5. I agree with Rathman leaving. There is no need for him since we have Turner.

    I’m also glad Gamble is gone. Get rid of the previous regime. We have Peters and Mayhew now.

  6. My top three movies in the drama genre:

    1. Braveheart
    2. Godfather 2
    3. Legends Of The Fall(named my youngest son after the character Tristan)

        1. Your welcome. It’s crazy, because here in the black community, my friends don’t know anything about a good drama. I’m black and they try to sell me that “I got the hook up” by master p, is good drama. Lol

    1. Nice choices Razor and Steele. I like Godfather I and II equally. Raging Bull and A Clockwork Orange were great too. Does Raging Bull count as drama or sports, or both?

      1. Great movies all! Since you like westerns steelmatic, have you watched the new tv show “timeless?” It is a little campy but I do love how they have been portraying important and good people of history that should get more respect and props. Anyway the episode about Jessie James had the three heroes track down Batt Masterson to help them get Jessie James. Batt Masterson is a very famous and accomplished law man but ignored or not as respected because he is Black. It seems the Lone Ranger story is based on him. In this episode and it appears in”real life” he was one good dude and a badass. The only movie I would add to your list is Apocaplyse Now and Saving Private Ryan, but they may be in the catagory of War Dramas, still intense flicks! Timeless also did a episode of Apollo 13 and gave major props to the person who saved or helped save their lives, NASA, dominated by white guys in the 60’s, this mission was saved by a very smart black lady who’s name escapes me but her life and this mission at NASA was just released in a Major Movie. Timeless has been fun to watch but will probably get cancelled.

        1. Bass Reeves not Batt Masterson, sorry dyslexia or my screwed up brain got me again! It has been fun reading up on Bass. We need more dope like him in the world.

    2. Razor, cool name. Though Tristan was a character long long long before Legends Of The Fall.

      See Richard Wagner. See also Anglo myths dating back to medieval times.

      1. I wanted him here to go at least help through the draft, but they met with Kaep and he was let go. Wonder what Kaep was excited about.

        Guess Peters and Mayhew have everything under control

        1. John Lynch, discussing what he see’s watching 49ers game film:

          After praising the OL and DL, Lynch went on to say – “Do we have some places — probably the ultimate position, quarterback — where we need to improve? Absolutely,” he said. “And we’re committed to doing that.”

          Not the kind of endorsement that one would expect if hey had any plans on keeping any of the QBs, especially Kaep!

          1. Former NFL executive, and former 49ers scout (1984-1987) MICHAEL LOMBARDI joined The “NFL Show” on The Ringer, and absolutely lambasted Colin Kaepernick:

            “This is the biggest joke to me in the league right now – Kaepernick wants a meeting with the 49ers”

            Q: What’s going to happen with Kaepernick?

            Lombardi: “I’ll tell you what’s going to happen with Kaepernick. He’s going to be begging for a job in another couple of weeks. Who’s going to sign Kaepernick? Who’s paying Kaepernick anywhere near $4 million a year? What tape should I go watch to watch Colin Kaepernick play that tells me, ‘Oh my God, he’s really good! At least RG III – I didn’t get that move either – but there was a moment. Kaepernick’s moment was with [Jim] Harbaugh and his accuracy is horrendous. And because he didn’t stand for the national anthem, that became the story when the story is – forget all that stuff – the player isn’t playing very well”. Poor Chip Kelly,” Lombardi added. “He’s out of football. He bought into it.”

            Lombardi added: “I know this for a fact: There are people in the 49ers organization that thought Christian Ponder was the best quarterback on their team.”


            1. I think Lombardi was a tad over the top, but I found his comment about Christian Ponder being regarded by many within the 49ers organization as the best QB on the team last season, very interesting.

              Will the 49ers sign Ponder to a short term deal and bring him into camp?

  7. Washington is desperate. They can keep Cousins this year with the tag. The year after, Cousins would leave and the Skins would get nothing.

    Lynch and Shanahan aren’t as desperate. They both have job security. But they have to act now if they want to make sure Cousins will be their QB of the future.

    Cousins would draw plenty of attention if he hit the open market. Los Angeles (McVay connection), Denver (SB team), and Houston who is currently better than us. Also, Brady and or Big Ben could retire.

    This trade would be the first big move for Lynch and probably the most important move. Lynch has leverage and he needs to use it. He doesn’t have to give away the farm.

    1. #80, your right, he doesn’t have e to give away the farm, but if the Redskins franchise him, they will have to give away the farm if we offer a contract. At least 2 1st rounders.

          1. Teams that could make a run at Cousins through FA in 2018.

            NE – If Garoppolo is dealt and Brady retires
            Pitt – If Rothlesberger retires

            Of course all of them won’t be looking for QBs. But make no mistake, there would be some competition for Cousins.

            1. Kaep had good positive discussions with Lynch and KS. Lynch said that both sides were excited after the meeting.
              He said that they were both frank and honest with each other.

              Sure looks like Kaep is staying.


              1. Yeah Sebnnoying one discussion looks to be a 5 year extension for Kap and a guarantee starter.

              2. You wanted the Niners to rehire Chip and Tomsula. That didn’t happen.

                You wanted the Niners to hire Gamble as the GM. That didn’t happen.

                What’s next?

              3. Lynch and KS made a commitment to Kaep alright. The committed they’d be “honest” with him. They “committed to what we talked about remaining between us”. How much remaining could have been talked over one meeting? The plot thickens.

              4. What do you expect him to say…”we butted heads, we think he’s a primadona, we think he’s a black sheep for the team, he will be released tomorrow”???

                This is called spin.

              5. Yes, I said that because Jed was floundering, dragging Wormtongue with him and getting scorned and humiliated. At that time, even Grant was saying that KS may not come to the Niners.

                Fortunately, Lynch fell into their laps and saved the day, something your little brain could not anticipate or comprehend.

                Now your screeds against Kaep have shown you to be totally clueless about player assessments, since both Lynch and KS had positive discussions with Kaep and he has not been cut, like you have been squealing for since last year.

                Go ahead, remind me when I am wrong, just like I will remind you of when you were wrong, too.

                Remember, Kaep took the league by storm.

              6. Rib, I am elated that they are keeping private discussions private. Maybe Lynch has turned around the culture by not leaking like a sieve.

                Of course, both sides are keeping all their options open, they are just being smart.
                Sure was interesting to see Kaep meet with them, then Gamble was let go. What an amazing coincidence.

              7. Not really spin. It’s just keeping thoughts about the position direction very close to the vest. If the team cut Kaep, the only QB on the roster, *right now* how do you suppose would that effect future trade negotiations for other QBs?

              8. Em, they could have announced that they will be petty and emo, taken the haters advice and cut Kaep.

                Instead, they said that they will not let emotions cloud their decision making, and they had positive discussions with Kaep. Lynch also said that they were both excited, that is something he did not have to say.

                They could have spun it the other way, too.

              9. >>Em, they could have announced that they will be petty and emo, taken the haters advice and cut Kaep.

                Entering trade negotiations for a serviceable QB when you have *no* other QBs on your roster, or if you give the indication that you are unhappy with who you have on your roster, would be the dumbest of dumba$$ moves. It doesn’t take FO genius to recognize that. Maybe that’s what the previous FO regime would have done.

              10. Well said Rib. Cutting any QB in Feb tells the league you are QB focused exclusively via draft, trade or free agency.
                Showing your hand for potential trade partners by doing that is a bad business decision.
                Better to wait this out and see what transpires with other QB’s on the market or not.

              11. Rib, that is exactly what the former FO did. They leaked smears and denigrated their QB, destroying his trade value.

                Kaep is smart, and will not give up his contract, because if he opts out, he will undoubtedly have to accept less.
                Kaep has not said a word in public, which is smart. The Niners have reviewed the film and have probably decided they want Kaep playing for them, instead of against them.

              12. The Kaep haters did not care about Kaep being the only QB on the roster.

                They wanted Kaep cut after the last game of the season.

                They wanted Kaep cut after Lynch was hired.

                They wanted Kaep cut the day after the SB.

                They still want him cut now.

                This whole- it is smart to keep him as a bargaining chip- is specious, and desperate back tracking.

              13. >> They leaked smears and denigrated their QB, destroying his trade value.

                the only thing that his destroyed his trade value is his:

                1. recent production on the field.

                2. his commitment to social issues in a very conservative league.

                No leaks, no smears necessary to bolster that.

              14. Keep him as a bargaining chip? Bargaining with who? No team wants to take on that contract which is why he’s still here.

                Will he be on the team in 2017? We’ll find out here pretty soon.

              15. Jack, not a bargaining chip as a throw-in as part of a trade deal, but as an indicator that the team is not as QB-desperate as they would seem with *no* QBs on the roster.

              16. Rib, Kaep actually played pretty well last season. He had 16 TDs with only 4 picks, a 90.7 rating, and was clutch snapping that losing streak.

                He did not play so poorly that they would want to cut him.

                His social activism in a conservative league line does not hold water, when the league tolerates domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and drunk driving. If they get in a tizzy over some one peacefully and silently protesting, maybe they do not have their priorities straight.

                Sounds like you are condoning leaks and smears.

              17. A comment Lynch also made ( that’s strangely not gaining any traction) was when he was discussing the strength of the O and D-lines. He said “QB was obviously a position we need to get better at”. That doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement for Kap.

