Keith Fahnhorst, a great player and better man whose time ended too fast

CORRECTS SPELLING OF FAHNHORST, NOT FAHNHURST – This Aug. 10, 1983, photo provided by the NFL shows San Francisco 49ers football player Keith Fahnhorst posed in Santa Clara, Calif. Former star San Francisco 49ers tackle Keith Fahnhorst has died at 66. The team said Friday he died Tuesday, June 12, 2018. No cause was given. (NFL Photos via AP)

I called Keith Fahnhorst 10 days before he died to ask about Dwight Clark.

Clark had died that afternoon from ALS, and I wanted to interview one of his teammates for an article. Lowell Cohn, my dad, who covered Clark’s entire career, suggested I call Fahnhorst, whom, he said, was a fine man.

I had never met or spoken to Fahnhorst, but my dad and he knew each other and my dad thought the world of him. Fahnhorst played for the 49ers from 1974 to 1987, started 193 games at right tackle and won two Super Bowls. He is one of the best offensive linemen in franchise history. Recently, he suffered from polycystic kidney disease, although it’s unknown if that caused his death. He was 66 when he died.

As a player, Fahnhorst was the go-to guy in the locker room for the media after games. My dad said Fahnhorst had an overview of what happened, was perceptive, generous with the press, but never betrayed a player.

I didn’t have his phone number, and neither did my dad. On a whim, I searched Fahnhorst’s name in the white pages.

He was listed.

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    1. I agree with #80 …
      very good read… I was hoping’ you’d a piece on him !
      Also loved the bit of “personality”
      you added to this one

      Maybe you could interview his brother, Jim …

      (The forgotten Fahnhorst ?)

      Go for it, Grant … and you could end up scooping the
      rest of the Niner press corps !

      hey … it …could .. .. happen ya kno …

      (#80 ..pls review your last post in the previous thread)

      1. “(#80 ..pls review your last post in the previous thread)”

        Just did. Winslow needs to iron out that wrinkle fetish.

  1. Well done sir! Grace is a good thing.

    Wonder what it might be like 30+ years into the future as we look back on the 9er players of today…and their stories. Some sad, some sweet.

  2. You are so talented like your dad when the articles are like this, real raw high quality, I just do not understand when you andyour father are snarky, or better explained when there are only so many players and teams both quickly judged if some one is a winner or loser, good or bad , diamond or puke, when any of us on this site including your dad or you would look pathetic against any pro in the nfl, I think one can compete with out saying they suck because they do their best,some are just better and they get the spoils ,

    Do not get me wrong, I love you and your fathers taken and how good you are at your craft, but the quick judge and jury stuff and overly negative slant sours me. But I guess that is what sells, loved Keith fahnorst in my youth, wonder who Keith was close to with the team. Interesting he did not see Dwight last fall at the tribute game., what a artist and awesome keep up the good work, I love the positive, raw or humble pieces the most.

  3. Check all the video of The Catch, you’ll find Fahnhorst disrupting the pass rush early…just enough. And there’s that classic still where Clark has the ball and Keith is standing back near the line of scrimmage.

    1. For Keith I always remember one play in a playoff game vs Bears. Key 3rd down, Walsh called a 24 Trap. KF saw the SS in the Gap8 coming on a blitz and left the DE unblocked and picked up the blitz, the run went for a big gash to set up a score.
      I also remember KF recalling his nfl debut. By injury as a rookie he went in at OLT and got schooled by Fred Dryer.

  4. Thanks for sharing this Grant. I was just a little guy during those days of the 49ers, but the players from that era were all heros of mine growing up so I appreciate the behind the scenes glimpses that you or your father can provide. Been a tough couple of weeks for the 49ers family.

      1. My personal favorites are Keith , joe Staley, Fred quillian, randy cross, Jesse Sappoulo and raw meat eater, Bob st’clair, but only by watching old film and reading about him.

            1. I do remember bubba Paris coming to our high school in paradise ca in 84 or 85picking up a student by one hand and lifting him over his head, too bad he was not a better player.

