Kyle Shanahan did the right thing by changing his mind about Rich Scangarello

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan speaks at a news conference after an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 16, 2018. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Now you see the real Kyle Shanahan.

This weekend, he revealed himself for what he is — a man with a conscience.

He didn’t show it last week when he cruelly denied three of his assistant coaches the opportunity to interview with other teams for vacant offensive-coordinator positions. The assistants were passing game coordinator Mike LaFleur, running game coordinator Mike McDaniel and quarterbacks coach Rich Scangarello.

Blocking all three seemed petty and mean.

But, over the weekend, Shanahan listened to his conscience and changed his decision. He allowed one of the three assistants — Scangarello — to interview with another team. So, on Tuesday, Scangarello met with the Denver Broncos.

Good for Shanahan. He found a compromise. Showed maturity and leadership.

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  1. I guess the idea that none of these guys wanted to leave and that Shanahan was actually doing these guys a favor went out the window…

  2. You’re such a joke as a writer. You literally just make up crap to write this blog. You hv zero idea what happened with Scangarello so you literally make stuff up to write a column. Pathetic.

      1. You really need to improve your smack talk game Yeast Infection. That was just dumb. Up your penicillin dosage. Might help your brain function.

    1. Good article Grant, KS must of watched your last periscope and it took a few days for him to realize he was wrong;-) ..You know not to listen to the whiny peanut gallory, just keep it up and good interview at KRON.

  3. I, too, wish to praise KS for letting Scangarello the opportunity to interview for the OC position. Since it was a big promotion, he will advance his career. He will look at the trajectory of Matt LaFleur, and hope to emulate him.
    However, there are other extenuating circumstances. The Niners were given the opportunity to interview Joe Woods, who was the DC for the Broncos, and now he is the new DB Coach for the Niners. Woods will greatly help Saleh. Hopefully, there will no longer be WRs running uncovered downfield.
    Another factor that still has to play out, is Scangarello. If he becomes the OC of the Broncos, he may lobby to obtain Mullens. The Niners may reap a windfall, since Elway is ready to move on from Keenum. There have been several examples of coaches being traded to teams for a draft choice. BB, Edwards, Holmgren, Gruden and Parcells.
    Instead of letting Scangarello out of his contract, the Niners should trade Scangarello and Mullens to the Broncos for a second round pick, and a conditional 2020 second round pick. If the Broncos win 5 or less games, the pick becomes a third round pick, but if the Broncos make the playoffs, it becomes a first round pick.
    Maybe the Niners could do a blockbuster trade and include Solomon Thomas, Ahkello Witherspoon and Shon Coleman for the Bronco first round pick. Solomon Thomas would fit the 3-4 defense Fangio runs. Witherspoon would go back to the state where he played college, and Shon Coleman started every game for the Browns in 2017. Maybe throw in Trent Taylor to sweeten the deal.
    Fangio would get the third pick in the draft with Thomas, and he would be able to utilize him correctly. Witherspoon has size, speed and skills, and may be a good competitor for Roby. Coleman has starting experience, and Taylor has caught many passes from Mullens. 4 for 1 is a good deal, and all 4 have played and started.
    It would be a win/win for both sides, Elway wants to keep the SB window open, and the Niners would get more foundation blocks for the future.

      1. Hang with us Dale. As usual, Sebbie lays out 100s of very detailed draft/trade scenarios. He does so many year-to-year that a few come close to actual execution. The vast majority don’t…not even close. The rules of statistical probability are validated.

        When he comes close with one of his scenarios, he crow and crows about it.

        This will be a fun off season!

        1. Yup, when the Niners traded back, and garnered more picks, even 2018 second and third round picks, I got to crow, because many posters on this site said it was impossible.
          Cassie was furious, and haunts my posts to this day.

    1. You gently pulled open and I stuck in my finger…. yeah.
      Did you have to…
      Did you have to…
      Did you have to let it linger!

        1. Sebbs–

          fascism is not a good thing. you ought to just laugh at it. U could turn that around, like Sun Zoo, and make many a joke out of it! It’s kind of funny in its own way……….

            1. Well, the good Lord must have loved them, because he made a whole lot of them!

              That includes me, and believe it or not………………………………………………YOU!

    2. Fangio…would be able to utilize [Thomas] correctly.

      … utilize has the special meaning of make good use of, especially of something that was not intended for the purpose but will serve . . . (English Language & Usage)

      1. Whitner stated that he thought that Thomas was best utilized as a 3-4 line man. Saleh ran a 4-3 system.
        Fangio uses a 3-4 system, so Thomas would be allowed to play to his strengths. He would be utilized correctly, instead of incorrectly. Fangio would accentuate his skillsets.

    3. I like some of this, but I don’t like trading Solly and Trent for one first rounder. I feel like with competence and time those two might still come good.

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          1. Growing up in the Central Valley, there was no shortage of good Mexican restaurants.
            My criteria for a good one?- Savory Chile rellenos and hot plates. The best had good Mole’.

        2. There are some good Mexican food restaurants in CA but you really can’t beat TexMex as a genre. It’s different than traditional Mexican food but it’s pretty damn good.

    1. Donatell is a good hire for the Broncos. Presumably Fangio will really be running the defense but Donatell is a good person to pair with Fangio since they know each other so well. The Scangarello hire would be pretty interesting. As a DC, Fangio must have seen every NFL offense under the sun so he knows which offenses are the most dangerous. He seems to be specifically looking for someone who runs the Shanahan/Kubiak/Shanahan offense. I guess you could consider that a certain level of praise for that style of offense when a very good DC wants that as his offense.