              18. It looks like Kaepernick is staying Seb? Based on what, this meeting?

                I’d put the chances that Colin plays for Kyle Shanahan next season at about 5%, meaning there is a 95% chance Colin is playing elsewhere in 2017.

                But at least there is a chance, right?

            2. >>was clutch snapping that losing streak that he led.

              fixed that for you.

              >>Sounds like you are believe leaks and smears have nothing to do with why no other teams want Kaep.

              fixed that too.

              BTW, care to detail all these “smears” and how they might affected Kaep’s value in the NFL marketplace?

              1. Sigh, since you insist. Kaep was smeared by the leak that he studied 5 times less than Gabbert. Too bad that Gabbert, even with all that extra study time, could not complete a pass to the flat to Hyde.

                That was proprietary information, and never should have been leaked at all.

                Kaep was smeared by some leaks that he had lost the locker room. That was debunked by Kaep winning the Eshmont.

                Kaep was smeared when the quacks told him to ice his shoulder. He went and got a second opinion, and they discovered that he had a significant tear which was affecting his throwing motion. Then the smeared him more by saying he was a quitter, when he was so injured, he needed 3 surgeries. one surgery was to the thumb on his throwing hand, but many claimed he was inaccurate while fully healthy.

                Kaep was supposedly going to opt out, but after the meeting with Lynch and KS, both sides were excited, and Lynch praised Kaep many times.Glad to see Gamble being let go after that meeting.

                Kaep was stabbed in the back when they met at the combine, and the leaker asked him to take a pay cut, even though they had 46 mil in cap space.

                Kaep has been unfairly vilified for standing up for justice. His detractors seem to want to justify cops shooting unarmed civilians. Now posters are calling him a distraction, even though there is no evidence of that on the field of play.

                Kaep seems to have a great capacity to turn the other cheek, and forgive the leaks, lies and smears against him. I admire him even more for that.

                I hope he remains the Niner QB for years, and help them win a couple more rings.

              2. Allegedly coming from the team, none of that makes any sense whatsoever. Any player is a valuable asset to the team, either on the roster or as part of a trade. Why would the FO purposely devalue it’s assets? If the forces that be wanted him gone, it could have done it much, much simpler. Likely these “smears” came from forces outside of 4900 Marie Debartolo Way.

              3. I’ll say this about you Americans and specifically you Seb, everything is a big conspiracy theory.
                Never mind the on field performance that showed complete regression, it was the rumours inside 4949 that caused Kap to not get better as a player.
                Another great story for American history!

              4. Rib, when had anything coming from the FO made sense last year?

                I felt like they we intentionally tanking just to get a good draft position.

                Of course it is not smart to destroy any trade value, but that is exactly what they did. The leaks and smears were a torrent like Niagara falls. Paraag and Baalke just thought it was a way to conduct business.

                No wonder Lynch made a stipulation that they did not leak he was being considered, as a condition to him accepting the job.
                Too bad there still was a small leak, stating that there was a dark horse candidate. It did not specify Lynch by name, but they still leaked that some one other than Paton and McDonough was being considered.

                Baalke hated Kaep because he was the last vestige of the JH era. He wanted to get rid of Kaep, and by tearing him down, he thought he could get Kaep to lower his salary. Too bad Kaep was paid in full, so that strategy backfired. Of course, Baalke was the type of guy to cut a player on the team bus just to show everyone who is boss, but the end result was a 2-14 season.

                Baalke was a cancer, but now Baalke is gone. Lynch, by being open and honest with Kaep, yet being so upstanding that he will keep their discussions confidential, just proves to me that Lynch is light years better than Baalke.

              5. >> He wanted to get rid of Kaep, and by tearing him down, he thought he could get Kaep to lower his salary.

                Here’s what he most likely thought. I want to get rid of Kaep, I’ll just cut him. Kelly may squeal but so what, I’m calling the personnel shots.

                Stop with this team leaking that hurts Kaep nonsense. Or at least consider this to be just as likely. Kaep fired his agent – he’s never given reason for it. Maybe that was the source of these “leaks”.

        1. Wait 13 months. Give away nothing.


          I read the comments from you and Grant on the other board about this, and while I agree that getting Cousins a year from now for nothing other than a big contract is favorable, it is not a foregone conclusion. The reason you trade for him – and make no mistake the trade I posted yesterday was a rumored swap of 1st round picks only, even though I would be willing to give up a pick in 2018 as well – is to take away the possibility of him not being available in the future. It’s easy to sit here and say the same opportunity will arise after next season, but a lot of things can happen to derail it and often do. The trade chart isn’t followed to the letter anymore so looking up points per pick is really not an indication of what teams are willing to give up under every scenario. If you feel Cousins is your starter for the long term which they obviously would if they traded for him, then giving up the equivalent of a 3rd overall pick is not out of line. He’s a top ten QB, I know some are resisting that notion, but he has ranked in the top ten the past two years, and in fact was top 5 in many categories. We then get the talent around him and not winning more games argument but that is easily dismissed when you look at the fact a lot of top QB’s have had the same benefits and have not made the playoffs because football continues to be the ultimate team sport. Cousins has shown he is capable of playing like a top ten QB and that is worth a high first round pick imo.

          Another thing I need to stress here is that if you’re Kyle Shanahan, you are interested in Cousins being here as soon as possible so that you have a QB that knows the system and can run it effectively even as you add players to it that haven’t played in it before. A HC isn’t thinking about blowing off a year just so he can get a better deal later. He’s thinking he needs a QB now and who is the best option available. The earlier you get a QB in place, the sooner you set your team on a course for playoff contention. Cousins this year helps you get there a lot sooner than Cousins next year, and again that is if he is even available next year.

          As it is, I still don’t see the Skins trading him anyway, but if there is truth to the rumors, I can’t see the Niners not being interested in doing it. You rarely get the opportunity to add an established starting QB of this caliber, and a team with as dire a QB situation as the Niners should be all over it if it’s an option imo.

          1. >>You rarely get the opportunity to add an established starting QB of this caliber, and a team with as dire a QB situation as the Niners should be all over it if it’s an option imo.

            I’m not equating Cousins with D. Carr (or statistically, maybe I should. idk) but when the Raiders lost Carr, that team looked about as futile as the Niners did last season. A top 10 QB can go a long way in masking/overcoming the deficiencies of the rest of the team.

            1. That’s a great point ribico and Carr comparisons are warranted. Before last season many were questioning Carr’s ceiling but after one pro bowl caliber season he was being talked about as an MVP candidate. Cousins has put up two pro bowl seasons and yet he’s still being considered as a middle of the pack QB by some on here.

              1. Cousins is still widely questioned as to whether he is as good as the stats indicate. Not just on here. And by people that spend their days analysing players.

              2. And by people that spend their days analysing players.

                One of him is our head coach who when asked described Cousins as being as good as anybody processing and going fast in the pocket….

              3. According to Mike Lombardi that same coach absolutely loved Jimmy Garoppolo in 2014. That’s the option they should explore first.

              4. That’s the option they should explore first.

                Fine with me, however I’d prefer the one that’s proved himself two consecutive years rather than the one that got injured 2 games in….

              5. I thought you preferred whichever one Shanahan preferred?

                I do. You don’t think myself pretentious enough to think I know better than he does do you?

              6. Then why say you prefer Cousins to Garoppolo?

                Instead of “prefer”, how about feel better? Or maybe I should just shut my mouth and say, whatever Shanny decides is good enough for me. Better?

              7. I have no probs with you saying you prefer him. You are entitled to your opinion. As am I. Without someone inferring I am being pretentious for having one.

              8. Without someone inferring I am being pretentious for having one.

                If that’s what I did, my apologies;>)

              9. Niners would be in fierce competition for either. One thing in Cousins column is that he been very public and extremely complimentary of both Lynch and Shanny.

                I haven’t heard what Garoppolo thinks.

              10. Scooter,

                Every player is questioned until they win consistently regardless of what the circumstances are. Doesn’t take away from the fact that Cousins numbers are among the best in the NFL during his two year run as the starter in DC. I could see the consternation if there were clear examples of him failing in some aspect, but there really aren’t. He’s been the best offensive player for the Skins by a wide margin, can throw every route accurately, doesn’t turn the ball over at an alarming rate, has led comeback wins, is a high character guy who you hear nothing about off the field. He hasn’t had much of a running game to rely on and yet there he is racking up huge numbers and a great completion percentage in an offense that goes down the field a lot. I’m not sure what it is that you aren’t seeing that gives you the impression he isn’t a top ten QB, but his play has been at that level for two years.

                I think Shanahan’s first choice is Cousins. Just a guess on my part but his prior history with Cousins and the performance in his first two years as a starter would put him squarely ahead of Garoppolo in Shanny’s eyes imo. Having said that, I would be open to Garoppolo too as I’ve mentioned previously. I just wouldn’t give up as much for him because of the lack of playing time and resume.

          1. But how much? Will he improve enough that McVay feels he has a ceiling as high or higher than Cousins? Will Goff just be a middle of the road QB?

            Cousins to the Rams is a real possibility. We can’t let him hit FA. I think Denver and LA would heavily pursue Cousins.

