Kendall Hunter doesn’t know why the Niners run so few halfback screens

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what backup running back Kendall Hunter said at his locker today.

Q: Now that you’ve been around Frank Gore for a few months, what have you learned from his game?

HUNTER: Frankly, everything. The way he runs, the way he blocks. He helped me with some of the techniques he uses and what he looks for and stuff like that.

Q: Can you feel the difference in yourself in terms of your development as a player?

HUNTER: I’ve still got a long way to go. I’m still learning, keep working hard and stuff like that. I’m getting better.

Q: Which running backs around the league do you admire and try to pattern your game after?

HUNTER: As a running back, I feel like I bring my own thing to the game, but I’ve learned a lot from Frank, watching him, because he one of the greats – a future hall of famer. It’s good to come in and have a leader like him, because he done been through it all, he knows what it takes, and he knows what you’ve got to do and stuff like that.

Q: Are you encouraged when you saw he wasn’t as big a guy as you thought? He’s that much bigger than you.

HUNTER: Size really don’t matter. It just shocked me because when I seen him on T.V. I thought he was at least six foot. That’s what shocked me.

Q: Why have there been so few screen passes called and thrown to tailbacks this season?

HUNTER: I don’t know. That’s up to the offensive coordinator. Whatever they want me to run, I do my best to execute.

Q: Does it surprise you that they’ve called so few tailback screens?

HUNTER: I’m just playing my role, trying to get better.

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