      1. They were going to hire Kubiak. The only reason he’s not there was because Elway didn’t want him to bring in certain assistants. It’s clear that they have a style of offense they’re looking for. Scangarello is pretty much the last man standing from the Mike Shanahan tree right now.

        1. Yeah, so exactly what I said. Fangio is looking for someone who runs Kyle Shanahan’s offense. Losing out on Kubiak was a major mistake IMO. Kubiak is an excellent OC and play caller. There’s a significant drop off from Kubiak to Scangarello.

            1. How do you know that? You don’t think Fangio has the say on his coaching staff? Or are you just pulling more stuff out of your… hat?

              1. “Per a league source, Fangio’s burning desire to finally become a head coach has made him willing to let Elway hand pick the coaching staff.”

              2. That’s not what I read about the Broncos interest in Kubiak. Everything I read indicated Elway was interested in hiring Kubiak as the OC even before he hired Fangio as Head Coach. Fangio met with Kubiak and ultimately decided he didn’t want to hire him. Elway backed Fangio’s decision so they moved on to the next OC candidate Fangio liked. From everything I’ve read, Elway is involved but Fangio is driving the ship on his coaching hires.

              3. “Handpicking” the staff is one thing, especially when it’s as easy as naming Donatell the DC, but if I’m Fangio, I don’t let Elway pick the quarterback. Leave that to Scangarello!

              4. Elway didn’t want to let Kubiak bring back Dennison and Pariani, so Kubiak walked.

                As for the defensive staff, yeah that Fangio.

              5. Could you post a link to the article that says Elway is handling the offensive coaching hires. Hadn’t seen that. In fact, everything I’ve seen says the exact opposite. Curious about that story.

              6. Here is one. The other is the tweet that I copied and pasted above.

                It’s pretty easy to see what is driving the bus out there. Elway wants a Shanahan scheme. Kubiak didn’t work out because of a disagreement over assistants, so the next best thing is Scangarello because the rest of the tree has already been picked over.

                It would be odd for a guy like Fangio, who on the defensive side is hiring guys he knows to go off and get someone he has no history with to run the side of the ball that isn’t his specialty.

                Connect the dots my friend.


              7. Uhhhhhhhh, are you serious? Did you cherry pick a quote from Mike Florio to support your position? Florio may be the least credible source in the sports world. The guy steals the work of real journalists, posts conjecture as fact, and routinely attacks people he doesn’t like – including John Elway. Florio is an absolute joke. Then you post an article you think insinuates Elway is picking the offensive coaching staff? That article doesn’t say what you think it says. This article was written before Fangio was even hired. It doesn’t say Elway is driving the ship on the offensive side of the ball. In fact, the inference you can take from the article is that Elway wanted Kubiak and Fangio granted an interview but refused to hire him.

                “So, if Fangio agrees to work with Kubiak,”

                Guess what – dots connected. Fangio didn’t agree to work with Kubiak. So Fangio is driving that ship.

                So it’s just as I first thought. You pulled more stuff out of your… hat.

              8. I agree with Jack. Kubiak went to Minnesota because he brought his son to be QB coach. Both Elway and Fangio had different ideas about the coaching staff.

              9. Florio actually took that from a writer in the Denver area.

                Kubiak isn’t in Denver because Elway wouldn’t let him to rehire Dennison and Pariani.

                That they next went after another Kubiak/Shanahan disciple should help connect the dots.

                Either way, I’m making an observation based off of information that I’ve heard and read, just like you are. If that means I’m pulling it out of my … hat it means the same for you my friend.

              10. Fangio would have some say in it and he does have a relationship with Shanahan who wanted to hire Fangio to be DC when he got the Niner job. There is no doubt that Elway wants to see the Mike Shanahan system brought back too. Good for Scangarello.

              11. No. The reports I’m reading are saying specifically Fangio is hiring the coaching staff. You read 1 quote from a guy who doesn’t know how long a football field is and you’re assuming everything else you read fits that narrative. Big difference.

  4. Seb

    Nice wandering and dreaming….for sure , I DO MEAN it….a lot of it is daydreaming, but what else is there to do this time of football world…? Incidentally, I disagree about allowing Scangerello to interview the Broncos…but I’d also rather have a OC who was happy in his position rather than not….

        1. If they hired an OC, they could trade Mullen for several #1 draft picks-THEN pull in Kaep. Kaep would certainly lead them to and win the Superbowl…………

      1. Seb

        Where in the name of Pete do you get the idea that your knowledge should rival that of Kyle Shannahan ? If I were Kyle Shannahan, I would be insulted by the sheer audicity of it…. I appreciate some of your meanderings, occasionaly, but that’s as far as it goes…As long as it’s Kyles job, let him DO IT, and don’t attempt to change things…remember Eddie fired Walsh twice…on bad advice….

        1. Calm down, Seb ‘can’t changes things’…You’re not KS and KS doesn’t read this forum plus he wouldn’t get insulted if he read it anyway. You both have different opinions. lol

            1. And, one time Kyle picked his nose!

              Sure hop KS hires an OC.

              Hmmmmmm. Look what happens when you don’t hire an OC. That’s why our db’s run around like the Keystone cops-because theres no OC.

              Hmmmmm. Who’s been proven right once again……AGAIN!!!!!!

    1. No…Grant is giving KS some congrats for finally coming to his senses, that all. He gives praise out when he feels they deserve it . But nice try.

      1. The fact is, KS, growing up in a football family, knows nothing about football! He should be fired and give Tomsula one-more-chance!

      2. Finally coming to his senses? Grant and his motley crew of mindless sheep made it sound as if Kyle was being a selfish scrooge, not letting any of his assistant coaches interview elsewhere, when in fact, that was a phony-balogny storyline to begin with.