      2. I think you need to put him right up there near the top.

        One thing you wrote was about how your father liked talking to Fahnhorst because he “had an overview of what happened, was perceptive, generous with the press”

        I’ve always felt this way about offensive lineman in general. Is the a lineman like this, or has there been a guy like this, on the team since you started the beat?

          1. That is beyond positive , that’s looney bin talk! I wonder how good Anthony Davis could have been before he lost his mind! I also wish guard mike inpatient had been kept. They could have been top 5 or top ten miner ol if they played longer.

      3. Old timers Ken Rhode and Leo Nomellini (two way!) gotta be on there. Farhrny ranks.Quillen, Cross, MacIntyre, Sapoulu, Staley is there among them.
        Just mention BOBB MCKITTRICK, cuz, muddaphoukka! AD & Iupati were good w/ Staley.
        McKittrick reminded me of a good Guuny Sgt or good 1st Sgt: Set a tone that got stuff done! Don’t quibble on how, just get ‘er done! You win yet?
        🌈 🌟 ⚡️ ☀️ 🏝 🏳️‍🌈🇱🇷 🇴🇲🇺🇸⬇️🦋🦗 🐷🐮

        1. Brotha, gunny and 1st sergeant are too low for Bobb. Let’s slot McKittrick in right before Sergeant Major at my favorite enlisted rank, Master Gunnery Sergeant!

        1. Till this year. SF should have been undefeated in ’84, just one badly blown call and no replay. This year they make up for it…

          Huge grin Emoji

      4. For me, the offensive line for the 53 man roster of 49er greats would be:

        OT Joe Staley
        OT Bob St. Clair
        OT Keith Fahnhorst
        G Jesse Sapolu
        G Randy Cross
        G Guy McIntyre
        C Forrest Blue
        C Jeremy Newberry

  5. Awesome recall Brotha Tuna, forgot how good dryer was, remember on the cop show he was running around with hot babes! Pretty cheesy show. Be interesting to have his brother Jim fhanorst share some memories.

      1. Thanks #80, something good came out of all my time watching too much tv in the 70’s and 80’s. Since I just turned 49, I would think that would be good vibes for this season , but what a gut check losing Dwight and Keith in a short time! We must enjoy every second we are alive!

  6. Fahnhorst was a “G”. Great read Grant. If I was was you I’d channel this type of writing. Epic. One of my best memories of when you pops asked Jed. “Was that class Jed “? Good stuff

  7. Very nicely written article Grant. KF was always one of my favorites. Your dad is exactly right. We (old guys) watched many, many interviews with Keith post game. It was always great to hear his perspective on the games, the team and the season. Well done Grant.

  8. This is, Grant at his best. No one in the genre writes up a better interpersonal editorial, now that his dad has retired. Very nicely done, Mr. Cohn.

    1. Nice article Grant.

      More proof of your obvious talent as a writer/reporter, which, to my eyes, is far too often hidden behind the guise of 49ers critic, rather than objective writer/reporter.

  9. Nice double tribute to two great players from that bygone era. Ner a worry at right tackle when Keith Fahnhorst was there.

      1. Makes one wonder about the current crop of 9er players and what we’ll think of them (some of them at least) 30-40 years from now. Currently some fans, including a few members of the media, rip several players–rookies and vets. A few decades from now some of these players may have achieved considerable success and have positive stories to share–and some very sad stories too…

  10. This chat room lately reminds me of the brawl towards the end of Blazing Saddles that spills into the sound stage of a Hollywood Song & Dance Musical.
    You stop by, open the door to peer in, see the brawl roars on unabated, close the door and move on.
    Hmm, maybe some streaming big wave surfing…yeah, that’s the ticket

    1. I saw that movie in the theaters. One of my all time classic favorite comedies that you could never make nowadays.

    2. We’d be wonderful specimens for an extraterrestrial abduction. We have sufficient diversity within our small population to give the extraterrestrials an accurate assessment of the human species. Next would be a ‘Day The Earth Stood Still’ encounter…

      Hey Gort! Gort would make a good DT–a little heavy but what the hell…

    3. Like 12 Angry Men.

      “12 Angry Men explores many techniques of consensus-building and the difficulties encountered in the process among a group of men whose range of personalities adds intensity and conflict. It also explores the power one person has to elicit change. No names are used in the film; the jury members are identified by number until two members exchange names at the end.”