            1. But how much?

              Dunno. I had his bust factor with Fisher at 60%. McVay in my view drops it down to 30%. Depends I guess on how much he’s been Fisherized….

              1. I dunno either, to be honest. That was the point of my Cousins to LA possibility. Goff didn’t look good last year, so McVay wanting to bring in Cousins to run his offense next year isn’t balderdash as a few people have suggested.

              2. Goff looked exactly like I thought he would last year. The fact that he couldn’t absorb the Fischer playbook doesn’t portend well with the McVay playbook. But, at least he has someone who knows how develop the position. I don’t like this idea of “we can always get Cousins next year” crap. Too much can happen in a years time….

    2. If they don’t believe in Kap as their QB they could offer him to Redskins as trade for Cousins

      Kap is going to be a successful starting QB in the NFL – He has issues but I saw progressions. Under the right coaching he could return to his Harbaugh era form.
      The biggest loser in the harbaugh firing was Kap.

  8. If lynch gives up 2 firsts for Cousins he should be fired the following day. The Niners can wait for Cousins to be a free agent in 2018… If he wants to play for Kyle that bad he signs with SF in 2018… No need to trade any firsts for Cousins. If they franchise him they can still negotiate compensation. At that point the Skins lose more leverage cause they do not want to commit to Cousins with a long term deal. Plus Cousins reportedly wants out. Going to be an intriguing couple weeks coming up. Who folds first.

  9. Western Michigan WR Corey Davis is in the discussion to be the No. 1 receiver to come off the board this year, but there appears to be some concerns about whether he’s a true top-tier receiving prospect.

    “Davis definitely has the size, route-running ability and production to be an eventual starter,” an AFC executive tells Bucky Brooks of “I like him, but I have some concerns about his speed and ability to thrive against top competition. Watch him against Wisconsin and Ohio State (2015), and you’ll see him struggle a bit. … He does have some ‘wow’ to him and I respect the skill set, but I’m not convinced that he is a No.1.”

    1. The Niners should concentrate on signing FA WRs, because the rookies need a year to work out and get stronger, and study the playbook. They need to bulk up to survive the hammering they will take. That is why so many rookies get injured, and Free Agents are superior because they have proven to be durable and battle tested.

      Niners should take a WR in the draft, but wait until the 4th or 5th round.

    2. #80 – that’s smoke screen and is intended to devalue Corey Davis. I bet this AFC executive would love to land Davis in the draft.

  10. Hey Mood, contrary to what you say JL said in a supposed quote, KS stated point blank in his interview just the other day on KNBR that he has NOT met in person with Kraep, only sharing a few text’s and a phone call, so the statement “enjoyed being around him” is not true, at least as far as KS is concerned. JL and KS are being very diplomatic at this point, which is very smart. They are holding their cards close to their chest until they play their hand, which is also smart. As an avid gambler, I’d say the odds right now of Kraep being either off or on the roster for the 2017 season are 80/20 off/on. Let’s hope for the 80. ;)

    1. Gnomo, you are ignorant of the facts. Kaep met face to face with both Lynch and KS. Lynch said that it was a very positive meeting, and both were excited. Gamble also was let go, so it was a very productive day.

      1. Seb- Just imagine the grinding and nashing of teeth if KS decides that they will go with Kaep as the starter the coming season. Do you think we will see massive protests in front of SC with fans bearing signs that say ” Not my QB”.

  11. I wish Tom Rathman could have stayed, but he knew that KS had to honor his promise to his friend. I thought he was a class act to step down, and wish him every success in his new ventures.

    Tom has left twice before, so it is not unprecedented, but I sure admire the job he did. Even with a 2 win season, the Niner rushing attack was 4th in the league. The season before, he coached up a rugby player, and made cut couch potatoes productive.

  12. They were 4th in rushing total yards, 11th in YPCarry, and Big Drum Roll….31st in passing yards. I’m guessing 31st was not the reason everyone was so giddy after Kaep stopped by. Here’s the net…the 9ers ran a lot against Defenses already in “give mode” cuz 9ers ran a lot of plays in garbage time. Stats don’t lie, but you are wise not to believe that one stat category tells the tale.

    1. Max, crazy part is, it was that much garbage time and they ran up rushing stats, not passing stats. Usually guys get their extra numbers from garbage time passing. Shows how bad it was last year

    2. I was referring to Rathman, and the job he did. I was not referring to the QB coach, who was only marginally better than a DJ, or the WR coach who ended up playing UDFA and 4th stringers.

  13. Steeles master p.comment dumb as ive read……referencing “the black community” on such a lame point wonder what black folks ur speakn of. Dumb af.

    1. And if you go back and read, I said my friends. My friends are not the “black community”. If you can’t read and react at the same time, read and shut the hell up.

      1. My friends are my friends, all 5 of them. So if 5 people proves community to you, if hate to see the world you live in

  14. KS and Lynch and CK7 were all excited and optimistic after the Meeting — translation: We congratulated Kap on his “rebound” stats during the wretched 2016 season. We placed our cards on the table and Kap is agreeable with our plan. He understands that he will have to compete for the starter’s position in training camp against unknown others, nothing will be guaranteed, and that his current salary must be renegotiated. Caveat: all of that subject to change on short notice. Kap left the building with his head in a good place, not having been summarily axed.

    1. GnomoD, glad to see you squirming.

      Of course, every player on a 2-14 team will compete for a job. Just a fact of life.

      Interesting to note that Kaep fired his agent, met with Lynch and KS, and Gamble was let go after the meeting. What an amazing coincidence.

      Maybe Kaep told them that he would not return as long as the stench of Baalke is still at the Niners. I wonder if Paraag is next.

      Kaep also probably told them that the Niners should spend every penny of the salary cap before asking him for a pay cut. Maybe if the Niners spend it all and need to sign a player who will help them win, will Kaep consider lowering his salary.

      Kaep is smart, and will not rely on promises that will not be kept like he did with Baalke. Right now, the Niners have 90 mil in cap space, so Kaep’s salary is not keeping the Niners from signing anyone. Kaep’s salary is a bargain when you consider Cousins, Taylor Osweiler Bradford and Cutler.

      1. >>Kaep also probably told them that the Niners should spend every penny of the salary cap before asking him for a pay cut.

        Lol. If he said that and they didn’t cut on the spot he should consider himself extreeeeeemely fortunate.

        1. Self-delusion, like rust, never sleeps, and never tires of repainting the house of cards it has built in the air. But reality tends to bite and always bite hard. And you are right of course — KaperDud is in no position to make laughable ultimatums of any kind.

          1. Oh, this will be fun, watching you grind your teeth.

            How come you are not singing? Ding dong, the wicked haters are brain dead!

          1. Seb…

            With all your name calling and zealotry, you could be pretty funny. But now with your rants about, in effect, recreate ’68… have lost your edge. you are ranting not unlike “The Symbionese Liberation Army”…or one of those whack-jobs Clint Eastwood used to whup-ass on back in the 70’s….and now implying that Kap and his followers are going to change the culture, the world, the universe………I know, I’m a hater…blahblahblahblah…….your losing your edge.

    1. That is quite interesting and might be quite workable, depending on the Pats reasonable flexibility. One way or the other, I think we will soon know the real lay of the land. Very exciting prospects from where I stand.

          1. Can you stream games live? Later?
            I’m always intrigued how it works for the Faithful on the fringe.
            We’ve got Oztrailia, Thailand, Philippines, Guam, Italy, UK, Netherlands,
            Mexico, Canada & Sebastopol as international contributors. Long time ago there was Andrew From Rishikish, but he’s been Mouni for a bit.

  15. I think Gamble was let go because they got a look at his draft board and realized that it reflected what Parcells would have drafted at the end of the last century.

    One look was all it took.
    “bye Tom.”

      1. Hah ha ha, you look into your delusional thoughts and see what never was, then bray to the board loud and long about what never will be. But carry on, you’re always good for a skewered laugh.

          1. No one can say you are not loyal to Kap. However, he is a great athlete who will never be Shanahan’s long term qb. Perhaps, he will be a place holder until a newly drafted qb is ready, but I doubt it.

            When you listen to Shanahan talk about what he needs in a qb the two things that are always mentioned are “a natural thrower” and “accuracy”. Those are two things that are very low on Kaps list of abilities.

            Kap may be the short term place holder, but if I was betting money on him it would be that he is gone.

            Also, Lynch and Shanahan will say all the right things about Kaps right to protest (btw, I applaud him), but they will not want that distraction going forward.

            1. I remember one game when Kaep was point on accurate in the first half, and would have been perfect except the receiver dropped the ball after it hit both his hands.

              Maybe you need to read the whole statement KS said. He then went on to mention that pure throwers were very rare, and if a QB has mobility, he can make up for not being a pure passer.

              Sure am glad that KS is smart, and competent enough to take any QB, and make him better. Kaep, in KS’s system, will thrive because he will finally be utilized properly.

              Kaep is not a distraction at all on the field, and Lynch said they will not let emotions cloud and sway their decision making process.

              1. It would be so nice to have one thread that didn’t involve Kap speculation. I thought the Alex marathon threads were crazy but this is taking it to another level.

              2. I can’t believe we need to call it “speculation.” Most people already know he’s gone, don’t cater to the one or two that just can’t accept it.