        FYI, yet another one of Kyle’s assistant coaches have given permission to interview, this time the Green Bay Packers have received permission from the San Francisco 49ers to interview Niner Assistant OL coach, Adam Stenavich.

        There is a big difference between blocking your top two offensive assistant coaches, which is hardly newsworthy because it happens regularly around the league on a yearly basis, and the impression which Grant and others were stoking in which Kyle was somehow being selfish for holding onto his two most important assistant coaches for at least one more season. And to make this non story even more egregious, as far as I know, neither Grant, nor anyone else who has been criticizing Kyle have even talked to these particular assistant coaches, have any idea how they feel personally, or whether they were even interested in leaving Kyle’s staff at this point and time, to begin with, because Grant isn’t privy to Kyle’s personal relationships with his staff.

        Basically, this basically a faux story, followed by faux outrage, to begin with. And now Grant has the gall twist this biased, half-baked work of fiction even further, commending Kyle for supposedly changing his mind when Grant really isn’t privy to the details of these decisions in the first place.

        1. You’re going to bitch and moan about pretty much anything that Grant writes which doesn’t paint the 49ers through rose colored glasses

          1. No, I’m just calling out the biased reporting Jack. We get it …. Grant has an axe to grind with Kyle Shanahan and the entire 49ers organization for some reason. I’m just trying to bring a little balance to the world Jack. Is that such a bad thing?

            I’m all for criticism when it’s warranted. But where’s the balance Jack? Either simply report the facts, or have some balance, right? Otherwise, add some kind of disclaimer at the very least, so that people understand where you are coming from, right? The only kind of compliment Grant ever gives Kyle’s 49ers these days is of the backhanded variety. If Grant were calling it straight, one would have to believe Kyle Shanahan would have to be the worst coach in the history of the NFL, and an ugly person to boot.

            I mean, Grant even went as far as to call Kyle out for nepotism. Grant Cohn … nepotism. For crying out loud Jack, even you have to see the gall in this kind of statement?

            1. The 49ers have sucked for 4 years. Most of Grant’s criticisms are correct.

              As for nepotism, Grant acknowledged that he too benefited from his fathers position much like Kyle. Not surprised that you missed it though.

  5. Mike McGlinchey named ESPN’s NFC West Rookie of the year.

    Not the most prestigious of awards but it does show that our talent base is growing “brick by brick.”
    Congrats Mike!

    1. That couldn’t be the same Mike McGlinchey whom Grant Cohn criticized on a daily basis during his training camp reporting … could it AES?

      It sure seemed to me that the picture Grant Cohn painted during training camp (because apparently he didn’t particularly like the pick), was of a rookie RT who couldn’t handle edge rushers who have quick first step, and would almost certainly struggle during his rookie season, at the very least.

      Am I crazy, or did you get the same impression AES?

      1. 49,
        I said at the start of last year’s draft that I would consider it a successful draft if the 2018 hual produced at least 3 starters from that rookie class.
        Certainly makes the 2018 class look good now and promise for the future.
        Btw, I really don’t care if Grant acknowledges McGlinchey or not.

        1. Can you tell me how many sacks he gave up?
          Sure he got beat for some sacks but he also did very well against top defenders.
          Just ask Khalil Mack.
          McGlinchey may not be an overnight sensation but he will be the anchor on the Online for years to come.
          The scary thing is that he will get better and stronger.
          Excellent pick by Lynch/Shanahan

  6. Can you kindly tell me how many times my head must be hit with a sledge hammer before I can reach this level of writing?

      1. That idea is currently on hold until I get a new computer because the one I own has the Grim Reaper ready to swing his scythe down on it.

    1. Haven’t read anything by Grant in weeks, maybe months. What’s he claiming here? Kyle read his column berating the former and changed his mind about Scang’s interview?
      Kyle’s change of mind may have more to do with maintaining good relationship with Elway than anything else.

  7. Does anyone know if Kyle actually blocked them from interviewing?

    Is it possible that someone incorrectly reported they were being blocked. For example, someone spoke with a team official who stated they were blocked until Shanahan gives the go-ahead (basically stating NFL rules) , and then reported Shanahan was blocking them when he never actually was.

    Reporters these days are not really doing a lot of digging these days in their rush to be first to get the story out.

    1. Does anyone know if Kyle actually blocked them from interviewing?

      Not that I’ve read. Just a rumor that he wouldn’t allow them to which was then followed by an interview for Scangarello. For Grant this automatically means Shanahan was shamed into it, for more reasonable people it means we don’t know for sure what the real story was but ultimately the assistant was allowed to interview for another job.

  8. Hey Grant…. “Mike McGlinchey named ESPN’s NFC West Rookie of the year.”

    Can you diminish this recognition? Please? Before this gets out of hand?

    1. May I take a crack at it?
      “McGlinchey is so good at run blocking that it sufficiently offsets his horrendous pass blocking to get the nod as NFC West Rookie of the year”?

  9. I believe Seb brought up a good point earlier, it has been reported that Scangarello is Mullins #1 fan and he might want him in Denver. Now I have not drank the Mullins kool aid, I believe he is a good NFL backup QB but if Scangarello loves him lets talk trade. If I was a NFL GM I wouldn’t give up any more than a 4th round pick for him. I also believe he has great value to the team as the 49er backup for the next 3 or 4 seasons but if Den would part with a 2nd or better in this years draft they should at least listen.

      1. Given Elway’s track record with drafting quarterbacks, I could see him being desperate enough to give up a 2nd round pick for a quality back up quarterback like Mullens….