  11. Happy Fathers Day… for those who were
    brave enough to take the plunge at least once …

    Hey Grant …

    we’re not talkin’ about you (yet)
    are we .. ?… (taking the plunge)

    1. Saw a piece on the evening news about a guy who got exonerated by dna evidence of a rape conviction and Life Without Parole sentence after 38 years locked up. He and his grown son were celebrating Fathers’ Day for the first time since he was 2.
      The son recalled going to friends’ house and thinking “Wish I had a daddy!” Now he does.
      Happy Fathers’ Day. I got plans with my daughter and son in law.. Enjoy. It’s ‘bout family.

      1. I hear ya, Brotha !

        “All about family” …
        Today… was my great granddaughter’s #6th… tomorrow..
        my granddaughter’s .. #11th … Monday…(her brother)
        my grandson’s 20th..
        and next week another grandson’s 24th ! …
        Best news is … today… (and for the first time)
        I escaped paying for the festivities !
        (that won’t happen again for a long ….lo-o-n-g …time …) ;-}

        Brotha .. enjoy your time with your daughter…may
        every moment become a favorite memory !

        any grandkids yet ? … if no … and if
        the conversation a little dull … ya might want
        to drop her a hint !

        Take it from me … being a grandparent is
        a helluva lot more fun than being a parent !
        (much easier — too !)

        1. My wife and I hope for news like that, but we resist any nagging or even nudging on the issue. We don’t want to be [insert any ethnicity here] bossy parents/In-Laws.
          Que sera sera.

          1. yeah, Brotha..
            I completely understand that feeling..
            My introduction to grandparent-hood …
            would be called an …“..O-o-o-o-p-s !…”..
            but after that… it just kept happening …
            (Guess I was just made to be a Granpa .. )

            so much joy…. ya know ?

          2. Geep
            I’m sure you’re correct. Mine is GringoSurfer Spanish, where you start with ‘beer’ and and try to build vocabulary beyond that. Trying to convert to written…..well, you see the result.
            If you and I were in step with the spirit of comments here lately however, we could engage in a lengthy argumentative thread that refuses to die….but……..nah.

  12. “.. And hey, make sure you say hi to your dad ( Lowell). He was always one of my favorites. Give him the best from both Sue and me.”
    Keith Fahnhorst was a good judge of character, and appreciated good writing.
    Whenever some one goes off on a screed about you and your father’s writing, just remember what Keith Fahnhorst said.

  13. Grant you’ve got two strengths at covering sports: Human interest stories like this one and your training camp observations. Your X’s and O’s , personnel evaluation and opinions…not so much. I’d like to read more personal interviews about the team by you more frequently.

  14. sebnynah says:
    June 16, 2018 at 9:22 pm
    Keith Fahnhorst was a good judge of character, and appreciated good writing.

    Too bad, so sad, the same aim, but no game.
    Character judgement relects your budget,
    on words, 4 syllable, always, yet no fame,

    When last heard, you were frightened from the game,
    still, the struggle for recognition, without cognition,
    it came in spades—jeers from posters was your claim ,

    For fame is never easy, you have it and lose,
    or lack thereof, never amused.
    So, Seb, maybe, like your proverbial “moth to the flame,”
    Stop looking for fame !

    1. TrollD, look in a mirror. You try so hard, but expose your own deficiencies. I am not looking for fame, like you seem to be. Do not know why I am such a threat to your psyche. You will not impress posters, and strive for recognition, by attacking others.
      TrollD, you are the guy who fantasized about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares, just because I agree with the present assault weapons ban and other sane gun regulations in California.
      Recently, you attacked OC, who has more football acumen in his toenail clippings than you have in your entire body. You accused him of having ALS, when 2 weeks ago, Dwight Clark succumbed to that relentless insidious disease. Have you no shame? That is like making jokes about cancer patients.
      Obviously, you are a Raider fan, trolling to create disharmony. A true Niner fan would never cavalierly joke about the cause of the demise of a cherished Niner legend.