            2. >> utilized properly

              Exclusive read option? Roll outs? That’s the only thing that they can utilize with Kaep’s skills. And that offensive ship has sailed.

              1. No, I do not want them to roll out Kaep every play, or play exclusively the read option.

                That would be obtuse.

                I do, however, want them to break containment, be totally unpredictable, and unsheathe all of their weapons.

                I would like to see more screens, draws, Play action, controlled roll outs, misdirection, looking off the safeties, fly sweeps, end arounds, reverses. quick slants, third down bombs, flea flickers and even the Statue of liberty.

                I would like to see less of running into the teeth of the defense, and a total lack of adjustments in the second half.

  16. >>You’re out, Tom.

    Nice reference Grant :)

    But in the original, Tom was not out, it was a smoke screen sent to keep the speaker of those words enemies off guard. Tom comes back strong in the sequel. Will our Tom?

    1. Glad to see KS being so smart even back then. He will look at this team and realize that they need to fix the defense first.

      Trubisky is a fantasy at 2. Bet you will never collect on your bet, he will welsh on the deal.

      1. Trubisky is a fantasy at 2.

        You make the stars
        Illusions and dreams
        You’re what you are
        Do you know what I mean

        I hear you clear
        See in your eyes
        Lying to please
        It pleases to lie

        You say, it’s your way
        You say we’ll make it
        Right to the top
        Your BS gets me
        What have you got

        I don’t believe
        A word you say
        You make me laugh
        Get outta my way

        You say, it’s your way
        Now listen to what I think of you

        Son of a Mitch, kiss my arse
        Son of a Mitch
        Son of a Mitch, you butthead
        Son of a Mitch

        *This is for meant for entertainment purposes only;>)

  17. If Smith would come available would they take him back? I say yes and than we build around him the draft and free agency 2017 and draft the future QB next year. Reports saying that the Chiefs may go Romo or Garoppolo.

    1. No way in hell Shanny would be interested in Alex Smith. He does not possess the aggressive nature that Shanny desires in his quarterback. Same goes for son of a Mitch Trubiscuit….

  18. The mental, emotional, and fact twisting antics of The Last Apologist are amusing. It will be a thrill ride I’m sure to witness the gnashing of teeth and blame blasting that follows CK”s eventual departure. Very imaginative fantasies can be expected.
    But hey, maybe the whole world is crazy and Colin will take the NFL by storm and lead the hapless Niners to the SB, but right now, I can only find this lone voice on the planet who believes that. There are a few people around who declare that the planet is a flat disc too.
    So. Colin sold his house in NorCal
    Someone said, I haven’t heard it from Colin’s mouth, that he intends to opt out.
    Has anyone said Colin (the only QB on the roster) has been handed a Playbook?
    Colin fired his agent.
    2/23, No agent still.
    2/23-2/26 Wink-wink Tampering Time during Combine; no rep, no networking.
    FA Period. No rep to explore potential opportunities or contract parameters.
    3/2 – 3/7 crucial decision time for CK. File his own paperwork?
    Here I’m guessing, but I think Colin has seen the light (that someone else can’t see)
    that his perceived market value has slipped Yugely. It’s not clear what offers he would get elsewhere, and not promising on the financial side. His current deal with the Niners is no doubt his absolute best case scenario, and I’d bet that only a severely restructured deal would keep him in town; if he doesn’t re-do he’d be cut, maybe after 6/1. Bottom line: he may be chicken to go FA, he may not have an offer here for Plan B, and we are once again wondering just what he’s thinking.
    For mine, he’s better off opting out, taking a back-up or compete gig with lowered expectations, and trying to redeem himself over time. The Cinderella Scenario is a reprise of Plunkett; but that thar’s Roulette odds.

    1. BT, after all the back stabbing, lies and smears Kaep has had to endure, I had been resigned to him leaving many times. I would have wished him well and moved on, just expecting the Niners to keep losing.

      With Kaep retained, I hope they can win more than 6 games.

      Yes, Kaep will undoubtedly have to accept a pay cut if he opts out, so his best option is to play out his existing contract as a prove it season, and hope he will show them that he can help the Niners win games, so they will have the luxury of not worrying about the QB position and can concentrate on fixing the defense.

      Yes, right now, I get to crow, because what Lynch said was a big kick in the teeth to the Kaep detractors (you included).

      No, you are not very astute to think Kaep will want to opt out and take a backup role for less money, when right now, he is the starting QB due to the fact that he is the only QB on the roster.

      1. “After the backstabbing, lies, and smears….”Yeah. Kap’s a victim. A victim of his own non performance on the field. The eye in the sky doesn’t lie.
        It doesn’t matter what is written, you’ll find some way to twist it to your agendas.
        “Right now I get to crow” about what? You’re victorious because he hasn’t been escorted out of the building? He hasn’t even been offered a reduced contract by the Niners yet. I guess that’s another of your vacuous ‘I win!’ absurdities.

        1. LOL, got ya good. I really know how to push your buttons, because the vehemence of your reply is very telling.

          I have not reduced you to spewing expletives, but you are heading that way.

          Try harder. So far, you are disappointing me.

          1. Seb you keep forgetting your role on this blog.
            You are the a$$ clown. So when something stupid is said, and usually it’s you, we point that out.
            Keep up the good work!

            1. No, Prime, you are the one everyone finds amusing. It does not take me much to get you all lathered up spewing expletives.

          2. You need a little vacation, Seb. You can come back with that rapier wit of yours, all fresh an ready to go.

            But right now, you need a vacation.

            1. Saw once Kap is released you’ll see Seb cry/moan and blame this new regime for making a huge mistake. It’ll be more of the same pathetic snivelling. Brace yourself.

              1. Prime, you are setting yourself up. I can only imagine how butt hurt you will be after March 2nd.

                So far, you have been dead wrong for the entire time you have been posting, so brace yourself to being wrong, again.

                Remember, you said that Kaep took the league by storm. I am confident with lynch as GM, and KS as the HC, they will not throw something precious away that might haunt them.

            1. BT, remember who I am to you? I am THAT guy.

              I am the guy you send out on point, because you do not care if he lives or dies. Better him than you.

              What a profile in courage.

          3. Wow, NOW I get it! No wonder Sebbie is always promoting The Art of War……..

            Do you argue with the checker at Whole Foods?
            The Mail Carrier?
            We know you argue with your neighbor; you told on yourself.
            We don’t actually want to know all these details, but you won’t stfu
            You bring it on yourself, so they’ll be an audience for your meltdown in this room when your LoveBoy ejects.
            Will,you follow him?

            1. From day one he came on here declaring this and that. It’s no one wonder Niner Nation banned him. He’s selfish like his idol!

      2. “what Lynch said was a big kick in the teeth to the Kaep detractors”

        It was? As far as anyone knows maybe the conversation was about how they were going to let him find a new place to land and if not maybe a new deal could get done here. You know an amicable split where both parties are happy.

        If you want to crow, knock yourself out. Just don’t whine if others start feeding it to you.

        1. Jack, I have been enduring your scorn, but you all have not touched me. You, on the other hand, like to dish it out, but sure cant take it.

          1. “Jack, I have been enduring your scorn, but you all have not touched me”.

            Seb, you live vicariously thru Kap, thinking you are both “victims”. That’s why you root so very hard for him. you see him much as yourself–some enlightened genious trying to show us all the right way to think, act, behave….but we don’t. Therefore, your victim-hood.

            1. Saw, I am just a fan of the San Francisco 49ers. I was a fan way before Kaep came here, and will be a fan after he leaves, hopefully after he leads them to a couple more rings.

              I am a fan of the starting Quarterback, and since he is the only QB under contract, he is the de facto starter until they decide otherwise.

              Guess you hate him so much, you exacerbate the animosity against him, and since I am a fan, you think that you can attack me ad hominem.

              Some fan you are. I am proud to stand up for human rights, and Kaep has made a difference, which is something that cannot penetrate your pointy little head. Maybe in the rest of your life, you may want to try to make this world a better place, but I think you are content to keep the status quo, and tolerate injustices, because you cannot stand change.

              You are intolerant and prejudiced. It is almost as if you want to defend cops shooting unarmed civilians, both black and white.

              Victim hood? Just because I decry the wanton slaughter of innocent people? The victims are like Oscar Grant, who lay on his belly while handcuffed and was shot in the back. They are doubly victimized by the Blue Line that lets rogue cops escape justice.

              Yes, I have been the victim of bullying, but I do not complain much. I am used to posters hurling expletives at me, but do not degenerate to their level.

              Go ahead, engage me, write poems, knock yourself out.
              I find it deliciously ironic that you cannot tolerate my presence, and try to ban me, drive me away, or give me a -Time out. Yet when I am the tiniest bit antagonistic, you go suck your thumb and cry, saying that I am being mean to you.

              Grow up. This is not my first rodeo. Blogs can be so different, and I find this one pleasantly refreshing. Sure there are the trolls, but trolls exist everywhere. Here, there are actually posters who can calmly and logically discuss strategies and tactics, and more importantly, can form a cogent arguments.

              I root for Kaep because he is worth rooting for. I admire his dedication and am in awe of his capacity to forgive, especially after being repeatedly stabbed in the back.He also has skillsets that are jaw droppingly impressive. Too bad the past coaches were not smart enough to utilize him properly, but I hope KS can let him break containment so he can be a dual threat and unstoppable force.