      2. 49ers gave up a 2nd round pick for Jimmy Garoppolo and JG had far less success than Mullens prior to that trade. If the 49ers can get a 2 for Mullens and a 4 for Beathard I’d say do both those trades in a heartbeat. Sign Fitzpatrick as a backup and you’re set.

      3. There is no way they should trade Mullens. As we’ve seen, Garoppolo has not been able to stay healthy and Mullens has shown an ability to keep the offense moving. His value as a backup is worth more than a draft pick at this point imo.

    1. Old Coach, all I know is that Mullens is way better than Keenum.
      Remember, they competed against each other, and Mullens won, hands down. Elway said that Keenum is only a short term solution, and Keenum may be their QB for enough time to drink a cup of coffee.
      With Scangarello, Mullens is worth a second and a 2020 conditional second round pick.Elway whiffed on Lynch, Osweiler, Seimian, and now Keenum. He wants to win now, while his defense is still strong.

      1. Sebbie… What happens if Scangarello likes a different QB? Even more than Mullens? Just because you feel Scang has a crush on Mullens doesn’t mean what you propose will happen. Fangio and Elway could very well go in a different direction.

        Mullens for a 2nd and another conditional high pick? Ha!

        Anyway, to parrot your favorite conditional argument… If [insert GM or HC name here] wanted to win, they’d sign Kaep. Your sentiments, not mine.

        1. Cassie, that is a given, but you all go dithering whenever I bring up Kaep, so I have shown restraint.
          My proof that Scangarello treats Mullens like he is a long lost son? Just look at their pictures, side by side. ;p

          1. Keep bringing up Kap, Sebs-tho he be old news and irrelevant. U get blasted when you do that, but your comebacks………………well, your worth millions!!

            1. Saw, I did not bring up Kaep. Cassie did.
              However, it is interesting to note that on the MHR, they have posted an article about Kaep, since Elway almost signed him.
              Some were claiming that they would rather lose without Kaep, than win with Kaep.

        2. Hey cassie…you mean if Seb has an opinion or proposes something, it won’t happen. Really…and Mullens is probably worth a 2nd to 4th rd pick..if not he’ll be a real good backup which every team should have.

          1. Hi there Walt!

            You mean if Seb has an opinion or proposes something, it won’t happen[?].” No, not always. Opinions are welcome on this blog. Having said that, read on…

            You’d have to plow through Sebbie’s long history on this blog to get a feel for how he dispenses his opinions–more often than not delivered as a ‘I know everything’ stick-in-the-eye of anyone reading. He’d get quite agitated when others would shine light on his predictions/assertions when they fell flat (most did)–or he’d just walk away and claim he never made them. On rare occasions when he was accurate with an opinion, he’d jam it down readers throats to make sure they knew. We won’t open here the matter of Sebbie being arrogantly sure that 9er execs and coaches read his each and every post. And then there are his 10, 14, 16 (whatever) point ‘Captain Obvious’ plans he never fails to repeatedly share. With Sebbie, it’s a cumulative history thing.

            Admittedly, Sebbie has moderated his style just a touch this past season–kudos to him. For kicks, you should check the blog’s archives from the 2016-2017 drafts (February through May of each year)…yikes!

            Sebbie does surface some interesting thinking now and then. Unfortunately it’s often shrouded in crud, and occasionally barbed wire. Maybe less ‘I know better than anyone’ attitude on his part will reduce the push back he gets.

            On the matter of Mullens, if he’d won each of his starts, he might be worth a 3rd from a desperate team. Alas, he has losses mixed in–good/bad/indifferent. I do think Mullens has a bright future.

            1. Once again, the stench of Baalke, permeates this site.
              Cassie delights in snark, asides and screeds. She will troll relentlessly and try to create division and chaos. She will insist on a poster deliver a dissertation, but brings nothing on her own, because she hates being ridiculed.
              I have been pretty consistent throughout, but posters have finally learned to leave me alone. Some have tried to out talk me, and win debating me, but finally learn their lesson. Hope to see more new blood on this site, but am happy just calmly, civilly, discussing on this site about a team I love, with fellow die hard faithful Niner fans.

              1. Hell, im not leaving you alone, Sebs. I love your stuff!!

                If I had my way, you’d be dating starlets and living in Beverly Hills!

              2. Butt-cheese is entirely an under appreciated snack. A finger or two can keep you full between meals.

      2. Old Coach, all I know is that Mullens is way better than Keenum.

        This is just totally wrong. Mullens hasn’t come close to what Keenum was able to do in 2017/18.

  10. With J Flacco, Teddy Bridgewater, Ryan Fitzpatrick out in the market……it highly likely Mullens is considered in the same rankings as the 3 above…..

        1. What about Nick Foles???…He may be let go by Philly or maybe they keep him and possibly trade Wentz to the Raiders for a couple high draft picks, maybe not?

  11. If Scangarello is so very good at finding QB talent (no argument there), who’s to say he’s not already fixed on a player available through the 2019 draft. A player he may like more than Mullens?

    1. Based on historical numbers, I’d think that even with deep insight, the chances of hitting a home run (i.e., for a QB to be starter material) with a low draft pick, let alone a UDFA, is very low.
      I wonder what Scangs feels about C.J.

  12. Pretty objective review of other teams interest in the 49ers coaching staff…

    Maiocco surmises the 49ers viewed the LaFleur & McDaniel requests as lateral moves and felt no need to grant permission to interview on lateral moves. Scangarello’s move was a promotion so the 49ers granted that interview. Seems like a reasonable approach to handling coach poaching to me.

    1. Lateral moves have never compelled an organization to consent to an interview with another interested team. I think Grant is channeling his inner Sebber, which is his sincerest form of flattery and ties right in with Granting him “Legendary” status….