    “When he takes his hand off the ball, you got to be ready to break,” Sherman said after watching Garoppolo closely throughout the offseason program.

    “If he takes his hand of the ball, and doesn’t throw it, I think he’ll throw guys off,” said Sherman, who noted Garoppolo had one of the league’s quickest releases, though it’s a notch below Packers star Aaron Rodgers.

    “Yeah, the defense has told me that,” Garoppolo said of Sherman’s observation. “But at the same time, I use that against them because they’re thinking that. It’s a game of cat and mouse. It always is. They’re reading you, you’re reading them at the same time. It’s a who flinches first type of thing. We’ve had some good battles and it’s been a good camp.”

        1. sometimes if you post multiple links
          you can get away with it … and
          other times…. you can’t
          I dunno why

          Try posting them one at a time

          (unless there’s a gazillion of them, I suppose)

  16. sebnynah says:
    June 17, 2018 at 10:02 pm

    “Recently, you attacked OC,…You accused him of having ALS, when 2 weeks ago, Dwight Clark succumbed to that relentless insidious disease. Have you no shame? That is like making jokes about cancer patients.”

    Seb, I have never made fun of any person with a disease. I have only accused you of having your computer privilidges rescinded at the Napa state asylum…Could you be confusing your own disease with that of others…?
    We all noticed your prolonged absence from this site.

    1. ‘5. Old Coach: Alzheimers can be painful for us all in its insidious involvement of family members; in this case, the blogging community. Get help…’

      1. I restate my case. Seb, I have never made fun of anyone with a disease.
        Coach had heart disease, not alzheimers.

        Perhaps you’re confusing your own ‘renowned’ maliciousness for lampooning ol’ coaches heart attack a year back, when you had to crawl back here on all fours and issue coach an apology.

        Surely you remember this site, regretably, having to actually jeer you into an apology which came a week late.

        1. *Now, if coach posts: “I have just been diagnosed with alzheimers, Seb, I’ll issue an apology straightaway, but I have never knowingly derided anyone with a disease.

  17. Seb, Tom, guys guys…. there’s plenty of other threads to take your pissing contest. Can you not deface this one?

    1. Rib, this is the start of the off season before training camp. Things are kinda slow.
      I have tried very hard to be good, ignoring the trolls, and only responding when addressed. Sometimes, TrollD is just begging for a rejoinder.
      I still intend to talk about Niners, and wonder why they were experimenting with varied cadences. Looks like they fooled themselves, with more self inflicted wounds, by having all the penalties. At least now, they have something to work on.

      1. C’mon Seb…. Varying cadences has been around the league for many, many, many years. Ripping the 9ers for working on cadences in June–and not being absolutely perfect–is a bit shallow. If they’re having serious problems with cadence in mid November–and they have a 1 and 9 record–then yes they have a “they fooled themselves” problem.

        I wonder how ragged early team activities/early training camps were in the 80s under Walsh…? I doubt they were always pristine. Back then we didn’t have hundreds of hard core fans–dozens considering themselves impeccable experts–dissecting every move, every breath, on a 24/7 blog. I suspect they would have found much to criticize, much to rip. But we do love all those Super Bowl victories now don’t we….

        1. Cassie, since you addressed me, I will respond.
          Ripping the Niners for practicing cadences? I just pointed out that the practices would have been more productive if they had not shot themselves in the foot, again. I did not say they were pathetic losers and unintelligent for messing up, I just said they now have something to work on, something to correct. KS even said he liked that JG struggled, so he now has some thing to work on and improve.
          Maybe they should have worked on being more efficient. They needed to see players execute plays, not make mental errors. Practicing varied cadences should have been saved for the final 53, when they would be working on cohesion, timing and teamwork, not when players are essentially trying out for positions.
          Practicing varied cadences is important, but obviously, the players could not ‘overcome the coaching’. Coaches should have been working on efficiency, effectiveness, proper execution and evaluations. Being deceptive can improve efficiency, but there is a time and place for perfecting that strategy. Working with different players, especially the second and third stringers, is not efficient use of precious practice minutes.
          I have stated many times that they should vary the cadences, so they can draw a defender off sides, thus making it a free play that should be morphed into a long strike down field.