              Kaep has more courage in his toenail clippings than you have in your entire body, because Kaep has had to endure death threats, but still will keep on protesting silently and peacefully. To me, that is courage under fire, which shows he has the right stuff to lead this team.

              The NFL are a bunch of gutless wonders, too. GMs blustering about how they would cut Kaep, but doing it incognito. The NFL will tolerate rapists, domestic violence perpetrators, dog killers, Drunk drivers, and even child beaters, but heaven forbid some one kneeling to advocate for justice in America.

              The NFL has tons of good press for just causes like breast cancer, but Kaep brings out the hate like they used to reserve against black players, and now employ against gay players. The NFL is dong everything it can to shun Kaep, by not showing him kneeling on camera, but the cause is just, and it will not go away by ignoring it.

          2. Feel free to say whatever you like about me Seb. This is a football blog and I therefore put very little worry into what nameless people say or think about me. ✌️

              1. Who’s been here longer? I think I’d know.
                Before you got here there was never anything like it is now. There was the occasionsal back and forth but your problem is you repeat the same BS and never know when to shut your mouth.
                We should start a poll? Whose the blog pimple on the arse?

            1. Naw, like I said, they have not touched me, and they cannot make me get so upset that I spew expletives like you do.

        1. Oregon, I am in Florence due west of Eugene. I am heading to Oroville, Cal, on Sunday meeting with two fellow Vietnam Vets, then heading to Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico up to Colorado then back to Florence and then getting ready for my 48 state romp in two months (I hope).

          1. Undercenter

            Sounds like a great trip ! Don’t get too close to the spillway at Oroville Dam…I almost took a job on it after the service in the early ’60s. Since we’re almost neighbors now, I’ll look for your return posts and maybe we can get together for a visit and coffee or a more adult beverage….enjoy

    2. Lucidly expressed, BT, and as CFC said above, the time of speculation on this subject has already expired. Now it’s merely a matter for the awkward facts to ‘thunk’ into place, severely disturbing the fantasy world of a few delusional worshipers. But never let it be said that obsession ever takes even an eyeblink of a vacation.

      1. I’ll second the lucidly expressed compliment BT and thanks for the long thread that I could skip over all the way down to here. Your comments on Kaep are all that needs to be said on the subject…and that’s the truth!

  19. Been fairly busy of late so I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time trying to go back through and grab screens but these two shots of the same play are a good example of what I saw commonly from them in their 5-2.

    No tight end but Myles is on the closed side of the field. If that WR was to move down next to the tackle that would be the strong side of the line. You’ll also notice that Cyprien is no where near the los. Telvin Smith is lined up right across from the A gap.

    1. Grant/moderator pls approve this comment, just a couple of screenshots. The one link per comment without moderation rule is kind of a drag.

      1. I know. I was lazy and went with the first one I found. I’ll look for more later today, just a bit busy.

    1. media convos have your boy Mahones moving up the board. I’m reading high 2nd, and heard some Top5 statements, but it is lying season.

      1. I wish that wasnt’ the case. He needs a dui so he gets drafted where he should otherwise whomever uses a first on him will ruin him by playing him too soon.

      2. Mahomes is arguably the best prospect in the draft from a physical stand point, so it only stands to reason he will get a push up the ladder in a lackluster QB class like this. I still don’t see a move into the first due to the fact he has a lot to improve on mechanically and comes from the Air Raid, but if he tests as well as he is capable, you never know.

        1. I think he’s pretty bright and will show well during the interviews this will convince coaches and GM’s that his flaws are fixable, whether they are or not. With this weak class the first round has become a real possibility for him, unfortunately.

          1. Yeah when you don’t have a consensus best QB or even a consensus on first round grades for the QB’s, a guy like Mahomes starts to look better and better. I hope for his sake he doesn’t go in the first because he truly is a guy that will need to sit for a year and work on his game.

        2. I beg to differ. Kizer has all of the physical assets, Watson has that winning Mojo. Trubisky has a small, but impressive resume.

          Kayaa and Dobbs are comparable to Mahomes, and Jerod Evans is more of a running threat.

          However, I did mock Mahomes in the later rounds, where I hope the Niners will select him as a backup to kaep.

          1. If we’re venturing a guess as to which of these quarterback prospects is the smartest, Notre Dame acceptance rate is 18%, North Carolina 26%, Clemson 51% and Texas Tech 66%….

            1. Raz, the last time the Irish produced an NFL caliber starting QB was Joe Montana. Can pretty much drop any correlation between college acceptance rate and likelihood of NFL success.

              1. CFC, it was an educated guess as to which one possesses more intelligence based on the college they academically qualified for. Not on Brian Kelly’s prowess of quarterback developing. Thank you for your overreaction…;>)

              2. That’s all I meant. If being book smart had anything to do with being football smart they would have produced better QB’s by now. Either that or they just have a penchant for noodly-armed play callers.

              3. If being book smart had anything to do with being football smart…

                Quarterbacks spend more time in the classroom than on the field. Knute Rockne once said: “I never ask if a player has the will to win. I ask if he has the will to prepare.” Playing quarterback requires mastering a gallimaufry of details, and then processing through it while staring at 11 big dudes that are out to break your face in. Football requires more mental preparation than any other sport, and you need to be able to out think your adversaries. Is there a difference between football “smarts” and book “smarts”? Sure, but the idea that book “smarts” has no correlation to football “smarts” seems a bit disingenuous to me….

              4. Intelligence is not a monolithic thing. People who manifest as ‘intelligent’ in a broad sense may have very different aptitudes that lead to the application of said descriptor. Some may have great memories. Some may have great spatial reasoning abilities. Some may have great problem solving abilities. Some may have great problem spotting abilities. Some may have great processing speed. All of these, and others, may give an ‘intelligent’ person a better chance at academic success in a field of study that requires the type of intelligence which such person possesses. However, just as it is true that not every student admitted to a prestigious university would have the aptitude to succeed in every academic field, it is also true that achieving in an academic field that does emphasize processing speed under stress may not translate to application in which processing speed under stress is essential, such as playing QB.

                Let’s look at Ryan Fitzpatrick, a Harvard graduate who reportedly scored a 48 on the Wonderlic. By every account I have ever read, Fitz is a really smart guy. However, it should be obvious by now that processing information quickly under stress is not one of his strengths (even though, in theory, that is what NFL folks think the Wonderlic is telling them).

                Closer to home, let’s look at Kap. Now, some people assume that a student who attends a regional university like the University of Nevada, Reno (a Tier 1 university) is, by nature of said attendance, less intelligent than a comparable student at a top-twenty school. However, as I have explained in the past, my experience in attending both the University of Nevada, Reno and a top-20 university is that the disparity in the intelligence of the students is not at the top of the class, but at the bottom. In other words, acceptance rates give us some information with respect to the aggregate academic ability of the student body, not the intelligence of individual students. To believe otherwise is to engage in a composition fallacy.

                But back to Kap. His 38 Wonderlic score as well as his academic achievements both in high school and in college show an academic aptitude. Further, as I have mentioned before, when I worked at Nevada I spoke with colleagues in whose class Kap had been enrolled. I never heard a single one denigrate his academic intelligence. And in my experience teaching at colleges/universities, one can usually tell when a student-athlete is really a good student and when they are receiving help to achieve their grades. So, we can conclude that Kap is an intelligent person with a good academic aptitude.

                However, like Fitzpatrick, he does not seem to process information as fast as one would like to see in an NFL QB. His decisions are often late, he seems to misread defenses, and perhaps worst of all, he appears to second guess decisions. These are all signs of not processing information well under stress, at least with respect to football.

                As a third example, I will offer myself. I have two BAs (English and anthropology), an MA (linguistics), and a JD. I have taught college, practiced law, and designed and administered continuing legal educational programs for state court judges. I took the Wonderlic on my own initiative and scored a 44. I am an academically accomplished person. When I tried to play linebacker in high school, my JV coach actually simplified my assignments. He told me that I was, in his words, “too smart for football.” I now understand what he meant by that was that I was over analyzing the information that was coming in and second guessing my initial decisions, which was paralyzing me on the field. I knew the plays forward and backward and could recite all of it, verbatim, at a moments notice. I could not implement them under stress, because I was waiting to see if my analysis was correct.

                Thus, we can see that academic aptitude does not necessarily translate to processing speed under stress. Correlating disparate types of intelligence can be quite problematic.

                Now, the assertion was also made that, “it was an educated guess as to which one possesses more intelligence based on the college they academically qualified for.” That is not an educated guess at all. That is playing the odds. An educated guess would involve knowledge of admission statistics, admission practices, academic medians, etc.

              5. JPN,

                As always, very thoughtful and educational. Makes me wonder why they even bother with the Wonderlic anymore? It would seem more prudent to focus on the players ability to diagnose football related material.

              6. Rocket,

                I agree about the Wonderlic. Because it is a timed test that covers a broad ranger of subjects (reading comp, grammar, logic, math, spatial reasoning, etc.), the Wonderlic is supposed to show how the test taker reacts to differing challenges under stress (the time constraint), as well as the breadth of the test takers aptitude (to a lesser degree).

