Kurt Warner says Alex Smith is “making the big play.”

In case you missed it, NFL Network’s Kurt Warner ranked Alex Smith as the fourth-best quarterback in the NFL behind Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees, and one spot in front of Matthew Stafford. Matt Hasselbeck was in Warner’s top 5 last week, but according to Warner, Smith has surpassed him.

Here’s what Warner said about Smith: “My big surprise: Alex Smith comes in at No. 4. A guy I probably didn’t expect to make this list all year long, but he’s got his team at 4-1 right now, he’s playing as consistent as anybody, and what I’ve seen the last couple weeks is him making the big play. Something that he hadn’t done up to that point of the season.

“You’ve got to play this position, not just week to week but you’ve got to show some consistency at this position. This (list) is about the quarterback playing the best football at this particular time – not just the best game, but the best football. Alex Smith has been doing it all year long.”

Torry Holt added: “It was the first time last week that I saw him actually deliver the football without second guessing anything

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