          1. And look one way and throw the other?

            And when did you become an expert in allocating practice time? Sebbie is back!

            1. You do not need to be an expert, you just need common sense. Varied cadences resulted in mistakes, reducing the effectiveness of the offensive side’s practice. Since practice time is limited, offensive miscues resulted in inefficient utilization of time, which could have been spent in better ways.
              With JG, I am happy to see a QB that is actually competent enough to be able to look off the safeties, instead of staring down receivers.

  18. Razor, all I’m asking for is some respect for this topic. There is and will be plenty of other opportunity for Tom and Seb, you and I to lock horns. Agreed?

  19. June 19, 2018 at 2:52 pm
    I restate my case. Seb, I have never made fun of anyone with a disease.
    Coach had heart disease, not alzheimers.

    Perhaps you’re confusing your own ‘renowned’ maliciousness for lampooning ol’ coaches heart attack a year back, when you had to crawl back here on all fours and issue coach an apology.

    Surely you remember this site, regretably, having to actually jeer you into an apology which came a week late.

    1. Delusional, as usual.
      Making fun of OC, and telling him to get help, when Dwight just passed away from ALS, is about as smart as ripping babies from their mother’s arms.
      To correct your ravings, I will state that I had an argument with George. Once he stated that he was recovering from a heart procedure, I automatically apologized, and told him that I regretted upsetting him. I have wished him well, and recently, have politely asked how the ol’ticker was running, being genuinely concerned for his well being.
      I have never had a beef with Old Coach, and consider him to be eminently qualified as an expert football analyst. I will repeat, OC has more football acumen in his toe nail clippings than you do in your whole body. I may have disagreed with some things he has said, but I have always been respectful to him, and have never used pejoratives against him.
      Please quit while behind. TrollD, you are just digging your hole deeper.

      1. You are a POS….didn’t you cry about revealing your identity and then saying you would have to leave the blog because you feared for your life….POS

  20. ESPN lists pass rusher as 49ers’ biggest roster decision
    2 minutes ago • 0 comments
    By David Bonilla

    “Part of this deal is you have to develop your own talent…said GM John Lynch.”

    “We have some pretty good players,” he said. “Yeah, we’d love to add whoever the best pass rusher is on the outside. You’ve got to be pretty good to beat out (Cassius) Marsh. You’ve got to be pretty good to beat out (Arik) Armstead. You don’t just get guys. ”

    Robert Saleh on 49er pass rushers: “Who knows, you might be surprised. There might be a star out of the bunch. I have a feeling there might be.”

    1. Hadn’t. Had to watch it all….😉
      Did you notice how young everybody was?
      We flew UH1Es; shorter and rigged as gunships w/ 10 MGs and a couple of rocket pods. Each door had twin M60Ds.
      Sometimes we flew over paddies and wetland savannahs down by An Hoa, but mostly over the steep, thick jungles of the Annamite Range.
      Funny little memory details. We learned to bend a playing card and tape it to our mic arms as wind shields for the mics. It cut down on the slipstream and turbine noice and made it easier for us to be understood by the pilots. I learned to find myself a 3×3 steel plate to put under my seat so as not to get shot in the ass. Had my Dad send me some vented goggles to keep dust and sand out of my eyes on TOs and landings. He also sent me a big bottle of Tabasco Sauce every month to liven up those funky c-rats. 2018 has been full of memories for me as the 50th of a whole bunch a stuff.