                To that end, the questions are, in and of themselves, not highly challenging. However, stalling out on one and letting it affect the overall test is a factor. In such an instance, the better decision is to move on and complete as many questions as possible. In fact, I would say that most college educated people would score in the 70% or above range (35+) if the test was twice as long. The time factor induces stress and mandates quick decisions.

                A major difference between the manufactured stress of the test and the real stress of football decisions, I believe, is that on the Wondelric one can strategically skip certain types of questions and still score in that desired 35+ range, whereas one can not strategically skip unfavorable events on the field. Of course, it is also a factor that the Wonderlic is not taken with other large humans hurtling at the test taker. ;)

              7. I re-read my post above and realized that I made a shameful mistake. Attributing aggregate characteristics of a set to an individual member of the set is a division fallacy, not a composition fallacy. A composition fallacy is the converse — attributing characteristics of an individual member to the whole set. I will blame spreading activation in my neural network (the concepts of division and composition fallacies are likely closely associated concepts in my neural network, and thus they will have significantly overlapping activation patterns; when one activates, so does the other) coupled with hasty proofing. Or perhaps I could just label it a ‘brain fade’. ;)

              8. JPN, thanks for clearing that up. I was wondering about that;>)Not! You’re brain farts smell better than mine….

            2. Yes, Kaep is smart, but I also think he has good football smarts, too.

              Kaep ran the pistol in college. Yes he did not go up against elite opposition like the Pac 12, Big 10 or SEC every week, but he carved up the opposition by throwing for 10,000 yards and running for 4,000 yards, the first college player to do that.

              Inherently, the Pistol requires the QB to make fast reads and quick decisions. Kaep did all that, and more. He dominated, and probably gave DCs nightmares trying to figure out ways to stop him.

              Kaep did start out well, and had some impressive games that propelled him and the 49ers into the SB after only 10 games.

              The problem was, the coaches did not utilize him properly. Then the last 2 seasons, the dearth of talent basically doomed the whole seasons.

              Until Lynch fixes the defense, just expect more losing, but with the second draft position and 90 mil in cap space, he has a good opportunity to make the Niners relevant again.

              KS is probably thanking his lucky stars to hear Kaep say in person that he wants to play for the Niners. Kaep very easily could have said he is tired of being stabbed in the back, and wants to move on. Then Lynch would have been a lot less excited, and refrained from declaring that they had positive discussions.

              Thankfully, KS is smart enough to figure out ways to let Kaep break containment, and be a dual threat that the defense cannot stop because they will be defending both the run and pass, and covering the entire field.

  20. The concept of the zone block being this harmonic flowing of bodies is as a bit of an exaggeration. The concept is basically this; if you have a man across from you your first step is going to be a lateral move to the play side but you’re still essentially block the man straight up. The difference is where the lineman positions his body, he’ll try to put himself between the defensive lineman and the play side sideline. If the offensive lineman doesn’t have anyone across from him his move is lateral play side. If there is another lineman locked up with a defender he’ll help/double team him then one will release to move on to the next un-blocked player, usually the outside lineman in the double team.

    That’s for an outside zone block. An inside zone block looks very similar to a power scheme as the offensive lineman is employing more of a vertical drive block since the runningback’s aiming point is going to be the outside hip of the guard.

    1. Agree. Grant’s notion that Rathman isnt smart enough or experienced enough to coach the scheme is incorrect, imo. Benton and Turner certainly have a mutual confidence in setting up drills etc for their charges, and it will be smooth with KS leaving that to them, but TR is a professional coach and could’ve integrated as RB coach if invited. It wasn’t worth arguing initially because the overall notion that he had to go given the scenario is correct.
      Most of us gave a disappointed sigh and moved on. Not everybody.

    1. I wouldn’t mind if the niners traded back for picks in future drafts. Now is the time for a long range strategy. Take advantage of some team that thinks it is close.

          1. Dominick needs to brush up on his tea leaves reading.

            Maybe Professor Trelawney can give him some pointers, but I sure hope he does not see a Grim sight.

  21. Firing Trent Baalke and promoting Tom Gamble to GM would be like trying to get rid of termites by painting the walls.


    1. Hah ha ha, or nominating the muddle-headed KaperDud to franchise QB the new Ferrari-version 49ers because he can run fast and looks magnificent in his uniform, yup, makes perfect sense to me.

    1. Sounding less and less likely he will play again. Real shame. I thought he was on the right path to being a very good QB.

      1. Me too. He had improved to the point where the Vikings believed they had their guy to lead them to a SB. Really sad to see this happen especially to a great kid like TB.

  22. I am fascinated by the disparate reactions to even the most innocuous Kaepernick related news. It has been clear for some times that Kap’s play was both good enough and bad enough to provide ample data to satisfy the confirmation biases of both his supporters and detractors. But now, even the most generic comments are being strip mined for any nuggets that may sustain those confirmation biases.

    The limited comments to date from KS and Lynch seem to me to evince nothing more than a tacit acknowledgement that they are not publicly burning any bridges. As some have said, perhaps this is to make their position vis-a-vis their QB situation seem less desperate. Or, as others have voiced, perhaps it is an attempt to maintain some semblance of a market for Kaepernick with the hope he will find enough incentive to opt out and solve the problem for them. Or perhaps they are merely trying to not alienate a person who may play for them if that is the way things work out.

    Or maybe it is some combination of all these reasons and more. However, in the absence of a confirmation bias that needs to be fed, it seems obvious that the information coming out is not strongly supportive of either the proposition that he will not be back or the proposition that he will be back.

    1. Just both parties being honest with each other about their respective positions, and both sides appreciating where each side is coming from, can create and and amicable atmosphere for either future affiliation or parting. This is a big departure from Baalke era (mis)communication thru official silence and unofficial leaks.

    2. It is interesting that I am not allowed to have my opinion without a lot of howling and caterwauling, but they can continue their screeds ad nauseum.

      The very fact that he has not been cut already is what is giving the other side apoplexy.

      I am ecstatic over the verbiage, because they are being diplomatic, circumspect and wise.

          1. I don’t think anyone would deny you your opinion Seb. The issue is how many times you need to repeat it for you to believe that we understand what it is. I don’t think there is anyone left on the planet who does not know very well that you believe Kaep is a great QB who can and hopefully will lead the 49ers to future championships. The term, enough said comes to mind.

            1. Maybe you should shout down the trolls, then, because they are the ones who repeatedly write screeds against Kaep.

              I am just defending him against the hate. I can write about a myriad of subjects,and am eagerly anticipating the combine, free agency and the draft.

              Maybe you had not noticed, but I did not start to engage my own detractors until they started up against me, but I will not be their punching bag, I will hit back.

              Jack likes to stir up trouble, but seems a little sensitive, but now that he invited me to respond to his snark, I feel perfectly comfortable counter punching.

              Yes, I do feel like a lone voice in the wilderness. Any other fan of the only QB the Niners have under contract seems to have been driven away, but maybe you did bot know this, but I am persistent.

              The best way to stop my posts is just to stop attacking Kaep. Talk about something else, like which players Lynch should target in free agency, or who will shine in the combine.

              Now, I have a multi player trade….

              1. “I am just defending him”

                I’m sure the Kaeptain appreciates it.

                “The best way to stop my posts is just to stop attacking Kaep.”

                Is that why you start new discussions about how smart Shanny and Lynch would be to keep him around.

                As WC stated, I am pretty sure that we all know you are nuts for the guy.

              2. Look back. I have been restrained in posting about Kaep, but of course, this latest news has been a big kick in the teeth to the Kaep detractors. Most would have wanted this blog to ignore that meeting, but it is big news and music to my ears.

                Some thought it was a joke that Kaep would even get to talk to Lynch and KS, but now that he has done that, and it sure sounds like the meeting went well. It sure looks like they had positive discussions, and Lynch declared that both sides are excited.

                Gosh, I am just being a fan of the only QB on the team. You, on the other hand, want him long gone.

              3. “a big kick in the teeth to the Kaep detractors”

                Seriously? Because Lynch said the talks were positive? A friend of mine going through a divorce has had many positive conversations with his soon to be ex. Doesn’t mean that they will be getting back together.

                “You, on the other hand, want him long gone.”

                I don’t give a rats behind if Kaepernick is on the team next season. Yes, I think there might be better options out there but it’s not as if I’m pining for him to be sent out to pasture.

                I get that in your world there’s very little to no gray area.

              4. Leave those windmills alone, Seb! Quit attacking them!
                Your such a brute! LOL!
                Laugh a minute

              5. Just saw another puff piece MM had with Paraag. Of course, Paraag slipped when he mentions asking questions, but then back tracks, and said that he would answer when they asked questions.

                Paraag sure is a smart guy. Took him 5 reads before he got down all the arcane language in the rule book.

                Sure am glad that the Niners have a football person as the GM. He will put Paraag in his place, which is out of the coaches booth and sitting next to his lap dog Jed. KS should not rely on Paraag to be used as a rules maven, he should just be so well prepared, all he needs to do is use common sense, and go with his gut instincts.

                Interesting to hear him discussing how they should handle time outs during the last 2 minutes of each half, and the utilization of spiking the ball to stop the clock. The Niners should not waste a down spiking the ball. If they have enough competency to line up and snap the ball to spike it, they should have a play called way before the game that they could run, thus saving a down.