      1. Sean McVay allowed Matt LaFleur to move from the Ram OC position to the Titan OC position, which was a lateral move, because Matt was allowed to call the plays. That worked out well because Matt is now HC of the Packers.

          1. Bill Walsh was not Compelled to establish a minority mentorship program. However, he did it because he wanted to break up the lily white coaching cabal. He felt as it was his duty and obligation to install Black and Brown coaches into positions of command and authority, because the league is 78% minority.
            Yes, he was not compelled by edict, but he did it anyway, because it was the right thing to do. Bill Walsh was a visionary, and an enduring LEGEND.

            1. I liked the Hollywood Squares with Buddy Hackett, Jonathan Winters and Paul Lynde. They crossed the line with their double entendres,and were pretty raunchy.

              1. Saw, if you want to go political, I will be happy to oblige. 5 black coaches were fired this season. 4 had better records than KS. Only one minority will be hired as a HC. Now, there are only 2 black HCs out of 32 teams, in a league that is 22% white. White privilege and black exclusion is alive and well in the NFL.

              2. Sebs-

                Who, SPECIFICALLY, was done wrong because they were black? No theories, no emotions–just hard, cold facts.

                Your not going to recreate ’68, Sebs. Nobody wants to go back there.

            2. Sebs-

              You just said merit takes a back seat to ethnicity. More liberal whack-job thinking.

              Should more White guys be in the NBA-regardless of merit-just to make things “fair”?
              Freekin Sebs and his uber liberal dogma…………
              Walsh did what he did for the same reason Branch Rickey did it-because he wanted to win.

              If the best QB in the league happened to be Asian-American and there was every reason to believe he was a huge difference maker, you think someone would hire him simply because of his Asian blood?????
              No. They’d hire him because he’s great-his ethnicity is irrelevant. You keep trying to bring civilization back, instead of forward-so you can point your finger and get on your soap-box.

            3. Good call with that one, and I’d like to add to it:

              Bill Walsh did the right thing; so credit where credit is due.

              But also consider that he didn’t hire primarily because of under-representation; he hired people that were mistakenly under-valued by others (something he was a victim of; and carried a chip about).

    2. I think pretty much everyone on this board (except a few) appreciates the clear reasoning. To quote Maiocco: “Neither job would include involved play-calling duties. Matt LaFleur and Kingsbury will call the plays for their respective teams. Shanahan likely considered the opportunities for Mike LaFleur and McDaniel as lateral moves.
      But the Denver Broncos’ offensive coordinator job is different. The 49ers allowed quarterbacks Rich Scangarello to interview with defensive-minded Denver head coach Vic Fangio for that position.”
      Standard operating procedures, seems to me. With the Broncos, there is the added possibility of getting a relatively high pick for Mullens as a bonus!

  13. Be interesting to see if the Cardinals take a run at Davis Webb since he has history with their new HC. (Supposed to be a response to Cassie’s post re QB FAs)

  14. I hope KS promotes Mike LaFleur to OC.
    Then he has room to hire a minority candidate, and keep the tradition of Bill Walsh alive. He will need to fill the QB coach position, too, if Scangarello goes to Denver.

    1. Another scenario which might make the Mikes happy, is for KS to promote Bobby Turner to OC.
      Then, Mike Daniels can become the RB coach and Mike LaFleur can become the QB Coach, both promotions.

  15. Grant,
    Nice piece. I thought it was not proper when I heard he had originally been denied the chance to interview with Denver. That error in judgement has been rectified and I applaud your publically supporting the change in attitude on the part of Kyle Shanahan.

  16. In my opinion this just reflects Shanahan’s youth in terms of being a head coach. I believe it also creates pause when Antonio Bryant discussions are made.
    Antonio Bryant is TO 2.0. He needs a strong seasoned HC with discipline. Belichick. Fangio. Not Shanahan. Sf is attract because Bryant would impose his will throughout a juvenile organization from York to Lynch to Shanahan.
    If you want to see how things would play out look up Mike Wallace, Chad Johnson, or TO in philly – also last season in Dallas.
    Randy Moss matured under Belichick. Fangio could do the same with Bryant.
    Shanahan is not ready for that or any diva. He does better with emerging talent.

    1. If Brown didn’t respect Mike Tomlin, why would he respect Kyle Shanahan?

      If Brown didn’t respect Ben Roethlisberger, why would he respect Jimmy Garoppolo?

  17. More and more I’m seeing statements on here about Kyle Shanahan that are in line with Trumpisms. In other words, made up with no factual basis for saying them. It’s time to fact check some of these criticisms and set the record straight on what is real and what is clearly made up.

    Kyle Shanahan needs an OC: Made up and ignores some very basic facts. The only reason Shanahan doesn’t have an OC is because he doesn’t use those titles on the offensive side of the ball. He made a statement about it when asked awhile back:

    “I think I have lots of good guys on our staff,” Shanahan said, per “I can give anyone that title just so people don’t ask me that question. I have guys on our staff who do a great job, guys who are in charge of the run game, guys who are in charge of the pass game. Everybody has certain areas from third down to short yardage to first-second down run game to third down run game to backed up. We have a staff who’s worked together, who knows how to, I think we’re very efficient. I don’t plan on not calling the plays. So, I don’t necessarily see why that’s necessary.”

    He doesn’t have an OC: Non story. What he does have is multiple position Coaches working with him on the game plan much like an OC would do. There really is no difference from what he’s doing and what others in the same category are doing which leads to the next made up story:

    Kyle Shanahan needs to over see the whole team like a HC instead of just focusing on the offense: Completely made up and not remotely factually correct. 3 of the 4 teams that will play for a berth in the SB this weekend have HC’s focusing solely on offense and calling their own plays, exactly the same as Shanahan. The idea that the Niners would be better if Shanahan stepped back from play calling to pay more attention to all 3 phases is not backed up by the facts. This is an effective way to Coach a team when your HC is one of the best play callers in the game and it can work extremely well as we see with the final 4.