      1. Improvisation/innovation…it’s always the little stuff. Yup, everyone looks 18 (barely).

        Was a passenger (only) on many UH-1D and CH-47 flights in Georgia, Washington State, Korea, and Central California. Came close to roping out of a UH-1D. And some hops on C-130s. So long ago yet so close…

  21. Hey Brotha…

    C-Rats were Great !!
    (as long as you got one of the two beef stews in the case)

    and the ham & limas weren’t all that bad, if you had to settle

    1. ‘Weren’t all that bad’ ???
      We called them Ham&Muddaphukas.
      But if you got one of the bottom choices, you and others could mix a few together and add some Tabasco, and you’ve got Mulligan Stew.

      1. Brotha ..

        Guess the ham & limas were an “acquired” taste…
        either that … or I totally got used to them ..
        after missing out on the beef stew .. too many times !

        But now that I think about it … a little shot of tabasco ..
        would made ’em .. a little more ….
        almost … u-hhh …. edible !

      1. Cassie
        pound cake ?
        I never saw it …. but … instead they gave you
        two round cans that went together …

        one was about 2 ½ -3 inches in diameter.. and the
        other was about 1 ½ x 1 ½ inches … the larger
        of the two containers contained crackers that looked
        like .. (in another life) … they might have been saltines …
        and they tasted like a fine chalk
        from an 1800’s era schoolhouse … and

        in the smaller can was your peanut butter…
        so hard … you could throw it through a window

          1. Cassie – did you serve with the 22nd Infantry Regiment or just find that on the net? I served with 2/22 at the same time Oliver Stone was with the 3rd Battalion (both were assigned to the 25th Inf at the time). The movie Platoon, based on his experiences in ‘Nam, seemed like a documentary to me.

      2. One canned c-rat Pound Cake could suck all the moisture out of Lake Tahoe. We called them Land Mines.
        A guy I know from Alpha/1/1 said in a Hue street fight he lobbed an unopened can of Pound Cake through an open window as a test for activity.
        It came sailing back out! True story, I swear. I think the journalist Michael Herr witnessed and reported that one.
        Herr took an iconic picture of a bunch of 1/1 guys eating their saved cans of peaches and pears just prior to a suicidal assault on The Citadel that chewed up the company.

        1. Ah.. yes …
          the legendary Land Mine … like I said, though
          I heard about them… but never was lucky
          enough to have experienced them …

  22. Now that was a good read Grant . With taste , respect , and look at all the positive feedback .

    Grant , one of your best articles .
    That is also why I think you haven’t even scratched the surface of the writer you can be .

    And yes , he was a very good man ,on and off the field . Like Dwight , we really need to put some time into this vicious disease . Because know one should go without . After all they have done so much good for the people ,loved ones , teammates , and everyone around them .

    Go 49ers .

        1. looks like the 4949 marketing campaign for the new, improved, and “sexy” Garnett narrative is limping home to an unsatisfactory outcome….

          1. Will be interesting so see how this plays out deep into August (if it goes that far). I image at least 6-10 teams would be interested in getting him–he’s young, high draft pick, decent college performance, and not much NFL mileage due to injury. It’s called ‘taking a flyer’. He may be a good fit in someone’s scheme. Across the league there will be injuries to interior offensive lineman in the run up to the season. If a trade doesn’t materialize, he’ll be snapped up quickly once released. Unfortunately, the 9ers won’t get a premium pick or player if he is traded. Then again, he could perform well enough that the 9ers keep him as a backup.

            Eager to learn what Grant has to say about this, snark and all…

            1. you’ll need to whittle down that 6-10 team estimate to just those that
              A: predominantly run a power scheme, and
              B: run inside zone far less often, and
              C: virtually no OZ, and
              D: are in need of a decent backup level OG… considering what Lynch will hope to get for him, being a highly drafted Stanford guy and all…