                Maybe Kaep should fake spiking the ball, then throw the ball to a wide out near the side line so he can catch the ball and step out of bounds, stopping the clock. Or maybe he should fake spiking the ball, and heave it down field for a hail Mary pass, which could either be caught, dropped or draw a pass interference call. It could also be intercepted, but if they want to win, they should go bold.

                Maybe they should not rely on Paraag, but just take my advice. They should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges, and the last 2 minutes of each half.

                Heck, Atlanta may have won a SB with better time out management. Wasting time outs is not a winning formula.

                Ideally, they should not need to use time outs because they would be ahead, and want to run out the clock.

              6. BT, the ones tilting at wind mills are the ones who wanted Kaep cut after the season ended, after Lynch got hired and after the SB. Now they are apoplectic after that “good” meeting, thinking the divorce is around the corner., when the best solution is for reconciliation for the kids’ sake.

                Guess I am just a kid at heart.

            2. >>Seriously? Because Lynch said the talks were positive?

              For all we know the talks could have revolved around a trade in the works to a NY team. That way Kaep would have a shorter commute to his Tribeca lovenest. I bet he’d see “positive” in that.

              1. Rib, you want Kaep cut, and consider him toxic and a cancer in the locker room. You must also know that GMs anonymously have declared that they would not touch Kaep with a 10 foot pole.

                Talk about delusional thinking. The Jets would probably rather have Cutler than Kaep , and last I heard, Eli is still the starting QB for the Giants. The Bills fans booed Kaep, so he is not going there, even if they do cut TT.

              2. >>Rib, you want Kaep cut, and consider him toxic and a cancer in the locker room.

                Nope, not true. I’d rather see a sign and trade. I don’t consider him toxic (except to the Niners medium and long term success), in fact I applaud his social stances. League GMs however…

                >>The Jets would probably rather have Cutler than Kaep.


                >>last I heard, Eli is still the starting QB for the Giants.

                Who was talking about Kaep starting? Giants are thin at the position backup.

                >>The Bills fans booed Kaep, so he is not going there

                He’s also gotten plenty of boos at Levis and you say he’s staying here? Logic failure.

      1. If Cousins has another big year next year after losing his OC and a few of his top receivers, then he will have proven he is a top 10 QB.

        1. And there will always be a market for a top 10 QB in FA. We can’t sit on our hands. If we wait until 2018 for Cousins, we could miss out on him and Garoppolo.

          Take the first favorable deal you can get, whether it’s Cousins or Garoppolo. We have a chance to get our QB of the future. Those chances don’t come along too often.

      1. Nope. He gives the Cousins chance as one half of one percent happening. That means 99.5% not happening.

        He then parrots Grant with his Cutler choice, but Cutler is a coach killer, cancer in the locker room and flat out drek. The Bears Den would be jumping for joy if Cutler left.

        So his next possibility is Kaep. Which is smart and the most probable result.

        Retaining leadership is a good goal. I would like the Niners to trade for Frank Gore, and re sign Boldin. Dorsey is also a good leader they should re sign.

        Declaring the Niners need WR help is just stating the obvious.

        I agree that they should not over spend for older players. Gore, Boldin and Dorsey will be reasonable inexpensive additions.

        Sure am glad Baalke is gone, and Lynch seems to be starting out well.

            1. Yes you wrote the book. In fact, every day you post a weeping plea or piteous proclamation about Kap, I know you are the queen of desperation and patheticism!

              1. Prime, I have decided to bet you. Thousand bucks says that Trubisky will not be the QB. If the Niners select Trubisky with the number 2 draft pick, you win. Anyone else, and you lose.

                Put your money where your mouth is.

              2. I’m gonna pass thanks. Just stay around when Kap gets released. I’ll have a special dish for you!

              3. Prime, do you know what an expletive is? You should know, because you use them all the time.

                There you go again. Claiming victory, when in actuality, it just means you lose again.

    1. Some good ideas from Gil and all have been discussed here at one time or another. Good to know we are thinking football like the Godfather:)

      1. Yep, you’d have to be a real pretentious prick to think you’re wiser than the old Godfather, Gil Brandt….

  23. Wishing S_ B would get a clue.

    His latest:


    February 23, 2017 at 7:30 am

    Of course, every player on a 2-14 team will compete for a job. Just a fact of life.

    Well S_B,

    Kap had never competed for a job with the 49ers. He was handed the position when Alex Smith was injured.

    However, through the years we’ve had glimpses of what happens to Kap when the pressure is on and it’s not a garbage time 4th Qtr to pad ones stats with. Kap becomes an interception factory.

    EX. 1 Seattle vs SF

    I predicted that Kap would be beaten out by Gabbert last year for the starting position…Can you believe it beaten by Gabs ?


    The only way Kap’s with this team is if Shanahan has no Free agency film, Draft film, or other business to attend to, but teaching Kap a new offense.

    Otherwise, Kap gets to compete in a new offense with Matt Schaub (who already knows Kyle’s offense). Smart money says the QB beaten out by Gabby loses this competition.

    Razor, Seb. Time to quit hassling Prime about bets and turn your attention to TomD. Put your money where your mouth is. I bet you any amount that Kap will lose out in competion with whomever he competes with to be the starter of your 2017 49ers. (If he’s part of the team at that time).

    1. *ie., Kap never competed for a job until he had to take on Gabbert.

      Now the two football dunces (or are they one in the same Seb/Razor fraud)

      get to try to take on TomD if Kap actually gets to compete for a job.

      Time to pay the Piper, fellas. Youv’e been asking for a bet and now you have one.

      So if you don’t bet, “You are who we thought you were !!!”

  24. 49ers go quarterback in latest Lance Zierlein mock

    February 23, 2017 at 1:47 PM • 18 comments

    NFL Media draft analyst Lance Zierlein has released the second version of his mock draft and, like numerous other mocks, has the San Francisco 49ers going with a quarterback with the second overall selection. Zierlein has the 49ers selecting Mitch Trubisky out of North Carolina, who is the same player that he had going to San Francisco in the first version of his mock draft.
    – See more at:

  25. Prime,

    Trubisky definitely has the mobility required for a WCO QB, the arm, and an apparent pocket presence.

    He only lacks experience, having started one season for the Tar Heels.

    But, as was stated by many. At every stop Kyle Shanahan’s made, his QB’s have had career years–RG 3, Kirk Cousins, and most recently, Matt Ryan.

    So, if Kyle feels he’s a # 2 pick, who are we to argue ?

  26. Mayock Top QB’s:

    1. DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame
    2. Deshaun Watson, Clemson
    3. Mitch Trubisky, North Carolina
    4. Patrick Mahomes II, Texas Tech
    5. Davis Webb, California

    Gil Brandt, “Whether Cutler, Kaepernick or Schaub is the starter, I’d draft a quarterback for the future — not at No. 2 overall, but by moving back into the first round for DeShone Kizer”.

    Son of a Mitch!

  27. I predicted last year that Buckner would be the pick while most were saying that ain’t happening. This year I will predict that if Niners keep the pick at two, Jon Allen will be the pick. Kyle will wait for his QB in rnd 3….

      1. It’s easy this year too especially after the switch to a 4-3 D… Allen is a blue chip prospect that will fit perfect with the twin towers.

            1. Wow since you are profound in predictions, maybe you 2 losers can predict who will be crying first when Kap gets released and Trubisky becomes a 49er?

              1. I got an idea Prime, If Niners take Trubisky I will never post on this site. If Niners take Allen at 2 you never post on this site. Deal?

              2. Here’s a deal, you FraudeaterSebnnoying can take a knee now and I’ll save you a lifetime of crow stuffing when Kap gets cut? Deal?

              3. Prime, this may be a good time to double down on your bet with Razor. In fact, Razor would probably be delighted to make it a thousand bucks. If the Niners take Trubisky with their second pick, you win, but if the Niners take anyone else you lose.

                It would be the easiest money Razor ever made.

                In fact, I would take that bet for a thousand bucks too, because then I could wave that money in your face. So now, you have an opportunity to win 2 THOUSAND dollars.

                Please do not back out, that might seem cowardly.

              1. Yes Razor it was the same tool who who goes back and forth with Seb every single day about Kaep….

              2. You mean the one that pals around with the copy and paste and bate guy that instigates trouble so the whole blog gets clogged with BS?

  28. Leonard Fournette would be a surprise for the 49ers at # 2.

    At 235 Lbs., he clocked 22.9 MPH on a run vs. Ole Miss. No player in the NFL has reached that speed for the last 2 years on a TD run.

    Zavier Rhode (Minn.) was clocked at 22.4 MPH in ’16.

    Rhodes was clocked at 4.4/40 Yds. at the combine, yet he’s 25 Lbs. lighter than Fournette.

    Shanahan blocking scheme could Fournette if the QB class isn’t to his liking, and get Cousins next year in free agency.

    Fournette in ’16

    1. Again, I really don’t understand prospects waiting to have surgery until after the combine. Its stupid, and basically guarantees they can’t contribute much if anything in year 1. McKinley’s draft stock will likely be hurt more by a recovery time that will see him start the year on PUP or IR than it would have been if he had surgery earlier and missed being able to test at the combine, but would be healthy in time for the season.