    The 49ers don’t learn from their mistakes and take too many penalties: The 49ers sit in 20th at 7 penalties a game. They are two 10ths of a percent behind playoff teams like the Chargers and Seahawks who come in at 6.8 pg and ahead of other playoff teams like Baltimore, Indy and KC who come in at 7.2, 7.3, and 8.4 respectively. Penalties are about as random a stat as exists in the game. Quite often it is based on the officiating crews who called the majority of your games and also doesn’t always factor into winning and losing as we see with the playoff teams who were worse then the Niners in this statistic. It certainly doesn’t give an indication as to which teams are well Coached and disciplined and which ones aren’t.

    Now there are some real problems this team has that need to be addressed or it will be tough to improve in the win column.

    Red Zone TD scoring efficiency: The biggest problem this team has offensively is scoring TD’s in the RZ. They were dead last in this area and it cost them repeatedly in close games. This has to be rectified for there to be any chance at playoff contention. The lowest ranking playoff team in this stat was Houston at 50%; the 49ers came in at 41%.

    3rd down percentage: The 49ers were middle of the pack at 38%, but there was only 1 playoff team (Houston) who ranked below them. This is a major indicator of who makes the playoffs and who doesn’t and the Niners have to get into the top half in this stat to have a chance to make the playoffs next year.

    I haven’t covered everything obviously because it would take too long and put people to sleep while reading it, but I wanted to put the facts on the table in regards ton Kyle Shanahan the HC and what he should be reasonably criticized for and what he is being criticized for based on just looking to find fault or not really understanding Coaching in the NFL or the game of Football for that matter.

    Bottom line is we have the same Coaching setup as 3 teams in the final four, and a team that can compete if they stay healthy. There are improvements that need to be made but there are signs this team can be a playoff contender with some additions on defense and health. Coaching is not the problem with this team, at least when compared to health and overall roster.

        1. Incorrect. It’s actually 6-2, with 1 of those wins being against Rams backups and 1-2 this year with his starting QB and a healthy roster.

          1. 1000 pardons. 6-2 and the circumstance doesn’t seem to mean anything when counting the losses so it shouldn’t when counting the wins.

              1. 999 1/2?

                It was a tough start playing in Minny and KC. They would have finished with a better record had Garoppolo not gone down and that is really the underlying point to all this. Say what you will about the Coaching but the main reason this became a lost season wasn’t because of Coaching.

              2. This was a lost season because the team did the same stupid stuff that they did the season before.

              3. In some ways yes, but mistakes are more likely to happen when you are in a constant state of player movement in and out of the lineup due to injury. A good team can’t overcome the amount of injuries to key players this team had, never mind one in the midst of a rebuild.

              4. You can’t blame injuries for false starts on the oline, or unsportsmanlike penalties on that group. Those guys played all year together and had some killer penalties

              5. What about playing Mullens before CJB…..we can argue our record could have been better if Mullens came off the bench earlier……do we blame Kyle for that?

                Some will also say that single decision alone cost us the season…..

    1. With those names, better to develop in-house and draft; the best ones are basically betting on their “potential.” Yikes.

      1. Exactly what I have been saying. Use FA to plug other holes. Draft a WR.

        Obviously if they do trade for Brown then no need to take a WR high. But I honestly doubt the team will trade for Brown.

  18. Yeah, yeah, yeah, KS does not care about titles.
    So why does he insist on being the HC AND OC? Hubris. He was hired to be HC, not OC. The problem is, KS likes being the OC so much, he neglects being the HC. KS is 4-12, and does not have a clue.
    Why is he so insistent to not have an OC? His ego. Why will he not accept help? His ego.Why will he not own his 4-12 record? His ego. KS will blame injuries, bad officiating and poor execution, but never blames himself.
    KS has never given a good reason why having an OC would hurt the team. The only reason I see, is that it would hurt his feelings. I hope every 4-12 coach has hurt feelings, because he deserves them.
    KS blithely states that an OC is not needed. He is 4 and freakin’ 12. KS needs an OC in the worst way. An OC may better prepare them so they do not make so many mistakes. An OC may help with the red zone issues. An OC may help convert more third downs. An OC may help them reduce penalties, turnovers and wasted time outs. An OC may help with the game plan, game management and clock management. An OC might help with the practices and enhance the execution of the plays. An OC could think outside the box and help the offense be more innovative and less predictable. An OC may help focus the offense, and help them play crisply, efficiently and effectively. An OC may help make shrewd assessments and timely adjustments. An OC may calm KS down so he does not lose his cool and hurt the team. An OC could help finish games.
    An OC may help KS win.
    Grant is right. KS needs an OC, and I think he should promote from within.

        1. Shanahan giving someone a title won’t change anything unless he decides to also change the way game planning is done, and quite frankly there’s no need to do that because his system now sounds very similar to what we saw from other coaches, Harbaugh for example.

          Feel free to keep banging that drum though

        2. Must it always be an either/or?

          Nice try Sebbie. Maybe Shanahan doesn’t want to win, as you’ve opined in the past.

          1. No, no, he made an assessment, and benched Hoyer. He stuck with CJB, bur he became injured so he went with JG and Mullens. That signified that he saw it was not working, and he needed to change in order for them to win. If he wanted to lose, he would have benched Mullens and played CJB.

      1. Given Shanahan cited his passing coordinator and run coordinator were denied interviews as it was seen as a lateral move, I think it is fair to see he actually has two OCs already.