          2. Garnett defines head scratcher. What he did well in college:

            41 games played (saw action as a true freshman)
            Powerful, stacked frame with tree trunks for arm and legs
            Incredible raw power to move and manhandle defensive linemen off the ball
            Mauler’s mentality, physical road-grader who consistently finishes blocks
            Plays with tremendous leverage, snaps hips/arms up through defender’s pads to displace
            Strong anchor/base in pass protection, very difficult to bull rush
            When hands are inside, controls defenders with excellent grip strength and tenacity
            Agile for such a large man, can hit targets on the move in space with regularity
            Able to turn and seal linebackers off at the second level
            Powerful punch to keep pass rushers off balance
            Uses length well to keep rushers off his frame
            Clean footwork on pulling plays, often used as a key blocker in these situations
            Will get over-extended, but consistently keeps legs driving before defender can counter in run game
            Understands angles and seals to create clean running lane for backs
            Pro-style offense experience
            Hustles with consistently strong motor
            Father Scott played four years in the NFL

    1. Got to hand it to Baalke. Before Garnett was drafted, Kelly said we were switching to a ZBS scheme, so it was a mismatch from the beginning. Nevertheless, I don’t get how a kid who excelled as a guard in a competitive Division 1 program could be of zero interest to every other NFL club. You’d think he’d be a fit for someone. If we are going to have to cut him, I think this makes Garnett Baalke’s second worst draft pick after Alfred Alonzo “A. J.” Jenkins. Can anyone suggest someone else as number 2?

      1. let’see:
        — Vance McD, no thanks,
        — Anthony Davis, not so much,
        — Mike Davis, see VMcD,
        — Aaron Lynch, as above,
        — Jarrod Hayne???
        — I’m sure there’s more– especially his bad track record with offense….

      2. ACL picks Tank Carradine, Marcus Lattimore and Will Redmond.
        Chris Borland deserves mention, since he retired after one season.

    2. The Person signing signaled to me that ShanaLynch were less than impressed with the new, slimmed down version of Joshua Garnett. One reason I argued the notion that Garnett was one of Grant’s 5 players who need to exceed expectations this year, in order for the 49ers to make the playoffs. I got the sense from the things I’d heard and read that Garnett was in real jeopardy of getting cut. I was hoping they could swing a trade before word got out, because it’s that much harder to trade a player who seems destined to be cut.

  23. Fahnhorst, Sapolu, Cross and Barton are all victims of the McKittrick/Walsh curse. None of them are given their full due because they are seen as “system” players, great because of their coaches and the system they played in more than their ability. Its a shame I believe they all belong in the HOF as welll as Craig and Clark. I don’t believe that the 49ers of that era will ever get the accolades they deserve.

    1. as good as those guys were, and it’s obvious that they were good,
      McKittrick’s techniques were still a pretty big factor in those 80’s and even 90’s O-line success/effectiveness…
      and by extrapolation, the team’s success…

      1. the leg whip blocks notwithstanding of course…
        Howie Long won’t be voting for him, but– all 9ers fans should!

        1. TJF says, “the leg whip blocks notwithstanding of course”

          Master Gunnery Sergeant McKittrick was a man you want in your foxhole, during a game where coldhearted violence was still a good thing. When it was a primitive battle of flesh and bone, Bob coached a ruthless, relentless mentality. Sometimes players got hurt, but he was extremely successful. I believe it was, Glanville that said, “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying”. Defensive lineman would unleash the head slap, grab facemasks, spray their jersey with PAM. It was all fair in love and war, as long as you didn’t get caught. I admire Bob for the same reasons players like Long hated him. We were very fortunate to have him….

          1. ” I admire Bobb for the same reasons players like Long hated him. We were very fortunate to have him”
            Walsh, Montana, and the gang’s offensive success throughout the 80’s owes Bobb McK big time for building the OL foundation for “the team of the 80’s” success….

          2. Razor,
            The “leg whip” wasn’t illegal when McKittrick taught it, it was frowned on by defensive players. It later was deemed as illegal [if my memory serves me correctly]

  24. sebnynah says:
    June 20, 2018 at 10:31 am

    Making fun of OC, and telling him to get help, when Dwight just passed away from ALS, is about as smart as ripping babies from their mother’s arms.
    To correct your ravings, I will state that I had an argument with George. Once he stated that he was recovering from a heart procedure, I automatically apologized, …

    TomD’s Take: I will leave it at this Sebster. Your talent for painting yourself in the best light and your adversary in your quixotic parallel universe was the one episode of the twilight zone I missed wherein opposites are the reality.