  29. This will get Seb’s blood boiling:

    Apparent Smear Campaign against Kaepernick Embarrassing and Disheartening

    February 23, 2017 at 4:37 PM • 16 comment

    The NFL Show” on The Ringer, Lombardi said, “This is the biggest joke to me in the league right now – is Kaepernick wants a meeting with the 49ers.”

    Lombardi also offered, “He’s going to be begging for a job in another couple of weeks, who’s going to sign Kaepernick?” along with other baseless, emotionally-charged assertions

  30. Kyle Shanahan on Colin Kaepernick:

    Kyle Shanahan
    “People have won in this league being pure throwers and can make every throw in the pocket. People have won in this league making plays with their legs. There’s lots of ways to do it. When you do feel that they have certain characteristics, whether it’s their intelligence, their mobility, or their throwing ability, you’ve got to think of how can I put a scheme together that allows them to use those traits and does he have the players around him to allow him to use those traits.”

    “Colin’s had success in this league. He took a team to the Super Bowl …

  31. Rocket, Ribco and everyone, thanks for the info and perspective about the Cousins trade scenario. Lots of very good points were made be you guys. These are the kind of dialogs I wish were more frequent here. Its great fun. I love it.

    To clarify…
    – I want the 49ers to trade for Cousins or Garoppolo. I think they would both be great additions.
    – I said it was likely the 49ers would sign Cousins if he were to hit 2018 free agency. About 75% likelihood I’m guessing. Hence my “wait 13 months” approach.
    – There is a risk we could be out bid in 2018. I understand this. But the consolation prize for missing out is several high quality starters.
    – My comments were not about Cousins value. They were about his (market) value.

    As best as I can tell, the trade compensation rumor started from a Daniel Jeremiah quip on Move the Sticks episode 160.

    The internet rumor seems to have started like this…

    1) Daniel Jeremiah quips a trade scenario. 49ers 2 and for 17+Cousins. Maybe the 49ers throw in a conditional 5th.

    2) Mike Florio ups the ante suggesting 49ers 2+ “possible” 2nd rounder for 17+Cousins.

    3) Internet Echo Chamber ups the ante even more, suggesting 2+34 for 17+Cousins.

    A cottage industry is born.

    Anyone know of Daniel Jeremiah’s sources?

      1. Razor – Absolutely. That’s when the terms can be put in place so a trade can be executed while teams are on the clock. Its going to be a fun free agency.

    1. On trade compensation… I think draft picks of similar value to what KC gave up for Alex Smith will be the ceiling. I’m guessing if a trade happens with the 49ers, pick 66+conditional 2018 pick would do it.

      Why so cheap? Because from Cousin’s standpoint its effectively free agency already. Cousins has the right to nix any trade if he doesn’t like the destination team or proposed new contract.

      – If Cousins refuses a trade he gets $24 guaranteed and is a free agent in 13 months. He could care less what Washington gets in trade compensation. For example:

      Team A: Offers the Skins a mid first round draft pick. Cousins $21m a year.

      Team B: Offers the Skins a third round pick and a conditional 2018 2nd or 3rd. Cousins $23M a year with 20% more guaranteed money.

      Guess where Cousins is going.

  32. Grant, you gotta stop letting people steal your material!

    He does raise what are basically my concerns with Cousins. Good, not great QB, surrounded by a lot of talent in Washington. However I do think a good QB with many years left ahead of him would be a positive step forward for the 49ers, so long as it doesn’t involve mortgaging the future to get him.

    1. O’Donnell isn’t a guy to take too seriously. He’s a guy at a party who starts pontificating and suddenly everybody else needs a refill or a trip to the head.

          1. Still does not change the fact that he does have a point. He is not the first to point out the bad decision making by Cousins, or that Cousins was surrounded by playmakers.

            1. Yup, why has Washington left him twisting in the wind and not locked him down to a long term contract?

              Gruden does not have a QB waiting in the wings, and this QB class in the draft has not impressed the scouts.

              Washington gambled by franchise tagging him, so now they either have to let him go, or pay through the nose.

              1. >>Yup, why has Washington left him twisting in the wind and not locked him down to a long term contract?

                A team with Snyder as the owner? And you think the 49ers FO have been dysfunctional?

                For yucks, google Daniel Snyder worst owner in sports. That should answer your Seb question.

  33. “Ryan Wood of USA Today does not expect the Packers to “break the bank” in order to re-sign C J.C. Tretter, since C Corey Linsley has a year left on his rookie contract and appears to be Green Bay’s future starter.
    Wood writes that the Packers are not expected to match another team’s offer to Tretter if they intend on paying him like a starting center.”

  34. The Niners should consider Big Hank at nose tackle.

    “SNY expects the Giants to “at least make an attempt” to re-sign free agent DT Johnathan Hankins.
    Reporter Ralph Vacchiano believes Hankins could “come close” to Damon Harrison’s five-year, $46.25 million contract. If that’s the case, the odds that a team already paying Olivier Vernon and hoping to retain Jason Pierre-Paul could keep Hankins are next to none. Going on 25, Hankins is one of the best interior linemen headed to the open market. His relative youth will really work in his favor. “

  35. Grant,
    I must admit that I didn’t think I would agree with your article as the headline upset me.

    However, you argued your point well and I came away agreeing with you. Admittedly, my first thought was why not raise him to the roll of OC as its mostly a puppet role, but then I realized you can’t have someone at the top that doesn’t understand the aims of the offense.

    Good article.

  36. Question for the board.
    Does Carlos Hyde fit this offense?
    I’m not sure he does and he may have to go.

    Additionally the oline should have some major shakeups as well.who do you think will not make it?
    Honestly, I think Zane and Joe may fit it better than anyone else. Brown and Garnet may not be mobile enough for the stretch runs.

    1. I just hope they play players in the correct positions. Garnett should have been LG, Tiller should have been RG, and Beadles is the best center.

      I hope they trade Staley to a contender for a second round pick. Then either move Brown to LT, or see if John Theus or Fahn Cooper can win the position. Then, if Anthony Davis comes back because Baalke is gone, the O line may play better with no players playing out of position.

      Hyde is adequate, and is versatile enough to play in multiple schemes. I hope they re sign DuJuan Harris, but they also need to draft a RB.

      Samaje Perine, DOnta Foreman, Donnel Pumphrey, Jeremy McNichols, Brian Hill and James Conner are all talented RBs, and should be available in the later rounds.

      1. Anthony Davis issue us not with Baalke. He has proven he has no heart for the game and is quitter. It’s time he owns up to his own issues.
        He is just one more failed draft pick by Baalke because he was to enamored with height, weight, speed and never took into account Davis’ mental fragility.
        And Davis is a road grader as well who is not very mobile he is power blocking o lineman.

  37. Absolutely Carlos fits a zone blocking scheme. Hyde can fit in any system. Very talented back. His problem is staying healthy which is a concern. With such a rich draft for RBs, I think they will invest in one in the 4th or 5th rnd that can take some pressure of Hyde. Maybe a Nick Chubb or Mixon if Lynch can get past his past.

  38. No embellishment need on these ProFootBall Talk recaps for the miserable 2016 49er season, no any reminder required about who was the underperforming lead QB (groan) —

    “Offensively, the 49ers were 27th in points scored and 31st in total yards. The Los Angeles Rams were the only team less capable of moving the football. They were even worse defensively, ranking dead last in yards, rushing yards and points per game allowed. Of course that team will not be the same team taking the field for the 49ers in September. The roster could look significantly different between now and then.

    As Bill Parcells said once upon a time “you are what your record says you are.” Lynch inherited a mess even if he isn’t saying so publicly.

    “Do we have some places — probably the ultimate position, quarterback — where we need to improve? Absolutely,” Lynch said. “And we’re committed to doing that. But there’s some pieces there that have me excited, have Kyle (Shanahan) excited. So there’s a long list of things, but we’re working hard at all of them.”

    The KBNR statements by Lynch were more than a little telling; if fact, they qualify as discrete writing on the wall. Along with others on this forum, I expect some major moves during FA and at the Combine, then some bags being hastily packed for others as they’re being ushered out the door with a grimace . . .

  39. Bye Bye #7…….storm yourself out the door….

    ““Do we have some places — probably the ultimate position, quarterback — where we need to improve? Absolutely,” Lynch said. “And we’re committed to doing that.”

    1. I could interpret as meaning they have only one QB on the roster, so they need a good FA backup, and possibly a late round QB to fill out the roster. Those 2 moves would improve the team.

      Kaep could improve, but the best way to do that is to give him some decent weapons. Going cheap with cut FAs gave cheap results.

      Re signing Gabbert, Ponder and Lewis will not improve the team.

    1. Thanks for posting that link, George.

      The lack of offset language in Shanahan’s and Lynch’s contracts is fascinating. As Fucillo mentions in the post, it does show commitment. However, it is also a quite risky business decision for an organization that has shown a propensity to terminate coaches, at least in recent memory. Even more interestingly, there have been several reports that the six-year deals were offered by the 49ers, not demanded by Shanahan and/pr Lynch.

      1. The franchise reputation and that of its owner/Pres were in the outhouse. Think: John Lynch’s daughter. It took a lot to woo a quality Next Up team, but I think they’ve done it. I’m thinking that John, Denise and Jed all felt the appropriate sense of urgency to fix the mess and a realistic sense of the depth of the mess.
        Extreme measures for an extreme situation.

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