        I assume Seb’s issue is that Shanny calls the plays, but it is clearly not an issue as many of the top HCs call their own plays.

        1. It is and it isn’t. While I agree in principle that one does not need an OC, Shanahan is still learning the ropes on this HC thing and an offloading if responsibilities may help him concentrate energies in areas that may be most helpful to him as an HC. The thing is, the longer he is on the job, the more this point becomes moot though.

          1. EC,

            The point you and others are missing is that Shanahan already offloads a lot of the work during the week to his assistants. He doesn’t have a Coach with the title of OC but he has Coaches doing the duties of one. There is nothing keeping him from being a HC during the game any differently than McVay or Reid. He has different labels for his Coaches that is it.

        2. No, KS can call the plays if he wants. Reid calls his plays. McVay calls his plays,
          However, they are running crisp, efficient offenses that are very productive. They are also in their division championship games. They both have winning records.
          Reid has Eric Bieniemy as his OC. Mc Vay has Jedd Fisch as his senior offensive assistant. They both have adequate help.
          KS is trying to do 2 jobs at once, and it shows. His team is unprepared, unfocused and undisciplined. There have been many Keystone Kops moments like hiking the ball over the QB’s head and throwing it out of bounds on 4th down. Maybe an OC might help fix those problems.
          Andy Reid has been a coach for 36 years. He has been a head coach for 19 years. He has won a SB. He is part of the Bill Walsh coaching tree. Reid calls his plays, but he is also smart enough to have an OC.
          KS imploded in the SB. He has only been a HC for 2 years. He has a 10-22 record, and without JG, he has a 4-18 record. Game management and clock management is deficient. Lack of an ability to finish games has cost at least 6 games. Red zone issues show a lack of competence and drive.
          KS was 4-12, and he has the temerity to blithely state that an OC is unnecessary. That is hubris, especially after watching this past season.
          Reid, is a top HC, vying for a SB, and he has an OC. KS should hire an OC to help him win.Hiring an OC will not help him lose.

      1. He is losing one of those coaches, so things have changed.
        It would be a good way to stop looking churlish, and hindering career advancements, by giving promotions. He wants to retain his coaches, but I think they will see it as lording over them. basically telling to keep quiet, and accept their fate.
        KS has a great opportunity to make a change, reward success, and make the Mikes feel wanted and appreciated. Sure, it is just a title, but it is way more than that for the Mikes. If Jed is too cheap to have an OC on his payroll, he deserves to lose. Hindering career advancement just looks bad. Saying any change is unnecessary for a 4-12 team is obtuse.
        KS could look like he is not bowing to pressure, by citing the loss of Scangarello, and the need to retain the Mikes by rewarding success and promoting from within. KS could look like a leader, by delegating authority. Heck he could still call plays, that is his prerogative. He could still have the same system. All I am saying is that an OC could make things run better, and be more successful.

        1. We get it Sebbie. It’s your opinion. Some disagree with you. Deal with it. Thank you.

          Not satisfied? Take it up with Jed.

    1. Sebs-

      Another of your rants due to your bitterness for KS not giving your false god a 15 yr K……………..

      Your tone with respect to Kyle shifted 180 degrees when he decided to pass on Kap……………

      1. It has shifted a lot. I was gung ho with KS after the 5 game winning streak to end the 1017 season. It has shifted towards criticism while watching the Keystone Kops which resulted in a 4-12 season.
        Kaep has nothing to do with it. I was happy when JG became the franchise QB for the Niners. I just hoped Kaep would win his collusion case, and be allowed to play in the league.

    2. “He is 4-12 and does not have a clue”… What in the virgin lips of moms basement did you decipher that from? Quite frankly, your an idiot. It’s a shame that you’re brain lets you press send after proof reading what you had written. All this OC needs crap that you keep spewing, and delegations.. Pop quiz hotshot, if your boss tells you that your specific duty is to coordinate the run game, then you have been delegated to do that, making your specific title, a delegated run game coordinator. True or false? Same for the passing delegation. So all that spider web garbage that you spew is asinine. You need help. You suck. Get over it.

      1. I am sitting at my desk, looking out my window watching the rain pour down, on my 2 and half acres in Sonoma County, and wondering why you feel the need to hurl insults, then expect me to think you are smarter than a rutabaga.
        Guess what? Scangarello just signed with the Broncos, so KS has a golden opportunity to retain his assistant coaches by giving them a promotion. If he was smart, he would do that, but I am not going to hold my breath.
        If KS was 12-4, I would keep quiet and trust to his judgement. However, he is 4-12, and admitted he should have won 3 more games. Frankly, I am tired of them losing, and yearn for a return of the Glory Years.

        1. I understand you’re a fan who badly wants the 9ers back in perennial contention. Just about everyone on this blog wants the same. You offer opinions. You prescribe THE way to get it done. I get that.

          Rather than rip just Shanahan and Lynch, why not level some anger at Denise? Ultimately, she’s the one who enables your 9ers to struggle in mediocrity. You’re verbose, why not write Denise an open letter? Have it published across all available media. A 9er fan’s manifesto. Look out across those 2.5 acres and do it.

          Or just spout away on Grant’s blog.

        2. If Kyle was 16-0 you would still B$tch n moan about something. There is nothing but if’s ands and buts when it comes to you. Here’s and if for you, if poop was yellow and the sky was green…. but it’s brown and blue, an a couple of other colors. You see Seb, what I just said has no bearing on criticism. And what you write as fact has no bearin on anything. It’s not even an opinion. It’s all your feelings. But you throw it out there as fact. That’s what makes it so stupid.