    Your arguement with George was part and parcel of your lampoon of George’s coronary after he stated he had one. George was aghast as we all were, hence the rally for George vs. Seb occurred. THAT was when you offered an apology, occuring 3-4 days late.

    And even at this late date, I hold your apology one step below your narcissm; ie, you need this site to prolong it and is the only reason for your apology to George.

    I stand by my statement. I have never derided anyone with a disease, liar. George’s heart disease is not alzheimers and whomever the imaginary coach is, introduce us (probably the one you ran laps for in HS after dropping that bag of jellyrolls on coachs’ laptop).

    f George were to tell us he had alzheimer’s I would offer an apology, straightaway, however I have never knowingly ridiculed a coach or other with a disease.

    1. Tom ..
      it takes two to tango … but it only takes
      one to walk away ….

      do us all a favor and end this inane… immature, and
      unnecessary, trivial babble that you and the other guy
      engage in constantly … and just ..walk away !

      1. He can’t. If he doesn’t copy and paste, or tango with Sebber, he will no longer have a metier on this forum.

      2. Ok. I will. Seb’s manifesto will increase 10 fold from this point forward. Others will tire of his mistake ridden novels soon enough !

        1. How is that funny? He’s been covering the Warriors throughout the playoffs and has written a couple pieces on them now about it.

    1. We’re now in that stretch where we hope there’s no 49er news until TC convenes!
      No news is just fine.🤫

    1. Goosebumps in 2018? Ohhhh, I don’t know… I’m frightened.

      Gee, wasn’t it argued persuasively that the 9ers were looking to 2019, and had effectively ditched the 2018 season? And wasn’t it pointed out that 9er players were foolishly errant in displaying optimism for 2018?

      I’m conflicted…(not).

  25. These World Cup competitors are highly skilled, highly conditioned athletes, but their Drama Queen flopping histrionics invite derision. Not a good look. Weanies.

  26. Joe Staley on last years winning streak:

    “The expectations have been so much higher this offseason, which is great,” Staley said. “We felt like we finished really well, obviously going 5-0 to finish the season. We’ve got to temper the expectations a little bit and not get too caught up in (how we finished)… At the same time, you can also build on what we did and gain confidence from that.”

        1. c’mon, Jack’ll just say the good foot soldier was just spouting the company narrative….
          for the season ticket holders, etc….

    1. A snippet (Tim K.)…

      “Our general theme here: Let’s build up every one of our coverage teams the way we purposely built the group that is covering the Warriors now. Let’s layer in as many great writers as we can and tell as many great stories as we can. You’ve shown us that you want these stories, and you will read these stories, if they’re done thoughtfully and reported thoroughly.

      And Matt is a slam-dunk addition in every way. He’s even funny. Sometimes. Which is why I circled him almost a year ago and why we never stopped hoping he’d come aboard.”

      Emphasis added…

    1. 6 weeks? For what? 2-4 weeks more like. My guess is closer to 2 than 4, we’ll see. But 6 would be a shock, and unfair.

    1. Wow, Winston is allegedly sounding like a serial groper? What a perfect potential GOP candidate.

      Trump / Winston – 2020 anyone?

    1. And from that link (by David Fucillo)…

      “The San Francisco 49ers have what I consider a strong stable of beat writers. Matt Barrows and Matt Maiocco are the proverbial “Insiders” with strong sources for breaking news. Barrows also brings a great sense of humor to the beat. Meanwhile, Eric Branch does amazing feature writing, and Cam Inman is a solid middle ground of good features and some solid reporting. Fooch’s update: I forgot to mention Grant Cohn. I think he goes too much for hot takes, but I also like his detailed reports from practices.”

  27. Geez, thought I was back in Viet Nam this AM. Concussion grenades exploding, police everywhere, mass confusion – meth house going down. :) The police did a mighty fine job.

  28. Sorry to hear that he passed. It’s amazing to me he was listed in the white pages, accessible and gracious with his time. May he rest in peace.

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