          1. RC, you bring nothing, and your criticism is about as worth as much as a bag of spit.
            I just said that I would praise KS if he went 12-4, but you cannot accept that.
            You are so emo over just my opinion, you really need to get a life. Facts do matter, and KS went 4-12. KS even admitted he should have won 3 more games. But no, KS walks on water and cannot be criticized at all, according to you. Losing does not matter to you, but that is what all losers say.
            I want the Niners to win.

    1. It is not rocket science to watch the second half of KS’s SB and say he is no genius.
      A genius does not admittedly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in at least 3 games last season.
      Most geniuses do not have 4-12 seasons, when they very easily could have had a 7-9 season.

      1. Oh, oh! Don’t forget that the Falcons had a defensive coordinator on the field, along with a head coach–both seemed to be awake and alert. It was a shared disaster Sebbie.

        We understand you have zero respect for Shanahan. Got it.

        1. Dialing up that 7 step drop to allow for a strip sack, giving the Pats a short field, giving them a huge boost that changed the momentum, certainly did not look like a genius move to me.
          Too bad he did not just run the ball, and kept the clock moving.

      2. Uh, Sebs–

        Walsh lost to the Vikings in ’87-despite having the #1 O and D.

        Walsh is gone’ God bless him………….Now YOU must answer for that loss. he lost the game, Sebs. Lost. We need to go over that game with a fine-tooth comb and assign blame.
        Could it be because he did not have an OC? If not, why not?

        1. Saw, I will still call Walsh a bona fide genius. He changed the game. His coaching tree legacy lives on.
          Declaring he is not a genius because he lost a game is petty.

          1. Haha!!!

            Cant help but truly love the Sebs!

            Nice deflection, Sebs-but no Castro cigar for you! I never said he wasn’t a genius! You put those words in my mouth, so that later you could say “I insinuated it”.
            But he DID screw up-he did not have his team properly prepared. He admitted to this, later-as did Rice and Lott.
            We need to go over this, in minutia………..

            1. Saw, geniuses are not infallible. they are human. They were just being honest.
              The problem with KS, his lapses are not aberrations, they are what he is known for. It will take a long time before his game plan in the SB during the second half is forgotten. KS will need to win a SB to make people forget about his implosion during that second half.

              1. And that ‘implosion’ DID happen while the Falcons HC and defensive coordinator were on the field. Fact Sebbie.

              2. It is very simple, Cassie. KS should have just run the ball. Then he would have won a SB. Quinn allowed KS to call all the offensive plays. KS owns that.

              3. Always cherry picking. Always. Don’t want to consider the full picture because you don’t like it. Doesn’t fit your ‘Shanahan is a goon’ narrative.

              4. Also, when in field goal range, getting a holding call and sacked twice, put them out of range.
                Should have just run the ball, and won a SB.

      3. The SuperBowl argument is lazy, even for you and your 2.5 acres of land you spend time looking out at on rainy days Sebbie. Shanahan was blamed by Atlanta fans because he was the main person leaving the organisation afterwards. You’ve since seen an Atlanta team with all the same weapons struggle to match what they did with Shanahan which has resulted in virtually a clean house this last offseason. The defence was just as much to blame, as was the execution of the players (Matt Ryan taking the sack, for instance). Fact is if Shanahan had gone conservative and ran the ball and the Pats come back and win he’d have been blamed for not sticking with what was working. At the end of the day he put the ball in the hands of his best playmakers to go win a game – and they failed to do so. He didn’t call a perfect game, but the game he called had them up 28-3, and that should have been enough.

        1. I mentioned where I am because I do not have a basement, and my beloved mother passed away years ago.
          Sorry, but losing a 25 point lead in a SB was a historic collapse. Sure, others were responsible, but KS’s fingerprints were all over that fiasco.
          The Falcons were in field goal range, and what does KS do? Dial up 3 passing plays. That was not his finest moment, because it put them out of field goal range. Ryan taking a knee 3 times would have been a smarter move.
          Look at how Andy Reid finished out his playoff game. He guaranteed success. KS has a propensity to lose games, snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.

  19. Joe Wood was DB coach under Wade Phillips in 2015 and 2016 for the Broncos, and they share pass defense philosophy. The Niners offense should see some Rams-flavored pass D in practice.

    A quote from Broncos safety Justin Simmons: “I’ve never really had a coach like him. He’s almost like Wade. He’s just a players’ coach. He understands, he gets it, he’s giving you tips and tricks and he’s always open to your feedback. For me that just helps me understand, like he’s hearing me out so why wouldn’t I hear the coaching points he’s trying to get across.”

  20. It seems like we came a long way from the dumpster fire that saw Harbaugh, Fangio, Solari, Donatel and other qaulity coaches get hosed by an inept GM.

    At least now others are looking to steal from the Niners, and some may want to coach here too. We can whine all we want about Shanny’s shortcomings; but we were lucky to get a coach that wasn’t a complete joke after Tomsula and Chip Kelly.

  21. It seems like our two biggest obstacles last year were inability to score in Redzone and inability for the D to get off the field on 3rd down. Both are correctable via free agency and solid draft.

  22. “At least now others are looking to steal from the Niners, and some may want to coach here too. We can whine all we want about Shanny’s shortcomings; but we were lucky to get a coach that wasn’t a complete joke after Tomsula and Chip Kelly.”

    I mostly agree with this, though things don’t always feel stable and snug under Shanahan’s reign.

    I think the real area of improvement will be in being prepared and ready to play every week with less mistakes, less bad penalties, less bad angles, poor reads, etc.. If Shanahan can impose that kind of will and structure onto the team, with his ability to scheme players open they could play with any team on a weekly basis. That remains to be seen.

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